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Drew's "Hookers In Cinema" Contest

Here's a contest that Hugh Grant, Eddie Murphy, and especially Charlie Sheen will dig. Listed below are 20 actresses, all you have to do is name a movie in which they played a hooker. It's easier than provoking Sean Penn into a fistfight! Person with the most correct answers wins a James Bond 007 collection poster AND a Batman and Robin poster. This is the good stuff, baby.

The closing credits have already ran; this puppy is over. But you can still score yourself and see how you would've done had you not taken your sweet time gettin' here. Can you believe some people actually got these all right?!

Use the tab key, not the return key


 Jodie Foster  
 Kathleen Turner  
 Patricia Arquette  
 Rosanna Arquette  
 Melanie Griffith  
 Linda Fiorentino  
 Jane Fonda  
 Amanda Plummer  
 Elisabeth Shue  
 Nancy Allen  
 Theresa Russell  
 Jamie Lee Curtis  
 Juliette Lewis  
 Barbra Streisand  
 Jennifer Jason Leigh  
 Barbara Hershey  
 Julie Delpy  
 Shelley Long  
 Anne Heche  
 Park Overall