American Teen Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the American Teen script is here for all you fans of the high school documentary. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some American Teen quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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American Teen Script


August 24th, 8:00 a.m.,
Warsaw, Indiana.

The first day of senior year.

Warsaw is your typical
Midwestern town,

mostly white, mostly Christian,
red state all the way,

but some very wealthy families

and far-from-wealthy families, like mine.

Good morning, staff and students,

we're going to have a wonderful day
here at WCHS.

Our Government teacher, Mr. Grose,
taught us that America is a meritocracy.

But here, it's a total caste system.

At the top is
the most popular group of girls,

led by queen bee Megan Krizmanich.

And then there are the jocks, who in
our school are the basketball players.

Colin Clemens is the star of the team,

which means he's second
only to Jesus in Warsaw.

At the opposite end of the spectrum
is Jake Tusing,

your quintessential
marching-band nerd.

Then there's
my best friend Clarke and me.

I guess you could say
we're the in-betweens.

This is all we've known
since we were little kids,

and in nine months, it'll all be over.

In the meantime, all we have to do is,

you know, figure out who we really are
and where we're headed in life.

Holy shit!

It's gonna be a good year.

Whatever, dude, it's gonna suck.

It is our senior year, though.
No way we won't own the school.

I'll own the school.
I've always owned the school.

Megan Krizmanich, probably
the biggest drama queen in Warsaw.

Smart, popular, attractive.

The richest family.

- Powerful.
- Like a princess.

She's never talked to me,
she's never looked at me.

All through high school
I've heard she is the biggest bitch.

Maybe I am, but I do what I want to do.

I'm not here to impress,
I'm here to be me.

I'm student council vice-president,
I ran track. I did volleyball, golf.

I'm in charge of the service committee.
I was in charge of prom last year.

I mean, every day,
I'm after school, doing something.

Megan's future plans include
attending Notre Dame University

and studying medicine.

Let's hear it for
our homecoming royalty!

Everybody around me thinks
that my life is perfect.

But there is just
so much pressure on me this year.

All of my brothers and sisters
and my dad all attended Notre Dame,

which is unbelievably hard to get into.

Usually they only accept
the valedictorian,

but my dad wants me to get in.

If I don't get in, he'll be heartbroken.

I have to behave.
I can't get in trouble this year.

Megan, you're not gonna
get in trouble this year.

You always get out of things.

Colin's a great kid.
He's one of the funniest people I know.

- Shaun, you look like Magic Johnson.
- That's what my mom says.

Like today, not when he was thin
and good-Iooking.

He's very friendly.

Walk with me.

And he's really a sweetheart.

A lot of girls think he's just totally hot
and they have crushes on him.

His lifestyle is a mystery to me.

This is Colin Clemens
with a Tiger sports reminder.

On Friday, the boys' varsity
basketball team will be taking on

the Tippe Valley Vikings
to kick off the start of the year,

so get out there and support our Tigers.

That's all the news we have
for you today, so

- have a great day, Tigers.
- Have a great day, Tigers.

- Let's go, Tigers!
- Let's go, Tigers!

Around here,
high-school basketball is a big deal.

Warsaw's ridiculous about it.

I mean, if we don't do well this season,
the community's going to go nuts.

Come on now. One, two, three.

- Break!
- Break!

Ladies and gentlemen,
the Warsaw Tigers.

A lot more eyes will be on me this year,
because I'm the go-to guy,

the first scoring option now.

And the stakes are really high for me,
because I'm relying on this season

to get a college scholarship
for basketball. I can't pay for it, and...

It's 47 all, and Clemens
can still be the hero of this game.

What a moment. You dream about
these things in your backyard.

Clemens shoots it. Good.

Yeah, we needed that one.
That was big.

Warsaw leads 48-47, 1.4 seconds left.

Clemens with one more.

The second one by Clemens is rolling...
Good. He got them both.

They throw it long.
Taylor will chuck it at the buzzer.

Brimming, no!

The Warsaw Tigers have done it!

My dream is to play
in the NCAA Division I,

like Purdue and IU
and all those schools.

And a toast to 6'4" senior,
Colin Clemens.

Going to the Final Four.

Hitting a three for the win.

Then after that, to try out
with the Pacers, Indiana Pacers.

Making it that far would be incredible.

Good afternoon, sports fans, I'm Brian.

And I'm Phil, and this is the best darn
sports show at the Tiger nation.

On Friday, the boys' basketball team
took on Elkhart Memorial and won.

Wow, we rock!

Everyone has their own cliques,

and I just don't really belong
to any particular clique.

The only people I hang out with
are in band, the other geeks.

I guess that is what I am.
I guess my clique is the band.

I spend a lot of my time
playing video games.

I love The Legend of Zelda.

I don't have many friends,

so it's always been really important
to me to have a girlfriend.

To be honest,
I wish life were more like video games,

because then I'd always get the girl.

My idea would be someone
I can really connect with,

someone I can talk to.

Somebody who cares about me
for who I am.

If I have a girl,
I don't feel like I'm such a nobody.

I do love the ladies,
but the ladies do not love me.

I don't know what it is about me.
Maybe it's the monotone

or the insane collections of video game
characters and the band, and

all the stuff that makes me
a supergeek.

But I don't know. It might be my face,
or the way I carry myself.

I don't know what it is,
but they avoid me at all costs.

But I am not going
to let anything stop me.

I am motivated.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Do you want to do anything
anytime soon?

Probably in, like, two weeks.

- Two weeks?
- Yeah, I'm grounded till the 23rd.

Well, three weeks from now
on Saturday,

- you wanna go see a movie?
- We'll talk about it Monday.

- Sounds good. See you.
- Bye.

- Cedric, good news. It worked.
- No, it didn't.

- Three weeks from Saturday.
- Three weeks from Saturday?

She's like, "Yeah, we'll talk
more about it on Monday."

So I was like, "Okay."

You're gay!


No horseplay in the hallway, please.
Thank you.

- Someone else will get hurt.
- Oh, sorry.

I'm escorting her to class.
She's a troublemaker.

You can't hit me.

Stop it. Go to class.

Hannah's not in the popular crowd.

Yes! Turn it up, man, turn it up!

She's definitely a rebel.

Not goth or emo or punk. Alternative.

- Artistic.
- Really strange.

No, my parents are upstairs. All right.

She's got heart.


- I don't understand what's going on.
- No, I don't, either.

It's like they're ants or bees,
they're part of a hive.

It's like they hear the signal
and they just do it, man.

- Everybody, clap your hands.
- Everybody, clap your hands.

I'm a little different from
a lot of people around here.

Warsaw is such a conservative town,
and I'm so not conservative.

I don't fit in. I hate it.

I like music.
I like film and I like photography and art.

Hannah, they have an M&M for energy.

- You might like that.
- Yeah.

I live with my grandma.

She's so thin,
she reminds me of those models.

She said she's been eating Whoppers.

My mom has manic depression, so
it's almost impossible to live with her.

My dad moved to Ohio to work,

so I'm basically just on my own
for a while now,

except for Joel, my boyfriend.

Hannah just got here.
I'm gonna surprise her.

- Oh, my God!
- Put this on. Let's play.

Joel and I have been together
two years.

A lot of people in high school, like
their boyfriend is like... It's just for fun.

And then, with Joel, it's so different.
It's like, I really...

I really love him.

I can never imagine
not having him in my life.

Now, Hannah, if you'll
just stand right over here,

just inside the door here. We are
going to do a mock interview up here,

so that you kind of get a feel
for job interviewing techniques.

Okay, here we go.

Now, Hannah, of course,
when I schedule people,

I expect for them to be here
and be here on time.

Keeping that in mind,
could you give me an example

of your dependability
or your willingness to work?

I'll be honest with you. I have
really bad dependability problems.

- I'm always late, always.
- All right.

Do you smoke?


Okay. Do you have any objections
to psychological or drug tests?


Okay, let's give her a round of applause.

All right.

After high school,
do you want just a job?

Or do you want a real career,
making real money?

International Business College in
Fort Wayne, Indiana can take you there.

What I want to do when I grow up,
I want to work in film.

I want to be a director,
so I want to go to college in California.

But most people around here
just stay in Indiana for college.

That doesn't sound great to me,
because I want to, you know,

I want to just work my heart out on this.

I want to actually...

My goal is, I want to make movies
that people remember forever.

I want people to remember me
after I die.

I don't want to just live for nothing,

and work some 9-to-5 shit job
and just die, you know.

I want to do something
that people will remember

and that will really touch people.

- One point.
- So it kind of sucks.

Hey, Clarke!
Hannah wants to talk to you.


Hey, what's the matter?

I just needed to talk to someone.

- Do you want me to come over?
- Okay.

All right. I'll see you soon.

Did something happen?


- Tonight he said that?
- Yeah.

So... Kill me.

I'm sorry.

I'm so in love with him.

I just can't stop being in love with him.

I can't go to school anymore.

I can't. I can't see him.

Hannah's at home again.

She missed all last week.
Didn't go to school at all.

- She's gonna get in big trouble.
- I know.

Four, five, six, seven, eight...

I have a new crush,
and her name's Lorrin.

She's a freshman in band.

She just moved here,
so she hardly knows anyone at all.

So I actually might
have a chance with her.

- Hey.
- Hey, is Lorrin here?



- Hi.
- Hello.

- How are you?
- Pretty good, how are you?

Wow, thank you. What are these for?

- Just because.
- Oh, thank you, these are awesome.

I just got back from my game.
I'm smelling like crap. It's disgusting.

I took a shower today,
and then did almost nothing,

so I'm kind of just the opposite.

I got my oil changed. That was exciting.

So, do you want to go see
a movie Sunday?


They're not the easiest things
to eat in the world.

I am nervous, 'cause somebody
likes me that I like back.

I mean, usually
it's like a one-sided thing,

where it's a really creepy girl
that likes me,

or it's some girl that I like and hates me.

So, what's going on with Hannah?

Is she ever going
to come back to school?

I hope so.
She's gonna fail by missing so much.

I got sick this morning
just thinking about going to school.

I can't go today.

I just can't.

I have to tomorrow.

The reason why I stopped going
to school in the first place

was because I was scared to see Joel.

And now, it's created this whole new
fear that has nothing to do with Joel.

It basically has to do with me.
I fear that I'm disgusting.

The reason why I stopped going
to school in the first place

was because I was scared to see Joel.

I'm completely worthless,

this piece of shit,
worthless, disgusting person.

I'm stupid. I'm ugly.
I'm a complete failure.

Who am I?

I'm just Joel's ex-girlfriend.

I'm nothing.

I'm scared of

people asking me what's wrong.

People thinking I'm crazy.

I don't want people making fun of me.

That would just make it so much worse.

It's one of my biggest fears.

And my mom,
she has a chemical imbalance,

and it is hereditary.

I don't want to be like my mom.

But it's almost like... It's happening.

I can feel it happening.

I feel completely crazy.

I hate that feeling.

Dad, I missed 17 days this term?

When is she supposed to meet me?

Okay, well, I'll talk to her.

You need to get with the program.

Because it's not fair for you
to miss a third of the classes

and still get credit in the class.

What is it that you're dealing with?

Like, what makes you
not want to come to school?

I'm just scared.

I mean, what is it that scares you
about coming to school?

I don't know. Just...

I don't want people to think I'm weak.


I don't want people asking
what's wrong with me.

I don't want to start crying
in front of people.

I don't know. I'm on medicine.
I don't know.

I haven't been on very long, so...

Okay, so what do they have you on?
An anti-depressant...

- Yeah. Yeah.
...or something like that? Okay.

I'm going to do a little bit of
tough love here,

and say, you know what, Hannah?
You need to come to school.

And right now, you're at your limit.

If you miss one or two more days,
I would be like, "You know what,

"she hasn't been here enough
to even give her the credit."

You know, I just don't want you
to look back and think,

"Okay, I went through
this really bad time,

"and I ended up missing out on
a whole high-school diploma

"because I couldn't be at school."

- Tomorrow.
- It's got to be today.

It's got to be now or never.

Remember what I said
about people being mean.

I do...

I don't think anybody
is going to be like that,

but if they are, then they're not
worth caring about what they say.

I'm just not ready today.

But that's why we decided
I was gonna come here.

Well, listen, I stayed up all night
last night worrying about this.

Maybe if you stay with me tonight
and I could talk to you tonight.

Well, you can do that,
but let's try right now.

Dad, I am gonna freak out.
Dad, I don't want to freak out.

I don't want you to, either, but...

Dad, please, please, please.

- She's such a skank.
- She's an ugly one, too.

Well, let's at least try.

No. No, I'm not going in.

Good morning, staff and students...

I'll walk with you in there.


... Veterans Day recognition program...

Come on. If there's any possibility,
I want to give it a try.

I'll walk with you.


We will have the band playing
patriotic songs,

and then we will have
the posting of the colors...

Can I just have one day?

The rum of Captain.

- Amen.
- Amen.

Mine, dude.

Do you realize how quick
we're gonna get drunk?

- Ali can't have more than five.
- Yeah, that's definitely gonna spin her.

Okay, you ready?

My first kiss was in spin the bottle.

Your first BJ was in...

My first BJ was in a serious relationship
that I had, okay?

Ali is my really close friend.

Oh, wait, no, we gotta
show them our handshake.

Geoff is my best friend.

I've known Geoff the 17 years
that I've been alive.

I remember playing with him
when we were little.

...turn the key, smash it together,
best friends forever.

Hey, Megan, you spin it first.

- I feel so on tonight.
- Megan, come on. Easy with it.

Gonna be my new word, a "bimho."

It's me. You have to make out with me.


It's 3:15 in the morning,

and I just saw the most amazing thing
I've ever seen.

Look, dude.

Okay, can we just make this brief?

All right, real fast, real fast, real fast.

Oh, my God.

It's my turn.

It's Geoff.

Even though Geoff is not my boyfriend,

I look at Geoff with girls
and it's just weird.

Geoff is like a brother, and I get jealous.

Ali, easy, easy, easy, tiger.
Three. Three.

That was four. Shut up.

- Let me live a little, man.
- Three.

My best friend Geoff
with my close friend Erica.

"Let me rub your back."

The blanket's coming out.

Sharing a blanket.

"Let's get comfy."

I don't know, I don't think he should just
be randomly fooling around with girls.

Megan, shit happens!
Testosterone is flowing.

Was it really that bad of a thing?

Oh, you're calling me
to tell me happy birthday?

Erica? Hey, tell her to slut up.

That's why she wants
to come over here... Cat fight.

- Man, we should do something to her.
- Like what?

I don't know.
Megan will think of something, though.

Piss off Megan, you're gonna get it.

Erica sent me an e-mail.

Oh, my God.

Erica sent me a picture
of herself topless.

It was our own little secret.
It was harmless, but, of course...

Erica sent the picture to me and Skylar,
and Skylar sent the picture to Ali.

I sent it to Katie, Gaby and Jarod.

And then I sent it to Megan.

Oh, my God.

I'm so happy. I'm so happy.


Look at her.

Oh, my God!


Oh, my gosh.

This is awesome.

From Roman history, who were the
patricians and who were the plebeians?

Do you remember that?

Oh, God, it was bad. Everybody saw it.

People had it on their phones.

- What is it?
- Erica.

Rumor has it
that the administration saw it.

I mean,
my dad ended up seeing the photo.

Look at it. It's funny.

- Hey, there's a website.
- No, there's not.

I swear on my life.
You Google Erica, it comes up now.

- Oh, my God!
- It was a joke.

I don't even think it should have been
sent to anyone in the first place.


I just need Erica's number.

I really think
she's seriously had enough.

- No.
- Ready? Take your phone.

This is terrible.

I'm in Chicago,

so leave your name,
I will definitely call you back.

Not only are you a slut,
but you're also dumb.

Megan, this is just...

I've seen your titties,
and so has everyone else.

Your parents know.

Your priest knows.
And above all, God knows.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news,

but you're sentenced to be a slut
for the rest of your life.

- Amen.
- Amen.

Let me leave her one.

- Okay, are you ready?
- Yeah.

Like, oh, my gosh, I was online today
looking at natty ho's,

and your picture popped up, and you
were, like, topless, and I thought,

"Who the hell would put a natty
picture of themselves like that online,

"when your body is not even that nice
and your tits are not even that nice?"

- Oh, my God.
- That was mean.

What if she kills herself in the morning?

- She won't.
- We'll leave her a message

telling her not to kill herself,
that life will get better.

It's been hard.

I know what people are thinking.

I get phone calls
in the middle of the night

that are just really, really mean.

I know Megan actually called me
a couple of times,

but they are just doing this

just probably 'cause they're bored
or something like that.

So, I definitely didn't take any of it
to heart or whatever.

But it was still hard to hear those things.

Want to hold my hand? Hold my hand.

My goal after four years of college
is you to be able to fit in this uniform

- and establish your own Elvis identity.
- All right.

All right, after basketball,
after academics,

after it's all said and done,
I want you to be Elvis for me.

- Can you do it?
- No.

Okay, I figured so.

My dad used to play basketball.

He played at Warsaw.

He's in the hall of fame there
and stuff, so...

A lot of the basketball coaches
will expect me to be good

because of my dad.

That's my man, grab the ball.
Get that ball, buster.

Now take it to the hoop, score a basket.
Make a basket.

Colin, are you going to make a basket?

Are you going
to shoot a basket for Dad?

Oh, yeah, look at that.
He got hang time like his old man.

Oh, yeah!

Yeah, baby. Shoot a basket, Colin.

At first, it was like I was doing it
because my dad wanted me to.

At first, when I was really little,
I didn't really understand it then.

- To the hoop! That's my man!
- Oh, yeah!

Thumbs up, Colin! Thumbs up!
That's my man!

I love it now. I love it.

Yeah, he taught me
to love it, pretty much.

You know, you're going to have
college recruiters there tomorrow.

I would make sure that
I had 12 rebounds tomorrow.

Of course.

I'm serious. Dad doesn't have money
for college, but if you get 12 rebounds,

everything else will fall into place,

and they'll say, "Hey, we've got to get
that Clemens kid on the team."

Otherwise, it's the Army.


Let's go, let's go.

A flip to Clemens. Clemens shoots, up...

Colin Clemens has
nine first-quarter points.

It's 11-2, Warsaw. The Tigers
have scored 11 straight points.

Left side, Clemens,
who scored 13 the first quarter,

but has been stone-cold since.

And we're starting to see
a little bit of unraveling.

You noticed it, I noticed it right there.

In the lane, Caroll's shot is good.

Now it becomes
anybody's game at this point.

Warsaw still down 45-44.
Get out the heart medicine, folks,

you're going to need the whole bottle.

- Let's go, Tigers!
- Let's go, Tigers!

And Clemens will shoot two.

So you wanna be the star,
so you wanna be the hero.

You gotta make these two.
You just have to.

Go, Colin!

Oh, I thought Colin, for sure,
was going to get that in there,

but he couldn't make the shot.

And now, Clemens for the second one.
Up in the air, missed it.

Come on, man!

The timer went out. The game is over.

A crushing defeat for the Tigers.

It's been a tough night for Colin.

He can't make a free throw.

Hey, Tiger sports fans, I'm Danielle.

And I'm Megan.

And we have your Tiger sports results
from this past weekend.

On Friday, the men's varsity basketball
team fell to NorthWood.

You'll get them next time, boys.

Colin, what's the latest
with scholarships? Anything?

Parents are supposed to pay
for college.

Who said that?

- Like every parent...
- No.

...that's paying for their kids
to go to college.

Warsaw is an affluent community.

There's a lot of people
that have done very well,

and they can afford to just send their
kids to college, and God bless them.

We're comfortable, but just not wealthy.

I mean, not every kid goes to college.

Grandma? I'm going to school.

You are? Oh, my God.
Come here, child.

- Bye. See you later.
- Okay, I'm walking beside you, Hannah.

We're late.

I don't want to go.

I think I'm gonna puke.

I don't want you to get
kicked out of school.

Okay, well, I guess I'm kind of late
to class. Are you all right?

- Yeah.
- All right, I'll see you.

I hate school.

Well, it's all on your shoulders

not to even have the slightest mess-up.

- I mean, don't... Yeah.
- I'm not. I know.

You've used up your share for the year.

You can't have anything like that
happen now.

Are you all right?

I really don't care right now.
I just want to go to class.

Who can tell me
what caused the First World War?

- I know.
- Yes.

That one dude who decided
to kill Franz Ferdinand.

Hey, now, that's what
most people commonly think

starts the First World War.

It is what started it. I was there.

I'm doing really good.

I've just been dreaming
about college and California.

I really don't know what's so great
about California. I've never been there.

But if I had to imagine a cool place
to live, it would be fricking California.

They have beaches and mountains
and casinos.

Why not? Why not?

Arnold Schwarzenegger
is the fricking governor.

I fricking hate Arnold Schwarzenegger,
but anywhere

where Arnold Schwarzenegger
can become elected for governor,

that's fucked up.

I have this.

- Hello.
- So how are things up there?

It seems like it would be really boring.

It is boring up here.

You want to sit back here?

I wish I could, but I can't.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Smoke out on the lake.

That would be awesome!

Mike is kind of the opposite of me.

He is very outgoing. All the girls like
him. He's the marching band stud.

I'm definitely envious.

I wasn't a shy kid,
but then middle school started.

In seventh and eighth grade,
I was really tiny,

so everyone made fun of me
all the time for being short.

One time, somebody knocked
a bowl of hot chili all over my lap.

I had to walk up
in front of the whole school

and ask if I could change my pants,

and Nate Salsger was like,

"Hey, everybody,
Jake has got his first period!"

So everyone laughed.

That was pretty much the point where
my life turned completely different.

Well, it shaped
who I was gonna be in high school.

I think that's what made me
be so afraid of who I am.

Do you want your sideburns trimmed?

Hey, Lorrin?
Should I get my sideburns trimmed?

I don't care.

I hope she doesn't share with you
some of the texts that I send her.

She doesn't share a lot of the texts
with me.

And we just hope that she doesn't get
caught in class with her phone.

- Huh, Lorrin?
- Mom, whatever.

What do you think?

- I liked it better long, I'm sorry.
- Why?

- I think it just looks retarded.
- Sorry, Jake.

It's all right.

- Do you want to go look?
- Sure.

Do you think people are going
to make fun of him at school

with his hair cut so short?

No, no one notices him.

Well, that's mean.

I'm serious.

- Jake, I'm sorry.
- That's all right.

Are people going to make fun of you
because your hair's cut short?

- They always make fun of me.
- Why?

- Because it's me!
- I told you.

So, how are you and Lorrin doing?

I don't know.


People have been talking in band
that Lorrin's been cheating on you.

I don't mean to change your mood,

but I heard some really
nasty rumors about you.

- Like what?
- There's like...

Only one person came up
and talked to me,

and if he's telling the truth,

then everything's different
between you and me.

What was he saying?

He's like, "Lorrin's been seeing
other guys behind your back."

You know the only thing I could ever
think about was talking to Mike.

Am I not allowed to?

There's nothing wrong
with having friends.

That's just something that...

- It's just common courtesy.
...people have to trust each other on,

I guess,
because I'm not the type of person

that would do something like that.

Yeah. I don't know what's going on.

I'm thinking that Lorrin told me a lie.

I'm really pissed at Mike. I hate that kid.

I have one ultimate fantasy.
The final battle between me and Mike.

I'd have the master sword out,
then I'd be very heroic.

And then I'd bring death and destruction
to my archnemesis.

Then I'd do the finishing move on him.

Until finally,

Lorrin was looking in my eyes
and she said, "Jacob, you're so cool."

And then we'd ride away
on a horse in the sunset.

We don't have anything in common.
We're not interested in the same things.

We never had anything to talk about,
we were just...

Everything was so boring
and scheduled and just the same.

I think just us breaking up
is probably the best thing

that's just gonna happen right now.


You can't agree with me on everything.

But you don't even want to try
to make it work.

I just feel pretty heartbroken.

It's not that I don't care or whatever.

It's just... I just moved here, I haven't
got to know anybody, you know.

I want to experience high school,
I guess, just...

Well, don't worry about it, then.

So, you do what you want to do.

There's a lot of grease on the table now
because I put my face on it.

Did I tell you?
My SAT score went up 70 points.

And then, of course, when I call home
to tell my dad, he goes,

"Yeah, it would have just been better

"if you could've gone up
like 100 more points."


- Ladies.
- Hey, Dad.

That's a nice outfit. I like those colors.

I think he's just wearing it
to brainwash me more.

Yeah, do I need to do that?

I bet I don't.

I just want to see where everyone's
going to end up for college.

I hate talking about Notre Dame.

Everything's going to be
so much better...

Once we know.

- Yes.
- Yeah.


Megan, they just got
the Prom Committee

to vote for that jungle theme.

The tackiest theme
I've ever heard of in my entire life.

Yeah, they're talking about
getting stuffed animals

and hanging vines on the walls
and all kinds of shit.

It's awful.

Turn on some music. I'm pissed as hell.

There's a fight about prom theme.

I wanted to make it Oriental, with
little cherry-blossom trees all over.

And then the junior class
president, Ben,

decided to pool his friends together

and have them vote for
"Welcome to the Jungle."

It's very victimizing just to be
backstabbed at the last minute.

I know it's wrong,
but I just believe in getting even.


Okay, yeah.

Hey, Megan!

Someone looked in the window?

Dude, that was stupid.

Why? It's window paint.
It comes right off.

- Does it really?
- Yep.

- Are you sure?
- You're an ass.

Good morning, staff and students,
we have a very serious announcement.

This weekend, a student council
member's house was vandalized.

We urge anyone who has information
about this incident

to come forward immediately.
Thank you.

- I'm telling.
- No, you're not.

- I'm telling.
- You can't!

Yes, I can!

Megan, you should be ashamed
of yourself.

Dude, I am, okay?
I have forgiven myself, though.

How have you forgiven yourself?
It happened yesterday.

I'm a quick forgiver.

- So what are you gonna do?
- Nothing. Say nothing. Say nothing.

Hi, Dad. They know it's
somebody in the student council

that did the vandalizing.
They're accusing me of lying.

This was stupid, Megan.

More stupid if you can't do it
and not get caught., if that is something
that interests you...

Megan, come here, please.

This is a very serious situation.

It's sexual harassment because of
what was said and what was drawn.

Unwelcome comments were...

- "Fag," and...
- Yeah, yeah. Of a sexual nature.

If there had been a threatening word,
that could have been a Class D felony.

Normally we suspend out of school
for sexual harassment,

but because this is
really your first offense,

we have decided to suspend
your student council office.

It's a slap on the wrist of
what could have happened to you.

Vandalizing happens
every weekend in Warsaw.

It really is just unfair that
I'm being punished so much.

I'm worried that Notre Dame
will find out,

and I could not get in,
which is just going to kill me.

I'm scared.

I still want to give
that Air Force recruiter a call.

I think you'd be a fine soldier.

- Dad, I'm never going to the Army.
- Why?

One, I don't have what it takes to kill
a person. I could not do it. I'm sorry.

Well, they need cooks, too.

And two, I'm not going
to cook for them, either.

What are you going to do?

They've only so many comedians
in the world.

I could be a comedian if I wanted to.

You're going to slough through college
like you did high school?

I don't slough. I have a 3.3 grade point
average, or whatever it is.

I've got a 3.5.

- Shut up, Shaun.
- I do.

- No, you don't.
- Yes, I do!

Colin did homework once
in his four-year career.

Yeah, look at that. I don't even do
homework and I get A's and B's.

If you got A's and B's
we'd be getting scholarships.

I do, Dad.

You should've got all A's.
You're a smart kid.

Could've been a cook in the Army.

Thank you, Dad.
Good to know you support me.

Push down! Push down!
Push down, Colin!

... Clemens backs away, 18-footer. No,
way off the backboard first. No good.

Colin, get in here! Colin,
did you hear me calling push down?

That's not a very good shot, anyway.

Colin, come here.
You got to play patient.

I'm calling push down,
and you take a ridiculously bad shot.

- I want push down.
- I didn't know.

- I know it's a bad shot.
- It's a bad shot.

You don't shoot it
every time you catch it.

Cabrera looking for dribbling room,
throws it outside the lane...

Throws it in, Clemens, low block left,

shoots it up and missed it.
And the rebound...

Colin's one of my best friends,
but he can be selfish on the court.

Bounces to Clemens, faces up,

shoots it up there,
and couldn't get the roll again.

Colin, it's okay to take a couple
dribbles and just pass it.

He needs to impress college coaches,

so if he can get the shot off,
he's going to shoot it.

I'm sorry, that just is not a good shot.

And it's hurting our team.

Colin! Slow up!

This is where Colin
has got to grow up and mature.

And I don't like this shot selection.

He's just trying to come in
and get his shots in.

Everybody's losing their confidence,
and instead of encouraging more,

we kind of just yell at each other.

- What's your deal?
- Pissing off.

I said what's your deal?

The Tigers fall to 8-11 on the season.

They have lost five games in a row.

And Tracy, it's very simple,

Warsaw won't go very far unless
Colin really brings his A-game with him.

What color should I make this one?
This fish.

Like a rainbow trout.

I don't know if I should, like,
be able to see this,

what's going on underneath.

I applied to
San Francisco State University.

They have an amazing film program,
so I have completely made up my mind

to stay away from anything
like a boyfriend-type attachment.

I'm trying to be completely ready
to leave Indiana.

Knowing me, I will find someone
and I won't want to leave.

And I don't want that. This is one
of the most crucial times in my life

to make something of myself
and get somewhere,

and start having an education,

start having my own life, and I don't
want anything holding me back.

No one.

So, right now, I'm just trying to
focus on things that I love doing,

like creative things.

We got a great group of bands tonight.

You are going to be
thoroughly entertained.

They started already.

Dude, I am, like, drunk.

- Tell me about it.
- I am drunk.

We need to go backstage.

Are we next?

Dude! I will rock out.

Oh, boy.

All right, let's hear it for Strumtulescent!

Hannah Bailey. Four years,
and I have never met Hannah Bailey.

It's not too late. There's always hope.

I have a crush on Hannah Bailey.

Thank you.

My pleasure.

Do you know if you replace
the first letter of your name

with a "B," it's "Bitch"?

Do people ever call you "the bitch"?

- My name rhymes with "bitch."
- It does. It's so close.

You are so intelligent. You're the first
ever to make that observation.

I'm so impressed.

Do you need help?
I'm really good at pumping gas.

- Lf you want to.
- Yes.

Do you want anything?

If someone asked, "What's Mitch like?"
I would never say, "He's a jock."

I guess I would've before,
but now that I know him a little,

I'd say he's really nice,
and he listens when you talk.

You can actually tell
he's taking in what you say,

rather than just nodding
'cause he wants to get laid later.

I want her to look at me. I love the hat.

I like Hannah a lot.
I'm enjoying every second with her.

I feel like I can be myself around her.
I can be stupid, or kind of nerdy.

I like that one.

- I look horrible.
- That looks awesome.

I think they all taste the same.

No, they don't,
this is grape and that's strawberry.

This is just, like, unbelievable.

There's so many girls
that would give their left boob

to go on a date with him,

and he's so into hanging out with me?

Did the orbit of Earth
just reverse or something?

Did our axis just tip to the other side?

It's flat-out good.

She's a beautiful girl. I like that she
doesn't care how she looks or whatever.

Most of the girls at our school
have to wake up two hours early

to do their hair and put on makeup.

I mean, she just goes with the flow.
It's refreshing.

And then I got this.

I'm hoping that he feels
he found someone

he can express himself around
and be comfortable,

rather than his friends
making him a bet,

like see how long he can last
going out with this lame girl

or something like that.

Brokeback Mountain was the movie
I watched last night with Hannah Bailey.

- Do you like that movie, Mitch?
- I did like it.

I think Mitch would have been
a good character in it.

Mitch is the character in it.

- That's coming from your cuz.
- Dude, your cousin's calling you gay.

We obviously are
in different social groups.

My friends were all, "What are
you doing? That's kind of weird."

I mean, I'd like to say that
that wouldn't affect me,

and that wouldn't affect my decision,
but I don't know.

- Thanks.
- There you go.

Now you got to get down on the grass
and pretend you're crawling.

- No. No.
- Come on! I'll do it with you.

I can't... What am I doing?

All right, ready?

All right. Now you're thinking about
your dragon life. Okay, awesome.

- I can't keep a straight face.
- That made my day.

- I like Mitch.
- Okay.

I like him more every time I see him
and hang out with him.


It's worrying me, because
this is the worst time possible

that I could finally find a really
amazing guy and start liking him a lot,

like, right before I'm ready to graduate
and make very important decisions

about where I'm going
to be living next year.

As much as I don't want to admit it,

he's gonna at least weigh in
a little bit on my decision,

like I'll at least consider the fact
that he's going to IU, you know.

I don't know. I'm worried.

I found one sock. That's me.
I'm one sock.

I need another sock to go with,
to be joined up with.

And I see all these other pairs of socks,
and then there's just me,

and it makes me feel Ionely.

I need to find my missing sock mate.

The semi-formal is tomorrow.
Are you busy tomorrow?

I'm supposed to work tomorrow.

I could probably get it off, though.
My manager likes me.

Well, I mean, you'd have to, like,
try right now, because it's tomorrow.

So were you planning on going
to senior semi-formal?

No. It makes me nervous
being around popular people.

But, I don't know. I just thought
it'd be fun to ask you last-minute,

because we're a lot alike,
a lot of the same interests.

We both suck at life.

I said both.

- So much better.
- It is.

- Thanks. Enjoy.
- Thank you.

So, now what do we do?

Hey, how's it going?

I didn't... Okay, bye.

Look, Mike, my boobs look a lot bigger
than they actually are.

- It's actually a really cool dress.
- Thanks.

This is my sister's.

Jackie, you've got to dance
with me, man.

- All right, let's find a table.
- Sit with us, sit with us. Here.


What are you doing?

What's the matter?

I liked it better
when it was just you and me.


Because I felt like less of a loser.

- I'm gonna go dance.
- Okay, you go dance.

- I'll cry.
- I don't care.

This is my birthday. The very start
of my birthday. Right before midnight.

In a few seconds, I'll be 18, so it's like
a huge transition in a matter of seconds.

My life sucks right now, but what if
it's even worse after high school?

I'm afraid
of what's gonna happen to me.

Good morning, Tigers!
Happy April Fools'.

As many of you know,

college acceptance letters
will be arriving in the next few weeks.

Please don't forget to report your
decisions to the Counseling Office

as soon as possible. Good luck.

I have two weeks until my letter from
Notre Dame is here. I'm freaking out.

I know.

Well, we were gonna
go to Matt's for a little bit.

Not for long, like not past 12:00.

I'm not going.
I don't want to go to Matt's.

Not past 12:00? That's not late?

Okay, not past 11:00.

There's no point
in you coming back here, then,

if you're going to be out there till 11:00.

I didn't know
you were going to be that late.

Like, stopping by
to me means, like, an hour.

Okay, fine.
Then I'll just stop by there till like 10:00.

If you want to go out there all night,
that doesn't matter.

Well, I don't want you to be mad.

I don't know. You've pissed me off.

I don't know whether you realize
that or not, but you have.

Like you honestly came here to eat

and wait until you figured out
what you were doing.

I invited you to go with me.

It's not like I came here and was like,
"Oh, by the way, I'm going over there."

No, fuck this, dude!

How disappointing will it be
if you don't get into Notre Dame?


And how are you going to deal with it?

I don't know, probably not well.

Okay. That doesn't mean
it's the end of the world,

and a quarter of the class
is reserved for grads' kids.

Is this pressure yours or your friends'?

Mine. And yours.


If you'll be disappointed for you,
that's fine,

but you shouldn't be
disappointed for me.

And you're not doing this for me.

I like Notre Dame. Your brothers
and sister like Notre Dame.

There's just a lot of pressure.

And if you get in,
do you think that all goes away?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

So there's no other pressure
in life, then?

I mean, there's other,
but this is the main bulk of it.

There's still gonna be things
to deal with.

My older sister, Sara, she was the only
child that didn't go to Notre Dame.

She was different from all of us,
and we always knew that.

She had some learning disabilities
and she was always slower,

and I think it was rough on her
being inferior to everybody else.

She had always wanted to be a teacher.
She was amazing with little kids.

And she got accepted to college,

but she was struggling
with student teaching,

and she was struggling
with the exam that she had to take.

I think she just saw her dream
just being taken away from her.

It was almost two years ago,
Sara committed suicide.

She was living here.
It happened in the basement.

It was awful. I mean...

It was definitely the worst thing
that ever happened to me,

and at the same time, it really
brought us together as a family.

It was very hard on Megan.
Megan was just 16 when Sara died.

And I think it was very...

I think it affected her, and I think it
still affects her. It affects all of us.

My presumption is that
there's a certain element of guilt,

because Sara and Megan
were never close.

She may not even be aware of the fact
that this is affecting her the way it is.

But sometimes I see this rage in Megan,
this inner anger.

I just always want to go back in time
and change something,

and reach out to Sara,
and hopefully have done something, but

I don't even know if there's
something I could have done.

Honestly, we haven't talked for a while.

A week.

I guess I kind of apologize.
I'm sorry for like anything I did.

Same here.

I mean, I don't really know what we
both did to piss each other off so bad.

It was really bad timing.
It was Sara's birthday Saturday.

- Shit.
- That's why I was just such...

Like, I was just like...

- Now I feel like a bitch.
- No, you didn't know, though.

And that's why I didn't want to, like,
spurt it out and be like, "That's why..."

And blame it on that.

Well, I mean,
it would've helped, you know.

I hate that stuff. I got that for six months
of my life right after it happened.

I hated it. Like, I hated that pity.

So, I'm really not mad.
Like, I'm not lying when I say that.

- Okay, good.
- I'm trying not to hold a grudge.

That's new. Let's just forget about it.
And I really have started that.

Good feeling, huh?

- It's good. I like it.
- Yeah, I know.

I think she is under a lot of stress
about getting into Notre Dame.

It's what's expected of her, you know.

I don't know how many times
I said that to Megan.

I think she does hold a lot of it in, like
a lot of the actual stuff that's important.

I think she's got a barrier up,
but recently it's different.

- Yeah.
- Megan's kind of more open and honest.

Sometimes Megan surprises me.

She'll do something
really sweet or nice.

You know, it's like,
"Wow, this is different."

Where is it?

- That's Loyola.
- Oh, my God.

This is Saint Mary's.

Hey, this is not funny right now!

Do you have the right school?

Thank you. This is what we wanted.

How come I didn't notice
that one was Saint Mary's?

I got in!

I got in!

I got in!

You're not supposed to be crying.

You're supposed to be happy.

Oh, Megan.

- Yeah, I'm happy!
- Okay.

You asshole!

That's not the way
you talk to your father.

You gave me two fake letters!
Oh, my gosh.

"Congratulations on your acceptance
to Saint Mary's."

- Clarke, so how'd the show go?
- Oh, it was great, it was fun.

That jacket looks a little familiar.


- Is that Mitch's?
- Yeah.

That's what I thought.
That's why I said it looks familiar.

How do you feel about her?

- Hannah?
- Hannah.

- I like her. She's cool.
- Scale from 1 to 10.

I don't know, don't have the number yet.

Just because it's different?

- It is different. I like it.
- It works out better.

Different is good.

You've got to stay clear of the
materialistic bitches that are your age.

Can't think of any.

Hey, Tigers, I'm Colin.

And I'm Zach, and we have
your Tiger news for you today.

For lunch today we'll be having
chicken tenders, green beans,

peaches and steak hoagie sandwich.

So, now, we're tossing it
over for your sports.

I think that there is a lot of
attention about athletics.

There's a large group of them
that are very stuck-up

and won't even talk to people.

I think a lot of them are hard-working,

good individuals who care
about this school

and want the best for everyone.

Mitch is on there.

Hey, I saw you
on the announcements today.

You were like, "Sports rule. Jocks rule."

- Are you serious?
- Yeah.

I didn't mean that.

- I know.
- I really didn't want to be on there.

I just thought
they made you look stuck-up.

I really don't remember any of it.

I don't remember. Never mind.

- Don't be mad.
- I'm not.

It wasn't you,
it was how they put it together.

I wish I wouldn't have said anything.

So, this coming weekend,
party at my house.


We're inviting Hannah and Mitch.


Because I want to see
Mitch and Hannah, like, interact.

I do, too.

It's just funny.

I mean, I think Mitch could get
any girl he wanted.

And he loves to try new things,
like Hannah.

Him and Hannah,
I think it's really cute, you know.

Do I think it's gonna go anywhere?
I don't know.

I can just see Mitch
gives into like peer pressure.

- Yeah. Easily.
- Oh, yeah.

- Oh, well.
- It happens.

All right, who's playing the winners?

Yeah, she's really cool.

- She's cool.
- Okay.

What the heck, Geoff? Oh, my gosh.

- Really? Good word.
- We're having a conversation.

Setting it up, right?

Setting it up.

- Mitch likes it in his butt.
- I love it.

It's not what it looks like.

- I'll do it later.
- All right.

No, like not "it," but...

- Hey, Megan.
- Yeah?

Are Mitch and Hannah dating now?

Oh, Hannah, you're right there.

- Are you two dating now?
- I don't know.

Where are you going?

I was gonna see if you could sneak out.
We could go for a walk.

How you doing?

- Is everyone in the basement?
- Yeah, they're downstairs.

How's it going, Potts?

All right. That could be a tall order.

His dad's home alone,
so he wants us to go.


And I rode with him,
so I don't have my car.

- We're gonna go.
- That sucks.

I wanted to hang out with you tonight.

Me, too.

I'm kind of sad.

- What?
- Nothing.

- You leaving?
- I'm coming back.

All right, we'll see you later.

All right.

- See you, guys.
- See you, dude.

- Taking off, Mitch?
- Yeah, going back to the folks.

Good to see you, home.

See you, Megan. See you.

I'm not gonna sit there and wait
for him to take a shower.

No, in the shower with him.

Mitch is going to IU. He just decided.

- He is definitely going there?
- I should do that.

That'd be good.

I think out of the places
you've been accepted,

IU is the best situation.

And that's the one I least want to go to.

You know where I want to go.

- Yeah. California.
- You're not moving there, Hannah.

As a young 18-year-old girl,
moving out by yourself to a major city,

it scares me.

I'm an adult, though.

I'll be 19 years old.
I can take care of myself.

We told you before,

you're not always going to get
exactly what you want.

You're not special.

- Hey, Tigers, I'm Karla.
- And I'm Alli.

And we have your sports for you today.

The Warsaw Tigers boys' basketball
team will face Columbia City

for the sectional championships
Saturday, April 15th. Be there.

Sectionals is my last chance
for a scholarship.

All my friends are getting into schools.
They already know what they're doing,

know where they're going,
and I have nothing.

I just don't know what to do.

I always thought that
that was the only way

I could get noticed
by college scouts and stuff,

is if I scored a bunch of points, and...

I've always pushed you
towards wanting to score a lot,

probably just overemphasized
the scoring part too much.

But if you can play
with the patience Coach talks about,

you can still turn this year around.

We don't have very many practices left
before the sectional.

Colin, don't shoot it. Pass it out.

We cannot waste any of them.

No. Again.

Come on. Pass it, Colin.

Good. That's the way, Colin.

I want more.

- Yes.
- Yeah.

It has been six years
since Warsaw won a sectional.

I will just tell you this upfront,

there are very few people that think
that the Warsaw Tigers have any shot

of winning this game.

- One, two, three! Tigers!
- Tigers!

- Come on. Let's go, boys!
- Let's go.

Come on, Tigers! Live the dream!

Up she goes, and the tip
controlled by Columbia City.

11 to 3, Columbia City leads Warsaw.

Outside, Clemens, 10-footer in the lane.
Rolled it. No good.

Columbia City leads 18-11.

Come on, Colin. Step up, son! Step up!

Robbie in the alley-oop to Rucks
threw it behind him,

and it's taken away.
Clemens, the steal.

Move, baby!

Clemens runs down the lane
right of the key.

Flip it out to Cabrera. For three. Good.

Warsaw has come roaring back.

Outside the lane, Clemens, across
to a wide-open Mitch Reinholt for two.

Great pass by Clemens.

Twenty seconds left to play
in the game.

Warsaw's down by one basket.

Looking for the upset,
perhaps, of a lifetime.

It's over!
Warsaw has won the sectional.

They have taken out Columbia City
in the championship.


Did you watch your brother out there,
Aaron and Justin?

Did you watch him? He never stopped
believing, even when things got tough.

He kept believing and he won the game.
That was awesome.

Your game has really changed.

What conscious decisions
did you make to turn that around?

I just started passing to my teammates,
trusting my teammates,

and it paid off in the end.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you. Thank you, Roger.

I like you a lot.
I mean, you got a lot of skill.

And I know Coach Gunner's been
talking to you on the phone a lot,

and we're definitely really interested
in having you come over

and take a look
at what we're trying to do...

We're looking forward to coming over.

Very good. We're looking forward to
having you. Okay, we'll see.

Thanks, John.

Hey, Tigers, I'm Colin.

And I'm Erica, and we have your news
for you today, April 27th.

The last chance to sign up for the prom.

You need $60 and
your entrance ticket will be included.

So, please sign up if you're interested.

Okay, about the whole prom thing.

I'd love to go. Like, you have to
understand that. But now I'm with Nate,

and we are going out now, and that is
gonna be really awkward for him.

Sitting at home, saying,
"What is she doing?"

I mean, it's nothing against you or
anything. I can't do that to Nate.

- Yep.
- Okay.

All right.

Okay? Okay.

I'm never gonna find a prom date now.
I just need to get out of town.

Maybe I'll go visit my brother
in San Diego.

Well, Jake. Welcome to Mexico.

Mama comes prepared, boys.

The goal of tonight
is to get my little brother drunk.

I just want to see how he acts.

I don't know.
He's getting ready to go off to college.

I'd much rather
him be drunk with me first

than going off with some people
I don't know to drink. So...

I'm not necessarily proud of it.

Well, yeah, I am.
I want to get him drunk.

Okay, so, the idea of the shot is
to drink the whole thing, right?

And not just sip it.

Bottoms up. That's a baby shot.

Slam it down on the counter. Yeah!

Let's get drunk.

Jake can feel wasted! Yeah.

Hey, he needs one, too!

Slap it, slap it!

Come on! There, right there!


Wake up, Jake.
You need to come in the hot tub, dude.

Hot tub, shmot tub.
I'm trying not to vomit.

Stonehenge Pro Shop, Ali speaking.

- Hello?
- Megan?

- You're on your way?
- I'm hanging out with Geoff.

- Like hanging, hanging out with him?
- Yeah, maybe.

I mean, I like Geoff. He's really nice.
He's just nice to talk to.

So is that liking him?

- Do you want to go to prom with Geoff?
- Yes.


- What you doing?
- I'm checking my messages.

I want to read them.

No, you can't just go on reading
my messages now.

What are you doing?

- I want to read his messages.
- Why?

- I don't know!
- Erasing.

Why does it matter?

- She's curious. She's curious tonight.
- I'm curious.

Let's see who she's talking to.

Fine. Leave me here.

- Dude, it's just weird, you know?
- How is it weird?

It's just kinda weird!

It's like,
best friend, best friend, best friend.

And then it's like,
best friend, best friend.

It's just awkward, it's just like...

Do you want me to back off of Geoff
for some God-unknown reason?

I'm not saying that.

I don't know what I'm saying.
I didn't say anything.

- I came in here to call Bridget.
- Okay, but you've been shitting me.

All right, well,
I just won't get near Geoff.

Did she say something to you?

You said something to her, didn't you?

It wasn't me, though.
Ali approached me!

And said what?

She goes, "What's your problem?"

Say, "Nothing."

I tried to.

She goes, "You're acting really weird
towards me and Geoff."

I said, "You're ignoring me.
You're ignoring me."

She has not come near me
the rest of the night.

Okay, I'll fix it.


I hate you.

It's probably the nicest thing
I've done for her in my life.


- Thank you.
- I didn't have to do it.

I hate Geoff. I hate Geoff.

Megan's jealous.

- What?
- Geoff.

Geoff, can you leave?
I'd really like you to leave.

- I'd really like to not.
- Geoff, I'd just like you to leave.

- Can you shut the... up?
- Geoff, I... hate you.

- Get over it.
- "Hey, I'm Geoff. I'm ignorant as shit."

"Hey, I'm Megan, I'm a... whore."

Geoff is the biggest... licker.
Geoff likes hairy...

Megan doesn't even have a preference,
as long as it's...

- Geoff, we're gonna make noise.
- What about this?

Is that loud enough for you?

Megan, you need to relax.

Listen up, you ass.
I don't want you here.

Now leave.

Ever since Megan got into Notre Dame,

she's on a frigging power trip again.
I'm just, like, over it.

"You know, it was just a joke.

"Sorry if what I did would make you
mad, but I'm not sorry for what I did."

I'm not taking this anymore, you know?

Ali and Geoff completely ditched me.

Now they're not talking to me.

I'm all alone now.

I want you to calculate for me
how much total pressure will go...

Everybody's kind of disappointing me.

I can't wait to get out of here.
I can't wait to get to Notre Dame.

Notre Dame's beautiful.

The quality of people at Notre Dame are
different from, like, a lot of universities.

There really are whole people that go
to Notre Dame, and caring people.

You go there
and you get this sense of unity.

It's unbelievable
how close the kids are there,

and the connection that they have.

It'll be a completely different lifestyle.

I'm very excited.

I've been looking forward to this day
for a couple weeks now.

I'm going up to Chicago to pick up
Leslie at the airport.

Leslie is a girl that I met
at my brother's wedding.

She lives in San Diego.

I've had a crush on her
since the first day I met her.

And I'm taking her to prom.

- How are you?
- I'm pretty good.

What's there to do in Warsaw, then?

Absolutely nothing.

So, I want to get over there,
but we're not gonna make it.

Yes, you could.
You accomplish amazing things.

You lived through high school.

- This is for you for letting me stay.
- Thank you.

I didn't get Jake anything.

Well, if you have to sleep in his room,
you might want this back.

I opt for the couch.

Other than the dead animals,

it's not that bad.

No offense, Jake. It's not you, it's me.

I'll definitely be uncomfortable at prom,

but I'm not gonna let it
get to me as much.

- I like that!
- The Labyrinth poster?

Since Leslie is gonna be with me,
prom should be really exciting.

Did you do somebody else's hair
for prom?

You told me
you weren't doing anybody else.

Jesus Christ.

You look so cute.

Oh, look great.

- Princess.
- Very nice.

You are scrumptious.
Are you going to put makeup on?

I did.

You could add a little blush.

I already put some on.

Like my barrette?

- Beautiful. Did you do a little?
- I'm done.

- Yes, I did!
- It's very faint.

I'm pale!


I sure like the way that suit fits him.

Honey, go on Clarke's side. Go!

- Right here.
- Yeah.

Okay, I'm gonna try to stand up straight.

- Cheese!
- Cheese!

- We're trying to stand up straight.
- Okay, I'm going to count to three.

I love your dress. It's so bright.

Hang on, hang on,
we have to do this right.

Okay, come over here.
And now I pull the chair out for you,

and then you pretend
like you're sitting down,

but don't really, until I do that.

You can get whatever you want.

I have 60 bucks in my wallet.

Okay. Okay.

Hello, do you know
where we're supposed to park?

- Nope.
- Are the doors locked?

No, we're just standing out here
because it's fun.


So we're early.

How big of a loser
does that make you feel?

Yeah, me, too. This is gonna be great.

This year's King and Queen
of the Jungle

are Kim Clay and Mitch Reinholt.

Looking at everyone...

All these kids that care so much
about what other people think

and are afraid to be themselves...

I will never, ever belong here.
I cannot stay here.

I'm going to California.

Well, I know San Francisco State
is where your heart is set,

but it's... It's not possible.

Well, I'm glad that it's not your choice
and it's mine.

But with the cost of being
an out-of-state student,

you need our assistance
in helping pay for those choices.

Well, what if I don't go to school?

It's not a smart thing
you're wanting to do, Hannah.

It's not like I'm just gonna go out there
and never go to college.

I'm gonna go out there
and live for a year

and gain residency
and then go to college.

If I gain residency, it'd make it about
five times less to go to school there.

I'm doing the most, like...
It seems like the most logical thing.

You've got to remember
how far away that is.

That's why I want to go.

But you're gonna be on your own.
A young girl all alone in a big city...

A young, attractive female living alone,

you are a target
to a lot of nuts out there, Hannah.

You know, I read about this all the time.
You know that's my hobby.

We're not wanting
to try to scare you or...

- You're not.
- Yeah.

We're just trying to tell you
what we think is safe for you

and what we think is smart for you.

No. You know what?
I would take you guys' advice

if I wanted to live your lives. But I don't
want anything like you guys' lives.

I don't want to live in Indiana.

I don't want to raise a family and work
a 9-to-5 job that I absolutely hate.

I don't want any of that.
So that's why I'm not taking your advice,

- 'cause I don't want to end up like that.
- Then what do you want?

I want to work in movies
and live in a city that I actually enjoy.

But you know something?
We're trying to give you some advice

so that you can sit down
and think about things.

- Give the whole picture some thought.
- I already have.

You think I haven't thought about
things in the last six months?

But you haven't considered us.

It's not your life.

It's hard to believe it's Monday.

Yeah, it is. Four-day weekend.


Best four-day weekend ever.

This is something really different.

I think she really likes me and
I feel completely relaxed around her.

I have no idea
how this is gonna turn out.

But I can see us staying together,

having like a fairytale
romantic relationship,

or I can see us breaking up
within the next two months,

like something unbelievably horrible
happening while she's here in August

and then she hates me forever.

But, right now,
I guess you could say I'm falling in love.

Well, this is exciting, isn't it?
This is your first real offer.

Tuition, living in the dorm,
room and board is 25 grand.

The Indiana Tech University
scholarship, that's $19,941.

And there's the deficit, $5,737.

I think it's a good package.

The basketball part
we think is top-notch.

Did I tell you today,
did I tell you how proud I am?

I know I get on you all the time.

I just don't want you to miss on
all you can be.

I love you. Even if you're not
gonna be Elvis, I love you.

All right, congratulations.

As you sit here and take in the final
odor of your senior class...

We are sure there are many questions
still burning through your minds.

Will I find my place in the world?

And more importantly...

Who are these two attractive individuals

and how long do we have the privilege
of listening to them?

As much as this day is for you,
it's also for your parents.

They sit in this gym today pondering
the possibilities that lay ahead of us...

And at the same time,
are apprehensive about letting us go.

They stood behind us
for the past 18 years...

And now stand poised
to push us into the next stage of our life.

They have and always will be
there for us.

We know everyone in this gym
holds a dream in their heart.

The truth is that some of us
realize those dreams.

But most of us don't.
The future may seem a little vague.

But it's full of promise.

- So go.
- Get what you need.

- Reach for what you want.
- But most importantly...

Know what you already have.

Hannah Taylor Bailey.

All right, Hannah.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks.

Colin Scott Clemens.

I love you, man.

Megan Elizabeth Krizmanich.

All right.

Jacob Lee Tusing.

I'm going to Lawrence University
in Appleton, Wisconsin.

I'm really, really excited about leaving.

New chances to just be
a whole new person.

I mean, once I get there,
I could be like Mr. Muscles.

Like, I could work out every day
and go swimming.

I don't know,
I could also be the really smart kid.

I could study all the time.

Or I could be a true wildman
and party every night.

I don't know,
there's just so many options

and I'm really looking forward to that.

- We're rolling.
- Good luck.

Go tell Clarke goodbye.

We'll be thinking of you.

- You're the best friend I've ever had.
- You're my best friend.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Be careful.

You use your good
common sense, okay?

- Okay.
- Be smart about things.

- You're gonna be in a big city, and...
- Okay.

All right.

- And if it doesn't work, come home.
- Okay.

- No questions asked.
- Bye.


Special thanks to SergeiK.