Autopsy Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Autopsy script is here for all you fans of the 2007 French movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Autopsy quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Autopsy Script

What did you have for breakfast?

You should eat something.
Did you take any tranqs?

Would you like to wait at the bistro
on the other side of the street?

You can do this.

I can do this.

If not, it won't matter anyway.

Rose will sign this thing.

I told you, it's ok.

Dr. Rose Ponton is unavailable.
I'm her replacement.

Emmanuel Rivière.

What's wrong with her?

I don't know any specifics.

Lieutenant Ouaziz, Sarah.
Nice to meet you.


What happened to poor
Fredéric Berthot?

They found his body this morning
in a passageway.

- Like this?
- His trousers were down and ...

his privates were exposed.

My special recipe.

So that you won't pass out on me.

Any identification?

In his wallet.
He had 200 on him.

If it had been a woman ...

What would you think?

That it was probably a sex crime.

Let's see.

Autopsy on Berthot,

March 27th 
10:43 AM

Multiple cut marks.

Approximately 10.

Done with a cutter or a knife.

From the right to the left side
and from top to botton.

Obviously by someone who's right-handed.

Inflicted after death.

Like the perp stabbed the corpse.

You passed out,
things like that happen.

It's the fault of that fucking ointment.

Wipe off the snot.

- How did he react?
- Who?

Who do you think?

He did what had to be done.

- Meaning what?
- We put you on a stretcher,

he checked your pulse
and then ...

he kissed you 
and you became a frog.

- You're getting on my nerves.
- A girl can dream!

I would've liked
being in your place.

- So, are we feeling better now?
- Something like that has never happened before.

- Your attendance attestation.
- Thanks.

Look after your blood pressure

and avoid strong emotions.

I'll send you a copy of my report.

You can rely on me
to keep this confidential.

- Welcome to the club, Rico!
- I'm warning you.

If you ever tell anyone ...

What would you like to eat?
Pizza, kebab or Chinese?

- I don't care as you're paying.
-You don't say!

Rico, that came for you.

- The postmortem exam.
- That fast?

- He's really perfect.
- Anatomical pathology,

specialising in wound morphology.

- What does that mean in plain English?
- He does part of the analyses.

Saves time at the lab.

- Anything else?
- Yep.

He's not wearing a wedding ring
and no socks.

Speaking of wedding rings,
did you throw yours away?

- Things aren't so great with Arthur?
- Forget it!

- Who are you calling?
- Rose, something's wrong there.

We just arrived.

Great, see you.

The boss. He's getting nervous 
on account of the crime rates.

- You'd better eat something first.
- Is that supposed to be funny?

Again, Malik?

- Your mom's gonna freak out.
- I got provoked.

- And that stuff?
- That was you!

What's up, bro?

- Bro, my ass!
- Don't start meddling, Laziza.

- We're doing our jobs.
- Two heavy-weights.

- You're a monkey!
- I'm a monkey?

Don't lock the bathroom door.


Judge Bernard won't give me 
the go-ahead.

The chicks doing the analysis
won't have time for it till tomorrow.

How do I do this?

The autopsy?

Frédéric Berthot,
knife wound to the heart.

The murderer or the murderers

killed him with a cutter
and discarded him there.

Some skateboarders found him.

Did they get asked to testify?

Minors, so no interrogation.

This is all taking too long!

No hairs or skin under
the fingernails?

Sperm in his stomach.

Sperm? That's really negligible!

The medical examiner will have
the DNA checked.

That's gonna take a week.

I just hope that wasn't someone
who's into killing gays.


A moment, please.

for you. Dr. Riviére.

Thanks for calling me.

You seemed to be worried.

Damage to the brain
followed by bleeding.

The doctors put her in an artificial coma.

Is she going to make it?

I'll leave you two alone.

Do you believe there's anything
after death?

Do you think I'm qualified
to answer that?

I'm asking you,
not the medical examiner.

To be honest ...

I believe the movies's gonna end
like it had started.

The light comes,
life goes on,

just without us.

And you?


It's weird ...

I've seen almost everything ...
rapes, suicides,

I got over pretty awful stuff

and then I fainted like a girl.


Did your mother die from 
a cerebral haemorrhage?

She commited suicide
when I was 11 years old.

Did Dr. Ponton do the autopsy?

I'll never forget what she said

and how she hugged me afterwards.

Is that a transference of the mother role?
I'm not ashamed of it.

Thanks to her I got back on track.

- Today, that was something different.
- A mutilated corpse,

the smell in the mortuary ...

You expected the person you knew to be there 
but instead it was me.

It's like when you were 11,

you were alone with all 
the overwhelming violence.

I've been working as a detective 
in Lyon for 20 years now

and I've never met you before.

Maybe we don't share the
same interests.

I worked in Avignon till
2 months ago.

- Too many cicadas?
- Lovesickness.

You know, Capitaine,

violence is like wasp poison:

It builds up in your body
and you never get completely rid of it.

A little trigger and sudddenly
you've overdosed.

How much do you take for counselling,

Stop calling me Capitaine.

Ok, Capitaine.

It's my treat.

You played truant 13 times?

Hello to you too.

Paco, I'm serious here.

I went to a demonstration.
That's more important than that stuffy school.

If you hadn't had to repeat a class,
you'd be no longer be at that school

which costs us a quarter of our income.

They're all jerks anyways!

They want us to wear these gowns!

At least that way one doesn't
see your underwear anymore.

Right, that's a great reason
for torching cars!

- Everything's at a standstill.
- Then get your ass in gear!

What's up? Are you fighting?

Just read that letter.
He played truant 13 times.

- We'll write him a sick note.
- Sure.

He's gonna get expelled.
Don't you care?

- Where are you going?
- I thought I should get a move on?

You're too strict.

I don't want to listen to that right now.

You never want us to talk about Paco.

I fainted during an autopsy.

- Did you go to a doctor?
- To the medical examiner.

Apparently I overdosed on violence.

What? Which medical examiner?

Lucky he was there.
I thought I was doing to croak it.

What are you talking about?

Rose is in a coma.

- You didn't tell me that.
- I did!

A nightmare.

Everything's ok.

At first we thought it was some bum.

- Did you call us?
- That was David.

- I had to throw up.
- He got sliced open

and then his old dick ...


Why were you there?

We were on our way to school.

A skateboard's real handy
when your pushing drugs.

- It'll fit anywhere.
- No.

Why didn't you wait for the police?

We were afraid!

Where are you going to?

- What's up here?
- Everything's fine.

Just a misunderstanding.

Let's calm down and
start over from scratch.


You should take this over .

That's the 5th smoke you had in the last hour.
That's not gonna help Rose.

- She's gonna make it.
- Are you shaken up? I am.

That's no excuse.

Ok, I freaked out.
No big deal.

Did you faint again yesterday?

- Did he call you?
- No, Anne, he didn't.

Look ahead, not so fast!

Why didn't she tell me?

Why don't you stop and get a check-up?

Are you doing this on purpose?
Stop it!

- Are you in charge?
- Yes, Ma'am.

I just heard it on the radio.
Ms. Legrand, I'm the neighbor.


No wonder, considering how he lived.

If you'll let me in,
I'll take your testimony.

- Can I see your badge?
- Lieutenant Ouaziz. Is that coffee?

Well, I never ...!

- Hey, Rico?
- Hello, Marc.

- Have you been here for long?
- An hour.

There are fingerprints all over the place.
A regular orgy!

- Are you alone?
- Gilbert's here too.

Do you think they have them 
for men too?

Stop it! Just imagine
if he had hemorrhoids!.

He wore them the other way round.

The hyena had an accident?

She's in a coma.

Sorry, I didn't mean it the wrong way.

- Did you go over his study?
- It's clean, you can go in there.

- We'll look through his hard disk.
- Fatty would have liked that.

- Hello.
- Hello, Laziza.

- Is Rico here?
- In the study.

I wouldn't have wanted to be
her neighbor during the war.

"Gays, jews, Moroccans,
they should all get deported".

Berthot got visited 
by lots of young homos,

one more feminine than the next one.

There was one who stayed for 6 months.

- Guess what.
- What?

Apparently he vanished after a fight

on the same evening when Berthot died.

- Can she help us making an identikit?
- She'll come by tomorrow.

I got the same old:
"Where are you from?"

Me: A black stork left me
at the wailing wall.

She nearly threw up.

- We're off.
- See you.

- Bye!
- Bye!

Could I talk to Emmanuel Rivière?


I was just thinking of you.

I've got to talk to you.

I'm tied up for the next two hours.
Half past 8 at Matthiew's?


It's an old bar in Lyon.

I know the place.

Ok, half past 8.


Aren't you at school?

- What's going on here?
- What are you doing?

It's ok!

I'm sorry, I...

I'm sorry.

Good evening.

Not too shocked?

Should I be?

You know the rep of the place.

Every cop knows it.

So that one's clear.

It is, or to be more exact ...

more or less.

You've probably found out by now
that I knew Berthot?

You're inscrutable.

You on the other hand ...

- You haven't said anything yet.
- What?

That I was one 
of professor Berthot's students?

That was 8 years ago.

There were hundreds of us.

Were they all homosexual?

Do you sleep with 
all the women you meet?

You're married.

Yes, and I've been faithful
for nearly 20 years now.

Ok, it's true.
I lied to you.

I nearly told you
but then you wouldn't have called me.

I'm really glad you did.


Freudian slip.

I'm not gay, got that?

Leave him alone!

Get lost, man!

- Faggot!
- Oh man!

Hey, say something!


- Did I wake you up?
- I wasn't asleep.

- I messed up with Paco.
- He told me.

You're not feeling well, are you?

I went to see Rose
but I was too afraid to go in there.

I met with Emmanuel,
the new medical examiner.

Yes. And?

Nothing. He's amazing.

- You would like him.
- Did you hurt yourself?

It's nothing.

- Did you sleep well?
- I've got an appointment.

With a mother whose son

got arrested by your cowboys.

She might even lose 
her social benefits.

They're not "my" cowboys.
And your Malik

is no newbie.

He never had anything to do
with drugs.

Two armed robberies.

- He paid for that.
- Apparently he didn't pay enough.

Did you plant that dope in his pockets
to protect him from himself?

Don't be astonished if he falls
for the next best ayatollah.

You're muddling everything up.

- What does Sarah think about it?
- Sarah can't be objective.

Because she's Arabic and black?

Even cops can be perceptive.

- Can you give me a lift?
- Take the helmet.

I acted really stupid. 
Please tell your girlfriend I'm sorry.

Her name's Pénélope.
You can tell her that yourself.

- What?
- Don't get mad.

Invite her to dinner.
I'll make some chilli.

- Come on!
- Coming.

You have one new message.

I'm really sorry about yesterday.

I'll call again later.

How far have you come 
with that Berthot case?

I'll need some facts in 10 days.

I'm sorry about the crime rates
but other people are doing that.

Wait! Do you want them to cut back
on the personnel?

Are we too many to handle the chaos?

So get me results instead of
lectures on morality.

Are you specializing in forensics?

I want to become a profiler.

For that I have to study

on top of studying
forensic psycho-pathology.

- Are there many of you?
- 15 in Lyon.

Did you have a personal relationship
with Berthot?

What do you mean by that?

Did you fuck?

It was all about cellular pathology.

Berthot took his job very seriously.

So serious that he saw you
out of the office?

No benefits?

A little donation?

No, he never did anything suggestive.

And his boyfriend?

He was discreet.

But on the day of my viva voce
I stayed longer.

A 30-year old guy rushed into

his office with lots of groceries
in his arms.

I thought I might get some of them.

- How did Berthot react?
- Classy.

He excused himself and then
he went into the kitchen.

They yelled at each other.

Do you recognize the guy?

Are you sure?

You never forget someone
who called you a slut.

You'll have to do an identikit
with one of our specialists.

- I wanted to tell you I'm sorry.
- Did you get everything?

I don't know. We managed to secure
the social benefits for Malik's mom.

See? Everything's great.
I'm at work right now.

Yeah, ok.
You'll remember our plans for tonight?

- What?
- The chili. Pénélope.

Right! No, I won't.
See you!

What's that supposed to be?

You're late,
you're checking you cell phone

and now that?
Where did you find that picture?

- From Berthot.
- What are you afraid of?

- That your Riviére might be a suspect?
- You're getting on my nerves.

I just had some doubts and that's it.


- Wait a sec, I'm sorry.
- Don't do that again.

The identikit?


He's young but not very young.

The eyes ... more serious.

More like a whipped dog.

That's the guy who was
with Berthot.

- Are you sure?
- Someone for Laziza.

Ms. Legrand.

I totally forgot about her.

Have a heart and deal with her.

I waited for that call
all day long.

Total bullshit.

That bastard's just playing with me.

I've got no idea where you are ...

or if you can hear me.

But please help me!

Help me!

I've got to apologize to you.

- How did you find my phone number?
- You had my adress.

Why didn't you call?

To make sure that you'd see me?

To humiliate me?

- This is turning you on.
- Listen ...

I don't know what you think
about people like me

but I'm not into macho cops.

You can either come in,
knowing what you're dealing with,

or get out of my life, for good.

Where are you?

Somewhere in hell.

Would it be easier
if I was a woman?

I don't know.

Probably yes.

Good night, Capitaine.

- New text message from Paco
- Fuck!

A difficult case,
I couldn't leave earlier.

I'm sorry, Salomé.

My name's Pénélope.
That's ok. It's the good will that counts.


He invited you so that
he could apologize to you.

And then he has no time for it.
It's been like that for the last 17 years!


How often did we celebrate christmas
without him? Or the cup final?

He was late for grandma's funeral!

- A murder? Suicide?
- I'm a cop.

I'm ashamed of being your son!

Come on, he's pissing me off.

Come on!

Was Sarah with you?

Are you grilling me?
Sure, Sarah was there.

I called her.

She tried to cover for you.

I wasn't at the office.
I had to talk to him.

- Who?
- You know who.

Why don't you just tell me
that you were with that amazing guy

who understands you?

- So that you'll leave me alone.
- What's the problem?

You're the problem.
I feel like I'm on trial .

- I'm making you lie to me?
- Stop it!

You would've imagined
all sorts of things.

What was I supposed to imagine?

That you're falling in love
with a guy?

Come on!

Say it!

Say the word!

Have at least that much courage!



Emmanuel Rivière speaking.
Well, not really.

Please leave a message.

- Here, that's for you.
- Thanks.

- How nice of you!
- You needed something to make it up to you.

Really? For what ?

For my job, for my boyfriend
or for your shit?

- Anne called me yesterday.
- I know.

- I won't cover for you again.
- I didn't ask you to.

- She didn't believe you.
- It was really embarrassing!

- Where were you anyways?
- You know exactly where I was.

It can't be true! Man, Rico!

You've got the hottest and greatest
woman in the whole world and you ...

l moved out.

What? No one becomes suddenly gay. 
Not you!


Yeah, ok.

A present is waiting for us.

If my boyfriend did something like that,
I'd bust his balls.

What took you so long?
Régis Lartigues.

He got busted for soliciting
in the restrooms of a restaurant.

Our colleagues saw
identikit pic.

Chauvin, the key.

- And the john?
- A cop.

He was a decoy.

Capitaine Mercadier,

Lieutenant Ouaziz.

Where's my lawyer?

You're not under arrest yet.

Pity! I've got a client
who's good at it.

Do you have a smoke?
Or some candy?

My breath's foul.

- Is that allowed here?
- You've got my ok. - Thanks!

Where were you Wednesday night?


I was in Lyon.

There are 5 witnesses
who can testify that.

Do you know someone called
Frédéric Berthot?

I don't ask a guy for his ID
before I give him blowjob.

- Remember him now?
- Oh, yeah!

I know the guy.
I've fucked him once or twice.

In a backroom.

Why? Did something happen to him?

Oh, boy!

That was no heart attack!

Berthot chucked his playmate out
shortly before he was murdered.

And you're his spitting image.

- Bad luck.
- Yep.

I'm not living with anyone.

Least of all with such 
an old faggot.

I'm an amazone.

I'm free and wild
like the wind in the desert.

Did you get sexually abused
as a child?

What do you wanna hear, Lieutenant?

That my mom had to raise 5 kids?

That my uncle visited us
dressed up as Santa

and that I was the prize 

for his amazing kindness?

Would that be enough for you

to pin the murder of this

poor Berthot on me?

You can call your lawyer.

Let's hope he's as good
as you think.

I forgot something.

Anything you say can be used
against you.

Great line!

My uncle,

they found him in a ravine
of the Ardéche,

busted like a water melon.

The case never got solved.

Your laughter ...

Shut the door!

We've got our guy.


- He can't see me?
- Not one bit.

 Well ...

- I'd say, number 2.
- Ms. Legrand,

the one who wins isn't necessarily
the first on the starting line.

Who does she think I am?

He always had this sneering smile.

Thank you.

See Ms. Legrand out.
The next witness in 5 minutes.

That asshole with his smile!

Switch your numbers.

I've got no idea what you want
but stop it with that smile

or I'll make you do that.

That was meant for you personally,

Stop it, Rico!

- Don't fuck this up!
- Let him go!

- Stop it!
- Leave me be!

- Do I need an assault like that?
- You saw what he did.

That's exactly what he wanted.

He'll press charges against you,

and we won't be able to do
an identity parade

with the other witness.

You blew it.

The old broad recognized him.

"He wore blinkers".

A smart lawyer will blame it
on homophobia.

Do you want me to quit?

No, I'm suspending you for 2 weeks.

Let's pray the DNA results will prove

that the sperm in Berthot's stomach

came from this jerk.

Hand your weapon over.

What kinda problem do you have
with gays?

Explain to me why a certain

Alain Joubert made a report

that a man assaulted him in front
of Matthiew's,

whose description fits you
and your licence plate.

Luckily we had some dirt
on this Joubert

so he took back his report.

Lartigues's gonna be a tougher nut.

I went postal, no question about it.

This is your chance of
clearing your head.

Use it.

Get lost.

My wife threw me out,
I got suspended.

I wondered whether to use
a rope or gas ...

but I chose a gourmet weekend,

if you want.

Are you sure?

Aren't you afraid of going away
with a homophobic cop?

One of those words is implied 
in the other.

You'll drive.

- Sorry to bother you.
- That's ok.

We don't know each other very well
but please tell me the truth.

- What are you talking about?
- I'm losing my husband.

- Please ...
- Please don't think that Rico and I ...

No. I've often thought about it
but he hasn't fallen in love with you.

I don't want you to betray him.
I just want to understand it.

Ok, but not here.

Get in.

Einstein's brain got stolen
by a medical examiner.

Thomas Harvey.

He got sacked when his bosses
found out.

He was able to keep his trophy
in formaldehyde

but he gave it back to Einstein's wife
before he died.

What did he hope to do with it?

Find the source of his geniality?

Why are you telling me this?

No one can bare your soul, 
not even with a scalpel.

Why are they staring at me 
like I had some dog shit on my head?

It's in your head.

They see what you're showing them ...

a broken man who feels guilty.

Someone who's gotten shame written
all over his face.

I can't stand this anymore.

l love you, Éric.

It's just some stupid sexual fantasy.

It's just not possible.

Do you still remember the time
when I freaked out because of Arthur?

You advised me to see a psychiatrist.

You talked about your husband
with so much love.

Maybe it's the same with him now.

No, you got that wrong.

This has got nothing to do with
the preparations for having sex.

- I know what I'm talking about.
- Have you ever cheated on Rico?


How did he react?

What do you think?

There's something I've got to confess ...
I always found Rico really attractive.

I know. He told me that.

I could compete with you.

But with a man?

I can't even imagine him
caressing the guy.

It's disgusting.

Did you tell him that?

More or less.

I've got to talk to him.

To the other guy.


Good evening.

I made a reservation. For Mercadier.

- Good evening.
- 2 adjoining rooms.

No. 7 and 8.

Will you have breakfast at your rooms?

- We'll take only one room.
- Ok.

- Room no. 8.
- Thank you.

Are you familiar with the fable
about Buridan's ass?

I recall it vaguely.

Ok ...

After a long walk in the mountains

an ass arrives at a crossing.

On the right side, 
there's a spring,

and on the left side, 
there's a pile of oats.

The poor beast can't decide between
hunger and thirst,

so it finally dies of exhaustion.

Give me just a little more time.

I thought about your story.

It's more complicated than that.

- I know.
- No.

When I'm with you, I feel free.

Even if you think the opposite,

this is the first free choice
I made in all my life.

Some people  call it friendship.

Maybe it's good that way.


Calm down.

It's just a flat tire.

What are you doing?

I've got to take care of my hands.
I'm calling for assistance.

Where's the spare tire?

What kinda idiot tightened
those lug nuts?

Wasn't me. Want some water?

Don't bug me with your bottle.

- Calm down.
- You wanna do that?

- What are you doing?
- What?

- You're afraid of getting dirty.
- Stop it!

Stop it, man!

- He's afraid of getting dirty.
- Cut that crap!

Stop bugging me!

- What's up?
- Stop razzing me.

You're making me sick.
Are you trying to be some smarty pants?

What's up?

What do you want?

Hello, can I come in?

Sorry, I was vacuuming.

- Some coffee?
- Oh, yeah!

Till tonight at the cinema.
I love you! Emmanuel

You seem to be doing fine.

Nice of you to care.

I'm worried about Anne.

You could give her a call.
It's hard on Paco.

Anything else?

Lartigues got released today.

- And the DNA?
- It wasn't his sperm.

- And the identification parade?
- The student didn't recognize him.

That old broad Legrand
picked Lieutenant Faogi,

who had no. 3.

We don't have anything on him.

And your gut feeling?

His arrogance,
those allusions about his uncle ...

Sure, he was the ideal suspect.

Nearly too perfect.

- Are you still in charge of the investigation?
- Yep.

The commander gave me Lucas.

He's not a bad guy
but his feet smell horribly!

You've started smoking again?

No, I stopped.

I know what you're thinking
so I want to make one thing clear.

I never cheated on Anne.

- I don't give a shit.
- Yes, you do.

I'm not asking you who you're dreaming of
when you're sleeping with Arthur.

Or if you're dreaming of me
for example.


Are you part of the family?

In a way.
I'm Éric's wife.

Don't worry.

I just wanted to see the man
who took mine away from me.

I've got to tell you
that I don't get it.

Maybe because 
there's nothing to get.

How could I be so blind?

Listen ...

I've always felt attracted to men.

That's not the case with Éric
if that's reassuring to you.

He's sleeping with a man
and I'm supposed to feel reassured?

I never felt so humiliated 
in all my life.

It's like he's cheating on me
two times over.

Would you feel less hurt
if I was a woman?

We're very much in love.

It's not your fault.

Could pass him a message?


- So, did you like it?
- Yeah, it was good.

Did those voices leave you cold?

Don Giovanni is prove
that there is a God.

I grew up with Claude François
and Adamo.

Right, I'm the culture snob 
and you're the blue-collar guy.

My mother became a widow 
when she was 30.

She cleaned houses
so that she could raise us.

She taught us about 
the beautiful things in life.

- You were lucky.
- Yeah, I was.

She was a brave woman.

- Like your wife.
- You know Anne?

Yes, she came to the mortuary.

- She wants to get you back.
- Are you afraid?

- Yes.
- Rico?

- Good evening.
- YOu look great.

Are you going to introduce us
to your friend?

Sorry. Emmanuel Rivière,
the replacement for Dr. Ponton.

Nice to meet you.

Even though Rose is irreplaceable.

Commissaire Mangin and his wife.

Good evening.

Fine, fine.

Have a nice evening.

Idiots seem to come in pairs.

How about some sushi?

- Do I have a choice?
- Yeah, you do.

Something's wrong there.

- I thought you were asleep.
- I was thinking of your case.

- Which one?
- Berthot.

That generation got hit
by AIDS really hard.

Those who survived,
are protecting themselves.

What are you trying to tell me?

The sperm must have been from someone
who knew Berthot really well,

not from some stranger.

- Maybe. And?
- I've been a medical examiner for 8 years now.

I've seen similar crimes
but never anything as sadistic.

Was Berthot in a relationship
with a psychopath?

- What's your conclusion?
- That identikit pic

that's his lover,
not his murderer.

Are you prying into 
my things now?

If you didn't want me to find it,

you shouldn't have left it
next to the condoms.

Why didn't you ask me
if I knew the guy?

You would've told me

that you don't know all 
the gay people in this world.

So I look like a homo.
Well, I am one now.

Sure, I love the guy.

We might be in love
with the same man.

I know what you're thinking.
You're wrong.

Anne can't bear to see you like that.

But you know that she loves you.

That's the way it is.

Life's too short, Rose.

Life's too short.

And now excuse me please.

- I've got to talk to you.
- I'll forgive you, you'll forgive me.

Just 2 minutes.

I was afraid you might have gotten me
a cologne for men.

You haven't changed completely.

That's Emmanuel's cologne.

That was a joke.

What else do you want?

Do you know where to find Lartigues?

No, he's like a gypsy.

- Why?
- Because I can't understand it.

If he hadn't said anything,
we would've let him go.

Instead he freaked out.
Why would he do that if he was innocent?

Cause the guy's crazy.

That doesn't make him a murderer.

So you think they had sex,

Berthot got into a fight with
his boyfriend

who then left.

Berthot followed him to the street,

the boyfriend stabbed him with
a cutter

and left the corpse in the passageway? 
I don't think so.

Do you have another scenario?

Yep. After the fight Berthot left,
looking for his boyfriend.

then he met Lartigues,
who looks like his boyfriend.

Out of spite he came on to him.

Why would Lartigues stab him?

It fits his neurosis ...

Berthot is the old uncle
who abused him.

He has to pay for it.
These thing haunt you forever.

You're forgetting one thing ...
we don't have any proof.

For what am I supposed to arrest
Lartigues? Schizophrenia?

No idea, whatever you want.

Yeah? No, Anne. I know
we've gotta talk but ...

I'm coming.

Sorry, I'll call you.


- Are you part of this riff-raff now?
- He hit on her.

- Mercadier!
- It was just a joke.

That asshole's lying!

Come on!

Keep your hands off me!

You don't exist to me anymore!

We were just splashing each other
with water. Elliot's a friend.

Do you want to file charges?

With a cop involved?

What's that supposed to mean?

As soon as one sees you, one knows

that your son's not responsible
for this.

Éric, please.

Excuse us please.

- He's right and you know it.
- Right about what?

About me cliping his ears
or that I'm a cop?

I think it's ok
that he'll get punished for this!

What do you think is the reason
for this?

Paco would do anything
to be like us.

What do you mean by that?

I didn't have to tell him.

He's gonna be 17 soon, Éric.

For the last 2 weeks he saw my crying
without any sign of his father.

What did you tell him?

That a beautiful, clever and
affectionate man

made you feel alive.

Where are you? 
The movie's gonna start soon.

Go and watch it, it's great.

- We can meet afterwards.
- Why?

A friend.

My ex to be honest with you.

He really needs me.

For what?

Éric, what would you do if Anne
asked you for your help?

I love you.

Do you know Emmanuel Riviére?

That guy who was with you
when you beat up that customer of ours?

If you're bored
here you're spoilt for choice.


Go to Station B,
you never know.

Did you get lost?

Do you know a guy named Emmanuel,
tall, brown hair?

Yes, the doc?

- Have you seen him?
- Maybe.

He met a dark-haired angel
at the bar.

I turned around
and they were gone!

Check out the restrooms.
That's where angels end up pretty often.


I see.

You killed Berthot!

- Let me explain it to you.
- Let me go!

You're a piece of shit!



His name was Damien Ferrucci.

I'm sure it was his sperm
inside Berthot.

So what?

You showed to me that 
that doesn't have to mean anything.

- And Lartigues?
- Forget about that lunatic.

- And the medical examiner?
- Abetting a murderer,

concealing evidence

and corrupting a stupid cop.

Here. Thanks.

There's so much I wanted to tell you.

Who's gonna protect me now?


It's me, Sarah.

Come in.

What can I tell you?

- When's the funeral?
- She's going to be cremated.

I shouldn't ask you but Emmanuel ...

Dr. Rivière didn't want a lawyer

and I don't want to interrogate
him without you there.

- And Mangin?
- He's ok with it.

I'll take a shower.

Dr. Rivière,
the victim, Damien'Feruucci,

got identified by Berthot's neighbor

as the partner of the professor.

Ms. Legrand also testified
that there was a fight

the same night

Berthot got killed

after they had sexual intercourse,
which got confirmed by the DNA test.

Did you know Damien Ferrucci
Dr. Rivière?

Yes, I did.

Were you lovers?


According to the autopsy report,

which you did yourself,

Berthot got killed by a knife wound
to the heart.

"The 10 cutter wounds were
done by an expert."

"Trying to make them look
like the work of a lunatic."

Could you be that expert,

Dr. Rivière?

I'll talk only to Capitaine Mercadier.

We don't have any evidence against him.

He suppressed the fact that he knew 
Berthot during the autopsy.

He didn't react 
when he saw the identikit pic.

He's manipulating me

so that he can cover for his ex.

Your word in God's ear
but Sarah's right.

If doesn't make a confession,
we'll have to let him go.

Show him, Rico!

Sarah told me.

You were really close to Rose.

I'm listening, Dr. Rivière.

Just as you like, Capitaine.

Yesterday at 5:00 PM Damien called me
and asked me for my help.

- What kind of help?
- For money, he wanted to go to Canada.

The day before that drama
he had dumped Berthot.


Pathological jealousy.
Berthot could get very violent sometimes.

He beat up Damien, 
who then stabbed him.

Er panicked, ran away
and called for your help.

No, he hid at his brother's.

He read about the murder.

- So he became afraid.
- You're lying!

Ferrucci left you for Berthot.

You waited for your chance
to revenge yourself on him.

Rose had a stroke
and you were her replacement.

You were lucky.

The rest was manipulating the evidence
to cover up all traces.

It nearly worked.

But only nearly.

I didn't know Damien und Berthot 
had a relationship.

I swear.

And the sperm?

- Did you identify it?
- Would you know about Anne's DNA?

I'm not a medical examiner.

Could you switch off the mike?

I've got nothing to conceal.

You're not trying to destroy me,

but yourself.

You came up with a pretty theory
so that you could lie to yourself

but you love me.


You feel disgusted by that.


I love you too.
I'll say whatever you want me to.


What are you doing here?

I didn't want to go to a hotel.

Rose ...

Yes, I know.

Do you have any idea how late it is?

What can I say to you?


Do whatever you want to.

But ...

don't give mom any false hopes.

It was hard enough for her
as it is.

Tell her, 3:00 PM tomorrow 
at the crematory.

Monsieur, do you have a light?



They say your sister gives great head.

I don't have a sister.

I meant your mother.

- Sorry!
- My mother?

A little dumpy woman
with huge tits.

Stop that. Don't you 
have anything else to do?

Rognard und Rougé.

I didn't call you.

- Rico!
- If I let you go now,

they'll plant 30 grams of dope on you,
even if you don't have any yet.

Are you outta your mind?

Forget it!

We don't talk to butt fuckers.

Who are you? A cop?

They're all crazy.

You didn't like speeches
and tributes even less.

You would have been mad at me
but I can't help it.

Rose was a great
medical examiner.

But mostly she was a wonderful woman

who was able to talk to the families.

She found the right words

which came from the heart.

That's how I met her 30 years ago.

I had lost my parents.

She never had children of her own.

She became the mother 
I no longer had.

I know how you feel.

We are alone in this world,
all alone.

Would you like to attend
the cremation?

We have a huge problem, Rico ...

We got a call 2 hours ago.
Sarah went there.

- Alone?
- With Lucas.

- And you?
- I told her she should wait.

How could she let herself get
caught off guard like that?


Come over her!

- How many snipers?
- 2.

We waited for you.

- The media?
- We haven't informed them yet.

- The boss is on his way.
- Good.

Lartigues, you wanted to talk to me?
I'm here.

Come in, pretty capitaine.
But come alone

or I'll kil her.

He's got CCTV.

He can watch every move we make.

Close the door behind you.

I hate drafts.

Don't get sentimental on me,

That's what he got paid for

which was too much,
judging by him incompetence.

Stupid cow!

Come here!
And you don't move.

And now?

I'll decide that.

Put your weapon down
and I'll let her go

or we don't have a deal.
- Come on!

- Shut up!
- Shoot him!

Shut the fuck up!

The graveyards for cops are full
of whores like you.

- Slowly.
- Don't fuck up.

He's reasonable.


Move back!

Take one step backwards, Capitaine.



I have to show you something
before the happy end.

Hands behind your back!

Turn around.

Down the stairs!

We'll go to the basement.

Are you crazy?

Look at this!

That's the owner of the house,
a client of mine.

How could you believe 
that little Ferrucci

slaughtered Berthot?
That kinda thing takes a real man!

And a lot of suffering.

For that kinda thing you need

a huge set of balls!

You know.

I saw that you were a victim.

A lost child
in the body of a monster.

That's the way, that's the way

the little marionetts go.

They go, go, go

for three little rounds ...

Are you really sure?

What are you talking about?

Me quitting the job?

And about the rest.

For you.


Special thanks to SergeiK.