Boarding Gate Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Boarding Gate script is here for all you fans of the Asia Argento movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Boarding Gate quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Boarding Gate Script

What do you think?

Yeah, it's good. How much was it?


Top of the line.

So when are you leaving?

Tomorrow morning.

I promised the kids
I'd take them hunting in Ireland.


I gotta talk to you about something.

I've been meaning to tell you
for a while now.

I'm gonna quit. I'm gonna get out.

I'm gonna sell my shares
and start from scratch.

Besides, I don't really think
you even need me anymore.

I think you'll be all right.

It's not the best time.

Well, listen,

I thought it over quite a bit,
and there's nothing else I can do.

I'm so far in debt with these people,

it's what I have to do.

Have you found a buyer?


It's a company called Golden Eagle.

Out of Singapore.

I borrowed an awful lot
of money from these people,

and this is the best way
for me to pay back my debt.

You're still gonna be running things.

I already worked out part of the deal-out.

I know Golden Eagle.

They're not that reputable.

Well, they did me a lot of favors,

but it was not like there
was anything ever illegal.

It was nothing like that.


No. Nothing illegal.

Answer it.

It's for you.


Yeah. I'll send somebody else to get you.

Sandra's here.

You're still seeing her?

Well, not really.

- We talked once.
- Once too many.

You preferred the wife, didn't you?

I did.

I didn't.

Sandra's out in the waiting area,
so would you go get her for me?

- Sure.
- Okay.

The Golden Eagle contract just arrived.


Andre has all the information,
and he's gonna start asking questions,

so just give him answers, okay?

There's not gonna be any more
secrets around here.


Thank you.

Mr. Rennberg's waiting for you.
Will you follow me, please?

Thanks for seeing me.

Thanks for not taking my messages.

Well, I'm here.

Yeah, two months late.

I thought we broke up.

I guess we kind of did that
a couple of times.

I'd like to do it once and for all.

Whatever makes you happy.

Your cufflinks?


Is it because we're separated
that I'm allowed into your office now?

How old are they?

11 and 13.

They're good-looking kids.


I did a nice job with them, I think.

But your wife...

It's funny.

Before, it would've been painful
to see these pictures.

I'm divorced.

I don't hardly see those kids anymore.

Your divorce went through?

A month ago.


I see. That's why you
started calling again.

You know very well why
we never met in this office before.

Because of the favors I used to do for you.

When I used to play "escort girl"
for your clients.


I used to come and tell you
everything I heard.

And everything I did...


I'm sure you never asked your wife
to do such things.

Well, you were very good at what you do.

And you got paid...
quite well as I remember.

Yeah, 'cause it turned you on
to pay me for that.

You know, sometimes I made things up.

I'd rather not know.

I would never do it again.

I'm starting to get that impression.

Do you know why I did it?

No, I don't. I'm mystified.

I did it because I loved you.

Then I suppose that means
you don't anymore. Is that it?


You're lying.

Anyway, not enough
to do that shit anymore.

I didn't have a clue.

I would've done anything for you.

And you did.

Because I believed in our relationship.

You were just taking advantage of me.

Took advantage of you?

I could've picked up a $2.00 hooker
off the street

to do the same fucking thing!

Well, you wouldn't have
gotten such good info.

I didn't give a damn about the info.

You think some sweaty, drunken,
half-hard businessman

is gonna tell you anything important
at 3:00 in the morning?

Sure, I thought, maybe once in a while

there'd be a small piece of information.

Give me an edge on a business deal.


it was all a game for you.

If that's what you want to call it.

Yeah. That's what I want to call it.

You know, you're not a fool.

You weren't tricked into doing anything.

You got off on every bit of that
just as much as I did, and you know it.

I don't know.

Got into what?

You enjoyed doing what
I wanted you to do.

You liked it. You liked being mine.

Being yours?


You remember that weekend?

We went away and we made up
a little game where'd you be my slave.

Say the word slave again.





I think you liked doing
what I wanted you to do,

and you got off on it.

I was doing a bunch of drugs.

I didn't feel much. I was numb.

That's a bad excuse.

All right. I felt this much.

The truth is you didn't give a shit.

You could barely get it up.


you'd get hard when you told me
what we are going to do,

but less when we actually did it.

Can't you take that later?


You know how much I miss you?

For the wrong reasons.

You shouldn't insist.

You just don't want to give in, that's all.

I don't want to end up like we were.

It's so hard to get out of it.

So you got out of it?

I don't think about you anymore.

I think about you less.

Anyway, I've got a new job now,
so there's no time for that.

Okay. You've got a job. Doing what?

Do you remember Lester and Sue Wang?

We had dinner with them
a couple times, right?

Yeah, I work with them.

They bought contemporary furniture
from Kwantung.

Whatever happened to that
science-fiction website you had?

That was so dumb.

It was not dumb. It was good.

What was the name of that
character you invented?

- Vortex?
- Yeah, Vortex.

Vortex could put out her hand
and control people, right?

Why don't you do that right now?

Stick out your hand.

Come to my place tomorrow night.

There were two containers on the ship.

This is one.
Where is my other container?

Well, it'll be here tomorrow.

I spoke to the freighter.
He says he's sorry.

I don't know what to tell you.
I'm sorry, too.

There's four crates at the PHV.

Put them on the platform,
deliver them this afternoon, okay?

Fax this to Hong Kong immediately.


We have to change shippers.

This is the third screw-up.

Put the ones with red stickers aside.
It's a different order.

No, it's fine.

It's okay. I told them.
They know. Don't worry.

Are you sure you want to leave?

Is it the money?

No, it's not the money. It's just...

I told you it was temporary
and, um...

Did someone offer you another job?

No, I'm probably going to leave Paris.

Look, these are the four items
that are missing,

everything's fine,
and I signed here for you.

The last page right here?

Still needs to be checked.

But Bruno said he'll do it later.

So is Miles going to help you?


You're seeing him again, right?

How do you know?

His secretary called
to confirm your appointment.

Why? I saw him once.

I thought you made up your mind.

I did. I made up my mind.

And he was supposed to be all of your life?

He's out of it.

- This is the last time.
- Too risky.

Next week I'll be gone.

Where to?


Beijing. I'm buying into a club.

With what money?

Don't worry.

You'd live there?

In a second.

I swear, a second.


After, I'll send you a signal like this.

I want to go away too.

But I couldn't go alone.

I won't be alone.

Who are you going with?

Where's Sandra?

Where is Sandra?

In the booth down there.

Does she have the package?


Where is the package?

It's in the car under my seat.

My motorcycle is
over there behind the bank.

Take the motorcycle
and get out of here.

Got the cash?

Can I see?

Let go of me!

Let go!

Don't move.


Well, I'm doing what I can.


How long?
How long have you been doing this?

What, like, you pretend
like you didn't know now?

I don't fucking know.

If I knew, I'd fire you.

I thought you loved me.

You know I do.

Just don't fuck with me, all right?

Don't do this to me.

Check tomorrow's paper.


Where were you?

Playing poker.

All night?


Win or lose?


How much?


They dropped off the tickets.

Call my wife and make sure
she got the reservations for the boys.

Everything should be okay.

Hang on. I gotta get the door.


I'd like you to keep working for me,
if you'll think about it.

You can stay with André if you want.

But I'll miss you,
and you need to come if you'd like.

We'll have fun. Good-bye.

You brought your keys.

I brought them back to you.

You brought them back to me.

The keychain was a gift.

I'm returning it.

Were you on the phone?

Yeah. I just hung up.

You want a whiskey?


Well, I'm gonna have one.

You sure I can't get you something?

No, I won't stay long.

I shouldn't have come here.

I'm regretting it already.

I think you came here
because it's dangerous.

I'm gonna get some ice.

Are you hungry?


I got Lebanese.

For two?

Of course.

Looks pretty good.
You might change your mind.

You said you'd lend me money.

A few months went by,
I don't know what happened.

Maybe you forgot.

A million dollars is pretty hard to forget.

That's an awful lot of money.

Not for you.

Yeah, for me and for anyone.

Why didn't you keep your promise, Miles?

Well, I kind of thought it was a high price
to pay for getting dumped, first of all.


If I'd had bought that club
for you in Beijing,

I never would've seen you again.

It was an investment.

One investment.

Where are you gonna run
the investment from? Paris?

Sure. Why not?

You have companies in places
you've never even been to.

By not giving you the money,

I had a chance that you would
come back to me

after you got done being angry.

And it looks like I calculated
the right way, because here you are.

I get paid for calculating.

I hear you don't get paid
as much these days.

Is that what you heard?


I've made a few bad investments,
that's for sure.

And I've moved around some money

to places maybe
where it shouldn't have gone,

but everyone's just trying
to feel their way back.

People say you're finished.

You know, I read, um...

an article about you in an online
business magazine.

It said you got fucked by the Japanese
when you were betting on the yen.

And you got fucked by the Russians

when you bought an obsolete
petro-chemical plant.

It also said you've been sucking
their cocks ever since

to try and control the damage.

You know what they called you?

Perfect cliché of bygone times.

You're reading business magazines now?

Sometimes, when I'm going for a laugh.

Made me laugh.

If I'd have given you that money,

I never would've seen you again.

I don't need your money.

Keep it so you can buy
a petro-chemical plant.

In Russia.

Well, if you don't want the money,
then what do you want?

I don't know.

I just came here to see what it was
that obsessed me so much.

Well, what did you find?

I can't see it. It's gone now.

What do you see?

I see, um,

a run-of-the-mill businessman...



in a lawsuit with his wife...

losing his grip.

Lost in his personal life.

Lost in his business life.

His body going to seed.

The perfect cliché of bygone times.

I was bullshitting you, Miles.

I had butterflies in my stomach
on my way here...

just like when I used to be
in love with you.

You never stopped.

When I'm away from you,
I'm clear headed.

I think about the future.

The club in Beijing,
how that could change my life.

But when I'm around you,
it all goes blurry and I...

I get carried away.

About what?

Just memories.

The life we could have shared
and the hopes I had.

For a while, I thought I was
meant to be by your side.

How ridiculous.

The truth is it's over now.

It's history.

I'm not crying for you,
I'm crying for myself.

I'd like a whiskey.

All right, then I'll get you one.

No, a bigger one.

With ice cubes.

I don't love you anymore, Miles.

I desire you,

but don't love you anymore.

Since when? Tonight?


Tonight I just needed to prove it to myself.

Well, since when, then?


I went out with those
Japanese clients of yours.

Do you remember that?

Yes, I do.

Well, we ended up at their hotel.

The oldest one, Takeshi,

had slipped some GHB in my beer.

When I woke up, they were gone.

They left a rolled-up 100-dollar bill

on the night table.

After that, I came to see you.

You were with that girl Louise Flanagan.

You had been doing crystal with her
and ordered some Lebanese,

which is why...

I don't touch that shit.

Anyway, you wanted me to tell you
everything that happened in front of her.

She kept wanting me to admit

that I'd been raped in my sleep.

You were raped...

by all of them.

Those fucking animals
took Polaroid’s of you,

and they showed them around
in their office,

and I can tell you for sure...

It wasn't something I was proud of.

Louise wanted me
to tell everything in detail.

Seemed to turn her on.

Nobody forced you to say anything.

You did.

You wanted me to turn her on

so then you could watch us fuck.

That's why you had her
come over in the first place.

I had taken two Ecstasies.

I was rolling,
and I let her go down on me.

And I watched you jerk off.

And then we slept together.

No, we didn't.

You're getting it mixed up.

You had an early flight to Moscow.

And then...

And then Louise took me home.

I didn't know how to get rid of her.

And then she kept texting me for a month.

Why in the hell
didn't you ever tell me that?

Because I don't give a fuck
about Louise Flanagan.

I didn't even want to tell
you about this till now.

When you came back from Russia,

you had forgotten all about it.

But not me.

We've done a lot worse than that,

and you know it.

I say, we've done a lot worse than that.

I think it's better I go now.


Come here.

- Hey!
- Miles...

What do you think you're doing?

- Please let me leave.
- Where are you going?

Where do you think you're going?


- Where do you think you're going?
- Miles, let me go, please.

Let me go. I swear to God
it's better this way.

Please let me go.

Hey! Hey, hey, hey.

Let me go, Miles.

Let me go!


These are mine now.

You gave them back.

You want a beer?

Don't worry. It's not spiked.

And even if it was,
you'd drink it anyway, right?


No. No maybe. Yes.

Say yes.


Now you know, at the end of the night,

I'm gonna handcuff you,

and I'm gonna fuck you.


Right over there in the cabinet.

You kept the handcuffs.


I hate them. They hurt.

That's not what you used to say.

May I ask you a question, Miles?

Of course.

Am I the only girl that turns you on?


I'm the only one you can fuck?

That's right.

But the others.

The others don't do anything for me.

Since when?

For a while.

I gotta get that, okay?

This is New York.

The market's closing.

Yeah, hello.

No, no. No, no. No, no.
I was expecting your call.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

No, look, as long as it stays that way,
we're not gonna sell.

That's absolutely out of the question.

That's right. No, I have
the information right in front of me.

Look, we have to be careful, okay?
That's all I'm saying.

They're waiting for a sign,
and we gotta be careful.


Hey, couldn't I have a cigarette?


Get down!

Don't you fucking move.

Okay? Don't move an inch.

I said don't fucking move!

Is it done?

Did anyone see you?

Were you followed?


The gun. Give me the gun.

Did you wipe your prints?

I don't know.

You don't know?

Sandra, you asked me to help you,
and I will help you,

but if you don't fucking listen to me,
I can't help you.

Do you understand?

I did what I could.

In any case, you were caught
by the cameras.

They saw you come, they saw you go.

They'll identify you.

This time tomorrow, you'll be
a new person in a different country.

No one will know you.

Did you bring a change of clothes?


Change. Your dress is torn.

I booked you a flight to Hong Kong.

You leave for Madrid, early,
7:15 in the morning.

Madrid, Hong Kong, 3:30.

- Do you understand?
- Yeah.

When you get to Hong Kong,

take a taxi to this address.

Go inside the building,
go to the tenth floor.

Look for Mr. Ho.

Mr. Ho is my friend.

He knows nothing.

He needs to know nothing.

Don't ask him anything.

He'll take care of you.

You need to do what I say.

When you get to Hong Kong,
do not use your credit cards, okay?

They'll find you immediately.

This is 1,000 U.S. dollars
in Hong Kong dollars.

It's not much. Be careful with it.

Give me your credit card.

You use your credit cards,
they trace you.

Give me your phone.

I don't want you using your phone.

It's too dangerous.

My flight takes off from Rossi
four hours before you.

I arrive in Hong Kong before you as well.

Mr. Ho will give you an address
to where I will be.

You'll meet me there.

- At your place?
- No.

The person that hired us.

When the cops find Miles and it's official,

we get the other half of the money,
cash, in Hong Kong.

It's faster, it's better.

Then he disappears, and so will we.

- Give me the keys to the car.
- What for?

You don't need to know.
Just give the keys.

Lisa's waiting for you outside.

I don't want you to be alone.
She has your suitcase.

Wait, you told her about this?

You did.

Lisa's over there.

Sandra. I know you need me now, okay?

We have to wait 24 hours. 24 hours.

I'll manage.

You sure?

You have to trust me. Trust me.

Wish me well.

Come here.

Lester said to go to the Vegas.

You have to be seen.

He asked me to come to China.

Did you say yes?

What do I have to lose?

I'll wait with you.

Lisa, I'm okay. I want to be alone.

Are you sure?

Lester said
to stick with you till you leave.

You're on his flight?

Yeah, 8:40 from Rossi.

I'll drop you off, then get my stuff.

See you there.

I trust you. You won't blow me off.

I know no one there.

Neither do I.

Could I have some water, please?

- Hi.
- Hello, madam.

I need to go to this address.

I'll take you.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Excuse me?
Uh, do you know where this is?


Oh, over there.


Hello. Are you Mr. Ho?

I'm Sandra. Lester must've
told you about me.

Do you have the paper with my name?

You mean this?

She's here. Text me the address.

You remember, Abacus Import, fifth floor.

Abacus Import.

Hi. I'm Sandra.
I'm looking for Lester.

- He's waiting for you.
- Thank you.

- Can I check my bag?
- Right here.

- In here.
- Thanks.


Open the fucking door!


Open this door!

She's here.

Ah Wing is dealing with her.

I told you to wait for me.

You've bungled up enough.

Who said to get rid of the other girl?

She wasn't part of the plan.

Too risky to let her go.

You do not make decisions.

I've warned you. I do.

Bring her to me.



It's Sue.

Can I talk to Lester, please?

He's not here. He left with his cell.

Where are you?

Same as you, Hong Kong.

Well, I need to talk to Lester.

Lester has business to deal with,
but he's going to meet up with you later.

I'll call later then.

You want to come over?

Do you want an address?

Do whatever you want.
I don't see that you need options.

Wait. It's better if you talk to the taxi driver.

I'm sorry. A person's
gonna tell you the address.


Yes, I'm here.

148 Connaught Road?

What do I do? Where do I go?

I can see you.

His furniture sales are just
part of the business.

They make them in Canton,
they go through Shenzhen

and distribute worldwide.

The only thing is, I have to keep changing
the address of this or you get traced.

Seems to be going pretty well.

Not well enough.

We're hurting in covering costs.
We have big debts.

Where is Lester?

He had more meetings.

Have to join him later.

And I also make things clear.

I know all about the two of you.

You're not the first.

There were others before you.

And you just put up with it?

He needs me.

I wouldn't be so sure of that if I was you.

I know.

Andy? Kindly go over them.

You're in love with him.

Do you really want me to talk about it?

He does it to humiliate me.

I kind of have a hard time
picturing you as a victim.

You're wrong.

So you just let him
go on his business of that.

It's convenient.

We needed money.

What, to pay the club in Beijing?


To pay for the different men I'm into.

It's a lot of money. I don't have it.

In partnership with you, it was possible.

Wait. It was me and Lester. Not you.

Didn't he tell you?

I'm the one with all the contacts in Beijing.

My brother-in-law works
for the Olympic Company.

Lester's from Hong Kong.
He doesn't know a thing.

I grew up there.

I just checked the Internet.

Miles is dead, they say in the news.

Did they say anything else?


They just announced it.

Did they talk about the circumstances?

They say he was found dead
in his house, and that's all.

That's enough.

Lester is having a meeting tomorrow
to get the rest of the money,

and the other half has already
been wired from an account in China.

Maybe Ah Wing was supposed
to take care of you when you arrive:

give you your share
and help you disappear.

But I'm behind it.

Do you know him?

I've never met him.

He's Lester's contact.

Well, he definitely tried
to make me disappear.


Lisa is dead.

I said Lisa is dead.

They probably killed her
because they thought it was me.

She shouldn't have come.

Well, Lester said that

it was dangerous
to leave her in Paris and...

Lester's full of shit!

I'm out of here.

Where are you going?

You have been identified by now.

There is a warrant out for your arrest.

You have no credit card.

You can't use a passport.

You don't know anyone here.

Lester can't help you.

That's the last time you'll see him.

Did you love Miles?


Yes. I loved him once very much.

But I just turned him on, that's all.

Isn't that the same thing?

That's what guys say
because it suits them.

But no, it's not the same thing.
I don't think so.

Now you're free.

Free of what?

I'm not free of anything.
I destroyed my life.

You have money.

Oh, fuck the money!

You and Lester can keep it.

You earned it.

Leave me the fuck alone. Please?

I want to go back to Paris

and hand myself over to the police.

It's Lester. Look, he's on the way.
I told him you were here.

You told me he was supposed
to be here already.

Where is Lester?

What can I do?

I don't know!
What the fuck can you do?

What are we doing in this stupid place?
I want to get going.

Well, he can call me
on Lisa's cell phone.

I have it.

Thank you.

Want a hit?

I don't want any!


Stay. We'll hide you for a few days.

After that, you'll be on your own.

Right now, it's too dangerous.

I need a passport. That's all.

We'll find you one.

You need cash too.

I don't want to stay at your place.

What the fuck
am I gonna do at your place?

Where do you want to go?

A hotel.

A hotel will ask you for your ID.

Wait for Lester.

If you need a hotel room,
he'll find you a hotel room.

What did you put in my drink, bitch?


You just got off a plane. You're tired.

What was in my drink?

Nothing, I swear!

I should fucking kill you.

Just sleep for a while.
You'll feel better.

You feel sleepy, right?

You can't even keep your eyes open.

You're sleepy.


Don't do anything stupid.

Give me...

your gun.

You're going to sleep.

How could you even think for a minute
that I'd let you see Lester again?

You're awake. You want a coffee?

No, thanks. I'm being careful.

I won't insist.

At least sit down.

I should've picked you up earlier.

I promised I would,
but things screwed up.

I have a new passport
and some money for you, though.

And a new identity.

From who?

You're American with an Italian background.

Your name is Flavia Trabasani.

Where do I go with this?

To Shanghai.
you have a six month visa.

What exactly do I do in Shanghai?

I have an old friend.
I used to work with him now and then.

I don't anymore.

But if you want, he has a job for you.

It's a tough city,
but anything's possible there.

It's a good place to start a new life.

What's your job?

I, uh, get clothes made.

They're pretty cheap, but young people
in the West love them.

You wouldn't know the brand.

We sell them bulk to chains
that distribute under their own labels.

Why are you helping me?

It's a favor for a friend.

What does your friend want?

He wants you to disappear,
at least for a little while.

Does that plan suit you?

Suits me fine.

Sue told me you don't
want the money owed to you.

I don't want to touch it.

This will get you to Shanghai.

When you get there,
you'll be taken care of.

It's best if you leave as soon as possible.

Your ticket's open.

You can still make the 12:00 flight.

Good luck, and forget we ever met.

I'm heading back. A shipment came in.

I need the papers.

On the desk.

Did you speak to Kay?

Sandra is on her way to Shanghai.

I honored my side. She's alive.

Lisa died instead.

Did you get the money?

I'll have it later.

I'm moving to Beijing.

I'll buy out your shares of the club.

Give me six months.

Will you send for Sandra?

Not right away.

Too dangerous.

For her or for you?

She needs to keep a low profile.

Then she can come.

You used her.

You betrayed her.

She doesn't love you anymore.

She won't come.

And one day she'll seek revenge.

If you step out that door...

you'll never see me again.

Okay, follow him.

Don't lose him, okay?
Go, go, go, go.

Special thanks to SergeiK.