Breach Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Breach script is here for all you fans of the Ryan Phillipe and Chris Cooper movie about Robert Hanssen. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Breach quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Breach Script



Sunday the FBI
successfully concluded

an investigation to end
a very serious breach

in the security of
the United States.

The arrest of Robert Hanssen

for espionage

should remind us all,
every American should know

that our nation,
our free society

is an international target
in a dangerous world.


I shouldn't tease you

That just gets me
into trouble





I got him!

Him and the wife.

She can be turned.
They were screaming
at each other.

We've got to tell
the CT guys.

Did you catch any of
what they were saying?

Some of it. Just gonna
need a translator.

I can still work the corner
outside their apartment.
He didn't make me.

But we got to get
over there now,
while they're still fighting.



It's a protocol for storing
information on our targets.

Yeah. We got that part.

The thing that's unclear
to us is what it was
doing on Gene's desk.

It has to work its way
up the chain, doesn't it?

Nobody likes
a show-off, Eric.

We're all trying to
make agent, you know?

Different colored tabs,
five different fonts.

You must have spent
the weekend at Kinko's
on this thing.

Did you read it?


It's too bad,
because you're both
credited in here by name.


Yeah. For your help
with the software.

Can we get over to
that apartment now?

JULIANA: Are they

ERIC: They're
targets, honey.

That's all I said, right?
Right. Sorry.

Good girl.

Hey, Mom and Dad want to
take us to Mass today.

You want to go
to Mass with me?

I'd rather go
to a movie.

Me, too.


I should have been
one alley over.
The light was better.

You're going to be
an agent.

Are the rest of those guys
working as hard as you?

Of course.

I bet they aren't.

Say it again, okay?

Say what again?

That I'm going
to be an agent.

You're going to be an agent.


Don't get it.

You've reached the O'Neills
Please leave a message


MAN: Get dressed
You've been TD Y'ed

To where?
They'll explain
at the field office

We're due in 20 minutes
On a Sunday?

I'll get right to it,
if you don't mind.

You're being tasked
to Headquarters,

where you'll be riding
the desk of an agent
named Robert Hanssen.

You know him?

Former head of
our Soviet Analytical Unit,

considered our most
knowledgeable analyst
on Russian intel.

Last six years,
he's been our liaison
at the State Department.

It's Sunday.

We're bringing him
back to Headquarters

where he's gonna start
our new Information
Assurance Division,

safeguarding the Bureau's
IT system from cyberterrorism
and infiltration

ERIC: Wait,
I've heard of this guy

Was he the one
who hacked into another
agent's hard drive?

He's the best
computer guy we've got.

He's also
a sexual deviant.


Been posting
on the Internet.
Lurid material.

There's some complaints
in his file from female

I shouldn't tease you

That just gets me
into trouble

You're gonna keep
an eye on him for us.

It's not a glamour
detail. Sorry.

Do you have a FISA warrant?
Of course.

Do I get a cover?
No. Hanssen would
peel it away in a day.

He spent the last 20 years
outthinking Russian spies.

And jerking off
under his desk.

You want to duck down there
and scrape for samples,
feel free.

Just so you know,

no one around here
feels good about
embarrassing a guy

who's done 25 years
of service.

But we have reason
to believe

that there are other agents
that might be involved
in this as well.

Shared postings, etc.

If that's true,

it could mean
a huge embarrassment
to the Bureau.

A few rules.

First, no one
can know about this,
not even your wife.

You have a new boss.

His name is Hanssen,
he works in Information
Assurance That's it

I understand.

You'll be serving
at the needs of the Bureau,

answerable to me
at all times.

I hope that's clear.

This pager will be
on your person 24l7.

If it's me, you'll see
a 7 and a pound sign.

You'll keep a journal
of everything that goes on
in that office.

Who he talks to,
who he calls.

No detail is
Got it?


Gene can fill you in
on the rest.

Thanks for coming in.

Agent Burroughs?

Is this high-priority?

We've been ghosting priority
targets lately. CT targets.

If I'm being
pulled off that I...

In other words, you want
to know if this is going
to fast track you

into becoming an agent?

Gene tells me
you're confident,
bordering on cocky.

He also says
you can park it,
when necessary.

Yes, ma'am.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Okay. This is the code
for the combo lock.

And the code
for the key punch.

This is the badge
for the security pad.

You're all set.

Sir, do you know
Agent Hanssen?

A little.

Is there anything
you can tell me about him?

What would you like
to know?

Anything that would help me
do my job better, I guess.


Take nothing personally.





Good morning.

Tell me five things
about yourself,
four of them true.

I'm sorry?

It's a game we used to play
at the Soviet Analytical Unit.

To keep ourselves sharp.

It's lie detection.


I don't think I'd be
much good at bluffing.

That would have counted
as your lie right there.



I'm gonna be reinventing
how the Bureau stores
case information.

Didn't anybody
tell you that?

They did.


Antiquated machine.

There are pallets
of new computers in every
corridor of this building.

Why don't you go get one?

Okay. I'll just
fill out a req form...

You're not listening.

Just go get one.

Those req forms
are for bureaucrats.

Actually, get two.
That dinosaur on my desk
is useless to me.

Agent Hanssen,
my name is Eric.

No, your name
is "clerk."

My name is "sir" or "boss,"
if you can manage.

Yes, sir.

And if I ever catch you
in my office again,

you're gonna be pissing
purple for a week.


You must know

I ordered ours a month ago.


Sir, you could fall.

I won't fall.

I'm very coordinated.

Trying to re-route
a phone line to get
Internet access.

I can get an IT guy in here
to do that for you, sir.

My Lord, you are as dumb as
a bag of hammers, aren't you?

Yes, let's bring in
an IT guy,

making $35,000 a year,

and give him access
to hard drives

that a foreign agent
would pay millions for.

We're supposed to be
protecting the Bureau
from electronic infiltration.

So, what kind of
sites do you like?

On the Internet.
Are there sites...

I don't know, just...

I've never seen anyone
stand on top of their desk
to get online before.

Do you pray the rosary
every day?


Your file says
you prepped at Gonzaga,
with the Jesuits.

That's right. I did.

So, do you pray
the rosary every day?

Not every day, no.

You should.

You still want
my list, sir?

The five things?

These are the greatest
pens in the world.

I would never write
with anything else.


I won Boy Scout merit
badges in every category
except riflery.

I haven't been to confession
since high school.

There are several words
I constantly misspell.

My favorite drink
is a vodka tonic.

And I'm the only male
in the last four
generations of my family

who hasn't served
in the military.

What is your drink then?



It's against Bureau policy
for an agent to consume
alcohol, even off-duty.

Did you know that?
Yes, I did.

Because an FBI agent
is never off-duty.

That comes from
Director Freeh.

We attend the same church.

Who's the pager for?

My wife.

She likes to know she can
get a hold of me 24l7.


She a Catholic girl?

No. Sort of a lapsed
Protestant, actually.

She's East German.

Big fan of Christmas
plays, though.

Have to do something
about that, won't we?



This is Eric.

Is your wife
within earshot?


Last I looked, she hadn't
been read into the case.
Can she hear this?


Good Where are my pages?

I just started them.
He kept me there till 10:00.


Agent Burroughs, I don't know
what I'm supposed to be
looking for with this guy.

It's not like he's gonna
bring a train of hookers
through the office.

Just get me my pages.

BONNIE: Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,

now and in the hour
of our death. Amen.

In the name of the Father,
Son and Holy Spirit.

As it was in the beginning,
is now and ever shall be.


Bonnie Wauck.

Bobby Hanssen.

ERIC: He doesn't think
too much of me.



There are a couple of people
like that at work.

They think I'm a

I guess.

They don't know you.

Maybe they do.



Good morning.

Good morning.

This is very good work.

Sir, how did you
get a copy of...
It was ignored, I'm sure.

Yes, it was.

That's because
you don't shoot.

The FBI is a gun culture.

You can't advance here
unless you're part of it.

Every director in the history
of the Bureau has come from
the law enforcement side.

The guys who shoot,
the guys who make arrests.

There's never
been a director
from the Intel side.

Never will be.

Intel's Siberia.

The rubber gun squad.

So why did you stay?

All those years, why didn't
you transfer into something
with a higher profile?

Because I never cared
about making headlines.

I wanted to make history.

The people Intel tracks
are the ones who want to
wipe America off the map.

Somehow that always meant
a little more to me
than being promoted.

Why are you reading
about Parkinson's?

My mother.


For a few years now.

I'm very sorry
to hear about that.

Good morning.


Oh, I forgot to mention, sir,
we got a call from Photo,
about a portrait sitting.

You're going up on the
"25 Years of Service" wall.

Imagine that.

Excuse me.


Beautiful woman.

You're married.

I can look, can't I?

God expects you
to live your faith, Eric,
at all times.

Besides, I disapprove
of women in pantsuits.

You do?

Men wear pants.

The world doesn't need
any more Hillary Clintons.

I wrote a program
last night using nothing
but ones and zeroes

just to see
if I could do it.

Six-hundred twelve bits
of encryption,
completely unbreakable.

But you get the office
with the window.

Okay, help us.
What do we do?

First, we drop ACS,
which is a relic.

There's not nearly
enough bandwidth.

That's why
you've got agents

who still keep
sensitive information
in cardboard boxes.

You need to move
to an ATM system
instead of the WAN.

An OC-
with a data rate
of 2.488 megabits.

Start with Linux A-B servers,
which puts us into Red Hat.

IP routers
throughout the building.

Dynamic IP addresses
to hide the system using
the Invicta prototype.

Would it be easier
if I sent this in a memo?

Yes, it would.
Fine. On your desk
in the morning.

You're gonna set up
meetings for me

with the appropriate
systems managers
at the CIA, DIA, NSA,

and the intel agencies
of each armed service.

Yes, sir.

They're all
ahead of us on IT.
We have to study them.

Would you mind if we
book those appointments
through me, Bob?

What for?

Just protocol.

Of course.

And then we switch
offices, right?


We're fighting crime
with 19th-century technology,

and he's worried
about protocol.

Set up those meetings.
Leave it up to him,
they'll never happen.


That was turf protection
you were just watching
in there.

Didn't you spot it?
Organizational arrogance.

"No, we don't want to learn
anything from the CIA.

"We want the CIA
answering to us."

You know what's going on
behind that door?

No, sir.

Analysts looking
for a spy inside the
intelligence community.

Highest clearance.

But there aren't any
CIA officers in there.
You know why?

Because it's a CIA officer
we're trying to build
a case against.

Now, could the mole be
someone from the Bureau
and not the CIA?

Of course.

Are we actively pursuing
that possibility?

Of course not.

'Cause we're the Bureau,
and the Bureau knows all.

Cooperation is
And that's the mentality.

Of course, the enemies
of this country
aren't so picky.

They'll work with anyone
who shares their hatred of us.

Bureau hasn't learned
that lesson yet.

He keeps some paintings
in a conference room on 8.

I want you to get
one of them for me.

It's two men on a boat.
I want it.

What? You mean Agent Garces?
These are his paintings.

Stop thinking
like a clerk.

They're sitting
in storage.

It's two guys on a boat.

Where was Hanssen
on March 7, 1991?

The file has him
making a drop at Ellis
at 6:30 p.m.

He badged in at 8:27 a.m.
Badged out at 12:45.

Badged back in at 1:45,

and badged out again at 5:36.

Okay. Let's take a look
at August 12, 1993.

You know why the Soviet
Empire collapsed?

"Good morning"?

I made a career
studying them.

They were smarter
than us.

More devious,
more determined.

So why did they fail?



I'm on my way
to morning Mass.

You do remember
what Mass is, yes?

The Jesuits at Gonzaga
taught you that much,
didn't they?

Sir, my grandfather
was a deacon.

Well, congratulations.

Now it's time
to join the varsity.

I saw a woman from
Planned Parenthood
on television this morning.

A lesbian, naturally.
Defending gay marriage.

I almost ripped the cable
out of the wall.

Bet she was
wearing pants, huh?

Will your children
be Jesuit-taught,
as you were?

I don't know yet.
That conversation's
still a few years away.

It shouldn't be.

Sir, I'm GS-11.

We need a second salary
before we can start having...

What is money
compared with
the blessings of family?

Tell me.

My wife was the one...
Good to see you, Bob.

It was my wife
who first brought me here.


I was a Lutheran when we met,
and not much of one.

She saved my life.


We attend St. Catherine's
on Sundays.

It's a traditional
Latin service,

then a big
family lunch after.

You think Juliana
might like that?

I don't know. Maybe.

Then let's give it a try.
This weekend.

My Bonnie's been known
to work miracles.


Shut that off.

Was that your wife?

No one else
even has this number.

Well, perhaps
you should give her a call.
It might be important.

No, it's okay.
It can wait.

BURROUGHS: You know,
when I page you,

it isn't to discuss
what's on Oprah

It means I need
to speak with you.

Did you pick me
because I was Catholic?

I'm sorry?

Did you think
he would trust me
because I was Catholic?

Jesus, Eric.

We picked you
because of your facility
with computers.

We thought it would
impress him.


We also thought
he might like
that 50-page proposal

you've been pushing
all over the Bureau.

I understand
he got his hands
on a copy, right?


You got pages for me?

We're going to be
searching his car.

It'll involve you
keeping him out of the office
for a few hours.

Agent Burroughs, I'm starting
to think I might not be
the right guy for this job.

Oh, yeah?
I'm used to intel cases.

Terrorist cases.
Targets of value.

Nobody ever put me
on a perversion
detail before.

Think we're being
too hard on him?


I think that's your bus.



Will you go
to church with me?


ALL: "Lord, I am not worthy
that Thou shouldst
come under my roof.

"But only say the word
and my soul shall be healed."



Of course.

Walking, please.

Juliana, how did you
like the service?

It was lovely.

I'd never been to a Mass
where people knelt
the whole time.

Oh. Well, it's a gesture
of devotion.

Taught all our children
not to be grocery-cart

You know, the kind of
churchgoer that takes
whatever's convenient

and leaves the rest
on the shelf.

It's all expected.

Eric is so nice.

Where did you two meet?

We met in a bar, actually.



Would you like
some cake, sweetheart?

CHILD: (SQUEALS) My grandfather!


I love Sundays.

Going to Mass.

Having the kids here.

Makes everything else
fade away.

Sorry. I was snooping.
Don't be.

I want you to feel
at home here.

Is this
your father, sir?

Must've been
proud of you.

FBI. Top Soviet analyst.
Oh, I don't know.

Father wasn't very

impressed by things.

He wanted me
to be a doctor.

He rigged
my first driving test,
the day I turned 16.

Made an arrangement
with my DMV instructor.

So you'd pass?

So I would fail.

He thought it would
toughen me up.

I do that, too,
I suppose.

Test people.

More than I ought to.

Oh! Shoot.
Almost forgot.

I have something for you.

It's everything I could get
on Parkinson's.

Downloaded it
last night.

Been quite a bit of progress
in the last few years.

Didn't know
if you were up on it.

Is there someone
in your family
who has Parkinson's?

No. No, thank God.

You know, sir, I think
you're misunderstood.

Oh? By whom?

By whoever gives out
window offices, for one.

Oh, that's all right.

I think I made
too much fuss of all that.

I'll be gone so soon anyway,
what good would a window
do me now?

Fifty-seven in two months,
that's mandatory retirement.


No, it's fine.

It's time.

I could stay there
another hundred years,

and still just be
an afterthought.

The perks go to the guys
who play the game,

the ones who politick.

I knew a long time ago
I didn't have
the stomach for that.

But I'll get my portrait
on that 25-year wall, right?

Now, that's something.

Doesn't really matter
much, does it?

The judgments of other men?

I know what I've done.

What's the trouble?
I want to see
what you got on this guy.

Come again?
His Internet postings,
the e-mails.

Your case.

Because I don't think
you have one.

I can read you in.
I'm authorized to do that.

But it would only put you
at greater risk.
Of what?

What the hell
is all this?

The guy doesn't drink,
doesn't tell dirty jokes.

Goes to church every day,
his wife loves him,
so do his grandkids.

And why the hell
would you hand
a new division

to a guy who's retiring
in two months,

especially if he's
under investigation?

You through?

You know, I think
this whole thing
is cooked.

I think he keeps
shooting his mouth off
about the Bureau

and nobody knows
what to do with him,

so we tag him as
a deviant and run him
out of the building.

It's bullshit.

The whole thing,
it's Kenneth Starr
all over again,

except I'm running around
looking for the blue dress.

You've come to
admire him, I see.


Respect him?


Well, that was

For our purposes,
it was sort of necessary.

But he's a traitor, Eric.

He started spying
for the Russians,
we think, in 1985.

He's given them
military secrets,
intelligence secrets.

He gave them our
Continuity of Government

which told them
where the President
would be taken

during a nuclear
or terrorist attack.

And the Vice President.
And the Congress.
And the Cabinet.

The damage he's done
to the U.S. Government
is in the billions.

But that's just
the money part.

He's also
given up lives.

Sources we were working

In one of his drops,
he identified Valery Martynov
and Sergei Motorin,

two KGB agents we'd turned

They were flown back
to Moscow and executed

We don't have a handle yet
on how many of our assets
he's compromised.

Maybe 50, maybe more.

I shouldn't tease you

That just gets me
into trouble


Our file on him came
from two Russian defectors

The Bureau paid
$7 million for it

Of course,
everything in the file
is inadmissible

We make our own case
independently, or he walks

Oh, not that it matters,
but the sexual stuff
is also true.

Irrelevant, but true.

The stories on the Internet,
they're about his wife.

Using her real name

Sweet little anecdotes about
how much she loves rough sex,
that sort of thing

He's a big fan
of strippers, too.
Has been for years.

But his grandchildren
do love him.

That part I can't argue.

There's no such thing as
the "Information Assurance
Division," is there?


We created that
to lure him back
from State.

9930 was built
for him, too

Video, audio
Bafflers in the vents
Heat sensors Motion sensors

Probably enough
microwaves in that office
to cook a chicken.

I'm sorry we had
to mislead you

But this is the worst
breach in the history
of U.S. Intelligence.

Unusual steps
were required.

The good news is,
you got your wish.

You're in the middle
of the biggest case
we've ever run.

Come with me.
There are some people
I want you to meet.

He badged out at 5:12,
stopped at his dry cleaners,

drove by dead drop Ellis,
then went home.

How does that compare
with the previous Thursday?

WOMAN: Has the Agency
been briefed on this?

If it deals with Russian
sources, then the Agency
has to be briefed on it.

MAN: Does Hanssen have
any leave time coming?

How many people
are working on this?

Got 50 on the
bigot list so far.

Is the Director involved?

Director's running the case.
He sees your pages every day.



Keep them coming,
by the way.

Our audio's missing about 90%
of what Hanssen says in there.

He mumbles.

He does a lot of things,
this guy.

Why don't we just
arrest him?
Can't do that.

He knows the names
and locations of every source
we've ever turned.

If we can't get him to talk,
their lives are all at risk.

Eric O'Neill,
Dean Plesac.

Assistant Special Agent
in charge.

Director wants him
caught in the act
of making a drop.

That would give you
the death penalty.

Don't you think
he's earned it?

See you, Dean.
Thanks for coming in, Rich.

Like I said, kid,
take nothing personally.


He's got an appointment
at the DIA tomorrow
at 2:00, right?

You're driving him?


We need him out of the office
for at least three hours.

That's when we'll be
sweeping his car.

How long will it take you
to download the data card
off his Palm Pilot?

Twenty, 30 minutes,
depending on the level
of encryption.

But you can't.
He never lets it
out of his sight.

Assuming we can separate him
from it, 20 to 30 minutes.


What's this?

You want to be
read in, right?


What if he's smarter
than I am?

I've never misread anybody
this badly before.

Except maybe you.

A couple of years ago,

the Bureau put together
a task force.

Lots of assets
had been disappearing.

Sources like Motorin,
Martynov. Dozens of them,

So this task force was
formed to find the mole
who was giving them up.

Our best analysts poring
over data for years
looking for the guy,

and they could never
quite find him.

Guess who we put in charge
of the task force?

He was smarter
than all of us.

I can live with that part.

It's the idea
that my entire career
has been a waste of time,

that's the part I hate.

Everything I've done
since I got to this office,

everything we've
all been paid to do,
he was undoing it.

We all could have just
stayed home.


HANSSEN: Dear friends,
thank you for the $50,
As far as the funds
are concerned,

I have little need
or utility for more than
$100,000 at any one time

My security concerns
may seem excessive

I believe experience has
shown them to be necessary

I am much safer
if you know little about me

Neither of us are children
about these things

I was unable to locate
the package based on your
description last night

Please recognize that
I am in a business suit

and cannot slog around
in inch-deep mud

Your service has recently
suffered some setbacks

I warn you that
Mr Boris Yuzhin,

Mr Sergei Motorin
and Mr Valery Martynov

have all been recruited
by our special services

The US can be errantly
likened to a powerfully built,
but retarded child,

potentially dangerous,
but young, immature
and easily manipulated

I found the site empty

Empty sites bother me

I like to know
before I commit myself,
as I'm sure you do also

One might propose that
I am either insanely brave,

or quite insane

I'd answer neither
I'd say insanely loyal

Take your pick,
there's insanity
in all the answers

Eventually, I would
appreciate an escape plan

Nothing lasts forever

Sincerely, Ramon


You're back.

Boss. When did you
get here?

BONNIE: Very disappointed
in you, young man.

Leaving your bride all alone
without telling her
where you'd be.

Not good, Eric.
Where were you?

My mother fell.
I had to go see her.


Did she break anything?

No. Just
bumped her head.

That's awful.

Write down their address
for me, would you?

I'd like to send
some flowers.

That's very kind
of you, boss.

We couldn't reach you
on your pager.

On your hip 24l7,

Yeah, I know.
The battery died.

Sorry, honey.
I should have called.
It's okay.

Juliana was just telling us
what it was like to grow up
in the Communist Bloc.

Oh, yeah?

It piques my curiosity,
as you can imagine.

Hope it hasn't felt
like an interrogation,

BONNIE: Here we are.

Bonnie, you really
didn't have to go
to all this trouble.

It's just leftovers.

I guess I just couldn't
stand the thought

of you two ordering
from that Peking Wall
place again.

Even Chinese people
can't eat Chinese
every night, Eric.

Besides, how is this
tiny thing going to give you
a house full of babies,

if you don't put some
protein in her diet?

Would you like
to say grace, Eric?


I'm sorry, Jule.
I didn't invite them,

But they thought
it would be okay, Eric.

You have to have boundaries,
even with a boss.

And what was that
bullshit about your mom
bumping her head?

It's complicated.

as in I wouldn't understand,
or as in you can't tell me?

I'm tired.

I just want to grab
a drink and go to bed.

Are you going to quit?

I want you to quit.

I felt sick
all day, Eric.

It's like you're someone else
when he's around.

I'm sorry it's been
a stressful day for you.

Let's not make it worse.

I don't know.

Maybe it's me.

Maybe you want me
to be someone else, too.

Maybe you want me to be
Bonnie or something.

Knock it off, Jule.

No, that'd be easier
for you, wouldn't it?

If I were more of an FBI
kind of wife, like she is.

I'm not kidding, Juliana...

If I just went to church
every day and wanted to spend
my life being pregnant...

Your parents would
probably love that.

Then you wouldn't have
to worry anymore

if I was Catholic enough
or American enough.

Shut up, goddamn it!




Hey, Dad.

How long
you been out here?

I don't know.
About an hour or two.

It's freezing.
Why didn't you
let yourself in?

You ever quit
anything, Dad?

Did I ever
quit anything?

I think I gave up
a paper route once.

Got tired of waking up
so early.

What did
your father say?

He just shrugged.

He could kill you
with those shrugs.


I've been
thinking about him
a lot this morning.

I don't know why.

Well, that's a lot
to put on yourself, son.

I mean, he was just a kid
doing his duty.

Like you.

"Get on the boat,
do your job,
get back home again."


That's what he said to me
the first time I shipped out.

He knew I was scared,
so he just kept it simple.

Maybe I should have
gone to Annapolis.

It always seemed to me

that your joining the Bureau
was an apology

for not going
to Annapolis,

which you never
had to do.

It's what you wanted.

I wanted you
to serve your country.

Isn't that
what you're doing?


So you can't quit,
can you?


Get on the boat,
do your job,
get back home again.

Can you do that?


His appointment's
in 5 minutes.
Media room, 1st floor.

You'll get a page
when he's in-pocket.

Obviously, if he takes
his Palm Pilot with him,
you call me, we shut it down.

It might not be
the best day
to do this, sir.

He's due at the DIA
at 2:00.

I'm driving him.

Looks like you're in
for a full day.

Boss, I just realized
I totally screwed
something up.

Don't you knock?

I'm sorry. The photographer
for your 25-year portrait,
he's here. Today.

I had it in my book
for next week,
but it's today.

They called me on my cell.
Your appointment's
in five minutes.

Then you'll just have to
reschedule, won't you?

We shouldn't.
He's only here once a month.
I'm so sorry.

I'm supposed to drop
everything I'm doing
and run down there?

In this?

That's how you
dress every day.

No. There's a spot
on my tie.

Let me look.


You klutz!

Look at that.
It's everywhere.

Boss, please.
Just get down there.

You don't want to
miss your picture.

I'll have all this cleaned up
by the time you get back.

I've got the DIA at 2:00.

I'll get you there.
No problem.

Are you finding
this job stressful, Eric?

Is this all
too much for you?


Then pray more.

Yes, sir.


Mr. Hanssen.
Nice to meet you.
I'm John.

We've got a spot for you
right over here.


Twenty-five years,

That's quite a
prideful thing.

This we don't need.

You know something?
There's a little too much
bounce on your nose.

We don't want that.

Would you be opposed
to just the slightest
touch of base?

Sit up a bit straighter.

Good. A little bit of a smile.
And excellent.

Keep thinking those
patriotic thoughts.

And that's good.
Little straighter.

Beautiful. Excellent.
You're gonna love that one.



Mr. Hanssen,
we can get another tie.

I don't like being

Hey, I found you.

I was on my way
to the range,

so I called
your office.

I thought I might finally
see if you're the dead shot
I've been hearing you are.

Look, maybe
some other time, Rich.

I'm not in the mood
just now.

Me, neither.
Let's take it out
on some targets.



RICH: Shameful.

Double or nothing?

Wrong pocket.

Oh, shit.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,

and at the hour
of our death. Amen.




How'd it go?

It didn't.

I don't know
why they thought
I'd just sit there

while some
faggot photographer
got his jollies.

I've got work to do.

Should I reschedule it?

No. Mmm-mmm.




Have you been
in my briefcase?

No. I just had to move it
so it wouldn't get soaked.

The water was everywhere.

Why? Did I
put it back wrong?


All right, let's go.

Would you like to
hear some music, sir?

Yes, I'm in the mood
for some Andrews Sisters.

They got any in here?

Not to my knowledge, sir.

I didn't think so.

That's good.

You've got until 5:00.
AGENT: Yes, sir.



This guy could park
at the bottom of the Potomac
and come out firing.

MAN: Yes, sir.
He just arrived.

Oh, I see.
Yes, sir, I understand.


Yes, sir.

I've got some bad news,
Agent Hanssen.

We're gonna have to
cut this meeting short.

I don't understand.

That was my superior.

He's called me into
an emergency meeting.
I'm sorry.

Does he know that I'm here?
Yes, sir.

Does he know who I am?
I made that clear
to him, sir, yes.

He wants me to reschedule
at your convenience.

No, thanks.

This visit
was a courtesy.
Let's go.

Maybe there's somebody else
who can show us around.

Get the car.

Boss, I'm sorry.

I was doing you a favor
bringing you along.
I know I spoke out of turn.

When somebody takes
a shit on you,
you don't reschedule.

He wasn't called in
to any meeting.
It's a power play.

I didn't see it
that way.

Well, that's why
you're still a clerk.

What's he looking for?

GUARD: Okay.

Just take me back
to the office.


They're on their way back.


The meeting
only took 20 minutes.

They're on Wilson Boulevard,
heading back.

Sew it up.

We're aborting. Sew it up.

How about that?
The Parkway's wide open.

I hate the Parkway.
Take E Street.

There's construction
on E Street. I heard that
on the radio this morning.

So take Constitution.

Sir, I'm SSG.
We tail people for a living.

The Parkway's faster.

Is that a fact?

MAN: Let's go, let's go.

I just paged him.
Where are we?
I'm not sure yet.

Maybe screwed.



I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Is this
what they teach you
in ghosting school?

No wonder the Bureau
can never find anyone.

Hey, just relax.

Don't tell me to relax.

What are you doing?

I can sit here
for an hour.

Or I can walk two blocks,
get on the other side of
this bottleneck by myself,

and take a five-minute
cab ride back to the office.

Now, which do you think
would better serve
the needs of the Bureau?

It's just traffic.

Hello, Hanssen's on foot.

PLESAC: Good God

I put him back at the office
in 10 minutes, best case.

Your boy's killing us.

He'll be fine.

Boss. You gotta get
back in the truck, sir.

Haven't you made
enough mistakes
for one day, Eric?

Now you want to throw in
a traffic violation?

Sir, you have to
get back in the truck.

Well, why should I?

Look, don't kill me, okay?
I did something stupid.

What a shock.

I lied to you, sir.

There isn't any construction
on E Street. I made that up.

What would you
do that for?

Because I need your help.

And I was afraid
to ask if we could
make an extra stop.

I wanted to go back
to the reading room, sir.

The Catholic
Information Center.
I sort of have to.


It's Juliana.

We've been fighting
all week.

About what?

To be honest, sir,

your church.

She didn't like it, boss.
She didn't get it.

So I wanted to go back
to the reading room.

I thought
there might be some books
I could get for her,

to help her
see things better.

I figured if we were
driving right past,
you might wanna pull in.

It was stupid,
I know.

But there it is.

You swear to God.

Excuse me?

Swear to God

that everything
you just told me is true.


I'm not gonna do that.

I wouldn't lie
about my wife,

or the church.

If you don't know that
by now,

then I sure as hell wouldn't
take the Lord's name in vain
just to prove it to you.

You know something, sir?
You do test people too much.

And I've had it.

I was asking for your help.

Have a nice walk, sir.
I'll see you
back at the office.




I overstepped.



O'Neill just
talked him back in.

How'd he manage that?
Hard to say

From here it looks
like he may have
proposed marriage.

He talked him
back in the car.


This needs to be mailed.

You're not
coming in, sir?

I don't have to
account to you, do I?

No, sir.








What are you watching?

Just a training tape
on surveillance.

Hanssen wanted me to make sure
the transfer was okay.


Would you mind getting
the rest of the groceries
for me, honey?

Just a few more bags
in the car.

How was school?
It was fine. I'm just tired.


A training tape
on surveillance?

This is not
what it looks like.

What it looks like
is he's making
pornos of Bonnie,

except she doesn't
know about it.

Everybody told me,
when you marry the Bureau,
things get weird. The cases.

But they never told me
about this.

This has nothing
to do with a case.


So you weren't just
steaming open his mail?
He gave it to you?

I gotta go.

Do you trust me?



'Cause I think you've got
this idea somehow

that telling me
the truth about him

would mean
you were betraying
your country or something.

It wouldn't.

It's okay.

He's a creep.
I knew that already.

It's just...

He's been in our home.
We keep fighting about him.

I'd just like to know
what this is.

Can't you tell me?


I don't know
when I'll be back.



I think my wife
just read herself
into the case.

That was a colossally
stupid thing to do!

You could jeopardize
this entire investigation!

Are you an idiot?

You know,
you're as much to blame
for this as anybody.

I'm telling
so many lies now,

I can't keep 'em
straight anymore.

You want to make
things easier?

The next time Hanssen
gives you a package,

and he tells you
to mail it,

you mail it.

That package was re-sealed
as you found it, right?


There's no trace that
it had ever been opened?

Nothing that would
ever arouse suspicion
on the other end?

No, I posted it
from the Bureau
five minutes ago.

It was pristine.

We'll see.


I'm sorry you're having
problems at home.

I'd offer you some advice,
but it wouldn't be worth much.

I don't even have a cat.

All I can tell you

is you keep
your head on straight
and you do your job.

It's your best shot
at getting this over with.

We pulled 300 pages
of classified material

out of a Lawn and Leaf bag
from his trunk today.

And quite a bit
of correspondence
from the Palm Pilot.

His next drop appears
to be imminent.

Unless, of course,
somebody does something
to make him suspicious.



I really should be
getting back to this.

Yeah, okay.

Can I ask you


Is it worth it?

Being an agent.

What it costs.

Do you think
it's worth it?

Ask me
when we've caught him.

Yes, boss?

Come in here.
I want to show you

This is the address of
my mechanic in Manassas.

I'm dropping my car off
on Monday.

I need you to pick me up
and bring me in to work.

No later than 8:15.

Is something wrong
with your car, sir?

Yeah. I'm having it swept
for electronic devices.

Oh, yeah?

Been sensing signal bursts
coming through
my radio lately,

and car alarms go off
when I drive past.

It's not beneath
the Russians to track me.

I'm tailed all the time.

They know how much I know.

Yes, sir.

You know this movie?


She's very appealing.

Yes, sir.
I've always thought so.

Close the door
on your way out.



What happened?

We just got
the encryption
off this one.

His last letter
to his handlers in
the SVR two days ago.

He's going to ground,
isn't he?


ERIC: Then we're dead

"Dear friends, I thank you
for your assistance
these many years.

"It seems, however,
that my greatest utility
to you has come to an end,

"and it is time to seclude
myself from active service.

"Since communicating last,
and one wonders
if because of it,

"I have been promoted
to a higher do-nothing
senior executive job,

"outside of regular access
to information within the
counterintelligence program.

"It is as if
I am being isolated.

I believe I have detected

"repeated bursting
radio signal emanations
from my vehicle.

"I have not found
their source,

"but as you wisely do,
I will leave this alone.

"For knowledge of their
existence is sufficient.

the games children play.

"In this, however,
I strongly suspect that
you should have concerns

"for the integrity
of your compartment

"concerning knowledge
of my efforts on your behalf.

"Something has aroused
the sleeping tiger.

"Perhaps you know
better than I.

"Life is full
of its ups and downs

"Yours truly, Ramon."


BURROUGHS: Okay, if he
doesn't make another drop,
what do we have?

We've got
the Palm Pilot.

It still gives us
conspiracy to
commit espionage.

Until he walks
into a court
with a lawyer

who says everything
on the Palm Pilot
was just notes

for a spy novel
he was planning to write.

What about the evidence
in his trunk?

Unauthorized possession
of classified material.

That's five years.

Hardly enough
to make him talk.

Maybe we just
keep promoting him.

Might be the only way
to keep him from retiring.


He's outside
your apartment.

He's parked outside
your apartment.

Just pulled up.



It's him.

How drunk did he sound?

He wasn't slurring
or anything.

Maybe a little
surlier than usual,
but that's about it.

The guy's melting down.

That would bother me
a lot less

if he didn't have
a dozen guns
in his trunk.

Drop me off here, okay?
It's right around the corner.

I know where it is.


We got a team
on his tail, right?


Can we pull 'em back?

Why would I want
to do that?

I think I can still
work him.

I think I can get him
to make that drop.

Do you need me to read
that letter again, Eric?
There is no drop.

He's going to ground.

No, he's dying to make it.
We just have to
make him feel safe.

What if he's made you?
What if he has?

Bumper-locking him's
not gonna make me any safer.


I can handle him.


I'll call Dean.

Ten minutes,
as promised.

Caught me coming
right out of the Metro.

Why didn't you drive?

Juliana needed the car.

I felt like walking,

Why? Something
on your mind?

Not especially.

Now, get in.
I want some company.

You been drinking, sir?
Can I trust you?

Of course.

Don't you know that?

I don't know
what I know anymore.



Is this the music
of your childhood
or something?

That's the music of
my father's childhood.

What's in Rock Creek?

I like the park
at night.


I have to be sure
that I can trust you.

Why don't we go
back to the office?
You can polygraph me.


You heard
of Aldrich Ames?

Of course.

Worst spy
in U.S. History.

$2.5 million worth of
information to the Soviets,

and passed every polygraph
the Agency gave him.

But he never would have
gotten past me.

I can read anyone.


I'm getting really
tired of that pager.

What are we doing?

I told you,
the FBI's a gun culture.

You can't advance there
unless you can shoot.


They test you
at 25 yards,

15 yards,

7 yards and 5 yards.


What are you doing?
You want to be an agent
or don't you?

Prone. Left hand,
right hand. Five yards
with gun in holster.

You get 3 seconds
to fire 5 shots.

What are you doing?
Who was calling you
in the car?


I need to know
if I can trust you.

Put the gun down, Boss.

Who was calling?
Put the fucking gun down!

I need to know
if I can trust you.


Can I trust you?


God's sakes,
what is wrong with you?

Look around you,

It's just us out here.

Nobody's tailing you,
there isn't any GPS
on your car,

and I'm not a foreign agent
trying to work you.

You don't matter
that much.

The page was from Juliana,
obviously. My wife.

She's trying to reach me
because I told her
I'd be home by now,

and because we're
in another fight,

caused by you,
as usual.

Thanks for dropping by
unannounced and lecturing her
about Opus Dei.

That was real helpful.

Oh, and thanks for staring
at her in church
like she was from Mars.

That also worked out great.

Let me guess.

You were testing her, too.

You know,
she asked me this morning
why you're like this.

Why you grind
everybody so hard.

I had all these
answers ready.

"He's misunderstood.

"He's trying to fix the Bureau
and no one will listen.

"He was born
in the wrong century.
His father was a jerk."

I got a whole list.

But you know
something, sir?

At the end of the day,

it's all crap.

You are who you are.

The why doesn't mean
a thing, does it?

Does it?





Yes, Eric?

Put the tail back on him.
He'll make the drop.

Tomorrow. Maybe even tonight.

You're not burned?

No, I'm not burned.

Okay We're on it





FBI! Don't move!

Don't move! Don't move!

Guns won't be necessary.

Guns won't be necessary.

You have anything
in your pockets
I should know about?


Do you have
a weapon on you?

So, this is
how it goes.

Maybe now
you'll listen.

It's a sad day
for all of us, Bob.



Is everything okay?


Everything's fine.

I'm sorry.

PLESAC: Can I give you
some advice, Bob?

I've been in
on a few of these now.


Aldrich Ames.

It goes a lot easier
if you cooperate.

On you.

On your family.

(CHUCKLES) You really
ought to do an overhaul
on your GPS units, Dean.

They throw off
a signal burst
through the radio.

I heard it coming
through mine for weeks.

Even if all you give them
is why you did it,

it buys you some goodwill.

Well, that's what
Ames did at first.

Just gave up
the why.

That mustn't have
taken long.

All Ames cared about
was the money.

Why else would he
have done it?

It's not so hard
to guess, is it?

Considering the human ego.

Can you imagine,
sitting in a room with a
bunch of your colleagues,

everybody trying to guess
the identity of a mole

and all the while,
it's you they're after,

you they're looking for?

That must be

very satisfying,
wouldn't you think?

Or maybe
he considered himself
a patriot.

Maybe he saw it
as his duty

to show us how lax
our security was.

We can't rule that out
as a possibility.

Or maybe he...

Oh, what good does
speculating do? He spied.

The why

doesn't mean a thing.

Does it?

No, I guess
it doesn't.


Two guys on a boat.


You see the Director's
press conference?


Funny about those things.

He thanked the CIA, and
the U.S. Attorney's office,

and the Council for
Intelligence Policy,

but he couldn't thank the guy
we put behind that desk.

I didn't expect him to.

I'm headed over
to the field office.

We still have
two Russian IO's
unaccounted for.

That mean you won't be
headed over there with me?

I thought I'd
go home instead.

You're going to make
agent, Eric. It's set now.

Isn't that
what you wanted?

It was.

Until you came over
to my apartment and saw
the TV dinners and no cat?


Most of our agents
are married, you know.

All their spouses get used
to the life eventually.

So will Juliana.

I don't think
I want her to.


That's different.


You do know
what you did here, right?

That was the worst spy
in American history
you brought down.

Now you're just
gonna walk away?

Can you think
of a better time
to walk away?



You think it'd be
okay if I...

Oh, I'd say
you earned it.


Good luck, Eric.

You, too.




Pray for me.

I will.

Special thanks to SergeiK.