Broken Embraces Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Broken Embraces script is here for all you fans of the Pedro Almodovar movie with Penelope Cruz. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Broken Embraces quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Broken Embraces Script


What's your name?

Harry Caine.

I used to be called Mateo.
and I was a film director.

I was always tempted by the idea
of being someone else,

as well as myself.

Living one life
wasn't enough for me.

So I invented a pseudonym:

Harry Caine,

an adventurer who, as fate
would have it, became a writer.

I made him sign all
the stories and scripts I wrote.

For years,
Mateo Blanco and Harry Caine

shared the same body.


But there came a time when,

suddenly, I could only
be Harry Caine.

I became my alter-ego.

a self made writer
created by himself.

There was just one unexpected detail.

Harry Caine
would be a blind writer.

Ernesto Martel is dead!


Ernesto Martel.
I know his granddaughter.

So he's dead...

Yes. Did you know him?

What interests you?


the economy, culture...?

I'm interested in you.

What are you like?

Can you describe yourself?

What do you want to know?

Your measurements, for example.

36 - 26 - 36.

What color are your eyes?


With blue highlights in the summer.

Your hair?

How are you dressed?

I'm blonde,

with long, straight hair.

I'm wearing a purple tank top,

tight jeans...


Yes, tight.

And heels.

High heels?

Very high.

Let's see...

Blonde hair,


Let's see your eyes...

Green eyes

with blue highlights in the summer.

and your skin...

Such beautiful skin.



May I use the washroom?

At the end of the hallway.

Sorry, I thought you were alone.

Can I come in or
 are you having another round?

No, no, come in please. 
We've finished.

She helped me cross the street,
so I invited her in to read me the paper.

This place is in shambles.

- What are you looking for?
- My shirt.


Your shirt.

Something else?

your socks?

Well Harry, I'll be off.

- Thanks for your help.
- You're welcome.

- You're standing on my foot.
- I'm sorry!

It was a pleasure.


- Thank you.
- It's nothing.

Well, I have to go.

I hope we meet again.

You can't just bring home the first person
who helps you cross the street!

Something might happen to you.

Everything has already 
happened to me

All I can do now is enjoy life.

Diego told me that you finished 
the script yesterday.

Almost, I want to add a final epilogue.

I was supposed to deliver it to the 
producer and director today.

You'll have it tomorrow,
don't worry.

Ernesto Martel is dead.

He was very ill.

It's been a long time
since we last spoke of him.

Yes, that's true.

You look awful.

Because I was running.

It's Monday

You don't have to run for my sake, Diego
We're in no rush.

I am.
I promised the script.

Don't worry you'll have it tonight

Diego, we're changing the ending.

Right away?

I've been thinking about the next script.

Some fantasy or horror for teens.

That's what sells best.

I don't know if I can.

I'd thought about,

developing a story based 
on Arthur Miller's son.

- The writer who married Marilyn?
- Yes.

It was in Vanity Fair.
I read it in the paper.

After Marilyn,
he married the photographer Inge Morath

and they had a child.

He was born with Down's syndrome
and Miller hid him away.

He didn't even mention him 
in his memoirs.

and he never wanted to see him.

Despite his wife's pleas,
he would never see the child. 

That's horrible!

One day,
they met by chance.

Miller gave a lecture in defense
of a mental retard,

who'd been sentenced to death
after making a forced confession.

His son with Down's syndrome
was in the audience.

After the speech,

the son went up to the podium
and embraced his father.

Miller didn't know how to 
get free of that man,

until the stranger let go
and said:

"I am your son Daniel

"and I'm very proud of you, dad."

I don't think we can write
about Arthur Miller

Without asking the family
for permission.

We can change the names.

It isn't about the
pettiness of the father.

but the strength of the son,
who survives without any grudge

towards the parent who ignored
him his whole life.

The subject is interesting.

But years ago

when you got back to
writing scripts

You told me you would never write
remakes, sequels, or biopics.

I remember perfectly, because 
I was surprised about biopics.

It isn't a biopic,

it's about surpassing oneself
and inate goodness.

Yes, I'll get it.

I brought yogurt

but he's out of cleaning
products and juice too

and pick up his dry cleaning.

Hey guys, I'm going.

- Talk to you later, Henry
- OK, Judit, OK.

- How's it going?
- Good. You?

Good. Do you have the set?

Freshly downloaded from eMule!


Do you want a hit of Crystal?

Not tonight.  I need to sleep
once in awhile.

Cover me.

Try to be discreet.

There's no one around!

Buy me a drink?

Order what you want.

You want something?

Browse with the
up arrow or down arrow.



Settings... Applications...

Explorer... Properties

Exit... Explorer...

Death of businessman
Ernesto Martel.

Obituary: Ernesto Martel,

the Chilean-born financier
died yesterday

at his residence in Madrid.

Living in Spain since childhood, Martel was
one of the leading businessmen of the 90s

Ermar Capital, his empire 
created in the 80's,

financed major infrastructure 
projects in latin america.

Maried twice,
with two children,

his reputation was tainted
in recent years

by his involvment in the 
Apresto scandal

Accused of fraud and tax evasion
He was sentenced to
three years in prison.

I just spoke with
the Transport Minister

The project is under way.

We will build the subway in Caracas.

For sure, there is a lot of money.

For at least five years.

I'm looking for a qualified company
and thought of you.

Of course.
Everything will go through me.

The president told me himself.

I'll call you later, OK?

Yes Mr. Martel?


Can you come into my office?

I want to dictate.

Yes sir, right away.

It's for the Industry Minister.

"Dear Antonio, I am pleased..."

Sorry, I'm sorry.

Are you feeling alright?

"I am pleased to announce that soon,

"I'll be meeting with a 
Venezuelan delegation..."


Tell me what's wrong.

I'm sure I can help.

My father is very i'll

He's being discharged this afternoon
and I want to be there.

Of course.
What's wrong with him?

Stomach cancer,
and it's metastasized

Oh, I'm sorry.

Where's Papa?

He's waiting inside.

I can't believe they left you here,

on the street, like dogs.

Wasn't the doctor 
operating this week?

He was supposed to.

This morning he told us
they were discharging him.

I asked what that meant.

He said: "It's simple,
it's July, I'm going on vacation."


I asked: "Are you putting us 
on the street?"

"No, ma'am.

"I'm sending him home."

"But what can I do with him 
at home?"

"That's your problem.
I'm going on vacation."

"He's dying."

"So, he can die
peacefully at home.'

They can't torture him for 20 days
with tests and then do this.


Have you forgotten about me?

What are you saying, dad!

No one could forget you.


Take it easy.

Isn't it nice to get out?

I'll put the bags in.

You'll be comfortable here.

I'll bring your pills.

Try to rest.

I'm leaving now.
I've a lot to do.

Call me if there's anything.

I'll come by in the morning.

Bye, mom.

Take care.

Madame Mylène? Hi it's Séverine.

Severine! It's been so long.
How nice to hear from you.

- I need some money.
- When?

Now. I'm free on the week-end.
During the week I'm busy.

I'll see what I can do.

Can I call you tonight?

Of course. 
I'll be waiting.


Who's this?

I'm calling on behalf of
Madame Mylène.

You're mistaken.
There's no Séverine here.

I must have the wrong number.
Forgive me.

Your rails, ma'am.

Hi, has he called you?


The client, who else?

How dare you give him my number!

I couldn't refuse.

That's not how it works!
Are you crazy?

He knows all about you.

I didn't tell him
he found out by himself.

He knows that you
tried your hand at acting,

and at times you've 
"performed" for me.

Months ago he made me promise

that if you contacted me again
I'd call him.

I couldn't refuse,
he's my best client.

Oh, Magdalena!

Mom, how's dad?


We had a terrible night.

He's been vomiting blood
and everything.

it's like he'd burst inside.
I don't know what to do.

I'm coming.

Mr. Martel? It's Lena.

I'm sorry to bother you.

You never bother me.

I'm calling because
my father is dying.

He has to be hospitalized,

but i don't know where.

They sent him home yesterday
and we don't know what to do.

Don't worry.

We'll take him to a private clinic.

I'll take care of it.

Don't worry, Dr. Blasco is
the best digestive surgeon in Europe.


How's the patient?

He arrived in very poor condition.
I think you know that.

Can you save him?

I am Ernesto Martel.

We'll try our very best.

- But right now we can't operate.
- And tomorrow?

We're feeding him intravenously

and he'll need a transfusion 
to survive.

Do the impossible to save him.

Of course.
That's my duty.

I'll keep you informed on the progress

Can I stay?

Of course, you can stay with him
as long as you wish.

I can't thank you enough.

I'm at your disposal ma'am.

Do you want me to stay with you?

No, go on, love,
you've done enough.

Should I bring you some food?

No, don't bother
I'll get something later.

I'll call you.

Who's there?

It's Ray X.

Ray X?
Nobody's called that.

It's a nickname

I used to do lots of ecstasy.

What do you want?

I want to write a script with you
and direct it myself.

You're a director?

I made a very good documentary
14 years ago.

This would be my first fiction.

Call my agent Judit Garcìa,
and talk to her

She can make an appointment for you

I'm going for a shower.

You got me out of the bathroom.

You gonna stay there all day?

You didn't give me 
Judit Garcìa's number

Look it up.
She's a well-known production manager.

I'm going.

Yes, go on.

A young director rang me.
Ray X.

He wants to write a script with you.

- You know about it? Yes
- He wants to see you this afternoon.

Or tomorrow.

I asked for an advance,
and he agreed.

but I can't go with you,
I'm busy with the Americans.

OK, I'll see him
and tell you about it.

I hope you like him,
he seems to be well-heeled.

Have you seen him?

No from his voice,
and from the check he's going to sign.

I'll send Diego so you're not alone.


Alicante or Barcelone?

- I'm here to see Harry.
- Yes, he's in his office.

Hi, I'm Ray X.

How are you?

Have a seat.

I'm listening

I really like your work.

I've seen all of it.

Thank you very much.

Let's get to the point.

What kind of story
do you want to write?

I'd like to write a story about

a son's revenge on his
father's memory.

Why does the son want revenge?

The father destroyed him
and ruined his life.


The father is a violent man,
a homophobe.

unscrupulous and very powerful.

But the son is a sensitive boy,

but he's got lots of complexes
and he's weak.

He always tries to please his father.

He's a homosexual but
he got married twice, like his father.

And he separated,
like he did.

He's got a son, who hates him
as much as he hated his father.

When the father dies.

the son can finally rebuild his life.

That's his salvation, his revenge.

and the story I want to tell.

I fear I'm not the writer
you're looking for.

You are!

More than you know.

I'll pay whatever you ask.

It's too personal.

Make it your own.

Thank's, but no.
Now, if you don't mind... Diego!

I'll leave you my number.

If you change your mind.

- Come along!
- Leave me alone!

I'm sure we'll see each other again.

In my case,
that would be a miracle.

- Please, come with me
- I'm coming!

Son of a bitch!

- He was talking about himself, right?
- I guess.

Look in the top drawer.

Look through the photos
of the '94 shoot.

He may be in one of them.

Keep looking.

Here he is.

Describe the photo.

He's with you on the shoot.

He's got long, straight hair
and he's holding a camera.

I knew it.

Who is he?

Ernesto Martel's son.

What can he want now?

Put the photos away and
close the drawer.

Ernesto, it's me.

We have to talk about our son.

Not now, Rosanna

I caught him trying on my dresses.

It's your fault.  You made him
effeminate to humiliate me.

I'm sending him to you.
After all, you're his father.

If I haven't been a good father
for 19 years, I doubt I'll learn now.

I have to go.

And tell him if he wants to talk to me
he can call me himself.

- Don't be so hard on them.
- Theyr'e blackmailers!

- Help me with my necklace
- Of course.

Why no invite your son here
for a few days?

That's what his mother just said.

But it's best not
to involve you with them.

He'd keep me company.

-Does he like the cinema or theatre?
- Very much I think.

His mother says
he's a bit of a fairy.

If I invite him
I'd like you to tell me if it's true.

and if it can be fixed.

- How will I know?
- You don't have to screw him.

Oh thanks alot.

But you pretty girls
know those things.

Call him, but I won't do that.

What I don't like is 
that you're living with a man.

What'll your children think?

That their father is homosexual.

He's got good taste
and that hes lucky.

If they love me, they'll accept it.

You should've told me
before we got married.

If you'd stopped thinking about
my father's fortune you'd have realized.

What do you mean?

I'm hangin up. Pain in the ass!

I've got another call.

- I hope it's not your other ex-wife?
- I hope not.

Never get married, Mario.

I'm not planning to right now.

It's Judit Garcìa.

Hi, did you get the money?

I don't want it.

I'm sending it back.

Won't you call me Ray?
That's my artistic name.


What are you trying to do?

Erase my father's name.

What's that got to do with Harry?

I've wanted to see him for ages.

And it's true I want to make a film
and have him write the script.

I've got the male lead.

You're not a director.

If you saw my documentary
you'd change your mind.

Ernesto, forget about us.

Don't be afraid of me.
I'm not my father.

Stay away from Harry.

Or else I'll report you for harassment!

I really don't want to 
scout for locations.

But the Americans are paying 
me a fortune and we need it.

Go on,
don't worry about me.

Give me Tonino Guerra's book.

I'm worried about Harry too.

Look after him while I'm away

I'm busy,
I can't spend all day with him.

It's only 2 weeks.

Harry's fine on his own.

It's because of Ernesto Junior.

If he shows up again or calls

let me know right away.

Why are you so worried?

He's crazy.
I don't trust him.

Why not?

- It's a long story.
- Summarize.

This isn't the time.

For you, it never is!

If you really mind looking after Harry,
i'm staying in Madrid.

Or hire someone else.

I don't mind keeping him company,
but I'm sick of all the secrets.

When's your mother back?

I'm not sure,
in ten days, I think.

What are you looking at?

A poster that says
"Give blood".

- You want to give yours?
- No, no.

I just like the sound of it.

It would be a great film title.

It sounds good

Like a vampire film.

That's true.

Imagine that behind the ad
there's a group of vampires

who work in various donor clinics
they keep the donated blood

and use it themselves.

Your mother would like that story.
We'll write it.

The vampires live like the Chinese,

as part of Spanish society
but without attracting attention.

and like the Chinese they
also control several industries.

Like sunglasses, for example.

And late night bars, discos,
after hours clubs.

They don't need drugs to stay awake
so they're the best night workers.

And the sun cream business.

They're sensitive to climate change
and to holes in the ozone.

Their sun creams
are the best on the market.

That's good.

It must be a thick cream
like armor,

to protect them all day

That's how the story begins.

A very beautiful girl,
totally naked.

covering her body
with a really thick cream

before going to work in a donor clinic.

Her body has a beautiful,
velvety pallor.

Great beginning.

We need a love story.

A mixed love story

between the young vampire girl
and a normal boy.

She works in one of those
blood donor clinics

where they use the blood themselves.

He goes there to give blood.

They instantly like each other.

After she puts the needle in his vein,
she get really aroused.

They start dating,
but she doesn't want him to become a vampire

Those vampires don't proselytize.
They don't bite people.

unless it's really necessary.

But they like sex right?


That'll be one of the problems
because we need some tension.

They relaly desire each other

but when it comes to screwing,
she holds back.


In case she loses control and bites
his jugular in the heat of passion

She lets him do everything, in front
behind, whatever

Except kiss her on the mouth.

And her breasts?

That's a high risk area.

When he kisses her breasts,

She hides her face with the pillow
and she rips it apart with her teeth.

And when she sucks on him?

No blowjobs!
She'd tear it off right away

Well, a man can do without kisses,

but it's tough when
they won't suck your dick!

He's so in love
he accepts it.

When they know each other better,
she'll wear a muzzle

to protect both of them.

When she gets aroused,
she has a kind of dental erection,

and her mouth grows out
like shes a wolf.

I really like your story.

You will sign this one.

I'll be your sparring partner,
like you've always been for me.

The music you play 
is fucking great!

And I really like you.
Did Alex tell you?

I want us to be great friends

and you have to tell me everything.

Let me work.

You have to tell me everything.

I need a drink.

Sorry, he's high on GHB.

I don't like being touched up.

You want some MDMA?

- Just a bit!
- OK.

I'm working tomorrow.

We're working on a great vampire script.

Want some GHB?

I've had some MDMA.

I think your friend likes me.

Are you ok, Diego?

What is it?

What happened?

- Is that your glass?
- Coke and GHB.

Why did you put it next to his glass!

Take it easy.

Get some ice!
Call an ambulance!

No, I'm a friend of his.
Diego sick.

We're taking him to Emergency

What happened?
Can I speak to him?

Where are you taking him?

- Where are you going?
- Quiròn hospital.

Come on, get in!

He's coming.

That's his jacket.

Do you need help?

I have to go.

You want the hospital?

- Yes, I do.
- I'll go with you.

I'll hold on to you.

- You want Reception?
- Yes.

How do you feel?

I don't know... shocked.

Did you speak to my mother?

- Did you tell her about the coma?
- No! Are you crazy?

Anyway, it was only six hours.

If you ever tell her,
say you fainted.

Or whatever.

I told her you ate something
that disagreed with you.

Did she believe you?

I don't know.

She wanted to rush back
but I persuaded her not to.

Are you sleeping?

No I'm not sleepy.

- You want to talk?
- No.

You want me to talk?

I don't know.
If you want to.

I mean to distract you.

Before I went into films.

I was very good at telling stories

Then will you tell me why my mother
is so afraid of Ernesto Junior?

Is she?

She made me promise
I'd keep an eye out.

In case he reappeared.

She didn't say why?

She never explains anything.

It's a long story.

That's what she says

How do you know him?

It was 14 years ago,

In an office we'd rented
to prepare my latest film.

After writing and directing
five dramas,

I'd finally written a comedy,

or so I thought.

I wanted to change genres
and take a risk.

And I certainly did.

Take a risk, I mean.


There's a girl here.
She doesnt have an appointment.

What's she like?

Too pretty to be funny.

She's the financier Ernesto Martel's

She's here with his son.

Is she an actress?

If she's been with that man
for two years she must be.

But come out and say hello,
just to be polite.

You have to be nice to important men.
You never know.





I'm Ernesto Martel... Junior.

I apologize for turning up like this.

I heard you were holding auditions for
your next film.

- Yes
- I'd love to audition.

I can come another day.

Now that you're here,
we'll read something.

Stay here.

The reading didn't work out.

We were both too nervous.

The first meeting
only served to show me

that the mere presence
of that woman disturbed me.

Where were you this morning?

Didn't Ernesto tell you?

I didn't ask him.

We went to see a film director.

to do an audition.

An audition? Why?

I want to work.

Weren't you going
to redecorate the house?

You have to change the furniture,
carpets, lamps...

I don't know how to do that.

Hire a decorator.

Even if I do, 
you'll have to guide him.

I want to be an actress.

I always have.

You tried before...

and look how you ended up.

That was a low blow.

I'm sorry, my love,
forgive me.

I'm going upstairs.

Lena, please.

Don't get angry, darling,
I beg you.

In any case, don't worry.
I was no good.

I was too nervous.

Its Mr. Mateo Blanco.


He says it's important.

It was the director.

The audition wasn't enough,
he wants to see me again.

What are you going to do?

Go and see him, no?

I need to do something.
I've always wanted to be an actress.

And what about me?

Hi this is Magdalena Rivero.

I want to cancel my massage tomorrow.

I'll call you another time.
Thank you.

They still haven't given me the part.

They will.

If they do, it wont change a thing.

except that I'll be working too,
like you.

And at night we'll tell each other
what we've done.

Why don't we get married?

I'm asking you to marry me.

Haven't you got married
and divorced enough times?

With you, it would be the first time.

We've been living together for two years.

We're fine like this.

Don't you think?

It seems you don't

Ernesto Martel offered to
produce the film.

You mother didn't want that.

We were waiting for a grant from
the Minstry...

- You want help?
- No, I'll show you.

...and a television pre-sale

But that would take months.

And I was in a real hurry
to start shooting.

Just like Audrey!
Spot on, faggot!

Totally Audrey!


Move closer to the mirror.

Light up your face.

Now look at me in profile.

with an exaggerated smile,
like the model.

Like that one?

Yes.  Come on.

Open your eyes more
and close your mouth a bit.

Come on. Now.

Very good.  Again.

Open your mouth a little more.



- Art!
- Totally!

Now i'd like to try something
much more daring.

A platinum blonde wig.
Something very pop.

I've got one.

I've got a Goldie Hawn type,
 with much more volume.

That'll look fabulous.

- But she mustn't look like a poodle.
- No?

If she isn't a poodle
she isn't Goldie.

I told you he wouldn't like Goldie, faggot!

He wears it when he gets dressed.

- So, platinum blonde.
- Yes.

I'll change your make up.

Get out of the way!

Look, the wig's false,
it's really bad.

It's Kanecalon fiber,
but it looks fabulous.

OK, let's have a look.

You'll flip out.

Put these on.

Judit, can you move to your left?

Are you tired?

Don't smile,
The wig is false enough.

That's it.

From the start,
Judit didn't like Lena.

But I like her more every day.

And Ernesto Junior liked me.

and I intended to use that.

His father had asked him to make a 
documentary about the shoot.

As for Ernesto Sr.

I'd never met a man
so obsessed by a woman.

He was producing the film
in a desperate attempt not to lose Lena.

This is shit!
It's incomprehensible!

In the midst of that 
emotional panorama,

we started shooting.

Now think of all the times
you've made gazpacho for Iván.

How he enjoyed it.

And that breaks your heart.

We'll do the first time you come 
home after a photo session.

As soon as you open the door,
you look over at the answering machine.

If it's flashing, it may be Ivan.

"If it isn't flashing,
it'll be another day of despair

because you've been
looking for him for two days.

All right. OK, OK.

Listen, did you like the
bit with the tomatoes?

Yes a lot.

It moved me.

Me too,
It really moved me.

It's amazing that you could
be moved by tomatoes.

It wasn't the tomatoes

it was the nice things
you were saying to me."

They like each other?

Do you think they like each other?


I don't know anything.

I only look at their lips.


What do you think?


Very good. Print it.

- Are you going to do anything?
- No, you can go.

I don't mind staying.

You should go.
I'm going to check some wigs.

Wigs? I love that!

Enough! You've filmed hours of wigs.
This is more of the same.

And Lena?

After we've tried the new wigs
she wants a massage.

She's got a contraction.

I haven't got any contractions.

Couldn't I film it?

Ernesto, please,
don't be such a pain. Go home!



I'm going to speak to Lena.
I don't want to be interrupted.

Don't worry, I'll see to it.

I'll be your watchdog.

Is his son out there?

No, I sent him home.
Edurne's keeping watch.

Mateo, this is crazy.

What are you doing?


Waiting for you.

I didn't think filmmaking was 
such hard work.

Yes.  It doesn't stop.

It's very absorbing.

Aren't you tired?

Chocolate gives me energy.

I love bitter orange with chocolate.

I meant the shoot, not the chocolate.

Oh, very.
At the end of the week, I'm exhausted.

But I'm happy.

I thought we could take a break.

A weekend, just you and I.

in the house on Ibiza.

We rehearse on weekends.

Don't you rehearse during the shoot?

Do you spend 
the whole day rehearsing?

That's how films are made!

What about our life?
You can't just set it aside for months.

The film sets the rules.

No, I set them.
I'm the producer.

- Is there a problem?
- Yes.

It's completely impersonal.

I asked for a graphic set
but this is totally dead!

-Shall I speak to Antxon?

No, I'll do it.

What's wrong with you?

You look awful.

Its Diego.

He could hardly breathe all night.
Neither of us got any sleep.

You still don't know what it is?

Some doctors say it's asthma,
others that he's allergic.

but we don't know to what.

They're still investigating,

but we're desperate.

Take all the time that you need.

Right now,
your son is what matters.

Another thing,

- I was talking to the producer.
- And?

He's complaining that Lena's
too absorbed by the shooting.

How does he think films are made?

Ernesto is a business man,
not an artist.

No one asked him
to become a producer!

It's too late to argue about that.

He's taking her to Ibiza this weekend.
So you cannot rehearse.

Son of a bitch.

Get rid of the table,
lamps and chairs!

I wanted a graphic set
but it should be alive.

God I look terrible!

You are scared when I touch you

but not when you see me dead?

I didn't think you were dead.

I thought you were sleeping.

I usually snore.

If I'd thought you were dead
I wouldn't have got made up for you.

Any man of my age could have a heart attack
after screwing six times.

You're not a man of your age.

I wouldn't mind dying

after fucking you for days,
weeks, months,

years, centuries.

I'm crazy about you,

you drive me crazy.

I guess you know that.

I think I do.

Look at what I found on the sidewalk.
They fell off your terrace.

They were gifts from Ivan,
I threw them out.

You can't do that, Miss Pina.

You could kill someone.

In Naples, on New Year's Eve,
they even throw out furniture.

My grandpa was Neapolitan
and it's in my blood.

But this isn't Naples
and today isn't New Year's Eve.

I was nervous, throwing them out
relaxes me. You keep them.

They'll come in handy.

"Love... '

You say "love", I say "sex"!


- Shall we print it?
- Like hell!

I'll fix your make up after, OK?

You're not on form today.

I know.

What's wrong?

I'll tell you later.

- Take a sandwich break.
- 30 minutes?

We'll take a 30 minute sandwich break!

Let's clear this a bit and go outside.

No lips.

I've had a horrible weekend.

But we didn't rehearse
so that you could rest.


I had that son of a bitch
on top of me for 48 hours.

He didn't let up for a second.
The bastard.

I'm living on tranquilizers

No lips.

No, no.
I'll get over it and I'll do it.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

You have to be witty
and light.

Of course.


You don't know what it's like
having that monster on top of you

for 48 hours.

It makes me sick.

It's best
if you don't think about it.

It's best if you and I
never talk about Ernesto.

It's best not to

open that can of worms.

What do you do with your notebooks?

I fill them.

And then?

I burn them.

I'd rather the notebooks slept here.


Leave them here,
you'll get them back tomorrow.

When you finish, 
I'll keep them.

Very well.
Whatever you say.

- What time tomorrow?
- I'll call you when the material is ready.

I presume you are aware of the total
confidentiality of your work.

Of course.

My father was asking why
I don't go with you to yoga.

Tell him that I'm grown up, and free,
and that I've forbidden you to follow me.

I can't tell him that.

Try it.
It would do you good.

I can't.

Do what you like,
but don't come with me.

You're such a pain!

What are you doing?


Turn that off!

Didn't Mateo
forbid you to tape us off the shoot?

My father told me to ignore that,
he wants to see everything.

Neither of you has any scruples!

Fucking leave me alone!

Remember I'm taping you.

Stop, I said.


I told you to stop!
Give me the fucking camera!

You're crazy!

- Give it to me!
- Let go! My camera!

Focus on me.

Listen carefully.

Yes, I'm talking to you.

I've just been with the man I love.

and I'm happier than I've ever been

beacuse that man loves me too,
a lot.

Don't worry,
I'll leave you in peace very soon.

You needn't spy on us anymore.

There's nothing to hide now.

I don't know if you got back a
little late or early.

It was raining, we couldn't shoot.

Where are you going?

I am leaving you.

Shouldn't we talk first?

I've said all I had to say to you.

Lena, please!


Listen to me.

Let go.

Turn over, my love.
I'll help you.

Let me do it.

Relax, I'll help you.

You could have broken something.

I'll take off your shoes.

You'll be more comfortable.

I'll see to everything.
Come on!

Help me.

Sit down, but be careful.

My darling.

That's it.

I'll take you to the hospital.

My wife fell down the stairs.
Be careful.

Watch her head.

Easy does it.

Be careful with my legs.

Take her to trauma.

- Can I used the phone?
- Not in here, in the Doctor's office.

It's urgent.

We'll take you there right away.

What's wrong? 
Aren't you coming?

No, not tonight.

Has something happened?

Something came up unexpectedly.

but don't worry,
everything's fine.

Tomorrow is an evening shoot.
Will I see you before?

No, I can't make it.

I've got a lot to do.
I'll see you at the studio.

You sound odd.

There's really nothing wrong?

I'll see you tomorrow.

There they are.
Ask no questions.

- How are you ma'am?
- Fine.

Can I help you?

No, I'm all right,
thank you.

It was nothing.

Martìn, go on ahead and
open the door.

Thank you for your discretion.

Can you take off your glasses, please?

What can i do...

so that you'll forgive me?

Take me to the studio.

You shouldn't move.

If you don't, I'll drag
myself there if I have to.

What'll you say?

How will you explain the
cast and the bruises?

It depends on you.

I'll do what you want
if you promise to stay with me.

I'll stay with you.

if you let Mateo finish the film
however he wishes.

He'll interrogate you,
he isn't stupid.

I'll say I tripped.

How can you work
if you can't walk?

He'll decide that.

but I want to be sure
you'll respect his decision.

no matter what it costs
or the time it takes.

Is that clear?

I live there.

That's everything.

Ernesto will back
whatever you decide.

Decide what?

I can't go from a shot of you
walking normally to one in a cast.

When can you take it off?

In 3 weeks.

May I speak to Lena alone?

Tell me the truth.

People don't fall down stairs.

That only happens in films.

Keep your voice down.

We have to finish shooting as soon as we can.
Until then, I can't leave Ernesto.

He's a psychopath.

What more proof do you need?

I can't leave.

I promised to stay with him
if he lets you finish the film

under your conditions.

There must be a better solution.

Whatis it?

The only solution is that I
stay with him until it's finished.

What have you promised exactly?

To live under the same roof

in separate bedrooms.

He's got no rights.

Do you think he'll accept that?

I don't know!

But the sooner we finish the better.

We mustn't stop now.

We just have one scene on the stairs.

We'd have to repeat the ending.

Retake 23. One, first.

So you're Ivan's ex-wife?

the one who's been
in a mental hospital for 20 years.

Yes, but I'm not
in a mental hospital now.

I'm here with you.

On top of the stairs.

From the note, it seems
You're anxious to see him.

Yes, but you go first.

You're the one in a hurry.

I've been waiting 20 years.

Go on.

As I was saying,

after I split up with my husband
I went out on the street.

and there was a guy eyeing me,
good looking,

his ass...
 his feet...

I brought him home
and screwed him several times.

I'm very interested in sex
as a social matter.

- How was it?
- In bed?

Divine! A virtuoso!
I've never seen anything like it.


This is the good take.

His big toe!

Every morning, Lena arrived
at the shoot exhausted.

By sheer repetition,

there was always a take
in which she managed to do it well.

Living with Martel
had become hell.

Lena didn't say anything
but it was obvious.

When shooting finished
I begged her to leave him.

but she was scared for the film.

She didn't want to leave him until
I'd chosen all the good takes.

It's Magdalena.

Is something wrong?

No, I'm down below.
I've got no money for the taxi.

I'm coming down.

I'll be right back.

She's in the washroom.

What's happened?

We had a terrible fight.

He tore off my clothes
and threw me out on the street.

Give the taxi driver a tip.

He lent me his jacket, otherwise...

Son of a bitch!

We'll report him
to the police right now.

Take me far away from here, please.

Yes, of course.
Whatever you want.

Give me the camera!

What are you writing?

"The secret of Golfo Beach."

When I took the photo
I didn't see the couple kissing.

And what's the secret?

I don't know.

I have to write it to find out.

We're that couple.

What is it?

It looks like a leg.

It's an arm.

and two other legs.

Two people, just like when they died.

A man and a woman.

They died together.

What is it?

I don't know


what happened?

Alex, it's too much.

Before we knew it,
a month had passed.

Sooner or later,
we'd have to go back.

But we kept putting it off.

I was only worried
about your mother and you.

I hadn't even said goodbye to you,

and you had all those allergies
when we left.



I was wondering when he'd turn up.

But they can't open the film
so soon, can they?

It's a trick so that we'll go back.

All the ad needed
was the word "WANTED".

What'll we do?

Fuck him!



What does it say?

That the only intelligent thing we did
was not attend the premiere.



It's me.

I need to talk to you.

Call me, please.

I'll give you the number:

84 51 32 

28 first.

Sorry: 28 84 51 32.

Ask for Harry Caine.
I'm registered under that name.

Are you there?

I'll be expecting your call.

Mom didn't call you back?


She was angry, I guess.

Even so, she should've told you
what was happening.

But she didn't
and we've never talked about it.

Weren't you curious?

I was dying of curiosity!

For two days I kept calling
your mother and the editor,

but neither one answered.

So I decided to go back to Madrid

and see with my own eyes
what was happening.

It's the first time we've been apart.

I'll be back on the weekend.

But if you're worried
come with me.

No, I'm better here.

Madrid scares me.

Magdalena's death didn't surprise us
locked in an embrace,

as we'd dreamed,

but sitting in separate seats.

It even surprised me
by leaving me alive.


Say something.

Mateo is dead Judit.

Don't say that.

We address him by his name
but he refuses to answer.

He insists that Mateo is dead.

His work revolves around images.

I guess that for him,
living in the dark

is death.

Is there any chance that he'll see?


He has what we call
cortical blindness and it's irreversible.

That's very good.

There are some steps to the right.

But not here.

Move forward a bit more.

I'll guide you to the edge.

Come on.

That's it.

We're almost there.

Now there are a few steps
down to the car.

We'll take them carefully,
they're very high.

They're 10 inches,
I measured them earlier.

Wait, I'll put down your bag.

Come on.

Let's go.

The first step is the hardest,
but I'm holding on to you.

Yes, slide your feet along.

That's it, let's go.


Very good.

Now, the second one.
That's right.

A little more.

That's it, no more steps

Did you go to see Lena's mother
in the village?

What did she say?

She was very grateful to Ernesto
for taking care of everything.

- Is she there?
- Yes.

They buried her with her father.

Did you see the grave?

What's it like?


Her mother didn't want 
anything fancy.

Look, mom, the sea!

We're in Famara.

Stop, please.
I'll get out here.

No, wait a minute.

How can you get out?

Go to Reception
and do what you have to do.

I'll wait for you on the beach.

I want to get out here too.

How can you get out in this wind?

- I don't mind the wind.
- Be quiet, Diego!

Stop the car please.

Mom, please, can I stay?

It's the first time I've seen the sea.

- Please.
- All right.

- Wrap yourself up.
- OK.

And don't go near the water.

Give him your hand.

Don't let go of him, please.

You wrap up too.

Careful, there's a step.

Let's go.

Wait for me here, please.

Harry Caine!

We're here!

We have to go, Harry.

Come on, Dieguito!

Give me your hand.

Can't we stay a bit longer?

No, you have to obey your mother.
You've had enough wind for today.

I'm here, Harry.

Careful you don't trip.

Do you remember Famara?

Perfectly.  It was the first time
I saw the sea.

I remember the kites
and a dog that was barking.

I remember the dog barking too.

What are you doing?

I'm trying to reconstruct
some of your photos.

I've got one that's almost complete.

What do you want to see
to cheer you up?

I'd like to hear
Jeanne Moreau's voice.

I don't have her number.

Find "Elevator to the Gallows",
by Louis Malle.

Fritz Lang...

Jules Dassin, Nicholas Ray...

Look up above.

Fanny and Alexander, Fellini 8 1/2,
Magnificent Obsession...

Elevator to the Gallows!
Here it is.

I've never seen it.

I hope you like it.

How can I throw it out?

The police have to find it...

Leave it!
It's "Girls and Suitcases".

I don't understand.

It's simple babe.

If the cops find 30 pounds
of uncut cocaine in my house

they could arrest me.

But I don't understand how
that suitcase appeared in your house.

Doesn't it sound odd?

As I was saying,

after I split up with my husband

I went out on the street 
and there was a guy eyeing me,

his ass... his feet...

I brought him home
and screwed him several times.

They're completely off key.

In bed?

A virtuoso.

Look, my hairs are standing on end.

How could I have chosen those takes?
They're both terrible!

What do you want to do today?

I have to go home.

Mom left a message that she's coming back today,
to celebrate your birthday.

It's my birthday?

That's what she says.

If Judit says so...

Happy Birthday!

I'll have to take you out to dinner.

Anyone at home?


I was dying to see you.

What's up?

Do they show a lot?

Today I didn't even have time
to wipe my ass.

Don't look at me like that.

I thought you'd be used to it.

Yes, I'm sorry.

You're so handsome!

Are you all right?
I was worried about you.

I'm fine.

Mateo looked after me day and night.


Don't you call him Harry anymore?

We have to buy him
a birthday present.

What have you been doing
all this time?


Watching films and talking.


About what?

Mom, for God's sake!

And what was wrong with you?

I'm not sure if 
I believe the gastoenteritis.

You used it as an excuse in a script.

I had an accident, but I'd rather
not talk about it now.

An accident?

What kind of accident?

- It's hard to explain.
- Try, I'm not so dumb!

We'll leave it for another day.
I'm fine now.

I'm going to buy some DVDs for Mateo.

I don't know what you've talked about
all these days,

but I do know what I haven't told you
in all these years.

I never asked you.

But you'll have asked yourself
a thousand times.

This is your birthday present, Mateo.

It's also for you, Diego.

After you two disappeared,
Ernesto Sr. only wanted revenge.

- Forget it, Judit.
- No.

- You've had a bad day today
- That's why.

I'd like to end it better.

Ernesto had a crazy plan
to get his revenge on you,

but to carry it out
he had to bribe us,

at least, me and Luis, the editor.

Even though it was crazy,
there was no problem.

We both sold out
without any objection.

Luis and I.

With me,

he was courteous enough
to provide me with an alibi.

He suggested I went to the U.S.
for six weeks, to the Mayo Clinic

so Diego could be cured
of his aspergilosis.

That way,
I wouldn't be present while he...

destroyed your film.

Because that was his plan:

To reduce the film to rubble.

I prefered to stay in Madrid

and have Diego cured here.

I wanted to witness everything.

If I was to betray you,

I wanted to suffer the price
I had to pay.

It was torture

seeing how Ernesto chose
all the worst takes

and how Luis edited them,

turning your film into a monster.

The only way to bear all that
was to suffer more.

I sold myself to Ernesto
out of pain and jealousy.

I couldn't bear or forgive

that you left with Lena
without saying a word.

With my treachery, I got my revenge
on you, on her and on myself.

The only innocent one was Diego.

Forgive me my love,

for how bitter I've been
all these years.

No one deserves to grow up with that.

Another gin and tonic, please.

Don't look at me like that.

Don't go on.
It isn't necessary.

Now that you're calling yourself
Mateo again, I've got no excuse.

You've told us everything.

No, not everything.

No one knew where you were.
We had no idea.

Ernesto organized all that,

the premiere, all that fuss,
so that you'd react.

His revenge was meaningless
if neither of you responded.

He asked me constantly
about your whereabouts

but I knew nothing either,
which was true.

That's why I didn't wan't to call you,
so as not to complicate your life.

Ernesto hired various detectives
to look for you.

But before they could find you.

You called me

two days after the premiere.

I was too ashamed to answer

and too dazed.
I still am.

When Ernesto asked me
about you again,

I don't know why,

I gave him the number in Famara.

He sent his son
to look for you on Lanzarote.

It was Ernesto Jr.
who found you after the accident

and called the hospital.

Did he have anything
to do with the accident?

But I keep thinking

that if I hadn't given
that number to his father

perhaps nothing would have happened.

Why do you think that?

I don't know.

A guilty conscience, I suppose.

Well, that's enough!

14 years with a guilty conscience
is enough.

Wait, I'll help you down.

Good night.

Call if you need anything.


Is not available.
Leave a message.

Hey Diego, it's Mateo.

I'm sorry to call so early.

Tell your mother to call me
when she can.

Harry, why so early?

I couldn't sleep.

Coffee and toast?

Yes, but first would you

call this number for me?

Ray X?


I'll get your coffee.

Who is this?

Sorry to disturb you.

This is Mateo Blanco.

Look at this!

You have to start the day well.

How do you feel?

A little bit hung over
but OK.

I think the catharsis last night
did me good.

- Let me help you
- No, sit down.

Yesterday I had one more thing
to tell you.

Tell me later.
We'll have breakfast now.

If I don't tell you now,
I may never tell you.

At the end of the 80s

Mateo and I,
had a love affair.

I thought so,

even before the catharsis last night.

- You did?
- It's obvious!

The same curtains
in your bedroom and in his,

souvenirs of Mexico and the Caribbean
in both houses,

the crosses...

There's something else you don't know.

Mateo is your father.

My father?

And the fleeting lover?

My supposed biological father?

Did you make him up?

I can hide things,

but I'm incapable
of making things up.

The fleeting lover existed.

We had an affair.
He was gay

and the affair was very brief.

Does Mateo know?

Are you crazy?

At the time he asked me
and I denied it, of course.

I didn't want
to pressure him

I didn't want that 
to change our relationship.

And I'd never asked him
if he wanted to be a father.


So Mateo is my father...

By the way,
he rang early this morning.

Mateo? What did he want?

For you to call him.

Why didn't you wake me?

Because after last night you
needed to rest 

and he didn't say it was urgent.

Pass me the phone.

Diego told me you called.
Are you OK? Do you need anything?

No, I'm not OK.

And yes, I do need something.

The 40,000 meters of negative

we shot in my last film, to edit it.

I'm at Ernesto Jr.'s house.

and I've found out that
the material was destroyed in '94.

I imagined something like that

but I didn't think
they'd do it so soon.

Why are you in Ernesto's house?

I think I'll blackmail him.

We need money
and he's got lots to spare.

I don't want Diego
going back to that damn bar.

I want to pay him a salary.

Don't be crazy!

There's no one else
to accuse of Magdalena's death.

Wait, I've got something to tell you.

Last night you said enough.

Listen to me!

I was production manager
on the film.

the only person with access
to the lab and the material.

After giving Ernesto's order
to destroy it, I intercepted it

I've got it all at home.

You're lying.

I didn't tell you last night because
I didn't know you wanted to edit it.

I took it all,

the double takes, the interneg,
the sound tapes, everything!

You can have it all.

That changes everything.

Get out of there, Mateo

and leave Ernesto in peace.

He's got nothing to do with this.

He still has to tell me
why he was in Lanzarote.

Bye, Judit.
I'll call you later.

Ernesto and his camera.

You remind me of a Peeping Tom

but I never wanted to kill you.

I'm not so sure.

This copy of "The making of"
will prove it.

Why do I want it?
I can't see it.

Someone you trust can see it
and tell you. Excuse me.

These are the final images of 
the documentary on Mateo Blanco,

also known as Harry Caine.

How's the "documentary",
as Ernesto calls it?

Very interesting.

What are you seeing now?

The last night
coming back from the restaurant.

How could he film us?
It was dark.

His headlights and the lighting
on the mobile sculpture

were enough to see what happened.

And he's retouched it digitally.

Ernesto didn't cause the accident,

and, as well,
he was the first to help you.

How could he film and drive at the same time?

I don't know.

Anything else I should know?

What are you watching now?

When you were waiting at the roundabout
for a car to pass on your left,

Lena and you kissed.

We kissed?
I don't remember that.

It's a normal kiss,
the kind couples give each other out of habit.

The last kiss.

Lena didn't die in your arms
like you'd dreamed,

but the last sensation 
she took from this world

was the taste of your mouth.

Is it here?

Play it frame by frame
so that it lasts longer.

14 years after shooting it,

I could finally edit
"Girls and Suitcases".

It's you.

- Did you get my messages!
- 1,000 from you and none from Ivan!

What's that suitcase?

It's Iván's. He's leaving me.

and the crutches?

His ex-wife, the lunatic,
pushed me down the stairs.

I've split up with my husband too.

I'm sorry.

I've made coffee,
do you mind pouring it?

I was looking for Ivan all night.

Then I had a photo session
and I still haven't slept.

Neither have K

- When did you two split up?
- Four days ago.


I saw it coming.

But after we broke up,
I went out on the street

and saw a guy looking at me.
Gazpacho! I'll have some.

I put in a whole box
of sleeping pills.


In case Ivan came.
He loves gazpacho.

Really, Pina!

That's nothing.  Since he didn't call.
I tore out the phone.

I tripped over it but I didn't ask 
because I didn't want to be nosy.

The bed?

Is that smoke?

I dropped a match and it went on fire.
I didn't want to put it out.

Fire purifies.

Get your coffee.

Were you telling me something?

I was telling you...

that I've got a suitcase at home too.

Your husband's?

A suitcase with 30 pounds
of top quality, uncut cocaine.

Are you a dealer now?

No! I'm still a councilor
for Social Affairs.

The suitcase appeared in my closet,
all of a sudden.

I have to get rid of those 30 pounds
right away.

There's a lot of drugs in politics,
because of the hours.

Between the party and the Council,
I could shift five pounds.

But the rest?

- Throw it away.
- Are you crazy?

I have to make sure the police
don't find it in my house.

- I don't understand...
- It's obvious!

If they catch me with all that cocaine
they'll arrest me.

Yes, but I don't understand how
the suitcase got in your closet.

As I was saying,

after I split up with my husband,
I went out on the street

and there was a guy eyeing at me,

His ass!

His feet!

I brought him home
and screwed him several times.

I'm very interested in sex
as a social matter.

How was it?

In bed? A virtuoso!

I've never seen anything like it!

What a big toe!

Look, my hairs are standing on end.

Then what happened?

After we screwed, he asked if he could
stay with me for a few days.

- Got any muffins?
- Yes, on the shelf.

And there's a creme caramel.

I'll have that afterwards.

So, he asked if he could stay
and I said all right,

but I wasnt promising anything.
I didn't want him to think I was easy.

Anyway, he turned up
with a suitcase and moved in.

Last night, on TV,

I saw he'd been arrested
in a drug bust.

He's one of the biggest
drug traffickers in the country.


So, kind of suspicious,

I open the suitcase

and I find it full
of bags of cocaine.

I took one,

went out on the street
and haven't been back since.

What a story!

I was surprised he screwed so well.

For men who live at that level of risk,
it's like evey screw is the last.

And there is no comparison.

Look at those goose bumps!

Yeah, I saw it before,
You've got a talent...

And the suitcase?

I was going to ask
if I could bring it here?

You hear?

I'll bring it here.

If they find it in my house,
it's not for what could happen to me,

although it's not ideal for
a councilor for social affairs,

but the mayor would be so upset.

And my party?
It couldn't take another scandal!

Don't shout.

The police!

How could it be?
No one knows you are here.

I've been
very striking since I was a child.

Act like you've come for coffee.

That's what we've got re-edited.

Do you think it's worth carrying on,

or is it crazy?

I pissed myself laughing!

I'm dying to see what happens.

It's wonderful, Mateo.

It's hilarious.
You have to re-release it.

No, what matters is to finish it.

Films have to be finished,
even if you do it blindly.

Special thanks to SergeiK.