Diary Of The Dead Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Diary Of The Dead script is here for all you fans of the George Romero movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Diary Of The Dead quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Diary Of The Dead Script

628 Tremont.
6-2-8, 3 Dead.

- Not here.
- The fuckin usual.

It's no big deal these days right?
Some guy, what's his name?

- I don't know.
- Who knows, who cares.

Who cares.


Shoot his wife and kid
and eat the fuckin licorice.

Sticks it in his mouth,
and blows his own brains out.

This guy has no I.Ds,
no fuckin papers.

He probably squirreled over
the goddamn borders.

Hey guys.
Channel 10 News.

Listen, you're kind of blocking the
shot. Can I get you to move forward a bit?

- Yes sure.
- Thanks.

- Ready?
- Yeah. Almost.

2 minutes.
Let's grab some more B-roll.

- Can't get close enough for an Emmy.
- Screw the Emmy!

- Settle for a fuckin paycheck.
- Story of my life.

We downloaded this video off the internet.
Sometime over the last 3 days.

I can't remember,
exactly when.

Look at this guy.
Look at this fuckin guy.

Chowing down with his buddies,
shoving a corpse in the back of the van.

Some of these footage
was never broadcasted.

It was secretly uploaded by
the camera man who shot it.

It was his way of trying to tell the truth,
about what was happening.

Bree Reno, reporting live
from Homestead

where tragedy be felled
an immigrant family.

An unidentified man has shot his
wife and 16 years old son to death,

before turning the
gun on himself.

- Jesus!
- What?

- I don't believe this!
- What?

Is there something with
the camera? Just fix it!

She's still moving!

For Christ sake, Brody.
I'm right in the middle of a...

- What?
- Jesus fuckin Christ!

- For God's sakes!
- What the hell is going on over there?

- I thought they were dead.
- They're suppose to be. They are!

I don't know, she's moving on
the freakin gurney man!

- Get out of the way. Come on!
- I need some backup here.

Get off of him!

- Are you all right?
- Jesus, what the fuck was that?

- Keep still.
- The other ones moving!

Another one coming up too.

Take them out!

It's not going down.
It's not going down!

Holy shit!


You must shoot
them in the head!

No! No!
This can't be happening!

This can't be fuckin happening!

We downloaded a lot of what we found
off on television, on the net, off blogs.

Images and commentaries
over those first few days.

Most of it were bullshit.
None of it were useful.

This is what we were getting
from the news networks.

None of us, can
claim to know exactly

what has caused the chaos,
that we've been experiencing.

A natural calamity or sort of
a massive or monstrous hoax?

I'm old enough to
remember Orson Well's War Of the Worlds

or the world's possibly
greatest hoax, ever perpetrated.

That’s when it just rained.
Now it’s 24/7.

Some kind of germ.
Some kind of epidemic

we are led to believe
almost anything...

We made a film, the one
I'm going to show you now.

Actually, Jason was the
one who wanted to make it.

Like that camera man
from channel 10

He wanted to upload it, so that
people, you, could be told the truth.

The film was shot with a
Panasonic HDX-900-and a HVX-200.

I did the final cut
on Jason's laptop.

I've added music occasionally
for effects, hoping to scare you.

You see, in addition to
trying to tell you the truth

I am, hoping to scare you.

so that maybe
you'll, wake up.

Maybe you won't make any of
the same mistake that we've made.

here it is:

Jason Creed: The Death of death.

Cut! Cut!

How many times have I told you,
that thing don't move fast.

You're a corpse
for Christ sake!

If you run that fast
your ankle will gonna snap off.

She's going fast, I have to go fast,
otherwise how am I suppose to catch her?

You'd suppose to catch her later.
This is the beginning of the fuckin movie.

You catch her now,
it's all over.

All you suppose to do,
is grab her dress, so...

...till my tits fall out?
Ain't gonna happen!

You know, can somebody
please explain to me

why, girls in scary movie always have to
fall down and lose their shoes and shit?

It's totally lame.

And why do we do have
our dresses torn off?

Actually I look
forward to that part.

- Flashing!
- I swear...

- Thanks.
- Should'vestuck with auto repairs

Shit man, look at this!
Your makeup is all unglued.

Give me a break!

Yeah maybe you can see now,
because you're in way too tight.

All you suppose to do
is run to the fuckin shot.

No, not run...

The script says the mummy
shamble into frame and stops

For a second..
for one second

your telling me for one
second, if you could see

The camera can see, and what the
camera sees, the audience can see.

What fuckin audience?

There always an audience for horror.
Believable horror.

But who's gonna believe a mummy
if his makeup is all unglued?

Who's gonna believe a
mummy in the first place?

Here's a thought, genius. Try zooming out.
Maybe your fuckin shot will work.

I know what I want here, Tony
and I know what I'm doing.

That's right you do
don't ya?

We're only what? 4 days over
a 3 day shooting schedule.

Great. I mean your fuckin credit,
for what we're doing here.

- You'll all be in the credits.
- Talking about college credits.

Leave those to me.

- Did we get the shot yet?
- No we're still dicking around.

Five credit for the each of
you. That is a pledge.

Mr. Creed has a vision.

Hey. I'm just trying to
make a scary movie here.

Yes you are
Mr. Creed.

Jason always wanted to
be a documentary film maker.

But for his senior class project,
he decided to try to make a horror film.

That what he was
shooting on that first night.

The night when...

Everything changed.

Stupid fuckin
horror movie.

With, an underlying
thread of social satire.

Jason, can I
take a minute?

- I have to pee.
- Oh shit.

- Jason...
- What?

I have to pee too.

Jesus Christ, this whole
thing is falling apart.

Hey guys, there's something
on the news. It's pretty...

well, I mean... you might
want to check this out.

...but it does seem to happening.

Two News Agencies in two separate
county in the tri-state area...

are reporting account
of the dead, returning to life.

In one of the cases, the one
in Somerset, a dead man...

identified as a 50 years
old white male

the victim of a drive
by shooting yesterday

sat up on an autopsy table and actually
attacked Somerset medical examiners
Thomas Maitland...

- Horseshit.
- Shut up Tony. It's on the fuckin news.

The news is always horseshit. Always make
things sound worse than they really are.

That's how they
sell soap

and the next morning what happens:
"Oh sorry. My mistake. "

and they say that, who is gonna
believe this shit, two dead people...

There are now
five dead people and...

here's another.
They're coming in from everywhere.

A corpse at Hope memorial
has apparently survived.

That’s six separate reports.

6? How could there
be 6 mistakes?

For Christ’s sake we hear
those sort of things every day.

Yet, hurricane and the planet
is getting too hot

and terrorists was gonna dump, a dirty
bomb on the Whitehouse, and your house.

Somebody gonna put some germs
In your water and your mailbox.

and that letter from
Publisher's Clearing House huh?

Good news is, won a $1 million, bad news is,
you'll gonna wake up dead tomorrow morning.

Better believe what
we've just heard.

the problem doesn't seem to be
that people are waking up dead.

But he dead people
are waking up.


- What that?
- What was that?

A lot of people
are in on it.


If I'm gonna wake up dead,
it's gonna be in my own bedroom.

You can all come.

Eliot has the address,
he knows where is it.

Yeah, nice place too.
Cozy, take up about half of Philadelphia.

Yeah, it's a fuckin fortress.
I can't get in unless I'm invited.

Sorry Jason. About your movie. I don't mean
to hang you up or anything but...

I'm getting the fuck out of here.

Like I said,
you can all come.

I mean it.
It's an invitation.

I'm in.

- Anyone else?
- Better be not.

Bye guys.

Fuckin pommy gets all the girls.


What are we going to do?

- How do you explain, that...
- I have no explanation.

OK, what I'm
going to do.

I'm going to the dorm.
Deb's there.

Whatever's happening
I don't want her to be alone.

Transmit electrical

strong enough
to animate what little...

remains of the body's
muscle tissues.


OK this is the women's dorm.


It's been 25 minutes
since we've heard the news.

it's already looks like
everybody gone.

Hello, who's
in there?


What the fuck are
you doing here?

- What the fuck you're doing here?
- I'm stealing shit.

But you..

What a guy doing with a video
camera doing in the women's dorm?



Oh god.

Oh shit.

OK, OK. This is
Deb's room.

- Wait! It's OK. It's me.
- Jesus fuck..

Are you still

- What're you shooting?
- I'm just...

Oh my god!

- God I'm so afraid.
- It's OK, Deb.

I'm here.

I've been trying to call
them, for like an hour..


Shit! Same fuckin thing.
No answer!

Gotta get out there
we'll see everything.

- Babe!
- What?

There is no answer, at my house.
My mom, my dad, Billie...

- They're suppose to be there!
- Maybe they're up at the cabin.

No, I already tried there.
Everything's out.

The service are busy, your folks
probably can't get through to you either.

It was all over the news,
all over the web.

But no one knew what
was really happening.

I wanna get out of here.


I want to go home.

I think that what
started the panic.

Not knowing the truth.

What's been happening?
I don't know.

The prospect
truly are terrifying.

All my friends left before we could
even before we could even say goodbye.

It's funny. You spend some much
time resenting your parents

separating yourself,
building your own life

but when shit hits the fan,
the only place you want to go is...


We're in Mary's

Trying to stick together.

- What is this about, Jason?
- I don't know, I just...

If this turns out to be a big thing
I just want to record it, OK?

Come on, everybody, when it
comes to you say your names.

This is ridiculous.

- Mary. Mary Dexter.
- What are you doing here Mary?

I'm going home,
trying to go home.

Can you just not film me,
while I'm driving please?

So I can focus.

Say your name.

Jason, if you don't know
my name by now

then you can get the clothes
out of my closet OK.

Come on babe,
It's part of history.

Debra Moynahan.

And I'm trying to get home too, OK?
Like Mary.

And I'm wondering why my boyfriend
has the camera plastered to his face.


Scranton. Pennsylvania.
That's my home.

It's my parent's home.
And my little brother's.

- Where are you coming from?
- College.

We're all at Pitts together.
University of Pittsburgh.

- Why are we on the road?
- Christ.

Yeah. Christ, Jason.
Lay the fuck off!

See this guy?

He won't say who he is, so I will.
He is Tony Ravello. He's from...

- Where is he? Brooklyn or the Bronx?
- Queens.

He does makeup
that comes unglued.

You know what?
I'm a directing major just like you.

- I wasn't even supposed to do makeup.
- No, I was.

Sorry babe.

You know what happens
when we try to work together.

I hear that.

What are we doing
out here on the road?

- Just trying to get out of Dodge right now.
- Why?

What do you want
me to say Jason?

No, that's not what I want you want to say.
It’s what you want to say. Tell us...

Why does everyone wanna
get the hell out of Dodge?

Cause of this thing. This crazy
thing that's happening

It is crazy

- Where are you going, Tony?
- Nowhere. No place to go.

I was gonna hang with you, Jason,
until I can't take any more of your shit.

I got it!

Can you explain why the department
of Homeland Security suddenly

raised its alert level to orange,
earlier this evening

even though there are no
indication of a terrorist attack?

Your right, there's no
indication of any terrorism.

We believe these are
simply isolated and...

unrelated phenomenon, and we expect
things to return to normal very soon.

See? I've already started
planning this shit down.

.. maybe due to a
previous unknown viral strand

that leads to a kind of...
mass psychosis.

- Psychosis. Who is going to believe that?
- Psychotic?

The president continues to monitor
the situation from his ranch and...

he asked the American
people to remain vigilant.

- Say who you are, Eliot.
- You just did, I'm Eliot.

Tell us some more.

Eliot Stone,
Harrisburgh PA.

I'm here with you kind people
because... I don't know

I'll like to get
home too.

It's on the way I'm hoping you'll
be so kind to drop me off.

Seems like everybody
wants to get home..

I know what you're trying
to do Jason. I get it.

Gordo Thorsen.
Denver, Pennsylvania.

Tracy Thurman.
We're a...

- Together.
- Forever.

We'll see.

What's that?

Oh... this is
my camera.


Thurman and Gordo.

Gimme a kiss.

Oh and I'm from San Anton.
That's from Texas.

Don't mess
with Texas.

Holy shit.
Look at this guy!


He gotta be doing like
a buck 20.


You finally come to me as I was
beginning to feel rejected.

- It just that...
- So far away I know.

In storage..

Instead I got a toilet seat
with everyone's dirty laundry.

Andrew Maxwell,

Nowhere to go.
Nothing to do.

and I'm not
with anybody.

Like Mr. Ravello, I'm just
popping along for the ride.

I'm not with
anyone either.

I'm... just...

here all alone...
just me and Saint Christ.

I think we'll be calling all Saint Christ
before this night's over.

Oh my god!

We'll never get past that. Turn around.
We should go back to the dorms.

- Look!
- It's a cop.

- He's Federal.
- How do you know that?

- His hat is... because his hat.
- He looks hurt.

- He's all burnt up.
- Not just burnt. He's fuckin fried..

Oh my...

He's dead!

I'm telling you, he can't be
anything else but dead.

Oh my god!

I think he wants more than
your license and registration!

Go! Go!

Oh fuck!


Wait. wait!

What's that?
What's that?

What are we doing?

- What time is it?
- Almost 3.

I think we should pull over.

How do you feel?


How do you feel about
what just happened?

- I just think, they feel...
- They were already dead, OK?

You didn't anything

Listen to me.

Jesus fuckin Christ... you don't stand up
and walk around after you're dead?!

Will you shut up?

We've just killed people back there

3 living, breathing
people like us.

But we didn't.

I did.


We've stopped somewhere...
off the road.

God knows where.

You gonna say

No, I don't know, Just give
her some time, you know.

I'm running low.

If I can make it to the Stake store,
before they all shut their doors forever.

Oh god, there's a
terrible thought.

The world where a gentleman
can't buy a bottle of bourbon.


- Oh god. Mary!
- Mary

What did she do?
What the fuck did she do?

- Any anyone know she had a gun?
- Why would she do this?

Because of what happened?
Those people back there?

It's our fault.

We're panicking.
We're turning this into...

Into what?

that's not.

Something more than this is.
This is all just bullshit!

You keep calling this bullshit
someone else will gonna kill themselves!

You heard the TV.
Mary heard the TV.

We'd all should have
stay at school

instead of driving around
in the middle of nowhere.

knocking fuckin down
people like bowling pins.

- She's still alive.
- What?!

She's got a pulse!

- Mary!
- Pressure! Pressure!

- Look like everyone left.
- Yeah. Up in a hurry.

This is a hospital. Where
else is she suppose to go?

Just because we can't see anybody
doesn't mean no one’s here.

Maybe they're

Yeah? Maybe they're hiding
because they think we're dead.

- Hello. We aren't dead!
- Cut it out, Tony.

Wait, wait. Where
are we going?

You guys look for a doctor
we gonna find the ER.

Is anyone here?

Wait, wait. I think I
heard somebody

It's down here.
Come on.

It's just the radio.

Is anyone...


We are prisoner here.
As far as we can't move.

Stand by!
Stand by!

It's complete chaos.

It's complete chaos.

We got them!
We got them!

I can't do it.

- Get that son of a bitch!
- We got 5 of them here!

Where are you sir?

- Got to get them in the head.
- Got to get them in the head.

- Get everyone out of here!
- You got to get them in the head!

I hope this isn't some
sort of mistake?

This is a hospital.
There's nobody here.

Is this for real?

What about Mary?

What if...
she dies?

We're not gonna be able, by just
standing around here.

- Fuck! Losing juice.
- Let’s see if we can find some batteries.

- There's somebody!
- Excuse me!

Excuse me.

We've an emergency.
Our friend is hurt and we need help.

Oh my god. What's
wrong with him?

He's dead. That's what
wrong with him..

- Get the gun.
- Debby. Gun!

- Try the head! Try the head!
- Yeah, shoot him in the head!

Shoot him in the head!

- Fuck. The battery almost dead.
- Yeah, that's not all?

What you mean?

- What is going on?
- Jesus, the nurse.

Dead doctor, dead nurse
make sense doesn't it?

Fuckin hurry up!

It's jammed!

- OK, I'm gonna try something.
- What?!

Get her attention, just to
try to get her attention!

Come over here!
Hey come after me!

Careful Debra.

Jesus H!

Jesus Christ.

Whoa, whoa, those are hot!
Put it back where you've found them.

We've got to get
her a doctor.

Yeah, a live one.

I got it.

Let's go.

Don't leave
without me.

What? You're not
coming with us?

- I can't, I gotta plug in.
- Leave it, let it charge.

I can't, I can't leave
without the camera.

The camera's the
whole thing.

Getting help is
the whole thing.

I should be
with them.

Maybe I can help.

I can't.
I can't.


I'm fuckin
blocked in.

Some shit, huh?

What's wrong with these
fuckin dead guys.

I'm sorry, Mary.

If anything, that Tony said,
or I said, or intend, made you...

People you killed are dead.
These people are dead.

At least they
look dead..

The way
things are...

Who the fuck knows.





Guys, what's

God damn it!



I found this in one
of the other rooms.

Tell us your name.

Say it!

- Deb, come on.
- Say it!

Gimme a break.
Jason Creed.

See how it feels? To have a camera,
shoved in your face?

to have to answer stupid questions,
when people are dying all around you.

You see how it feels?

Deb, just put the thing down
and tell me what happened.

Well you missed it.

If it didn't happen on camera,
it’s like it didn't happen, right?

There was a patient
in one of the other rooms.

He looked nice, you know,
not dead.

He was...

he was almost on top of me
before I saw him.

It was Gordo who him.

Jesus! Did you...
I mean..

Hurt me?


So whose screaming?


You want me to
show you how?

For the camera?

For history?

That's enough, Deb.
I got it...

Oh god!

I just shot
another man.

I'll killed three men and a woman...
in the last half hour.

It came easily, too, didn't it?

I remember the war.

In war time, killing
come easily

especially when you don't
have to do any of it.

There will be always
be people like you.

Wanting to document, wanting
to record some sort of diary.

Me? You're the one who
put the camera in my hands.

You're the one who made
me want to do this.

Not this.
This is a diary recording.

In war times, when the enemy can
be marked as this son of a bitch...

...or that son of a bitch.

Then cruelty...

become justified.

God! Oh my god.
Look at Mary!

- She's... She's dead.
- She's turning.

Oh god.

This is such
too much!

Too much.

God, I don't know...

Give it to me.

You can't do this.
Give me the gun.

Oh man!
Oh my god! Oh my god!

Your stuttering,
Mr. Creed.

Don't try to speak,
just shoot.

Shoot your picture, shoot for as
long as your hard drive runs out.

As long as
you're found.

Take this.

It's too easy to use.

Let's get
out of here.

It's interesting how quickly we'll
find out what we're capable of becoming,

Up until that night
we had lived predictable lives.

Now. We would never be able
to predict what might happen next.

God had changed
the rules on us.

And surprisingly

we were
playing along.

What the...

Jesus, Gordo!
Look out!

What? What happened?

You think they're not dead?
Huh, Tony?

...after I jam him through the
heart with a fucking I.V. Pole!

Jesus! Oh, regular

Fuckin die.

Do you get it, Tony?, Huh?
Do you finally fucking understand?

- What happened?
- It hurts. Bite.

It hurts.

Here, take this. It's too easy to use.

Come on Debby. You used
to shoot better than me.

Yeah, that's why I stopped.
I don't want to become you.

There are currently more than 200 million
video cameras in people's hands worldwide.

blogs, video windows,
extremely video...

A good job in

Does the media put ourselves
ahead of what we see happening

Million of members out there
driven, compelled, to broadcast their...

particular views.

Compelled, like the man said.
Jason was compelled.

I've never seen
him like that before.

What is it? What gets into our heads
when we see something horrible?

A horrible accident
on the highway.

Some things just keep us
from just driving on.

Some things holds us.

We don't stop to help.
We stop to look.

First morning since
we've hit the road.

We're here to say goodbye.

I don't understand
why he died.

It was just a bite. How can someone
die from one little bite?

Maybe it's some kind of
poison or something.

Maybe it is a virus.

Anyone get sick comes
back as one of them.

No, anyone who dies
comes back as one of them.

Thurman and Gordo.

No! No!

Gotta bury him, right?

How would you feel
waking up in 6 feet of dirt?

Can't we just wait?
Can't we at least wait and see?

Maybe it won't
happen to him.

Please, can we
just wait?

- Hey guys, we gotta get going. I gotta...
- Get home?


Well after this, as soon as
what we'll gonna find.

Your folks will be fine, Deb.
They're smart people, like you.

Oh shit.

Poor Gordo.

He just
flapped out.

that tree will give
no shelter, to say Amen.

these are the
end of times

and for the sinners there will be no end.
Only the dead that will not die...

and the hunger that
will not be satisfied.

Get on your knees.
Get on your knees.

Get on your
fuckin knees!

Here's a channel
11 News update.

It wasn't until we
uploaded this footage

that we saw how
bad everything was.

- What are we doing to help?
- ... sort of failure like...

Don't try to come
into major cities.

There are report of violence,
looting, killings.

Small towns are kinda like ghost towns.
Most people have fled for their lives.

They're anticipating some
sort of Armageddon?

Using country road
we hadn't run into riots or looting.

But we were about to
run into something else.

What a piece of shit!

It's alright.
It's alright.

I think it’s the seal line.

If that what is it?
I can fix it.

- Oh yeah
- Yeah.

I know what I'm doing.
Daddy used to pit crew for Dale.

- Earnhardt?
- Gerber.

Who the hell's Dale Gerber?

We can't stay
out here guys.

We gotta get the Winnie
inside that barn.

I'm gonna go see if
the owner is home.

You might now want to do that.
There might be...

Oh shit!

Whoa, whoa, stop, stop!
I don't think he's dead.

He might not
be dead!.

- "Who are you?".
- He's asking who we are.


Our car broke down.
We need help.


We don't need a car,
we just need just to fix ours.

We need to use your barn.


Oh shit!

- They must have been following us!
- Oh my god.

- Tony, how many bullets you got left?
- Where did he go?

Jesus Christ!

I thought the Amish
were friendly folks!


Yeap, Gas line's leaking.

I'm gonna cut the line, below the tear
and get it hook back up to the post.


What is that?
Guys, what's all that screaming?

Birthday party.

Where did you
find this?

It was in the camera
Deb found in the hospital.

That's the guy. The one
in the orange shirt.

That's the guy from the hospital.
The one, I thought looked nice.

The one Gordo shot.

What's that?

Guys, what's that?

They're in the back.
At the back wall.

That's if they're out front as well.

What the hell is going on out there?

Jesus Christ.

Oh god, there's
plenty of them.


Simply sorry for
for all the trouble.

Hurry in. I wanna
get out of here.

Not to apply unnecessary pressure
but we are all relying on you, darling.

Oh god,
the doors open.

I hear something.

Maybe one of them got in already.

Maybe more than one.

- Guys. What's happening?
- We're alright!

We're alright.

- Almost there.
- I certainly hope so, darling,

as much as I love
spending time with you.

I love you!

- Alright. Open the door!
- Open up, Tony. Let's go!

See how many there are?
Look how many.

Come on.
Come on.


Oh my god!

We're alright.
we're alright.

There's nothing
we can do for him. Let's go.

They're all going to be all over us.
Let's go!

It's estimated that if something
isn't done to stop the slaughter,

in 3 or 4 days, our death
rates will quadruple.

within 10 days it will
have risen by 100 percent.

Before there were, I don't know
how many people died every minutes.

8? 10? 20?

Now there were five times as many.
ten times. a hundred times as many.

Dead but walking.

There wasn't enough bullets
to stop them all.

They are monsters. Monsters
who prey on the flesh of the living.

We needed supplies...

Without gas we weren't
going anywhere.

There might be more
of them around.

- Think we can make it?
- We gotta try.

Get in. Fill up.
Get out, fast.

fYes, but what if...

Put the gun down!

- Who the hell are you?
- Don't matter who I am.

All that matter
is what I got.

What he got better than
yours, Tony. Way better!

Damn right.

This is a M16 semi-auto
with the safety turned off.

and I'm trying to decide. Do I pump two
bullets at your brain, or just one.


Good choice.

Now who the hell are you all?
Some kind of newspeople?

No, students.
University of Pittsburgh.

Damn, now rounders from
town gone crazy.

Come on!

- Come on? Where?
- Any place is better than this.

Come on! Before we
get our asses shot off!

What are you talking about?

Write their names, kick them out,
lock the door, and throw away the keys?

We've become hysterical about people
crossing the border into our country.

That's not the problem anymore.

The problem now is, all those strangers
crossing the borders who can...

What's the hell with
that camera anyway?

Home movies.

Who's gonna be
left to watch?

So, what's up with you all?

What the hell you're
doing in my town?

We're trying to get to Stranton.
We'll need fuel.

We were using those pumps
back there at the gas station.

Them pumps is dry.
We siphoned off all the gas.

Can we buy some
of what you took?

Buy? Girl, if this is keeps up, money
ain't gonna worth nothing.

I'm talking about gas.
We'll all let you have some.

- Enough to get where you're going.
- What's with you all?

- How come you stuck around?
- Cause we got the power.

For the first time in our lives,
we got the power

Cause anybody left.

All the folks smelled

They'll be back, right?
The National Guards.

Somebody gotta put all
this shit together.

What National Guards.
Kid, I'm in the National Guards!

Anyway, no one's coming
upon nothing together.

That's why I
got all this shit.

Anything with anything,
under one roof.

It's called looting.

No, mam. It's called doing
what you gotta do.

Can I get online?

Back there.

Excuse me.

It's alright.
Let them through.

Let them through!

law enforcement authorities
and a reporter was on the scene.

Here's Homestead Chief
of Police Arthur Katz.

This attack was carried out by
a bunch of illegal immigrants

was mistakenly pronounced dead
before the attacks took place.

The only time they was dead
was when the my guys shot 'em.

They changed it.
They re-cut it.

The media
were lying to us.

The government
was lying to them.

They were trying to make it seems
like everything was gonna to be alright.

- What are you doing?
- I just want to shoot us...

- while we're editing..
- I want to cover everything.

Now I can understand why Jason
was so anxious to upload his own footage.

At the time.
I didn't get it.

now look at the angle
from your camera.

Put the guns down!

- Who the hell are you?
- Don't matter who I am.

All that matters
is what I got.

- And after that we drove here.
- Yeah.

Sure, it'll be nice to have the surveillance
camera and go from where we drove in.

Figured that much.

The recording of the security cameras.
Put the 7-Eleven in here.

- I got it all queued up for you.
- You fuckin brilliant. man.

Why thank you.

What you do? Did you
get up there to record it?

It's a wireless system.
Pretty sophisticated.

So sophisticated that I was easily able
to rip it off right out of the air.

This is Excellent.

So how are
you guys doing?

- Editing.
- Editing what?

The stuff we've shot.

When you said you
wanted to get online

I thought you wanna get in contact
with your dad or something.

No, I just wanted
to upload our shoot.


72 thousand hits.

In eight minutes.

Hey Eliot, can we
have a moment, please?


Is this camera on?


If we're gonna have a conversation
I'm sure you like to have it on tape.

If it’s not on camera.
It’s like it never happened, right?

OK, J,
listen to me.

I'm trying to get home
to my family. OK?

Everyone out there is trying to get home.

and you're in here dicking
around on your computer.

It was a pretty
one-sided conversation..

72,000 hits.

They're coming in
from all over the world.

They're not getting the
truth from anybody else.

All that shit on the news
is a pack of lies.

72,000 hits in eight minutes.
That's unbelievable!

- Congratulation. You're famous.
- That's not what it's about.

Would you rather have people not
knowing whets going on in the world

We might even be able to save
somebody's fuckin life here.

72,000 hits.

In another hour, it will be probably
another million. By tomorrow, who knows..

All over the world, people
learning how to survive

by seeing how we've
manage to survive.

You always know how to
make a good argument, J.

Oh my god! Text message
from my little brother.

What it say?

All this time I've been imagining
the dead in our house

and they're not even home.

They were camping four days ago. "Driving
home.All OK. Hope you are too. "

Sent last night. "Driving home".
That means they're probably meet us there!

- I told you they were safe.
- They're on the road, same as us.

They're not safe, but they're still alive.

Pack your shit
I'm gonna check on my gas.

Yo! Dude!

Where are you, man?

Ridley, yo back
at ya here.

We're in the middle
of fucking nowhere out here.

How's Deb?

She's OK.
You know, coping.

Look here, if you need anything, like
a place to chill, whatever!

Get your ass down here man!

We're having
a blast!

Hi, J, love you.

- What's up?
- I don't know.

Something’s going on.

One of my men had a
bad heart. He died.

Thing is we don't know where he went.

Oh shit.

Wait, wait.
That thing could be inside there.

- I'm going to get Jason.
- Stay, I'll go.

Wait, wait. That thing
could be inside there.

That thing could
be anywhere..


$100, 000 education and I can't find
my way out of a fuckin warehouse!


What was that?



Where the hell
have you been?

There's a dead guy
walking around. Let's go.

Wait. Say that again. I didn't get it.

There is a dead guy walking around.
Now let's go.

It's all clear.

Turn that TV off!


Everyone with a heartbeat

Freeze and shut up!

Son of a bitch!
Where are we?


Fuck me!

OK, never again.

That's the door.
Let's go!

Let's go.
Careful, OK?

Shut the fuck up!

I see him!
I see him over there!

Over here!

Over here!

Come on.
We've got him!

- We've got him!
- Over here!

- Oh shit!
- It's not him.

Son of a bitch!

Fuck off!

Don't shoot!
Those barrels are full of gas!

What's the hell
is that stuff?

That's enough.

No need to fill the tank.

Stranton is only
65 miles away.

- We could really use some weapons.
- Food, canned goods, water.

- Um, lip gloss?
- The lip gloss you can have.

- The rest of the shit is ours.
- All of it?

Every last can of peas.

But, what if we say we're not
leaving till we get what we'll need?

What would you do?
Kill us?

I'll think about it.

But I don't think
you'll do though.

It's easily just to give us
what we'll need isn't it?

Cause otherwise, guess what?
You'll gonna have to kill us.

- Deb.
- Shut up, J.

You'll gonna have
to kill us because

we're not leaving until
we get what we need!


Fill her up.

Give them
what they want.

Come and get them.

- Is that enough for you?
- Come and get them!

That will do.

Gotta defend yourselves.
You've got to.

Cause if this keeps up

people start running out of food, water, gas,
they're gonna start shooting at each other.

No, thank you. I had enough
of this kind of thing.

This is more like it.

I'd rather have this, if you don't mind.

It seems..

friendlier, somehow.


I think you're
a lot like me.

Good luck.

Good luck to
you too.

What is that?

Where's it
coming from?

I found her on a message
board on YouTube.

Someone listen!

We Tokyo.

Very bad here.
Very bad Tokyo.

Tokyo. Can you
believe it?

There's hundred of posts like this
all over the world.

It got technology.

Don't bury dead.
Better shoot in head!

Don't bury dead.
Better shoot in head!

- Damn it!
- Well plug it in!

Just charged it!

It's not the phone.
It's the service.

The fuckin service
is going out!

Nothing? How can
there be nothing?

The towers, the relay towers
must be out. Jesus, all of them?

Technology is terrific, Eliot.
Except when it doesn't work!


It won't be long, before nothing
works, starting with nothing at all.

The mainstream has vanished...
with all its power and money

Now it was just us,
bloggers, hackers, kids.

The more voices there are,
the more spin there is

The truth become that
much harder to find

In the end,
it's all just... noise.

We're in Stranton.
This is Deb's house.

- Though they be here by now.
- They're what? Camping, right?

And they what?

They used to go to
some place in Virginia.


You probably beat them here.
Maybe they hit traffic or something.

We didn't hit any traffic.
There is no traffic.

West-Virginia is only
100 miles away.

- Yeah, if that’s where they went.
- Yeah.

I'm gonna
wait inside.

You guys should head
back on the road..

What?... and just
leave you here?

This where I grew up,
this is where I want to be.

You guys all got homes too.
You should get going. Get out of here.

Thanks for
bringing me here.

Thanks for

- I'd guess I'll try to call you?
- I'll try to come back to you

Sorry, J.

Don't be an asshole.
Cant' just let her wait here alone.

Hey, do you mind if maybe
I hang out for a while too?

Yeah. OK.

Me too? I need to pee again.

I can't sit in
here anymore.

I wanna meet your little brother.
Maybe he has a Playstation.

I'd like to meet your father.
Maybe he has a bar.

He always had a key.


Fuck. I don't remember
if it's 102 or 201.

It's probably wiring in
the single circuit.

- Where's the breaker box?
- In the garage.

How you're doing?

They're here?




Maybe they dropped off their stuff
and went to the neighbors or something.

Maybe there was an evacuation.
Like a mandatory evacuation..

- They would have taken their car?
- No, there's buses, right?

Where they evacuate places,
they bring in like buses and...


What is it?

OK, they must have like had
an accident or something, right?

Maybe. Maybe they're
at the hospital?

I just hope there a hospital.
Maybe we'll wait until...


My dad would have been
driving and...

That means, my mom would
be in the passenger seat, so...

that's my mom's blood.


and Billie would be in the back,
so that means Billie is probably OK.

- Debra.
- No, I'm sure Billie must be OK.

- Deb!
- What?

OK. Listen to me.
You gotta know that this might be bad.

I know. No, I do, I know OK.
Really. Now let's go inside, come on!

OK. But don't think
about your parents.

Don't think about
your little brother.

Wanna go in? I want you to
try to find something, OK?

- Something like an old doll.
- Yeah, OK. An old doll.

OK. What is her name?

- It's not a her. It's a him
- A him. OK. You got a guy doll?

Yeah, like Ken.
Like Ken and Barbie.

OK, like Ken but not Ken.
What is his name?

What is his name?


Like the archangel.

OK, so we're gonna go in there
and look for Michael.



I thought... long and hard about
whether to leave this footage in the film.

I decide... in the end.
To show you, exactly what happened.

No! Billie!

Out of the way.

Let me through!






I think it’s time
we left this place.

By now we've become part of it.
Part of 24/7.

It's strange how,
looking at things.

Seeing things through a lens,
a glass.

Rose colored or
shaded black.

You'd become immune.

You're supposed to be affected
but you're not.

I used to think it was just you out there,
the viewers. But it's not.

It's us as well.

The shooters.

We've become immuned too.

so whatever happens around us.
No matter how horrible it is

we just wind up
taking it all in stride.

Just another day.

Just another death.

It's gonna be OK, babe.

Everything will be OK.

Hey, do you want to switch places?

I could take the camera
for a while and you could...

Leave him alone

He's right where
he wants to be.

Hey, where did you
learn to use that thing?

Archery squad.

Targets, of course.
Nothing at all to do with...

Life and death.

I used to have a steady hand.

You still do.

Thank you.

Where's your home Professor?
Or where was it?

That's where it was. Such as it was.

Not really a home.
Juch a place.

I've never seen or imagined...
a home

that I could wish or want
for my own.

- Sad.
- Not at all.

Mine is a...
wandering spirit.

Yeah, he wanders to wherever
there's a bottle of spirit.


- Where're we going Eliot?
- I'd like to get to my place.

- We talked to Ridley.
- When?

- At the warehouse, online.
- Is he OK?

Yeah, Yeah, him and Franny sounded great.
He invited us to come.

Could make it there before dawn.


Look at this!

It's the Guards.

It's the fuckin Guards!

Call me crazy, but those guys
don't look dead.

You see? I told you
they'd show up.

Hi there.

- It's so nice to see you guys.
- Good.

- What's with the camera?
- Just making a movie.

Is that so?

Where did you get all the stuff?


You know, seems to be
a whole lot of folks

getting a whole lot of stuff
from a whole lot of friends

Can we be friends?

You might turn that off, son?

Turn it the fuck off!


There’s your fuckin
National Guards, Tony.

- They stole everything we got.
- Not everything. They left us our weapons..

- Sure, but they have their own.
- They're military men.

With the world
been what it is,

they knew we wouldn't
survive without weapons.

They're not murderer,
just thieves.

"The world being what it is. "
I agree with that.

From now on...

Everyone who dies,
is gonna come back.

I mean, think
about that.

Everyone who dies... unless
they get a bullet in the head,

is gonna come back,
and try to kill somebody else.

And on and on
and on.


Get your helmet
cams on.

See anyone alive,
pull them out.

This guy's

Hey, is anyone
is there?

Anybody home?

- Hey, hold it!
- Don't go in there!

- Hold it, hold it!
- Are you all right, mister?

- Take her with you.
- What are you hiding in there, old man?

No... please!

Nobody in here.
I don't see anything..

Son of a bitch!

Over there!
Behind you!

You fuckin dick!

How did you, fuckin
get to be in here?!

Look what

- They were family!
- Kill them!

- They were family!
- Kill the prick!

No... don't shoot!

Don't shoot them
in the head.

Shoot them
in the heart.

Let them fuckin
wake up dead.

They used to be...
us against us.

Now it's us
against them..

He was right.
Us against them.

Except they.

Are us.

We're here!
Here is it!

Wake up, guys!
Come on, wake up!

Oh man, it's huge!

Looks like what god
might have built.

If only if he
had the money.

Ridley made this place
so much like a fortress.

I've never been to a fortress before, but
don't they usually keep the doors locked?

- I told you. He said everything was cool.
- Well, that was yesterday.

Plenty of security.

There got to be monitors
around here somewhere.

Monitors don't do us any good
while somebody's watching.

Somebody might be watching us.
Right now.

OK, let’s go in.

No, wait, wait, go back.
Step back.

I wanna cover everything.

OK, ready.
Come in.

I can't do this anymore.

Every time we walk in somewhere,
somebody dies.

Or somebody already died.
It's gonna be the same wherever we go.

Shut the door.




Hey Max!


This is where the party was

Good lord!

Absolute treasures.

A tale of two cities.

First edition.
You have any ideas how much this is worth?

It was the best of times.
It was the worst of times.

Ridley! You scared us
half to dead!

You came! This is great. This is so
fuckin great to have all you guys here!

- Where’s Francine?
- Where are your parents?

Why was the front
door open?

Oh, what that?

I was outside. Just came back in.
Must not have shut it behind me.

Stupid. You know me.
I'm stupid.

What's in there?

Panic room.

Wow. What's going on?
Why were you in there?

Just checking the generator.
That's all. Everything's fine.

Even better now
that you're here.

Guys! Hell. It's such so great
to have you guys here!

You must be
totally burned.

What can I get for you?
Something to eat? Drink?

- A cocktail would be lovely.
- The bar is up right over there.

I'll love to get this damn
corset off me now, please.

You know
what I like?

A long, hot bath.

Pick a bathroom. We've got six.
Clean towels, soap, shampoo.

Whatever you'll need.

So, nobody tried to
break in or anything?

Nobody around
to break in.

We're pretty
isolated out here.

Country club closer to than
the next house, but...

not too many people, are interested
in golf or tennis these days.

Where's your stuff?

- You must have brought some stuff with you.
- Dirty clothes. Bags of them.

Well, bring it in!
Bring it all in!

Something tells me you're
going to be here for a while.

I'm going to
the Winnie.

I'll come with you. I'd like to grab
that out of the camera.

Yeah. 'cause one's never enough.

Here, you take
this one.

No, no. I don't want to
make this kind of movie.

I don't want to movie this kind of
movie either, but I change the script.

- Here, see if you can resist.
- I don't want to do this.

Jason! I don't
want to do this!

My father shot a rabbit!

I thought it
was in here.


You're filming?

I guess Jason was right,
you can't resist.

I'm filming you, Ridley, because
you're acting a little weird.

All that shit, that
has been going on.

I know.

I know what's
going on.

I just feel a
little bit tired and...

felt a little drunk,

That's all.

- Forget the rabbits.
- Ridley.

How about some pheasant?!

Father shot two of those. They're
downstairs, in one of those big freezer.

Ridley, can we look for
Francine now?

She's out back.

With my family
and the staff.

Right, you said that.
Why don't we go see her?

I don't think we
should do that.

- Why?
- Well...

To begin with...

Father's dead

He was the first one to die. Then he did
mother and then they did the staff.

Brannigan, Brenda, Cook.

Really like Cook.

Maybe she ate the rabbit?

Did somebody
eat Francine?

Did somebody
eat Francine?



Not actually.
Brannigan bit her, on her face.

I think. I don't know.
It all happened so fast.

- I think we should get out of here.
- Wait, wait. Ridley!

- Your saying they're all dead?
- Yes.

I had to bury them.

Is no one else hungry?

I didn't bury them in the garden.
I'd never dig up mother's roses.

That's OK.
Come on

I had to chop off Cook's hand.
That's why there's so much blood.


Come on!

- Maybe we should get out of here.
- No, I got to see this.


It's a little hard to see.

Here, I'll turn on the lights.

This is where I've
buried them.

Sweet Jesus.

- He's gone.
- There was blood on his arms.

I wonder if he
got bitten?



- Jason! A little help here.
- I'm shooting.

Oh, Ridley. Can you
give me hand?


Oh shit.
He's fuckin dead!

Oh fuck!

- Jason! A little help here?
- Run! Run, Tracey!

See? I told you dead
things move slow.

Where the fuck
did they go?




Oh shit!

I can’t fuckin
believe this!

This is like a goddamn
mummy movie!

Jason, put down that stupid
camera and help me!

Get that Jason?
I hope you're happy. You son of a bitch!

Cut! Cut!

- This isn't a movie Jason. It's real!
- I'm trying to distract it. Cut! Cut!

Don't mess with Texas.



I'm leaving you Jason.
You can keep the house, I'll take the car.


- I don't believe this!
- What is she... nuts?

- Where does she thinks she's going?
- She's not going for Chinese!.

You know what? It's OK..

We still got Ridley's car

there's other cars in the garage,
we can still get out of here.

No. bad idea.

Look. Ridley still moping around
somewhere, dead or alive.

And there are human
goldfish in the fuckin pool.

We just spent the last two days on the road.
Did you have a good time?

- No, but...
- Out there we're lunch.

In here, there's a steel reinforced panic
room where we could sit and play Nintendo.

Until this whole
thing blows over.

- It's me.
- Jesus.

- Where's Ridley? Have you seen him?
- Yeah. He's not Ridley anymore.

He's something else..

Eliot, there something
else too I'm afraid.


Or gone.

He died in a tub of water.
With Ridley in his arms.

How do you
know all this?

I saw it on TV, darling. I took my bourbon,
and I went in to watch the monitors.

I went into that
panic room, which

I suggest is the good place
for us all go right now.

Always fancied myself
a swashbuckler.

- Your drunk, Professor.
- Indeed I am.

The drunkenness
has oddly

regretfully, never twisted my perceptions
of things going on around me.

Tracey's phone.

- Let's go.
- No.


We can't just lock ourselves
in the fuckin room.

- We'll be locking ourselves out the world.
- That's the whole point.

We lock ourselves out the world
before the world bite us on the ass.

We've got weapons.
We can take care of whatever comes.

We can't go
in there, Deb.

I'll missed...

God damn it, Jason,
will you stop this?!

Come with us.
Be safe.

Settle. Like I'm
trying to do.

- Settle, for...
- What?

For life.
For survival.

Survival? Who the fuck wants
to survive in a world like this?

All that's left... is to record,
what's happening for

whoever remains
when it's over.


I don't wanna go in
there without you.


I can't.

What was that?

Where the hell is he?

Oh no!

Oh god.


Kill me.


the archangel.

Hi, my name is J.
Jason Creed.

and I have been given the
opportunity. Given the gift

to be able to document the events
that has suddenly landed on my lap.

and I just wanted to let you guys
know, the audience knows, that...

I'm gonna do my best to capture
the truth, with me and my friends.

Which gonna be no fakeness.
I'm gonna go after everything...

really raw, really real

and I'm going to...
Do the best job I can..

and I'm really excited
to be given this opportunity

and I'm not
gonna fuck it up.






I'm gonna
finish his movie.

The movie's off.


There's gonna
be more.

There gotta
be more.

Morning approaches.

Things always look
better in the morning.

Not to me.

Mornings bring light.
I prefer the darkness.

It's easier to
hide in the dark.

You know, Professor.
They actually get the...

mornings, they show you for what you are,
instead of what you think you are.

In elegantly phrased, Mr. Ravello.
But accurately put.


And mirrors.

I despised them.

Mornings and mirrors
only serve to terrify old men.


Can you say
that again?

I didn't get that.

Et tu, darling.

Look at this!

Close the door!

Jason once said he
thought he could help.

Maybe even
save some lives.

This is the last thing he
downloaded before he died.

A couple of hometown Joes
who were now shooting targets.

That day they
used people.

Dead people.

You know,
just for fun.

There was one target that
different from the rest.

A woman, tied by her
hair to the branch of a tree.

The boys had this one setup
just for kicks.

They got out their
favorite 12 gauge and...

Are we worth saving?

You tell me.

Special thanks to SergeiK.