Felon Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Felon script is here for all you fans of the Stephen Dorff movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Felon quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Felon Script

Okay, let's get you some bananas.

You haven't touched your cereal.
I thought you were hungry.

-So, what's up for today?

Well, today, we gotta give
the caterer the last check.

Go over the decorations
at the church.

Find out why my dress
is gonna cost more.

I didn't want lace on the bust,
instead they doubled it.

How much more?


Six-fifty, that's a lot of money.

Mikey, come here.

Six-fifty, what do you think of that?
Are you sure?


-Man says go for it.

It's your wedding dress, baby.
Mikey wants Mom to look hot.

-So do I.
-Major brownie points.

Hey, hand me that, Manny?
Manny--? Thanks.

-What time we got, 4:30?
-On the dot, Wade.

-Checks, boys.
-I'm down with that, man.

Time to get paid.


-We got the business loan.
-Shut up. Are you kidding?

Oh, baby, that's so great.

I can hire four or five more guys.

I get Joe to run a second crew.

Do another 30 grand this year.

I'm so proud of you, baby.

You built up this entire business
all on your own.

No, we did.

Somebody's in the house.

We gotta get Mikey, quiet.

Stay with me.

-Okay, okay.

What's wrong?

Everything's okay.

-Everything's okay.
-What's happening?

Everything's okay.
Just go back to sleep.

Stay in this room.


Stop. What are you doing?

-Back off.
-I said stop.

Damn it.

Oh, God.

Wade, what's happening?

Stay in the house!

Stay alive, stay alive.

Please don't die.

Jesus Christ.

Motherfucker, I did that.

Wade, I'm calling 911.

Can she at least put him to bed,

We didn't find a weapon anywhere.

He did have your wallet in his hand.

Maybe you thought that if you--

No. What I saw was,
he was reaching for something.

I thought it was a gun or weapon.

I told him to stop,
he kept turning around, okay?

So I aimed the bat,
then he started to duck.

Look, if he was still in the house
when it happened...

...or if he was at least armed, we could
make a case for self-defense.

But the problem is, he was no longer
a threat when he left the house.

Yet you proceeded to chase him
outside with a bat.

-Killed him with one swing.
-Wait a second, please.

-I-- It was an accident.
-I'm sorry.

We're gonna have to place you
under arrest for murder.


Are you out of your minds?
The guy was robbing us.

-He was in my child's room!
-Ma'am, I understand--

What was Wade supposed to do?
Wait for the guy to shoot him?

No, what he should have done
is stay inside and dial 911.

Face the wall.
Hands over your head.

Hands up on the wall.

Are you HIV positive?


Don't touch this button
unless it's an emergency.

Come back up in here.

You know what I'm saying?
Don't come back up in here.

You eyeball me, motherfucker, huh?
You eyeballing me?

You motherfucker.

I see, you're a bitch, huh?

I'm gonna clean your mouth.
Suck my dick.

Fuck you!

Fight in 33! Fight in 33!

-All of you get against the wall.
-Crew resistance.

I'll fucking kill you.

Against the wall, everybody.

-I'll kill you, boy.
-All this started from you looking, man.

You're dead, motherfucker.
You're so dead.

Keep your hands on your heads.

You down for yours, holmes?

We gonna have a wreck in here?


You just clean up the pad
on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

And keep all your shit on your bunk.


Baby, what happened to your face?

I got jumped.

-Well, we gotta tell somebody.
-It won't help, Laura.

Are you okay?

How's Mikey?

He's scared.

He just keeps asking for you, Wade.
I didn't know what to tell him.

So I told him that you went on a trip.

It doesn't help that we're staying
with my mother.


Wade, I didn't feel safe
at the house by myself.

Everything's gonna be okay.

I promise you.

We have to get you out of here.

They're gonna give me
a public defender.

Let me see what they say.
We'll go from there.

I'm Mara Reid.
I'll be representing you.

Hi. Nice to meet you.

This part's a formality.
Judge will arraign you.

Set bail at a million, which is
mandatory for a murder charge.

Do you have a million dollars
in collateral?

No, not even close.

Anybody willing to help out
and co-sign? Your parents?

My parents died nine years ago.

I'll do what I can
to move things along.


State of revolution!


Come on in.
Come on, motherfucker.

-Get in.
-Fuck, yeah.

What are we gonna be?
We'll see.

We'll see.

Did Smith say
why they were rioting?

No. It's like he got everyone riled up
just for the hell of it.

Now, with John,
there's always a reason.

Come and destroy me.
Break the illusion to pieces.

You sure know how to stir up
a pile of shit, don't you, boy?

Well, you know me, Gordon,
always one for live entertainment.

They mean business this time,

They wanna stick you
in the hole forever.

Now, you and I both know
you don't want that.

My Maria
would have been 27 yesterday.

Is that what this is all about?

You gotta stop living in the past,

Hey, I am the past.

I should've been a dead man.

Instead, they turned me
into the walking fucking dead.

All right, look.

I'm gonna get them to transfer you.
Give you a fresh start.

But after that, I am all out of favors.
You understand me?

Well, I guess it's...

...on to the next chapter,
huh, Gordon?

But then again, maybe not.

Just behave yourself, would you?

Come on.

What the hell's going on?

My preliminary was supposed
to be weeks ago.

I asked for more time
to build your case.

But I got some good news.

The DA's sympathetic
to your situation. He is.

He's agreed to reduce if you plead
no contest forthwith commitment--

Hold on. What does that mean?

If you plead no contest...

...he'll reduce the charge
to involuntary manslaughter.

You get no more than three years,
you start serving it immediately.

If you stay out of trouble,
you'll only do half.

Hell, you've already got
95 days time served.

You'd be out in less than 15 months.

And what other options do I have?

We go to a jury trial which will
take a year to get to anyway...

...and they try you
for second-degree murder.

It carries a mandatory sentence
of 15 years to life.

Look, take the deal.

We won't do better.

Your Honor, the defendant
is willing to plead guilty...

...to an amended count
of involuntary manslaughter.

We've agreed to a three-year sentence
in state prison...

...with a forthwith commitment.

The 97 days Mr. Porter has served
in county jail...

...would be credited
to his overall sentence.

Mr. Porter.

Do you understand
that this can be used against you...

...in any future violations
or convictions...

...resulting in additional time
added to your sentence?

Yes, Your Honor.

And Mr. Porter, do you understand...

...that you'll be banned from buying
or possessing firearms...

...that until your sentence
and parole term is served...

...you cannot vote or leave the county
without authorization.

-Do you understand these terms?
-Yes, Your Honor.

Therefore, Mr. Porter,
for your conviction in count one...

...this court sentences you
to three years in state prison...

...with a credit of 97 days
already served.

-Good luck to you, sir.
-Thank you, Your Honor.

Yo, man, we caught the chain to the
motherfucking madhouse, homey.

It's like this place
is always cracking off.

Yo, my name is Jake.
They call me Snowman.

-What's yours?


Yo, man, know who that fucker is,

White dude with the mustache?

That's Danny Samson.

Dude's in the Brand.

He should be locked up
at the SHU at the Bay right now...

...but, like, the mad dog's genius,
you know?

He flies under the radar.
He's like a sleeper.

No letters, no AB tats, nothing.

Cops can't fucking validate him.

What's the Brand?

It's the Aryan Brotherhood, man.

Yo, you better figure
your shit out fast, homey.

-So, what time's the game tonight?

What are you doing?

Hiding from Jill Sanders.

She wants to fight me...

...but she's a girl.

Which one? The one in the white?

Well, she is big.

Yeah, she's huge.

Well, you tell her
you're not gonna fight, period.

So she might as well just let it go.

And if that doesn't work, then,
you know, just kick her in the nuts.

Give me a hug.
Get out of here, man.

Come on.

I'll see you later.

Hey, Todd.
You know I was kidding, right?

The weak are the ones
who can't avoid trouble.

-I know, Dad.
-All right. See you later.

Oh, man.

Yo, that fucking toad's eyeballing you,

Got into a fight with him at county.
Didn't think it was that big a deal.

Shit, man, everything in here
is a big fucking deal.

Look at someone the wrong way,
it's on.

You fucking don't look at them,
it's on.

Do yourself a favor.

When we get down to yard...

...get down for your fucking race,

Sling with the first monkey
who opens his mouth.

I'll back you up.
Don't you fucking worry about it.

-It's jumping off.

We have a major 415 in the back
of the bus. Multiple inmates involved.

Have an ERT unit dispatched
and ready.

-Oh, fuck!
-They got the motherfucking goons.

You found it under your seat.
Don't say shit.

-Rats get whacked.
-What are you doing?

Sit down and shut up. Now!

Heads down! Now!

And stay down...

...stay quiet.

Or I'll CN gas the whole fucking bus.
Let you choke on it!

Send him to the infirmary.

Throw the rest in the hole
till we figure this shit out.

-Team, get them off the bus.
-Get your asses up.

-Let's go off the bus. Let's go.
-Let's go. Hurry up.

It wasn't my weapon, I swear.

-Save that shit.
-It was under my seat.

Jesus Christ.

What am I gonna do?

Oh, man.


-Hey, guard!
-Shut the fuck up!

Guard, please.


What am I gonna do?
One fucking phone call!

Damn it, this is fucking crazy.

Motherfucker, come on!

Please, God. Please.

I shouldn't even fucking be in here!

Get your head off the ground, fish.

Look at me in my eyes
when I talk to you.

We know you didn't stick that inmate.
Tell us who did it and you're out of it.

I don't know.

I found the weapon under my seat.

-Somebody must've slid it on the floor.

We know it was Danny Samson.

Just admit it.

If you know,
why do you need me?

Son of a bitch!

-I will put you in the hole--
-Come on.

--till you're fucking an old man.

-You hear me?

Let me tell you about that piece of shit
you're covering for.

You think he'll give you love for this,
get yourself some protection, right?

Samson's a stone-cold killer
who could give a fuck about you.

Look what he did
to one of his own race.

You don't mean shit to him.
Look at me, boy.

When the time comes,
he will whack you.

Protect his own ass.

Is that who you looking to back?

That inmate that got stuck in the neck,
he's in critical condition.

If he dies, you're going down
for accessory to murder.

-I don't know. I don't know. I'm sorry.
-Fuck it.

He wants to soldier up
with his new homeys.

Let him.

Congratulations, Porter.

You're on your way to the SHU.

That's my motherfucking house.

Let's go.

Come on. Come on, bitch!
Come get some.

Open A Section.

Step inside.

One, two, three--

Welcome home.

One, two, three.

Look how lucky you are.

Against the wall.

What's up?

Crack 13.

Do not move, there's a fucking gun
trained on your head.

Move to the right.

Step inside.

Close 13.

Get something straight.
We're hands-on.

You'll receive no warning shots.

I'll uncuff your first hand.
Grip the port. Understand?


Grab the food port.
I'll uncuff your second hand.

Step away from the door.
You understand?

-Do you understand?

Step inside.

You're in here 23/7.
Get an hour yard time a day.

Three showers a week. That's it.

-Welcome to the SHU.

Seventeen, 18, 19.

Warden Reed at Salinas
speaks highly of you.

Adapted well, led by example.

The Army taught me a lot, sir.

Rangers, huh?

-Shock and Awe, Iraqi Freedom?
-No, sir. I just missed it.

Did most of my tour in Korea
in the DMZ.

-Any action?
-It was like watching paint dry.

NK'd look at us.
We'd look at them.

Maybe one of us would give the other
the finger. That's about it.

You'll see more than that
working in the SHU.

That'd suit me just fine, sir.

Good. Give me a minute with
the warden. I'll introduce you around.


-Thank you, sir.

So, what's on your mind, Bill?

-Hear they're transferring John Smith.
-Day after tomorrow.

We're putting him
in Protective Custody with Manson?

We'll put him in here in the SHU.

Seriously, come on.

He's caused a wreck in every house
he's been in. Better off isolating him.

I'm not adding to that son of a bitch's
celebrity. We put him there.

-That's what the SHU is for.
-Yes, sir.

Porter, yard time!

Let's go. Strip down. Pass your
clothes and shoes through the port.

Anything sharp in there?

-If I get cut I'm gonna fucking hurt you.

Run your fingers through your hair.

Open your mouth.

Lift up your tongue,
roll it side to side.

Run your finger
along your gum line.

Show me behind your left ear.

Behind your right.

Show me your pits. Arms up.

Lift your nut sack.

Lift your dick.

Turn around.

Lift your right foot.

Wiggle your toes.

Move your left foot.

Wiggle your toes.

Listen carefully,
I want you to squat three times.

On the third squat--
Stop, stop, stop.

You squat three times.
Listen to my voice.

On the third squat, I want you
to spread your cheeks, cough.


You're good. Get dressed.

Let's go.

Fucking fish. Jesus.

Come on.

Face the wall.

Okay, I'm just buttoning--

Step away.

Crack 13.

Back up.

Close 13.

Stop right there. Close side port.

Hands through the port.

I release this first cuff,
grab the top of the port.

I'll release the second cuff,
step away from the door.

Get in the yard.

Fucking told you, man.
Gladiator school's on.

I got 10 on Gonzales.

I got that.
Williams' gonna fuck him up.

Come on. Come on.

Oh, no. Get up, get up, man. Get up.

We keep it interesting.
Assholes will fight anyway.

-Who you got?
-I'm with you. Gonzales.

-Attaboy. Sergeant?
-I got Williams.

Of course you do.


I'm el fuego.

Fucking Gonzales.
Pepper the asshole.


The fight was over!

Beat your ass,
Uncle Tom house nigger!

Yeah, you, Jackson! You ain't shit
without that gat. You know it.

Put Williams out first. Alone.

Think I'm scared of some hole time?
Fuck you and the hole.

Who said you was going to the hole?

Put him in the review room.
Uncuff him.


I believe you're done now.

What the fuck is up now? What?

You said, nigger, right?

That's all you came with?
Who the nigger now?

Put him in the hole, LT?

Throw him in his cell.

Let everybody see it.

Still the reigning champ.

Everybody see this?

SHU inmates can't have packages
until next quarter.

I'm wearing an underwire bra.

We're gonna have
to strip-search you.

Please take off your shirt.

I need you to take off your bra too.

Raise your arms.

Thank you.

Hey, baby.

What's wrong?

It's nothing, baby. I'm fine.

Jesus Christ, Wade, they wouldn't let
me see or talk to you for three months.

Then I get this phone call saying
that you're in a security housing unit.

What's going on?

-Just got caught up in something.

That's it?
That's all you're gonna say?

Yeah, well, they took away 90 days
of my good time.

Why? Wade, what did you do?

I didn't do anything. I swear.

You must have.
Why would they be punishing you?

Things aren't that simple in here,

I can't explain it to you.
You have to trust me.


How's Mikey?

He's fine.

Will you bring him next time?

I gotta see him.

I will. He misses you.

Wade, we're out of money.

Mortgage is due.
I've been trying to find a job.

-I can't find one that will pay it.
-Job? What about Mikey?

My mom's gonna watch him.

I thought we were
nine months ahead.

We were, and then the wedding.
I didn't get all our deposits back.

All right.

Just use the checks
from the SBA loan.

That'll get you by
until I figure something out.

-No, baby, that's your business.
-The hell with my business.

I can't think about that right now.

Just use the checks.

Open A Section.

Good to see you, wood.
Anything you need, you let me know.

I got you, Smith. That's right, wood.
I know who you are, homey.

Porter, get your fish ass on the floor
facing the wall.

On your knees.
Hands behind your head.

You hear me talking to you, Porter?

Crack 13!

Letters from John Henry Smith.

Posted right there on the Internet
for everyone to see.

"Any student of philosophy
will tell you...

...the truth about the human condition
today lies in our ability...

...to face things
we loathe about ourselves.

To comprehend human altruism
and common decency."

Blah, blah, blah.

Does anybody buy this shit?

Now, I remember
when I first heard about you.

You took out what,
16, 17 people, right?


...I think you're a fucking hypocrite.

Writing this shit.

Expecting people to what,
get something out of it?

Fucking asshole lifers.

Find religion
or wanna change the world.

Tookie and his fucking kids books.
And now you.

Found this in your property.

Family is everything, isn't it?

I'm gonna hang on to this for you.

Keep it safe.

You pull any shit in my house...

...and I will show you
what true fucking vengeance is.

We clear?

Close 13.

Turn around.

I'll release this cuff,
grip the food port.

Step away.

Porter, you can get up.

Smith, you got some fresh meat.

You wanna fuck or fight?


Keep it that way.

I like this bunk.


Here you go.

You jerk off, face the wall.

You break wind...

...put your ass to the door.

If you shit and piss, in the can.

Do all that,
we'll get along famously.

Smith! Porter!

Yard time!

Thirty-three. Down.





-Who the fuck is this fool?
-No, no, he....

How you doing, Smith?
Anything you need, bro.

The southerners are backing him?

I heard he's got history
with the shot callers.

How you doing?

-This the guy, man. This is Wade.

Bodie. County skinhead.

Hey. Wade. Santa Clarita.

Fucking welcome to the jungle, huh?

-Motherfucking SHU's no joke, is it?
-Yeah, thanks.

Yeah, you should be fucking thanking
me, man. Samson says you're solid.

So you two are Aryan Brotherhood

No, man. We're the ones putting
the work in though.

Earning our fucking letters.

Why'd that guy get stabbed?

That was a drug debt, man.
Fucking needle Nazi owed, taxed.

Keep handling business
and do as you're told...

...and we'll get down for you.
Trust me, you'll need it.


That who you're headed back to?


We were supposed to be married
four months ago.

What's your boy's name?


Looks like you.

And the eyes and the mouth.

my Maria took after her mother.

You got a picture of them?

You saw them take
the last one I had.


What for?

I remember it all
like it was this morning.


The smell of Anne's perfume
when I'd come through the door.

That look she'd give me
like I was the only man that mattered.

My Maria and...

...her little smile
when she laid on my chest.

She liked to listen to me breathing.

They can't take that away.

I feel like I really let them down.

You will if you don't make it
out of here.

But you're in the car, right?

In the car?

Means you're cliqued up
with somebody.

A gang.

Just hope...

...you don't think all they want you
to do is run in the yard and yell nigger.

How do you make it on your own?

Perception is reality.

I chose to create mine.
Others chose to accept it.

Who was that guy you were talking to
at the yard?

What is this, 20 fucking Questions?

His name's Oso.
He's a southern shot caller.

It means he's got the keys
to the house. It means...

...none of his soldiers will make
a move without his say-so.

I don't know.
How do you know who's with who?

Okay, fish.

I'll be the good veterano
and teach you prison politics.

But you're gonna do something
for me.

Okay, what?

Stay away from me in the yard.

-I understand.
-No, you don't.

This is my world
until death do us part.

You're only a tourist.

All right, first lesson for woods
like you and me...

...if it ain't white, it ain't right.

Prison is not about street gangs.

It's about race.

The Hispanics are cut in half.
You got the northerners...

...and the southerners.
Trust me, they're always at war.

With the blacks, you got a mixture
of gangs who forget their beefs...

...and unite with the Asians
and the Pacific Islanders.

Don't bother trying to figure out
who's who. They all hate you.

Then you got the skins
and the woods.

Nearly all the whites follow the Aryan
Brotherhood, who run the show.

Gangs underneath them will try to
recruit you, build up their numbers...

...get you to sling drugs,
stab who they don't like.

You pay attention to who's calling
the shots with the whites.

Tell you to do something
and you don't handle business...

...they'll handle you.

What's up? How you doing?

You see that Predator-looking
motherfucker over there?


-Crack it off, homey.
-Yo, watch it.

No, no, no. Let it go for a minute.
Come on.

Come on, Wade.
Book his fucking ass.

Get up.

-Get up, man.
-Come on, fight hard.

-Want me to stop it now?

Shoot Turner in the leg
with the Mini-14.

-But, sir, he's losing.
-Shoot Turner with the Mini-14.

Get his ass. Come on.

Fuck him up. Fuck him up.

He jumped a female officer
on the main line.

Now send him a message.

I'll get him good with this one, sir.

Don't let him up, Wade.
Stop that motherfucker.

-Get down, homey. Get down!

That is the enemy down there,

You show these assholes weakness
and they will send you a message.

Blow holes in you with a piece of iron,
gut you like a fish.

-Is that what you want?
-No, sir.

That's right, that's not what you want.
It's real simple.

You're either in the car with us
or you are not. Which one is it?

-Because I can transfer you.
-I'm in the car, sir.

Now you learn
from your experiences then.

Now clear the yard.

Call in the medical staff.
I'll do the report.

You're making bones, wood.

Time to get that shit clean.

Why did they shoot that guy
with a rifle?

Better question is, why didn't they
shoot you? You were kicking his ass.

Can't somebody say something?

Get something very clear
in your head.

Once you leave that courtroom...

...society's rules no longer apply.
We play by the cops' rules.

We play by the gangs' rules.
However they want it.

This fucking place is so twisted.

Prison desensitizes you.

First time you see a guy's face cut up,
you puke.

Second time, you're concerned.

After a while, you step right over
and could give a shit.

It's no different for them
pulling the trigger.

Make no mistake...

...we're all in prison.

Man, there's still a lot of fights
going on.

Why Sacramento doesn't learn
to segregate the yards again...

...is beyond me.

Warden, how long have we been
working together?

Trust me, sir.
I have it all under control.

I know you do.

All right. Thanks a lot.


There's Daddy.

Way to be, homey. You got down.

-Hey, guys.
-What was that?

You can't survive in here on your own.
You just can't.

So, what are you,
some Nazi skinhead now?

I don't expect you to understand.

I don't.

-How we making out with the bills?

...the business loan is gone.

I'm halfway through the equity line
on the house. And....

You know, my temp job doesn't even
begin to cover our overhead.

To tell you the truth,
I don't know what to do.

All right. Screw it. Sell the house.

Sell my truck.
Sell whatever you can.

Wade, that's our house.

I know. But you and Michael
are what's important right now.

We'll save up,
we'll get another house.


...look at me.

Soon as I get out of here,
all of this is history. I swear to you.

So, what, they--? They protect you?

In exchange for what?

You just let me worry about that,

-Get him.
-Kick his ass.

Shoot them in the chest.
Get their attention.

Nice shooting, Ranger.

Damn, wood. That's good.

Yeah. Get up--

Get them.

-What's up, man? You doing all right?

Get over there and show them
what you're made of.

Why don't you, homey?

You put in some work,
think you're calling the shots now?

You think you're Billy Badass?
You better get your ass over there.

I ain't seen you fight once
since I've been here.

Let's get this motherfucker.

-Get down.
-Fuck him.


-They're in the fucking blind spot.
-Come on.

Hit them with the CN gas.

Get down or I'll put you down!

Get down!

You better have eyes in the back
of your fucking head.

Smith, against the back of your cell.
Hands behind your head.

You move, you will get shot.

Crack 13.

Let's go.

Close 13.

You get up, Smith.

I warned you, fish.

Now you got me in the hat with you.

You think they'll let this slide?

They're gonna green-light us both.

I should kick
your fucking ass myself.

It wouldn't be hard right now.

Thanks, John.

You wanna know how I survive?

You're about to get a crash course,
my friend.

You get everything
out of the house?

Yeah. Yeah, the storage unit's
completely filled.

You're okay with this mess
just until the escrow closes?

Soon as we get the check,
Michael and I will find--

Laura, of course I'm okay.

You and Michael can stay
as long as you like.

Always. Always snorting.
I'm not kidding.

Pick it?


You getting some shopping done?

Yeah, one can eat only
so much pizza and fast food.

My wife and I recently divorced.


Oh, I'm sorry. This is my wife, Kelly.

-This is Lieutenant Jackson.
-Bill. Call me Bill.

Nice to meet you, Bill.

Nice to meet you.
Well, congratulations.

-A boy or girl?
-It's a girl.

Oh, I remember these days,
they go by so fast.

You guys are gonna make
great parents. I can tell.

Are you all settled in from the move?

Not completely.

We still have to buy a house.
We need the extra room.

Let me know if I can help.
And don't be afraid to tell people...

...around here that you are part
of the family.

More than half this town is employed
at the prison. We take care of our own.

Okay, I'll do that. Thank you.

-See you tomorrow, James.
-See you, lieutenant.

He seems like a really nice guy.

Back up.

Turn around.

Two steps back.

Close 13!

Keep your head up out there today.

What do you care?

It'll give you something else
to shoot at.

All right. Suit yourself.

It's done, homey. Regulation time.

There's my bitch, huh?

Fucking lame. You should have known
after all the shit we did for you.


Shut your hole.

Far as I'm concerned,
you're the fucking lame.

I saw you pass the shank
on the bus.


Weapon went in the toilet.

No wood will touch you.

If you wanna ride with us,
come see me.

Otherwise you're on your own.

I can't believe
he's giving them a pass.

Stick Bodie and Rooker in the hole.

Wait, Bill. What about Samson?

What about him?

When I get something on him,
it will be something that'll stick.

Why does he hate that guy
so much?

Samson gassed him on the main line
five years ago.

Hit him square in the face
with fucking piss and shit.

Ended up catching hepatitis A which
he passed on to his wife and kid.

We all got our Danny Samsons
in here.

You stay on the job long enough...

...so will you.

What a piece of work is man.

And there is nothing either good
or bad but thinking makes it so.

Human beings are
perhaps never more dangerous...

...than when they are convinced
beyond a doubt that they are right.

Patience, penance.

What do these ones represent?

That's my calendar.

Anne's birthday.

That was our first date.

Our anniversary.

My Maria's birthday.

The first day she walked.

And the day they were taken
from me.

And that empty box,
what's that one?

This is...

...the day we're reunited.

You writing your girl?

Yeah, I'm trying.
I'm just running out of things to say.


...you said...

...you've been together six years.

How come you haven't married her
before now?

I just wanted to be set first.

You know?

Just wanted to give her
some stability...

...something neither of us had
growing up.

Boy, you sure fucked that up,
didn't you?

Yeah, you could say that.

Hey, John.

You think Samson
will keep his word?

Oh, just don't give him a reason
not to.

You're an island now,
in a sea of sharks.

They all know you're on your own.

Come on. Finish it off good.
Let's go.

Come on.
This is the last one, buddy.

-Come on.


Make them practice hard, coach.
Come on.

Todd's amazing.

Come on, Todd. Big T.

You know, I was thinking
maybe we should cool it for a while.

Cool what?

You know, stick to CDC policy.
Do it by the books just for a while.

That bureaucratic bullshit
does not work. You know this.

Of all people, you should know this.

Just those fucking yard cameras,
they pick up everything.

All it takes is for one person
to get a hold--

Those cameras are there
to police ourselves.

Ain't nobody checking nothing.

Where is this coming from?

I just don't want us to lose everything
we worked for, Bill.

I mean, I'm too close to my pension.

And I don't wanna lose it
over some punk inmate, fucking--

Wait. Stop. How much money
you make in OT last year?

-How much money did you make?
-Sixty-eight grand.

-On top of a good salary?
-Yes. Yes.

You know, there's a reason why we're
the highest paid officers in the state.

Because all they give a shit about...

...is that we keep those pieces of shit
out of society.

And ain't nobody gonna burst that
bubble, baby. Nobody. Okay?

-You just keep doing it.
-All right.

-Trust me, all right?
-All right.

Come on, Todd.

Coming around. Come on, coach.

Make them hustle.



Stay in the house.

-I said, stop.

Bad dream?

You ever think about
the people you killed?


Can't get this guy's face
out of my head.

I should have stayed inside,
let him go.


You did what you had to do.

Protect your family.
That's the only thing that matters.

Can I ask you something?

Why didn't you just kill
the two guys?

Why the others?



You don't have to tell me.

You sleep three feet away
from a guy...

...breathing the same air...

...you have to know things
about him.

And when your life is forever
defined by a single action...

...it changes time.

It feels like a thousand years ago
in my body...

...but in my mind...

...it feels like it happened yesterday.

You know that feeling when you come
home and see your wife and kid?


Try to imagine the unimaginable.

When I came home...

...and saw them lying there...


Covered in blood.

My little Maria's broken legs
were spread so far apart...

...they dislocated her hips.

She was 7 years old.

I wanted those two...


...to experience what I did.

I wanted them to know
the unimaginable...

...and I gave them that.

I killed every member
of their families.

Their bloodline wiped clean.

I took their madness.

I purified it.

Before I killed them,
they knew that loss.

I wanted the death penalty
but I didn't get it.

I wanted to be with my Anne
and my Maria.

And that doesn't give
those motherfuckers the right...

...to break me.

It does give them the right
to watch me...



What's wrong? Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm just tired.

Are you sure?


I can't believe
it's been 11 months already.

All I think about
is holding you again.

I was hoping you'd bring Mikey.

Yeah, I would have but he had
some nightmares after the last visit...

...so I thought it'd be better
to leave him at home.

Yeah, you're right.

He probably shouldn't see
this place ever again, anyway.


So we sold the house.

Okay. The full 425, right?

No. We closed at 380.

What? Three-eighty. Shit, Laura.

With all the equity gone in the house,
you're gonna barely make $10,000.

How're you gonna--?

Don't think I haven't thought of that?
Maybe you should have done it.

Hey, I'm the one stuck doing time,

You think I'm not doing it too?

You're in there hanging
with your homeboys...

...I'm dealing with the fucking mess
called our life.

Your tools are gone.

Your truck, gone.

Our house, Wade, is gone.

Meanwhile, I'm working
this piece of shit temp job.

I barely see Michael.
I get to live with my mother...

...and listen to all her bullshit...

...while everyone we know
stares at me in pity.

All right. Calm down. Okay?

I'm sorry.
I know you're dealing with a lot.

But you have no idea the shit
that goes on in here.

What I've had to do just to survive.

No. Tell me because I don't know.

I can't.

-Fuck you, Wade.

Don't go, Laura, please.

Please, just sit back down!


You wanna know the secret
to making it in here?

Routine. Just like on the outside.

Get up in the morning.
Eat your breakfast.

Do your chores. Exercise.

Go to work.

Everything, you do it down
to the last detail.

This is the only prisoner.

Still thinking about the girl?
Her visit?

You should have seen her face,

I couldn't do a fucking thing
about it.

I've seen it mess with a lot of guys.

You leave that visit on a bad note,
it stays that way.

Keep moving.

She's everything to me, man.

If I don't have her or Michael--

-I'm so done with this shit.
-Come on, motherfucker.

-Here we go. This is gonna be a brawl.
-Can't wait.

-Fuck that, motherfucker.
-I'm not fighting you, man.

Hold that motherfucker. Come on.

Get him. Get that--

-What the fuck are you doing?
-Yeah, fuck. Fuck that motherfucker.

-You guys called me up here for this?
-Clear the room.

You heard the lieutenant. Get out.

You wanna fuck with me?

Put him in the infirmary.

If I debrief, I wanna be put in PC
for the rest of my term.

Or I'm fucking dead.

You give me everything.


You're in protective custody at night.


And to think, 19 years
I've been dealing with you assholes.

Pushing me. Testing me.

Hell, I've had six hits put on me
personally that I know about.

Imagine the stress every day...

...wondering if today's the day
they get you.

People wonder why prison guards...

...have an average life expectancy
of only 55 years.

Well, that won't be me.

I don't succumb to pressure.

I inflict it.

Jesus Christ. Please. Please!

-I'm begging you. I'm begging you.
-So tell me. Tell me.

Please, lieutenant. I'm sorry.

And if I let this slide,
what's the next asshole gonna pull?

I guess I gotta put
a little more fear in you.

-Up the ante.
-I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Please, God.

You know what?

I think I got a better way.

You know that inmate
that Samson stuck on the bus?

-He died.

Now, I could give a fuck.

But you should.

See, with the right paperwork by me
and an eyewitness which I now have...

...Samson's going down
for murder one.

With you as an accessory.

Okay, look, I'm sorry.

I should've told you the truth.
I thought he was gonna kill me.

-I've never been to prison.
-That ship's already sailed, Porter.

Looks like you and me
gonna spend more time together.

Please, lieutenant,
I only have four more months left.

I'll do whatever you want, please!

Goddamn it!

Mr. Samson, with the jury
having convicted you...

...in count one of first-degree murder,
I sentence you to life without parole.

This term will run consecutive
with your initial sentence.

Mr. Porter, with the jury
having convicted you...

...in count one of accessory
after the fact to murder...

...I sentence you to the high term
of three years.

And since Lieutenant Jackson's
testimony was so overwhelming...

...I'm adding an additional three years
in regard to your gang allegations.

These six years will run consecutive
with your initial sentence.

I hope you get your life
back on track.

I heard.

I'm sorry.

What the fuck did I do
to deserve this?

No, I do not have to face reality,

Look at Wade.
Look at what he's become.

It happens. It just happens.

-Some people go off the deep end--
-What do you want?

You want me
just to walk away, right?

-You just want me to desert him?
-I'm sorry, but he has deserted you.

I am trying to get through to you.

You are 33 years old,
a single mother.

You're gonna be over before he gets out.

If he does something else,
what then?

You have waited in vain.

I was 26 when your father split.

Left you and me without a pot
to piss in, remember?

I don't regret a moment of it...

...working all those years
to support us.

But take a good look at me, Laura.

I'm 50 years old and I'm still alone.

I don't wanna see you
go through that.

I knew it.

She left me.

She fucking left me.

-You want me to take him to the hole?
-For what?

You're letting them beat you.

Who gives a fuck.

I got nothing to go back to now.
I got fucking nothing.

You of all people should know
what that fucking feels like.

How're you holding up
in here, John?

Shouldn't you be on that fishing boat
of yours?

Or taking that pretty wife of yours
on a holiday?

As a matter of fact,
I was on that boat this morning.

You need a new pair of glasses?

-No. No, I--

I kind of got used to them
being broken.

Haven't seen any of your letters
on the website lately.

Whatever debt
you think you owe me...

...you paid that a long time ago.

You think that's the reason
I keep coming back?

No. You've been a good friend
to me, Gordon.

But you and I both know that you'd
never see the walls of a prison again...

...if it weren't for me,
and that pains me.

So please, just...

...go enjoy your life, and....

-Stop wasting it here.



Hey. Hey.

They're gonna take him into surgery.
We're not allowed to go in there.

Hey, Todd. Todd, hey, it's Daddy.

-It hurts.
-Oh, yeah. I know, champ.

You gotta be tough, okay?

They're gonna take you in there
and fix you up. All right?

I'll be right here, okay, buddy?

I'll be right here when you come out.
I promise.

-Be tough, okay, baby?
-Hey, Stacy.

-What happened?
-He was playing in the front yard...

...with his friends, he ran
into the street to chase the ball...

...this guy came plowing
around the corner...

...and he didn't even brake
before he smacked into him.

It's this motherfucker's
third DUI strike.

-How do you know that?
-The cops.

They're over there
guarding his fucking room right now.

Looks like your air bag saved you.


Too bad my son didn't have one.

I am so, so sorry. How's he doing?

I don't wanna hear your bullshit.

I didn't mean to hit him. I--

You better pray...

...a judge shows you leniency
because I will not.

There's not a jail or prison
in this state...

...that you can hide from me.

I'll put the word out
that you're a fucking pedophile.

Get a bunch
of hard-hitting gangsters...

...to pump your ass
till you bleed to death.

Or better yet...

...I got your license number
and address from the incident report.

Maybe while you're getting
fucked up the ass in the joint...

...I'll swing by your house
and hit your fucking kids.

You just fucked
with the wrong motherfucker, son.

One fucking thing. That's all I can ask
is one fucking thing.

I can't get--

Jesus Christ. Jesus.

You got eight seconds.

-For what?

Yeah, nigga.
OG in the house, motherfucker.

-So sorry--
-What's up, cos?

-What's up, my nig?
-Fuck you, tinto.

Come on, motherfucker.

Yeah, bitch, I see you.
And I got something for your ass.

You will see me, motherfucker.
Yeah, you will see me soon.

They already gave you
the keys to the apartment, right?

Yeah. I just wish
it had more storage space.

It's cheap, that's what matters.

And hell, there's plenty
of space here.

Oh, no.
That one actually stays here.

Oh, thanks, honey.

Wait. Thanks.

Why are you putting Daddy's clothes
over there?

Well, baby....

Daddy's not gonna live with us

But you said he was coming home.

I know, I did. But things changed.

-Honey, it's just--

Sometimes, Mikey...

...people move on to another life.

And all we can do is say goodbye.

Is he mad at us?

No. No, baby, Daddy loves us both
very, very much.

You know what?
We're gonna be fine.

Okay? We can talk about this
later. Why--?

Why don't you get your coloring book,
and you can draw Grandma a picture.



Where are you?

Affects you....


You got a visitor.

I'll give you guys a little extra time.


Is everything okay?
Is Mikey all right?

Yeah. No, no, he's fine.

Didn't think I'd see you again.

To tell you the truth, me neither.

Look, I don't know what to do.

At the rate we're going...

...Mikey will be starting junior high
by the time you get out.

But I know he doesn't wanna spend
the rest of his life without you.

And I don't either.

I'm not gonna lie to you.

Your letter killed me.

I mean, if I don't have you or Michael
to come home to...

...I'm not gonna make it.

It's just that any time
I hang on to any bit of hope...

...it gets taken away from me.

So you tell me.

-Do I wait for you?
-I want you to.

But I understand if you can't.

Well, I will.

However long it takes.

I just need to know
that when you come out...

...it'll be you.

Love is the most subtle force
on Earth.

-It was Laura.
-No shit.

Look, John...

...I know you're never getting out of
here. I don't mean any disrespect...

...but this guy has robbed me the next
seven years of my life with my family.

I can't let this happen.

Last time I checked, they don't
commute a man's sentence...

...just because he's homesick.

Unless he's got something
to barter with.

-What do you mean?
-What do I mean?

Expose the shit they're pulling.

Right, but nobody is gonna risk going
against Jackson, not even Collins.

You've gotta think
outside these walls.

Get the right people involved,
force them to pay attention.


Please just tell me how.

Hey, LT, how's your son doing?


Listen, Porter in has been asking for you.

I'm in no fucking mood.
What do you want?

Ready to give you a good show, sir.

Come again?

You know that Crip in Cell 19?

Motherfucker's one of the reasons
I'm in here.

-You want a little payback, huh?

You put us in the yard. It'll crack off.

I'm so sick of all you pieces of shit.

I'll tell you what.

You wanna handle this
like a soldier so bad, you got it.

But it's my rules,
you're going all the way.

What do you mean?

Whether you like it or not,
you're going into that yard.

And one of you motherfuckers
ain't coming out alive.

Even if I gotta end it myself, start
taking you fuckers out one by one.

You hear me?

Didn't see that one coming.

-You got the address I gave you?

You just make sure you get through
to him. Or this doesn't work.

Why risk it? I told you we'd wait.

For seven more years?

No, baby, what they did was wrong.

It's not fair to either of us, or Mikey.

What if something happens, though?
And you never make it out of here?

I'm coming home.

Just make sure you don't go
to anyone in Corrections.

We don't know who we can trust.

Can I help you?

-Mr. Camrose?

Crack 13.

Let's go. Right there.
Right there. Stop.

Let's go.

Two steps back.

I know what's going on. Don't.

Even if you win,
you're throwing your life away.

What do you care?
You're just like them.

-I'm not like them.
-Then do something about it.

Are you sure Wade said
it was this morning?

He said they take him
to the yard at 8.

If he doesn't fight, all we have
is circumstantial evidence.

We need to seize those yard tapes
before they erase them.

Whatever happens,
it does not leave this car.

Copy that.

When your life is defined
by a single action...

...you change the concept of time.

Yeah, motherfucker.

Here we go.

Think it's smart
to have them in the yard?

If I have to take
one of these assholes out...

...we write it off
that we stopped a riot.

Looks like Porter bit off
more than he could chew.

Okay, he got the point. Let's stop it.



Go ahead.

You do it,
or the next one does not miss.

Not worth it. Get down.

Fellas, okay, fuck that shit.

If they want sangre on their manos,
órale, we'll give them sangre.

Let it go, Bill.

They'll whack us, our families.
It's not worth it. You know it.

Let it go.

Clear the yard.

Move it.

Cell 13, off the yard!

Do you think it worked?

Depends on whether your girl
got through to Gordon.

-I can't believe you got them to stand.

There's one thing they hate
more than each other. Cops.

Especially Jackson.

Both of you,
back in the fucking yard now.

Move your fucking asses!

It's gonna be all right, honey.

You got me, Diaz?

Affirmative, LT.
They fucking twitch, I'll waste them.

Oh, fuck, Bill.

I'm gonna go to the infirmary.

Got something going on
with my throat.

That's what my report will reflect.

Open the yard door.

Holy fuck, we're in it now.

You fuckers think anybody cares
if you make a stink?

Nobody gives a shit about you.

You see, the thing is, I got you two,
on camera, leaving the yard alive.

So if anybody checks my report...

...they'll see that old boy here
showed his true colors.

Stuck this bone crusher in your ear.

Of course, we had to take him out
with the Mini-14.

And the shitty thing about it...

...is they'll just send me two fresh new
assholes to replace you by sundown.


You fucking--

You think God...

...will let me see my family now?





I knew you weren't with us!

Guess what, Diaz?

The car just crashed.

I've locked down the SHU. Alert
all sections. I'm headed in there now.

Camrose, what are you doing here?

Agent Skiletti, FBI.
We need to talk to you.

Sorry, I have an emergency
I need to--

This is a federal inquiry. You need
to tell me what that emergency is.

I have one dead lieutenant,
one inmate.

What are their names?

Lieutenant Bill Jackson.

The inmate is Smith. John Smith.

I wanna see the tapes of the SHU
yard before anyone touches them.

How do you know it happened
in the yard?


...you weren't with them.

Everyone knows it.

You think that matters?

They'll run me out of here.

There won't be a prison in the system
that'll touch me.

Now what do I do?

And you knew nothing about this?

I was in the infirmary,
just like my report says.

Look, I fail to see why the FBI thinks
they had to get involved...

-...before my people finish. I mean--
-After what I just saw?

We're involved.

Let me make this clear,
Wade Porter is now a federal witness.

I want him in protective custody
until he's released.

Camrose, how did you know this
was gonna happen before the fact?

Sorry, he's not at liberty
to disclose that.

That's part of our investigation.

You know what amazes me, Frank...

...is that you didn't know.

Wade's been put
into protective custody.

Nothing'll happen to him.

I'm also gonna push for his extra time
to be commuted for his testimony.

Well, what does that mean?

He'll get out the minute
his original sentence is up.

Which is less than three months,

Oh, my God.

Thank you.

This was left in your cell.


I'm Gordon Camrose.

-A friend of John's.
-Hey, Gordon.

Nice to meet you.

Thank you so much
for getting involved.

Yeah. Sure.

I heard you were a captain.

Yeah, I guarded John for 20 years.

I spent more time with him than I did
with my own family, seems like.

He saved me from a sticking.

-I don't know if he told you that.


I'd have been dead for sure.

Though it ain't the only reason
I watched out for him.

And I tried to explain that to him.

He was one of my true friends.

Mine too.

Son of a bitch never told me anything
about this the last time I saw him.

Then your fiancée
came out of the blue, you know.

She wanted me to tell you...

...she wanted me to give you
a message about a new wedding date.


-Thank you.
-Yeah, Wade, get some rest, okay?


...John went out the way he wanted.

They never broke him.


No, they didn't.

Usually I'm quoting
someone else's words.

The least I can do is give you
some John Smith originals.

They won't be poetic.

But they'll be the truth.

Close 13.

Come on. I'm supposed to be in PC
the rest of my term.

-Jackson said--
-Jackson's dead.

You can get up.

Yes, prison desensitizes you.

But it also forces you to see
what's most important.

Family. And loyalty.

Because a con like you knows
neither exists in this place.

So don't run
from who you've become, felon.

Embrace it.

Grow from it.

And you'll never lose sight
of what truly matters.

That's my final piece of advice,
Wade Porter.

You protect your family at all costs.
Even if you're forced to kill again.

Because if I had to, I'd wipe out
the whole planet to get mine back.

So long, friend.

Special thanks to SergeiK.