Fighting Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Fighting script is here for all you fans of the Channing Tatum and Terrence Howard movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Fighting quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Fighting Script


See you later.


Excuse me.
You know where
42nd Street is?

Hey! What are
you doing?


Stop him,
he took my briefcase!

I got you,
don't worry about it!

Hold on a second, ma'am,
there, I'll get it.

Thank you.



MAN: Hey,
you're holding
people up here!

How you doing today?

WOMAN: Not so good.

MAN: Through the
turnstile, please.

RAY: Yo, we got it!
Piano Man, Piano Man.
Billy Joel. Uptown Girl.

Hello, beautiful. Anybody
selling tickets to
Piano Man? Box seats.

Piano Man!

Les Misérables, sir.
Les Misérables.

Come on. Billy Joel,
Uptown Girl.

Anybody selling ticket
for Piano Man?

Uptown Girl!

SCALPER: We Built This
City on Rock and Roll.
You know that's it, come on.

Hey, Janet,
how you doing?

You okay today?

You be careful today,
there's cops everywhere.

RAY: Anybody selling
tickets for Piano Man?

iPods! Harry Potter books!

iPods, $20.

RAY: Uptown Girl.
We Built This City on
Rock and Roll. You know...

How you doing, ma'am?
iPods, $20.

I like that oriental
jacket you got on.

That's $20 each, ma'am.

Two for $20!
No, no, you got...

That's $20 right
here, ma'am.

You got to give me
another $20.

Ma'am, you got two
of them right there.

How you doing,
young lady?

How much is this
Harry Potter book?

$20. Kids love
them things, that
Harry Potter stuff.

You got kids,
they gonna love that.

Yo, move your shit, man.
What's that?

iPods, $20!

Move your shit, man.
How much is your book?

I'm just trying to
make some money, man.

Harry Potter Versus
the Hipopotamus?

This is misspelled.

No, that's how
you spell it.

Where do you
put the tape?

No, it's not a Walkman,
it's an iPod, sir.

Move all this shit, man.
Move all this shit.

Excuse me, can I have
my money back?


ZULAY: I want my money back.

SHAWN: Hey, hey!
What are you doing?

Get off me!
Get off me!

JANET: Come on, stop!


I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

WOMAN: Drop this, man!

Get off me, I said!


Don't run, bitch!


Watch yourself!

Get off me, man!

Look, I'm sorry.
I'm not trying

HARVEY: Grab that.
Grab that. Grab that.

SHAWN: Hey, hey, hey.
Come here. Come here.

Hey, what are you doing?
Just watch yourself.

SHAWN: Give me
back my money!

HARVEY: Somebody ought
to call the cops on you.


Walk this way, walk.

MAN ON PA: Pay your fare!



Hey, Mr. Sou.

How you doing, Mr. Sou?

Good? You know
that Radio Music
Hall up there?


Man, I'll tell you,
they tried to kill
me up there, man.

I bought some stuff
from downtown.

It was a fake book.
I don't even know
how you do a fake book.

I'm gonna get some
umbrellas from you,
is that okay?


Can I get
some umbrellas
from you? Yeah?

You said $last time, right?

I got in a fight,
lost all my money.
This is all I got left.

Is that okay?

That's $100 right there.
I got one $20 left,
all right?

Man, I had my stuff at
Radio City Music Hall.

I ain't gonna go down
there no more, though.

They're a bunch
of crooks down there.
I'll see you later, Mr. Sou.

It's that kid
from before, Harvey.
He's coming in here.


Can I help you?

Come on, look,
I want my money
back, okay?

What money are you
talking about?

You know what
I'm talking about.
Look, I don't mean no...

Come on. He took it.

No, he did not... Okay, I want it
back right now.

He took your money? Okay.
Same shirt and everything.

This is Z and
as you can tell,

he's a little retarded
sometimes, okay?

Look, listen. Harvey.

How much are we
talking about here?
Z: Don't give him shit.

No, no, listen.
I've got this.
How much...

Hey, that's not nice.
That's not nice.

Here, thank you very much.

I should call the police
on you, you know? You should.

That's exactly
what you should do.

I'll wait here
for you if you want.

You know, you shouldn't
be robbing people,
you know that?

And especially ones
that can come
and find you.

Why don't you
sit down and talk
to me for a second?

I just want to have
a conversation with you.

I was talking
about you earlier.

Look, try some of
these bread things,
they're terrible.

Z: You're going to
go after this kid?

Hey, wait up a second.
Where you going?

You know, that was
some show you put
on out there today.

In the streets,
you know, the
fisticuff thing.

Can I ask you one
question, though?

I'd much rather you
just stop following me.

I'm not following you,
I'm walking down
the street.

But look, if you
want to make money...

You know...

Sorry, buddy.


There ain't
no friends here.

Think sitting behind
a desk, sucking ass all
day, is making money.

Look, I'm Harvey Boarden,
all right?

Let me introduce myself,
I'm Harvey Boarden.

Shawn MacArthur.

Good to meet you.
You like to fight?

If I have to.

I can make you $5,000.

Got you interested, huh?

You see that store
right there?

You ever wonder
how little places like
that stay in business?

BMW parked in front of it.
People dressed nicely.

They like people
that like to fight.

You want to make
some money at it?


Yes or no?

You don't want
to make no money,
you don't have to go.

You can go on
with your life.

I can make
$5,000 with you
on one fight alone.

You can stay there
and go home if you like

or you can come
and get $5,000.

Wait, hey.

HARVEY: You ain't
got no place to go,
go where you're going.

You better give me
$5,000 if I walk
across the street.

Come on, break out
one of them umbrellas.

It ain't raining.

HARVEY: You're right.

You know these guys,
you ever seen these
guys before?

I'm like an agent for
them, I get them
talent and stuff.

Hey, Christopher,

Hey, Harvey.

Hey, Claudette, Martinez.

(CHUCKLES) Chinese guy
named Martinez.


Go figure.

That guy was Chinese?

Yeah, his mother
or something.

But those guys, they
run every bet place
in this whole city.

And that's what matters
'cause that's how
you get paid.

Hey, Mr. Wilson.
Mr. Wilson.
Mr. Wilson.

Harvey, I have to thank
you so much for those
Billy Joel tickets.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
You look lovely tonight,

Did he do my favorite song,
the "Downtown Alexa" thing?

Okay. Hey!

What are you doing,
Harvey? No way.

to get some juice.

It's about to rain.

Get in the car, drive.
Get in the car, Z.

I got an umbrella
for you anyway.
Come on, get in.

Get rid of the box,
you don't need
that anymore.

Where are we going?

We're in a $100,Mercedes. That's
where we're going.

SHAWN: Okay, so what
happened to the $5,000?



Hey, here's your boy.

SHAWN: Good morning.

Thanks for showing.

I got your text,
so here I am.

You need a soda or anything?

No, I'm cool.

Do me a favor.
Go get me a orange
soda or something.

So what goes on here?

Well, we're going to
get you an opportunity.
You want to fight, right?

I want to make money.

Okay, first thing,
we got to make
you presentable.

Put this on. I don't want to
wear your jacket.

is everything.
Come on.

It's about making money.
I'm going to give you
an opportunity.

Real nice smile.

This thing
don't even fit me.

Where's my change?

It was $3.

You know, I can get that
for $1 across the street.

Yeah, and you could have
gotten it for 50 cents
at the supermarket.



Come on. I don't...

We're going to
make some money?


I feel stupid.


If they invite you over,
tell them you can fight,

'cause you can,
you know?

Better yet, don't even
say nothing to them,
let me do the talking

and I'll take care
of everything.

Yo, Harvey,
you want a stove?


HARVEY: Hey, Christopher,
you guys are still doing
the fight stuff, right?

I've got a guy right here.
Hey, Z, bring him over here!

This kid right here is
an incredible fighter.


Jack. Jack.

Tell me,
when was the last time
that you had a white guy

that looked like this
in one of your fights?

And you did college
and everything, right?

You went to college?

That is remarkable.

He's the real thing.

A white kid who
went to college,
that's amazing.

How come I never
heard of you?

Well, he's from...

No offense, but
I've never heard
of you either.

Look, I'm sorry, you know,
sometimes he's a wiseass.

But he's...
I'm not joking here.

I'll give him a peep.

I'll give him a peep.

White boy who
went to college.

Thanks, Jack.

Can I get my
jacket back,

Why'd you go
talking to him?

He asked me a question.

You got to let me
do the talking from
now on, okay? Please.

Okay. Please.

You know, I'll beep you
if he calls me. Come on.

Beep me?

Well, I'll page you,
text you, whatever.

Where are y'all going?

What, you lonely,
you need a friend?

We got things to do.
We'll text you.



Now there's these junk
stores and these vendors
and these big signs and

overhead construction
cranes and all this...

Lady! What are you
yelling about?

You know, they used
to sell drugs in
that building.

Well, that's okay,
but now they've got

men riding elevators
to wash the windows...

Well, let them...
Move on, it's okay.

WOMAN: And you take your
life in your hands just
crossing the street,

there's so much
demolition stuff
all around. Look at it...


After you.

Hey, Giovanni, you got
a refrigerator in there?

Last one, baby,
get it while it's hot.

Baby, come and get one,
buy one, get one free.


Come on over.

They had money on you
not making it.

So this thing's
for real?

Yes, it's very real.
Very real.


Yes, but minus costs.

Hey, be careful with
those shoes there.

Minus what?

Costs. This is Alexander.

Ray, Alexander.
Ray, Shawn.

You roughed them up
the other day,

so they're gonna ride
in the front and drive

and you're going to be
in the back with me.

No, no, I'm driving,
this is my car.

HARVEY: And it's
a very nice car.

You know, if your boy
wants to go, we can go.

Wait a second.
Come on, man, look,

I wasn't interested
in no trouble with you,
so you need to relax, okay?

HARVEY: Where's this
hostility coming from?

Text me again,
and I swear to God
I'm gonna hurt you.

He keeps sending me
these stupid little
things, you know.


Just costing me money.
Z: Come on, Harvey.

HARVEY: Why am I
sitting in the car
and it ain't moving?


Come on, these little texts
that you keep sending me

are costing me $1 a minute.


SHAWN: So, what,
I'm going to fight this
guy, then what happens?

HARVEY: Well, we go in,
you win, you get $5,000.

You lose, you get nothing.

SHAWN: So we get
paid tonight?

we will get paid.

You keep asking me
the same question.

AJAX: All right, Harvey.

SHAWN: So what,
they got rules
or something?

HARVEY: They don't
like scared, okay.
There's the church.

Z: Yeah, if you kick him
in the nuts, you win.


HARVEY: Right.
There's Sydney up there.

Z: Gouge the eyes,

Come on. Come on, Z.

This is Brooklyn, huh?

as you can see.

Hey, there, Sydney.
How you doing?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You're late.

SYDNEY: We have to have
this place cleaned up by
the morning, so hurry up.


Excuse me.

Here you go,
do what you
got to do.

Excuse me.

Scratch, bite.

Thank you.

Z: Yo, smells like
farts and ass in here,
you smell that?

RAY: Smell like pure vodka.

The place is
a playground,
but, like, bad.

Filled with bad people.




You ready?

Go make some money.




HARVEY: Hey, Jack.

Harvey, you running
on Caucasian people
time, huh?

I'm running. I'm running.

JACK: You're running?

JACK: Yeah,
you keep running.

Na zdorovie, brother.


Let's see what
you got, Shawn!

RAY: Let's see it, Shawn!

ALL: Go, go, go, go!














AJAX: Yeah.

Excuse me,
excuse me, excuse me.

Hey, come here.
It's over, it's over.

Come on, have a seat.
Don't smile at nobody.

Just sit down.
Watch yourselves.

You got some tissue
in your pocket?
Anybody got tissue?

Give him some tissue.

He can fight, right?

On the water fountain.

HARVEY: Told you
he could fight.

So you both should come
to the club. He's going
to need a jacket.

I got to get
out of here.
Give him your jacket.

I can't stand Brooklyn.

You tell Jack I know
what I'm doing.




HARVEY: No, we're
special guests
of Mr. Dancing.

Could you just
see for me?

I'm telling you,
we're on the list.

Will you let Renee
know I'm on the
list, please?

Let them through.
Two of you.

Now, come on, Harvey.


SHAWN: I feel like a bum.


No, you look great.


Hang on to this.
You look great.

Cordell, Harvey Boarden.


We're VIP.
We're VIP. Hi.

We got VIP.

That's reserved for us.
Right here. They ain't
gonna tell us.

Try to ink out.
Come here,
have a drink.


You gonna
introduce me
to your friend?

Shawn, this is
Shevonne Dubai.

Am I pronouncing
that right?


Have a seat.
Have a seat.

Yo, yo, yo!

Come here,
where you going?

Yo, man. I heard you
were great out there
in Brooklyn today, man!

Thanks, man.
He's a winner,
he's a real winner.

Yeah, look, I meant
to say hi to you

the other day on the
street, but with Harvey,

you never know
when anybody's anybody,
you know what I'm saying?

Yeah, I think
I saw you out there.

Yeah, yeah, you guys are
just coming from dinner,
right, something like that?

Right? No.

Yeah, listen, man,
you ever want to dine,
I'll take you to a place

where you don't have
to sit at a counter,
you know what I'm saying?

Shawn, right?

Yeah, that's his name.

It seems we're going to be
working together, okay?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You know, I heard
he'd already lined up

to fight big boy
over there.

Yeah, yeah, well,
I was talking to
him about that.

What is this, Harvey,

Since when are you into
this kind of stakes?

Can he just
rest for a minute?
He just had a fight.

You want some water?

SHAWN: Yeah, yeah.

HARVEY: Can I get
you some water?
Poor Harvey, man.

Let me ask you something.

You think you could beat
big boy over there?

HARVEY: Do we think
he can win?

I wasn't asking you.

I was asking your friend
here in the nice blazer,
with the blonde.

Can I do that?

Can you all pardon
me for a second?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Hey, Harvey, you're
gonna lose that real
quick. Watch.

Excuse me,
Harry Potter book.

You got to be kidding.



I knew I was going
to see you again.

Look, I feel bad
about that book.

Look, you remember me?

You remember me,
don't you?

I remember you.
You stole... You...

Yeah. Yeah.

But, hey, look,
I just wanted to take you
to dinner or something.

I'm good, thank you.

No, I was thinking
maybe sometime

something without
a counter. That's all.

That's good. I like that,
without a counter.

I just heard somebody
say that upstairs.

You heard somebody
say that. Okay.

No, look, I just feel
bad about the book,

kind of want to, I don't
know, make it up to you. MAN: Hey.

as usual.

I'm Shawn.

Zulay. Zulay.

That's pretty. Thank you.

I believe in fate, so...

Oh, no. I don't.

What do you think?

If I see you again,
then we'll call it fate.

Okay. One more time. Okay.


Counting on it. All right.



Bunch of losers
in here, man!

Someone tell that idiot
the whole place is
filled with losers.

Right, Harvey?

Hey, so we got
another fight, huh?

Yeah, we are,
but we're gonna talk
about it in a second.

I'm going to meet you
over there.

So what did you say,
$10,000, right?

$10,000, that's like
a hundred $100s.

JERRY: There he is.

Shawn, this is Jerry.

Nice to meet you.
This is Jim.

And that's Joel right
there, and these
are their dates.

Look, I'm going to
meet you over there

and we're going to
talk about everything.


You know, we lost a lot of
money betting on your ass
to get beat tonight.

Well, maybe you'll
bet the right way
next time.


And what's the
right way to bet?

'Cause, you know,
I wipe my ass with
a hundred $100s.

Come on, come on,
come on. Hey, hey.
Just have a seat.

I'll be over
there in a second.

Come on, Jerry.

Excuse me,
we're sitting here.

You're Evan Hailey,

Yeah, and you're
wearing contacts.

Holy shit.
Shawn MacArthur.

(CHUCKLING) I'm sorry,
man, is this your girl?

No. Uh-uh.

So what brings you
to New York, man?

Well, just...

How you doing, man?

Hi, bud, I know who you are.
But you have to excuse me
for a second,

I'm just...
I'm bugging out
a little bit right now.

You all two
know each other?

I know who you are.

Yeah. Yeah,
we know each other.

I used to wrestle
for Shawn's father back
in Birmingham, Alabama.

So how is your
father? Yeah? I'm sure he's fine.


You know,
I'm going to let you all
have a good night, okay?

I'm gonna go ahead
and get out of here.

Hey, come on, man.

Relax, man,
come on, sit down.

Hey. Don't touch me.


"Don't touch."
You know what...

You worried about
your jacket? Huh?
That's the problem?

I'll buy you a new one,
how's that?

I don't
No? need your jacket.

Hey, is everything
okay over here?


These two guys are
old friends, man.

Evan just was offering
to buy him a new jacket.

I said I didn't
need a jacket.

Come on, Shawn, look.

You guys.
I'm Harvey Boarden.

Harvey Boarden,
go wash my car, man.

You know, somebody
might hurt you

for doing something
like that.

That somebody
going to be you?

Come on, let's go.

You should go, Harvey.

You're bad, man.

Yeah, Harvey,
you can go now.

Neolithic-looking idiot.
Always saying my damn name.

My daddy used to tell me,
"Nothing good happens
after 10:00 p.m."

It's got to be damn
near 2:00 now.

Right? Yeah.

You knew that guy, huh?

Yeah, he used to wrestle
for my dad's team.


You know,
I'm gonna go, okay?

Well, where you going?

What, you need
a friend now?


I'm just gonna
go for a walk.


MAN: Good night, Zulay.
WOMAN: Good night, Zulay.

Good night.

Zulay. Like July?


Yeah, that's right. I say that right?

You did.


I figured I'd take
fate into my own
hands, you know.

And you did.
I have to go. I...

Nice seeing you, Shawn.

Oh, you called me
Shawn. That's cool.

Hey, you make sure
she gets home okay.

Okay. Thank you.

All right?

Thank you, Shawn.

Uh-oh! Don't use it again.

My name. That's good.
Good night.

Hey, King Arthur,
it's Merlin.


Hey, man.

What you doing here?

That's what I was
gonna ask you.

What time is it?

You fell asleep
on the bench.

You look like a crackhead.


I just sat down
for a second. And...


I can't believe you just
saw me sleeping on the...

I just sat down,
just for a minute

and I don't know,
I just kind of
went to sleep.

I can't believe it.

I've got an extra
room at my place.
You can stay there.

Hey, hey, hey.
Look, I'm okay.

If you like.
No, you're not okay.

I was just about to
go to a hotel, man.

Yeah, 7:00 in
the morning.

They don't even check
you in until 1:00.

You don't have to
stay at a hotel,

I've got a place
right around the corner.

But you can stay there
until you find another

All right, look,
I'm gonna pay you.

Yeah, you're going to
pay me back for sure.

Come on,
grab your stuff.

If somebody saw you
sleeping out here, you
know what they'd think?

We wouldn't make
no more money.

Nothing's free
in this world.

I just was there
for a minute or two.

Well, you're in deep
with Harvey Boarden now.

So we're going
to work it out.

Make sure you wipe
your feet on that
carpet right there.

I'll shut the door.

Okay, so here we are.

Fresh paint job, new lamps.
It's all right for now.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

You know, for now,
at least. But anyway,
here's your area.

That's a Sealy ostropedic.
I got that new.

You like Broadway?
You know? Yeah.

'Cause I got tickets,
you know, like Legally
Blonde and Wicked.

Wicked's a very good one.
I don't go too often,

but when I do,
I go and see that one.

Is that you?


Yeah, don't mind those,

that's me,
Jack and Martinez,
you know, and...

Well, we were going to be
these moguls, you know?

We used to sell tickets
at the Garden.

It was when
we first got here.

So you ain't
from here, either?

Are you kidding me?
I'm from a place
with some culture.

Chicago, you know?

But I guess you've
got your own story,
too, right?

You left your suitcase
out here.

What, you got
gold in there?

My father used to always
say, "Stay business,
ready for business."

Well, you got to...

So you got a plan
or something?

You know, like a big plan
with this fight stuff?

Yeah, I didn't travel
all the way to New York
just to be some hustler.

I figured I'd save up
some cash, play some
professional ball.

Open up a IHOP. You know,
with an office in it

and my name on the door.

like an International
House of Pancakes?


Turns out all I ever was
was a two-bit hustler.

Well. Guess that's not
so bad though, right?

Well, by definition,
that's just somebody
who can't win, that wins.

We just won.

I'm just saying.
You know, if that's...


Get you some rest,
Shawn MacArthur.

Go to sleep. We got
a big fight coming up.

$10,000, right?


Jerome. This
is Jerome, right?


Looks like
we're here.

Yeah. Look at this tough.

I bet they won't
complain about

putting up new buildings
around here.


Come on, you guys,
get in.

It took you
long enough, man.

That guy's
waiting on you.

AJAX: Shawn, ready to
get your ass busted?

Z: This is where
you take me, Harvey?
That's for suckers, man.

RAY: Hello, ladies.
This is what
I'm talking about.

Z: What's up, girls? Yeah.

RAY: How you doing?
AJAX: She's cute, yo.

RAY: I like that.

You're cute,
why you got
a mad face?

Put a smile on your
face. Not my fault.

I wonder why I don't come
to the Bronx that often.


You know this
kid, right?

AJAX: Yeah, man,
he's a big dude.

Don't get too close.

Yeah, thanks for that.


MAN: There you go,
there comes the king.

Yeah. Get a good
look at that, all.


Z: Whoop his ass.

MAN: Bring out the cash, papa.
Bring out the cash.


Yeah, do it.


HARVEY: Whoop his ass.


MAN: Come on.
Come on, Shawn.


All right, Shawn!
Move, Shawn!
Stick and move, baby!


Don't get too close.

Work it! That's what
I'm talking about!





I'm trying to watch
the fight, too!

Get up and fight!
Get up! Oh, my God!

Get out of it, come on, Shawn!
You got to get out of it!




AJAX: Come on, Shawn.





Shawn! Shawn!

No, no! No, Shawn! Shawn!






What are you doing?

He knocked my shit over!

My ear!

Hey, what are you doing?

We don't want no trouble!
We don't want no trouble!

Hey, come on, move!
We don't want no trouble!

I don't want no trouble!

I swear to God,
I don't want no trouble!

Come on, open the door!

Push gas!

RAY: Yo, my ear, man!

He's okay, right?

Yeah, his ear's
a little messed up,
but he's all right.

He didn't... Did he
say it was a dog?

You know, he didn't
fill out no police
report or nothing?

Yeah, a dog. A dog?

Can you call him?

Yeah. Nobody's
getting paid.

I'm going inside.

You should
put some ice
on that hand.

Got you.

It was a good
fight, man.

Thanks, man.

All right. Hey.

We really ain't
getting paid?

We ain't getting

'cause of them damn
maniacs in the Bronx.

I really need money,
you know.


Look, I'm gonna work
something out, okay?


I'm late every day
for work.

It doesn't matter.
Go, do your job.

I will, and the last
time, it wasn't done.

let me do the job.

Lila, you're
going to be good, okay?
Remember what I told you.

Abuela, I know,
I'm just telling you.

I'm telling you,
I'm reminding you

because you forget a lot
of things, you know?

Take it easy, young lady.
Let me go.

Out? Okay, out.

Let me go. You relax.

Are you sure you know
how to get home safely?

You make me excited.
I know how to drive

better than you,
you know that.

Okay. Bye. You know better.

ALBA: Oh, my goodness,
what kind of lady?

Be good, Lila.

Oh, my God.


It's a funny thing,
us keeping meeting
like this.

Are you going
into work now?

Yeah. What are
you doing here?

I was just walking by,
for the past two hours,
hoping you'd show up.

Oh, stalking? Okay.

No, I just wanted to see
if you wanted to come

get something
to eat with me.

I have to work.
I have 20 minutes.

Just like...

Twenty minutes?
You're the first one
here anyway, come on.

Remember, I've been
here for a while.
So you want to go?

I have to be back, Yeah?

'cause I work here.
I'll get you back,
come on.

Twenty minutes.
Twenty minutes.

Like, you don't
have to go if you
don't want to go.

Okay, let's go. Twenty minutes.

Twenty minutes.

If my boss calls me,
I have to go.

Okay, let's go.

Thank you.

Here, let me get
Oh, okay. that for you.

I'll get you some
sparkling water,

Okay, thanks.
Is that good?

Yeah, yeah.
No, that's good.

So, is this
okay for you?

No, this is good,
this is good.
This is...

It's good? Okay.

I'm trying to figure out
what I'm gonna eat.

I think I'm just gonna
have a calamari.


You know,
I ain't that hungry.

WAITRESS: All right.

You're not hungry?

No, not really.
Thank you, though.
I'm good.

So, that little girl
in the car, that was
your daughter?


She seems sweet.
I saw the way she
was looking at you.

Yeah, she's sweet.

What? I'm sorry.
There's a big
pink thing

coming down the road.


That's pink bunny man.

You think that's funny?

Wow. That's a lot of
bunnies right there.


You want one
No. of them things?

You know, I'm gonna go get
you one, hold on a sec.

No. He's really
gonna go get one.

Excuse me, sir.

Can I get one
of these bunnies?

Yeah, right on, my man.

$5. How much are they?

$5? Here you go.
Thank you very
much, sir.

You have a good day, okay?
You too.

Excuse me.

Pink bunny.

Thank you.

You didn't want
that thing, did you?

My daughter's
going to love this.

She thinks the guy's
from outer space
or something.

So what's her name?


That's a good name.



That must be my boss.

I can't stay.
I can't be late
for work again, so...

Well, you just ordered.

Yeah, I'm sorry,
I'm just late. No, no, no, no.

This is our date.
This is our date.

Don't even worry about it,
I'll wait for the check.

Date? Yeah, it's a date.

Date, okay.
All right, well...

Yeah, get out of here.

Don't be late. See you later.

Okay. You're in
a rush always.

Sorry, I know.


Here you go.

Thank you.





What the hell is
wrong with you?

What is this?

What happened
to the whole,
I don't know,

"be ready for business,
business ready" thing,

When I'm not being chased
out of the damn Bronx

trying to hustle up you
some money, I'll be
a little more alert.

That ain't my fault.

In fact, they actually
want you for another
fight this Friday.

Are you up for that?

Yeah. How'd you do that?

Well, I told you,
I got my connections,
you know.

It wasn't easy either.

How much this time?

Well, that's what I want
to talk to you about,

but give me a second,
I need to put
my clothes on.


It's about this guy
you're about to
go up against.

You know, I know
you're a tough guy
and everything, Shawn,

but you're not
going to beat him.

But he's gonna...
Come on,
I can handle myself.

I know you can, that's why,

when he puts you
in the choke move,

you're gonna go to
sleep, it's that easy.

What are you saying?

I think you know
what I'm saying.

No, I don't know what
you're saying.

Sounds like you're saying
you want me to throw it.

Well, whatever you want
to call it, you know?

We're gonna make some money,
not like up in the Bronx.

You're complaining about
that whole thing, right?

No, I'm not losing.

I know you're
not gonna lose,

you're gonna do what
I'm telling you to do.

I appreciate everything
you did for me.

But, you know, the only
way I'm going to lose
is if somebody beats me.

Okay, then, whatever,
let him beat you.

I'm serious.

Martinez came up
to me, he said,

"You know, hey,
if you go around with
me, that's fine, man."

I don't know.


You and Martinez what?

What do you mean, "what"?

I want to hear why,
you know, you said,

I didn't say I was
gonna do anything.

No, I want to know
what you're gonna do,

I mean, here I'm trying
to talk to you about
making you some money,

and, you know,
nobody made anything up
in the Bronx, right?

You know that.

I know that.
I understand.
I know.

And you're gonna
threaten me now,

What? I'm not
threatening you.

You're not threatening
me? I take you off
of a park bench,

and you're going
to threaten me
in my house?

Harvey, I ain't
threatening you.

No, I know you're
not threatening me,

'cause you know why?

'Cause you're gonna
get out of my house
now, Shawn.

Look, hold on.
I'm sorry, okay?


No, no.
Get out of my house.

Grab your garbage
and go. Okay?


Hey, there,
Ms. Florence.

Dog's got a demon in it.


You know, I gave you
a place to stay, Shawn,

'cause that's
what you needed.

It was a place to stay,
it didn't have any of
this other stuff.

I understand that.

You saw that picture
I showed you of Martinez
and Jack and me?

I didn't say I was
gonna go with him.

I had a whole
lot then, Shawn.

He broke my leg for $100.
That's crazy, right?


All I was saying is,
I wanted to win.

That's it,
that's all I wanted.

It's funny, you lose
one step in this game

and everybody leaves you.

At one point, there was
a whole lot of people

that would put a whole
lot of money on me.

You really think
you can beat this
kid, huh?

I hear he's fierce,
you know?

'Cause if you lose,
you get nothing.

You win, you get...

You get $30,000.



Okay, we'll do it.




Hey, sweetie.

Hi. Hi.

How are you?

So what are you
doing here?

Waiting for you
the whole time.

That's a man, bro.

You're a man?

Hell, no.


Thank you.

I'll be right back.


Z, fold this up.

Harvey, you know
you got no business in
a place like this, right?


Z: Come on, Shawn.




AJAX: Shit!



AJAX: Holy shit!


AJAX: Yeah! Yeah!

Get out of there!

Get out!


Pick his ass up!
Come on! Get up!


Yeah! Yeah!

There it is!




AJAX: Yo, Shawn, get up.


We won!

Yeah, baby! We won!
Get up, get up, yeah!

Z: No more deliveries
tonight, man. You!

RAY: Your man
got knocked out!


What, baby! That's us!

What! You saw that!
You saw that!
That's us!


Yeah, baby!


Well, looks like
Harvey's got a winner.

AJAX: That's us, baby,
all the way!

Get out of the car...

Z: No, no.
I'm proud of you.

You put the works
on Bruce Lee,
though, man!

I got to give
it to you.

Get out of my car.

Come on, Harv. Let me out.


AJAX: Come on,
Harvey, let's go.

Let's get a drink,

Aren't you going
to have one?

No, I don't want to.
Go, it's your night,
have a good night.

Man, it's raining,
come on.

I'm going to go home
and count my money.
Leave me alone.

AJAX: All right, grandpa.

Don't get in no trouble.
I'm serious, though.

Come on, serious.
Come in, just have one.

I ain't got nothing, go.

Thanks for tonight.


Thanks, Renee,
I appreciate it.

Yes, sir.


Please tell me you're
not still putting money
in your sock.

What'd your father
used to call that?

Niggerish, that's what
it was, right?

So this is who you
hanging out with
these days, Shawn?

These your boys?

Saw you step out
your fancy stretch
limousine there.

What, did you all
pass around a hat
to get that?

Take up a collection?

You know, the only
enjoyment I got back
in college, Shawn,

was watching
your asshole father

humiliate your shit
all over the place.


Until your bitch-ass
cold-clocked him in
front of the whole gym.


SHAWN: Come on!

I'm right here!

Do something!
I'm right here!

ZULAY: Shawn! Look at me!

Like your bitch-ass daddy.

Shawn, Shawn,
what are you doing?

I ain't your father.

MAN 1: You can't go to
a club and have fun.

I'll see you around.

Let's get out of here.

It's ridiculous.
I don't even...
I can't stand him.

I just... It's not late.

This guy's always
putting these notes
on people's doors.

It's not late,
though. Sorry.

It's okay.

I hit you with
the door. So...

This is my living room.

I have to go and
check on Lila,
so have a seat.

It's nice, right?

It's really nice.

Thank you.

Big TV.

Yeah. It is, right?

Okay. Okay.

Hi, I'm Shawn.

I'm Zulay's friend.

She brought
me over to...

Zulay. Zulay.

What happened?

This is...
I'm sorry, this is...

This is Shawn.
Shawn, this is...

I don't care
who is he.

I care why you bring
anybody at this time
to the house.

He look like
a criminal.

ZULAY: I know...

You're not supposed
to bring nobody at
this time to the house.

I'm sorry... Don't be sorry. Don't
do that to me no more.



ALBA: Please,
don't say "por favor."

I don't want to hear
nobody in the house
at this time.


Hi. What are you
doing up this late?

What's that?

My pink bunny.

Sorry. What are
you doing up?

My grandma thinks
you killed someone.

He didn't kill somebody.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Why are you up, baby?

LILA: I want to see
the scary man.

I hear that I'm gonna
cook for you.

I'm gonna do it,
but as soon as you eat,
please, you got to go.

Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry.

Look at the way you are.
Look at you.

ZULAY: Please, it's okay.

I'm sorry, actually,
you know what?
Look at you. Look!

You know what?
I need some thread.

What a shirt.

I'm going to
fix it for him.

I'm gonna take
a needle and
do some job.

That way he don't
gotta stay like that.

I do. You don't feel bad?

What kind of men look
like that on the street?

Thank you so
much for the...

Come on, no. Back.
Back, let's go back.

LILA: I don't want
to go to bed.

ZULAY: Let's go back,
back to sleep.





ALBA: Uh-huh?

Shawn has something
he wants to tell you.



I don't understand
what you talk. Talk
English, Spanish?




She's wide awake.

This is going good.

I don't know, so...
Hey, that notice
that was on your door,

everything all right?

Like, if you...

You know,
if you need anything.

Just let me know.


That guy, Evan,
from the club,
you know him?

Yeah. I mean,
yeah, I know him.

How do you know him?

Well, I don't, I just...

People were talking about
him at the club all night.

I guess he's a pro
or something? What,
does he fight? A boxer?

Yeah, I mean,
a couple, you know,

the guys at the club
or whatever,

we just came back
from this...

You know, it's not
a professional thing,

Out in, like, you know,
Korea land,

we just came
from a fight, too.

You know,
it went pretty well.

So you're a fighter?

No, I mean, yeah.

But not professional.
Just, you know...
I don't know...

I got this guy,
he's an agentlcoach
sort of thing.

I mean, it's been going
pretty good, though.

I don't know. What?


So how do you know
all those guys
at the club?

I don't. I...

I don't even know
your name, really.

What's your name?
Your last name?


Shawn MacArthur.
Like a knight.
I like it.

What are you
thinking about?


Simple as that.

I can fix this for you.


I want to fix
this for you.

It's not so bad.
You want to fix it?


I want to kiss you.

Come on...

SHAWN: Why are you shaking?

Because I lied about
being able to sew.

SHAWN: It looks like
you're doing a good job.

Look at that mess.

Wow, I am shaking.


Wait, come here for a second.

Give me your finger.

Make a wish.


I got mine,
you got yours?


I do.

Excuse me! You got to go.
ZULAY: I'm sorry. I know.

Enough is enough.
Please go.

Yes, ma'am.

I believe it's enough
for today.

You can meet
later today.

I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.

Just a second to say bye.

No second. Come in.
You come in.

Thank you so much,
Mrs. Valez,
I appreciate it.

I'm no Mrs. Valez,
I'm Mrs. Guzman. Okay?

And you got to go. Go.

ZULAY: Give me one second
to say bye, please.

ALBA: Oh, my goodness,
you give me so much
trouble today.


I'm sorry.

She could have come
a little bit later,
that's for sure.

That would have
been nice.

Totally. I know.


Okay, so...


Good night, yeah...

So I'm going to
see you again?

Yeah. When?



You sleeping?

Who can sleep with all
that banging up there?


Told you we'd win, huh?

Did you get our money?

Right at it, huh?

Yes, sir.

Look, I know we already
had a fight, but any word
on another one?

I just want to make sure
we're capitalizing

on everything we got
going on here.

I told you, if you like,
anything I got,

the tickets, the hats,
the sneakers,

you can sell those
until I get you
another fight,

if that's what
you want to do.

Go ahead,
turn around.


You wanna get paid,

Go ahead, man, get it,
I ain't gonna rob you.

I know you're not
gonna rob me,

'cause you're gonna
turn around.

After tonight,
you don't trust me?

Okay, fine.
I've turned around.

This is me,
all right?

I've turned around,
go ahead.

Mmm-hmm. Thank you.

I've turned around, go.

I was with this girl
from the club tonight.

Keep looking
and you're going
to be with her now.

You can turn around now.

Man, she got a daughter.

She's kind of having
a little trouble with
the rent, I think.

I kind of wanted
to help her.

Stop smiling at me,
I know what you're
going to say.

Yeah, I bet...

Why wouldn't I
help her, then?

Beyond the kid and
the need for money...

Why you gotta break
everything down?

That's your problem, man,
you don't trust nobody.

(LAUGHING) Here you go.

I'm never trusting you,
you and your suitcase.

(LAUGHING) My suitcase?

Yeah, your suitcase
don't trust nobody

There's $10,000 right here.

Yeah. Nice, isn't it?

I was right, wasn't I?

Look, I just...

We shouldn't be
selling tickets
and sneakers no more.

I tell you, we gotta...
This is what we're
doing right now.


This girl. She works
over at the Marquee?

Yeah, Zulay.

Zulay. She's nice, man.

Yeah. Zulay.


You get some rest,
all right?

There's $10,right here.

Yeah. Get some rest,
all right?

Hey, you know
where Zulay is?

What do you want
to talk about?

Isn't there something
you should be telling me?

What are you talking
about, Harvey?

You're gonna
make me say it?

Why didn't you tell
me that you were
sleeping with him?

Why couldn't
you tell me that?

'Cause I don't have
to tell you everything.
That's why.

Now you want him
paying your bills?

I did not ask him
to pay my bills.

Are you kidding me?

You're bringing him
around your daughter,
you like him like that?

What, you think
he's better than
me, right?

No. That's...

You think you're
better than me,

that's why you
fill his head with
all this garbage.

About riding off
into the sunset,

like this is a movie
or something, huh?

No, no, come here
Don't touch me. I'm talking to you.

I'm talking to you.

Don't touch me.
Stop it.

If he decides to up
and leave you tomorrow,

you think you're
part of his plans?

You think
your daughter is?

Maybe. What about
your grandmother?

You're always so paranoid.

Yeah, that's what
I am, I'm paranoid.
I'm paranoid.

You still believe
in fairy tales.

But you think
I'm paranoid, okay.

Does he know
how we met?

You in the back seat,
sleeping in your car,

with your daughter
in the front seat?

Is that something
to be paranoid about?


You think that
little thing right
here between your legs

is gonna make
everything okay,
don't you?

That's what you think.

It isn't.

You use that on him.

Don't put no more
garbage in his head.

Yo, check this out, yo.

Check what out,
this dirty-ass
crib you got?

Oh, funny.

There are bare wires
laying around, man.
Clean this shit up.

When was the last time
you cleaned this shit?

RAY: Shut up, bro,
I'm about to
kick you out.

Evan Hailey KO's Richards.
It's your man from the club.

Z: This dude's corny.

No, check it. A dude
like this man, you got
to take serious, man.

Z: Yeah, look
how he punches.

AJAX: He look like
he's punching like a girl,
but those punches hurt, man.

It's your man, Shawn.
Z: Who is that?

AJAX: That's that dude
from the club, bro.

RAY: No, man, he's the
real deal. Yo, Shawn,
no disrespect, man,

he's fighting for real
money in real venues.

Shawn over here
bullshitting with us.


Look at you, Harvey.

You know, you've
been doing that
for some time now.

It's called bi-polar
or manic depressive.


What? What?

(CHUCKLING) Oh, my God.

Harvey, come in.
Come in, sit down.
Come in.

We were just
talking about you.
Come in, come in.

Special occasion,
you got the suit
broke out.

Nice suit.

Jacket, at least.

CHRISTOPHER: That's nice.

JACK: Beautiful,
you're looking good.

MARTINEZ: Not bad, Harvey.

Listen, I didn't
come here, you know,

to take up a whole
lot of your time.

I'm just here
to tell you

that if you've got
something for Shawn...

Look at little Harvey,
he's like a little kid.

He's very excited,
like he has a secret
to share with us.

What's the secret,

I'm just saying, if you...

If you got something
for us, we're ready
to go, you know.

He's the biggest draw
in this town,

and if you're ready
for something,
we're ready for it.


It must be very hard
for you to come in
here and grovel

in front of
all of us here.
Especially Martinez.

You know, Jack,
I don't have to stay here
and take this from you.

Guess what, Harvey?

We were talking about
you and we said that

maybe we should
put your man in
one of our fights.

A big fight. $100,to the winner, Harvey.


Harvey's excited,
huh, Harvey?

You excited, Harvey?


Evan Hailey's going to
rock your boy's world.

Time out.
He couldn't wait
to tell you that one.

See, this is the way
it's going to be.

Evan Hailey versus
Shawn MacArthur.

And we're going to play
up this whole thing

about how they went
to the same school,

you know,
the education rivalry.

Rivalry for education.


Okay. I know.

As soon as we
get the word out,

the phone's just going
to ring off the hook.

We'll let both
of you know.

Harvey, you sure you're
ready for this, Harvey?

Can't help but keep
calling my name, huh?

I don't know, Harvey,
maybe I'm stupid,
you know?

But I'm not stupid enough
to think that Shawn's
going to win this.

That's stupid, Harvey.
Yeah, really.


You just don't know
how good he is,
you know?

Yeah, I do.
That's why I got Evan.

And the loser
gets shit, Harvey.
And you still get shit.

Hey, man.

We need to take a walk
and talk for a second.


So you gonna tell me?

Well, I got you
another fight.

Yeah? How much?





They want us to fight
Evan Hailey.

He's your opponent.


I'm taking all my money
and I'm placing it
against us.

You ain't got no money.

You have any idea
how much money

I can raise for
something like this?

Then raise it and
put it on us to win.

People like a guarantee,

Then guarantee it.

You saw Jerry,
those Wall Street guys,

even Martinez would
get in on this.

We're talking
real money.

No, you're talking
about money.

No, come on, Shawn.

What do you think,
there's a trophy
involved in all of this?

Nobody cares about it.

And if we lose,
you know we get nothing.
You get that, right?

What? Come on, Shawn.

Look, all right, look...

You think I don't
understand that
I'm nothing?

I'm nothing, I get it.
I ain't worth nothing.

Nobody said anything
like that.
I mean, come on.

All I'm saying is that
I don't want to lose.

That's all I'm saying
is I don't want to lose.

I'm telling you, Shawn...

Look, I know it sounds
stupid to you.

It's stupid.
But that's what I...

I don't want to do it,
so I won't. Okay?

Cut all that stuff,
man, listen to me.

I mean it.

Listen, listen.
I'm talking to you.


What, you gonna hit me?

No, I'm not gonna
hit you... I'm sorry.

You think I'm your

You're going to
slap me around like
I'm your father, huh?

Okay, okay, I get it.

You think I don't know
who you are, Shawn.

I know all about you. What?

I said, can the
moral garbage
with me, Shawn.

It don't work here.

Harvey, you don't
ever talk about
my father, okay?

You gonna hit me?

You don't ever
talk about my father.




So you came back.

You know me, the stalker.

You caught me
taking a shower.

So, what are you
doing here?

Nothing, I was just...
I don't know, just kind of
wanted to see you.

Okay, well, come in.

My grandmother has
Lila, so, come in.

I know it's really
hot in here, so,

if you want,
just grab a seat and
I'll be right back.

Hey, listen.
Look, I made some money

and I kind of wanted
to help you with
the notice that I saw

on the door the other day.

That's really... No...
That's sweet, but...

No. For Lila.

No, I don't need it.

Listen, hold on, hold on.
Just for Lila.

Hold on a second.
Just, please,
just listen.

I don't know what
I'm trying to say...

The last thing
I want to do
is upset you.

All I want...


You came in here
offering me money.

Just don't...
It's no big deal, okay?

I don't know how to...


ZULAY: What?

Your hair smells good.

Thank you.

You know, when you
wash your hair
in the sink,

they call it
a Puerto Rican shower.

My grandfather used to hate
when people called it that.

Of course, he can say it.

I like this,
this is nice.

(STAMMERS) I know what
happened with your dad.


Is that okay?

I read... Me and Lila
were on the computer,

and we just kind of
stumbled across...

I'm sorry... Wow...

No... Checking up on me?
That's all right.

It's okay?


So you think
I'm crazy now?



Well, I mean...
You'd be right.

I mean, I did.
I went a little
crazy, so...

You know that guy Evan,
the other night,

at the club, you know,
after the whole thing?


We were on the same team
and my dad coached us.

Man, he loved Evan.

I was a freshman,
and they always
used to mess with me.

And I just couldn't
take it no more.
I kind of lost it.

(SIGHS) And me and Evan
went at it. And my dad
got between us

and I didn't even
see him, you know.

I just kind of...
I hit him.

I hit my father.

And I just didn't stop.

You know?
I just couldn't stop.

My father
never forgave me.
'Cause he shouldn't.


I got to go get that.

Okay, I have
to get going

because I have to go do
something at the club,
I realized. I'm sorry.

I have to go and do
something at the club

that I completely
forgot about. So...

Please hurry up.

I'll walk you.
I'm hurrying.

We do have to go.
I'm sorry, I just...

Okay. I heard you the
first time, I'm going,
I'm going.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

I just forgot I had to
go get this stuff done.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine, why?

Just wondering.


You're good?

Hey, Harvey.

Wait. What?
What's going on here?


I was going to tell
you, I know Harvey.

Wait, hold on.
You all know
each other?

Yeah, I know her.
I know her.



Wait, how do you know... Listen...

I mean, how do you
know each other?

What's going on,
'cause, are you
together or something?

Listen, Shawn...

No, no, no...
I'm talking to her...

I'm talking...

No, no, let me...
I just want to hear
it from her.

Let me talk
to you, okay?

What did I say?
I said I'm talking...
What now?

I want to talk to her.

I'm talking to you.
I want to talk to her!

Get your hands off me!
Shut up!

Get your hands
Get out of my head! off of me!

Look, everything
isn't what you think.

You're not the only one
that worked with me.

She works with me, too.

It's what I was
explaining at
the apartment.

Nobody knows
we know each other.
She places bets for me.

Okay, that's
what it is.

I was going to
tell you, Shawn.

You asked about my...
You asked about
my father.

Why would you do that?

You better learn
to answer your phone.

Why didn't you answer?
That's all you had to do.

Why did you call?

Why didn't you text me
and say something?

Listen, Harvey and
I have been friends
for a really long time.

Listen to me.
I should have told
you, I know that.

I don't know what I
might say to you, okay.

Wait. Just listen
to me, okay?

Look, I make $an hour, okay?

Is that what you
want to know?

I make $11 an hour,
I'm broke.

I pick up glasses
from people that I
hate all night long,

and I'm not
really supposed to be
doing this right now.

Why didn't you
just tell me that?



Harvey... We're just
friends. He just gives
me this money,

and I just go place bets
for him and that's all
there is to it.

Nobody even knows
that we know each

Then why couldn't you
just say that to me?


Is this thing still on?

Listen, man...

Yeah, I understand.

Throw it. No one will
ever know the better.

And you're going to tell me
you're okay with that, huh?


Whatever you raise,
I want half.


We ain't talking
about anything here,
you know.

No, forget it, then.


Just like that,
though, huh?

Yeah. Just like that.

All right.

Then, you know once
you get out there,

all those eyes are
going to be on you.

And if there's even
a hint that you're
throwing this thing...

And that's
both of us dead.

You understand
how much money they...

They don't scare me, Harvey.
This city doesn't scare me.

I'm gonna do what you want.
And you're never going
to see me again.

None of you.

This isn't tickets,

You understand there's
$250,000 in this bag.

And, Harvey,
don't make us come
looking for you.

Nice office, Harvey.

Glad you could
make it.

Yeah, you should
get a receptionist.

Is he going to listen
to you, Harvey?

If you don't believe me,
he's right out there,
you can ask him yourself.

I'm asking you,

There's $250,in here.

And if he decides
he don't like losing,

and by some miracle
he wins, I still want
my money, Harvey.

I don't get my money,
Harvey, I'll kill you.

Lot of money.





Come on in.

Zulay, did you have
another dream?

It's a lot of money,

Oh, yeah?

How much are we
talking about?

Half a million dollars.


So what are you doing
walking around the street

with half a million dollars
in your bag?

I have investors.


If it's too much
money, I can...

JACK: Too much?

Listen to that.

She's cleaning
up the dumpster,
now she's in the club.

Tell your rich-ass
and your drunk-ass
investor friends

that I will be happy
to pay them off.

And happier not to.


Count it.


JERRY: The man
is here. Outside.


We need to get everybody
out on the terrace so
we can do this thing.

People, the show's
going to start.

You have a nice
place here. Of course.

City Hall, I've got
the Woolworth Building.

My meditation room.

Let's go, people.

Look, I'll meet you out.

Let me talk to you
for a second.

You know what we're
dealing with here,

Let's just go.
Let's get it over with.

JACK: Look at this, Harvey.

Now you see how far
you've come?

Hey, everybody,

Jerry invited us all
up here so we could

catch a glimpse of
his bank account.

That's nice, huh?


MAN: Here's to Jerry.

JACK: But what
the thing is...

I mean, the real shit
of this thing is,

is what's going on
right here.

So, Jerry, right now,
you should step off.

And gentlemen,
you should step up.

AJAX: Let's go baby, let's go!

JACK: We're going
to sit down, people.

And these two gentlemen
are going to go toe to
toe, blow to blow.

Whatever goes on
up here, whatever.

Whatever you do to
each other, whatever.

Whatever you say to
each other, whatever.

In the words of the late,
great, American poet,

Mr. Marvin Gaye,

"Let's get it on!"


AJAX: Let's go, baby,
let's go! Yeah!

You froze? Huh?

It's a stare-down.



It's the evil eye.

Is that what you gave
your old man? Huh?

AJAX: Knock that smile
off his face, let's go!



AJAX: Yeah, baby!

All right. Let's play.
Let's play, Shawn.

AJAX: Show him what
you got! Do it!

Do it, baby!


Go on, Shawn! Yeah!
Kick his ass!





AJAX: Get him, Shawn!
Get him! Get him!


Right here, Shawn.

AJAX: He's talking shit!

You can't stay there,



Oh, shit!

JERRY: Hey, hey,
that's it! That's it!

That's it! That's it!
That's enough! Call it!

That's it! That's it!

AJAX: Go on, Shawn!
Get up! Get up, bro!

Get up! Get up!

Get up! Get up!

Get out of it!
Get out of it!
Get out!

RAY: Come on, Shawn!

AJAX: You got to fight!
Come on! Get out of it!



Come on, Shawn! Yeah!


No! No!


Harvey, what's
going on, Harvey?


Come on! Yeah!

Z: Holy shit!






AJAX: Yeah, boy!


Yeah, Shawn!
MAN: Yeah, Shawn!

AJAX: You got it, Shawn.
Let's start moving, boys.



MAN: Yeah!

AJAX: What up now, bitch?

Harvey, I'd like to
shake your hand, man.

You're a dead man.

You're a dead man,
Harvey. Dead man.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

AJAX: What up now, bitch?


Yeah, baby!

AJAX: I'll need a drink
after that, man, right!

Z: Thank you, Evan,
you fight like a bitch.

Harvey, we're going out,
VIP Harvey, we out of here.

Whoa, there he is!


You're the shit, man.

AJAX: Yeah,
last night was great,
man. Thanks a lot.

Thanks for the ride.

Thanks for
being there.

Yo, we're going to
the club tonight, kid.
You wanna come?

VIP all night,
drinks all night.

RAY: Come on. Let's go.

No, I'm beat up.

VIP, Harvey. VIP.

VIP, you all
be careful.


Well, tonight,
show your butt off.

You know, I'd be lying
if I didn't say, secretly
I wanted you to win.

That's crazy, right?

If I wasn't a dead man,
I'd be happy, you know.

But you killed me
with that, Shawn.

You know, you do what
you do, you know.

Look, Shawn,
in a couple of minutes

there's going to be some men
that's going to come here,

and you can't be here
when they get here, okay?


Me and Zulay,
we put it on us to win.


We knew you'd
never go for it,

so we didn't say
nothing, but...

There's $1 million
in there.

Business ready
for business, huh?

Business ready.

You taught me that.


That's a lot of
money in there.


No, I'm not kidding,
Shawn. That's a lot
of money.

That's a lot of IHOPs.
We're going to Birmingham.


You know, we're going
to go and see my family.

See what's left of it.
You know what I mean?

Maybe stop by Chicago,
or something.

On your way to
Birmingham, Chicago.

Right. Yeah.


Why don't you come?

So Birmingham is
where you're thinking?

It's where I'm from.

Okay, what we
should do, then...

Hear me out.

I think we should
go past Birmingham
to some place warm.

If you're going
all the way to

through Birmingham,

Take it to California.

You know, they've got
a whole lot of great
opportunities out there.

I've been doing
a lot of reading,

I'm not giving those
people this money.

I don't give...

We shouldn't give
nobody none of this.
We should just go.

ALBA: "'I believe in love,'
said Grandma,

"I'm going to go
to Africa because
my boyfriend is there.

"And then I change my
mind, maybe. Because
love is beautiful."

ZULAY: Oh, my God.
ALBA: It's amazing, Alabama.

Alabama. Alabama.
All the time, Alabama,
Alabama, Alabama.

HARVEY: Would you
all shut up already?

ALBA: You're driving me crazy.

HARVEY: You're making
my ears bleed in here.



MARY: It's raining,
Harvey. It's raining.

Harvey, it's always raining.
It's raining, Harvey.

It's just rain, rain.

It's always raining
in this raining town.

Always raining.
What am I supposed
to do with the rain?

Harvey, it's raining.

It's raining, Harvey.

Harvey, it's raining.

Harvey, it's raining.
What are we going
to do with the rain?

HARVEY: I know
it's raining, Mary.

MARY: I know, it's raining,
Harvey, it's raining.


Special thanks to SergeiK.