Lakeview Terrace Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Lakeview Terrace script is here for all you fans of the Samuel L. Jackson movie from Neil LaBute. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Lakeview Terrace quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Lakeview Terrace Script

Joining me now to talk more about that,

Lieutenant Solomon Goff from
the Esmeralda County Sheriff's Department.

Lieutenant Goff, at this hour,
what is going on up at the fire line?

Well, they're just doing
the best they can to put it out.

There's about 450 fire personnel up there

and the fire is going
in all different directions. We're...

-You alive in there?

All right. Shake a leg.

Thank you, Spencer.

Well, the beach cities today
are gonna be in the mid-90s.

What a great day to hit the surf.

And downtown Los Angeles,
I'm forecasting a cool 102 degrees.

And hey, you folks out in the valleys,
get ready for a record-breaking May high...

Stand up.

What'd I tell you about that jersey?

It's clean.

-We're not advertising that guy, okay?
-Why not?

'Cause he don't approve of him.

-He's, like, 47% from the floor.
-Marcus. Another shirt, please.

Look, Son. We talked about this, right?

We decided to make the jump to Shaq.

Doesn't approve.


What's the rule?

I don't know, you got so many.

Have. I have so many.

And let me remind you, not at the table.

It's disrespectful.

One, two, three strikes. It's out.

-But Aunt Dorrie gave me this.
-I'll give it back to her.

-I'm changing my name.
-How come?

'Cause I don't wanna be
from this family no more.


What about me?

You're on your own.

So you're not going to Aunt Dorrie's
this summer?

I'm going.

Am I coming back, is the question.

Who's this?

You think they'll let us swim in their pool?

Never this hot in Oakland.

Oh, stop complaining.

-Come on. Hurry up.
-I'll start unloading.

-Okay, yeah. That's great. We're here.

Well, I really like this...

All right.

I can't believe how imprudent you are.

Did an inspector take a look at that?

Yes. It's totally stable.

They're building townhouses
there next year.

Can you not be such a grump?
Can you not be such a grump?

You made this possible.

You helped a lot.

This is so great. I love you.

Johnny, my man. How you doing?

-New neighbors?
-Yeah, looks like it.

Did you meet them yet?

You wanna give people a chance
to settle in, you know?

I'll wait till the movers leave.

How much you think they paid?

I don't know, man.
Hell of a lot more than I did 20 years ago.

Still the best investment. Up, up, up.

When you're right, you're right.

Have a good one.

You'll make it, you have plenty of time.

Well, the pilot's already checked in.

And I don't mind driving you to the airport.

You might look good in a Prius.

That man won't mind driving me either,
and I'm willing to tip him.



-Always a pleasure.

-You check in.

Let us know how things are going.

You know how your mother gets.

What a shame he lives 400 miles away.

-It makes me sad.
-Yeah. Yeah.

-You gonna cry?
-Can he move in?

Come on. Come, come, come.

What the...

What is that?

I don't know.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
That's my only Prada.


That's better.

-He's got security lights.
-Who does?

Whoever, next door.

He's got one on a pole in the back.

I told you we should've
put sheets on the windows.

Sheets? We need bricks.

-Hey, babe?

I look okay?

lt's gonna be a hundred
and something degrees.

I know, but l can't do this in just a shirt.
They'll think it's rude.

Oh, is that where you're gonna put the...

Yes, it is, because l like this space
and l'm the one that's here all day long.


So l'll call you, like, 2:00-ish.

You're okay driving the truck back?

Oh, gosh, l don't know.

Maybe if you showed me
where the key goes in the little...

l'll show you where the key in the...

-l gotta go.
-Okay. Break legs.


We're homeowners.

Sweetie, your bag.


What the...

-Here you go.
-l got a ticket.

Yeah, well, you are hanging out a little bit.

Well... So what?
Are we living in Bel Air or something?

Sweetheart, it's not filled out. Look.

"Welcome to Lakeview, neighbor.
Observe all parking regulations."


Look at you, making nice-nice.

Oh, gosh. A little cop humor.

He's here to protect and serve us.

Maybe we can borrow his handcuffs.

l like that.

-Hey, we can go over tonight and say hello.

-Don't work too hard.

Out of here. Yo, chief!

Let's roll, man. Five-O. Come on!

Let's get out of here, man.

Clarence Darlington, hold! Don't run.
Hey, hey! Don't make us chase you.

Nobody say nothing.


Come here. Front and center, let's go.
Right here.

Some French Connection bullshit.

Watch your mouth. Come on, on the car.

Pulling this shit on me?
ln front of my people?

-l would never do that to you, dawg.
-This is for your benefit, man.

Now it looks like you fought
the law and the law won.

You can go back and be the man,

instead of the crack-dealing
little snitch that you are.

Forget the circumstance.
Shit's disrespectful to a brother.

Brother? Clarence, we ain't brothers.

We didn't even crawl out of
the same evolutionary pool.

What are you, anyway?
You know, l always wondered about that.

You a Euro-Mexi-Japa-Chine-stani or what?

You don't even know, do you?
Ain't got a clue.

-Watch yourself.
-You're a weed, that's what you are.

A junkyard weed.

Spray your ass with some Roundup.

l'm 1/7th Cherokee, bitch!

Yeah, and the other 93% wigger.
Can you do the math on that, dumb ass?

You got problems, man. Seriously.
This shit aside, you don't see straight.

What you got for me, Clarence?

Give me something other than
this fake-ass Vanilla lce impression.

l know who popped that kid on Palm Grove.
Leontro Wilson.

He's running with a crew up
in the Baldwin Village.

-You got an address?

You're the sworn officer.
Go knock on some doors and shit.

-Are we done? l got quotas, too.
-Hold, hold, hold, hold.

One thing. One thing.

You get to stay in business
as long as you're useful, okay?

-All right, man, you told me.
-Oh, and one other thing.

No more little girls.
l don't wanna see that shit.

Baby ain't too little for me.

Just 'cause they don't scream when you
use them doesn't mean they're not little.

You understand me?

Now bounce.


Watch your ass, big guy.

Give me your wallet.
Give up the wallet, man. Give it up!

-Oh, shit.
-Come on, hurry up! Give it up!

And turn that shit down!

God damn it.

Boy, you got a lot to learn.


Never roll your window down
when somebody does that.

No matter where you are, Chris.

-You scared the hell out of me.
-Well, how else you gonna learn?

-Abel Turner.
-Hey. Yeah, Chris...


Yeah. l was meaning to come over.

-You got a lot on your hands.
-Yeah, well, you know, moving and...

-lt's very stressful, you know?

But you got your mad beats
and your blunt here to help you chill out.

Oh, it's just a cigarette. Organic.

Okay. Not against the law yet.

Well, it is in my house.

l hear you.

So are you a SoCal boy, Chris?


Went to Berkeley on a lacrosse scholarship.
Stayed there after college.

-Doing what?
-l work for Good.

Oh, the enemy of evil.
You a superhero there, Chris?

No, the supermarket chain. Yeah.

They're expanding down here,
so we talked it over...

-You and your wife?
-Yeah, Lisa.

-ls she from Chicago, too?
-No, she's from up there.


Oak-town girl, all right!

Kind of, like, opposites attract.

Well, no, not exactly.
We actually have a lot in common.

Yeah? Like what?


Rap music.

Well, l like it, she doesn't.

lmagine that.


Yeah, well, l'm going to finish my rounds.

You know, l do a little neighborhood patrol
every night, you know?

Oh. Cool.

-Welcome. Good to have you.
-Thanks, yeah. Nice to meet you.

All right.

Say, you know,

you can listen to that noise all night long,

but when you wake up in the morning,
you'll still be white.

-There you are.

How's the water?


-How was your day?

So l met our new neighbor.

A.T. Abel Turner.


He has a very special brand of humor.

So he was joking.

-Did you ask him about the lights?

Wasn't the best time.

-l always wanted to say this.

"Honey, l'm homeowner."

-No, that's really bad.
-No, it's good.

No, it's bad.

But l'm gonna kiss you and make it better.

-What are you doing?
-Move over.

Time to christen the pool.

-We can't.
-Come on.

lt's our house.

Hurry up and get in the pool.

You're gonna go to hell.

-l am not.
-Yes, you are.

God's gonna send you down there
with a stiffy and everyone's gonna laugh.

Man, you told me to look.

You were dumb enough to do it.

Get off me!

Marcus? Celia?

Don't say anything.

What the hell is going on up here?
You're supposed to be looking out for him.

l wasn't doing nothing.

Marcus, hey, hey, hey.

l wasn't doing what?

Anything. l wasn't doing anything.

What the hell are you fighting...

Look, why don't you guys wash up?

Let's go downstairs and have some
big bowls of ice cream. Okay?


Can l ask you a question?

This house has three bedrooms, right?

And there's two of us.

So, you know, like,

how many offices or dens,

whatever-type rooms,
does one need, really?

Well, we could...

l always wanted a sewing room for me.


Come on, we'll, you know...


No, l don't know.

l mean, l know that we could turn one
of those rooms into a nursery...

-...if we wanted to.

Or not.

Lis, come on, we've talked about this.
We'll get around to it. lt's just...

Right now, we don't know
how any of this is gonna play out.

Okay. l just think that there are
really good reasons to not wait.

-No, you're right.
-ln fact, to do this right now.

-No, l...
-You know?

Like, l'm not only thinking about us.
l'm thinking about our families.

l think that our families
would really benefit from...

l know, l know, l know, l know.

Are you hot?

No. Are you kidding?


lt isn't working.

Here you go.

Why is it so loose?

Probably forgot to screw it back in.

The joys of home ownership.

What's that?

lt's a good image for
an antismoking campaign.

You've gotta be kidding me.

l'll talk to him tomorrow.

Mr. Turner.

You can call me Abel.


Getting your miles in?

Before it gets too hot.

Or before l talk myself out of it.

Yeah, l hear you on that.

Need a hand?

Matter of fact, l do.

Trying to reach this bolt down
here behind the battery.

l need you to hold it this way, just pull it.

There you go.

-Come on.
-l got it.

You all right?

-Yeah, just...
-Let's see.

Oh, yeah, you're not bleeding too bad.

-lt's all right.
-You're a tough guy.

Must have some lrish in you.

Black lrish, probably.

Hey, you didn't see anyone around
the side of our house last night, did you?

Something happen?

Lisa's a little paranoid.

Got an alarm system, right?

Yeah, it's kind of wonky.

You might want to get that fixed.

You know, you got a woman
you wanna try and protect.

Well, you know, this is stupid,

but your outside lights over here...

What about them?

They're shining right into our upstairs.

l see how that could be annoying.

Just till we get some curtains up.

You know the arroyo back here
that runs along everybody's house?

There's some
unsavory characters down there.

You know, kids with nothing to do.
They tag stuff, vandalize.

-Been some break-ins.
-ls that right?

l got a teenage daughter who likes to
sneak out at night if l don't stay on top of it.

-You know what l mean?
-l hear you.

l bet you don't want them shining down
on your pool deck at night, either.

l guess not.

Celia, Marcus.

This is Mr. Mattson.
He's the man on the other side of the fence.

-Say hi.

-All right. See you, guys.
-Bye, Dad.

Thanks for your time.

-Okay, get out of the way. Move.
-No, don't kick the ball.


You're stupid! What'd you do that for?

Now the lady's coming.



She did it.

Come get it.

-Dad never let us over here.
-Why not?

He don't want us being freeloaders.

That's a good thing to not be.

You don't even know what a freeloader is.

Somebody that can swim in this pool.

Well, you guys can swim here
anytime you want.

-You just need to ask your parents.

Our mom died.

l'm sorry.

-So it's just you guys and your dad?

But he has enough rules for two people.

Yeah, well, that's how dads are.
lt'll get better as you get older.

No. He will never change his mind.

What he says is what goes,
and the more you argue, the more he's like,

"Excuse me? l am the law."

Anyways, l like your hair.

Thank you. l'm Lisa.


-And you are?
-l'm Marcus.

Nice to meet you.

-So, Celia, can you do me a favor?

My husband and l are having
a housewarming party here on Friday

and l would love it if you and your dad
and Marcus all came over

so we could kind of get acquainted.

You don't have to invite Marcus.

She already did.

So l'll see you Friday.



Nice to meet you guys.



Okay, okay, okay.

-Hello there.

Late night?

Well, you know, big town.
A lot of people to suck up to.

So, honey, these are...

Did you talk to him about the lights?

Yeah. He's gonna take care of it.

-l'm gonna go talk to him.
-No, l'll do it. Here, let me.

-No, because you...
-Let me handle it. Please.

-All right.

Be nice.

-l am nice.
-And don't be all...

You know, 'cause he's...


'Cause he's a brother.

He's your brother? l didn't know that.



Chris, what's up?

Hey, Abel.

Your lights?

You know, l did not get to that today.

Can't you just turn them off?

No. You know, they're on a master timer

with the rest of the outdoor lights,

l'd have to do that whole instruction
manual thing, you know?

-There's no excuse, you know.

l just had a hell of a day.

No, l know what you mean.

Want a beer?

No. Thanks.




Chris, wait. Hold it.

Be right with you, wait a minute. All right?

Let me take you on patrol with me,
show you the neighborhood.


Sure the neighbors appreciate this.

Well, not everybody up here's
somebody you wanna live next to.

Like who?

This guy here, for instance.

Sakorsky, Sakwasky, whatever.
Beats on his wife.

l told her to come straight to me, but...

You know, she didn't have to live that way.

Did she...

Well, other people's relationships.

You think somebody
shouldn't be with somebody,

but you can't say that to their face,
now can you?


Over here, now, got some dealing going on,
l think, you know?

Pills, weed, maybe a little coke, meth.
A lot of coming and going.

lnteresting thing is

guy's got a different car
in the driveway every week.

Maybe he's a car dealer.

So what'd they tell you about the hillside?

Behind the house?

Said there was a slide 1 0 years ago,

county reinforced it, and now they're
clearing it out for condos or whatever.

Yeah. Hope they knew what they were doing.

Look, Abel, we're here. Okay?

And we're counting
on being here a few years.

We really want this to be our home.

-Raise your family?
-Yeah, eventually.

Don't wanna rush it, though, right?

Whenever we decide, that's our choice.

You and your wife?

Who else's would it be?

lt's a brave new world.

How's that?

You know, l got nothing against you. Or her.

LAPD. l work with all kinds.
l'd lay my life down for those guys.

-"All kinds?"
-But that's where l work.

This is where l live.

l'm trying to raise these kids by myself.

Teach them to respect themselves
and the people they come from.

So l don't need you or your lady

putting your bedroom scenes
out here for them to see.

l don't think they're ever going to forget that
little synchronized swimming exhibition.

Me, either.

Look, Abel, l'm sorry. l...

Maybe there's places where that's okay.

And maybe that's where you ought to live.


They saw us. Last night.

-What do you mean?
-ln the pool.

Him, the kids...

Oh, my God. l'm mortified.

Well, l don't think he likes us anyway.

Well, honey,
it's not the best first impression.

No, l mean, l don't think he likes
the idea of us together as a couple.

Did he say that?

ln so many words.

-Then why would you say that?
-Because l just know.

lt's not like your dad's my biggest fan.

Okay. There's a leap.

No, l... Just something l picked up on.

-Because your parents are perfect.
-My parents love you.

Oh, yeah, they must, because they say it
to my face every time they see me.

That's a little harsh.

Come on, we said we wouldn't do this,

You are making assumptions about this guy.
You don't even know him.

l just walked around
the entire neighborhood with the guy.

l think l know him better than you do.

Chris, you don't know him.

-Oh, come on.
-You don't.

-You're right.

No, look. You're right.

l don't know him.

Guess l never will.

-l'm off to bed.

He's still not gonna shut off the lights.

Lis, where's your bathroom?

Down the hall, to the right.

l'll get it.

-Chris, hey.

Welcome. Nice jacket.

Yeah, l like it.

Mr. Turner, l'm Lisa, Chris' wife.

Abel, please.

And where are your kids?

They could not come.

-l'll take a drink, though.

Right this way. What are you having?

Anything wet.

Well, we have a lot of that.

-Wet and cold.

-Hey, Chris.

You hit the total jackpot, man.

l so want to date a black girl.

l'm working my way up, though,
doing the Pacific Rim thing right now,

if you get what l mean.

Well, good luck with that.

You know, l heard something
on the news about fires.

-Around Santa Clarita.

-lt's global warming.
-Totally. This is not even normal.

Yeah. We gotta study the problem further.

Don't wanna jump to conclusions.
Wouldn't be right.

He's right. lt wouldn't be right.

Code red. Blue state.

A hundred-something degrees?

lt's snowing at the South Pole.

And it's hot in Africa.

What? l just mean that's normal, right?

Anyway, there is an awful lot of
evidence piling up, so...

That something you studied up
at Berkeley, Chris?

No, Abel, just something l'm interested in.

Oh, so you're not an expert?

l mean, you work for, like,
a grocery store chain

or something like that, right?

Yeah, with a pretty strong
environmental agenda.

Timeout. Debate over.
l don't even know what that means.

-Well, what do you do, Abel?
-l am a police officer.

-Oh, you are?
-Yes, sir.

Well, Chris, hide the pot.

Not the pot l'm worried about.

lt's those cigarette butts he keeps
flicking over the fence so the wife won't see.

Dude, you're so busted.


Where do you patrol, Abel?

l'm assigned to
the Valley Bureau of the LAPD,

over near Panorama City.

You know where that is?

Yes. l think.

Been there?

-Never been.
-Come on down.

We'll show you some things.

Like how to be an asshole.

l'm sorry,
is there something you wanna say?


But you seem to have an opinion about
law enforcement. l'd like to hear it.

-Oh, let's talk about something else.
-Oh, no, no, no.

We could talk about something else,

but l think your friends
wanna talk about this.

l just find that there's an attitude.

You know, a kind of aggressiveness
when you deal with them.

Which l can certainly understand.

l'm sorry, Miss...


Well, Eden, when you're getting
jacked outside your loft

and Dubya here doesn't have

the energy to stop it,

we'll see about sending
the nice police over to help you.

That's if it's not too late.

-Oh, what is this?
-White zinfandel.

-lt's very refreshing.
-Oh, good.

Well, it's getting late.

Chris, Lisa, thanks for inviting me.

lt's been enlightening.

Night, all.

Don't drink and drive.

What time is it?

Yeah, let's go.

That's fresh dill.

Abel, hold on.

Look, the cigarettes, l'm sorry.
l wasn't thinking. l apologize.

But in front of my wife?

That's really not cool.

You didn't like that?

No, l didn't.

And whatever it is about me,
or us, that bothers you,

we gotta figure out a way to deal with this.
All right?

So, what do you propose?

-What's your agenda?

My agenda is...

Can't we all just get along?

Oh, not Rodney King.
You playing the race card?

Come on, man, this is getting a little
out of hand, l mean...

l need you to back off.

Back off?

Yeah, a little.

Or what?

See, you keep saying stuff like that.

Like we're not welcome here,
we should move.

But we're fitting in just fine.

Says who?

Maybe you're the one with the problem.

-l don't smoke.
-You know what?

l said l was sorry. Just stay out of my life.

Stay out of your life?

You have a good night, Chris.


What is it with this neighborhood?

lt's like they hate us.

Oh, honey? ls that the Prius?

Honey, do you see anything?

No. Hit the lights.


Hey, babe? Did you leave this door open?


Oh, shit.

The tires are flat.

They're slashed.


-What are you...
-Move, move.

Chris! Chris, what are you doing?

God damn it.

Well, whoever it is, they're gone.

Everything okay over there?

l thought l heard somebody moving
around over there.

Did you see anyone?


l just see you.

So you're just not gonna
do anything about it?

l'm sorry, ma'am,
there's just not much we can do.

Abel, Officer Turner,
he said he heard some noises.

Sounded like somebody moving
along the side of your house.

l'm sure he did.

Well, you get some late-night traffic
from the arroyo back there.

Bunch of kids with nothing better to do
than make other people's lives miserable.

Yeah, l keep hearing about them.

That's not much
of a lock on that door there.

But we'll take a swing around,
you know, see what we see.

lt wasn't kids in the arroyo.

Then what was it?

Well, if you hear any other noises, ma'am,
l'm sorry, just give us a call, okay?

You guys are lucky.
You have a cop living next door.

Thank you, Officer.
Thank you for all your help.

-Thanks, guys, for coming out.
-Hey, we can come on back.

Stay alert out there, all right?

l guess we could dust for prints.

Honey, next time, use an ashtray.

How do you even know it's mine?

-Do you have any proof?
-Not exactly.

But he told us we weren't welcome in
the neighborhood. That's what he told me.

He refused to turn off his floodlights,

he's made these implications
about Lisa and me,

and he was standing right there
after the whole car tire thing, just waiting.

Honey, do you have any proof?

Chris just answered that, Daddy.
No. No, not exactly, but...

The way it seems to me,

the man never made an actual threat
against your life or property.

So it's his word against yours.

And he has, let's say,
the color issue on his side.

And that color happens to be blue.

As for the lights, you could file a civil suit.

l wouldn't advise it.

These things have a knack
for turning out badly.

Yeah, but why do we
have to be the ones to...

That was my professional opinion.

What's the point of carrying on with this?

You bought this as a starter home.
Fine, you started.

Put it back on the market.
You take a loss, so what?

Then you can do what we wanted you to do,
which is let us help you.

Harold, do you think you
could just have the courtesy

of including me in the conversation?

Are you going to have children?


Daddy, that's not what we came here
to talk to you about.

Chris wants me to address him.
This is what's on my mind.

You plan to have children
with my daughter?

Yes, l do.

We do. l do. Yes.

How do you intend to protect them?

How am l going to protect them?

Well, l'm gonna get a gun, Harold.

l'm going to amass an arsenal.
A lot of firepower.

How's that work for you?

Excuse me for a moment.

Wow, look at that.

-lt's worse than this morning.
-Yeah, l know.

Are we gonna talk about this at all?


Oh, well.
There's a 1 0-day grace period on firearms,

so l got lights.

And do we think that this is the right thing
to do to solve the problem?

Oh, l don't think it's gonna solve anything.

But l'm gonna enjoy the shit out of it.

Okay. Let me know if you need any help.


Man, l am so totally burnt right now.

-Late night?
-Yeah, Connie kept me up.

Yeah, l seem to remember
something like that.

No, it's she wants out of Boyle Heights.

You know, she's right, man.

You can't be living around
the people you got to be arresting.

Wife ever bust your chops
about moving up?


Never gave her a chance, man.
l was busting my hump for her.

Eight years of double shifts,
all the overtime l could drag down,

extra security jobs, taking all the shit details
nobody else wanted.

l grew up in South Central.

There's no way
l was gonna raise my kids there.

Now's the time to get out, you know.
They'll be gone before you know it.

lt's the perfect opportunity.

-That's why l'm taking the exam.
-What exam's that?

Detective exam.

Get off the street, bump up a pay grade.
About 1 5 years, and l'm out.

'Cause l don't really wanna be
doing this stuff when l'm...

l just don't love the job the way you do.

Unit 51, we have a 4-15 in progress.
Male suspect, possible shots fired.

137 South Oxford Street.

Pop the siren, detective sergeant.

Unit 51 , 1 0-4.

About time.

Who called the cops?

He's got his wife and his little girl in there,
yelling about how he gonna kill them both.

-Have any weapons?
-Yeah, yeah, l think he's got a gun.

He didn't open the door
and l wasn't staying to find out.

Okay, what apartment number is it?

Apartment seven.
Straight back in the corner.

-Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right.

-What's his name?
-Damon Richards.

-Keep these people back.
-All right.

Get inside.

What? l'm poor, okay! What? Look at me!

Trying to say you're better than me now?

l'm not talking about my baby!

-You know what? Forget him and you!
-Please hurry.

You can take this damn baby away!
l don't need it!

Both of you!
You're just a strain on my finances.

LAPD, Mr. Richards.

-Man, get away from my door!
-Listen, my name is Abel.

l wanna know if your wife
and child are safe, okay?

Man, don't worry about them!
Get away from my door!

Listen, Damon, let's talk about this.

Man, we ain't gonna talk about nothing!

We can play this any way you want, okay?

Let's just keep talking, all right?

Make sure everything is cool inside,
all right?


-Oh, my baby.
-You okay?


-Damon! Stop!
-Everything's gonna be okay.

-Just stay there.
-Officer, wait! Please don't hurt him!

-He's a good guy!

Our guy's on the ground!
He's out the window!

-Call for backup!
-Hey! Stay back! Sit down!

-No! No!
-Stay back!

-Please! Please, just let him go, Officer.
-Unit 51 requesting assistance.

Man with a gun.

Give it up, Damon! Come on, give it up!

Stop, Damon! Stop right there!
Put the gun down! End of the line! Hold it!

Don't come closer! Don't come closer!

l swear to God I'll do it!

Okay, okay. Okay, okay, okay.

-Don't come closer!
-Let's talk about this, all right?

-Calm down, calm down, calm down.
-I'll do it!

-Take it easy. Take it easy, okay?
-l'll do it. l'll do it!

We can talk about this. All right?
There you go.

-What are you doing?
-Now stop bullshitting.

You wanna do this, do it.

Come on, stop playing. Stop bullshitting.
Go ahead, do it! Do it!

Come on! What, you need some help?

-Move your finger. Move your finger!
-No! No!

Give me the goddamn gun then!

Up! Get up!

Look in my eyes. Look in my eyes!

ls this gonna happen again?


No, sir! No! l swear to God, no!

God ain't here, you swear to me.

l swear. l swear to you, sir!

Now, you be a man, understand?
You take your responsibility.

l don't give a shit what your situation is!
You be a father to that baby, you got me?


lf l have to come back here,

l'm gonna be the one doing the shooting,
you understand?

Yes, sir.

-Detective Villareal.
-Yes, sir.

Put some restraints on this young man.

-But do it gently, please.

You heard him. Come on.
Let's go. Come on!


What are you doing?

You said any time.

Yeah, if your dad said it was okay, Celia.
l have a feeling he didn't.

-How old are you?

You're a very brave girl.

Make sure you ask
your dad next time, okay?

Yeah. Right.

Hey, can l ask you a question?


-You got me.
-So, in school there's a lot of hooking up.


And if a black guy goes out
with a white girl,

his boys are like, "Dawg, you the shit."


But other way around and they're on you.
"Sister" this, "sister" that.

-ls that what's going on with you?
-There's this guy.

And you like him?

Well, it depends.
How much do l have to like him?

Well, if he's gonna be your boyfriend
you should probably really like him.

Especially if he's white,
because it may not be easy.

But you like who you like, right?

-All right.

-Hey, what is this?
-Destiny's Child.

-Okay. l think l've heard this.
-You think?

lt's nice. l like it.

No, l think l gotta move to this. Wait.

Oh, my gosh! l feel so old.

-Come on, take it.

You can shuffle around a little bit.


Come on. You're not old.
You'll get it. Come on.

No. No, no, no.
You are doing fine for the both of us.

Come on!

Oh, my gosh, you're a great dancer.

-Come on, get down to it. Come on.
-No way!

No! No. Absolutely not. l'm not doing that.

-Remember this one?
-Who taught you that?

-What do you know about that?
-My mom did. My mom taught me that.

-Oh, my God. l feel so old.
-Come on!

Did l give you permission
to come over here?


Answer me, young lady.

No, l'm just...

No, l did not give you, my daughter,
permission to come over here

because it matters to me
what you're learning

and who you're learning it from.

Okay, l told her she could come over

-and swim whenever she wanted to.
-Oh, so what l say doesn't matter.

That's not what l meant, Abel.

No, no, no, no, no.
l understand where you're coming from.

l need to be fresh and liberal

and open to what other people think and do,
is that right, Lisa?

-That's right.
-Okay. All right, then.

Well, let's all get crazy.
Let's just get down then, huh?

-What are you doing?
-Forget the rules, huh?

-There are no rules.

We make them up as we go along,
is that right, Lisa? l am right, aren't l?

You've made your point, Abel.

Whatever we wanna do,
that's all right, right?

-That's enough.
-How you say it, baby girl?

-Listen, you made your point.
-Let's get ill! This is sick!

-Okay, Dad! All right!
-This is dope! Let's keep it gangsta! Holla!


lt's okay for you to parade around
in your underwear, but not me, huh?

You know what that is?

That's hypocrisy. That's a double standard.

There's no room
in this world for that anymore.

Didn't you teach her that, Lisa?

l mean, you did teach her everything
you know, right?

-She knows a shitload more than you do.

-Okay, Celia...
-l beg your pardon?

Stop messing with my life!

Telling me what to do,
what to say, what to wear!

You don't know anything about me,
who l am or what l think.

You're just an old man with a badge on
and his pants off.

Okay, Abel, that is not okay.

l'm sorry.

l'm not myself these days.
You know, l'm not sleeping very well.

You have no right to hit her.

Oh, let's you and me have a long discussion
about my parental rights, why don't we?

Get off my property.

Or what?

You wanna call the cops?

Here. l'll tell you who's on duty.

You okay? You're not eating.

My stomach's been funny all day.

You getting the flu?

Just tension.

Maybe he finally got the message.
No lights tonight.

lt's nice out here.

This place is gonna look really sweet
by the time we're done with it.

Just about when we're ready
to put it back on the market.

l'm sensing a theme here.

Be honest with me.
You wanna sell this place?

Do you?

Why, l certainly don't want
anyone else deciding that for us.

Not the guy next door. Not your father.

They're not the same person, Chris.

And you don't have to prove anything
to either one of them.

Come on, l know that. Why wouldn't l...

Okay, we'll just let that be your own
little transference deal.

-We won't actually talk about that, l guess.

That's what you think this is?

Oh, don't get all "l know..."

Come on, you know exactly
what l'm talking about. Don't do this.

l am constantly taking shit from
black guys about our relationship.



Okay. Whatever. Lisa...

lt just gets exhausting
being on the front lines all the time.

You have no idea.

What does that mean?

l'm just gonna go upstairs
and lie down and read my book, okay?

Everything meet with your approval?

You always did keep the place neat.

Just don't seem to enjoy it much anymore.

You just said something nice to me, right?
l mean, sort of?

Hey, baby. You got everything?

Yup. l'm gonna ride
the horse this year, Aunt Dorrie.

-Are you asking or telling?

Well, then l think we can manage that.

-Giddyup, partner. And have fun, okay?

Don't l get a goodbye?

See you.

Can we go?

So, what was all that about?

l don't know. She's 1 5 and female.
You tell me.


You can give this back to her

if you want her walking around
like a zombie child for the next two weeks.

What is going on with you, Abel?
l mean, you seemed like you were fine.

Now all of a sudden, l don't know,
you seem different.

l am fine, and l've always been different.
Never been better.

See you, guys. Have fun.

You okay in there?

l'm pregnant.

-You sure?

l did three of them.

Should we call, or...

What about your pills?

l might have missed a few. Maybe.

Well, either you did or you didn't.

l did. Okay?

So... l did.

l thought we were gonna wait.

You don't always get
to choose this kind of thing, Chris.

Yeah, you do, that's sort of the point.

Come on, you choose to take birth control,

you can read the label and...

-Come on, we had a plan.
-Our plan was to start a family.

l can't believe you're not even
just a little bit happy about this.

-Oh, come on, that's not fair.
-Well, you know, l didn't...

This is not some sort of sneak attack.

Right now,
you want to start a family right now?

Right now? We just moved in!

-l'm sorry. ls it not convenient for you?
-Oh, God! No, come on!

lt's not about convenience.
lt's a whole different life, you know?

And what life is that, Chris?
The one where you're not married to me?

Come on, Lisa, that's not...

l gotta go to work. l'm late.


What's going on, Captain?

Damon Richards. You know him?

And you are?

This is Bronson and Morgada. They're...

lnternal Affairs.

Yeah. lt's just a procedural thing, Abel.

So, what about Richards?

We arrested him last week.
He took two shots at me and my partner.

He's bringing a suit against the department.

Brutality charges, violation of civil rights,

as well as a personnel complaint
against you.

"Officer Turner used excessive force,
made threats against..."

l gave that asshole a pass, Cap.
He took two shots at us.

You were verbally abusive
and you left him with three broken ribs.

Not to mention shoving a gun in his face.

That is not accurate.

l talked to him.
l tried to educate the individual.

l never struck him.

lf he was injured, that happened
when he was out of our custody.

Look, this is all bullshit, Abel.

But this is what
we have to deal with now, right?

So finish your tour today,

then take some time off
in lieu of disciplinary action.

All right?

-How much time?
-Until we tell you otherwise.

Because, you know, frankly,
over the last few years,

you have a number of question marks
on your record.

So l wouldn't push it.

You should be thinking retirement.
lt's about that time.

28 years. 28 years and this is what I get?

What do you think you deserve?

Heads up, heads up.

-Don't stop on my account.
-You don't wanna hear it, Abel.

-l heard nigger jokes before.
-No, it's not that.

We're throwing a bachelor party
for Davis tonight.

-And l'm not invited?
-Yeah, sure you are.

We just thought that, you know, it wasn't...

We thought it's not your thing.

Tell you what,
why don't you bring it to my house, okay?

No civilians, you can cut loose all night.

What about the kids?

They're doing their two-week bit
with my sister-in-law out in Lancaster.

-Perfect timing.
-You really want to?

My reputation's on the line here.
Besides, l need a good lap dance.

-All right, let's do it.
-Now we got a place.

We got a place.

What's going on?

-Babe, do you hear this?

-l don't believe this.
-What time is it?

lt's, like, 3:00 in the morning.

-Where are you going?
-To tell them to shut up!

No, you're not... Lisa, wait. Wait!


-Wait! Wait, wait.

-Look, please.
-Hey, let go of me.

l'll deal with it.

Oh, this you wanna deal with, right?

The macho bullshit. This you can handle.

Don't start.

-Open the front door, man. Open it!
-l got it.


Hey, can you ask Abel to come to the door?

-What's the problem?
-Well, we're trying to sleep.

We're trying to get hammered, asshole.

-Hey, man!
-What's up?

Hey, there you guys are, man.
What happened to you?

Hey! Who put you on the VlP list?

Abel, what are you doing?

lt's 3:00 in the morning,
we're trying to sleep.

Come on, Chris. l'm glad you came over,
we can bury the hatchet.

Let's get you a drink.

This is my next door neighbor, Chris.

As you can see, he is a Democrat.

Hey, we're not biased here.

You can hug as many
and any tree you want. All right?

Here you go.

Fellow cop's getting hitched.

Condemned man's last meal,
you know the deal, right?

Oh, hey, congratulations.

Now can you just turn
the goddamn music down?

ls it disturbing you?

Come on, it's practically
breaking the fricking windows.

l bet you can't even
hear yourselves screw, huh?

Chris here got himself a little dark
meat over there, you know?

You know, you need to be careful, neighbor.

You might not be enough man for her.

Just busting your balls.

You know what they say,
"Once you go black..."

-"You never go back."
-There you go!

Besides, you don't wanna
piss these guys off, do you?

Look at that! That's something, isn't it?

l'm massively aroused.

Oh, see, there you go.
You're doing that Berkeley thing again.

You're saying one thing,
but you mean another.

That's irony, right?

l don't know. l don't know.

You don't know?
lf you went to Stanford you'd know.

Oh, come on, man, lighten up.

Look, look.
As soon as we get through with the groom,

we'll turn the music down, you go home,
you get some sleep, all right?

Bring him in here, yeah!

Bring him in here, guys!

-Put it on him, put it on him, put it on him!
-Show these cops.

Come on, now!

Hit him in the face with them!
Beat him in the face with those things!

Come on, now!


Come on, now, give it up!

-Thank you.
-Oh, shut up. Come with me.

-Are you bad?
-Take it down!

Now, look...

Don't let him get away! No, no!

Now we talking! Now we talking!

Get off me!

Grind it on him, baby. Put it on him!
Put it on him!

Be careful now, he's a married man!

He doesn't look so married to me.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Let him up, let him up! Let him up!

Nice pair, huh, Chris?
Little bit better than Lisa's, though, right?

You do not wanna do that. Believe me.

-Get him out of here.
-Get off me.

lt's a grown man's
playground over here, Chris.

Tell the wife good night!

Oh, shit! Bring those strippers back here.

Come on, don't let her stop!

No, now's the time. Put them titties out.
Break those titties out on him, baby!

Yeah, right there! Right there.


Babe, what are you doing?

Where's my goddamn camcorder?


l've gotta record everything
that bastard does.


l'm gonna take away his job...



-His house...
-Honey, what happened over there?

God. You didn't forget.

-You didn't forget!

-You stopped taking them!
-What are you talking about?

Your pills! What, you had to trick me?

That's the kind of marriage you want? Fine!

l didn't stop taking them,
l just missed a few days, and then l...

l didn't do it on purpose!

Oh, really?
'Cause l find that hard to believe!

-l don't even know who you are.
-l'm your wife.

Are you?
'Cause l don't even recognize you anymore!

Where is that damn thing?

A number of wildfires
are raging out of control

and have so far burned 2500 acres

and destroyed 185 homes
and businesses all around the Southland.

The governor has declared
a state of emergency

in six counties in Southern California.

Forty thousand people have been
evacuated in the declared areas.

Everything is just so hard.

l mean, no one want to lose any houses,
much less their own.

Right now two additional fire teams
are gearing up to hit the lines tonight.

We are joined right now
by Metro fire chief Greg Malio.

-Greg, thanks for being with us.
-You're welcome, Pamela.

Be careful now, he's a married man!

He doesn't look so married to me.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Let him up, let him up! Let him up!

That's great, guys.
Just put them all along the wall.

Why are we doing this?

lt's good for the environment.

Trees make oxygen.

Well, you certainly don't look pregnant.

That must make you happy.

What's going on, Lis?

l'm sorry.

l just can't stand this.

l hate my job. l'm not even getting paid.

-Then quit.
-And do what?

l hate this neighborhood. l miss my family.

Look, we knew it was gonna be hard.

Maybe not this hard.
But we agreed that we'd...

No, l agreed to do whatever you wanted

because l thought that we were
moving toward something.

We are.

lt's your idea about what all this
is supposed to look like.

-We just need to get used to this.
-"We" are now all three of us.

l really need you to start thinking that way.

l'll do whatever it takes to make you happy.

That is all l have ever wanted.

Hey. Hey!


Hey! What are you...
Hey! What the hell are you doing?

-What? l can't hear you!
-Turn that goddamn thing off!

-Abel, what's wrong with you?
-Turn it off and put it down!

Now, you didn't ask my permission
to plant these trees.

But they're hanging over on my property,

so l don't need your permission
to cut them down.

Oh, come on!

Turn that goddamn thing off!

You wanna shut
that mouthy bitch of yours up?

She can say whatever she wants, asshole.

Or what? You wanna come over here
and get busy, Chris? Come on!

Come on over. Let's do something.

Abel, come on, turn it off!

Shut it off, my ass.

What is wrong with you?

Come on over.
Oh, you want her to be the man now?

-Shut up!
-Come on. Bring it on over here. Come on.

Come on, player, come on! Come on!
Come on, then.

-That's what you want? Think you're bad?
-Yeah, yeah! Yeah, that's right, l'm bad!

Yeah, put your little saw down!
What do you got now, buddy?

Stop it. Honey. Honey! Honey! Hey! Stop it!

Stop it!

You like that, huh? Lisa, back up!

-Have you lost your mind, Chris?
-Lisa, get off.

-Stop it! Stop it!
-Get off of me!

Come on!

Chris, stop it! Have you lost your mind?

Real tough now, huh?

Oh, shut up. Put the saw down and let's see.
Let's go! Come on!

Come on over here. Come on!

There you go.

Run on in the house. Pussy. Sugar britches.

-That's right!

Plant something else over there,
see if l don't cut that down, too!

The flames are advancing quickly
in the hills surrounding

four counties in Southern California.

ln a moment, we're gonna talk about

the drought conditions
across much of the country.

But first, we're gonna go
to where they're paying

a big price for tinderbox conditions.

Hot enough for you?

l could use another 50 degrees.

-Anything else?
-No, l'm good. Thanks.

-Well, welcome to the neighborhood.
-Thank you.

People here are describing
the harrowing scene

as they grabbed whatever they could

of their precious possessions
and fled for their lives.

As the fires roared out of control,

fanned by 65-mile-per-hour
Santa Ana winds...

Damn. l was trying to get away from you.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. lt's okay.

She's got a big old 1 2-gauge back there.
Nothing's gonna jump off.

Nope. Had my drink.

There's no need in you rushing home.
Lisa's not back yet.

That kind of woman,
you gotta let her cool off for a while.

Abel, Abel. Abel.
l don't care what you have to say.

l don't care what you think.

Just save it, all right?
All your poisonous race crap.

Okay. You know what?

Wasn't a good day for me.
Shit got a little out of hand. My bad.

Sweetheart, bring me my regular

and give him another
whatever it was he was having on me.

Okay? All right?

-There you go, darling.
-Thank you, baby.

Here you go.

Look at that shit. Headed right for us, huh?

You know what today is?

No, how would you know?

Today's the third anniversary
of my wife's death.

When Marcus went back to school,
she became a home-care aide.

Mostly old people.

Alzheimer's patients, stroke victims.

l don't know how in the hell she did it,

but it made me kind of glad that
that's what she did, you know?

Sort of, you know, balanced things out,
you know?

How's that?

Well, you know,
because of what l do on my job.

Three years ago to the day,

l get a phone call.

My wife's been in a head-on collision.

Some guy high off his ass,

going 90 miles an hour
the wrong way on the 1 01 just...

They took her to Hollywood Memorial.

She died on a gurney in the hall

because somebody forgot to tell them
she was the wife of a police officer,

so they treated her by pigmentation.

-How do you know that?
-Because l know things.

Well, l'm sorry.

Thing is,

what l been trying to figure out
for three years to this day

is why she was with her employer,

who took a steering column
through the chest, by the way.

Where were they going
or coming from, Chris?

My wife and her white boss?

ln the middle of the afternoon on the 1 
when she should have been changing
some old Jew's Depends down on Fairfax.

That really what
you wanna think about today?

-Wouldn't you?
-No, l wouldn't.

And why you telling me this?
What does this have to do with me?


Except you and your little chocolate drop

picked the wrong time to move
and the wrong place.

Whatever, Abel.

See, there you go.
You white boys always say that. "Whatever."

And then you go ahead
and just do your shit anyway.

What's that supposed to mean?

That you think you can take
whatever you want.

And l hate that. l hate it!
That's what it means!

Hey, sorry, sweetheart.

We just having a heart-to-heart here.
Right, Chris?

You know what, Abel?

Fuck you.

ls that a "we are the world" fuck you?

No. lt's a special one, just for you.

You've earned it.

We're not moving.


They said it's under control.

Yeah, well, let's get this over with.

-Then what?
-l don't know.

We feel safe with Abel across the street

because there are very bad people out there.

People who steal and shoot you.

But we have a black policeman living here.

-Yes, it's very comforting.
-Annabelle, you leaving?

Hey, hey, hey. Abel's famous cornbread.

Where's Celia and Marcus?

lt's their week to spend
with my sister-in-law.

Hi, Lisa. How are you?

They're probably out there sharing tales
about what a hard-ass their dad is.

They're gonna be grateful
for the rules one day.

Yeah, l keep telling them that,
but l don't think they believe me.


Hey, what's the word, Abel?
Are we gonna be okay down here?

Yeah. You know,
they'll stop it at the firebreak.

Never get through the pass.

Chris, how you doing?


Got his game face on. Who's winning?

Johnny and Chris right now.

All right, well, l got next.


Hope this is not Division.

-Turner here.
-lt's Darlington.

-l'm in the crib, homey.

Nice shot.

All right, do your thing.

Nice shot.

Ain't nobody bitch, you prick!

Babe, l'm just really... l think l should go.

You sure? You want me to go?

No, it's fine.

You accepted the invite, you should stay.

All right.

-l'll be home in a bit.
-All right.

Come on. Pick up.

-What's up?
-Get out of the house now.

The wife is on the way home.

You said they were away.

Bail your big ass out of there right now.



Be nice.

-Calm down.

No! Stop!

What is that? ls that mine?

l'll check on it. Wait. Wait.

That is mine.

Calm down.

Just hold still!

No! No!

Will you just calm down?

-Chris. Wait!


-Stay there!
-lt's my wife!


Yo, playa!

What's up, man?

What the hell, dude? Come on.

Hey, what are you...


God damn it.

Oh, shit. No, no, no, no. Baby.

Don't touch her.

This is Officer Abel Turner
with the Valley Bureau.

I need a black and white and an
ambulance at 1100 Lakeview Circle.

10-53, possible head trauma.

-Don't move her!
-Look, l'm trying to see if she's alive!

Just talk to her.
Keep her calm till the paramedics come.

Oh, Jesus.

Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God, you're okay.

You're okay. You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.

Come on.
Shit, where's your goddamn phone?

-Jesus Christ!

Everything's under control.
The ambulance is on its way.

-You all right?

Dr. Cohen, 6931 . Dr. Cohen, 6931 .

Mr. Mattson? The doctor will see you now.

Okay, thanks.


How you doing?

About three degrees south of awful.

l don't even know what that means.

So they checked you out and you're okay.
Baby's okay.

Honey, that guy...

What happened? Did they catch him?

Abel took care of him.


-Shot him.
-ln our house?

What was Abel doing in our house?

We heard the alarm. Ran over.


-Hey, you need to rest, okay?

They're just gonna do a few more tests
and we'll get out of here soon.

Yeah, Turner here.

Hey, my man. How's it going?

Detective. How goes it with you?

Hey, man, l just wanted you to know,

l told them you never
laid a finger on that guy.

Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.

So when you coming back?

You know, it's hard to say. l don't know.


Yeah, well, we still got
some fine times ahead of us, man.

l'm not taking that test for,
like, probably a year, or whatever.

That's great.

Anyway, l just thought l'd call
and check up on you, man.

l saw your neighborhood on the news

and you pour that whole reservoir
on it if you have to, okay?

You know l will. Thanks for calling.

All right.



Go on through. Right on through.
Keep going.

-He's right. They've been notified!
-lt's closed off.

Hey. Can we go up?

Only fire crew and homeowners, sir.

We live on Lakeview Circle.

Hold on.

That's us. That's our address.

l strongly suggest you pack
what you can quickly and evacuate.

Nobody knows where
this thing's headed right now.

-Okay. Thanks.
-Thank you.

All right, clear a lane here!

No problem. Let them through.


You better think about getting out of here.

l'll tough it out.

Yo, what's up? This is Clarence. Leave it.

Oh, God.

This is unbelievable.

Oh, my God.

Honey, we should start packing.

l know. l know, l know, l know.
Let's get going.

You know what?
Go on inside, l'm gonna go talk to Abel.

-No, l wanna thank him.



Hey, how's your wife?

She's okay. Thanks to you.

Look, that guy who broke in,

he deserved what he got.

And l'll tell anyone that.

You know, you better get on this
or get on back down the hill.

Yeah, we're just gonna
grab some things and...

Just wanna say thanks.


Babe, what can l get from downstairs?

Just the photo albums.

Okay. l'll be right back up.




You got this all wrong.

Yeah, that's the bad guy's phone.

He's been calling me, threatening me,
saying he's gonna hurt Celia.

Came to your place by mistake.

You said yourself l did the right thing.

And you were good with that, right?


Oh, God!

Stay down! Stay down!
Don't move, you son of a bitch!

Lisa! Lisa, get out here!

Stay down!

Take the keys, take the car, take this phone,
go down the hill and get the police.

-What do you mean?
-He lied about everything!

He got the guy to break into the house!

Just go, honey, go! Go!

Okay, okay! Okay, okay.

You son of a bitch!

Please help me!


-Chris, help!
-Come on!

Chris! Chris, please help!

You can't get away!

Neither one of you!

-Stay back!
-Give it up, Chris!

Get away from us!

-You made your stand!

-Get back!
-Come on!

Help me!

Please, no, no, no, no!

-Put down your weapon! Do it!
-Jesus Christ.

-Put down your weapon!
-He's trying to kill us!

l got it under control, fellows.
lt's all right, okay?

He's my neighbor.

He's having a bad day, you know?
He's under a lot of stress.

He's lying!
Don't listen to him, he's got a gun!

-l do not have a weapon! Look!
-No, he's lying.

His wife was attacked today.
l took the guy down.

You can call in and check that out.
All right?

Do not move any further!

He's just a little demented.

He went off and attacked me,
but he's okay. All right?

He's got a gun, it's right behind his back!

Listen, l'm LAPD, guys!
l'm law enforcement like you!

l don't give a damn
if you're the Pope, asshole!

Do not move any further!

lt's true, he's a cop!

See, Chris? l'm the police!

You have to do what l say, okay?
Put down the gun, all right?

Sir, put the weapon down!

No, l will not! Not till he puts his down!

-He's got a gun, God damn it!
-Chris, get down.

l do not have a gun.

Then turn around, Abel! Then turn around!

Sir, drop the weapon!

Please. Please get down.

Come on!

lf you point that thing at me, Chris,
you better be willing to use it.

-Stay where you are!
-This is what you want, huh, Abel?

-Sir, drop it!
-This is what you want?

Chris, listen to me! Stop it!

Listen to your wife, asshole!

Chris, please stop!


-Did you listen to your wife?

-Did you?
-Chris, stop!

Maybe you should've listened to your wife.
Did you see it coming?

-Shut up! You don't bring my wife into this!
-When she ran off on you?

-You leave my wife out of this!
-Did you see it coming?

-Don't let her name come out of your mouth!
-Did you see it coming, Abel?

-He's got a gun! He's got a gun!
-Just shut up!

Ma'am, can you come with me please?

Just take your time. Here we go.

Let's get you up in here to see someone.

Watch your step.


We're gonna move him to the hospital now.
We've stopped the bleeding.

You should let me take a look at you, miss.

No, l'm fine.

-You sure?

How are you?

Three degrees south of...

l love you.

l know.

l love you, too.

The rest isn't important.

We're gonna have a family.

Special thanks to SergeiK.