Reign Over Me Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Reign Over Me script is here for all you fans of the Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Reign Over Me quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Reign Over Me Script

-New patient?

l was referred by my lawyer
about veneers.

You're a new patient. Fill this out... we know who to contact
in case we lose you in the chair.

That was a joke, sweetie.
l was being funny.


Mrs. Remar, l'm Dr. Johnson.

Oh, it's Miss Remar.

And l know who you are. l see another
doctor in the building regularly.

l've been on the elevator
with you a few times.

Oh, okay.

You're married?
l never noticed the ring before.

Oh, yes, l am. l'm married.

All right, what are we doing
for you today?

One veneer, is that right?

They told me you don't
usually do just one.

We do whatever's needed.

All right. Let's see.

-Now, which one is it?
-l don't know.

You tell me.

So another cutie with a crush, huh?

What is it with you?

So you'll be back next week?

You're gonna schedule Miss Remar
next week for the veneer. Right?

Yeah. l'm gonna clear the
schedule the whole week... that you could be mentally
prepared for it. Okay?

lt was so nice to finally meet you.

Oh, yeah. You too.


l need the--

Oh, it's my daughters.

l'm gonna need that jacket.

-Okay, you stay, and then l'll reach.

No, that's fine. l'm minutes away.


Hey, Charlie! Charlie Fineman!


Charlie. Charlie Fineman.

l'm so sick of your father.

He's in that bed again.

Just as mean and evil as he can be.

Like a pig with a bullet in his head.

You take your walk today, Mom?

l'll take that as a no.


l hate this city. l hate this damn city.

l don't know why
you brought us here.

l got the papaya juice you asked for.

Hate this damn city.

And the smell. All that garbage
all up and down the street.

Daddy? l need money for the
dress for the dinner...

...l'm going to with the Jacobsons.

And you'll have to drive me...

...because Mom's gonna be
at Cherie's chorus practise.


We have to talk about
getting a cell phone.

This morning, you said
we could talk about it tonight.

l thought we talked about
the cell-phone issue.

But l'm 1 3 and l still share
with my little sister.

Oh, right. Because you only
need a cell phone...

-...if Mommy or Daddy's late--
-l ran into Charlie Fineman today.

Really? How is he?

l don't know. l was in the car
and he was on foot.

He was coming out of a hardware
store. He was carrying paint.

You think he's still practising?

Who's Charlie Fineman, Daddy?

He's an old college friend
of mine, baby.

He was my college
roommate, actually.

l haven't talked to him
in a long, long time.

ls he the one from dental school...

...whose family was on the plane?
ls that Charlie Fineman?


That's Charlie Fineman.

You know, l decided to sign us up
for another photography class.

You did?
You already signed us up?

Yeah, but this time
for the advanced one.

l thought we had fun last quarter,
didn't you?

What, you don't want to?

No, l do. Don't you?

l loved it.

-l had a really good time.

-Didn't you love it?
-l did.

And now Advanced Photography?
l mean, wow. l'm-- Yeah.


No sugar.

Don't take that to school, okay?

Whole Foods. Whole Foods snacks.

-Hey, Angela.
-Dr. Johnson.

What is it about us always leaving
the building at the same time?

-lt's quitting time.
-That's true.

-You good?
-Yeah, l'm good. Thanks.

Good. Let me ask you something.
Most married men have hobbies.

Okay, Alan. Don't do this.
Come on.

-Don't do what?
-We talked about this.

lt's not really fair for you
to wait for me out here on the street.

lf you wanna make an appointment,
we can make an appointment.

Yeah, l know. But it's a little thing.

Now, you remember the friend
l was asking you about?

The friend who has no friends?
Other than you?

Yeah, him. So he's
a married guy, right?

And he's got a great wife
and the whole nine.

But she will not let him--
l mean, it's like he can't just--

l mean, guys have
guy hobbies, right?

They play poker, they golf,
they do shit.

Okay, you know what? Stop. Stop.

l can't treat you from the lobby
to the car park.

Treat me? l'm not--
l just asked you a question.

-Well, whatever you wanna call it--
-No, you're right.

-lt's inappropriate.
-You're right. l get it.

Let me ask you one thing.

l want your opinion
as a woman, Angela.

As a woman.

Look, if l have
this recurring dream where...

...l'm sitting on my couch...

...and it turns into a big vat of rubber,
what is that?

Why don't you let me
refer you to someone else?

Okay. Well...

...l hope it works out for you.

You wait for me enough times
out on the street, though... might owe me
some dental work.

Have a nice day.

Bingo. There we go.

-That was a tough one.
-Okay. Absolutely.

Now it all will fall into place.

Dad, can you take me
to Becky Fishman's?

Sweetie, it's 9:30.

She wants me to spend the night.

Well, Daddy's had
a long day at work...

...and he's finally finding some time
to enjoy himself.

Just have her come over here.

And we can study your
French together.

Oh, you know what?
l'll take her. l'll go.

Babe. We've come this far.
We've been working on this all week.

l know. l'll go. l'll go, and then
l'll just come right back.

Don't be mad if l have this
all done by the time you get back.

Because l'm on a roll here.

You're gonna miss out
on all the action.

Just make sure you
save me some sky, okay?

You know you owe
that child bigtime.

You would've thought she got you
out of traffic school... the look on your face.

Good night, babe.

-Good night.

Hey, Charlie. Charlie.
Charlie Fineman, hey!

Charlie, stop!

-Hey, Charlie. Hey, man.

-lt's Alan.
-Hey. How are you?

l saw you coming out of a paint store
a couple weeks ago and....

l was screaming for you,
honking the horn.

l stopped the car, jumped out
in traffic. lt was crazy.

Then l tried to get in touch with you,
but nobody had any info on you.

Oh, good, good. Very cool.

-How you doing?
-So we know each other?

Are you kidding me?

lt's Alan Johnson, Charlie.

We went to dental school together.

Burrows Hall. l was your college
roommate. You don't remember me?

Yeah, very cool. Very cool.

-Good. Good to see you, Burrows.
-lt's Johnson.

Charlie, you seriously
don't remember me?

-We were college roommates?

Yeah, you slept naked most nights.

And you were a sleepwalker.
lt was the worst two years of my life.

Hey, are you practising, man?

l tried to get in touch
through the Dental Guild--

l'm practising all the time,
up in the valley.

Took down 1 2 of
the Colossus so far.

The valley? What is that? ls that
a medical complex or something?

lt's more like another dimension.

You take a journey
and discover yourself.

-Hey, man, you wanna go get a drink?
-l can't drink. l can't drink.

l can't drink. l can't drink.

l gotta get going.

Then a coffee or something.
Let's just go get a cup of coffee.

Real quick. l would just love to
catch up with you, man.

Hey, Charlie.

This okay?

You like trivia?

Name the Great Lakes.

The Great Lakes.
Can you name them?

Okay, Michigan is one.

Huron, Ontario, Michigan,
Erie and Superior.

That was an easy one.

That's fifth-grade shit.

So, what have you
been up to lately, Charlie?

l'm stuck between
Pale White and Moon White.

l tried Butterscotch Yellow.

l couldn't live with it.

You painting something?
You're remodelling or...?

You were my college roommate.

That was a long time ago.

-A whole other life.
-Oh, yeah. No shit.

lt's good to see your face.


Yeah, it's good to
see you too, Charlie.

Yeah. All right.

You gotta take those shoes off.

Thank you.

Great record collection.


l'm happy with it.

-A lot of vinyl.
-Yeah. Over 5500 so far.

lt's a work in progress.

Kitchen remodel?

What is this?

''Shadows of the Colossus.''

Can l use your bathroom, Charlie?

Oh, in the back.

Nice music room.



There you go, Allie. Thank you.

l'm sorry about the way l behaved
the last time l was here, doctor.

But when l see you in the building,
you always seem very busy.


Even when you're with the
other doctors, you seem so solitary.

So alone.

l don't know why, but that seems
very familiar to me.



l hope you're--

l just thought that if you
wanted me to...

...l would.

With my mouth.

l would.

You could lock that door...

...tell the nurse not to come in.

l'd do it.

l'd enjoy making you happy.

You have to leave.

l have this odd sense of intimacy
towards you. l don't even know why.

l told my shrink, and she
said l should act on it.

Oh, she did?
You need to get a new shrink.

Get several.
And get a new dentist too.

You gotta get out of here,
Miss Remar.

l'm serious. l need you to leave
right now. Please. Go.


Come on.


The fuck--?

l need you not to reschedule
Miss Remar for anything.


Ever again. Nothing.


l don't want this woman as a patient.

-Got it. l got it.
-Fine. Thank you.

Excuse me!

Not right now. Hey.
Melanie, call her.

-Miss Remar?
-On the phone, l mean. Don't--

Miss Remar, you need
to find another dentist.

-Excuse me?
-You heard me.

Dr. Johnson don't want you
as a patient...

...neither do any
other doctors here... go somewhere, bury your face
in the phone book...

...and find another dentist, all right?

-'' Bury your face in the phone book''?

You have to be bold to make
these kind of people go away.

Thanks for holding.

Can l help you?

l'm just going up to see a friend
of mine, Charlie Fineman.

Nobody by that name
lives here. Sorry.

That's fine. l'll just wait
for the landlord.

That's me.

Adell Modell, landlady from hell.

Oh, well, l'm Alan Johnson.
l'm a friend of Charlie's.

-We went to dental school together--

l was in his apartment the other night.
We were playing...

...''Shadows of the Colossus''
or something.

You were up there in his apartment
the other night? That's a load of crap.

He hasn't had anybody
up there in four years.

Just me, Sugarman the accountant,
the cleaning girl.

He doesn't know
about the cleaning girl.

-l'm not lying to you. l was up there.

He's remodelling his kitchen.
Now, how would l know that?

He's been remodelling that kitchen
once every couple of months.

That tells me nothing. Go away.

Johnson. Johnson!



Alan Johnson.

This is my college roommate.

lt's my college roommate.

l used to sleep in the nude.

Check this out.

l got a....
You'll appreciate this.

The Pretenders. lt's one of the
great debut albums of all time.

Yeah, that's you.
Terrible taste in music.

No, no, not true. Not true.

Smell these things.

l love the way they smell.
Take a whiff.

Brings back a feeling.
Smells like the late '7 0s, don't it?

-The early '80s. Yeah.


lt's okay, Charlie.
l'll take care of them.

-Who's that?
-Charlie, we just wanna talk.

-We gotta go. We gotta go.

Why? Who is that?

Johnson, hop on.
Hop on, Johnson.

-Hop on?
-Get on. Get on. Johnson.

-Who is that?
-Johnson, damn it, get on.

-Just get on the back.
-Wait a minute!

Charlie! Charlie! Bus, Charlie!

Oh, shit! Charlie.

l know, l know. All right.

You're late. They're pissed.

Name the one national
U.S. monument that's movable.

Suck my ass, retard.
You're late. Get in there.

No. San Francisco cable cars.

Good. l didn't know that one either.
That's a good one.

That's a great one if you ever
wanna stump somebody.

lf you guys could not laugh
at anything l say, that'd really....

l'm trying to get my self-esteem
to go to, like, seven percent.

Could l get another Heineken?

-You want another root beer?
-l got enough. Thanks.


Hey, it was fun watching you
up there tonight, man.

lt was good music.

l don't know if l'd go that far.

But you know what it reminded me of?
lt reminded me of school.

When you used to jam to that
Bruce Springsteen album.

-What was the name of that album?
-Bruce Springsteen....

Yeah. What was that? The River.

-The River?
-The River. You remember that?

l was always trying to get you to play
The O'Jays or Earth, Wind & Fire...

...but you always wanted to
jam to The River.

l don't remember jamming to it.

Maybe if you smelled it,
it'd all come rushing back.

-This was fun, man.
-Oh, yeah.

l had a good day today.

Riding around on that silly scooter.
lt was--

lt was my first time doubles.

-lt was fun. lt was fun.

l don't do anything like that.

Lot of girls here, Charlie.

That's gotta be half
of the appeal, right?

Why'd you ask me that?

l don't know.

l don't know. l'm just making
small talk, you know?

You're single now.
You can do whatever you--

-After what happened...

-...with your family and everything--
-Whoa, hey, l don't have a family.

No. No, l know. l was just trying to
make small talk, but that was stupid.

Who sent you here?

-Did they send you here?
-What are you talking about?

-Are you a specialist?
-A sp--? No, l'm not--

-What are you talking about?
-Don't lie to me!

Don't lie to me. Don't lie to me.

-Charlie, calm down.
-Why are you here?

Why? Why?

-Answer my fucking question.
-Charlie, you're screaming.

Why are you here right now
talking to me?

-Relax. Okay?
-Why? Why?


-The fuck is wrong with you?
-Why are you talking to me?

Oh, now l'm boring you?
Mr. Heckler?

l'm bored too. l'm sorry
if l'm boring you. l'm sorry.

You tell them to leave me alone!


When you get a minute,
we need to see you.

Alan, this is bad. The woman sent us
a letter, threatened to file a lawsuit.

She claims that you sexually assaulted
her in the office on several occasions.

That is ridiculous, all right?
That's absurd.

Well, we checked with Melanie.

Donna Remar.
What do you know about her?

This woman is insane. Okay?

She came in,
l put a single veneer on her...

...she tells me
she's got this obsession--

Excuse me, Marie.

She said she wants to
give me oral sex in the office.

You know what,
you need to make this go away.

We can't handle a hit like this
on our insurance.

Even if we win,
we're gonna get killed.

How do l do that?
How do l make this go away?

l don't know how you make it go away.
You see her again, you discuss it....

Damn. l mean, isn't this exactly
like what it was the last time?

Woman falls for you,
you lead them along--

-You know what, John?
-No. No.

What, Johnson?

l'll get into it.

Dr. Johnson?
l need to speak with you.

l'm Ginger Timpleman...

...and l'm Charlie Fineman's

-Did you know Charlie's family?

His parents died
when he was in grade school.

He lived with an aunt before college.
l met her a couple of times.

She passed
just before the wedding.

You know, my wife and l,
we tried to call him so many times.

Hadn't seen him in years, and l read
about what happened in the paper...

...and l was just-- l was just
heartbroken for him, you know?

For them.

He just, you know, shut down.

Quit work. He stopped
wanting to talk about her.

Then he acted like
he didn't remember them.

Then he pretended
he didn't remember us.


All my husband and l
wanna do is see him.

And that crazy landlady and his
business manager, Sugarman...

...both conspire to keep us away.

-Yeah, l don't care for him.

Who knows what that little shyster's
taking from Charlie.

-What is there to take?
-Between the government payout...

...the insurance policy, Charlie
has enough to take care of himself...

...put it that way.

My husband retired young.
He was a cop.

You know, we were young.
Young to be grandparents.

l was gonna do nothing but travel...

...and spoil my granddaughters.

Then those monsters flew over here
from across the world...

...and rearranged my dance card.

-Of course you are.

But he needs help.

Not the kind that landlady and
some little accountant can give him.

He needs a therapist.

And he needs family.

Guess what. Jonathan and l
are the only family Charlie's got.

Hey. Hey. Somebody's at the door.
Somebody's at the door.

Cherie. Cherie.

-Get away from the door.
-What are you doing?

You don't go to the door in the
middle of the night. You know that.

l think it's Charlie Fineman.

ls that Charlie?

-Oh, yeah, that's him.

So let him in.


Were you in bed already?
What's going on? lt's 1 0:30.

l'm always in bed at 1 0:30.

-That sucks. That's grim.
-You don't have any root beer on you... you?
-No, why?


Charlie, this is my wife, Janeane.

Hi, l believe we met
about 1 5 years ago in Central Park.

-l don't expect you to remember it.
-l don't.


This is our daughter Cherie.

Nice to meet you, Dr. Fineman.

Go to bed, sweetheart.

What's going on, Charlie?

You wanna go out, man?
Go have some fun? Let's hang out.

-Right now?
-Yeah, wake up. Come on. Let's--

-Can he go out? ls he allowed out?
-Charlie, don't do that.

Don't ask my wife permission
for me to go out.

l'm right here in front of you.
l'm not 7 years old.

You're right. Can you go out?

She's threatening to sue you?
What does she want?

She wants to go down on me.

-Well, you tell her you can't do that.
-No, l know.

-You tell her you're married?
-She knows.

lt's not a deterrent for this one.

l mean, she's got some kind of
a fixation or something.

Oh, well, fix it for her.

lt's not funny, Charlie.

-No, no, no.
-lt's really not funny, l mean....

-My partners are up my ass.

We already pay an obscene amount
in liability insurance.

You should tell your partners they can
do to you what the girl wants to do.

Fuck them.

l don't know.

lt's a five-year lease,
50 grand a month... name on it.
My partners get pissed off...

...and they leave me holding the bag,
that's it, l'm done.

-l put the whole thing together.

They act like l'm the one
who works for them.

But the girl, what are you
gonna do about that?

That's weird, you know?
lt's kind of heavy.

Yeah, it is. l'm telling you,
this girl's seriously troubled.

Oh, yeah. She got a lot of problems
if she wants to blow you.

She's out of her mind.
l've seen that thing.

-That's very funny.
-No, no, no.

No, it is-- Are you having fun?

To tell you the truth,
l kind of am, Johnson.

lt's nice to see you
in the soup like this.

lt's funny. Just not used to it.

-Here. Take it easy. Take it easy.
-Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Any chance of you
getting audited this week?

Because that would make things
even better.

Or maybe
we could go somewhere...

...and you could burn your tongue
on some pizza. l'd like that too.

l would love that.

l need you to hold for one moment.

You are not gonna believe
who this is on the phone.

-The nut.

At this point in my life,
you're gonna have to be very specific.

Donna Remar.

She wants to come in for another
consultation for some more veneers.

Can you believe that? Ma'am?

-Schedule it.

-Excuse me?
-Schedule it in my office alone.

-Morning, Oscar.
-Hey, doc.

Good to see you.

-Hello, Dr. Johnson.

-l've got a question.
-l'm sure you do.

-No, it's not about me this time.
-How refreshing.

lt's about a friend. Really, though.
l mean, really, a real friend.

He lost his whole family
in a plane crash.

-lt's horrible.

l mean, his wife,
his three daughters.

This guy used to be a dentist.

-How long ago?
-lt's a few years ago...

...and he's lost now.
You know? He's completely lost.

l bumped into him. We used to be
college roommates for two years.

-He didn't even remember me.
-Well, offhand, that sounds like... stress disorder.
Maybe worse.

l couldn't really know without seeing
him. lt sounds like he needs help.

-ls he getting help?
-l don't know.

l mean, the whole thing is....

lt's really odd, you know?
lt's crazy odd.

How are you?

l'm fine.
l got nothing to complain about.

Does that mean you're fine?

Very good. You are gonna
be sending me a bill one day.

You might wanna check
your mailbox.

-Dr. Johnson, l think it would be...

...really good for you
to talk to someone.

l just sense that it would be...

...good for you to be
a little bit more communicative.

l hope that didn't offend you.

Okay. Well, l'll see you soon?


-ln the back!

-Hope the shoes are off.
-Shoes are off. Shoes are off.

Hey, the kitchen's looking good, man.
You almost done?

ls that The River?


You know, l gotta get you enrolled
in a music-appreciation class.

Oh, right, yeah.
Tell that to Clarence Clemons.

What's going on?
What's going on with the girl?

The crazy girl, the one who wants
your penis. How's she doing?

-Let's not talk about her.
-Yeah, you wanna--? Lose that tie.

Lose the tie and the scarf.
The whole outfit.

-For what?
-Come on, take it off.

Psychedelic time. Psychedelic time.

l smell a Fineman jam session
coming on.

Yeah, Burrows Hall-style.
Burrows Hall.

Jamming and jamming
and jamming.

-l don't play guitar, Charlie.

Hey, Johnson,
you're barely a dentist.

You pull people's teeth all day.
lt don't matter.

Come on. Come on. All right.
Get that in you. Get that in you.

-Let me do this.
-You'll get to this. Come on.

Let me hear some of that.

I don't know how to play this.

Charlie Fineman!

-Alan Johnson. Alan Johnson!
-Charlie Fineman!

Good night, Jersey!

-Philadelphia. Philadelphia!
-Good night, Philly!

Baby, l'm sorry. l messed up, but you
know l don't ever do anything like that.

l just didn't wanna call you
and wake you up.

l was stuck in Charlie world.
l couldn't...


This is not okay.

You staying out all night...'s not acceptable.

l'm just saying,
the guy's in a lot of pain.

lt's sad over there, baby. lt's just--

Just a sea of sadness.

-Hi. Charlie Fineman for Dr. Johnson.

-You don't have an appointment, sir?
-Oh, we're friends.

-We were college roommates.

-l used to sleep in the nude.

-All right, come in.

l hear '' Colossus.''


Hey, hey, buddy.
Take the shoes off. l told you.

l told you.

Hey, didn't you just...?

All right. All right.

Hey, let me try it.

Hang on.

-Let me try it.
-Just watch me do it first.

Let me just try it.

-Okay, how do you shoot it?
-Square is to stab him.

That's the bird. You wanna
shoot him, get his attention.

All right.
All right, get your arrow ready.

And let me pluck him
right in the uterus.

Aim what?

Oh, fuck.

l could show you how to do it,
give you some hints...

...but l'll warn you,
it's very addictive.

Well, l don't have
an addictive personality... just show me how to do it.

ls something l said funny?

All right.

That'll call your horse.
The triangle is how you jump....

Okay, okay, very good.

-Stab his arm.
-l'm stabbing him in the arm.

-No, you gotta stab in the right spot.
-l'm stabbing it right there.

You gotta be on the light.

-That's not gonna work.

l gotta climb this big son of a bitch--

Look, just put it down, all right?

Next time you come, you'll be better.
Let it soak in.

No, no, no. Right now.
No next. Now.

l thought you don't have
an addictive personality.

That was the line of the night, man.

You're an addict.

-Say it, man. Say you're an addict.
-Yeah, okay. l'm an addict. All right.

-Come on, now, stab his wing.
-Oh, God.

-Oh, l'm on your ass, bird.
-Stab his wing. All right. Yeah.


That's the first three....

Okay, now, wait.
You said they get bigger too?

Well, no, it's different.

lt's like you're gonna use
a bow and arrow more.

-Each one will have different powers.
-What are we doing?

Wait a minute, Charlie,
you said get a burger, man. l can't--

l can't do this.
l gotta work in the morning.

Yeah, so you'll work,
you'll be tired. So what?

This is like a marathon, man.
lt'll go till 5 in the morning. l can't--

You'll go to sleep tomorrow night
at 8:00 instead of 1 0:30.

How's that?
ls that enough sleep, you faggot?

Hey, don't call me faggot.

-Are you a faggot?
-Quit saying faggot.

Just don't say faggot.

Don't just call people faggot.
That's rude.

To a gay guy it is.
To you, it's just...

...a funny word,
like pound cake or pickle.

You're a fucked-up dude, man.

l'm a fucked-up dude? Okay.

You really need some Mel.

You need some Mel.

l'll take one adult and one faggot.

Come on, you really need
to come in here.



Good decision.

Hey! The sheriff is a nig--

-What did he say?
-The sheriff is near.


The sheriff is a nig--

I ain't got no body

And nobody cares for me

He's out of his mind.

-Richard Pryor, he did his own thing.
-They both did great, obviously...

...but l can only imagine,
if they would have done another one?

Janeane's called 1 5 times.

-Hey, baby.

Where have you been? l've been
calling you for the last three hours.

l know. l'm sorry. l had the phone off.
l was in this Mel Brooks marathon.

l've never laughed so hard.
l gotta bring you down here.

-This thing is crazy.
-Alan, l need you to listen to me.

Your father's died.

-And I've been trying to reach you--

-What did you just say?
-Your mother called here...

...a couple hours after you left.

He died in his sleep, in his bed...

...and Mom's here with us now and
she's very upset and she needs you.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.
He's dead?

l'm sorry, baby.

-Where are the girls?
-They're with Mom on the couch.

They're fine.

-l'll be home as soon as l can.
-Will you please hurry up?

Yeah, l will.

Everything cool?

My dad just died.

Died, like...


You wanna go get some breakfast?

Charlie, my father just died.

Yeah. There's a store
that's gonna open up soon.

Sells kitchen counters.
l wanna take you there.

-They got marble tops.
-Charlie, my father just died.

Yeah, yeah, l know.
l wanna hang, though.

Come on.
Let's not waste all this Mel.

We just got a good dose of Mel.

Are we hanging?


We're not hanging.

Oh, hey, let's get some Chinese.
Come on, don't be such a pussy.

All right, does everybody
see what it is?

Here it is. At the bottom.
See? Good look.

Come on. What do you think?


-l'm Sugarman.

Bryan Sugarman?
Did l catch you at a bad time?

Well, l just came back from burying
my father, but other than that--

Let me just say up front, Alan...

...l make it my business
to watch this guy's back.

-That's what l do. l look out for him.

Now, obviously,
l can't stop him from doing this...

...without going down
a very dangerous legal road.

But rest assured,
l'll do anything short of that... not give you a million dollars.

l don't know
what you're talking about.

He wants me to give you
a million dollars.

He has that kind of money?

That's none of your business.
That's my business. lt's what l do.

We've already established that.
l won't let him be manipulated.

Sugarman, calm down, okay?

l don't want his million dollars.

Tell him l'm not mad at him and we're
still friends, okay? Just tell him that.

-You're being straight?

l don't need his million dollars, okay?
Just tell him that.

Okay. l like that.

Okay, good, then l've done my job.

Yeah. Good job.

Come on in and have some food.

Go ahead.

Daddy, your friend is here.

The one who acts
like he's younger than JoJo.

Charlie Fineman?

Honey, don't be like that, okay?

Don't judge people.
That's not polite.


l'm sorry about your dad.


l behaved badly that night.
l know l did.

All right? l'm sorry.

And you wanted to give me
a million dollars to make up for it?

l don't have any friends
other than you, Johnson.

l got you something.

-The River.

-And Quadrophenia.

Another album you
used to torture me with.

Quadrophenia changed
my life, Johnson.

That's a nice gift.

Too late to go for the million?

-Hey, are you hungry?

-Wanna get some breakfast?

-Come on.
-All right.

Just me and you here?

Hey, everybody...

...this is Charlie. Charlie...

...this is everybody. Come on in.

These guys are staying?

Yeah, Charlie. Everybody's staying.

Charlie Fineman for Dr. Johnson.
We're having lunch today.

We're having Chinese.

l can't tell you how happy
that makes me.

The last time you were
in a dental office, anyway?

Need to schedule you
for a cleaning?

Come on.
Let's go get something to eat.

You miss it?

Miss what?

-Nothing. Forget it.
-What? What? Come on.

Charlie, nothing, all right? Forget it.

No, what do you think l missed,
being a dentist?

Do you?


-Why what?
-Why are you asking me?

Are you trying to focus me?

ls that it?
Did they send you here to focus me?

Yeah, you got me.
That's it. l'm with the ClA...

...and this is
Operation Focus Fineman.

-Are you kidding me?
-Better not be.

Charlie, if we're gonna be friends,
you have to be able to trust me.

-Thought we were friends.
-We are friends.

That's why l can't pretend
l don't know anything about you.

ls that a threat, though,
to not be friends?

No. l'm saying friends talk about
what's going on in their lives.

You're an asshole.

Charlie-- Hey, Charlie!

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Get out of here, man!

Charlie, get the f--

Okay, okay. Get out of here.
Get out of here.

Leave me alone! All right?

Charlie, get out of here!

Yeah. All right.

Shut your mouth.

What are you still doing in here?
l told you to leave.

Because this isn't your office. l left!
This is public property.

-This isn't close to public property.
-Yes, it is!

-Get out of here, man!
-l'll call the police if you don't leave.

-lt's okay. Let me handle it.
-No, it's not! He's--

Melanie, shut the damn window!


We can't keep
doing this shit, Charlie.

Look, l don't know what l said to you
in there that got you so pissed off...

...but l'm sorry, Charlie, all right?

All right.

-l know.

-Dr. Johnson.
-Miss Remar.

-ls everything okay?
-Oh, yeah. Everything's good.

-l have an appointment scheduled.
-Just check in with Melanie.

-Maybe l should come back.
-No, no, it's fine. Just check in.

Check in with Melanie.

The one who--?

Doctor will see you in the office.

That gorgeous girl
wants to blow you?

-Charlie, come on.
-She wants to blow you?

-Look, get out--
-Come here.

Are you crazy? Get out of here.

-She's gorgeous.
-Yeah, l know.

Way you were talking about-- Thought
she was a beast or something.

-l gotta straighten this out.
-All right, but how hot is that girl?

-She's fine. She's hot.
-She's the hottest.

-ls she not the hottest?
-Charlie, will you get out--?

Let me go in for you.
Let me get the blowjob.

-Let me see that woman.
-Oh, you're playful now? Get out.

Stop it! Get out of here!

Did you smell that?
She even smells good!


-l wanna know what is going on.
-Nothing is going on.

-Don't tell me nothing's going on.
-Calm down.

-Let me explain it, okay?
-All right, explain it.

She's like out of a 1 940s movie.

Did you see that girl?

l mean, that was just perfection.

You okay?


No, l wouldn't use that word.

Well, thank you for seeing me.

Did l have a choice, Miss Remar?
l mean....

You've really put me in a terrible
position here at my office.

Can we just cut to it?
l don't wanna take a lot of your time.


This letter...

...that you sent my--

l can do this quick.

Wait a-- No, no.


Recently, l've come through
a rotten divorce.

l was married for 1 0 years.

My husband was having
an affair for five of them.

They had another life
here in the city.

He had two lives.

l was walking down the street
one day and l saw them.

And l followed them,
and it was truly like a dream.

l spoke to a neighbour
and she talked about them... if they were the Joneses
living next door all these years.

And in that moment,
l lost my equilibrium.

And l fell,
right there on the sidewalk.

And the thing is, Dr. Johnson,
l haven't yet gotten up.

Now, my behaviour towards you
is inexcusable, l know that.

l behaved in a way
l don't normally behave.

What l've done by even threatening
a lawsuit is so repulsive to me.

l even lied to you when l told you
that my therapist...

...had told me to act on my thoughts.

l wanted to come in and see you
and tell you that l am so sorry.

And that l am very embarrassed.

And that you won't be having
any more trouble from me.

-l promise that to you.


-Okay. Well, l'll go now.

l'll leave.

Elizabeth, can l get a cup of coffee?

Sure. Dr. Johnson,
do you want anything?

No, he's fine.

Me? Get him to talk?

No way. That's not what l do.

Well, he needs to talk to somebody.

He's in trouble.
He needs to see somebody.

He's got you. He's got a friend.
That's big. That's a major step.

No, he needs more help
than l can give him.

What, are you gonna save him now?
ls that what this is all about?

l was his best friend.

His golfing
and his fishing buddy, okay?

-Our families vacationed together.

On September 1 2th, 2001 ,
that was over.

He wants nothing to do with me.

Nothing to do with my wife.

He likes you, Alan. You know why?

-lt's very simple.

Because you know nothing about
Doreen and Jenny and Julie and Gina.

Or Spider, the family poodle.

You know nothing about them,
so he figures you won't ask questions.

He figures you'll just let him be.

Now, how funny is this?

That you're up here wanting me
to help out in another...

...fruitless campaign
to get Charlie to see a shrink.

The one guy he figures
would just let him be.


l think l'm gonna get him some help.


Did he ask you for help?

Well, he needs help.

He's gotta get back in the game.
He's gotta get his life back.

The people around him right now,
they're just enabling him.

Are you sure that's a good idea?
l mean, what do the experts say?

l don't know. l'll find out.

l know he needs help.

You think you have time for all this?
l mean, with work and your mom and--

l know you don't think so,
but l'm trying to help him.

Trying to help my friend.


-Want some breakfast?
-Yeah. Thank you.

Just glad you wanted to do this
just out of nowhere.

You know, l think it's about time
you get your head around what is...

...and what isn't good music.

Oh, right, right, right.

Oh, Graham Nash.
Songs For Beginners.

Just the album cover alone.

Look at that face.
He knows he made a great record.

Oh, okay, wait. Right here.

Okay. We got O'Jays.

We got-- What else we got?

The Soul Tr-- Hey.
From the Funk Side.

Now, what record collection's
complete without this?

l'll put that on my list.

Hey, Alan.

-Oh, hey, Nigel.

-How are you?
-Good. What are you doing here?

Oh, l'm just sort of rummaging.

l'm a vinyl hound. l love this stuff.

Yeah. Hey, Charlie, this is
a good friend of mine, Nigel.

Nigel, Charlie Fineman.

Charlie Fineman, Nigel.

Billy Joel, Cold Spring Harbor.

They recorded this at too high
of a speed, so it was unreleasable.

Eventually it came out, though.

He grew up two towns away
from where l grew up.

We used to go to the same
White Castle.

Say, do you guys wanna
get some lunch after this?

Yeah. What do you think, Charlie?

l just wanna stay here.

Well, afterwards.
l just thought, you know...

...let's go get some lunch
with Nigel.

Can l talk to you?

l don't wanna eat with that guy.
He's a dork.

l mean, look at him,
he's a giant dork.

Looks like a lump of shit
that someone left on the sidewalk.

-Charlie, come on.
-Admit it.

He's a dork.
Tell me he's not a dork.

Charlie, l'm pretty sure
he can hear you.

So, what do you do, Charlie?

l'm a collector.

Really? What do you collect?

What do l collect?

l don't know.
Johnson, you can answer for me.

What do l collect?

Charlie collects
things from his life.

You know, things that he finds
germane to his lifestyle.

And how would you describe
your lifestyle, Charlie?

l noticed in the record store, you were
holding up a Bob Seger album.

Are you a Seger man, Nigel?

Love Seger, yes.


Smokin' O.P. 's, Mongrel.

When'd you get into him?

Probably later.

Silver Bullet or Seger System?

Well, actually, l don't like
either of those albums.

That's funny, because they're
not albums. Those are his bands.

Seger's an artist. A genius.

An American original.

And what are you, Nigel?

A therapist? ls that it?

You sizing me up? You on the
case now? You gonna fix me?

No, look, l was out for a nice
afternoon, l ran into my old friend--

Oh, bullshit.
You stink like a shrink.

You got shrink hands.

-You ordered your salad like a shrink.

-Let's stop. This was my mistake.
-No, this is good.

-How does a shrink order a salad?
-Don't, Nigel.

-ln your opinion. l'd like to know.
-Let's go outside.

l'm gonna beat your ass.
l will beat your ass, shrink-wrap.

Seger fan. You'd get your ass kicked
at a fucking Seger concert.

-Get the fuck up! Get up!

l made you in the record store
the minute l saw your dorky face.


Okay, Charlie, calm down.

You liar.



The girls still at gymnastics?


l'm gonna go wash up.

l made dinner.

Where were you, at Charlie's?

You know what
the whole problem is?

This whole Charlie problem?

You're jealous of him.

-Yeah, really.

l have a friend, l'm spending time
away from the house...

...and it's got your feathers ruffled.
You are jealous of Charlie.

l actually think
you're jealous of Charlie.

He's caught up in this world of pain,
thick like quicksand...

...and your only response
is to covet his freedom.

That is sick, Janeane.

-ls it?
-What, l'm jealous of that?

Just because the guy can, what,
do whatever he wants now...

...and he's got the freedom to just--

l mean, you think l'm jealous of that?
l covet that?

You need to check yourself.
That is-- That's sick.

What happened to that woman?

The one that wanted to
go down on you?

l talked to Melanie at the office,
and she said you made it go away.

-Wait a minute. You called Melanie?
-Yes, l did.

So you're checking up
on me now, Janeane?

Alan, l gotta talk to somebody,
because you're not talking to me.

-She's right. l made it go away.
-l'd like to know how you did that.

l invited the woman in,
l shut the door...

...l hopped on the desk
and l just let her do it.

That's real mature, Alan.

Well, listen to what
you're saying to me.

What are you insinuating?
You don't know me better than that?

l'm gonna go take a walk.

Say hi to Charlie.

Don't do that. Don't.

Don't act like you know what l'm--

Did l say l was going to Charlie's?

Don't do that.
You're not in my head.

Send him my love.

See? You want--

And if l-- Then....



Charlie Fineman to see Dr. Johnson.

-Did you wanna talk, Charlie?
-l'll wait. lt's private.

Oh, well, you can speak freely.
l mean, this one's totally knocked out.

She's a thousand miles away.

And Anna's from Guatemala.
She just got to this country recently.

She doesn't even speak English.

Anna, Charlie's a superhero
from outer space...

...and he stuffs the front of his tights
with a sock.

You are very nice.

See? Privacy.

l was thinking about it,
and you were right.

l do need to get some help.

-l wanna get help.
-That's great.

Yeah. l just-- l gotta be
really careful, though, l don't--

l just know l'm better off
not having certain thoughts.

You're doing the right thing...

...because you need help
to process those thoughts.

Well, l don't want it to be
that bozo Nigel.

-He's a dork.

He's the biggest dork
l've ever seen.

-Yeah, l get it.
-All right.

l get it.

That was seriously fucked up, Alan.

l didn't know he was
gonna say all that shit.



-How you doing?
-Good, thank you. You?

-Good. Good to see you.
-Nice to see you.

Charlie, this is Angela. Angela, this is
Charlie. He's my college roommate.

Nice to meet you, Charlie.

Well, thanks for seeing us
on such short notice.

Why don't you guys come in
and make yourselves comfortable?

l was just gonna grab a coffee.

No, l'm good.


Are you kidding me? She's a baby.

Listen, you're right. She's young.

But she's good. A lot of experience
with loss and grief counselling.

She's got nice tits. That's not good.

Since when?

Good point.

We'll do the meet-and-greet,
you'll see what you think...

...if you like her,
we go from there.

-Am l wrong about her tits?
-No, you're right. They're wonderful.

So, what are you guys talking about?
What's so wonderful?

Well, think about it, Charlie...

...and call me or have Alan call me
and we'll schedule something.

-Donna, hi.
-l'm early.

-Dr. Johnson. How are you?

-l'm fine.
-l'm early.


Oh, Donna, this is Charlie.
You remember Donna, right?

She's early.

-We were just wrapping up.

-Are you a patient of Angela's?
-l didn't agree to that yet.

But you are.

And it's because you're her....

And you two are....

-We should get started.

-And we have a session now, so--
-Let's get going.

We should get started.
l'm sorry about the overlap.

Charlie, nice to meet you.
Alan, thank you.

Better bring out the big guns for this
one. She's crazy with a side of crazy.

-Just saying. Protect yourself.

-You okay?

Just make sure they never
schedule me near that girl, all right?

l would--

No, it's just, l never wanna
see her again. That's trouble.

She's too good-looking, l just--

Nobody has a right to look that good.
lt's trouble for everybody.

Okay, Charlie.

So have you thought at all about
what you'd like to talk about today?

And how you wanna start this?

Not really.

l don't know. l'm good.

You're good?

l'm okay.

That's good.

What makes you okay?

l don't know.

Can l just say something?
You're too young. You're a baby.

l can't do this.

What can l do
to help you, Charlie?

How can someone
like me help you?

l have these things...

...that l don't like to think about.

You're too young. You're too young.
l can't do this.

l gotta put these back on.

That's okay.

So how are you, Charlie?
How was your week?

lt was good.

Except l was angry.

-l was pretty mad.
-Who were you mad at?

l was mad at you.

-l didn't really wanna come back here.
-Why didn't you wanna come back?

Well, you know why. Every week,
you try to make me do it again.

What do l try
to make you do, Charlie?

Talk about things
l don't wanna talk about.

Well, for the last few weeks, you've
been saying you were getting ready... talk about some of those--
-No, goddamn it, that was you!

l didn't say that, you did!

l don't wanna talk about those things.
l don't remember.

l'm sorry.

l'm glad you came in,
even though you were mad at me.

Yeah. l am too.

Can l say something, Charlie?

-lt might make you mad again.



There is no point
in you coming here every week...

...if we eventually
don't discuss your life...

...and discuss your family.

ls this session over yet?

No, it just started.

Can it be?

lf you want it to be, yes.

Charlie, before you go, l'd just--
l'd like to say something.

Look, the fact is you had a family...

...and you suffered a great loss...

...and until you can discuss that
and we can really talk about that...

...this is all just an exercise.

l can be patient, Charlie...

...but you need
to tell someone your story.

lt doesn't have to be me,
but someone.

Charlie, wait a second. You didn't tell
me that this guy's partner was black.

l mean, that makes this
almost bearable.

Why do they gotta give him
the green V plunge--?

l mean, that's-- Why'd they do that?
That's kind of faggoty.

l had three daughters.

-l know.
-Gina was 5. She was....


...was 7.


She liked boys already.

Julie was 9. She was older.

They all looked alike, Johnson.

Like Doreen.

Doreen was my wife.

D.T. That was her nickname.

Doreen Timpleman.

She had a dog, Spider.
Spider. A poodle.

They'd wake me up all the time,
Saturday mornings, you know...

...singing Beatles songs
to me, in harmony.

The four of them.

So cute.

So cute.

Doreen never, never judged me.

You know?

Never nagged, like some wives do.

She just wanted me to
take my shoes off... l didn't wreck the carpet.
That's it.

Doreen and the girls
were very female.

l was the oddball, you know?

Mr. Man.

They adored me, Johnson.

l bet they did.
l know they did, Charlie.

They had long brown hair...

...except little Gina.
She kept her hair short, you know.

To be different from everybody.


She had a birthmark too.

Looked like a burn...

...but it wasn't.

When she was little,
they said it was gonna go away...

...but it never did.

Jenny. Jenny, this one...

...she wanted to be a gymnast.

She was such a klutz, though.

l didn't have the heart
to mention it as a problem.

They went to see...

...Doreen's sister, Ellen,
and her girls in Boston...

...and they took Spider because...

...l had to work
and they didn't trust me to feed her.

But that was a joke, right?
And then...

...we were all going to D.T.'s
little cousin's wedding... Los Angeles,
and l was gonna meet them out there.

The kids wanted to go
to Disneyland...

...but they had-- They were already
gonna miss a couple days of school... we had to say no.

You know.

So l'm going on out to meet them
in Los Angeles.

And on my way to JFK,
l'm in the taxicab...

...and l hear on the radio....

l get there and some man tells me
the plane's from Boston.

Some other guy
says there's two planes.

Then l go inside the airport
and l'm watching--

l'm watching on the television
and l--

And l saw it.

l saw it and l felt it at the same time.

l thought about Gina's birthmark...

...and l--

l felt them burning.

Can we go?

l wanna go home now.

l don't like this.

l don't like doing it.


l don't like remembering.

New York One has gotten
evidence of a credible terror threat...

...and New York City
may be a target.

As a result, the terror-alert status
has been raised.

City officials are beefing up security
on our subways, buses and airports.

Specifics about the threat
haven't been released.

Cops won't confirm whether there's
a link to the al Qaeda terror group....

For Americans and Iraqis alik e...

... today's violent demonstrations...

... were just another long chapter
in the ongoing war on terror.

In Baghdad, a cop--


Charlie, are you here?

Lincoln next door called to say that
you were listening to the TV too loud.

l said you didn't listen
to the TV, but--

Are you okay?



What's wrong with you?

-What are you doing, man?
-You fucking almost hit me.

-What are you, drunk?
-Are you drunk? You almost hit me.

Get out of the way
before l run you over.

You run me over? Come on.
Come run me over.

Come and run me over!

Look out! Get out of the way!

Okay, friend, drop the gun!

N.Y.P.D.! Drop the gun now!

Drop the gun!
Andrew, where are you, man?

-This guy's crazy!
-lt's good.

-Just do it. Come on, do it.

-Andrew, where are you?
-Do it.

-l'm gonna toast him, Andrew!
-Do it.

-Get him the fuck down!
-Do not move a muscle.

Don't ever point a gun at me again.
l should've fucking shot you.

-Get up. Get up.
-Get up on your feet now!

-Against the wall.
-Up against the wall.

Get the fuck up, you bastard!
What the fuck you think this is?

Stay the fuck up! Get the fuck up!

Alan, say hi to Pete Savarino,
Charlie's attorney.

This is Alan Johnson.

All the criminal charges
are gonna be dropped.

-That's good.
-The city doesn't wanna make...

...a big case out of this.

A 9l1 1 widower gets beat up
by the cops. Doesn't look good.

So we're gonna go a different way.

They wanna do a three-day psych
evaluation at Roosevelt Hospital.

That's standard procedure.

Well, it's better than jail, l guess,
but Jesus--

Here you go.

Here, talk to him and
l'll get the paperwork done.


You okay?

What's gonna happen?

Well, they wanna hold on to you...

...for a few days and do
a psych evaluation, you know.

Angela and l, we're gonna--

-We're gonna follow you and--

l'll get you settled in,
make sure everything's all right.

l'm really sorry, Charlie.
l feel like this is my fault.

You know, like l pushed you
too hard.

l just wanted you to... better or something,
l don't know.

l'm sorry.

When you feel uncomfortable,
you let me know, all right?

-Are you calm?
-l'm good.

But something that you are not doing
has brought him here to this point.

That's completely irrelevant.

l will see to it that he has
proper out-post treatment...

...and l will take care of him.

Please don't tell me how to do my job.
l understand what is needed here.

I'm not wanting him to....

Sign out.

-Where's he going?
-l don't know.

Listen, Charlie, there's gonna be a--

A hearing Friday morning.

The DA's office
wants you back in here.

They wanna have you committed.

They wanna have the right
to hold on to you for up to a year.

That's what they're saying.

The hospital staff
is recommending it as well...

...and the Timplemans,
they're onboard with it too.

The Timplemans?

Can we go get Chinese now?

You know what it is? Janeane and l
are just up under each other too much.

She's always asking me
to open up, you know... to her, and then l do...

...and everything gets so personal,
and the whole thing just goes to shit.


Says she wants to hear what l have
to say. She doesn't wanna hear it.

-Well, what do you have to say?
-That l need some air.

You know?

l mean, l love her.
l'm still in love with her.

But, come on,
give me some air, man.

l mean, it's like l'm not even
me anymore. You know?

l'm not some damn
Siamese twin, l'm me.

And that shouldn't piss her off.
lt's just-- lt shouldn't.

You wanna know what l remember
about you from college?

Nobody ever gave you any shit.

You didn't take shit from anybody.

You know what else?

l hate what l do.
You know, the money's good.

But l swear to God, l hate putting
phoney teeth on phoney people.

But don't get me wrong. l'm a dentist,
and when people need it, that's great.

l feel for them.
But some assholes...

...l just wanna slap them
in the head and say:

''Get your ass out on the street.''
You know?

''There's a lot worse things
to worry about than your teeth.''

So, what's going on with this... thing?
What's up with that?

What else could you do
besides veneers?

No, no. Don't change the subject.
What's going on with that?

Come on, tell me.
What's up with the kitchen thing?

Tell me.

The last time l spoke to Doreen...

...she was at the airport in Boston.

She wanted--

Wanted to talk to me...

...about the kitchen remodel...

...that she and the girls
wanted to do.

And l was busy,
running out the door...

...and l fucking snapped at her.

Oh, man, the last time
l fucking spoke to her.

l hated kitchen talk.

l think you gotta let that go, Charlie.

l'm sure you said a lot of nice shit
to her before then, man.

lt's one thing, man. Just let it go.

-Hell, yeah.

Are you gonna be all right, Charlie?

You're gonna make it, right?

l'm more worried
about you, Johnson.

l'm more worried about you.

lf you listen carefully, you'll be able
to hear assholes puckering, okay?

Go, go, go.


Listen up.

lf l ever happen to get into a situation
with a patient again...

...l don't care what it does
to our liability... know what you're gonna do?
You're gonna back me up.

l put this practise together...

...and l made you all
filthy stinking rich.

Especially you, Stelter.

Got a problem with what l'm saying,
take your ass back to Brooklyn...

...and get whacked around
with insurance cases.

That's it. l'm sick of playing
with candy-asses.

You know, Alan, l really think
this is inappropriate.

l don't care what you think.

This isn't a discussion.
lt's a warning.

There's gonna be some changes
made around here...

...and you may not all make the cut.

As you were.

The new champ.

No, no. You were in there with me.
lt's what you said.

See, that's the old college Johnson.
That's taking-no-shit Johnson.

l gotta....

Unfortunately, l think l was
thinking about another guy we know.

Handleman, Andrew Handleman.

-He didn't take shit from nobody.
-Oh, yeah.

You used to take shit
from everybody, though.

Remember that?

But you were great in this one.
That was fun.

What were the combined findings
of the hospital staff?

The staff did find Charles Fineman
victim to severe symptoms...

...of post-traumatic stress disorder... well as delusional tendencies
related to that...

...and an incapability to function... anything resembling
a normal adult manner.

And do you think remanding him
to the hospital for up to a year...

...would benefit Dr. Fineman?

Yes, l do.

-Thank you.
-Thank you, Dr. Bale.

You may step down.

l disagree strongly with that finding.

Your Honour, l think that Charlie
needs to find his own way.

Not on our time,
but on Charlie's time.

And l think that will happen.

He'll find people
that will fill his life again.

Not today, but soon. Slowly.

Can l just ask a question...

...about your life experience
in regard to this long-term illness?

l'm curious. How old are you?

What does that have to do
with anything?

-Dr. Fineman--
-That question sucks, Your Honour.

-lt's actually a good question.
-No, no, no, it sucks. lt sucks.

You know,
we're gonna talk about age.

He's gotta go to
Little League practise soon.

Dr. Fineman.

Mr. Fallon, the question's specious.
lt demeans the court.

You don't need to address it,
Dr. Oakhurst.

He wouldn't talk about them
from that day on, any of them.

Then he cut us off.
He wouldn't take my calls.

He wouldn't take our calls.

You know, this has destroyed
my wife a second time...

...what's happening here
with Charlie.

She couldn't even
take the stand today.

This has been awfully hard on her.

Tell me about what happened
the last time Charlie was over.

We wanted to show him some
pictures of the girls, some photos.

lt was very, very hard.
We wanted to give them to him.

And what happened
when you showed him the photos?

Charlie broke a beautiful lamp
of Ginger's.

lt was one of a set. We gave
the other to our daughter. lt was--

How long are we gonna
talk about this lamp? Goddamn it.

lt was a lamp. Let it go already.

-lt's more than a lamp, Charlie.
-Oh, come on.

lt was a hell of a lot
more than a lamp.

-Just stop it already. Just stop it.
-Okay, okay. Enough.

That's one. Both of you...

...that's one.

Mrs. Timpleman, sit down.

He knows damn well
what that fricking lamp meant to me.

Sit down.

Go on.

Do you carry any pictures
of your grandchildren, Jonathan?

ln my wallet, yes,
of course l do.

Of course he does.
What is he, an animal?

Oh, ma'am, please stop.

Are these photographs copies...

...of the same photographs
that you carry with you every day?


And what was
this little angel's name?

This is Gina.

She was 5. She was a little doll.

And this is little Jenny.

She was quite a little chess player.

She got that from me.

Jenny wanted to join a tournament,
so l signed her up and we went.

And that photograph...

...that's you and her
at a chess tournament together?


-And this?
-This is all of us at the Cape.

And this photograph.

-This is your daughter Doreen here?

And this photograph...

...this is all four of them?


All four of them.

Dr. Fineman.

Dr. Fineman. That's two.

l bet you miss them.

l think about them all day.
Every day of my life.

l don't understand
how anyone could not.

Dr. Fineman.

l have no further questions,
Your Honour.

-Your Honour, you gonna allow this?
-That's three.


Take him out to the hallway.

Just let the guy--

-Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
-Hey, come on.

Hey, take it easy.

Take it easy with him.

l'm right here, Charlie.

Charlie, l'm right here.
Charlie, l'm right here.

Clear the court.

l wanna see counsel for both sides
and the Timplemans... my chambers in 20 minutes.

This is a mess.

First off, you ever pull crap like that
in my court again...

...l will have hardened inmates
using you as a dress-up doll.

-Hear me?
-Your Honour, in my defence--


You know something?

The more l think about
this damn case...

...the more l realise
that this is a family matter.

This is not something that
the state should be deciding upon.

-Your Honour--
-Shut up.

l'm serious.

l want you to shut up, Mr. Fallon.

This is not going well for you,
you hear me?

Shut up.


Shut up.

Mr. and Mrs. Timpleman...

...this is very serious stuff
we're talking about here.

l mean, it's easy to see...

...that this man is going through
something very profound.

lt's obvious.

He may need some hospitalisation.

He may.

On the other hand...

...he might just need
to find his own way.

The fact is...'re correct.

You are the closest thing
he has to family.

-Thank you.
-Yes, of course.

l want you to go home...

...and think very hard this weekend.

Because we're all gonna meet
back here on Monday morning...

...and l'm going to let
the two of you decide.

l want you to rack your brains.

l want you to think about what
your little girl would have you do... this situation.

And l'm gonna have you
look me straight in the eye...

...on Monday morning...

...and tell me whether or not...

...she would want her man
put away in a place like that.

You understand what it is
that l am telling you, Mrs. Timpleman?

The power that l am putting
in your hands.

Yes. Yes, sir.

Your Honour, can l just say something?
Let me--

What is his name?

Bryan Sugarman. Bryan Sugarman.

Monday morning.


Don't bring Sugarman.

ls Dr. Johnson coming out?

He's inside with the judge.

Can l sit down?

Charlie, can Donna sit down?

She really wanted to come
to your hearing today to support you.



On your side. She can sit
on your side, though. All right?

l don't know how they can't see
that he's just got a broken heart.

lt's so broken, his poor heart.

lt's okay.

l don't need to talk about her
or look at pictures...

...because the truth is,
a lot of times, l see her...

...on the street.

l walk down the street,
l see her in someone else's face...

...clearer than any of the pictures
you carry with you.

l get that you're in pain.

But you got each other.

You got each other...

...and l'm the one who's gotta
see her and the girls all the time.

Everywhere l go.

l even see the dog.

That's how fucked up l still am.

l look at a German shepherd,
l see our goddamn poodle.

All right.

All right.

What is this?

He's gone.
The movers finished up an hour ago.

Didn't even leave a forwarding.

He just left this.

He said that this
was to be for you, Ginger.

Listen, l know
you've both been through hell...

...but shouldn't you
just leave him alone?

We just wanna be part of his life.

No, l know. l understand,
but it's not an option right now.

Monday morning,
you need to go in there...

...and just call off the dogs.


You take care, Adell.

Thank you for taking care of Charlie.


-When did he redo the kitchen?
-Oh, God, the kitchen.

Sixteen thousand times
he did the kitchen.

lt's beautiful.

The girls would love the colour.
They would love this look.

lt's a kitchen, sweetie.

Come on.

Can you sign off for me?


This is the last of it. l got a pizza
coming. Could you just send it up?

Yeah, yeah, we'll send it up.

You're up.

Wanna go?

No, no, no. l gotta...

...get back to your spot
and get my car.

l'll come and hang out with you
tomorrow for lunch.

-Hi. Come on in.

-Anyone order pizza?
-This is the place. Here, l'll take it.

Come on in.

Come on in.

-I'm gonna go.
-Yeah, l think it's okay.


Hey, Charlie... don't mind if Donna stays
and has some pizza, right?

Oh, yeah, she can stay.

-There's some plates in the kitchen.
-Thank you, Dr. Johnson.

For everything.


l'm gonna take off and l'll catch you
tomorrow, all right, buddy?

All right, go ahead. You're up.

-l'm up? l told you, l gotta go--
-You said you wanted to go again.

l thought you said that.
Don't you wanna go?

You said you wanted to
take another shot and stick around.

Yep, that's what l said.

''Shadows of the Colossus.''


Where are you?
Did you pick the girls up yet?

Going right now.

What are you doing?

What do you think l'm doing?
Cooking dinner.

Janeane, l gotta tell you
something, babe.

l don't know how l got to the place
where l'm not letting you in...

...but you're right, l'm not.

And that's wrong.
l gotta open up to you.

Because I don't wanna be
that guy, baby.

I don't wanna be that guy.

l don't know if anything l said
even makes any sense, but....

Alan, just come home. l love you.

l know l probably don't
tell you that enough, but l do.

I love you.

Can you just pick the girls up
and come home?

l love you too.

l'll be home in a minute, okay?

You guys left this.

Don't leave stuff laying around.
l mean it.

Hey. No, no, no, Kemp.
Take this back upstairs. Kemp.

Special thanks to SergeiK.