Speed Racer Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Speed Racer script is here for all you fans of the Wachowski siblings movie with Emile Hirsch. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Speed Racer quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Speed Racer Script

All drivers to your cars, please.

All drivers to your cars.

- Distracted?
No, that's not exactly right.

Your son seems to be interested
in only one thing.

All he talks about, all he seems
capable of thinking about...

...is automobile racing.

Well, you know,
his father designs racing cars.

And where is your husband?

Working. He couldn't be here.

Perhaps the apple hasn't fallen
very far from the tree.

Is your husband's name Rex?

No, that's his older brother, Rex. Why?

This is the test he turned in last week.


All right, pencils down.

Take your answer sheets, place it
into the first part of your booklet...

...pack up your things
and bring your... to my desk.

Speed Racer, slow down!

Take it you're ready to go?

- How was school?
- Fine.

Are you going to the track?
Mom said you were.

You don't have to drop me off.
I could just go with you.

- No way.
- Oh, come on.

Take me with you. Come on, please.

I can't, Speed.

- Pops would kill me.
- He doesn't have to know.

I won't say anything. Nobody will know.

Come on, please, Rex.
Please, please, please.

Are you wearing the socks?

Hm? Hm?

Okay. But if you roll us again,
this'll be the last time.



Oh, yeah!

Come on!


You feel that shimmy? It's your hind legs
trying to outrun your front.

What do I do?

You stop steering and you start driving.

This ain't no dead piece of metal.

A car is a living, breathing thing, all right?
She's alive.

You can feel her talking to you, telling you
what she wants, what she needs. Listen.

Close your eyes and listen.

They say that Ben Burns drove the final lap
of the Vanderbilt Cup with his eyes closed.

- No way!
- No?

Maybe you just can't hear it, then.
Ought to start hitting those books.

- No, I hear it!
- Oh, is that so, Mr. Burns?

All right.
Tell me when to punch it for the jump.

- Now?
- Uh-uh.


Local fan favorite Speed Racer
is gobbling up this track.

Let us hope he does not make
the same mistakes that his brother made.

Heads up, Speed. Seven o'clock.
I got Snake drafting Pitter-Pat.

I got him.

I figure he'll slingshot after you
in the next turn.

I'm ready.

Great move, Speed!

All right, watch out
for the dog balls coming up.

You may wanna ease off a little.

Not this time, Sparky.

Holy cannoli, Speed.

- You know who you're racing?
- Yeah.

Rex is gonna win it, ain't he, Pops?

Nobody's gonna catch him.
He's gonna win it.

He's gonna set the course record.
Nobody's gonna stop him.

- Quiet. There's still a lot of race to go.
- No way. It's over.

My brother's the best racer in the world.
Everyone else is running for second.


I told you to take him out!

We're trying, sir, we're trying,
but he's just too fast.

It's unbelievable, folks!

No one has seen moves like this since that
remarkable night eight years ago.

There's no doubt in my mind.
He's gunning for the record.

He is not alone out there,
he is chasing someone.

He is chasing the ghost of Rex Racer.

Jeepers, he could do it, Pops.
He could really do it.

What if he does it?
What if he does it, Pops?

I don't know if I can watch this.

There's that Speed Racer.

My daddy told me that his daddy used to
work for the Mishida Motorwerks...

...but he quit.

My daddy told me that it was
a completely crazy thing to do.

He says the whole family is crazy.

Speed's not crazy.

No. He's just dumb.

Probably the dumbest kid in the class.

Mrs. Waterstraat had me
alphabetize the IRB tests...

...and you wouldn't believe
what the retard did.



Are you all right?

Who are you?

I'm Trixie. I'm in your class.

Oh, yeah.

Hey, you wanna see my car collection?

I'd love to.

Hey, Rex. Hey, Pops.

- Hey, Speedy.
- Who's your friend?

Her name's Trixie. She's in my class.

- Hi.
- Pleasure to meet you, young lady.

Hey, Pops, a guy told me to
give this to you. Says he was a big fan.

Oh. A fan, is it?

Well, it's not every day we get people
with such good taste around here.

- Where is he?
- He was in a hurry, driving a '68 Fendersin.

- Sweet set of wheels.
- Let me see that.

Cool beans.

No one from these parts will ever forget
the tragic story of Rex Racer.

He nearly ruined racing.

One of the bravest men
to ever drive a racecar.

Can I come with you, Rex?

Not this time, Speedy.

When are you coming back?

I don't know. I don't know.

Hey, there's something
I want you to have.

But the Mach 5's your car.

Not anymore.

Look, Speed...

...one day, people might
say things about me.

But no matter what they say...

...I just...

Look, I hope you never believe them.

I won't.

Come here.

So you're quitting?

I have to.

No, you don't. This is a choice.
You're selling out.

Turning your back
on everything we built here.

I'm done arguing with you, Pops.

Don't you turn your back on me.

You can't tell me what to do.
It's my life to live.

You walk out that door now,
you better not ever come back.

Rex Racer,
driving the black-and-red Uniron car...

... got into a tangle with Richenbach,
who was favored to win.

That was no tangle.
He took Richenbach out.

Well, we don't know that...

... but I imagine the WRL
will be reviewing this crash.

That's the third DNF crash
Racer's been in.

- Turn it off, Speed.
- They ought to just suspend him.

I don't want you watching this anymore.

The trial of Rex Racer shook the World
Racing League to its very foundation.

Once a rat, always a rat...

...and in my book,
Rex Racer's nothing but a rat.

Did you see that?

That will definitely leave a mark.

And Rex Racer nearly took
Yokima's head off with that jump.

Hey, there is no doubt in my mind...

... that Rex Racer is one of
the dirtiest drivers in the world.

For five years, Rex Racer took orders
from the criminal underworld.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

No! You stop this!
You stop it right now!

I just told him the truth!

His crumbum brother doesn't belong
on a racetrack, he belongs in jail!

The indictment brought down the
perennial racing powerhouse, Uniron.

Uniron was linked to the notorious fixer,
Blackjack Benelli.

Still in prison today...

...Benelli was rumored to be
behind the Casa Cristo tragedy.

This is one of the worst crashes
I have ever s...

How could this happen? This is terrible.

This is just terrible.

And still no sign of driver Rex Racer.


I know.

Go! Go! Go!

Go! Go! Go!

"Forget the past," he's saying.
"This is my night!"

- He's coming hard.
- It's gonna be close!

A split second late. The record still stands.

Come on, let's go. Victory Lane.

Folks, I knew Rex Racer, and if he's up
there somewhere watching this race...

... you can bet your ass
he's damn proud of his little brother.

Pulling into
Victory Lane, the winner, Speed Racer!

He's going to be very good.

No, he's going to be the best...

...if they don't destroy him first.



Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hey, hey! What are you two doing?


Was that the same nothing
that broke my last couch?

No, that was a totally different nothing.

Got it!

- Racer residence.

- May I speak to Speed Racer?
- He's not interested.

- What?

Was that for Speed?

Yeah, but Speed
doesn't wanna talk to them.

You don't know that.

Sure, I do. Speed's gotta drive for Pops.
He's gotta.

Well, that's for Speed to decide.

Now get dressed.

- Tell your father breakfast is ready.
- Ooh.

"It was a virtuoso display of talent...

...which has not been seen
since Racer the elder...

...dropped jaws eight years ago.

As we once again pull our collective
jaw up from the floor, we ask:

- 'Will it be different or will tragedy...?"'
- That's enough.

I can't believe there's not one mention
of Racer Motors in here.

That's because the sponsors
control the media, Sparky.

Good morning, everyone.
Good morning.

- Is Speed up yet?
- In spirit, anyway.

Oh, thanks.

- Hey, superstar.
- Hey, Trix.

Have you seen the papers?
They're all in love with you.


Yeah. There seems to be a lot of speculation
about which team you'll sign with.


- What the...?
Earthquake! Earthquake!

Quick, Pops! The kitchen is the most
dangerous place in an earthquake.

- Everybody, run for your life!
- Spritle, calm down!

Mr. Racer, morning.


Oh, um, may I?


Mr. And Mrs. Racer,
I hope you will forgive this imposition.

These are bluebells from Eden, Inc.

I'm told they'll bloom at least three times,
each time a different color.

And Mr. Racer, these are for you.

Straight from the Isle of Kamut,
hand-rolled, premium blend.

Thanks, but who are you?

I am E.P. Arnold Royalton, Esquire...

...president and chairman
of Royalton Industries.

And it is my honor to meet you both.

Oh, dear, I seem to have
interrupted your breakfast.

Is that pancakes I smell?

Oh, are you hungry, Mr. Royalton?

A figure like mine requires
constant attention, Mrs. Racer.

And do you like pancakes?

When I was a child, we used to say:

Pancakes are love.

Mm. Mm.

Gorgeous, Mrs. Racer.

Superb density. Hints of vanilla.

- That's right.
- Absolutely gorgeous.

- Well, I'm glad you like them.
- Like them? I wanna buy your recipe.

- Oh! I'll give you the recipe, Mr. Royalton.
- Nonsense!

Cenestro Foods, a subdivision
of Royalton Industries...

...is planning a range
of homecooked meals for travelers...

...and this is just the kind of magic
we're looking for.

I'll have my attorney
draw up the paperwork.


Now, then, we all know the reason
I'm here is because of you, Speed.

I was watching last night...

...and I have to tell you, young man,
you gave me goose bumps.

I knew at once this was no mere driver
I was watching. This was an artist.


I imagine the phone's
been ringing off the hook.

Yeah. But Speed doesn't wanna
drive for you or any other sponsors.

Is this your manager, then?

- That's our youngest, Spritle.
- Nice to meet you, youngster.

We got our eye on you, mister.


The first thing I want to make clear
is that I have no intention whatsoever...

...of trying to get Speed
away from Racer Motors.

What you have here
is what teams spend years...

...and millions of dollars
trying to achieve, chemistry.

I wouldn't dare touch a thing.

Well, excuse me for asking,
but what do you want?

To help.

I want to make sure you have access
to whatever resources you need...

...to continue doing
exactly what you're doing.

No offense, Royalton, but Racer Motors
has always run as an independent.

None taken. I completely understand.
I sympathize.

- Strike that. I empathize.
- Hmm.

You may think of R.I.
As a huge corporate conglomerate...

...but I will have you know
I still remember working all night...

...on a Commodore 64 in the basement
of my foster parents' home.

I built R.I. From below the ground up.

So while Royalton Industries
may look like a major sponsor to you...

...it remains in my heart
as independent to me...

...as the first day I quit my job at GloBoCom
to start working for myself.

Now, then...

...I've had this wonderful opportunity
to meet your family.

All I'm asking for is the chance
to introduce you to mine.

I've never flown so low through the city.

Special permit.
Only six of them are granted a year.

Take whatever you like.

Thank you.

- What? She said we could have some.

All right, maybe one apiece.

Hey, look,
that's the Grand Prix Colosseum.

My brother's gonna win
the Grand Prix someday.

No doubt in my mind, young man.

Given the right circumstances,
no doubt in my mind whatsoever.

This is Gennie, our talent manager.

Ask for anything.
Her job is to make it come true.

Hello, Speed. Welcome to Royalton.

- What's this?
- To make an informed decision...

...you'll have to understand
how we take care of our drivers.

All aboard.

Oh, cool!

Royalton Tower is the crown jewel
among the properties that I control.

It functions as the corporate headquarters
for the top 12 divisions of our parent corp.

One big industrious family.

Our vertically integrated plant
is the fastest in the world...

...from initial carbon bond to finished car
in 36 hours.

How long does it take at Racer Motors?

- Mmm...
- Several weeks, at least.

This kind of production facility
could be at your disposal, Mr. Racer.

Hm. Yeah.

This is our operating theater...

...where our patented Refusion Distributor
is installed in the turbine drive.

Is that an Inner-Positive Transponder?

We control the only transponder foundry
in the world...

...outside of Musha Motors.

Oops. Sorry, trade secret.

As you know, a T-180 driver's
got to be in peak physical condition.

No expense is spared to ensure that
when our drivers suit up...

...they are as perfectly tuned as
the machines they are controlling.

The best drivers must be able
to withstand over four G's of force...

...in a typical race.

The will to win is nothing
without the will to prepare.

And at Team Royalton,
we prepare our drivers for any eventuality...

...and every possible condition.

I hope I didn't scare you, Speed,
with how hard we push our team.

I just wanted you to see
how committed we are to winning.

- I get that.
- Good.

Because I also want you to understand
that R.I. Isn't all work and no play.

That's Cannonball Taylor.

Stop the car. Jack.

Jack, come here.

There's someone I'd like you to meet.

Speed Racer.

Allow me to introduce
two-time Grand Prix winner...

...five-time WRL Champion
and future hall of famer...

...Jack "Cannonball" Taylor.

Oh... Honor to meet you.

Caught that Thunderhead replay.

Nice piece of work.



There was a rumor you might be visiting.

It's pretty impressive.

Only thing I cared about
was that wall over there.

That's what sold me.

You want to win in this league,
you're talking to the right guy.

Thanks, Jack.


We treat our thoroughbreds
the way they deserve to be treated.

- Sweet!
- There's a full maid service, of course...

...with personal chef and masseurs
available 24/7.


Thank you.

It should be perfect. Try it on.



So, Mrs. Racer...

...what do you think about my family?

- You could say that.
- Good.

Because I want you to understand the
possibilities that exist for your son now.

What's wrong, Mr. Racer?

To be honest, Royalton, I'm feeling
more intimidated than impressed.

This kind of company scares me.

People like you
have way too much money.

When someone gets that kind of money,
they think...

...that the rules everybody else plays by
don't mean squat to them.

However, my sons are the most important
thing I've ever done in my life...

...besides marrying my best friend.

And if Speed wants us to
figure out some kind of an alliance...

...then you can bet your ass
we'll be in business.



- Oh, honey, you look so handsome.
- Yeah?

Very sharp, Speed. Suits you perfectly.

Regardless of what happens,
I want you to have it as a gift.

Thanks, Mr. Royalton.

So how are you feeling, Speed?

It's very...


You think that maybe there's something
that could work out here?

I guess I'd like to think about it,
if I could.

This isn't the kind of offer
I go around making every day, son.

No, I understand that, sir.

So if I had to give you an answer now,
then to be honest...

Stop right there.

You're right. You should think about it.

I'm sure you're feeling
a bit overwhelmed.

You should take a little time...

...think about what you saw and heard here,
and we'll get together early next week.

- Deal?
- Deal.

I thought we had a deal.

I thought we were friends.

Well, maybe where you come from,
that's how you treat your friends.

But around here, we don't take
too kindly to it, do we, fellas?

It hurts our feelings.

Problem is...

...I like you, Taejo.

And I've got a real soft spot
in my heart...

...for that sister of yours.

And normally, under circumstances
such as this...

...we'd be pouring you a nice...

...comfortable pair of concrete shoes.

But I think I thought of another solution.

How are my babies, huh?


Ready for seconds?



Don't worry, it only hurts for a few seconds,
then you'll probably black out.

No, please!

It'll be hard to drive with skellie hands.

No, please.
- You even think about turning rat...

...and next time it's your sister
going in there!

- What?
- Someone's tailing us.

- Is it him?
- It could be.

- Oh, God.
- It's him!

Crush him!

He's out front.

Got you.

- Boss!
- My babies.

My babies! Put your finger in there.

Do it!

Nice fishies, nice fishes. No, no, no.

We can't take another hit, boss!

- Pull over.

But don't stop.

Are you hurt?


Then get up.

Thank you. You saved my life.

I didn't save anything worth saving
unless you get smart real fast.

You thought you could
take on the cartel.

You can't. Not without help.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You have been on Cruncher Block's leash
for so long...

...maybe you forgot how it feels
to stand up and be a man.

The only way you'll ever stop these people
is to bring them to justice.


That's a commodity
I don't waste my money on.


Get out.

- I'll see you at Fuji.
- You won't finish.

When you lose, if you can still
dial a phone...

...call this number.

You're really considering
signing with Royalton.

- I just said it was tempting.
- Why?

Well, they got a really good team.

Cannonball Taylor, Maggie Manifold.
They win a lot of majors.

And since when did winning
become so important?

It is important.

You gotta win if you wanna keep driving,
and that's what I wanna do.

- It's the only thing I really know how to do.
- That's not true.

Come on. I wouldn't have made it
out of high school without your help.

Okay, well, that's true.

But when I'm in a T-180, I don't know,
everything just makes sense.

So are you saying
this doesn't make sense?

Okay, this makes sense too.


So you like this?

Yeah. This ain't so bad.

I was starting to wonder.

Wonder what?

Well, with you so busy becoming
Mr. Super-Famous-Racecar-Driver...

...I was starting to wonder
if you were still interested in this.

- You know I am.
- Do I?

What, like you forgot?

- Maybe I need a reminder.
- A reminder.

Sometimes a girl could use a reminder.

You mean like a new igniter
for your helicopter?


Well, how about a tire burn
that spells out your name?


Maybe at the end of some big race,
when I pull into Victory Lane...

...I scoop you up and kiss you,
with thousands of flashbulbs going off.

Would that be so terrible,
Mr. Super-Famous-Racecar-Driver?

I don't know.

- Maybe we should practice.
- Maybe we should.

Oh, God, I'm gonna hurl.

- Spritle.
- He did not.

- Ooh, Spritle.
- You little sneak.

- It wasn't my idea.
- Oh, no?

- It was his.
- Wait till we tell Pops.

No, don't do that. We couldn't sleep.
We just wanted to hang out.

We didn't know you were going to
In-spew-ation Point.

By the way, cootie shot.

I'm taking you home.

Wait. Wait.
Can we stop for ice cream first?

The new GRX has
a supercharged Inner-Positive Transponder...

...and will be capable of speeds
in excess of 800 kilometers an hour.

If such a car were to
win the Grand Prix this year...

...one would expect the demand for
transponders to increase dramatically.

One would expect.

And if a single company gained control of
all the transponder foundries in the world...

...one might expect that company
to do very well for itself.

You know what I want.
I know for the last few years...

...you've been trying to buy out
your main rival, Tetsua Togokahn.

The question is, can we make a deal?

Deliver Togokahn at that price
and the transponder foundry is yours.


- Speed!
- Mr. Royalton.


Come here. Look at this.



That's what I thought. We're still working
on the R and R, but it's getting there.

Come, sit. We can talk logos later.

Can I get you something to drink?
Water? Bubbly? A shot of rye?

No. I'm okay.

So I can see you've been giving
some serious thought to this thing.

- I have. Yes, sir.
- Good.

Means you understand we're talking
about not just your future...

...but your family's future.

My family means a lot to me.

I know. I can tell.

That's why this is so important,
because you can help them.

All you have to say is yes.

That's all I need to hear...

...and I can make so many things happen
for you and your family.

You ready for that?

You ready to say yes, Speed?


Oh, boy, oh, boy.

This isn't an easy decision for me,
Mr. Royalton.

For my family, racing's everything.

I was tooling timing pins with Pops
while I was still wearing diapers.

I mean, there's nothing more perfect
than a picnic at Thunderhead.

But when my brother died,
all that went away.

I can't tell you how painful that was.

It nearly killed all of us.

Especially Pops.

He didn't set foot in his shop
for over a year.

But one night, when I was still
pretty young, I couldn't sleep...

...and I went into the living room,
and there was Pops in his beat-up robe...

...watching some old race recordings.

So I sat with him there...

...watching old Ben Burns coming around
the last turn of the 43 Prix and...

...all of a sudden,
Pops started screaming.


And then I started screaming.

As Burns and Stickleton
headed for the finish...

...we were cheering our heads off.

And the second the black-and-white
came down...

...we looked at each other
and we realized...

...racing's in our blood.

But for Pops...

...it isn't just a sport.

It's way more important than that.

It's like a religion.

And in our house, the major sponsors...

...are kind of like the devil.

I don't mean to offend you, sir,
and I do appreciate your offer...

...but after all we've been through...

...I don't think this kind of deal's for me.

You poor, naive chump.

I'll pretend I didn't hear
that sickening schmaltz...

...and I'll give you an education.
At the end, if you're smart...

...you'll thank me
and then you'll sign that contract.



Jig's up.

Holy moly.

Hey. This is Marvin,
down at the landing pad.

I think we got mice again.

All right. We'll send
someone over to take care of it. Over.

Look. There is the true spirit
of the golden age of racing.

Benjamin Braddack, Reginald White, George
Wheeler, Diamond Dave Tewksbury...

...and Oliver Potter.

The five most powerful men in the world
at the turn of the last century.

For all intents and purposes, they created
the modern automotive industry.

But the true stroke of their genius
was the invention of the WRL...

... the world's first racing league.

Interesting that you and your father
were so moved by the 43 Prix.

One of the great finishes
in the history of racing, right?

Everyone remembers Burns and Stickleton
slugging it out.

But who remembers Carl Potts?

Driving this rebuilt Wittigan
for Lodyne Industries...

...Potts spun out in the second lap
and went down as a DNF...

... a forgettable and pathetic finish.

So bad that afterwards,
Lodyne stock dropped six points.

But as Ben Burns sat guzzling
cold, fresh milk in Victory Lane...

... a thousand cameras
taking his picture...

...Sirrus Aeronautics saw
almost a 12-point gain...

...which blocked Penninsula Power Cell...

...from being able to afford
the price of a takeover.

This put Joel Goldman, the CEO of Lodyne,
Inc. In the exact position he wanted to be in.

By first buying controlling interest
in his own company at a devalued price...

...he then brokered a merger with Sirrus that
sent Lodyne into the gains record book...

...the only record book that matters.

Look out that window. There isn't
a single plane or helicopter or K-Harrier...

...that isn't powered by Lodyne fuel cells.

That's what racing is about.
It has nothing to do with cars or drivers.

All that matters is power
and the unassailable might of money.


Dude! Yeah!

Oh, no! Woo-hoo!

Get out of the way! Out of the way!
Get out of the way!

You understand?

Burns knew he was going to win.

It was already decided.

A week before the Prix,
Goldman and Sirrus...

...met with other major players
at the Cargyle Hotel.

They met there as they had for years.

They met to negotiate
the finish order of the Grand Prix.

No race is more important
and no race is more controlled.

Goldman was supposed to win,
but he knew if he sold his win...

...whatever that win might be worth was
nothing compared to what could be gained.

That's why I spent $3 million
on this burnt and twisted lump of metal.

Because it reminds me
of what really matters.

This is the true heart of racing, boy.

This is my religion.

You don't know how often
I've seen that same cow-eyed...

..."say it isn't so" look of disbelief.

Every bumpkin who comes in from
the sticks looks exactly as you do now.

I won't bother proving it to you.

You walk away from me and this deal,
you'll know how true it is soon enough.

So last chance. You ready to
put away your toys and grow up?

Are you ready to make more money in
one year than your father made in his life?

Are you ready to become a real
racecar driver? Then sign that contract!


What's this?

If that's your idea of racing,
you can keep it.

Listen to me and listen good...

...because I'm gonna give you
one more history lesson.

You're gonna go to Fuji and try and prove
everything I told you is nothing but a lie.

But no matter how well you drive,
you won't win, you won't place.

I guarantee you right now,
you won't even finish the race.

Speed Racer's making his move,
gunning for the lead.


The Harbinger of Boom
once again leaves his mark...

...a trail of carnage and chaos
cartwheeling behind him!

- Oh, but the fans love it, don't they?
- They do, God help them.

They're about to get more
as Lodyne is now slugging it out...

... with young Taejo Togokahn.


Oh, terrible crash!

They'll have to fish
Taejo and Billy Ray out of the drink.

But this race is far from over.

Right now, one car
stands between Speed Racer and the lead:

- The Grey Ghost.
- We got ourselves a real race here!

Show me what you got.
Show me what you got!


- Speed, get out of there!
- I can't. I can't move!

Soon after that, there will be litigation
against some of your father's designs.

Are you Pops Racer of Racer Motors?

- Yeah, but I'm still on vacation.
- You are hereby served a summons.

- What?
- You are being sued for IP infringement...

...by Janus Automakers.

- No way!
- That's ridiculous.

That's for a jury to decide.

The legitimacy of the lawsuits won't matter.

They'll be enough
to discredit his company.

Whatever contracts he has, he'll lose.
Within a year, he'll be filing for bankruptcy.

After that, you and the rest of
your pathetic family will be history.

Pops is right.

You are the devil.

Mr. Royalton.
- What?!

- Speed!
- Spritle?

I found these two sneaking around
a restricted area.

Get this Racer trash out of my building.

- I'll see you in Fuji.
- Yes.

And then you'll find out you just made
the biggest mistake of your life!

Hey, kid.

- Ben Burns?
- Nice race.

I ain't seen moves like that
in a long time.

It didn't matter, I still lost.

Yeah. Tough break.

Well, good luck.

Mr. Burns, can I ask you something?

Sure, kid.

The 43 Prix.

Did you know you were gonna win?

You know, everybody thought that
me and Stickleton hated each other.

Funny, ain't it?

"Controversy surrounds Racer
Motors, now embroiled in IP litigation.

And while evidence
remains inconclusive...

...whether or not Speed
used an illegal device...

...the Fuji-Helexicon seems destined to
become another mark of shame...

...added to the notorious
Racer family legacy...

...a legacy that has forever tainted
the integrity of this..."


Sorry, ma'am.

I'm gonna send that guy
some Chim Chim cookies.

- You'll do no such thing.
- We gotta do something, Pops.

This is exactly what he said would happen
if I didn't drive for him.

He's just trying to scare you.
They tried the same thing with Rex.

It's a fight they want,
it's a fight they'll get.

How? What can we do?
How can we fight this?

The truth'll come out.

The truth?

Don't be naive, Pops.


Are you all right?

I don't know.

It's gonna be okay. We'll work this out.

I don't know, Mom.
I may have really messed things up.


By not joining Royalton.

Oh, don't be silly. You never would have
been happy racing for that terrible man.

Maybe that's not the point.

Maybe Royalton's right
and racing's all about business...

...and anyone who doesn't understand
that is just a chump.

Now you listen to me, young man.

What you do behind the wheel of a racecar
has nothing to do with business.

Before you could even talk, you were
making noises that sounded like an engine.

We tried to take you to the park
and you never wanted to get out of the car.

I loved that old wagon.

And you remember when Rex took you out
to Thunderhead and let you drive?

And I turned it over.

Oh, my heart starts pounding
just thinking about it.

Mom! Yeah, you should've seen it! Yeah!

Rex told me the only reason we survived
was because I was wearing red socks.

I thought your father
would have a heart attack...

...when you came in
with that crazy smile.

Speed, when I watch you do
some of the things you do...

...I feel like I'm watching
someone paint or make music.

I go to the races to watch you make art.

And it's beautiful...

...and inspiring...

...and everything that art should be.

Even though there are times
when I have to close my eyes.

But then there are other times...

...when you just take my breath away.

And it's at those moments
when I feel your father's chest swell...

...and I know that he's smiling...

...because he's pretending that
he doesn't have tears in his eyes...

...that I just go to pieces.


Because I am so impossibly proud
to be your mom.

It's gonna be okay, honey.
You'll see. We'll work this out.

We just have to stick together
and something good will happen.

You'll see.

Racer X! The Harbinger of Boom!

Run for your lives!

What are you two squawking about?

Pops, whatever you do,
don't open that door.

This is a bad idea.

If it was any other driver, you'd be here.

Inspector Detector.

Good morning, Mr. Racer.
I know it's been a long time.

Ten years.

We've been after Royalton for years
for dozens of capital corporate crimes...

...including WRL fixing, but we haven't had
the evidence we needed to convict him...

...until now.

What's he doing here?

Racer X works closely with our
WRL Corporate Crimes Division...

...helping us recruit
drivers like you, Speed.

Why does he always wear that mask?

If any of you knew his identity,
you'd become targets for his enemies...

...which include some of
the most vicious fixers in the world.

What do you want with me?

Are you familiar with the driver
Taejo Togokahn?

- Of course.
- For years...

...he's been contracted by a fixer
named Cruncher Block.

Recently, Taejo's been forced to lose races,
and he began resisting...

... thinking that he could do it on his own.

- After Fuji, he realized he needed help.
- Why help him?

Because he has a file with enough
information to connect Block to Royalton...

...which could put both of them
behind bars for the rest of their lives.

The problem is,
he won't give us the file...

...unless we help him stop
the takeover of his family's company.


There's an upcoming race
that Taejo believes if he can win...

...it'll catapult Togokahn Motors
into the spotlight...

...double the cost of the buyout,
which should kill it.

There aren't any more races left
except the Grand Prix...

...and we both failed to qualify.

Ahem. There aren't any more track races.

This is a cross-country rally.

Casa Cristo.


I know it seems cruel of me to ask.

Taejo made it clear he had
to have Speed and X on his team...

...or there would be no deal.
- Absolutely not.

- You'll have the support of the entire C.I.B.

Rally racing is a back-alley sport
filled with jackals, headhunters and thugs.

I'm sorry, but I've already lost one son
to that deathtrap. I won't lose another.

I understand.

- If you change your mind...
- Keep your card, Chief Inspector.

Thank you for your time.

But Pops'll never let you go.

He won't if I ask him.

Speed Racer, what are you thinking?

You weren't in Royalton's office, Trix.

You don't know what it was like.

It felt as though he had his hand
inside my chest...

...and he was trying to crush everything
in my life that mattered to me.

All right. Let's do it.

You're gonna need an alibi.
We'll say we're going skiing.

What? No way.

You're gonna need my help.

Casa Cristo is a rally.
I can spot from a copter.

Trixie, this isn't a game.
These people play rough.

I know. That's why I'm going with you.

If you even try to argue with me, I'll tell
Pops and he'll never let you out of his sight.

You would, wouldn't you?


...I guess we're going skiing.

We're just minutes away from the start...

... of the 82nd annual
Casa Cristo Classic...

... the grande dame of cross-country,
the second-oldest rally race in the world...

... spanning two continents,
three climate changes...

... and 5,000 kilometers of the most
winding and treacherous roads ever raced.

With me again is five-time
Casa Cristo champion...

- ... Johnny "Goodboy" Jones.

What are you two doing?

Just watching a little TV, Pops.

It's his favorite show.

- It's in German.
- Not the monkey parts.

Oh, no, you don't.
You are not watching that race.

Out you go. Outside. Get some exercise.

You're too pale.


I want you to understand how much
the C.I.B. Appreciates your help on this.

I'm not doing this to help the C.I.B.

I don't know anything about corporate
crimes and if I did, it wouldn't really matter.

I'm doing this because
someone's trying to hurt my family...

...and I'm gonna do everything I can
to hurt him back.

Safety has been a primary concern for Casa
Cristo officials, especially the last few years.

That's right. There were
a number of fatalities years ago.

It really had a bad reputation.

Fans started calling it "The Crucible."

These are some of the most dangerous
drivers in the world.

And we expect they'll
do anything they can to stop you.

Their cars will probably be equipped
with secret weapons...

...so we've modified the Mach to try to counter their attacks.

The A button will operate
your normal jump-jacks.

B will seal your cockpit, which we
fortified with bulletproof polymer.

Should someone go after your tires with,
say, a hidden shank or shredder...

...the C button will activate
your tire shields.

However, in the event of any blowout...

...D will inflate
a Hexadyno emergency spare.

E will activate these
zircon-tipped saw blades.

They'll cut through almost anything.
Use with discretion.

F will project the tire crampons.

Finally, G will launch
a remote-control homing bird...

...that is capable of transmitting
U- CAP footage anywhere you are.

Every race fan has heard the rumors...

...of spearhooks, tire shanks,
battery boosters.

Oh, no. While it's true
there have been a few bad apples...

...on the whole, most teams
stay within league rules.

Or at least try not to get caught.

This is wrong, what you are trying to do.

Musha's price is an insult
to five generations of our family.

And if you die?

Then will the price be high enough?

- I have no choice.
- Why?

He is your father too.

I finally understand it now, Trix.

I know why he left us.

He was trying to change this rotten
business and they killed him for it.

A lot of drivers believe that
the hardest part of Cristo is the start.

The Muqranna?
Yeah, those archways are tricky.

And speaking of starts,
here comes the queen of Casa Cristo now.

The moment the queen sees the sun,
she'll signal the start.

No, no, no.
This is supposed to be my race.

I'm supposed to win.

I got the green light.

They promised I would
go to the Grand Prix.

For eight years, I played by the rules!

- This is supposed to be my race!
- Enough!

I can't stand the whining.

Like a baby needing its diaper changed.

It's simple.

We have a team of wild cards.

The problem is, these wild cards
are better drivers than you.

What? Like hell they are!

Prove it.

Take out Taejo
and the other two will quit.

You just watch me.

Come on!

I got Racer.

This team Taejo Togokahn's put together
looks like they mean business.

As they head out of the city
and into the Zunubian Desert...

...the team leading the pack
is Snake Oiler!

Let's pinch these turds off.

Come on! We are falling behind!

Speed! On your right, Flying Foxes!

Got them.


They're not alone.

- Oh, no.
- Speed Racer has a blowout!

Move it, Speed.
It's getting ugly out there.

Okay, no more Mr. Nice-Guy.

Hurry, Speed, they need you!

Where have you been?

Have any of these drivers
read the rulebook?

See? This race is full of cheaters.

It's tough to see what goes on
in those dust clouds.

It can get really nasty in there.

Watch the backdraft.

You want some? Come on!
Thor-Azine, yeah!

Wing left.

Flying in.

- Lead them.
- Here you go.


Watch the blind side!

Broom Hilda!



- Oh, my God, did I just see that?
- A rear single-set jump into a flying kick.

I know he blew up at Fuji,
but this kid is flat-out magic.

I'm going into town for some parts.
I'll be back for lunch.

Sure thing, Pops.

Hm? Mm.

Let's go!

- The Togokahn Team is fighting their way...
- Game on.

... back into the race behind the
electrifying driving of Speed Racer.

The fans are getting their money's worth.

Honey, I can't find my wallet.


- You two are in big trouble.
- Wait.

Wait, before you get mad at us, look!

I'm not falling for that.

- It's Speed!
- Speed's skiing!

Then who's driving the Mach 5?

relentless as the eight remaining teams...

... slice their way through
the aqueducts of Sassicaia.

Oh, no.

As we near the end of the first leg of
the Casa Cristo, one team has dominated.

And here they come through the streets
of Cortega, heading for the finish.


If we drive tomorrow like we drove today,
we will lose!

You will get nothing.

All of this will be meaningless!

Relax. Snake's weak on turns.
We'll catch him in the mountains.

We might, if you stop showing off.

Hey, all I was doing was saving your ass.

Don't fall apart yet.

There's still a lot of race to run.

A C.I.B. Man will be posted
outside your door.

We got their attention today. You and Trixie
should be very careful tonight.

Racer X.

I thought we made a good team today.

It felt like we've been doing it
for a long time.

If you say so.

Ineptitude. Is this what I pay you for?!

They ain't checkered yet.

If they do, I assure you it'll be
a very costly mistake for everyone.

It was very weird, Trix.

I knew every move he was gonna make
and he knew mine. It was so familiar.

Maybe I'm crazy, but Racer X first
showed up two years after Rex's death.

But, Speed, we buried Rex.

A body was buried. Remember, it had
already been badly burned in the crash.

Even if it was Rex,
no one could have recognized him.

So you think he faked the crash with
a different body in the driver's seat?

Somehow the kwik-save
was disconnected.

Inspector Detector suspected foul play,
but nothing could be proved.

Do you really think Rex
could put everyone through all that?

Maybe he felt
he didn't have any other choice.

I'm sorry to disturb you, sir,
but do you know these people?


Is this the kind of driver I have?

Someone who disobeys?
Someone who lies to me?

Is this the kind of son I've raised?

And you, Trixie.

You know what this race
did to this family.

Did either of you
stop and think about us?

That's all I've been thinking about, Pops.
You, Mom, Spritle, Sparky.

Yeah, you too, Chim Chim.

We're in serious trouble, Pops,
and it's all my fault.

This is not the place or race
to do anything about that.

- Why not?
- Because it won't do any good.

You don't know that.

You think you can drive a car and change
the world? It doesn't work like that.

Maybe not.

But it's the only thing I know how to do,
and I gotta do something.

That's unacceptable. This is over.
Pack your things. We're going home.

I can't.

I'm sorry, Pops.


- I'm staying.
- So am I.

No, you're not.
We're going home right now!

I'm not a child, Pops.
You can't tell me how to live my life.

If you wanna fire me as your driver,
then, fine, do it.

But it won't change the fact
that I am going to finish this race.

God, you sound like Rex! You wanna die
like him too? Will that make you happy?

Don't take it out on me
because you feel guilty for Rex!

Okay, you two, that's enough.

Pops. If they're staying, we're staying.

Woo-hoo! Room service!

And I suggest that we all find a way
to go home together.

- Where's the Mach 5?
- Logged with security.

- You added something to it, didn't you?
- Some defensive modifications.

Whole thing's out of balance, isn't it?

It pulls left, rides a little stiff.

- Mmm. Sparky!
- Huh?

I'm sorry, Mom.

Your father loves you. It's just...

I know.

It's gonna be okay.

You wouldn't lie to your mother,
would you?

Never again.

I got him, Speed! I got him! I got him!

Still got him!




What's going on out there?



You attack my family.

You try to hurt my sons.

Here we go!

What's going...?


Oh, my God. Was that a ninja?

More like a non-ja.
Terrible what passes for a ninja these days.

Cool beans.

Oh, I'm sorry.
I was looking for Speed Racer.

Horuko. Are you all right?

No. Something terrible has happened.

Narcolyte benzamine.

A highly effective and debilitating drug.

Stays in the system for hours,
but leaves with no trace.

I'll be fine by morning.

No, you won't. You can't drive a car.
You can barely stand up.

You do not tell me what I can do.


What are we gonna do?

The second leg
of the Casa Cristo is under way...

... and the stage is set
for what might be...

... one of the most ferocious rallies
we've seen in years.

This is my race.

She's leaving the hotel now.

Wicked sidewinder coming up.
Watch the inside-out, could get dicey.

Watch your line!

Watch it!

This is abso...

lutely crazy.

Yeah, boss. Signal's loud and clear.

Don't do it! On the ground! Now!


What the...?

You cheater!

If you're here, who's?

That's better. I couldn't see a thing.

That's it. Nice line, Trix.

Top of the hill's coming up. Snake's
got about a quarter of a mile on you.

All right. Let's get him.

If you'd been more careful,
he wouldn't be ahead.

I told you, I couldn't see a thing
out of this dang helmet.

I can't believe you talked us into
this ridiculous idea.

What's ridiculous about it?

You're always saying
I'm a better driver than most of the WRL.

- Now's not the time to prove it.
- Why not?

It's too dangerous.

It's too dangerous for me,
but not for you?

Children, focus.

If we're going to have a chance, we'll
have to pass Snake before the rendezvous.

I'm ready. Let's roll.

Woo-hoo! Go get them, girl!

Here they come. Let's pick it up!

- Take him.
- With pleasure.

Bring it on!

Come on!

Now the gloves are off and they're pounding
one another, bumper to bumper, rail to rail.

Take that, Togokahn!

You're going down!

- Oh, yeah!
- That's my boy!

Oh, God. Speed.

Please! Please! Please!

Oh, please! Please! Aah!

The Togokahn Team roars into the lead...

...behind some very aggressive driving
by Speed Racer.

You kidding?
He just tore Snake a new tailpipe.

Trix, you all right?

Ten-four. Ready for more.

Then let's move it.
We've got some time to eat up.

You're sure, no cameras here?

No, I checked it this morning. There's quite
a few dead spots in these mountains.

What's he doing here?

We weren't sure what to do with him.

Do what he'd do.
Break his legs and let him walk back.

- Thank you so much.
- It was a blast.

The cell's reloaded.
- Let's go!

Good luck.

Nobody move.

Waiting for the Togokahn Team
to come out of the pass.

Those roads can really ice up.
Very dangerous.

- What is this?
- This...

...is called a change of plan.

Yeah, that's right.

We're changing your plan that changed
our plan to change your plan.

Right, boss?

The new plan, what was it?

"Break your legs and make you walk back."
I like that.

But first, it's time to play
a little game of peekaboo...

...I see you.

- Ow!
- Monkey cookie!

- Nice shot!
- Spritle?

Get that monkey!


Ah? Ha!


Hyah! Hyah!

Nobody messes with Spark...


Looks like another change of plan.

Take him away, boys.


Go! Go, go!


Oh, no, you don't. You're in big trouble.

First out of the pass is...

...the Hydra-Cell Team.

Uh-oh. They better send
the emergency trailer.

Wait, is that...?

Here we go again.

Whatever happened in that pass
left Togokahn where they started...

...but now only one obstacle stands
between Snake Oiler and victory.

The Maltese Ice Caves.

This is where Rex cr...

Speed, what are you doing?

Are you all right?
- I'm fine.

This next cave's a rattler.
We'll make our move in there.


Ah, not this time, punk.



Bye-bye, little turd. Ha-ha-ha!

He did not! He did not just do that!

Speed Racer is driving straight up
a cliff face. Are we getting this?

- Come on!
- Go, Speed, go!

- Hi. Remember me?
- No way.

No, no, no! Not again! Not again!


Snake Oiler completely
going out of his mind!

Could have been altitude sickness.
It gets crazy.

Speed handled it beautifully.

And with less than
250 kilometers to go...

...nothing seems to stand
between Togokahn...

... and victory.


Get me Tetsua Togokahn.


Thank you.


We make a good team.

We did our part. Make sure you do yours.

Of course.

Congratulations, Mr. Togokahn.

- Very impressive race.
Yes, thank you.

You're very generous, Mr. Royalton.

Here's Speed. Does this mean
you've signed with Togokahn?

Uh, no, this was
a mutually beneficial opportunity.

Yes. Well put.

Taejo, will you be running
in the Grand Prix this weekend?

We'll see. Right now
I'm just going to enjoy this victory.


The price is 78 a share.

That's outrageous.

The price is barely above 50.
This is extortion, blackmail.

I'll sue you, tie up every asset you own
for the next 20 years.

As you wish, Mr. Royalton.
Have a nice day...


Seventy-eight a share.

I'll have the paperwork drawn up.

A pleasure doing business with you.

You have done very well for us, my son.

- I don't get it. What just happened?
- Togokahn played us for chumps.

He wanted our help to drive up
the stock in his family business.

Even if he had a file,
he wouldn't turn it over.

You mean the whole race
was for nothing?


Racer X.

Racer X!

Jesus, kid, you can drive.
I haven't been thrown like that in years.

What are you doing here?

The inspector told me what happened.
I came looking for you.

Why would you care?

Because you're a fighter and a friend.

Why don't you just tell me the truth?

- You're Rex, aren't you?
- You mean your brother?

You first appeared two years after Rex died.
You drive just like him.

You knew I'd be here, because this is
where he always used to take me.

Just tell me the truth.

You're not Rex.

No, Speed.

I'm sorry, but your brother is dead.

- I'm sorry.
- Don't be.

I'm sure if he was here,
he'd be immensely proud of you.

For what?

Making the same mistakes he did?

For trying to make a difference.

From what I've read,
that's all he tried to do.

And what good did it do?
He got killed for nothing.

Racing hasn't changed and it never will.

It doesn't matter if racing never changes.

What matters is if
we let racing change us.

Everyone has to find a reason to do this.
You don't climb into a T-180 to be a driver.

You do it because you're driven.

If you know so much, why don't you
tell me why I should keep driving?


That's for you to figure out.

I just hope when you do...

...that I'm there to see it.

- What you doing?
- What's it look like?

Where you going?

I don't know.
I just gotta get away from here.

Can I come with you, Rex?
- What?

Can we come with you?

- No.
- Why not?

You'll understand when it's your turn.


Before you go, I'd like to say a few things.
Will you sit with your old man for a minute?

- Don't try to stop me.
- I won't.

Speed, I want you to know
I acted rashly.

I said things I wish I hadn't.

Your mother usually protects me
from making an ass out of myself...

...but I was determined to do it this time,
and I guess I did a pretty good job of it.

I just wanted to make sure
you understood how sorry I was.


The truth was I couldn't have been
more proud of you, son.

Not because you won, but because
you stood up, you weren't afraid...

...and you did what you thought
was right.

It didn't amount to anything.
It was completely meaningless.

How could it be meaningless?

I saw my son become a man.

I watched him act
with courage and integrity...

...and drive the pants off
every other driver on that road.

This is not meaningless.
This is a reason for a father's life.

I went to Cortega because I was
afraid what happened to Rex...

...was gonna happen to you,
and I just couldn't take that.

But what I realized at Cortega...

...was I didn't lose Rex when he crashed.
I lost him here.

I let him think that a stupid motor company
meant more to me than he did.

He'll never know
how much I regret that mistake.

It's enough I'll never make it again.

Speed, I understand that
every child has to leave home...

...but I want you to know,
that door is always open.

You can always come back.

Because I love you.

I love you, Pops.

I'm just so confused right now.

I feel like I'm caught in some kind of
a tailspin and no direction makes sense.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

When Rex died, I didn't know if I wanted
salt on my eggs, let alone keep building cars.

But then... You remember that night...

...we sat together, we watched old Ben
Burns and Stickleton? You remember that?

That night, something just clicked.

Like a light being switched on
inside of me.

After that, I never had trouble
remembering how I liked my eggs.

Jeez, Pops, that's just it.
That's part of my problem.

- What?
- That race...

...the 43 Prix.

Burns and Stickleton? It was fixed.

Royalton told me the whole story.

It was all about some DNF named Potts.

They've known the winner of every Grand
Prix for the past 50 years. It's always fixed.


I don't believe that. Royalton's a crook.
You can't believe a crook.

I don't think he was lying, Pops.

The Grand Prix, a sham?

- Horuko.
- Forgive me for intruding...

...but I had to come
before it was too late.

This is not a trick.

I swear to you. I'm not my brother.

You gonna ask the lovely lady in?

Yeah, sure. Come on in.

- Can I get you something to drink?
- No.

My security man believes
I'm still at the opera...

...so I only have a moment.

I'm very sorry for what happened.

What my father and brother did
was not right, and I'm ashamed.

It's fine. Just another lesson learned.

No. It is they
who are in need of a lesson.

This rightfully belongs to you.

An invitation to compete
in the 91 st annual Grand Prix.

My brother was planning to decline anyway.
But I studied the rules very carefully.

And as a member of
the winning Togokahn Team...

...if you present this invitation on the day of
the race, they must allow you to compete.

Ha! What do you think of that,
Mr. It's-Always-Fixed?

- I...
You don't have to say anything.

I only hope you drive
as you did in Casa Cristo...

...and you wipe the smiles
from their faces.

We don't have a car.

- Sparky!
No. No. He'll yell at me!

- Right here, Pops.
- What are you doing in the kitchen?

Same as everyone else.

I don't believe it.
You were listening the whole time?

- And I'm so glad I did.
- We were so worried about you.


Thank you.

I would say, "Good luck Saturday,"
but you don't need it.

You're already very lucky
to have such a family.

- Come on, we got work to do.
- The race is less than two days away.

How fast did Royalton say he could build
that tin can with his machines?

Thirty-six hours.

Then we'll do it in 32. Come on, let's go.


Ladies and gentlemen, behold the future!

Sparky? You ready?

Ready, Pops.

Pops, that's a Bernoulli Convergenator.

Transponder schmonder.
You want real kick, you go Bernoulli.

Were you here last year?

- Yes, you were.
- No.

The Colosseum has begun to fill,
final preparations are under way.

We're expecting the largest television
audience in Grand Prix history.

We've got an incredible lineup
this year, like the Grey Ghost...

... Sonic "Boom-boom" Renaldi, Nitro
Venderhoss and The Scarlet Valentine.

Not to mention C-Ball.

Cannonball Taylor,
fastest Grand Prix seed in history...

... driving the new GRX
from Royalton Race Cars.

- Thanks, doll.
- You're welcome.

We've got an odd-numbered field
this year, one shy of a full boat...

... as Taejo Togokahn declined his automatic
invitation after winning the Casa Cristo.

All right, let's start her up.

Sounds beefy, Pops.

Yeah, I gave it a little something extra.

Come on, let's load it up.

Hold on.
Something's going on over there.

We're seeing some kind of commotion
down at the trailer entrance.

Excuse me.

Is there a problem here, officer?

Why, you sly dog.

Sir, we have a problem.

Excuse me.

What madness is going on here?

Mr. Royalton, this is a legitimate invitation.
We have verified it.

- Where did you get this?
- I won it fair and square.

This is preposterous. He can't
be allowed to race. It's too late.

The ruling on this is clear.
Try to stop it...

...and you'll be in blatant violation
of the WRL charter...

...leaving me no option
but to shut this year's Prix down...

...until a full investigation
can be completed.

What? Have you any idea what
that would cost? Are you insane?

Try me.

Something big is going on
because every race official has...

Wait, wait, an announcement
is being made.

Now driving in the 40th and final position...

Holy shit!

... for Racer Motors in the Mach 6,
Speed Racer.

A million dollars to the driver
that takes out Racer.

He won't even get out of the blocks.

I'd prefer him to not even
make it out of the locker room.

We're installing a spearhook in the GRX.

I don't need one to beat that punk.

A precaution.

As the cars take to the field...

...you can feel the anticipation
mounting in the audience.

Something is different.

There's an electricity in the air.

The presence of Speed Racer...

... has completely changed the equation.

How are you feeling?

It's big.

That cockpit is the exact same size
it was at Thunderhead.


I wanna say thank you...

...for what could be the most exciting
moment in my whole life.

Couldn't have gotten here without you.

- I'm looking forward to that cold milk.
- Me too.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

The final countdown has begun...

...and a stillness
has fallen over this stadium...

...as all eyes turn to one car.


This ain't a race, this is a showdown.

Trouble at the start. A misfire traps
Speed Racer, causing a collision.

Uh-oh. Look out.

Ooh, that kid is wily!

I don't know how he got out of that one.

Nice, nice.

Speed Racer blows by Katsu
Toppledama, charging into the Moguls.

He's taking on all comers.

Kelly Kellencoff makes a move,
cuts him off!

Ah, big mistake!
Speed fakes left, jumps right.

He slips in behind Gearbox.

Here comes over-under.

I told you! I told you!

Speed Racer seems unstoppable, moving up
from dead last, nearing the leaders.

Go, Speed, go!

But look out. As they approach
the Big Drop, here comes Speed Racer.

Speed Racer is knocking on the door
of Cannonball Taylor.

"Yoo-hoo, anybody home?"

Okay, Mr. Two-Time-Grand-Prix-

...teach me something.

You ready?

- Ha-ha.
- Let's go.

Get that weak shit off my track.

Come on, that move is weak.

Cannonball Taylor's in trouble.

Tear him up, kid, tear him up.

Come on, is that all you got?

Lesson's over. See you at the finish line.

Do it. Stop him. Stop him now.

- Oh, no.
- What is it?

Spearhook! He's got me.

Cannonball has Speed pinned
as they grind through the butterfly turn.

That cheater. He's using a spearhook!

Cannonball clearly using a spearhook.

That could cost him the hall of fame.

Not to mention what it'll do
to Royalton Industries.

Shame on them.

Oh, no, no, no, don't do this!

- The Triple Phase Conductor's fried.
- Sparky, get me back in this race.

- What's wrong?
- The crash must've dislodged the conductor.

Starter's overloaded.

- The nickelhydrate cells are hemorrhaging.
- What do I do?

Don't panic.

Just listen, Speed. Just listen to her.

- If I could defibrillate the...
- Shh. Sparky. Give me a second.

Is there anything he can do?

I ran a patch through the starter
to the Convergenator.

If he puts the car in fifth gear,
he could jump-start it.

Will he know that?

Would Sparky?

What do you need?

He's back in it!

Come on, kid, move it!

He's gonna do it.

I don't know why I'm doing it anymore.

You don't climb into a T-to be a driver.

You do it because you're driven.

Racing has nothing to do
with cars or drivers.

You ready to put away your toys
and grow up?

Are you ready to become
a real racecar driver?

Look at the split.
He's shattering the lap record.

If you know so much,
tell me why I should keep driving.

That's for you to figure out.

I just hope when you do...

...that I'm there to see it.

When I watch you do
some of the things you do...

...when you just take my breath away.

You remember that night?

We sat together, we watched
old Ben Burns and Stickleton.

That night, something just...


Racing hasn't changed and it never will.

It doesn't matter
if racing never changes. What matters...

...is if we let racing change us.

When I'm in a T- 180, I don't know,
everything just makes sense.

No hesitation. Nothing fazes him.

No one seems capable of stopping him.

He's on a mission.

With a quarter-lap to go,
Speed Racer is back.

Two cars between him and destiny.

Stop him!

Here we go again.


Speed Racer!

It's pandemonium.
People here have gone completely crazy.

In 14 years, we've never
seen anything like this.

It's a whole new world, baby.
It's a whole new world.

He did it.

- Yes, he did.
- This could change everything.

It already has.

My men are bringing the family down.
Do you wanna go with them?


Can I ask you a question?

Did you ever think you made a mistake,
hiding the truth from them?

If I did...

...it's a mistake I have to live with.




Thank you, Speed. I love you, sweetie.

That was so beautiful.

I'm proud of you, son.

Special thanks to SergeiK.