The Heartbreak Kid Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Heartbreak Kid script is here for all you fans of the Ben Stiller and Malin Ackerman comedy. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some The Heartbreak Kid quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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The Heartbreak Kid Script

So, what's new, Eddie?
Anything exciting?

Yeah, we just got those new Nike
SasQuatch drivers into the store,

so that's been kind of cool.

Let me rephrase the question.
You been crushing any pussy?

No, Dad,
I haven't been crushing any pussy.

Seriously, who you booming?

Dad, seriously,
I'm not "booming" anybody,

I'm just kind of dating a little right now.

I don't get you.
You refuse to get married,

yet you don't really enjoy the fruits
of bachelor life.

It's like you're living
in a purgatory over here.

Dad, I don't refuse to get married.

It's just I wanna do it
with the right person, okay?

I'm sorry to ride you, pal.
I just want you to be happy.

I hate you to be alone
on Valentine's Day.

I won't be. I'm going to a wedding.

Oh. Now you're talking.

Weddings are a great place
to meet women.

Who's getting married?



What are you...


- Are you serious?
- Dad. Come on.

- Eddie, don't do this to yourself.
- We're still friends.

I'm just saying, watching
your ex-fiancee walk down the aisle

on Valentine's Day might sting a little.

No. We're way past that.

Really. I mean, if anything,
it's gonna be cathartic.

Give me a little closure.

I think it's flat-out wrong,
but maybe I'm just old-fashioned.

Come on, skip the wedding.
You and me, we'll head to Vegas.

Maybe we'll get lucky and tag-team
a couple of broads.

Yeah, I have to say the idea
of a tag team

with my 77-year-old father
is extremely tempting,

but I already RSVP'd, so...
I appreciate the offer.

Come on, come on.

Hey, can I get a beer, please?

- And I will get a Cosmopolitan.
- No problem.

Isn't that sort of a female-type drink?

Oh yeah. Yeah.
Tammy turned me on to them.

And I pretty much drink
what she drinks, so...

Oh. Really?

Yeah. Happy wife, happy life.

That's a good one.
"Happy wife, happy life." I like that.

- Rhymes. Must be true.
- Yeah. Thank you.

Wow. Look at Jodi.
She looks great, huh?

Yeah, she looks really good.

And she's got the kind of looks
that are gonna last, you know?

Look at her mom.

Oh, what a cougar.

Some good genes there.

Hey. Come on.

Look, you had five years to pull
the trigger with Jodi, okay?

And if I recall, you had plenty
of reasons for calling it off.

Yeah. I know. I'm just trying
to remember what they were.

God, there was a million of them.

"She doesn't like my fantasy football
league. She never shares her food.

"She doesn't try anything new."

Man, what are you...
That's not my voice.

That's you. That's exactly you.
That's spot-on you.

I don't sound like an Italian mouse.

Little bit.

I do not-a talk-a like this.

Oh, yeah? Okay, remember this one?
"She hates-a Caddyshack-a."

Yeah, and you know why
she hates-a Caddyshack?

'Cause she said that
the gopher looked too fake.

Come on, that would bother you.

Oh, totally. Totally.

Throw away a chance at happiness
because the gopher looks fake.

Come on, man.
You've never been married.

You're 40 years old.

Eddie, at some point you're just gonna
have to close your eyes and jump.

I did it. I'm the happiest guy I know.

- Hey, Eddie.
- Oh, hey.

- How are you?
- I'm good. How are you doing?

Good, good. Are you sad?


Oh, good. Good.

Mac, come on, honey, we gotta go.
Everyone's already at our table.

- Lead the way, gorgeous.
- Is that for me?

- No, that's his.
- Oh. Well, it's mine now.

What table you at, Eddie?

I am at table 34.

- Oh, too bad. We're at 11.
- We're at 11.

- Okay. See you later.
- All right.

- Save me a dance.
- Okay.

- Don't forget.
- I won't.

- Mac, come on.
- Bye. Gotta go.


And that was that!

- Excuse me.
- Yeah.

Hey, are you running this whole thing?

Oh, sure.

Walk up to the first homo you see

and assume he's
the wedding coordinator, right? Nice.

- No, no. I didn't mean that.
- Nice stereotype, buddy, nice.

Did I hear someone
say "wedding coordinator"?

That would be moi.

So, how can I help you?

So, how can I help you?

I think there's been a mistake, 'cause
I'm at table 34, but that's the kids' table.

Oh, oh. That's not the kids' table.
That's the singles' table. Enjoy.

Wife couldn't make it, huh?

No wife.

Oh. Divorced?



Kind of in-between right now.

Sort of playing the field and
keeping my options open, you know?

Hey, mister.

- What?
- Are you gay?

- No.
- Yes! You owe me 10 bucks.

Hold on, hold on. Are you bi?

No. No, I'm not bi.

See? It's a tie. We both lose.

Are you like a widow or something?

Yeah. I'm a widow. That's... Yeah.

- Sorry.
- He's full of it. He's gay.

No. I'm not gay.

- Let's play five-in-five, then.
- What is that?

It's where I ask you five questions
in five seconds.

If you're telling the truth,
then you shouldn't have to think.

Yeah. I don't wanna play your game.

- Quick. How'd your wife die?
- Murdered.

- How?
- Ice pick.

- They get the guy?
- Yeah.

- What was his name?
- Ronald.

Brad Pitt, Russell Crowe. Who's hotter?

Brad Pitt.

- What? I thought you...
- Yeah, we got you.

No, I thought you meant
who's hotter career-wise.

You're totally busted.

- Gay.
- Gay.

You're gay.

And I just want you all to know that

Jodi is the only woman I've ever loved.

And I wanna thank her for letting me
into her fairytale life.

And that's not to say I didn't have to
kiss a few frogs before I met my prince.

Cantrow! Did you hear that?

But seriously, Michael has been
the answer to all my prayers.

And quite frankly, he's the only guy
my father ever approved of.

And that's because he's
the first guy she ever went out with

who wasn't a total asshole.

All right, all right, okay.
Look, thank you all for coming.

We're gonna have some fun
today, right?

Stop him, he's got my purse!
Somebody stop him!

Hey, stop! Hey, stop! Stop!

Fuck off, man!
This has nothing to do with you!

Calm down, buddy, give me the purse.

Back off, man! I swear to God,
I'll cut your fucking head off!

- Give me the...
- I will snap you!

No, man, that's mine. It's mine!
Hey, man, man, it's mine. It's mine!

It's mine!



Oh, God, are you okay?

No, it stings. He Maced me.

It's just my perfume.

Shit, I can't believe this!

I've got everything in there.
My credit card, my wallet.

Everything is in that bag.
My license, my keys,

my life.

Yeah, that guy, he's like a freak.

I mean, I just... I tried to stop him, but...

Sorry. I almost had him.

No, no, it's not your fault.

I should have, like, punched him
or something. I'm sorry.

Thank you.
It was really cool of you to get involved.

- Here. Let me help you with this stuff.
- Oh, thank you.

Oh. I'm sorry. I don't wanna...

I don't know what the protocol there is.

It's okay. I got it. No problem.

Okay. Nice undergarment there.
So, there you go.

So, you live around here?

Yes, I do. Yeah, I do.
I actually live a couple blocks down.

- Over by Bay City Sports?
- Bay City Sports? I...

Yeah, a big sports... Sort of sporting
goods emporium, over on Van Ness.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think I know that.
- I actually own the place, so...

- Oh, cool.
- Yeah. Yeah, it's fun.

- That's great. Oh, this is me.
- That's you? Okay.

I don't have any money.
He took my wallet.

Wait a minute. Here. I got it.

Oh, no. I wasn't saying it to...
You've done enough. Really.

No. Here. Please. Please.
I got a five-spot. Here you go.

Go ahead. Take it. I got like hundreds
of dollars in the bank, so I'm good.

- I can't take it, then.
- No, I'm kidding. I do fine.

I mean, I'm not rich, I'm comfortable.
I'm good. Go ahead. Get on the thing.

- Got it.
- All right.

- Take it easy.
- Thank you.

All right.

Hey, what's your name?


Lila, I'm Eddie! Eddie... Eddie Cantrow!



Oh, yeah. This is your girl, Eddie.

I've always said you can tell a lot
about a woman by her panties.

When have you ever said that?

I've said it like a mantra.
You just don't pay attention.

So, did you get her digits?

No, I didn't get her digits.

The girl had just gotten mugged.
I wasn't gonna hit on her.

Wait a second. She's hot, friendly,
it's Valentine's Day, she's all alone...

She has David Bowie, your all-time
favorite musician, pasted on her undies.

And you don't think to ask her out?

It was... A lot was going on.

I mean, I had just gotten sprayed
in the eye by a very sting-y perfume.

I was disoriented. I was...

And it never occurred to you
to chase the trolley down the street,

waving her underwear
and calling out her name?

No! I mean, look,
this girl was incredibly gorgeous.

There's no way in hell she's single.

I'm sure she's got, like, a dot-com
billionaire boyfriend.

A billionaire
who makes her do the wash

at a laundromat on Valentine's Day.

Come on, Eddie! She was available.
You wimped out.

Oh, that's my wife.


Hey, honey.


Okay, sure, you got it. Right away.

All right, guys. I'm on husband duty.

Aunt Flo just arrived at our house.

Who's Aunt Flo?

Tammy just got her period,
so gotta pick her up some Maxibons.

Is there anything that she asks you to
do that you don't jump to attention for?

No. Why? I wanna make her happy.
That's why I grew out the bangs.

Sorry you let that girl go, Eddie.
Sounded like a keeper.

- Thank you, makes me feel better.
- You're welcome.

He speaketh the truth.

All you had to do was ask her out
for coffee or a goddamn piece of pie.

Oh, pie. Yeah, pie really would've
clinched the deal, Dad.

I'm just saying, when you
happen on ass-floss like these,

you don't let them get away.

I'm late for a root canal. Be good.

All right, Ralphie, let's go.

Shit. Eddie, what am I doing wrong?

All right. First of all, don't ever swing
at the first pitch. You gotta be patient.

- But the ball was right down the middle.
- It was a little high and inside.

Hey, pussydick, can you break away
for nine holes?

You know what?
I'm in the middle of something, Dad.

Listen, everybody wants
to hit homers, right?

But the fact is,
a walk's as good as a hit.

- It is?
- Yeah.

That's the worst piece of advice
I ever heard.

- Swing at the next one, slugger.
- No, wait.

You want me to swing or wait?

Listen to me, I'm older than him. Swing!

- Wait.
- Swing!

No, Dad, now you're screwing him up.

Oh, my God.

- Dad, that's her.
- Who?

That's the girl I was telling you
about, Lila. You gotta get out of here.

- Go. Go, go, go.
- Relax. I'm not gonna blow your cover.

But it's nice to put a face to the panties.

Where did you get those?

Will you calm down? They're not for me.
I was just gonna bring them by the club!

A guy can't brag about his own kid?

- No, Dad. Dad.
- Give me. Give me.

- Hi.
- Hey.

I was in the neighborhood
looking for a fleece.

What do you think?

Excellent taste.

That's my dad.

Hi, Dad.

Nice to meet you, Lila.

How do you know my name?

Okay, cat's out of the bag.

My son found your panties
on the sidewalk,

and we've been talking
about you all week.

Eddie, give her back
her undies, will you?

Here you go.
I was watching those for you,

hoping you'd come in and claim them.
It worked out.

- Okay.
- We're good now.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Okay. My work here is done.

Let me go.

He's so cute.

Yeah, he is. He's a cutie.

- So, what do you think?
- Well, what are you looking to do?

You looking to just go hiking,
or bopping around town, or...

Little bit of both, probably.

Okay, well, they're both
quick-dry material, which is good,

'cause it wicks away the sweat
from the surface,

allows it to evaporate quickly.

But if I was gonna go with one,
I'd probably go with the Patagonia,

'cause it's 100%/ recycled material.

Hey, you a pie fan?

A fan of pie? Do you like pie? The...
Pie? Food? Pie.

Oh, pie. Like apple pie, and...
Yeah, I love pie.

Get out of town.

So you're an environmental researcher.

Why do you sound so surprised?

No, it's just, I mean, you know,
you don't really look like

the prototypical scientist type.

Well, it's not really that scientific.
It's more, you know...

- It's just researching.
- Right. I know. Just research.

Well, it is.

Well, I'm sure you make it sound
much simpler than it is, but...

For us knuckleheads who, you know,
sell baseball gloves...

No, you're not a knucklehead.


Can I be honest with you?

Yeah, sure.

I didn't really need that fleece
that I bought today.

I came in the store today to see you.


- Yeah.
- Oh, cool.

I mean, if you wanna return the fleece,
it's fine, seriously.

Oh, no, Eddie, I don't.
I don't wanna return it.

Okay, but just know
that that's okay, too.

- No, I love it.
- I mean, aside from all of this other...

Eddie, I think it's perfect for me.

You're not mad?

Of course I'm not mad.

I don't want you to do anything
you're not comfortable with. Come on.

I know it's silly. I mean,
it's not like I'm a virgin or anything.

Lila, you don't owe me
any explanations, okay? Really.

I know, but I just want you
to understand where I'm coming from.

I just...

I've seen how sleeping together
too soon can ruin a relationship,

and I don't wanna risk what we have.

'Cause what we have
is really, really nice.

Last time I checked,
we're not in a race, right?


- All right.
- All right.

- Good night.
- Night.

Sleep well.

I will.

Eddie, phone call, Line 3. It's Lila.

Hey, baby, how you doing?

What's wrong?

How long do they want you
to live in Rotterdam?

I don't know,
it depends on the restructuring.

- I mean, at least two years.
- Two years?

Maybe more.

Two years?

Why Germany?


Can't you just tell them,
"I won't do it. I can't do it.

"I wanna be a researcher, but I'm not,
you know, I'm not gonna..."

Eddie, this is my career.
I can't say that.

I understand that,
but can't you, like, just say, you know...

Isn't there somebody else
who wants to go?

No, it's either me or this other
researcher, and he's married.

So what?

So, they don't move married people.
It's policy.

So what are the negatives?

Well, for one thing,
I've only known her for six weeks.

That's half a summer, Eddie.

I proposed to your mother
after three dates.

She gave me of the best years of my life.

You were engaged to Jodi for five years.
What good did that do you?

All right, yeah,
but there's other stuff, too.

Such as?

She doesn't have
a great sense of humor.

Are you out of your mind?

Funny's a male gene, you idiot.

Haven't you ever noticed,
whenever you see a really funny girl,

she's a little mannish?

Think about it. Lily Tomlin,
Evelyn DeGeneres, Rosie O'Donnell...

Oh, I got a thing
for Ellen DeGeneres, though.

I do. I have to admit it.

I think she's great. I think she's hot.
Great ass.

Check it out.

All right, you know what?
Forget that stuff, okay? She's wonderful.

She's an incredible girl.
There's no better. Okay?

Still, just the idea of marriage.
It's just so permanent. You know?

It's like...

It's like at the end of the day,

I'm choosing between Lila
and all the other women in the world.

You've barely nailed
any of the other women in the world.

You haven't crushed more than three
pussies since you broke off with Jodi.

Dad, what is this obsession
with pussy-crushing counting?

I really, I just...
I'm not comfortable with that term.

Sorry. Snatch. Whatever.

- Who do you think you are?
- Huh?

Just who the hell
do you think you are, Eddie, huh?

Sitting here, trying to come up
with reasons not to marry this girl?

You should be thanking God

that a woman this fantastic
would even consider you.

Now, unless you wanna be
the 75-year-old dad

at the Little League game,

I suggest you get on with your life,
'cause that's what this is, Eddie. It's life!

Life, Eddie. Goes like that.

I now pronounce you man and wife.
You may kiss the bride.

Congratulations, buddy.
You hit a home run.

Can you believe it? I did it!

I finally took the plunge.
And you know what? It feels great.

I told you it would.

Thank you. Thank you for talking
some sense into me, man.

I mean, look at this! Look at this.
I'm married to this amazing girl.

I got the next three weeks off.

- We're road-tripping it down to Cabo.
- Cabo.

That's it.

- You're in the club.
- I'm in the club.

Hey, when you get down to the hotel,
ask for Uncle Tito.

And give him this as a thank you.

Okay, look, remind me again,
who's Uncle Tito?

He's a friend of mine.

You know. I always take care of him.

He gives me a big discount
when I go down there.

He knows you're coming.

That's awesome, man. Thank you.

Honey! My mom finally arrived!

Oh, great! Where is she?

There's my tiger!

Give me a hug.

I am so sorry I missed the ceremony.

Look at her, so beautiful.

That's the same dress
I wore on my wedding day.

Same designer?

No, it's the very same dress.

Spread out now, Rosie doctor

Come cut loose her mama's reins

You know playin' blind man's bluff

is a little baby's game

You pick up Little Dynamite

I'm gonna pick up Little Gun

And together we're gonna go out tonight

And make that highway run

You got a pretty good voice there.

Why, thank you, soul mate.

I'm glad you like it,

'cause you're gonna be hearing
a lot of it for the next 40 or 50 years.

Forty or fifty years.

Hey, you know what I was thinking
when we get down there?

We should go out sport fishing.

I've always wanted to catch a marlin,
put it up in the store.

- No, baby, I can't do that.
- Why not?

Because I can't do boats.
I get really, really seasick.

- I'm sorry.
- That's all right.

That's okay. There's a lot of other
fun stuff we can do down there.


I definitely wanna get out of the hotel
a couple of days.

Maybe get a burro, you know?

A Mexican burro? Donkey?

Go up into the mountains?
You know, just have a little adventure.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I kind of thought it would be nice
to just relax on the beach, you know?

I mean, remember, honey,
this is a Third World country.

It can be really dangerous.

Yeah. Well, I mean, you know.
It's Cabo.

Yeah, exactly.

Come on, shake your body, baby
Do that conga

I know you can't control yourself
any longer

Come on, shake your body, baby
Do that conga

I know you can't control yourself
any longer

Fab Five Freddy told me everybody's fly

The DJ's spinning
I said, my my

Flash is fast, Flash is cool
Francois sez fas, Flashe no do

And you don't stop
Sure shot, go out to the parking lot

And I'm ready to take a chance again

Ready to put my love
on the line with you

I'll tell you what I want
What I really, really want

So, tell me what you want
What you really, really want

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna

I wanna really, really, really
Wanna zigazig ha

Muskrat Suzie, Muskrat Sam

Do the jitterbug out in muskrat land
And they shimmy

Hey, baby? Honey?

Why don't we turn off the radio
for a little bit, and just sort of...

Sort of vibe out on the wind

and chill out a little?

I've got a better idea.

- Why don't we go find a room
and fuck?     - Okay.

- You like that, Eddie?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, you like that, don't you?
- I do.

Tell me how much you like it.

- I like it.
- Then tell me how much you like it!

I like it a lot!

- Do you like that?
- Whoa, yeah. Yeah, I like that.

How about that?

Ow! No, no, no, no. Oh, no, no.
No, no.No, no, don't like that.

Now I know what to do
when Eddie's a bad boy.

Do you think maybe we can switch
up the position a little bit?

'Cause I'm starting to get
cramped here.

- Yeah.
- Okay, good.

You wanna do the
Inverted Corkscrew?

Remind me, again, what's that?

It's just like the Swedish
Helicopter,except you spin me.

Okay. You know what? I don't...
I'm not a big helicopter guy.

No, never mind.
Just Jackhammer me, Eddie.

Okay, I... What's a...

Jackhammer me, Eddie!
Jackhammer me!

- What is a...
- Jackhammer me! Jackhammer me!

Hey, hey, I got an idea. You know
what? Guess what. Guess what.

Why don't we just, you know, do,
like, a little missionary position

for a little bit?

What's that?

Missionary position. You know.

It's like, you know,
when I'm on top of you,

just a regular guy on top
of a girl? Yeah?

- Okay.
- Yeah?

Can you Pile Drive me
from that position?

That was so beautiful.

Could you not make those
little circles?

Just... My skin's kind of
sensitive right now.

Well, what if I made
little squares?

I don't think any shapes...

I don't wanna do any shapes
right now, okay?

Is my Eddie Bear gonna be grouchy
for the next 40 to 50 years?

I'm not being grouchy. Honey.

Where you going?


That wasn't
what you think it was!

What? I didn't hear anything.

Oh, good.

'Cause I just queefed, big-time.


Mr. Cantrow's awfully quiet
this morning.

Nah, I'm always quiet
in the morning, sort of.

I take a little while
to get up to steam.

Will you hold my hand while
we eat? I really like that.

Hold your hand? Of course,
of course.

Baby. Baby, look.

They're so cute.
That's us in 10 years.

Ten? I don't know about that.
I mean, it seems like a little...

I hope it's more than 10 years.

You're probably right.
I'm really bad at math.

You're probably right.
I'm really bad at math.

- Eddie, can I ask you something?
- Yeah.

Last night,

you didn't think I was too hairy
down there, did you?

I know a lot of women shave
completely,but I don't like that.

You know, it makes me feel
like a little girl.

But if you want, I could trim it.

And that way you'd be able
to see my kitty ring better.

I don't think so. I mean, I think...
No, that's a good... I could see it.

- Was good visibility on it.
- Okay.

You okay?

- Oh, God.
- You all right?

There's the apple juice
out the nose.

It's just this stupid deviated
septum that I have, and it just
... Everything just...

You've got a deviated septum?

There was a kid at my camp
who had a deviated septum.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah. He used to snore like a pig.

- Well, I don't snore.
- Good.

But I do have a lot of fluids coming
out of my nose, more than I'd like.

We just have to keep you
away from liquids, huh?

Baby, look at them.
They are so cute.

They are adorable.

Chicken in the bread pan
pickin' out dough

"Granny, does your dog bite?"
"No, child, no"

This is amazing! It's even
better than the brochure.

Baby, look at this!

Not too shabby.



I need to say something.

I've never been married before,

and I've been wanting
everything to be so perfect that

I think I've been acting
a little off.

- Oh... No!
- Yes.

Really, I have.

I've been trying so hard
to act like I'm all comfortable
with everything

that I think I've gone too far
the other way.

Well, maybe a little.

I mean, but you know what?
I'm nervous, too.

I mean, here we are.
We, you know... We're married.

I've never been married before.
We're both new at this.

I'm glad you said something.

Good. Well, what do you say
we just reset?

I like that. Yeah.
Let's just... Reset.

Press the TiVo button.

- Look at this!
- Oh, my God!

El Mariachi! I love it.
This is the real Mexico, baby!

Here you go.

Por favor, stay close this week
with us. It's our honeymoon.

Oh, my God.
They have some major happy hour.

Eddie Bear, you go check us in.
I'll get a snack.


Do me a favor, play for her.
Go. Yes, serenade her.

Hey look, it's that fruit
from the wedding.

Hey. What are you guys
doing here?

I don't know. We're on
vacation with our parents.

You look disappointed to see us.

What? Did you think
this was a gays-only resort?

For your information, the hot
blond over there, she's with me.

That's who I'm gonna
be sleeping with tonight, so...

I'll give you this. It's impressive.

- Yeah.
- How does he do it?

Does he tuck his balls under
or does he tape them up real high?

You know what? Why don't you take
your little Human Genome Project

and hit the road?

You homophobic hobbits.


Do you think you could tell me
where I could find Uncle Tito?

Yes. May I ask who is inquiring?

Yeah, my name's Eddie Cantrow,
and I'm a friend of a friend of his.

I'm supposed to give him something.

I'm sorry to tell you this,
but he no longer works here.

He's actually in jail
serving six to ten years.

He was caught running cock fights,

and I'm not speaking about
the kind with roosters.


Screw off! I'm joking, man!

Come on! I am Uncle Tito!

Pleasure to meet you.

You're Uncle Tito! Okay.

You should have seen
the look on your face.

Did you bring the present from Mac?

Yes, I did. Yes.
Here... Yeah, here you go.

It's funny, Uncle Tito. I was thinking
of, like, an older, gray-haired...

- Yes.
- I don't know why.

- You like the hair?
- I like it. You got a whole...

Pardon me. I was wanting
to know if we could...

Here is the adult sex tape you
ordered, Senor Cantrow.

I will bill it to your room.

Would you like me
to bring up any more?

No. Thank you.

Perfecto! You will have a fun
night tonight.

Baby, you've gotta try
this Mind Eraser.

The guy put in, like,
four shots of Patron.

You are even more sexier
than Mac described.

Thank you.

I was not talking to you,
I was talking to him.

Screw off! I'm joking, man!
Come on. You are unbelievably hot.

By the way, please put your
jewelry inside the safe.

I cannot tell you how many
honeymooners come down here

and they lose their rings
on the beach.

- It's very sad.
- Okay, thanks for the tip.

Also, Mac's a pal, so I want you
to know I totally set you guys up.

I got you the honeymoon suite.

Hey, all right, thank you!

This is amazing!

How beautiful is this?

Man. Look at that view.

Eddie, think fast!

Honey, come on! Babe!

You could take out an eye
with that thing.

Oh, hush, I didn't come close.

Man, look at this place.

Jeez. Wonder how much
the room costs.

Oh, honey, stop worrying about
money. This is our honeymoon.

We're gonna remember this
for the next 40 to 50 years.

You're right.
I'm thinking like a single guy.

I gotta remember
we're a two-income family now.

Really? You have a second job?

No, I mean my salary,
your salary.

- My salary?
- Yeah. Oh, what?

You wanna keep our finances
separate now?

Honey, I'm a volunteer.

Oh, yeah? Well,
how much do volunteers make?

A volunteer is a volunteer.

I help raise money for my
environmental group. I told you this.

So they force volunteers
to move to Rotterdam?

Unmarried volunteers?

They don't force them.

But if you wanna get in good with
the company, you gotta play the game.

You told me
you're an environmental researcher.

Yeah, I am.

Unless you don't count wading in
the freezing-cold San Francisco Bay

for three months, measuring PCBs
and getting stung by jellyfish,

which I won't even tell you what
they had to do to take the pain away.

They had to pee on me.

You get stung by a jellyfish, that
makes you an environmental researcher?

You know what, Eddie? I love my job
and I don't have to defend it to you.

Job? No, no, no. I don't think
you're allowed to call it a job.

Job? No, no, no. I don't think
you're allowed to call it a job.

Oh, really?
And what am I supposed to call it?

A hobby?

- A hobby?
- A hobby. You get paid for a job.

- Says who?
- Says the dictionary.

Well, who reads the dictionary?
Not everybody.

Yeah, apparently not! A "job" is a
word. There is a definition for it!

You married me for my money.

What? No, wait a minute, wait a
minute. Don't turn this around.

What's next? You're gonna steal
my purse, like my last boyfriend did?

Your last boyfriend stole
your purse?

Duh! You were there!

That was your boyfriend?
That maniac mugger guy?

That was my ex-boyfriend.

The crazy guy on the bike
was your ex-boyfriend?

- Yes.  - And you didn't tell
me this. Why?

Why would I? You and I
were complete strangers.

So... And why was he
stealing your purse?

Because he owed me money,
so I took his wallet.

And I'm not about to leave it
in my apartment,

because then he'd break in
and steal it back.

So I kept it in my purse, along
with his keys and his cell phone.

And let me tell you something else
about my little "hobby."

One day, our kids are gonna
inhabitate this Earth.

And I'm just trying to make sure

that there's some aqua life
left for when they do!

- That's not a word.
- What's not a word?

"Inhabitate." Not a word.

Oh, really? Why don't you look
it up in your little "dictionary,"

and why don't you look up
"shitfuck" while you're at it?

I will look it up with

And guess what? I won't find
"inhabitate" or "shitfuck"!

Fuck! Shit!



This is stupid.

Excuse me.

A little help?

Sorry, I dropped my camera.

Doesn't look broken.

No, don't throw it.
I'll be right down.


- Here you go.
- Thanks.

I didn't mean to sneak up on you.
I was...

Oh, yeah. No problem.

Was that you this morning
at Reception?


That wasn't what it looked like.

Just looked like
you were renting a videotape.

No, no, I know, but I wasn't.
I mean, that wasn't... I wasn't.

You don't have to explain to me.
All right? Boys will be boys.

I got a cousin who drives a
truck with a bumper sticker
that says "Born Hard."

Right. Okay, but I'm not that guy.
I mean, I'm not...


We're getting ready to play
Parcheesi! Please come upstairs.

I'm coming, I'm coming.

- That's my cousin.
- That's your cousin?

- We're down here for a family
reunion.    - Oh, yeah?

Yeah. My aunt and uncle renew
their wedding vows every year.

It's a little hokey, but they're
still in love after 42 years,
God bless them.

- So we go along with it.
- That's nice.

Yeah. What about you? What's
got you standing out here
mumbling to yourself?

Running low on your medication?

Was I mumbling?

- Yeah.
- Audibly?

Miranda! We are all ready
to play Parcheesi.

I'm coming!

All right, okay.
Hope your camera's okay.

Happy mumbling.


I am so sorry.

- No, no, no. Honey, I'm sorry.
- No, I'm sorry.

No, no, no. I'm sorry.

Look, really. Look, first of all,
I love that you love the fishes, okay?

And I think it's great that you
wanna clean up the ocean, okay?

- Really?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I'm just, you know...

- Eddie.
- I got all worked up.

- But you were right, Eddie.
- No, no.

Yes. They should have been
paying me a long time ago.

Whatever. Whatever.

No, but really, I mean...

How am I ever gonna get out of debt
if I keep letting them do this to me?

- How are you gonna what?
- Get out of debt.

You're in debt? What kind of debt?

You know, the kind where you owe
a lot of money to people.

How much money?

Well, it's not so bad. I mean,
ever since I stopped doing the blow,

it's down to about 26 K.

You had a... You snorted...

You had a cocaine problem?

That's how I got
the deviated septum, remember?

You said you had a deviated septum.
You didn't say that you had a...

You know...

Snorting the cocaine.

Yeah, but that's how you get
a deviated septum.

I didn't... Okay.

That kid at camp, he didn't have
a blow problem, you know. He was...

Well, how do you know?

Because he was eight
and he was my bunkmate.

I mean, you know,
I would have been aware...

Tell me a little bit more
about this, though.

You know, it's a chapter of my life
that I'm not particularly proud of.

Right, right.

But you know what?

If I had to do it all over again,
I wouldn't change a darn thing.

Because it made me who I am today.

And do you know
who I am today, Eddie?

No. Who are you?

I'm Mrs. Edmund Cantrow.


"Edward"? You didn't tell me that!

I... Yeah, Edward.

Well, Mr. Cantrow.

Are there any other dark, dirty
secrets that I should know about?

Cock me. Cock me.

Yeah, you like that, don't you?

- You bet.
- Yeah.

Tell me how much you like it.

I still like it a lot.

Yeah. Hit me.


Hit me!

I don't wanna hit you.

Come on, Eddie. I've been a
bad girl. Now hit me!

You've been fine. I don't
wanna hit you, Lila, really.

What's the matter, Eddie,
you a little girl?

- You a little girl?
- No.

- What, love? You got a little
pussy?  - What? No!

- A pussy! Do you have a pussy?
- No, I don't have a pussy!

Well, what are you, a faggot,

- Are you a faggot?
- I'm not a faggot!

Well, then, slap me!
Slap me like this!

That's right!

What's the matter? I thought
little girls liked getting
their nipples pinched.

Don't you...

Yeah! Oh, I love it!
Like it rough!

Yes! Yes, Eddie, yes! Cock me!

Cock me! Cock me, Eddie!

I think I am cocking you!

Fuck me like a black guy, Eddie!
Come on!

No! You're not doing it!

Here, put some of this
on my back.

- This is mineral oil.
- Yeah.

No, you need sunblock down here.

No, you gotta use oil
if you wanna get savage.

Babe, I'm telling you, the sun's
really strong down here.

You need like a 30 or a 35.
I got some.

Are you becoming a control freak?

I mean, first the thing about
having to tip the maid every
day, and now this?

Forget about it, Eddie. I'll just
do it myself if it's such a problem.

I'm just saying the sun's
really different down here.

I'm just saying the sun's
really different down here.

The sun is the sun, Eddie.


Oh, Grouchy Marx, calm down.

Hey, look. He really is with that babe.

Man, she is banging.

That means he was telling the truth
about his wife getting ice-picked.

That's messed up.

Eddie, make them go away.

Thank you, no.

- Not now.
- Thank you. We're okay.

- We don't want any. Thank you, though.
- Give them money. Give them money.

Okay. Here you go. Here you go.
Thank you, but we're fine.

We're just gonna take a little
snoozelito. We snooze, huh?

No, no, no, no. No.

You stop. Stop. No?

It's not my fault.

It's the stupid Mexican ozone!

No. The Mexican ozone
isn't stupid, Lila.

You just needed to wear
some sunscreen.

I was trying to get a tan.

No, you were trying to get

Whose side are you on, Eddie?

- What? What sides are there?
- Mine or the ozone's? Choose one!

I'm on your side, all right?
Just calm down.

Now look, I'm gonna put a little
of this aloe on your back, okay?

Should make you feel better.

You fucking cunt!

Or not.


Hey, Pop, it's me.
Listen, is this a good time?

I'm in Vegas. Flew out
for the weekend.

Here, I want you to say hi
to somebody.

Hi, Eddie, this is Patty!

Yeah, I met your father playing
keno. What a hot ticket.

Hey, I heard you got married.

Your father says she's amazing.

Not really.
Can I talk to my dad?

All right.

What's up? You okay, kid?

No, I'm not okay. Dad, I got
big, big problems here.

I think Lila might be...
I think she might be
a little off.

Kitty ring? So, let me get
this straight.

You think your wife's a nutcase
because on your honeymoon,

in a tropical paradise,
she's singing a lot,

wanting to have sex around
the clock,

and, accidentally,
she got a little too much sun?

Well, yeah, but it's a lot worse
than it sounds.

Now listen to me,
and listen to me good!

When your wife on her honeymoon
asks you to cock her,

you cock her good, God damn it!

- Senor Eddie, are you finished?
- Yeah. Thanks, Tito.

Where is your lovely
wife this evening?

She got a little too much sun,
so she decided to crash out early.

Are you sure it was the sun
that made her tired, and not you?


- Tito!
- Yes, senorita.

All right, I want another round,
but make it Flytails this time.

No problem.


Hey! What are you doing
down here at the bar?

VCR break down?

I was starting to chafe. So...

Well, that's the way it goes.

- You're Miranda, right?
- I am.

I'm Eddie.

- Nice to meet you, officially.
- Nice to meet you, too.

What's a Flytail?

I've got no idea, but it's
got tequila and a cool name,

so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

I like your thinking.

You know who figured out
how to do it right?

The people who live in the spots
where the rest of us vacation.

Oh, yeah. You mean
like those perma-vacationers.

- Yeah.
- Though, I don't know.

You think they're really having
that good a time?

- Oh, hell yeah.
- Really?

- Oh, of course.
- Really? I don't know.

I mean, I always feel like
those people, like, must be
running from something.

They're running from their
boring lives.

You know, most people get two or three
weeks of vacation to have fun.

These people, man,
they party all year round.

Yeah. Where are you from?

- Oxford, Mississippi.
- Really?

You don't have an accent.

- Excuse me?
- Yeah?

Are you here on your honeymoon?

Actually, I am.

Are you having a good time?

We're having an incredible time.
We're having the time of our lives.

What the hell are you doing down
here? Why don't you go to your room?


Here are your Flytails.

Thank you!

Sweetheart, will you help me
with the drinks?

Yeah, sure, Dream Weaver.
No problem. Just gonna help her.

Take it easy.

Hey, next time you tell people
we're married,

I'd appreciate
if you at least acted happy.

Yeah, well, actually...

Miranda! Where have you been?

Relax, everybody,
I got more booze.

- This is my friend, Eddie.
- Hi.

Hey, how'd you manage to make
a friend down here, Miranda?

I put an ad in the paper.

Eddie, this is my family, starting
with my aunt and uncle, Beryl and Boo.

Beryl and Boo.
It's your anniversary, right?

- That's right.
- Congratulations.

Thank you.

I think that's a beautiful name,
Boo. Is that short for something?

I'm Boo.


- Yeah, it's short for Buford.
- Buford?

Okay. But why
don't they call you "Byoo"?

Byoo! Why didn't we ever
think of that?

It's been sitting there for years and we never even noticed it.

And then you walk up, and boom! You
are a hair-trigger is what you are.

That is too funny.

These are my cousins,
Buzz and Martin.

- Hello, Mr. Funny, I'm Buzz.
- Pleasure to meet you.

And their lovely wives,
Deborah and Gayla.

I remember you, Eddie.
You're the film buff, right?

And the lovely man in the back
is my Grandpa Anderson.

Hi there.

Well, nice to meet
all of you guys.

I'm gonna get running,
but have a great night.

- Excuse me, senor.
- Yeah?

You have a round of shots
from your new friends.

Oh! Well!

Thank you.

Nope. Deborah and myself will not
be having any, thank you.

Yeah, I think I'm gonna pass also.
I just... Yeah. I think I'm gonna...

Yeah, I don't think you're gonna
get off that easy, sweetheart.

Thank you!

Well, might as well give them
their money's worth. Thank you.

Hey, here's to Beryl and Byoo.

He did it again!

You are too much.

All right, everybody.
Are you ready? Bottoms up!

This is awful!
That's, like, awful!

It's like somebody
gets inside your chest

and just like, a guy with,
like, a bongo.

And we gotta pay for it!
That's the punchline. Oh, man.

So, Martin, you're
a high school baseball coach.

- Yeah.
- That is so cool.

Boo actually coached the team
before Martin did.

Never missed a game in 28 years.

Well, there were a few games
I wish I had missed.

And Miranda coaches the women's
lacrosse team at Ole Miss.

That's right.

- I do.
- You're a lacrosse coach?

- I am.
- That is... Wow. That's...

- So you're a whole family of
coaches.   - Yes, we are.

You know, there was a big article
about them in the Oxford Eagle.

You could still probably
find that online.

That's amazing.
And what about you, Buzz?

I'm not a coach.

I have a couple Subway sandwich
shops in the Oxford area.

And we're about to open up
a third on Route 122.

We find if you keep the tuna
fresh, they'll keep coming back.

At Subway. Oh, I love Subway.

We're also gonna open
a Ruby Tuesday's.

We're gonna take it
to the next level.

But that's this, okay?

That's right. Don't let it
leave this circle.

That's exciting. That's great.

We wanna keep it all,
you know, class organizations,

good food, served in a hurry.

And with metal silverware
this time.

- That's cool.
- How about you, Eddie?

You a sports fan?

I am. Actually, I own a sporting
goods store up in San Francisco.

Yeah. I love sports.

In fact, I even lost my virginity
on a baseball diamond.

- You're too much. Really?
- Yeah, yeah.

Couple of the older kids
pushed me down, and...

It was not pretty.

Did you file charges?


- He was making a joke, Gayla.
- Yeah, I was just...

About anal rape?

You are a pistol.

My point is,

why do we always assume

that the aliens from the
spaceships are people?

Why couldn't they be cows
from that planet?


Do you understand
what I'm saying?

So even if the cows are
so evolved

to the point where they're smart
enough to build flying saucers,

the people on the planet
are probably so far past that

that they still look down
at the cows.


They're saying, "Look at the dumb
cows and their stupid UFOs."

Or "FO" to them,
because they know what it is.

- Yes, exactly.
- Hey. So... Here, okay.

Can I just say, about your
family, apropos of nothing?

I love them. They're awesome.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

With one exception.

I get a weird vibe from...

- Martin.
- Martin.

Yes, I feel like Martin is

maybe just a little bit of a big,
wet, flapping douchebag?

- Dude! That's my cousin!
- Just saying. JS.

- He's cool.
- Come on.

He's... Martin's just got a burr
up his butt lately, 'cause he's...

'Cause there's this guy back home,
Cal. It's his best friend.

And up until about a month ago,
we were serious, so...

I guess it comes to a point where it's
gonna happen or it's not gonna happen.

Right, right.

And he or you did not want it
to happen, or...

He's like one of those guys who likes
his routine a lot, you know, so...

- So he didn't want...
- He didn't want to mess with that.

What... So, you mean, like... Marriage?
Like he didn't want to marry you?

- Can you believe that?
- No.

No, right?

What is his deal?
What the hell is wrong with Cal?

So, anyway, I told him that I
thought we should take a breather.

And now I'm realizing, with all
the time that we're spending apart,

how different we really are.

So, what about you, kind sir?

Do you have a girlfriend
back home?


- Where the hell have you been?
- I've been here...

I've been stomping around
for 45 minutes looking for you.

Everybody up there in the suite
is passed-out drunk.


So, nobody's looking after Peepaw.

I just caught him urinating
in the hallway.

Oh, shit!

You think that's funny, mister?

How about I have you go up there
and clean it up?

- Martin.
- Martin, relax.


We're gonna go deep-sea fishing
tomorrow. Do you wanna join us?

Now, hold up, all right? We
can't just be inviting
anybody to come along.

Gotta talk to the captain.
There's weight capacity issues.

Point is moot. I can't go
anyway, so we're cool.

Good night.

Good night.

I'll see you. Okay.

I smell something weird out here.

Smells like somebody's
been hitting the devil's lettuce.

Where have you been?

Hi! Hey!

Honey, I was downstairs.


You left here seven hours ago,

You said you were just going
to have dinner.

I did! I did.
I was right down at the bar.

I had the chimichangas
and the chalupa sampler on the side.

Chimichangas don't take that long.

No, no, they were quick. The chalupas
were a little slow coming out.

But, honey, what happened was
I met this great older couple

who found out it was our honeymoon,
and so they offered to buy me a shot

and this other group a shot, and then
we all ended up having shots, and...

What other group?

This other group. Just these rednecks
who were down at the bar.

But cool rednecks, you know,
like Jimmy Carter types.

Eddie, that still doesn't explain
why you're coming in at 4:00 a.m.

When the bar closed at 2:00.

Honey, you said you wanted to sleep,
so I wanted to allow you to rest,

so I ended up just sitting on the
beach watching the waves all night.

You were on the beach all this time?


- Really?
- Yes. Honey.

- Eddie Bear.
- Honey.

I don't want you to be...


I'm sorry, honey. I didn't mean
to take it out on you. I just...

I've been so miserable.

You know, I have this sunburn.

I have a pill stuck up my nose.
I can't sleep.

Wait, what? You got a pill
stuck up your nose?

Yeah. I tried to take a Tylenol
for the pain, you know,

and these Mexican pills are
so big that I started choking,

and then it got stuck
in my stupid deviated septum.

Wow. Did you try to get it out?

These crappy tweezers
don't work. It's just stuck.

Honey. I'm gonna take care
of this, all right?

- Okay.  - I'm gonna get rid
of your little...

Your little unwanted visitor
up there. Here, go this way.

- Okay.
- Good. Now tilt back.

Hey, this is like that
game Operation.

Oh, yeah.

- You touched my nose!
- Yes, I did.

- Okay, you gotta hold still,
though.   - Okay, okay.

Wow, that's big.

My face feels so swollen.I should
take the cream off, I think.

All right.

That feels so much better.

How do I look?

What, is it bad?

No. It's not that...

Oh, my God!

- Honey.
- It's awful!

Honey! It's not that bad! Babe!

Lila, come on!

Lila, they have our credit card.
We're liable for the damages.

Go away! This is all your fault!

How is it my fault?

You threw such a hissy fit
about your stupid sunblock

that I wanted to prove you wrong!

You won, okay? Are you happy now?

- Lila, that's crazy talk.
- I'm ugly!

Honey, it's just a sunburn!


Lila, come on.

This is ridiculous. How long
are you gonna stay in there?

None of your business.
Now leave me alone, Edward.

Babe, come on, I gotta pee.

- So?
- Let me in.

Go pee somewhere else.

Why don't you go explore Mexico
or something?

Honey, I don't want to explore
Mexico without you. Come on.

Well, I wanna be alone.

Well, you gotta eat.

Wanna have some breakfast?

Slide the menu under the door.

- Hey, you!
- Hey!


I thought you guys were going
on that fishing expedition.

We slept in.

Yeah, I'm out a $150 deposit,
thanks to you, Mr. Party Boy.

Well, I guess that's how y'all do it
in California, huh?

You just rock on with no consideration
for other people's plans, right?

All right, Martin,
stop being such a tightwad.

We all gonna chip in for the boat.

I'm not gonna chip in
for no goddamn boat.

- You gotta hear this one. You
tell him. - No, you. All right.

Earlier today we were walking on
the beach, having our morning coffee,

and we got to talking about
last night.

Anyhow, Buzz was just saying how
much fun it was getting to know you.

- It's really been a pleasure.
- Oh, yeah. Me, too.

By the way, for his birthday
this year,

we're gonna get Boo
a license plate that says "Byoo"!

Can you imagine that?
Christmas morning,

he's gonna open it up,
it's gonna say "Byoo"!

- No numbers. "Byoo"!
- "Byoo"!

That's great. He'll love that.
He'll love that.

But that's a big secret.
Mum's the word, okay?

Who am I gonna tell?

- Good to see you.
- Take it easy.

Eddie, what do you have there?
It looks like you're eating for two.

Oh, no, no. Yeah. No, no. I just...

I just wanted to load up on
some carbs this morning, so...

And eggs, too. Eggs and carbs,
and, you know, full-on...

Hey, here's something to do.

There's a double-decker bus running
tours out to a town called Miraflores.

It's the basil capital of Mexico.

Let me see that.

- Did you say "bagel capital"?
- No.

I've always wondered how they cultivate
and harvest basil. That'd be great.

- Me, too. Education. No, it's a herb.
- It's a herb. Italian herb.

She puts it on a lot of
the food she cooks.


- Oh, everything. I love it.
Pesto.  - It's delicious.

- Is it spicy?
- No, it's not spicy.

You can order a whole box
of it.

Uncle Tito will take care
of everything. Okay.

Hey. Listen, Tito, I need you
to do me a big, big favor.

300 pesos.

You don't even know
what it is yet.

It is something nasty,or you
would be doing it yourself.

All right, fine.

Honey? Is that you?

Good. I'll open the door,
and you slide it in.

Thank you.

Thanks. Okay.
A little bit of salsa.

Are you okay?

But he keeps nipping at me.


Oh, my God.



Hey, Mac! Listen, man,I owe you,
buddy. This place is like...

This is like my favorite
place ever!

I told you you'd love it.

And the people,
the people down here!

Oh, my God, I know.
Aren't they great?

I'm seriously thinking
I should sell the store

and open up a place down here.

I mean, wouldn't
that be incredible?

So, how's Lila?

- Oh, I'm sorry, your name's
Joachim?    - Who?

Your wife. Lila.

She's not so good.
She got a little sunburned, so...

I've been hanging out
with this other girl.


Wait. What, are you serious?

Divorce lawyer? What the hell
are you talking about?

Do you get a buzz off it?

I'm telling you, the second we
got married it's like a switch flipped.

She's a nightmare, Mac.

Yeah, well, bitches be crazy, man.
You know that.

Tammy's always flipping switches.

What are you talking about?

You're always talking about
how happy you are with her.

Look, you wanna know the secret
to a happy marriage? Do what I do.

Plaster on a fake smile,
plow through the next half-century,

sit back, relax and wait
for the sweet embrace of death.

- Hey. Wow!
- What about my hips?

- And my butt?
- Great. I love it. Looks great.

Where is it?

- Come on back!
- Yes! I'm coming, Alfons!

So, this other girl. It doesn't bother her
that you're a newlywed?

No. I mean, I haven't exactly made it
clear to her yet, but I'm going to.

I just have to find
the right moment, you know?

Eddie. Eddie!

Hold on a second.

Eddie! Come on, there are sea lions
in the ocean!

Really? Okay, hang on!

She found sea lions now, come on!
Isn't that amazing? I gotta go!

Don't! Eddie, Eddie! Come home!
Come home! Come home, Eddie!


Ashes to ashes, funk to funky

We know Major Tom's a junkie

Strung out in heaven's high

Hitting an all-time low

Wow, what a great day.

I had so much fun.

Here are your Mexican sombreros.

Look, the gang's back.

Basil sniffers.

Okay, let's hurry up.

We're supposed to meet everybody
on the veranda in 15 minutes, right?

Right, right. Okay, good.

Hey, Dad.

There's the guy from San Francisco
whose wife was murdered.

- Where?
- The guy right there.

Yeah, some crazy guy
hacked her up with an ice pick.

They caught the dude, though.
Some guy named Ronald.

Hey, baby!

Eddie Bear's home!
And boy, do I got a story for you.

Well, I hope so,
seeing that you've been gone all day.

Honey. Guess what happened?
I go downstairs to get your breakfast.

Who do I run into out of the clear blue?

- Who?
- Yvon Chouinard!


Yvon Chouinard,
big cheese at Patagonia.

- And?
- And?

Come on, honey,
Patagonia's like my biggest supplier.

I carry their entire line. You know that.

So, Yvon and his buddies
are going out golfing. Water?

- No.
- They ask me if I want to go.

So, what am I gonna do?
Say no? No. Right?

But you didn't bring your clubs.

I demoed a set! TaylorMade!

Sweet, too!
Added like 30 extra yards to my drives!

- Who were the buddies?
- Just a couple of guys.

This guy Lenny from Akron, insurance
guy. Kind of a stiff, but good golfer.

And the local Patagonia rep.

What was his name?

His name was Six-toe.

- Six-toe?
- Yeah, Six-toe.

Lost four toes scaling up Everest.

Did it without oxygen.
One of those guys.

By the way, amazingly, he showed me.
Retained the outer toes,

lost the middle stuff
but kept the balance points,

which are all you need.

In fact, he says
it gives him a better swing

because he swings
right through the ball,

less resistance. Fascinating guy.

Eddie, since when has golf
taken seven hours?

Yeah, well, we got behind
a Korean couple, so...

But I'll tell you, it actually worked
to my advantage,

because we got to talk shop,

and if things pan out
the way I think they might,

we could be talking about some
really sweet credit terms for the store.

Why didn't you call me?
I've been worried sick about you.

Honey, I did!

You get a mile outside of this place, it's
like trying to get reception on the moon!

What are you doing?
Are you going somewhere?

Lila, I just told you, I'm taking them
out to dinner in five minutes.

When did you say that?

Okay. First of all, these people...
Let me explain something to you.

These people, okay, they're primed.
This opportunity... Do you understand?

This is the head of an incredibly
important outerwear company.

International, okay?

They have taken the bait, and now
I just gotta gaff 'em, get 'em in the boat

and club 'em to death. Kill time, honey.

Kill time. I can't let the air out.

Then all the momentum I built up all day
just evaporates.

By the way, shouldn't take too long,

because they started dropping back
the shots about two hours ago.

So... Very interested
in anything anybody has to say.

So, you know, it's gonna be good.

All right. Well, hang on a sec.
Let me put on some makeup.

You're coming?

Of course I'm coming.

Yes! Good! Sweet!

I'll just call down and tell them
to make room for one more on the skiff.

On the skiff?

We're going out on this little 12-foot
Zodiac, inflatable job, twilight cruise.

No, Eddie, I can't go on a boat.

Oh, crap. That's right.

You sure?

Because really, honey, we're only going
a couple miles out past the breakwater.

Right to where the continental shelf
drops off? It's supposed to be amazing.

The guy said it's where they filmed
that movie, The Perfect Storm?

Honey, I'm sorry, I feel really bad,
but there's no way I'd last out there.

You know what? Screw it. Screw it!

What am I doing?
I'm on my honeymoon!

Thank you for getting my head straight.

- I'm gonna call and cancel. Right now.
- What about the credit terms?

All right. You know what? Fine. You win.
We do it your way.

I'll go, finish the deal quickly, come
back, take you out for a late dinner.

That sound good? All right?

- Okay.
- Good.

Also, there's some important stuff
I wanna talk to you about.

Oh, yeah? Like, good stuff or bad stuff?

Like, well, you know,
at first you might flinch,

but then, I think, in the long run,
great stuff.

- Okay.
- Okay, good.

- Oh, honey?
- Yeah?

I'm sorry I swatted you away
this morning.

I didn't mean to hit you so hard.

Swatted me away?

You know, when you were
sitting outside the bathroom door

after you dropped off the food,
and you put my hand on your schlong?

You just surprised me, you know?
And I wasn't feeling so well.

But I promise
I'll make it up to you tonight.


- Hey there, Tito.
- Hey, Senor Eddie.

How's it going, man?

- I'm okay.
- Yeah? Sure?

'Cause you look like you got
a little hitch in your giddyup.

Oh, that. No, it is a long story.
I will not bore you with it.

No, no, no. You bore me. Bore me.
Please. I got all the time in the world.

I'd love to hear. What happened?

Okay. After I dropped the food off
at your room this morning,

I placed my penis in your wife's hand
and she smacked it away.

She nailed me pretty good, too.

Are you for real?

What are you doing? You don't just...
You crossed a serious line there.

That's not acceptable.
You don't do that. Come on.

Screw off! You're joking, right?
You had me.

- No.
- That's good!

No, I'm not joking. That's outrageous!
That's not acceptable behavior.

You don't just go and take your penis
and put it in my wife's hand.

Well, when you put it that way...

Wow, I'm sorry. I feel really bad, okay?

What were you thinking?

It's just that, well...

You come down here and you try
to bribe me with your porno tapes,

and then I see you running around
with other women on your honeymoon,

and I just figured that,
"Anything goes with this guy, hey?"

All right, fine.

I am sorry
for the misunderstanding, senor!

- Hey!
- Hey!

Wow. You look beautiful.


- So, you gonna walk me over?
- Yeah. Yeah. Hey, listen.

I gotta tell you something.

And it's something I should have said
before, but I didn't, and...

I know about your wife.

You do?


Beryl and everybody overheard some
people talking about it on the bus.

They were talking about it on the bus?

So it's true, then?

Yeah, but it's really important
for you to know that it is over.

And I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier.
It's just...

You know,
at first it didn't even occur to me

because, you know,
when I first met you...

And then... I don't know, I didn't realize
I was gonna like you so much.

And I didn't wanna freak you out, so...

You wouldn't have freaked me out.

Really? So you're not mad?


I'm sad.

That must have been horrible.

It was. It is. I mean, it sucks.

You're like the coolest person
on the planet.


No, I mean,
I wasn't expecting this reaction.

- So your whole family knows?
- Yeah.

I can't imagine they're taking it
as well as you are.

Of course they are.

- They just wanna support you.
- Even Martin?

Boo instructed everybody
not to even bring it up.


The burros.

You go to the top of a mountain and
they leave you there with a pack of...

No, all the way up
to the top of the mountain,

and you can camp out there overnight.

- By starlight, you make a fire...
- We should do that.

- Totally. Totally in.
- I'm serious.

- Anytime.
- We could do it the day after tomorrow.

That would be... Okay, I have some
things that I have to move around.

It will be a bit of a headache,
but I can make it happen.


Am I the only one who's still
a little bothered by this guy?

I believe you are.

All right.
Well, let me ask you this, okay?

This dude's supposed to be
down here in mourning.

What's he doing
canoodling with Miranda?

- And the goat was dead?
- No, no.

- Really?
- The goat got back up.

Everybody mourns in their own way.
Why don't you cut him some slack?

He likes her and she likes him.

And I don't think
they're breaking any rules, all right?

I don't trust him.


- Hi.
- Hi.

How you doing?

Honey, I'm sorry
for ruining our honeymoon.

I'm such a sucky wife.

No, honey, you're not.

You're great.
You're an amazing, beautiful person.

However, I do think we should talk.

Hold on. I have something for you.

I love that. Thank you.

So anyway, I've been thinking...

Honey, turn it over.

Did you make this?

Before we left.

You made this?

- You sewed this yourself?
- Yeah.

And the hearts?

Your heart and my heart,



So, honey, what did you
wanna talk to me about?

I want to talk to you
about nothing right now.

I want you to get some rest
and we'll talk in the morning, okay?

Give me a kiss.


Eddie Bear, I love you.

I love, love, love, love, love...

Love, love, love.

- Okay.
- Okay.

So, what's this important stuff
you wanted to talk to me about?

Yeah, okay.

Oh, my God!

This guac is fucking awesome!

Is it? That's good. Good.

Your hand, Eddie.

Look, I'm just gonna
lay this out there, all right?

I have not been a good husband.
I've been bad.

I am so glad to hear you say that, Eddie.

I mean, I thought I was losing my mind.

It's like the moment we got married,

a switch went off
and you became this loony bird.

Yes! Yes, you're right!

I did turn into... I've been a loony bird,
and it's not you, it's me.

This conversation
is all about my deficiencies,

because as a wife you've been spot-on.
You've been incredible.

You've been doing everything
a wife should do,

and any man would be happy
to have a wife like you,

and kudos to you for putting up with me

and all of my junk.

Thank you.

But the point is, honey, you shouldn't
have to put up with your husband.

You deserve so much better.
You understand what I'm saying?

Yeah, you're apologizing.
That's very sweet.

No. No, I'm not... I'm not...

Oh, God, that frigging stuff is hot.

Honey, look...

In life, sometimes...

Sometimes we make choices,

and in retrospect, we realize
the choice wasn't the right choice.

Not a bad choice, not a good choice,

just not the correct choice
for the people who are involved.

What are you getting at, Eddie?


we're not gonna be happy together
in San Francisco.

Rotterdam! That's where you gotta be.
It hit me!

That's where your destiny is.

Cleaning up the bogs,

and getting the environment
right over there.

That's what you should be doing,

not hanging out in San Francisco
with me, some sporting-goods schmo...

Oh, my God!

Are you saying
what I think you're saying?

I'm saying...


This is gonna be a good thing, Lila.

Lila, it's better. It's for the...

Lila, you got a little piece of tri-tip
coming out here.

This is so for the best. Do you hear me?

Can I call my mom?

Yes, of course!
You wanna call her, go ahead, call her.

- Hello?
- Mom, it's me.

No, no, I'm okay. It's just...

Something's happened.

Something huge.

Eddie's moving to Rotterdam with me.

No, no, wait! No, Lila, no.

He doesn't wanna be
a sporting-goods schmo anymore!

Hold on, he wants to tell you himself.

I didn't want... Hello?

Hey, Eddie! You having fun?

Yeah, yeah, we're having a ball.

And I hear you're moving to Germany?

No, no.

See, Lila got a little bit
ahead of herself on that one,

and I haven't actually gotten through
the entire plan with her, but she...

You know what? I gotta go.

I gotta say goodbye, okay?

- Okay. Yes.
- Love you! Bye!

- Hey!
- Isn't he the greatest?

What's that?

I know. I know.

- How you guys doing?
- Not too good, actually.

Beryl and Boo are set
to renew their vows on the terrace

and we can't find Miranda anywhere.

Have you seen her?

Hang on. Honey, who's Miranda?

Miranda, honey, is their cousin.
Their cousin.

You know what? Excuse me
for one second. Come here.

Sorry, Mom. Yeah, no. I don't know.
Just some guys.

Guys! Guys! What are you doing?
You're killing me here.

What is this? What's going on?

Look, Martin, I know you're upset
about this whole thing

with Cal, Miranda and me.

But there'll be a time and a place
we can talk about it, but not now.

I'm about to tell her.

Who is that?

It's my wife!


Guys, what are you, like, snorting
peyote? Come on, it's me. It's Eddie.

- But your wife was murdered.
- What?

Those twins.

They said that your wife was murdered
by a maniac with an ice pick.

No, no, no, no, no.

Look, you guys, all you have to know

is that from the second
I fell in love with Miranda,

I have not once cheated on her
with my wife, okay?

And I'm not saying that
to toot my own horn, it's just...

- I really haven't...
- You sick little prick!

- Martin! Martin!
- Come here.

- No, stop!
- Here, take this.

Hey, what are you doing?

Get off me!

You gotta get yourself
right with God, buddy!

- He is not worth it!
- Get off me! Get off!

What is going on?

Eddie, who was that?

I have absolutely no idea.

How's your... How's your...

What do you mean, you have no idea?

They called you Eddie.
You knew their cousin!

No, I know. I mean, I know who
they were, they're the Patagonia guys.

I just didn't understand
why they were so...

You know, they get so...
Acting like that.

Eddie, are you okay?

No! I'm not okay!

Look, Lila, we're not okay. It's over!


Could you please go away?

- What?
- We're over!

- What do you mean?
- Stop!

- What's over?
- Hang on a sec.

Here! Here you go. Fifty.
Fifty Americano. Please stop, okay?

Can you... No! No, stop!

Will you shut up?
We're trying to have lunch here!

Would you stop? I'm paying
a lot of money to stay at this hotel!

I'm on my honeymoon.
We just want to have a nice quiet lunch!

Eddie, Eddie. It's okay.
They're not bothering me.

No! It's not okay!

We're newlyweds! We just wanna have
a quiet time together!

How can we have any good memories
if you guys keep...

Eddie, Eddie.
It's okay, I am having good...

Eddie, please sit down!

Wow, I was starting to wonder
where all that passion had gone.

Lila, I'm sorry,
but you and I are finished.

What are you talking about, Eddie?
What about our Rotterdam plans?

I'm sorry. I'll be right back.

I'm sorry. I'll be right back.

You're acting like a loony bird again!

- Hey.
- Hey.

Oh, my God!
What happened to your nose?

- Martin stuck a pepper up it.
- What?

Look, there's been
a massive misunderstanding.

I don't mean to be rude, Eddie,
but can this wait?


I'm gonna be late
for Beryl and Boo's ceremony.

Look, my wife was never murdered.

- What?
- Yeah, my wife, she never died.

In fact, I never actually said that,
it was just those stupid twins, they...

What are you saying?
You're not a widower?

- No...
- No, he's married!

Martin just told me.

He's been staying here with his wife
all week!

What is she talking about?

It's true, I'm...
But it's over, Miranda. I mean, it's...

Get away from me.

Miranda, it's okay.
Will you listen to me, please?

Get away from me. Leave me alone!


Hang on!



- Eddie!
- I was trying to tell you before.

- Leave me alone! Get away from me!
- Miranda!

Eddie! What the hell is going on?

Lila, I was trying to tell you before,
and I...

Did I cut my back on the rocks?

Oh, my God!


Get it off! Get it off!

Come on, do something.

I'm not doing anything.
This is what he gets.

- It's okay! I know what to do.
- What are you doing?

Get off of me! No! No!

Oh, my gosh!

I know what I'm doing!

- No!
- Eddie!

- Burning! Burning!
- It's okay!

It's okay. It's okay.

I know, honey. Isn't that nice?


Oh, no! It's okay, I'm his wife.

- We're on our honeymoon!
- Honeymoon?

Miranda, it's not what it seems.

No. Wait, Miranda!


I think it was
a confluence of events, you know?

With my dad busting my balls
about my dating life,

then going to Jodi's wedding.

Why did I even go to Jodi's wedding,
you know? Just to torture myself?

Mac's all up in my grill about being
married. It's just...

I don't know, I jumped,
you know, I jumped.

I felt the heat and I jumped, and it was
like two days, three days early.

And I'll tell you something.

I should've just gone with my dad to
Vegas and double-teamed those girls.

That would've been
the decent thing to do.

Senor Eddie!

Hey, there he is! Senor Tito!
My Tito-Bandito!

Eddie, what are you doing?

I'm just hanging with my brother,
my brother Manuel.

Eddie, people are looking for you.

Your father keeps calling, and then Mac
is trying to track you down.

And what am I supposed to tell
the American girl, the... Miranda?

- What do I tell her?
- Miranda?

- Miranda?
- Yes!

- What?
- Her family flew home, but she didn't.

And she has been everywhere
searching for you.

She has?

Screw off! I'm joking, man!

That chick ran for the hills, huh?

You should've seen your face!
You were so happy!

For a moment, you were like...

I can't believe I got you again!

The funny man!

That's cool man, that's cool.
Don't worry about me.

Seriously, are you here for a reason?

Huh? What's the deal?

What, you want me to... You want
to tell me to, like, go back and get Lila?

Or go back to the States?
It's not gonna happen!

Look at you. Listen to you.
You are sounding loco!

- Oh, I'm loco?
- Yes.

No, you're loco!

Lila burned my wallet, she burned
my clothes, she burned my passport.

Okay? Even if I wanted
to go back, I couldn't!

I can't get papers
for like a month or something.

But you know what? I don't need papers
to hang with this guy,

'cause he doesn't want papers.

He just wants friendship, don't you?

And we're gonna stay here,

we're gonna keep talking it out
and talking it out,

until it feels right up in my head.
Right, Manny?

Even if it takes forever. Am I right?

Listen, you little gringo pussy,

you've been ear-fucking me for
two straight weeks about all this shit!

You wanna fix what you did?

Stop talking about it, just do it!

Get off your ass and do it!

Manuel is right, Senor Eddie.

You are going to have to go back and
fix this yourself, okay? Now, come on.

- Get up!
- Can't.

You can do it, come on! Listen.

I have connections. You know, people
that can sneak you back into California.

You're not joking?

No, I promise. I'm not kidding this time.

- Okay, good. Good, good.
- Yes!

But I don't wanna go to California.
I wanna go to Mississippi.

It's cool! It's cool, guys!

I'm an American. I just lost my passport.


Stop right there!

I'm an American!

- Come on, grab his hand!
- You can do it!

Come on, buddy!

Come on! Grab it!

I'm going on the record here, Eddie.
I think this is a bad, bad idea.

Look, Pop, I appreciate your coming
down here and helping me out.

This is just something
that I have to do, okay?

I still don't understand
what happened with you and Lila.

She was such a sweet kid.

Dad, I love Miranda, okay?

I've never been more sure
of anything in my life.

All right, Eddie. Just be careful, okay?

Remember, this is the Bible Belt.
These people have guns.

This is it, right here! Stop! Stop!

Don't you think we should clean you up
or give you a shave or something?

No. Look. I've been working on
this speech for over a month.

I just want to go in and do it.

Knock 'em dead!

Seven pitches in a row over 90 miles
an hour? That boy hums that ball!

Byoo! Look what the cat dragged in!

I know, don't ask. Is Miranda around?

- You must be out of your mind.
- Well, no, I'm not.

Oh, my God! Why am I not surprised
that this moron's standing out here?

It's all right.
Look, I don't want any trouble, Martin.

Oh, you don't want any trouble?
You're about to get some trouble, boy!

You better get off my stoop!
You piece of shit!

That is a refreshingly honest response.

And let me just drop some of that
back on you,

and tell you I made
a huge mistake, okay? Guilty. Boom.

I stepped in it, big-time.

And I admit it, okay?

I jumped into a marriage
way too quickly.

I only knew my wife for a couple months
before we got married, okay?

So that's the back story.

And how long did you know Miranda
before you decided she was the one?

Two days, and I hear that.

Let me just say to you,
"That's my point."

I'm not gonna make
the same mistake again, okay?

You can rest assured,
I have got my act together.

And once my annulment is finalized,

I really believe that Miranda
and I should just go slow.

I mean, you know, date for a while.

Move in together for like a year, at least.

See what it feels like,
then go from there, okay? No promises.

- Really?
- I wanna do everything right this time.

There ain't gonna be a "this time,"
Eddie. The popcorn has popped.

Miranda and Cal got married
two weeks ago Saturday.


What're you talking about?

She has finally come to her senses.

I don't believe you.

- Oh, you better believe it.
- Eddie...

- I don't believe you.
- Eddie...

It's true.

They got married?

Well, can I...
At least, can I talk to her in person...

- No, you cannot, all right?
- Martin! Martin! Calm down!

You will stay the hell away
from Miranda, okay?

I'm gonna put my fist through your face!

I'll put both of my fists
through your face!

I'm calm! I'm calm! I'm being calm.
You're holding me too tight!

Stop it. Eddie...

- Take it easy, boy.
- I'm fine.

Now, look, we ask you to respect
Miranda and Cal's privacy.

Give those kids a chance to be happy.

If you care about Miranda,
that's what you'll do.

Okay, Beryl.

I will.


It's okay!

It's me. It's just Eddie.

Are you crazy?

This is crazy!


- What the hell are you doing here?
- It's okay, it's okay.

Beryl told me you got married.
I just wanted to talk to you.

This is my husband sleeping
right next to me. Do you see that?

Yes, I do.

This is not the time or the place
to do this!

Please, please. Look, I'll keep it quiet.
I'll be cool. Just hear me out.

No! I am not going to hear you out!
This is insane!

I'm begging you! You don't know
what I've been through to get here.

Please, just hear me out.

You got one minute. Go.

Okay, look. First of all, I'm so sorry
I didn't tell you I was married.

See, I tried to tell you a couple of times,
but we kept on getting interrupted.

And then there was this sort of
classic misunderstanding

about my wife being murdered.

Anyway, the point is...

No! The point is,
whether you tried to tell me or not,

you tried to pick me up
on your honeymoon!

Do you know how creepy that is?

Yes, I do. I do. It's repulsive,
and I owe you a massive apology.

But, on the other hand,
I'm glad it happened.

Look, it's not my fault the Lord works
in mysterious ways.

And so, yeah, I screwed up, okay?
I got married a week too early.

But you know what?
I wouldn't change any of it.

I don't regret marrying Lila

because if I hadn't,
then I wouldn't have gone to Cabo,

and I wouldn't have met you, and
I wouldn't have fallen in love with you,

and I will never apologize for that.

Not ever.

God damn it, Eddie.

I know.

Cal, it's fine.

Martin! Martin, put the bat down.

Just shush, all right?
This ain't about you, it's about him!


Who the hell is that guy?

This the psychopath who's trying
to steal your woman, man!

I knew you wouldn't stay away from her,
you son of a bitch!

I can't help it.
The heart wants what it wants.

Eddie, you've gotta get out of here!

Not until you give me an answer.

No! There ain't gonna be no answer!

Damn you, Martin!
Damn, that hurts! Shit!

You... Martin, that hurts!

You wanna throw down, tough guy?
I will mess your shit up! Come on.

I don't want any trouble here.
Why don't you just back up, all right?

Well, trouble's found you, pussydick!

Dad! It's okay.

Look, Miranda, just tell me,
do you feel the same way, or not?

We can figure everything else out.

No, I don't, Eddie.

We had a connection in Mexico,
and that's all it was.

I love Cal, and everything that happened
in Cabo made me realize that.

I'm sorry.

That's the deal.

Come on, kid, let's get out of here.
Come on, come on.

Come on.
Bitches be crazy, you know that.

Come on.

Yeah, take care, Grandpa.

Come on, let's go.


Hey, Dad?

Take a look.

If she's watching,
it means I still have a shot.

Your goose is cooked, Eddie.

Come on, man. You can't leave me now.

I finally straightened Tammy out.

What does that mean?

It means I stood up to her.
I told her that from now on,

Thursday through Sunday,
it's gonna be bros before hos.

I said, "I's needs my's alone time."

Really? You said that? Just like that?
Putting your hand up, like...

Like, half that, yeah.

And she bought that?

Honey, I'm conversing
with Edward right now.

I'll speak to you later.


- Wow. Impressive.
- Yeah, see?

That's how it's gonna be from now on.
Please don't go.

Mac, we've been through this before.

There's no reason for me
to be here, okay?

Lila got the store in the divorce.
My dad's off in Vegas all the time.

I haven't really met anybody
in the last six months.

That's because you're still
hung up on that Miranda chick.

No, I'm not! I'm over her. I moved on.

In fact, I'm starting to think
there's a lot of good

that came out of that experience.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah!

Like, you got to sit around
for six months in your panties,

growing that funky beard.
That was awesome.

Yeah, which is why I need to change.

I can't just sit around
waiting for life to happen to me.

I need to follow my instincts,

and right now my instincts
are telling me that I...

Mac, get your ass
in the fucking car right now!

You got it, sweetie. Hi.

Eddie! Think about what I said.

Bros before hos!

How you doing, Eddie? You sad?

- No.
- Good.

Good. Okay.

Okay. Bye, Lester.

Now, for another $150,
I can give you the Uncle Tito special.

A guided tour to the island's best reef!

- $150?
- That's a little steep, isn't it?

Or you can find it yourself.
You guys are pretty big.

I don't think you're gonna have
a problem fending off the sharks.

Tito! Don't scare these people.
There's no sharks.

There's sand sharks,
but they don't have any teeth.

You see that attitude right there?
You have no business sense.

Hey, Manuelito! Do me a favor.

Help Tito give these folks
some snorkel gear, all right?

Throw in the fins for free.

- Oh, hey. Thanks, Eddie.
- Thanks again, Eddie.

How much for a skimboard?

Hey! Hi!


What are you doing here?

Down here with the family.
It's that time of year again.

Beryl and Boo are renewing their vows
on the beach this afternoon, so...


And, to be honest,
I had heard a rumor that

you'd opened a business down here.

Oh, yeah? How'd you hear that?

I got the e-vite for your grand opening.

Oh, right.
Yeah, I had a group e-mail list that I...

I can't believe you really moved here.

Yeah, I did it.

I became one of those

like we talked about.

- Yeah, I remember.
- Yeah.

Suits you.

You look beautiful.


So, you down here with Cal
and the crew and...

Cal and I split up.

Split up.

He's a great guy, but we probably
should've never gotten married.

I'm sorry.

I guess now I know what you
went through on your honeymoon.

It's not easy being married when

you're in love with someone else.

He's in the car,
and I am dying for you to meet him!


Really? He's in the car?

No! No.


Got me. That was... That's good.

- Very funny.
- Thank you.

- So, you are single. You're single?
- I am.

I'm actually staying at the hotel, if you

wanna grab a drink or something.

I would love that.

How about tonight, 7:00?

7:00, I could do that. Yeah.
I could do that.

- Cool.
- Great.


Come on, we're gonna miss
the ceremony!

- I'm coming!
- Hey, Martin!

Hello, asshole!

Great to see you, too!

So, I'll see you tonight.

Yeah, I'll see you tonight.


Who was that?

Oh, hey! Yeah, it's unbelievable.
That was Gretchen Construbias.


Gretchen Construbias,
the CEO of Da Huey?

Da Huey Water Wear Sports.
They're, like, my biggest supplier. Yeah.

Yeah, anyway, she's in town
for one night.

She wants to get together and have
drinks at 7:00 to discuss credit terms.

- Tonight?
- Yeah.

Oh, but, honey, it's our first anniversary.

I know, I know.
But, Consuela, I'll be back by 9:00, so...

- Oh, okay. So we have a late dinner?
- Okay.

Yes, perfect.
Late dinner, and that'll be good,

because there's some stuff
that I think we should discuss.

Oh. Good stuff or bad stuff?

Well, I think at first you might flinch,

but in the long run, great stuff.

I love you, Eddie.

Love, love, love, love, love.

Fuck me.

(_)There is some more to come(_)

Cock me! Cock me!

Yes, yes!


Yes, you're doing it!

Special thanks to SergeiK.