The Mist Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Mist script is here for all you fans of the Frank Darabont movie based on the Stephen King story. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some The Mist quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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The Mist Script


All the food's gonna go bad

Yeah, I drew up a list

I'll hit the store
before it gets all bought out


- Can you save it?
- No. No way

No, I gotta start over from scratch

I'll call the studio
when the phones get back up,

see if they can extend my deadline

What choice do they have?

You kiddin'?

They could whip up some bad
Photoshop poster in an afternoon

They do it all the time
Two big heads

I should have brought it downstairs
with me last night

Just stupid, I guess

Well, sweetie,
you couldn't exactly know

that a tree was gonna come flying
through the window

Yeah, I'll hit the hardware store too,

get some plastic sheeting
and duct tape

and seal this up
before it gets dark, you know

Order in some new glass

Oh, you know what?
That was your...

that was your grandfather's tree,
the one he planted

- Ohh
- Used to play in that tree

It's just stuff, though

You know, we're safe
That's all that counts


Mom, Dad, you gotta come see!

Hey, Billy, take it easy,
all right?

I really donít want you running
all over the place

But you gotta come look

The boathouse is all bashed!
Holy crap!


Sorry, Mom, but you just
gotta come! Come on!



- Whoa
- Come on

Having spoken,
the Doomsayer departs

Come on!

How do you two always manage
to make me laugh?

- You have incredibly low standards
- Mm-hmm

Let's go, uh, see the damage


- Norton's tree
- Yeah

You mean the dead one
I've been asking him

to take down for three years
before it finally blew over?

That tree?

- Really got smooshed
- You ain't kiddin'

Look at that

What is it, Daddy?


- On the lake?
- We've had mist on the lake before

Coming off the mountain like that?

Two fronts meeting,

left over from the storm,
something like that

You sure?

Honey, I'm not the weatherman

Why don't you take Billy,
get him dressed

I'll take him to town with me

Okay Where you going?

I'm gonna go have a little chat
with our neighbour about his tree


Donít worry, I'm not gonna
punch him in the nose

You know what he's gonna say

He's gonna say, "Sue me,"
which, I don't know, maybe we should

Honey, one property dispute
with this guy

is enough to last me a lifetime

I'm gonna ask
for his insurance information


- That's all
- Yeah

Mother fucker!

Aw, shit!

Ohh, you mother fucker!

Cock sucker!

"Turn on

"Full choke

Pull five choke"

I guess youíve seen the...


Yeah, and...?


Just think we should trade
insurance info, you know?

That's all

Oh, my insurance guy's
gonna love me


Shit The 
I was gonna bring
the station wagon, but

I don't know, the weather was
so beautiful coming out of New York,

I just...
You know, top down

I'm sorry, man I mean it


- That's nice of you to say
- No, that car was cherry

I hate to see it like that

Okay, I'll tell you what,

I'll find my insurance guy's number,
I'll bring it by later

- That okay?
- No problem

So, uh, David...

youíre not heading into town today
by any chance, are you?

Well, CMP's out in force

Maybe we'll get our power back

I know Some storm, huh?

One for the books, yeah

For a moment there last night,

I thought we were gonna take off
and head for Oz

WZON is off the air,

but Portland's still broadcasting

Daddy, look


guys from the base

- From up the mountain?
- Uh-huh

The Arrowhead Project?

Well, youíre a local

Any idea what they do up there?

Missile defence research

You know, I'm sure
youíve heard the stories

Oh, sure

The woman at the Laundromat
say that, uh,

they have a crashed flying saucer
up there with frozen alien bodies

Right Miss Edna Yeah

Miss Tabloid

"I Had Bigfoot's Baby"

"Satan's Face Appears
in Oil Well Fire"

You know, real reliable stuff

Well, they're in a hurry

Maybe their power's out too

Huh Still no signal

Why don't you go ahead?
I'm gonna try Steph on a pay phone

Can I go with Mr Norton, Daddy?

Sure, if you promise
to hold his hand, I guess

- Yeah

Here's a list

- Sure
- Okay?

Meet you guys in there

Hold hands

I'm sorry I didn't know
it was your sister

That looks so freaky!


- Sally, hey
- Hey, Mr Drayton on

You guys look jammed up

Yeah, well, half the staff
didn't show, plus the power's out

Oh, no What,
no backup generator?

Only to keep the food cold

Everything else,
welcome to the Dark Ages,

and bring your check book

Hey, Thursday night,
Steph and I want a date night

- Baby-sit?
- Heck, yeah I'm there

Oh, my God

The storm

Every body's stockin' up
Been like this since we opened

Crappy day, huh?

Eh, every one's a little
pissed off this morning

'Morning, Mrs Carmody

With lines like these,
I don't know how good it is,

but I guess we'll have to make do

- Keep your head down, pal
- I know it

Hey, champ

Your wife should be a doctor

She could make a fortune
in Manhattan with this handwriting

Yeah, it takes some getting used to

Why don't you get your stuff?
I'll meet you at the checkout

Okay, done

Hey, David,
thanks for helping me out today

Are you and Mr Norton
gonna be friends now, Daddy?

Oh, I don't know

"Friends" might be stretching it a little

I guess youíre not mad
at each other any more

I guess not

And that's a start, huh?

I'm sorry, ma'am,
the registers are down

The power outage got us too

Hopefully we'll have
power up pretty soon

- The bus leaves in 30 minutes
- We'll make it, okay?

You guys get the goodies
I'll wait in line

I need some change
on register five

Good morning, Ms Reppler

Hello, Ms Reppler

Well, hello to you, Billy Drayton on

How'd you hold up in the storm?

We had a tree come through
the picture window last night,

right in my studio

And the boathouse got all smooshed
Mr Norton's tree fell on it


- Yeah
Sorry to hear that

How'd you guys make out?

Oh, we're fine
It's the listings I'm worried about

At the very least, I'll bet every one
of our "For Sale" signs fell over

We had damage
at the school, wouldn't you know?

That's what we get for not fixing
that roof when we should've,

but with funds being cut every year

You'd think educating children

would be more
of a priority in this country,

but youíd be wrong

Government's got better things
to spend our money on,

like corporate handouts
and building bombs

Daddy, is there a fire?
Is Mommy all right?

I'm sure she's fine
Donít worry, okay?

Mind what youíre doing, Sally

Oh, come on,
we got 10 days' leave

Check our papers

Look, I told you,
all leaves are cancelled

I don't know why

I gotta go check the pharmacy out

Three men meet me
back at the Jeep in five minutes

That's an order

Shit, man! Another half an hour,
and we'd have been gone

Oh, my God!

Something in the mist!

Something in the mist

took John Lee!

Dan, catch your breath

Something in the mist took John Lee

I could hear him screaming

Shut the doors! Shut the doors!
My God!

Daddy, I'm scared
Can we go home?

Don't go out there

There's something in the mist
It took John Lee

Screw that!
I'm gettin' in my car

Mister, no!

Please hold me

It's okay, it's okay

It's a pollution cloud
The mills down in Rumford

Some kind of chemical explosion
Has to be

What is it?

What's going on?

It's death


Stay down!


You okay?

That was an earthquake

I tell you, the goddamn mills blew up!

Is every one okay?
Is any one hurt?

Every body just stay put, okay?
Just stay inside the store

I can't I can't stay here
I gotta get home to my kids

No, don't go out there

It's death out there
It's the end of days

Stop it, okay? Stop it

Please, every body,
every body just relax, okay?

He's right Let's just stay cool

Let's just try to figure out
what happened

I'm sorry, I... I canít just stay here
I have to get home to my kids

Ma'am, no, you can't go out there

Could be a poisonous gas cloud

Didn't you hear that man screaming?

I agree Let's stay here
until we figure it out

You're not listening!

I can't stay here

Wanda's looking after little Victor
She's only 
Sometimes she forgets
she's supposed to be watching him

I told them I'd only be gone
a few minutes

She's only 
For their sakes,


Well, isn't anybody gonna help me?

Shh It's okay, pal

Won't somebody here
see a lady home?



It's okay, buddy
- You?

Ma'am, please,
I got my own boy to worry about

I hope you all rot in hell

Ma'am, please, wait until...

let's start cleaning up, okay?

Get the spilled bottles,
broken glass, stuff like that

Aisle three has medical supplies

It's okay It's okay

All right, easy, champ
Come on

Come on

Come on
All right, hey, hey, hey

Can't keep crying like this, pal

Come on!

Come on,
youíre gonna hurt yourself

- Come on, are you all right?
- I want Mommy!

All right, I know you want Mommy

All right, just try to breathe

Just try to breathe, okay?

Just try to breathe, pal
That's okay

It's all right

I haven't seen him suck his thumb
like this since he was 2 years old

He's in shock

I think we all are

You haven't met

Amanda Dunfrey

She's new in town
as of this semester

Teaches third grade

and the specialed kids,
now that Mosher's retired

She's wonderful
The kids love her

And David's an artist

He does movie posters and such

And me

Lord, I'm babbling away
like some old biddy at a tea party!

My nerves are jangled, I guess

Boy settle down?

How is he?

Still hot

Why don't I get him some aspirin

- Aisle three
- Okay


How's Dan?

His nose stopped bleedin'

He's calmer now
Somebody gave him a Valium

Can't believe the way he ran in here

Never seen him like that

I need something to cover my boy up
Got any blankets?

Furniture pads Loadin' dock

Gonna keep checkin' on people
If you need anything, just holler

You bet Sally, you mind?

Oh, I'd love to. I really should
help him clean up

- I'll take him
- Okay

Daddy, don't go

No, I'll be gone two seconds, Big Bill
Come on, I'm gonna get your blanket

Mrs Reppler's here,

and so is Mrs Turman

I'll be close by, okay?

- Okay
- Donít worry, I'm not far Okay?

Let me look at you


Wanna lie down?


There you go

Soon as it blows away,
we can walk out of here safe andfree,

but we have to be smart about it

First thing we need to do
is keep our wits about us

and find out whatís happened

Well, how we gonna
do that, my man?

We've got no phone signal,
got no radio

I'm sure they're working
on those problems as we speak

It stands to reason
that restoring communications

would be their top priority


Oh, shit.



God damn it!

Ow! Ow!


It's obvious that weíre...

we're in some kind
of natural disaster here

Ain't nothin' obvious
about this sombitch from where I sit

There ain't nothin'
natural about it either

That's right

It's Judgment Day,
and it's come round at last

There is nothing more obvious
or natural than that

Ohh, fuck, now

You've done that to yourself,

by a life of sin and dissolution

Hey, whoa! David!

Hey, you guys hear that?

The generator?
We're just gonna check it out

No, no, I turned the generator off

It... it was backing up

- N-nobody else heard that sound?
- What sound?

I don't know, like a weird noise,

back there in the dark

Like something was, like,
pressing against the door

Did you hear it
before the lights went out, or after?

No, only after

After, but, look, I heard it, okay?

- Nobody's calling you a liar
- That's what it sounds like

No, no, no, no
Now, don't be that away, Mr Drayton on

You had a scare, no doubt

What say we all go check it out?




It's pretty rank in here

- Myron, go check it out
- All right

Go on, fire it up

All right!

Shut it off!

Holy crow, don't that stink!

got the exhaust vent

plugged up from the outside

You get it running long enough
to raise that door a little,

I'll go out and clear
whatever's blockin' it

No, no, you can't do that

Why not?
It's an electric door, right?

Well, yeah, but it may not be wise
to send him out there

Okay, I'll do it

No, look, it's not about
who goes out there

What, don't you think I can do it?

Hey! I want to go!
It was my idea

Well, wait, just stop, okay?

- J-Jim, right?

Myron? You guys are...

you, well, you don't seem
to understand,

or youíre try in' real hard not to

This is no ordinary mist, okay?

You open that door,
and something gets in here

Like what?

Well, like whatever
made that noise I heard

Are you guys being will fully dense?

Mr Drayton on, youíll pardon me,

but I'm not convinced
that you heard anything

I mean, we're not
hearing anything now, right?



Now, I know, I know...
youíre a big shot artist

with connections in New York
and Hollywood and all like that,

but that don't make you better
than anybody else, not in my book

Hey, I didn't say that

Nor do I like being talked down to
or called stupid

by a guy who went to college,
just 'cause he's got the jitters

Fellas, it doesn't even matter
about the generator

The food'll keep without it

Kid, I'm gonna start the motor,
you raise the door,

and you yell out
when you got enough room

Yeah Okay, good


This is...

You guys gonna let
this kid risk his life

over a generator
that doesn't even matter?

Would you just
shut the fuck up already?


Listen, Mr Drayton on,
I tell you what

The next time
you got somethin' to say,

you count your teeth,

because I'm sick to death
of your bullshit

All right?

Come on, Myron

This is crazy!
Leave 'em be

What am I, impugning
their manhood or something?

Listen, they've lost
their sense of proportion

What's going on here?

Out there in the market,
they were scared and confused

In here, there's a problem
they can solve,

so they're goddamn gonna solve it

Ready, kid?
- Let's rock

Norm, come on

Don't, man

It's a mistake


Go up!


any boogeymen?

Pretty scary, ain't it, Norm?

Yeah, right



What the fuck!

Ahh! Get it off! Get it off!

Get this friggin' thing off me!

Get it off! Help me!

Help me! Help me!

Aah! Aaahhh!


There's more! There's more!

Somebody help me

Somebody help me

What the fuck are you waitin' for?


Hang on!


Hold him still!
Hold him still!


Oh, Jesus!



Shit! Oh, shit!

Oh, shit!

David, it's no good!


Start the generator

Aah! Aaaggghhh!


Hey, I'm sorry

I mean, how the...

how the hell was I supposed
to know what you meant?

You said you heard something

How was I supposed to know
what you meant?

You should've said
what you meant better

I don't know, I thought maybe
it was a big bird or something

You got that kid killed!

Did you get a good look at it? Huh?

Did you get a good look
at what you did?

- Huh?
- David!

Don't hit him any more!
Doesn't solve anything!

You two assholes,
you got that kid killed!

And I got his fuckin' blood on me!

Okay, I'm done


What's next?

Kill the generator

That's the first thing

I'm sorry

Jesus Christ! Oh, God!

I'm... I'm sorry about the kid

Oh, God Oh, God Oh, God

We oughtta get out of here

Hey, we didn't twist his arm

Yeah, he's a fuckin' kid
He's supposed to be stupid

What's your excuse, huh?

Get outta here

Go back in the market
Stay by the door

Don't say anything, to anybody

Not yet

Not yet


David? Need a little light here

We have to tell 'em

The people in the market,
we have to stop 'em going outside

They won't believe us

They have to

I'm not sure I believe it
I was here.

W- what we saw was impossible

You know that, don't you?

I mean, what...

what do we say?

How do we convince them?

Ollie, what the hell were
those tentacles even attached to?

Oh, my God!
Are... are you all right?

Shh! Yeah, yeah, yeah,
it's not my blood I'm fine

W- what the hell happened?

I'll explain Give me a minute, okay?

I need to deal with something first

Please, I've got to...

I can't let Billy see me like this
He's scared enough

Just give me a minute
Keep him distracted Okay?


Hey, look,
I'm sorry about Norm

Me too

I mean, I ain't makin' excuses,
I'm just sayin'

Look, we need to tell people

No need to say how it went down
or anything like that,

but, uh, we're in the deep shit here

People need to know

What about the out-of-towners?

We got plenty of them in the store
Where do we even start?

Brent Norton?
That windbag?

He's an important attorney
in New York

That fellow could be
on the bench one day

Counts a lot with people of this town,
or... or any here

Yeah, that's right
- Do it quick, David

We've got to discuss how weíre gonna
stop that thing getting in here

W- wait What do you mean
getting in?

You shut the loading door

Yeah, but the entire front of the store
is plate glass

Jesus Christ

I was wondering
where youíd gotten to

Um, listen

that guy that came in here,
the one with the bloody nose

they're... they're...
We saw tentacles.

Ain't goin' very well, is it?


- You what?
- Come here, youíve got...

Come here

Tell him

It's true

Tentacles Yeah

Um, gentlemen, um

I'm sorry, I...
I'm just not that stupid

I mean, what do you take me for?

I'm shocked

I'm shocked

I'm shocked It's pretty tasteless

using what's happening here
to try to make me look like an idiot

No, no, that's not
what's going on here

Look, come back
to the loading dock, okay?

I'll show you

Blood A chunk of tentacle
on... on the floor


No? What do you mean no?

No We've got real problems
to deal with here,

and this pathetic attempt at a joke

has gone far enough

Mr Norton, what reason
could we possibly have...?

Oh, please! Please!

This is pay back for the lawsuit
that I filed against him last year,

and you guys are backing him up

So winning wasn't enough, huh?

You wanted to humiliate me
some more,

show me a rubber snake
while these... these hicks

stand around laughing their asses off

- Watch who you callin' a hick!
- Myron! Myron!

- Hey, hey, fuck...!
Mr Norton

I swear, you have
got us all wrong

You're not too crazy about,
um, out-of-towners, are you?

I only spend my money,
and I pay my taxes here,

and I have seen you
talking behind my back

Y'all stick together

Well, don't I feel foolish?

I actually thought you were
being kind to me today,

and, well, thanks
for setting me straight

And I'm glad that tree fell
on your boathouse, you know that?

Glad Smashed it in
pretty good, didn't it? Fantastic

Now, all of y'all,
just stay out of my way

I know youíre scared, man
I'm scared too

- Lives are at stake around here
- David...

Okay, my son's life
Now, I need you.

Brent, please,
get your head out of your ass

All right, I'll drag you
back there if I have to

Come here

David, get your goddamn hands
off of me!

I'll sue your ass again!

Sue your ass, and this time
youíll go to jail!

This man assaulted me

He assaulted me
You were witness to it

This man's crazy
He's crazy


He isn't I wish he was, but he isn't

E- every one in the store,
you want to come back here?

There's something you need to hear
It concerns you all


W- w-wait I don't know
what you people think youíre doing

You're drinking?

For Christ's sake, Ollie

Do you want me to report you?
You want to lose your job?

Look, I'm gonna be taking down
names, starting with you

And I am prepared to file
a police report

- Fine, Bud, write down your names
- I will

But in the meantime,
shut the fuck up and listen

This is Mr David Drayton on

You need to hear what he's got to say
if youíre thinking about leaving

go hang out
with the ladies, all right?

Listen, don't be scared

It's okay


This is how it is

Now, I don't know
what this mist is

but there are things in it, and they're
dangerous, like Dan said

That's right

That's exactly right

What kind of things?

I never saw it
It happened too fast

I got knocked down

Five of us went back
in the loading dock

It was Jim, Myron, Ollie


Norm, the bagboy

- We opened the door
- Where's Norm?

So Norm could go out
and clear the vent for the generator

Something come out of the mist
and took him

Took him?

What do you mean?

Just killed him

I mean dragged him off

Now, guys, I don't know
what these things are

All we saw were tentacles


Tentacles, he say

Tentacles from Planet X

It's a lie, you know

I mean, all these people do
is just lie each other up

It's a pile of shit

Of course it's a lie
Of course it's a lie

It's lunacy

From the look of it, the tentacles
are coming out of the beer cans

All right, uh, Bud,
don't take our word for it

Go look

Over there

What the hell is that?

It appears we may have a problem
of some magnitude here

Yeah, just keep 'em in line

Let me

help these people

Let me...

let me preach your word

Let me shine your light,

'cause they're not all bad

They can't all be bad

Some can be saved, can't they?


Some can be brought

to heaven's holy gates
through your grace

I have to believe that,

though I know most will swim
in the lake of fire forever

If I can save a few

even one

then my life will have counted
for something

I will have pulled my weight

I will have earned my place
at your side

I will have served a purpose
here on this earth



I just need to use the bathroom


Okay Well, then, have at it


I... I just want you to know
that it's okay...

being scared, I mean...

and, well, if you need a friend...

you know, someone to talk to

I have a friend...

God up above
I talk to him every day

Don't you condescend to me

I'm sorry?

Not ever
You don't mock me

That's not what I was doing

Well, I'll tell you what...

the day I need a friend like you,

I'll just have my self a little squat
and shit one out

Maybe you do believe this

Maybe they're not lies,
they're delusions Whatever

Uh, the fact remains,
the evidence here is flimsy

- It's bordering on ludicrous
- Hey, this isn't a courtroom

You're not arguing a case,

and youíre doing nothing but damage,
talking the way you are

And you can throw as much cow's blood
around the loading dock as you want to

You still haven't fooled any one

Leave it alone, David

You can't convince
some people there's a fire

even when their hair is burning

Denial is a powerful thing

Well, keep talking

I'll have no part of it,
nor would any thinking person

Keep thinking, Mr Lawyer

There's no defence
against the will of God

There's no court of appeals in hell

There's no defence here, either

Not even with all the fertilizer
in the world,

not even if you stack it
as high as you can

It's still just bags of shit, isn't it?

Those of you who want to discuss
this thing rationally

to find a means of rescue
are welcome to join me

Those who want to stack dog food,

knock yourselves out

We got those windows taped up
as best we could

It should help

Yeah, think so?

Duct tape and dog food bags

That bad?

It's not good

There's none so blind
as those who will not see

Open your eyes

Let the scales fall away

This has all been written

Revelations, chapter 15:

"And the temple was filled with smoke

"from the glory of God

"and from his power,

"and no one could enter the temple

until the seven plagues
of the seven angels were completed"

Well, what are you saying?

What are you proposing?

That we all prepare

to meet our Maker

Oh, prepare to meet shit!

Lady, your tongue
must be hung in the middle

so that it can waggle at both ends

The end time has come,

not in flames, but in mist

Come here!

Easy! Back off!

How about if your ass prepares
to meet my size-10 work boot

How about that?

Hey, there's no call for that

Myron, please,
calm your friend down

I'm trying
to save your soul, you stupid man

- Doubters will doubt till the end
- It's okay

No, I'm sorry, I'm sorry

A monstrosity did pull
that poor boy away

Things in the mist...
do you doubt?

Do you?

Then go out

Go out and say,
"How do you do"

Shut up, lady

For God's sakes

Look, youíll have to stop now
You're scaring the children

They should be scared

Oh, yes, they should

Their beautiful, pure little minds

have been corrupted with lies


All this talk of a modern God,

or no God

There is one God

The God of the Israelites

And he is a stern and vengeful God,

and we have been mocking him
far too long,

and now he demands
retribution in blood

It is time to declare yourselves

Take sides...

the saved and the damned

Read the Good Book
It calls for expiation

- Blood!
- What?


Little Normie was first,

and now God calls the rest of us

The bill is due

It must be paid

As Abraham prepared
to sacrifice his only son

to prove his love for God, so...


- Ohh
- Another down payment

A few more pennies in the jar

Now, that's nice, see
I can't smack her, but it's okay for you

I- I'm sorry every body,

but this lady's perspective is
a little too Old Testament for my taste

They'll come for you

Maybe tonight,
when darkness comes

They'll come tonight,
and they'll take someone else

See if they don't

And when they do,

you will cry to God,

and you will beg Mother Carmody
to show you the way

That's fine

But until then,
if you don't shut up,

I'll wrap this tape around your mouth

You just try it, Ollie Weeks

And you, bitch

you hit me again

if you dare

You'll be on your knees to me
before this is through

Those of you who aren't local
should know

that Mrs Carmody
is known in town for being


No shit
What was your first clue?



What's up, little dude?

How come your friends
don't come get us?

They got tanks and stuff, right?

Why can't you just call 'em?

Phones donít work

But don't you got, like, a radio?

Hey, champ, what's going on?

I want their friends
to come rescue us

They would if they could, pal
They're stuck here just like us


Shh Now, guys, we could use
a hand over there

Yeah, sure thing

Troop, off your asses

You all right?
- I don't like that scary lady

Oh, man, I don't either

But you know what?

Maybe she's scared too

You think?

You think Mommy's okay?


I'm sorry about the times
I was bad to her

Aw, hey

Mommy loves you very much

And I'll bet she's fine

And I promise you,

I'm gonna do everything I can
to get us back to her

- Okay?
- 'Kay

- Yeah?
- 'Kay

So, we can use the charcoal fluid
and the mops

to make torches

And we've got knives and stuff,
God knows

This maybe
a silly question, Bud, but

do you happen to have
a gun in the store?

Here? No Please

This... this isn't Los Angeles

I've got a shotgun in my truck

I could try for it if you want

Oh, God, I don't think that'd be
a good idea, Mr Cornell

Hold on

This gun, um

my husband's idea

He's away on business a lot

It's not even loaded

Ain't much use unloaded, ma'am


You know how to use that?

Well, I shot it once on a pistol range

Hit the target a few times

So, we got a gun

Anybody know how to shoot it?

Well, I mean?

I do


Ollie Please

Some target shooting

State champion in '
You're crazy if you go out there!
Let us pass!

Let us pass, please!

Let's just talk this thing through

We have, and we've
made our decision We're leaving

Hey, Mr Mackey's gonna barbecue
some chicken on the gas grill

- Why donít we just sit down and just...
- What, and let you keep on talking?

No, I've been in far too many
courtrooms to fall for that

You've already psyched out
half a dozen of my people already

Your people?

What kind of talk is that?
They're people, that's all

Now... now listen, every one

We are experiencing
some kind of disaster

I don't know whether
it's manmade or natural,

but I do know that
it's definitely not supernatural

or biblical,
and, no offense, Mrs Carmody,

but the only way
we're gonna help ourselves

is to seek rescue

We're going out

- Brent, look
- I'm not discussing this any further

I know I just want to ask a favor

Tie this around your waist

What for?

It'll let us know you got
at least 300 feet

I'll do it

Are you throwing in with them?

Me? No thanks

I think your man there
is a little too tightly wound

Gonna get somebody killed

But I'm thinkin' we could use
that shotgun of yours

I saw where you parked
when I pulled in

Red pickup, right?
Far entrance?

Son, you got brass balls

The shells are
in the glove compartment

Drive it back

All right

Just see they're paying out this line

Line's up, I'll cut her loose,

just so you understand


You sure there's no way
I can talk you out of this?


there's nothing out there
Nothing in the mist

What if youíre wrong?

Then, I guess

the joke would be on me after all

We're gonna send back help

You'll die out there
All of you

Hey, crazy lady,
I believe in God too

I just don't think
he's the bloodthirsty asshole

you make him out to be

Well, you take that up with the devil
when you run into him

You just chat it over at your leisure

Well, let's strike out
toward the center of town

Keep it loose

Nice and easy

Keep going


It's going

They're doing good

Aah! Aaahhhh!

Put it down!

Ohh! Pull!

Oh, my God!
I'm slippin'!

Pull! Back up! Back up!
Back up!

Get it off!

Oh, my God

Aw, sh...

Awww, sh...!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Cut the rope!

Shut the door!

Now do you see?

Now do you believe?

About a half-hour of day light left

guys, how's it going
with these work lights?

We're gettin' 'em rigged up all right

Yeah, check it out

All right, all right
Save it, save it

These batteries ain't topped up

You turn the lights on,
it's gonna drain 'em quick

How quick?

- Five minutes, maybe ten
- Yeah, if that

Okay, emergencies only

If something gets in the store

Holy Jesus,
you scared the shit outta me

Oh, Sally, I'm sorry, really

I thought I'd come in and say hi
and see how you were holding up

- Hi
- Hi

Barely How about you?

I'm worried about my folks, I guess

You know, they live
up on Shorm Road

That's less than
five miles from here

How 'bout yours?

Well, they're out of town right now

They're at my aunt's in Boston, so

That's lucky
That means they're okay

I hope so


how soon you shipping out?

Uh, couple weeks

Scared about going over there?


- Hey, Wayne?
- Hmm?

How come you never asked me out?

We flirted all through high school
I know you like me

So how come?

I'm stupid, I guess

Oh, shit! I'm sorry

Don't be I just...

I just didn't really want it
to happen like this, you know?

Some shitty locker room at work

Can we just stay in here
a while, then?

I mean, just... just you and me

The parking lot lamps
turned on

They're on a timer

Must be a different one
that's live

Maybe we could
tie into them somehow,

get some electricity in here

That'd mean walking out the door

Gaaaahhhh! God!

Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!

David! David!

You sure?


My God

Are those bugs?

Not like any I've ever seen

"They came out of the smoke,

"locusts upon the earth,

"and unto them was given power

even as the scorpions
of the earth have power"


Look at those stingers

Dear God

Holy shit!

Myron, get the ones in the back!

God, I think they're attracted to the light

Look out, look out, look out!

The light! Douse the light!

Look out! Look out!

Move! Move!

Light, light,
light, light, light!

"And there came a voice
from the temple

"saying to the seven angels,

"'Go your way s

and pour out the vials
of the wrath of God upon the earth"'

the glass is gonna give!


Oh, my God,
they turned on all the lights!

Jim! Myron!

Fire! Lighter!
Douse the lights!

Come on, come on!





Sally, look out!


Ohh! Oohhhh!

Let me see, let me see
Let me see, sweetheart, let me see

No, youíre gonna be okay
You're gonna be okay

Let me see Let me see

You're fine You're gonna be okay
You're gonna be okay

Give me the lighter!
Put it on fire!

Come on!

Goddamn childproofing sons of bitches!


Oh, shoot it! Shoot it!

Shoot it! Shoot it!

I can't! I'll smash the window!


Oh, God! Ohh!

- Aaahhh!
- Go! Go!

Get down!


- Ollie, you want these lights on or off?
- Leave 'em on

Aah! Aaahhhh!

Oh, God!

Ohh! Ohhh! Kill it!


Bring torches!
Bring something to keep 'em out!

Come on


Where are the goddamn extinguishers?

Get it! Get it! Get it!

Bring torches
We need torches at the window!

Plug that hole!


Down! Down! Lay down!


My life

my life for you,
your will be done


Bugs! Daddy!

- Nooooo! Billy!
- Daddy!

- Billy!
- Daddy!



Billy, come back here

- Dad!
- Billy, please!


Come on, let's move it!

Somebody please
come over here and help

Here's some tape!

I'm right here
I'm right here Donít worry

Hurry up with the blankets!

It hurts so bad! Please!

It hurts so bad!

Block it up here

Get me some more bags!

Did we get 'em?
Did we get 'em all?

She was right

She said that
it would happen like this

She said that
they would come at night

She told us someone would die


Ohh, shh, shh, shh
It's okay

It's okay, it was just a dream

It's just a bad dream

I want my mommy

I know

I know Of course you do

- Shh
I wanna go home

Just sleep

Everything'll be better in the morning

Think he likes you

Well, I hate that
I had to lie to him

You have kids?


I always wanted to, but

things haven't been working out

Right now I'm thinking
maybe that's for the best

I saw creatures
fly into the store tonight that...

they shouldn't exist

I keep thinking I'm gonna
wake up in a rubber room

You're not alone in that

We're all right there with you

This isn't gonna end, is it?


It's Joe He's getting worse


How you holdin' up, partner?

David is that you?

Yeah, pal, how you doin'?

It's bad He's bad

Didn't know anything
could hurt like this

If you guys can't help me

you... you gotta end it, okay?

Ollie's got that gun, right?

- No. No way

You can't fuck with me
on this, bro

Not with me like this

I'll do it

Just give me the gun

Hey, hey Shh

- We're not there yet, okay?
- Oh, please!

Joe, now, listen


we're gonna work something out

I just need you to hang in
a little longer, okay?

Can we do that?

Stay with him
I'll be back

Hattie, I need to go to the bathroom
Will you watch Billy?


See anything?

The last of those bugs
went away about four

Dawn's coming

What's on your mind?

It's Joe

We don't get him
on some serious antibiotics,

he's gonna die of infection

Plus he needs
painkillers in the worst way

All... all... all we got here
is liquor and aspirin

You... you thinkin' about goin'
to that pharmacy next door?

Irene Reppler say
they've got Silvadene...

you know, the stuff
they use in burn wards

She knows where they keep it

Slow down

You can't actually be thinkin'
of doin' this

I'm also thinkin' beyond that

We have to get out of here

I mean permanently.

Why? We got plenty to eat!

What happens when one of those things
decides to break through this window?

I'm talkin' one of the big ones,
like the one that killed Norm

Yeah, and that flaming torch idea
didnít work so well, did it?

We almost burned
the goddamn store down

It's Hattie


All right,
gently, now Gently

One two three

I don't know
how long she was there like that,

lying there next to us

I thought she was sleeping

I got my 4-wheel drive

It's out there

Y- youíre talking about leaving?

Well, we

should hit the pharmacy first

We gotta bring back
supplies for the injured

I mean, if we don't,

Joe Eagleton's gonna die,
and we can't let that happen

But after that

look, my Land Cruiser
can hold eight people

I say we drive south
as far as the fuel takes us

and try to get clear of this mist

That's it?

That's the plan?

- That's what I got
- No, you can't mean it

Not after what happened
to Norton and his group

No, no, no Amanda, think.

Norton got over 200 feet
from this store

That's how much rope play ed out

I'm parked half that distance
from here

But who knows how far
this mist has spread?

It could be
the entire eastern seaboard

Yeah, it could be the whole world,
for all we know

Wouldn't make us any less dead,
now, would it?

We have one gun

- How many rounds?
We got ten left

Ten rounds Jesus

Okay, so ten

Want another reason
to get the hell out of here?

I'll give you the best one


Mrs Carmody

She's our very own Jim Jones

I'd like to leave before people
start drinking the Kool-Aid

He's right

Flakier people get,
the better she's gonna look

No, I don't buy that
It's obvious she's nuts

Look, a few people maybe, but...

No, I count four
She's preachin' to 'em right now

By noon, she'll have four more

By tomorrow night,
when those things come back,

she'll have a congregation,

and then we can start worryin'
about who she's gonna sacrifice

to make it all better


You, Amanda?

My little boy?

He's right

You don't have much faith
in humanity, do you?

None whatsoever

I can't accept that

People are
basically good, decent

My God, David,
we're a civilized society

Sure, as long as
the machines are workin'

And you can dial 9-1-1,

but you take those things away,
you throw people in the dark,

you scare the shit out of them,

no more rules,

Youíll see how primitive they get

You scare people badly enough,

you can get 'em to do anything

They'll turn to whoever
promises a solution,

or whatever.

Ollie, please, back me up here

I wish I could

As a species,
we're fundamentally insane

Put more than two of us
in a room, we pick sides

and start dreaming up reasons
to kill one another

Why do you think we invented
politics and religion?

Oh, Jesus, that's just


Look, nobody has
to decide anything now, okay?

First things first...

the pharmacy

That'll be our test run


It's all right, Big Bill

I'm gonna bring you back
some comic books

I donít want them

I want you to stay here

I won't be gone long

Just... just next door

Hey, youíll be safe


Daddy, there are things out there


Yeah There's a lot
less of 'em in the daytime

They'll wait

They'll wait in the mist
where you can't see 'em,

and then when you go
and can't get back in

they'll come and eat you up!

- Shh
- Daddy, don't go!

I'll be back

Big Bill

I promise

I'll be back, and then
I'm gonna take you home

All right?

Together, we're going home

If something happens,
anything at all,

you cut and run

You get your ass back in here,
for your boy's sake

If something happens to me,
I want you to take care of Billy

best as you can,
and long as you can

Land Cruiser's yours now

You... you get him out of here

You just keep drivin'

Where do you think youíre going,
Mr David Drayton on?

Are you so anxious
to make your boy an orphan?

My boy is no concern of yours

Listen up

We're going to the pharmacy

We're gonna bring back
some supplies

Also, there maybe people
trapped over there who need help

Listen, folks, listen!

We're not gonna take any chances

If there's any trouble,

we'll come straight back here
to the supermarket

And bring the fiends of hell
down on our heads, thank you

She's right

You'll make 'em notice us

You'll make 'em come

Why can't you just leave
well enough alone?

Lady, this what you call
'"well enough"?

You wanna stop us?

You better explain to Bobby here

why we're not bringin' painkillers
and medicine back for his brother

I'm goin', even if I have to go alone

You'll die out there, young man

You'll walk out that door
and be torn to shreds,

and then your hell-bound pride
will have them come get the rest of us

Yes, they'll come back for all of us,
just like this good lady said

Do you want that
to happen, people?

No! No! No!

Well, it is this kind of hubris

that brought the wrath of God
in the first place

This kind of pride and defiance of...

Shut up, you miserable buzzard!

You old bitch!

Stoning people who piss you off
is perfectly okay

They do it in the Bible, don't they?

And I got lots of peas

David, please, if you want to go,
now's the time

How 'bout it, Army?

Any help from the armed forces?

I'll go

Jim Grondin

I had you in school, didn't I?

Yes, me and my sister Pauline

Pair of underachievers

After you, Jim

Yes, ma'am

Oh, shit.

That it?
That's every body?

Every body that's goin'

- Okay

Single file,
one by one, all right?

Let's get this thing over with

Let's go

After you

Stay together

You know what?

Mrs Carmody, youíre not helping

Shut the hell up!
- You shut up!

Save the batteries


They left the doors propped open

Think something got in?

Let's just
get what we need,

get the hell outta here

Yeah Let's do that

The meds
are over at the end there,

in the cubicle

Will you not do that?

I'm sorry I'm sorry.

Oh, God.

Where's that Silvadene?

It's over behind David

In the fridge Check there

Silvadene Got it

- Good
- Ollie, what are we lookin' for?


Any strong antibiotics


Pain meds like
Vicodin or OxyContin

- OxyContin!




Hurry it up
I hear something


Somethin' fuckin' weird

Oh, God

Oh, God!

No Oh, no

Oh, nooooo

Oh, fuck.

There's another one

Oh, my God
No, no, no

Oh, no, no

guys, let's get out of here now.

- Aaaahhhhhh!
Holy shit!

Shit! Shit! Oh, shit!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Help me!

Good Lord!
Help him!

Son of a bitch!

This stuff ain't comin' off!

Oh, man!
He's glued to this fuckin' post!

It's our fault

It's all our fault

It's really stuck

God, I can feel 'em!

I can feel 'em!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God

Ohh! I...


Aah! Aaaaahhhhhh!

There's more!


Aah! Aah!

There's another one!
Hit it!

- Aah!
- What the hell is that stuff?

Ollie! One over there!

Ollie, there!

Got it!

There, there, there!
Shoot! Shoot!


See 'em?

- Aah! Aaaahhhhh!
- Bobby!


- Aaahhhh!
- Hold on, man! Hold on!

- Hold on, man!
- Cut the strand!

Help me!

Let's get out of here!

- A belt! Who's got a belt?
- I got a belt!


I got him, I got him
Hold on

Pull it tight!

Look! Look!

Aaahhh! Aaaaahhhhhh!





We gotta get outta here!
Come on!

Let's go, let's go,
let's go, let's go, let's go!

Watch it, watch it, watch it!

Let's get out of here!

All right, go, go, go, go, go, go!
Come on!

Come on!

Oh, my God!

Ollie! Ollie!

Kill it! Kill it!


Oh, no! Oh, God, he's dead!

He's dead! Get out of here!
Let's go, let's go!

Drayton on, come on,
come on, come on!

Come on, Drayton on,
he's dead!

Come on!

Open the door!

Where's Bobby?


Close up the doors!

Hurry up!

What happened?

They're dead!
They're all dead!

Expiation, because we have seen

the earth scourged
with whips and scorpions

We have seen the earth
vomit forth from her lips

obscenities and profanities

of such nightmare proportions

And for these evil,
lurking spirits,

and for these evil people

How long was I out?

Most of the day

You just came over here to lay down
and went to sleep

Just passed out, is more like it

What will stop this Great Whore?

Just shut down for a while


How will it end?


Do you remember yesterday when

How's Joe?

Dead Joe died of his burns
while you were asleep

We were just too late

I told you this would come!

Oh, God,
I thought I was dreaming her voice

No dream

She's getting people whipped up

That poor girl is dead,

and that boy is burnt in the back room!

She's got 'em believing
she's a psychic,

she has a direct line with God

Why wouldn't they?
Woman never shuts up

Like those speeches
Castro used to make

Ollie say youíre thinking of leaving

I'm in

No Sorry

I mean, come on, you saw what
happened to Bobby Mike

I won't

do that again
I won't be responsible

You might want to reconsider that

What will... what will keep these evil,

these abominations at bay?

What will keep them away?

"The rock will not hide them
The dead tree gives no shelter"

What will end it?
Let me hear it

- Expiation!
- What are we talking about?

- Expiation!
- Say it again like you mean it!


Welcome to Sesame Street
Today's word is "expiation"

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

That boy hasn't been right
since the pharmacy

His mind's just snapped

Hasn't even been two day s

Not even two day s

I'm not spendin' the rest
of my life here, I'll tell you what

I can quietly gather up
some bags of groceries

and hide them up at one of
the check stands by the door

It was your idea
It's your vehicle

It'll be your call

I'd rather die out there trying
than in here waiting

Who will save them? No one

The rocks will not hide them

I want some idea
of what weíre up against

I want to know what this mist is

I want to talk to the soldiers

Soldiers? What's that gonna do?

You heard what that MP said
at the pharmacy

David, I'm not even sure
I knew he was talking

The situation was insane

He said he was sorry

Wasn't that the word
he used... "sorry"?

That's right
He said it was their fault, right?

What did he mean by that?

That's what weíre gonna find out

Irene, stay with Billy, please

Verse 17!

"poured out his vial into the air,

"and there came a great voice

"out of the temple of heaven
from the throne, saying,

"'It is done! It is done! '

"And there were voices
and lightning,

and thunders,
and a great earthquake"

Yes! Come to me!


- Where's your friends?
- I ain't seen 'em

Not that big a store
It's kinda hard to lose

I ain't seen 'em, I said
I look like their keeper?

- What do you want from me?
- What do you know about this mist?

I don't know nothin'
I got nothin' to do with it

That's not what the MP
said in the pharmacy

before the spiders
came out of his skin

They're not in the store

The only place we haven't looked
is the loading dock

because you know

You saw the good face
of God tonight

Yes? Tell us

Here is an old man
who has seen!

Yes, he has seen!


And I want to say,

do I want to walk with you

into my Father's hands?




It's the only place they can be


Couldnít just disappear

Look, I told you,
okay, I don't know where they are...

I didn't think they'd do it

They said they would do it,
and I just...

I told them what
the MP said at the pharmacy,

and they swore they'd do it

I just... I didn't think they would


It's the Arrowhead Project,
isn't it?

This mist, it's some kind of, what,
military fuckup?

What were you guys
messin' with up there, huh?

We got you now,
you sorry son of a bitch!

Get in there!

It was them!
It was them what done it to us!

It was them what brung down
the final wrath upon us!

Those two peckerwoods that
he's been with this whole time,

they hung themselves in the back
because they knew!

They knew it all along!

- He's crazy He doesn't know...
- Get on your knees!

Stay out of it, Drayton on!

They heard it too, didn't you?
All of ya!

All about the Arrowhead Project

and all that secret shit
up on the mountain

That's what brung it down on us

That's what brung down
the wrath of God!


Private Jessup

It wasn't me.

I'm just...
I'm stationed up there

I'm not responsible...

- Bullshit!
- Hell, I'm a local!

Most of you people know me

You stop your chicken shit whining

or I will cut your puling tongue out

Now you tell us!

Tell us

Look, look Okay, okay

I heard stuff


Yes, we all heard stuff

Like how they, um,

how they thought
that there were other dimensions,

you know, other...
other worlds all around us,

and how they wanted
to try and make, um,

a window...

you know, so they could look through
and see what's on the other side

Well, maybe your window
turned out to be a door Didn't it?

Not mine! Those scientists'!

Oh, the scientists!
Yes, the scientists!

They must have ripped
a hole open by accident

This other world
came spilling through to ours

That's what Donaldson was saying
to me right before he killed himself

I didn't understand the half of it

It ain't my fault!


Ain't His Fault

No, no, no

Ain't nothin'

Ever anybody's fault

But he denies it

He points the finger,

this Judas in our midst



You! You!

Don't you know by now?

Don't you know the truth?

We are being punished

For what? For going
against the will of God!

For going against
his forbidden rules of old!

Walking on the moon!

Yes! Yes!

- Or... or splitting his atoms!

Or... or... or stem cells

and abortions!

And destroying the secrets of life

that only God above has any right to!

Amen! Amen!

Yes, I know! It is true!

And now we are being punished

The judgment is being
brought down upon us

The fiends of hell,
you see they are let loose,

and star Wormwood blazes!

And it is his fault!

No! No! It is not my fault! No!

They did it! They spit
in the eye of the Almighty!


Get over there!




Kill him! String him up!

Stand up, you coward!






- No!
Stab him!

- Aaahhhh!
- Expiation!

Feed him to the beast!


Let the abominations
smell his blood!

No, no! No!


- Jesus! Wait!
- No, David!



Aah! Aaahhh!


Aaahhh! Aah!


The beast will leave us alone tonight


tomorrow, we'll just
have to wait and see



Sorry I left you, pal

I'll never leave you again


But you have to give me
your best promise, okay?

Your very best promise,
and can never break it

Tell me

Promise you won't let
the monsters get me

Ever No matter what

I promise

I love you, Daddy

I love you, Billy

More than anything

It's dawn

Hey, pal,
you ready to go home?

Come on

Okay, I got the groceries
hidden at check stand number two

Five bags We can grab 'em
and get out the door


My car's parked in the center lane
of the parking lot, far end

Whoever gets there first,
open up both doors,

and we'll all pile in
as fast as we can, okay?

Let's go

Stealing food now?

Going out now, Mrs Carmody

Please stand aside

You can't go out
I won't allow it

Won't allow it?

It's against God's will

Don't you know that by now?

Haven't I proven my self
again and again and again?

Haven't I shown that I am his vessel?

What's the matter with you?

Don't you believe in God?

No one's interfered with you

All we're asking for
is the same privilege

You heard him

It is these people
who brought this upon us


people who refused to bend
to the will of God,

and claim it privilege

Sinners in pride

Yes, haughty


They mock us They mock our...
our God, our faith,

our values, our very lifestyle

They mock our humility

and our piousness

They piss on us and laugh

It's from them

the blood of human sacrifice
must come

From them

- Come on
- the blood of expiation

Come on

You try it

Fuckin' try it!

Come on!

Get 'em!
- We want the boy

- We want the boy!
- You get back!

- Yeah!
- You get back!

The boy!

Grab that boy! Grab him!

Grab him!

And get the whore too!

Grab her!

Kill 'em! Kill 'em all!

Stay down!
Stay down! Stay down!

I... I killed her

Thank you, Ollie

Let's go

Get that ice machine
out of the way, please

You killed her!

You murdered her!

I wouldn't have shot her, Dave,

not if there'd been any other way

That's why I said thank you


Okay, then
let's go!

Get up, Myron!

Come on! We gotta go!

My ankle!

Okay All the way down!

Where are they?

Bud! Myron!


I think I broke it!

Come on! Come on!

We gotta go!
Come on, come on!

They're lost!

- Oh, Jesus
- Ollie!




- Oh!
- Aaahhh!


Aaah! Aaaahhhh!

Aaah! Aaaaahhhhh!

All that screaming!

Are they out there?
Can they see us?

Let me... let me in!
Let me in!

Are we going?

- No
- Yeah

- No! No!
- Yeah!

- Daddy
- David

- David, no
- Daddy, no

- David!
- Daddy!

Get back in the car!

- Daddy!
- David!

Oh, my God!


Oh, my God!

We gotta go

I told her I'd fix it

Front window

broken open



grandfather's tree

I'm sorry, David,
I'm just so sorry

Let's, uh

see how far this

fuel takes us, huh?

Maybe we'll get clear of the mist


we gave it a good shot

Nobody can say we didn't


Nobody can say that


We got, uh


Four bullets

But there's five of us

I'll figure something out



Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Come on Come on

Come on

Come on

Come on

Come on

Come on, come on!

Come on! Come on!

They're... they're dead

For what?



Special thanks to SergeiK.