Twitches Too Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Twitches Too script is here for all you fans of the Disney sequel. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Twitches Too quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Twitches Too Script


Special thanks to SergeiK. NARRATOR: Once upon a time, the magical kingdom of Coventry was besieged by the forces of darkness. In the midst of this battle, the twin daughters of Miranda and Aron were born. For their safety, the twins were separated and hidden away in another dimension. (THUNDER RUMBLING) Twenty-one years later, the sisters were reunited. (BOTH SCREAMING) (THANTOS GRUNTING) And returned to the land of their birth where they vanquished their evil uncle, Thantos. And destroyed the Darkness forever. BOTH: Mom! (CHUCKLING) Oh, I knew you had the power. NARRATOR: Or did they? Aron, I miss you so much. SHADOW: (WHISPERING) Miranda. - Is someone there? - SHADOW: Miranda. (WHOOSHING) Miranda. (MUSIC ON RADIO) MAN ON RADIO: Okay, let's take a look at the weather. Looks like it's gonna be partly cloudy, so be sure to break out those jackets and windbreakers. - MRS. NORSENG: Here you go. - You're gonna need... Good morning, Camryn. Did you sleep well, honey? Uh, that'd be a no. (LAUGHS) Can't say that I'm surprised. You and your sister were probably up half the night, talking and laughing. You guys probably have so much to catch up on. And again, no. Little Miss Has-My-Face spent the whole night loudly agonizing over her college catalogue, with the light on. Well, school is very important to Alex right now. She has not had the opportunities that you have, Camryn. Whole countries haven't had the opportunities she's had. - Oh. - Heard that. Just give her some time to settle in. This is all new for her. - Thank you. - MRS. NORSENG: Mr. Barnes, - are you finished with your plate? - Oh, let me do that. Mr. Barnes, there's something wrong with Camryn. She offered to help. Are you okay? (SARCASTICALLY) Oh! Ha, ha, ha. You're both hilarious. But watch this. I've been practicing. (CAMRYN SQUEALING) Ooh! (ALL EX CLAIMING) - Ooh! - Oh! Honey? Oops. - Camryn Elizabeth! - I'm sorry. I don't know why, but that actually happens a lot. A lot? What else you been practicing on? Camryn, this might be a good time to tell your father about the car. - (WHISPERING) What about the car? - Now, don't get too upset. - Uh, she's got all the pieces. - Pieces? Cars are not supposed to be in pieces! Isn't there a spell to fix all of this? I thought that, too, but when I tried to do everything that I'd just done backwards, that's when I lost the other tire. - Oh, I found it. It's in the pool. - Oh! - (CHUCKLING) You lost the tires. - No, one's in the pool. - Aren't you listening? - Oh. Gosh, this would be so much easier if someone would just write all this magic stuff down. I'm pretty much having to figure everything out by trial and error. Heavy on the error. Mmm-hmm. And the rest of the time, I just get a vision or something. "A vision." - Alex. - EMILY: Alex? Something's wrong. What about Alex? Alex! (ALEX SCREAMS) Alex, are you all right? Where are you? - ALEX: (MUFFLED) I'm in here. - (GASPING) Ooh! (GRUNTING) - What is your problem? - I thought I saw something. Huh? Or, at least, I thought I saw something. Now, I'm not exactly sure what I saw. Well, you hurled me against the wall! Well, I wasn't exactly sure what was gonna happen. I kind of just pointed. Oh, you mean like this? (CAMRYN GASPING) Oh! You know that blue isn't one of my colors. Well, it is now. And what could you have possibly seen that would have... (GASPING) - You did not just give me a tail. - Yes, I did. And you're going to get ears to match if you don't do something about this. How is this my fault? My butt is wagging and do you see a smile on my face? - Would it kill you to say, "I'm sorry"? - Sorry? How about a thank-you, Alex? CAMRYN: I'll leave you next time. ALEX: You saved me from a Shadow. CAMRYN: Okay? ALEX: Yeah! A light bulb can do the same thing! Oh, yeah. There is no way. - What's going on? - Not a clue. But, then again, I never have a clue anymore. Yeah, welcome to the last 21 years of my life. ALEX: Oh, come on, Camryn. (DAVID GASPING) - What's the matter? - I don't know. I thought I saw... ALEX: Please! Could you practice... Camryn Elizabeth, do not turn your sister into fur! Mmm, this is good. Thanks for letting me stay here again. Just say the word and I'll head back to Lucinda's. Alex, you've got to stop thanking us. You're family now. You can stay here as long as you like. (PANTING) Besides, the university's only a mile away. And I can't believe I'm meeting with the admissions counselor this morning. (SIGHING) This is like a dream. - Alex. - Alex. Sorry. Sorry, sorry. I just... I just wanna let you know how appreciative I am of everything you're doing for me. We know, honey. MRS. NORSENG: Oh, oh, let me get that for you. Why? My hands aren't painted on. I noticed that nobody checked your forehead. (WHISPERING) You're just doing this to make me look bad. No. That's one area where you actually don't need my help. EMILY: Okay, ladies. Enough. I know this is gonna take a little getting used to, but, trust me, before you know it, this will all seem completely normal. (ILEANA SCREAMING) Nothing about this will ever seem normal. (BOTH EX CLAIM) (SPLUTTERING) A pool? Do you really think opening an underwater portal was such a good idea? You know I have inner-ear issues. Well, this is what happens when you rush me. I... (WHIRRING) That's probably enough. That's good! Okay, I'm dry! - Hi, guys! - Hi! - Hello! All right. Hmm? Yeah. - Ooh! Are those pancakes? Oh, yeah, well... Here, they're all yours. Uh, actually, we're here on official business. Why don't we leave you alone for a few minutes? And help yourself to whatever you haven't dripped on. - Ooh. - Official business. Sounds exciting. Uh, this isn't gonna take long, is it? I have an important meeting in, like, 20 minutes. Well, the first thing isn't actually official. It's really more personal. - You're going to tell them now? - ILEANA: Why not now? Well, there seemed to be a certain sense of urgency to Miranda's voice. Yeah, but that's what I said when we stopped - so you could change your shoes. - Oh, well, a lot of good it did me. Look, these are ruined. You know what? I never liked those shoes. They make you look short and make your nose look big. Oh, I don't think his nose looks that big. ALEX: Okay! Okay, guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Sorry, but, you know, kind of in a hurry. - Go ahead. - We're getting married! (GIRLS SCREAMING) I'm so happy for you. Of course, we want the two of you to be in the wedding. It's going to be small. We both wanted something intimate. Yeah. And, well, with everyone thinking that we've been dead for the last 21 years, we don't have a lot of friends. None. - We'd love to be in it. - Love. Well, um, I hate to squeal with joy and run, but I've really gotta go, so. Oh, right. Sorry. - Your mother sent us to... - KARSH: What is this? CAMRYN: I drew that this morning. I have no idea what it is. It's your father's crest. Our father? Aron? I've been dreaming about him every single night. - You... You don't suppose... - No. No. No. Aron died the night the twins were born. I know this for a fact. - So dead. - BOTH: Dead? Yeah, gone. - Did he say... Yeah. - Did he say dead? - Uh, of... Of course, Miranda... - ILEANA: Oh, Miranda! ...will wanna see this. - That's what we came to tell you. - Your mother wants to see you, now. - Now? Oh. No, no, no, no. Not now. (CHUCKLES) But you're a princess. You have certain responsibilities. Yeah, and one of them is to make sure that I'm not late for my first day of school. Sorry, but I don't have time to play princess. It's not playing if you really are one. Oh, do we get to wear a tiara? Or a crown? Will there be a prince involved? I would love a prince. Look, Your Highness, you'll have to go without me, okay? Just tell Mom I'll portal over as soon as I can. - All right? Bye. What? - Alex! Good luck. - You'll do great. - Thanks. You, too. Bye. Okay. So that didn't go so well. Oh, well, one twitch is better than no twitch. Really not feeling the love right now. Ooh, on the way back, can we stop in the dimension where everything is made out of sugar? - I want to look at wedding cakes. - Oh, that's convenient. Why? So you can visit your ex-boyfriend, the dentist? You know what? Bob is so 23 and a half years ago. Are you coming? I, uh, I think I'll take my closet. - That would have been a good idea. - Oh, you think so? Oh, finally. I was getting worried. I am so relieved to know that you're safe. Safe? Why wouldn't I be safe? We just destroyed Thantos and the Darkness, right? Right? Right. Right? Right. Of course, there's always work to be done. Do you wanna go? Yeah. MIRANDA: Which is why I was hoping that you and your sister would help their poor mother finish securing her kingdom. Of course, that begs the question, where is your sister? She starts school today. I'm doing independent study this semester, so... So we'll have to make do without her. Even though I believe I specifically requested the presence - of both of my daughters. - See? I told you she'd notice. Look, I'm trying. Well, not that securing the kingdom doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun, but when do I get to start princessing? - Princessing? - You know. Princessing. Going to balls, riding in carriages, waving. I'm really good at waving. Oh! Hi! Well, there won't be too much of that until you learn to control your magic. And your walking. Since Ileana is your protector, she will also be your teacher. But don't worry, I'm a cool teacher. We can totally have class on the lawn. If the dragons aren't loose. Desire? Magdalena? Could you please take my daughter and see that she is properly princessed up? Then you can meet Ileana in the conservatory. Yeah. Let's start with the tiara, ladies. "Work to do?" "Secure the kingdom"? What are you talking about? I don't want to alarm them until we're certain, but there's something moving through the Shadowlands. - Something evil. - Thantos? He's still alive? But if he regains human form, the first thing he'll do - is go after the twins. - I know. Use an illuminating spell to secure the entrances, then meet me in the dungeons. I want every inch of this castle searched. Should I insist that Alex return to Coventry? (STUTTERING) And by "insist" I mean, beg, plead and cajole. No. For now, she might actually be safer in her own dimension. Just when you think you're gonna get a little time off. Yeah. You know, it seems like we just defeated the Darkness yesterday. Huh? - Back to work. - Yeah. You know, to be honest, I thought we were finally gonna get a little us time, you know. KARSH: What? 21 years in exile is not enough us time? (POP MUSIC PLAYING) - What? You can't even say hi? - Uh, hi. Come on, don't be that way. Don't be... Uh, I'm sorry. Hi. That's better. Hi. You know, I'm pretty sure you just said that. Right. Okay, um, as fun as this is, I've got to find McGregor Hall. I'm sitting in on a Renaissance poets lecture. Okay, uh, other side of the quad. And, you know, it is good to see you branching out, 'cause I've never really seen you outside the Art Department. - Art Department? - Yeah. Later. Wait. Um, I know what's going on. - You're making a huge mistake. - Maybe, but how about I call you later? - And I like the new hair. It's nice. - "I like the hair. It's..." Uh. - MARCUS: Later, Cam. - Wait! Um, I'm not who you think I am! - Hmm. No kidding. Hmm. - Hi. Of course, I knew it was you the minute you walked onto campus. Camryn wouldn't be caught dead in those jeans. Uh, not that they don't look totally cute on you. We're identical, Beth. And to set the record, I tried to tell him... Uh-huh. Guess you didn't get off the Flirt Town Express long enough to introduce yourself. I don't even know who he is. Marcus Warburton, your sister's ex-boyfriend. Yeah, emphasis on the "ex" part. She broke up with him two weeks ago. - We don't talk to him anymore. - She broke up with him? Huh. But he's so... (SIGHING) Knowledgeable about campus geography. Hmm. Oh, look, there's McGregor Hall. Right where he said it was. See ya. Oh, and, uh, don't worry. I won't say a word to Camryn about this. (SIGHING) But I do plan on texting her every single detail. Now, this is what I'm talking about. (GASPING) Magic books! Someone did write it all down. Doesn't look so hard. Oh! Oh! Thanks. (CHUCKLES) It's actually a lot harder than it looks. No problem. Here you go. Oh. Oh! Oh! Sorry. Sorry. (WHOOSHING) (WHOOSHING) All right, all right. Look. You're just trying too hard, all right? Just picture what you want to have happen, all right? - And let it flow through you. - Hmm. - You ready? - Mmm-hmm. - Thanks. - No problem. I really could have used you yesterday in my parents' garage. - I'm Demetri. - Are you a prince? - I prefer not to use titles. - I'm Camryn. Oh, everyone knows who you are. Welcome to Coventry. Thanks, Your High... Demetri. (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) I really should find Ileana. She's probably looking... Okay, now, that's gonna be tricky because I talk with my hands a lot. Oh, it just takes some getting used to. But, don't worry about that, I'll, uh, - I'll clean it up for you. - Oh, thanks again. No problem. Bye. - (PANTING) Demetri, right? Oh! - Look. Walls keep moving. Princess Camryn. (GLASS SHATTERING) Ooh! "I prefer not to use titles?" There's no reason I can't talk to her. No reason except for the fact that you broke, like, 1,400 laws. (DEMETRI SIGHING) She wasn't what I was expecting, though. No, me neither. I think she liked me. Huh, we'll see how much she likes you when she finds out you work in the kitchen and don't have any magic. MARCUS: Hey, uh, Alex! Wait up! Oh! Hi. Um, I was hoping I was gonna see you again. Look, there's been a huge misunderstanding. I know this is gonna sound... You just called me Alex. Yeah. Yeah. That's your name, isn't it? Well, yeah, but, um. Beth got to you. (CHUCKLING) Got to me? She basically tackled me in the cafeteria. But, other than that, I did know something was different. And not just the hair. Well, apparently, my sister's very popular around here. - Yeah. - So far, I've been invited to seven parties and asked out twice. Okay, so why don't we make that three times, then? - You feel like getting something to eat? - Wha... Sorry, but that has bad idea written all over it. Yeah. Okay, um, well, if it makes any difference, one of the reasons your sister and I broke up is 'cause we really just didn't have much in common. Well, it doesn't make a difference. It just means I'll be borrowing your notes. - See ya. - Okay. Uh, hey, uh, Alex! Wait! Why don't you let me walk you home? Didn't we just play two rounds of this game? Yeah, I... You know, I just wanna make sure you're safe, right. And besides, Camryn would never forgive me if I let anything - happen to her sister. Come on. - Wha... Uh, okay. MARCUS: (LAUGHING) So did you find your way okay? ALEX: Uh, yeah. Thank you. MARCUS: I'm pretty sure it was right there. But it's... Whatever. (FOOTSTEPS ECHOING) A little help here, please? Gosh! (WHISPERING) Ah, stupid, stupid spell. Oh! ILEANA: Well, we've only got three more to do. Help! Help! Oh! What are you doing? You were supposed to wait for me. I got bored. Oh, well, I wish you would've started with something a little more basic. (SCOFFS) What could be more basic than walking through walls? - Nothing, really. - Just get me out of here. - Thoughts? - None. - Oh, you meant about this. - Yes. Still none. No. Nothing. Oh! Wait, don't leave me here! (ILEANA CHUCKLING) - Okay. Don't worry about that. - What? Yeah, let's... - Ah, here we go. - Ooh. - Hey! - Hah! Sorry! - Uh, all right. - Okay. - Oh, we could try a noodle... - Oh, no, no. Last time, I couldn't get his head on right. (DOOR SLAMMING) Hi. Princess Camryn. First day. Defeated the Darkness. Nice weather we're having, huh? (WHISPERING) Hurry up. - Step back... - What? No, no, no. I'll handle this. - What do you mean? - Well, I'll do this. You always do this. - (LAUGHS) You can't... - I can't do this? - No, well, I should... - Well, I'm never gonna get to do it, - unless you give me a chance to do it. - Fine, go for it. Give it a shot. ILEANA: Mister l-Know-How-To-Do- All-The-Spells. - "I do the spells the best all the time." - Okay. Let's see how this works out. - Oh, you wanna see it? - Yes. Well, all right, fine. (POPS) (GRUNTING) (SIGHING) Would you, please, just try not to misplace any more body parts before we get back? I once lost my elbow for two weeks. Had to put up signs and everything. Wait! Where are you going? I thought you were gonna help me with my magic. Oh, we will. I'm sorry, we just have to finish a couple more things first. - Is something wrong? - No. Not really. Well, okay, there is kind of a force looming, a really dark thing. - And, if you go around any corner... - Wedding details. Wedding details. We... We have, um, some wedding things. - We do? - Yes. We do. Good, because we still have a ton to do. There's the guest list... - We'll be back. Just stay out of trouble. - Menu. I am thinking fondue. Because nothing says love like a big pot of cheese. - KARSH: I wasn't actually... - Something is definitely wrong. Hmm. STATUE: And then her arm fell off. STATUE 2: They had to put her in a museum. STATUE: She's falling apart. Shh! (STATUES WHISPERING) (DOOR OPENING) (WHOOSHING) (FELIX YELLS) Hello? Is someone there? (METAL TINKLING) SHADOW: (WHISPERING) Artemis. Here we go. Oh, thanks. Hey, um, is Marcus still... Still sitting across the street just staring at the house? Yup. Very strange. (MRS. NORSENG SCREAMS) Look what I just found! Okay, they don't pay me enough for this. I'll bring you a sandwich as well. And I might as well go across the street and give one to you-know-who. Heaven only knows what you did to that boy. - (WHISPERING) I didn't do anything. - Oh, sure. - I didn't do anything. - Whatever. It doesn't matter. The most amazing thing... What boy? Marcus. He walked me home and he never left. Wait. My Marcus walked you home from school? Yeah, yeah, but it's not like that. He asked me out and I said no. My Marcus asked you out? Since when is he your Marcus? I thought you broke up with him. You're right. We did. I did. And clearly, he's devastated and not himself. - Clearly. - But it doesn't matter, you wanna know why? Because I met a prince. - Really? - Really. So cute. Demetri. We're on a first name basis. Titles really aren't that important to either of us. I had the best day! Actually, you know what? It was kind of a weird day... - Camryn. - Mom was really worried, and Ileana and Karsh were acting really strange. - Camryn. - I know, how can you tell, right? - Camryn! - They all treat me like this weird... - Camryn! What did you find? - What did I... Yeah. When you came in, you said that you found... (GASPING) Look! It just appeared out of nowhere. Literally. - It has our father's crest on it. - I know. So it is true. This is a sign. He's alive. - Camryn, I think our father is still alive. - What are you talking about? Look, I've been writing all of these stories. About him, that he's out there, asking for our help. - But your stories always come true. - I know. I didn't want to say anything because I wasn't sure. But where is he? (SIGHING) He's trapped. He's trapped in a place called the Shadowlands. - Come on. - BOTH: We've got to tell Miranda. - CAMRYN: Here. - No, no, there! No. (CRASHING) CAMRYN: Ileana! ALEX: Karsh! Good, you're still safe. - What's wrong? - (WHISPERING) Thantos is back. - BOTH: Eh? - Thantos is back. - BOTH: Eh? - (LOUDLY) Thantos is back. (BOTH SCREAMING) CAMRYN: I thought we destroyed the Darkness. How can Thantos still be alive? ALEX: Yeah, I thought we "love is light, light is love"-ed him right out of existence. CAMRYN: And one very angry scream later, it was goodbye, Thantos. MIRANDA: Well, apparently when he was destroyed, what was left of him was able to cling to life in the Shadowlands. - Shadowlands? - See? It really does exist. I've felt a dark presence for the last few days moving through the Shadows. I wasn't sure it was Thantos until now. This afternoon, one of my servants was attacked in the North Tower. Oh, that's horrible. I was in the North Tower. That could have been me. What she really means is, "Aw, that's horrible. Is he okay?" It was implied. He'll be fine-ish. But his shadow? Not so fine-ish. His shadow? - Shadows exist on their own here? - Oh, yes. Yeah. It's in that world, the world of the Shadows, that Thantos is hiding and plotting his return. I just hope we're not too late. "Too late"? What does she mean, "Too late"? Oh! - They're doomed. - Oh, yeah. Too late to stop him from regaining his human form. Why? What happens then? It's bad, right? I can tell it's going to be bad. He's got one purpose and one purpose only, to destroy the two of you. Yeah. Yeah, that would fall underneath the category of bad. If Thantos does come back, I doubt we'll be able to stop him a second time. CAMRYN: Wait! That's what I saw standing over you this morning. It wasn't a man, it was a shadow of a man. Thantos was in our house! - No, he wasn't. - (WHISPERING) Yes, he was! ALEX: Wasn't! CAMRYN: Yes, he was! If he can freely travel between the two worlds, then he's already stronger than we feared. ALEX: What is up with you and this Shadow business? - It was not in the Shadows. - CAMRYN: Yes, it was! MIRANDA: But I'm afraid that once again, you two are the only ones that can stop him. ALEX: Us? Why us? Why can't they do some of the heavy pointing for a change? - (LAUGHS) No offense. - None taken. But it is a good question. They never do anything. Well, okay, some taken. In two days, the sun and the moon will be in perfect alignment. A solar eclipse? And both of you will be at your most powerful. Well, I always wanted a solar eclipse wedding. Please? Well, you know my mother can't be here in two days. Oh, that's right. Pretty please? - No! Yes! - Are you sure there's no way... I need them to perform the Vanquishing Spell. Well, that's not possible. They can't do a Vanquishing Spell. They're still at wall-walking. Remedial wall-walking. (WHISPERING) There was an incident. In fact, stuck in the wall is more accurate. I don't think we have any other choice. - But they're not ready. - Then get them ready. Uh, hey, shouldn't it be up to us whether we perform - this Vanquishing Spell or not? - CAMRYN: Yeah. - What is it? - ILEANA: It's a spell so powerful that it'll destroy anything that's hidden in the Shadowlands. ALEX: But if we do that spell, it will vanquish Dad's shadow. We can't do it. Excuse me? I found it today in the North Tower. It was Dad's, wasn't it? I think he's trying to communicate with us. He's alive. I think he's in the Shadowlands. I am so sorry. I know you don't want to believe this, but your father's gone. He's not coming back. I searched for years through the Shadows. He's not there. - But... But my stories, my dreams... - Are the work of Thantos. The moon is half in darkness. You have a connection to the Shadowlands. He's using you. But the ring? What about Aron's ring? Only Thantos could have Aron's ring. He took it from him when he killed him. But it's not Thantos. I know it's not. It's Aron, our father. - He needs our help. - No, we need your help. I'm sorry, but on this, you're just gonna have to trust me. Now, I'm counting on you and your sister. The future of Coventry depends on you. (SIGHING) It's amazing this place ever got along without us. MIRANDA: Prepare for the spell. KARSH: Yes, my Queen. All right. Now. Now, the most important aspect of the Vanquishing Spell is getting the proportions correct. It's a very delicate balance. So what you need... (SCREAMING) Whoa! KARSH: All right. Hey! A little help, please! Like I was saying, you need equal part sun and equal part moon! KARSH: Oh, get that book! Here we go! ILEANA: I got it. (ILEANA SHRIEKS) (ILEANA WHISTLING) Sit. KARSH: Okay. (BOTH PANTING) - Okay. So, as I was saying... - What? ...the most important part of the Vanquishing Spell is to have the... Okay, what do you say we just jump in and get right to it? All this talk-talk never pulled a rabbit out of a hat. No, but it does help prevent small villages from turning into donkeys. I said I was sorry. KARSH: Oh, and I suppose it's no coincidence that that village - happened to be my mother's. - BOTH: Oh. Kind of sorry. Okay, join hands. We'll just do the first part. KARSH: Okay, now remember, it's all about balance. Equal part sun, equal part moon, equal part... - Okay. I think they got it., equal part cold. I think they got it. - Ready? - (SIGHS) Ready. "The Power of the Sun And the Forces of the Moon" Oh. That's my favorite part. "Become one in our Quest. "To open the door to the Shadowlands." That was so cool. How'd we... (KARSH COUGHING) (ILEANA COUGHING) Perhaps a little bit too much sun. Alex, were you even trying? Yes. No. Uh, kind of. Guys, I really don't think we should be doing this. But you heard Mom. (WHISPERING) Well, I know what she said, but it doesn't mean I agree. ILEANA: Right now, I don't think it matters whether you agree or not. Your mother wouldn't ask you to do this unless it was essential. (SIGHING) Fine. Vanquish away. Why don't the two of you give it another go, while we go and change into something a little less charred? - Sorry. - Me, too. - Well, I'm surprised you're still here. - Why wouldn't I be here? Oh, well, I thought you would have zapped yourself home by now. Especially since I haven't seen a single carriage or a white horse. They keep them around back. Plus, Mom needs us. Emphasis on the us. Please, I can't do this without you. Two halves of a whole. Twin witches. (LAUGHS) - Twitches. - Twitches. BOTH: Go, twitches. Okay. (BOTH EXHALE) "The Power of the Sun, - "and the Forces of the Moon. - "Become one in our Quest." All right, stay focused. All our energy and concentration has to be on... (GASPING) Demetri! (CAMRYN SHRIEKS) Nice focus! (GRUNTING) CAMRYN: Demetri! Demetri! ALEX: Cam! Cam! Demetri! - Hi! - Hey! Hi. Hi. Sorry, I didn't wanna disturb you guys. Oh, you weren't disturbing us. We were just goofing around. Yeah, trying to save the kingdom and all that is good and pure. (LAUGHING) - Oh, uh, Demetri, this is my sister... - Alex. - Alex. I knew that. - A pleasure. (WHISPERING) That's him. That's my prince. (WHISPERING) Yeah, I kind of got that. - What? - CAMRYN: Eh. (GIGGLING) Demetri is so amazing. He totally showed me how to fix things. Look! (GRUNTING) Oh. (GASPING) Cam! (LAUGHS) Show her. (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Um, why don't you show her? Come on, I wouldn't be much of a teacher if I took all the glory. - Right? - Oh, hmm, okay. (CAMRYN AND ALEX GIGGLING) Isn't he great? Yeah, he's great. Uh, well, look, I should probably leave the two of you to save the world. But, listen, um, I was wondering if I could show you around the gardens sometime? Yes! I mean, yes. That would be a yes. KARSH: Oh, look, there you are! Can I get some tea, please? ILEANA: And could I get one of those chicken salad sandwiches with the crust cut off? Ooh, and some olives. Hmm. I love me the olives. - Well? - Right away, sir. KARSH: Hey, where's your apron? Put your apron on. Wow, things have really slipped since we went into exile. Hmm. You guys should probably order something, too. We're gonna be working late. You're not a prince? (SIGHING) No. I... Excuse me. Cam, what's the matter with you? Go after him. He's working. I don't... We should probably get back to the spell. ALEX: You're impossible. Demetri! Demetri! Hey, Demetri. - MAN: Hail, your Divinity. - Demetri, I want to talk. - WOMAN: Princess Artemis. - Princess Alex. Okay, you guys have got to stop doing that. Okay, look, I'm sorry. Okay? Please, don't be mad, all right? I didn't lie to her. Granted, I completely didn't tell her the truth, but I didn't lie. No, no. It's okay. Calm down. Nobody's mad. I just wanted to impress her, you know, I just... I want her to like me. Even though you're a waiter it does not mean you cannot be impressive. I've cleaned people's houses, toilets included, for two summers. - Really? - Well, hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. But your job doesn't define who you are. Well, no, of course not. Who your parents are does. And, again, no. Okay, I'm sorry. Are you sure you're a princess? 'Cause... Well, I'm kind of new at it. Just give me a few more weeks and I promise to be way more stuck-up and snotty. And Camryn, well, she likes you. - So don't give up. Okay? - Okay. - Actually, can I ask you a favor? - Sure. Anything. Can I borrow some of your magic? My magic? Why would you want that? Well, so I can do something special for Camryn. - Well, don't you have any of your own? - No. Oh, okay. Well, then... (WHOOSHING) (DEMETRI SCREAMING) - What happened? - Are you all right? It was Thantos. I know it. He tried to take over Demetri's shadow. - Well, where is he now? - He's in there. - Where? - In there. - Where? There? - He's in there. - Ah. He's in there. - KARSH: Ah! But I didn't know what else to do. He asked to borrow my magic to impress Cam. - Uh-huh? - Oh, come on. Only Thantos would ask something like that. This is Coventry. Everyone has magic, right? I'm afraid that's not entirely true. (HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) Uh, I could use a chiropractor. You... You see, after your father was killed, your mother thought it would be best to leave magic in the hands of those who could best control it. Uh, like the royal family and your protectors. - That's us. - Mmm-hmm. - They took everyone's magic? - KARSH: Hmm. That's horrible. That's so unfair. Uh, Alex, I really don't think you understand... No, no. I understand just fine. (ALEX SCOFFS) Absolutely no rush on that chicken salad. BETH: Cammie! Have you seen Alex? I got up this morning, and she was gone. Cammie! Oh my gosh! I was getting so worried! I have been texting you all morning. Sorry. I was out of range. - Have you seen her? - Duh! Twin two is in the caf doing the Marcus whoop-de-doo. I sent you pictures. (CAMRYN GASPING) CAMRYN: I can't believe her. BETH: I know. They're just going over notes. (SCOFFS) I mean, no giggling, no hair-flipping. She's really bad at this. Thanks. You're a good friend. Uh, well, apparently not good enough for you to text me back. I have blisters! I think I should be telling you what to do. - I'm... I'm trying, okay. - Okay. I think I gotta go. - Bye. - Later. GIRL: He's gonna have to start telling her what he really thinks. GIRL 2: Uh-huh, he sure does. Look at me. I think I'm better than everyone. And I don't even use conditioner. Oh. Gosh. (SIGHING) Hey, Marcus. It's me, Alex, again. I can see that. Um, what happened? I thought you had studying to do. I do? Oh! I do. So many books by dead people to read. Um, but before I go, I was wondering, you know my sister, Camryn? Really pretty, you used to date. What do you think of her? Okay. That's a little random. Um, I don't know. She's great, I mean she's fun. She tends to be a little vapid - and self-centered sometimes... - I am not self-centered! - I didn't say you were. - Hi, Marcus. Hi, Alex. (CLEARS THROAT) Uh, yeah, sorry. Oh, my gosh! So, what are you two talking about? (GASPS) Aren't these just the cutest shoes? I wouldn't say that! I wouldn't say that. And that only works if those shoes are actually cute. - Well, they're your shoes. - What are you even doing here? We have work to do. Uh, living my life, and I am so done with that place. I'm gonna go. Uh, later. - Bye, Marcus. - Bye, Marcus. (SCOFFS) What is your problem? Don't you trust me? No. I turn my back for, like, two minutes and you're all over him. Why would I trust you? Uh, because I would never do anything to hurt you. You should know that. I do know that. (SIGHING) I didn't break up with him. He broke up with me. I just told everybody that so I wouldn't look bad. Oh, Cam. I'm sorry. It's okay. At least I found out why. (BOTH GASPING) Well, he actually told me it was because you two didn't have much in common. CAMRYN: So, you don't think I'm self-centered? ALEX: No! A truly self-centered person would have run from Coventry, kind of like I did. Well, what are you supposed to do, Alex? If you really think Dad still might be alive somewhere. I don't think, Camryn. I know. Why do you think he's only communicating with me? He gave me the ring. (SIGHING) And the drawing. You had a vision and drew his crest. Do you still have it? It's in my backpack. (SIGHING) Six hundred pictures of Marcus and, uh, here it is. - But this is the castle. - So? Well, I've never seen these doors before. We have to get to Coventry, fast. Fast? - Camryn, no. - What? Don't worry. I've been practicing. You'd be surprised at what I can do now. ALEX: Camryn! Cam, uh, this doesn't look like Coventry. Are you sure we're in Coventry? Of course we're in Coventry. (BOTH GASPING) (BOTH SCREAMING) CAMRYN: I can't go forward! (SIGHING) Well, that worked. Somehow, I'm not surprised. CAMRYN: Are you sure this is it? ALEX: It has to be it. Everything looks the same. You know, except for the brick wall part. Well, maybe they remodeled. Which, you have to say, isn't the worst idea in the whole... Alex? Alex? Remember when I said there was an incident? Well, Ileana... I don't know about this. Don't you suppose they bricked this up for a reason? Yup, and I want to know what that reason is. - Just stay close. - Wait! You know when you go to a horror movie and there's always that stupid girl who goes inside the creepy house even though there are a gazillion signs saying, "Keep Out" and the whole audience is screaming, "Don't go in there"? - Yeah? - (WHISPERING) You're that girl. Wha... What was that? Nothing. Just a shadow. (WHOOSHING) (BOTH SCREAMING) (PANTING) Oh. There. I think we're safe. Hi. (BOTH SCREAM) Isn't there a spell you should be studying? - Well... - Uh... We were just, you know, checking out the new place, and, uh... - Yeah. - I have to say, you could use a couple more bathrooms. - Yeah. - Uh, Cam drew this. I used to draw all the time when I was your age. But don't you think it's kind of strange? It would be stranger if you hadn't. Thantos is many things, but he's not a fool. He's purposely trying to deceive you. This is Dad's study, isn't it? Yes, it was. It was his favorite place in the whole castle. It's just like he left it. What was he like? Please? You never talk about him. I don't know where to begin. He was funny and sweet and strong. I was just about your age when I met him at the Winter Festival. We ended up dancing the whole night together. And when it was over, he said he wanted to give me a present, so I would remember him forever. I could pick whatever I wanted. What did you ask for? A star from the north sky. (BOTH GASPING) - It's a real star. - Good gift. (MIRANDA CHUCKLES) I never told anyone that story. It was our secret. All right, it's getting late. You should get home. Bye, Mom. I think I'll sleep a little easier knowing you're safe in your own dimension. I know you're struggling. It's not Thantos who's been coming to me. It's Dad. I know it. I know that you believe that. But you're just gonna have to trust me. Okay. I'm sorry. I don't have any other choice. It's okay, honey. It's okay. I'm sure they're gonna be okay. I'm sure they'll be home anytime. (DAVID EXHALES) - Just let it go. - Don't tell me to let it go. I can't just... (DAVID CLEARING THROAT) So, no one thought to invent a telephone in this magical land of yours? Sorry. Yesterday, you go slog off in that swimming pool and you can't call? I took the closet, I'm sorry. Your... Your mother has been worried sick. Actually, your mother's just fine. But your father, well, he drained the pool. I'm sorry, Daddy. I still haven't mastered inter-dimensional communication. Oh, says the girl who can text, download, and talk on the cell phone - all at the same time. - He's not a multitasker. (WHISPERING) I can hear you. We are both very happy that you're both home safe and sound. Did you have fun? - Yes. - It was great. - The best. So much fun. - Uh, really fun. Yeah, it was awesome. Is there something that you're not telling us? No. Is there something that you're not telling us, because you know that we'll freak out and there's a chance your father's head will explode? - Yes. - Okay, well. Sleep well! (ALEX SIGHING) - What? That's... That's... That's it? - That's it. - Good night, Daddy! - Yeah, good night, Mr. Barnes. - DAVID: Uh, Alex. - Yeah? (SIGHING) You know, if you want, you can call me "Dad." Thanks. But, um, I'm good for now. Cool. - Wha... Where you going? - We forgot the car. (MRS. NORSENG WHISTLING) (MRS. NORSENG SCREAMING) (SIGHING) What if they're both still alive? - Who's still alive? - Aron and Thantos. Dad could've been hiding out in the Shadowlands this whole time, too. (MUFFLED CHATTER) - What? Too long? - Mmm-hmm. Camryn, I know it's been a long time, but that's what I wrote in my story. "Dad was weak and managed to escape Thantos, and he's been living "in the Shadows here ever since, watching over us." (MUFFLED CHATTER) People keep telling me that I have the gift of knowing, right? Well, guess what? I know that our father is still out there, and I'm not gonna destroy our hopes of ever seeing him again by doing some stupid spell. Are you sure you don't also have the gift of wanting? You always said you wanted a father. It's not true. Not even just a little? I mean, it's so... (WHOOSHING) Alex? (KNOCKING AT DOOR) MRS. NORSENG: Snickerdoodles! - Alex? - MRS. NORSENG: Snickerdoodles! - Alex? - Snickerdoodles! Snickerdoodles! Snickerdoodles! (GASPING) Is someone there? Look, if it's Thantos, if that's who you are, I'm not afraid of you. But, if it's my father, if it really is you. Well, we don't have much time. (SIGHING) I need a sign. I need something. (GASPS) It really is you. Miranda! Miranda! Miranda! - I was calling you. - I heard. Are you all right? What happened? It's Aron. He's here. In the castle, trapped in the Shadowlands. I know what you're going to say, but this wasn't Thantos. It couldn't be. I asked for a sign, and he drew me a star. - KARSH: A star? - Yeah. That's what he gave Mom the night they met. It was their secret. A star? That's so romantic. - What? You don't think I'm romantic? - No. A little. You gave me a bug. KARSH: Yeah, because you collect them. ILEANA: Well, now. You bring me... This is good news. Why aren't you happy? - We know where he is. We can... - Enough! I don't want to hear another word about your father. I never should have told you that story. Why won't you even consider the possibility that he might be alive? That they both might be alive? You very well might be right. They both may be out there. - We still have to do the spell. - What? No! How can you say that? I can't take the chance of Thantos regaining power. You'd never be safe. No one in Coventry would be safe. - But Dad... - Would want us to do this. No, he wouldn't. I know he wouldn't. You said the Vanquishing Spell would destroy everything in the Shadows. Alex, I'm trying to do what I think is best. Are you? And I suppose you thought taking away everyone's magic was also for the best. KARSH: (WHISPERING) Alex. I did. At the time. - You and your sister... - You know, just stop. (SCOFFS) You don't care about us. You don't even care about Aron. All you care about is your precious kingdom. Well, you know what? You can have it. I'm taking the next door out of this place. Oh, look. There's one now. Alex, the eclipse is almost upon us. Wait! - (WHISPERING) That was awkward. - (WHISPERING) Yup. Someday she's gonna understand. We don't have much time before the eclipse. Where's Camryn? At home. Well, her other home. With her parents. Her other parents. Mom. Mother. The other mother, is... She's not here. - Would you find her, please? - Oh, yeah. Ask her to talk to her sister. - We need them both here. - Yes. We're on it. On the way there, could we stop so I can change my shoes? I think they match perfectly. I have to talk to her? Why do I have to talk to her? Because you're her sister. (CAMRYN HUFFS ANGRILY) She'll listen to you. Have either of you met Alex? She's not so good on the listening or the sistering. And she took my lip gloss. Oh, she's such a little... Oh, there it is. ILEANA: Uh, Camryn, we don't have much time left. If Thantos breaks free of the Shadowlands, we're defenseless. Uh, but Miranda she's... Miranda is still too weak from her last battle with the Darkness. CAMRYN: Uh... ILEANA: And too proud to say so. The eclipse is our only chance of stopping him. - And all of Coventry is... - All of Coventry is counting on me, I know. I know. I know. Ooh. (KNOCKING ON DOOR) Sorry. I wanna help. I wanna do what's right. - I just don't know what the right thing is! - ILEANA: I think you do. You are a princess of Coventry. You can't just sit back and do nothing. You have to act. You have to govern. I'm sorry if that's not what you thought princessing was, but it is. - Whoa, tough love. - Thank you. - Yeah. - ILEANA: Oh, yeah. Look, it's not what I thought it would be, but, I like it. I like having responsibility, and I like having my life be about something. - And the tiara? - Love the tiara! So you'll help? I'll do more than help. I'll make sure she's there. Toodles. Wish me luck. Oh, wait. Let me do it. And I'm taking the next door out of here. Now that's how you conjure up a portal. (KARSH EX CLAIMS PAINFULLY) (GRUNTING) It's on my foot. - What are you doing? - Stop. - I... - You know what, Alex... Oh! ALEX: If your father actually means... CAMRYN: Well, don't run away from me! Well, looks like you stirred up quite a bit of dust in Twin Town. Uh, no, that has nothing to do with me. I mean, uh, Camryn wants Alex to go somewhere, and Alex isn't budging. Hmm. Well, give it a minute. Alex is so going. My Cammie tends to get everything she wants. Not everything. (SCOFFS) I'm gonna break this down for you. Here's sense. You? You're way over there in no-sense land. ALEX: Okay, then something definitely must be wrong, if you think you're the sensible one. So, you're just gonna pretend this isn't happening? How's that gonna help Dad, Alex? - Oh, like you even care, Camryn. - I care more than you do. Oh, please explain that logic to me. I care enough to stay. I care enough to try and figure out what's right. I know what's right. Then what are you doing here, Alex? If I knew, if I really knew like you say you do then I'd be doing everything in my power to try and help him. Okay. And how am I supposed to do that? Not a clue. I kind of only figured out that first part of my speech. (HUFFS ANGRILY) It doesn't matter. You're right. - Really? - Really. - Will you go with me? - Couldn't stop me if you wanted to. You don't want to, do you? - (STUTTERING) Um, did you just see? - (STUTTERING) See what? - Exactly. - Okay, um, so, later? (LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) Yeah, later. Okay. (GASPING) "Walking through wall spell." (SCOFFS) Too late for that. Where are you? (SIGHING) Where is he? Alex, we have called, pleaded, and hollered. Whatever you think you saw before isn't here. I don't know what else to do. - Dad, please help me. - We've got to go. - The eclipse is about to start. - No, Cam... Yes. We've got to do this. It's the only way to stop Thantos. It's going to be okay. We're gonna be together. It's our only op... (BOTH GASPING) Okay, a little scared. It's a book of spells. Still scared! He's here. He's trying to tell us something. It's a Freedom spell. It's a spell used to release spirits trapped in the Shadowlands. Alex, no. Now, I'm sure it's just Thantos. Please, let's just go! "The Power of the Sun And the Forces of the Moon." (CAMRYN SIGHING) It's almost the exact same spell. What's the last line of the Vanquishing Spell? Uh... "And Vanquish our Enemies in the Darkness that hides them." All right, yeah. Well, look. The only difference is that instead you say "And Free your Friends from the Darkness that binds them." We just have to substitute the last line. - But that's my line. - I know. You're the only one who can do this. - (EXHALES) Again, why me? - You have to. This is a sign. - I have to talk to Miranda. - No. You can't. (DOOR OPENS) We already know what she'll say. (GASPS) What are you doing in here? The eclipse is starting. You can't be late for these things. Alex, I really think we need to talk to Miranda. I know you. You'll do what's right. - Come on, people. - Well, I know... Those Shadows aren't gonna vanquish themselves. (GIRLS CHATTERING) ILEANA: Come on, let's go. Come on. KARSH: I am sick and tired of tracking the two of you down. Less than a minute. (ALL CHATTERING) KARSH: We're here! (SIGHING) Yes. Thank you. I knew you wouldn't let me down. ILEANA: Okay. Okay. Let's go. Come on. Okay, so the fate of everyone in Coventry is in your hands. Part of me wished that you'd never find them. Not too much pressure. Okay. Come on this way. No, to the right. Now, can we... Oh, no, you... You... You've gotta go this way. Do this, this way. - Hold on a minute. - ILEANA: No, no, no. No? Is it this way? All right, everyone, hurry! This has to be perfect! We don't get a second chance. (LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) Just relax. Miranda, the sun. Yes, thank you. I'm well aware. - (WHISPERING) Just breathe. - Come on. Oh, man, I love a good eclipse. Now, don't you wish this was our wedding? You know, it's so romantic. - Did you get popcorn? - Popcorn? Do you really think that's appropriate for this situation? Oh, come... How about licorice? It's time to vanquish evil once and for all. - Are you all right? - I'm fine. - Just a little nervous. - Yeah, I'm okay, too. You're doing the right thing. I know we are. You're gonna be great. Okay? Ready? (ALEX EXHALES) "The Power of the Sun "And the Forces of the Moon "Become one in our Quest, "To open the doors to the Shadowlands. (BOTH GASPING) "Let our light illuminate the eternal night "And leave no corner untouched. "So that we may... (BOTH PANTING NERVOUSLY) (THUNDER RUMBLING) "So that we may free our friends." We have to say it. We have to set him free. - They're gonna do a Freedom Spell. - They wouldn't. Come on. Say it. (THUNDER RUMBLING) "So that we may vanquish our enemies to the darkness that hides them." Cam! No! (KARSH YELPS) What have you done? I'm sorry. I had to. Thantos had to be stopped. But it wasn't Thantos. Do something! There's nothing I or anyone can do. You've unleashed the Light. It won't stop until it's searched through the Shadows and destroyed everything. Father! I've gotta warn him. He's gotta hide. No, nothing in the Shadows can hide now! - Alex! - Alex! Hurry! Hurry, the Light is coming. We did the Vanquishing Spell, and I can't stop it. Tell me what to do! Give me a sign or something. A Transfer Spell? "To transfer magic from one person to another." All right, um, I'll do it. Just... Just tell me how. It... It says that I have to touch you. SHADOW: (WHISPERING) Artemis. But, a Shadow won't work! (LIGHT WHIZZING) SHADOW: (WHISPERING) Artemis. We're too late. SHADOW: (WHISPERING) Artemis. SHADOW: (WHISPERING) Artemis. Artemis, now. "I give you everything." (SHRIEKS) Alex! Alex! Are you all right? I did it. I saved Dad. I gave him my magic. Thantos. In the flesh. Miss me? I'm sorry. I was so sure... Bad, bad Thantos. (CLICKING TONGUE) Preying on the hope and insecurities of the innocent. I should probably stop doing that. (SIGHING) And yet, nothing brings me greater joy. You won't get away with this. Oh, but I already have. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'd like to finish off my brother before the Light does. - He's getting away. - No, no, no. Did you hear that? You were right. Dad's still alive. Come on, we have to go find him. - But he can be anywhere. - Not anywhere. What you wrote in your journal was true. Aron's been with us all along. There's only one place he can be. Okay. Dad? Are you here? (EMILY SCREAMING) Mom! (CAMRYN SCREAMS) Hurry! Mom, are you okay? What happened? Thantos, he wanted my shadow. Your poor father. - Daddy! - Mr. Barnes! Here, help him up. (ALL GRUNTING) EMILY: Here, honey. I put up a good fight. - But where's Thantos? - I just... (MRS. NORSENG SCREAMING) (DAVID SCREAMS) EMILY: Honey, here. You'll be all right. - How do you know that? - I don't. It's just what I say. (CRASHING) DAVID: Honey? - Would you... - I am. (MRS. NORSENG BABBLING) You may go. Just make sure you leave your shadow behind. (MRS. NORSENG SCREAMING) Hiding out in a little old lady's shadow? I'm truly disappointed. I quit! Hello, Brother. You don't look so good. I think I should finish what I started 21 years ago. (ARON GROANS) Dad! - It's locked. - Stand back! (EX CLAIMING) What kind of princess school do you go to? I take Tae kwon do. - Upstairs. - Right. They have to be in Coventry. Where else would he have... (BOTH SIGHING) He must have locked the portal from the other side. - How are we gonna get to Coventry? - I think I know another way. Cam! Wait, Cam! (CAMRYN AND ALEX SCREAMING) Next time, I'll walk. Hurry! The eclipse is still happening. Run! Come on! - We can still save Dad. - ILEANA: Your dad's still alive! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! No, wait, no, no, no! (BOTH EX CLAIM PAINFULLY) - The old protector spell trick, huh? - Yeah, it gets us every time. - Well, not us. - Hmm? - I mean, it's gotten you. It's never... - No, I think it's kind of missed... No, I have never... BOTH: Now is not the time. Thantos cast a spell and locked us out. The castle can only be opened from the inside now. But how did Thantos escape the light and get his power back? The how doesn't matter. The why was very noble. Thank you. (THUNDER RUMBLING) It's down here! Come on. Let's go, let's go! The door's down there. Listen, hey, could I get that chicken salad, a little mustard... - KARSH: Ileana, come on! - Where is he? Where's Thantos? He's taking Aron up to the North tower. - Demetri, how did you open the door? - Miranda gave us our magic back. And, yeah, you're right, it is a lot harder than it looks. Come on. - You were so brave. - See? Now that was impressive. Did now seem like the best time for that? Oh, you so like him. (ARON GRUNTING) Bad day for you, Brother. One daughter unleashes the Vanquishing Spell, the other gives your mortal enemy all her power. (CLICKING TONGUE) Kids, what are you gonna do? CAMRYN: Out of the way! ILEANA: Oh! Sorry. I didn't bring you up here to make small talk. I brought you up... CAMRYN: Hurry. ALEX: Okay. - I alone rule Coven... - Stay away from him! (GRUNTING) (GROANING) - Dad! - Girls, stop! Let us handle this. - All right, I have a plan. Okay. - Okay, I'll distract him. You should come in from the side. (BOTH SCREAMING) ALEX: Karsh! CAMRYN: Ileana! Don't let go! Me, don't let go? You don't let go! Hey, did you remember to mail the invitations? - Ileana! - What? Actually, no, I didn't. I've been a little busy lately. Well, maybe it's for the best. Thantos! This is good. I was afraid you might miss this special moment. As soon as the sun comes out from behind the moon, your beloved husband and father will be no more. (ARON GROANING) I'm not gonna let you get away with this. But I'm afraid there's nothing you can do about it, your Majesty. You seem to have your hands full. No! (ALEX SCREAMING) Alex! (CAMRYN GASPING) No! (LAUGHING EVILLY) (SCREAMING) Ah, such a shame when children get in the middle of family squabbles. (EX CLAIMING PAINFULLY) - Just hold on! - To what? (ARON GRUNTING) (ALEX GRUNTING) - Dad! - No! Stay back! Ooh, gladly. It's too late for you to do anything now. He has nothing left. Now, I know you'll never understand. With us here, he has everything left. ALL: "We give you everything." No! (THANTOS GRUNTS) Dad! Thank you. Thank you. (GROWLING) Watch out! (THANTOS SCREAMING) BOTH: Loser. (ARON CHUCKLING) You were right. This kind of bond is something he could never understand. KARSH: Hello! ILEANA: Hey! How's it going up there? - KARSH: A little help, please! - Hi! (ARON LAUGHING) Seriously, we don't have a flying spell! Come to think of it, we don't... We don't have a landing spell, either! I don't know how long this gargoyle can hold us. (BELLS TOLLING) And do you, Karsh, take the lovely Ileana to be your lawful wedded wife? I do! Yeah, absolutely. (ALL LAUGHING) ARON: And do you Ileana take the handsome Karsh... You look great. Oh, you know you love it. Yeah, you're right. I kind of love it. ILEANA: Of course I do. ARON: Well, we certainly got lucky with the weather, didn't we, everyone? I just wanna say, uh, does anyone have any objections (DONKEY BRAYING) As to whether the lovely Ileana... I know. They grow up so fast, don't they? (BRAYING) I hear you. Well, may we have the rings now, please? - Oh, yes. - BOTH: You are my favorite. CAMRYN: Oh. I can't believe you're not more freaked out about this. What is there to be freaked out about? (SIGHING) I'm just jealous she has this much space in the back of her closet. Aw. - We now pronounce you husband... - And wife. Okay. You may now kiss the bride. Oh! Right! Okay. Okay. - We shouldn't go head on... - Why? Because our noses are not helping. - What? No, did you say it was big? - No, no, no. - ILEANA: Are you sure? You don't? - I don't think it's big. No, not at all. I just... BOTH: (WHISPERING) Kiss her. Uh, okay, okay. Okay. (ALL CHEERING) (DONKEY BRAYING) - Rose petals? - Yeah, I know. Disgusting. It was the twins' idea. I can't believe you did that to my mother. I don't think she's ever looked lovelier. - That was lovely. - No, that was weird. No, David. How could you say that? Yes, that was weird. No, no, I got it. - No wait. You... But your... - No, I need. Mrs. Karsh and I are going to start a book club. Well, you finally know how your fairytale ends. - I never doubted it had a happy ending. - You so doubted it. You were like the princess of doubt. - What? - Yes. - Me? - Mmm-hmm. - No, that was you. - So not true. - Your tiara slipped. - ALEX: Oh. (GIGGLING) - Ah, well. I think we look fabulous. - You think? Mmm-hmm. BOTH: Go, twitches! Go, twitches! ALL: Go, twitches! Go, twitches!