Who's Your Caddy? Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Who's Your Caddy? script is here for all you fans of the Faizon Love movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Who's Your Caddy? quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

And swing on back to Drew's Script-O-Rama afterwards -- because reading is good for your noodle. Better than Farmville, anyway.

Who's Your Caddy? Script

 I came from the bottom 

 I made it to the top 

 And I'm married to the game,
and this game don't stop 

 Coming to your town
to invade your block 

 Yo, we live from the hood,
taking over your spot 

 I came from the bottom,
I made it to the top 

 I'm married to the game,
and this game don't stop 

 I'm gonna drop 

 Whatever I drop is hot 

 It's gonna rock 

 Got so much money,
now I can't be stopped 

 Follow me
while I take you on an odyssey 

 I'm gettin' dollars, see,
can't nothin' bother me 

 Green grass, yeah,
blowin' on the hood 

 Million-dollar caddy
call me Tiger Woods 

... from the bottom, I made it to the top 

 I'm married to the game,
and this game don't stop 

 Coming to the your town
to invade your block 

 We live from the hood,
takin' over your spot 

 I came from the bottom,
I made it to the top 

 I'm married to the game,
and this game don't stop 

 Coming to your town
to invade your block 

 We ride from the hood,
takiní over your spot 

 Yo, drop 

Nice ride

- Whatís up, my guy?
- Whoa, C-Note, Im a huge fan

- Is that right? Okay
- Yeah

Whatís up, G?
Hey, who on tour this week?

Gnarls Barkley

Can you hook my boy up
with some backstage passes?

I think he tryin to get
his pimp thing together

Hey, thanks a lot

All right? Peace, buddy

- Hey
- How you doing?

You still breast feed?

Well, it ain't the Southside

- No
- Sure ainít

You got to be kidding

Is this the caliber of person
we want in the club?

With all due respect, Mr Cummings,

he was the President of
United States

An unfortunate accident

And besides, I cant stand the wife

Denied Next?

Oh, hmm, dykes on spikes

Iím led to believe he does have
a very successful talk show

Denied Next?

Whatís happening, players?

Whatís the burning in here?
- What y'all smokin on?

- Blip pow
- All right

I call you back

And how you doin?

May I help you?

Yes, I want to get an application
for membership

You don't just apply
for membership here

You have to be invited

Your eyes blue?

Ooh, I bet they be tryin to kiss you
in the mouth


Mr Cummings, we have a problem

Thereís no problem

- Uh
Hell, no

That ainít the Rev

I didnít know Al Sharpton was a member
Whatís happening?

We in the right place?

How may we help you?

Im in desperate search
of an application, sir

Uh, well
take them to the Caddy Master

We always have a spot in the yard

for an enterprising young man
who can carry a bag

- What?
- What?

Did he call you a nigger?

- Uh...
- You want me to carry a bag?

If youíd prefer,
you could work in the stables

- Horses?!
- How are you with a shovel?

- Shovel?!
- He just said,

Nigger, shovel that horse shit

- Meto shovel horse shit?
- Its honest work

G, could you please school
this nine-ball on who hes talking to?

Yes, I will
Gentlemen, step back!

Shout it

You are in the presence
of a multi-platinum greatness

Preach that shit!

The impresario of hip-hop

- Bam!
- The godfather of modern rap

- Bam!
- The artist formerly known as


- Tell it, girl
- Christopher C Hawkins,

the one, the only, C-Note



Im sorry, Mr Note

I... I don't watch much MTV

As you can see,

were in the middle
of reviewing candidates

for membership, so

Well, we just in time
Sign me up

Im afraid it doesn't work
that way

You see, we have
a very stringent application process


Can I get a stringent on the rocks?

Okay, G, could you please show him
some love for me one time

- How's a million?
- Memberships only 500,
Keep the rest as a gratuity,

you know, for letting us
circumvent your stringent process

You feel me?

No, I don't feel you

This is a very exclusive club

We have a five-year waiting list

A five-year waiting list

of over 600 very qualified candidates

Very qualified

We only have 180 members

I can assure you, Mr Note,

there is not a chance in hell
that you will be number 
You feel me?

Thatís cold, my brother

Im not your brother

Thatís some astringent shit

Please show Mr Note and his friends
to the exit

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
Hey, this some bullshit

Were gonna talk
to Johnny Cochran about this

Hes dead

Oh, wait a minute
You killed Johnny Cochran?

You moron

Hes dead?

Lets ride

- Lets go
- This is astringent

- All this is astringent
Yeah, we comin back

We comin back
with more black people

Well be talkin to you soon

Step outside,
well be astringent

Come on here, girl
Thank you

Great party house

on one of the best streets
in Carolina Pines

Location, location, location, right?

Oh, it has a six-car garage,
plenty of parking for all your guests,

and more square footage
than youíll know what to do with

Oh, Tom Cruise lives
two doors down

His lot size is much smaller

Now, cant you just hear the blender
whipping up a batch of Margaritas

while youíre kicking back,
catching some rays with your bitches

- Your what?
- Bitches

Watch your mouth, buddy

Oh, bitches, pretty girls, I get it
Im down with that

I could just smell those lines being cut

Are you pickin up
what Im puttin down?

You feel me, donít ya?

All right, lets move on

If I havenít sold you already,
give me one more chance

because this is
the piŤce de rŤsistance

You have the entire
Carolina Pines Golf and Country Club

right here in your back yard

Oh, and that...

that right there is the 17th hole,

made famous
when Jack Nicklaus called it the

Best hole in all of golf

Yes, youíre a fan

Everybody knows Jacks the man

Yeah, but all about Tiger

- Hes so cute
- Hey, G, how we looking?

That was my contact
at the County Registrars office

Everything checks out
We good

All right
Well take it, all cash offer

Tell your client I need to close
by the end of business tomorrow

- Can you do that?
- Oh, fabulous

You are really going to spice things up around

You bring the sugar

- Honey
- Hmm?

I have a lesson with the golf pro today

Thatís fine, honey

Just keep your head down
and keep your eyes on the ball

What do you think
about what Im wearing?

Uh, yeah its perfect


I think I wear this

it wont restrict my swing

Well, thatís perfect, honey

Just remember,

keep your head down
and your eyes on the ball

So when will you make a decision?

Within the next three weeks

Well, I think I speak
for everyone here at Carolina Pines

when I say
we would love to host the US Open

We did have
a successful tournament here,

the year that Jack Nicklaus
shot a 62 on the last day

Oh, yeah, he had a good round

its only two strokes
off my course record

Did I ever tell you about that?

Just last week

- Never grows old, sir
- Yeah

Did you hear something?

Uh, I think its coming
from the 17th, over there

Come on, girls, give it to me now

Stay close

- Sexy
-  Thatís right 

- Oh
-  Burn, man 

- Shit
-  Uh-huh, now

-  Im back 
- Oh, I love my job

 Im your fireman,
fire, fa, fireman 

 I got that fire, Im hollering 

 I got that fire, come and try me 

 You can spark it up,
and Im-a put you out 

 Ainít nobody fucking
with me man 

 Heatman, Ski Mask,
spending next weeks cash, he fast 

-  And I donít even need a G pass 
- Shake what your mamma gave ya, yeah

 Im passing em out now

 And you cant have that 

 And my chain Toucan Sam that 

 Tropical colors you cant match that 

 Gotta be abstract 

- Oh, how yíall...
-  You catch my gal legs open 

-  Betta smash that 
- Cut!

What the hell are you doing
in my golf course?

Shootin a music video
What it look like?

It looks to me like trespassing

It does look like trespassing

And youíre the one
thatís doin the trespassing

Now, get your monkey ass
off my property

Your property?

You see that line?

It represents
the property line of that estate

Now, 99 years ago your club
leased the land from the owner of record

That 99-year lease expired yesterday,
and was not renewed

One acre belonging to Carolina Pines

reverted back to the owner
of that property

Guess who closed escrow yesterday?


How much do you want?

Oh, it ainít about the money

I don't wanna beat you up
on the land at all

All I want is a membership,
and I sign everything over to you

I never get that past the board

All right, girls,
were going commando style

Everybody take off your tops

Whoa, whoa, whoa...
All right, I try

I do what I...
You got a deal

Donít play with me, though

I keep you up
way past your bedtime deal?

All right, everybody back to one
Here we go, girls

And action!

-  Yeah, yeah 
- Uh, Im sorry, Frosty

Just a slight misunderstanding

Is he a member?

No I assure you, no

I be back in three weeks
to make my final decision

Well make this our little secret,

but if I find out that this
is how you run your club, Cummings,

the only thing youíll be hosting
is a Bud Light commercial

I like those Bud Light commercials...
funny and creat...

Iím all over it, sir

Can I go back and watch
for a little bit?



Id like to introduce you
to Miss Shannon Williams

Hello Nice to meet you all

Iíve hired Miss Williams
to handle the C-Note situation

She comes highly recommended

Graduated top of her class
from Harvard,

law degree from Columbia

Miss Williams

Im not going to waste your time

He owns the property legally
and outright,

and you have
no legal recourse to get it back

Now, the way I see it
is you have two choices...

Take his offer or buy him out

- Harrington?
- Well, yes, its a complex scenario...

- Well buy him out
- Well buy him out

As you legal counsel,
I would advise against it

If I were you, Id take his offer

- Not an option
- Not an option, no

May I ask why?

Hes a... hes a rapper

Not quite our class, dear

This is not a strip club
its a golf and polo club

its gentlemanís club

Well, its gonna cost you

Throw some money at him,
Miss Williams,

and make him go away

Thatís right

So what I need you to do
is call your boys,

crunch the numbers and yíall
gotta make this thing work for me

I donít think its working
on the bill, you now

You either want to be
part of the team or you donít

Toodles Jackass

Sorry to interrupt you, C,
but we have here a Ms Williams,

and sheís a


Can I interest you
in something to drink?

No, thank you
This is a business call

- Water?
- No

- Kool Aid?
- No

- Juice?
- No, thank you, Mr Hawkins

All right, cool
Have a seat


We gotta give you a hand

- Smart play
- How's that?

Sending a beautiful, voluptuous,
honey-caramel-complexioned sister here

to do battle with the big bad brother
from the streets

Mr Hawkins,
youíre hardly from the streets

You went to Dartmouth

You graduated
with a bachelor degree in business,

a minor in English lit

- Hmm
- You played lacrosse for the Big Green

Rightwing, wasnít it?

So this gangsta rap thing cover up
that you got going

wont get any play with me

Well, either you know
how to Google real good,

or somebody done did their homework

Well, I like to know
who Im dealing with

So were dealing now

Yes, Im authorized
to settle this dispute

All I want is the membership

I donít know nothing
about no dispute

My client was under duress
and made a rash verbal commitment

Hed like to honor his word but alter it

Oh, this ainít about the money

I know
its about sticking it to the man

So whatís the number?

There is no number

Come on
Everybody has a price

Girl, you done brought me a gift?

Yes, we did

Three million dollars?

Thatís grocery money, baby

Now, the property alone is worth
five million in a soft market

You do the math
You tryin to play me?

Im not trying to play you

I just want to settle this
So what will it take?

I want a membership,

and I wanna
stick it to the man

And the deal is done

 You know it could happen,
it don't happen

 Till it happen, when it happen

-  You gonna wish it never did 
-  Hey! 

Thatís the 458, man

You got the where the 622 should be

its stupid its stupid!

Are you sure you wont reconsider?

Well, I donít know

You might have to tell your boss man,
sir, that I ainít gonna change my mind

Lookin good

Bam, check it out

Whatís up?

Plasma screen televisions,
X- Box 360,

30-gig mega... rrrrr
with a rrrr hard drive

so you can download the
Navigation system
so you can ghost-ride the whip

-  Ghost-ride the whip 
-  Ghost-ride the whip 

-  Ghost-ride the whip 
-  ghost-ride the whip 

 Ghost-ride the whip 

 Now, freeze 

Let it go

- Bill me, baby
- What you know about that?

- Whatís happenin?
-  You know it could happen 

- Yeah!
-  It don't happen

 Till it happen when it happen,
you gonna wish it never did 

 You know it could happen

 It don't happen
till it happen when it happen

 You gonna wish it never did 

So how much it cost me?

Nothing Hes not interested
in your money

This is not acceptable,
Miss Williams

I need you to kid-glove this guy,
you know, speak his language,

you know, wine and dine him

Mr Cummings, I am a lawyer,
not a street hooker

I didnít mean to insult you,
Miss Williams

Im just up against it

Exactly what are you up against?

His lifestyle has jeopardized
our chances of hosting the US Open

The USGAs going to be here
in three weeks to make their decision,

and I need this guy gone

I will not let a low-life street thug ruin everything
Iíve worked so hard for

So give him a membership

Have you not been listening
to what Iíve been saying?

According to your bylaws,

all new members are on probation
for the first four weeks

I like where youíre heads at

If he even breaks one rule,
the slightest infraction,

Yeah, he wont last one day

And then youíll have grounds
for dismemberment

Oh I like the sound of that

I thought you would

Have a good day

Whoa, Killah Ink

Hey, Mr C
Whatís happening, baby?

I have to hand it to you,
Mr Hawkins

- That was a heck of an entrance
- Who got next?

Show me the money
Show me the channel, baby

Show me that cheese
Get in where you fit in

Money talkin, bullshitwalkin

We doin it just like the strip clubs
You got to pay to play, baby

How you feelin, kid?
You ready to sink this thing or what?

- Nothing but net
- Call the shot, Caddy Mack

Okay, boys, listen up
Hereís the shot

Off the ice machine, into the pole,

off the fire extinguisher,
into the ball washer,

bounce, bounce, bounce,
into the vending machine,

into the bucket

Easy like Sunday morning, baby

Now, you good, Mick-o,
but you ainít that good

You guys, step back for me, huh?

Hey, what kind of odds
are yíall layin down

- Whatís up? What you doin, hustler?
- Whatís up, baby?

- Hey, old timer How ya doin, bro?
- Hey

- Good to see you, man
- Whoo, how's your mom?

- Doin good, man
- Well, you give her my best

- Will do, will do
- Yo, yo, my man

Why donít you did deep
in your pockets

and get into this game?

Boy, you still out here
hustling them greens?

Is water still wet?

Does a bear shit in the woods
and wipe his ass with a white rabbit?

Youíre damn right
Im still reading them, baby

Well, I tell you what
Ten to one

my man right here
slams it home, baby

If you wanna rake some easy cash,
Id take that bet

Im gonna make it
even sweeter for you

I want a stack

Thatís a stizzle on my nizzle
for the whizzle

Thatís the win if you know that one

Make it light on yourself, baby

Come on, baby
Come on, come on, baby


- Bam!
- Money!

That boy got game

Tiger who?
Tiger mother-lovin who


 Throws some Ds on that 

 Just bought a Cadillac 

 Rich Boy sellin' it 

 All them haters wanna jack 

 Tight, no stick,
just bought a Cadillac 

 Throw some Ds on that 

 Just bought a Cadillac 

 Throw some Ds on that b... 

Throw some Ds on that ho!

Sweet ride

Wilson, shut up

- Sorry
- Man, you look like the Easter Bunny

Mr C, Mr C, I didnít know
they made them pants for men

I thought they was womenís britches

Look like a red-headed bitch
with a blue sweater on

Quiet on the tee

I love it

Now its time to play some golf

 You know,
cash boys, the music man

 Yeah, let me tell you
why I'm undefeated 

 I'm the best at this game 

 lost one as soon as you
stepped in this lane 

 Told y'all, showed y'all
I was the one 

 Spittin' flames,
shinin' bright as the sun

 So I rock my ice just to cool y'all 

 Do you know how much money
this jewelry costs? 

 Hold onto that thought,
I'm B-A-D 

 Starvin' MCs I E-A-T

 Now, y'all couldn't beat us,
even if you cheat us 

 On the golf course
in my Adidas 

 I'm far side,
it's all right 

 On the green, gettin' high
as I shoot the par-fives 

 Stop cry in',
what's all the fuss about? 

 Like MTV, I'll burn this house 

 Might get mad, flip,
freakin' cuss you out 

 Like you a bad mutha,
shut your mouth 

 I won this game like a champion

 'Cause I'm always doin'
what can't be done 

 Another hole-in-one
when I hit the tee 

 On a winnin' spree,
call it a victory 

 I won this game like a champion

 And I'm always doin'
what can't be done 

 Another hole-in-one
when I hit the tee 

 On a winniní spree,
call it a victory 

 He don't talk the name about it... 

Oh, Mulligan!

Can I give you a piece of advice?

Take it back low and slow

And then when you come through
and hit the ball,

just donít try to kill it

I gotcha

Whoo! Yeah

Nice call

- Whoís your caddy?
- You

Ride up front with your boy
Lets go, yíall

 I won this game like a champion 

 Another hole-in-one
when I hit the tee 

 On a winnin spree,
call it a victory 

Uh, give me my 60-degree wedge

Check this out

Is that a Nos system?

You better believe it
Want me to give it some juice?

- Yeah
- Hey, yo, B, hold on

- What?
- Iím-a count you down

Three, two, one


Slow down!






Hey, boy



You stupid

- Here, come on
- How would you say, 50 feet?

Hey, Mr C,

whatíd you shoot today, baby?

Uh, I only got one hole in

So that means you shot a low score


That looks scrumptious-ssss

Well, its She Crab Soup

its our signature dish
You really should try some, sir

I will


Hey my-guy,
whatís your name, buddy?

Wilson, sir

Nah, donít call me sir
The names Christopher

Sorry, sir... I mean, Christopher, sir...
I mean... I like you

All right, Dice Clay Jr, sir

Holler at your boy, Mr C!

Holler at ya, Miss

 Freedom gonna come some day 

 Freedom, oh, oh 

You see something you like?

You better keep looking
at the man in the mirror


I know I got a bangin body
I got it goin on

 You must like what you see 

 You must like what you see 

 Cause you see a brother like me 

 Huh, huh, huh,
and Im-a break it down 

 Im-a break it down 

 And when I wanna stop 

 Back to the beat 

 Bam, bam, bam 

Look, I know it looks big,
but its only three inches

from the back wall

How's your mamma and them?

Oh, oh, oh

This is a nice-ass pad

Whatís happenin, baby

Yeah, if you like turned-up collars
with polo ponies and pink-striped pants

- Which we donít
- Which we donít

Now, whatís this, though?
Trophies, anyone?

Okay, not only do they have trophies,
they got a pimp cup

Look at this, the Inglewood pimp cup

- Hmm
- Look, they put your balls in a glass

I donít see no pictures of my boy Tiger

Nah, no negras hear

We got goin?

Nah, hold up
Thatís a brother right there, isnít it?

No, thatís just a caddy

Hey, what up, Christopher?

I hear youíre getting
your jacket tonight, man

- Thatís tight
- Whatís up, baby boy?

Watch a doin?

Your dads got
a lot of hardware around here

Looks like
he the club champion up in here

Yeah He cheats

Whatís this right here?

Carolina Classic?

Its the biggest polo tournament
in the country

- You play?
- I suck

- Can anybody play?
- If you got the bankroll, yeah

Hey, gang, I think its time
we bought ourselves a polo team

- G, you got me?
- I got you

Call Ralph
Party, people!

- Yeah
- Horse?

- Horses
- Iím not riding on a horse

Ladies and gentlemen,

as you know, the jacket ceremony
for new inductees here at Carolina Pines

is a sacred tradition

So lets get to it

Pray all assembled,
please raise your glasses

And join me in welcoming
our first inductee...

Mr Carson Courtemarche

- Oh, hell no, hell no
- Whatever

You got a big-ass head, brother

Look at that big-ass head

Boo, boo, boo
You got a shiny forehead

Chump Nice haircut

Uh I have no words to describe
our next inductee

Ainít no words!

- Damn right
- Ainít no words

So lets welcome
Mr Christopher Hawkins

Yo, C!
C! C! C! C!

Yeah, walk it off!
- C! C!

- Its about time
- C! C! C! C!

- Walk it off!
- Bam!

Bam! Bam! Bam!

- Killah Ink!
- Bam! Whoo-hoo!

Youíre doin it
Youíre lookin good

Youíre lookin good

Uh, unfortunately,
I have a little bit of bad news

Uh-oh, somebody pregnant

Mr Hawkins, your membership
has been officially revoked

- Revoked?

- Did he say nigger?
- This donít make no sense

Hold on one second Back up, stiff

Hold on, khaki-man
Hold on, hold on one minute

What do you mean, revoked?

Enlighten him, Miss Williams

Who is Miss Wilson?

Mr Hawkins, you have violated
several of the clubs bylaws

If you please turn your attention
to the plasma screen

- Court TV
- Here we go

Violation number one,
rule 729-
No personal or commercial aircrafts
may land on the course

except in case of emergency

Hold on, Ronald Reagan Jr

If you see the plasma, you see
the chopper didnít even touch the grass

Didnít even touch the ground, lady

Oh, yeah, oh yeah
I didnít even see that

Can you say hovering?

Its a technicality

We are getting technical, aren't we?

Violation number two,
section E, rule 12...

What did he do now,
proper light skin?

Thirty-six, dash 
No firearms are permitted
on the premises

No, hold up, hold up

- Iím will whoop her ass
- Excuse me, dog

This is signed by the mayor

The permit to carry my weapon
wherever and whenever I would like to

- Forgery

The potato salad was a forgery

- No, Mr Mayor
- My signature

- Anything else?
- But... what about that... that monstrosity?

- Thatís Big Large
- He almost killed me

Is that against the rules, too?

You are a disgrace to every member
whoís come before you

Youíre not fit to wear
the Carolina Pines crest

What does this mean?

- Daddy?
- What?

Oh, shoot

Sweet Jesus

Excuse me, honey
Excuse me

What does this mean?

 What does it mean? 

Hes not fit to wear
the Carolina Pines crest?

- Preach on it!
- Go on, Reverend!

Does this mean hes not the right size?

In the words of Whitney Houston,
Hell to the no!

Or is it about something else,
something more sinister?

- Holler!
- Cause this is surely not about

guns and golf carts

Tell it!
- This is not about rules and infractions

No, no, no
This here is about black and white

- Free Mandela!
- Thatís what Im talkin about!

This is about rich and poor

Thereís a lot of rich,
not enough poor in here

Why cant a soul brother

- walk these fairways, huh?
- Amen!

Why cant a soul brother
be Capn Crunch?

 I wanna know


Capn Crunch

Captain Crunch?

He in the zone
Preach, little preach!

If you strip this brother of his jacket,

you will strip yourselves
of your very souls


hoola-nah-nah shunna

Now I ask you

are you going to take away
this beautiful brothers dream?

- Mm-mmm
- Hmm?

 What did the man say? 

I think not because if you do,
I will sue the living...

- Shit!
- Out of you

Can I get a amen?


- Amen

Holler if you hear me

Peace out!

 Come on

 Fire's gonna leave it low now

- Here we go!
- Yes!

Who the hell was that?

Yeah, I told you
we was gonna get in, baby, all day

Hey, C-Note,
I just wanna say, man,

I was really impressed
with how you handled my father

Iíve never seen anyone
diss him like that

Well, Im gonna tell you something
Ainít nobody scared of your daddy

You know what Im talkin about?

All right, what he do?
What he do?

What up? What up?

Whatís happening?

The boys wanna take the chopper
into the city and party You in?

Yíall go ahead and do that
I catch up with yíall in a minute

Ainít she
a little Abercrombie and Bitch for you?

Girl, you crazy Yíall have fun

- Crazy
- All right

My girlfriend Rashida
gets off the pole in 
Shout me a holler, C!

So check this out

You wanna come to the city
and party with us?

I donít know I mean,
are they gonna have shotguns there?

Front seat

All right



-  She's so cinematic 
- Mmm

 She's so cinematic 

 She's turned me to an addict 

 Got me addicted to her 

 To her, to her, to her, to her 

-  To her, to her, to her 
- Ooh

 Ooh, yeah shawty so cinematic 

 I spit a little game
just to get the rabbit 

 It's me on the microphone,
I've been an addict 

 Yo, pimp yo' rabbit,
I could pimp your static 

Yo, how you been doin?

Welcome to the club

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Where you goin?

Hey its a nice jacket

You earned it

You know I donít back down
for nothing

I donít expect you to

Why don't we stop this

me versus you and

together take a little break and...

Take a break?

Get to know one another,
be friends or something

You know, hang?

- Hang
- Rent a movie

I got T-shirts, footies

Id rather scratch

We got some hood in us after all
Let me find out

Good-night, Mr Hawkins

Id rather say good-morning


 Sheís so cinematic 

 Sheís so cinematic 

 She's turned me to an addict 

 Got me addicted to her 

 To her, to her, to her 

 To her, to her, to her, to her 

I like country clubs


Looks like I ainít the only one
out here breaking the rules

Yeah, well, this is the only time
I get a chance to practice

What are you practicing for?

I just love the game

If you have that much love for the game, youíll have
to get a new bag of sticks

They work for me

Oh, they sure do

Holler at your boy, man


 We ain't done, son


 Ha ha 

 Don't make that booty clap 

 Don't make that booty clap 

 We gonna make that booty clap 

 Gonna make that booty clap 

 Girl, don't make that booty clap 

 Don't make that booty clap 

 We gonna make that booty clap 

 Gonna make that booty clap 

 You ain't gonna do it 

 You ain't gonna... 

You like her, donít you?

If my father knew I was here,
hed shit a golf ball

You wanna slap that ass?

Think I do

You have to know you do

You wanna... you wanna slap that ass?

I do

Whose ass is it?



its your ass

its mine?

Okay, you better get your...

Its Tank, baby, in the flesh

Long time, no see

- Tank?
- Yeah

I thought you got life

Oh, no, baby
Im out, Im out


Think I could slap it?

I mean, not like a tiger,
but like a teddy bear

Tigers play too rough

So slap it like a nice teddy bear

You been lifting weights?

Oh, Id rather be lifting you, girl

Oh, I know
Well, you know I cut out the protein

- Iím eating a lot of sugar
- Oh, yeah

its time to get
some of this chocolate going

Uh-huh Oh, you want that chocolate?

Uh-huh, carve it up?

Yeah, melted, uh-huh
Ooh, girl

Lets pick up where we left off,

but there ainít gonna be
no police this time, all right?

Okay You know, Tank

All right I lifted that restraining order

its all... its all good
Wont be no cops

Come on Whoo!

- Iím gonna do it
- You feel it?

Im gonna do it I feel it

- Do it Slap it
- Do it

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
There you go!

Pop it one time


Donít tease me, baby
Iíve got a long fuse, girl

- I work it, I work it
- Come on, come on

Bring it on

Back it up, back it up

Oh! Oh!

I think Im pregnant!
I think Im pregnant!

Youíre not popping it enough

There you go
Thatís it Whoa!

 We ain't done, son

What do you want?

A little help

A little help?

Yeah, what do you mean, little?

Uh I mean, I have a small job

Small? What do you mean small?

Are you trying to disrespect me?

No, no, no, I meant no disrespect

Hey, check this out, big man

Come on, now
Does this look small to you, huh?

Im sorry
My bad

Uh, word on the street is
you the man

to see about a... a job

What are we talking about?

A hundred

- large
- Now youíre speaking my language

Whoís the mark?

Christopher Hawkins

C- Note?

I want him gone

- Gone permanently?
- Or just gone

I want him out of my life


Consider him gone

Youíll get the other half
when the job is done

Hey, ma

Donít you Hey, mamma me

I ainít seen you in eight days,
and you skipped church last week

Iíve been busy

Too busy to come see your mamma?

Nah, its just work, thatís all

Gangsta rap
Thatís what you call work, baby?

Its just what I do
You know, you gotta roll with it, now

I roll with it when you grow up,

meet yourself a nice little girl
and settle your butt down somewhere

I have you know
I think I mightíve found me one


I hope its not one of them little
nasty video skank types again

Sheís a lawyer

A lawyer, huh?

Now youíre swimming in deep water
Whatís she like?

She shot me down tonight

Not impressed with your money, huh?

- Guess not
- I like her already

Whatís that? Im hungry
You got enough for me?

What do you think?
I always got enough for you

Go sit down
I make you a plate


My god

Smell that fresh air
Such a beautiful day for golf

its goin down

You know, this is the whole

that Jack Nicklaus eagled
to win the US Open

I know
I was there

Lt was like 20 years ago

Yeah, my dad caddied for him

Your dad is Bobby Hawkins?


Hes a legend around here

And I heard
that he shot the course record

Well, it was a 59 unofficially

Cummings was never going to let
a caddy take the record away from him

Is that what this is all about?

No I just love the game, my friend

Grab that flag over there for me

I show you how we do this here

What about you?

What about me?

Well, you should be playing
the game for a living

instead of toting my bag


Well, you know,
someday comes and goes

quicker than you think

You gotta chase it

Lets take it in

 We came to set the party off

 I came to set the party off

 You came to set the party off

 Hey, pimp, get a girl... 

 Get a pimp, get a girl 

 Get a pimp, get a girl 

 Get a pimp, get a girl 

 Let's get this party off

Mmm, delicious

Yeah, Im glad you like it

its my special recipe

 Do you like what I'm seeing'? 

 Mix up the black
and the white Puerto Rican

 Even some European 

 Straight out of Compton

 Here's the crazy bother
name Ice Cube 

 From the stupid dope gang
with a attitude 

- Oh, Jesus
-  When I'm called off

 I got a sawed off

 Kick knowledge
and bodies are hauled off

 You, too, boy if ya get with me 

- Wilson!
- Sup?

Whatís that in your mouth?

Oh, thatís the grill, my niggard

I am not your niggard!


 Goin' off on every body like that 

Yo, yo, yo, this is Kidd Clean
comin live and direct,

representin Killah Ink

My fellas,
Lets go and get this mutha poppin

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, you all know what it is

I want everybody right now
who came out to the party

give it up for my boy Wilson

- Whatís up, badass?
- What up?

Right now,
we got a special performance

cause you all know
I know how to pull strings

We got all the way from Atlanta, Georgia, just for
your on your birthday,

Give it up one time,
East Point represent!

 I'm about it, who about it?
I'm about it, you about it? 

 What the hell you waiting for? 

 I'm about it, who about it? 

 Need to stop the hating, boy 

 Hey, shortie, let me see
if you can do it like I do it 

 Commenced to getting to it
while you sipping on that fluid 

 Got the Chevy paint dripping
while I'm burning on that gritchet 

 Come and smoke with a pimp,
and ride with a player 

 Off to the A-T-L,
eastside that's Decatur 

 Got a couple shorties
on the low it's going digital 

Are you hot?

Im good, not too bad

Not you, idiot!
The bomb! Is it hot?

Is it hot?

Give me a minute

 I love freaky girls,
so baby, come give it up 

 Hey, tell me
what you're waiting for 

 Hey, what the hell you waiting for? 

This is Lil Rod
Im-a go

Well, light them up,
and lets get the hell out of here

 What the hell you waiting for? 

 I'm about it, who about it?

 Who can stop the hatin', boy? 

 I keep the best, fine greenery
around the whole city 

 I'm fresh from my head to feet,
the ladies lust for me 

 'Cause your boy
smokes pounds down

 King of the crop, now

 Not too long ago I had
to take it like a rebound 

 So give me
that got stacks on dizzeck 

 When I walk by,
watch the ladies break their nizzeck 

 They know I'm a baller,
young shot caller 

Bomb! Bomb!
Everybody down!

Hey, G, who did this?

I just got the word out
Im waiting to hear back

Just get me a name

You give me a couple days

I said I wanted him gone,
not dead

Gone is dead,
dead and gone

If you want an omelet, my brother,
you have to break a few eggs

You planted a bomb
at my kids pool party!

Its called collateral damage

Collateral damage?!
You blew up my car!

The deals off

Im not paying you one penny more,
you little prick

- Bite me!
- Oh, eat me!

Yíall are work it
Yíall are making papa grow

Youíre late, young man

Sorry, I got hung up, ma

its all right, though
You lookin good

Got hung up
It ainít how I heard it

You all right?

Im good

What you got goin on in here,

Well, Miss Williams wants to know
more about you,

so she came to the source

Is that right?

Im gonna whip yíall up
something to eat

Yes, maam

I gotta tell you,
I donít understand this generation

In my day, you met somebody

You fell in love
You got married, you had babies,

none of this sleeping around
and booty calls and online sex

You kids got it all wrong

Momma, chill out
Do we gotta do this now?

Damn right, we have to do it

Look at you

Youíre running
around town making millions,

shooting videos, carrying on,

but whereís the love, Christopher?

Little girl, I got your number, too

You running around town

with your big fancy law degree
and your power suits,

spending your time
in a courtroom instead of a bedroom

Your eggs arenít getting any fresher
Sweet potato pie?

Yes, maam

This is it

Oh got pictures


Nice look

Now, that was so long ago

Okay, so tell me,
was LL more upset with you

about stealing his clothes
or his little, thin mustache?

Well, if you really want to know the truth,

it took me about six, seven months
to get this here chin together,

but LL did help me win
the talent show with that I Need Love


Im sure you did need love,
looking like that

Donít do me like that

Iíve got a couple fashion skeletons
in my closet, too, thanks to Madonna

That mustíve been
so devastating to a girl like you


- Youíre crazy
- No, you crazy


Well, you... I should be going

I guess you gotta go

Yeah, I better go

You gotta go

I gotta go

Better go

I better go


I be right there Okay

You gotta go?

Yeah Um, tell your mom
I said thank you, and good-night


you know,
I came here to find out about C-Note

and I met Christopher Hawkins

Youíre all right with me


Well, it really is
a beautiful day here at Carolina Pines,

home of the storied Carolina Cup

Weíre just minutes away
from our second match of the day,

which promises to be
a real humdinger, as they say.

Hey there

Mrs Cummings

How you doing?

Are you smiling at me,
or am I smiling at you?

Now, you know thereís only one way
youíre going to win out there, right?

How's that?

Play dirty


Well, I think you done tuned
into my channel


- Thatís what Im talkin about
- Iím talkin about

Thatís what we do

Weíve been trying to do that
for a long time

We do that

Is that?
Throats a little parched

Would you like a sip?

Sweet grapes

Ooh, Mrs Cummings

I can bite you

Can you?

Theyíre gonna kick us out of the South

This is, of course,
the 75th anniversary

of this wonderful tournament.

I'm sure every one here
is quite as excited as I am.

Good luck today, SeŮor Cummings

What are you doing?

I got a better offer

Youíve been playing
for me for 15 years

Whereís the loyalty?

This is all about money
Besides that, you are a prick

Yeah, now, slow down,
slow down, man

This is serious skunk weed
Im telling you youíre making a mistake

Hmm? Youíre not gonna make it
the whole game, no youíre not

You know youíre not

Hey, who does your hair?
That is some nice braid-work right there

Hey, yo, suckers,
wait up for your boy

Whatís up, baby?

Come on, all right
Come on, lets get it

All right, how's everybody doing so far?

Doing fine

How you feeling?
You all right?

Theyíve been playing this
since they was kids, man

This ainít our sport

Come on, man, stop whining
Matias, you know who Kobe Bryant is?

- Si
- Okay

Youíre Kobe Bryant
Youíre the leader of this team

- No problem Vamos
- Do your job, Mexico

All right, you know what were gonna do

- No
- Were gonna take this to the streets

The streets?
Were playing on grass!

We smoke grass Donít tell nobody

Think about the good grass
You the man

- You are SeŮor Shaq
You the big guy

- Hes Kobe

- Shaq
- You the man

Kobe, Shaq, me and Mexico

The new version

- I got it
- Can you handle it?

All right

what kind of panties you got on?

My bad Anyway, were gonna do
a Killah Ink on three

Yíall ready?
Im gonna throw the first one at you

- Uno
- Two

- Three
- Killah Ink

And now, taking the field,
put your happy, clappy hands together,

for our defending champions
for the last 15 years,

wearing their signature navy and gold
and led by Captain Richard Cummings,

please let's hear it
for team Carolina Pines.

And on the opposite side of the wall,
wearing a rather zesty orange and black,

in their first tournament here ever,
lets hear it for team Killah Ink

All right, C-Note!

 They call me Nicky-Nicky
in the streets 

Whatís up, Prime Time?

Go kick my daddyís ass!

 We should take his head off

 We should take his head off

 I believe there's a... 

 We should take his head off

 I'm taking his head off

 I'm taking his head off

 I'm taking his head off

Good afternoon, ladies

You donít stand a chance

You know,
Iíve been hearing that all my life

Well, lets play some ball

And it's Magrini and Cummings

heading up the field together
towards the goal mouth.

They're 30 yards away, 20,

and Cummings is
in a wonderful position

and he shoots and scores!

 Whether it's rock and roll
or old soul 

-  It don't matter 
- Yíall stop clapping

-  Disco, Calypso, it don't matter 
- Stop clapping

- Welcome to my world
-  Suit and tie or tie-dye 

 It don't matter 

 Snakeskinís or Timberlands,
it don't matter 

 Tight fade or long braid,
it don't matter 

 Red head or brunette 

 It don't matter 

 Break-dance, slam dance 

 It don't matter 

 Do the jerk until it hurts,
I'm tellin' you 

-  Ain't nothing wrong with that 
- Iím not your son, you suck

Oh, come on, please

No, no!

 Ain't nothing wrong with that 

-  Ain't nothing wrong with that 
- Boom, boom!

Get out there and score!

Lord have mercy

I need a horse

 Ain't nothing wrong with that 

Magrini is once again chasing the ball.
His opponents are hot in pursuit.

He reaches the goal mouth, and the goal!
The game is tied at 11 apiece,

which means we'll go to sudden death, where the next
goal wins.

That hurt my momma

Let the big dog eat, baby!


Ha! Ha!

Ha! Ha! Ha!


Miss Williams,
this has got to stop

I cant take this one day more

What exactly is wrong?

Look around
The members are enjoying themselves

I donít care

its my club
I make the decisions here

I tell them when to enjoy themselves

My recommendation
is that you let this thing go

I think that Christopher Hawkins
is a great addition to your club

Now you need to find someone else
to do your legal work

You cant quit me

I just did

You did it!
- Told you I donít never lose, baby

One of us has to go

How you wanna handle it?

Golf match
My team wins, you go

Your team wins, I go

Thatís cool,
but when I bust your ass,

youíre gonna take
that bullshit course record off the wall

You hear me?

Ridiculous! I hold the course record
Everybody knows

Whoís this? Whoís that?

Arnold Palmer

- The caddy
- Caddy?

Yeah, the caddy
that worked here for over 40 years,

a caddy you fired

because he was a better golfer
than you could ever be

His name was Robert Hawkins

Is that what this is about?

A caddy?

That was my father

You think he shot a 59, donít you?

Caddy Mack

I played with him
the day he posted the score

If youíre calling him a liar,
youíre calling me a liar

I saw this score card 20 years ago

It is, to be kinda forgery

its as worthless today as it was then

It doesnít matter
whether you believe it or not,

its the truth

He was the best golfer I ever saw,

professional or amateur

We will settle this
on the golf course

Im looking forward to it

its a very simple question!
Who ordered the hit?

Im just a businessman

Iíve got no beef with you
Believe it

You know, we can do this
the easy way or the hard way

Cause I love
that big body Benz back there,

and Im gonna ride tonight

Love makes a brother stupid

You donít wanna see me stupid,
little man!

You got a big-ass mouth, bitch!

Ooh, is that all you got?
My baby sister hit harder than that

Hurry up, Tank!
Im starting to get bored with this

The more time I spend hitting you,
the lest time I spend hitting that, tater tot!

Next time bring it from the shoulder,
you big pussy!

Doh... uh yeah?

The last time Im gonna ask

Oh, its... its...

No, donít, big boy
Save your energy

cause you gonna need it

Now, if you thought he was bad,
you ainít messed with me

Im queen bitch of this universe

Now, if you donít tell me
what I want to know,

after I whoop your ass...

Okay, okay, okay
I tell you what you wanna know, all right?


Thought I might find you here
Whatís happening, boy?

Not much
I hear you got a big match tomorrow

You should be working on your game

Oh, its too late for that

its never too late

Besides, I hear Cummings got a ringer

I got a ringer of my own, though

I need this job

No, you donít,
not when you got C-Note

Hereís your boy I got you

- All right
- Lets do it

What the hell

Giddy-up Lets get it done

- Yeah
- Ho, hey

 Now, on your mark, get set, go 

 It's time to let it show

 Relax your mind
and let your arms go 

 Go go go go 

 And let your arms go 

 Go go go 

 Now, I've been waitin' a long time 

 I'm patient enough 

 Been gettin' my work on

 And now it's time to let it show

 Time, time I let it show

 You keep on cry iní all night 

 You call for the sun

 Your hair to the sky,
and that's the limit, oh, oh 

Hey, hey, hey
Hello, everyone

Top of the morning to you

Whatís happening, Mr C?


Whatís goin on, baby?

Looks like everybody showed up
to watch me whoop your ass

Actually, they showed up to watch

him whoop on your ass

All right, let me in here, let me in here
Let the betting begin

Come on, whoís betting on the kid?
Im taking ten-to-one, five-to-one

Okay, okay,
may I have your attention please?

Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you all for coming here

to this rather special contest

Let me explain
what were going to do today

Well play 18 holes of match play,
best ball

Mr Parnevik, its your tee, sir

Thank you

Attaboy, Jesper!
Hit it good!

- Eat a sandwich
- Shut up

Whoa, great shot


So who wants to follow that one?

Is that all you got?

Im just getting warmed up

Lets go, C-Note

Come on, breathe, breathe

Play for your freedom


Looking good, Mick, looking good

Whoo Whoo

What did I tell you?
Nice shot, Mick

Oh, this guy



My mouth was open

Damn, thatís a lot of sound
out of a quarter-inch speaker

Are you done?

Swing away

Watch out there!

- Boo
- Boo, boo



Damn, that waters deep



Does this smell infected?

Shoot him

Ladies and gentlemen,
at the end of the outward nine,

Mr Cummings team is four holes up

We shall take a 15-minute break
and convene back at the 10th hole

Thank you

Cant we kill him?
Come on

I thought it was

You ainít foolin, man

Yo, wait
Show me the money, baby

Man, were getting bitch-slapped

This guys got shots in his bag
I didnít know existed

Big deal

What are you,
a couple of pussies having a pity party?

Hes great
So what?

See, thatís your problem

Youíre playing him
instead of the course

It doesnít matter how great he is

Every time you put a peg in the turf,
youíre playing Old Man Par

Now, youíve got two choices...
you can either play big or go home

Im going to go warm up

You know

whether you win or lose,
your father would be proud of you

He didnít give a damn
about course records

He golfed his ball
because he loved the game

And thatís what you need to do

See, this could be the last time
you set foot on this course

Make it count


Hey, hey
Whatís happening?

I wanted you to know
I don't work for Cummings anymore

So sorry
I shouldíve quit sooner

Thatís cool
I get it

Gotta do what you gotta do, right?


Yeah, you think youíre working
for someone thatís honest,

then you find out later theyíre not

Well, the three blind mice
couldíve solved that

Want to wish you luck on your back nine

Well, you know Im gonna shake em up
its halftime

All I have is time for the bliss, baby

Bing! Bam!

I didnít bring you all this way
for you to... to... to

- Choke, sir?
- Choke!


Ladies and gentlemen,

after 17 holes, we are dead even

The winner of the next hole
takes the match

Mick, its your tee

Hey, our ticket right there

Come on, Mick!

Donít piss like a puppy
Stay on the port

Let the big dogs eat, brother

You the man!

Yeah, thatís my dawg

Give it to em, baby

Yeah, thatís that money shot!
Thatís that money shot!

Oh! Let me lay down on it

- I hate you
Meow, meow


Thatís the best shot he hit all day

Nice shot Beautiful
Great shot

Give me a five iron

Donít sweat it

Like I said, you either play big,
or you go home

This is my home

Well, lets act like it

Come on, Mick-o

There it is

Get close, baby



How many points you get
when it go in the water?


All right Whatta I got?

230 yards uphill into the wind?

I donít have that shot in my bag,
do I?

No one does

All right, give me my driver

Come on, baby
Take your time

Let me show you how we do this

Think about the course

We play big, or we go home

Ease up

 People take it
just a little bit higher like this 

Mick, we won!
What did I tell you?

What did I tell you?
What did I tell you?

 We can take the slow... like this 

Just like money in the bank

Hey, Dick

- Richard Cummings
- Yes?

Youíre under arrest
for conspiracy to commit murder

Thatís ridiculous

Yo must have
the wrong Richard Cummings

Remember me?

This mans a liar

- Ooh
- Ooh

Ooh, that was a lot of little strength

Oh, yeah
All day long

- All day long?
- Yeah

- You can climb me like a tree
- Ooh, lets talk about it

- Lets go, come on
- Heh

Holler at your boy, Mr C

 A growin' boy need vitamin C 

 Can't wait four years
for a college degree 

 So I'm gonna try to be all I can be 

 Minus the army and Uncle Sam 

 God damn,
I'm just proud to be who I am 

 Get higher like this 

 On the days when I'm back to...,
all right 

 Take it
just a little bit higher like this 

Nice round, pop

The USGA is here

Thanks for everything

Well, he deserved it

And you deserve it, too

Very nice to see you again

Whereís Cummings?

Hes actually not a member
of this club anymore

Joined another club,

but let me introduce you
to our new president,

Christopher Hawkins

its good to meet you
its Frosty, right?

Frosty, right

As you can see, we made
a couple changes here at Carolina Pines,

you know what Im sayin?

Were still exclusive

but were more open-minded

What up, family?

- Southside
- All right, let me give you a tour

Ross King:
Welcome to the final round

of the US Open...

Sergio Garcia, Tiger Woods
battling it out to take the crown

and become Open Champion
over these wind-swept fairways

right here at Carolina Pines
Golf and Polo Club,

The club itself established
It really has stood the test of time,

and it is absolutely steeped
in rich golfing tradition.

But I've got to now welcome the man,

the President of the club here,
Christopher Hawkins.

Christopher, good to see you.

How you doing, Ross?
What's going on?

Hi, mom.

Christopher, this I've got to say,
this course is really in top-notch shape.

Well, I'd love to take credit,

but I've got a terrific staff
that works behind me.

Well, it certainly shows.

Now, a lot of low scores
being posted here, it has to be said,

possibility that your fatherís record's
in jeopardy.

You know

its either your ass

or the remote

How did I get this?

I donít know Go sit down

Let me give you a lesson
about doobah-doobahs

Everybody talkin about the black man

got the biggest doobah-doobah
in the world

I donít know

I ainít seen
every black guys doobah-doobah

My doobah-doobah
happens to be pretty good

Hey, Mick,
do me a favor, bro

Can you help me out with something?

Yeah, no problem

Hold this for me, please
its messing up m swing

- Hey, my...!
- Pick them up

You want some candy, little boy?

- Yeah
- Aha, rrrrr

You still breast feed?

Im still on the bottle

Breast milk

Ainít my fault you people speak French

Oui, Oui! You have a little wee-wee

I got a boom bam!
Boom bam, boom bam!

Boom bam, bam bam!

Bah! Bah! Bam!


 You must like what you see 

 You must like what you see 

 Cause you see a brother like me 

 Im gonna break it down
Im gonna break it down 

 And then Im gonna stop 

 Back to the beat 

 Oh, pretty, pretty girl
look so fine 

I almost took my own head off
After you, boy


Air ball!

Youíll get the other half
when the job is done

What do you mean half?

 Make it feel nice 

 No more strife 

 Make you my wife 

 Baby, I would make
your dreams come true 

Tyrone, is that you?

- My grandmother used to baby-sit you
- No, that ainít me

TT, you peed in the bed
till you were 15 years old

I know you remember me

Goodbye, peace out!

 To be with you 

 Yes, girl 

 Yes, girl 

 And they say,
"Oh, you're so picky-picky"

 "Why you no it, he said 

 I wanna sticky-sticky 

Damn, your tittys hanging out

Little bitty titty

Donít be selfish I gotta smoke, too

I gotta make some brownies
and some muffins and...

You know what?
Youíre just being greedy now

All right
No, go on in

Take it, take it
Just take the whole bag

Damn good try

I take those two Benjaminís
whenever youíre ready

If you gotta take your pants off first,
to get into your pockets,

hey, player, I understand

Huh! Huh, huh, huh!
Huh, huh, huh!

Huh! Huh!

Uh, oh, yeah
Look at me



Boom, doo-chah-doo, doo-chah-doo
Thatís how mine sounds

Doo-chah, doo-chah, doo-chah-doo
Doo-chah, doo-chah, doo-chah-doo

Doo-cha, doo...

doo-cha, doo-te-doo

 Tell me who'll I say
is just sittin' around 

 Tell me who'll I say
is just sittiní around 

 Tell me who'll I say
is just sittiní around 

 Jump around, jump around 

 Tell me who'll I say
is just sittiní around 

 Tell me who'll I say
is just sittiní around 

 Tell me who'll I say
is just sittiní around 

 Jump around, jump around 

 One, two, three, four 

 Girl, don't make that booty clap 

 Don't make that booty clap 

 We gonna make that booty clap 

 Gonna make that booty clap 

 Girl, don't make that booty clap 

 Don't make that booty clap 

 We gonna make that booty clap 

 Gonna make that booty... 

 Comin' at ya! 

 I came from the bottom,
I made it to the top 

 And I'm married to the game,
and this game don't stop 

 Comin' to your town
to invade your block 

 We ride from the hood,
taking over your spot 

 I came from the bottom,
I made it to the top 

 I'm married to the game,
and this game don't stop 

 Cominí to your town
to invade your block 

 We ride from the hood,
taking over your spot 

 Follow me
while I take you on an odyssey 

 I'm hittin' dollars, see,
can't nothiní bother me 

 Green grass, yeah,
blowiní on the hood 

 Million-dollar caddy,
call me Tiger Woods 

 I came from the bottom,
I made it to the top 

 I'm married to the game,
and this game don't stop 

 Cominí to your town
to invade your block 

 Yo, we ride from the hood,
takiní over your spot 

 She's so cinematic 

 She's turned me to an addict 

 Got me addicted to her 

 To her, to her, to her 

 To her, to her, to her, to her 

 She's so cinematic 

 She's so cinematic 

 She's turned me to an addict 

 Got me addicted to her 

 To her, to her, to her 

 To her, to her, to her, to her 

 We came to set the party off

 I came to set the party off

 You came to set the party off

 Get a pimp, get a girl... 

 Get a pimp, get a girl 

 Get a pimp, get a girl 

 Get a pimp, get a girl 

 We came to set the party off

 You flossin'? 

 I'm flossin'

 You flossin'? 

 I'm flossin'

 You flossin'? 

 I'm flossin'

 Do you like what I'm seeing'? 

 Mix up the black
and the white Puerto Rican

 Even some European

 You talk about the man,
I'll beat 'im 

 You talk about the man,
I'll beat 'im 

 We do it big, we do it big,
we do it big, we do it big 

 We do it big, we do it big,
we do it big 

 We ain't done, son

Special thanks to SergeiK.