Captivity Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Captivity script is here for all you fans of the Elisha Cuthbert movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Captivity quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Captivity Script

Oh boy, my fears...

Well, let's see. I never really
was comfortable with being alone.

Then all those other girls,
they were so jealous of the fact

that they had to worry about
what they wore at school.

As if their parents cared.

When you're in the public eye,
beauty rules. You ladies know that.

Oh, no, no, no.

There is definitely
no "mister right."

And I sort of...

wanted that attention.
But you know, from my Dad...

Not my real dad, he died,
but my stepfather.

But I wasn't quite sure
how to get it but...

I was passive, you know, and
I think that's my worst nightmare.

Being passive, so yeah...

I was a rebel in high school.

Always had like a little bra-strap
showing. The black lipstick. God...

I liked the attention walking down
the sidewalk, all those eyes on me.

But if a guy tried to talk to me,
I was like whoa... so out of there.

I can't help it
if people are hooked on beauty.

Ever since my dad died, my real dad.
I either sleep with the TV on,

or the lights on.

Sometimes I tell myself stories.
That kind of stuff. I hate the dark.

Where am I?

Please! Please!

My apartment?


How did you get in my apartment?
Let me outta here, you fuck!

You bastard!

You don't know who I am!

You won't get away with this!
There'll be police all over this!

You just entered a shit storm!

This guy went
all over the fuckin' place.

And there's no prints either.
Not even a fuckin' eyebrow here.

So I spoke to Miss Tree's father.
Didn't sound surprised at all.

She said she left home
when she was 15.

Mother lives in Paris.

- You got everything you need now?
- Yeah, I guess.

All right, John, bring it up.

Okay, we're done here.

Bettiger, come here for a second.

What are you doing?

It's Greek. It says...

- How do you know it's Greek?
- Because I read Greek.

You read Greek?

Yeah, I read Greek.

Okay. What does it mean?

It means, "reflect...

this dust that once knew fear."

So what, you've got me.
So what?

There is definitely
no "mister right".

My parents weren't in line when
the love gene was being passed out.

Yeah? I understand.
Yup. You got it, Chief.


Okay. Okay, that's it. That's...
you hang in there, sweetie. Bye.

Sweetie, huh?

Mayor's bustin' his chops.

I want you to meet my new partner.
Ray "The Greek" Disantos.

Evidence of bone and tissue.
Yup, got it. Ten-four.

So the missing girl
is a movie star?

Model, hot... Latest thing.

So that was Wade in Forensics.

The ash in the salt cellar,

the DNA matched last year's victim.
Mary Deavro.

Oh, Mary. This kid was
a national cheerleader champ.

Me and you will inform
the parents personally.

'Cause I knew her.
Let them down easy.

All right.

So what do you guys make
of the victims? A pattern?

- Random.
- I don't buy it.

This guy doesn't do
anything without purpose.

Without precision.

Sex, torture, killing...
that's all the bonus.

It's the control.
That's what winds his clock.


Me too.

Two days.



Please! Please help me!



There's only a few of these,
so we shouldn't waste them, okay?

We got to get out of here.

But this whole place is sealed
like some kind of wine cellar.

I tried going through
the vents, I got part

of the way, it was too narrow.

I got stuck.

Have you seen him?

No, he's been drugging me, I have
absolutely no fuckin' sense of time.

God, I know this might sound
incredibly selfish,

but right now
I'm thanking God I'm not alone.

You okay?

Hear that?

Oh, fuck you, motherfucker!

You think he's
been listening to us?

Gotta figure, yeah.

Assuming he is even a he.

Oh, trust me, he's a he.
Women don't do this kind of shit.

You know that for a fact?

Yeah, I've been stalked.

And I know creeps,
it comes with the job.

What exactly is your job?


Are you telling me it's like
a big deal that you're gone?

Maybe, maybe not.
I've flaked out a couple of times.

He knows all about me.
He's been in my apartment.

He's got books
and stuff from mine.

Yeah, he's got my clothes.
Everything else is easy.


Every interviewer's asked me
anything you can imagine.

What are you afraid of...?
If you have to choose

between pink and orange...?
What's your idea of Hell?

You always give them the answers?

It's flirtation, sometimes you tell
them the truth, sometimes you don't.

But even your idea of Hell?

I didn't tell them that.

Let me guess.


Damn it!

It's okay, look at me.

How did he get you?

I got suckered into going to this
charity event at a club in Soho.

Someone must've put
something in my drink.

That fucker...

I needed some fresh air,
there was a hand on my shoulder,

leading me outside.
And then a damp cloth...

The last thing
I remember was thinking

that I hope he's not smearing
my eye makeup all over.

And you?

I was driving from Nebraska
to Connecticut. I got tired,

so I pulled into a truck stop.
I woke up,

'cause I thought I heard
the sound of someone crying.

I got out to see what the hell
was going on. And then, wham...

You see that?

Last thing I remember...

was the smell of french fries from
the all-night diner at the stop.


Here you go.

Coffee's lukewarm. What were you
doing, consulting a psychic?

I was gettin' my Mac on brother...

Mac on...

- Doin' my thing.
- What the fuck is this?

Did you fuck with my phone?

You need to take better care
of your toys, man.

Yeah, Chief.

Hey, did you get shit about
that model? What's her name?

Miss Tree.

Check on everybody from
the club, guests and staff...

Yeah, I appreciate that, but
there were 700 people in that club.


I've got 3 teams on it.
We're making progress.

Don't forget the caterers.
Get back to me.

You got it.

- I know what the footprints mean.
- Yeah, why don't you enlighten me?

Think of a story.

You're on a beach. In Hawaii.

Oh yeah, the water's blue.

If you're in here...

what do you want?

I knew you were going
to do this to me too.

You know I've never been...

comfortable with the dark.
I don't like being in the dark.

It's always been a phobia.

When you go on Safari, just nature
is so awesome, don't you think?

It was sort of scary too at the
same time, even though I loved it.

All that space
just freaked me out.


Is this what you want?


Are you okay?


He cut my hair.
Why would he do that?

He's cleaning things up, he comes
in when he wants to and checks us.

Was he taking blood samples?

Hey, you listening to me,
wherever you are!

What's the point
of antagonizing him?

You got a better idea?

Let's give this guy a show!
Whatever he wants!

Whatever the fuck that is!

Why take blood samples
and cut my hair off?

I don't know, for a DNA maybe.

DNA, what does he
want to do, clone us?

He's a mad scientist,
how would I know?

Forget it,
this isn't going anywhere.

So what do you do?

When you're not
trapped in a wine cellar.

I sleep in other people's cars.

When people want...
to drive their cars

from one coast to the other, but
they don't have the time to drive,

they use me.
I have the time. I drive.

It's a job.

It is?

Excuse me, if celebrity is a job,
so is driving another person's car.

I get why I was kidnapped.

You have a value,
and I don't?

I'm not saying that it's not
messed up, but the reality is...

Reality is without guys like me to
drive your cars, you'd be walking.

And if there wasn't guys
like me, there wouldn't be

anyone to pay guys
like you, would there?

You live in this little bubble
and you look down

on the people who
live in the real world.

You're so full of it.

What's it like,
living in a bubble?


And I'm not...

full of it.

And I'm not...

full of it.

And I'm not...

full of it.

We figure this guy is using
sophisticated video equipment,

recorders, shit like that.
Run a check on all the local chains

and look for large purchases
by repeat customers.

All right, listen, I buy it.
He's making a video, but what for?

Will you get this thing
outta my face? Come on.

He's using the video as a weapon
against her. What do we know so far?

He kills in April.

He leaves the ashes
of his last victim

next to his current victim.

Along with a quote on a tarot card.

Locked in ritual.

Poetry on tarot cards.
In English, in Greek.

He's not giving you guys
any clues. He's fuckin' with you.

This type of killer

subconsciously wants to get caught.

That's the real reason
they go to the press, leave clues.

Our guy hasn't given us
anything concrete.

He's not ready.

Jesus Christ...

Unless you get lucky
or he screws up,

I'm afraid she's on her own.

He lights a candle.

We have a bottle of wine.
He's with me...

Holding me...

Warm clothes,

I'm not warm,
but I feel warm inside.

I feel him.

He brings the candle towards me.

The light... it gets brighter.


Help! Help me!


Don't you touch her!

You sick fuck!


Help! Please!

No! Help!

No! Help!


You're okay. It's okay.


Take a breath.
Count to 4.

1, 2, 3, 4.

Good, and count to 4.

1, 2, 3, 4.


Keep breathing, okay.

I know.

Count to four. Keep breathing.

Keep counting, Jennifer.

1, 2, 3, 4.

Where are we?

Crawl space...

The ground floor of this house
is just above our heads, I think.

Come on.

Why do bad things happen
to good people, you ask?

That's the mystery, Mary!
That's the mystery.

Come on.

Battery's dead!

Pop the hood!

Fire it up!

Thank you.

Gary! Gary! Gary!



Damn it! No!

No! No!

What is this about, exactly?

I'd appreciate it if you'd wear
these gloves while you're in here.

It's a homicide investigation,
Mr. Dexter.

We got a lot of questions
we need answered. You understand?

Yeah, I grasp the basic concept
of the interview.

But you have to understand,
my records are confidential.

I'm very careful about that.


Would you like to get them into
the truck before next Thursday?

Mr. Dexter. I want you to know
that I appreciate your position,

so let me tell you
how it's going to be.

You're going to call your lawyer and
I'm going to throw handcuffs on you.

We're going to go downtown, and have
a little get together down there.

Let me cuff this guy.

Barnett Freel has a criminal record,
according to his W2's, state taxes,

he works for you. When was
the last time you've seen him?

Barnett Freel...

Last in on... Tuesday.

Tuesday, you catered
Club Shine on Tuesday.

He work that event?

Yes, he would have left
after 1 a.m. Big event.

Correct me if I'm wrong but you pay
this guy Freel $1,200 a month.

So how is it that he spends
over $3,600 a month

on sophisticated
electronics equipment?

We live in an age of plastic?
What can I tell ya?

You got a current address on him?

Oh, it's Brooklyn Heights someplace,
let me check.

Thank you.

We're not getting
out of here, are we?

There's always a way out.

We just have to think
like him. Anticipate...

The way he anticipated us?

The wall's bullshit.

He's made it impossible
to get out of here,

but we can get through the vents,
I find the nail file,

the car...

He's playing with us.
Showing his power.

We're still alive,
and as long as

we're still alive
we got to have hope.

- What for?
- You're not alone.

Please, who isn't alone?
I was alone when I was a kid,

I ran away from home 'cause I was
alone. And that's the way it works.

Leave him alone!

I can't do this.

Imagine him with you.


Your lover.

I don't have one.

The one in your head.

He's with you.

He makes you feel safe.

He lights a candle.

He wants you to be close to him.

You feel his touch.


You feel his touch.
Now what does he do?

He comes closer.

You bring him closer.

And your eyes are shut
but you can see the light.

It's part of you.

In your fingers, strengthens you.

And the light is for real.


All that you can see is flame.

You're not alone.

You are in the light.

And you have no fear.
You're not alone.




When the doors open,
we didn't move.

I wanted to.


I was afraid
that you weren't real.

What's real?

What you can touch.

Key number 4.

This is it.



Come here!

What's real? Tell me again.

What you can touch.

Sick motherfucking freak!

You don't think I know!

- Gary!
- Come on.


I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!

No! Don't kill him!

What do you want to hear!

Tell me what you want to hear!

Don't kill him!

Are you going to kill me?



- Gary?
- Jennifer...

Oh, thank God.

You begged for my life.

I felt like
I was paying for mine.

I can't stop staring at you.

I guess you get that
a lot though, huh?

Can't stop touching you.

Me neither.


Do you believe this shit?

Yeah, hey, Susan.
We're at 1780 Carson.

And unless this guy lives in a
crate, we're at a bullshit address.

Hey, look at this.

Hey, we got a great fuckin' view!
It's a great view!

So this is what
we're going to do...

Jennifer. Jen...

I'm tired.

Up on your feet.

I feel like I did 30 shots of Stoli.

Jennifer, talk to me.

I can't, just let me sleep.

Jenny, come on. Jennifer.
Can you hear me?

That fucker.

Oh, God...


Was it good?

One of the best.

I thought you were going
to wait till morning.

Have another night of hero sex.

- Don't you ever want to be the one?
- The one...?

Experiencing it?

I do.


You're inside her,
I'm inside her.

Doesn't it ever get
predictable for you?

That's the point, predicting it.

I said it would be the fourth day.

It's the fourth day.
She worships you.

What if I don't want
to end this one?

You know the drill.

Last one didn't even last 3 days.

It's not like we've gotten
anything written in stone.

Hey, look at me.
No, no, look at me.

We do this now, while she's still
a smile on your little face.

Ben, I don't know about this girl.

I feel like
this could be the one...

You stop playing the game
before it starts playing you.

What do I always tell you?

- Play them...
- Not with them.

It wouldn't last,
things are what they are.

It's the tapes and the books
that make it better.

Make it last forever.

- Right?
- Yes, sir.

You got a good system,
you stick with it.

She wants me to be with her.

What about me?

You could do this without me.

Well, that wouldn't be
quite the same now, would it?

We have a pattern.

You can't change that,
even if we wanted to.

Death, that's where the buzz is.

The redemption.
The rest is preliminaries.

So get the plastic bags.

- Help me clean up.
- No.

I want to do it myself this time.

That I would like to see.

You don't believe I could do it?

This girl's special, Ben.

I feel like it's only right
that I should do it.

So you want to prove yourself,
little brother? Okay.

Okay. Just as well
we do it right now. Ready?

Yeah, I'm ready.



NYPD. Mr. Dexter?

Which Mr. Dexter do you want?

Benjamin Dexter.
Is he home?

Ah, no. I can
tell him you stopped by.

You are...?

I'm his brother.

Oh, like the truck says.

Dexter Brothers, right?


So you gonna open the door,
Mr. Dexter?

Knock off the hinges...

You two always lived together?

No. This was our parents' house.
My brother lives here.

That's a pretty bad cut
you got there, man.

All right?

Oh God, yeah, football...

Go ahead, you were saying?

I'm staying here a few days, while
my apartment is being refurnished.

Where would that be?


Hey, your sink
doesn't work in there.

Yeah, I know, my brother
doesn't use this floor too much.

So you guys want
to tell me why you're here?

We're investigating
a missing person.

It's a woman.
Here's her picture.

Pretty girl.
How can I help?

We just need to check on everyone
that works for Dexter's Catering.

Two minutes, man.

Couple of questions
and we're outta here in no time.

Yeah, sure. Do you guys
want a drink or something?

Sure, you got any ice tea?

Yeah, I think I do.

- You?
- Anything.

Okay. Excuse me.

Take your time.

We thought we'd save you the trip.


So then, you're not in the catering
business with your brother then?

Well I help him out once
and awhile when he's in a pinch.

Like Tuesday night?
Club Shine?

No, I wasn't there.

You weren't there at all?


Okay. Here's my card.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

Oh, you know what,
the playoff game is on channel 9.

- It's the last quarter.
- That's right.

Do you mind if we check
the score real quick?

Channel 9?


That's great.

Maybe your brother will be back
by the time the game is over.

Hey, look at this, we're winning.

All right.

This roaches shit...

Get the fuck outta here.

Look at this fuckin' shit.

It's me, you got to wake up,
Jennifer. Jennifer.

You got to wake up, okay? Jennifer,
there's not much time, okay, honey?

You got to wake up, it's over.


It's over.

What's over?


There's no one
to keep us here anymore.


I killed them.


There was two of them.
I killed them.

Oh, my God!

They underestimated me. One of them
came in, I was ready for him.

And I got his gun.

Where are they?

They're upstairs. Come on.

They're really dead?

You strong enough to walk?

If you hold onto me...

Listen to me. I'm not
letting go of you. Not ever.

Where are we?

This is some old house.
I haven't been outside.

Don't worry.

- Did you call the Police?
- Not yet.

- Where's the phone?
- I don't know.

Come on.

There's the phone.

Not yet. Sit down.

I think these sadistic fuckers
were taping us.

And I want to find those tapes.

If they get into
the wrong hands...




He was alive!

You did what you had to do.

He had a gun. He woulda...

Jen, listen to me.

You did nothing wrong.

He had a gun.

I should never have left you alone.

Maybe you should come with me.
Don't touch anything.

No, the phones are dead,
we need to call for help.

Suppose they don't believe us...

Believe what?

That we had to kill them.

There isn't any choice.

I think there is.
We just leave.


Just walk out.
Just tell no one.

There's nothing to connect us
to these fucking people.

What about the fingerprints
and the tapes?

Well, I could wipe
this place down in 5 minutes.

I'll take the tapes,
could burn them too.


You go home, and tell
everybody the truth,

that you fell in love with a guy
and ran away with him for a week.

If we live that,
people will believe it.

That simple.
We walk away.

Sit down.
Now wait right here, okay?

Don't even think
about what you just did.

Now in a few minutes more,
we're going to be outta here.


I need you to help me clean up.

You belong to me.


Show me.

You see?




It's not dark.

It's not dark.

You're a naughty girl.

Don't be stupid.
Where are you going to go?

Come on, you couldn't even
find yourself in broad daylight.

Come on.

There's no one coming for you.
Give up.


There's nowhere
to go, Jennifer.

Thank you.

Thank you, Jen.


What's real, Gary? Huh?

Put it down, Jennifer.

Put it down.

You see...
You got out of your prison.

That's more than you
can say... about me.

Not even in... that.

Special thanks to SergeiK.