Carriers Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Carriers script is here for all you fans of the Chris Pine movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Carriers quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Carriers Script

Twenty questions. Start.

Are you a man? A politician?

Warm Beer ... just piss.

It's your turn.
Dead or alive?

You ask really stupid questions.

He is an asshole,
but he handles my testament.

I can understand.
- He is the only one with brains in the family.

Is that so?

The motorway is coming.
What do we do?

Do not take. This road.

Why do we always' t
middle of nothing so right?

We had agreement on the rules.
- If we take him, we have a break.

The rules say do not take the highway.

I suppose we
certainly not allowed to break rules, huh?

Beer drinking, with those stolen Mercedes,
ridiculous over the speed limit.

Look, no hands.
- Stop it.

Okay, smart, give the card.
- Can you read?

There is real text.
- Very funny.

Hey, guys!

All windows closed.

What does this guy?

My daughter and I are out of gas.

Put your car on the side, please.

We left yesterday from Denver.
The last station is Calorado Springs.

Sorry, we can not help you.
Move your car.

We just need some gasoline.
- Yes, like everyone.

Stay where you are.

We want to exchange for fruit and water.

Brian, we have more than enough.
- How do you know?

Do not come any closer!
- It seems in order.

They can be incubated.
- Guys, it has.


Come on, come on.

He will die there.

Everyone dies once.

The rules are simple.

So my brother watching it anyway.

A: Avoid the infected
at all times.

Their breath is very infectious.

Two: disinfect everything they
the past 24 hours have touched.

Three: the patients are already dead.
They can not be saved.

Violate the laws, and you die.
If you follow them, you survive.


Re-election as Sheriff Rick McGarry

Look what I found.


If you are looking for a new oil sump, call him.

Can you really do not?
- It exploded, college.

- What?

They just need petrol.

No, no way.

If we stay here, we die.
- And if we do not go back?

You saw the girl.
The blood, skin rash ...

Bobby, you saw her.
Am I the only one here?

We have not many options.
- They are your rules.

Danny, tell your friend that
bijdraait what they ...

I am his girlfriend
- She is my girlfriend.

Tell me, why is she here?

Why not let her wait
in the mansion, waiting for the fools?

Let's calm,
and thinking about this, please.


What about the car?

I try to think.
- We have the car.

I know!


Take off your masks, boys.

Frank Holloway.

We have your car.

So far I was al

Do you really want a car with the
guts of someone ...

perhaps infected?
- We have a lot of disinfectant.

Brushing is not my main concern.
- That's close enough.

I picked up a signal from
the school in Farmington, last week.

People from everywhere go there.


There is a kind of emergency center established
They have a new serum.

Great story, never heard.

They get results?
- Of course not.

They have a new treatment,
and I bring my daughter with this car.

If you find that okay, great.
If not ...

This is a fairy tale, and he knows it.

It is again the Baltimore vaccination,
retroviruses that do not work.

Brian, shoot him in his head.
- Wait!

I have an idea.

Do you hear a secret?

About boys.

They bark more than bite them.

You know what I mean?
- No.

Never mind.
- Do not listen to her.

She loves it when I bite.
- Fuck you.

We can arrange.
- She is eight.

Yes, just mentally.

See you on the road warrior.
Piece of shit.

Governments have fallen ...

And the army of people
perish by his hands.

This pandemic is the
scourge of God.

And the world is its cultural field.

Inexorably he will be harvest

To the weak separation of the rich.

The righteous of the sinner.

And make no mistake:
there are more richer than weaker.

Many "hash" We have not seen.

Very funny.


Show some respect.
- What?

That God punishing my daughter?

Who he rewards? You?

I do not mean.
- What then?

Some people isolate themselves.

Ate nothing, took the phone on.
In one weeks dead.

And I dug the graves for ...

For $ 400 per day.
- Exactly.

You may laugh, but I was
up to my knees and I'm here.

So you're immune?

The coterie of something?
- I am here, and they do not.

So then you do not mind
to give my daughter a slaapwelzoen?

I thought al

Far been chosen.

Very funny, no?

Where you went to school, Danny?

He could go to Harvard.
- Yale.

It was Yale.
- Does not matter, anyway?

That place should be closed
for the first year.

Attention, Brian.
- What was me?

You bastard.
- Clear.


You continue to sit back, hear?

If your eyes on the road.

You can now if you want!

The tape has held
do not worry about.

You okay?

What is it?

Damn, I think they
the filling has losgekregen.

I pity you.

It is closed.

Be careful, Danny.

It's okay.


Okay? Danny!

What happened?


Take the gasoline, and we are away.

Children, we are back in 20 minutes.
- Yes, we in five minutes.


Bobby ... let it be.

What is that?


Brian and I ... also had a father.

He was just like your dad.
And ...

each summer he took us to
The Turtle Beach.

And we could swim, surf ...

and fish. And we ate
those soft delicious sandwiches.

There were many turtles?

Lots! Thousands,
they were everywhere.

You could hardly your foot in the
water, no one to stand on.

Sometimes they were stacked.

That is possible. They were everywhere.

Can we with them to
the beach?

Go to sleep.

Why it safe?

It is an old motel.

For many years left.

We went in search of food,
and remained in quarantine.

We waited ...
- Until she came before us.

Until the disease goes away.

The disease or the people?

It is the same.

Bobby, I love you.
You know I can do stupid sometimes.

What is so bad?

I think we are different people
must meet.

Yes, if you think so ...

So I really think about.

Sometimes so stupid you can do.
- I know!

The world's biggest, at this moment.

Do you ever at Yale?

Of course.

That and all the things you
ever want to do.


Extinguish the fire!
- Come on.

What are you going?

The Deaf!


The Chinese have brought.

Infected area

In case of acute exposure,
The health alert

Biohazard: Human remains

Stay away

Emergency Center

I'll be back.
- Papa!

I'll just see if there
no monsters under the bed.

If samples are
You should not have to.

Listen, there is no reason to worry.

I'm back for you "Captain Feather Word '
you say.

Captain Feather Word.

You're too smart for me, you know?
- I'll stay with her.

Bobby, this is not the time.

The girl has a moment
need to talk about boys.

Seriously, do not come too close to her.

Seriously, just go.
It is good.

You do what you always want to do.

Why do you love me.



Career day ... your future depends

Your hospital is no patient, Frank.

Let's go.

Where's Kate?

What is she?
- Kate ...

We go. There is nothing here.
- You do not know.

It is broken. We go.

There is a whole wing, which we
have not yet investigated.

See? There are people.
- Wait!

This is impossible.

Heaven, they have done.

Mr. ...

- Yes?

Did you charge here?
- No, Dr.. Lindus.

His office is on the 2nd floor
of the old building.

But you will not find him.
Died Thursday.

We all come from Colerado.
We heard that you had a serum.

My daughter is very sick.

How long?
- Slightly more than one weeks.

They already bleeding from her ears?
- No.

Well ...

bring her inside.

Kids, bring these sweet people
you to your parents ...

waiting outside.

If we take our medicine,
all will be well.

What about them?

What is that?
What is serum?


Yes, we had a serum.

The patients were stable three days.
They were really better.

Three days.
We better not.

Better than all the rest of the world.

It took three days against the virus,
prolonged illness and pain for 72 hours.

I no longer extension.
- What 's in?

Potassium. Very much potassium.

If you'll excuse us ...

No, stop. You can not make.
- They are sick and dead. We go.

Brian, the kids are.
- My daughter is alive!

She is not dead.

Pull the curtain is not!
- Please ...

Give me your gun.
- Frank, stay there.

Give it, Brian.
- It is not, Frank.

Give it to me!


Stop! Goddamn, stop!

Put that down!

Put it down!
- Look around you.

We have two weeks no energy.

We have all the fuel out of the city
met for the generators. Nothing more.

Do not.

Please, do not.

Sometimes choose life, a
painful form of death choice.

You tell me your favorite
cartoon "Sure Mobface circle" is?

- "Brush Bill Jeans Soup '?

No! Spongebob Square Pants.

Spoon Lips Boxer.


Well ... it is okay.

Breathe in and out ...

We get away.

What happened?
- Nothing.

She had difficulty breathing.

Come here.
- Papa?

I must go.

Number one, or two?
- Two.

Can you mean?

If I find a pot, you can
it here?

You need a big girl now ...

You must be brave.
See those blue bins there?

You just need to go,
and I wait here for you, okay?

Can you try?
- Yes.

Good girl.



I'll wait here for you.

Papa ...
- It is good.

- No, excuse me.

You did well.
I am very proud of you.

Dad takes you to do it, okay.

You seem to me a good guy, Daniel.

We are right back.

Come on, baby.

Step in ...

Get in!
- We can not leave.

Not here.
- We brought them here, that was the deal.

It is time for you to leave the fairy tales,
and continue.

You heard what the doctor said,
there is nothing. Nothing!

You have us there already compromised.
- Bobby.

Say something, Bobby.

What was that song
we always sang together?

Itsy Bitsy Spider.
- Can you still sing?

The itsy-bitsy spider
Climbed up the water spout ...

Down came the rain
and washed the spider out ...

Out came the sun
and dried up all the rain ...

And the itsy bitsy spider
climbed up the spout again.

How far up the beach, Danny?

At least two days.


Go to '18 holes'?

If we do stay,
we may as well play.

What do you think, Bobby?

Do not let what you can, Brian.



The service here is rotslecht.

You okay?


What happened over there ...

I try to live our
bringing the beach.

You know that, right?

Yes, I know.

We were all agreed to the rules.

And the patients are as good as dead,
nothing we can do for them.


I look back.
- Okay.

Stop it, idiot.
You're right.

Danny, I've found a pool!

Feel like Marco Polo?


Let's waves.


Are you okay?

Waves is still for older people?


Come here.


Help me out.

Come on, it will be like those times
that we had broken in Forest Oaks.

When the housekeeper linked or referred to us.
- Yes.

This time we are members.
They can not do.

It is nice and soft.

Just come out.

- Help me here.

Come here.
- Brian, do not. Stop.

Do not!


I feel quite dirty.
- It's sand.

Sand is filth, motherfucker.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen ...

We are in hole 18 and Brian Green
walks to the tee again.

He must be in one once,
to the Masters, but ...

He is concerned that
They discover that he is gay!


My advice: Put the club
down, wait ten minutes ...

and never more.

If it is so funny,
show at what you can.

Thanks, but I use a driver.

It is extremely hot ...
Katie ... the name also ...

- Good.

She can wave!

Fairfield Country Club, Champion
of the juniors, three times in a row.

Tiger Woods can kiss my hole.



Answer, Larry.

Can you hear me?

If you're there, pick up.

We come back.

We come back.

What are you doing?

What the hell are you doing?

All day long, every phone ...

The phones do not.
- I try to talk to my parents.

They are also dead.

You do not know.
- Where are they?

Their cruise ship is in quarantine
in Piraeus.

And they are dead.
- How do you know?

You do not know where Piraeus.
- That no matter where that is ...

everyone, everywhere is dead.
Your parents, my parents ...

You and I will die too soon.

What happened, Kate?

Leave me alone.
- Please. What does she say to you?

That is not Brian.

Hold on.
- Damn.

This way.

Look at the southern floor.
It is a mess here.

Who are you and what are you doing here?

Who are you?

Maybe you can talk if you
here are redeemed.

Please Touch me not.

We are already looking for a few days
stock. We just got back.

Let him go.


We need everyone.

I think so.
- There is nobody else.


They have destroyed.
It is not safe.

It is not safe.

That you get it when you
live in a condom.

Then you get ...

Leave him alone.
We wanted to sleep here alone.

What have you done with Larry?

I dunno. Perhaps he
in action with a shower curtain.

Larry, he guarded the lot.

They have killed him.
- He was the case when we arrived.

And so should we believe?

Jump in the pool then.
Investigation itself the cause of death.

No volunteers?

Shut up. Tom, he is already ill
have been when we left.

He has said nothing.
- That's impossible, you know.

The system is perfect.
- Why? Because you've invented?

He has not sealed his suit.
He has made a mistake.

He has not followed the rules.

What you say.

I just met you, and I
I already had enough of you.

That I have more impact.
- Shut the hell up.

I want you all now
of here.

That we need. Please.
- We.

Go there.
- Not you.


What are you doing?
Let the girl go.

The girl remains.
- No.

They continue.
- Touch me not.

Do not touch her, asshole.
- Hold it.

Go back.

If you keep the girls, what
you go with the boys doing?

Hen murder. So we are not.

What people are we then?

Those who wait
they go to die?

Fuck you, Tom.
You're in charge anymore.

Check them.
Make sure they are sterile.


Take off your clothes.

Please, no ...
- Undress!

Damn, damn.

What's happening?
- Go back.

What's happening?
- Stay away from her!

What's happening?
- Come on!

We are now gone!

I said now!

Mike is dead, meet me
to his father

This is closed.

I look inside.
- I look back.

Would you end up like them?

That will happen if she stays with us.

Talk to him.

- Help me here.

We need to talk.

The key here somewhere.

We must deal ...
- Where is that key!

Put you in the car.


Any luck?

Two miles

Get out.

I said, get out.

I put my back.
- That's not what I said.

Brian, please,
let me continue.

Please, no ...

Brian, do not.

There is a city that way.
- These are just bruises.

I have been days in the stupid car.
- There is definitely water in that city.

Here in 2 liter.
- It goes well with me.

Divide it.
- I love you.

That would be enough fruit.
- Do not you love me?

I wore a mask.
I did not.

You certainly knew it.

Do not lie to me!

I was not sure.

Please do not leave me behind.

Help me please.

If you are in town,
find one ...

a comfortable bed ...

And you put a blanket over you.
Even if it is hot.

And you drink a lot of water.

Do it before you get too weak.

- I warned you of the girl.

You ...
- You had to stay away from her.

Why do not you listen?

She was choking. She had no air.

- Give me a beer.

Warm beer.

It tastes like piss.

What do we do?
- No idea.

It is almost gone.
- I know.


I see.
- We need to stop.

Yes, we very kindly ask for help.

That's my job.

Stay where you are!
- Do not come closer!

I still stand here.

We just need some gasoline.

Sorry, we have no surplus.

I understand ...

but as I hoped
a Christian neighbor ...

you could help us.
- Please do not.

My wife is pregnant in the car.

We seek a fresh space to give birth.

Think about it.
- Moving on.

Good luck.

- Mrs. ...

- I beg you, please!

No, Brian.

Get off!

Get out!

Take gasoline.


What are you doing?

They would not give us, Danny.

We have nothing.

Talk to me. Understood?

You tell me what to do!

Look at me, asshole!
I talk to you!

What the hell ...?

I talk to you, and I tell you
you should do it!

It should be great ...

to sit on the sidelines while
brother nothing for you.

Someone had to.
Did you have it, Danny?

You fucking killed it!
- Do you remember our last days at home?

It was you who do not papa and mama
left his gun to get?

It was not you who was lying ...

that they should not worry
make, and we were soon back.

Were those lies?

I knew you.

You told me.
- Wat.

What you wanted to hear.
- Asshole!

Why am I an asshole, Danny?

Living with a clean conscience?

That is what life is, Danny.

Do you remember Bobby?

Do you remember her?

I had her out of the car,
while you just watched.

Bobby was right.

You're the one with brains.


Danny ...


Stop here.


We stop at this house,
your wound care.

Whatever you want, doctor.

Over there.

Something closer.

Keep going. Stop.



If you hear me. We have only
medical facilities needed.

There is somebody injured.

We are not infected.

We have no bad intentions.

Or ...

we can take what we need ...

and then leave.

What happened to you? Damn.

It is not contagious.
It is not human blood.

The dog's blood.

I was almost worried me, brother.
- Sorry.

Do not get me wrong, but ...

Do your pants down.

So far the chosen one to be, huh?

He is also infected, huh?


I do not know if anyone is listening ...

but my generator is at its end,
So ...

if someone is outside ...

This is my last song.

Here speaks Laura Merkin, last survivor
Corpus Christi, Texas.

Who can hear this ...

Can I see?

Bobby had some ... crazy idea.

She wanted my mother.

Do you believe that?

Why not?

With me?

I'm not good at, man.

What if they can not ...

A baby.

Who knows, maybe I do
good at that.

Hey, Danny ...

I have to tell you,
it is a secret.

Do you hear a secret?

In that stadium ...

were some of those people ...

still alive, Danny.

They were dumped into their graves.

Some did not step aside.

So I looked at their leadership ...

He pretended he saw nothing.

He pretended not to notice ...

what we did.

And I buried them anyway.

So many seem, Danny.
- I know.

So many!
- I know.

How did we get here?

I do not know, Brian.

I know.

We both know it.

We both know it.

Where you going, Danny?

Where you going, man?

We are going to go, Brian.

Come on!

Oh, my God!

I need those keys, Brian.

Of course.

I have a car.

You know I can not.
- Come on, Danny!

The ocean.

You and I, again?

Remember what it was?

In the waves, where no matter anything?

Just give me the keys.

Would you have them?

Shoot me down.

Or take me with you.

Do not do this, Brian ...

I will not end up like him, Danny.

Alive driving around,
only ...

You can not tell whether they are alive or dead.

Please, Brian.
Do not!

This is what we decided.
- I'm dying, Danny!

The rules can be stolen me.

You've made them yourself.

My own little brother ...

I've taught him everything he knows.

I'm driving ...

and wait for the storm that is coming ...

wegvaagt us all ...

but it does not.

It's a beautiful day ...

but not as it should be.

I'm waiting ...

and nothing happens to me.

And for the first time ...

feels like I just
am the world.

We made it.

Two foreigners,
with nothing more to say.

Brian and I have always loved this place.

The hotel, the beach ...

they still look the same.

But it is now only places.

I do not know what's going to happen.

I do not know how long I live.

But I know I will be alone.

Special thanks to SergeiK.