Casino Royale Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Casino Royale script is here for all you fans of the Daniel Craig James Bond movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Casino Royale quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Casino Royale Script

M doesn't mind you earning
a little money on the side, Dryden.

She'd just prefer it
if it wasn't selling secrets.

If the theatrics
are supposed to scare me... have the wrong man, Bond.

If M was so sure that I was bent...

...she'd have sent a double-0.

Benefits of being section chief...

...l'd know if anyone had been
promoted to double-0 status...

...wouldn't I?

-Your file shows no kills, and it takes--


We barely got to know each other.

I know where you keep your gun.

I suppose that's something.


How did he die?

Your contact?

Not well.

Made you feel it, did he?

Well... needn't worry.

The second is--



So how do I trust this man
that I've never met with my money?

You asked for the introduction.

That's all my organization
will guarantee.

I suppose our friend
Mr. White will have told you...

...that I have provided
reliable banking services...

...for many other
freedom fighters over the years.

Do you believe in God,
Mr. Le Chiffre?


I believe in
a reasonable rate of return.

I want no risk in the portfolio.


And I can access it
anywhere in the world?


I have the money,
so short another million shares...

...of Skyfleet stock.

Sir, you must know you're betting
against the market.

No one expects this stock
to go anywhere but up.

Just do it.

Looks like our man.
Burn scars on his face.

I wonder if bomb-makers
are insured for things like that.

He's on the move.

He's on the move,
and he's heading straight for me.

Stop touching your ear.

-Put your hand down.

Holster the bloody weapon, Carter.
I need him alive.

Weeping blood comes merely
from a derangement of the tear duct... dear general.

Nothing sinister.

All in.

I have two pair, and you have
a 17.4 percent chance...

...of making your straight.

When does Ellipsis expire?

-We have less than 36 hours. I can--
-No. No, no.

That's all the time I have anyway.

Give our guests
five minutes to leave...

...or throw them overboard.

Who the hell do they think they are?

I report to the prime minister,
even he's smart enough...

...not to ask me what we do.

Have you ever seen such a bunch
of self-righteous, arse-covering prigs?

They don't care what we do, they care
what we get photographed doing.

And how the hell
could Bond be so stupid?

I give him double-0 status,
he celebrates by shooting an embassy.

Is the man deranged?
And where the hell is he?

In the old days, if an agent
did something embarrassing...

...he'd have the good sense
to defect.

Christ, I miss the Cold War.

You've got a bloody cheek.


I'll shoot the camera first next time.

Or yourself.

You stormed into an embassy.

You violated the only
absolutely inviolate rule...

...of international relationships.

And why?
So you could kill a nobody.

We wanted to question him,
not kill him.

For God's sake. You're supposed
to display some kind of judgment.

I did.

I thought one less bomb-maker
in the world would be good.

Exactly. One bomb-maker.

We're trying to find out how an entire
network of terrorist groups is financed...

...and you give us one bomb-maker.

Hardly the big picture,
wouldn't you say?

The man isn't even a true believer.
He's a gun for hire.

And thanks to your trigger finger...

...we have no idea
who hired him or why.

And how the hell
did you find out where I lived?

The same way
I found out your name.

I thought "M" was randomly assigned.
I had no idea it stood for--

Utter one more syllable
and I'll have you killed.

I knew it was too early
to promote you.

Well, I understand double-0s
have a very short life-expectancy... your mistake will be short-lived.

Bond, this may be too much
for a blunt instrument to understand...

...but arrogance and self-awareness
seldom go hand in hand.

So you want me to be half monk,
half hit-man?

Any thug can kill.

I want you to take your ego
out of the equation...

...and to judge the situation

I have to know I can trust you,
and that you know who to trust.

And since I don't know that,
I need you out of my sight.

Go and stick your head
in the sand somewhere...

...and think about your future.

Because these bastards
want your head.

And I'm seriously considering
feeding you to them.

And Bond...

...don't ever break into
my house again.


Good day, sir,
and welcome to the Ocean Club.

Hey. Hey.


Are you going to take this
or make me wait?

Certainly, sir. Sorry, sir.

Security to car park.
Security to car park.

Absolutely incredible.

Welcome to the Ocean Club, sir.
Checking in?

Yes. But it's a spur-of-the-moment
thing, and I haven't got a reservation.


-We have an ocean-view villa.

Could you do me a favor?
I was here last night...

...and I parked my car next to
a very beautiful 1964 Aston Martin.

I nicked the door.
You wouldn't happen to know--?

-Mr. Dimitrios.

If he hasn't noticed,
I'm not sure I'd mention it.

Isn't the type
to take bad news well.

But if I felt compelled to find him?

He has a house just up the beach.

Thank you.

-He's in the Bahamas.

You woke me
to share his holiday plans?

Well, he's logged into
our secure website...

...using your name and password.

Well, how the hell
does he know these things?

Well, I'm doing my best to find out.

-Who's he looking at?
-Alex Dimitrios.

That slimy bugger.

Now known associates....

Le Chiffre.

We've had a good night,
we've had a few drinks.

How can I assist you, sir?

Good evening.
Large Mount Gay with soda, please.

-Look what just happened.
-Good job, big boy.


Do you mind if I join?

-Oh, good evening. How are you?
-Good evening.

Small blind, big blind.

I'm in.

Bet's to you.

If that was for luck,
you're two hours late.

Two hundred to you.

Bet's to you.

I heard you.

Five to call.

-Action's to you.
-Pair of sevens.

Ace high.

Check or bet.

-And to you.

Five thousand.

Five to call.

-Check to you, sir.

All in.

No, wait.

Twenty thousand.

Table stakes. I'm sorry, sir.

Okay. This is on the table.
That's my car. Wanna bet?

I'm sorry, Mr. Dimitrios.

Please, no. Give him a chance
to win his money back.

All right, show me, gentlemen.

Three kings.

There you go with my night.

Trip aces.

Aces win.

Oh, and the valet ticket.

Thank you.


-Thank you.
-Thank you, sir.

No wonder he was
in such a foul mood.

My mistake.

Can I give you a lift home?

That would really send him
over the edge.

I'm afraid I'm not that cruel.

Well, perhaps you're just
out of practice.


Well, what about
a drink at my place?

Your place?

-Is it close?

One drink.

Good evening, sir,
and welcome back.

Welcome to my home.

I'm having a hard time seeing
how this is my fault.

It's your plan.
All I did was get you the man.

A man who was under surveillance
by the British Secret Service.

Which makes me wonder
if I can trust you at all.

Then don't. I couldn't care less.

But I do care about my reputation.

I have someone else
willing to do the job.

He just needs the particulars...

...and payment.

You like married women,
don't you, James?

It keeps things simple.

What is it about bad men?

You, my husband....

I had so many chances
to be happy... many nice guys.

Why can't nice guys
be more like you?

Well, because then they'd be bad.


But so much more interesting.

What makes your husband
a bad man?

His nature, I suppose.

The nature of his work?

A mystery, I'm afraid.

I'm also afraid you will sleep with me
in order to get to him.

How afraid?

Not enough to stop.

Can I ask you a personal question?

Now would seem
an appropriate time.

Does "ellipsis"
mean anything to you?

Should I ask him about it?

Perhaps later.

Yes, dear?

I'm on the last flight
tonight to Miami.

Don't wait up.
I'll be back in the morning.

Okay, I understand.

See you tomorrow. Bye-bye.

Apparently he's on
the last flight to Miami... you have all night
to question me.

In that case...

...we're gonna need...

...some more champagne.

Good evening. Room Service.

Good evening. Can I get a bottle
of chilled Bollinger Grand Année...

...and the beluga caviar?

-With everything?
-Yes, with everything.

-And would that be for two, sir?

-For two?
-No, for one.

Wait here.

There you go. Number 53.

Dr. von Hagens' Body Worlds
invites visitors... observe the body's various
locomotive, digestive...

...nervous and vascular systems.

Please may I have your attention,
ladies and gentlemen?

I believe it is something very special,
what we see here.

This is edutainment.

--fixed in dramatic
and athletic poses...

...that reveal the true-to-life spatial
relationships amongst organs.



Do not leave your vehicle unattended.

Welcome to Miami
International Airport.

Curbside parking in front
of the terminal is restricted....

-It's Bond. I need her now.

I'm afraid she can't be disturbed.
Can I take a message?

Listen, you go and find her, tell her
to call Security at Miami Airport...

...because I think a bomb is about
to go off. Do it now.

-Sorry, can I put you on hold?
-I thought you might.

Bond? What the hell are you up to?

I'll call you back.

-The Skyfleet S570 prototype.
-What about it?

"The largest airplane in the world will
be unveiled today at Miami Airport."

Oh, my God!

Bond? Bond!

His target is the Skyfleet prototype.

It's launching today.

I gotta go.

Stop! Stop!

Get moving!
Let's go, let's go, let's go!

The puts expired. I'm sorry,
I'm not sure yet how much you've lost.

One hundred and one million,
two hundred and six thousand dollars.

Someone talked.

-You got everything you need?
-Yeah, I have.

I'm gonna get a few more photos....

Quite the body count
you're stacking up.

She was tortured first.
As you'd already killed her husband...

...she must have been
the only one left to question.

Did she know anything
that could compromise you?


-Not your name, what you were after?

Dimitrios worked as a middleman.

Knew where to put his hands
on weapons...

...and people who could use them.

He worked with anyone
who had money.

For years he was involved with a man
we knew as Le Chiffre...

...a private banker
to the world's terrorists.

He invested their money, gave them
access to it wherever they wanted.

Oh, good. You're here.

Albanian, we believe.
Chess prodigy.

A bit of a mathematical genius
and liked to prove it by playing poker.

So you can keep an eye on me?


When they analyzed
the stock market after 9l11...

...the CIA discovered a massive
shorting of airline stocks.

When the stocks hit bottom on 9l12,
somebody made a fortune.

The same thing happened
this morning with Skyfleet stock...

...or was supposed to.

With their prototype destroyed, the
company would be near bankruptcy.

Instead, somebody lost over
$ 100 million betting the wrong way.

You think it's this man Le Chiffre.

Which would explain how he could
set up a high-stakes poker game... Casino Royale in Montenegro.

Ten players, $ 10 million buy-in,
5 million re-buy.

Winner takes all.
Potentially 150 million.

Then we'll know where he'll be.

Do you want a clean kill
or to send a message?

We want him alive. Le Chiffre
doesn't have 100 million to lose.

Has he been playing the stock market
with his clients' funds?

They're not gonna be too happy
when they find out it's gone.

We can't let him win this game.

If he loses,
he'll have nowhere to run.

We'll give him sanctuary
in return for everything he knows.

I'm putting you in the game...

...replacing someone
who's playing for a syndicate.

According to Villiers,
you're the best player in the Service.

Trust me, I wish it wasn't the case.

I would ask you if you could remain
emotionally detached...

...but I don't think
that's your problem, is it, Bond?


Don't worry about keeping in touch.

We'll know where you are.

You can stop pretending.

You knew I wouldn't let this drop,
didn't you?

Well, I knew you were you.

Thank you.

I'm the money.

Every penny of it.

The Treasury has agreed
to stake you in the game.


Well, I do hope you gave
your parents hell for that.

Thank you.

Your boss must be well-connected.

I've never seen so much
go out the door so quickly.

Or quite so stylishly.

May I ask you where it is?

Ten million was wired
to your account in Montenegro...

...with a contingency for 5 more
if I deem it a prudent investment.

I suppose you've given some thought
to the notion that if you lose...

...our government
will have directly financed terrorism.

What looks good?

So you're telling me it's a matter
of probability and odds.

I was worried there was
some chance involved.

Well, only if you assume the player
with the best hand wins.

So that would be
what you call "bluffing"?

You've heard the term.

Then you'll also know that in poker
you never play your hand.

You play the man across from you.

-And you're good at reading people?
-Yes, I am.

Which is why
I've been able to detect... undercurrent
of sarcasm in your voice.

I'm now assured our money
is in good hands.

You don't think
this is a very good plan, do you?

So there is a plan?

I got the impression
we were risking millions of dollars...

...and hundreds of lives
on a game of luck.

What else can you surmise,
Mr. Bond?

About you, Miss Lynd?

Well, your beauty's a problem.

You worry you won't
be taken seriously.

Which one can say of any
attractive woman with half a brain.

True, but this one
overcompensates... wearing
slightly masculine clothing...

...being more aggressive
than her female colleagues...

...which gives her a somewhat
prickly demeanor...

...and ironically enough, makes it
less likely for her to be accepted...

...and promoted
by her male superiors...

...who mistake her insecurities
for arrogance.

Now, I'd have normally
gone with only child...

...but, you see, by the way you ignored
the quip about your parents...

...l'm gonna have to go with orphan.

All right.

By the cut of your suit,
you went to Oxford or wherever...

...and actually think
human beings dress like that.

But you wear it with such disdain... guess is
you didn't come from money...

...and your school friends
never let you forget it.

Which means you were
at that school by the grace...

...of someone else's charity,
hence the chip on your shoulder.

And since your first thought about me
ran to orphan...

...that's what I'd say you are.

Oh, you are.

I like this poker thing.

And that makes perfect sense...

...since Ml6 looks
for maladjusted young men...

...that give little thought
to sacrificing others... order to protect
Queen and country.

You know...

...former SAS types with easy smiles
and expensive watches.



Now, having just met you...

...I wouldn't go as far as calling you
a cold-hearted bastard.

No, of course not.

But it wouldn't be a stretch
to imagine.

You think of women
as disposable pleasures...

...rather than meaningful pursuits.

So as charming as you are,
Mr. Bond...

...I will be keeping my eye
on our government's money...

...and off your perfectly formed arse.

You noticed?

Even accountants have imagination.

How was your lamb?


One sympathizes.

Good evening, Mr. Bond.

Good evening, Miss Lynd.

-Hotel Splendid, sir?
-That's right.

-Thank you, sir.
-Thank you.

It's just last-minute details.

Apparently we're very much in love.

Do you usually leave it to porters
to tell you this sort of thing?

Only when the romance
has been necessarily brief.

I'm Mr. Arlington Beech,
professional gambler...

...and you're
Miss Stephanie Broadchest--

-I am not.
-You're gonna have to trust me on this.

Oh, no, I don't.

We've been involved
for quite a while...

...hence the shared suite.

But my family
is strict Roman Catholic... for appearances' sake,
it'll be a two-bedroom suite.

I do hate it when religion
comes between us.

Religion and a securely locked door.

Am I going to have a problem
with you, Bond?

No, don't worry. You're not my type.



Welcome to the Hotel Splendid.
Your name, sir?

James Bond. You'll find
the reservation under Beech.

-Welcome, Mr. Bond.
-You sign that, dear.

You represent the Treasury.

Thank you. Enjoy your stay.

I will. Thank you.

Very funny.

Look, if Le Chiffre
is that well-connected...

...he knows who I am
and where the money's from.

Which means he's decided
to play me anyway.

So he's either desperate
or he's overly confident...

...but either way, that tells me
something about him.

And all he gets in return
is a name he already has.

And now he knows
something about you.

He knows you're reckless.

Take the next one.

There isn't enough room for me
and your ego.

Mr. Bond?

-It was left for you.
-Thank you.

I love you too, M.

My name is Mathis. Rene Mathis.
I'm your contact here.

Does he know
we've been watching him?

Le Chiffre? I don't think so.

Probably because there's no "we."
Just me.

I'm afraid if you get
into trouble here...

...the cavalry won't be
coming over the nearest hill.

Le Chiffre arrived yesterday...

...and spent the time reestablishing
old relationships.

The chief of police and he
are now quite close.

That's him, with the mustache.

Over my left shoulder.

Well, that could make life
quite difficult.

Yeah, and quite possibly shorter.

He's not a very subtle man.

I thought about trying to buy
his services, but we frankly...

...couldn't afford to outbid Le Chiffre.

I hate to say it...

...but the accountants seem
to be running Ml6 these days.

Oh, not that I have anything
against accountants.

Many of them are lovely people.

So I decided that it was cheaper
to supply his deputy...

...with evidence
that we were bribing the chief.

It's amazing what you can do with
Photoshop these days, isn't it?

I think your odds are improving,
Mr. Bond.


For you.

Something you expect me to wear?

I need you looking fabulous.

So when you walk up behind me
and kiss me on the neck...

...the players will be thinking
about your neckline...

...and not about their cards.

Do you think you can
do that for me?

I'll do my best.

Thank you.

I have a dinner jacket.

There are dinner jackets
and dinner jackets.

This is the latter.

And I need you looking like a man
who belongs at that table.


It's tailored.

I sized you up the moment we met.

-Good evening, sir.
-Good evening.

Thank you.

And you must be
Mr. Bliss' replacement.

Welcome, Mr. Beech.

Or is that Bond?
I'm a little confused.

Well, we wouldn't want that,
would we?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome.

As you know, the game is no-limit
hold 'em poker.

Five communal cards,
two in the hole.

Monsieur Mendel here represents
the Basel Bank, Switzerland...

...holding the stakes.

You have each deposited
$ 10 million buy-in.

A further buy-in of 5 million
can be made by electronic transfer.

The money will remain in escrow
until I return...

...and the winner of the contest
enters his or her password...

...into the encryptor...

...whereupon the entire sum
will be wired... any bank account
in the world you nominate.

Mr. Bond?

We proceed alphabetically.

Please be so kind as to enter
a password of your choice.

Six letters or more.

High card for dealer position.

It's Signor Gallardo.

Mr. Kaminofsky is
the small blind, $5000...

...and Mr. Fukutu, the big blind,
$ 10,000.

Well, enjoy the game.

Four players.

It's your bet.



Bet. Fifty thousand.



Fold. Heads up.

Monsieur Le Chiffre.

Bet. One hundred thousand.

Weren't you supposed to enter
so the others could see you?

Was I? Forgive me.

Good luck, darling.

It's up to you, Monsieur Bond.

Monsieur Bond?

Oh, I'm sorry. What was the bet?
A hundred thousand?



I suppose I don't have to tell you
how beautiful you look.

Half the people at that table
are still watching you.


Monsieur Le Chiffre.

Bet. Two hundred thousand.

Monsieur, you have been called.
Showdown, please.

A full house to Monsieur Le Chiffre.
Deuces full of nines.

Mr. Bond?


Send the barman over, please.

A dry martini. Wait.

Three measures Gordon's,
one of vodka...

...half of Kina Lillet,
shake it over ice...

-...then add a thin slice of lemon peel.
-Yes, sir.

-You know, I'll have one of those.
-So will I.


My friend, bring me one as well.
Keep the fruit.

That's it?

Anyone want to play poker now?

Someone's in a hurry.

Would you excuse me?

You taste nice.

-I thought we dispensed with covers.

We dispensed with one that was
of no use and created another that is.

-Is he watching?


This is me in character pissed off
because you're losing so fast...

...we won't be here past midnight.

Oddly, my character's feelings
mirror my own.


-You know, that's not half bad.
-Up to you.

I'm gonna have to think up
a name for that.

It was worth it to discover his tell.

What do you mean?

The twitch he has to hide
when he bluffs.

-Bluffs? He had the best hand.
-Which he got on the last card.

The odds against were 23-to-1,
and he'd know that.

When he did his first raise
he had nothing.

Winning was blind luck.

-Did you get the bug?

Bet. One hundred thousand.

Thank you.

It's your play, Monsieur Fukutu.

Maybe he can actually pull this off.


Monsieur Le Chiffre.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Mesdames, Messieurs...

...we've now been
playing for four hours.

It's time for a short break.
We will resume play in one hour.

Well, I think I'll report
on the evening's frivolities.


You want to do what to me?

You've lost me completely.

You just said you can't wait
to get me back to the room. Come on.

So, what's so damn important?

I'm sorry.

Where is my money?

-Good evening.
-Good evening.

You're holding a parcel for me.

Thank you.

Do you think you can lose that kind
of money and no one would notice?

Your money is safe.

Open that.

You'll have it tomorrow.

All of it.

I would take a hand for this betrayal,
but you need it to play cards.

Hold out your arm.

Hold out your arm, my beauty...

...or I will take your head.

Go to the room. Wait for me there.


Not a word of protest.

You should find a new boyfriend.

Go find Mathis.

Tell him I've hidden the bodies here
and I want him to get rid of them.

Do that now. Go. Go, go!

You changed your shirt, Mr. Bond.

I hope our little game
isn't causing you to perspire.

A little.

But I won't consider myself to be
in trouble until I start weeping blood.

Ladies and gentlemen, if everybody's
ready, let's continue the game.

It's like there's blood on my hands.
It's not coming off.

Here, let's see.

That's better.

You cold?



You have any trouble
with the bodies?

Less than some.

Being dead doesn't mean
one can't still be helpful.

That'll keep Le Chiffre
looking over his shoulder.

He'll be wondering who's gonna
come for him next.

How's our girl?

Melted your cold heart yet?



And call.

Three players.

Three hundred grand.

Bet. Three hundred thousand.


And call.

Three players.


Monsieur Bond?

Bet. Five hundred thousand.

Look. It's the tell. He is bluffing.

My God, James was right.

It's up to you.

Raise. One million.

Seems someone knows
something I don't.


Heads up, gentlemen.

It's up to you.


Re-raise. Two million.

And it's up to you.

I'm all in.

Well, it's 14 million
and 500,000.

It's up to you, Monsieur Bond.

Bond will have to go all in
to call his bluff.


Gentlemen, showdown, please.

Full house. Kings and aces.

Monsieur Le Chiffre.

It's four jacks.
Monsieur Le Chiffre wins.

You must have thought
I was bluffing, Mr. Bond.


We will now break for one hour.

When we return,
the big blind will be 200,000.

Good game.

Well, I'm gonna need the other
5 million to buy back in.

I can't do that, James.

Look, I made a mistake.

I was impatient, maybe I was arrogant,
but I can beat him.

-I'm sorry.


Try putting that in a sentence.

"Sorry Le Chiffre's gonna win...

...continue funding terror and killing."
That kind of sorry?

You lost because of your ego,
and that same ego can't take it.

That's what this is about.

All you're going to do now
is lose more.

Then you're an idiot.

-I'm sorry?
-I said, you're a bloody idiot.

Look in my eyes.

I can beat this man, you know that.

Get your hand off my arm.

Vodka martini.

-Shaken or stirred?
-Do I look like I give a damn?

-Get the girl out.

Funny game, right?

Sorry, I should've introduced myself,
seeing as we're related.

Felix Leiter, a brother from Langley.

You should have a little faith.

If you keep your head about you,
I think you have him.

Had. Excuse me.

You're not buying in?


Listen, I'm bleeding chips.
I'm not gonna last much longer.

You have a better chance.
I'll stake you.

I'm saying I'll give you the money
to keep going.

Just one thing. If you pull it off,
the CIA bring him in.

And what about the winnings?

Does it look like
we need the money?

Shall we up the blinds?

Why not?



And fold.

Excuse me, please.



Raise. Five hundred thousand.

-Thank you.



Thank you.


Deal me out.

Sorry, sir. You are the big blind.

Small blind, please.

-Who is it?
-It's 007.

Bond's been poisoned.
He's going into cardiac arrest.

Stay calm and don't interrupt.
Because you'll be dead...

...within two minutes
unless you do exactly what I tell you.

I'm all ears.

Remove the defibrillator
from the pouch.

-Do we know what it is yet?
-We're still scanning.

Attach the leads to your chest.

Ventricular tachycardia. Digitalis.

What do we give him? The kit
has amphetamines, antihistamines...

...hydrocortisone. Adrenalin?

-As soon as it reads charged--
-Lidocaine. That'll work.

Bond, don't push the red button yet.
Do you hear me? Don't push it.

His heart's gonna stop.

There's only time for one charge
before he passes out.

Take the blue combipen, Bond.
Mid-neck into the vein.

That'll counteract the digitalis.

You're going to pass out
in a few seconds.

You need to keep
your heart going.

Push the red button now, Bond.

-Bond, push the damn button!
-Do it now!

-You okay?

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

-Now get yourself off to a hospital.
-I will do.

As soon as I've won this game.

You're not seriously
going back there?

I wouldn't dream of it.

Bet. One million.

-All in.
-Call. All in.

Gentlemen, showdown, please.

Two pair. Aces and sevens.

Queen plays. Wins.

Oh, I'm sorry.

That last hand, it nearly killed me.

Gentlemen, with this chip exchange,
we enter the final phase of the game...

...which means no more buy-ins.

The big blind is now
1 million dollars.

Four players.

It's your bet.

-Monsieur Bond?

-Twenty-four million in the pot already.

Check. And check.

All check.

Four players.


All in. Six million.

Bet. Six million. All in.

Five million. All in.

Bet is 6 million.



Twelve million. Heads up.

Forty million, 500,000. All in.

Raise. All in.

Well, I think I will call you
on that one.


One hundred and fifteen million
in the pot.

Gentlemen, showdown, please.

Flush. Ace, king, queen.

Full house. Eights full of aces.

A higher full house.

Aces full of sixes.

Monsieur Bond.

Five and seven of spades.

A straight flush.

Four to the eight.

The high hand.

Monsieur Bond wins.

-For you.
-Thank you very much.


-He's all yours.
-Much appreciated, brother.


You know,
I think a celebration's in order.

You were almost dead an hour ago.

Come on, I'm famished.

Thank you.

Mathis says the Americans
have made contact with Le Chiffre.

They're going to extract him
before dawn.

You know, I think
I'll call that a Vesper.

Because of the bitter aftertaste?

No. Because once you've tasted it,
that's all you want to drink.

-I thought that was quite a good line.
-It was a very good line.

But you're laughing at it.

-Not so much it as you.
-Well, that's fine then.

I figured out what that is.

It's an Algerian love knot.

Really? I thought it was
just something pretty.

No, you didn't.

Someone gave that to you.

He's a very lucky man.

You can switch off so easily,
can't you?

It doesn't bother you,
killing those people?

Well, I wouldn't be very good
at my job if it did.

I don't believe you.

You've got a choice, you know?

Just because
you've done something...

...doesn't mean
you have to keep doing it.

Why is it people who can't take advice
always insist on giving it?

You think I can't take
my own advice?

I think something is driving you.

And I think I'll never find out
what that is.

Mathis needs me.

Good night.

Congratulations again.


I'm afraid your friend Mathis
is really... friend Mathis.

You've taken good care
of your body.

Such a waste.

You know...

...I never understood
all these elaborate tortures.

It's the simplest thing... cause more pain
than a man can possibly endure.

And of course...'s not only the immediate agony,
but the knowledge...

...that if you do not yield
soon enough...

...there will be little left
to identify you as a man.

The only question remains...

...will you yield in time?

I want the money.

Miss Lynd will give me the account
number, if she hasn't already.

So all I need from you
is the password.

The password, please.

I've got a little itch...

...down there.

Would you mind?

No! No! No!

No. To the right.
To the right. To the right!

You are a funny man, Mr. Bond.


Yes, yes, yes.

Now the whole world's gonna know
that you died scratching my balls.

I died?

-I died?

Because no matter what you do,
I'm not gonna give you the password.

Which means your clients
will hunt you down...

...and cut you into pieces of meat
while you're still breathing.

Because if you kill me...

...there'll be nowhere else to hide.

But you are so wrong!

Because even after I slaughtered
you and your little girlfriend...

...your people would still welcome me
with open arms...

...because they need what I know.

The big picture.

Give me the password...

...and I will at least let her live.

Bond. Do it soon enough
and she might even be in one piece.

You really aren't going to tell me,
are you?


So I think...

...l'll feed you
what you seem not to value.

I'll get the money.

Tell them I'll get the money.

Money isn't as valuable to our
organization as knowing who to trust.






Not him.

Not Mathis.


I'll get the doctor.

Not him.

Any ideas?

-Why they left the two of you alive.

Where is she?


Well, I'm supposed
to get you to drink this.

It's just odd...

...killing everyone else
but leaving you and her untouched.

Almost as if someone
was trying to tell us something.

Get a look at the killer?



Drink up.

Anything else you remember?

Anything that can help us?

Help us?

Or help you?



You all right?

I can't resist waking you.

Every time I do, you look at me as if
you haven't seen me in years.

It makes me feel reborn.

If you'd just been born...

...wouldn't you be naked?

You have me there.

You can have me anywhere.

I can?

Yeah. Here, there,
anywhere you like.

Does this mean
that you're warming to me?

Yeah. That's how I would describe it.

It's just that not so long ago...

...I would have described
your feelings towards me as....

I'm trying to think
of a better word than "loathing."

I'm afraid I'm a complicated woman.

That is something to be afraid of.

-Oh, perfect timing.

Monsieur Mendel.
How are things in Switzerland?

My apologies,
I do not mean to rush...

...but 120 million
is a large sum of money.

It certainly is. You didn't bring
any chocolates with you?

I'm afraid not.

If you would type in
the account number.

And now the password.

You can do that.

I would if I knew what it was.


The funds have been transferred.

Sorry for disturbing you.

-Auf Wiedersehen.
-Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Mendel.

You know, James...

...I just want you to know
that if all that was left of you...

...was your smile
and your little finger...'d still be more of a man
than anyone I've ever met.

That's because you know
what I can do with my little finger.

-I have no idea.
-But you're aching to find out.

You're not going to let me
in there, are you?

You've got your armor back on.

That's that.

I have no armor left.

You've stripped it from me.

Whatever is left of me....

Whatever is left of me...

...whatever I am...

...l'm yours.

I suppose M won't miss me
for a couple of days.

She'll be too busy sweating Mathis.


Remember I told you
about Le Chiffre's tell?

Well, Mathis told Le Chiffre.

That's how he wiped me out.

Same goes for the implant. Can't say
I'm too sorry about losing that.

I can't believe it.

No, neither could I.

I thought he had my back.

But there you go, lesson learned.

Does everyone have a tell?



Everyone except you.

I wonder if that's why I love you.

You love me?

Enough to quit
and float round the world with you...

...until one of us
has to find an honest job.

But I think that's gonna have to be you.
I've no idea what an honest job is.

You're serious.

Like you said... do what I do for too long...

...and there won't be any soul
left to salvage.

I'm leaving with
what little I have left.

Is that enough for you?

-Come on.
-No. No.

No, stop it. Stop.
I have to get to the bank.

What's the time?

How much do we need
to float for a month?

I've got plenty.

No, I want to pay for my half
of our aimless wanderings.

You stopped wearing the necklace.

Yeah. It was time.

Time enough to get over someone?

To realize sometimes
you can forget the past.

Though apparently not
your employer.

Back in one month.

Come on. I'll get the money... get supplies.

I'll see you back here
in half an hour.

-Hello, M.
-I got your note.


We'll talk about that later.

Right now I have a lovely man
from the Treasury here...

...wondering if you're ever
going to deposit the winnings.

That's a shame.
I didn't think they'd miss it.

Yes. Well, I told them not to worry.

So you'll be depositing it today.

On my way to the bank right now.

James Bond for Mr. Mendel.


Mr. Mendel? I'm having trouble
accessing the funds in my account.

It was transferred
to the account number...

...your company gave us, Mr. Bond.

It appears the funds
are being withdrawn as we speak.

-The Venice branch, of course.

St. Mark's Square.

Is there a problem, Mr. Bond?

I'll kill her!

Allow me.

I'm sorry, James.

She had a boyfriend.
A French Algerian.

They were very much in love.

He was kidnapped
by the organization behind Le Chiffre.

And they blackmailed her, threatening
to kill him unless she cooperated.

We should've picked up on it...

...but sometimes
we're so focused on our enemies...

...we forget to watch our friends.

How are you doing?

She left her cell phone.

She must have known I'd check it.

She knew you were you.

-Well, at least this clears Mathis.


We just proved that she's guilty,
not that he's innocent.

It could've been a double blind.
Keep sweating him.

You don't trust anyone,
do you, James?


Then you've learnt your lesson.

Get back as soon as you can.
We need you.

Will do.

If you do need time....

Why should I need more time?

The job's done,
and the bitch is dead.


...did you ever ask yourself
why you weren't killed that night?

Isn't it obvious?

She made a deal to spare your life
in exchange for the money.

I'm sure she hoped
they would let her live.

But she must have known
she was going to her death.

And now we'll never know
who was behind this.

The trail's gone cold.

-Mr. White?

We need to talk.

Who is this?

The name's Bond.

James Bond.

Special thanks to SergeiK.