City Of Ember Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the City Of Ember script is here for all you fans of the Tim Robbins and Bill Murray movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some City Of Ember quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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City Of Ember Script

On the day the world ended...

the fate of mankind was carried
in a small metal box.

In a secret location, architects,
scientists and engineers met...

and concluded that there was
only one hope for our future:

To build an underground city...

designed to keep its citizens
protected for generations to come.

Secure the box.

Set it for
200 years.

We'll keep them in the city for 200 years.

You're certain
that'll be long enough?

None of us can be certain of anything.
We can hope.

Growing up with no knowledge
of a world outside...

future generations will be spared sorrow
for what they've lost.

For the good of all mankind.

The box was entrusted to the first mayor...

who was to pass it on
to her successor.

As the years counted down...

the box passed from mayor to mayor.

None knew what secrets it held...

only that it would open
when it was needed most.

But fate ran another course...

and the chain was broken.

The box was tucked away
and forgotten...

and as the city grew old and began to crumble...

the box quietly clicked open.

- Dad, do you hear that?
- Uh, hurry up. You don't wanna be late.

- I am hurrying.
- I'm proud of you, Son.

- Today's a big day.
- Yeah.

I just hope I don't get assigned
some useless job.

You can't control what job you get on
Assignment Day. That's not the point.

The important thing is to do-

your part.

One, two, three, four...

five, six, seven, eight-

They're getting longer.

- That one was.
- Yeah, and it's the third one this week.

The Generator's
our only source of power.

- All Electricians and Wiremen-
- If it goes-

- are advised to report to their stations.
- we all go.

- That's dramatic.
- Dad, this place is falling apart.

No, I will not just sit around
while Ember collapses.

I'm getting into that Generator,
whatever it takes.


on achieving
this momentous occasion:

your Assignment Day.

I'm late!

- Lina, are you and your granny all right?
- Yeah, we're fine.

- You all right, Mr. Tock?
- Just another blackout, Lina.


Be you eight or 18, the time has come...

- to answer the call to service.
- Hi, Mr. Boaz.

- Stop!
- Produce the Book Of The City Of Ember.

- You need to sign in!
- I'm late!

Psst! Lizzie.

- We swear-
- Eternal loyalty to our city.

We declare our infinite gratitude
to the Builders...

who chose this site
with the greatest care.

We flourish above
our mighty flowing river.

We thrive thanks to the unbounded
capacity of our mighty Generator...

beating at our very center
like a magnificent heart.

Beyond Ember, the darkness
goes on forever in all directions.

Ours is the only light in a dark world.

It's true.


Be the first to discover your future.

Reach in, young man.

Read it aloud.

Electrician's Helper.

I get to work in the Generator.

Timekeeper's Assistant.

You get to work with clocks.

- Building Repair Assistant.
- They have a lot of fun.

- Greenhouse Helper.
- That-a girl.

- Potato Peeler.
- You're gonna come in handy.

- Warehouse Clerk.
- A vital job.

Pick one, young lady.


Louder, so we can all hear.

I'm a Pipeworks Laborer.

You're a very fortunate girl.
That is an important job.

- Mold Scraper.
- We got a Mold Scraper. Great.


- I picked a dull job, but compared to yours-
- Lina.

- mine's a shining light bulb.
- Lina.

- Scream if you need me.
- Trade with me.

- What?
- Swap jobs. Please. You have to.

You want to work in the Pipeworks?

I want to be Electrician's Helper and work
in the Generator, but Joss won't swap.

I would rather die
than be a Messenger.

- I don't want to waste my time while the whole city crumble-
- Yes.

- What?
- Yes.

- Thank you, Doon!
- Thanks!

#The light from the lamp is not all #

- #There is a brighter light ##
- Mrs. Murdo!

- How was your Assignment Day?
- I'm a Messenger!

That's wonderful, Lina!


Granny! Where are you?

I'm a Messenger.

You shouldn't make things up.
You-You're not a Messenger, Lina.

But today was Assignment Day,


- Where's Poppy?
- Poppy?

- Poppy?
- She was helping me look for something.

I- Here's Poppy.



Poppy, take that out of your mouth.


- It's for you.
- Thank you.

- I made it.
- Yeah, I can tell.

- Uh, what's it for?
- It's for your graduation.

I mean, what does it do?

You'll figure it out.

There's more to a bottle cap than
keeping liquid from leaking out of glass.

The main thing is, pay attention.

Pay close attention to everything-
everything you see.

Notice what no one else notices...

and you'll know
what no one else knows.

What you get is what you get.

What you do with what you get-

That's more the point.

Wouldn't you say?

Really useful, Dad.

Don't you want to eat?

I'm not hungry.

I mean, we'll have to replace those.


Shh, shh, shh, shh. Hey, it's okay.

You hurt your wing.


- Good night, Lina.
- Good night, Poppy.

I'll play you the voices
while you fall asleep, okay?


Anybody home?

Don't hold dinner for me, darling.

I'll be there before lights out.

Mrs. Mayfleet, your shoes are ready.

Hi, Raine. It's Clary.

The sprinkler system's down
again in number two.

Raine, it's me, Barrow.

I've been thinking about it.

I watch my boy and...

I've come around.
I've changed my mind.

I'm in.

Where do you go?

Lina Mayfleet, reporting for duty!

You're early, Mayfleet.

At ease. At ease.


Stations, everybody!

- It's beautiful.
- Wear it proudly.

Take care of it.
Always keep it in good repair.

I will.

Your station is Garn Square.


I need to tell you the rules.

One: When a customer-

Gives you a message, repeat it back
to make sure you've got it right.

Two: Always wear the red cape
so people can identify you.

Three: Our customers pay
20 coins for every message...

no matter how far we have
to carry it, so go fast.

I love going fast.

Very good. I'm impressed.

Now go!

Sit. Sit.

These overalls will go
over your clothes.

That belt will have
all the tools you'll need.

And I think there's enough traction
left in these boots.

You need traction to work the pipes.

- Thank you.
- Now, this locker is yours.

You can put in your shoes
and whatnots.

- All right?
- Okay.

All right. Try this.

You've got a big head.

Try this one.

Oh, that fits.

All right, now.
Cut your name in there.

- Why?
- Why?

In case something happens to ya.

The guy who wore this helmet
before you drowned.

If he hadn't cut his name in there,
we wouldn't have known who he was.

Here. Use this.

I think I can figure out what's wrong
with the Generator.

When can I see it? Hmm?



Twenty coins, please.

Hey, slow down.


Clary! It's me.

Look at you.

- Roner told me.
- You're my first message.

That's great. I'm ready.

From Arbin Swinn,
the vegetable vendor.

Let me have it.

"If this is a potato,
then I'm 16 and sexy. "


Stay back.

He could be contaminated.
He's been in the Unknown Region.

Don't go near 'im.

I couldn't see it, but I ran right into it.
I swear. It was as big as a house.

I was just trying to get out
along the river.

It was so dark. I grabbed onto it.

- I had to, before it grabbed me!
- Don't touch him!

Stand back! Back!

I had to! No! Ow!

I knew it was dark,
but I had no idea how dark.

I couldn't see anything.

Why would he risk being thrown in jail-

when everyone knows
it's against the law to go out there?

Come on, move!

There's far too much to do
here to worry about out there.

Your father would have known
how to fix these potatoes.

Don't dig too deep, Lina.

- The whole thing is rusted.
- Yep.

- You know, it ought to be replaced, Sul.
- Yep.

- So where do you store new pipe?
- New pipe?

We haven't had new pipe...

since my second decade here.


We've been patchin' so long,
we have more patches than pipe.

Here, hold that.

Attaboy. That's good.

Round and round we go. There.

All right, we'll check it.

Squeeze it.

Is it holdin'?

Uh, so far.

So far? So far is so good.


- W-What's gonna happen?
- Same as always.

- What's that?
- We'll cope.

But what about the blackouts?
They're getting worse.

- They're-They're-They're-
- Slow down, kid.

You have to learn
to take things as they come.

Well, what's th-
What's this tunnel called?

It's Tunnel 25. And this is 26.

How do you know?

Come on.

- What's that for?
- Pressure.


And this?

Don't know. It's not my job.

But you've worked here forever.
How could you not know?

Mindin' my own business keeps me-

keeps me busy enough.

Uh, can we go into the Generator?

There's gotta be another way
into the Generator.

Huh. This tunnel's been erased.

Hey! What are you doing here?

- You don't work in the storeroom.
- You're-You're Looper.

- Uh, your brother was in my class.
- Oh.

Thanks for the enlightening information.
Is that why you're here?

- No. I'm training in the Pipeworks.
- Huh?

- I'm-I'm training in the Pipeworks. I saw this-
- Huh?

This rope. I-I-I got lost. I'm sorry.

- Yeah, well, get lost again!
- Oh!

You okay?


I'm over here!

Lights, come on.

- Help me!
- Please.

Please come on.

Lina? Lina?

- Doon?
- Lina, keep talking.

Doon, where are you?

Where are you? Hey, you okay?

- Yeah.
- Keep talking. Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

Something's not right.

They never last this long.

- What's that sound?
- It's the Generator.

- But they can fix it, right?
- Maybe for now.

But we're-
We're running out of time.

We have to do something.

There was a man this morning.

He came back from the Unknown Regions.
He said he heard water.

Did you ever think
there might be a way out?

A way out of Ember?

All Pipeworkers.

All Pipeworkers,
Electricians and Engineers-

- Look, I need to get down the Pipeworks.
- report immediately.

- You stay safe, Lina, okay?
- Doon.

- Attention, all Pipeworkers.
- Doon!

- Wait!
- All Pipeworkers, Electricians, Engineers, report immediately.

Where'd you get that?

- I-I think it came from some kind of animal.
- No, where did you get it?

A man came back with it
from the Unknown Regions.

It's from a beetle.

- Messenger!
- It's beautiful.

- Can I keep it?
- I have a message.

Miss Sample, I need to get home
and check on my granny first.

Pass the message as you go.
Tell everybody.

Seven minutes!

The power failure lasted seven minutes!

Twice as long as we've ever had!

# It was so strong #

# But we live by the joy of our song #

#The city shines-##


No time! You better move!

It's out of control!

- It's here somewhere.
- What's here?

Somewhere. Something.
It's very, very important.

My great granddaddy-
He told me this.

Wait here.

Poppy, no. Give me that.

Spit it out.

Poppy, come on.

Pop- Mmm! Fine.

You're ruining the couch, Granny.

You-You found it.

- This is what you're looking for?
- Uh-huh.

Are you sure?

What's so special about it?

I don't- I forget. I don't remember.

I don't remember.

Okay, Granny.
I've gotta get back to work.


See ya, Pop.


- Joss.
- Don't bother asking.

The Generator's broken.
It's hopeless.

Next load!

I have a message for Seely Schnap.

I'm Seely Schnap. What is it?

- Munn Millders sent me.
- He did?

He wants me to tell you that he
can't come over for lunch today.


He said that your house
is too far away from his...

and he's afraid of the blackouts.

I have a message...

for the mayor.

"Your ship is in. "

Good day, Messenger.

What brings you to the Gathering Hall?

I have a message for the mayor.

Very good.

Right this way, if you please.

These pictures
are of all the mayors of Ember.

I'm related to him.

He was my great-great-

I don't know how many "greats"-

"Podd Morethwart,
Seventh Mayor of Ember. "

We still live in the same place he did.


Come in.

I recognize you
from Assignment Day, don't I?

She's a direct descendant
of our seventh mayor.

Are you? How nice. Name?

- Lina Mayfleet.
- "Mayfleet"?

That is a name for a Messenger.

May your feet be fleet.

you were born for the job.

What is your message for me,
Lina Mayfleet?

It's from Looper, sir.


"Your ship is in. "


What are those boxes
in the portraits, sir?

Is that part of the message?

No, I was just curious.

Thank you.

Attention. Sewage spill in Apartment Block 14.

Plumbers and Bucketmen, be advised.

I'm just looking after myself. You've heard
the rumors. You know what they're saying.

- It's going black for good.
- What's going black for good?

Clean your ears, Little Miss Nosy.

I said "back. "

Going back for good.

Did you deliver the message?

Ember's been here a long time.

Blackouts or no blackouts...

the Generator hasn't failed us yet.

The Generator won't last.

It's falling apart.

And no one knows
what they're doing down there.

Something's really wrong.

What can you do about it?


What can you do about it?

How do you explain
that this used to be so small?

You're gonna
give yourself a headache.

"Ember. "

"Time. "

"Support life. "

"One: Proceed. "

"Two: R-Release. "

It's so shiny.

What do you think it is?

I need 20 packages of light bulbs.

My shop's outta peas.
I need 15 airtights.

Well, ya can't have 15.
You can only have three.

Don't give me that. Just yesterday I saw
plenty airtights in Pott Street Market.

Well, that's why there aren't
so many today, isn't it?

- Don't be smart with me.
- What do you want me to do? Make peas out of thin air?

- Next!
- I need help right now, please!

- Did-Did we find it?
- Lie back, Roo.

- Did we-
- You need to stay in bed today.

We found it, Granny.

Found it.

Granny, what is it?

Can you tell me?

- Don't ask her to talk now.
- Found it.

What's best for you is to sleep.

Isn't there any medicine you can give her?

I'm low on medicine. I'm sorry.

Give her as much water
as she'll drink, eh?

Can you look at Poppy too?

Hang onto her.

I'm just gonna look in your mouth.

Don't bite.

Well, what was that doing there?

Poppy. Poppy, stop.

Poppy, stand still. Don't move.

Okay. Okay, I've got you.

Granny, we're coming.


You and Poppy have to share,
but I think the bed's big enough.

Poppy, let's make some dinner
and let your sister get settled.

Do you know your part?


I- I think I remember it pretty well
from last year.

Oh, the Great Day of Singing
is so important.

Oh, it lifts all of our hearts.
How lucky we are.

I don't feel very lucky lately.

- There's nothing to worry about.
- The blackouts worry everybody.

Help is coming.

- Help?
- Mm-hmm.

Who built our city, dear?

- The... Builders?
- That's right.

And the Builders will come again
and show us the way.

Whatever it is, Granny,
I'll figure it out.

I promise.

- It says "Pipeworks. "
- That's why I brought it to you.

This printing-

You know what it reminds me of?

Come on.
I gotta show you something.

What are we doing here?

The Builders left us this book.
We learned about it in History.

Go on. Open it up.

N- No one but the mayor's supposed to.

The Builders wrote these instructions.

It's exactly the same.

Come on.

There's something I have to show you.

- Wow.
- What do you think?

- I think it's instructions.
- Yeah?

What I don't understand is,
why would they have it in a circle?

- I mean, I know it must be important.
- Add a "T."

- What?
- Add a "T."

E- X-I-T. Exit.

What if there's an exit from Ember?

I don't think
we're supposed to be down here.

This tunnel was erased from Sul's map.

It dead-ends in a locked room.

This could be it.

- That was just the last time.
- Come on.

- The time before that I-
- Shh.

You're gonna get us caught.

Come on.

What was that?

I have no idea.


Lina! Up here!

Go, go, go, go, go! Quickly, quickly!

Hurry! Get the box!



Over here!

Lina! Lina! He's stuck! Jump!

Thanks for another great idea.

Moles need to eat all the time
just to stay alive.

Probably just as hungry as we are.

Did you see those storerooms?
They're completely empty.

We're gonna run out of food.

It doesn't matter anyway.
The Generator won't last.

And pretty soon
it'll be black for good.

"Mayfleet. " That's my name.

The man who wore that helmet
before me drowned.


He worked here.

There's no water
but the irrigation pipes.

How could he have drowned?

I miss him so much.

Mom too.

How am I ever gonna figure out
what this is all about?

It's all these zeros.

That's what scares me the most.

What would count down to nothing?

- It sounds like doomsday.
- Oh, shh.

Please, honey.

Don't do anything foolish.

I couldn't bear to lose you too.

How did he die, Clary?


Did he really drown?

Your father thought
it was doomsday too.

He believed there was a way
to get out of Ember.

I couldn't dissuade him.

I said it was our duty to stay here
and fix our problems...

that it's illegal to venture out
into the Unknown.

Why is it illegal?

Your father said,
"The river runs in one direction...

so it must come from someplace
and go to someplace. "

But he must've hit it too early or something.
I- I don't know.

The tunnel flooded, and-

And my dad died.

He was by himself?

Everyone else got out
before it collapsed.

I was- I was considering
taking the box to the mayor.

Yes! Do that.

Do that instead, please.

Let him handle the situation.

These are trying and troubled times.

Our problems are grave.

We need answers.

But beyond answers-

more important than answers-

we need solutions.

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.

And in order to find those solutions...

I propose we launch
a thorough investigation.

Yes. Yes.

I hereby declare
the creation of a task force...

to investigate the blackouts.

Do I have volunteers?

Today we, the people...

stand united against the darkness.

My turn!



Hands off! Give me that!

- Peaches!
- All right! Go away!

Back off!

What's "applesauce"?

Hey, give me some!


- Give me that!
- Come on!

No one's had pineapple since my grandmother
was a little girl. Where'd you get this?

Give me that!

Lizzie! Where'd you get that food?

All right.

I got it from my boyfriend.

You don't have a boyfriend.

It's not official, but there's this guy
who really likes me.

He explores the storerooms,
especially the ones on the edges.

They're marked empty in the ledger,
but they're not all empty.

I'll give you a bite
if you promise not to tell.

- It's wrong, Lizzie.
- Well, he says it's all gonna be gone soon anyway.

Why not live as well
as we can right now?

There he is.


Have you-


I need to tell you something.

It was Looper we saw
near that 351 door.

Before that, I took a message
to the mayor for him.

I'll bet there's something big
on the other side of that door.

There's so much food.


And I thought he was lying
when he talked about finding a solution.

He wasn't lying.

He's found his solution.

Poppy. Lie down, okay?

It's time to go to sleep.

Could you just pump those pedals?

What is this?

It's the answering machine tape
from my parents' phone.

When we still had one.

Yoo-hoo. Yoo-hoo!

Anybody home?

Don't hold dinner for me, darling.

- That's my dad's voice.
- I'll be there before lights out.

Raine, it's me, Barrow.
I've been thinkin' about it.

I watch my boy,
and... I've come around.

I've changed my mind. I'm in.

What's wrong?

He lied to me.

Where are you going?

Well, meet me
at the Greenhouses, okay?

Good night, young man.

How was your rehearsal?

For the Singing.

Oh. I-It was fine.

- It was really good.
- Good.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Dad. I heard you.

I heard you on the answering-

Lina Mayfleet has her parents'
old answering machine tape.

I heard you.
You said her dad could count you in.

You tried to leave the city, didn't you?

W- Why would I do that?

Because of me.



- We were wrong.
- No, you were right.

There is an exit.

Yeah. Raine thought so, too,
and it got him killed, Son.

Dad, there's a way out
in the Pipeworks...

but you have to tell me
everything that you know.

- Tell me what you know.
- I don't know anything, and neither do you.

The Builders left Instructions.

The Builders abandoned us.

No, they didn't.
They didn't, Dad. I have proof.

Show me.


Oh. Happy Great Day of Singing,
young lady.

I need to speak to you in private.

Very well then.

What I need to tell you is secret
and really important.

- What is it?
- The mayor- He's got a bunker in the Pipeworks.

It's filled with food.

The shortages aren't as bad
as everyone thinks.

You mean the mayor is stealing?

Looper, who works in the storerooms,
is helping him.

Well, this is shocking.

Shocking. I'm shocked.

Um, we have to report this.

Come with me.

Well done, Lina Mayfleet.

Once you arrest him, Doon and I can show you where the room is -

Wait. Where are we going?

I beg your pardon, Your Honor.

You remember Lina Mayfleet?

She wants to accuse you.

Accuse me of what?

Of stealing food
from the people of Ember.

I love my city and everyone in it.

And I would never think
to do such a thing.

We saw your room!
We saw you in it!

- "We"?
- She and her friend, Doon Harrow.

What's that box?


It's mine.

It's unusual looking.

Where'd you get that?

You're related to one of the mayors.

Yes. Uh, he was the seventh mayor.

A lot of things got lost
when the seventh mayor passed.

May I look at that box, Lina?

- Why?
- What's inside the box, Lina?

I imagine it's official
mayor-related business.

Box. Give it to me.

- It's not yours.
- Give me the box!

- No!
- Get it from her. Now.

Take it from her! Move!

Grab her!

Have you got her?

Get her.

Stop! After her!

Is this the home of Doon Harrow?

Is he here?

I- I-I can't hear. I have a weak ear.
Y- You have to talk louder.

- Doon Harrow!
- Doon Harro- No, Loris.

We're looking for Doon Harrow.
He's charged with treason against the city.

That's terrible.
If it's true, he's no son of mine!

Treason is the worst offense
anyone could possibly commit.

Builders were wise when they said,
"If you have proof, you have to pursue it!

There's more to a bottle cap than
keeping liquid from leaking out of glass!"

- Get him!
- Uh, we'll go this way.

Doon! The guards are here!
You traitor!

- In here. Follow him.
- They're comin' to get you!

The keypad is somewhere.

What's he doin'?

- Just one second.
- He's crazy.

- Is this the way to your apartment?
- Apparently not.


- They're after me!
- Who?

- Guards!
- Why?

Doon and I, we- Quick.

What is this all about?
We'll be late for the Great Day of Singing.

Well, excuse me, ma'am.

I'm- I'm looking for Lina Mayfleet.

Well, she's not here. She's probably
already in Harken Square.

Okay, okay. Well, I guess
I'll just have a look for myself.

Oh! Excuse me.

Beg your pardon! So sorry.

You know, the mayor did
ask for her specifically.

The Greenhouse. Uh, she was meeting
a friend at the Greenhouse.

Does that help?

That's food you're destroying!

Our food!


A warning:

If I discover you were helping, harboring
or otherwise assisting those kids-

Why would I do that?

I have information
they were coming this way.

Who provided you
with that information?

That's confidential.

All I need for you to understand is this:
If you're involved, you'll regret it.

Anything you hear, anything you see...

you tell me.

there will be consequences.

Should anything happen in the future
that you hear of or see...

I'll expect to be informed.

I don't need to tell you
that I have the mayor's ear.



Leave two guards behind!

We've gotta find a way out of here.


What is this?

My dad made this.

It doesn't look very safe.

That's my dad.

Everything he makes looks like this.

What do you mean, your dad?

Barrow. His voice is on
your answering machine.

But your dad's name is Loris.

Barrow Harrow. It's his nickname.

- After some wheelbarrow he used to push around.
- You're the boy!

That means our parents
were trying to escape together.

They were trying.

We're running out of time.
They'll come back for us.


Now, you stay here and be a good girl.

Okay? And look for me up there.

- Where's Lina?
- Oh, I'm- She's here somewhere.

- Can you see anything?
- Barely.

Here it is again-
the moment in the year...

when we pause to celebrate
our fair city.

This beacon of light...

in a world of darkness.

Hold on!

Okay. That stuff- Cover it.

This miracle of planning...

this magnificent achievement...

that is our city of Ember.

#This is all we know #

# Ember is forever #

#When the light comes on #

# I will be with you #

#When the light comes on #

# Hope is everlasting #

They started singing.

# The morning light
Spend some time with you #

Oh, I've gotta show you.
The mayor had one too.

- He gave this to you?
- Not exactly.

The Generator.

Okay. We have to get there.

We have to get there now.

Come on.

Wait! Poppy.

# I will be with you #

#This is all we know #

# Ember is forever#

- #When the light comes on #
- Yoo-hoo!

# I will be with you #

- #This is all we know #
- Yoo-hoo!

# Ember is forever #

- #When the light comes on #
- Yoo-hoo!

# I will be with you #

- #When the light comes on #
- Come here.

# Hope is everlasting ##

That's it.


Maybe he knows.

Sul. Sul.

Okay, we have to get him on his feet.

Wake up. Sul, is there a key
to the Generator door?

Sure, there's a key.

Great. Where is it?

How should I know?
It's not my job.


Something's not right.

The Builders were smart.
They would have made it simple.

I wouldn't call any of this simple.

They would have thought it through.

They planned...



There's something behind those lockers.

Poppy, come on. Let's go. Quick.

There's gotta be a way in.

What... are these for?

"Bo-at. "

"Boat. "

Okay. "Release by"-

- "Rotating"-
- Something.

- "Mechanism clockwise. "
- "Clockwise. "

It's that. It has to be.



There's more coming.

There's another one. Look.

The water level is too low!
It's gonna hit.

It should have moved out of the way.

We're not supposed to skip ahead.

- We need to follow the Instructions exactly.
- Okay.

It's what the Builders
would have wanted.

- Okay. Come on.
- Okay. Um-

Something, something.

- "1 room. "
- 1 room.


Come on, Poppy.
Come on. Move it.

It wasn't "1 room"
we were looking for.

It was "L."
"Emergency Control Room. "


The cards. Let's try the cards.


Oh, come on!

Come on!

Nice work, Poppy.


Are you okay?

The cards. Get the cards.

"Set waterwheel 1 to full thrust. "

Waterwheel 1. Full thrust.

Okay. It's moving.
Okay. What's next?

Um, "Set waterwheel 2 to full stop. "

Waterwheel 2. Full stop.

It's stuck.



Stay here.

Sul! Sul!

Go away, boy! Go away!

Sul, what are you doing up here?

This thing is jammed stuck!
I've gotta free it.

How do you know
that's what you should do?

It's my job!

Aah! Nothing's working.

Try this!

It's beginning to move!

It's moving!

- It's working, Sul!
- It's working!

Sul, this is the exit!
It's the way out of Ember!

- To where, boy?
- We'll find out!

#The Builders have always known #

# But you and you and you ##

Hold on!


Let's go. Come on.

- Are you all right?
- Yes.

# About you and you #

#And you ##


Sul, come on! Now!
We've gotta go now! Come on!

- I've got to keep this open!
- Sul, come now! Come with me!

You go! Now!

It's all right!

Are you okay?

- Okay. Get in!
- Did you see what happened to the first one?

We don't have any choice. Come on!

Hold on, Poppy.

It's lowering.

Mayor Cole?

I made it.

What are you doing?
You can't leave me here!


No. No!

We had a deal. Wait. Wait!

It was you and me!
Open the door!

We had a deal! We had a deal!

Open the door! Open the door.

Not fair!

You said!

Doon, to the right! The right!

I'm trying!

- Drop!
- Hold on!

There's something up ahead.


They were right.

There's nothing but darkness.


It's blue.

Ember! You can see it!


They won't hear you.
It's way too far.

Well-Well, we've gotta
tell them somehow.

We need to tell them what's up here.

Lina and Doon
tied their hope to a rock...

and tossed it down toward the city.

The rock could've ended up on a roof.

Or kicked into a gutter.

But fate ran another course.

And the message found its way.

Now the path was clear for all.

All of us who kept
the flame of Ember burning...

through the darkness...

so that we could live again
on the earth...

in the air and the light.

Special thanks to SergeiK.