Dakota Skye Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Dakota Skye script is here for all you fans of the independent movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the Dakota Skye to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Dakota Skye quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Dakota Skye Script

[Cigarette lighter flicks]

JONAH: I still
have the dream sometimes.

I do. I come home from the store
and find you on my doorstep

with a suitcase.

And not your entire wardrobe.

Just a carry-on, a duffel bag.

We don't say anything,

but you have this look
in your eye that kills me.

It just...

And I unlock the door and let you in.

And that's it.
That's the dream.

When I wake up, I wake up happy...

...vibrating for a few seconds
with my head in the sand...



Then it goes away, and you go away.

I really don't want
to get out of bed then

because it's cold out there,

but I do.

I get up.
Life goes on.


Most days you never
even cross my mind.

Tell me that you love me.

My name is Dakota Skye.

I'm 18 years old,
only medium-cute,

and I have a superpower.

I can't fly,
I can't turn invisible,

and I'm pretty sure that a bullet
would make me good and dead.

I don't have x-ray vision, either.

Well, not exactly.

The fact is I am
incapable of being lied to.

When someone tells a lie, any lie,

to me, to anyone, I know the truth,
what they really mean,

so there are no lies in my world,

or there are nothing but.

It's kind of hard to explain.

It's like movies from other countries.

Somebody says something in French

like "Voulez-vous
coucher avec moi, ce soir?"

and at the bottom
of the screen it says...

I don't know what it says.
I flunked French.

But I've been this way since...

...I guess since I was little.

Who are you?

MAN: It's me, Santa Claus.


TEACHER: In this section,
we're going to look at explorers.

Christopher Columbus
discovered America in 1492.

He was a great explorer,

and really the first important figure
in the history of our country.

Is Daddy gonna be okay?

He's going to be just fine.

And sophomore year,

when Jacob Barrow
told me that he loved me,

well, I let him
take my virginity anyway.

It had to go sometime.

And to the best of my knowledge,

I've never been bitten
by a radioactive spider

or dosed with an overabundance
of gamma rays...

whatever those are.

I have no explanation.

I'm just involuntarily
cursed with the truth,

something people spend
their entire lives looking for.

Lucky me.

Dorian Wallace.


I'm so happy for you.

I know. I know...

All right.
Well, see you there, okay?

Okay. Yeah, I'm just gonna go home
and change really fast, okay?

Us, too.

Hey, Dakota!



Thanks. You too.

So, in order to explain
why I'm about to ditch my friends

and drive 2,500 miles across country

less than an hour
after graduating high school,

I'll have to tell you a story,

a story about a different
Dakota Skye.

You see, every superhero
has a nemesis, an archenemy.

Mine is a cute
stoner boy named Jonah.

This Dakota Skye
is only 17 years old.

What frame were we on?


What's my score?

DAKOTA: 184.

What's yours?

DAKOTA: Don't worry.
I think you're gonna win.

Come on. Tell me your score.
What is it?

- DAKOTA: 42.
- Ah, see? You're getting better, babe.

Ha! Take that, bitches!

How about a kiss?

Your turn.

- What was I saying before?
- The demo.

Yes, demo.

Jacob said he's going to get it to his
cousin once we get the mix done.

- His cousin?
- Yeah.

The one who works at Sub-Pop.
I told you about that.

Oh, that's right. You did.

Are you gonna come with me
on Wednesday to band practice?


At Jacob's.

- Maybe.
- Maybe? Why not?

I said "maybe."

- Yeah, but you meant "no."
- Jacob hates me.

He does not!

Want to get out of here?

KEVIN: Oh, God, I love you.


Are you okay?


Are you gonna come?

KEVIN: Unh-unh. Keep going.

KEVIN: Oh, God, I love you.

Oh, don't move.

Oh, yeah.

[Kevin exhales]

Kevin is a liar,
but no more than anybody else.

Certainly no more than me.

[Alarm clock ringing]

I hate Kevin
less than almost anybody,

and his looks don't make me vomit.

So he's my boyfriend.

And he's talented and a nice guy,
and we have fun,

and the first couple of times that he
told me that he loved me he meant it.

At least, he thought he did.

And if he ever cheats on me,
well, I'll know.

"Dearest Dakota, gone to L.A.
Be back tomorrow night.

Left cash in the cookie jar.
Love, Mom."

Junior year is almost over,
and everyone...

all my friends, all the teachers...
all they talk about is the future,

about college and careers
and all that shit.

I have never been able
to think that far.

Beth is the worst of them.

I think she's got the next 25 years
of her life planned down to the hour.

I don't think
she even likes me anymore.

Well, being me, I know
she doesn't like me anymore.

Why should she?

I mean, I'm bitchy and sad
and angry and distant all the time.

I'm not even sure I like me anymore.

We're friends because we have been
for the better part of the last 12 years.

No other reason.
We are because we are.

So, year after year, lie after lie,

it's all been building
inside my head like a snowball.

You're right, Jeannie...

Thomas Jefferson
did own some slaves.

He was, after all, a man of his times,

but he treated the slaves

that he owned quite well.

I used to be able to keep it in check.

When it was my folks and teachers,
it seemed okay.

On his deathbed, in fact,
he freed many of them.

And then boys and sex
came into the picture,

and with boys, more lies,
with sex, more lies.

I go through weeks at a time
just praying someone

will actually say
what they mean for once.

Like I said,
it's kind of hard to explain.



Dakota, what's wrong?


I forgot to bring in your CD.

I'll bring it back tomorrow, okay?

Yeah. Sure.

Hey, guys.

Hey, Denise.

So, what time tonight?

- Say, like, 5:00?
- 5:00's good.

Do you want us to bring anything?

- Soda, maybe snacks.
- What are you guys talking about?

We're studying for the S.A.T.'s
at my house tonight, remember?

You said you'd come.

That does not sound like me.

The test is in two weeks.

We really need to study.

Oh, what is this? An intervention?


- Let's go.
- So, you'll be there?

I don't even know
if I want to go to college.

Well, we already signed you up
for the next test.

That can't be legal.

- So, you'll be there?
- Sure.


Come on, guys.

God, it's hot here.

Hey, little girl.
You want some candy?

I don't know. My mommy told me
never to talk to strangers.

Oh, I guess it will be
our little secret, then, huh?

Mm, okay, if you got candy.

[Car radio blaring]

What time is it?

I don't know.
Like, 11:00. 12:00, maybe.

- GIRL: Don't you have school?
- DAKOTA: Not until morning.

Where were you?

Where was I what?

Tonight. Denise's.

Oh, I guess I forgot. I'm sorry.

Oh, I was worried.


Well, for starters, you're not studying,
you're not sleeping,

you're barely keeping a C average,
it's 1:00 in the morning,

and you're at freakin' Jim's.

Hey, leave Jim's out of this.

And you make a C average
sound bad.

Beth, seriously, I'm fine.

I am fine.

Kev, will you please
tell your girl to straighten up?

Well, she's sitting right there.
You tell her.

All right, fine. We're doing another
S.A.T. thing on Thursday night.

Will you please just come?

Oh, wow. Yeah. That's amazing.

I got to piss. Could you scoot?


You piss more than a girl.

Well, fuck me with a stiff midget.

Yo, T!

Holy shit, dude!
When the fuck did you get in town?

How did I know
I'd find you assholes here?

Broadway Danny Rose.

- Hey.
- Good to see you.

You too, man.
Good to see you, Terry.

Oh, Jonah! It's been so long!

Yeah, yeah. How you been?

- GIRL: Oh, good, good.
- JONAH: Nice.

This is um... [Snaps fingers]
...uh... fuck... Beth,

and this is my girlfriend Dakota.

- Girls, I give you Jonah Moreno.
- Nice to meet you!

It's a pleasure.

Hey, Heather! Cup of coffee?

Sure thing, Jonah.


This is so weird.

- When did you get into town?
- Uh, last night.

- I started driving Sunday.
- You drove across country?

This kid's crazy.

Jonah's from New York.

My name is Jonah,
and I'm a starving actor.

Jonah's, like, one
of my best friends, too.

I thought I was your best friend.

You are, baby.

How long are you in town for?

Tell I get sick of you fucks.

Ha-ha. That's my boy.

I was looking to get
into some trouble tonight.

You guys got to do anything
tomorrow morning?

Dude, fuck that. I'm down.

Let's go get lifted. We'll drop off
Dakota on the way home.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- You think Bobby would be down?
- Dude, Bobby's always fucking down.

JONAH: Good night.
DAKOTA: 'Night.

It's nice meeting you, Dakota.

DAKOTA: Yeah, you too.
What are you guys gonna do tonight?



God damn it. It's hot.

[Schoolbell rings]

[Car horn honks]


Hey. What are you doing here?

Kev called. He said band practice
is going really well.

He didn't want to break it off.


Get in the car.
I'll take you over to Jacob's.

No, you don't have to do that.
It's fine.

Don't be retarded.


[Music plays softly on car radio]


So, you guys had fun last night?

So high.

I'd never seen that look on Kevin's
face until you walked in the door.

What look was that?


That was just stoner anticipation.

I don't think so.

Are you fucking my boyfriend?


You have a girl back East?

Nothing serious. Just...

I don't know.
No one that makes me...


Happy? Hungry?

No. Plenty of that.

I don't know.

No one that makes me...

...vibrate, I guess.


You know,
when you're with someone,

you just want to be filled up
with this, this energy,

you know, you just want to...

...I don't know.

You gotta vibrate.

I guess.

I know.
I don't bullshit, right?

Not at all.

So, how long have you
and Kevin been going out?

Nine months.

That's got to be a record for him.

Me, too.

So, what's he calling the new band?


Brookhaven Three.

Aren't there four people in his band?

I don't know.
I don't get it, either.

Well, I'm glad to see
he's still playing.

Yeah, they sound
pretty good, actually.

But don't tell him I said that,

because I'm trying really hard
to appear apathetic.

We were in a band in high school.
Did he tell you that?

Dude, up until the other day,
I didn't even know you existed.

Well, we sucked. I sucked.

- Really?
- Yeah, believe me.

I do.

[Rehearsing loud rock music]

Stop. Dude, stop.
Jacob, stop! What, are you deaf?

Dude, are you fucking deaf?

I'm sorry.



That sucked.

Yeah, I know, dude.
It's our second go at it.

We'd be better if our fucking drummer
could keep up with the beat.

You guys know any covers?

I mean, maybe you
could get some wedding gigs.


Oh, keep laughing over there,

You'll be laughing real hard
when I'm balls deep in groupies!

- Oh, we got a show on Sunday.
- I'll be there.

Fuck, yeah, you'll be there. You guys
want to hear some better shit?

- Do you have anything better?
- Fuck you. Say yes.

All right, bitches. Try to keep up.
That means you.

[Drummer leads introduction]

"Dearest Dakota,
at the conference until Friday.

There's cash in the usual spot,
and I love you. Mom."

- What are you gonna get?
- I don't know yet.

I don't know what I want.

You're gonna get
the chili cheeseburger plate

and the vanilla Coke...
that's what you always get.

That's not true.

Yes, it is.

You always think you're
gonna get something different,

but when Heather
comes over here you still say

"chili cheeseburger plate
and a vanilla Coke"...every time.

Well, maybe tonight
I'll get something different.

I used to love this place...

...more than my own home.

You guys still like it here?

Dude, it's Jim's.


Yeah, sure, I guess.

I don't know, man.

You can't even smoke here anymore.

HEATHER: Hey, kids.
You're eating with us tonight?

Yeah, I want hash browns.

And a chocolate shake.

And how about you, special guy?
Chili cheeseburger? Vanilla Coke?

- Uh, yeah.
- HEATHER: Amazing.

- De Niro?
- Biscuits and gravy.

- Can I get a fill-up on the coffee?
- Absolutely. Be right back.

Thank you, Heather.

Love that girl.

Good night.

Good night, Dakota.

Good night, uh...

[Motor revs]

Okay, Skye, there's got to be
a logical explanation.

So, he hasn't lied once

in the two days
that you've known him.

This doesn't mean anything.

He'll lie soon enough.

I'm sure he's just like the rest of us.

Ambulatory is to Mobile
as Fruitful is to:

Nefarious, Fertile,
Munificent, or Pernurious?


Okay, Dakota...


Intrepid is to Valorous
as Multitudinous is to:

Prostrate, Flagrant,
Plethoric, or Static?

- Are you speaking English?
- Come on. Try it.

I don't know any of those words.

Okay. Well, just think
of their relation to each other.

Intrepid is to Valorous
as Multitudinous is to...


No, sorry. It's "C."

Damn it all to hell!
I'm not fit to live among men!

Dakota, you just
have to try and study...

Um, maybe we should
take a break, okay,

and we'll pick this back up
at Denise's later.

Thank Christ.

 I want to touch
I want to kiss 

 I want to feel so close to this 

 Is there any way
That someone could feel the same 

 If I promised them everything... 

You look like shit.

- Yeah. I'm okay.
- What did you guys do last night?

Just fucked around.

Smoked a little pot, went to Noel's,
played some video games, whatever.

We were just hung out and
stayed there last night, you know?

His floor is, like,

crazy uncomfortable, though.

It sucks.

Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun.


Hey, I can't stay out late
tonight, all right? I got to study.

That's cool.

Fuck this.
Time to get this guy to lie.

So, do you watch a lot of porn?

A sizable amount, I guess.


'Cause I was over
at Bobby and Noel's,

and they were watching this porn
about these Asian girls

and a dildo that can only
be described as epic,

and it was really gross.

They said that they knew that, though,
that they thought that it was gross

that they watched it
because it was funny.

- They're lying.
- No shit.


Porn is purely functional.
It's not entertainment.

It's functional?

Yeah, porn has a singular purpose
in its existence.

It's a tool, an aid, a catalyst
in the act of pleasuring yourself.

Jerking off for guys is so casual.

It's like, you know, we don't
want to be bogged down

coming up with some sort
of scenario or something.

Pop in a video, open a magazine,
stream it online...

bam, done,
on with the rest of your day.

- What?
- Nothing.

So, how often do you do this?

- Lots.
- Oh.

Who has time to be embarrassed?

[Kevin sings quietly to himself]

Oh, shit.

Dude, did I play you guys
our new song yet?

[Demo plays]


The son-of-a-bitch doesn't lie.

What kind of a guy doesn't lie?

This is really starting
to get on my nerves.

[Demo continues]

Hey, I can have Kevin take me home.

Not this shit again.

[Motor revs]


Do you got anywhere to be?

Enigmatic is to Inscrutable
as Surreptitious is to...

Not really. Why?

I haven't hiked up Papago
since I was a kid.

One time me and Kev came up here
after school, and we fell asleep,

and then a park ranger comes,
closes the place down, right?

I talk to much, don't I?

No, I don't mind.

You, on the other hand,
are a woman of few words.

No, I talk.

Yeah, but you don't say much.

Nothing personal.

Prove it.

Passions, goals, turn-ons, turn-offs?

All right.

My turn-ons are cigarettes, '70s punk,
boys with rings in their lips,

and long, pointless walks up rocks.

Three for four.


Pretty much everything else.

Yeah, I get that.

Give me an example.

Here, I got one.

All my friends can talk about
are the S.A.T.'s, right?

About "college is this"
and "my future that."

I mean, fucking shit, like,
do I really have to go to college?

Like, what if I want to knit
fucking baskets or fucking...

or wait tables at Jim's or something?

I mean, do I really have
to get a higher education for that?

Like, what degree
do you suggest I get for that?

I mean, Jesus-fucking-Christ, man!

Oh, shit.

Are you, like,
a Bible nut or something?

You can talk, can't you?

Yeah, well...

...it sucks.

It does suck.

What did you get on your S.A.T.'s?

- Like 1350 or something.
- Oh, my God!

- Honest.
- I believe you.

All right. Come on.

Are you hung over today?

I was this morning.

What did you guys do last night?

Got real high and went to a bar.

That's it?

Talked to a couple of girls
who blew us off

for these Abercrombie-model dudes
who said they had coke.

Now, don't worry.

Kev was a good boy.

No, he...

He can talk to who he likes.


He played me the demo.
It was good.

Yeah, it's really good.

It was good the first time I heard it.
It was good the hundredth.

He's really proud of it.

Almost makes me sorry
I quit our old band.

How far down do you think that is?

I don't know.




Okay. All right.

Imagine you threw yourself
from here, all right?

Your, your wife leaves you,
your stocks bottom out,

Beatles break up.

You know
that already happened, right?

Yeah, whatever.

So, imagine you take it
upon yourself to jump.


On the way down, which way
would you rather be facing?

You're a weird guy.

I get that.

No, but really, I mean, would you
rather be looking back up at the sky,

no idea when the end is gonna hit?

Or would you rather go face-first,

aware of the moment
when everything cuts to black,

knowing that this second
is your last?



Yeah, just kick back
and enjoy the ride.

I'd want to see it coming.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I'd want to see it coming.

Thanks for the ride.

You ever get the urge to just...
get in the car and drive?

I mean, nowhere in particular,

just to take control of your life
for a moment?

You know, to make a choice,

even if that choice
is to not make a choice?

I don't drive.

- Right.
- Good night.


[Car door slams]

- Hey, Dakota?
- What?

Never mind.

Come on! I hate that!
I really hate that!

I hate it when guys do that!

They want you to know
they want to say something,

but they're too afraid
to actually say it,

and then try to bait you
to ask them!

- I'm sorry.
- Do you wanna say something, Jonah?


What is it, then?

Well, what is it?

I can't tell you.

Why not?

- Because I can't.
- Ugh, fine!

I want to tell you that I like you.

But I can't tell you that, can I?

I want to tell you to forget about him.

He's a great guy, the best,

and he's my brother
in everything but blood,

and you two are good together,
but I still want to tell you

to tell him to fuck off
and to be with me.

I want to tell you
that since the moment I met you

I can't even get your face
out of my brain.

But I can't tell you that,

that all I want right now
in the world

is to take you away with me.

No him, no here, no this.

Just us.

If just for a day. You know?

But I can't tell you that.

I mean, you can't make me.

I mean, what kind
of a person would I be

if I went and told you
something like that?

I'd appreciate it if...

...if you didn't tell Kevin
what I didn't say.

Of course not, because...
you didn't say it.


No, I didn't.

Good night.

Good night, Dakota.

Who does he think he is
saying those things,

or "not" saying those things?

Seriously, who does
something like that?

Does he think he can just
make up some speech

that I'm sure he's practiced
over and over again in the shower

and I would just... I would just?

Seriously, who does
something like that?

- So, you ditched us again last night.
- Yeah, I guess I did.

Denise almost had a fit.

Denise is to annoying
as Dakota is to doesn't give a fuck.

- We were worried.
- What, Mom, am I grounded?

Jesus Christ, you can be

a mean little bitch.


I mean, honestly,
we're just trying to help, and...

Yeah, I know that. I'm sorry.

What makes you think that you're
so much better than the rest of us?

Ah-ha! The key dilemma
in any young superhero's life...

Does she reveal
her identity to the world

or does she keep it a secret,

assuring her security
but also her alienation?

BETH: Hello?

Look, I don't know, all right?

You're just... you're way
ahead of me, that's all.

I don't... I don't think
about the future much.

Why not?

Because... there's
nothing I can do about it.

There's nothing you can do about it.
It is what it is.

I don't know why I even
bother with you anymore.

Because in the third grade we made
each other friendship bracelets.

You'd be surprised how much
this stuff is actually true.

Say you were gonna jump
off of a building, all right?

I'm sorry, why would I do that?

Just imagine that you're gonna
jump off of a building, okay?

No. Why would I do that?

I don't know. Whatever.
The band breaks up.

We've broken up,
like, a thousand times.

- Okay, maybe I break up with you.
- Well, that's not gonna happen.

Say it was your dick
in a motorcycle accident.


Okay, I'm with you. Shoot.

All right. So, you're gonna jump.

Would you rather land
face-down or face-up?

What does it matter?
Dead is dead.

- God, does it have to be my dick?
- But it does matter.

Face-down, you're facing the end,

you'll know the exact moment
that you're gonna hit the ground.

Face-up, though, you can just
kick back and enjoy the ride,

enjoy it while it lasts,
and let the end sneak up on you.




Wow, you're really, like,
fucking up my high.

It's, like, whoa!

- I'm sorry.
- That's okay.

- Want some?
- No!




[Dials phone number]

[Cell phone rings]





Come over.

- No.
- No?! What do you mean "no"?

I mean no.

- First you're...
- Listen, there are rules.

- I can't just...
- And now you're just gonna...?

Oh, wow.
Okay, whatever. That's fine.


No, no, no!


I'll be there in 10 minutes.

[Disconnects phone]



I said "drive."

- Where?
- I don't care where. Just... far away.

 If you had just one 

 Let me be that love 

 If you have lots of others 

 Please let me be 

 Please let me be one 

 Let me be one 

 If you like undressing 

 Please let me find out 

 If you like large intestines 

 Please let me find 

 Please, please, please
Let me find out 

 Let me find out 

 Or if you're gone
For weeks on end 

 Crazy situations 

 And don't know
Why you drive through cars 

 In dirty, foreign towns 

 Please let me find out 

 If you shield your eyes 

 For glory every time 

 And drag your mouth to smile 

 And sickness is your cover... 

Why did we stop?

Couldn't drive any further.

That's a big fuckin' hole.

That's a Grand fuckin' hole.

JONAH: We always find ourselves
looking down on things.

I think that's a thing for us.

Why is that?

DAKOTA: Well, it's our obvious
superiority above all others.

- Sorry.
- For what?

I don't know if that
was the right thing to do.

In fact, I know that was not
the right thing to do,

but I wanted to, anyway.

What are we gonna do?

I don't know.
This is pretty bad.

- This is so bad.
- Yeah.

- I just feel like...
- I know.

Hey, how about this?

How about let's just pretend
like this is all a dream, okay?


And nothing that we say or do
counts in the waking world,

and out there, I mean,
we might be horrible people,

but right here in our dream,
you and me, this is all okay.

- Just for today.
- Just for right here and right now.

You know, eventually we're gonna
have to wake up from this dream.

Yeah, but not right now.

Not for a little while, anyway.

So, I think I'm falling in love.

Involuntarily blessed with something

people spend their entire lives
searching for.

Lucky me.

Are you tired?

Tell me again why you don't drive.

Uh, I don't have a license.

Why not?

Because I always had a ride.

And you don't have
a cell phone because...?

Somebody might call it.

You know, something
just occurred to me.

We've been gone almost 24 hours.
Aren't your parents gonna freak?

My mom's out of town.

And your dad?

My dad died when I was little, so...
I think we're in the clear.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

It's cancer. It happens.

I guess...

If you say "I guess
that explains a few things",

you lose a testicle.

I wasn't gonna say...

I don't date older guys
looking for Daddy.

I don't. I'm not looking
for a father figure.

I have a dad.
He's just not here anymore.

That would have really
put me in my place

if I would have said anything.

I'm sorry. I just...

Kevin just always...

Never mind.


[Traffic passes]

[Door opens, closes]

Told you.

- You want the tour?
- Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Kitchen, dining room,
den, living room...

Hold on. Follow me.


Oh, goodness! My room!
How did we get in here?

Do we have to wake up yet?

JONAH: I can't do this.
DAKOTA: But we already are.

We can't.

- I know, but I want to.
- Oh, God. So do I.

- We can't.
- We can't.

[Jonah sighs]

[Telephone starts ringing]


KEVIN: Hey, where
have you been all day?

I've been studying at Denise's.

You comin'?


What do you mean, "what"?
To the show. Hello?

Oh, yeah! Of course!

Fuck, yeah, of course.
Can you do me a favor?

- Yeah, sure.
- Do you have Jonah's number?

Yeah, yeah.
I got it somewhere.

All right, well, could you
give him a call for me, then?


All right. Cool. Well, hook up
a ride with him to get here,

- because I'm already at the show.
- Okay. Bye.

[Disconnects phone]

[Jonah sighs]

I guess it's time to wake up.


 My heart beats more slowly 

 But you're not here to hold me 

 Baby, it can be so Ionely 

 Is it any wonder why I love you 

 You're beautiful, so beautiful 

 They're jealous, so jealous 

 You're beautiful, just beautiful 

 Is it any wonder why I love you 

[Instrumental interlude]

 My heart beats more slowly 

 But you're not here to hold me 

 Baby, it can be so Ionely 

 Is it any wonder why I love you 

 Oh my heart beats more slowly 

 But you're not here to hold me 

 Baby, it can be so Ionely 

 Is it any wonder why I love you 

 You're beautiful, so beautiful 

 They're jealous, so jealous 

 You're beautiful, just beautiful 

 Is it any wonder why I love you 

Thank you, thank you.
We are Brookhaven Three

from Scottsdale, A-Z.


I've got a little surprise
for you guys, tonight.

Dakota, come up on stage.

Yeah, that's you.

Come on. Let's go.

I'm gonna do a cover for you guys

of a song you probably
never heard before,

but you're gonna hear it now,
so enjoy it.


 Some days I feel affected 

 And it all disappears 

 The rain and clouds
Above my head 

 And it all disappears 

 I'd understand it
If I could grab it 

 Another wish on my list 

BOTH:  One more day
We've made it through, now 

 Got my list, got my list 

 One more day
We've made it through, now 

 Got my list, got my list 

 Got my list 

 Some days I feel protected 

 And it all disappears 

 Breathe as two
But think as one 

 And it all disappears 

 I'd understand it
If I could grab it 

 Another wish on my list 

 One more day
We've made it through, now 

 Got my list, got my list 

 One more day
We've made it through, now 

 Got my list, got my list 

 One more day
We've made it through, now 

 Got my list, got my list 

 One more day
We've made it through, now 

 Got my list, got my list 

 Got my list 

 Got my list 

 Got my list 

[Cheers and applause]


What can I say?
Motherfucking rock star.

Fucking straight, dude.

We're out.

DAKOTA: You guys
did a really great show.

Peace, brother-man.

Good show, dude.


BETH: Hell, yeah!
Can you give me a ride?

JONAH: Yeah.
BETH: Thanks. Let's go.

I didn't know you could sing.

I can't.

- Beg to differ.
- So, what were you doing today?


I can't remember the last time
you said you were studying,

with Denise, no less.

- Yeah, I was studying for the S.A.T.'s.
- Oh, look at that.

My little braniac.
What about you, punk-ass?

I must have left you,
like, 500 messages.

- l...
- HEATHER: Hi, guys. What'll it be?

- Coffee.
- Coffee.


Well, damn. I'll get a chili
cheeseburger and a vanilla Coke.

- Of course you will.
- Thanks.

What were you saying?
Where were you today?

Um, I went and I was...

Kev, you were
so good out there tonight!

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- Thanks.
- Yeah. You rocked the house, dude.

Yeah, make you sorry
that you quit the old band?

Oh, hell no! Don't believe
this motherfucker for a second!

You didn't quit the band! We kicked
him out because he sucked!


Bad? On a scale of 1 to 10,
he was, like, negative 142.

I thought you said
you quit the band.

KEVIN: Hey, yo, Terry!

What kind of douche-bags
come to Jim's at 2:00 in the morning?

This some S.A.T. study group?


- TERRY: Later, guys.
- KEVIN: Have a good night, Terry.

JONAH: Later.
'Kota, do you need a lift?

No, I'll take her, man.

Um, could I get a ride home?

JONAH: Uh, yeah.

BETH: 'Night, guys.

- KEVIN: Can I come inside?
- DAKOTA: No, not tonight.

- Why? Your mom home?
- Yeah. No. I mean...

- Then, what?
- I have school in the morning!

Oh, come on.

I'm still so amped up
from the show, from the concert.

Come on!

Don't you want to fuck a rock star?

Yeah. I hit that shit last night.

Like I fucking care

if I pass that stupid class.

Just stayed home

and played video games.

Right now I'm really just trying

to concentrate on my work.

Same as ever. I don't get it.

He didn't quit the band.
They kicked him out.

Why didn't I know that?

I have to do something about this.
I can't tell when he's lying.

He could have been lying
this whole time.

Hey, Chris. It's Chris, right?


So, I've been poring
over these things all night,

and I've learned two things.

One, despite
all non-scientific knowledge,

an intense dose of radiation
won't kill you.

It'll just make you big
and green and cranky.

And two, every superhero
has a weakness,

something that brings them down
with the rest of the mortals.

Maybe that's it!

Maybe Jonah is my archenemy,

the one being out there
that can nullify my superpower.

Has our heroine
finally met her match?

Find out next month in...

[Telephone rings]



Take that, bitches!

What's my score?

DAKOTA: 140.

And what's yours?


God, you suck!

Bowling's my favorite non-sport.

So, are we gonna
do this all night or what?

Do what? Bowl?

Not talk about this.
About the other night.

- Yes.
- Yes, what?

Yes, we're gonna
not talk about this all night.

I think I'm in love with you.

- What?!
- No, fuck that.

I'm absolutely, positively
in love with you.

I said I love you.

How do I know?

- Well, for starters, I just told you.
- Yeah, but how do I know?

I guess you're just gonna
have to trust me.

You see, that's it. I don't know
how to do that, trust you.

Excuse me?


I don't know how to do that.
That's the problem.

I guess I thought
that I would have earned it by now.

Don't you see?
That's the problem.


How do I know?

It's really hard to explain.

It's not that hard.


Fucking hell.

I've known him since I was 9.

He used to steal the lunch money
from the kids who stole mine,

and we'd go buy fireworks.

First car I ever drove was his.

Lit my first cigarette.

Had a lot of firsts with him.

Now, it's the first time I've ever
tried to steal anyone's girlfriend, so...

...guess it fits
that I go through that with him, too.

Do you love him?

I don't know.

Do you love me?

If I knew the answer to that,

I'd probably know the answer
to the other.

You're right not to trust me. Look
what I'm doing to my best friend.

- It's not that I don't trust you, it's just...
- No, no. It's cool.

I understand.

Let's go.

- Where are we going?
- Home. It's late.

Aristocrat is to Imperious
as Supplicant is to:

Cowardly, Awkward,
Servile, or Arrogant?

Give me the choices
one more time.

Cowardly, Awkward,
Servile, or Arrogant?


- Very good!
- Fuck, yeah!

Bring on the bull-shit, S.A.T.'s!
I'm-a fuck them up!


...how's Jonah?

I don't know.
You'd have to ask him.


- What?
- Nothing.

Let's trade secrets.


I'll tell you a secret,
then you tell me one.

- No.
- Come on. It will be fun.

Like we're at a slumber party.

Okay. I'll go first.

Bookstores make me
have to go shit.

- What?!
- Yeah, I don't know what it is.

I can't be in a bookstore
for more than, like, 15 minutes

before I have to go.

- That's disgusting!
- Oh, come on!

Maybe it's some repressed
Barnes & Noble trauma

deep in my childhood,
but it happens without fail.

- I sit next to you in English!
- Okay. Your turn.


Come on! That was
really embarrassing!

You have to give me something.

Dude, that is your own
damn problem.

One of many, it seems.

I know about you and Jonah.

What about me and Jonah?

That you were together all day
Sunday and then lied about it.


Seriously, I was joking about that.

I'm perceptive, you know?

I can tell when people are lying.

Come on. Let me just...

...be your friend for once.

I'd really like to.

He likes me, and I like him.

More than Kevin?

Different than Kevin.

I understand. Jonah is a good guy.

Have you guys...?


Kind of.


But it doesn't matter,

because all I have to do
is wait a few more days, right,

and then he'll be gone,
and then the decision makes itself.

Only if you let it.

- You want to know what I think?
- No, not really.

You need to make
that decision for yourself.

Don't take the easy way out,
or you'll regret it.

Well, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna
end up regretting something

when this is over,
no matter what I do.

The only thing that bugs me more
than when Beth shares secrets

is when Beth is right.

This is a decision
I have to come to myself.

I can't just ride this out
and accept the default answer.

doesn't always mean boring.

Lust doesn't always mean love.

Near doesn't always mean close.

New doesn't always mean exciting.

Different doesn't always mean better.

Far doesn't always mean distant.

Knowing everything
doesn't make you wise.

Knowing the truth
doesn't make you superior.

Knowing your problem
doesn't solve it.

Sitting between
your past and your future

doesn't mean you're in the present.

What did you think?



I'm leaving. Going home.

- When?
- Now.

What do you mean, "now"?

Now, like this minute.
I can't be here.

Please don't go.
I don't want you to.

Yeah. I know.
That makes two of us.

But I think you're
trying to make a decision,

and I'm gonna make it easier on you.

I'm eliminating myself as a choice.

So, a great fucking movie, or what?

It sucked!

What the fuck?
Are you deaf, dumb, and blind?

That movie was amazing, dude!

Kev, I'm gonna
head out of town tonight.

What the fuck? Why?

I got to get back... stuff to do.

Why didn't you say
some shit earlier, dude?

We could have planned
a party or something.

I know. It's cool.

I'm with the only people
I want to see.

Dude. All right, bro.

KEVIN: Well, good seeing you, man.
JONAH: You too.

I love you, bro.

- You too.
- All right.

- Bye.
- Bye.

[Quietly] I'm sorry for coming in
and fucking up your life.

See you later, kids.

Well, I guess I know where you'll be
if we ever break up.

- What?
- "What?"

A couple more seconds in that hug,

and I'd have to fucking
drop-kick his ass.

You're stupid. Shut up.

You know, he's a really good guy.

I like him.

Me, too.

Come on. Let's go.

Did you notice something funny
about Jonah tonight?

Like how?

I don't know.
Like, he looked all, like... sad.

- Yeah, I suppose he did.
- Yeah.

I haven't seen that look on his face
since we asked him to quit the band.

I thought that you kicked him out.

Kicked him out, asked him to quit.
Same thing. Whatever.

Same thing. Whatever.

Want to go bowling?

Not really.

[Clears throat]

Want to go back to your place?

My mom came home today.

Same thing. Whatever.


I know that I have to
make a choice,

regret it or not.

I choose to be alone.

I choose to jump face-first,

to not just kick back
and enjoy the ride.

I choose neither my future
nor my past, but my present, my now.

So, it turns out senior year sucked
a little bit less than junior year,

and Beth is still, well, Beth,

still obsessed with college
and careers and all that shit,

but we're friends again,

not because we are, but because
we actually like each other.

There are even times
when I don't mind

being able to see
through all the bullshit.

I mean, what the hell
am I supposed to do, you know?

It is what it is.

And there are
a lot of liars out there.

Now I'm just starting to do
something about it.

Same thing. Whatever.

Those three stupid words
that Kevin said to me that night

managed to drive a spear

right through the middle
of my entire world view.

What if there's
no black and white in this world,

no good and no evil,

no right and no wrong?

What if there are no lies...

...and no truth?

What may be a lie to one person
may be completely true for another.

Beth tells me
this is called relativism.

I don't know.
Sounds like an S.A. T. word to me.

All I know is my headache's gone,

my friends seem to like me again,
and, well, I'm happy,

involuntarily endowed
with something

people spend
their entire lives searching for.

Lucky me.

- Shouldn't you be studying?
- Mom, I'll be fine.

- Remember, keeps your hands at...
- 10 and 2, Mom. I know.

There will probably be
a few trick questions on the test.


Your father would have been
a much better driving instructor.

I like the one I had just fine.

Well, I tried.

And you succeeded.

Now serving B52.

- Is that you?
- No.

You know, you never did tell me

why this sudden urge
to get your license.

I got sick of relying
on people for a ride.

Well, I don't want you
driving at night.

- Okay.
- ANNOUNCEMENT: Now serving B21.

Oh, that's me!

Wish me luck, okay?

Remember to put your seat belt on.

Okay. Close enough.

My name is Dakota Skye.

I am 18 years old,
only medium-cute,

and I have a superpower.

Okay, maybe
a little cuter than medium.


 I'm leading someone else's life 

 I cut a star down 

 With my knife 

 And right now 

 I still see the way the moon 

 Plays this tune 

 Though our lights died 

 My hands shake 

Every superhero has a nemesis.

 It's every day 

Someone that negates her powers

and brings her down
amongst the mortals.

 Then came you 

 And as you 

 Keep your picture 

Someone that makes her
no more than human.

 Then came you 

 When I'm lost 

 Look at my picture of you 

 And somehow 

 I'll make tonight our own 

 Show you every way I've grown 

Sometimes I think I made him up,

And I reached out through the ether,
through the haze,

and tapped him
on the shoulder and said,

"Hey, please, come wake me up."

 I'll learn the parts and play along 

 If you let me 

Every superhero has a nemesis.

 My hands shake 

Mine is a cute
stoner boy named Jonah.

 My knees quake 

 It's every day 

 The same way 

 'Cause then came you 

 Then there's you 

 I keep your picture 

 In my worn-through shoes 

 Then there's you 

 Then came you 

 When I'm lost 

 I look at my picture of you 

 If you let me 

 I'll show the world to you 

 Yes, if you let me 

Tell me you love me.

Special thanks to SergeiK.