Day Zero Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Day Zero script is here for all you fans of the Elijah Wood and Chris Klein movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Day Zero quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Day Zero Script

Number 4-2-2.

Number 4--

I do solemnly swear--

I do solemnly swear--

that I will
support and defend--

that I will
support and defend--

the Constitution
of the United States--

the Constitution
of the United States--

against all enemies,
foreign and domestic.

You call yourselves soldiers?

You ain't no soldier!
You ain't no soldier!

Aim! Shoot!

Hell no, we won't go!
Hell no, we won't go!

The allied offensive in northern Iran

could be the turning point
in the war.

That, according to the Pentagon where
a spokesman says--

Can you make these changes
for me?


Twelfth and Broadway.
I'm in a hurry.

"This is worse than Vietnam."

Those words from Joey Silver,
draft eligible,

34-year old,
currently working on Wall Street.

Polls in the U. S. show seven out
of ten Americans

oppose any move to dig deeper into
the draft ranks.

The decision last month
to up the acceptable draft age to 35,

has triggered a tidal wave
of protest.

Opposition now spreading
from college co-eds

to corporate offices.
Opponents are--

--earlier this week Officers scoffed
in Baghdad, killed more than 120.

Caldwell acknowledged
things have not gone to plan.

If you look throughout
what's occurring in the city,

I know the question asked is,
"Are these efforts enough?"


I'm home, Ma.

So when are you moving into
the office?

And be stuck in this hole
with you?

It's not for me, Gussie.

But thank you, I'm flattered.

Don't be flattered.
You're the only other person

that speaks English
around here.

Yeah, I think something
on the order of 25, 000 more troops

probably would be necessary
to do what I think we need to do

in the country
to establish security.

Security is really
the essential element here.

It is very hard for Americans
to think about this...

So now you
just leave?

Just leave.
That's it. You just go.

It says I got 30 days.

I can't believe this.

It's got nothing
to do with me.

I mean, listen to this.

"Our nation has
embarked upon a great quest.

"It's up to us
to light the path ahead

and make the world
a freer and safer place for all."

Is that what
we're doing?!

Babe, is that
what we're doing?

Is it?
I mean--

God, I had a very
specific plan
for us!

Thanks for your call.

I haven't decided.

Hey, pal.

How are you?

Alright, yourself?


I'm right in the middle
of my book.

I'm not gonna be done
in time.

It's our turn, guys.


It's only fair.

You wanna go?

I gotta tell ya,

after 9/
doing the goddamn
building, for chrissake,

In LA?

Yeah! you're
goddamn right I do.

The fucked up thing
is we don't have a choice anyways.


To freedom.

A toast?

That's right.
Get your fucking glass.

Come on, boys.

To freedom.


Oh boy.

Hey, I know you.

From the street.

Yeah. I'm sorry.

Hi, James.

Very nice to meet you.

And you.

What brings you down here?

Just here with a couple
of girlfriends,

having a drink.


Well, you guys have
a good time.

You too.

Have a great time.

Nice to meet you.

Yeah, nice to meet you.

What the fuck was that?

I see her sometimes
after the shift.

You blew that!

I'll see her again.

Have a good time?

That was so lame.

I mean,
the weakest attempt ever.

She came up to you.

Did you see that?


You're buying a second round
too now, jarhead.

Horribly, horribly wrong.

To this day, it's the only
fight I ever had.

My glasses broke. I was
swinging everywhere.

Just swinging.

I couldn't
see a thing.

I'm not much of a fighter
to begin with.


I just don't think I could pull
the trigger.

Not if I could see
the person.

Not if I could
look into their eyes.

Well, warfare today
isn't really so much

about hand to
hand combat.

I'm just saying.
I've got a lot of things to do.

I gotta notify people--
a lot of stuff.

A lot of stuff.

Hm. Well.

My publisher is waiting
for my book.

They paid me a hell of a lot
of money,

I mean.

I'm sure they'll understand.

Well, what if they don't?

What about that?

You'll be fine, Aaron.


Have you seen Mara?

Just gettin' in.

She ain't at your place
again, is she?

Said I'm just comin' in.

If she's up there,
send her home.

She's not your kid.

Don't you get Cosmo,
or Vogue, or anything?

Trouble in River City?

Same poop.
Different day.

Wanna go eat something?



Want a hot dog,
hot dog?


What do you think
about this war?

Mom says we're killing
innocent people.

When she's lucid.

Dad says,
"Nuke them all."

Well, what do you think?

I don't know.

What do you mean
you don't know?

Isn't it time you had opinions of
your own?

I think this hot dog sucks.

That's a start.

You don't have to go
if you're deemed

unacceptable for
military service.

Hey, Molly?

What's unacceptable?

If you're declared medically unfit

or impaired in some way.

Or if you're gay you don't have
to go either,

did you know that?

All I gotta do is fabricate a
gay background.

I could be gay.

You're not gay.

No, but they don't know that.

You make a good case,
you win.

That's how everything works.

You could also go to jail
for lying.

Only if they catch me.


I could be blind.
That'd probably do the trick.

There's nothing there.
It's completely arbitrary.

It's a lottery.
There's no due process there.

I have worked way too hard
for what we have.

And I will not let them
take that away.

Helicopters probe the
skies of Washington DC,

and have increased scrutiny of dams,
ports, borders, power plants.

New York City has its own massive
effort called Operation Atlas,

which includes monitoring for chemical,
biological, or nuclear agents.

Restricted airspace
above the city--

What's up, buddy?

Hey, Dixon.
I need your help.

I am fucked!

I am fucking fucked!

So fucked!

Look! I'm like fat and skinny
at the same time.

That's barely possible.

I knew I should've been working out
all these years.

Thigh Master.
Soloflex. That Abdominizer.

That fucking skiing
machine thing.


How do these people live?

Take that off.


The 25 at the end,
take it off.

You alright?

Yeah, it's fine.

You sit down
over there, relax.

Oh, Dixon,
please help me.

Here you go, Dad.

My Dad. One of the youngest
pilots in the Air Force. Ever.

Your grandmother always said he
couldn't wait to go.

His 18th birthday he went down
and signed up.

Everybody knew it was the right
thing to do, but--

that was a different time.
A different war.

This is a decision you're gonna have
to live with--

the rest of your life.

This goes to the core
of a man

and nobody, not a father,

can tell him what to do.

Can you get me out of it?

I'll try.

I'll talk to Senator Boone.

It's a strange political climate
right now.

I know, Dad.

I'll--I'll try.

Aw, get outta here.

Excuse me!

Excuse me,
young lady!

You know how to get
to Broadway?

I can't find my way.

You again.

Broadway is that way.

Hey, let me take you where you're going.

That's alright.
I'm okay. Thank you.

No, I got a special deal today
for girls with backpacks.

It's half offanywhere you
wanna go.

Really? Thank you,
I'm okay, though.

We got a small problem, you know.

I ain't gonna move till you get in
the car.

Come on,
what do you say?

You kidding!

Buddy, move it!

Now you're talking.

Alright, but
only because of that deal.

I promise you you
got the deal.

And you know you're gonna ride
in style, comfort and grace.

In the front?

Ever been
in the front seat?

Can't say that I have.

Where you headed?

My parole hearing.

Parole hearing, huh?
You're funny.

About halfway down the street,
by the school.

Oh, you like kids.

So, thanks for the ride.




Hey, good luck
with those kids.

They're easy.


Thanks for picking me up.

You're welcome.

You have
a good one.

Take care.


I'll tell you what.

"Insert C7 into Dand assembly is complete."



I love you.

I know.

I'm not going.

What the fuck you
talkin' about?



I just made partner.
It's not a good time.

I'm just a cab
driver, so--.

It's not about you.

Bullshit it's not about me.

You guys go if you want. Okay?
That's your decision.

How do you not go?

You live in that
big apartment,

you enjoy all this but when it comes
time to fight--

I earned all this.

When it comes
time to be a man,

you feel you shouldn't have
to go.

I'd be the first one out there if
we were defending ourselves.

Exactly what we're doing.

We're invading other countries!
Don't you get that?

Don't you all get it?

Look, I don't want to die, man.
Not for this.

You think we'll die?

Maybe you'll die. So what?

The draft is for a reason.

Nobody wants to go.

They'd be there already. That's
the whole point.

Thinking for
yourself, for once.

That what
you did?

What the fuck is that supposed
to mean?

Molly asked
you not to go?

Don't go there.

You really think we'll die
over there?

You're goin'.



It's okay.

Hey, look at me.

Stop it, please.

It's okay.


Five years.

The survival rate for this type
of cancer

goes up to over 98%
from this point on.

I'm sure
you're relieved.

Thank you.

Take care, dear.

You too.

Excuse me,
didn't you write a book?

Uh, yeah.

I thought so.


What? No wine, flowers, anything
for the host?

A book.

Now I thought maybe you could
learn something.

Fuck you.



How are you?

I'm good.
Thank you for coming.

Aaron's already here.
Just grab a snack.

I'll grab you a drink.

So, anyway we thought--

Do you really think you can

expect peace from people

who don't know the meaning
of the word?

That's the point.

We have to teach them.

All they see is our tanks
and our bombs.

Let's talk about the war
on terror.

Yeah, let's.
Come on,

let's look at the war
on terror with these folks.

The entire so-called
preemption doctrine,

come on,
that's a complete failure.

Planting the seeds of democracy,
that's a failure to you?

If I got drafted, I just wouldn't go.


Killing is wrong, no
matter who does it.

So is it wrong 1400 people died
in LA last year?

How about the 3,000 that
died in 9/11?

I say it is,
but that--

You were in
a fucking pedicure.

How can you really
be expected--

Calm down.
Slow down.


I'm sorry, but you think fighting
is wrong 'cause

you never had to fight
for anything in your life.

What do you do?
You suck his dick once a month?

We're leaving.

No, no.

Good, get the fuck out.


Dixon, get out.


I'll get out.

She says
"Fighting's wrong
so we shouldn't go."

Yeah, maybe that's
her point of view.

They live in a fucking
ivory tower!

Hey! Now that's enough!

I said get out!

I'm okay.

It's okay.

Get out of my house.

Get out of my house!

Get out of my house!!

Will you just stop for a second.


We were best friends
at Stuyvesant.

Yeah, you were best friends.

And I know he was kicked
out for fighting.

There's something you don't know.

I'm listening.

Well, in junior year I was having

a problem with this group of kids
bullying me.

One day, they took
my money--

and after school,
Dixon followed them.

Into an alley.
And he beat the shit out of them.

He put two in the hospital.
It was ugly.

And he was sent to a juvenile center
for two years.

Molly, he did that for me.

He was defending me.

Hey, uh, Patricia,

it's, uh, it's me,
Dixon, from the cab.

Oh, hi.

I was wondering if you had
any plans for dinner tomorrow night.

Maybe, what did you have in mind?

I know a kind of
a secret spot in Brooklyn.

Are you game?

You not gonna chop me up and
put me in a freezer?

No, no.
Watch your step.

Did you find this place in the guide
to New York fine dining?

That's the one.
It's one of my favorites.

Watch your head.

It's beautiful.

So what do you do with a
Master's in Sociology anyway?

Teach. Work with kids.
Or research.

That's really great.

I like it.

You have any brothers
and sisters?

Two brothers.


They live in Minnesota.

He still pinches her butt.

And you?

My mom died when I was 17.

I don't even know
where my dad is.

I'm sorry--

Don't be.

You don't have
to be sorry for me.

What are
you doing?

I'm gonna
kiss you.

The blasts were caused by a volley

of mortar rounds and one car bomb,
all detonating

within minutes of each other,
in Baghdad.

The mortars destroyed a bank and
collapsed one apartment building.

Iraqi emergency forces found some
survivors in the blast,

working for hours to find anyone still
alive in the rubble,

and to remove the bodies.
The car bomb destroyed a nearby gas station,

spraying burning gasoline onto nearby
houses, restaurants and stores.

Kurrawa is a religiously
mixed neighborhood.

relatively safe
by Baghdad standards

and a home to a
number of leaders

in Iraq's largest
Shiite political party.

Dr. Elle's office.
Can I help you?

Yeah, it's Aaron.

You should try
to wrap--up your affairs,

before you go.
I know that's important to you.

I don't know what to do next.

That's my problem now.

I don't know where to start.

I think it's important
for you to keep

doing these things
you feel you need to do.

Being mentally prepared
will help you get through this, Aaron.

What is a six-letter word for a
Latin dance?

Mentally prepared?

Perhaps you should make a list
of all the important

things you need to accomplish.
And then just do them.

A top ten.

That's it.
A top ten.

No, it's five.


Didn't know you were coming.

That makes two of us.

I made a list of all the things

I need to do in the next
two weeks.

My top ten.
Before we go.

What are you talking about?

"Do ten shots
of whiskey? "

What are you,
in junior high?

I have "fuck
a prostitute" on
this, number five.

What's wrong with you?

Just things I gotta do
before we go.

I'm still not going.

That's cause you're still
a pussy.


Fuck you, okay?

I'm outta here.


I'll see you later.

Let him go.

You think I should do
them in order?

'Cause I didn't really think
about the order.

I just sort of wrote them down.

May I?


Wanna get
out of here?

We're not
here to talk.


I could fire a tank or launch a bomb
or something, but

I just don't think I could
shoot someone.

Not if could, like,
look into their eyes.

That's very personal.
You know?

Like being in a tank,
or in a plane.

It's like the push of
a button.

Down the barrel
of a gun.

I don't know.

You tired?

I'll call you.


Dixon, let me
talk to you.

What's up, Gus?

I want to take you
off the schedule.

What are you
talking about?

You need
a break.

See some family.
Go to Hawaii. Do some things.

You worried about me, huh?

I like that.
It's cute, Gus.

It really is.

You wanna hear something crazy?

I met a girl.


I did.

Yeah. I think I like her.
I really do.

I don't want to screw it up like I do
every single time.

She's smart.
She's cool.

She doesn't take any of my crap.

She's, uh, I don't
wanna push anything,

I don't wanna
screw things up.

I really want
to take it slow.

Slow is good.

You think?


Thanks for everything, Mom.
It's really great.

I drew this for you,
Uncle George.


Twenty dollar, strip show.
Thirty dollar, masturbation.

It costs more if I, you know--?

Not you, you moron.
The girl.

Oh, right.

Do you want to pull your
cock out?

Maybe later.

I need you to promise
me something.

You have to promise
not to laugh.

Absolutely not.

No, I'm serious.
You have to promise.

I promise you that I will
not laugh.



I'm so embarr--

You're laughing already!
I haven't even started!

I'm with you.
I promise. No laughing.

I'm here.

I can't believe I'm telling
you this.

When I was 17,
I was a junior in high school.

There was this talent
show competition.

And I was
going to sing.

Geez, why am
I telling you this?


I was going to sing
The Greatest Love of All

by Whitney Houston.


And I go out on stage,

and the spotlight comes up,

and the music starts.

And I forgot the words.

Nothing was retained.

Not even
The Greatest Love of All.

The name of the song.

The name of the song.


I started to dance.
Yeah, yeah.

I couldn't sing.

Brilliant idea,
I'm gonna dance.

For a full three
and a half minutes,

I sashayed
around the stage.

Finally, the music stops,

and the crowd
is just silent--

stunned by what has just come
before them.

And, um, the curtain
just sort of slowly

closes in front of me
and I went backstage

I went into a bathroom stall

and I cried
for three hours.

Should I leave?
Should I go?

I should go, right?

Absolutely not.

Welcome to my humble abode.

This is it,
huh? Yeah.

Want a beer
or something?



You say the troops are
moving to seal off the border.

We won't cut and run.
The White House says it's confident

our troops have the means necessary
to combat worsening violence.

In Iran, officials say Islamic militia
forces operating in Azerbaijan,

were responsible for storming a school
and executing 30 women and children.

Most of the victims were beheaded
and burnt to death.

In Egypt, more than20, 000 people
are now reported killed.

One million have been forced from
their homes,

all since rebels rose up against the
government three months ago.

Allied leaders say current troops are
sufficient to maintain peace.

This, despite the wave of coordinated
suicide bombings

this weekend stretching from
Onkura to Cairo.

Hey, what's
up, kid?

Patricia, this
is Mara.

Oh, hi.
So nice to
meet you finally.

You didn't tell me
she was so pretty.

Yeah, she is.

Well, we should head out.

Let's go.

Nice to meet you finally.

Hey, are you alright, kid?

Okay, so
let's do that.

Which one?

The, uh, motion
to dismiss.

You mean,
summary in judgment.

George, your dad's on line one.

Listen, guys, we're
gonna need to pick up later.

It's due tomorrow.


Hey, Dad.

George, sorry it's taken me

so long to get back to you.

No, it's okay.

Look, I talked to Senator Boone.

I'm sorry, son.
You better get ready to go.

Your agreement was very specific

on the exclusive nature
of your arrangement.

But he's selling our
competitors' equipment.

I know that but all we have to do

is look at the contract
that's in effect now and--

He told me I waived
any claim I might have had

because he's already
selling the stuff.

I told it
doesn't matter.

But how
do you know?

Because I'm the lawyer.


Put you boy on
a leash here.

I pay you guys
a lot of money.

You do. So shut
the fuck up and let me do my job.

That's it.

Wait, please!

Outside. Now.

That guy's
an idiot.


I don't have time
for his nonsense.

You have time for whatever the
hell he pays you

to have time for.
You understand me? Go home.

I know you're going
through a lot.

I know it is
tough, George.

But go.
Get your head straight.

And listen to me.

When you come back,
this will all be here.

So don't worry
about that.

My brother's coming
next week.

I want you
to meet him.

I think you'll
really like him.

Next week, huh?

Where were you?

Fucking perfect.

Hey. Where were you?

I was out for a drink,
Is that alright?

Well, what's wrong?


Something's wrong.


Go to bed.
Come on.

Wanna watch
some TV.

You need
to go to bed.


One time.

One fucking time.

Do it!

Fuckin' do
it, George!


This is the place.

Dixon coming?

I didn't call that prick.

Two beers!


Here you go, gorgeous.

Is this a gay bar?

Come on,
broaden your horizons, buddy!

What are you doing?

One beer.



Come here often?

That the best you can do?

First time.

I forgive you.


Well, I don't forgive you.


You like sucking dick.

You two riding the Hershey highway.

Excuse me?

Huh? The sausage pony?

Fuck you, buddy!

You like that shit,
don't you?

Pretty convenient,
don't you think? Huh?

You just drink a little cum and
you get to stay here.

While I go off and die! Huh?

I think all of you pussy-ass cock
sucking motherfuckers--

Alright, buddy, come on down.

Fuck yourselves
all the way to Iraq!

Fuck you!

Oh my God!

No! No!

Get the fuck off me!
You faggot mother--

Here you
go, man.


What'd you have to go and call
him for?

How come you don't have a
scratch on you?

I had like ten guys on me.

Sorry for getting you involved.
It was my fault.

It's nothing.
Don't worry about it.

Call your
wife yet?


No, man.
I can't let her see me like this.

Let's go.

Fuck you.

What's the sausage pony?

Yeah, dude.
Motherfucker, you.

What the fuck
is this guy doing?

I went skydiving.

What's that?
Number eight?

Number six.

It was awesome.

I can't see you doing it.

I think I'd pay fucking money
to see you do it.

We should totally do it!

Before we go.


You guys remember
the girl from the bar?

When I was
a mumblin' stumblin' idiot?


After all that
shit we did.

She think this
is going somewhere?

You know,
I'll fuck it up somehow.

Oh, I thought
you already did.

Thanks, buddy.

She know
you're leaving?

Yoo hoo!

Wait, we're getting on the boat?

Let's go.

Make the jump.

That's it.

You said this
was gonna be fun.

We're gonna have
a blast, let's go.

It's been
a while, huh?

So how's
work, buddy?

Well, I told some
client to fuck off.

I've done worse.


What do you
mean, like?

What's the worst thing
you've ever done?

Come on.

Yeah, come on.

I'm kinda curious
about that myself.

Look at you, fuck.
Are you serious?



I'll go if
you guys go.


The worse thing
I ever did--

was I threatened
to kill my father.

In high school,
he was drinking

and I'm coming home with all
that shit.

My mom worked these shitty
fucking jobs

sometimes two
at a time.

She worked
all night,

and this guy would
just blow all our fucking money

on liquor, hookers.
One time I was 16,

I hear him coming
up the steps.

He's drunk.
He fucking stinks.

He comes
through the door.

I just snapped.

I said that
"If you ever
come back,

"if you ever try
to talk to my mother again,

I'll kill you."

And the thing was,
is that, I meant it.

I did.
I wanted to kill him.

Right then.

That was it.
Haven't heard from the guy since.

I'd be proud
if I did that.

Come on.

I'm a fraud.

Sorry, you're what?

You're a frog?

I plagiarized
my book.

I was traveling
around Malaysia

after I got
my Masters.

I was working
at this farm place,

hanging out
with these guys.

Every night, these guys
would sit around the fire

and tell these stories.
It was like the Dark Ages.

Really, like all these
amazing stories.

Well, one night the guy I was
working for,

told this story
about a young boy

who went into this
volcano to save his sister.

It was the most amazing
thing I'd ever heard in my life.

So, I kinda took it.

I mean, I tweaked it
and set it in
Alaska, but--

That's where
I got the idea.

You are
a fraud.

Fuck you guys!
I still have to write it!

Yes, you did.

Did the old man
get residuals?


Alright, you now what?
It's your turn.

Yeah, come on, lawyer boy,
cough it up.


Cough it up.

I've never really
done anything.


Tonight was a new low,
don't you think?

I'd be lying if I said I
didn't agree.

Something tells me there's a
skeleton in the closet there

that's a little
bit worse.



When we leave
this boat,

this conversation never happened.


You guys remember
Jessica Hendrix?

Yeah, Tommy's little sister.

She was cute.

I don't know if you
guys remember, but--

she was really advanced
for her age.

She always seemed
a bit older, right?

Well, one day I'm hanging out
at Tommy's house.

It was me and, uh,
four other guys.

We wanted to drink
some beer and stuff.

So we flipped for it and Tommy
loses so he's gotta get it

but the only place we know where to get
it is really far away.

So we all pitch in
and Tommy leaves.

And while
we're there,

Jessica comes home.

And one of the guys
starts playing with her,

you know, tickling her,
and saying stuff,

like, "Show us your tits"
and I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

Playing. Little stuff like that. Flirting.
And she played back.

And then he lifts
up her shirt.

Then he lifts
up her bra.

And then one of
the other guys--

got on the floor
with them.

And took her
pants off.

And she was kicking him,
and she's yelling,

but they're holding
her mouth so she can't scream.

They start yelling
to me, " Fuck her, come on,

Do it, get down here! Do it!
Fuck her!"

Don't fuckin' tell me
you fuckin' did that.

I didn't.

I didn't. I swear to God,
I didn't.

I got up out of there
and I ran!

I ran away, and--

and I left
her there.

I left her there with
those fuckin' guys.

Listen, I'm
really sorry.

But I feel like I don't have
any other choices.

My father hasn't
come through.

I don't know what else
to do.

They might die
over there.

I might die
over there.

Well, we need
a little realism.

I know.

Meantime, officials here in New York,

say they are prepared to handle
the influx of protesters

coming to attend next weekend's
anti-war march.

NYPD plans to deploy twicethe normal amount
of officers to watch over the event.

Planners say they expect well more than
a million people to attend.

The war remains the hotspot area
for voters.

New poll numbers show that the war
was ranked the most important issue

by a four to one margin.
The economy was a distant second,

followed by the cost
of education.

I got drafted.

I got drafted.


When do you leave?

I leave on--
I leave on Saturday.

That's when I leave.
I leave on Saturday.


How long have you known
about this?

Since I met you.



How could you not tell me?!

What if they don't like me?

I bet the first ones to die

are the ones
that nobody likes.

And I feel like I'm one
of those guys.

How long have you been
coming to me?

I don't know.

Seven years.

I guess.

After seven years,
I think it's time we tried something new.

These will help you sleep.

You don't need a psychiatrist
and just be yourself.

Look at me.

Hey, baby.

Does Alice make you feel
all right?

What do you
want, motherfucker?


Speak, bitch.

Dallas, she said.

Fifty bucks,
fifteen minutes.



One motherfucking
second more,

you in
another fifty.

Come on!

Come on.

Relax, baby.

Alice is gonna
make you feel good.

Oh, sugar.


Night, baby.


Where you goin', bitch?


Another fifty,

I was only in there for,
like, two minutes!



Are you okay?
Huh? You hurt?

Relax, I want you to tell me exactly
what happened.

Don't lie,
don't embellish.

Tell me exactly
what happened.

That's the guy?

I don't know.


You ready?


Just walk by me.


No, I'm staying here.

Jesus Christ.

You wanna wait here?


Wait over there.

You got a problem,

Let's get something straight.

You like that?

A deal's a fuckin'
deal, asshole.

That was so cool!

I don't fuckin'
need this shit.

But you wrecked that guy.

I don't fuckin'
need this shit.

You wrecked that guy!
That was--

Listen, man!

You fuckin' think I like doin' shit
like this?

Fuckin' answer me,
you think I like this shit?

I don't know.

Jesus Christ!
What the fuck are you doin', man?

What the fuck
are you doin' with this guy?

Man, we are
fuckin' leavin' soon.

This is what
you're doin'?

You don't understand.

I don't fuckin' understand?
Tell me.

Man, you take a fuckin' walk.

You can't leave me here!

You put me in
this fuckin' position!

Come on!

Dixon, I'm sorr--

Guys, come on, I wanna go home.

Hey, buddy. It's us.
We're here. Where are you?

We're worried.
Give us a call.


Probably working
on number 10.

Yeah, he's a little out
of control.

A little?

Where you at
right now?

You still not
gonna go?

It's just this
whole thing is so wrong.

I just know it.

We're making new enemies
every day.

And it's a war we can't win.

Whoa, you don't
know that.

I don't
know it?

I believe it.

I believe you.
I do.

I absolutely
believe you.

But you need
to know

that I believe it's the right
thing to do.

I do, man. I think that if we
don't do this now,

it's gonna be
too late.

Nothing left
to fight for.

'Cause as soon as they can kill
us, they will.

As soon as they get nukes,
that's it, it's over, man.

I'm gonna tell
you something else.

New York City, right here,
we're gonna be first.

Look, I--

I'm basically
a fuck-up.

I know that.
I do.

But I believe--

I believe in this
place and all of it.

And the thing is,
is that, I choose to drive that cab.

I--I choose to be your friend.

I choose, right now,
I am choosing to be in this bar.

And that's
the point, man.

That's--that's what's
at stake, that's--

it's choice,
it's freedom.

It's freedom to be
whatever the fuck you wanna be,

even if it is a fuck-up.

I mean, we're--

we're in a fight,
for a way of life.

And that's
what I believe.

Aaron Feller,
reporting for duty, sir.

You stand up.
You stand up and you fight.

You fight.

Are you with me?
Are you with me?

Are you with me?

Let's take
'em down.

Let's take 'em down!

I would die
for you.

I would die
for you, sir.

I would die
for you.

Would I
die for you?

If you're
watching this,

then I
didn't make it.

Either that
or I did make it

to the five-year mark and we can
have a good laugh together.

I tried, but--

it just wasn't
meant to be.

I'm okay with that,
'cause I got to
know you.

You were a part
of my life.

Baby, I don 't know
many people in this world

who would've stood
beside someone the way you did.

You had your whole
life ahead of you,

and--you didn't leave
me for a second.

And I know that we'll never
get to do--

all the things--

all the things
that we talked about,

but, I love you
so much.

No matter
where I am

I will always
be with you.

I am
not supposed
to leave you.


do you go?



Will you do
something for me?

Come here.

See this?
These are my Dad's.

He fought in something
called the Korean War.

Know what
that is?

It's kinda like
what we're doing now.

Now listen.

I want you to hang
on to these for me, okay?

Hey, I'm gonna
come back.

I'm gonna get
those from you.

Okay? So you
don't lose them.



You know if you do,
I'm gonna kick your ass, right?

Come on.
Be strong.

Be strong.

Be strong.

First state your name and your rank.

First lieutenant Kevin Tilder.

You've had command
of what?

Bradley Platoon
consisting of 39 soldiers.

39 soldiers,
M2A2's Bradley fighting vehicles

The other night
you and your crew were involved

in some pretty heavy action.
Do you want to explain that?

We were on our
way back from a five-hour mission.

Drop clearance
on what we do

particularly roadside
bombs, improvised explosive devices.

IED's, enemy ambushes.
We were on our way back as--
it was 3:30 AM,

and my vehicle got hit
by an IED,

and destroyed tires,

the engine, radio station.
After that--

The Iraqi police that were on
patrol with us,

they were stuck
in the kill zone.

What do we want?


"What do you want?"


You know
what it is.

It's the first generation
not to grow up with the draft.

You don't know war,
no draft, nothing.

Yeah, we had
it pretty easy.

It had to end sometime.

Hey, guys.

What's up, man?

Holy shit.

How you
doin', Aaron?


Are you okay?

I'm fine.

You sure?


I gotta tell ya, man,

it seems like--

you're going off
the deep end a little bit.

You do your thing,
I'll do mine.

Why you
saying that?

We're in this
together, you know that.

I don't need
any help.

Hey, hey, hey.

We're asking.

Fuck you
guys, alright?



Fuck you.
Fuck you.


Aaron. What are you doin', man?

You gonna be there?

7 a.m.
Penn Station. Peace.

(female voice sings
soft song, indistinct]

Come on,
let's go.

I gotta tell
you something.

What's up?

I need you to know,
no matter what you decide,

I get it, man.
I'm cool. I get it.

I'm with you
no matter what.


Thank you, man.
Thank you.

Thank you.


You sleep well
tonight, alright?

You too, buddy.

I will.



Is someone there?

It's A--it's Aaron.

It's me.

Wow. Where are you these days?


I'm in New York City.


How are you?

How's Mom and Dad?

Dad had a heart attack last year.

He's okay now.
But he had a rough time.

I got drafted.


Well, good luck with that.

You've reached Molly and George.

Please leave a message
and we'll call you back.


Great news!

Senator Boone came through.

He's gonna help
you get out of it.

You don't have
to report tomorrow.

Will you call me
when you get a chance, son?

Love you.
Call me.

I'll stay for you if you ask me to.

No, you wouldn't.

I will wait for you.

I'll wait.

What else am I
supposed to do?

I love you.

I love you too.

If you decide
to go then,

I don't know
what I'll do.

But I'll
be okay.

We can't
plan everything.

Some things
just happen.

You think I'm
a good person?

Special thanks to SergeiK.