Death Defying Acts Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Death Defying Acts script is here for all you fans of the Guy Pearce and Saoirse movie about Harry Houdini. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Death Defying Acts quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Death Defying Acts Script


When I was very small,

I had a gift.

I saw things
other folk didn't see.

It was like looking into deep water
and seein' things on the other side.

As I grew up,
the gift vanished

just like
my mam said it would.

And I saw the world
as it really was

with all its sweet lies
and trickery.

Then the Great Houdini
came into our lives

and changed everything

C'mon, Harry...

Don't do this to me again!

Up! Up!

Get the bloody thing
up now!

...the Sun,
the Four Winds and the Sea...

...bowed down before
the Great Houdini.

He was a god.

That's what it said
in my comics.

If you were Houdini,

you wouldn't be livin'
in a place with a leakin'roof,

worryin'how to pay
the coal man.

And you wouldn't be sittin'
on a damp step outside the pawnshop

waitin'for your mam to
hawk her weddin'ring...

...yet again.


You'd be inside somewhere
warm and cosy eatin' cake.

Close that!
We've got work to do!

That's the wedding ring,
back in the window then, is it?

Only good use
I ever had for it.

Mary McGarvie.
A dream come true.

Not for you!


Leave ma man alone,
ya Gypsy strumpet!

I wouldn't have your hand-me-downs
if you paid me!

You tarted-up hussy!

You frigid old piss-pants!


Bloody circumcision!


It's in the Bible...

Oh, give me that!

We were a real double act,
my mam and me.

It was just us against
the cruel world

livin'by our wits.

'Scuse me.

'Scuse me, sir.

Woops, sorry!

Over here, Rose!

I told you
to wait on the corner!

- There y'are, sir.
- Thank you.

You'll be after your usual
posy of violets, Mr. Robertson?

'Aye. They were
always her favourites.

Oh! Pockets, eh?

- Thank you, dear.
- Thank you. See you tomorrow.

'To Charles, with never ending
love, Your Violet'.

'You play the game
or you go under. '

That's what mam always said,

And if it wasn't for her,
we would've drowned long ago.


'Violet Robertson
- died of heart-failure. '

You're that unfortunate.

It was your long lost aunt
a week ago, was it not?

My condolences, Mrs. McGarvie...

You're so kind...

You'll be wanting to...
examine the Records, no doubt?

The information you need...
may be on the... tenth shelf...

Or even the eleventh...

It's the details of those dear
departed one later cherishes...

...don't you think?

'Cherishable details,'
Mrs. McGarvie.

How right you are.

Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!

Hello again!

Ah! Courtship!

Who's the baboon?

Who you callin' a baboon,
ya wee poof?

Enough monkey play!

No juveniles with us,
I trust?

Then this is your last chance
to see the Tantalising...

...Princess Kali
and her Dusky Disciple!

Oh, be still, girl!

At least that's
one of you decent!

Hurry! Hurry!

Where've you been?


Kali - Kasbah - Magicaram!

I'm receiving a message.

About time, eh?
I sent it a week ago!

I see a flower...

Gallery, mam...

Is there anyone here named...


'Aye! Up here! She's up here!
Darlin', get up!

That's a lovely pair of red knickers
you're wearing tonight, Rose!

Oh! Get away with you!

Prove her wrong, hen!

There is one I can see...

Such a lady!

Like a queen!

The lady's in a garden...

...a beautiful garden.

Third row...

She's like a flower herself.

Not a rose

a deep, dark flower


Violet's all alone.

But there's a space
beside her for another

one left behind
in this world.

For a moment, I saw a funny
wee man in a bowler hat...

Why, it's Mr. Charles Chaplin!

No. Another Charles...

...Charles Robertson.



Oh, I'm sorry, Charles.

Violet says you're not
looking after yourself.

Those cuffs are frayed.


She wants to say something.

She says...

She's sorry her heart
'wasny stronger'...

Do you understand
what she means, Charles?

It's how she went!

Her heart gave out.

It's true. It's true.

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Who's the one
who's lost his clock?

Have you lost something,

I lost my watch!

It comes...

It comes!

From another world,
it comes!

It comes!


There is an inscription,
oh wise one...

No, no, no.
Don't tell me!

I can see it...

'To Charles,
with never ending love... '

...Your Violet'.

There's a chill wind
in the garden.

- Violet has to go...
- Oh, no...

'Until we meet again. '

'Goodbye, Charles. '

Goodbye... Goodbye... '

Oh, don't go, Violet.

Don't cling to her, Charles.

Be patient...

Until you meet again...

A glimpse of the afterlife?
Or just a glimpse of mam?

It didn't matter.

We gave them
what they wanted.

Showbiz isn't all
it's cracked up to be.

The manager skid-addled
and owed us for a whole month!

Mam said,
'See? That's men for you! '

And so we ended up livin'
in a graveyard.

A wee bit before our time.

What have you got to
laugh about?

The theatre's closed.

Those comics won't
fill your tummy!

It's just
a wee bit of fun, mam!

Oh, you sound
just like your father!

'Just a wee bit o' fun, hen! '

Then all of a sudden,
there was you!

Hurry up!

Mr. Houdini was the greatest
trickster of them all...

...and the whole world
loved him for it.

You couldn't imagine
someone like that

could want
for anything at all.

Oh, go on, mam.
Read to me.

Itjust says what's
in the picture.

You can read it yourself.

'On her death bed,
Houdini's beloved Mother... '

'... spoke her last words
to the Great Man himself. '

'Do Spirits Return? '

Houdini says -
'Prove it! '

'Now Famous Psychics try to
Discover Those Secret Words'

'Ten thousand dollars for whoever
transmits his mother's last words'

No one could pull off that one,
could they?

How much is
ten thousand dollars?

He's coming here!

To Edinburgh!

So he is...

Me and mam thought
we could take on anyone

even the Great Houdini!


You still here?

Where else?

You look fine, Harry.

I look like shit, Mr. Sugarman.

Let's go!

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

Hello, Edinburgh!


Mr. Houdini!
We love you, Mr. Houdini!

We love you! We love you!

Welcome back to Scotland,
Mr. Houdini!

Thank you, son.

That monster Nessie
still here?

'Aye, she's still here.

Well, who don't you tell Nessie
that this Harry Houdini's gonna

tie a knot in her tail and
fling her into the Scottish Ocean?!

What about $10,000, Mr. Houdini?

Are you psychic, Hamish?

'Cos I never met a reporter yet

who didn't know the truth
before it happened!

Oh, I don't know about that.

You put me in touch with my dear,
departed mother and it's all yours.

- Still in good shape, Mr. Houdini?
- Never better!

They say you can take
a punch from any man.

Elbow these freeloaders!
Get rid of them!

You scared of ma boy's punch,
Mr. Houdini?

I'll take your punch, sonny!

Now, ladies and gentlemen,
give us some room please!

Watch yourself, Harry,
this mob can smell blood!

Go on, son!

Have you done it yet?

You did it, Houdini!

Yes, the whole world loved
Mr. Houdini.

But it could never be enough.

There was something
dark inside him.

And poor Mr. Sugarman's job was
to keep that dark side at bay.

It's such an honour to
have you with us...


Be careful with that trunk,
you schmuck!

Sorry, sir!

Mr. Houdini's very tired
after his journey.

I'll deal with it, boss.

Come on! Quick as you can!
Quick as you can!

There! Carefully...

A dollar!

Thank you, sir!
Thank Mr. Houdini!

Harry! Are you all right?


Are you all right?

I think I can wipe my own arse,
Mr. Sugarman, thank you!

It's OK, Morry.

Nothin' to worry about.
The golden goose is still laying.

'Houdini's Mother Dies... '

'Houdini in Mourning. '

'Houdini Finds
Hope in Spiritualism. '

'Lt's a fake, says Houdini. '

A very private man...

'My greatest ambition is to live
and die being worthy of

the mother who bore me. '

Another bereavement,
Mrs. McGarvie?

I'm always happy for you to...

probe the higher shelves for
those 'cherishable details'.

I already have all
the details I need.

Listen to this...

'Madame Clare De Lune,
Psychic Extraordinaire... '

'... respectfully accepts
Mr. Houdini's Psychic challenge'.

Clare de who?

Clare de Lune,
it's French, goddamn it.

Get yourself an education,

What do you think?
Do I look like a fruit?

Like a fruit?
You look beautiful, Harry.

I look like a fruit.

They've got class.
I like 'em.

If you wanna look like a fruit,
Morry, you wear 'em!

And as well you know,
I've got an education -

in Law and in Business Management.
I've got a Diploma.

I bought it in
your glorious country.

Harry, everyone's a fake.

As soon as you scratch the gold-leaf,

all of these so-called
psychics are just made of lead.

It's all hocus pocus,
mumbo jumbo.

- So?
- So why waste our time?

I don't want to be remembered
for a bunch of dumb stunts.

For once, this ain't about chains
and friggin' padlocks.

It's about science.

It's about proof!

You've been pushing yourself
too hard, Harry...

Oh, get off me!

See this?

This is from
the Scientific American.

The Scientific American!

And my psychic experiment
is science!

Showbiz is Showbiz, Harry.

It's not about science...

It's about nickels and dimes.

Nickels and dimes.

Yeah, well, you look after
the nickels and dimes

and I'll look after the science.

Mistress of the Skies -
that was my mam.


She could just pluck
a character off a shelf

and act as swish as
the best of them...

...and just about manage
to convince herself.

We've got two hours
to check the tank.

The boys'll be set
by the time we get there.

Curtain's at 8:00...

How's Security?

Like Mrs. Clam with a headache.

'I am with you, my Harry,
even in dreams. '

'Your little darling wife, Bess'.

'Little darling wife'.

Excuse me!

He's mine!

I do Mr. Houdini.

Who do you think you are?

Who do I think I am?

I'm the one who does all
the bloody work around here!

You little thief!

- I was just looking!
- Yeah, sure you were!

That's our audience you're
kickin' in the pants there,

Mr. Sugarman...

I'm sure she's OK.
You can let her go.

What's your name, kid?

Lost your voice, huh?

When did you last hear it?

Oh, wait, I know...

Help! Help!
I'm in here!

I'm in here!
I'm in here!

C'mon! Open up!

Open up! Open up!
Open up!

How's that for size?

Want a sandwich?

Yes please, Mr. Houdini!

The voice fits!

A little gummed up still,
but it works.

What else can you say?

Name's Benji, Mr. Houdini.

'Benji Mr. Houdini'.

Well, I'd drop the second part;
it's already spoken for.

Just plain Benji
sounds good to me.

'Just Plain Benji'
isn't much of a name either.

Well, we have a comedienne here,
Mr. Sugarman.

Maybe she can do the warm-up.

I'm not a comedienne,
Mr. Houdini.

So what do you do for a living?

Rob banks? Train fleas?
Dance the Highland Fling?

And steal from
dressing rooms?

I'm a psychic...

Well, more a sort of disciple...

Oh, a psychic's sidekick, huh?

'The Tantalising Princess Kali
and her Dusky Disciple'

That's you, huh?

We were top of the bill
at McTavish's Palace!

Top of the bill
at The Palace, eh?

Well, I think I have a little
something for you too.

Tonight's performance.
Don't be late!

Thanks, Mr. Houdini!

My mam doesny do tricks, like.

It's real, Mr. Houdini.

It's no jiggery-pokery.

Solid gold. I'm sure
she's great, kid. Goodbye.

- She's got 'The Gift'.
- 'Bye, 'bye, now.

Fellow travellers.

Dear friends.

Modern Science tells us
that Life...

...had its beginnings in the gloomy
depths of the great oceans.

Our own little lives are
but a brief gasp...

...before we plunge back down into
that dreamy darkness

from which there is no return...

Or is there?

I, Harry Houdini, shall discover
the Truth for all of us!

Naked we emerged from
that sea of the unconscious...

...and that is how I now
propose to travel.

Lights, please!

Ladies and gentlemen...

I entreat you; do not attempt to hold
your breath in emulation of me...

May God guide me...

...and have mercy
on my immortal soul.




Get him out!

Bravo! Bravo!

Nearly two minutes over!

Then that's two minutes you
didn't know about, Morry.

You don't have to do this, Harry.

You don't have to push yourself
to the wire every time...

Yes I do!

I met Houdini!
I met Houdini!

I met him, ma!

He's got these eyes thatjust burn
through to the back of your head!

He's incredible, ma!

You got caught!

What did I tell you?

Rule number one:
Never get caught!

So what did you find out?

Or were you too busy
making eyes at him?

Do you think
I like livin' like this?

Surrounded by grime and filth
and other people's hand-me-downs?!

I want new things.

Nice things.

I want $10,000!

Did you find out anything, mam?

There wasn't a single personal
thing in his hotel suite.

Like he doesn't exist...

He has a fancy trunk
with his initials on...

The kind of trunk you
keep your secrets in.

A big trunk
that only takes a tiny wee key.

Now where would Mr. Houdini
keep a key like that, eh?

And this...

His mother.

It's a start.
I'll busk the rest.

Eat your tea now.


Good afternoon, Mr. Houdini.

I have, sir, a secret message.

It's from your mother.

It's in Hungarian,
isn't it, Jock?

You should have done
your homework, Hamish!

She didn't speak Hungarian -
she spoke German.


You're a hoofer.

Aye, sir! A hoofer, I am!

We're interviewing psychics.

Think of a number...

Message from your mama...

Very cold, very cold.

Message Little Harry,

growing old, growing old.

Arky, parky, tory roop.
Rang tang, toozy Jock.

Eerie, orie! Eerie, orie!
You are oot!

Macbeth. Act 1. Scene 1.

Alright, thank you very much
young ladies.

We'll let your mother know.

Out you go. Thank you now.
Very good.

She'll never forgive you,

- Out you go.
- What did you say?

Forgive me for what?

I never hurt her
in my goddamn life!

What the hell's she
talking about, Sugarman?

10,000 American dollars.

That's what she was
talking about, Harry.

If God ever permitted an angel
to walk this earth,

it was my mother!

Ah, the Psychic's sidekick...

Do I have permission to kick our
audience in the pants this time?

Come on, kid. Clear off!

Mr. Houdini's had enough for
one day. Come on...

It's no' me. I told you.

It's my mam.

I'm sorry for the intrusion,
Mr. Houdini.

Mr. Sugarman, is it?

We have a psychic act
me and my daughter here.

Not such a wonderful act, really.

I wear a somewhat of
a revealing costume.

I pretend to see those
on the other side.

Sometimes I really do.

My mother would have called it
a travesty

a waste of a God-given gift.

She used hers for healing,
didn't she, Benji?

Maybe I should have made
more of mine. But...

there's no man at home and
there's bread to put on the table.

I'm sorry, Mr. Houdini.
I'm so deeply sorry for your loss...

Last night I dreamed a dream.

I saw someone I've never met,
in a place I've never been.

A lady in a garden.

Her hair was silver
and she was small...

wearing a black dress...

and she was waving as if...

beckoning someone to her.

Does that mean something to you,
Mr. Houdini?

It means you read
the New York Times, Mrs...


It was The Herald Tribune,

That picture was
syndicated all over.

Sometimes it works.

Sometimes you have to help
it along. Is that a sin?

I read a page unwritten...

I hear words...

yet unspoken...

But they all seem like shapes...

and colours to me now...

I'm sorry.

Did you say something?

No, no. I...

It's you...

I think you're the one
we've been waiting for.

It was if the Earth
stopped turnin'.

That's what they say in
the great romances, isn't it?

But we didn't know
the half of it.

Are you sure you know
what you're doing, Harry?

Oh, come on,
it's got to be a sign.

You were there.
You saw her.

Now change that to
'scrupulous scientific conditions'.


There are more things
in Heaven and Earth

than in all your audit books,
Mr. Shakespeare.

More than $10,000?

Mr. Harry Houdini...

...announces the most extraordinary
Experiment ever staged

by modern science

that will prove beyond
all reasonable doubt...

the existence of an Afterlife.

Sealed inside this envelope,

Mr. Houdini has written
the last words spoken to him

by his dear, departed mother

known only to him,
and shared with no one...

This safe will be lodged
at the Royal Bank of Scotland...

until the day of
the Psychic Experiment,

which will be conducted under
scrupulous scientific conditions

in front of the world's press.

Mr. Houdini intends to contact
the departed soul of

his beloved mother...

We've died and gone to heaven!

Look at the Castle, mam!

And I can see right up Princes Street
all the way to the Scott Monument!

Oh! It smells like heather!

And it's all free!

Nothin' in this world's free.

Come Sunday, if we don't deliver
the 'secret words' our

Mr. Houdini wants to hear,
all this goes; itjust vanishes.

But he's taken
a real shine to us!

The plan's workin'.

That's as maybe.

Something's going on.

It was too easy.

I didn't do a thing.


Oh. Come in...

Madam. From Mr. Houdini...

Why, thank you very much.


What's it say?

He's inviting me
to take luncheon.

Mam! This is it!

This is what we want!

But what does Mr. Houdini want?

Would you stop skippin'
for a minute?

Excuse me,
we've got kids here!

Women and children! You got Male
and Female in the same cage here!

There ought to be
a law against it!

It's Nature, Mr. Sugarman!

Well maybe Nature should
learn a bit of decency.

Monkeys are just like
you and me.

You speak for yourself.

You're no different.

The Great Houdini says
'jump' - you jump.

You're just a dancing monkey!

Let's go and look
at the Aquarium.

They've got sharks and underwater
tortoises and all sorts!

Wanna know something, sweetheart?

What's that, Mr. Sugarman?

You ain't gonna take my
Mr. Houdini for that ten grand.

Mam and I were
keepin'him guessin'.

Luckily men are fools for a bit
'o glitter in a borrowed frock.


Mrs. McGarvie...

Forgive the intimacy of
our little restaurant.

News-hounds are everywhere.

I've never stayed
in a place like this before.

Something to tell
the grandchildren.

You got the flowers OK?

Oh, enough for a wedding.

Won't you sit down, please?

Men don't spend money on flowers

just because they enjoy
the smell of them...

Oh, I just meant to be friendly.

Are you sure you
won't sit down?

Is this part of the audition?

Sit down, please.

Pick anything you like.

It's all in foreign.

Do what I do.

Pick a high number.
You can't go wrong.

I'll have that one, please.

That's... bread, madam.

I'll have the same.

Bread all round.
Plain and simple.

Of course, sir.

Plain and simple.

Champagne for the lady -
best in the house.

Mrs. McGarvie.

This isn't me - all of this...

I was raised
in Appleton, Wisconsin.

I sold papers, shined shoes,
and did conjuring tricks...

Just a regular Joe?

Well, you've done
your research, right?

You know everything there is
to know about me already.

Not everything.

A little old fashioned, maybe.
But I like 'em...

If you'll allow me...

I'm not a wee girl, Mr. Houdini.

Harry, please.

What is it you want...
Mr. Houdini?

I want to treat you as
the lady you so clearly are.

That's all?

You're special, Mrs. McGarvie.

You have a gift.

The truth was,
she couldn't read him.

And she let him
get under her skin.

We went on the Big Wheel and
Mr. Sugarman was sick!

Back where I come from,
Mr. Sugarman,

we always acknowledge a lady.

Mrs. McGarvie!
I do apologise.

I hardly recognised you.

I don't have the time

or the inclination to figure out
what it is you really want.

So I'll just leave you

and your Mr. Sugarman
to your silly games...

- Mrs. McGarvie. Please...
- Benji!

Mrs. McGarvie!

Harry! Come here, Harry...

If you run after her now
and make a scene...

it'll be all over
the papers by morning.

Then, where is your
great experiment? Hmm?


Rise and shine!


- What time is it?
- It's late.

Well what did you
let me sleep through for?

Get yourself a louder bell, too!

Gentlemen of the press,
1.00 o'clock.

Worshipful Company of
Locksmiths, 2.30,

and St. Andrew's Orphanage,
4.00 o'clock.

Buy a bunch of shoes
for the kids...

Shoes? Fine...

It's all right, mam.
He's gonna be ages...

Sorry, mam,
I couldn't help it!

Come on, kid!
Harry, do you want me to?

You want to look inside
Pandora's box, huh?

Take a peek
at the real Houdini.

All yours.
No psychic gifts required.


You disappoint me.

Here's me thinking you
was the genuine article.

Solid gold - through and through.

I was embarrassed to ask.

I just needed something...

a personal item,

a wee token...
... a handkerchief.

That's all.

You see, it helps me
channel the energy...

my psychic energy...

Your 'psychic energy'?

I've seen mediums, crystal-gazers,
palmists, spirit-guides,

theatres fit to bust with
psychic energy, Mrs. McGarvie!

And you know somethin'?

Until somebody proves me wrong,
it's all moonshine!

Con-artists and cheap chislers
out to fleece poor folks

looking for
a little peace of mind!

So that's what this
whole charade's about?

'the Great Houdini' wrong?

I wasn't referring to you
personally, Mrs. McGarvie.

For your psychic energy...

Thank you.

10,000 dollars doesn't mean
much to you, does it?

It's just a game.

Don't mean that much to me?

When I was a kid, we used to sleep
7 in a bed half this size!

Harry Houdini knows what
it means to be cold and hungry and

without a dime.

The difference is, you left all
that behind, didn't you?

This is the latest in 'slumber science,'
I'll have you know.

Internally sprung.
Just like me.

You never sleep that
peaceful again, do you?

I don't think I slept right
since I was nine years old.

Not at all?

Not a wink. Not since
I got a bed to myself.

You'll have to start
inviting people in.

I just can't hardly
remember the old days-

the real days.

Like it was
somebody else's dream...

Would you like to see
something real, Mr. Houdini?

- How'm I doin'?
- Oh, you could pass for a native.

When in Rome...

That's what my ma
always used to say.

I wish you could've met her.
You would've got on like a house on fire.

Don't go giving away
too much about her

they'll say we cheated.

Cheated? No.

I'm not like those fakers, Mary
- those cheap chiselers.

I'm like you.

Just trying
to earn an honest dollar.

Heads or tails?

Um... You choose.

Then I choose neither.

My penny for your dollar?

Heads or tails?

You choose!



Don't you love it?

I used to practice card tricks
and table magic 8 hours a day.


I studied locks and handcuffs
for 5 years solid.

I got to know 'em all
back to front.

I used run 10 miles a day,
push weights for 2 hours...

Couldn't have had much time
for anything else...

I made time.

You know, when I was a kid,
I was Ehrich, The Prince of the Air.

I told mama I'd be a flyer -
done that!

Told her I'd be a movie star -
done that too!

Swore I'd be the greatest
escape man in the world.

Made all my wishes come true -
grabbed my own piece of immortality!

Mr Houdini, sir,
can I get your autograph?

Of course you can.

Thank you!

- Right.
- Thank you!

You're OK. You got your own piece
of immortality right there.

- Who? Benji?
- Yeah.

You don't have children,
I can tell.

Make you old before your time.

Oh, that ain't so.
You're the living proof.

'The Tantalising Princess Kali
and Her Dusky Disciple'.

Sounds like a fun act.

'Hard graft'.

If I fail, we starve.

Well, I fail and I die.

I don't think you want to get involved
with someone like me, Mr. Houdini.

Well, maybe I do...

Race you!

Wait for me!

It's locked!

Are you sure about that?

After you.

Stay away from the edge!

Look at that!

It's beautiful.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am to be suspended from
the roof of the very heavens -

with neither net nor harness!

Only a five-strand rope will prevent me
from plummeting earthwards,

dashing my brains to
a thousand pieces!

May God have mercy
on my immortal soul!


Oh, no, I can't!

Oh, come on.

A foot in both worlds...

Oh, I can't look!


I guess
I want to make it last...



How did you do that?


Ladies and Gentlemen!
Ladies and Gentlemen!

I beg your indulgence!

The Maestro Houdini has been
taken ill with the condition

of severe nervous exhaustion!

There will be...

there will be a refund available
from noon tomorrow!

Mr. Houdini sends his regrets...

To look into deep water and
see things on the other side

Mr. Houdini would've given
anything to do that.

It's a gift some are given

whether you want to or not.


Help me!


Not asleep?

What happened with him?

Nothing happened 'with him'.

Harry's a gentleman.

So you didn't get the key, then?

I'm not sure I care so much
about the key anymore...

We're in it for the money,

not for a roll in the hay like
you did with my Dad.

That was when I saw it for real

Mam was in love.

And the trouble
with love is this

Some people get left out.

'Harry Houdini Disappears! '

'Harry Houdini Misses Show! '

'Harry Houdini Messes Up! '

This whole psychic thing
is taking over.

Do you hear me?
It's taking over!

These are from your wife!

Do you remember you had a wife?

She's wiring you twice a day

and you're going ga-ga over some schiksa
with a cute line in chat!

Mrs. McGarvie's a lady...

...and I won't
have you forget that!

We've got to get
our priorities in order!

All right, Harry.

I quit!

You want to play poker
with me, Morry?

First, I'm 'pushing it
to the wire'

and now the 'psychic'
thing's taking over.

About time you got your
priorities sorted, don't you think?

C'mon, buckle me up.

Put your shoulders back.

You're walkin' like an old man,
ya mustache Pete!

It was up to me and Mr. Sugarman to
keep things on the right path.

The Great Houdini had
fallen for mam, all right.

But it was as
if he didn't want to admit it

or couldn't.

Maybe the secret that Mr. Houdini
had locked away in his heart...

was going to be a way out
for all of us.

Mr. Houdini gets some funny ideas
in his head sometimes, you know.

Seven year itch, Mr. Sugarman.

All marriages go
through a rocky patch.

Mr. Houdini has a most
exceptional marriage.

Mr. And Mrs. Houdini
are soul mates

they're like brother and sister.

There's the problem, then.

That sort of talk
give you a thrill, does it?

What do you want, Mr. Sugarman?

What do I want?

Do you know what this is?

This is five hundred
Scottish pound notes.

I want you to take them...

...and I want you to disappear.

I'm not sure I want to disappear.

Yeah, you do.

What schtick 'you gonna pull to earn
that ten thousand dollars, eh?

It's not gonna happen.
It's specific

specific words he wants to hear.

Take the money.

It's not on offer forever.

If I fail Mr. Houdini's challenge,
you'll never see me again anyway.

So why are you so worried?

He's right.

You are special.

Thank you very much.

You don't know how special.

You have no idea.

But you're going to find out.

You don't scare me, Mr. Sugarman.

We're going dancing.

Dancing? Oh!

Oh, yes. It's a dance he's
taking you on all right.

You're way out of your depth
on this one, Mrs. McGarvie

believe me.

We're all incognito.

Polka! Polka!

C'mon, dance!
We've all got to dance!

Shake a leg, Mr. Sugarman!

Come on, ya old mustache Pete!

What do you think?

Do people choose the night
to do strange things,

or is it the dark
that makes 'em act funny?

- It's the night, Harry.
- Of course.

You do things you
wouldn't normally do

ask all kinds of questions.

Like the ones
you never asked last night?


I've had enough!

Like men friends?


Mr. McGarvies. You never asked.

Maybe I didn't want to
know the answers.

Waste of time, all three of them.

Haven't seen him this crazy...

since his mother died.

That's not 'crazy', Mr. Sugarman.

That's 'love'.

You're a good dancer.

I've never danced
like this before.

I thought you'd have a girl
in every port.



You'll be leaving, won't you?


Final date.

Then we all go home.

Chicken soup for supper.

Is it Mrs. Houdini
who makes this soup?

Cook makes the soup.

Mrs. Houdini serves it up.
You'd like her.

I can't see us
washing dishes together.

Maid does the dishes.

Things change, Mary.

I'm the Great Houdini!
I make things the way I want 'em to be.

You can't.

- Oh, I can. Believe me.
- Stop it!

This is real.
I'm real...

- What's happening to me?
- You're dancing, Mary.

Well, I don't want to
dance anymore!

Don't worry, kid.

There's no future in it.

I've got something
that might interest you...


Mr. Sugarman doesny like you

says you're just a gold-digger.

You don't listen to any word
that Mr. Sugarman says.

Got it?

But, mam...

- Mam?
- What?

Mr. Sugarman's on our side.

Go on, mam...

A dress...

It's his mother...

She looks like you...

You're the absolute image of her,

when she was young.

Took my breath away.

Our Mr. Houdini was closer to his mother
than most sons even dream of.

Maybe all this does
something for you? Hm?

Like I said, Mrs. McGarvie

way out of your depth.

I thought you people were smart.

We are.

We're here for the star prize.

But you need the words.

You need his mother's dying words...

- It doesn't matter, mam...
- No, no...

I'd put on his mam's pinny
if I had to

I'd dress him, feed him,
clean him - whatever it takes.

You want me gone?

Well, you better start helping me,
Mr. Sugarman.

If anyone knows the words

you do.

Win the 10 grand
and you disappear. Right?

That was always the deal.

I used to be a nice man, you know.

Can you believe it?

I just got old and mean.

There aren't any words...

At least, if there were...

Harry Houdini never heard them.

He was doing a show...

Oh, he talks like he was there

He gives you every detail,
makes himself weep.

I've heard it a million times.

His big regret.
His deepest guilt.

The moment
his mother needed him most...

...he wasn't there.

At last...

...our Mr. Houdini's secrets
were out in the open.

The question was;
what would mam do with his future?

Give him a glimpse of
the afterlife?

Or a bitter-sweet taste
of the here and now?

Love or money?

The safe is untouched.
You have my word on it.

'Aye, chief constable.

Mr. Houdini asks that you wear
his mother's wedding dress, madam

in order to channel the psychic energy,
you understand.

Look at it, child.

Just look at it.

He doesn't want me.

He just wants his mama.

- Mr. Houdini?
- Mr. Houdini!

Mr. Houdini!

What do you hope to prove
by this experiment?

Well, well,
the 'psychic reporter'.

We know the truth before it happens,

- isn't that right, Mr. Houdini?
- Not this time.

This experiment
is nothing less than

a battle between Love
and Death, gentlemen.

Is Death final
or will Love triumph?

Place your bets please!

What odds would you put on that,
Mr. Houdini?

Well, there's a headline, boys...
Houdini says: 'Is Death Final? '

Ladies and gentlemen...

...fellow Investigators.

The aim of the Scottish Institute
for Psychical Research...

is to evaluate the evidence
for the paranormal

under the strictest
scientific conditions.

I assure you,
ladies and gentlemen

no phantom escapes us!

We want Houdini!

As my dear mother lay dying

departing this Earth
for a better place

she spoke her
last sweet words to me

her devoted son.

Those words are
engraved upon my heart...

My heart,
ladies and gentlemen...

Those words are known only to me.

If Mrs. McGarvie's
psychic gift is genuine,

God willing, she shall receive those
last words from the Other Side

and transmit them to us today.

Mam looked beautiful...

Like an angel...

Maybe Mr. Houdini saw her...

or maybe he saw
his own sweet mother.

It didn't matter.

In that moment, she was everything
he'd been waiting for.

There is no trickery here,
ladies and gentlemen.

There is only faith and hope.

Mrs. McGarvie.

Are you ready?

Mama, can you hear me?

Dear little mother.

Mama, please try.

Ehrich's here.

Your good boy's here...

I can't do this...

I can't take your money.

Mary, wait!

Ehrich! Ehrich!

Where are you?

Go to your mother!

I need you!

Come, Ehrich.

Your Mama's so alone -
so afraid.

Ich bin hier, Mama.

Wo bist du?

Why you not come to me?

- Mama, I'm here.
- Where are you?

Mein gutes Kind.

- Mama, I tried to get to you.
- I can't see you!

- I tried to get there.
- Mama can't see you!

I had to finish the show.

Mama, I'm sorry!

I'm sorry, mama.

Es tut mir leid, Mama.
Es tut mir leid...

Mama, forgive me.

Forgive me...

He's waitin' for you

the Angel with fire-red hair.

Got wings too.

Clock says noon -
sun goes black.

Watch out!

Here he comes!


The envelope!
The envelope!

The paper is blank!

There's naught on the paper!

There are no words!

Can you explain this please?

Mr. Houdini? Explain!
What does it mean?

To my eternal shame...

I never got there.

I was too late!

I'm sorry...


Are you all right, Harry?!

It wasn't death that scared
Mr. Houdini.

He'd been diving into
deep water all his life.

What scared him was the truth.

It wasn't his body
that was in chains

It was his heart.

God have mercy
on my immortal soul...

Thanks for the money.

Or have you come to
take it back?

It's not really about
the money, is it?

Now look what you've done to me.

I only made you fall in love...

- Don't flatter yourself.
- I'm sorry.

That's all fine, then.

Your Mama forgives you.

- Now you can get out!
- Mary...

That was not love.
That was infatuation.

Another dance.

What was it?
A Polka or a Foxtrot?

Another fling.
Just another fling.

But it never quite
happened, did it?

- Why was that?
- I'd never been there before.

I didn't understand
what was happening...

Don't touch me!

I didn't mean that.
That ain't what I want.

So what does
the Great Houdini want?

'Coz you don't want me.

I'm not your little darlin'- wife,
and I'm certainly not your mama!

Mary, I'm afraid...

Afraid of what?

Of me?

I'm afraid of myself.

Of what I feel for you,
what I want...

I love you, Mary...

But it's just shameful...

Who taught you that?

It's not shameful, Harry.

It's what men and women do!

It keeps the winter at bay...

...the loneliness at bay.

And sometimes,
if you're really lucky

down amongst the sweaty sheets you
find a tiny bit of true human love.

Did you ever find it?

That tiny bit of love?


Not once.

They say it's easy, Harry.

They say it's like falling...

No, falling's easy...

I don't know if I've got
the nerve for this.

Me neither.

Do you know what it was
made me fall for you?

I mean really you...

You looked so fierce.

A fighter.

I never much liked me.

Well I do.

It's easy, isn't it?

Just like falling...

Mr. Houdini never asked

about the strange words
that came out of me.

He never asked where
I got them from either.

He believed in me.


You'll catch your death!

No. Quite the reverse.


Off to Montreal, is it?

Last one. Last time...

No promises.


You saved me, Mrs. McGarvie.

You saved yourself, Mr. Houdini.

You saved me too.

Lost your voice, huh?

When did you last hear it?

Take care of your mama for me.

Hey, I'll see you again.



Angel with fire-red hair!

Clock says noon!
Sun goes black!

Watch out!
Here he comes!

Just gave him what he wanted.
It was easy...

You're goin' soft, you are...

It's like Mr. Sugarman said -
it's all just showbiz mumbo-jumbo.

All we've got is
what we can touch and see.

That's my girl...

When I was very small,

I had a gift.

I saw things
other folk didn't see.

As I grew up,
the gift vanished...

...just like
my mam said it would.

But mam was wrong.

Let 'em get a good look, Morry.

Mr. Houdini!

Are you going to follow
in your mother's footsteps, Benji?

Benji! Give us the look!

You know, the psychic look. Yes!

Just got the message direct
from Heaven!

- Bravo!
- Get back!

Hello, Montreal!

Mr. Houdini!

I'm a student at the College here -
I'm studying Business Management.

Business management, huh?

My friend here wants to shake
your hand too, Mr. Houdini.

Pleased to meet you, Mr. H.
You're a man who can take a punch, right?

Mr. Houdini
can take any man's punch!

Get these kids out of here!

Isn't that right, Mr. Houdini?

What did you say?

Trick or treat?

KO'd in the first round!

Mam, what's wrong?

Back! Get back! Get back!
Get back!

I didn't mean to
hit him so hard!

- Oh, saw that one comin'...
- Someone get a doctor!

Yes, sir!
Right away, sir!

You're going to be OK, Harry.
You'll be fine.

I don't know, Morry...

Won't somebody call
a bloody doctor?!

This time I keep falling...

You're going to be fine, Harry...

Oh, God forgive me...

I told them, Harry...

...that stuff about your mother.

I told them.

I know. I know you did,
Mr. Sugarman...

Catch me...

The Great Houdini
changed our lives...

...and for a wee short while,

we taught him how to love.

And me and mam...

We had the here and now...

And we had each other.

Special thanks to SergeiK.