Delgo Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Delgo script is here for all you fans of the animated movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Delgo quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

And swing on back to Drew's Script-O-Rama afterwards -- because reading is good for your noodle. Better than Farmville, anyway.

Delgo Script

[ Bellowing ]

[ Chittering ]

[ Croaking ]

[ Growling ]

[ Sniffing ]

Okay. Get ready now.
Here it comes!

- [ Giggling ]
- Good catch!

Nice throw, Delgo.

Here comes a high one!

- [ Giggles ]
- Oh, no! Good try.

Bad toss. Bad toss.
Wasn't your fault. Go get it. Hurry!

[ Woman Narrating ] In the land ofJhamora,
the humble Lockni lived in peace.

Far away, lost in the clouds...

the land of the winged Nohrin grew barren...

depleted of essential resources.

Concerned for his people,
the Nohrin king sent scouts to find a new home.

- Hah!
- [ Screeching ]

Their quest brought them toJhamora,
where they were welcomed by the Lockni.

[ Giggles ]

The Nohrin king vowed not to leave...

until the last ofhis people
had safely resettled.

- [ Cooing ]
- You, my little princess...

will grow up to rule our people
in a land of beauty.

[ Narrator ]
He sent Sedessa, his ambitious younger sister...

- to govern the Nohrin in the new land.
- Hmm.

Time passed and tensions rose...

as the Nohrin sought more land.

Finally, the Lockni would give no more.


[ Chattering ]

- Mmm.
- [ Shuddering ] Mommy.

[ Shouting ]

- Behind the fence!
- Secure the perimeter!

- Don't let that one get away!
- Burn the village! Hmm.

Leave no survivors!

- [ Braying ]
- [ Narrator ] Hatred, once stirred...

- took on a life of its own.
- [ Shouting ]

- Charge!
- And the spark of vengeance...

ignited the flames ofbattle.

We are at war! You should have negotiated!

[ Laughs ]
Negotiated? With savages?

Don't be so naive.

Jhamora is ours for the taking, dear Brother.

Have the courage to finish what I started.

You have disgraced our family. You have
killed innocents- sent young soldiers to die.

You have insured that my daughter
will grow up in a world...

where peace can never again
be taken for granted.

[ Sighs ]

- You are no longer a member of the royal family-
- [ Gasps ]

no longer my sister.

[ Creaking ]

[ Footsteps ]

[ Sniffing, Gasps ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Footsteps ]

- [ Baby Crying ]
- Huh?


- Sedessa Graleon...
- [ Grunts ]

-you have been found guilty of murder...
- [ Gasps ]

and treason.

[ Screeching ]

In accordance with Nohrin law...

you are hereby condemned...

to spend the remainder of your life...

- [ Screeching ]
- in exile...

unable to return.

[ Thunderclap ]

[ Thunderclap ]



Ah. Oh, dear.

[ Sighs ]

[ Grunting, Muttering ]

[ Laughing ]

[ Choking ]

[ Laughing ]

[ Growling ]

- [ Snickering ]
- So sorry to keep you waiting, gentlemen.

I just couldn't find a thing to wear.

Now then, this is somewhat
of a farewell occasion.

I'm afraid our working relationship
is effectively over.

Over? What about the invasion ofJhamora?

Oh, yes. I'll be invading as planned.

[ Chuckles ]
Without an army?

You need our tribes, Empress.

Oh, but I have your tribes.

United. Well trained.

- Quite ready for battle.
- We united them!

You need us to keep them united.

So modest about your accomplishments.

The tribes stand solidly behind me.

Middle management will only get in the way.

Have you forgotten all we've done for you,
Empress? The castle we built?

I'll call you when I need another.

What about your promises?
Land, titles, the riches ofJhamora?

Money and power. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

So shallow.

You really should concern yourselves
with more... spiritual matters.

Engineer Prando.

[ Cackling ]

- Please, Empress! Please spare us!
- [ Chattering, Shouting ]

Come now. You know me.

If there's one thing I can't stand...

it's hearing a chorus of wart-ridden freaks
pleading for mercy.

- [ Sighs ]
- Some music should cover it up.

- [ Cackles ]
- No, no, no!

- We were only following orders!
- You can't do this!

- We don't need land!
- I can't feel my toes!
- Mmm!

Something smells delicious.

[ Chirping, Bellowing ]

You know what? This-This is-

Y-Yes, yes. No. Yeah.

This is the longest, hottest...

- bumpiest shortcut I've ever taken.
- [ Groans ]

- [ Creatures Braying ]
- Well, I know a faster way.


Oh, what's the matter? 'Fraid you'll lose?

- I just don't wanna race.
- All right. No problem.

I can respect that.
[ Mock Cough ] Wuss!

- What?
- Huh? I didn't say anything.

- [ Quietly ] Wuss.
- I heard that!

Heard what, wuss?
[ Gasps ]

- I mean, Filo.
- I'm not racing!

[ Thumping ]

[ Shouting,Jabbering ]

[ Coughing, Screaming ]

Hyah! Come on! Let's go, girl!

- [ Laughs, Shouts ]
- Huh?

[ Screams ]

- [ Screaming ]
- Come on! Faster!

Move, girl, move!

Stay! Stay! Oh, no!
[ Screaming ]

[ Groans ]

Oh, yee-haw!
[ Grunts ]


- Ah!
- [ Yawning ]

Oh, did you-you just get here?

[ Laughing ]
I smoked you!

- The race isn't over yet. Hyah!
- [ Grunts ]

[ Creatures Lowing ]

[ Grunting ]


Ah! Hey.
[ Grunts ] Whoa!

Ow! Ooh! Whoa!

[ Echoing ]


[ Gasps ]
Oh, Delgo.

[ Crying ]
He's gone!

He's gone forever!

[ Delgo, Echoing ]

Delgo? Delgo, is that you?

Are you up there?

No, down here!

Oh, no! I bet it was that time when-

No! Down here!

Delgo! Ah! You're alive!

Hang in there, Delgo!

Don't worry! I'll shoot a flare.

[ Lows ]

[ Chirps ]

[ Squawking ]

[ Squawks "Uh-oh," Pained Squawk ]


[ Squawks ]

Uh, sorry!

Um, Filo, why is that tree on fire?

Fire? Oh, that fire. The one there that-
This one with the flames?

Yeah, oh, well, uh-That-You see, I was just-

I was-There was-All of a sudden-

[ Muttering, Chuckling ]
You know, what I was-

And then- I can't-What fire-
What fire are you talking about?

[ Groans ]
Never mind.Just get some help.

- Yeah, we, uh- [ Screams ]
- And hurry!

I'm okay!
[ Babbling ] What? Oh, no!

Come back here!

[ Creaking ]

- Hello there.
- Whoa!

- [ Giggles ] Need some help?
- [ Scoffs ] From a Nohrin?

I don't think so.
[ Grunting ]

- Help!
- [ Sighs ]

- [ Shrieks ]
- Help!

[ Nohrin Grunting ]


Um-[ Laughs ]
Why is that tree on fire?


Are you all ri-Are you all ri-

Are you all ri-Are you all ri-
[ Babbles ]

- Oh! Are you all right?
- Hey!

- [ Shouting ]
- Hey! [ Groans ]

[ Female Nohrin ]

[ Grunting ]

The princess doesn't need
any new friends, Lockni.

Colonel! General! You are out of line.

- Your Highness,
the Lockni only understand violence.
- Ow!

- Enough!
- [ Male Lockni ] This way!

Your Highness,
we are in violation of the truce.

I'm well aware of the laws, Colonel.

Get her out of here! Go!

Let go of me! I can fly on my own.

Playtime's over.

[ Filo ]
Yeah,you better keep flyin', ya pansies!

- [ Groans ]
- [ Chuckles ]

Boys, why is that tree on fire?

[ Nervous Chuckle ]

How can I ask my people to respect the
border laws if my own daughter refuses to do so?

He needed help, Father.

It's not that simple, Kyla.
Our position here is delicate.

- There are still Lockni
who harbor hatred toward us.
- Hmm!

- If anything had happened to you-
- Everything was fine...

until Bogardus beat this poor-

- Bogardus was protecting you!
- From harmless boys!

From Lockni boys! They had good reason
to be concerned for your safety.

Ah, you're only a child, Kyla. You couldn't
possibly understand what's at stake here.

[ Whimpering ]

[ Sighs ]

Guide the stones.
The staff will follow.

[ Groans ]
Not this again.

Let us begin.

[ Clangs ]

- [ Sighs ]
- Connect with the stone, Delgo.

Feel its pulse.

[ Groans ]
What's the point, Elder Marley?

Teach me something I can use-
like what Talusi's doing.

[ Groaning ]

All students learn the same thing-
to control the stones.

- Oh, I can control the stones.
- Good.

Then let's try again.

[ Clangs ]

Hmm. Did it.

The stones are a path to a higher goal...

- not an end unto themselves.
- [ Groans ]

They will also teach you about yourself.

But you must be willing to learn.

The Pool of Etoch. Look deep.

- [ Lockni Screaming ]
- [ Sedessa ] Leave no survivors!

[ Male Voice ]
You're on your own, kid.

[ Elder Marley ]
We cannot change the past.

But we can choose what we learn from it.

Where one learns vengeance,
another learns mercy.

I don't force the stones.
I allow them freedom.

Our hearts need that same freedom...

or they too become heavy, unyielding.

There's an old Stonesage proverb:

"The novice follows his hand.

"The student follows his heart.

"The master knows no difference.

- The hand and the heart are one. "
- Ahh.

If you wish to control the stone...

you must first...

let go.

Did you hear?
Nohrin soldiers attacked two of our boys.

- What?
- In our territory! Innocent kids!

- I'll double it.
- [ Groans ]

- I fold.
- House is out.

Giddy, front me another 500 dyguns.

- What am I, an idiot?
- Come on, Giddy. I'm on a roll.

Are you in or out?

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ]
That won't help you this time, Bogie.

- I'll raise you.
- With what?

You're down to your ride.

All right. My razorwing.

I'll take that bet.

You want out? This is your last chance.

But I, for one, am not gonna stand here...

- and let the Nohrin walk all over us!
- [ Cheering ]

I call.

Double-sanzu, my friend!

[ Grunts ]

I guess you'll be needing
a ride home, General.

That's all, gentlemen.

Wait, wait, wait!Just one more game.

- What are you gonna bet with? His money?
- [ Gasps ]

[ Groaning ]

- [ Shouting, Chattering ]
- [ Objects Crashing ]

Hmm? Huh?

[ Shouting, Chattering Continue ]

[ Chattering ]

These were deliberate acts of aggression
against Nohrin civilians.

Your Majesty,
we cannot let this go unchallenged.

Our people expect action.

- Our people want peace.
- Our people want justice!

So do I! But I'm not so shortsighted.

Blood will spill on both sides.
Has it been that long, Colonel?

Have you forgotten the men-
the friends- we lost fighting the Lockni?

Come on! We know this riot
wasn't sanctioned by the Lockni government.

Lockni government?
What, the-the Stonesage Council?

If the Lockni people have chosen to attack...

then we are at war...

whether or not it is ordained by this
ragged group of charlatan magicians.

Gelmore, what are
the diplomatic implications?

Leaving this aggression unanswered
could make us look weak-

to our own people as well as the Lockni.

I've worked too hard for this peace to give
it up now, but we must protect our people.

Step up the presence of troops
at the border immediately.

[ Chomping ]

[ Growling ]

- [ Creatures Twittering ]
- Huh?

- [ Growls ]
- [ Grunts ]
- [ Screams ] Are you crazy?

- What are you doing?
- There was a huge sarc stalking you.

- What are you talking about?
- I saved you from it.

- Now we're even.
- Well, next time-

Look out!

- Um- Huh!
- [ Giggles ]

- [ Giggles ] Wow. My hero.
- [ Chuckles ]

Listen, um, I want to apologize
for yesterday.

General Bogardus didn't hurt you, did he?

[ Scoffs ]
Please. The guy caught me off guard.

Mmm. Bit of a tough guy, are you?
[ Chuckles ]

- I'm Kyla.
- I'm Delgo.

- So why are you here?
- I lost my mother's brooch yesterday.

Oh, you'll never find it in this.

Yeah, I know.

Well, maybe you can get her a new one.

l-I can't. She's-

Uh, l-I should be going.
Huh! Father'll send out the guards.

Nice seeing you, Delgo.


- I'll find it for you.
- Really?

Meet me by that cave tomorrow, sundown.

Uh, thanks, Delgo.

[ Footsteps Approaching ]

[ Nickers ]

What am I thinking?

[ Screeches ]

Um, I'm sorry, sir.
This is preserved parking only.

You'll have to move your
riding utensil to the far lot.

- [ Chuckles ] The far lot!
- [ Grunts ]

- I don't have time for this, you fools. Move aside.
- Ooh!

If you leave your animal unattentive,
I shall be forced to compound it.

Impound, moron! The word is impound!


I daresay, sir!

I'm simply fortified
by your appallingful manners!

[ Hiccups, Belches ]

####[ Harp ]

[ Raius ]
Such beautiful music.

Almost as lovely as the hands that play it.

Your words are sweet, my darling.

Is your news sweeter?

My love, tensions are escalating rapidly.

Mmm. I tingle with anticipation.

I'm afraid, however, I've misjudged Bogardus.

I would've thought he'd jump at the chance
to attack the Lockni.

He's making it quite difficult
to persuade your brother to war.

I'm sure you will find a way
to handle Bogardus.

We're so close, my love.

Soon the Nohrin will have a leader
deserving of their adoration...

and the Lockni will have an enemy
deserving of their fear.


[ Bogardus ]
Come on, Giddy. I'm unbeatable tonight.

1,000 dyguns, that's all I need.

You know I can't, General.
You're already in for 15 tegs.

[ Sighs ] Look, Giddy. I win, I pay back
the whole thing tonight, vig and all.

- And when you don't?
- Relax. These guys are amateurs.

[ Sighs ]

How about this?

Eh, that's a start.

But I need serious collateral.

No promises. No cheap jewelry.

Something with real value.

- Name it.
- Weapons.

- The good stuff.
- I can't do that. You know I can't do that!

You don't have access, General?

Or maybe you plan on losing to amateurs.

[ Sighs ]

- Bogardus took the bait.
- Hmm!

Won't the king be surprised?

It was temporary,
Your Majesty. Collateral. I was only-

There is no excuse, Bogardus!
Escort the former general to his cell.


[ Ratcheting ]

- Where did you get that?
- Your luck's run out, Bogie.

- You set me up!
- [ Guards Groaning ]

- Hmm!
- Huh?

[ Groans ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Grunts ]

How can you just sit there?
We need to do something!

- We need to begin today's lesson.
- It's the Nohrin that need to be taught a lesson!

Of all people, you have the power to do something,
and you sit around playing with rocks?

Our people are unharmed.
The sanctuary can be rebuilt.

When our people are in danger, we will fight.

We should fight now! Before it's too late!

Delgo, my boy,
war is easier begun than ended.

There is only honor in fighting for what
you believe, if what you believe is honorable.

A Stonesage uses his powers to build,
not destroy.

My teacher was a great warrior.

He could lead us to victory in battle,
but he could also heal a child's broken arm.

He trained not only to fight,
but to provide hope and guidance to our village.

- His greatest accomplishment was not how he-
- [ Grunts ]

You don't get it, Elder Marley!
You just don't get it!

The Nohrin won't stop
until somebody stops them!

[ Bellowing ]

- [ Knocking ]
- Yes?

Pardon the disturbance, Your Carnivorousness.
My severe apologies.

You know the punishment for interrupting me.

Uh, I keep forgetting.
Is it the rack or those sharp, pointy things?

[ Chuckling ]

- [ Door Closes ]
- Never mind. What is it?

- A gentleman caller to see you.
- [ Grunts ]

Well, not much of a gentleman really.

He seems a tad irrigated.

Downright disrespective!

Altogether lacking in common currency.

- [ Grunts ]
- In fact, I'd say- [ Chokes ]

- Welcome, Colonel.
- It's General, actually.

My poor brother will be beside himself...

when he learns the Lockni
have his precious little girl.

That may not be necessary.

War appears imminent.

Imminent when? A month? Ayear?

We can guarantee our war now.

The risk is great, my dear. If I am caught-

What? They'll take your wings?

[ Gasps ]

I'll prepare the guest quarters.

Does this make my wings look wide?

Don't be silly, Kyla. You're beautiful.

- I'm sure your date will think so too.
- [ Scoffs ] It is not a date!

- You know how important
Mother's brooch is to me.
- [ Sighs ]

He said he could find it.

Huh! A date!

Oh, I see.
Well, I'll arrange for a chaperone.

- Don't you dare!
- So it is a date?

[ Laughs ] No! I just don't want
some stuffy chaperone, that's all.


Whatever you say, Kyla.

It's not a date!

[ Chuckling ]

[ Kyla ]
Wow. I've never seen an uberstone cave.

It's so beautiful.

Hey, let me show you something.

Hold out your hands.

[ Laughing ]
A Lockni of many talents, I see.

Watch the stone.


[ Laughs ]
That's amazing.

- ## [ Discordant Notes ]
- Oh!

Huh! Eh, cheap flute.

Well, I'm impressed.

- May I keep this?
- Sure.

Ooh, did you find my brooch?

Of course.
Now, where did I put that thing?

[ Chuckles ]
Well, what do you know?

- [ Both Gasp ]
- [ Chirps ]


You really miss her, huh?

- I was only a baby when she-
- What?

They say she was a great queen. A kind queen.

I know she was. I only wish-

I understand.
My folks died when I was young.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

Ah, it's all right.

One of the Elders took me in- Elder Marley.

He's pretty cool... sometimes.

I wish I could say the same
about my father.

It's just that he doesn't really understand me-
doesn't even try.

- I think he just sees me as a silly little girl.
- [ Sighs ]

And he's so stuck in his ways.
I mean, the borders and the regulations.

It seems so pointless. If everyone would
just let go of the past and try to move on-

Let go of the past?
Do you know how my folks died, Kyla?

We welcomed your people to our land,
and you slaughtered us for it!

You think that's something I should just get over?
Just forget about?

But that wasn't us. It was Sedessa!

Yeah, Sedessa and your army!
And what about now, Kyla?

You think this is just ancient history?

Last night your people destroyed our sanctuary.
Last night!

Delgo, I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Trust me, Kyla.
The Lockni and Nohrin will never get along.

- And if you think we can, then your father's right.
- [ Gasps ]

You are just a silly little girl.

Yeah, l-I guess I am silly.

Thanks for setting me straight,


[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Stone Clinks ]


[ Quietly ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Razorwing Screeches ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Crying ]

- Ah.
- [ Gasps ]

[ Screeches ]

[ Raius ]
Apparently, today's meeting was arranged...

to return a missing brooch...

which suspiciously disappeared during
their earlier encounter.

Who is this Lockni boy?

Kurrin tells me his name is Delgo,
Your Majesty.

He is one of the two Lockni boys
we found accosting the princess near the border.

I have to assume this is somehow related
to the growing Lockni unrest.

[ Sighs ]

Bring them to me.

[ Grunting ]

- ...three, two, one.
- [ Giggling ]

- Here I come!
- Oh!

- [ Giggling ]
- Where is that boy?

- Must be here somewhere.
- Shh!

Hmm. I wonder where our boy could be.

- [ Giggling ]
- Have you seen him?

'Cause I haven't seen him.

Is he under... here?

[ Giggling ]

Is he under... here?

Well, then he must be under... here!

- [ Grunting, Groaning ]
- [ Scuffling ]

[ Sedessa ]
Secure the perimeter! Burn the village.

Leave no survivors!

- You're on your own, kid.
- [ Gasping ]

- [ Guards Grunting ]
- Huh?

Delgo. Hey, hey.
[Jabbering ]

- Wake up, wake up. Room service is here.
- Hmm? [ Groans ]

Did you order the, uh-
the bloodthirsty king with a side of goons?

- 'Cause I know it wasn't me. [ Gasps ]
- [ Gasps ]

O-O-Okay! I think we're moving.

Yeah, we're definitely moving.

I don't want to die! I don't want to die!

Let me out of here! Let me out of here!
Let me out of here! [ Crying ]

[ Screams ]
Hey, let go of me! Let go!

- Ow! My wrist, my wrist, my wrist!
I'm brittle! I'm very brittle.
- [ Grunts ]

[ Groaning ]

- [ Groaning ]
- [ Muttering ]

Which one of you is Delgo?

Which one of you is asking?

- Where is my daughter?
- I don't know.

- [ Groans ]
- [ Knuckles Cracking ]

- Where... is... my daughter?
- [ Delgo Grunting ]

[ Shrieking ]

[ Shuddering ]




Help! Oh! Let me out of here!

[ Panting ]


What did you do with the princess, Lockni?

- We didn't take her!
- Yeah!

- If you didn't take her, then why are you here?
- Why are you here?

- Yeah!
- Oh, let me guess.

You didn't make your
beat-the-snot-outta-Lockni quota?

- You Lockni are all liars!
- Yeah-Ahh.

- No?
- Look, pal, you can believe whatever you want.

But last I saw her,
she was flying home, tailed by a guard-

some lunatic on a white razorwing.

- Are you sure it was white?
- What?

The razorwing! Are you sure it was white?

Thing nearly took my head off.


[ Guard Growling ]

Your guest has deslumberated,
Your Musicalness.


A flawed one, she is.
Just look at these flimsy wings.

- [ Grunts ] Watch it!
- Inferior to yours in all respectivities.

- Spig.
- Completely lacking in the rigidity-

- Stop that!
- of your sturdy dependages.

- Spig.
- Why, they are not even detachable, like-

- Spig!

- That will be all.
- Oh!

- Yes, Your Graciousness.
- [ Grunts ]

- Come on, you blubberish nincompoop!
- [ Groans ]

Welcome to your new home, Princess.

I'm afraid a royal upbringing
will not have prepared you...

- for life on this barren rock.
- [ Gasps ]

But in time you'll get used to it...

as I did.

- Sedessa?
- Empress Sedessa!

[ Grunts ]
You murderer!

[ Crying ]

How c-could you?

Oh, you miss your mother.

How touching.

Pity your father is such a light sleeper.

My father-

My father will have
his best men looking for me.

- [ Laughing ] Funny you should mention that.
- [ Wings Beating ]

[ Grunts ]

Come on.

- [ Grunting ]
- [ Filo ] Are you nuts?

They'll rip your stripes off,
iron out the bumps on your head...

- and suck your guts out through your eyes!
- [ Grunts ]

Yes! Got it!

Ah! Now we can finally
get some fresh air in here. Whoo!

[ Screams ]

Does your plan happen to have a part two?

- I'm workin' on it.
- [ Laughing ]

Lockni ingenuity at its finest.

This is great! At least we have
the delightful and lovely sounds...

of the banti frogs to keep us company
for the rest of eternity!

Banti frogs?


- Filo, if we can get into that pit,
we might have a way out of here.
- Hey!

- Hey, smiley. Let's make a deal.
I get you out of your cage-
- Huh!

you fly us into the pit.


Come on! We'll all get outta here, and you'll be
free to beat more innocent Lockni senseless.

Or maybe I'll just beat
one specific Lockni senseless.

- Somebody needs a serious time-out.
- Look, are you in or out?

Toss me the belts.

You're gonna trust this guy? Are you crazy?

- Do we have a deal?
- We have a deal. Now toss me the belts.

[ Grunting ]

[ Groans ]

Nice throw! What now, genius?

- Oh! Ow!
- Hmm.

[ Filo Shrieks ]
Oh! This must be part two-

the part where we climb on top of the cage
and plummet to our death!

Help me swing this thing.

What? You're not gonna-

- Oh, no. Delgo, no. No, no, no.
- [ Sighs ]

Not with my help! No, no, no.

No, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no!

[ Screaming ]

## [ Whistling ]

[ Filo Yelping ]

[ Grunting ]

- Gotcha!
- [ Gasping ]

## [ Whistling Continues ]

[ Grunting ]

## [ Whistling Stops ]


## [ Whistling Resumes ]

[ Raius ]
Your Majesty, we must act quickly, decisively.

General Raius may be right, Your Majesty.

- Had we not hesitated previously, we might-
- Hmm!

- [ Sighs ]
- Perhaps we should wait to hear their demands.

Wait? They have my daughter!

Gelmore, prepare a declaration.

To the Lockni Stonesage Council.

Your resistance in returning my daughter
has left me no choice...

but to take aggressive action.

We cannot give him a princess we don't have.

He could have accepted our help-
instead, he issued an ultimatum.

- And took two of our boys!
- So we let ourselves be bullied into war?

- We have little choice.
- And our people are willing!

Our duty is to lead our people,
not to be led by them.

What do you propose we do?
Stand idly by as the Nohrin attack our villages?

As they take our children?

The truce has been broken. War is inevitable.

Members of the council,
your voices have been heard. Let us vote.



[ Creatures Chirping ]

Hey, um, er-
[ Clears Throat ] Delgo?

Uh, I wonder if that guy had the same plan as you.
[ Chuckles Weakly ]

Quiet, Filo.

- Do you know a way out or not?
- Shh!

This is the spot.
Where there are banti frogs, there are yaags.

-[ Yelps ]
-And where there are yaags, there are yaag tunnels.

Uh, have you guys, uh,
really thought this one through?

I mean, you know, yaags eat Lockni.

And if-You know, if you just-

- [ Chirps ]
- [ Screams ]

Spiders! Spiders! Spiders!
They're all over me!

They're all over me! They're all over me!

They're in my pants! They're in my pants!
There's one in my pants!

Get 'em off of me! Get 'em off of me!
Get them off of- [ Groaning ]

Secure the reservoir.
Put all our troops near there.

Idiot! I knew I shouldn't
have listened to you!

If you knew then you're the idiot, idiot!

- Never trust a Lockni.
- What's your problem?

- You're my problem.
- Oh, yeah?

[Jabbering ]

- You're messing with the wrong guy.
- No, you're the right guy!

- [ Groans ]
- I owed you that.

- [Jabbering Continues ]
- [ Creature Growling ]

Huh! What are you planning to do with that?
Pick its teeth?

[ Squealing ]

[ Chuckling ]
This is your ferocious yaag?

Oh, it's just a baby!

[ Laughs, Baby-talks ]

They're really cute when they're young.

I mean, you wouldn't want one
as a pet or anything...

'cause when they get older- I don't know-
they just get much-

- [ Roaring ]
- bigger.

[ All Screaming ]


- [ Grunting, Shouting ]
- [ Roaring Continues ]

[ Mutters ]

- Get back.
- Huh? Ow!

[ Squeals ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Screams ]

- [ Roars ]
- [ Shouts ]

- [ Squealing ]
- Drop him!

- Now!
- [ Groans ]

Come on. That's it.

[ Shouting ]

[ Filo Yelps, Grunts ]

Ow. Thanks.

- Bogardus.
- Delgo.

- Guess we should have gone the other way.
- Never trust a Lockni.

There's a-You've got a, uh-

- [ Stammering ] There. Right there.
- Oh, yeah. Thanks.

[ Stammering ]

Is- Is there one on me?

Whoa! Uh, one?

[ Laughs ]
No! You're cool.


[ Chattering ]

Lockni territory is that way.

- I'm going after the princess.
- I'm going with you.

- I don't need any help from a Lockni.
- Really?

- Like you didn't need any help with that yaag?
- Hey-

What good are you? You can't even fly.

He's got a point, Delgo. Good point, sir.
[ Chuckles ]

- [ Groans ] I can fly one of those.
- [ Screeching ]

We'll see about that.

- [ Sighs ]
- Come on, man. Let's go.

Trusting a Nohrin?
Falling in love with a Nohrin?

- Risking our lives for a Nohrin?
- Hey!

You might as well just sprout wings, Delgo.

- You're becoming a Nohrin.
- [ Wings Beating ]

- All right, coast is clear.
- Coast is clear? There's 10 guys down there!

[ Groans ]


- Forward! March!
- [ All Shouting ]

[ Screeching ]


[ Growling ]

- [ Panting ]
- [ Groans ]

[ Growling ]

- [ Whimpers ]
- Hmm.

- Take a look at this.
- [ Groans ]

- What is that thing?
- I have no idea.

But odds are,
it will lead us to Kyla. Let's go.

[ Screeching ]

Hey, would you take it easy up there?

She's a lot easier to handle
with just one rider.

- Care for a demonstration?
- Whoa, whoa! No, no.

No, no. No, no, no. We're cool.
We're cool. It's cool back here.

- ## [ Horn ]
- [ Chattering ]

- Uh, excuse me.
- [ Eating Loudly ]

Silence, everyone!

- Quiet!
- [ Stomach Growls ]

[ Belching Loudly ]

[ Chattering Stops ]

[ Clears Throat ]
Gentlemen and... gentlemen.

It is my profundiforous pleasure...

to introduce the ruler of the unruly...

the dignitary of the undignified...

the magnate of the un- magnetic...

Empress Sedessa!

[ Machinery Whirring ]

[ Applause ]

[ Applause Fades ]

Behold the Nohrin's most valuable treasure.

- [ Applause Resume ]
- [ Grunting, Straining ]

- What's going on?
- It's a Nohrin banishment ritual.

They're planning on cutting off Kyla's wings!

Whoa! That's twisted.

[ Grunting ]

- [ Snickering ]
- [ Groans ]

Filo, create a distraction.
Bogardus, cover the exit.

- Hey!
- What do you mean, "cover the exit"?

- Cover the exit! Hurry!
- You mean you get to rescue the princess?

- Well, yeah.
- I want to rescue the princess. You cover the exit.

No way. This is my- Behind you!

I'm not falling for that old trick.

I got this guy.

- You get the princess.
- Filo, I need that distraction!

For years, we have suffered
on this barren rock.

Endured this dismal, lifeless wasteland...

while the undeserving live in paradise.

A paradise drenched by warm sunshine.

- Aparadise where the land is lush...
- [ Straining ]

and the food is plentiful.

Aparadise that should be ours!

[ Cheering, Applause
Drowns Out Vase Crashing ]

I have united you, trained you...

prepared you for the day when we will claim
this promised land as our own.

- My citizens, my children...
- [ Straining ]

that day is today!

To victory!

- [ Cheering, Applause ]
- [ Groans ]

[ Chanting ]
Sedessa! Sedessa! Sedessa! Sedessa!

[ Sedessa Continues, Indistinct ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Sedessa Continues, Faint ]
This is our time.

[ Strains, Grunts ]

From this day forward,
we will no longer live as outcasts.

[ Cheering Continues ]


No longer exist in isolation.

[ Grunting ]

No longer yearn for-

[ Clang Resonating ]

- [ Groans ]
- [ Loud Thud ]

- [ Nervous Chuckle ]
- Oh!

Seize him!

[ Gasps ]

- Whoa!
- [ Growling ]

[ Hissing ]


[ Grunts ]

[ Grunting ]

- Delgo?
- At your service, Your Highness.

- [ Gasps ]
- [ Screeches ]

[ Grunting ]

Watch out!

[ Chuckles ]
At your service.

- [ Growling ]
- Hold on!

- Prando, do not let her escape!
- [ Groaning ]

Troops, to the carriers!
We leave forJhamora immediately!

- Where's Filo?
- I'll get him.

You get Kyla to safety.
[ Straining ]

- Go warn your father.
- What about you?

- Go!
- [ Gasps ]

[ Grunts, Exhales ]

[ Growling ]

[ Grunts ]

Whoa, whoa-
[ Shouting ]

Huh? Hmm.


- [ Mutters ]
- [ Chuckles ]

[ Screeching ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Grunting ]

- [ Gasping ]
- [ Objects Clattering ]

[ Groans ]

[ Gasps ]


[ Gasps ]

[ Cackling ]

[ Shouts ]

[ Panting ]

[ Bellowing ]

[ Footsteps Approaching Rapidly ]

[ Sniffs, Groans ]

Come on!

Time for your first flying lesson.

[ Shouting ]

[ Hissing ]

[ All Gasping ]


[ Chuckles ]

[ Both Chuckling ]

- [ Groans ]
- [ Blows Kiss ]

[ Groans ]

I want my mommy!

[ Sinister Laughter ]

Stay! Heel!
[ Shouts, Groans ]

[ Cackles ]

- Say hello to gravity.
- Oh!

[ Grunting, Groaning ]

[ Shouting ]

Psst! Hey, buddy!

[ Grunts ]

[ Mutters ]

[ Groans ]

[ Growling ]

No! No!

[ Shouts ]

[ Chuckles, Gasps ]

Eat foot!

[ Muttering, Hissing ]

- Ha!
- [ Screaming ]

[ Wings Beating ]

- Attack!
- [ Chattering, Shouting ]

- [ Gasps ]
- Gelmore!

- Kyla! Uh, Your-Your Highness!
- Oh, Gelmore!

- Where is Father?
- His Majesty is at the battlefield.

We are at war with the Lockni.

- Your Highness, how did you get back?
- It's not the Lockni.

It's Sedessa. She's coming with an army.
We've gotta warn Father!

I'll dispatch a messenger at once.

- I'm going with him.
- I'm afraid l- I cannot permit that.

Your Highness,
it is not safe to leave the palace.

Raius will undoubtedly be looking for you.

Of course, Gelmore. You're-You're right.

- I don't know what came over me.
- Good.

- Now, let's sit down, and we can discuss-
- [ Grunts ]

I never said anything about Raius!

[ Gasping ]

[ Groans ]



General, we know nothing of these brutes.

- Perhaps we should retreat.
- Retreat?

[ Raius ]
Those brutes are fighting against the Lockni...

which makes them our allies.

Together, we will bring
the Lockni to their knees.


[ Roaring ]

- [ Groans ]
- [ Chuckling ]

[ Chuckles ]

Why you, Raius?
What could you possibly hope to gain?

Gain? Nothing.

I wish to contribute. For years...

the might of the Nohrin army
has lain dormant, wasted.

I'll provide these men
the purpose they long for.

You underestimate my soldiers.

You underestimate me, Zahn.

As we speak,
your soldiers are fighting my war...

pursuing my goals...

experiencing the sweet taste of victory.

The Nohrin people will thank me...

and welcome Sedessa as their true leader.


Take him to the palace.

Am I interrupting something?

Excuse me, Your Majesty.

- [ Groans ]
- This won't take long.

- [ FiloJabbering ]
- Untie the king!

[ Gasps ]

Kyla! Over here!

Delgo? Hang on!

Get down!

- [ Groans ]
- [ Kyla ] Oh!

[ Chuckles ]

[ Both Grunting, Groaning ]

I taught you everything you know...

- but not everything I know.
- [ Object Clattering ]


School's out.

- [ Screeching ]
- Father?

Father, where are you?

- Filo!
- Ow! Whoa!

- Are you okay?
- Where's my father?

- Filo, where is my Father?
- [ Muttering ]

The king? They took him.

Delgo! Look out!


[ Coughing ]

Hang in there, Bogie.

[ Coughing ]

You're... on your own, kid.

[ Sighs ]

You're on your own, kid.



[ Bellowing ]

Brother. How nice to see you.

- Where's Kyla? What have you done with her?
- Ah, yes.

The lovely little princess.

My compliments to you, Brother.

She's become quite a charming young lady.

- If you've hurt her-
- Don't be silly. She's family.

What do you think, Brother?

Almost as lovely as the ones you hacked off.

- You got what you deserved.
- Quite the contrary, Brother.

But I assure you, I will today.

All these years,
and still not a speck of remorse.

Remorse? No.

But I do have regrets.
One in particular leaves me no peace-

that you didn't have the courage
to finish what I started.

Together, we could have madeJhamora
a glorious Nohrin empire.

Instead, you bowed to inferiors and watched
our great culture wither.

Your reign has come to its end, dear Brother.

Sadly, I must now rule alone.


A perfect fit.

[ Gasps ]
Delgo. Delgo, stop!

- [ Grunting ]
- Stop!

[ Sighs ]
It's over.

Sedessa's won.

Only if we let her.

Sedessa is counting
on our people's hatred for one another.

The one thing she'd never imagine
is for us to work together.

Don't tell me it's over.
Don't tell me Bogardus died for nothing.

Your people need you, Delgo.
My father needs you.

- [ Groans ]
- I need you.

What can I do?
They're runnin' all over us.

[ Chirping, Wings Fluttering ]

Kyla, can you get a message
to the Nohrin troops?

l-I think so.


Filo, I'm gonna need your help too.

Empress, Raius approaches!

- It's about time.
- My people will never accept you! Never!

They will embrace me.

And you, dear Brother,
will soon be forgotten.

[ Grunts ]
The princess sends her regards.

Get him!

This is no place for your childish notions.

- I'm dispatching a squadron to the palace.
- But-

Go home, Princess. We've got a war to fight.

You are not going anywhere!

- [ Growling ]
- [ Grunting ]

- [ Grunts ]
- [ Chuckles ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Shouting ]

- [ Crashing ]
- [ Roaring ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Chuckling ]

Uh, sorry about that.
[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckling ]

This is your rescue, Brother?

[ Laughing ]

- Oh, surely you could have done better.
- [ Whimpering ]

Um, hello?

Excuse me?

- Do you speak Lockni?
- [ Screeches ]

Ah, yes. Hi. Good.

Hey, get your own candy! Ooh!



- Now!
- ## [ Horn Sounding ]

[ Chattering, Shouting ]

- [ Growls ]
- [ Grunting ]

[ Urinating, Farts ]

Oh. Not on the carpet.

[ Groaning ]

[ Panting ]

What, my little Pookie-ookie?

[ Whining ]

Oh! Oh,yes, of course.

Valtac, save Pookie a wing.

Incompetent fool!

- [ Whining ]
- Uh, good... boy?

- Out!
- [ Whimpering ]

Oh, I should've had him stuffed.

- [ Gasps ]
- [ Grunts ]

Help me! Help me!
Somebody, please help me! Save me!

Please save me!

[ Elder Marley ]
We cannot change the past...

but we can choose what we learn from it.

Where one learns vengeance...

- another learns mercy.
- Oh! Help me!

Help me! Please! Please help me.

Please don't let me die!

Take my hand.

- Hang on to this.
- [ Grunting ]

[ Rumbling ]

- Father?
- Kyla?


- What are you doing here!
- Papa!

He's okay. You've gotta get out of here!

[ Groans ]

[ Groans ]

- Kyla!
- [ Groans ]

[ Chuckles ]

That was my mother's!

[ Screaming ]

[ Chattering, Shouting ]

[ Cheering ]

[ Cheering Continues ]

[ Groans ]

[ Both Gasp ]


[ Screeching, Chirping ]


[ Gasps ]

[ Shouts ]
Run for your lives!

[ Snickering ]

[ Both Chuckling ]

[ Clears Throat ]
That will be all for today.

Please evaporate the hall
in an ornery fashion.

Oh. Oh!
[ Shouts ]

Special thanks to SergeiK.