Ghost Rider Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Ghost Rider script is here for all you fans of the Nic Cage and Eva Mendes movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Ghost Rider quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Ghost Rider Script

It's said that the West
was built on legends.

Tall tales that help us
make sense of things too great...

...or too terrifying to believe.

This is the legend of the Ghost Rider.

Story goes that
every generation has one.

Some damned soul,
cursed to ride the earth...

...collecting on the devil's deals.

Many years ago, a Ghost Rider was
sent to the village of San Venganza...

Many years ago, a Ghost Rider was
sent to the village of San Venganza... fetch a contract
worth 1000 evil souls.

But that contract was so powerful...

...he knew he could never let
the devil get his hands on it.

So he did what no Rider
has ever done before:

He outran the devil himself.

The thing about legends is...
...sometimes they're true.


We go, it is going to begin, it dates haste.

Ladies and gentlemen...

...the amazing, blazing...
...stunt cycle spectacular!

Sight that.

How about a big round of applause
for Barton and Johnny Blaze?

Let's hear it for them, folks!

You're a hotshot, ain't you, boy?

Young, think you know everything
there is to know.

When you do things
without thinking... ain't making the choice,
the choice is making you.

- I was just doing it for the crowd.

- We both know why you done it.

You think she's gonna stand by you
when you're in a wheelchair?

Huh, hotshot?

What's wrong, Roxie?

I'm leaving.


My dad's sending me
to live with my mom.



What about us?

He says you're
not good enough for me.
That you're just a phase.

So, what are we gonna do, Johnny?

We'll leave. We'll jump on the bike
and just keep going.

But what about your dad?
What about the show?

He doesn't need me.
He doesn't need anybody.

Tomorrow, noon. We'll meet here.

The cancer has extended.

Jhonny blaze.

- Yeah.
Caught your show today.

Just wanted to tell you how much
I enjoyed watching you ride.

- Oh, thanks.
- Perhaps you'd ride for me one day.

You run a show?

Greatest show on earth.

Thanks, but no thanks.

What's wrong, Johnny? Worried about your father?

What do you know about that?

Even a blind man
could see he's sick.

Thing about cancer
is the time it takes...

...the toll on the loved ones.


...what if I could help your dad?

Yeah? How?

How is not important.

What if I could make him better...

...give him back his health?

Would you be willing
to make a deal?

Name your price.

I'll take...

...your soul.


By sunrise tomorrow, your father
will be healthy as a horse.

All you have to do is sign.

Oh, that'll do just fine.


Good morning, sleeping beauty.


- You look...
- Great, right?

Least that's what the doc said when
he looked at my x-rays this morning.

- What are you talking about?
- I've been sick, son.

When I finally get up
the nerve to tell you about it...
...I'm not anymore.

I can't explain it.
But I feel healthy as a horse.

Now, come on, hotshot.
I got a show to do.

Now, get my bike ready. Don't wanna
keep those people waiting.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Barton Blaze!

Ladies and gentlemen,
head for the exits.
Please stay calm.

Dad? Dad, it's all right, I'm here.
I'm here, it's gonna be okay.


Dad? Dad?

You're no good to me dead.

You... You killed him.

I cured his cancer.

That was the deal.

But I couldn't let him
come between us.

You son of a bitch.

One day, when I need you...
...I will come.

Until then, I'll be...
I'll be watching.

Forget about friends.

Forget about family.

Forget about love.

You're mine, Johnny Blaze.

You can't live in fear.

You can't live in fear.

Oh, God. Oh, God. JB!

JB, talk to me, man!

Heck, is the bike okay?

The bike's fine. God.

Thank you.:

Let's go home.

Let's hear it for him, folks.

The amazing Johnny Blaze!

Blaze is down.

- Have you tried not crashing?

- Have you?

Why don't you have a beer
and relax like everybody else, huh?

You know alcohol
gives me nightmares.

To each his own.

Oh, wait, could you go back?

There's a howler monkey special
on Discovery Channel tonight.

- Guys, hey.
- We've seen big moves and crashes.

But ask these riders who it is they look up to...
...and the answer's a man who's not
even competing here, Johnny Blaze.

Yeah, that's because he's right here!
- greatest stunt rider of all time...

...but what we don't know is how
much longer can Blaze cheat death.

- Critics call it pay-per-view suicide...
- Put the monkey show on.

Mack, the monkey show?

- with no regard for his own life.

They call him Mr. Invincible,
and he'll have to be at his next jump...

...when Johnny Blaze
will attempt to clear...
...the length of a football field
from field goal to field goal.


You should be taking
a dirt nap after that ragdoll today.

I got lucky.

No, I got a hunting dog named Lucky.
He's got one eye and no nuts.

Luck don't cover it, JB.

Man, you got
an angel looking after you.

- Yeah, maybe.

Mack, you in?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm in.

Scoot over, ladies.
What's the ante?

Five card draw.
Maybe it's something else.

There you go.

It took you long enough.

I think you might be lost, boy.

Angels only in there.

Angels. Really?

Yeah, really.
You got a problem with that?

As a matter of fact...

I do.

Love your neighborhood, Johnny.

You join the
Homeowners Association yet?

Oh, I see you still haven't gotten
a lock for your lift. That's great, great.

You've got a lot of expensive bikes
in here, I told you. How many times?

Well, JB, I said it before,
I'll say it again:
This place could use a woman's touch.

- So could you.

- Heard that.

All right, four out of five. Wreck
one more and you get the whole set.

Well, I'm glad to see
you found use for your books.

You want some jellies?

No. I don't want
none of your stupid candy.

I wanna talk to you about
something kind of serious.

I'm trying to relax, Mack.
Yeah, I understand. All right?
It's just gonna take a second.

It's about you jumping on the
anniversary of your dad's accident.

Can I just turn this music off
for a minute?

I want you to kick higher for me.
Can you get higher?

Mack, you touch the Carpenters
or that chimp video again...

...and we got a scrap on our hands.
- This jump is nuts. All right, man?
I mean, field goal to field goal,
and now you're adding cars?

I mean, what are you
trying to prove?

That it's me.

That it's you?

Riding the bike.

Of course it's you, man.
Who the hell else is it gonna be?

You know what,
you're freaking me out.
You're freaking me out
because you're reading...

...this comparative exponential
religiosity crap.

It's getting in your brain.
I mean, what's going on, man?

Do you believe
people get second chances?

I... I don't know.
If somebody makes a mistake,
a big mistake... you think that person
should have to pay for it...

...every day
for the rest of their lives?

Are you talking about
your daddy's accident?


I'm just looking for a sign.

What kind of sign?

That I can take a negative
and turn it into a positive.

That I can have a second chance too.

Look, at least promise me
you'll think about taking the cars out.

I'll think about it.
I knew you were here.

I could smell your fear.

Hello, Gressil.

Why are you here?


And what do you want from us?

I've come for the contract
of San Venganza.

Legend has it that the contract
was stolen and hidden... a graveyard not far from here.

And now you're gonna help me find it.

And when we find it, then what?

Then we'll take this world... city... a time.

What about Mephistopheles?

Don't... ever...
...say that name.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to
the Johnny Blaze Leap of Death!

Johnny B!
Hey, JB.

You're stepping on Karen.

What was it
you were gonna say, Mack?

I just ran a second check
on the ramps. They look good.

Crowd's kind of out of control.

Johnny, you know you don't
have to do this, don't you?

Does this suit fit all right?
It feels a little loose.

The suit's fine.

Would you bring me my hat, Mack?
Thank you.

You can't live in fear.

All right, we're up here on the right.

Mr. Blaze. Amy Page, event publicity.

- Have time for a quick interview?
- I don't know how long... been doing your job,
but Johnny Blaze don't do interviews.

Not even for an old friend?

Hey, Johnny.


I'll do it.

Okay, and ready
in five, four, three, two...
How's your dad?

Johnny Blaze, thank you for talking
to us before your big jump.

No one has ever attempted
such a distance before...

...three hundred feet
from field goal to field goal.

What's going through your mind
right now?

You look really good.
I've seen you on TV.

You know, I watch a lot of TV
and you do a really good job.

Johnny, what drives somebody
to risk their life for entertainment?

I heard you got married.

Oh, no. No, it didn't happen.

Most of the time the press focuses on
the crashes, the broken bones...
...the costs of what you do.

Are there any other costs?

Thank you for this revealing peek
into the life of Johnny Blaze.

I'm Roxanne Simpson, on scene.
And we're out.

- You're gonna stay for the jump, right?

- You know, we gotta get back.
Plus, I never liked watching you jump.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say
you two had some kind of history.

That was it, Mack.

The sign.

The sign?

- Sure you don't wanna stick around?
- No.

It hasn't started yet.

I'll buy you a doughnut.

Come on, Roxie, it's Johnny Blaze.

Let's go.

Thank God you listened to me,
took the cars out.

It would've been suicide otherwise.

Johnny Blaze will not be jumping
50 cars today as scheduled...

...but instead will be leaping
six UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters.

Never before has any man attempted
such a death-defying stunt.

I took the cars out.

Why? Why, JB?
Why wouldn't you tell me?

- Because you would have thrown a fit.

- Call me old-fashioned...
...I'm funny that way. Human sacrifice
makes me uncomfortable.

Why, JB? Why helicopters, man?

You know what I've been
thinking about? A new stunt.

But instead of the cars
or the ring of fire...
...a helicopter.

My dad thought it'd be cool.

- He was right.
- Yeah.

Okay. Okay. This is the deal, man.
Halfway down the ramp I want you
to hit the NOS, okay?

Do not hit the NOS too early.
If you hit it too early, you are screwed.
You got that?

Hey, JB, where's your head at, man?

She's probably on the interstate
by now, huh?

How much NOS
did you put in the tanks?

Enough to shame the space shuttle.

Chief, go ahead.

Oh, God. He ain't gonna make it.

He made it!

I told you he'd make it! Yeah, JB!

Let's hear it for him,
ladies and gentlemen.

Three hundred feet! A world record,
as only Johnny Blaze can do!

Where's he going?

I'll say one thing about the guy,
he's got guts.

I mean, the other day I was watching
this, like, sports show...

Stuart, can you please stop talking
about Johnny Blaze already?

Yeah, that might be a little hard.

I made it!

- Pull over!
- Do you want me to pull over?

- Drive.
- Driving.

Come on, Roxie,
I need to talk to you.

What's your name?

Well, Stuart,
can you help me out here?

Sorry, dude. She's the boss.

Johnny, look out!

All right, I guess I see
how it's gonna be. Hang on!


Howdy, howdy, howdy.

Are you trying to kill yourself?

I wanna talk to you.
I haven't seen you in 56,000 years.

This is crazy. You are crazy.
I don't have time for this,
I have a story to edit.

You could have said no.

When they asked you to interview me,
you could have said no.

- Move your van out of the way!
- What are you trying to say?

Well, I'm not trying to say anything.
I'm saying that means something.

- Sorry!
- Don't mind them, they're fine.

We are on the side of the freeway.

Let's get some dinner.

You still like Italian?

What's this about, Johnny?
You want some closure?

Look, you were 17 and you witnessed
a tragedy and you ran.
I understand now
like I understood then...

...and I have no hard feelings, none.
That's why they call it the past, because
it's passed. It's done, it's over with.
Too much?

There's a restaurant in my hotel,
the Plaza. Eight o'clock.


Don't be late.

This is a sign, Roxanne.

There are no accidents.

Destiny and all that.


I knew you'd come.

Long time no see, boys.

Where you been hiding?

I know why you're here.

I know what you're after.

It's my contract.

They're my souls.

We both know
you can't harm me here.

It's my turn to lead.

You will suffer for this.

Now, deal with my Rider.

Your favorite creation?

Send your precious Rider.

I will retire him
just like I will retire you...

Thank you.

You can't live in fear.

You can't live in fear.

You made that jump.
No one else made that jump.

You're the best rider.

You deserve a second chance.

She's a sign.


Hello Jhonny

Stay away from me.

A little late for that.

Nice bike.


Why are you here?

Oh, I've always been here, Johnny.
All along.




It was you.

Keeping me alive.

No. No, Johnny. It's all you.
You're the best.

And I'm your greatest fan.

The posters, the video games...
...the crowds screaming, chanting:

Jhonny Jhonny


It makes me so proud.

It's like watching an investment...
...that keeps growing and growing...

...until the day you cash it in.

That day is today, Jhonny.

Find the one known as Blackheart...
...and destroy him.

Find him yourself.

It doesn't work like that.

You're under contract, remember?

If you succeed...
...I'll return your soul.

Yeah, I'm not doing it.

You don't have any choice.


You can't come in here.
This is private...


There was a cemetery here.

Yeah, a long time ago.

What happened to the graves?

They moved them.


- I don't know.

- Who would?

Saint Michael's church.

They're in charge of the whole thing.

Look, you really shouldn't be here.

That's what they keep telling me.
God! Oh, no!

Looking for someone?

Back to hell.

We're not gonna have a meaningful
conversation now, are we?

You're going down.

I don't think so.

He ain't so tough.

Hey. Dirtbag.

Have mercy.
Sorry. All out of mercy.

Help me!

You think I'm pretty, right?
Oh, God.

Give me the damn bag!
Help! Help!


You. Guilty.

Look into my eyes.

Your soul is stained
by the blood of the innocent.

Feel their pain.
No! Give me your wallet!

Let me go!

Morning, bonehead.

They already saw you

They've seen you now.
They'll be waiting for you.

You'll need my help,
you expect to last the night.

Last time I let a stranger help me
it didn't pan out so good.

This ain't something
you can run from, kid.

This day has been coming
since you made that deal.


Your chances
just went from none to slim.

Sources close to the investigation
say that there may be a link...
...between what happened
here in downtown...

...and the Broken Spoke massacre
in the desert.

I'm Roxanne Simpson on scene.

And we're out.

- Captain Dolan.
- No comment.

Is it true they found a connection
between the massacre...

...and last night's victim
here at the city train yards?

No comment.

Off the record, captain.

Off the record?

Piss off.

The Rider is the devil's bounty hunter.

Sent to hunt down anyone
that escapes from hell.

Sterilize that for me.


In the boiling water.
Right. Okay.

A little confused.

During the day you'll be normal.

But at night... the presence of evil...

...the Rider takes over.

I remember now.

Last night.

There was some punk...

...and I could see all the wrong
he'd ever done...

...and I turned it all against him.

The Penance Stare.

It sears the souls of the wicked.

It's the Ghost Rider's greatest weapon.

All the Riders have it.

Have there been others
with my "Ghost Rider" problem?

Been a few.

The ghost avenger

A few

Last one was 150 years ago... a little town
called San Venganza.

Nice town.

Nice people.

Till a stranger came along
making promises... deal at a time.

Consumed by greed,
they turned on one another...

...until the village of San Venganza
drowned in its own blood...

...their souls trapped forever

in that godforsaken place.

What's this have to do
with Blackheart?


He sent you after Blackheart?

And others

The Hidden.

Fallen angels cast out of heaven
by Saint Michael himself.

They hide within the elements

waiting for the end of days.

You better hang around here, kid.

They can't come
onto hallowed ground.


And thanks for the info.

I feel much better now that I know
I'm the devil's bounty hunter.

Where you going?

Somebody I gotta see.

That's a bad idea.

It wouldn't be my first.

Why'd you do it?
Why'd you make the deal?

I was a kid.

What'd you get in return?


Oh, my God.

It's hard to describe the destruction
here this morning.

Could you tell us about
the Good Samaritan?

Well, I'll never forget him,
that's for sure.

He was tall, broad shoulders,

and thin, really thin, like bony.

And he had this rad chopper,

it was all flames and stuff.

Oh, and his face was a skull

and it was on fire.

"On fire."

Yeah, like:

Like that much fire.

And I know it sounds weird,
but it looked okay on him.

I mean, it was an edge look
but he totally pulled it off.

Not sure what to add to that.

I'm Roxanne Simpson on scene.


- Roxie...
- Don't.

Now, hold on a second.
Let me apologize.

- Last night was inexcusable.

- No apologies.

See, you did me a favor last night...

...because you made me think
of then and now.

And when you left,
yeah, it hurt like hell.

But you know what? I got over it...

...and I went to college,
I got a great job.

But you, Johnny...'re just the same.

Oh, better paid, more fans...

...but you're still just a carny.


Oh, man. My dad was right.

You were just a phase.
That went well.

Hey, captain! I got something.

"End of days.

The host can gain control
of the possessing spirit...

...through concentration on
and manipulation of...

...the fire element
that exists within man."

Give me control
over the possessing spirit.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Hey, I hope you don't mind.
Your lift was open.

I came to apologize.

I'm leaving town tonight...

...and I didn't want what I said today
to be the last words between us.

- That's okay.

- No, it's not.

It was cruel and totally untrue.

And I feel really terrible about it.

Please, don't. It's okay.

Is something burning?

Oh, that must be coming from outside.
Neighbor's hibachi.

Bill, he just got it.

I still have that one.

You what?

I have that one too.

I remember that day.

There were a dozen people
waiting in line...

...and you went through
a whole roll of quarters.

Look at my face.
You can tell I was just terrified...

...that my dad was gonna
come in any second.

Okay, I just...

It's just... I think I should
walk you to your car.

See, it's not great timing.

You almost kill yourself
on the highway... you can ask me out
and then you don't show.

Then you keep my picture...
...but when I kiss you, you try to
shove me out the door. What's?

What's going on?

Don't you care about me at all,

You know you can talk to me.

You can tell me anything.


You wouldn't believe me anyway.

- Try me.
- You'll think I'm crazy.

Maybe I am crazy.

I hope I'm crazy.

In my job, I've seen and heard
just about everything.

So there is nothing you can tell me
that's gonna surprise me.

Off the record?

I sold my soul to the devil.

And now I have to spare you.

- Spare me from what?

- The devil, on account I work for him.

That's why I couldn't make it to dinner.

Because you were working for the devil?

Well, yeah. I'm his bounty hunter.
But it only happens at night,

like it is right now.

Whenever I'm around evil...
Evil people, evil spirits.

- I change into...
- What?

Just a great big monster,
but I am learning to...

I'm getting control of it.
I'm trying to.

So tonight, you'll...

I believe so.

Which is why it's probably
a very good idea...

...that you run on home now, Roxie.

You're serious.

So this is your excuse?

For the past?

For the past? For last night?
For everything?

The way I see it is
I've got a couple of choices:

I could either accept that you really
believe what you're telling me is true...

...and take you to
the nearest psychiatric hospital.

You see, now that...

Or I realize that you'd rather
make up ridiculous stories...

...than be honest with me...

...and I walk out of that door...


- Don't move!
- Hands up!
Hands where we can see them!
Right over your head.

Johnny Blaze.

Captain Jack Dolan.
This is Officer Edwards.

You're coming with us.


Let's try this again.

What about him,
you remember him?

This guy was three years
from retirement...

...never harmed a fly.

In fact, neither did
most of the corpses turning up...
...since you came home,
you son of a bitch.

- I didn't kill anybody.
- Bullshit!

Okay, let's take a breather.

- It's warm in here.

- Warm?
Yeah, I'm burning up. Aren't you?

A little. You want a cigarette?

Okay. Mind if I do?

Okay, that was weird.

Look, Johnny,
I'm not asking for your help.

I'm asking you to help yourself.

I watch a lot of TV
and I know what you're doing.

Good cop, bad cop.

But you're both good cops.

And you provide
a very, very important civil service.

In fact, when I finish my stunt career...

...I intend to apply my skills
to being a motorcycle policeman.

So I'd love to help you.
But I didn't kill anybody.

Jesus Christ.

You gotta let me go.
The real killer's out there.

- Lookie here.
- But you're making a mistake.

What've we got?
Come on, move your ass!

Oh, God. Oh, please. Please,
you don't wanna put me in there.

Sorry, the Ritz was booked.

Oh, God.
Please, get me out of here!

You look like that Johnny Blaze.

Yeah, yeah, I hear that a lot.

Nah, that is you.

- That's him!
- Yeah, it is.

I saw you jump in the state fair
a few years ago.

I paid 10 bucks to watch you splatter.

But you didn't.

Looks like somebody's tripping out.

You might be a big shot
out there, Blaze...

...but in here you're nothing
but a monkey in a cage!

Now, I don't want any trouble.
I don't want any trouble.

Looks like trouble just found you.

Nice jacket.

Come on, man, leave him alone.
Get lost!

Nice jacket.

Very nice.



Forgive me, Father,
for I have sinned.

I've sinned a lot.

Hold it!

Where's the contract
of San Venganza?

I don't know
what you are talking about.

Don't lie to me!

You've been protecting
it all these years,

worn to secrecy.

Sworn to keep it
from the likes of you!

There's an old saying:

"Raise no more devils
than you can lay down."

My father raised one too many.

Sanctified it is your name

Calling all units. Reported 10-in the downtown area.

Proceed with caution.

Taken care of!

-!It runs, runs!
- Siguele

He's coming for us.

Abigor. You know what to do.


I have a suspect fleeing west
on Cherry. Repeat, west on Cherry.

- That's a dead end. You got him.
- 10-4 on that.

What's the suspect's location?

- Up.
- What?

The suspect is going up.

Oh, my God.

Go, go, go!

Surround him!
Make a perimeter! Let's go!

You're pissing me off.

Take a right.

You should've joined us, Rider.
Soon we will have the contract...

...and then you'll only be a footnote
in the history of the new hell.

Time to clear the air.

You're a slow learner,
aren't you, Rider?

You cannot catch the wind!

Prepare to fire!

- Fire
- Don't!

- Who's that?
- What? Everybody.

You don't watch TV?
What's the matter with you?

Is this thing ever gonna end?

It'll end if you can catch him.

What's really going on?

"Carter Slade."

Legend has it he was
a Texas Ranger.

Man of honor.

But he got greedy.

Found himself locked up,
waiting on the gallows.

Stranger came to see him.

Offering freedom.

Slade made a deal.

Ended up a Ghost Rider.

What's he gotta do with this?

Remember that contract
the stranger made...
...with the people of San Venganza?

The story goes that Slade
was sent there to collect all the souls.

But what he found there was so evil...

..that he took the contract

and rode off.

He stole it.

Keep Mephistopheles
from getting his hands on it.

Some people say
he was buried with it.

- Was he?

- I don't know.

What I do know is that Blackheart is

and he'll do anything to get it.

That's why it's important

for you to
stay away from friends and family...

...anybody he can use against you,
because he will.





Sorry! Sorry!

Ma'am, you gave me a start.

- I'm looking for Johnny.

- Yeah. You and me both.

- Have you heard from him?
- No.

But I heard he got in trouble.

He got arrested, yeah?

What for?

Yeah, well, if this gets out in
the press, his career is over.

Yeah, trust me, his career's
the least of it.

You know, you seem like a nice lady,
and you're pretty and all...

...but we were riding the gravy train
on biscuit wheels...

...then you showed up,
everything went to hell.

So why don't you go back
to wherever it is you came from?

I can't go back.

Not now.

Then tell me what the hell's going on!

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Look, you don't know me...

...but I love him.

So if there's anything you know
that can help,


Lately, he's been reading
these really weird books...

...and they're messing with his mind.

He's writing stuff down and staying up

And he does it over here.

You can go through this stuff,
and I don't know if it means anything.

Where's Roxanne?

Dude. Where've you been?
Everybody's out looking...

- Where is she?
- She's out looking for you.


Not even close.

You have his heart.

Now I'm gonna break it.



Look into my eyes.

Your Penance Stare
doesn't work on me.

I have no soul to burn.

I guess the Caretaker
forgot to mention that, huh?


He sent you to bring me back.

I'm not going back.

I like it here.

He thinks you're better than me?

I don't know who's more pathetic,

you or him.

Now, listen to me. And try to get it
through that thick skull of yours.

You don't work for my father anymore.

You work for me.

Get the contract from the Caretaker.

Bring it to me in San Venganza

and maybe I'll spare your girl's life.

And, Johnny...

...don't make me wait.

Figured you'd be back, bonehead.

Where's the contract?
I can't end this without it.

Just gonna have to dig
this whole damn place up myself.

It's not there, kid.

Contract of San Venganza.
Hell on earth.

Now, you're gonna have to trust me.

And why is that?

He may have my soul...

...but he doesn't have my spirit.

Any man who's got the guts
to sell his soul for love... the power to change the world.

You didn't do it for greed.

You did it for the right reason.

Maybe that puts God on your side.

To him, that makes you dangerous.

Makes you unpredictable.

That's the best thing
you can be right now.

San Venganza's 500 miles from here.

We better get moving.


I got one last ride left in me.

Carter Slade.

Can you keep up?

Let's ride.

Stick to the shadows.

This is end of the trail for me.

I got nothing left.

I could only change one more time,
and I was saving it for this.

God knows I've made
my share of mistakes.

Been trying to make things right
ever since.

Guess all I can do now is hope he
sees fit to give me a second chance.

Thank you.

No. Thank you, kid.



You change, she dies.

Do it, Johnny.

Let her go first.

Looks like you're out of time.

"This is the contract of San Venganza.

All of you...

...come to me!"


My name is Legion...

...for we are...

Let's go.

He got what he wanted.

You go.

I gotta get him to
the shadows.

I gotta end this.


Why you?

It's been me since the day
I made the deal.

I'm the only one
who can walk in both worlds.

I'm Ghost Rider.


Come on, you son of a bitch.

All your world...

...all of your souls...

...will be mine now.

...will be mine now.

- Throw me the gun!

- It's out!

Throw it!

How does it feel to have
all that evil inside of you?

All their power.

All their souls.

A thousand souls to burn.

Look into my eyes.

Your souls are stained
by the blood of the innocent.

Feel their pain.


I'm not afraid.

Congratulations, Johnny.

You upheld your end of the bargain.

It's time I take back
the power of the Ghost Rider.

You get your life back.

The love you've always wanted.

You can start a family of your own.

There are more deals to be made.

More people willing to give their souls

for what they desire.

Let someone else carry this curse.
You're free now.

After all...

...a deal's a deal.


I'm gonna own this curse...

..and I'm gonna use it against you.

Whenever innocent blood is spilt...'ll be my father's blood...

...and you'll find me there.

A spirit of vengeance...

..fighting fire

with fire.

I will make you pay for this.

You can't live in fear. No!

So where will you go now?

Wherever the road takes me, I guess.

My daddy once said, "If you don't
make a choice,

the choice makes you."


But why do your choices

Sure wish things could have
turned out different.


This is what you are.

This is what
you always were meant to be.

You got your second chance.

Go out there and make the best of it.

It's said that the West
was built on legends...

...and that legends are
a way of understanding...

...things greater than ourselves.

Forces that shape our lives.

Events that defy explanation.

Individuals whose lives
soar to the heavens...

...or fall to the earth.

This is how legends are born.

Special thanks to SergeiK.