Goodbye Solo Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Goodbye Solo script is here for all you fans of the award winning indie movie from Ramin Bahrani. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Goodbye Solo quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Goodbye Solo Script

Why are you laughing?

- I'm not laughing, just...
- No.

- But last time I thought...
- No.

You told me it would cost $200.

I'll give you a thousand
to take me there on October 20th.

But last time I was talking shit
because I thought you were talking shit.

I'm sorry, sir.
I apologize for my language.

Sorry about that.
I really never checked out the price.

I even forgot...

Yo, what up, player?

Yeah, I'm just chillin' here, man.

North Side in an hour.

I got you.

Yo, big dawg,
let me call you back, all right?

I'll call you right back. Peace.

So you're serious?

It's my birthday today, man.

- What?
- It's got to be my birthday.

A thousand dollars?
That's a lot of money.

I don't give a shit if it's your birthday.
Can you do it or not?

You said Blowing Rock, right?

You want me to take you
two hours from here

on top of some mountain where
you're not meeting nobody,

and you don't want to come back.

- That's what you said, right?
- I told you all this before.

I don't want to repeat myself to you
and every cabbie in Winston-Salem.

Yeah, but, big dawg,
this is kind of strange.

You got to give me that, right?

You know?

You want to talk about something?

Forget it.
I'll call and get another driver.

- No, big dawg, no...
- Forget it.

I'm your driver. Come on.
I'm your driver, man.

Don't call the other drivers.
They're not good.

I'll telling you, they're not good.
Don't call them.

You know? Just that...

What are you going to do there, anyway?

Are you going to go camping?

Are you going there to chill
with the trees and the birds?

You like birds, big dawg?

Are you going to fly away?

You're not going to jump, right?

You're not going to do that.

Tomorrow's going to be
a better day, you know?

- You're just going to the movie now...
- How about a hundred-dollar deposit?

The rest also in cash on October 20th
when you pick me up.

That's fine. That's cool.

Yo, big dawg!

Yo, William!

That's my cell phone, all right?
Call me on this one.

Don't call the dispatch anymore.
It's for my preferred client, okay?

Have a good night.

64-64. Dropped at
Marketplace Cinemas.

All right. Call me on Bobworth,
off of South Main Street.

All right. 6-4 out.

What's up, Ken?

You want a cab?

- All right. Thank you, ma'am.
- Morning, Pork Chop.

- Good morning, Solo.
- How are you doing?

- Fine. And you?
- I'm chillin'.

Listen. Remember the trip
you gave me yesterday

from the Crystal Towers Apartment
to the movie?

If this guy calls again,
please give me that trip, all right?

How am I supposed to know who's calling?

His name is William.
You know, just ask.

I can't do it, and you know I can't.

- Come on, Cab 1.
- Come on, Pork Chop.

You know I'm not supposed
to give out trips like that.

A beautiful girl like you,
you can do whatever you want.

You're rocking this place, you know?

Cab 1, give 1641 B.

He's just a friend.

- You know what I'm saying?
- 1641 B, Lincoln.

Listen, when are we going to have
our steak at O'Charley's?

- Steak at O'Charley's?
- And a Tom Collins.

- Tom Collins?
- Yeah.

Yo, Mamadou, thank you.

All right.

So you need a ride for the next trip?

- No, I'm good. Thanks.
- All right.


Solo, don't get in our bed
until you take a shower.

And your breakfast is in the fridge.

Bonjour again.

Bonjour again, Solo.

"Captain Abisha Slade had a slave...

"his name was Stephen...

"who produced the first
bright leaf tobacco in 
in Caswell County."

That's right here.

"The farmer needed sandy soil,

and the Appalachian Piedmont has it."

- That's here.
- Bijou, can I see this, actually?

No. What about my cell phone?

You know what your mom said.

- Bye.
- You smell like smoke.

Cab number 7, Cab 7.


Hey, William, I thought
you were going to the movies.

- I am, and be careful with my stuff.
- With your luggages?

- What's going on?
- I sold my apartment.

You sold your apartment?
What for?

Moving into a motel.

I mean, is that all you have?
Where's your stuff?

Don't start your shit with me again.

Let's go.
I don't want to be late.

All right, big dawg.

I don't get it, man.

Isn't it better to go to a motel first,
drop off your luggages?

Why am I with you again?

How come it's always you
that picks me up?

Because I'm your driver now.
You know what I'm saying?

And anyway, I have this
I want to give back to you.

- What's this?
- Come on, man.

Last time you were just upset,
so I saved it for you.

Are you stupid?

Or you just don't understand English?

We have a deal.
Would you just drive?

All right. Okay.
Then you know what?

Could you please call me
on my cell phone from now on?

Because when you call the dispatch,
it's always a problem over there.

I don't really give a shit which one
of you people picks me up.

That's not really nice.
We're friends now.

I think I want to know why you want
to go out to that mountain.

Do you ask all your passengers
why they want to go places?

Of course. Sometimes I do.

And when they're fine ladies,
I ask even more, man.

Especially when they have big booties.

You like big booties?

I pick up a lot of big booties
here in this cab.

You like black women?

I know this black woman, right?

She's shaped like a bottle of soda.

I can hook you up.

William, you have family here, right?

Why don't you move in with them?

Why family don't stay together in America?

If that was in Senegal...

That's where I'm from.
In Africa.

You know where it is, right?


Family stay together.

We take care of our parents, old people.

Even if they don't have teeth
in their mouths anymore,

we take food and we put it
in their mouths.

Then why aren't you there now?

I got to make money
and send it back home, that's all.

You know what I mean?
I'm going to go there when I get old.

They're going to take care of me.
Same thing your people can do for you.

Who said I want to see my people?

Of course you want to see them.
They're your blood.

And I'm sure they want to see you.

Hi. Can I help you?

No, thank you.


Hey! Hey, Solo!

Hey, William.

What's going on, man?

Because of your bullshit we're late.
The movie already started.

You sure you don't want
to see another movie?

I can keep your bags
and come back and get you.

That's not a problem.

Oh, forget it.
Let's find a motel.

Okay, but we got to go
pick up someone first.

It's not going to be long.
Are you cool?

All right.

William, I'm going
to Piedmont Circle Projects.

I mean, I'm talking about Homicide Circle.

I don't give a shit.

All right, big dawg.
Let's go, then.

- Solo. Yo, who this, man?
- Yo, I'm sorry, man.

He's a good friend of mine.
Come on in.

Look, you can't be having people
riding with you.

I'm sorry. It's cool, though.
Come on in.

Old timer, slide over, bro.

Chill out, man.
That's my homey William.

Man got to have somewhere to sit.
Know what I mean?

- Damn.
- William, this is Roc.

- What up, player?
- Chillin', man.

All right.

Solo, turn right on Broad for me.

- I got you, bro.
- Good look.

Don't leave, man.

I got you, man.
I'll be around.

- Give me the wait time if you got to.
- All right.

He's not going to be long, all right?

Just a couple more stops
and back to his place.

You know what I'm saying?
One of my preferred clients.

Big dawg, I got to go take a pee.

You know what I'm saying?
Are you all right?

You okay?

I'll be right back.

Cab 6-4. 6-4.


Come on, Solo, wake up!

- Yo, let's go!
- What's going on?

Hey, where's Solo at?

- Pissing.
- Aw, sh...

Solo, come on.
Let's go, dawg!

- We got to hurry up!
- Oh, shit.

- Come on!
- What's going on?

They tripping, dawg.
We got to get up out of here.

Come back here!
Get the fuck back here!

- What happened?
- Solo, let's go!

Get me the fuck out of here!
Get me out of here!

Drive, man, drive!

- Damn!
- Shit!

Roc, what's going on?
Why they tripping?

- I told you I got the wait time on.
- William, you all right?

Hey, Navani! Navani!

Did he tell you why he left Winston?

No. He just said it was 30 years ago.

That's it?
No friends, no family?

I already told you,
he didn't say anything else.

He seems cool.
I think he's fine.

Listen. Offer him a round on me, okay?

Okay, babe.

Solo, when you finally
going to get that cab fixed?

I got you.

I'm just waiting for this part, you know?

Listen, man. I told you.

I got a connect in Maryland.

This girl done told him she got
a 725 on the credit score.

Says she can get us 20 Gs
for these cabs now.

I need you to put the drivers
in the car for me.

We could have this fire all around the town.

Have the whole city smoking good, cuz.

- I got a major supply coming in right now.
- It's from Solo.

Cheers, William!

Solo, are you hearing me?

Yo, man!

You paying me any attention, cuz?

I need you to get that cab fixed
so we can get this deal going on.

I got you, player.
I got you.

You know what?
Let's keep playing.

I need to get my $20 back anyway.

All right.

Check this out.

That's what I'm talking about.
What you got?

I'm going to hit me another.

All right, we'll see.

That's the first one you done hit all day.


Come on, we're here.


At my place.

What are we doing here?

Big dawg, I couldn't
find a motel on the way here.

Why didn't you wake me up?

I tried, but you wouldn't wake up.

You drank too much.

Big dawg, it's not a problem.

You got drunk, but we had
a good time, right?

I get drunk all the time.
You know what I'm saying?

Plus, we're already here, man.

Come on, let's go. All right?

I'll find you a nice motel tomorrow,
I promise.

All right?
Let's go, big dawg.

I got you.
You know what I'm saying?

I'll get you a nice motel tomorrow.

No, don't worry about that.
Don't worry.

I got it, I got it.
Don't worry about it.

William, this is my wife's place.

- All right?
- Navani?

No. Navani's my ex.

She doesn't exist here.

My wife's name is Quiera, okay?

William, my wife's name is Quiera.

All right!
Keep your dick in your pants.

Okay. You know,
just making sure, that's all.

She's pregnant now,
and, you know,

she gets, um...
she gets very sensitive.

You know what I mean?

This is Machu Picchu.

The Inca people, they built it
about 500 years ago.

Yeah, I know about it.

Really? Wow.

I can't believe they did it
with their hands only.

You been?

No, but I would love to.

I hear it's even hard
to breathe over there.

There you go.
This is yours.

The bathroom's right here.
You need anything else?

Do you want a glass of water, anything?

No? Okay.

Have a good night, William.

See you tomorrow morning.

Solo, wake up.

Solo, wake up.

Wake up, Solo.

Bonjour, Solo.

Mom wants to talk to you.

What's up, baby?
You want to talk to me?

- Why you lying to me?
- What's going on?

"Dear Mr. Souléymane Diop,

"your request for a flight attendant
interview with Sun Airlines

has been processed and approved
for October 15, 2007."

- Baby, is this letter you're upset about?
- Solo, this is next week!

Yeah, but this letter is three months old.
I just didn't throw it away.

But you promised me to give up
this childish dream, remember?

Baby, it's not childish.

Why you got to say that all the time?
It's better than driving a taxi.

Plus, you know I don't
even want to do that anymore.

It doesn't matter what you want to do.

We agreed that it was best for the family

if you drive in the day
so you could be with us.

Seriously, I did not study.
I gave it up.

Who's going to help me
take care of this baby

when you're flying
to Florida or New York

for three or four days?

- Baby, I'm here.
- I need you here!

That's what I'm saying.
I'm here. I didn't study.

And I'm sick of that taxi!

I'm going to call my cousins
to come here and fix it.

No, baby. You know I don't want
your cousins in my business.

- Well, fix it!
- I will do it. I'm waiting for...

And who the hell is that old man
sitting in my sofa, huh?

- Tell me!
- That's my friend William.

I don't want your friend William
in my house, okay?


Quiera, that's not really nice.

I'm sorry, William.

Do you want a cup of coffee?
Do you want...

Why you don't let my cousins to help?

- They want to, Solo.
- I don't want your cousins in my business.

- You know that already.
- You don't do anything.

All you do is hanging out
with your friends.

Baby, calm down.
It's okay.

I had this one, like, for a month.

A week after, it was broken.
I don't even want it.

I don't want to drive a cab.
I've been doing that for three years!

I had given up my flight attendant thing.

She goes through my stuff,
and she doesn't want to believe me.

You have any unsalted butter
and mushrooms?

I want to make an omelet.

William, did you check in the kitchen?

Check in the kitchen.
Take whatever you want.

This is your place here. All right?

Take whatever you want.

William, do you know about cars?
Can you give me a hand here?

I rode motorcycles.

- You mean the big ones?
- Harley.


You were in a gang and stuff like that?

William... Open road,
women, biker's bar.

You have a tattoo, right?

Oh, my God.
That's what I'm talking about.

Original player.

Wow, William is chillin'!

Alex, you want to buy this DVD?

- I already saw it.
- It's new.

I already saw it.
How much does this cost?

This is under $50.

And actually, they look really good.

You go to Silas Creek,
you can pay $70 a piece.

Look at this.

$70? For that money
I can buy a cell phone.

Cell phones are expensive,
but look here.

These are really good.
Look at the cloth.

Hey, Alex, what you doing here?

Come on, let's go. Let's go.

Hey, Solo. What's up, man?

Alex is trying to get a cell phone.

Don't be selling her your crap.

- What's up?
- How you doing?

- Pretty good.
- What's up, Peter?

First time you get the taxi,
and you're still late!

I'm sorry, madame.
Sorry about that.

If I had a cell phone,
you can just call me.

- Isn't that right, William?
- Yes.

Where are we going?

God knows where your dad's taking me.

I'm telling you,
this is the best place right here.

You got restaurants all over the place,
you can walk down to them.

- It takes five minutes.
- Bye, William.

Bye, Alex.

When is the next time
you're going to the movies?

- I don't know.
- You have my cell phone, right?

Okay. You know what,
just give me a call

whenever you need anything, all right?


Bye, William.

You think he's okay in there?

If he didn't like it, he would just leave.

Yeah, I know, but you don't understand.

I understand more than you.

- Hey, Malaak.
- Hey, Solo.

- How you doing?
- Very good.

- How are you?
- I'm good.

- Good to see you.
- Nice to meet you, too.

Listen, I want to ask you a favor.
Could you keep an eye on my friend?

If anybody comes,
if a taxi comes and picks him up,

if anything strange happens,
please let me know.

- I will.
- All right?

- All right.
- Thank you very much.

- Hey, Solo?
- Yeah.

Can I get a phone card next time?

You mean a ten-dollar phone card?

- Yes, sir.
- I got you, big dawg.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Have a good night.
- Bye, Alex.

Quiera, I'm really sorry,
but it's just not working.

No, no, Quiera, I did...

Whatever you asked me to do, I did it.

Whatever... No, no, no,
I never said that.

No, listen, listen.
No, Quiera, listen!

Quiera! Hello? Hello?

She doesn't sound good.

I'm glad her aunt and her niece
are moving in, because...

What are you doing?

Dawg, I don't even know
what I'm doing right now.

Who the hell told you to come here?

You know I can't go to Navani.
I mean, I just can't.

And Roc... Roc is in with some stuff
I'm not interested in,

- so I figured maybe for a couple days...
- No.

...I could...
- There's no room.

Big dawg, this place is huge!

In Africa ten people can sleep in here.

Ten people!
And plus, see?

This is all I have.
This is all.

I have nothing else.
See this bag?

This is the only thing I have here!

This sofa is perfect.
All I need is a tiny place to study.

I didn't tell you.

Check this out.

I'm studying for my interview.

And this time, I'm going all the way.

I'm telling you, all the way.

No stopping!
Quiera says I can't do it.

Why not? I can do it!

I can do it, because you know what?

I want to do it. That's all.

So, big dawg, I'm just going
to chill in here and study, all right?

Is that cool with you?

See? I'm sitting here, I'm studying.

Can you see me?
You can't see me.

You're chilling over there, watching TV.
I'm here chilling, man.

You know what I'm saying?
This light over here...

if I turn it off and I don't smile,
you're not gonna notice...

Stay out of my stuff!

Keep your shit over there
and leave me alone.

Thank you very much, big dawg.

That's what I'm talking about.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

I appreciate it.

I have my interview on Monday,
and I'm going to ace it.

I really don't give a shit.

I don't want to know.

I don't want to know about Quiera
or anything about your life.

Sorry about that.

If you like this place, you can keep it
when I leave next week.

Their rates are very fair.

6-4, 6-4. Pork Chop.

Come on, Cab 64.

Have you ever heard of this place
called Blowing Rock?

Blowing Rock?
Well, of course I have.

It's up in the mountains near Boone.

Actually, I know where it is,
but do you know if there's anything

happening there on October 20th?

Not to my knowledge.

We used to go there when we were kids.

It's the only place in the world
where the snow goes upside down.

What? I mean, what do you mean?

It's so windy, if you throw a stick
or anything off the rock,

it gets blown back into the sky.

Blown back up to the sky?

- Are you serious?
- Yeah, Cab 64.

That's why it's called "Blowing Rock."

All right. 6-4 out.

Sorry, William.
I didn't mean to wake you up.

I got us some playing cards.

And I know you like DVDs,
so I got you some new releases.

We don't have a DVD player.

- Now would you be quiet?
- Oh, I'm sorry.

Just because I know
you like movies, you know.

Sorry about that.

Man, I miss them.

Alex is getting ready to go to school now.

She's probably having breakfast
with Quiera in the kitchen.

Are you married, William?

I was.

What happened?
You divorced?

My wife left me 30 years ago.

I'm sorry to hear that.

And do you have any kids?

No. None.

I'm trying to sleep.

Sorry about that.

It's just that I'm going to have
my first kid soon, you know?

Goodnight, William.

"First Aid and the Flight Attendant.

"Flight attendants are not responsible

"for diagnosing illness,
but to support life.

"No medicines.



Heart attacks."

This is just vitamin C, aspirin,
calcium, and antihistamine.

Antihistamine? What's that?

That's something that's used
to counter histamines.

And what does that mean?

If somebody has allergies.

These are just over-the-counter drugs.

So none of those is for anything serious?


Like when somebody's
about to die or something?

Excuse me?

You know, something like cancer
or something like that?

No. Sir, if you're not feeling well,

I suggest you consult with a physician.

Are you okay?

I'm sorry about that, sir.

Thank you.
Thank you very much.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

No. I'm good.

- Thank you. I appreciate it.
- Okay.

There we go.

- William and me, we're in room 213...
- You already told me that.

I already put it in.

How did you even learn
the cell phone that fast?

It's not hard.

Now whenever you need a taxi,
you can call me, all right?

Bijou, it's going
to be all right, you know?

Mom says you're going to come back.

Whatever happened between Mom and me
has nothing to do with you.

You understand that, right?

It doesn't matter if I understand.

It doesn't change anything in the past.

When you grow up, you'll understand.

I don't want to grow up
and learn all that bullshit.

Where did you learn this word?

You know what?

I bet you can't even use this phone
to take a picture of me.

- Can, too.
- You don't know how to do that.

I'll prove it.

You'll prove it?
All right, there we go.

Let me see.

How come this hot dog
looks better than me?

That's not fair.

No. You know what?
Show me, show me.

How do you do that?

Thank you.
Enjoy the show.

Thank you.

Hey, how can I help you?

Yeah, two for Outcast.

All right.
That'll be $16, please.

Thank you.
Enjoy the show.

Thank you.

I really liked the movie.

- Thanks for recommending it.
- Yeah, no problem.

Acting was great.

- I'm a big fan of...
- William!

- Good-bye.
- Yep.

Hey, how can I help you?

Come in the front, big dawg.
Come, come.

What did you see?
How was your movie?

Why didn't you call me?

You've underlined a lot of words.

Yeah, it's because
I don't know the meaning

or I don't know how to pronounce it.

Big dawg, why don't you quiz me
on a couple of terms?

Okay, we play for this trip.

Let me break it down for you.

If I win, it's free.
If you win, it's free.

Come on, just a few words
till we get to the motel, player.

- "Deadhead."
- All right, big dawg!

All right.
So you think you can win?

Okay. All right.

So, "deadhead."

"Deadhead" is the transport
of an off-duty crew member

for the purpose of positioning
for the working of a flight.

That's what I'm saying, big dawg.

That's what I'm saying.
I'm on it, man.

I'm on it. I'm acing it.

Wow, you better try harder.
You better try harder.

I'm telling you,
or you're going to pay for this trip.

"In the event of a water evacuation,

what are the six steps
a flight attendant must take?"

Water evacuation.

Okay. One, form a barrier.

Two, check conditions
and "rhetoric" if exits are blocked.

Three, open exits and inflate slide.

Four, when opening a door exit

to evacuate an aircraft...

That's strange.


This is cool.

You got to check this out.
Alex sent me that.

I didn't know you could do that.

That's cool, right?


How do you do that?

How do I do that?

How do you take a picture
and send it on a phone?

I don't know.
That's why I'm kind of surprised.

She took my picture, but I didn't know
you could send it through the phone.

- Yeah.
- I don't know.

- "Redirect."
- "Redirect."

Okay. I got you, big dawg.

"Rhetoric" is... it means
a whole different thing.

- Okay.
- "Redirect."

Yo, William, what's up?
How you doing?

Where the hell are my clothes?

I'm just going to wash them, big dawg.

The place is a little smelly
right now, that's all.

I hope you're not going
to take a nap right now.

I just want to go to the Laundromat.

I'll be right back, okay?

I'll see you in a second, eh?


Malaak. Aw, man.

Hey, Solo.

You got it?

- See you, dawg.
- Bye, Solo.

Give me a sentence.

ELB... Emergency Locator "Beckon."

"Beacon," not "Beckon."

"Beacon." It's a signal light.



- Get me some napkins.
- Okay.

Another word is "floo..."




To move quickly, like a butterfly.

That's kind of cool.

Take that to Solo.

Thanks, Alex.

Big dawg, thank you very much.

That's cool.

Thank you. Bon appétit.

Good sandwich, William.

Thank you.

I'm used to talking to all kinds of people
and I get along with them.

People are happy in my cab,

and I also know how to handle
the ones that aren't so friendly.

Says here you speak French.

I speak French.

I speak English, as you can see.

I speak Wolof.
I speak Spanish.

I mean, I'm getting better.
My wife is Mexican.

I also speak ten other African languages.

I'm a very curious person.

I like to learn about people's culture,

and I think that's
very important for this job.

That's true. Sounds good.

Let's go ahead and begin the examination.

- I'm ready. Let's do it.
- Okay.

William! William!


I aced it, man! I killed it!

They're going to let me know in two days.

Get your jacket.
Let's go, let's go!

It's party time tonight!
Get your jacket!

- You like this music right here?
- Yeah, it's okay.

I grew up in the rock and roll era.

It's the same, man.

You know, this is reggae,
rock and roll.

Big dawg, it's the same music.

But I got you.
You want some rock and roll?

If you can find it, yeah.

Here we go. Sure.

I like a little country now and then.

All right, no problem.

There we go, big dawg.

I don't know much
about this kind of music,

but it sounds good to me, too.

Well, then you've probably
never heard of Hank Williams.

- Hank Williams?
- Yeah.

No, not really.

Not really. Who is that?

The greatest country writer
there ever was.

Wow. Okay. All right.

I'll check him out.

Vargrave's that way.

Damn, big dawg.

Know what?
Let me make a U-turn up there.

Good looking out, big dawg.

Good looking out.

See if you can hit something.

Not with your hand, man.

Not with your hand, with the stick.

All right.
Let's see that.

William, another one for you.

Thank you.

All right. Thanks, girl.

You know, your ex,
she's got a really nice ass.

Yo, big dawg!

- Oh, my, my.
- Come on, Roc.

William, what you got?

It's all that shit he's been smoking.
He can't even see the ball.

- Oh, big dawg!
- I believe I scored.

Give me five, give me five!

That's what I'm talking about!

Yo, man, here's your money.

Yo, William, man.

I know this place.
You want to go?

You want another round?

Might as well.

All right!
That's what I'm talking about!

That place, the music is dope.

And they have girls with big booties.

You like the big booties, don't you?

- Oh, yeah!
- Hey, hey, hey!

Okay, Solo.


- Yeah!
- Yeah! Way to go, Solo!

- And that...
- They're light.

- That... Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

I can't believe what they do now.

That's kind of, like, just crazy.

I need to get one of those myself.

You know what I'm saying?
Tired of those...

Hello? Hey, William?

William, it's you?

Yeah, I have my taxi.

To the bank? Yeah.

No problem.
I got you, all right?

- Yo!
- What's up?

Can you take me somewhere?
Just five minutes.

I got to go pick up a friend.

After that, you can drop me off at Willard.

- I got a trip right now.
- Come on, man.

I got you. Don't worry.

- I got your back, all right?
- All right, I'll take you.

- See you guys!
- All right, guys.

Here we are, gentlemen.

No, William.
We'll wait for you.

- Seven dollars.
- It's fine.

Come on, man.
We'll wait for you.

It's okay.
You're not going to be long.

- I'm closing my accounts.
- Thank you very much.

William, what do you mean
you're closing your accounts?

So we going back to Willard?

You know we will wait for you.
I have to take a nap anyway, all right?

- I got stuff to do afterwards.
- That's great!

Wait for me.
I'll be right back.

I'll go get my cab.

Wait for me here, okay?

Man, I don't know what's going on here,

but I got someone waiting on me.

Do you want me to take you
back to Willard or not?

Come on, Souléymane.

Let's go, man. Let's go.

Yo, Solo!


Solo, you left your jacket
in Oz's cab last night.

That's William's.
Thank you.

Yes, sir. Thank you.


William, are you there?


William, are you awake?


What's wrong?

Please tell me what's wrong with you.

I can't do this anymore.

I know you don't want me to say that...

It's late. I'm sleeping.

I'm sorry. I went through your stuff
and I took your pills to the pharmacy.

There's nothing wrong with you.
It's only vitamins.

I didn't want to, but I had to.

Things are good, and you still want
to go and close your account.

Why do you want to do this?

I went to the cinema tonight.

The boy was there.

William, I saw his photo in your jacket.
You left it in the taxi.

Who is he?

You told me you had no kids.
Why are you lying to me?

I'm telling you everything.

Is he your grandson?


William, I want to help you.

Did you talk to him?

William, please.

- Did you fucking talk to him?
- No, I didn't.

But he doesn't know
who you are, does he?

Why don't you tell him?

I want you to get your shit
and get the fuck out of here.

William, why are you speaking this way?

- William.
- Get the fuck out!

We're friends now, and you want
to leave me and him, the boy?

Who the fuck told you
you could get into my life?

Who the fuck do you think you are

that you can touch anything
that belongs to me?

I got to tell him.

I got to bring him here
so you're not going to...

You're not going to tell him a damn thing.

You understand me?

I told you from day one,
stay the fuck out of my life!

I put the photo back.

William, please, don't leave.

I want you to stay.

Alex wants you to stay
and the boy wants you to stay...

if you tell him.

I got to get some ice.

- No, I'll get it for you.
- Sit down and shut up!

Sit down!

I want you to get your things,
leave, and don't come back.

- But, William...
- No!

Our deal for the 20th is off.

You're no longer my driver.

Shit. Fucker.

Slow down, man.

Jesus Christ.

Mom saw the letter.
She doesn't want you to come in.

- Did she open it?
- No.

- What happened to your eye?
- I just fell.

It doesn't look like you fell.
Did someone hit you?

- I miss you, Alex.
- I do, too.

I need to start going.

Wait, wait.
You don't want to know?

Yeah, you can just text me!
Good luck!

Bye, Alex.

Hi, William.
It's me, Solo.

I wanted to tell you I got
the results of my interview.

William, I failed.

I thought you'd want to know.

Yeah, you were clear,
but I thought you'd want...

Yeah, but...

Come in, Cab 75. 75.


75, get 941. 941J.

Holland Avenue.

Alex, what are you doing up so late?

What? Right now?

I'm going to be there!
I'll be there right now!

Pork Chop.

Please, give me the keys.
Give me the keys for 64.

- What's wrong, Solo?
- Girl, I got to go!

- Please give me the keys, girl!
- I can't do it.

No, I'm not going to do it.

- You need to calm down.
- Yeah, I'm sorry.

Don't be running up in here,
acting like that.

- I'm sorry.
- Give me the keys back.

I told you you couldn't get the keys.

Hurry up, Solo.
Where were you?

- Hurry up!
- How is she?

- She's fine. It's a boy.
- It's a boy?

- Yes.
- Oh, my God.

Where is she?

She's over there,
but I need to check in.

- Over there?
- This is my step-dad...

Come on, let's go.
Is this Quiera Diop?

- Yes, that hallway.
- Okay.

Wow, how's the baby?
You see the baby?

I got a boy.

Quiera, you all right?

I told you a hundred times
we are both fine.

I like that you speak Spanish to him.

He's going to grow up
speaking four languages.

And how is he supposed
to learn French and Wolof, huh?

Tell me.

I just don't understand.

I saw how happy you were
holding the baby

in your hands just now.

You know we love you.

And you know that we want
what's best for you.

And I know you love us.

You can't leave.

Solo, you have to trust me.

I wish you could trust me, too.
And that's the problem.

Quiera, you know I love you,
and I'd do anything for the family.

But I've always tried things your way,

and you never gave my way a chance.

And I wish you can understand that.

I'm going to come back.

I'm going to call you to see if you need
anything else before I come.

Have a good night.

Hey, can I help you?


- Hi.
- Hey.

You work here, right?

Excuse me?

- You work at night.
- Sometimes.

Would you like to see a movie?


Do you know this old man called William?

Excuse me, who are you talking about?

We have some screenings in an hour.

Would you like a ticket?


- Sir?
- Sorry.

Forget about it.
Sorry about that.


6-4, 6-4.

Come on, Cab 64.

Pork Chop, who's been
to the King's Inn Motel since yesterday?

Come on now, 64.

No, really, girl.
You got to help me out here.

34 picked that trip up.

A half an hour ago.

And where is he at?

Around the Baptist area.

All right, 6-4 out.

3-4, 3-4, this is 6-4.

3-4, 6-4.

Mamadou, this is Solo.

3-4, 3-4, this is 6-4.

3-4, 3-4, this is 6-4.

3-4, 3-4, 6-4.

3-4, Mamadou.

This is Solo, 6-4.


Pull over, pull over!

Mamadou, unroll your window.

What do you want?

I want to ask you something.

Pull over!
Pull over right here.

I can't do it.
I got customers in my car.

I got to talk to you.
Mamadou, I got to talk to you.

All right, fine.
Follow me.

Hey, man, what's going on?
I got a trip.

I want to ask you something real quick.

Listen, did you pick up
an old man 30 minutes ago

- at the King's Inn Motel?
- Yeah. So what?

Did he offer you a trip
for tomorrow morning?

- No.
- Why are you lying?

What the fuck is going on?

Okay, whatever deal
you guys have is cancelled.

- The deal is not fucking cancelled.
- Mamadou, the deal is cancelled.

- The man paid me $200 deposit, man.
- I don't give a shit about his $200.

And plus, you see?
You're a fucking liar.

- Are you calling me a fucking liar?
- You're a liar!

Mamadou, I'm talking to you.

- Don't fucking grab me.
- I'm talking to you...

Hey, come on, you guys.

Mamadou, I don't care
about the money, all right?

But you're going to tell me
where you dropped him.

Fuck you, man!

I swear you're going to tell me
where you dropped him.

- Hey, man. Easy.
- Come on, chill out, man.

- Come on, dawg.
- Mamadou, where did you drop him?

Hold on. Hold it, man.

What do you want?

I'm here to take you
where you want to go.

Where's my driver?
I didn't ask for you.

William, I'm here to take you
wherever you want to go.

Where to?

The motel.

William, I saw the other driver
and he canceled the trip with you.

I'll take you tomorrow morning.

That was our deal.

What time should I pick you up?

8 a.m.


Good morning.


Thank you.

You want to wash up?
Then we'll be leaving.

"I made a joke about
how bad a film was,

"and when he laughed,
his lip twitched.

He looked just like his mother."

"He's studying hard.

"I'm trying to help him the best I can.

I think he will pass."

"I don't think Solo knows
that Alex fixed the curtains.

"She is so smart.

I wonder who she will become."

Isn't that nice?

See? Almost new.

You like that?

It's very nice.

Thank you.

William, I have a favor.

- I want Alex to come with us.
- No.

William, I just can't come back alone.

I can't believe you're saying that. No.

I need Alex with me.

Please allow me that.

Hi, William. Hi, Solo.

- Hi, Alex.
- You ready?

Come on, hurry up.

Hurry up, slowpokes.

Blowing Rock's this way!
Come on!

Hey, Alex, don't you want
some ice cream?

No. I want to go to Blowing Rock.

We will, but let's go get
some ice cream first.

They have cookies and cream.

- They do?
- Yeah.

Wow! Come on, William.
What are you going to get?

Alex, William has to go meet a friend.
He's going to be late.

- So let's go, and we'll meet him later.
- Are you sure?


Okay. Bye, William.

Bye, Alex.

Hurry up, Solo!

Solo, come on.

Come on.

Isn't this place so pretty?

I'm going to get two scoops of ice cream.

Pretty cool, huh?

Do you know if you throw
a stick off Blowing Rock,

it comes right back to you?

- For real?
- Yeah.

Cool! Come on, let's go.

- We'll go later.
- No, come on!


Come on.

Alex, wait.

Alex, come back.

Hurry up, Solo.

Watch out, Alex.
I don't want you to fall down.

Hurry up, Solo.
There's Blowing Rock!

Hold on. Watch out.

Hurry, up!

Hurry up, Solo.

Look, Solo, look!

- No.
- But I want to see.

You're going to fall.
It's dangerous.

Then let me go get another stick.

Yeah, but be very careful, okay?

Hey, Alex, be careful!

No, it's too dangerous.
I don't want you to come here.

It's too dangerous.

Then here, Solo.
You throw it.

Is this your textbook?


Are you going to try again?

I think so.

Let me give you a little quiz right here.

Let's see.
What is "XLV"?

Aw, come on, Solo.
I know you know it.

"Extra Life Vest."

You see?
You got it right.


Let me find another one.

I'm sure you can get this one.

"In the event of a water evacuation,

what are the six steps
a flight attendant must take?"

Come on, Solo, I know you.

You can get them.

One, form a barrier.

Two, check conditions and redirect

when exits are blocked.

Three, open exits and inflate slides.

You're doing great right now.

Four, when opening a door exit
to evacuate an aircraft,

rotate the handle
in the direction of the arrow

and open the door forcefully enough

that it locks against
the side of the fuselage.

Special thanks to SergeiK.