Grace Is Gone Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Grace Is Gone script is here for all you fans of the John Cusack movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Grace Is Gone quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Grace Is Gone Script

Hi. You've reached Grace,

Stanley, Heidi, and Dawn.

We're not home right now,
but if you leave a message,

we'll get back to you
as soon as possible.

Hi, everyone! It's Mom!

I just wanted to call

and tell you how much
I'm thinking of you.

Stan, I guess
you're at work now.

Have you had a chance
to go to that group thing yet?

I think it's a great idea.

God, it's hot here.

I'm not sure when I'm going
to be able to call again.

It might be a few days.

I just wanted to tell you
that I love you

and I miss you.

Write me.

Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Let's huddle up.

Put it in.

Come on, Agnes.

All right, now give me an H!

- H!
- Give me an O!

- O!
- Give me an M!

- M!
- Give me an E!

- E!
- Give me an S!

- S!
- Give me a T!

- T!
- Give me an O-R-E!


What's that spell?

Home Store!

- What's that spell?
- Home Store!

- Who's number 1?
- Customers!

- Who's number 1?
- Customers!

- Who's number 1?
- Customers!

Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!

Go get 'em.

And Charles knows that I don't...

I don't usually go
for that kind of thing.

But he's telling me

how hot I'm making him,

and, uh, I can...
I can even hear him.

He's... I can hear him.

You know, so we both...

we're... we're both getting into it,

getting really...

muttering and talking,

and I'm just about to scream,

and... and... and...
and then the phone goes dead.

It's pretty romantic, huh?

Oh, honey, don't worry.

Those won't be his last words.

You should consider yourself lucky.

Phone sex is nothing

compared to what Ron did to me

the night before he shipped.

I know, but it would
never be like that

with a woman.

Oh, I wouldn't say that.

Well, you know, I've never had
to make that kind of good-bye.

Well, why don't we ask Stanley?

His wife did.

Uh, well, Stan?

Grace and I had a nice time.

Well, what did you do?

We put the kids to bed, you know.

Then we watched Leno.

You didn't...

That's really none
of anybody's business.

I'm sorry. It's...

Uh, I mean, it must
have been so hard.

No, no, no.
It wasn't hard.

I was proud to see her go.

Of course you were.


- Of course you were.
- Yeah.

Yeah, we're all proud.

I just want them to come home.

When is Ron supposed
to come home?

January if his tour
doesn't get extended.

Well, don't hold your breath.

They always extend.

Welcome to the Army, honey,

and my prescription medicine cabinet.

Two bombs have gone off

in the capital today,

killing at least four people,

and there have also been reports

of skirmishes between gunmen...

What was that?


What were you watching?


Turn it back on.


Not everyone is pleased

with the new order of things in Baghdad.

Thousands today demonstrated in front...

I'm sorry, Dad.

You better be.

...the demonstration organized

by anti-occupation Shiites.

In a disturbing development
is Basra in Iraq's south,

the Iranians...

...raising new security concerns...

What's this I hear about you
falling asleep in school?

You know better than that.

I'm sorry.

We get plenty of sleep
here every night.

There's no excuse for you
to be falling asleep in school.

I know.

I'm not going to have
to talk to you

about this again, am I?

I didn't hear you.



I want you to go
to Mrs. Shimerhorn tomorrow.

I want you to apologize,

I want you to ask for extra work
to show for your disrespect.

- But, Dad...
- No buts.

Dad, she's going to have
her baby any day.


And she's really grouchy right now.

Then you'd better ask her really nice.

Dad, l... I can't just go up to her...

...and ask her
for more work when l...


Thank you.

There we go.
Good night.

All right now.

I love you.

Stanley Phillips?

Is your wife Grace Ann Phillips?

May we come inside, sir?


Whatever you're gonna say, just say.

Mr. Phillips,
I regret to inform you,

on behalf of
the President of the United States,

that Sergeant Grace Ann Phillips

was killed at 2100 hours
on March 12.

I was in the shower.

Mr. Phillips,
may we come inside, sir?

Mr. Phillips,
this is Chaplain Johnson.

He lives on base,

and he'll be available to you

and your children at any time.

Would you like to pray
with me, Mr. Phillips?


Mr. Phillips, I'm going to need you

to sign this, please, sir.

It's just a form

stating you'll be at this address

for the next 45 days.

Is there somebody
you'd like to call

while we wait here
with you, sir?

No. Don't wait.

Don't wait.

Are you sure?

Captain Douglas Tamlin will be
your casualty assistant officer.

He'll be stopping
by here later today

with more details

concerning your wife's death.

Mr. Phillips, any man
who's ever been a soldier

shares in your grief.

Sergeant Phillips was a brave soldier.

She died serving the country she loved.

Hi. You've reached Grace, Stanley,

Heidi, and Dawn.

We're not home right now,

but if you leave a message,

we'll be back to you
as soon as possible.

Hey, Mr. Phillips. It's Rick.

At the Home Store?

Just wondering if
you're coming in to work today.

Okay. Thanks.

- Race you!
- Oh!

What's this?

Give me that.
Thank you.

Hi, girls.

What are you doing here?

Where'd you get that?

Someone left a casserole.

You okay?

Don't eat that.

- Why not?
- Just don't.

Is something wrong?

Don't. Stop.

Stop. Stop, please.

Okay, girls, let's go
in the living room.

I want to talk to you.


Yeah, Dad?

Hey, who's hungry?
Who wants to go get something to eat?

- I do.
- It's only 4:00.

So what?


You can't call shotgun
until you're outside.

Race you.


Go. Go, go, go, both of you.

Go, go, go, go, go.

 Doot doo-doot 

 Hey, Dad, yeah 

 Hey, Dad, yeah 

 Shake your booty, no way 

 Shake your booty, okay 

 Jump jump 

- You go get a table...
- Okay.

...and we'll go to the arcade.

- All right.
- Bye, Dad.

Okay, girls, we're going right now.

- Dad...
- Come on.

We just got here.

We were just getting into it.

I don't care. Just come on.

Heidi, move.

Where are we going?

Where would you like to go?

I don't know.

How about you, Dawn?

Is there any place
you'd like to go?

Enchanted Gardens.

Don't be a moron, Dawn.

I'm not. Daddy asked
where we wanted to go.

That's not what he meant.

You don't know.

Yes, I do.

I don't care. I want to.

Stop it.

Stop it.

- Seriously.
- Seriously.


Oh, God.

Aah! Stop!

What if we did?


What if we did right now

went to Enchanted Gardens?

What if we did?


Go to Enchanted Gardens
right now?

Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!

Be quiet, be quiet.


Huh? Would you like that?

We can't.

Is that's something
you'd like to do? Why not?

- Sit down, Dawn.
- No!

Girls, why not?

Dad... Dad...

We have school.

You can miss
a few days of school.

Yeah, Heidi.

- We can?
- Yeah.

Of course we can. Right, Dad?

- Sure. Why not?
- Yes!

What about your job?

Don't worry about my job.

Don't worry about his job.


Huh? Well?

What about homework?

Don't worry about your homework.

Don't worry about our homework.

We can do... We can help you
with your homework.

Dawn and I can
help you in the car.

Let's do it. Right now.

- Are you serious?
- Yeah!

Of course he's serious.

Yeah. Why not? Let's go.

You got to get some fun
out of life, Heidi.

- Aah!
- You, too, Dawn.

- Let's do it!
- Let's go!

Let's do it! Do you guys
want to do it?

I do!

You party pooper!

Yes or no, Heidi, right now.

This is a one-time-only offer.

Enchanted Gardens right now.

- Right now, Heidi.
- Right now!

Do we have an atlas?

Let's do it!


Hi. You've reached Grace, Stanley,

Heidi, and Dawn.

We're not home right now,

but if you leave a message,

we'll get back to you
as soon as possible.


Just wanted to let you know
the girls and I are... okay.

We just decided to take a little trip.

We're having a really good time.

...could face fines

up to $300 under the new law.

There's a flood watch in
parts of Western Minnesota

through tomorrow evening.

Tonight should be cloudy
with rain showers likely.

Isolated thunders...

Good morning.

Good morning.

Where are we?

I'm not entirely sure.

We should call school

and tell them we're
going to be absent.

Let's think of something
fun to do today.

Can you do that?

What's that?

What's that? What is that?

Supposed to be an answer
to my question?

Huh? Huh? No?


Well, let's try that again.

Come on. Can we think
of something fun

that we want to do today?


No? Why not?

We've talked about it
too much now.


So now there's
too much pressure.

Too much pressure?

What are you doing?

You cannot just drive into this field.

Oh, yes, I can.

Dad, what
are you doing?

I'm doing doughnuts.
What's it look like?

We're going to get in trouble.

- No, no, we're not.
- Watch for the birds.

No, the birds fly out of the way.

What the heck are we doing?

Hey! Good morning, Dawn!

Are we on a road?



Fun, isn't it?


I used to do this all the time

when I was a teenager.


Why? I don't know.
It's fun, isn't it?

Why would you do this?

I don't know. I guess
I just like peeling out.

I didn't put a ton of thought
into everything I did

when I was a kid, Heidi.

All right. Let's go.

Where are we going?



- Dad?
- Yeah.

Are we really going
to Enchanted Gardens?

Of course we are. Why?

I just wanted to make sure.


- Dad?
- Yeah.

Can we get a monkey?


What if it's really little?

Like littler than a puppy.

Still no.

Can we get a pony?


An iPod?


- Dad?
- Yes, Dawn.

Can we get our ears pierced?

No. Not till you're 13.
You know the rules.


Be quiet, Dawn.

What? Do I hear something?

- Dawn!
- I don't hear anything...

Dawn! all, no, no.

Be quiet!

Girls, come on.
Straighten up.

I got a surprise for you.

What is it?

We're going to stop
and see Grandma.

I can get in around back.
Just wait here.

My lamp.

So you want to marry
my daughter.

I sure do. Boy!


Hey, Uncle John.

What are you guys doing here?

Oh, hey, don't...
don't get too close.

I think I have bad breath.

New lamps for all!

Is your dad here?

Can I help you?

John, what are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

Trying to find a way in.

What, the front door
too obvious for you?

Open the door, man.

Hey, bro.

How are you, man?

I'm good, man.

How you doing?

Come on in.

So what have you
been up to, John?

I'm studying to take the GRE.

Good. You going back to school?

I'm thinking about it, yeah.

That's great. What for?

Law. Or medicine.
I haven't decided yet.


That's great.

What's new with you?

Not much.

You all right?

What do you mean, am l...
l... I'm fine.

You're not upset?

About what?

Uh, I don't know.
I mean, where do I start?

The situation's such a mess.

The situation? What situation?

What situation?

I mean, it sounds like
a fucking mess over there.

Watch your language.

Sorry. Sorry.

You don't know what
you're talking about anyway.

Who does?
The administration?

I mean, they'll tell you
the sun comes out at midnight

if it serves their cause.

And how about that monkey boy
president of yours?

He's your president, too.

I didn't vote for him.

You didn't vote at all, did you?

That's... That's not the point.

Isn't it?


stop talking.

Let's not have that
conversation right now.

You'd like that, wouldn't you?

That's what your side's
all about, isn't it?

Censoring dissent?


Why? I mean, we're just talking.

Are you afraid of talking?

No, I'm not afraid of that at all.

I just don't want to confuse the girls.
Is that all right?

I'm sure they're already confused.

I mean...

really, what do you
think about all this?

Do you have an opinion?

They think their mom's a hero,

and they think it's easy
to criticize the situation

when you're sitting
in your mom's living room

thinking about
going back to school...

maybe law, maybe med...
I don't know.

They think every one
of those privileged opinions

is a freedom that their mother
fights for daily

on your behalf.

That's what they think.

Well, it's... it's good to see

that you let them
think for themselves.

You girls hungry?

You think your dad
will buy us lunch?

It's 4:30, man.

You think your dad
will buy us dinner?

Want to buy Uncle John dinner?

You don't want to come?

No, I think I'm just
going to stay here and...

take a little cat nap.

You're bigger than
the last time I saw you.

How old are you now?

Dawn's 8. I'm 121/2.


How old are you?


Bet that sounds
pretty old to you, doesn't it?

Do you have a job?

Why? Are you hiring?


Hey, how come you kids
are out of school?

Dad's taking us
to Enchanted Gardens.

- Why?
- For fun.

You think that place is fun?

What do you mean?


Uncle John?


Why did Dad quit the Army?

He didn't quit.

What do you mean?

He had to leave
because of his eyes.

The Army's strict
about crap like that.

But weren't his eyes always bad?

Mm, more or less.

Well, if they're so strict,

how'd he get in the first place?

He didn't tell you?

Oh, Christ.


Well, if he didn't tell you,

he probably wouldn't
want me to, so...

All right, you promise not
to tell your dad if I tell you?

He cheated.


He had a buddy take a picture

of the physical examiner's eye chart.

Memorized the letters.


Your dad wanted
to serve so bad.

I mean, he really bought

all that patriotic "I Want You" crap.

Which was a good thing, too,

because he never would have
met your mother otherwise.

Well, how'd the Army
find out about his eyes?

Eventually they just gave him
a test he couldn't cheat on,

and that was that.

End of the dream.

Why don't you and Dad
like each other?

Did your dad tell you that?

Well, we're just...
we're just different.

We have different opinions.

Doesn't mean we don't
like each other.

I mean, do you agree
with him about everything?

You shouldn't.

Why not?

Because it's important

that people have their own views

based on an understanding of facts.


But it's also important
not to trust the facts

because most of them are lies.

I don't understand.

Well, it basically comes down to a...

gut thing.

You just have to be
open to allowing

for a truth which differs
from your own opinions,

or else you'll never actually
see the truth at all.

What's that about?

It's her time of day.

What, it's... it's her time of day?

Mom and Dawn
both set their watches

at the same time every day.

That way, they know

that they're both
thinking of each other

at the same moment.




Do you...

want to play tag?


That's good because...

you know why?


Because, uh, you're it.

You're it.

Woo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

You're it. Time out.

What do you mean time out?

You can't call time out.

That is so lame.
You can't just...

All right. I'm just going to read the paper
and find out what's going...

Time in.

You know, I mean,
it's so typical.

I'm the victim of this kind
of thing every single day,

and you know why?

It's because
I'm an honest guy,

and I have to pay for it.


- Ha!
- Aah!

Hey, the phone's ringing.
Open up.


Yeah, this is John.

Oh, hey, Mary.

What the hell
are you doing, man?

What's wrong?
Where are the girls?

The girls are fine.

Stan, I just talked to Mary.

I know what's going on.

Do the girls know?


That's good.
Don't tell them yet.

We got to go.
We got to go.

We got to go.

Stan, what are you doing to them?

I'm taking them on a trip.

Just stay out of it.

Stay out of it?

You're the one
who brought me into it.

I didn't bring you into anything.

You were just here. I didn't plan that.

Do you really think

that... that... that taking
them to an amusement park

is going to help them get
over losing their mother?

- Just stay out of it.
- You're going to screw those girls up.

Is that what you want to do?

- Get out of my way.
- They'll never forgive you.

Get out of my way!

Nobody asked you!
Do you understand?

I got to go.

Don't you want to wait for Mom?


We're on a schedule.


please stay and wait for Mom

because we can talk
it all out together.


It was nice seeing you
again, John.

I got to go. Okay?


Girls, get your stuff together!


- Come on. Get up.
- Aah!

Okay. Come on.
Get up. We got to go.

- Why?
- What?

- We got to go right now.
- Why?

I thought we were going
to see Grandma.

We're going
to talk to her later.

- Get in the goddamn car.
- Dad.

What about Uncle John?

What about Uncle John?

We didn't get to say good-bye.

You'll see him again.

I'm bored. Let's drive into a field.

No, Dawn. We already did that.

Why not?

Because we already did it.


So we ought to do something else.

Seems like we've been driving forever.

Well, it's going to be forever
with that attitude, isn't it?

You're kind of quiet back there, Heidi.

What are you doing?

Just working on my report.

What's your report about?


Whose idea was that?

Mrs. Shimerhorn's.

Mrs. Shimerhorn's.

Why does she think
that's a good idea?

Because she thought
it would help or something.

Help with what?
What do you need help with?

I don't know. You know how
people get when Mom goes away.

No. How do they get?

Like serious.

I call bed!

I call bed.

Not if I get there first!


Dad, this is so fun.
You want to try?

I'm going to go get a cot.

Okely-dokely, artichokey.

I have to poop.

You don't have to tell me
things like that.

There's free shampoo
and a sewing kit!

Hey, what are bath salts?

Noble Elementary.

Mrs. Fissel?


Hi. This is Heidi Phillips.

I was calling to tell you

that my sister and I
are going to be missing

a couple of school days this week.

Oh, that's okay, Heidi.

We're not sick or anything.

We're just taking a trip.

For fun?

Oh, Heidi, I understand.

I was wondering if you
could have our teachers

e-mail our dad our homework.

Of course, sweetheart.

Is Mrs. Shimerhorn there?

Mrs. Shimerhorn is in the hospital.


She's actually having her baby.

Oh, she is?

Yeah, and Miss Abrams
will be taking over for her

for the rest of the year.

Oh. Can you ask her
if it's all right

if my report is late?

Mrs. Shimerhorn said
it had to be done by Monday.

I'm sure it's fine, Heidi, okay?

I'll see you soon.


Bye, sweetheart.


Who was that?

Mrs. Fissel.

What did you call her for?

I was trying
to get our homework.


She was really nice.

That's cool.

Choo-choo train!

Come on, Heidi, do your thing!

Say woo!


Got you.





- Marco.
- Polo.

- Marco.
- Polo.

Count how long
I can do it.



Dad, watch this.

That's good.

This is a long time.

It's like five days.


That was good.


- That was about, like,
- How long?

I don't know, two minutes?


You weren't counting.

I was close.



What's going on?

What do you mean?

Why are we doing all this?

I just wanted to give you girls
a surprise, you know?

Take you on a trip.

You didn't go to work
yesterday, did you?

No, I didn't go to work.

Were you fired?

You know Mom's
going to be really mad

if you lose your job, right?

I didn't lose my job, Heidi.


But if you were going to,
you'd tell us, right?

Yeah, I would tell you.

I'm going to go to sleep.

What are you doing?


You're not old enough to smoke.

I'm 18.

No, you're not.

Want to bet?

I saw you with your mom at the pool.

That wasn't my mom.

Oh, yeah? Who was it?

It was an autistic woman.

I take care of her for money.

You shouldn't lie.

I'm not lying. It's the truth.

How old are you?


Want one?





Why are you coughing?

You haven't even smoked it yet.

I knew you'd never smoked before.

Better go home, boy.

Get your stuff.
We're going right now.

- Now?
- Yeah. Right now.

It's in the middle of the night.

You arguing with me? Move.

Jesus, Heidi,

you can't just walk around

in the middle of the night
by yourself.

You could have been hurt,
kidnapped, who knows?

I said I was sorry.

All right, but what
I want to know is

what the hell you were doing
out there in the first place.

Make me leave your sister alone

in... some hotel.

I couldn't sleep.

You couldn't sleep? Why not?

Why do you think?

Is that why you're falling
asleep in class?

Oh, boy.

What do you do every night?

I don't know.

Walk around.

I went to a support group
the other day.


You know, the one they got
at Debbie Sager's house.

For military wives.

I stopped by there the other day.

Isn't that weird?

What did you talk about?

Uh-uh. No.

I didn't.

Did it help?

I don't know.

I don't think it did.

Will you do me a favor
if you can't sleep?

Um, will you wake me up?


So I can talk to you.



You'd do that?

Yes, I would do that.


You still want to try it?

With you?

Yeah. I'd rather
you do it with me

than some punk kid.

Well? What's it going to be?


Have you ever done this before?

No comment.

Do you want one,
or should we split one?

Let's split one.

Good idea.

Good one.

Oh, are you okay?


Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm fine.


Maybe we should stop, right?

I'm going to go get some water.

You stay here, okay?

 The world could fall apart 

 But you're my heart, my dear 

 I will sing this song 

 Till we are gone, my dear 

 How do I keep you
from losing your way? 

 Hope you'll go out 

 And you'll come back some day 

 But love is not enough 

 This I know 

Stay together.
I'll be right back.

- I just got to make a phone call.
- Where are you going?

I'll meet you by the dresses.


Hey, Dad.

What are those?


Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no.

You said we could get
anything we wanted.

You know the rules.
Not until you're 13.

I'm almost 13.

And I'm 8.

This is something
you really want to do right now?


All right. Let's do it.




Is it going to hurt?

You won't even feel
a thing, I promise.

- You ready?
- Mm-hmm.

Did it hurt?


- Excuse me.
- Sorry.

That's okay.

Is that it?

That's it. Want to see?

Looks good, Bear.
You're all grown up.

- You next?
- Yeah.

1, 2, 3.

Is that all right?


I just got my ears pierced.

That's nice, sweetie.

That looks good.

This one's nice, too.

Did it hurt?

A little.

A little bit?

You did it.

Where's Dawn?

Find her. How much
do I owe you?

Oh. 32.50.

- Dawn?
- Thank you so much.





Bear, where are you?

Dawn! Bear!

Dawn Amber Phillips!

See if she's over there.


Dawn, honey, what are you
doing in there?

Dawn, are you all right?


Anybody home?

Come in.



This is a nice place.

This really is.

You decorate it yourself?


Well, it's really, really nice.

It's a nice little house.

Nice walls, nice... nice roof.


I could see a nice little
happy family living here.


You miss home.


I miss Mom, too.

You know, I was thinking.

Maybe this would be a good thing

to get for the house.

You could put it up

in you and your sister's room.

Would you like that?


I love you, Dad.

I love you, too, Bear.

Come here.



You smell.

I think I like this one.

Try it.

Looks pretty nice.

Hey, Dad.


What do you do at work all day?

I sell shit.


I'm sorry.

I sell stuff.

You know what I do.

I sell stuff at Home Store.

Come on. Give me an H.


Give me an O.


- Give me an M.
- M.

- Give me an E.
- E.

Give me an S.

- J.
- S.

- Give me a T.
- Q.

Give me an O-R-E.


What's that spell?


You're right about that.

...hold you in my arms 

 It scares me 

 Just to think that
something so beautiful 

 Could just come apart in my hands 

 I've always been chasin' rainbows 

How are you feeling, excited?

You getting excited?



How are you feeling?

I'm good.



Do you ever think

that Mom should have stayed home?

All the time.

Why did she have to go?

She was doing her duty,
Heidi, you know that.

I know, but what exactly
does that mean?

We've talked about this.

We have people all over the world

looking out for our safety.

When they discover a threat,

they have to act on it.

That's the way the world is.

On the news they're saying

that we went to war
with the wrong people,

that it was all a lie.

Well, you can't always believe

everything you hear
on television, can you?

Sometimes you just got to trust

that you're doing the right thing.

We got to believe...

Well, what if you can't?

Then we're all lost.

Hi. You've reached Grace, Stanley,

Heidi, and Dawn.

We're not home right now,

but if you leave a message,

we'll get back to you
as soon as possible.

Hey. It's Stanley and the girls.

I just wanted to hear
your voice on the machine

and tell you that we're all right.

We're in Florida.

I told you we were
going to Florida, right?

Taking the girls on a little trip.

Anyway, do you
remember that, uh...

I was thinking that when we...

when we came down here
before you shipped out,

and I just...
I wanted to apologize

because, uh...

because I was so angry back then,

and, uh, I just wanted to let you know

I was thinking that...

that the reason I was so angry

was because I was ashamed...

that it was you
who was going and not me.

We would have been
better off if it was me.

The girls would have
been better off.

And I made such a fucking
mess out of this thing.

Grace, I'm such a mess.

l... I don't...

know how to talk to these girls.

I haven't even told them.

So you got to tell me
what to do... Grace.

Please, God, tell me what to do.

So how do I say it?

You got to tell me what to do.

Who were you talking to?


Mrs. Shimerhorn.

Mrs. Shimerhorn?

She said everything's
going to be fine

but we got to get that report in

and do a couple
of makeup assignments,

but, uh, to enjoy the trip.

So let's go.

Come on.

Load up!

- Are we there yet?
- No.

- Are we there yet?
- Mm-mmm.

- Are we there yet?
- No.

- Are we there yet?
- Mm.

- Are we there yet?
- No.

- Are we there yet?
- No.

Are we there yet?


- Are we there yet?
- No.

Are we there yet?


Are we there yet?

How about now?

Oh, it's right there!

It's right there!
Oh, my gosh, Dad!

Step on it, old man!

There it is, Heidi!

It's right there!

What ride do you
want to go on first?

Mission accomplished.

I wonder if they have a TV there.

They probably do.

It's all yours.
Take your pick.

Welcome to the Enchanted Hotel.

Enchanted Gardens!

Enchanted Gardens!

Enchanted Gardens!

All right, girls.

Uh, just don't stay up
all night, okay?

- Okay, Dad.
- Because we got to get...

We got to get some sleep

because we've got
a big day tomorrow, okay?


Big day.

Let's stay up all night.


"We can, we must,

"and we will see it
through to completion

"the mission for which
these young Americans

"and their families have sacrificed,

"carrying with us the memory

"of those who have lost their lives

"in the battle.

"We ask our commanders
on the ground

"at every opportunity

"if there's something we ought
to be doing differently.

"In our 200-plus years,

"America has learned
some important lessons,

"and one is that weakness
is provocative.

"It tempts aggression.

That appeasement is..."

Hey. It's Stanley and the girls.

I just wanted to hear
your voice on the machine

and tell you that we're all right.

We're in Florida.

I told you we were
going to Florida, right?

Taking the girls on a little trip.

Anyway, do you remember that, uh...

I was thinking that when we...

when we came down here
before you shipped out,

and I just thought
I wanted to apologize

because, uh...

because I was so angry back then,

and, uh, I just
wanted to let you know

I was thinking that...

that the reason
I was so angry

was because I was ashamed...

- Hey.
- Hey.

You look like you're ready to go.

I am.

Oh, that dress looks pretty.


Where's your sister?


Outside doing what?

I don't know.
Some Heidi thing.

Oh, right.



What are you doing
out here all by yourself?

You all right, sweetheart?

Yeah. How are you?

Me? I'm just fine.

Just fine.

Slept like a rock,

which is good.

You know your sister's
just about ready to burst,

she's so excited.

What do you think?
You want to get going?

Sure. Sure.




Have an enchanted day.

This way...

or this way?




Do you want this balloon?

Yeah. I like blue.

I don't know.
This is kind of...

This is a powerful balloon.

I don't know if I
should let you hold it.

Ha ha ha!

That's a big balloon.

Heidi, Heidi,
hold your sister.

Hold your sister down.

Hold her. Hold her.

The wind's going
to take her away.

What do you want to do now?

Let's go.


You want to leave?

I did everything
I wanted to do.


Come on.

Why aren't we on the highway?

Let's get out of the car.

Sit down.

I need to tell you something...

and it's something I should
have told you a lot earlier.

You know your mother and I
love you very, very, very much.



Nothing's ever
going to change that.


Do you remember
when we talked about things

that could happen
while she was away?

Well, your mother was hurt.

She was hurt real bad.

Where is she?

She was hurt so bad,
they couldn't fix her.

She's just hurt, right?


She's just hurt.

Where is she?

It's okay, Dawn.

We'll take care of her.
She's just hurt.

Your mom is a soldier,

and soldiers sometimes get hurt,

and sometimes they even...

die in battle.

And that's what happened.

Grace Ann Phillips

was born in Newport, Indiana,
on October 3, 1971.

She was a happy child

who loved spending time outdoors.

Once she even spent
an entire summer

sleeping in a refrigerator box

in her mother's backyard.

She waterproofed it
with garbage bags

so she could sleep in it
even when it rained.

Grace was a brave woman.

She enlisted in the Army
right out of high school.

She met my father, Stanley Phillips,

at boot camp
in Fort Knox, Kentucky,

later that summer.

They married after training was over.

My father says that, to this day,

he's still surprised Mom said yes,

which is funny
because Mom used to tell

my sister and me
she was worried

he was never going
to ask the big question.

Grace and Stanley loved
each other very much.

They were best friends.

Anyone who knew Grace

knows she was a special person.

She was kind, generous, and funny.

She had a loud, silly laugh

you could hear

even when you were
in the next room.

And she could sing
better than anyone.

We'll miss her very much,

but we promise
to always think of you

when we laugh, wake up,

fall asleep,

and look at the ocean.

I promise to keep your memory
with us forever.

Is it time?

Not yet.

Okay, get ready.

 Can't find all the words yet 

 It's still not the time yet 

 And my mind can't think of anything 

 It only sees you 

 You know I am trying 

 God knows I am trying 

 And why does the wind
keep shouting out? 

 It's still not over 

 I keep on trying 

 I think I'm learning 

 To live in hearts 

 You leave behind 

 Is not to die, Grace 

 And find the right place 

 Is there a right place 

 Where I can make it
all make sense somehow 

 And face tomorrow? 

 I keep on trying 

 I think I'm learning 

 To live in hearts 

 You leave behind 

 Is not to die, Grace 

 The world go round some 

 We move along some 

 To live in hearts 

 Of theirs and mine 

 Is not to die 


Special thanks to SergeiK.