Gracie Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Gracie script is here for all you fans of the Carly Schroeder soccer movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Gracie quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Gracie Script

I'll sleep all day,
out all night 

I know where you're going 

I don't think
that's acting right 

You don't think it's showing 

I'm hearing reservations.

Ten yards out, for you?

Come on, man. It's like
hitting the side of a barn.

Come on, Johnny. We're late.

All right.
So then, let's sweeten the pot.

We'll back it up to twenty,
and I won't be the shooter.

My sister will be.

What? Her?



Five bucks says it's so cake,
even my sister can do it.

There's no way I can hit that.

She says she can't do it.

I'll be right behind you.

No, look.

What's she doing?


Well, so, take 'em off.

... all your plans 

What you tryin'
to hand me?

Five bucks. One shot.

And the chick's
gonna shoot barefoot?

Her name's Gracie.

Yeah, whatever.

You're on.

It's your money.

Okay, see the target?


You don't want to
look at the target.

You want to keep
your ankle locked...

and your toes pointing down.

- Got it.
- Right. Okay, good.

So when you strike the ball...

you want to make solid contact
with your instep here.

You're gonna follow
through the target.

All right, come on, man.
Let's go.

Okay. Now, your plant foot...

you want
to keep even with the ball...

and then your kicking foot
is gonna go over the ball.

It's too much to remember.

Don't worry about it.

Just wait till you're ready

You can do anything.

Fun game. What's it called?

Don't look back,
a new day is breaking 

It's been too long 


Since I felt this way
I don't mind 

Johnny, here.


Today is the day 

Come on, come on.

Over here. Whoops.

I'm much too strong
not to compromise 

Johnny. Here.



Never a doubt in my mind.

You owe me a pair of flip-flops.

Let's go.
Get back. Get back.


Come on. You got to move
your feet faster.

Mike, catch up.
Cross over. Get moving.

That's it. That's it.

Where the hell were you?

I took off overtime hours.
Peter and your brothers made it.

All right, Johnny.
Let's go. Pass and shoot drill.

I'll be the goalie.

Mike, Daniel, get in the goal.

Hustle, hustle.

Here you go, Peter.

I want clean passes.
That's it.

And shot.

All right, Johnny, let's see it.

And shot.
That's it. That's it.

I could shag balls.

Peter, get it to him.

Oh, your mom
was calling you before.

Shoot, Johnny.

That's it. What a shot.

Good left foot.

Here, honey.

Paper says
you're gonna beat Kingston.

They're gonna take State.
It's a done deal.

No, no, no.
Johnny will take 'em down.

They're animals.

They're bigger.
They're stronger.

How's that view
from the bench?

It's better than yours
from the stands.

You gotta want it more, Johnny.

Here, Dad.

But they've got the giant.

But he can't play soccer.

He just knocks
everybody over. No skills.

This is our year.

Can we talk
about something else, please?

There is nothing else.

Oh, really?

We should play a 4-4-2 and
double-team that guy McMann?

And you read that
on what cereal box?


Questions give the impression
one is interested.

And you're not interested?

To what she says?

Girls lose their brains
when their boobs grow.

Then Grace must be really smart.

You guys
both took four meatballs.

Fill that for her.

We played. She didn't.

It's not like
you eat here every night...

just because the food's good.

All right, fine.
It's her pick then.

Take what you want, Grace.

I'll take this one.

And I'll have this
for maximum boob growth.

Elmer's hungry, huh?

That bird's never gonna fly.

Tell him that
and he never will.

You stretch out?

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah.

Well, don't stretch out too
fast, so you don't cramp up.

Is Johnny still
polishing his cleats?

It's been almost
an hour already.

He does it for luck.

He does it because
he's afraid to lose.

Could have
some rain tonight.

You know what they do
in baseball, of course.

They roll out a tarp
and everybody goes...

to the locker room
and put their street clothes on.

Not in soccer, you know,
you just play through...

and in football
they just keep stopping.

You stretch out yet?

Yeah, Dad. Yeah.

Well, do it again
before the game starts...

and just do it slow.

You don't want to cramp up.

Maybe they'll call it off.

All right,
let's play some offense here!

- Go! Let's go!
- To the side.

Watch where you're goin'!

Look for him, Johnny.

Look for him. He's open.

Good hustle, Johnny!

Come on!

Let's go.

Coming your way.


What are you doing?
You don't even like soccer.

I'm here for Donny...


and Kyle.

All right, let's go!
Let's go! Let's go!

Move the ball!
Move the ball!

Move it! Move it! Move it!
Pass it to Johnny!

There it is! There it is!



- Yeah!
- Whoo!

For you.

Dude, he totally likes you.

Why won't you go out with him?
You should.

Never said I didn't.

I mean, come on, the only guy
hotter is, like, your dad.

I'm just kidding.
Your dad is old.

Pick up your man!

That's it!


Pick up the giant!

Pick him up! Pick him up!


He walked in there!


That's one.

That's it? We lost?

No, we're going
into penalty kicks.

Get 'em!
All right, let's go.

All right, all right,
all right.


Chuck! Chuck!

Kingston! Kingston!

Kingston! Kingston!


Did Kingston win?

They have the go-ahead goal.

If we don't score, we lose.

Let's go. Let's go.

Come on, now.
Shoot 'em dead, Johnny.

Miss it!

Come on, Johnny!

Wait till you're ready.

- You can do anything.
- You can do anything.

Kingston! Kingston!

Kingston! Kingston!

Hey, is he in there?

Last one.


You scored a great goal.

Did Dad send you?


You're not supposed
to be in here.

Your team's waiting.

It was supposed to go in.

I put it right there.

I blew it.

''You know what, son?

''You win as a team
and you lose as a team.''

Yeah, screw Dad.

You know what? You're right.

You really sucked out there.

Yeah, I did. Big time.

Come on. Let's go.

Love you.

Come on, Johnny.
Let's roll.

A drunk driver.
He was pulled from the car.

The other boys are banged up.

Where's Johnny?
Which hospital is he in?

Lindsay, Johnny didn't make it.

I'm gonna get my purse.

Lindsay, Johnny didn't make it.


Oh, no!

No! No!


What color was the car?

It's the Walker's car.
It's maroon.

How fast was it going?

I don't know.

What if somebody
asks something?

Tell them the truth,
that he died in a car accident.

What if they want details?

There are no details.

He died instantly.
He didn't see it coming.

And dying doesn't hurt.

Was there lots of blood?

No. No more questions, okay?

Hey, Peter, come on in.

Still giving rides to school?

Do we have to go?

Yes. Everybody goes today...

and tonight.

You're taking
your grandpa, okay?

Here, Dad.

The most improved
junior varsity player...

a player who surprised us all
this year with 15 assists...

Neil Nielson.

Come on up here, Neil.


Thanks, Mr. C.

We're all proud of you, son.

I couldn't let
this evening pass...

without saying a few words
about a boy who is not here.

A boy who was not only...

an extraordinarily
gifted athlete...

but also the best
all-around human being...

I've ever had
the honor of coaching.

Bryan, would you like to come
up here and say a few words?


Um, thanks, Coach.

Um, Johnny
really loved you guys...

and he loved this game.

He loved this place.

More than anything...

he wanted to beat Kingston
and make our town proud.

Never saw that win.

But don't be sad for him.

You know what? Just go out
there next season...

and beat those bastards,
all right?

You can still do it.
It's what he wanted.

You can make it happen...
for Johnny.

I have an announcement.

She got her period.

I know how to beat Kingston
next season.

I'm gonna play
in Johnny's place.

Dad's gonna train me.

We have nine months
before tryouts.

You had to laugh?

Grace, sweetie, I'm sorry.

You wouldn't have laughed
if it was Mike or Danny.

Well, they're boys.

You said at the banquet...

you said, ''Go out there
and beat Kingston.''

I didn't mean you.

Watch this. Top corner.

Good, but not good enough.

What are you talking about?

That was right
in the upper corner.

There's no goalie.
Nobody blocking you.

There's nothing on it.

I drilled it.

It was a terrible shot.
You hit the post.

That's crap.

It was a meatball.

My grandmother could have
knocked it down...

with her handbag.

Peter. Peter, get out here.
You're playin'.

Come on. I want you
one-on-one to the goal.

You want to play soccer?

Don't go easy on me.

There's the ball. Play ball.

Wide right.

Again. Right now. Play ball.

Get around him.


Bryan, that's enough.


You're gonna do it.

Come on. Show me.

Bryan, I said that's enough!

Get out of here!

Peter, get dry.
Get in the house.

I'm calling it, Grace.

Dad, I can do this!

- No. No, you can't.
- Yes, I can!

You can't even beat him, and
he's not on the starting team!

Yes, I can!

It's this simple.
You're not tough enough.

They're gonna cream you.

It's not gonna happen.

Grace. Grace, sweetheart.

- Stop. Stop.

- No.
- Stop it.


Dad, please help me.


Not everything's possible.

It was for Johnny.

It's different for you
because you're a girl.

It's just a lot harder.

You know, my mom used to say
that for us girls...

life is one big shit sandwich,
and we all got to take a bite.

Is that what you did?

It was a series
of personal hardships...

and political defeats...

that gave him
the moral courage to stand up...

and face
these presidential races.

Hey, you know, I want
those outlines tomorrow.

I have some exams here.

Himmelman, Sanchez...

Gracie, can I see you a sec?

Your exam was totally blank.
Should I fail you?

Gracie, you're gonna have
to step up for the next one. L...

I can overlook this one.

I gotta get going.

Do you want to talk
to somebody? The nurse?

My mother is the nurse.

Gracie, like this.

Don't leave me hanging
on the telephone 

This way, the smoke
won't burn your eyes.

Kyle's gonna be captain
next year.

He tell you?

Yeah, he told me when I told
him I'd be his girlfriend.


He's gonna have expectations.

I know.

I can't miss Bio again.

I can.

I like to talk when I can
show you my affection 

So who gets the room?

Daniel, Mike.

It's mine!

No, it's mine! I'm older!

I'm smarter.

Yeah, right, dumbo.

You're dumbo, too.

You're the most dumbo.

I knew if I asked you,
you'd say no.

From Hollywood...

- inviting you to join Johnny
and his guests George Carlin...

Lola Falana,
Charles Grant, and...

Grace just got
into Kyle Rhodes' car.


I said that Grace just
drove off in Kyle Rhodes' car.

I can't do it.

I can't do it
all by myself, Bryan.

I need your help.

I'm not asking you to.

Yes, you are. You're asking
me to do it all alone.

What do you want me to do?

I don't know. I don't know.

But we're here.
We're still here.

You've got three children
who are still here.

Born under the wrong sign 

Trouble is my middle name 


Your skin is so soft.

So, uh, do you have
these freckle things everywhere?

Where are you going?

Gracie, what are you doing?

What are you, crazy?

Gracie, what are you doing?

Your g's backwards.

It's a ''j.''

Who for?


Ah. Yeah,
that's... That's really...

That's really sweet.

Car. Gracie.

Kyle, do you really like me?

Yeah, yeah.

I really do.

You think a girl
could ever play soccer?

That's a good one.


What is up with you?

...White House window box.

I am tough enough.

WPLJ music specials feature
on Saturday night at ten...

oh, my,
Paul McCartney and Wings...

Sunday night at ten,
the Rolling Stones.

There you go.
I'm Carroll Miller.

It's always great music
for you right here...

with Bruce Springsteen on WPLJ,
New York's top album station.

Well, I stood stone-like
at midnight 

Suspended in my masquerade 

And I combed my hair
till it was just right 

And commanded
the night brigade

I was open to pain
and crossed by the rain 

And I walked
on a crooked crutch 

I strolled all alone
through a fallout zone 

And came out
with my soul untouched 

I hid in the clouded wrath
of the crowd 

When they said, ''Sit down,''
I stood up 

Hey, Gracie.


I'm not gonna wait forever.

Growin' up 


And the flag of piracy
flew from my mast 

My sails were set
wing to wing 

I had a jukebox graduate
for first mate 

She couldn't sail,
but she sure could sing 

And I pushed B-and bombed 'em with the blues 

With my gear set stubborn
on standing 

I broke all the rules,
strafed my old high school 

Never once
gave thought to landing 

The weight room
doesn't open till eight.

It's for boys only.

Are these written policies
or just common practice?

The girls' gym
doesn't have any weights.

I can be here early
and nobody would even know.

I'd know.

Is that such a burden?

I can't break rules for you.


But my feet they finally
took root in the earth 

But I got me a nice
little place in the stars 

And I swear I found the key
to the universe 

In the engine
of an old parked car 

I hid in the mother breast
of the crowd 

When they said, ''Pull down,''
I pulled up 


Growin' up 


Growin' up 

- Hey.
- Hey, yourself.

I so dig this music,
don't you?

I'm burning
to ask you something.

- What's that?
- Don't you ever get a break?

Working the door.

'Cause if you did...

I was thinking
that maybe we could dance.

You got an I. D?


Go on.

Baby, baby,
let's get together 

Party hearty 

Where did you
learn to do that?

From you.

Kyle's here.
You didn't tell me.

I didn't know.


That we like to do 

Aw, do a little dance 

Make a little love,
get down tonight 

Hey, you showed.

Do a little dance,
make a little love 

Get down tonight 

Get down tonight, baby 

So are we gonna do this?

Let's do this.

Just relax.


Hey, you're the one
who brought me out here.

I mean,
look what you're wearing.


Hey. I told you
a Bowen can't go all the way.

You're way out
of your league, sweetheart.

You owe me 20 bucks, Curt.

Yeah, whatever.

Oh, my God.


Did anyone tell you
why we're here?

Mr. Bowen? Lindsay.

Your daughter Grace,
on her last History exam...

copied word for word
from Jena Walpen's paper.

I hated to do it,
but I had to fail her.

Both girls are on probation.

Goal! Goal!

Why is Peter here?

I think the boys wanted
someone to practice with.

Oh, yeah!
Yes! Oh! Yes!

Would you like to go
with me on Saturday?

I thought
we could get you a trim...

get the hair off your face.

I like my hair.

But, honey,
nobody can see you.

We could go to the mall
and get you some new tops.

I don't like the clothes
they have there.

Okay. Anything you want.
You choose.

Honey, what is going on?

I'm just busy.

Well, with what?
A boy? Kyle?

Just things, you know.

I don't know.
That's why I'm asking.

We saw
Principal Enright today.

Grace, you flunked History.

So what, I'm grounded?

Uh, sh... well...
Uh, I didn't say that.

Well, not yet anyway.

Well, let me know when
you decide on something.

What's going on?

Do I have to check
your homework every night?

Good boy.

If you're gonna act like a kid,
that's how I'll treat you.

Show me your homework.

- Didn't do it.
- Do it now.

Didn't bring my books home.

You're grounded.
Come straight home from school.

And if your grades
don't come up, summer school.

I want to do something
I've never done before.


Something you've
never done before.

I can think of a few things.

I want to do 'em all at once,
right now.

Come on. Go.

Come on.

You got a license?

Right here. My mom's.

Let's go. Come on.

Shh! Shh!

Right here. Come on.

Bye, boys.

I don't want
to know your name 

'Cause you don't
look the same 

The way you did before 

Fox on the run 

You scream 

And everybody comes

Take a run
and hide yourself away 

Enough sun.
Let's go to the club.

Once I had a love,
and it was a gas 

Soon turned out 

What college you go to?

Up in Boston.

Oh, cool. Which one?

I want to go dance.
You want to come dance with me?

All right.

Once I had a love,
and it was divine 

He majors in astrology
so he can read girls' hands.

Like, you know, like...

Seemed like the real thing,
but I was so blind 

Like this is
your love line.

It goes all the way up and...

I'll be right back.


In between
what I find is pleasing 

And I'm feeling fine 

Love is so confusing 

There's no peace of mind
if I fear I'm losing you 

It's just no good
you teasing like you do 

Ooh-ooh, oh-oh 

Ooh-ooh, oh-oh 

So you're from Beantown?

Yeah. Yeah.

I've been there a lot actually.
I go to college there.

Oh, yeah? Which one?




Yeah. How old are you?

I'm old enough.

Yeah. I don't... I don't
think this is a good idea.

Let's go back.

No. Come on.

I have a car.

Ooh-hoo, Jackie Blue 

Making wishes
that never come true 

Going places
where you've never been 

Ooh, Jackie,
you're going again 

Come on, baby.

- What was that?
- Nothing.

Gracie. Gracie.

- Oh, shit.
- Gracie, get out of the car.

Who's that?

Out, out. Get out.

Where's my shirt?

Come on, punk.
Get packing.

Gracie, come on out.
Right now.

Gracie, you all right?

Oh, yeah. She's fine.

I owe you one, Sal.

You can stop
acting like you care.

Nobody can see you.

You're just lucky
you didn't get hurt.

Gracie, what the hell
were you thinking?

Do you really want to have
this conversation?

I do.

Then talk.

Come on, Dad.

Gracie, get up. Come on.
Get dressed.

Two feet on the floor.
Let's go.


Don't make me get the ice water.

Go away.

You want to talk?
This is me talking.

I can't do anything
about the weight room.

Grace wants to play
varsity soccer.

That's terrific.

Really great, but Columbia
doesn't have a girls' team.

That's why she's trying out
for the boys' team.

- No, I'm not.
- Grace.

You can't play a girl
on a boys' team.

There's no law against it.

There's no law for it.
She could get injured.

So what?


I'm not risking the success
of my team for one girl.

I've got the team this year
to win the whole thing.

Well, maybe she can
help you do it.

Have you seen her play?

Coach, we're not asking
for any special treatment.

Just a tryout. She can
either do it or she can't.

It's not my call. Take it up
with the school board.

What the hell was that?

You wanted to play,
let's petition the board.

Like you care.

You take summer school
in the morning...

train with me
in the afternoon.

Tryouts are in two months,
you know.

Why now?

Where were you
when I was begging you?

Where have you been
my entire freakin' life?

Everything's always been
about Johnny, about your boys.

You don't even care about me
because I'm not one of 'em.

- Oh, come on, Gracie.
- Shut up!

Hey, you can't talk
to me like that.

Listen, you think anybody
got better on their own?

I coached Johnny.

Johnny was a natural.

Johnny was a boy!

You know, I never had
anybody care about me.

Nobody ever gave me
their damn time.

My knee's killing me.

Grace, I don't know if
you are good enough, but...

let me help you.

The school board letter.

You write this?

Yeah. You sign it, too.

The sooner we mail it,
the sooner they say yes.

Those boys are gonna
try and take you out.

They're gonna go after you.

So I'll teach you how to
take it, how to give it back.

It's mental
as much as it is physical.

First, we work on speed,

then we work with the ball.

You want to do this?

Let's go.

- Tired?
- No.

'Cause if you want
to take a break.

- No. You?
- You seem a little sluggish.

I'm just taking it easy on you.



Not done.

Really fast speed now.
Double up. That's it.

That's it.
Get your knees up.

Dad's training her
for the boys' team.

They're both delusional.

Go, go, go, go.
Faster feet. Like this.

My God,
I think I'm gonna puke.

So puke.

Finish your suicides.
You owe me four more.

You jerk.

Hundred and fifty dollars.

You know, your paychecks haven't
been going into the account.

Have you been cashing them?

I quit my job.


You didn't even
talk to me about it?

Where have you been going?

I just couldn't tell you.

Something will turn up.

What are we gonna live on?

I'm not gonna lose
another child.




All right. Chin-up.

- What?
- Let's go.

All right, give me ten.

Did Johnny do ten?

At least. Let's go.



Check the pot pie
in about twenty minutes.

Where are you going, Mom?

My other job.

Ask your father.

'Cause I'm not working...

she picked up a couple
extra shifts at the hospital.

Let's go.

Come on.

Here's the itinerary.

We get to this club...

that's having
this battle of the bands, right?

It's gonna be amazing.

You're gonna love it.

But, Jena,
it is a school night.

It's the summer.

I have summer session,
plus I'm training.

People are talking.

You're committing
social suicide.

I don't care.

Hold my feet.

Gracie, you've always had
your athletic interests.

But come on...

girls who play sports at our age
are considered lesbos.

I can like boys and sports.

I know that,
and you know that...

but that's not how they see it.

They or you?

Well, if they think
you're a dyke...

then I am, too,
by association.

Well, then, don't associate.

Fine. You know what?
Maybe you are a lesbo.

You were just
the last one to know.

And that bird's too freaking big
for that cage, by the way.

Come here.


I'm gonna toss this little guy.
Catch and cradle it.

- Don't let it break.
- Okay.

With your foot.

With my foot?


Soft as a pillow.

Ooh, ooh, ooh.
Here you go. Ready?

You try.


Just cradle it.

Okay, here. You try.

So boys' varsity team...

think I can do it?

Try out or make the team?

The boys are just...

Worried about all of them
or just one?

Kyle's a jerk.

If you want to
play with boys...

you're gonna have to start
training with them.

Tonight there's gonna be
a jailbreak 

Somewhere in this town 

See, me and the boys
we don't like it 

So we're getting up
and going down 

Hiding low,
looking right to left 

If you see us coming,
I think it's best to move away 

Do you hear what I say
from under my breath? 

Tonight there's
gonna be a jailbreak 

Hey, Gracie.
Did you see that, huh?

That's how you do it,
unless you did.

All right,
set it up again, boys.


Hey, if you're going, go.
Forget Kyle.

Gracie's gonna play.

- All right. You take it.
- All right.


Curt, step out for a second.
Donny, Scott.

Craig, step back.

No, no, no, no.

Let Gracie take it.


You gotta have some
natural talent in there, right?

Yeah, come on, Gracie.
Show us what you got.

She is a Bowen.

Oh, oh, oh.

Oh, come on.

- Yeah, she got you beat, man.
- You can, Gracie.

Come on, Gracie.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

There you go.

You gotta be quicker, Gracie.

Man, that's all right.

Ooh hoo hoo hoo!

Yeah, yeah.
You gotta be good.

Hey, Donny.
Show her your moves.

Boogie-woogie. Boogie.

Come on. Come on.

Here it is. You comin'?

Here it is!

Take it, come on.


You want the ball?
Go get it.


Oh, oh, oh.


What the hell are you doing?

It wasn't hard.

- You all right?
- Gracie, don't go.

Is that all she's got?

Bye-bye, Gracie.

Watch it.

I'm ready
for my real training.

Oh, you think you're ready?

With the ball.

I don't want to just
barely survive out there.

I want you to train me
like you did Johnny.

If you want to
compete, Gracie...

- Yeah?
- You gotta win the ball.

You gotta take position.
Ready? Get the ball.

Go, go, go, go.
Peter. Peter.

You're not
helping anybody.

What did he do?

He let you get the ball.

- All right?
- No, he didn't.

Don't do that.
You get it, all right?

Just so much...
Be aggressive, tougher.

You gotta want and believe
that you can take the ball.

Go, go, go.

Did you hear me?

You gotta get your body
in front of his.

Just like that, all right?
Help me out here.

You played with Johnny,

- We goofed around.
- You did drills.

We didn't really
call them that.


How did you teach Johnny?

I didn't.
He was a natural, remember?

Wow. Is that Johnny?

That's me.

You guys had
the same number?

Yeah, number seven,
both of us.

It's junior year.
You saw this before, Grace.


That was before
I hurt my knee.

Oh, oh, wait. Wait.
You gotta watch this move.

- Ooh.
- Whoa.

Smoked him.

Baff. Right there.

- Oh!
- Smoked that guy.

You were like a star.

Well, not so much.

Didn't have anybody
looking out for me.

What about Granddad?

What about him?

He never saw anything in me.

This is what I used to do.
Simple move.

You just wait for the guy's
weight to shift...

and then cut the ball.
Simple like this.

Come on.
Come on. Come on. Right?

Bam. Baff.

I'm gonna try
and take it from you.

If the angle's not sharp enough,
I'm gonna take it.

Just look at what I do
and do it.

No, no, Grace. No.
Now, try this. Ready?

- Are you paying attention?
- Yeah.

Good. You gotta get it.
Watch this.

Like that. Block, and over.

Baff. Goal.

Come on.

You see what I did, right?

Come on, Grace.

One last time,
I'll show you. Ready?

Baff. Goal.

Kingston, October 23rd.

I think it's time to stop.

We got a couple more minutes.

I think
it's too much for her.

Too much for her?

Does it look like
it's too much for her, huh?

One, two...




Carp, carp, shift.

Carp, carp, shift.

Rock steady, baby 

Stretch it! Stretch it!


Let's call this song 

Yeah! Yeah! Goal!


Step n' move your hips
with a feelin' 

From side to side 

Sit yourself down
in your car 

And take a ride,
and while you're movin' 

Rock steady,
rock steady, baby 

Let's call this song
exactly what it is 

What it is,
what it is, what it is 

Come on, Grace.
Quicker, quicker.

And, Lord, I feel it 

Come dance around 

What it is
'cause I might be doin' 

This funky dance
all night, oh 

Three, four, five.

Three, four, five.

One, two, three.

One, two...

Six... come on... seven, eight.

Strike it.

Go. Strike it.









Good. Good.

You're doin' good, Grace.


This came today
from the school board.

Here, Mike.

They're not
gonna let you play.




How could they turn me down?

Gracie, you're in great shape,
and if you want...

Dad talked to Mr. C...

and he said
you can play field hockey.

Field hockey?

You never thought
I was good enough.

You didn't think
I could do this, did you?


You went behind her back?

My dad wants me
to play field hockey.

This is unbelievable.

Hey, Peter, you coming?

We only got the field
for an hour.

I gotta go, Grace.

Yeah, you better.

I get it.

You're hoping that Kyle's
gonna help you...

get a spot on the team, right?

And I was just there
to help improve your game.

Peter, let's go.

Shut up.


This isn't you,
lying around here...

when you could be fighting back.

The tryouts are this Saturday.

You don't want me to play.

Yeah, that's true. I don't.

That's not my choice.

Do you know
what I wanted to be?


I wanted to be a surgeon.



I wanted to be
in the emergency room.

So now I'm a nurse.

That's as close as I could get.

So if you want to
limit yourself, that's fine.

But don't let other people
do it for you.

Excuse me.

I'm here
to see a C. Bowsher.

And you are?

I really need to see him.


I'm Connie Bowsher.

Can we talk about this?

Couldn't change their mind?

I have to file an appeal
by tomorrow.

- Need help?
- From you?


Gracie, come out.

Bowsher just called.

The board's gonna hold
a hearing for her.

Have you told her yet?

I'm on my way.

Bryan, is she good enough?

If they let her play,
can she do it?

Yeah. Sure.

Well, if you don't
believe in her...

And, finally, Title IX
of the federal mandate...

requires equal access
to sports for girls.

Thank you.

Coach Connors, tell us
what about Title IX?

Title IX means there's money
for a girls' soccer team...

but there's no interest.

Why is that?

Soccer's not considered
a girls' sport.

The girls I know would rather
watch it than play it.

We offer girls' gymnastics...

field hockey, badminton,
tennis, swimming, softball.

Any one of them could use
a skilled athlete...

like Miss Bowen.

Everyone would
be afraid to play hard...

because they'll be worried
about her breaking something...

or whining
'cause she's bleeding.

She can't run as fast.

She can't kick as hard.

I don't want to lose
'cause of her.

Just because she's
Johnny's sister and he died...

doesn't mean
she should play.

I look for speed,
ball control, passing ability.

All abilities a girl could
demonstrate as well as a boy.

Never seen it.

I'd like to say something.


I'm Lindsay Bowen.

I'm Gracie's mother.

You have to be
on the sheet to speak.

There. She's on the sheet.

Please, Mrs. Bowen,
go ahead.

I know that all of you
must be asking if you were me...

would you let your daughter play
on a boys' team?

Boys play really rough,
and, um, she could get hurt.

But I've seen her.

I've seen her go out
in the cold, in the rain...

in the dark.

She is fierce.

She wants to win.

She will not give up
because she has a dream.

For all of my boys,
soccer is and was...

the most important thing
in their life...

and it is
the same for Gracie.

She loves competing.

She loves
that win-or-Iose life.

L... I don't.

It's been Ionely.

Gracie's my only daughter...

but I would rather miss her
than have her miss something...

that is
so very part of her being.

Thank you.

The board split.

I'm afraid I had
to cast the final vote.

She gets to play?

To try out.

Thank you so much.

It's up to Coach Colasanti...

to decide
if you'll make the team.

It's up to Gracie.

- You got to stretch out.
- Yeah, Dad.

Yeah. But don't
stretch out too fast.

I don't want you to cramp up.

I got it.

There's Johnny.

Dad, did you ever wish
I was a boy?

No. No.

Grace, it's different.

Just easier with Johnny.

I don't know why.

Sometimes I just
had trouble talking to you.

Is that
why you coached Johnny?

I coach you now.

Okay, boys, let's go.

Coach is gonna make
three cuts today...

this morning, after lunch,
then tonight.

So, uh, don't show him
everything in the first hour.

Can you hand me that?

Just pace yourself.
Be a team player.

Yeah, like I'm not gonna
stick out already.

Hey, Johnny once told me
about an amazing girl...

who hit a bottle off
the hood of a car...

from twenty yards out.

Hey, Gracie,
I know you can do this.

Group A: Rhodes, Manley,
Jasko, Wicker, Fogel.

Group B:
Keshawn, Mulstock...

Martho, McCarthy,
Abbott, Delilo...

Alston, Ross, Gracie Bowen.

All right, break.

Quicker, quicker, quicker.


Come on.
Teddy, Teddy, come on.

Quicker, quicker. Switch.

Call for it. Call for it.

There you go.
Come on.

Quicker, quicker, quicker.

Right here.

She's not bad.

I've seen better.

Go. Come on, Teddy.
See some fight.

Go. Go.

See? Come on. Go.

Get there, Jerome. Get there.

How's she doin'?


Let's go. Let's go.

Who's gonna be first?

Let's go.

Let's go.



Shoot it. Shoot it.

Bowen, look at me.

When I say ''shoot it,''
damn it, you shoot it.

I made it.
Only one more cut.

What's wrong?

You passed 'cause you
didn't want to get hit.

Yeah, because they were
kicking my butt.

You got to take it, Gracie.
Then you got to give it.

You got to show 'em
you're no different.

What the hell's Mr. C.
Thinkin' anyway?

He has
to make it look real.

He'll cut her tonight.


Go on. Eat.

No way she
finishes tonight.

Listen up.
I got four yellow shirts here.

I want to see
who can score a goal.

Only two of you make the team.



Give me the ball!
Give me the ball!

- Oh!
- She can take it.


Bite me.

Good work.

Come on.
Here, here, here, here, here.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Coming left. Coming left.


Okay. Okay.

You all right?

I was wondering the same
about your whistle.

Feel free to blow it
at any time.

You wanted to play
with the boys.

Come on.

Come on.

Go, go, cross.

Pass it.


- Yes! Yes! Yes!
- That's my girl!

All right.
Split into pairs.

We'll finish up with headers.

Last hour of tryouts.

Cutting it a little close,
aren't we?

Coach C. Said to switch.
Work with someone new.

I didn't hear him say nothin'.

That's 'cause you got your
head up your ass. Now, move.

All right. Let's go for it.

What was that?

I saw that, Rhodes!

Bowen, you're out.

Screw you.

- What did you say?
- ''Good luck to all of you.''

That's what I thought.

Get lost, Bowen, before
my hearing comes back.

Yeah, yeah. I know.


Gracie. Gracie.

I know what you're gonna say.

I am good enough.

That's why your name's
on the board.

Yeah? Where?

- Junior varsity.
- Junior varsity.

If you're gonna be
the first girl on my team...

then you got
to be better than good.

And you got to act
like you deserve to be there.

- I do deserve it.
- I don't see it.

I offered your dad
a coaching job.


I'm goin' back.

The supervisor put it down
as a leave of absence.

You hate that place.

Yep. And I'm working nights
at the warehouse.

But after work,
you get to coach.

I'm glad it
all worked out for you.


Sometimes, you just take
what you're offered...

and make the best of it,
you know.

Yeah, and eat
the shit sandwich.

I'm not doin' it. I quit.

Johnny was a star...

I don't want to hear about

Johnny's dead.

Johnny played more for me
than he played for himself.

You're different.
You truly love this game.

That's coaching crap.

Quit, why don't you, then?

But quit 'cause
you're not good enough.

Quit 'cause you're never
gonna be good enough.

Don't quit because you got
your feelings hurt...

like a little girl!

You got to dig deep
and go out there...

as tough and strong as anyone.

I did.

No, you didn't.
I know what you can do.

But it's not enough
that I believe in you.

You got to make them all
believe in you.

And how do I do that?

You know what to do.

Good boy.

They practice today?

Are you gonna play J. V?

Yep. But I won't
be back till late.

Let's go, let's go.

- Down.
- G-O.

Let's go, let's go.


Let's go, let's go.

G-O. Let's go, let's go.

Hey, Gracie.

Go get 'em.


Let's go, let's go.

Down. Up.

Kyle didn't even want me
on the team, Gracie.

He just wanted to hang out
so we could talk about you.

I loved Johnny, Gracie.

He left me, too.

Anyway, I already have
a new best friend...

and I'm gonna stay here
with her until she's done.

If she decides she wants
some food, it's here, too.

Heard that's a good book.

We drew Kingston
for our first game.

The whole town's comin' out.

I want you there.

To play?

To support your team.

You mean to sit on the bench.

The team's
wearin' armbands for Johnny.

Go on.


You can do it.


You'll be fine.

- Let's go, boys.
- Yes, sir!

Go, go, go.

- Right.
- Let's move it up.


We got a game to win.


Let's go.

Let's go, boys.

Go, go, go!

I'm here
for the game, Coach.


I got a jersey for you.

This was Johnny's.

Now it's yours.

Switch it. Switch it.

Close it up. Close it up.

Then move. Come on. Go on.

Take him out.

There it is.
There it is.


Come on,
get back on defense!

Move it back!

Flatten out here.
Flatten out.

No cross.

Move it up.

Move it up, boys.

Switch it, switch it.
Switch the field.

Get pressure in there.


That's what we want!
That's what we want!

I'm on it. I'm on it.

I told you to cover
the far post.

Wicker, go in for Polo.

Move it, Wicker.

Pick him up.
Pick him up, pick him up.

Squeeze him, Donny,
squeeze him.

Pick it up. Pick it up.

Pick up the side.


Did you see that?

Did anybody pick him up?
No! He just walked in there!


It's sudden death overtime.
Whoever scores wins.

I'm not a moron.

That's a nice hit.

Peter. Peter.

Tell Kyle
to stay down. Hurry.

Ref, I'm makin' a change.

Coach, Coach, I'm fine.
I can still play.



Get up here.

I want you to take
the free kick.

Can you do it?

Okay, get in there.

Whatever you do,
hit the target.

Big freakin' mistake.


Sit down.

What are you doing?

I'm taking the shot.

You got to be kidding me.

This better be good.

Don't blow it.

Come on, Gracie.

You can do this.

Wait till you're ready.

You can do anything.

I... I can't look.

Bowen, what are you doin'?

Get your head in the game.

You got corner.

You better be there.

Get back. Get back.

Let's get back!

Tighten up.

I told you to cover
the far post.

You don't want to do it,
you get off the field.

Give me the ball.

Bowen, what are you doin!?

You're playing forward.

Give me the ball.
Give me the ball.

Get rid of it, Bowen.
Get rid of it.


Ref, that's a foul.

Come on, Bowen.
Get off the field.

Off the field.

Give me the ball.

Pass it. I'm open. Pass it.

Pass it! Pass it!

Finish it. Finish it.


She did it!

She did it!

She did it!







Gracie! Gracie!

Gracie! Gracie!

Gracie! Gracie!

Gracie! Gracie!

Gracie! Gracie!

Gracie! Gracie!


Well, I stood stone-like
at midnight 

Suspended in my masquerade 

And I combed my hair
till it was just right 

And commanded
the night brigade 

I was open to pain
and crossed by the rain 

And I walked
on a crooked crutch 

I strolled all alone
through a fallout zone 

Came out
with my soul untouched 

I hid in the clouded wrath
of the crowd 

When they said, ''Sit down,''
I stood up 


Growin' up 

The flag of piracy
flew from my mast 

My sails were set
wing to wing 

I had a jukebox
graduate for first mate 

She couldn't sail,
but she sure could sing 

And I pushed b-and bombed them with the blues 

With my gear set stubborn
on standing 

I broke all the rules,
strafed my own high school 

Never once gave thought
to landing 

I hid in the clouded warmth
of the crowd 

When they said, ''Come down,''
I threw up 


Growin' up 


Growin' up 

Special thanks to SergeiK.