Hancock Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Hancock script is here for all you fans of the Will Smith movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Hancock quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Hancock Script

All units, All Units code three persuit of White S.U.V heading East on Alameda service road.

Suspects, three Aisian males.
request backup immediately

Be advised, shots fired! shots fired.


What boy?

Bad guys.

What do you want a cookie?
Get the Hell out of my face.



You heard me.


Watch out!

(Over radio)

Hancock is in the car and he appears
to be negotiating with the gunmen

shhhh shhh shhhhhhh

Fellas, fellas

I don't give a shit what
you did. I dont care.

Three guys in the car with
no girls, Rave music

hey, I'm not going to judge

but if you dont pull over and give
yourselves over quietly

I swear to Christ. Your head is going
up the drivers ass

His head, is going up your ass and
you drew the short stick

cause your head is going up my ass.

(Hellicopter Radio)

We've just confirmed there is
chaos here on the 

Whait! I'm not Japanese man.
Let us down.

Oh, now you speak the English

Speak English now?

You broke my Glasses

I'm sorry.
Take my Ray-Bans.

just put us down.

You want down?

I'm real good at down.

I'm Real good at down


This, Hancocks latest act of so-called

took a hefty financial toll.

Initial estimates are said to top
Nine Million dollars

Which, if accurate, represents a
personal record for the notoriously

publisity shy Hancock.
Who, as usual, cant be reached

for comment

(On TV)

With all the cracks in the streets,
the fires, the water damage, the fires

L.A. would be a lot better off if this guy
would just leave and let us

get on with our jobs.
He's never asked us for a badge

He's never worked with us in any

what so-ever. Zero
I dont mind if he could just

do it somewhere else.
New York maybe!

Let them tussel with him for a

What the hell is the crane doing there?

Move the...
The crane's not gonna help idiot!

Iwill break my foot off in your
ass woman

This Hancock guy, is surely on
some kind of mission and he's using

our city to beat himself up for reasons
known only to him...

Sir. Ray Embry
Ray. Pleasure

Ray's like the Bono of P.R.

Actually, Bono is like the Bono of P.R.
but i do try

Well... Lets see it.

I'll get right into it.
Goodmorning everyone

I'm here to talk to you about
charitable giving

ok and we all know the way that
that works is you give one maybe

two percent of your net cash and you
get and arm band or a wrist band

or a ribbon or whatever it is
It's nowhere near enough

and thats why we, at Embry Publicity
would like to offer you..

The All Heart symbol.

you would be among a very select

of corporate giants to bare this logo
on your product

and what this would say to the

is that your company, Phara Thompsis,
Has made a radical contribution..

to helping our world. And here's
all you need to do to qualify.

Your new T.B. drug, Micodine,
we would like you to give that

product away
for free.

Did you say free?
I did.

Only to those that really need it.
Only to those who, without it,

would other wise die.

well, it is a concept thats up there with..
leathal side affects

Mandatory product recall.
Get indicted, go to jail

Get out, work at IHop for the
rest of your life

Understandable reactions.
A radical concept but.

It is the brand that represents a
fairer and better world

The brand that everyone
is talking about

Who is everyone?

We do already have a sports franchise.


Which team?

Well, It's a local team.
Inceno Hurricanes.

My sons team.

We can save the world.
Alright. Someones just gotta go first

What do you say?

Are you a crackpot?

Hey hun. You're probably at the

I am on my way.
I think i made a connection

Not really... Listen, tell
Arron that i'm coming and I

And I want some meatballs ok?

I need some Spagetti madness and
I'll see you in about 20 minutes.

Hey, What is it National Horn





Move it theres a train

You dont hear that horn?

Lets go I gotta train...

Move it!

Back your car up
Theres a train

I cant go anywhere.
Get out!

Son of a bitch!

Fix the handle Ray
fix the handle.

(Train Engineer)
Get off the tracks. Move!

You alrite?

You sure?

(Crowd yelling)

Ahhh Shit.

I'm alrite.
I'm ok.

All you people.

Blocking the intersection...

You're all idiots.

you're the one that threw the dudes
car at her.

And whats withe the train?

Why did'nt you just go strait up
into the air with the car?

Yeah! Go strait up.
You've obviously injured that poor woman


She's right.
She should sue you!

OK.. Well, you should sue McDonalds
cause they fucked you up alrite.

(crowd jeering)

And I can smell that liquor
on your breath.

Cause I've been drinking bitch!

You're a drunk
And a bum.

(crowd continues to jeer)

Shut Up!

Dont you people understand?
I get to go home and see my family.

I should be dead right now.
Right here.

Yeah, he could have gone strait up
Obviously you should have gone strait up.

you know, and I was upside down
for the train. But umm...

Thank you.

Thank you very much Hancock.
Thank you.

Thank you Hancock.

You're not flying by the Valley
are you?

Alrite, one guy will be right here.
when he hikes the ball...

when he says hike...
You gotta drop back...

Thank you.

I say the driveway would
have been better but..

What's going on dad?
Hey buddie.

Daddy's had a little bit of a day..
look at you huh..

I want you to meet somebody.
This guy here dragging the car

into the driveway

Who's this?

Thats right.. Hancock, this is my
boy Arron.

Oh my God, Ray?
What happened to the car?

Oh boy, you would not have believed it
I came this close to getting hit by

a train.. If it wasn't for that guy..
he saved my life.

Hancock, this is my wife Marry.
Believe it or not pal, I almost kissed

a train today.. Saw my whole life
flash before my eyes

He saved your life?
He sure did. Thank you.

Yeah, you good?
I'm good yes.

Keep it off the tracks.
I will. Definately.

One Second.. umm, Hancock you eat
yes? Human food?

You like meatballs?

No. Arron, sweetheart, he has to go
and do other things.

I love meatballs.

Who's so busy they cant have a meal huh?
And it's on us. Please?

I'm not even gonna take no for
an answer get inside the house

Why do you have an eagle
on your head?

Do you like eagles?

This guy is like a little talking
machine huh?

We don't have a lot of guests

Look at that huh.. Hun, Is
the heat on?


We started Spagetti madness about
two years ago. we do it every Thursday

and we havent missed a Thursday in...

Oh? ever, Thats a long time.
Yes sir.

Very long time.

Thats some good meatballs boy.

Mama's calling you.

yes maam?
No. His name is Arron.

Hey, Arron pal, How was school
today huh?


Yeah? No more problems with that
bully Michael?


Michele huh?
Yeah, it's French

Michele, Hancock is this..
Hancock? Michele is this neighborhood

bully. We've been trying to teach Arron
about conflict resolution.

Know what i mean?

Yeah, Turn the other cheek
and all that?

Thats exactly right.

uh huh, Well just dont ever turn
that one alrite.

Never let them punk you.

Got it.
Ok Arron. Eat your food.

The way you deal with bullies is you
take you right foot...

bring it right up.. catch him
in his little piss punk.

You dont have to do that honey.

It's a good idea.
You aim strait..

Make sure he cant use that thing for
nothing but a flap to keep the dust

out of his buttcrack.
Ok, Please.

Just stop. Michele is not a man.
He's a little boy ok. And his parents

happen to be going through a really
bad divorce and

thats why he's acting up.
And maybe you dont know this but

not everything in this world gets
resolved by brute force

Not everything has to be bang, scream,
blood, more blood.

there is just so much distruction..

She watches so much news...
That sometimes it gets to be

a little too much.

you got a toilet?

Yeah, just past the fridge.

Did he... Just take the wiskey
bottle to the bathroom?

Do you want him to kill
us all?

Thanks for coming on in.
Good right?

Very. Yeah. Yeah.
You want to say goodbye to him?

Goodbye Hancock.
Hey, Alright little buddy.

Are you ok?

Yeah. It was a joke

Come on Arron.
Sorry, I was just trying to...

He got it. She didnt get it
I owe you more than I can say

you gave my life back to me today.
Just hear me out for one second..

I'd like to return the favor.
Do you know what i do for a living?

I'm in public relations. You know what
thats is?

Of course you do.
We're image consultants. We change

the way people see products, companies
People and all that

and I see you on the news, out there today
and it can't feel good that people

you know.. Hate you.
It's ahh.. Good to meet you Ray.

Im sorry but, hear me out but
people should love you

They really should okay?

Now I want to deliver that for you.
that's the least I could do.

You're a Super Hero .

kids should be running up to you
asking you for your autograph.

People should be cherring you in the streets
you know?

What the hell are you pricks looking at?

uh no no no, shhh...
no no it's alright

no no they are not pricks
they're just the people.

But, I just want you to give
me just one short pitch.

you know.. that's all I ask

You use... put it under here?

How about there?

Email me.. whatever..
fly on over I dont know.

I'll let you think about it.

ok? you just be carefull buddy.
I'll let you sleep on it alrite?

You get back to me?
I'll be right here.

Alright Please don't stare you guys.
He's kind of one of us.

(dog barking)

So what about All Heart?

It's a non starter babe
You know..

I'm chasing wind mills with that and
maybe I can't change the world

but I can change this guy's life
and you know Just think about

all the good he can do

I think your just wasting
your time with this guy.

You really hate him.
Hate? I don't hate him,Ray.

I don't even know the guy.

just look at the news,

you can see what he does.

I think he just needs people
to care, you know?

You see the good in everybody Ray,
even sometimes when it's not there.

I have a feeling about this,
don't work with the guy.

I know this kind of guy,
he breaks things.

(Slow Violin music)

(Regae Music)

My bad, everybody alright?
(I'm going to get my Mommie)

French accesnt..
He is an asshole!

What's your name boy?

ooo.. do you, you know Arron?
Wee, la petit asshole.

Well ahh...
Seems to be a pretty good kid.

I just want to ask you to
lay off him a little bit.

Why asshole?

You're gonna stop calling me that.

That's not my name.

Call me an asshole one more time.

(whispering) asssho..
Michele screaming.

How 'bout you thickness?


Hancock, you son of a gun.
I knew you'd come.

Ask Mary, I had a feeling.
Yeah, Yeah.

I said he heard me and hes ready for a change.
Right, right.

You do this?
You come in a little hot?

I'll.. I'll meet you in the house.
See. This is a grat place to start.

I know you dont drive...
Ahh Damnit.

Michele screaming

Alrite, alrite. You'll be alrite.

Daaad.. Daddy...

Stop crying punk ass. Go ahead.

Not ok.
He's alrite.

Really not ok.

This is some of the stuff
we're going to work on.

How do think that conversation is
going to go down with his mom?

landing like that in the street
is also on the uncool side.

naaa, that was already like
that when i got here.

I live here.
I know what the streets look like.

we're just gonna make those
problems of the past.

Im going to teach you how to
interface with the public.

Where's the wife?

Ahh, Marry took Arron
to his soccer game.

Pulled some stuff up on YouTube.

A supprising large amount of not great
stuff on you but it's gonna be helpfull

What is this?
Thats me trying to change the world.

Unfortunatly not doing real well.

come on. Lets get to you.
This stuff was on YouTube.

Now, everybody loves a Nutty Buddy
I get it.

But this doesnt work sir.

Hey, give me a Nutty Buddy.

(kids creaming)

Mom, Mom, MOM!

Those are...

Get that camera out of my

You ever uh...

put out an appartment
fire Ray?

No. I've never done that.
I'm in P.R.

My ass was hot.

Alright. How 'bout this?
This is Walter, the grey whale

everybody remembers him
stuck on the beach in MonteZuma

Along comes Hancock...

I dont even remember that. Yeah.. Greenpeace
Does. Walter does.

This all gets redundant after a while,

but my basic diagnosis of your
fundamental problem is..

Wanna hear it?

You're and asshole

I know. I call it like I see it though.
It's not a crime to be an asshole

but it's very counterproductive.
Not a crime but you are an asshole.

dont you think?
Be careful.

Alright, How about this?

I've been thinking about something. This
kinda goes to how you present yourself.

Come on, Really?
It's the middle of the day.

What springs to mind...
When you see this?


How 'bout that?
Homo in red

Norwegian homo.
I'll give ya that.

Let's move past the comics.
Lets get into something deaper

I think... That deap down you behave
badly because you are lonely

I think deep down you want
peoples acceptance.

come on now, you save peoples
lives and they reject you

so you reject them back.

and we're switch that cycle. We're
gonna start fresh, start new.

This is outstanding. If you turn
some of this power into will-power

Hey Hancock!
We almost won.

Yeah we did. ok, up stairs. I'm
making lunch. Go change.

Hey sweetheart.

were you watching the news?
No. we've been working on Hancock

enterfacing with the public.
enterfacing with the public.

This has been on all day.

(on tv)
The law, is the law Mr. Hancock.

And you are not above it.
Felony distruction of property

Amounting to tens of millions of dollars,
theft and now this.

From where i sit... I see a selfish self
absorbed man,

With a lot of mussle, but no regard for
anyone but yourself.

Mr Hancock. Let me remind you. You
are not above the law.

You have failed to show at over subpoenas and civil suits.

Anybody else would be held in contempt.
But, Oh no, not you.

You may be a super-hero but let
me tell you this.

You're not nearly as strong as the
U.S. Constitution.

Bank on it buddy!

Genious. Things just got real.
This is exactly what we needed.

This is perfect. Right now there is a D.A.
trying to figure out how to come up here

and put you in jail.
Bitch can try.

I say you go.

People take you for granted you know?
We gotta make people miss you.

People don't like you Hancock.
(Arron) I do.

Two weeks. You know? The public will be
clammering for you. When they do..

We'll be ready. And uh, worst case scenario is
I'm wrong and you just fly out of there.

what do you have to lose ?

(Crowd Clammering)

I apologise to the people of Los Angeles.
But my behavior has been improper

and i accept the consequences.

I ask my fellow Angelinos for their
patience and understanding.

(crowd yelling)
You're and asshole!

Life here can be difficult for me.
After-all I'm the only one of my kind.

During my incarceration I will be
partisapating in Alcohol and

anger management treatment.

You deserve better from me. I can
be better. I wiil be better.

Give me the hand playboy.

Oh, I get it.

I put some uh.. well most
of you in here.

(Inmate agreeing)

I can understand you feeling some
kind of way about that.

Uh.. so... I'm gonna do me. And I'm
gonna let you do you

I.. I.. Dont want no trouble.


I just want to go to my cell.

Excuse me.

Excuse me please.

If you don't move..
Your head is going up his ass.

(Inmates all laughing)

Ya'll fellas sure you want to
ride this train?

Choo Choo asshole.

(pants ripping)


(Theme from Sanford And Son playing)

Did you shove one man's
head up another man's ass?

alright we are gonna circle back to that.

The DA's office wants your
sentence to run 8 years.

it's a big number, but not something
we didn't anticipate

you know our plan is to..
what are you doing?

Hey hey hey  hey hey!

it sounded like you said they want
me to spend 8 years in this shithole?

8 years is more like 4 1/with good behavior

but it's erelavant' beacause with
you out of the picture

and with the crime rate
going up through the roof

The D.A. and the cops are going to
call for your immedate release

and they are going to demand it.
They 're gonna ask you..

Where you going? Hey!

Stop right there.
Hancock. Hancock!

Get Back!

You're a coward!

Who you talking to Ray?
I'm talking to you!

Who you talking to Ray?
Stop pretending that you dont care.

You've got a calling. You're a hero
Hancock. You're going to be

miserable the rest of your life
Untill you accept that.

Trust me. Trust this plan. This
process Just stay in here

When they call, A hero is
what we are going to give them.

How we gonna do that Ray?

Aright guys uh.. Lets start sharing.

You had something?

Yeah I.. I uh.. think i might have
had a little bit of a break-through

Good for you.

Yeah, I realize that breaking necks is easy
but uh.. I'm sitting there

and i'm stairing at myself in the mirror

and I thought...
This is tough.

ha ha ha
Why do you always laugh?

Picturing you look at the mirror
scares the shit out of me.

Everytime i'm talking it
completely ruins the cycle.

lets watch the cross talk.

I'm not gonna share anymore
if he keeps doing that.

no no no no no no
Keep sharing. Lets move on.

Mr. Hancock?
Do you want to share today?


your landing is your first impression
it's your supre-hero handshake

Dont come in so hot ok?
Dont come in too drunk.

And dont come in and land on a
100 thousand dollar Mercedes alright?

People have to be happy that you've arrived.

Mr. Hancock, you share?

So you've used the door.

The building is still intact.
People are happy that you've arrived.

They feel safe now.
There's an officer there

and heís done a good job
So you might want to tell him

heís done a good job.
What the hell did I have to come for Ray,

if heís done a good job?

(Inmates chatter)
Man. Oh come on man...

(Radio announcer)
KBLA Radio AM 
Todayís big story is no surprise here...
Hancock. Whatís your take?

(Male voice)
I for one have had enough of this guy

Iím glad he is doing time around bars
And I hope they donít let him off easy

Let my cousin Pookie out.

You know I see you donít wear a bullet
proof vest security officer

And I respect your courage
Because bullets donít bounce of you

they bounce off me

(Female Voice)
This city is being run be gangs and drug dealers

Hancock is the only guy that makes
them shake in there boots

He doesnít always tie a pretty ribbon
around it but he gets the job done

Besides heís hot!

Let me hear you say it.
Let me hear you say good job.



Mr. Hancock, would you like to share?

Gooooooo       d

Goo od
Go od      J

Go od Jo
Go od jooooob

Good job

Jail watch day 
And True to his word
Hancock remains incarcerated

Meanwhile crime is still on the rise
LAPD is recording increases

of up to 30% in the last 5 days
that Hancock has been behind bars

Hancock! Hey Hancock!
Hey little buddy.

We brought you something.
Hey  Hey

Hey whatís up Hancock?

Whereís uh, whereís Ray?

No itís just us
Rayís working.

Aaron really wanted to come and see you So we
just dropped by with some Spaghetti madness

Ha ha.. I should probably let the guard
check for keys andÖ

No no
Okay, here you go

Alright you brought me meatballs uh?
Dig in.

Aw man look at thatÖlook at that

Thatís a good meatball
Thanks Hancock

Rayís a good man.

Whatever this is your
doing, donít let him down


Okay, Well we should probably go buddy

Yeah, I said...
I wanna stay with Hancock

Sweetheart we have to go
Come on, say goodbye to Hancock

Here Hancock, itís my favorite one
And I want you to have it

That was very sweet.
Come here

Mr. Hancock, would you like to share?

(talking indistinctly)

(soft music)

For when they call

I ainít wearing that Ray
Yes you are

Oh no Iím not
No, you are

Actually Iím not Ray
You think youíre not but you are.

I will fight crime butt ass naked
Before I fight it in that Ray

You know you have fought naked,
weíve got that Thatís on You tube.

Hancock, this is a uniform
A uniform represents purpose

Doctors, police men, firemen,
right? Right..

It represents a calling...
Itís been 2 weeks.

Nobody out there is missing me Ray

Just be patient, you got to trust
me on this Alright?

perimeter breech Perimeter breach

alarm sounds
(inmates yelling)

Mr. Hancock, itís your share

Come on man try it, let it out
Come on John

(all) come on
I donít have nothing

Thereís nothing on your mind
Come on John.. Do it do it

Itís not fair
It feels good to release man

Let it heal. Come on man try it
Come in here all these days and you

donít have anything to share?

Iím uh Hancock and I uh drink and stuff

Alright Thanks for sharing

Thank you
Appreciated it

Letís all clap
(clapping and cheering)

(door unlocking)
Hey, HancockÖ Come on get up

You got a phone call.

Take a message.
Itís the Chief of Police.

Says he needs your help

(News Reporter)
The trapped officerís husband is

Working withÖ

He was killed last year in Iraq
Leaving her 2 small children

We are waiting for the latest news
But apparently there are 3 suspects

And talks are...
Whatís going on?

(gun fire)
Let them have it. Stay down

Stay down
Yelling, gun fire and screams

Stay down!  Get down!
(Machine gun fire)

Letís goÖEverybody gotta get back
Back back MOVE!

Got perimeter set up on the north, east
and south sides The west side is open

Here we go.. Donít break the building
Donít break the building


Itís a little tight
Whatcha got?

Bank job. Got at least 8 hostages,
and 4 bad guys

Got an officers pinned down and
we canít get to her.

They been spraying the hell out of
us all morning.

And they got some kind of heavy artillery
50 caliber or bigger.

I donít know if that matters to you?
Iím good


Good Job.

Good job really good job

(lots of gun fire)
Itís Hancock!

Take him out

Good job.
Do I have permission to touch you body?


Itís not sexual

Not that youíre not an attractive woman

Actually you are a very attractive woman
And maybe...

Get me the hell out of here!

Heís on the move

Heís moving heís moving

Good job

Good Job.

You said that
I need you to end this now!

Check the flanks

Secure the perimeter

Spread out
Theyíre gonna come around back

(Glass breaking,screams)
What happened to him?

Whereíd he go?
Whereíd he go?

What is happening?

I heard you was in the slammer.
Out early.

Whyís that?
Good behavior.

Do you know what this is?

UmmÖ Iím guessing it is some kind of
detonator type deal.

Its 8 pounds of C4 strapped to each
and every on of them

This is spring loaded dead mans switch
If my thumb comes off itÖ


And now since we had a little change of plan
Between the police showing up

and you sucking out all my associates
I want you to break into the vault

Youíll find ĺ ton pallets with small bills inside
30 million dollars

And youíre gonna carry it for me

Youíre gonna get me safely away from
here with the money

Or else they will be cleaning up these
hostages with a mop

Iím gonna have to say no to that

AhhÖ Iím really trying to
turn over a new leaf.

I will blow up this entire building you asshole

I really donít like that word

I will blow them sky high and their blood will be on your hands

Do you hear me asshole!

Call me an asshole One more time


Keep your hand on that trigger.
Good job

No... You a good job

(One man claps)

(Crowd claps and cheers)


Woo ha-ha!

There he is right there
Say hi to your fans.

Thought that was your job.
Here we go

Thank you
Thank you


Hey boy, they will let anybody in here
Hi Hancock meet these guys

This is Mike Kilborn and Jeremy Emerald
Huge fan insane

These guys are partners in the biggest ad
firm the west coast

You never call
Actually I have called, several times

Water under the bridge man

Could you guys get use to this or what?

Howíd you two meet?

Umm.. I was married once before
First wife, a she died giving birth to Aaron

Thatís another dinner, but Iíll.. But ummÖ
So there I am,

Iím with this beautiful little baby and
I donít know what the hell to do and

I was in the super market and Iím in
the baby aisle

and I got a brand of diapers in each hand
and Iím staring at them like I donít know how

Iím going to get thorough the day

And Angel (laughing)
Sees me

She knew and she gave this look

And even in the trance I was in
I knew that somebody; somewhere...

was throwing me a little rope

Well starting that day I put my life back together.

Youíre drunk.
so? Come here.

What about you buddy?
Youíre from another planet, arenít you?

Naw man, Iím from Miami.
You didnít come in on like a meteor or Ö?

Nope, woke up in a hospital, first thing I remember.
Government hospital, yes? Experimenting on you and

No Ray, regular ole Miami emergency room.
Come on?

Yeah a my a my a skull was fractured.
They told me I tried to stop a mugging...

Somebody knocked you out?

I guess I was a regular guy before and
when I woke up I was changed.

The hospital nurse tried to put a
needle in my arm and

It just broke against my skin
and then my skull healed in like an hour

Doctors were astounded

And umm they wanted to know my story

Just like you but, I couldnít tell them
I donít know who I am


You know the blow to the head
Yeah well thatís what they figured

You donít remember anything?

The only thing I had in my pocket was

bubble gum and 2 movie tickets

Boris Karloff, Frankenstein

But no ID, nothing

I went to sign out and the uhh nurse
asked me for my John Hancock

So I actually thought thatís who I was

How come I didnít hear any of this, read
about it in any newspapers?

It was probably in the papers
about 80 years ago

80 years ago
Oh..  I donít, I donít age.. This is it.

Thatís nice.
Gotta wonder though

What kind of Bastard must I have been

That nobody was there to claim me?

I mean Iím not the most charming guy in the world
So Iíve been told, but..


That didnít tire you out at all coming up the stairs?
Not really

you couldíve just flown me up the stairs
wooo, I could have done with out that.

Letí get your shoes off here.

Alright but thatís all youíre getting
off me though, haha

You believe in me, donít you Hancock?

Of course Ray, I believe in you.
Help me up here

Listen to me this is important
ďCause I believe in you know and I and

Youíre gonna do great

Youíre gonna fix everything

You get some sleep Ray
You sleep tight too

Hancock, tucking me in

Alright heís asleep
Damn babysitter never cleans up after herself

You have a bruise on your hand

You, you should go

Itís getting late

If Ray finds out about me...

Youíre dead


Joan, weíre going to take care of that, okay?
Donít you worry.

Hi Honey, breakfast?

Hancock sneezed, uh?
Can you believe it? Achoo

Itís amazing that you slept through that
Youíre a good sleeper

Holy shit
Iím not going to say I told you so but..

You told me he was going to sneeze a hole
through the front of the house?

I just said canít be around
Oh sweetheart can you get that

Thanks, Oh God you youíre strong.
I got it.

But you donít worry about anything
I already apologized to the neighbors,

called State Farm
Everything is taken care of.

You just...

enjoy that breakfast

Whatís this?  Weíre going on vacation?

Are we?
Just the 3 of us

End of the summer?

Letís go somewhere.

Knock Knock.


IÖI was just telling Ray here
I hope you are done sneezing

Because I donít think our house
can take much more

Of your sneezing

Yeah.. sometimes uh..
I sneeze when thereís dust

Or if I get really surprised

Thatís unfortunate.
(cell phone rings)

This is Killborn
Mike, how ya doing?

It was great to see you too

Yep well uh... right

Go head shoot

Oh I got a pen right here
Right, no I know.

(Hancock) umm hum

I am warning you

(Continuing on the cell phone)
Alright go ahead

Okay good
Now thatís stillÖ

Hang on one second
Do me a favor?

We are going to talk.
Go away.

I can do this all dayÖBong! Bong Bong!
Shut Up!


(Continuing on the cell phone)
ummmÖI suppose I ...

Fine, weíll talk okay?

And when we are done talking, you go
away and leave my family alone.

My place at 4 oíclock.

(Continuing on the cell phone)
it means uh... I would rather not talk numbers now

I like to save them for the pitch
So then letís just set a time

Thatís good with me I will see you then
Alright yeah 3:30 great

Hun is it hot in here?

(Wasted Days and Wasted nights)

he hurt you didnít he?

AhhhÖ Use your words
How did it make you feel?


Cause he took your power.
And you have to get your power back

And no-one will give your power back
You have to go out and take it

You understand me?

Weíre gonna go find Hancock and
Get your power back.


You and I?
You and I what?

Weíre the same?

Iím stronger

Oh yeah

who are we?

Gods, angels, different cultures call
us by different names

Now all of a sudden its super heroes.

there are more of us?
There were

They all died.

Just the two of us

What is this?

Who are we to each other?

Weíre brother and sister
Thatís a lie.

No Iím your sister
That is a lie.

Iím your sister

Sisters donít kiss brothers the way
you kissed me last night.

Youíre lying, deals off
Letís go see how Ray feels about this.

Get your ass back here!
Iím telling

The All Heart symbol will be known globally,
As a symbol that represents companies

That are committed to changing the world

They can give away there substance goods okay?
Foods, drugs, power, clothing for free.

I thought we were talking about Hancock?

Stay away from me and my family
You are not going to do this to me again.

I donít know what you are talking about.

(I love you Hancock)
It canít work.

It always end the same way
Persia, Greece, Brooklyn

Iíve never been to Brooklyn.

I have put up with your Bullshit for
the last 3000 years and Iím done.

I donít know what you are talking about?
Done! You Listening?

I donít know what you are talking about!
I am happy, okay, finally Iím happy

You are not going to mess it up
Look at meÖ I donít know what you are talking about?

I hate to burst your little crazy lady
bubble but it must not

Have been all that great
Ďcause I donít remember you

Call me crazyÖ.

one more time.
Coo coo

Alright hold itÖAlright
You better not hit me with that truck

For companies to qualify for the All Heart symbol
they need to prove that the are a leader

in the global revolution.
We gonna talk about Mr. Hancock?

That they are committed to the bettering of
the world And they can do this

in 4 different ways. This is how theyÖ

The most important thing with All Heart is
the Brand recognition Thatís why I mocked

up the examples here and
Tokyo, London, Dubai, Paris

So we need maximum exposure
We need extreme marketing

Is it snowing?

Get off me!
Listen to me

I hate you
Iím sorry

Who ever I am, What ever I did
Look at me

Iím sorry

Why were you flying?
You were flying Mary.

She was definitely flying
Okay I was flying

And Iím very strong as well
It's just the way we are

Me and him, itís just us now.

The others paired up and died.

You didnít say anything about the others
pairing up at the trailer.

You were at his trailer?
This is very hard to explain.

Great, Iím all ears Mary.
Me too

Do me a favor
Just give me and my wife one moment please.

Donít, donít bring it here Ray
The adults are talking for once second

Technically speaking,

Heís my husband

Hoooooly shit

We broke-up decades ago

long before you were borne.
He just canít remember

But you can, right?
You knew?

Thatís something you might want to
bring up on a first date Mary.

I donít like to travel, Iím allergic to cats,
Iím immortal, okay?

Those are like some of things you
might want to give a heads up on

What ever we are, we were built in two's, okay?

Weíre drawn to each other no matter
how far I run Heís always there

he finds me. Its physics.

What are you saying, are you
are fated to be together?

Iíve lived for a very long time Ray

And the one thing Iíve learned...
fate doesnít decide everything.

People get to choose.

You chose to let me think I was here alone

I didnít think you would miss
what you didnít remember

Great, now what?

I didnít plan for this

(TV reporter)
Prison authorities confirmed that

the prisoner uprising was lead by
Kenneth Parker Jr

Also the leader of last weeks Spring
Creek bank robbery

At least 8 prisoners not accounted for,
For information on the prison riot at Norwalk

Construction workers at the prison were
attacked and knocked unconscious

the prisoners stole the workers clothes
And itís feared that at least some

of them have escaped
Parker is considered a criminal master mind

He is very effective in using
psychological persuasion

to organize criminals from different

Heís a former Psychology professor at
Stanford University.

While there he organized a notorious
criminal network comprised

Of graduate students from diverse fieldsÖ

$91.$91.10 you got to be shitting me

$91.Highway robbery

Iím taking the money


I can relate to that

You know you want something..

Nobody can stop you from taking it.

You just take it right

I like that

But can you take it?

My Zagnut bar versus your gun

(2 shots fired)
(car alarm)

Sorry about your window

I need an IV line

CVC electrolytes

Itís not gonna work
Iím in

Whatís happening to me

(TV Reporter)
This just in.. John Hancock has just been

rushed to Los Angels General Hospital

Hancock is in serious condition with
multiple gunshot wounds

No story yet as to how this happened to him but
We will continue to cover this story

live as it unfolds.
Reporting live from Ö

(reporters yelling questions)
From what Iíve heard

he was trying to stop a robbery
Do you know if some special ammunition

was used in the gun that shot him?

Some new bullet
No No Not that Iím a aware of

Could this have anything to do with the
mysterious super woman who appeared?

I do not have that answer
(reporters yelling questions)

Youíre becoming mortal

Itís us
Being close to each other

Itís never happened this fast before

You have to leave

The further away you get from me the
better youíre gonna feel

Youíll start getting your powers back
And youíll be flying and breaking things

And saving people before you know it

Itís like I said, we were built in pairs
And when we get..

close to our opposites we lose power

So we can live human lives

Love, connect

grow old, die

What happened to us?

Summer of í04 BC,
we were becoming mortal like now

They came after me with swords

You saved me

1850, they set our house on fire

you pulled me out of the flames

80 years ago, what happened then?

We were living in Miami
And a new movie was playing in town


And after we walked down Flagler street and
You took my hand and you held it so tight

They attacked us in an alley

They hit you so hard
There was so much blood

They wouldnít let me ride in the
ambulance with you

And by the time I got to the
hospital you were awake

But you didnít know me

So I left because every time weíre together..

they come after you through me

Youíre built to save people more
than the rest of us

Thatís who you are, you are hero

The insurance policy of the Gods
Keep one alive

you to protect this world.

(gun shots)

Stay down!




Stay down

Help me get her up.


Both screaming!

Hold it hold it
I think we are losing her

Heart monitor

Upon us all Hancock,

you're no different

Time to shut her down Hancock
Itís been a nice run

Oh we are all gonna surely miss you

But it is time for you to move on

(flat line)

And maybe to a happier place

You can thank me if you want to

Super hero
(Gun cocks)


You didnít

(Flat line)


(window crashes)




What about Attila the Hun?
Completely cross eyed

Cross eyed?

What about Queen Elizabeth?
Umm Neeeeedy

JFK, what about him?
Mmmm, Oh ,yeah, umhem

Mmm, Oh Yeah, nothing more?
Not like that

(cell phone beeps)
Oh come on, I was in Cuba for the

whole missile thing so...

Yeah, hang on


Hey Iíve been trying to call you

Yeah I was out of cell range

Are you outside?

Look up
Alright Iím looking up

Iím looking up?


Youíre gonna change the world
Good job Ray.

Oh my God Ray
Hey look up.


Iím proud of you.

Will I get in trouble for that?

Special thanks to SergeiK.