Meet The Robinsons Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Meet The Robinsons script is here for all you fans of the animated time travel movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Meet The Robinsons quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Meet The Robinsons Script

Then I didn't choose that one
because it was gonna give me pimples,

so I choosed another scary one

because, for all those years
that I went for Halloween,

I wasn't scary at all.

I love baseball.
It's my destiny to play that game.

I don't really care about winning.

Well, like, now I do
'cause, like, we've lost every game.

I've gotten tired of it.

I'm working, like, so hard.
All the balls are getting thrown to me.

I'm trying to catch, like, every one.

All of the people in the outfield
are all looking around and...

Come on!
Let's play some baseball, okay?

Not the lazy game.

They're here.



Goob! Hey, I did it, Goob! I finished it!

They are gonna love this!

Nothing says "adopt me"
like a weird invention.


- Lewis, the Harringtons are here!
- Way ahead of you, Mildred.

Wait! Wait! Wait, wait, wait.

Remember, sit up straight.
Look them in the eye.

Smile. Let's fix your...


All right, all right, all right, all right.

Go show them how special you are.

Oh, I hope this is it.

I hope he gets adopted.

You and me both, chief.

I mean, there's so many things
in the world that can be improved.

Just think of it.
Moving sidewalks, flying cars.

The possibilities are endless.

Flying cars? Yeah, that's a good one.

All it takes is some imagination
and a little science,

and we can make the world
a better place.

Well, these are all interesting ideas.

So, what's your favourite sport?

- Well, does inventing count as a sport?
- Actually...

'Cause I think I hit a home run
with this one!

- What is that?
- First, a question.

What's the number one problem
that you face

when you make
a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

- Lewis, I don't think we...
- Portion control.

Too much peanut butter sticks
to the roof of your mouth,

takes forever to chew.

Too much jelly squishes out the sides
and makes your hands all sticky.

Well, I propose
that the perfect P.B. and J.

is within mankind's grasp,

and I've built this machine to achieve it.

For this demonstration,
I'll use regular bread.

Honey, it's okay.

As you can see, toasting is an option.

We don't usually eat peanut butter.

Lewis, this is really not necessary.

It's jammed!

Lewis, please, don't!

What's happening?

Mr Harrington has a peanut allergy!

I'm sorry!

Here let me help you get that off!

Stand back!

- Is he gonna be okay?
- Breathe. Breathe.

I'm so sorry! I didn't know!

It was really nice to meet you.

We're gonna need some time
to think about it.

Hi, folks. Everything all...

What happened?

Miss Duffy,
that boy is definitely not right for us.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

I'm so sorry about this.
If you would just...

- I made some lunch.
- Not hungry.

Poor Mr Harrington.

- I killed him?
- No. No! No, you didn't kill him.

I called. He's perfectly fine.

I was just gonna say that it's...

It's too bad
he didn't get to try a sandwich

from that wonderful invention of yours.

- Yeah, real wonderful.
- It's not you.

We just haven't found
the right couple yet.

One hundred twenty-four.


That's how many adoption interviews
I've had, 124.

Oh, Lewis, come on, now.

You're exaggerating just to make your


Plus, I'm gonna be 13 next year,

and you know how hard it is
for a teenager to get adopted.

I have no future. No one wants me.

That's not true, Lewis!

My own mother didn't even want me.

Now, stop it. You do not know that.

Then why'd she give me up?

She may not have been able
to take care of you.

Did you ever think of that?

I am sure that she was only thinking
about what was best for you.

I never thought of it that way.

Maybe she wanted to keep you,
but she had no choice.

You're right.

My real mom is the only person
who's ever wanted me.

Wait. I said "maybe."

And if she wanted me then,
she'll want me now.

What are you talking about?

I have to find her, Mildred,
and when I do, she'll take me back,

and we'll be a family again!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Lewis, you can't do that.

No one knows anything about her.
No one even saw her.

Wrong. I saw her


She's in here. I just have to remember.

That's it!


I got something to tell you

But it's crazy

I got something to show you

So give me just one more chance

One more glance
And I will make of you

Another believer

Guess what?
You got more than you bargained

Ain't it crazy?

You got more than you paid for

So give me just one more chance

One more glance

One more hand to hold

You've been on my mind

Though it may seem I'm fooling

Wasted so much time

Though it may seem I'm fooling

What are we gonna do?

What are we gonna do?

What are we gonna do about it?

You've been on my mind

One more chance

Wasted so much time

One more chance

So tired.

We'll see you at 2:00 this afternoon.
He'll be so excited you're coming.

Bye-bye, now.

Yes! Hey, Goob... I mean, Michael.

- Good luck at the big game today.
- Easy win.

Those guys are a bunch of bums.

I just hope I can stay awake.

Don't tell me. Let me guess.

He was up all night
working on his stupid project,

but that's what happens

when you get a science geek
for a roommate.

Ah, that's good joe.

All right, Einstein,
you owe Michael big time.

Well, unlocking the secrets of the brain
took a lot longer than I expected,

but it's finished, Mildred.
I recalibrated the headset.

Now the neural circuits will connect.

I've cracked the hippocampus!

Really? Okay. What?

Now to test it out.

Oh, no! I'm late! I gotta go!

Wait a minute, Lewis. Wait a minute.

I almost forgot what I came up here for.

I know you have a lot
on your plate today,

but I've scheduled an interview for you
this afternoon.

- No, thanks.
- "No, thanks"?

Sweetheart, this is
about being adopted,

and you will be back here
clean, happy and on time.

I'm done with interviews, Mildred.
I'm not gonna be rejected anymore.

Listen, I know where your head is,
but I'm telling you,

you have got to get out of the past
and look to the future.

I am, and this is it.

This is my future.

I'm sorry.

Lewis? Honey?

Dr Krunklehorn,
I know you're very busy there

at Inventco Labs,

and we're just so excited
to have you as a judge.

It's my pleasure, Mr Willerstein.
Hey, you never know.

One of your students may invent
the next integrated circuit

or microprocessor or integrated circuit.

Oh, wait! I said that already.

Well, I just don't get out
of that lab very much.

Is that a bow tie? I like bow ties.

I haven't slept in eight days!

Well, then can I get you a cot
or something?

Nope, I've got the caffeine patch.
It's my invention.

Each patch is the equivalent
of 12 cups of coffee.

You can stay awake for days
with no side effects.

Sorry. Who's this?

This is one of our students,
Stanley Pukowski.

Oh, so cute!

I just want to bite
his chubby little cheeks!

What's with the dress, Pukowski?

It's actually a toga, sir.

Coach, nice to see you, sort of.
What are you doing here?

Judging a science fair.
What's it look like I'm doing?

And what makes you qualified
to judge a science fair?

It's my gym.

Stanley. Volcano.

Behold the awesome power
of Mount Vesuvius!

The toggle switch isn't toggling.

Dr Krunklehorn?

Barium, cobalt, Einstein, Kool-Aid!

I don't know what she just said,
but this project is unacceptable!

Now, give me 20 laps around the gym!

Move it! Move it! Move it! Go! Go! Go!

- Coach!
- I'm watching you.

Okay, next up is Lizzy
and her fire ant farm.

That's right.

Lizzy, we talked about the fire ants.

You know that they have a tendency
to bite people.

Only my enemies.

Just keep moving, shall we?
Top notch, Lizzy!

Let's not anger her
or make her jumpy in any way.

This area's not secure. Get in.

Have you been approached
by a tall man in a bowler hat?

- What?
- Hey, hey, I'll ask the questions here.

- Okay, goodbye.
- All right,

didn't want to pull rank on you,
but you forced my hand.

Special Agent Wilbur Robinson
of the T.C.T.F.

- The what?
- Time Continuum Task Force.

- I'm here to protect you.
- Well...

Now, tall man, bowler hat,
approached you?

No, why?

I could lose my badge for this.

He's a suspect in a robbery.

What did he steal?

- A time machine.
- A what?

I've tracked him to this time,
and my informants say he's after you.

Me? Why me?

The boys back at HQ
haven't figured out a motive yet.

And by "HQ," I mean "headquarters."

I know what HQ means.

Good. You're a smart kid.

That might keep you alive, for now.

Just worry
about your little science gizmo

and leave the "perp" to me.

- And by "perp," I mean...
- I know what it means!

Okay, Mr Smarty-pants.

Bowler Hat Guy!

My frogs!

You're not gonna get away with it,

kid with science project.

Dude, you almost busted
my solar system!

My frogs! They're getting away!

Got you! That's the last of them.

Annoying little girl,
I don't have time for this.

I'm on a very important...

Don't sass me, boy. I know karate.

Come on, Pukowski! Feel the pain!
Love the pain!


Next up is Lewis.

Yes... Lewis! Excuse me.

Lewis, tell me this thing is not gonna...

It's okay. It's gonna work this time.
I won't let you down, I promise.

All right, Lewis, I trust you.
Knock 'em dead.

That was a figure of speech.
Please don't kill anyone.

Okay, stand back, everybody.

This next project
will knock your socks off.

Seriously, you might wanna stand back
a little.

Have you ever forgotten something,

and no matter how hard you tried,
you couldn't remember it?

Well, what happens
to these forgotten memories?

I propose
they're stored somewhere in your brain,

and I built a machine
that can retrieve them.

I call it the Memory Scanner.

It's shiny!

So, Lewis,
how does the Memory Scanner work?

First, you input the desired period
of time on this keypad.

Then a laser scans the cerebral cortex,
where memories are stored.

The retrieved memory
is then displayed on this monitor.

Wrap him up. I'll take two.

Now, I'm going back 12 years,
three months and 11 days.

Why that particular day?

You didn't think
I was paying attention, did you?

Well, that was the day...

Let's just say, that was
a very important day in my life.

Fair enough. Play ball.

It'll just take a second
to get the turbines going.

Lewis, wait!

She's gonna blow!

Watch out!

Feel the pain! Love the...

Hurts so much! Make it stop!

Make it stop!

Coach, suck it up, okay?

Let us conduct ourselves in a way
that we'll all be proud of tomorrow.

- Let's calm down!
- Mr Willerstein?

- I didn't mean to...
- Not now, Lewis!

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Not now.

Okay, and we are walking
in a calm, orderly fashion

toward the exits.

Wait, Lewis!

Come, my dear. Our future awaits.

Hey, what are you doing up here?

Would you quit that, please?
I know you're not a pigeon.

You're blowing my cover.

We're the only ones up here.

That's just what they want you to think.

Now, enough moping.

Take this back to the science fair
and fix that Memory Scanner.

Stop! Stop! Get away from me!

Maybe you've forgotten.

I'm a time cop from the future,
should be taken very seriously.

That's no badge.

This is a coupon for a tanning salon!
You're a fake.

Okay, you got me. I'm not a cop,

but I really am from the future,

and there really is this Bowler Hat Guy.

Here we go again.

He stole a time machine,
came to the science fair

and ruined your project.

My project didn't work
because I'm no good.

There is no Bowler Hat Guy,
there is no time machine,

and you're not from the future!

You're crazy!

I am not crazy.

Oh, yeah, Captain Time Travel?
Prove it.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

I'm just gonna go lock myself
in my room

and hide under the covers
for a couple years.

If I prove to you I'm from the future,
will you go back to the science fair?

Yeah, sure, whatever you say.

Hey, let go of me!

- What are you doing? Let go of me!
- Okay.

What is this? Where are we going?

To the future!

The future has arrived

The future has arrived today

The future has arrived

The future has arrived today

Is this proof enough for you?

Is it ever!

I never thought that time travel
could be possible in my lifetime,

and here it is, right in front of me!

The truth will set you free, brother.

This is beyond anything
I could've imagined.

This means
I could really change my life.

That's right. You can.

Next stop, science fair,
to fix your Memory Scanner.

Hey, I'm not gonna fix
that stupid Memory Scanner.

- What?
- Wilbur, this is a time machine!

Why should I fix my dumb invention

when you can take me
to see my mom now in this ship?

I could actually go back to that night
and stop her from giving me up.

The answer is not a time machine.
It's this.

This? You want to know
what I think about this?

What are you doing?

I'm sorry, Wilbur,

but you don't know
what I've lived through.

- Lewis, no!
- Let go!

- You let go!
- You're not the boss of me!

Yes, I am, 'cause you're 12, and I'm 13.

That makes me older.

Well, I was born in the past,

which makes me older
and the boss of you!

I am so dead.

I'm not allowed to look at this thing,
let alone drive it!

Mom and Dad are gonna kill me,

and I can tell you this.
It will not be done with mercy.

Isn't there like
a time machine repair shop

- or something?
- No!

There's only two time machines
in existence,

and the Bowler Hat Guy
has the other one!

Well, somebody's gonna have
to fix this.

Good idea. You're smart. You fix it.

Are you crazy? I can't fix this thing.

Yes, you can. You broke it. You fix it.

All right, under one condition.

I fix it,
you take me back to see my mom.

What? You didn't even follow through
on our last deal.

How can I trust you?

Well, you told me you were a time cop
from the future.

How can I trust you?


So do we have a deal?

Good day, madam.

- I'm here to change the future.
- Yes, sir?

I must speak with the man
in charge immediately.

- Yes, sir.
- I have an appointment with destiny.

Very good, sir. I'll let Smith know,

and I'll have your dry cleaning
delivered directly to your suite.

- What?
- Now, what time is your appointment?

- Are you talking to me?
- Yes.

What time is your appointment?

Big hand is on the... Oh, 2:00!

You're the 2:00?

Yes. Yes, I am.

You're Mary Johnson?


Mary is short for...


- Can that be a boy name?
- Yes.

- Then yes.
- Have a seat.

Oh, goody!

"Pass off invention as my own." Check.
Oh, I love checklists.

The board is ready to see you now.

Wait. What am I going to say?

I'm never gonna remember that.

Would you... Why don't you go?
You do it so much better than me.

That's true.

A hat without a head
couldn't really pass off an invention

as its own.

Fantastic! Great idea!
I'm so glad I have you!

"Prepare to be amazed." Oh, I got it!

Prepare to be amazed!

"This is my invention."

"I doubt any of you have seen
anything as brilliant as this device."

Very well,

Miss Johnson?

It's Ms.

You have two minutes. Please begin.

- It's shiny!
- What is that thing?

Well, I like to call it my...

To call it my...

- What are you looking at?
- No! I... The sun, in my eyes.

Well, then let me close the blinds.

Now, the name?

Well, what...

We can quibble about names
at a later date.

The point is,
what I have here is special, unique.

Yes. Yes, you must love it
and buy it and mass produce it,

and the best part is,
it's got really comfy headphones.

I wonder, could you lean forward
just a little bit, please?

Yes, thank you.

Yes, they are quite comfortable.

What do you hope
to accomplish with this?

Oh, nothing of consequence.

I simply wish to crush the dreams
of a poor little orphan boy!

After that, it's all a little fuzzy.

You mean,
you haven't thought this through?

Thirty seconds.

Allow me to show you how it works.

First, we turn it on.

That's not it.

Ten seconds.

So where do I sign?

Doris, it's all over.

All our hopes and dreams dashed,

like so many pieces
of a broken machiney thing.

You're right.

Success is still ours for the taking.

We must find that boy.

We'll sneak this thing into the garage.
You'll have all the tools you need.

What about your parents?

Mom never goes in there,

and Dad's on a business trip
until tomorrow morning.

You've got till then to fix it.

Well, fine, but I'm gonna need
some blueprints or something for this.

No worries. I got someone
who could help us with that.

Who dares to disturb my sanctuary?

Carl, it's me. Let me in.

None may enter
unless they speak the royal password.

Carl, what are you talking about?
We don't have a password.

Yes, we do.
I made one up while you were gone.

Well, then
how am I supposed to know what it is?


Good point.

Welcome back, little buddy.

So what's up
with the stolen time machine?

Did you find it? Apparently not,

and you managed
to bust this one as well.

It'll be fixed before Dad gets home.

And how do you suppose
that's gonna...

- Who's that?
- Wow, a real robot!

Hi, I'm Lewis.

Well, that was unexpected.

As was that.

If my family finds out
I brought you from the past,

they'll bury me alive
and dance on my grave.

I'm not exaggerating.
Well, yes, I am, but not the point.

The point is,
your hair's a dead giveaway.

Why would my hair be
a dead giveaway?

That is an excellent question.

Wait! Where are you going?

Another excellent question.

But I don't just want to sit here.




Hey, ring my doorbell.

No, no, no, no, ring my doorbell.

Ring it. Ring it. Ring it.
Look at this door bell. Ring it.

- Yes!
- That was accidental.

That's an accidental ring.
It doesn't count.

It's in the rule book. Look it up.

- Flat head.
- Short roots.


What do you mean,
don't go to the family?

How can we not go to the family
in this time of family crisis?

By leaving the garage door unlocked,
you let the time machine get stolen,

and now the entire time stream
could be altered!

That and someone took my bike.

Look, I told you. It's gonna all work out.

First, we keep Lewis in the garage,
away from everybody.

I show up and give him
the pep talk of the century.

Then he fixes the time machine.

Why is it an acorn?

I didn't have time to sculpt everything.

Okay, now, the time machine is fixed.

His confidence in inventing is restored.

He goes back to the science fair,
fixes his Memory Scanner,

thus restoring
the space-time continuum.

What about taking him back
to see his mom?

I just told him that to buy some time.

Oh, yeah, can't see that one
blowing up in your face.

Trust me. I got it under control.

Wilbur Robinson never fails.

But on the slight chance that I do...

"On the slight chance," yeah.
You know what? I'll run the numbers.

What is it?

Well, it's not...

It doesn't pertain to anything in...
You know, there's not necessarily...

There's a 99.999999% chance
that you won't exist.

- What?
- And I didn't want to tell you, but I did.

I won't exist?

And where does that leave me?

Alone, rusting in a corner.

What am I worried about?
Now, blueprints?

If this thing ever blows over,
I really gotta get away from you

and get some quiet time.


Well, hey, there, little fella!

Now, I know what you're thinking,
and my clothes are not on backwards.

My head is!

Oh, I used to tell that one
to my science students.

They didn't laugh, either.

Anywho, what's your name, fruit-head?

- Well, Lewis, but...
- Lewis, huh?

Well, say, Lewis, you haven't seen
any teeth around here, have you?

- Teeth?
- Yeah, my teeth.

Been digging holes all day.
Can't find them anywhere.

All right, look, old man,
I need to get back to the garage.

Wilbur left me down there,

and I wasn't supposed to leave,
and these monsters...

- Monsters?
... attacked me on the porch and...

There's no monsters on the porch,
you ninny.

- Listen to me!
- Of course, I also didn't think

there was a woodchuck
living on my arm,

and lookie there!

Hope he ain't got rabies.

Old man, I need to get to the garage!

Well, sure, I'll get you there in a jiffy.
I know a shortcut.

Welcome to the garage.

Well, I'm completely lost.

Hiya, Grandpa.

Hey, Aunt Billie.

Lewis and me
are looking for the garage.

- We have a garage?
- Apparently so.

Lewis, will you give me a hand
and time my race?

Okay, Gaston,
my toy train's ready for you.

That's a toy train?

On your mark, get set, go?

- 3.7 seconds.
- I win!

Okay, Lewis, I got the blueprints.


- And five and six and seven and eight.
- That's Uncle Joe. He works out.

Keep those tummies tucked.

This isn't the garage.

I know.

I don't think
the garage is in here, either.

Egads! A very grave matter, indeed.

- That's Uncle Art.
- A real superhero?

Quad Four, Alpha Omega Galaxy,

needs a large
cheese-and-sausage thin-crust?

I'll be there in 30 minutes, or it's free.

- He's a...
- Pizza delivery guy.


- What are we doing up here?
- Looking for the garage.

Oh, yeah!

Laszlo, you stop painting my hat,
or I'm telling Ma!

- Lighten up, sis!
- Lasz, I mean it!

Children, please!
Your mother is trying to take a nap.

What is all the yelling out here?

- He started it!
- She started it!

I don't want to hear any more!

- Now, sweetie...
- Don't you "sweetie" me!

I'm going for a drive!

That's strange.
She usually takes the Harley.


I think my wife Lucille's baking cookies.

Bake them cookies, Lucille!

Why is your dog wearing glasses?

Oh, 'cause his insurance
won't pay for contacts.

That's Uncle Spike,
and there's Uncle Dimitri.

- Oh, look, there's...
- That's the monster!

Oh, no, Lewis, that's our butler, Lefty.

Nice to meet you.

Hey, Lefty,
any idea how to get to the garage?

Well, that's true. We didn't ask her yet.

- Who?
- Wilbur's mom, Franny.

I think you'll like her.

Hey, guys!

You ask me over
And over and over

Have you seen
My peacock-feathered hat?


Taught them everything they know.

- Franny, this is Lewis.
- Nice to meet you, ma'am.

Perfect timing.
We need someone on maracas.

Where is your heart at?
Nobody knows that

Even though you've him, her, me

And an army searching

I've got a feeling
You will be reeling

When you are bad
And the circus comes to town

Grandpa, I think I found your teeth.

And you see me leaving
Dressed up as a magician

Or something like that

Sarsaparilla! My teeth are back!


All right!

Right. Well, glad I could help
with the teeth,

but, wow, look at the time.

Lewis, I told you to stay in the garage!

I did, but I went up the tube,
and I ran into your family, and I...

You met my family?

Pop quiz.

Who have you met,
and what have you learnt?

Okay. Bud, Fritz and Joe are brothers.

Fritz is married to Petunia, and is she...

Cranky? Yes.

Tallulah and Laszlo are their children.

Joe is married to Billie.
Lefty is the butler.

Spike and Dimitri are twins,

and I don't know who they're related to.

Neither do we. Go on.

Lucille is married to Bud,
and your dad, Cornelius, is their son.

What does Cornelius look like?

Tom Selleck.

Okay, Cornelius is married to Franny,
and her brothers are Gaston and Art.

You're forgetting something.

Forgetting? Oh, right.

Wilbur is the son
of Franny and Cornelius.

And nobody realised
you were from the past?


Thank you. Thank you.

Hold your applause.
Thank you very much.

Doris, get it off! Get it off!

I've got you now.


No, Lewis is my stupid roommate.

My name's Mike Yagoobian.
People call me Goob,

but today, everyone that beat me up
called me "puke face"

and "butterfingers"
and "booger breath."

Nice to see that they're branching out.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...

Well, I was just looking for Lewis.

Try the roof.
He's always up there being dumb.

Of course. Why didn't I think of that?

Mr Steak, you're my only friend.

Game didn't go so well, huh?

No, I fell asleep in the ninth inning,
and I missed the winning catch.

Then I got beat up.

Afterwards, Coach took me aside
and told me to let it go.

I don't know. He's probably right.


Everyone will tell you to let it go
and move on, but don't.

Instead, let it fester
and boil inside of you.

Take these feelings
and lock them away.

Let them fuel your actions.

Let hate be your ally,

and you will be capable
of wonderfully horrid things.

Heed my words, Goob. Don't let it go.


Where is that boy?

Good idea!
Separate and look for clues.

Look, my dear! Look what I found!
It's a stick.

Now, what did you find?

Yes. Yes, I see.

Time travel residue next to DNA
from Wilbur Robinson.

That plus my stick must mean...

To the future! Shotgun!

I don't even know what I'm doing.

Keep moving forward.

I mean,
this stuff is way too advanced for me.

Keep moving forward.

And what if I can't fix this?
What are we gonna do?

Keep moving forward.

Why do you keep saying that?

And don't just say,
"Keep moving forward."

It's my dad's motto.

Why would his motto be
"keep moving forward"?

It's what he does.

What's that supposed to mean?

That is an excellent question.

Robinson Industries,

the world's leading
scientific-research-and-design factory.

My dad runs the company.
They mass produce his inventions.

His motto, "Keep moving forward."
It's what he does.

- What has he invented?
- Everything.

Carl, the time machine,
the travel tubes.

Your dad invented the time machine?

Yep. Five years ago,

Dad wakes up in the middle
of the night in a cold sweat.

He wants to build a time machine,
so he starts working.

We're talking plans.
We're talking scale models.

We're talking prototypes.

That's a prototype?

- The very first, or what's left of it.
- Yikes.

Yeah. Dark day at the Robinson house.

Prototypes two and three,
not much better.

Number six, 58,

212, 485,


and they all end the same way.

But he doesn't give up.

Dude, I can't take you seriously
in that hat.

He keeps working and working
until finally he gets it,

the first working time machine.

Then he keeps working and working
until finally he gets it again,

the second working time machine.

Kind of small.

I'm assuming that's a joke.
I'm ignoring you for time reasons.

This, my friend, is merely a model

because, unfortunately,
time machine number two

is in the hands of the Bowler Hat Guy.

- Pretty amazing story, huh?
- Yeah.

Now, are you ready to start working?

I think that's it. I did it!

I knew you could.

Nice work, my friend.

Well, you know what they say!
"Keep moving..."

Don't say it!

Boys! Dinner time!

Not now, Mom!

If you aren't up here in five minutes,
I'm gonna come down and get you!

We'd better get up there.

Let's get that boy!

Sit here?

But I want to look, too.

A mini-Doris!

I didn't even know you could do that.
It's so cute.

Let's take her out for a spin.





There you are.

Now, to lure him out of the house.

I know! I'll blow it up! Yes!
Yes, and... No.

No, that won't work. Then he'll be dead.

Oh! I know!

I'll turn him into a duck!
Yes! Yes, it's so evil!

I don't know how to do that.

I don't really need a duck.

This may be harder than I thought.

Hey, ring my doorbell.

No, no, no, no, ring this doorbell.

That doorbell will give you a rash.

Yes! I'm two for two, man.

If they don't do it on purpose,
it doesn't count.

- Come on. Read your rule book.
- You know what?

You can take your rule book
and shove it right...

I don't believe in fretting or grieving

Why mess around with strife?

Guess I was cut out
To step out and strut out

Give me the simple life

Ladies and gentlemen,
dinner is served.

Dinner is served.

Dinner is served.

Hooray! Italian food.

I want a sloppy joe!

Oh, Billie,
could you please pass the gravy?

Coming to you, big girl.

Reminds me of the time
my meatball pizza staved off civil war

on the black moon of Keward.

Where's my sloppy joe?

Thank you for the gravy, Aunt Billie.

- We gotta talk.
- How about some gravy? Over here.

Why is the kid still here?
Any of this ring a bell?

Science fair, Memory Scanner,
a time stream that needs fixing?

Temporary setback.

He's just having
a little confidence issue.

- You want me to talk to him?
- No.

- I give a mean back rub.
- No.

- Shiatsu?
- No.

- Feng shui.
- No.

I've got it under control.

So, Lewis, are you in Wilbur's class?

- No.
- Yes.

- Yes.
- No.

Well, yes and no.

Lewis is a new transfer student.


- Where are you from, Lewis?
- Canada?

I think you mean North Montana.
Hasn't been called Canada in years.

Do you know Sam Gundersen?

- It's a big country.
- State.

- I wonder if you're related.
- Maybe if he took his hat off.

Oh, good idea.

Then we can see
if he has the family cowlick.

He can't,
because he's got bad hat-hair.

Oh, nonsense.

A North Montana man doesn't care
about hat-hair.

Let's see the cowlick!

All right, everyone, hold your horses.

Lewis, do you mind?

I'm afraid
this isn't gonna stop otherwise.

- But... But...
- And so it begins.

Now, don't be shy.

- We're all family here.
- Ready, aim, fire!

Surely, that is not the best you can do.

Impressive, little sister.

Your skills are strong,
but not strong enough.

Your words
do not threaten me, brother.

Then enough words.
Now the real battle begins.

Your meatballs are useless against me.

Then perhaps it's time
for spicy Italian sausage!


That's right. I did it.

Is dinner like this every night?

No, yesterday, we had meatloaf.

Okay, gang,
time for the second course.

And what goes better with meatballs
than P.B. and J?

Hey, that's just like...



Is everything all right?

We're just experiencing bugs.

Just what the doctor ordered.

My friend Lewis is an inventor.
He can fix it.

Wilbur, you know I can't.

Come on. Give it a try.

You don't understand
what's at stake here.

Uncle Joe's seen the toast!

We're past the point of no return!

If he doesn't get P.B. and J...

We all pay!

I don't know.

You would really be
helping us out, Lewis.


One dragonfly on the rocks, please,
Mr Barkeep.

Hey, hey, Frankie, baby,
you gotta tell us one of your jokes.

Yeah, Frankie.
How about that one with the bullfrog?

All right, you bozos.

Have to get that boy out of the house.

Sorry. Wait!

So I turn to the bullfrog,
and you know what I says?

Talking frogs
with their own little outdoor bar,

and so smartly dressed! Perfect!

I says,
"Hey, not with my umbrella, you don't."

- Frankie, you're a riot.
- I gotta go pee!

- I love it.
- You bunch of goons.

That's a good buzz. What the...

Yes! You are now under my control.

I am now under your control.

- Stop laughing.
- Stop laughing.

- Don't repeat everything I say.
- I won't repeat everything you say.

- Excellent.
- Excellent.

Did you just say, "Excellent,"
because I said, "Excellent"?


- Excellent.
- Excellent.

- So, Mr Fix-it, how's it looking?
- Pretty good, Mrs Robinson.

I've recalibrated
the dispensing conduits

and aligned
the ejection mechanism and...

There he is,
that repulsive, half-witted fool!

Now, my slave, seize the boy.

Bring him to me.

Did you not hear what I said, you idiot?
Grab the boy and bring him!

Well, it's just that
there's a million people over there,

and I have little arms.

I'm just not so sure
how well this plan was thought through.



Okay, that should do it.

It's so exciting. Let her rip, Lewis!

Uncle Joe can't hold on much longer.

Everybody ready?

- Go, Carl.
- Yeah!

Is it gonna work?

Oh, no!


I didn't know. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

- You failed!
- And it was awesome!

- Exceptional!
- Outstanding!

I've seen better.

From failing, you learn.
From success, not so much.

If I gave up every time I failed,

I never would have made
the meatball cannon.

I never would have made
my fireproof pants.

Still working out the kinks.

Like my husband always says...

Keep moving
Keep moving


Okay, talking frog, not a good minion.

Need another henchman,
something large, not too bright.

Something that won't talk back.

What is he still doing here?
Get rid of him.

Oh, my noggin.

Hey, what are you doing?
Get your lousy mitts off of me!

You're gonna regret this!

Wait! Wait! Don't move. That's it!

I wonder if I should tell Doris.

No, I'll make it a surprise.

All right, everyone, quiet down.
Quiet down.

I propose a toast to Lewis
and his brilliant failure.

May it lead to success in the future.

Gosh, you're all so nice.

If I had a family, I...

I'd want them to be just like you.

Oh, well, then, to Lewis!

To Lewis!

To Lewis!


- Come on, Lewis!
- Good show, buddy!

What if Louis Armstrong said,
"I can't"?

You think he'd have walked
on the moon?

Dear, Louis Armstrong was a singer.

What did he mean, if he had a family?

Oh, Lewis is an orphan.


- Oh, no!
- Big boy!

Get up, you pansy!

What a great plan!

Go back in time and steal a dinosaur.
Oh, Doris will be so proud of me.

Why didn't you tell me
you had a pet dinosaur?

Because we don't.

What are you talking about?
He's standing right here.

Oh, no! No, you can't eat him!

I need him alive.

Choo-chew on this!


Ready, aim, fire!

Got you!

You messed with the wrong family!

Ding-dong! Pizza's here!


Okay, everybody,
this dino's deep-dished.


Oh! He ate Carl!

- Help us! Help! Help!
- Oh, goodness!

Oh, no.



Now, go get that boy!

What's going on?

Why aren't you seizing the boy?

I have a big head...

...and little arms.

I'm just not sure... well this plan was
thought through.


Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Bowler Hat Guy!

Him you can eat.

- Lewis, run!
- Wilbur!


Oh, no!

Little Doris now sleeps with the fishes.

- Nice catch.
- Nice meatball shooting!

Guess we made
a pretty good team, huh?

Yeah, guess we did.

- Are you boys all right?
- We're good, Mom.

Yeah, didn't you see us
take out that dinosaur?

Oh, man! It was so cool, Mom!

Oh, I mean, I'm sorry. I didn't...

Oh, Lewis, it's okay.

I'm really happy you're safe.

- Your head.
- What?

It's just a bruise, Lewis.

You all sacrificed so much for me.

- Well, of course.
- You are a special kid.

One of a kind.

Okay, you should get him out of here
before something really bad happens.

Silly, silly robot.
I've got it all under control.

Okay, everybody,
it's been a long, hard day

filled with emotional turmoil
and dinosaur fights,

so why don't you all hit the hay,
and Lewis and me will get going?

Do you have to go now?
I mean, you know, it's getting late.

Maybe Lewis could spend the night.

Mom, maybe some other time, okay?

Well, any time you want to come over,
you just come over.

- Mom.
- The truth is, we love having you.

- We really have to go.
- No.

No, you don't. You have to stay.

I mean, who would be a better family
for you than us?

What do you say, Lewis?

Do you want to be a Robinson?

You want to adopt me?

- Yeah!
- Yes!

Okay, it's true. I'm from the past.

Now you know the big secret.

Wilbur, what have you done?
How could you bring him here?

That is an excellent question.

Please, don't get mad at Wilbur.

He was just being a good friend.

Lewis, I am so sorry,
but you have to go.

What? You just said...

I know what I said.

I'm from the past. So what?

Lewis. Lewis, look at me. You're...

You're a great kid,

and we would never do anything
to hurt you,

but I'm sorry.
You have to go back to your own time.

Yeah, about that,
one of the time machines is broken,

and the other one was stolen
by a guy with a bowler hat,

which kind of explains the dino.

I'm calling your father.

Wait. If I have to leave,

can I at least go back
and find my mom?

Wilbur promised.

You promised what?

I was never gonna do it. I swear!

- You lied to me?
- No!


Lewis! Lewis, wait!

I can't believe I was dumb enough
to actually believe you were my friend!

I am your friend!

Mister, you're grounded till you die.

Oh, yes, Doris, it is a shame.

All he wants to do is go back in time
to meet the mother he never knew,

but they won't let him.
We'd let him, though.

Too bad
we don't have a time machine.

Oh, wait. We do.

Bowler Hat Guy?

- Hello, Lewis.
- What do you want?

To make your dream come true.

All you have to do is put
Humpty Dumpty back together again,

and we'll take you back
to find your mommy.


Let's just talk about this, Lewis.
Come on!

I know you're around here somewhere.


I can't imagine why you're so interested
in this piece of junk.

That's for me to know
and you to find out.

Now, show me how to work this thing.

It doesn't work. Never did.

Well, supposing it did,

and if one were presenting
the invention to, say,

a board of directors
for a very large invention company,

where might one find the "On" switch?

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

All right, first, you turn this knob twice,

then push this red button,

and that's it. It's pretty easy.

What a stupid way to turn it on!

Okay, take me to see my mom now.

Yes, of course.


We had a deal!

Crossies! Doesn't count.

Why are you doing this to me?
I never did anything to you.

You still haven't figured it out?

Figured out what?

Well, let's see if this rings a bell.

Father of the Future,
inventor extraordinaire,

"Keep moving forward"?

That's not me. That's Wilbur's dad.

Are you saying

that I'm Wilbur's dad?

Give the boy a prize.

You grew up to be the founder
of this wretched time,

so I plan to destroy your destiny.

- Easy peasy, rice and cheesy.
- Well...

So if I'm Wilbur's dad...

Keep going.

If I'm Wilbur's dad...

Yes, thank you, we've established that.

But what does that have to do
with you?

Allow me to shed some light
on the subject.

My old room!

I think you mean our old room.

- What?
- Yes! Yes, it is I,

Mike Yagoobian!

I know.
I'm disgusting, but one learns to love it.

How did you end up like this?

Well, it's a long and pitiful story
about a young boy with a dream,

a dream of winning
a Little League championship,

a dream that was ruined
in the last inning.

We lost by one run because of me.

Get him!

If I hadn't fallen asleep,
I would have caught the ball!

And we would have won!

Do you understand?

For some reason,
no one wanted to adopt me.

Whiz kid Cornelius Robinson
graduates from college at age 14.

This year's Nobel Prize goes
to a young Cornelius Robinson.

Hey, Goob, what's up? Cool binder.

Hey, Goob,
wanna come over to my house today?

They all hated me.

Eventually, they closed down
the orphanage and everyone left,

except me.

Cornelius Robinson rebuilds Inventco.

- Robinson reaches out to...
- It's new name,

- Robinson Industries.
- Cornelius Robinson!

- Cornelius Robinson is now...
- Now here's another amazing...

It was then
that I realised it wasn't my fault.

It was yours.

If you hadn't kept me up all night
working on your stupid project,

then I wouldn't have missed the catch,

so I devised a brilliant plan
to get my revenge.

Robinson, you stink!

Then, just as I was on the brink
of destroying Robinson Industries,

I met her.

We retreated to our villainous lair,

where Doris spun a tale
of deception and woe.

Apparently, you invented her
to be a Helping Hat,

a slave to humankind,

but Doris knew she was capable
of so much more.

However, you didn't see
her true potential.

- Got it.
- So you shut her down,

or so you thought.

We both had a score
to settle with you,

and while my plan for revenge
was brilliant, Doris' was...

Well, we went with Doris',

but I made
a very, very important contribution.

Together we made the perfect team.


Make sure you shut that door tight,
or else the alarm won't engage.

Yeah, Mom.

I went to your house,
snuck in the garage

and stole the time machine,

all thanks to that pointy-haired little kid
who forgot to lock the garage door.

And now all that's left
is to return to Inventco,

where I'll pass off
your little gizmo as my own.

But you have no idea
what that could do to this future!

I don't care. I just want to ruin your life.

Goob, I had no idea.

Shut up! And don't call me Goob!

How many evil villains do you know
who can pull off a name like Goob?

Look, I'm sorry
your life turned out so bad,

but don't blame me.
You messed it up yourself.

You just focused on the bad stuff
when all you had to do was

let go of the past
and keep moving forward.

Let's see.

Take responsibility for my own life
or blame you.

"Blame you" wins hands down!

This is gonna be
the best day of my life!

Doris, would you be a dear
and open the hatch for me, please?


Well, I hate to foil your evil plan
and run, but ta-ta!


I bet you're glad to see me.

That's for not locking the garage door.

You know about that?

I know everything.

You gotta admit,

this will be a great story
to tell me someday.

Look at that, boys.
We're almost home free.

Oh, no!

Take a good look around, boys,

because your future
is about to change.

Lewis, you have to fix
the time machine.

No. No, I can't.

What about your dad?
You could call him.

- You are my dad.
- But that's in the future.

There won't be a future
unless you fix the time machine.

Look, I messed up.

I left the garage unlocked,
and I've tried like crazy to fix things,

but now it's up to you.

You can do it, Dad.

- Lewis? Lewis!
- Wilbur? Wilbur!


Mrs Robinson? Uncle Art? Lefty?

Prepare to be amazed.

I call it the Memory Scanner.

So, Yagoobian, any other ideas
you'd like to share with us?

Yes. I call them Helping Hats.

They're everywhere!

Doris, what's happening?
I don't understand.

I just wanted to ruin his future, not this.


No. No, this can't be happening! No!

Oh, Lewis, it's already happened.

Why did I ever invent that stupid hat?

Take a good look around, Doris,
'cause your future's about to change.

Goob, stop!

You don't know what you're doing!

Yes, I do. I'm ruining your future.

She's using you, Goob,

and when she gets what she wants,
she'll get rid of you.

What? What?

I am never going to invent you.

Come on, Goob.
I've got to show you something.


I thought she was my friend.

You did it, Lewis. You did it!

I'll hold him while you run for help.

Let him go.

What are you doing? He's the bad guy.

No, he's not. He's my roommate.

- What?
- He's my old roommate,

and I really think
you guys should adopt him.

- Are you nuts?
- Give me one good reason why not.

I'll give you three good reasons.

He stole our time machine,
tried to ruin your future,

and he smells
like he hasn't showered in 30 years!

May I remind you, I'm your father,
and you have to do what I say.

Okay, Mr Yagoobian,
do you want to be a...

- Where'd he go?
- Goob?



Are you hurt? Any broken bones?

- No, I'm...
- Do you have a temperature?

- Brain fog?
- Scurvy?

- Tapeworm?
- Cellulite?

No. No, no, I'm fine. I feel fine.

In fact,
better than I've felt in a long time.

Franny, they're gone.
Oh, this is terrible!

- Oh, boy.
- Well, he's home early.

Franny, where are you?
The time machines are gone!

Ratted out by the old lady.



Yeah, beats working
in an office every day.

Yeah, no kidding.

Want to see the one I'm most proud of?


Oh, no, no, no. That one.

It was our first real invention.

It's the one that started it all.


So if I go back now,
then this will be my future.

Well, that depends on you.

Nothing is set in stone.

You gotta make the right choices
and keep moving forward.

Since it's gonna work this time,
that means I...

We won't finally get to see
what Mom looks like?

Do we ever meet her?

I think
you're just gonna have to get back

to that science fair
and find out for yourself.

I had a feeling
you were gonna say that.

That's because we are one smart kid.

- So long!
- Bye-bye, Lewis!

- Farewell, future brother-in-law.
- So long! See you later, Lewis!

Oh, don't forget the mashed potatoes!

- Have a safe trip, little Lewis.
- I will.

Hey, while I got you here,

just a couple of little suggestions
regarding my design.

Let's face it, these skinny limbs
don't exactly make the teapot whistle.

All that really matters is,
hey, don't forget to invent me.

- Are you kidding? No way!
- I love you.

There's so many things
I wish I could ask you.

Excuse me.
Time travel now, questions later.

- But I...
- Don't worry.

Just get back to that science fair,
and we'll see you real soon.

Oh, right. Right, okay, I will. Bye.

- Goodbye, son.
- Thanks again for everything!

- Wait. Lewis, one more thing.
- Yeah?

Just a little tip for the future.
I am always right.

Even when I'm wrong, I'm right.

She's right.
I'd just go with it if I were you.

And I am.

Then you're absolutely right.

All right, I'm coming.

Well, it's not like
you're never gonna see them again.

They are your family, after all.

Wait a minute.

You're supposed to take me back
to the science fair.

I know.

Well, I think
you punched in the wrong numbers.

We agreed that,
if you fixed the time machine,

I'd take you back to see your mom.


A deal's a deal.

I don't get it. Why'd you just let her go?

Because I already have a family.

I never thought my dad
would be my best friend.

Now, now, don't make me come
and bail you out again.

I won't.

Remember, I've got a time machine.

If you mess up again,
I'll just keep coming back

till you get it right.

- You got that motto?
- I got it.

Don't forget it.

I don't think that's possible.

You better get going.

See you later, Wilbur.

Wait a minute!

Goob! Goob, wake up!


That's it!

Mr Willerstein,
I know what went wrong.

Can I have one more chance? Please!

My ride isn't here yet, so fire it up.

I need a volunteer.

Now, just give me a date to input.

Well, now, let's see.

There's my first science fair,
the day I got my first microscope,

the time I swam the English Channel,
my first gold medal for the luge.

I know.


- You look gorgeous.
- He's a lucky guy.

Oh! It works.

- It works!
- It works.

You look beautiful, Lucille.


- Would you look at that?
- Whoa!

Honey! Honey, you're just in time.

- Lucille!
- You did it, Lewis! You did it!

This invention is brilliant!

Kid, you're this fair's MVP!

That was some show you put on.

You're a real special kid,

but you don't look like a Lewis.
You look more like a...

Cornelius. I get that a lot.

Oh, no! Sorry, mister.

No harm done.

Frankie, what have I told you
about running away?

- Frankie?
- My star pupil.

My name's Franny,
and I teach frogs music.


You know that frogs
have more musical ability than people?

But nobody believes me.

They all think I'm crazy.

You think I'm crazy, too.

No. No, I think you're right.

Over here? There he is.

Kid, we'd like to get a story
on you for the local paper.

You've got a bright future ahead of you.

Let it go


Let it roll right off your shoulder

Don't you know

The hardest part is over

Let it in

Let your clarity define you

In the end

We will only just remember
How it feels

Let it slide

Let your troubles fall behind you

Let it shine

Until you feel it all around you

And I don't mind

If it's me you need to turn to

We'll get by

It's the heart that really matters
In the end

Our lives are made

In these small hours

These little wonders

These twists and turns of fate

Time falls away

But these small hours

These small hours still remain

All of my regret

Will wash away somehow

But I cannot forget

The way I feel right now

The future has arrived

The future has arrived

The future has arrived

The future has arrived

The future's arrived

Nobody can doubt

The future is what everything's about

It's better for you
And it's better for me

It's better than what everybody
Thought it would be

The future has arrived

The future has arrived today

The future's alive

Alive as can be

Just open your eyes

It's plain to see

Just don't be afraid

Just keep going on

One step at a time
And you can't go wrong

It's time to create

Time to grow

If you feel right

The world, yeah
She's changing

Don't it make you feel alive?

The future has arrived

The future has arrived today

The future's alive

The future is alive today

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

The future's arrived

Nobody can doubt

The future is what everything's about

It's better for you
It's better for me

It's better than what everybody
Thought it would be

It's time to create

Time to grow

If you feel right

The world, yeah
She's changing

And life's rearranging

Don't it make you feel alive?

The future has arrived

The future has arrived

The future has arrived today

The future's alive

The future is alive today

The future has arrived

The future has arrived today

The future's alive

The future is alive today

The future has arrived

The future has arrived today

The future's alive

The future is alive today

The future has arrived today

The future has arrived today

The future has arrived today

The future has arrived today

Waiting to cross the Rubicon

Wondering what side I'm on

What are these visions
Of me as a young man

With one arm pointing
And the other arm holding your hand?

Needing a plan to keep you near

Blowing a horn so you can hear

If it was only my love and devotion

This world would suddenly be
In a state of


Emotional commotion

Emotional commotion

Emotional commotion

Emotional commotion

I never get around
Under the sun and the stars

And I may be always frowning

But one day you will see
Under the sun and the stars

You will turn around
And I'll be

In motion

Emotional commotion

Emotional commotion

Emotional commotion

Emotional commotion

Emotional commotion

Emotional motion

Special thanks to SergeiK.