Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End script is here for all you fans of the Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End Script

"In order to affect a timely halt
to deteriorating conditions

and to ensure the common good,

a state of emergency is declared
for these territories

by decree of Lord Cutler Beckett,

duly appointed representative
of His Majesty, the king.

By decree, according to martial law,

the following statutes
are temporarily amended:

Right to assembly, suspended.

Right to habeas corpus, suspended.

Right to legal counsel, suspended.

Right to verdict by a jury of peers,

By decree, all persons
found guilty of piracy,

or aiding a person convicted of piracy,

or associating with a person
convicted of piracy...

...shall be sentenced to
hang by the neck until dead."

 The king and his men
 The king and his men 

 stole the queen from her bed 

 and bound her in her Bones. 

 The seas be ours 

 and by the powers 

 where we will, we'll roam. 

 Yo, ho, 

 All hands
 haul together, 

 hoist the Colors high. 

 Heave ho, 

 thieves and beggars, 

 never shall we die. 

 Yo, ho, 

 haul together, 

 hoist the Colors high. 

Lord Beckett!

They've started to sing, sir.

- Finally.
-  Thieves and beggars

 never shall we die. 

 Some men have died,
and some are alive 

 Others sail on the sea
 and others sail on the sea 

 with the keys to the cage 

 and the Devil to pay 

 We lay to Fiddler's Green

 The bell has been raised
from its watery grave

 Hear its sepulchral tone

 A call to all
Pay heed the squall
 We are a call to all, pay head the squall 

 Turn your sails to home
 and turn your sail toward home! 

 Yo, ho, 

 haul together, 

 Hoist the colors high


-  Thieve...
- Thief and beggar.

 never say we die. 

A dangerous song to be singing...

...for any who are
ignorant of its meaning.

Particularly a woman.

Particularly a woman alone.

What makes you think
she's alone?

You protect her?

And what makes you think
I need protecting?

Your master's expecting us.

And an unexpected death'd
cast a slight pall on our meeting.

Pick those feet up!

On the double!

Eyes front!

No, no, no. None.

It always takes me
about a week to get my sea legs.

I was throwing up horribly
the last time.

Steady as she goes.

All right.

Have you heard anything from Will?

I trust young Turner
to acquire the charts

and you to remember your place
in the presence of Captain Sao Feng.

Is he that terrifying?

He's much like myself, but absent my
merciful nature and sense of fair play.

We're through. Make ready.

Hurry now.

Do you think because she is a woman
we would not suspect her of treachery?

Well, when you put it that way...

Remove. Please.

Remove. Please.

Captain Barbossa,
welcome to Singapore.

More steam.

None of that.

If things don't go the way we want,
then we're the only chance they've got.

I understand that you have
a request to make of me.

More of a proposal to put to ye.

I've a venture underway and I find
myself in need of a ship and a crew.

Hmm. It's an odd coincidence.

Because you happen to have
a ship and a crew you don't need?


Because earlier this day,
not far from here,

a thief broke into
my most revered uncle's temple

and tried to make off with these.

The navigational charts.

The route to the Farthest Gate.

Wouldn't it be amazing
if this venture of yours

took you to the world beyond this one?

It would strain credulity at that.

This is the thief.
Is his face familiar to you?

Then I guess he has
no further need for it.

No, no!

You come into my city
and you betray my hospitality.

- I assure you I had no idea...
- That he would get caught!

You intend to attempt the voyage
to Davy Jones' Locker.

But I cannot help but wonder...


The song has been sung.
The time is upon us.

We must convene the Brethren Court.

As one of the nine pirate lords,
you must honor the call.

More steam.

More steam!

- There is a price on all our heads.
- Aye.

It is true.

It seems the only way a pirate
can turn a profit anymore...

...is by betraying other pirates.

We must put
our differences aside.

Wait for the signal.

The First Brethren Court
gave us rule of the seas.

But now that rule is being challenged
by Lord Cutler Beckett.

Against East India
Trading Company,

what value is the Brethren Court?

What can any of us do?

You can fight!
Get off me!

You are Sao Feng,
the pirate lord of Singapore.

You command in an age of piracy
where bold captains sail free waters.

Where waves aren't measured in feet,
but as increments of fear,

and those who pass the test
become legend.

Would you have that era
come to an end on your watch?

The most notorious pirates
from around the world

are uniting against our enemy,

and yet you sit here
cowering in your bathwater!

Elizabeth Swann.
Elizabeth Swann

There is more to you
than meets the eye, isn't there?

And the eye does not go wanting.

But I cannot help but notice
you have failed to answer my question.

What is it you seek
in Davy Jones' Locker?

Jack Sparrow.

He's one of the pirate lords.

The only reason...

...I would want Jack Sparrow returned
from the land of the dead...

...is so I can send him back myself!

Jack Sparrow holds
one of the nine pieces of eight.

He failed to pass it along
to a successor before he died.

So we must go and get him back.

So you admit...

...you have deceived me.



Sao Feng, I assure you,
our intentions are strictly honorable.

Drop your weapons or I kill the man!

Kill him. He's not our man.

If he's not with you,
and he's not with us...

...who's he with?



Look out! Look behind you!





Company! Make ready. Set. Fire!


Make ready. Set.


It's an odd coincidence, isn't it?

The East India Trading Company finds me
the day you show up in Singapore.

It is coincidence only.

If you want to make a deal with Beckett,
you need what I offer.

You cross Barbossa.
You are willing to cross Jack Sparrow.

Why should I expect any better?

I need the Black Pearl
to free my father.

You're helping me to get it.


Fire in the hole.

Thank you, Jack.

Thank you, Jack.

- You have the charts?
- And better yet.

- A ship and a crew.
- Where's Sao Feng?

He'll cover our escape
and meet us at Shipwreck Cove.

This way. Be quick.

Haul the snotters with a will!

Keep it taut.

Secure provisions
and stow the cargo.

There's no place left
for Sao Feng to cower.

Do you think he will honor the call?

I cannot say.

There's an evil on these seas

that even the most staunch and
bloodthirsty pirates have come to fear.

A piece of eight.

Nine of them, you say.

Our new friend in Singapore
was very specific, sir.

Nine pieces of eight.

What's the significance of that,
I wonder.

Nothing can hold against the armada.

Not with the Flying Dutchman
at the lead.

Nothing we know of.

Did your friend mention
where the Brethren Court are meeting?

He was mum on that, sir.


Then he knows the value of information.

Better keep this between ourselves.

We don't want anyone
running off to Singapore, do we?

- Ah, admiral.
- You summoned me, Lord Beckett.

Yes. Something for you there.

Your new station deserves an old friend.

- Not more requisition orders.
- No, sir.


The Brethren know they face extinction.

All that remains is for them to decide
where they make their final stand.

No one said anything about cold.

I'm sure there must be
a good reason for our suffering.

Why don't that obeah woman
bring Jack back the same way

- she brought back Barbossa?
- Because Barbossa was only dead.

Jack Sparrow is taken, body and soul,

to a place not of death, but punishment.

The worst fate a person
can bring upon himself...

...stretching on forever.

That's what awaits
at Davy Jones' Locker.

Yeah. I knew there was a good reason.

Nothing here is set.

These can't be
as accurate as modern charts.

No. But it leads to more places.

"Over the edge.

Over again."

"Sunrise sets.

Flash of green."

Do you care to interpret,
Captain Barbossa?

Ever gazed upon the green flash,
Master Gibbs?

I reckon I seen my fair share.
Happens on rare occasion.

The last glimpse of sunset,
a green flash shoots up into the sky.

Some go their whole lives
without ever seeing it.

Some claim to have seen it who ain't.
And some say...

It signals when a soul
comes back to this world from the dead.

- Sorry.
- Trust me, young Master Turner.

It's not getting to the land
of the dead that's the problem.

It's getting back.

Head to wind! Lift the sail!
Head to wind! Lift the sail!

Aye, aye, sir!

Bloody hell. There's nothing left.

Jones is a loose cannon, sir.

Fetch the chest.

And the governor?

He's been asking questions
about the heart.

Does he know?

Then perhaps his usefulness
has run its course.

Step lively, men.

Step lively!

Stand fast!

Steady, men.

Go. All of you.
And take that infernal thing with you.

I will not have it on my ship!

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that...
because I will.

Because it seems to be
the only way to ensure

that this ship do as directed
by the company.

We need prisoners to interrogate,

which tends to work best
when they're alive.

The Dutchman sails
as its captain commands.

And its captain
is to sail it as commanded.

I would have thought you'd learned that
when I ordered you to kill your pet.

This is no longer your world, Jones.

The immaterial has become...


Charge your bayonets.

How long do we continue not talking?

Once we rescue Jack,
everything'll be fine.

Then we rescue Jack.

For what we want most...

...there is a cost
must be paid in the end.

- Barbossa, ahead!
- Aye, we're good and lost now.

- Lost?
- For certain you have to be lost

to find a place as can't be found.

Elseways, everyone
would know where it was.

- We're gaining speed.
- Aye.

To stations!

All hands to stations!


Rudder full. Hard aport! Gather way.

Nay! Belay that!
Let her run straight and true!


- You've doomed us all.
- Don't be so unkind.

You may not survive
to pass this way again,

and these be the last
friendly words you'll hear.

Tie her off.

Hard aport.

Hold on!

Strike your colors,
you blooming cockroaches.

Dead men tell no tales.

My peanut.

Haul the halyard. Slacken braces.

Aye, captain.
Slacken braces.

Step lively with a will.

- Aye, aye.
- Right away, sir.

I want a fire down below!

- Help.
- Man the yards, you filthy toads.

Haul! Haul!

Haul the sheets handsomely.
Scandalize the lateens.

- Aye, sir.
- Right away, sir.

- Mr. Sparrow?
- Aye, cap'n.

What say you about
the condition of this tack line?

- It be proper to my eyes, sir.
- Proper?

It is neither proper nor suitable, sir.
It is not acceptable nor adequate.

It is, in obvious fact, an abomination.

Begging your pardon, sir,
but if you gave a man another chance.

Shall I?

It's that sort of thinking
got us into this mess.

We have lost speed and, therefore, time.

Precious time,
which cannot be recovered once lost.

Do you understand?

- Aye, aye, captain.
- Do you now?

It will all have to be redone.
All of it.

And let this serve
as a lesson to the lot of you.

Doldrums, sir,
has the entire crew on edge.

I have no sympathy
for any of you feculent maggots,

and no more patience
to pretend otherwise.

Gentlemen, I wash my hands
of this weirdness.

No wind.

Of course, there's no bloody wind.

My soul I do swear for a breeze.

Gust. Whisper. A tiny, miniature lick.

Yes, sir, I know, but why?
Why would he do that?

Because he's a lummox, isn't he?

We shall have a magnificent
garden party and you're not invited.


A rock.

Now we're being followed by rocks.
Never had that before.


A rope.

This truly is a godforsaken place.

I don't see Jack.
I don't see anyone.

He's here.

Davy Jones never once
gave up that what he took.

And does it matter?

We're trapped here by your doing.
No different than Jack.

Witty Jack is closer than you think.



Slap me thrice
and hand me to me mama. It's Jack.

- It's the captain!
- A sight for sore eyes.

Hide the rum.

- Mr. Gibbs.
- Aye, cap'n.

I thought so.

I expect you're able
to account for your actions, then.


There's been a perpetual and virulent
lack of discipline upon my vessel. Why?

- Why is that, sir?
- Sir, you're...

You're in Davy Jones' Locker, cap'n.

I know that.
I know where I am.

- And don't think I don't.
- Jack Sparrow.
- Jack Sparrow

Oh, Hector.

It's been too long. Hasn't it?

Aye. Isla de Muerta, remember?
You shot me.

No, I didn't.

Tia Dalma, out and about, eh?

You add an agreeable sense
of the macabre to any delirium.

He thinks we're a hallucination.

William, tell me something:

Have you come because you need my help
to save a certain distressing damsel,

or rather, damsel in distress?
Either one.


Well, then,
you wouldn't be here, would you?

So you can't be here.
Q.E.D., you're not really here.


This is real. We're here.

- The Locker, you say?
- Aye.

We've come to rescue you.

Have you, now?
That's very kind of you.

But it would seem that
as I possess a ship and you don't,

you're the ones in need of rescuing,
and I'm not sure as I'm in the mood.

I see my ship. Right there.

Can't spot it.

Must be a tiny little thing
hiding somewhere behind the Pearl.

Jack, Cutler Beckett
has the heart of Davy Jones.

- He controls the Flying Dutchman.
- He's taking over the seas.

The song has been sung.
The Brethren Court is called.

Leave you alone for a minute, look
what happens. Everything's gone to pot.

Aye. The world
needs you back something fierce.

And you need a crew.

Why should I sail with any of you?

Four of you have tried to kill me
in the past. One of you succeeded.

Oh, she's not told you.

You'll have loads to talk about
while you're here.

As for you...

Now... don't tell me
you didn't enjoy it at the time.

Fair enough. All right, you're in.

Don't need you. You scare me.

Gibbs, you can come. Marty. Mm...

- Cotton.

Cotton's parrot, I'm a little iffy, but
at least I'll have someone to talk to.

Who are you?

Tai Huang. These are my men.

- Where do your allegiances lie?
- With the highest bidder.

- I have a ship.
- That makes you the highest bidder.

Good man. Weigh anchor, all hands.
Prepare to make sail.

Weigh anchor.


Which way are you going, Jack?

Trim that sail.
Slack windward brace and sheet.

- Haul the pennant line.
- Haul the pennant line.

What are you doing?

- What are you doing?
- No, what are you doing?

- What are you doing?
- No, what are you doing?

What are you?
Captain gives orders on the ship.

The captain of the ship
is giving orders.

- My ship, makes me captain.
- They be my charts.

That makes you "chartman."

Stow it! The both of you!
That's an order! Understand?!

Sorry. I just thought
with the captain issue in doubt,

I'd throw in my name for consideration.


- I'd vote for you.
- Yeah?

You left Jack to the Kraken.

He's rescued now. It's done with.

Will, I had no choice.

You chose not to tell me.

I couldn't.

It wasn't your burden to bear.

But I did bear it, didn't I?

I just didn't know what it was.

I thought...

You thought I loved him.

If you make your choices alone,
how can I trust you?

You can't.


That's downright macabre.

I wonder what would happen if you
dropped a cannonball on one of them?

Be disrespectful, it would.

They should be
in the care of Davy Jones.

That was the duty
him was charged with...

...by the goddess, Calypso.

To ferry those who die at sea
to the other side.

And every ten years...

...him could come ashore...

...to be with she
who love him... truly.

But the man has become a monster.

So he wasn't always... tentacley?


Him was a man...


Now there's boats coming.

They're not a threat to us. Am I right?

We are nothing but ghosts to them.

It's best just let them be.

It's my father. We've made it back.

Father! Father, here, look here!


We're not back.


Elizabeth. Are you dead?

No. No.

I think I am.

No, you can't be.

There was this chest, you see.

It's odd.
At the time it seemed so important.

Come aboard.

And a heart.

I learned that if you stab the heart,
yours must take its place.

And you will sail the seas for eternity.

The Dutchman must have a captain.

Silly thing to die for.

Someone, cast a line.
Come back with us!

Come on.

A touch... of destiny.

Take the line.

I'm so proud of you, Elizabeth.

Father, the line! Take the line!

- She must not leave the ship!
- Father!

Please come with us!
Please! No! I won't leave you!

I'll give your love to your mother.

- Please, I won't let you go!
- Elizabeth.
- Elizabeth

- Elizabeth.

Is there a way?

Him at peace.

No water.

Why is all but the rum gone?

Rum's gone too.

If we cannot escape
these doldrums before night,

I fear we will sail on trackless seas.

Doomed to roam the reach between worlds.


With no water, forever
looks to be arriving a mite too soon.

Why doesn't he do something?

- Me eye. Give it back!
- There's no sense to it.

And the green flash
happens at sunset, not sunrise.

"Over the edge." Ah, it's
driving me over the blooming edge.

Sunrises don't set.

"Up is down."

Well, that's just maddeningly unhelpful.

Why are these things never clear?

- Clear as mud, Jackie.
- What? Eh?

- Stab the heart.
- Don't stab the heart.

- Come again?
- The Dutchman must have a captain.

That's even more
than less than unhelpful.

Sail the seas for eternity.

- I love the sea.
- What about port?

I prefer rum. Rum's good.

Making port. Where we can get rum,
and salty wenches...

- Once every 10 years.
- What'd he say?

- Once every 10 years.
- Ten years is a long time, mate.

Even longer given the deficit of rum.

But eternity is longer still.

And how will you be spending it? Dead?

Or not?

- The immortal Captain Sparrow.
- Oh, I like that.

Come sunset, it won't matter.

Not sunset.


And rise. Up.

What's that?

What is that?
I don't know. What do you think?

- Where?
- There.

What is it?

He's rocking the ship.

We're rocking the ship.

Aye. He's onto it.

He's rocking the ship.

We'll tie each other
to the mast upside down,

so when the boat flips
we'll be the right way up.

Time it with the swell.

Loose the cannons, you lazy bilge rats.

Unstow the cargo. Let it shift.

Now up...

...is down.

This was your idea.

Blessed sweet westerlies!

We're back!

It's the sunrise.


We need our pistols!
Get untied, hurry!

All right, then!

The Brethren Court
is a-gathering at Shipwreck Cove.

And, Jack, you and I are a-going.
There'll be no arguing that point.

I is arguing the point.

If there's pirates a-gathering,
I'm pointing my ship the other way.

The pirates are gathering
to fight Beckett, and you're a pirate.

Fight or not,
you're not running, Jack.

If we don't stand together,
they'll hunt us down one by one,

till there be none left but you.

Quite like the sound of that.
Captain Jack Sparrow, the last pirate.


And you'll be fighting Jones alone.
How does that figure into your plan?

I'm still working on that.

But I will not be going back
to the Locker, mate. Count on that.

Wet powder.

Wait! We can still use them as clubs!

- Ow!
- Sorry. Effective, though.

There's fresh water on this island.

We can resupply there and get back
to shooting each other later.

You lead the shore party.
I'll stay with my ship.

I'll not be leaving
my ship in your command.

Why don't you both go ashore
and leave the ship in my command.


Mind the boat.

- Criminy.
- Odds bodkins!

Careful! Careful!

You stupid fish!

Actually it's a cephalopod.

Serves you right.

Pin, I bet people
would pay a shilling to see this.

And another shilling
for a sketch of them sitting atop!

Pintel and Ragetti, Kraken slayers.

We could serve up
a slice as a souvenir.

Still thinking of running, Jack?

Think you can outrun the world?

You know, the problem
with being the last of anything...

...by and by, there be none left at all.

Sometimes things come back, mate.
We're living proof, you and me.

Aye, but that's a gamble
of long odds, ain't it?

There's never
a guarantee of coming back.

But passing on, that's dead certain.

Summoning the Brethren Court,
then, is it?

It's our only hope, lad.

That's a sad commentary
in and of itself.

The world used to be a bigger place.

The world's still the same.

There's just... less in it.

Poisoned. Fouled by the body.

Eh, I know him. He was in Singapore!

- Singapore.
- Captain!


We got company!

He's the captain.

Sao Feng...

...you showing up here,
it is truly a remarkable coincidence.

Jack Sparrow.
Jack Sparrow

You paid me great insult once.

That doesn't sound like me.

Shall we just call it square, then?

Release her.

- She's not part of the bargain.
- And what bargain be that?

You heard Captain Turner.

- Release her!
- "Captain Turner"?

Aye, the perfidious rotter
led a mutiny against us!

I need the Pearl to free my father.

That's the only reason
I came on this voyage.

Why didn't you tell me
you were planning this?

It was my burden to bear.

He needs the Pearl.
Captain Turner needs the Pearl.

And you felt guilty.
And you and your Brethren Court.

Did no one come to save me
just because they missed me?

I'm standing with them.

I'm sorry, Jack, but there is an
old friend who wants to see you first.

I'm not certain I can survive
any more visits from old friends.

Here is your chance to find out.


Your friends appear
to be quite desperate, Jack.

Perhaps they no longer believe that
a gathering of squabbling pirates

can defeat the Flying Dutchman.

And so despair leads to betrayal.

But you and I are no strangers
to betrayal, are we?

It's not here, Jack.

What? What isn't?

The heart of Davy Jones.
It's safely aboard the Dutchman,

and so unavailable for use as leverage

to satisfy your debt
to the good captain.

By my reckoning,
that account has been settled.

By your death?

And yet here you are.

Close your eyes
and pretend it's all a bad dream.

That's how I get by.

And if Davy Jones
were to learn of your survival?

Ship oars.

Ship oars.

Be on your guard, men.

My men are crew enough.

Company ship, company crew.

You agreed.
The Black Pearl was to be mine.

And so it was.

Perhaps you'll consider
an alternative arrangement.

One which requires absolutely
nothing from you but information.

Regarding the Brethren Court, no doubt.
In exchange for fair compensation?

Square my debt with Jones...

...guarantee my freedom?

Of course.

It's just good business.

Were I in a divulgatory mood,
what then might I divulge?


Where are they meeting?

Who are the pirate lords?

What is the purpose
of the nine pieces of eight?

Prepare the brig.

Beckett agreed the Black Pearl
was to be mine.

He's not going to give up the only ship
as can outrun the Dutchman, is he?

Shame they're not bound to honor
the code of the Brethren, isn't it?

Because honor's
a hard thing to come by nowadays.

There is no honor
to remaining with the losing side.

Leaving it for the winning side,
that's just good business.

- The losing side, you say?
- They have the Dutchman.

Now the Pearl!

And what do the Brethren have?

We have Calypso.


An old legend.

No. The goddess herself,
bound in human form.

Imagine all the power of the seas
brought to bear against our enemy.

I intend to release her.
But for that I need the Brethren Court.

All the Court.

You can keep Barbossa.

The belligerent homunculus and
his friend with the wooden eye, both.

And Turner. Especially Turner.

The rest go with me on the Pearl.
I'll lead you to Shipwreck Cove,

where I will hand you the pirates
and you will not hand me to Jones.

- Bloody fair deal, don't you think?
- And what becomes of Miss Swann?

What interest is she to you?

What are you proposing, captain?

What be accepting, cap'n?

- The girl.
- What?


I've just recalled.

I've got this wonderful compass,
which points to whatever I want.

So for what do I need you?

Elizabeth is not part of any bargain.

Out of the question.

It was not a question.

Points to the thing you want most.

And that is not
the Brethren Court, is it?

- Then what is, Jack?
- Me.

- Dead.
- Done.

What? Not done.

You got us into this.
If it frees us, then done!


Although, if I kill you,
then I can use the compass

to find Shipwreck Cove,
is it, on my own.

Cut out the middle man, as it were.

Elizabeth, they are pirates.

I have had more than enough
experience dealing with pirates!

Then we have an accord?

With me killed,
you'd arrive at the cove,

find it a stronghold,
nigh impregnable...

...able to withstand blockade for years.

Then you'd be wishing,"If only there
was someone I had not killed inside

to ensure that the pirates
then come outside."

And you can accomplish all this?

You may kill me,
but you may never insult me.

Who am I?

I'm Captain Jack Sparrow.


Man overboard!

You're mad.

Thank goodness.
If I wasn't, this'd probably never work.

And that was without
even a single drop of rum.

Send this pestilent, traitorous,
cowhearted, yeasty codpiece to the brig.

Which ship do we follow?

Signal the Dutchman to track down
Sao Feng. We follow the Pearl.

How soon can we have
the ship ready to pursue?

She's going down!

Stand clear!

Do you think he plans it all out,
or just makes it up as he goes along?


By this time tomorrow, we will arrive
at Shipwreck Cove and you will be free.


Excuse me?

Not a name you fancy, I imagine,
out of the many that you have...

...but it is what we call you.

We being who?

You confirm it.

Confirm what?

- You've told me nothing.
- The Brethren Court, not I.

The First Brethren Court,
whose decision I would have opposed.

They bound you to human form

so the rule of the seas
would belong to man and not...

To me.

But one such as you should never
be anything less than what you are.

Pretty speech from a captor.

But words whispered
through prison bars lose their charm.

Can I be blamed for my efforts?

All men are drawn to the sea,
perilous though it may be.

And some men offer desire
as justification for their crimes.

I offer simply my desire.

And in return?

I would have your gifts,
should you choose to give them.

And if I should choose not?

Then I will take...

...your fury.

Sao Feng?



With all nine pieces of eight...

...you will be free.

Take it!

You are captain now.


Go in my place to Shipwreck Cove.

Captain! The ship is taken.
We cannot...

Forgive me... Calypso.


What did he tell you?

He made me captain.

Set! Fire!

You are not my captain.


James. James.
James James

Thank God, you're alive.

Your father'll be overjoyed

- to know you're safe.
- My father's dead.

No, that can't be true.
He returned to England.

Did Lord Beckett tell you that?

Who among you
do you name as captain?

Captain. Her.



Tow the ship.
Put the prisoners in the brig.

The captain shall have my quarters.

Thank you, sir.

- But I prefer to remain with my crew.
- Elizabeth.
- Elizabeth

I swear.

I did not know.

Know what?
Which side you chose?

Well, now you do.



Bill Turner?
Bill Turner?


You know my name.

Yes, I know your son.

Will Turner.
Will Turner


He made it. He's alive.

And now he sends you to tell me
that he's coming to get me.

God's wounds. He's on his way.

Yes, Will is alive.

And he wants to help you.

He can't help me. He won't come.

But you're his father.

I know you.

He spoke of you.

He can't save me.
He can't come because of you.


You're Elizabeth.

Yes, I'm Elizabeth.

If Jones be slain,
he who slays him must take his place.

Captain... Forever.

The Dutchman
must always have a captain.

And if he saves me...

...he loses you.

I see.

He won't pick me.

I wouldn't pick me.

Tell him not to come.

Tell him to stay away.

Tell him it's too late.

I'm already a part of the ship...

...and the crew.


You know my name.

You know my name.

Yes, I know your son.


He's coming for me.

Wait and see.

You'll see.

He promised.

Swing her over.

Ready those lines.


A breadcrumb trail.

- And we're meant to follow.
- A betrayer among them?

- Or a trap?
- A gambit by a skilled opponent.

- Adjust course, lieutenant.
- Sir?

We can only hope
to reach our destination

before they run out of bodies.

You escaped the brig
even quicker than I expected.

William, do you notice anything?


...do you notice something
that is not there to be noticed?

- You haven't raised an alarm.
- Odd, isn't it?

Not as odd as this.

Come up with this
all by your lonesome, did you?

I said to myself,"Think like Jack."

This is what you've arrived at?

Lead Beckett to Shipwreck Cove
so as to gain his trust...

...accomplish your own ends?

It's like you don't know me at all.

And how does your dearly beloved
feel about this plan?


You've not seen fit
to trust her with it.

I'm losing her, Jack.

Every step I make for my father
is a step away from Elizabeth.

If you choose to lock your heart away,
you'll lose her for certain.

If I might lend a machete
to your intellectual thicket...

...avoid the choice altogether.

Change the facts.

Let someone else dispatch Jones.



Death has a curious way
of reshuffling one's priorities.

I slip aboard the Dutchman,
find the heart, stab the beating thing,

your father's free from his debt,

you're free to be
with your charming murderess.

You're willing to cut out your heart
and bind yourself to the Dutchman...

- No, mate. I'm free forever.

Free to sail the seas beyond the edges
of the map. Free from death itself.

You have to do the job though, Jack.

You have to ferry souls
to the next world.

Or end up just like Jones.

I don't have the face for tentacles.

But immortal has to
count for something, eh?

What's this for?

Think like me. It'll come to you.

My regards to Davy Jones.

I hate him.

Come with me.


What are you doing?

Choosing a side.

Do not go to Shipwreck Cove. Beckett
knows of the meeting of the Brethren.

I fear there may be
a traitor among them.

It's too late to earn my forgiveness.

I had nothing to do
with your father's death.

But that does not absolve me
of my other sins.

Come with us.

James, come with me.

Who goes there?

Go. I will follow.

You're lying.

Our destinies have been entwined,

...but never joined.

Go, now.

Back to your station, sailor.

- No one leaves the ship.
- Stand down. That's an order.

That's an order.

Part of the crew, part of the ship.

Part of the crew,
part of the ship. Part of the crew...

- Steady, man.
- Part of the crew, part of the ship.

All hands, prisoner escape!

- Belay that!
- James!
- James!

Prisoner escape!

James! No!

- The admiral's dead.
- Admiral's dead?

- The admiral's dead.
- Admiral's dead.

- To the captain's cabin!
- Aye!

Back to the ship.

James Norrington. Do you fear death?

I take that as a "no."

Nice sword.

The Dutchman is under my command.

For now.

Look alive and keep a weather eye.

Not for naught
it's called Shipwreck Island.

Where lies Shipwreck Cove
and the town of Shipwreck.

You heard him. Step lively.

For all that pirates are clever clogs,

we are unimaginative
when it comes to naming things.


I once sailed with a geezer who lost
both of his arms and part of his eye.

What'd you call him?


I do not renege
on a bargain once struck.

But we agreed on ends only.

The means are mine to decide.

Caution, Barbossa.

Do not forget it was by my power
you return from the dead.

Or what it mean if you fail me.

Don't you forget
why you had to bring me back.

Why I could not leave Jack
to his well-deserved fate.

It took nine pirate lords
to bind you, Calypso.

And it'll take no less than nine
to set you free.

Masters Pintel and Ragetti.

Take this fishwife to the brig.

Right this way, Mrs. Fish.

I cannot be summoned
like some mongrel pup.

Apparently, you can.

I believe you know each other.

Come to join my crew again,
Master Turner?

Not yours.


Jack Sparrow sends his regards.


You didn't tell him.

We rescued Jack from the Locker
along with the Black Pearl.

What else have you not told me?

There is an issue far more troublesome.

I believe you're familiar
with a person called Calypso.

Not a person.

A heathen god.

One who delights in cursing men
with their wildest dreams

and then revealing them to be
hollow and naught but ash.

- The world is well rid of her.
- Not quite so well, actually.

The Brethren Court
intends to release her.

No! They cannot!

The First Court
promised to imprison her forever.

- That was our agreement.
- Your agreement?

I showed them how to bind her.

She could not be trusted.

I... She gave me no choice.

We must act before they release her.

You loved her.

She's the one.

And then you betrayed her.

She pretended to love me.

She betrayed me.

And after which betrayal
did you cut out your heart, I wonder.

Do not test me.

I hadn't finished that.

You will free my father.

And you will guarantee
Elizabeth's safety.

Along with my own.

Your terms are steep, Mr. Turner.

We will expect fair value in return.

There is only one price I will accept:

Calypso murdered.

Calypso's aboard the Black Pearl.

Jack has sailed
the Black Pearl to Shipwreck Cove.

And with you no longer aboard her,
how do you propose to lead us there?

What is it you want most?

Look at them all.

There's not been a gathering
like this in our lifetime.

And I owe them all money.

As he who issued summons,

I convene this,
the Fourth Brethren Court.

To confirm your lordship
and right to be heard,

present now your pieces of eight,
my fellow cap'ns.

Those aren't pieces of eight.
They're just pieces of junk.

Aye. The original plan was to use
nine pieces of eight to bind Calypso.

But when the First Court met,
the Brethren were to a one skint broke.

So change the name.

To "nine pieces of whatever we happened
to have in our pockets at the time?"

Oh, yes. That sounds very piratey.

Master Ragetti, if you will.

I kept it safe, just like
you said when you gave it to me.

Aye, you have.
But now I need it back.


Might I point out that
we are still short one pirate lord,

and I'm as content as a cucumber
to wait until Sao Feng joins us.

Sao Feng is dead.

He fell to the Flying Dutchman.

The plagued ship.

He made you captain? They're
giving the bloody title away now.

Listen. Listen to me.

Our location has been betrayed.

Jones is under the command of
Lord Beckett. They're on their way here.

- Who is this betrayer?
- Not likely anyone among us.

- Where's Will?
- Not among us.

It matters not how they found us.
The question is,

what will we do now that they have?

We fight.

Shipwreck Cove is a fortress.

A well-supplied fortress.

There is no need to fight
if they cannot get to us.

There be a third course.

In another age, at this very spot,

the First Brethren Court captured the
sea goddess and bound her in her bones.

That was a mistake.

Oh, we tamed the seas
for ourselves, aye.

But opened the door
to Beckett and his ilk.

Better were the days
when mastery of seas

came not from bargains
struck with eldritch creatures,

but from the sweat of a man's brow
and the strength of his back alone.

You all know this to be true.



We must free Calypso.

- Shoot him.
- Cut out his tongue!

Shoot him, cut out his tongue, then
shoot his tongue. And trim that beard.

Sao Feng would've agreed with Barbossa.

Calypso was our enemy then,
she will be our enemy now.

It's unlikely her mood's improved.

I would still agree with Sao Feng.
We release Calypso.

- You threaten me?
- I silence you.

- This is madness.
- This is politics.

Meanwhile, our enemies
are bearing down upon us.

If they not be here already.

My sweet.

You come for me.

- You were expecting me.
- It has been torture.

Trapped in this single form.

Cut off from the sea.

From all that I love.

From you.

Ten years I devoted
to the duty you charged to me.

Ten years I looked after
those who died at sea.

And, finally,
when we could be together again...

...you weren't there.

Why weren't you there?

It's my nature.

Would you love me
if I was anything but what I am?

I do not love you.

Many things you were, Davy Jones.

But never cruel.

You have corrupted your purpose...

...and so your self.

And you did hide away
what should always have been mine.


I will be free.

And when I am,
I would give you my heart.

And we would be together always.

If only you had a heart to give.

Why did you come?

And what fate have you planned
for your captors?

The Brethren Court?

All of them, the last thing
they will learn in this life...

...is how cruel I can be.

And what of your fate, Davy Jones?

My heart will always belong to you.

It was the First Court
what imprisoned Calypso.

We should be the ones to set her free.

And in her gratitude,
she will see fit to grant us boons.

Whose boons? Your boons?

Utterly deceptive twaddle-speak, says I.

If you have a better alternative,
please, share.



Let us not, dear friends,

forget our dear friends, the cuttlefish.

Flipping glorious little sausages.

Pen them up together, they'll devour
each other without a second thought.

Human nature, isn't it?

Or... Or fish nature.

So, yes, we could hole up here
well-provisioned and well-armed.

Half of us would be dead
within the month.

Which seems quite grim to me,
any way you slice it. Or...


As my learned colleague
so naively suggests,

we can release Calypso, and we
can pray that she will be merciful.

I rather doubt it.

Can we pretend she's anything
other than a woman scorned

like which fury hell hath no? We cannot.

Res ipsa loquitur, tabula in naufragio.

We are left with but one option.

I agree with, and I cannot believe
the words are coming out of me mouth...

...Captain Swann. We must fight.

- You've always run away from a fight.
- Have not.

- Have so.
- Have not.

- Have so.
- Have not!

- You have so, and you know it.
- Have not. Slander and calumny.

I have only ever embraced that
oldest and noblest of pirate traditions.

I submit that here now
that is what we all must do:

We must fight...

...to run away.

- Aye!
- Aye!

As per the code, an act of war,
and this be exactly that,
As per the code, an act of war,
and this be exactly that,

can only be declared by the pirate king.

- You made that up.
- Did I, now?

I call on Cap'n Teague,
keeper of the code.

Sri Sumbhajee proclaims
this all to be folly!

Hang the code. Who cares a...?

Code is the law.

You're in my way, boy.

- The code.
- The code.

As set forth by Morgan and Bartholomew.

- That can't... How did...
- Sea turtles, mate.

Sea turtles.

Ah. Barbossa is right.

Hang on a minute.

"It shall be the duties, as the king,

to declare war,
parley with shared adversaries..."

Fancy that.

There has not been a king
since the First Court.

And that's not likely to change.

- Not likely.
- Why not?

See, the pirate king
is elected by popular vote.

And each pirate
only ever votes for hisself.

I call for a vote.

I vote for Ammand the corsair.

Capitaine Chevalle,
the penniless Frenchman.

Sri Sumbhajee
votes for Sri Sumbhajee.

Mistress Ching.

Gentleman Jocard.

- Elizabeth Swann.
- Barbossa.
- Elizabeth Swann
- Barbossa


Elizabeth Swann.
Elizabeth Swann

- What?
- I know. Curious, isn't it?

Vote for me. Vote for me.

What you talking about?


Am I to understand that you lot
will not be keeping to the code, then?

Very well.

What say you, Captain Swann,
king of the Brethren Court?

Prepare every vessel that floats.

At dawn...

...we're at war.

And so we shall go to war.


You've seen it all,
done it all. You survived.

That's the trick, isn't it?
To survive?

It's not just about
living forever, Jackie.

The trick is
living with yourself forever.

How's Mum?

She looks great.

The enemy is here! Let's take them!

Abandon ship. Abandon ship.


You be the cur that led
these wolves to our door.

Don't blame Turner.
He was merely the tool of your betrayal.

If you wish to see its grand architect,
look to your left.

My hands are clean in this.


My actions were my own
and to my own purpose.

- Jack had nothing to do with it.
- Well spoke. Listen to the tool.

Will, I've been aboard the Dutchman.

I understand the burden you bear,
but I fear that cause is lost.

No cause is lost if there is
but one fool left to fight for it.

If Turner wasn't acting on your behalf,
then how did he come to give me this?

You made a deal with me, Jack, to
deliver the pirates. And here they are.

Don't be bashful. Step up.
Claim your reward.

Your debt to me
is still to be satisfied.

One hundred years in servitude
aboard the Dutchman. As a start.

That debt was paid, mate.
With some help.

- You escaped.
- Technically.

I propose an exchange.

Will leaves with us...

...and you can take Jack.


- Undone.
- Done.

Jack's one of the nine pirate lords.
You have no right.


- As you command, your nibs.
- Blackguard!

If ye have something to say,
I might be saying something as well.

First to the finish, then?

Do you fear death?

You've no idea.

Advise your Brethren,

you can fight, and all of you will die.

Or you can not fight,
in which case only most of you will die.

You murdered my father.

He chose his own fate.

And you have chosen yours.

We will fight.

And you will die.

So be it.


Of the Brethren Court.
Courtesy of Jack.

Maybe he really
does know what he's doing.


You've successfully arrived aboard
the Dutchman as per the overall scheme.

- Look
- Oh, yes. Chapeau, mate.

Except for this sojourn in the brig,
it's utter clockwork.

Go away.

- What, back to the Locker?
- Not without you, Jackie.

Stab the heart.

Live forever as captain
of the Flying Dutchman.

Then again...

...if you're in the brig...

...who's to stab the heart?

Does seem to put immortality
a bit out of reach.


We'll need to use the Black Pearl
as a flagship to lead the attack.

- Oh, will we now?
- All right, Mrs. Fish. Come on.

Barbossa, you can't release her.

We need to give Jack a chance.

Apologies, Your Majesty. Too long
my fate has not been in me own hands.

No longer.

The enemy...

...has opted for oblivion.

Ready the fleet.

- To your stations.
- To your stations.

Be there some manner
of rite or incantation?


The items brought together, done.

Items to be burned...

...and someone must speak the words:

"Calypso, I release you
from your human bonds."

Is that it?

'Tis said it must be spoken
as if to a lover.


Calypso, I release you
from your human bonds!

- Is that it?
- No, no, no. He didn't say it right.

He didn't...

You have to say it right.


...I release you from your human bonds.

Tia Dalma.
Tia Dalma


When the Brethren Court imprisoned you,
who was it that told them how?

- Who was it that betrayed you?
- Name him.

Davy Jones.
Davy Jones

This is it! This is it!


I come before you as but a servant,
humble and contrite.

I have fulfilled me vow
and now ask your favor.

Spare meself, me ship, me crew...

...but unleash your fury upon those who
dare pretend themselves your masters...

...or mine.

Is that it?

Why, she's no help at all.

What now?


Our final hope has failed us.

- It's not over.
- There's still a fight to be had.

We've an armada against us, and
with the Dutchman, there's no chance.

There's only a fool's chance.

Revenge won't bring
your father back, Miss Swann,

and it's not something
I'm intending to die for.

You're right.

Then what shall we die for?

You will listen to me.


The Brethren will still be looking here
to us, to the Black Pearl, to lead.

And what will they see?

Frightened bilge rats
aboard a derelict ship? No.

No, they will see free men and freedom!

And what the enemy will see
is the flash of our cannons.

They will hear the ring of our swords,
and they will know what we can do.

By the sweat of our brows,

and the strength of our backs...

...and the courage of our hearts.


...hoist the colors.

Hoist the colors.

- Hoist the colors.
- Hoist the colors!


The wind's on our side, boys.
That's all we need!

Hoist the colors!

We have a favorable wind, sir.

Oh, so we do.

Signal Jones to give no quarter.

That should brighten his day.

To arms! We give no quarter!


Have you noticed,
on top of everything, it's raining?

That's a bad sign.

Man the capstan. Raise the main topyard.
Keep that powder dry.


Captain Barbossa!

We need you at the helm.

Aye, that be true.

Brace up yards,
you cack-handed deck apes.

Dying is the day worth living for.

Veer off!

She'll not harm us.

Full-bore and into the abyss.

Are you mad?

Ha! You afraid to get wet?

She's on our stern and gaining.

More speed!
Haul your wind and hold your water.

Bow cannons!

Blow the cannons!

Take us out or they'll overbear us.

Nay. Further in.
We'll cut across to faster waters.

Prepare to broadside.

Captain the guns. Bear a hand.

Muster your courage, men.
At the ready.

Think like the whelp. Think like
the whelp. Think like the whelp.

Hinges. Hinges.

Think like the whelp.

Half-barrel hinges.


Wish us luck, boys. We'll need it.

- I miss him already.
- He is quite charming, isn't he?

Nobody move.

I dropped me brain.

Batten down the hatches!

Stand to your guns.
Stand to your guns.

Midship cannoneers, sight the masts.

Main battery at the ready!

Hold there!
Wait till we're board-and-board.


- Fire!
- Fire! Fire all!



Come on, men.

It be too late
to alter course now, mateys.

Halt there or we'll shoot.

Good one.

I just come to get me effects.

Admirable though it may be, why are
you here when you could be elsewhere?

Someone has to stay
and guard the chest.

There's no question, there's a breakdown
in military discipline on this vessel.

I blame the fish people.

Oh, so fish people,
by dint of being fish people,

automatically aren't
as disciplined as non-fish people?

Seems contributory,
is all I'm suggesting.

It's true, if there were no fish people,
there'd be no need to guard the chest.

And if there were no chest
we wouldn't need to be here to guard it.

Prepare to board!



Lookee here, boys. A lost bird.

A lost bird that never learned to fly.

To my great regret.


...never too late to learn, eh?


The chest, hand it over.

I can set you free, mate.

My freedOm waS fOrfeit IOng agO.



Will you marry me?

I don't think now's the best time.

Now may be the only time.

I love you.

I've made my choice. What's yours?


Marry us.

I'm a little busy at the moment.

Barbossa, now.

Fine, then.

Dearly beloved,
we be gathered here today...

To nail your gizzards
to the mast, you poxy cur.

Elizabeth Swann,
do you take me to be your husband?
Elizabeth Swann...

- I do.
- Great.

Will Turner, do you take me...

...to be your wife...

...in sickness and in health...

...with health being the less likely?

I do.

As captain, I now pronounce you...

You may kiss...

You may kiss...

Just kiss.

Leave it.

You can do nothing without the key.

I already have the key.

No, you don't.

Oh, that key.


Oi. My pistol.



Thank you, Jack.

Stop! It's me.

It's Will. Your son.


Harridan! You'll see no mercy from me.

That's why I brought this.

I'm not going to kill you.
I made you a promise.


Did you forget?
I'm a heartless wretch.

Ah. Love.

A dreadful bond.

And yet, so easily severed.

Tell me, William Turner,
do you fear death?

Do you?

Heady tonic, holding life and death
in the palm of one's hand.

You're a cruel man, Jack Sparrow.

Cruel is a matter of perspective.

Is it?


Look at me! Stay with me!
You're all right.


My son.

Will? Will?
Look at me. Look at me!

You will not forestall my judgment.


She's taking us down! Make quick
or it's the Locker for us all!


No, no.


Part of the crew.
Part of the ship, part of the crew.

Part of the ship, part of the crew.

Don't leave me.

Don't. No!

I won't leave you.

The Dutchman must have a captain.

Hold on.

Thank goodness, Jack.

The armada's still out there. The
Endeavor's coming up hard to starboard,

and I think it's time we embrace that
oldest and noblest of pirate traditions.

Never actually been one for tradition.

Close haul her.
Luff the sails and lay her in irons.

Belay that,
or we'll be a sitting duck.

Belay that "belay that."

- But the arma...
- Belay.

- The Endeav...
- Stow. Shut it.

What are they waiting for?

He expects us to honor our agreement.

Ready guns and gun ports.

It's nothing personal, Jack.
It's just good business.

Ah, she survived.

- Ready on the guns.
- Guns ready.

Full canvas.

Aye, full canvas.

Orders, sir.



- Fire.
- Fire!

- Fire!
- Fire!

Fire, all!

Orders? Orders, sir?

Sir, what do you command?

It's just...

...good business.

Abandon ship!

- Abandon ship!
- All hands, abandon ship!

They're turning away!

Wind in your sails.

Shiver me timbers.

Captain Turner!

- Mr. Gibbs.
- Cap'n?

- You may throw my hat if you like.
- Aye, aye, cap'n.


Now go and get it.

Orders, sir?

You're no longer bound
to the Dutchman. You're free.


That's a fine thing, but...

...by my reckoning,
I still have a debt that has to be paid.

If you'll have me.

On the wheel, then, Mr. Turner.

Aye, Captain Turner.

This ship
has a purpose again.

And where we are bound...

...she cannot come.

One day ashore.

Ten years at sea.

That's a steep price
for what's been done.

Depends on the one day.

Your chariot awaits, Your Highness.

The oars are inside.

Mrs. Turner.

Goodbye, poppet.


It would never
have worked out between us.

Keep telling yourself that, darling.

Once was quite enough.

Thank you.

I'm going to need the other one.

It's nearly sunset.

It's always belonged to you.

Will you keep it safe?




Keep a weather eye on the horizon.

Granted it tends to list to port,
and has been, on occasion,

known to frighten young women.

But I promise you,
you will not be disappointed.

Is that it?

The Black Pearl?

It's not very big.

Love, that is a dinghy.

My vessel is magnificent
and fierce and huge-ish and...

...gone. Why is it gone?

Is that it there?

Yes, there it is.

Why is it there?

It's much larger up close.

Jack, you promised
to take us for a ride.

- I was to be given the first ride.
- What? You?

- Not what he said.
- I never!

Mr. Gibbs? Any particular reason
why my ship is gone?

The ship? We're on the ship.

Jack! The ship's gone!


Ladies! Will you please shut it?

Listen to me.
Yes, I lied to you.

No, I don't love you.

Of course it makes you look fat.
I've never been to Brussels.

It is pronounced "egregious."

By the way, no, I've never actually
met Pizarro, but I love his pies.

And all of this pales
to utter insignificance

in light of the fact that
my ship is once again gone. Savvy?

- Take what you can.
- Give nothing back.

Tell me, ladies,
what do you know of sea turtles?

Sea turtles?

Let me tell you
the amazing story of Cap...

All men up the ratlines.

All men up the ratlines!

Oh, you want a taste of this?

Oh, that's a good boy!
You're Daddy's boy.

Oh, yes, you are.


Some of the men don't feel
entirely settled

- about leaving Captain Jack behind.
- Again.

- Again.
- Is that so?

It would make us feel a whole lot
better regarding our fortunes

if we could see that item
you told us about.

- On the charts.
- Aye.

With our own eyes.

To help put an ease
to our burden of guilt, so to speak.

Feast your eyes upon this, mateys.

There's more than one way
to live forever.

Gents, I give you
the Fountain of Youth.


 Yo ho, yo ho
A pirate's life for me

 We're devils and black sheep
Really bad eggs

 DrinK up, me hearties, Yo ho 

 Yo ho, yo ho
A pirate's life for me

 We pillage, we plunder, We rifle and loot

 Drink up, me hearties Yo ho

 We kidnap and ravage
And don't give a hoot

 Drink up, me hearties. Yo ho

 Yo ho, yo ho
A pirate's life for me 

Special thanks to SergeiK.