Snow Angels Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Snow Angels script is here for all you fans of the Kate Beckinsale and Sam Rockwell movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Snow Angels quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Snow Angels Script



Shh! Shh!




Wrong, wrong, wrong.


This is our last home game, people.

And I don't understand
what the problem is.

Look at the person next to you.

Do it!

Look at the person behind you.

I don't think we need the smiles.
Thank you.

Now we're all part of a formation.
Every pers...


Every person matters.

Every step is an anticipation of the next.

If you don't think you have a complete
concept of what we're trying to do...

...then we should just pack up
and go home right now.

And I mean it.

But if you want to attempt to explore
the physical, musical possibilities...

...of making something substantial,
then we focus, and concentrate...

...but you have to wanna do it.

You have to want it deep inside you.

Do you have a sledgehammer
in your heart?

Because I have a sledgehammer
in my heart.

I found it when I was your age.

And I lived in that future.

Are you ready to live into that future?

Are you ready to be my sledgehammer?




Eighty-six the fried rice.

Whoo! I can see your underpants.

I'll be with you in just a minute, all right?
Is everything okay?

Barb! Barb! Barb!

Barb, what...? Barb, what this is?

BARB: Shh. Keep it down.
- What is it?

It's moo goo gai pan. It's Chinese.
Can't you read...?

- That's what this is for.
- Buy more pens.

- I can write it down.
- No lipstick, please.

- That's all I had at the time, sorry.
- Barb, listen.

- Next time, you do it right, otherwise...
- All right, fine.

- Don't argue with me, please.
- I'm not arguing. I didn't have a pen.

- Let's go to kitchen, come on.
- I'm not supposed to be working today.

Let's not argue in front of the customers.

BARB: Save me, Annie.
OSKAR: Let's go, come on.



- Sorry. I didn't even see it.
ANNIE: Careful.

You okay?

It's bleeding.

ANNIE: You working tomorrow?
BARB: I gotta work a frigging double.

Oskar's making me come in
and do inventory.

I gotta count wontons or something.
It's all for talking shit to him.

- I'll see you later.

Arthur, what are you doing?

Just finishing taking out the garbage
and stuff.

- I found 20 bucks.
- Do you need a ride?

I don't know.
My mom is supposed to pick me up.

Come on, it's cold. Get in.


How are your parents?

They're okay.

Has the neighborhood changed much?

A little, but not really. Nothing major.

What about that girlfriend of yours
in the house with all that poison ivy?

- No, she wasn't my girlfriend.
- Whatever.

There was never any point where l...
I've never had a girlfriend.

You guys got married. We had a ceremony.
I married you guys.

When? That doesn't... It was like a joke.
It was... We were 5.

It's real, it's binding. We got cups.



She divorced me, she took everything.

That sucks.



- Yeah?
- Sweetheart, I didn't hear you come in.

- I didn't realize it was so late.
- Yeah.

How'd you get home?
Was I supposed to come get you?

- Annie gave me a ride.
- Oh.

Really? How's she doing?

She's okay.

How's her mom doing? Did you ask?

I didn't ask.


You okay?

Tomorrow's gonna be hard.

- Good night.
- Good night, Mom.

I love you.

Love you.

LOUISE: Now that you've made
a complete mess of the house...

...well, I suppose it's time for a cigarette.

I'm not happy, Lou.

I'm just not happy.

You know what, Don?

This is your decision.
These are choices you're making.

DON: I just don't know
how I'm expected to be...

...a good husband and father if I'm,
you know, if I'm just half here.

LOUISE: I don't wanna hear any more
of your bullshit excuses.

Get your things,
and be out of this house by morning.


Oh, you gotta be kidding. Gross.

Hey listen, you've got time to give me a...
Well, look at you.

What, you got another job interview?

No. Yesterday I got a spot
working for Rafe.

I think I'm gonna spend the day
with Tara.

You were gonna give me a hand
getting your stuff from the attic.

Oh, yeah. No, I don't have time, Dad.

I thought we'd get our picture taken
at the mall.

What? Me and you?

No, me and Tara.
I'm late, I gotta pick her up.

What are you doing with Rafe?

GLENN: I start tomorrow,
at the carpet warehouse.

It's not my dream job or anything.
I'm doing some consulting.

Why don't you talk to Spider
about that real estate development?

I think you'd be a natural in sales.

Or you know what?
Joe Dunham could use a hand.

I was talking to him about ethics
and ethnic labor.

Dad, where's my comb?
Have you seen my comb?



Where the hell's my comb?

How are you doing for money?

I'm okay. I'm okay.

I thought maybe you could take Tara
out for a little treat, on her grandparents.

Where's my comb, Mom?

There's your toothbrush in the sink.

- Here. Here you go.
- Thanks.

- How's the tie?
- It looks fine.

GLENN: Too short? Too long?
OLIVE: It's all right.

GLENN: You see the stuffed rabbit
I got her? It's incredible.

OLIVE: Where are you taking her?
GLENN: Marsden Pond.

Maybe out to the mall.
The picture people are there.

I think it'd be nice to get
some wallet size for you guys.

FRANK: I always get nervous when those
people try to take my picture. I don't know.

It'll be nice. You look nice.

I'm gonna be late.
Annie's gonna be mad.

Tell her hello for us.

I will.

We love you no matter what your job is.
You've always got a room here.

I love you guys. I love you, grandpa.
Lay off that apple jack. Come on, Bomber.

- I don't know what else to do.
FRANK: Nothing, he's not a child.

You forgot the rabbit.

DON: Morning, Arthur.
- Morning.

Okay, I'm off.

I'm not gonna have a phone put in
till Monday.

If you need to get in touch with me
you just call me at the school, okay?

All right.

- Is there a football game tonight?
- No.

No? You don't have a show?

- Next week's the game.
- Oh.

You wanna help your dad with his bags?


- Dad, you need a hand?
DON: Yeah, I'd love it.

DON: You know this has nothing to do
with you, right?

Right? It's not like you're not gonna
see me anymore.


I'll be right nearby in the campus.

In this new apartment complex,
it's really nice. It's a little small...

...but it's nice.

So call me anytime.


All right. Well, have fun.

- Come on, I'll drive you to school.
- No. I'll walk, I'm fine.

- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

All right. Well, you better hurry,
you don't wanna be late.

Arthur, your trombone.

This is it, dude.





The rabbit, man. I forgot the rabbit.

Damn it. Damn it!


ANNIE: Hey, Glenn. Sorry, we've all
been sick, I've been sleeping on the couch.

Oh, yeah? Camping out?

ANNIE: Tara! Your daddy's here!
- Are you feeling better?

I would have brought some chicken soup.

- How are your folks?
- Oh, you know...

...sick of me staying with them.

At least my dad is.

- How's your mom?
- Good.

Good, good. Good.


GLENN: Where's that little booger?
Hey. Hey, baby.

Come on, cool overalls.

Yeah. Who made those overalls?

- My mommy.
- Mommy? Hey, sweet. High-five.

All right. Good going, Mommy.

Oh, gosh, I'm sorry.

I got some... I'm a little muddy.
I got some on your carpet.

And you got some on your pants.

Hey, where would you like to go today
with your old dad?

Would you like to have
your picture taken?

- I'm finishing my picture.
- Okay. Where would you like to go?

- Marsden Pond? You love the pond.
- No!

- Here, come on, let's go.
ANNIE: She's cranky...

...because of her ear infection.
- No.

All right, I'm just gonna
take a little breather here.

ANNIE: Come on, pumpkin.
Go have fun with Daddy, okay?

You can take Stinky Bear.
All right, I'll see you later. Love you.


Pudgy Bear, sit down right there.


You been doing okay?

Yeah, I'm good. I'm, you know, sure.
I'm perfect.

ANNIE: Okay, well, just make sure
she's buckled in there.

Yeah. Hey, let's buckle you in. Come on.

TARA: Buckle myself in.
- You wanna bring her home around 5:00?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I still got a key,
so if you're not here I'll just...

Oh, well, you know, actually we had
the locks changed a few weeks ago.

- So your key probably won't work.
- Who's "we"?


I did.

Okay. Cool beans.

- Hey, say goodbye. Goodbye. Okay.
ANNIE: See you later. Love you. Bye.

GLENN: See you later. Let's go.
Oh, my goodness. Snoring.

- You having fun?
- Yeah.

How's that? Is that better?
Now it's not so bright, huh?

- No.
- You look like a helicopter pilot, in Vietnam.

You look like that... You look, you know,
you look like Tom Cruise.


If Tom Cruise was a little girly-girly,
he would look like you.

A little girly?
But now he's a big boy.

He is a big boy.

ANNIE: There's a lot of junk food
on this list, Mom.

Doctors don't tell you to watch
that for no reason.

All the food in the fridge tastes like shit.

This should be enough money
to cover a few substitute meals.

If it isn't, you can get rid of the cookies.

I like them in the afternoon
with my coffee.

Especially this time of year,
but I don't absolutely have to have them.

Ditch the cookies.

When will you be back?

I got a bunch of errands.

- How's Glenn?
- Fine.

- Say hello to him for me.
- I do, Mom, all the time.

You know what I wish?

Mom, forget it.

I just wish the two of you were happy.
That's all I'm gonna say.

I'm leaving.

I love you.

LILA: It's just bullshit.
Every corner looks the same now.

Every city is becoming
one beige strip-mall.

Nobody cares about choices or character...

LILY: Hey, Arthur.
- Hi.

- Tell Lila to calm down.
- I'm just freaked out.

Lily told me they're putting
fast food in the cafeteria.

- That makes me wanna throw up.
- Yeah, that's...

That's kind of... I hate throw-up.

I like your shoes.

What's wrong with them?

Dude, I gotta tell you
about what went down last night.

It was crazy.

- What?
WARREN: I can't tell you here.

Too many kids, remind me later.


So, your dad move out today?


- Swipe any of his pornos before he left?
- Only the Chinese one.

I don't know why.
It's not like I'm gonna watch it.

You didn't take
The Vagina Threat.

That's not what it's called,
it's called Triple Pussy...

Whatever. Okay, okay. That's disgusting.

I gotta take a dump.


Now, what's up with those two sluts
that are obsessed with you?

ARTHUR: They're Lila and Lily.
They transferred from B.H. Best...

- Do you think he's cute?
ARTHUR: B.T. Best.

- A couple weeks ago. Sisters.
- Can you say that in Spanish?



LILY: Arthur?
LILA: Yeah.




You like that?

What do you think of daddy's belt?

That's a very big belly.

Yeah, that's when Daddy used to drink
that beer. That's nasty.

TARA: Ugh!
- Ugh.

- I don't like beer.
- I don't like it anymore either.


You tell your mommy,
Daddy's not drinking beer anymore.

You have great teeth.
Show me more of them.

- Show me your cheese mouth.
GLENN: Look at my teeth.

Don't you want that...?
That's Daddy's dingle berry. Don't do that.

You two make a lovely family.

- Can you take care of this blemish I have?
PHOTOGRAPHER: I can take it off.

- Don't worry.
- I want this to be perfect.

- Come on, Tara.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Smile, please.

Oh, God, in the name of Jesus Christ,
bless this food we are about to eat... that we may ask
that all our actions and intentions... directed to your praise and spirit,
Father God, Lord God...

...and our own good, Father God.

And the good of those with whom
we come in contact.

We love you, Father God.
We magnify you, Jesus.

Blessed is he who comes
in the name of the Lord.

You peeking?

Hosanna in the highest. High-five!

Did you change your shampoo?

ANNIE: Mm-hm.
NATE: Why?

- You don't like it?
- No, I thought we talked about this.


- I like it.
- Good.

I like it.

How's Barb?

Come again?

How's it going with you and Barb?

Catch the ball.

Can we just not talk about Barb? I'd like
to not think about my wife right now.

Okay. I'm sorry.

How'd he get rolled?

It's been really nice, I don't know why
I always have to over-analyze everything.

Because you're like...

- I don't know what it is, you just gotta...
- Just more for you.

It's the journey.

- You know the old saying?
- No.

"Yesterday's history,
tomorrow's a mystery... is a gift,
that's why they call it the present."

And, yes, I read that on a pamphlet.

What are these underpants?

What do you think of the bowling balls
in the marble bag?

Arthur. Hey, look. The signs are true.

Smell. What do you think it smells like?

- Paint.
- Yeah.

Don't wash it off.
You could keep it as perfume.

Oh, yeah?

What class are you heading to?


I signed up to take yearbook photos
as an art credit.

I gotta get my camera fixed, though.
What about you?

Um, history.

Who's that guy that was talking about me
in Spanish class?

That's just Warren.

He's a shitty kisser, man.

And I'm just kidding.
It's not like I know.


Yeah, sure.

I think he's a weirdo.


- What's this?
- It's a pencil.

Present. Here.

In case you need to write anything down
in geography class.

It's photography.

Or chew something,
write something down, erase something.

You never know.

GLENN: Rafe, how you doing? Hey, man.
- Mate. Good to see you.

I just wanted to come by,
Tara's in the truck, I gotta split...

...but I wanted to tell you I'm
super pumped.

- I wanna know what time you want me.
- Eight a.m. I was reading...

Eight a. m? I'll be here quarter to eight.
I'm pumped.

I was reading some Matthew today.
This is about the parable of the lost sheep.

- Really?
- Yep. And you know what?

- It reminded me a little of you, mate.
- Oh, yeah, well.

Lost to the fold, you know?
Because this is what Christ said, right?

You're lost to the fold,
but you've got to understand...

...the Lord is always with you.

I feel the Holy Spirit
coming through me right now.

- That's what He's saying.
- I'm telling you.

He's saying you can be lost,
but you can be found.

I feel like it. It's happening right now.
Tara's waiting for me in the truck...

How was the market?


MAY: You never lose that smell, do you?
Nasty cigarettes.

Mom, do you have bread?

You didn't put it on the list,
I would have gotten it.

It's all right.

- Did you eat?
- Nope.

- Mom, you gotta eat.
- I eat. I eat all the time.

Mom, come home with me.
I'll make you something.

You can watch Tara there.
I'll drive you home.

I like her to sleep in her own bed
once in a while.

I don't want to leave in this cold.

Yes, you do. Come on.

Daddy stepped in the doggy doo-doo.


Yeah, it's not that funny.

Don't push me.

- You don't wanna be pushed?
- Don't push me. No.

- What do you want?
- Mommy.

GLENN: Okay, just take, here, just take it,
take it easy. We're gonna find Mommy.

We're gonna find Mommy. Pudgy bear.

TARA: Pudgy, pudgy bear.
- Pudgy, pudgy bear.

TARA: Pudgy-wudgy b...
- You're a Pudgy-wudgy-wudgy bear.

Pudgy-pudgy-pudgy bear.

Okay, you knock.

Go ahead.

Yeah, there you go.

MAY: You kids came in the back.
So cold out there.

GLENN: We went for a walk down
by the pond. Saw the ducks. It was fun.

- Little Miss Independence.
GLENN: It's good to see you here, May.

Your wife kidnapped me.
Thinks I'm starving to death.

- She must be blind.
GLENN: What does she know?

- I was wondering...
- What is this all over her?

Oh, that's just some banana.
I think she wandered off and...

What do you mean "she wandered off"?

Well, I was talking to Rafe and I told her
to stay by in the truck with Bomber.

Bomber's your dog, Glenn.

Tara's not a dog, she's a child.
You don't just leave your kid in the car.

Annie, you gotta go to work.

We're eating early.
Making tuna noodle casserole.

There's extra if you'd like to stay, Glenn.

Yeah. No, I...


Arthur, it's Saturday night.

You gotta quit this job
before you get sucked in.

- You should enjoy high school.
- Oh, no, work is fun.

No, it's not.

Shouldn't you be out on a date
or something?

- Should I?
- Well, I thought you'd have a girlfriend.

ARTHUR: Oh, yeah?
ANNIE: Oh, you know, you're cute.

Glad you think so.

ANNIE: Don't give me that.
Haven't the girls caught on yet?

Ever tell your mom about that time
you busted me on the counter with Glenn?

- When you were supposed to be in bed.
- That was awesome.


I was like, "What are you guys doing?"

I totally used to give you baths.

We had some good times
though, right?

For the most part.

Sometimes you were a little obnoxious.

- I'm sorry.
- It's too late.

No more bedtime stories?

Nuh-uh. You're on your own.

BARB: Oh, my God, I am waiting on
the cutest family of dwarfs.

- That sucks.
BARB: I just wanna take them home.

Oh, boy. Am I interrupting
an intimate, tender moment?

No. We were just talking.

Is that medieval birthday party
still out there?

Yeah, gosh, I hate watching fake wizards
and barbarian nerds eat Chinese food.

It's so disgusting. Oh, my God,
you better get a haircut.

Or no one's gonna wanna adopt your ass.

Not even Fannie's Annie over there,
you know what I'm saying?

Two and two's 22, you know?

Did she get you?


Hey, Glenn's here.


- Oh my God, you were looking at her ass.
- No, I wasn't.

You were.
You were checking her ass out.

It's fine. I'm not gonna tell her.

Look it, Annie is hot.
She's really hot, man.

Wish she wasn't having so many problems,
you know what I'm saying?

GLENN: I was driving by,
and I thought I'd say hello.

- I'm working.
- Cool, I know. I just...

I just, I was wondering if you wanted
to go out and get dinner.

Glenn, I'm working.

Well, you know, me too.
Yeah. I got a new job.

- You got a job?
- Yeah, I wanted to tell you about it.

That's kind of why I thought
we should go out. To celebrate.

Not tonight, no, not now,
but like tomorrow night, or sometime.

Just dinner. I think there's some things
we should talk about.

- Like what?
- You know...

I don't wanna talk about it here,
with this guy, Rob or whatever.

Wait, so you got a job?

- Yeah.
- I mean, are you working?

It's not like Rafe just hooked you up
at the carpet warehouse or something?

Well, actually, yeah.

You know, it's not amazing,
Annie, but I'm trying, you know?

It's temporary. We'll see what I can get...

I know. I'm sorry. I ju...
I didn't mean it that way.

I'm really happy for you.

Yeah, I can tell it's a thrill.

You're having a real party.

You know, my mom blames me
for our separation.

You know, I'm not as much of a screw-up
as you think I am.

You used to love that little dance I'd do.

Yeah, things changed, Glenn, a little bit.

Yeah. Well, you know...

Hey, why don't you tell me all about
all those amazing changes...

...tomorrow night or sometime,
over some spaghetti and meatballs?

Glenn, you win, whatever.

You call that a kick? Come on.




I really like the pencil that you gave me.

Isn't it cool?

It's a wonderful gift.

What's that mean?

Importance of fungus.

Important in the ecosystem
as decomposers.

"Feel like a rock star. Have fun. Travel."


"Compassionate, energetic, creative."


GLENN: These are good.
These are good for children.

You got a lot of durability here
with the...

A lot more fiber density in your Berbers.
And, it depends, what are you looking for?

Something more plush, not the Berber.

Okay. Do you have any children?
Or anything else, or...

- Furry, furry children.
- Say again?

- Furry children.
- Furry children.

So you got a hamster, guinea pig?

- Four dogs.
- Four dogs? Whoa.

How about sort of a beige, greenish,
sort of semi-Berber...

...semi-plush? What about that?
Your dog can bounce around...

...but you can be comfortable. Now,
you got a dog pooping around on that...'re gonna be fine.
But I think with the...

WOMAN: We're looking more for leakage
than the other.

I see what you're saying.
Yeah, yeah, well, you say leakage?

Are you all Christians? No?


LILA: This is a slang dictionary?

Let's look up "blowjob." Here it is.

"Fellatio, fellator, or fellatrix."

Fellatrix, I like that.

- Or, "An unpleasant..."
- Shh.

Wait. She was looking.

It can also be
"an unpleasant experience or a situation."

- I beg to differ.
- I don't think so.

I very much beg to differ on that one.


MAY: Is that what you're wearing?
ANNIE: It's not a date, Mom.

I'd think you'd be happy for him.
He finally got a job.

Oh, big deal.
I have a job, and I take care of Tara.

Just be nice this once.

I'm always nice. It's just enough trouble
trying to navigate my own life...

...without worrying if poor fragile Glenn's
gonna try and kill himself again.

Where are you going?

I'm just going out for a little bit.

Grammy's gonna sleep over, okay?

I wanna go. I wanna see Daddy.

ANNIE: No, honey.
Mommy has to go out on her own.

You can stay here with Grammy.

- Oh.
- Tara. Don't touch, okay?


Damn it, Tara! How many times
do I have to tell you...

...not to play with my stuff?
Come on! Get out of here!


MAY: Calm down, it's just a spill.
ANNIE: My whole life's a fucking spill!

- Tough day?
- Yeah. I'm just stressed.

- My brain's all over the place.
- Don't be stressed.



Tara had a fit tonight, wanted to come.

Just, it was a tough day.

I know how that can get.
She does that to me all the time.

- "I want Mommy, I want Mommy."
- Yeah.

So you're mad at her, huh?

Yeah. I mean, more at myself.

You know how I can get.
I just...

- I get frustrated and I lose it.
- Mm-hm. Yeah, well, you know...

...when she gets like that
there's nothing you can do.

No, nothing. And my mother acts
like it's all my fault.

Hm. Like she never yelled at you.

I actually don't think she really ever did.

Hey, excuse me a second.

Hi, can I just borrow your pepper?
Just for a second? Thanks.

I like the big mug, you know?

So let me take care of her more
and take the burden off of you, you know?

I don't think I'm really comfortable
with that right now, Glenn.

Yeah, I know.

I don't care what the judge said,
I'm not a dangerous person.

I wanna be a good father, you know.
I am a good father.

You know I am.

And I love Tara very, very, very much.

I know that you do.

So, I just... I think you should let me.

Thank you.

So, what did you wanna
talk to me about?

What do you mean?

You said you had stuff
you wanted to talk to me about.

You know, I just wanted to take you
to a nice restaurant, you know?

I have to ask you something.

I found this... I found this in your pants...

...and it's a receipt from the Stardust Motel
and it's from last Friday...

...when I worked that double,
and that's your signature.

Right there, that's your signature.

Sweetie, you know
I don't have a credit card.


- Um, are you fucking Annie?
- Oh, boy.

Why would I do that?



GLENN: You didn't have to pay for your half.
- It's okay. It's not a big deal.

GLENN: Hey, would you like to go see
a movie with me next week?

ANNIE: I'm probably working.
- Your mom says you got Thursdays off.

ANNIE: I don't have every Thursday off.
I'd have to check my sched...

And stop asking my mother
about my schedule.

Yeah. Do you just not wanna
go out with me?

No, it's complicated, you know?

- Are you seeing somebody?
- Glenn, stop.

- Stop what? What?
- Glenn. You're doing it again.

- What am I doing?
- You're being insecure. Stop it.

It's just a little weird
being asked on a date by your husband...

...and after everything...
- I'm fine. I'm fine. God.

All that is done.
I'm just trying to make a connec...

Is it done? Are you fine?

I'm fine. I'm all better. Seriously.

I mean, you know, can't you tell?

Well, your ears got bigger.

Yeah, I got weird ears. Well, just...

Just think about going out
with me again sometime.

- Okay. No, I will, and...
- Just think about it.


- Well...
- Well, I'm gonna go.


- Didn't go too well, did it?
- It was good.

It's okay.

I love you.

BARB: Hello?
- Barb?

Is this Annie? Listen, Nate isn't gonna
be able to meet you right now.

I'm talking with him.
I'm talking to my husband, all right?

God, what's up with you?
Why did you do this?

Barb, I'm sorry.

I don't care whether you're sorry,
and I don't care what you say.

Don't ever call here again.

ANNIE: I hope you don't think
you're staying here.

Where am I gonna go, huh?

She said if she found me at home
when she got home she'd kill me.

Well, I could tell you
where a nice motel is.

- That's so stupid.
- She's sleeping.


She found a carbon from the motel.

She just sprung it on me.
I didn't know what to say.

- What was I supposed to say?
- So you told her it was me?


- Did you tell her it was me?
- Yeah, I told her.

- I'm not gonna lie to her.
- What do you mean?

- You lied to her for weeks.
- You were the first name she came up with.

Oh, and you said yes?


- You hungry?
- No. Fuck.

Go back to sleep.

It's okay.

- Okay, go back to sleep.
- Here, Mommy.

Thank you.

Come on, baby, it's late.

- Mommy?
- Yeah?

- My doll fell on the floor.
- Did it?

- Yeah.
- Here you go.

Snuggle down, baby.


MAN: Hey.
GLENN: What's all the ruckus?

You drinking? You drinking?

I'm drinking.
Can I get a beer and something short?

Where do I begin?


Hey, Annie.
What's happened to Barb, please?

Barb, can we talk?
Can I talk to you?

We can talk
when you quit this fucking job.

I can't quit. I can't.

Apparently, you can do whatever
you wanna.

- Come on, Annie.
- Will you listen to me?

You did this to yourself!

Guys, what the hell are you doing?
What you doing? What's going on?

Annie, I wanna know
what's going on here.

I can't believe you're here right now.
I don't wanna look at you.

There's no excuse.
I'm not gonna make up something.

- I thought we were friends.
- We are. We are friends.

Just because your relationship fell apart
doesn't give you any right... tear mine down. Until I can find
another job, I don't wanna look at you.

I don't need this bullshit.

Annie, phone call.

Fucking bitch.

Fuck. Coffee. Be right back.

GLENN: I know what's happening.
I know what's happening and I forgive you.

We're all forgiven. I believe that.
I have to believe it.

Please leave me alone, Glenn.
Do you want me to have to call the police?

And don't give me that born-again bullshit,
and stop spying on me!

are you having sex with him in our house?
In our bed?

How can you do...?

I love Nate, Annie.
You should know that.

God, you kill me.

LILA: My dad got this for me last summer.
I haven't really used it, though.

- See anything you wanna take a picture of?
- No.


- Dad?
- Arthur?

What are you doing here?

Taking my friend to get her camera fixed.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Lila. Nice to meet you.
- Hi, hi. Nice to meet...

- Hello, I'm Marcia.
- Hi.

Marcia. Hi, I'm Marcia.

MAN [ON TV]: Hansel thought it strange
that they...

NATE: Look, he's got blue-suede shoes
like Elvis.

TARA: Aha.
NATE: Mm-hm.

He's like Elvis
except without the amphetamines.

- Look. Candy!
- I know. It's terrific.

- What are you doing?
TARA: Eating candy.

Have you eaten anything
good for you today?

- Want some candy?
- She had a pickle.

- What did you have to eat today?
NATE: Let her have some candy.

ANNIE: Why should she have candy?
- Okay, try decaf.

- What's the matter?
- Look, do not do what I told you not to do!

Spit that out now!

Tara. Okay, you know what?
You, young lady, are gonna listen...

- Stay out of this.
- What's the deal?

We're gonna go upstairs and bath
and you're gonna wash your face.

GLENN: Annie! Get that car out of here!
NATE: Goddamn it.

Don't get mad at me.


Whose car is this, man?

- Annie! Who you got in there?
ANNIE: It's okay.

Oh, man.

GLENN: Nice car.
- Don't touch my car.

- Don't touch my fucking car, man.
GLENN: That's a nice car.

NATE: Don't touch my car.
- For a pimp.

You can't be on this property, chief.
You understand?

Hey, man, don't fucking tell me
I'm not allowed here.

- This is my house, man.
- Not anymore.

That's my family in there.

- That's far enough.
- Aren't you a nurse, Buster Brown?

Go home, will you? Go home.

Hey, Annie, you don't take my calls?
You don't want me to see my daughter?

Aren't you supposed to be
selling carpets?

- Come on, get out of here. Hey, hey.
- Hey, hey.

What are you, a kung fu guy?
What are you, kung fu? You kung fu?


You better get your head and your ass
wired together.

- Yeah. Peace.
- You understand?

- I'll suck you right up my tailpipe, bro.
- Jesus loves you.

NATE: Piece of shit.
- Tailpipe my...


Motherfucker! That's my house!
That's my house!

That's my wife! That's my wife!
That's my wife!

That's my kid!

NATE: You wanna party with Nate?
- Fuck you, man!

NATE: Do you wanna party with Nate?
- Fuck you! Fuck you!

Do you wanna party with Nate?
Do you?

Get off him, Nate.

I shall go through this furnace unscathed.

I bit my lip.

Go home, Glenn.

Go home.




LILA: Hello.
- You scared me.

What's that word that means...

...for how you hold your mouth
when you're playing?


Yeah, your embouchure's funny.

LILA: Pbbt.
- That's funny.

I'm not doing it. I can't.

Why are you here so late?

I had to take an Algebra II test
that I skipped last week.

How'd you do?

You know, I'm pretty good at math.

Can I show you something?

Where did you take these?

We move a lot,
so every time we get to a new place...

...I like to capture my first impressions.

So these are all here?

Yeah. You must not be very observant.

Not really.

I listen, and I remember things better
that way.

Yeah? I'm not a very good listener.




- Do you need a ride?
- No.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

Thanks for letting me see your pictures.
They were really good.

I'll see you.


Who's that interesting girl?

- She's new in school.
- New in school?

Yeah, she's nice.
She takes nice pictures.


She seems nice.





- Yeah?
- Can I play outside?

Honey, Mommy's not feeling well today.

I wanna go.

Come snuggle with Mommy.
There's cartoons.

Just for ten minutes and then
we can go outside and you can play.

DON: You know that girl you saw me with?
You know she's just a friend, right?

- It's just, she's like a regular person.
- All right.

- That I met, and...
- You met her before you left Mom?

Yeah, technically,
but she works at a bank and...

I mean, it's not a relationship
you should trouble yourself over.

- It doesn't mean anything.
- You had your arm around her.

- Well, it doesn't mean anything.
- Well, then why are you doing it?

Because sometimes we do things
we can't explain.












Overbrook assisted Living.

Nate Petite, please.

MAN: I'm sorry.
Who are you wishing to speak with?

ANNIE: Nate. I need to talk with him.
It's an emergency.

He's already left his shift for the morning.





Barb? It's Annie.

Are you there?

I need help.
I don't know what else to do.

What happened to you and dude?
Are you guys living together?

TRICIA: Who, David?
- Mm.

- Yep.
- No, I'm straight.

TRICIA: Yeah, we still...
We're living together. It's going pretty good.

Tara! Tara!







You all right? Oh, God!
Oh, my God.

Listen, the cops are here, all right?

I don't know where Nate is but I know
they're out looking for Glenn, all right?

Oh, gosh. I'm so sorry.

RAFE: We're all part of a team here.
We work together. We're committed.

- You can't afford to be late.
GLENN: I know.

It's not all right.
There are a lot of people relying on me.

- They're relying on you.
- I know. I know.

Now, don't give me any of your crap.
I just want you to hear me out.

- Listen to what I gotta say.


- Can I speak to you for a minute?
- Yeah, what's going on?

INSPECTOR: When's the last time
you saw your daughter?


Your husband's on his way.

Can I get you anything?

Glenn didn't have Tara?

- Then why aren't you looking for her?

We have people out.
We're trying to do everything.

It's mostly dog hairs.
Samples from the truck.

- You get pictures?
- Yes, sir.

What happened to your lip?

I got in a fight the other night.

Yeah, with who?

My wife's new boyfriend.

- Jesus Christ, Glenn.
OLIVE: I don't know why you think...

...he has anything to do with this.
FRANK: Livvie.

No, it's my house.
You should be talking to her.

She won't even let him
see his own daughter.

That's what he says.

- Well, doesn't that tell you something?
GLENN: Okay, what's going on?

What now? What, what now?

Are we gonna sit down
and have a little dinner? What's happening?

INSPECTOR: I'll take you to join the search
after we're done here.

I gotta piss like a racehorse.
Can I go to the bathroom?

You're capable. You could do it.

Do what?

Take her. Take her from her mother.

I would never hurt Tara.

INSPECTOR: I didn't say you'd hurt her.
- I didn't do anything!

I didn't do anything, okay?
I didn't do anything.

I hope that's right.


LILA: Come here.
Let me have your hand for a sec.

"Hey, you."

With a exclamation point.

Hey, you.

So why are you smiling?

I've never seen you without your glasses.

Yeah. Because I think
I look funny without them.

You know what else I think?

I think I like you.

And I think you like me too.
And you're just afraid to say it.

At least, I want you to like me,

Huh? What's that?

When you smile, I think it's attractive.


And I'm totally not even sure
what I'm saying anymore right now.


Don't leave.

I'm nice, aren't I?
I'm really nice, actually.

And I like you so much,
and I made it so clear...

...and I just have so much fun
when we hang out.

I just, like, I couldn't tell.

I did say that I liked you.

- What?
- See?


Do you have any idea
how adorably cute you are?

- No.
- Right now.

Come here.

No, you come here.

Come here.


Meet halfway.

can I have your attention, please?

We are concluding school early today,
so that as of this moment...

... we may assist the community
in a local situation.

I can't imagine what you're going through.
I have a daughter myself and...

GLENN: Get your fucking hands off me.
MAN: Easy.

You don't have her?

I don't have her.

Where's your boyfriend?

I don't know.

What's going on?

- Where have you been?
- I was at work.

No, you weren't.

I'm just gonna use the restroom.

All right, listen up, people.
Come on, now. Take a seat.

We got a little girl missing.

She's been out there now for somewhere
between two and three hours.

What we're gonna do is,
we're gonna partner up.

And I want you to keep
your partner in sight... we search the area
within a four-mile radius.

The little girl's name is Tara.
She's 4 years old.

Let's get out there
and let's bring her home safe.

That's Annie's daughter.

We're looking for a little girl.

Four years old.
Brown eyes, brown hair, brown eyes.

If you find something you believe
to be important, do not touch it.

We will send the appropriate person
to take a look at it.

We have people here trained
to deal with the situation.

Thank you for your cooperation.

All right, don't lie.

You were making love to Lily La-La-Lupe.

Whatever her name is.

You were under the bleachers.
You were naked. I saw it.

Don't lie.


ARTHUR: We're supposed to look
from here to the highway fence.

Well, she wouldn't be down here.


She probably just fell asleep
under her bed.

I did that.

Hey, you got any weed?

- All right.


Here's cool.

This beats the shit out of band practice.


I'm feeling very positive.

This is some good shit.

This is fucked up.

Say something if you see the cops.

You're paranoid.

- Check it out. A mitten.
- Fuck.

Don't touch it.


What the fuck is that?



MAN: Can I help you, sir?
- That's my son.

- I'm here to see my son.
MAN: Your son is fine.

You're gonna have to wait over there.
Step back, all right?

DON: Okay, okay. Arthur?
LOUISE: I think that...


- Mom, Dad's here. Dad's here.
- Just, I'll be right...


- Is he all right?
LOUISE: Yeah, he's safe.

LOUISE: I need to get back
to my son. I'll call you.

Arthur, I'm gonna ask you
to do me a favor.

To not bottle this up inside, okay?

It's easy for...

For us to block out the things
that upset us.

That's what I do.

That's what most people do.

But it's important
that you feel through this.

It's so important, I can't tell you.


GLENN: Oh, Lord, my God,
if I have done this, if there is wrong in me...

...if my hands have already acquired
enough from evil...

...plunder the enemy without cause.

Let the enemy pursue me
and overtake me...

...and trample my life to the ground
and lay my soul in the dust.

Why are you doing this to me?
What do you want me to do?

What do you want me to do, God?

You okay?


Do you need me?

Father God, I...

I have bad, bad dreams, Father God.

I have really very, very, bad dreams.

I couldn't sleep last night...

... thinking about Annie.

I don't know how to comfort people.

I hate when I say a stupid thing.

Stupid things you say
make me like you even more.

Mom? Who built the snowman?

I did. Do you like it?

It's okay.

What are you doing?

I got a letter from your father today,
and I tore it up.



He misses us.

I think he wants his family back.


Hey. Where's my wife?

- I want my wife.
- Hey. Listen to me.

- You can't be here now, man.
- Yeah, listen, I wanna talk to Annie.

All right, all right, just stop!
Just stop right there.

You know,
everybody's been through a lot lately.

Why don't you just leave Annie alone
right now? Okay?

You think you're a tough guy
because you got a baseball bat?

You think you're a tough guy
because you pushed my face in the snow...

...and you got a baseball bat?

You think you're a badass?
Let me tell you something.

I'm bad.

I'm bad.

You know...

...after Annie first left me
I tried to kill myself.

Did she tell you that?

I drove my car off a bridge on purpose.

Yeah, I landed, a hundred-foot drop.



There was an explosion.

And I sat there,
upside down without a scratch...

...just dizzy.

And then I got out and I looked up...

...and I saw the sky...

...and I realized that in everything
there has to be meaning, you know.

I'd been living for myself...

...and God saved me from that fall.

I had the power to do real big things,
you know?

You know what it says in the Bible, huh?

It says, "God will save you."

You're an adulterer.

But God doesn't hate you.

If you recognize your wrongs
and ask me to forgive you...

...l'll give you everything,
everything I have.

Glenn, will you go home?

I gotta work in the morning, okay?
In fact, everybody has to work tomorrow.

So just... Just go home.

I forgive you.
I don't even know you, but I forgive you.

Believe me, it counts.

But I don't forgive Annie.

I'm trying, you know? I'm praying.

But she rejects me.


She makes it...

She makes it hard, you know?

She let my baby...

She let my baby die.

She let my baby die.

I just wanted to come and say hi,
you know?

I just wanted to talk to her, man.

Why can't I just talk to her?

I just wanna say hi, you know?


- Think you're tough, huh?
NATE: Glenn.

- Oh, come on.
- Can you do that?

Can you do that?

All right, Glenn, it's time to crash.
Let me call you a cab.

I forgive you.


NATE: Will you come back inside?
It's freezing out.

He used to make me laugh.

He told me I was beautiful.

He had this way
of making me feel like...

...everything was gonna work out
in the end.

NATE: Well, you gotta realize,
people don't stay the same.

You know, you guys were together
a long, long, time.

He was the only man
I've ever been with until you.

He wasn't happy deep down
and neither was I.

You should go.

Don't say that.

Who's Tricia Farr?

She's a girl that I work with. Why?

Were you fucking her when it happened?

Were you?

She's fat.

At the motel,
while I was searching for Tara?

I told you. I was out shopping
for Christmas presents.

Was it in the same room?

Did you light candles and bring wine
and smell her hair?

- Okay, listen, can we just go back inside?
- No, not until you've gone.

Look, you wanna go.
I want you to go.

I don't wanna take care of you anymore.

I don't wanna spend the rest of my life
taking care of people.

I wanna take care of myself.

Even after what I did to her,
Barb was there for me.

There are good people.




Shake it, Freddy!
Yeah! Do that one-legged bitch.


Come on. Shake it up, shake it up.

It's a victory! Yes!



Fucking dance, motherfucker!



So, um,
why did you send Mom that letter?

- I mean, you're kind of making her insane.
- Come on, dude.

You know that letter was between
your mom and me, you know?

And she does have a tendency
to dramatize.

That's not it. That's not it, Dad.

You gotta stop going back and forth.

You gotta decide what you want.
You gotta make up your mind.

And that you wanna repair it now.

What do you expect for her to do?
What do you expect us to do?

- All right, that's enough.
- Don't. Don't. Let me finish.

You left Mom and me
because you're selfish.

And we recognize that,
and we deal with it.

But that other lady, she didn't.
She didn't love you, did she?

Did she leave you?

She didn't put up with what sucks
about you, right?

You know, the other day...

...when I saw you and your mother
at the, uh...

The accident...

...I wanted so much to hold her,
I wanted to be there...

...for you, more than anything.

And, now, I...

I just have this urgent need
to keep trying.

MAY: Annie, Glenn just came by my house,
I thought I should tell you.

You okay?

I'm fine. He brought over some pictures
he'd taken with Tara.

I told him I could take a set for you,
but he didn't want to leave them with me.

Did you call the police?

He was very polite. Kept calling me "Mom."
He even had a cup of tea.

- I think maybe he's coming out of it.
- So you didn't call them?

- I did. I thought you'd want me to.
- Good.

I don't know what they're gonna do.

I don't know either. I'm glad you called.

We should talk about this later,
Mom, okay?

Okay, honey. Bye-bye. I love you.

Is everything okay?

I don't know.

Well, you're welcome to stay at my house.
Or stay with your mom.

You should be somewhere safe.

Arthur, you okay?


Oh, shit.

- Come on, let's just go back inside.
- No. Stay here with me.

I brought you something.

You're not supposed to be here.

I brought you some pictures of Tara
that you don't have.

Your mom said you'd like them.

You heard what the police said, Glenn.
You're not supposed to be here.

These are pictures of me and Tara
I got taken at the mall.

Annie, this is hard for everyone,
you know?

And, I'm just...

I just wanna...

We can't forget about Tara, you know?

I don't want them.


I'm just gonna...

- I'll leave them here.
- Why won't you listen to me?

I don't want them!
I don't want anything from you!

Let's go back inside.

Why don't you listen, Glenn?
Don't you fucking listen?!

That's our daughter. You're throwing
pictures on the ground, of our daughter.

- I'm gonna go call the cops.
- Shame on you. Shame on you.

You fucker!

Get off. Don't push me. Don't push me.
Don't push me, Annie. Get off me.

Get off me!

BARB: Goddamn you, Glenn!
GLENN: Shut up.

BARB: Get the fuck out of here!
- Shut up!

Stay out of it!
It's not your fucking business!

- Get out of here!
BARB: Get out of here!

Fucking finished!

I tried to do something nice for you,
and I...

I'm sorry.

ARTHUR: She used to babysit me
when I was younger, for years.

She used to let me stay up
till past midnight.

I had a crush on her.

I used to drop my toys on the floor.

She'd have to bend down,
pick them up.

I could see right down her shirt.

She stayed over once.

My parents went out of town.

I saw her naked.

I took my mom's little makeup mirror...

...tilted it under the bathroom door.

I watched her shower.

She was beautiful.

How are you this morning?

- I'm good.
- Yeah.

How are you? You look nice.

Thank you.

I've got an interview
at Gillis and Petrosky.

They need personnel for their non-profit.
Maybe if I get off my ass.

- What?
- What's the glow for?

- Did you have Lila over last night?
- No.


Don't you bullshit me.

At least somebody's getting
some action around here.

I just hope you didn't make
that poor girl climb out the window.

- She could twist an ankle and sue you.
- What is this?

I found it in the mailbox this morning.
Looks like your father made me a mix tape.

- For what? What for?
- I don't know, I haven't decoded it.

Let's check it out.

He wants me to go to your football game
with him on Friday. What do you think?



So silly. Don.

MAN [ON RADIO]: Teaching us that
denying ungodliness and worldly lust...

... we should live soberly, righteously,
and godly.

Whereabouts in this present world,
looking for that blessed hope...

... and the glorious appearing of the great
God and our savior Jesus Christ...

... who gave Himself for us,
that He might redeem us from all iniquity...

... to refine to Himself a peculiar people,
zealous of good works.

Thee, these things speak
in exhorted refute...

... with all authority
let no man despise thee.

Now, get something straight.

When you're saved by grace,
grace is the teacher that tells you...

... that you are not to live in sin anymore.

Yeah, I know. I know.

What's going on, mate? Where you been?
Cops came back.

Yeah, I know, I know.

I didn't do anything,
everything's all screwed up.

- Well, does Annie know where you are?
- No, no, no.

I'm gonna disappear for a while, Rafe,
and I just wanted to thank you for...

...being patient with me.

I know you went out on a limb,
and I'm letting you down... ditching out like this.

- Do you need some money or something?
- No.

No, no, no, no, I just wanted to...

...come by and tell you that I love you.

God loves you to the max.

All right?

LILA: Is your mom gone?
- Mm-hm.

She has a job interview.

Sorry, breakfast is a little cold.

That's okay. Thank you.

Thank you.

Hurry up, eat fast, get dressed.

We'll be late for school.

So why don't we take our time a bit?


I can't see you that well,
but I'm sure you look great.

Now we're talking.

It's your turn.

It's hard to get a good angle
with the helmet.

You could take it off.







Let the evil of the wicked
come to an end.

My name is not Glenn.
I am born with the water.

I am one with the spirit of Jesus Christ.





- Please, I didn't do anything.
- Shh.

Just be quiet.

- Where's your gun?
- I don't know.

- Where's your gun?
- I don't know.

Are you supposed to have work today?


- Did you eat?
- Please, don't do this.

Just be quiet, okay?

I'll go somewhere, okay? I'll leave.
You'll never have to see me again...

Shh! Don't talk. I told you, don't talk.

- I don't wanna do this either, okay?
- Well then, don't.

No. No, we're gonna do this.
We're gonna do this.

Take off your shoes.


Annie, I don't wanna get angry right now.

Don't fucking get angry.
I'm not taking off my shoes.

- Goddamn it! Take them off!
- Fuck you!

No! Take them off!

- Fuck you!
- Take... Goddamn it!

- I had our baby, you asshole.
- You what?

I had our baby, you asshole!

- You had our baby? Fuck you!
- Fucking talk to me like that.

It's your fault the baby's dead!

Take the fucking shoes off!

Take them off! Take them off!
Take them off, now!





All right, sit down.

Sit down.


You gonna be still?
You gonna be still?


Shh. It's okay, it's okay. It's okay.

It's okay. I'm sorry.




Shh. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

I love you very much, you know?

Fuck you!

It's okay.

It's okay.

- Here.
- Uh! Uh.

It's all right.

It's okay. Kneel down.

Kneel down.

You're real sweaty.

I'm sorry.

Tell me when you're ready.

I'm ready.



Scoot over, Bomber. Scoot over.

That's a good boy. That's a good boy.

Come on.


That's a good boy.
It's okay, boy, don't be scared.

It's okay.


I forgot the rabbit.

Fuck. Fuck.


Go. Go.






LOUISE: You never know what fate
has in store for you, sweetheart.

It's funny how you can tell
the fake smiles in pictures.

ARTHUR: You notice people don't bring out
cameras on sad days?






Special thanks to SergeiK.