Sorority Row Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Sorority Row script is here for all you fans of the Rumer Willis and Audrina Patridge movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Sorority Row quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Sorority Row Script



Danny, give me my shirt!

Come and get it.



Don't you think that maybe we're taking
this hazing thing a little bit too far?

I absolutely do not.




- Hey, give me a beer. Come on, man.
- Get your own, pretty boy.

- Don't be a dick.
- Get your own.

Hey, move it, douche bag. Get out of here.

GUARD: Mmm. Sudsy!

Hey, Chugs! Give me a beer! And a BJ.

Hey, what the fuck?

Hey, no! You both, out! Now!

FRAT GUY 1: Some massive tittles!

How long have you been a Theta?

- Do you want one?
- No, thanks.

- Hey, Ellie, up here.
- I got to go. Sorry.

FRAT GUY 2: It wasn't that hard a question.


- Where are we going, Claire?
- Hurry up. Jessica's waiting.

Goodbye, virginity! Yeah! Theta Pi rules!

I think I'm going to be sick. Look out below!

Heather, get a room.

Hey, boys. Out, out, out!

- I just got tested. It's cool.
- Okay.

Cassidy, my room, Theta toast, now.

- Have you seen Andy?
- Hose before bros.

Uh, Claire, line up those shots!

None of that Jell-O crap.
Mama needs to get her buzz on.


This party kicks off our senior year.


But first, shout outs. Claire,
I like being your friend, because

it makes me multi-cultural
without having to do anything.

- That's so racist.
- Okay. Okay.

Chugs, I love you, because
you're always willing to try anything new

and you don't give a damn
what anyone thinks.

Is this a bad time to tell you
I boned your dad?


It was after the divorce.

Ellie, I love you because you are
always there to help with homework.

You're like a spell check with a nice rack.

Okay, Cass, I love you
because you're so real.

That's just because
she can't afford fake ones.

I love you, Jessica,
because you make being a bitch an art form.

Hear, hear!

ALL: Theta Pi, we honour thee!
From life to death, sorority!

Wait, wait, wait, where's Megan?
She should be here for this.

Oh, I forgot.

Let me show you something
that is sure to be a YouTube classic.

Gather round, ladies.
Chugs, grab the laptop.

CASSIDY: What are you guys up to?


- GARRET: Baby, I love you so much.
- Oh, my God.

CASSIDY: Is that Garret?

I thought Megan dumped him
after he cheated on her.

Well, apparently, she took him back.

- What can I say? My brother's good in bed.
- Chugs.

- That's so gross.
- CASSIDY: You guys are sick.

Did Megan get a little work done
over the summer?

What? You thought she gained
four bra sizes in three months?

CLAIRE: God, is this all he's got?

JESSICA: Yeah, what is this?
The Dry Hump Olympics?

ELLIE: Come on, guys, this is gross.
CLAIRE: Oh, my God.

Why isn't she moving?

We gave Garret a little something
to put into her drink.

Told him it'd help put her in the mood.

You let your brother give her roofies?

Come on, roofie sex isn't that bad.

You get laid
and you get a good night's sleep.

- It's true.
- CASSIDY: Chugs.

JESSICA: Finally, we're getting somewhere.

- Ooh! Looks like he's kissing a corpse.
- CHUGS: Exactly. This is the best prank ever.


Oh, my God.

- Oh, my God. Megan. Jesus Christ.
- CASSIDY: Guys, what the hell?

CASSIDY: Holy shit, you guys.

- We got to do something.
- Baby, are you okay? Jesus Christ.

CHUGS: Let's go!


You guys...

She's convulsing and there's
shit coming out of her mouth.

- What?
- Yeah, I don't...

What the fuck did you do?

I didn't do...
I slipped her the pills you gave me.

JESSICA: I said give her one!

- I didn't know!
- Guys!

- She's not breathing.
- JESSICA: We have to clear her airway.

Why doesn't somebody call an ambulance?

CHUGS: There's no time. Here.

Give me the keys. Get me the Escalade now!

- I'm going.
- Claire! Hey!

Yep. I'm on it.

That is so hot.


What? No tongue?

Easy there, Lezzy Lohan.
This is make-believe, remember?

- What is going on?
- She's okay?

No, I'm not okay. I have fake puke
all over my $800 silk sheets.

What exactly is happening?

- Garret cheated on me.
- Didn't you cheat on him first?

Details! That little bitch boy
cheated on a Theta.

You cheat on one Theta,
you cheat on every Theta.

Also he says, "I love you,"
like, 15 times every time we do it.

But Garret is Chugs' brother.

My brother, who slipped my Theta sister
pills he thought were roofies.

My brother who also rushed Tri Pi.

Whose motto is, "We'll try any pie."

That boy needs to be taught a lesson.

So if they weren't roofies,
then what were they?

Vitamin B-12.

You know that helps prevent anaemia?

Too bad it doesn't prevent bulimia.
That's something Megan could actually use.


Show time.

I can't even tell if she's breathing or not.

I think she's turning cold.

GARRET: Don't say that to me!
Don't tell me that!

How far are we from the hospital?

I don't know. I think I took a wrong turn.
I'm totally freaking out.

- What!
- She's not going to make it!

Oh, my God, she's dead.
She really fucking died.

She died and it's my fault.
I'm going to go to fucking jail!


Hey! Watch my car!

Okay, you know what?
Everybody calm down. Garret, this is all...

Oh, my God! She's really dead!

I need help. I need help.
Chugs, I want to call Mom right now.

Where are we going?

Garret, we're going to take care of this. Okay?

- I'm going to call for help.
- No, no, no!

Hey, we all had...

I'm calling the fucking cops.
You guys had nothing to do with this.

Really? Who gave you the roofies?
Jessica did.

And she died at a party
at our sorority house.

They'll close down our chapter for sure.

- Right, Ellie?
- Yeah. Any illicit drugs use on campus

is an automatic
two-year chapter suspension.

I don't care about that! She's dying!


GARRET: There's no signal.
JESSICA: Garret, look at me.

Look at me. Look at me, all right?
Hey, you've got to look at me.

- We can make all this go away.

Trust me. I know a place.

Okay. All right.


Claire, turn up here.

CHUGS: Get on the ground. Shh.

Garret, there's a blanket in the back. Get it.


I guess I'll get it.

{WHISPERING} What's happening? I can't see.

Shh. You're dead, dummy.

So the only thing to settle on is the body.

Do we wrap it in the blanket as it is,
or do we chop it into little pieces first?

Okay. Let's try not to leave our DNA
all over the place. Thank you.

So, what's it going to be?

One big chunk or little bits and pieces?

In premed, we learned that if there's air
in the lungs or the chest cavity

the body will float to the surface.

Yeah, she's right. We can't have her body
floating to the top.

Yeah. Somebody will find her.

What about those implants?
Does silicone float?

All right. Everybody spread out and find
sharp rocks to dismember the body with.

So how long
are you going to keep this going?

ELLIE: Yeah, I mean I kind of agree
with Cass.

This is funny and all, but...

You're right. That's why we're doing it.

Because it's funny.


CHUGS: Oh, my God!

GARRET: There's no air in her lungs now.
CASSIDY: What the hell did you do?

GARRET: There's no air in her lungs now.
There's no air in her lungs now.

- Oh, my God, what did you do?
- You mean, she wasn't dead?

Shut the fuck up!

Ellie! Ellie! Help me stop the bleeding.

Start on her.

{CRYING} Oh, my God, Megan!

ELLIE: Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!


Somebody call 911.


I don't have any reception!


We can't move her!

Come on, Megan!

Somebody get in the car
and drive until you get a signal.

Wait, no. Wait, you guys.

She's dead.

- No, no, no.
- Cassidy, look at her. She's dead.

She couldn't be more dead.


ELLIE: What are we going to do?

We need to talk about this for a minute.

CASSIDY: Do you want to put her
in the car and go back?

JESSICA: We could.

Maybe. But we all need to be prepared
with what comes with that.

What does that mean?

JESSICA: Well, maybe we should call
our parents first.

I mean, Megan's dead.

And we're all responsible,
so we're going to need lawyers.

But Garret did it.

Yes, and Garret will be going to jail,
but we are all just as responsible.

Garret? I am not letting my little brother go
to jail for a stupid prank! No way!

What, do you want to leave Megan
out here?

Why not?

I mean, everything we said a minute ago
is still true.

Nobody knows we're here except us.

- JESSICA: That's true.
- Oh, my God, you can't be serious.

- She's our sister.
- JESSICA: That's also true.

Megan was our sister. And we loved her.

But I also know that Megan loved us.

And Theta Pi.

Would she want us to go down like this?

Throw away our lives
and destroy the people we love?

Yes, Claire. Didn't your dad have
a heart attack last year?

Enough, Jessica.
I know what you're trying to do.

What am I trying to do?

I'm trying to make the best
out of a tragic situation.

You're the one who suggested
we just leave her out here.

No, I did not, and you know that!
There's right and there's wrong.

I agree. But it's also wrong

to destroy the lives of our families
for mistakes that we have made.

All I can see is my father's face
when he hears all this.

It'll kill him.

Jessica doesn't care about
your father, Claire.

The only thing she cares about is herself.

Think about it. If this gets out,
Kyle's daddy won't let him be with her,

because a killer in the family
doesn't look very good

when you're running for Senate.

What about your Mr. Perfect?

You really think
Andy's going to stay with you after this?

This has nothing to do with him.

This decision affects the rest of our lives!

All right? Every job.
Every relationship we ever have.

People will know.

{CRYING} Shit! What the fuck
did you guys make me do, man?

This is fucked!

Maybe we should vote on it.

What? I cannot believe my ears. What
happened to the tenets of sisterhood?

Trust, honour, respect.

Well, you forgot two.

Secrecy and solidarity.

There is a dead person here.
A girl that we murdered.


Listen to yourself. All of you.

This is not something you just sweep
under the rug or choose to forget.

You have to live with this forever!

I completely agree, Cassidy.

I'm just trying to figure out
how we're going to live with it.

I can't help but think

what I would want if I were lying
where Megan is now.

I could tell you what I wouldn't want.

I wouldn't want you guys
to throw away your lives

over something that cannot be changed.

Because that's how much I love
each and every one of you.

Shall we vote?

Vote all you want.
Ellie and I know the truth. Right, Ellie?


Look, Cass. Everything you said was right.

You're stronger than me, okay?
And you guys aren't on scholarship.

I don't see a way out of this.

There is no way out of this.

Well, maybe there is.

Oh, my God,
have you lost your fucking mind?

I'm going to make this very easy on all of you.

Forget her. You guys, the last time
we saw Megan was at the party.

She disappeared.
And we never saw her again.


CLAIRE: If we all stick to the same story,
no one will ever know, right?

You guys can say
whatever the hell you want to say.


You're going to say
what we tell you to say. Okay?

Are you going to kill me, too?

Cass, we can't let you do that.

CLAIRE: No. Let her go. It doesn't matter.

She's going to have to walk for three miles
before she gets any reception.

But now, later, if she tells the cops,
goodbye, life.

Come on, you guys. We have no choice.

Come on, help me lift her.

JESSICA: Come on. Come on.



- Ready? One, two...
- Wait!

What if this is a mistake?
I mean, if we cross this line...

Look at the hole in her chest, Ellie.
The line's already been crossed.



You guys, I still can't get a signal.

Where is she?

Don't worry. At least she'll be warm, Cass.

We wrapped her up
in your bloody jacket first.

Oh, my God.

And we all agreed.
We won't tell anyone what you did.

- What I did?
- How you killed Megan with the tire iron.

We're sisters. We'll protect you.

JESSICA: You can count on us.

Trust, respect, honour,
secrecy and solidarity.

You wouldn't.

We did. We're not going to let this
ruin our lives, Cassidy.

And there's no reason you have to, either.

You guys, it is not that simple.
You can't do this, okay?

Do you know what it's like
to live with a secret like this?

JESSICA: Of course we do.

We're Theta Pi.

Now let's go wash the blood off in the lake.
And get back to the party.

We knew you'd come around, Cass.

Thank you, Cassidy.

Come on.

ANDY: As I stand
here with you today,

I'm reminded of one of my favourite quotes.

"Reputation comes
from the company you keep. "

Well, thanks to you all,
the company I've kept these past four years

has provided me with a reputation
I will always be proud of.

Congratulations, graduates.

Good luck. And God bless.


To my sisters at Theta Pi,
not just for four years, but forever.

CLAIRE: Congrats, ladies.
JESSICA: Ellie, you drink like a girl.

ELLIE: Ooh. That went up my nose.

CLAIRE: Here, Jess. Have a sip.

CLAIRE: Cheers!
CHUGS: Cheers!

CLAIRE: I'm going to miss you guys.

CASSIDY: This is going to be awful.

So, let's skip it.

We don't have to go to
some stupid luncheon.

My mother is a legacy.
She wants to see the house.

Think about the good side.
You live through tonight,

then tomorrow, we drive down
to my parents' place

and wake up to waves crashing
on the beach.

Yeah, well, if I thought
we'd be waking up in the same bed,

- maybe it would give me a thrill.
- My parents still think it's the '50s.

Mmm-hmm. Did I mention that I know
some great hotels in the area?

Hey, what happened to you
and your sisters, anyway?

You were all so close,
then after Megan disappeared...

Could we not talk about that?

I keep hoping you'll change your mind.

Can we please just talk about
something else?

I just want you to know I'm here for you.

I think you put this on wrong.

And you definitely put this on wrong.

Let me guess. I put these on wrong, too.


I'm so excited.

- It's so pretty.
- Wow. Look at this place.

You'd almost think nice people lived here.

Hey, be nice.

And there's the devil herself.

Mr. and Mrs. Tappan!
I haven't seen you in forever.

Hi, Jessica.

Well, well, well, if it isn't the boy
who has taken our little Cassidy away.

She's a big girl.
She can make her own decisions.

Careful. Don't you know? Earth and fire
can't break the bonds of Theta Pi.

After all, we're sisters.

Excuse me.

So, where is everyone? Chugs?


Well, you know Chugs.

She's always willing to help out
with a little freshman orientation.

You taste like vomit.

That's because I threw up before.
But I ate a mint, so you're fine.

Oops! I forgot to wear underwear.

And it's really cold down there.

Maybe you could warm it up for me?

This whole thing's kind of grossing me out.

Whatever. Move it, loser.
Not my fault you're gay.

This has been the best four years
of our lives.

The best five years for some of us.
Not mentioning any names.

Becky Reed.

We have this luncheon every year

to celebrate the long-lasting ties
of sisterhood.

And to remember that our motto,

"Trust, respect, honour,
secrecy and solidarity,"

are truly words that last a lifetime.

As you can see by looking
at the east wing of the house,

renovations are getting underway.

So the house, like our sisterhood,
will be stronger than ever.

We have our beloved housemother to thank

for all of her hard work
on getting this done.

Thank you, Mrs. Crenshaw.

GIRL: Thank you.


However, as happy as this day is,
there's still one whom we cannot forget.

One of our sisters is still missing.

And we hope and pray
that she will come back to us.

To Megan.

No frigging way.

We love and miss you always.



Well, as you can see, some of us
are still a little overwhelmed by it all.

Okay, who up and faints anymore?

It's okay. I told them it was the heat.

- It was Megan. I know it was her.
- It was her sister, dumbass.

And might I say, you played it real cool.

Hi. I'm so sorry.
I did not mean to scare you, Ellie.

How'd she know my name?

I'm Maggie. I met you before.
All of you. When I was 15.

Right. You're bigger. You've grown up.

I decided I'm coming to Rodman next year.

I think it's important for my sister.
You know, some closure.

And I think it'd be good
for my parents, too, so...

So, how are they doing?

Okay. They couldn't come today.

It's still way too hard.

But I didn't want to miss it.

Anyways, I just wanted to come by
and say hello

and let you guys know that I'm going to be
rushing Theta Pi next year.

I'm going to be sick.

We'd be lucky to have you.

Um, you guys having a party tonight?

Yeah. Yeah. You know,
you should totally come.

Wait, no, you're rushing next year
and that violates Greek rules of recruiting.

Well, I won't tell if you guys won't.

Well, we have to go.
Sorry about tonight, but I'll tell you what,

I will personally see to your future
as a Theta Pi next year.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Nice to meet you guys.
- You, too.

Friend me on Face book, I'll totally confirm.

- Bye.
- CLAIRE: Bye.

Was it just me,
or was that girl all sorts of creepy.

Can't imagine why.

No way she's getting in with that outfit.

Who is ready to party?

MICKEY: That would be me.
That would be me.

That's what I was looking for.

- Hey, babe.
- Hey.

- Hi, you.
- Hi.

Chugs, your mom? Smoking.

I would definitely have
a sip of that MILF-shake.

- Hey!
- If I wasn't dating you, of course, Claire.

Okay, we have two hours
before this place is packed.

I got to get to my shrink. Score some Oxeyes.

Hey, you think if you blow him,
you can get enough for everyone?

- Kyle, excuse me.
- What? I'm serious.

I wish it were that painless. Unfortunately
for me, he's more of an ass man.

Okay, you guys, it's on.
Tonight we bring the house down.

That we do.

Kyle, can you and Mickey
go get some decorations from the cellar?

- Yeah. Let's do it.
- Yeah, we can do that.

- Thanks. Bye.
- Bye.

KYLE: You are so whipped.
MICKEY: Speak for yourself, pretty boy.


It's Ellie's.


CLAIRE: What? Oh, my God.

CASSIDY: Who sent this?
JESSICA: What the hell?

- Oh, my God.
- Is this a joke?

Garret! I'm going to kill him.

Garret? What the fuck is this, Chugs?

It's a joke. It's a really bad joke.

This is beyond sick.

Okay. Why would Garret do this?

I can think of a reason. He's gone psycho
and he wants to kill us all.

Hey, he's not...

Guys! Look, I know my brother.
Okay, yes, he's sort of

lost his way, but I know him, okay? And...

Look, he developed
this weird sense of humour

since the accident,
and this is just his way of saying...

Oh, happy graduation? That's real funny.

What the hell are we going to do?

Nothing. That's why delete was invented.

- ELLIE: Hey, guys.
- Delete it, Claire.

So, now all we have to do
is get rid of Crenshaw

and get this place ready for the party.

Ellie, can you be in charge
with freshman cleaning up the place?

If Cassidy helps me.

I'm not...

Please don't say you're not coming.
How is that going to look?

I don't care how it looks.

To be honest, Jessica,
I don't really care if we get caught.

I just don't want to share a cell with you.

Don't act all holier than thou.

You could have gone to the cops
if you really wanted to.


- Hey.
- What you doing?

Careful what you say, I just pinned you.

Hey, I'm just updating my Face book.
I just wrote,

"Andy has just graduated
and can't wait to take his girl fishing."

I told you, I'll go to your parents,

if you and your dad catch the fish,
your mom cooks the fish and I eat the fish.

- It's not that complicated.
- Lazy! God!

- Hey.
- To think, I was going to ask

if you wanted to come to Europe with me
this summer.

Look, Andy,

there's some things
you really don't know about me.

Hey, if it's the morning breath,
trust me, I know.

No, I'm being serious.

I'll tell you everything tonight
on the way to your parents.

And I just have one more favour.

I've kind of been sucked
into this thing at Theta.

Would you mind coming with me
to the house

just for the beginning of the party,
and then we can leave?

- Yeah. Anything for you.
- You're the best.

Really. You're the most wonderful thing
in my life.

And I'd do anything for you.

Really? Well, we'll test that theory tonight.

- Okay, I'll see you in an hour.
- Cool. Bye.

MRS. CRENSHAW: Okay, ladies,
I know the rules.

You get the house to yourself
the last night you spend in Theta Pi.

And I trust that you will show this place

the same respect
that you've shown me the past four years.

- Of course.
- That was a joke.


Now I know that during your time here,

I was forced to give most of you
a write-up or two.

But trust me, for every boy
that I threw out of here,

there were five times I knew about it
and didn't say one thing.

And sometimes there were five boys
in one night. Right, Chugs?

I have a lot of areas that need attention.
I don't know.

GIRL: Slut!
CHUGS: What are you looking at?

Anyway, I hope, as you girls prepare
to go out into the world,

that the things that you've learned
here in Theta Pi

will always help to guide you
to do the right thing.

And now, to make sure
you don't forget me or each other,

a little gift.

I'm sorry. It's really nice.

There are 22 links in each chain.

One for every graduating Theta Pi senior.

When you wear these bracelets,
you will always remember

just how strong the bonds
of sisterhood are.

- GIRL: Thank you.
- Please!

Okay, I'm out of here.

- You girls behave yourselves.
- We will.

Well, screw it. That'll never happen.

Just make sure you don't hurt yourselves
or the house. All right?

- No problem, Mrs. Crenshaw.
- All right.

- Thank you, Mrs. Crenshaw.
- Bye, girls!

- GIRLS: Bye.
- Bye-bye.

What is this? Silver-coated?
I'm never going to wear this.

Excuse me. Move, bitches.

CLAIRE: Jess, wait up. Give me a hug.

- Bye, Mrs. Crenshaw.
- Bye.

Seconds to your elevator
from the station

How can I resist that kind of invitation?

Come on, chicken.
One last time in the hot tub?

You're crazy, there's people all around.
I say we just head upstairs, huh?

What have you got there, Claire?

I don't think the bubble bath
will be good for the jets.

No, not the boobies.



I'm going to do it.

Dr. Rosenberg?

Anybody home?



Dr. Rosenberg?


Dr. Rosenberg?

Doc? I'm here for my 5:00.

Dr. Rosenberg!

Hi. Sorry about this.
The last session ended abruptly.

Where are the keys?

They're on the... Hey.

There's no reason you and I can't finish
what my last patient started.

Have I mentioned
all the sample prescriptions I have

with no place to go?


Okay. I'm going to go freshen up.



Excuse me.
You have to schedule an appointment.




CHUGS: Hey, Jess, it's me. Look,

I'm not going to make it back
until after the party starts

'cause Dr. Rosenberg's really making me
earn the pills this time.

But I'll see you later? Bye.


Cheers, slut.



I don't have time for "Catch Me, Rape Me."



Theta Pi, bitches!

Guys, it's 6:00 and I'm already wasted.

Yeah, and by 10:00, she'll be pregnant.



Senator Tyson.

It is so nice to see you.

I apologize. I wasn't able
to make your luncheon.

I just flew in
from a Commerce Committee meeting.

That's no problem.

- Where's Kyle?
- He'll be along.

This is nice for us. Gives us a chance
to talk. Sort out a few things.

Thank you.

Jessica, may I be frank?

You are a spirited girl.

Oh, thank you, sir.

I didn't mean that as a compliment.

As I'm sure you've heard,

there are rumblings I might get
a vice presidential nod.

Yes, sir.

In my experience,
there are two kinds of girls in this world.

The ones you spend your life with
and the ones you burn hard with.

Problem is that I'm not sure
what kind you are.

But I am sure that Kyle wants
to spend his life with you.

Sir, I've been dreaming my whole life
to marry someone like Kyle.

I don't like surprises.


When I pick up a book,
the first thing I do is read the last page.

I'll be watching you, Jessica.
Don't give me any surprises.

Otherwise this dream
you've had your whole life, well,

it all goes away.

Senator Tyson, I won't disappoint you.

I know you won't. I know you won't.

I'm sorry.

I am so sorry.
I was riding my bike and I got a flat.

Yeah. Well, nothing to worry about, son.

Your charming young lady
and I were just catching up.

She is a charmer, isn't she?

Looks like someone's been hard at work.

- Hey.
- Yeah.

Could you put your eyes back in your head?

CLAIRE: At least until I leave the room?
MICKEY: Sure can.

CLAIRE: Thanks.

Seriously, dude, the party starts in an hour.

CLAIRE: Go get ready!
MICKEY: I'm going!

CLAIRE: Okay. Good. Bye.

Are you going to be all right?

Sure. Why wouldn't I be all right?

I'm good, Cass. Just let me help clean up.
That goes in the basement. I'll take it down.

That's tacky.

- I'm worried about her.
- Who?

Ellie. What is going to happen to her
when she leaves this place?

What do I care?

I don't need her to do my term papers
for me anymore.

Jessica, I think that we have different
definitions of the word "sister."

I'm going to go take a shower.
That's not an invitation.


Wow. Yoga is working wonders
on your ass.


Sorry. Didn't know this was ocupado.

FYI, waxing isn't just for floors anymore.


Are you a senior?

Because last time I checked,
this was a senior bathroom.

Do I have to start checking stalls again?


No, I didn't think so.

You can leave now.

Actually. Wait. Drop your towel first.

My room's on the other side of the...

Without rules, there would be chaos.

Fine. But if you wanted to see perfect tits,
all you had to do was ask.


I keep thinking about that text.



Garret is a little bitch.
He says we made him kill Megan?

As if.

Seriously, Claire, grow a pair.

Jessica, I've always had your back.

But you've never had a backbone.







GIRL: Hey, Ellie,
see if there's more vodka down there.


Okay, more vodka.


Anybody there?

Where the hell
would they keep more vodka?

No. No.

Damn it! Shit.

Oh, this is really dumb.

"Here lies Ellie Morris,
and she never got laid."



Ellie. Whoa.

You all right?

What are you...
What are you doing down here?

I'm looking for you.

Cassidy said you might need some help.

We killed her, you guys.
Don't you understand that?

We dumped her body down a mineshaft!

- Why can't you understand that?
- Hey, Ellie,

there are 30 other girls behind that door

that probably shouldn't know
we murdered our sorority sister, okay?

This isn't happening. It's not possible.

JESSICA: Okay, seriously, everyone just relax

- for two seconds.
- Relax? The last time I saw that jacket,

you wrapped it around a dead body
and dropped it down a mineshaft.

- Where's the rest of it?
- CLAIRE: It's a prank.

It's the only explanation. It's...
Somebody's playing a prank.

Yeah, or maybe Megan came back
from the dead and she wants to kill us.

- How about that?
- CASSIDY: No, listen.

Ellie, we didn't want to tell you,
but we got a text message earlier

and we think that this is Garret
playing a sick joke on us.

- Garret?

He came back?

He's gone psycho. He's left the compound.
Where the hell is Chugs, anyway?

She left me a message.
She'll be here when the party starts.

The party's already started!
I'm sorry, but it has.

We all deserve to die.

HI, It's Chugs. Leave a message after the...


Chugs, we need to know where
your brother is and we need to know now.

Please, call back whenever you get this.

- We're dead. We're so dead.
- Nobody is dead, Ellie.

Well, Megan.

This is Garret. Garret is harmless.
That's not the problem.

- Then what is the problem?
- Well, Garret's gone nuts!

Guys, if he blabs,
that's orange jumpsuits for all of us.

What do we do?

- We're calling the police.

We stick together. Above all else.

Why is it that the only time
you want to stick together

- is when your ass is on the line?
- And we wait for Chugs

to put a pin in her brother.

But for now,
let's get ready and go downstairs

- and enjoy the party.
- CASSIDY: Like that's going to happen.

JESSICA: If we do not go to our own party,

we might as well magic-marker "guilty"
across our foreheads.

And if anybody sees Garret,
come get me, I will deal with him.

But what about the jacket?

Hide it, Ellie.



Help yourself.

Yeah, I can see this ending well.






ANDY: Boo!


Oh, my God, I so want to be anywhere
but here right now.

- You're not alone.
- I promise we'll leave soon.

Get off.

Are you deaf or stupid?

Claire, what is your problem?
All right? Relax. Come on.

I just don't want you grinding
all your business all over me.

Yeah? Well, you didn't seem
to mind my business today in the hot tub.

You know, Mickey,

it'd be really nice to have someone
who cared enough to read a situation.

The situation is that
it's the last night of college, all right?

I could catch action off
any of these girls. All right?

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Well, catch this action, asshole.


ALL: Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!

I'm a sea pig!



Hey, sweetie. How are you?

So me and Claire just broke up.

She hit me. Can you believe it?
It's ridiculous.

But you, you look really pretty tonight.
I wanted to tell you that.

Really nice. I like this.

The whole braid thing you got going.

Mickey? If you touch me again,
I'll fucking kill you.

Okay. We'll talk later.


GIRL 1: Come on, I'll push you up. Go.
GIRL 2: Okay.

GIRL 2: I can't...

Ladies? Girls. I think I know what you want.

Show a little skin, you're in.


Step into my office. Do excuse the mess.

Just one flash. That's it.

That's negotiable.

What was that?

Ladies? Stay. Okay? I got the passes.


Buddy, you graduated. That's awesome.

We're all real impressed.

- However, you're blocking...
- Hey!

- Yeah?
- We're going to pass.

- No. You're not going to pass.
- No, you're just a little too creepy.

- Yeah. And you're not real hot, either.
- That's not very nice.

Hey, thanks a lot, buddy.


Ellie? Hey, we were just messing around.

It's nothing worth talking to Claire about.

Right, Ellie? Ellie!

CASSIDY: You're better off
without him, Claire.

I'm really glad you stayed.

Cass, I want you to know that

I think it's great
that you've turned into a better person.

I have not become a better person.
I'm far from it.

No, I mean, with the charity work

and all the other stuff you've done
and getting away from this place.


We made a huge mistake
not going to the cops.

Yeah, we made

a string of bad choices that night.

And right now there's not much
we can do about it.

We are sisters.

And right now all we can do
is stick together and get through this thing.





Are you up here?

All right, look, I... I can admit
I've been kind of a jerk, all right?

But I promise if you come out,
I'll apologize and we can

kiss and make up.


What are you doing?

Who the fuck are you?


Please! Help me!

Please! Help me! Help me, please!

That dude's fucking wasted.

Please help me!

Why are you doing this to me?

Help me! Help me! Help!

Why are you doing this to me?

Oh, my God!

Help! Help! Oh, my God!

Help me! I need help! Help!


I think you need some more mascara.

- Yeah, I do. Thanks.
- Yeah.


Oh, God, Ellie's falling apart.

CLAIRE: What now?


Excuse me, honey.

Is everything okay?

Yeah. Ellie's just freaking out. As usual.

I thought you said you had everything
under control.

I do.

You better.

Ellie? You okay?

- What? What now, Ellie?
- CASSIDY: Enough! Shh!


Okay, we don't have time for this.
Just... First word?

First syllable?

- Okay, go!
- He was wearing a hooded graduation...

Somebody in a graduation gown?

JESSICA: A hooded graduation gown?
Ellie, it's Graduation Day.

Half the Greek system is
in hooded graduation gowns right now.

Did he have two eyes?
Did he have two ears?

Okay, stop! Jessica, stop.

- What?
- Let her talk.

He... He...

Okay, if you can't tell us,
you're going to show us.

- No! Please! No!
- CASSIDY: Okay.

- We'll go together. We'll go together.
- JESSICA: Ellie!

- No!
- Can't we just leave her?

You guys go ahead.
I'm going to stay with her.


JESSICA: This is stupid.
We're missing the party of the year.

I know. Why couldn't Ellie
have had a nervous breakdown tomorrow?

You know, Cassidy, sometimes
when you're sarcastic like that,

it really makes you sound like a bitch.
And nobody likes a bitch.

Oh, my God.

It's Mickey. I would know
those ugly-ass shoes anywhere.

Is he dead?

Well, he has a fucking tire iron
through his head.

Do you think it's the same one
that killed Megan?

You make it sound like
the tire iron killed Megan by itself.

Thank you for the grammar lesson.

I'm just saying it looks a little updated,
doesn't it? Like someone's

pimped it out.


CASSIDY: {GASPS} Oh, my God,
are you seeing this?

Who shot this?

This is from Megan's phone.
Look at the angle.


This can't be Megan.
She's rotting in a mineshaft.

This has to be Garret.


We can't let him do that.

If Garret or Megan are killing people,

we have bigger problems
than him texting the police.

We cannot let Ellie see this text message.


Shit. Too late.

Okay, I'm going to go get the Escalade.
And you go round up the girls.

Okay. Where are we going?

You read the text.
We're going to go down to the lake

and put an end to this once and for all.

- What is it?
- Get in the car. Jessica's driving.

What did you guys find?

Mickey is dead. We have to go now, okay?
I'll be there in two minutes.


- Do I know you?
- I imagine. Yeah.

You sell weed on the quad, right?

No, I was the valedictorian.
At your graduation?

- Today?
- No.

- Andy, I really need to talk to you.
- Yeah?

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I just...

There's something I need to take care of.

I want you to go to your parents'
and I'll meet you there tomorrow.

Cass, this is ridiculous. I'll stay.

- We'll drive down together.
- No. Just do me this one favour.

I promise I'll tell you everything tomorrow.

Just go get in the car.
Go. Okay? For me.

All right, fine.


Sorry. Just doing a little redecorating.




I got to go.


That was so beautiful.

- I don't understand. Why Mickey?
- JESSICA: I don't know.

Maybe because he was a dick.

JESSICA: Out of my way, bitches!
CASSIDY: Jessica!

FRAT GUY: Chill out!

Look, we have 14 minutes before that clip
is sent to the police.

I'd rather not spend my childbearing years
in lockup.

Does anyone have a weapon?
Mace? Anything?

JESSICA: Yeah, there's a chainsaw
in the glove box.


CLAIRE: Ellie, you've got to stop doing that.

Where the hell are you going?

Where are you guys going?
Is the party over already?

I thought I said not to come.

Funny thing. It turns out it's not actually
against Greek rules after all.

- Yeah, but we told you to stay away, so...
- Yeah. But then I thought,

"Why would I listen to a lying bitch
like you?"

By the way, my sister hated you. Peace.

Hey, Jessica, we got to go.

I'm going to deal with you later.

You might want to deal with that hair first,
'cause it looks like shit.



She'd have made a great Theta.

ELLIE: Megan's alive, you guys.

JESSICA: Ellie, you're being
borderline retarded right now.

She's not alive. Garret is doing this.

JESSICA: There should be
a flashlight in there.

CASSIDY: No, but there's a flare gun.

Daddy has an overactive imagination.

Good for us.

Stay close, okay? Keep our heads on.
This could be anyone.

Okay, so no flashlight.

Do we have, like, a lighter?
A light? Anything?

Hold on.

{CRYING} You know this was all your fault.

- You guys made me do this.
- Back the fuck up, psycho!

- Calm down. Calm down.
- Calm down?

- He killed Mickey.
- You guys, it's the other half.

You fucking... You fucking bitches!

Where'd you get that jacket?
And whose blood is that on you?

It's mine.

Fuck you! You made me...


Oh, my God!

Take that, you freak show.

CASSIDY: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God, he's not moving.

Well, it looks like he won't be sending us
any more video clips.

What the fuck did you do, Jessica?

- He was coming at you with a knife.
- It was a piece of a mirror!

Same diff. Should I have waited for him
to stab you guys?

You should be thanking me right now.

Okay, three-to-one odds he's still alive.



Or not.

CASSIDY: Garret?

My God. He cut his own wrists.

- He didn't kill Mickey.

No, hold on. Let's take a field trip
to reality for a second.

He sent half the jacket to us, killed Mickey
and then slit his wrist in guilt.

You guys, it's not Megan.
We killed her. She's dead.

Oh, yeah? Well, he got the same message
we did. From Megan's phone.

Now do you believe me? It's Megan.

There's only one way to find out.

Oh, Jesus.


Slower, slower! Easy.

- Give me as much light as you can!
- This is it.

CASSIDY: More slack!


Wait! The chain!

ELLIE: Oh, my God!


ELLIE: Cass!

JESSICA: Cassidy?

Cassidy, are you okay?


ELLIE: We're going to get you
out of there, okay?


ELLIE: Oh, my God, Cass!

Nice, Ellie.

CLAIRE: Do you see Megan down there?
ELLIE: What's going on, Cass?

ELLIE: Can you see anything?


I see the blanket, but I don't see Megan.


- Where is everybody?
- Probably dead.

Yeah. And then the corpses
drove their cars home, idiot.

CLAIRE: Bitch.


Bucky? Where did everybody go?

After-party at Rho Sigma Nu.

- What's that noise?
- The Jacuzzi. It overheated.

See you guys there?

CASSIDY: I still can't get Chugs
on the phone.

Maybe Megan won't kill us.
I mean, we are sisters. Sisters for life, right?

Yeah, that ought to trump
dumping her down a mineshaft.

We cannot just leave his body at the lake.

I don't care what you guys do,

but I'm going to go find Kyle
to make sure he's okay

and then I'm getting my stuff
and I'm getting the hell out of here,

and never looking back.

- I'm going to shut that thing off.
- No! Wait! Don't go alone.

I'm good.


Kyle? Kyle? It's me! Kyle?





Okay, drunkest, out!


Out! Out! Out! Get out!

Oh, my gosh! What the fuck?

- You're kind of sexy.
- Bye!

Come on, baby, let's go.

BOY: What's your guys' names?



Is somebody going to turn off the music
or do I have to do everything myself?

- You okay, Ellie?
- No.


Ellie, come on,
you got to get it together. Okay?


Finally, Chugs.


"Jess, Cass and Ellie,
I'm going to miss the party."



How come that didn't include Claire?

CLAIRE: Oh, gosh! I can't...

Door won't open!

Hurry up, Cass!

JESSICA: Oh, my God!

Give me your hand, Claire.
Give me your hand!


Please, help me, please!

Claire, no!


Oh, my God! Help!

- Help!
- Claire!

CASSIDY: Claire?

CASSIDY: Go, go! Go, go, go!
ELLIE: What?


She's here. It's Megan
and she's going to kill all of us.

It's okay. It's okay.

- Let's go. Come on, Ellie!
- Oh, my God!




Oh, God.

Kyle, is that you?



- What are you doing in my bed?
- Oh, I met the cutest boy.

- This one.
- That's my boy.

- Oh, really?
- Yes.

Awkward. Anyways, you mind giving us
a little space?

We were just kind of getting started
when you pulled up, and...

By the way, I know
you fucked Megan's boyfriend. She told me.

- Hmm. Payback's such a bitch.
- You're a bitch!


MAGGIE: Stop it!

You're such a whore!

- I'll kill you.
- {SHUSHING} She's in the house.

- Who's in the house?
- {WHISPERING} Shut the fuck up!

Stop it!

Screw this.

Mrs. Crenshaw, it's me, Jessica.

I know. You've had that
coming for four years.

I saw what you did.

We didn't mean to kill Megan.


Kill Megan?
I was talking about trashing my house.

You killed my sister? You fucking bitch!

- Talk.
- Okay, listen. It was an accident

and we'll explain everything later,
but right now Claire is dead,

Mickey's dead, Chugs is dead
and we don't know if Megan is alive or not.

Wait. So Megan is not dead?

We don't know!
We need to get the hell out of here.

- Who else is here?
- Kyle.

- Is he in on this thing?
- No.

- Lie to me again.
- Okay, I told Kyle about Megan.

Of course, you did!
What's with this "sisters for life" crap?

Was I the only one that didn't tell anybody?

Where is Kyle?

Don't look at me.
He left as soon as he heard you coming.

Well, he, she or it
is about to get two rounds to the face.

You girls wait in Jessica's room.
And call the police.

Wow, who knew Mrs. Crenshaw
was such a badass?

Where's your phone?


I don't know.
I think I dropped it somewhere.

Where's your phone, Ellie? Ellie!

I don't really know
where my phone is right now.

I've had kind of a crazy day.
And I don't really...

There's been a lot of shit
going down here.

So can you just give me a minute?

I don't understand. You're saying
that you think my sister's alive?

We don't know anything for sure, Maggie.


- Maybe she got her.
- Oh, my God! No! Megan!

- No, don't go out there.
- CASSIDY: Wait. Wait.

What? I tried to warn her.

Come to mama.

Please don't think I'm afraid of you.

I run a house with 50 crazy bitches.

You guys, that's coming
from the back of the house.

We can make a run for it.

You guys can do whatever you want.
I'm staying here.

If I can get to Mickey's body,
I can get his phone and we can call for help.

Okay, well, I'm going with you.

Okay, I could use your cover with the axe.
But you work with me, understand?

I don't want to turn around
and not be able to find you.

Cassidy! Seriously?
After everything we've been through?

Okay, Ellie? If you get a chance to run,
take it. Don't worry about us.

- Okay.
- ELLIE: Okay.



It's Mages.




You stay the fuck away from my girls.


You there?

Megan? Is that you?

Oh, my God.


I have to do something.

Okay, okay.


Come on.

Please, God, don't let me get killed.

- Please, God, don't let me get killed.
- Stop giving him ideas.

- Okay.
- Come on.



What are you doing here?

When I heard you calling, I was...

I heard gunshots.

- Why are you wearing that gown?
- And why aren't you wearing any pants?

- I threw something on, because...
- You fucked her, didn't you?

- I need you to get a hold of yourself.
- You fucked her!

Don't tell me to calm down!

I warned you, Jessica.

You just couldn't hold it together,
could you?

Put the axe down.
Honey, I really don't want to hurt you.

What do you think you're doing?


Give me the phone!

{GASPING} Can't breathe.

KYLE: I told you, Jessica, this can't get out.

Jessica, help me!

Help? Don't you know anything
about Jessica?

She's a power whore.

She'll do anything, as long...

As long as you keep your dick
in your pants, scumbag.

Are you crazy?

Do you have any idea
what my father is capable of?

Oh, yeah? Well, maybe
I'm fucking the wrong guy!

- That's it.
- Cassidy! Shit!

- Some sister she turned out to be.
- Hey, asshole!

Come on! Come on, come on, come on.

The window!

- Shit! The scaffolding.
- Well, good plan!

KYLE: Come on, Jess! Cass? Let's hug it out.

Okay. Who the hell lit the house
on fire? Shit!

Oh, my God.

KYLE: Ladies?

Jessica! Come on, babe. I'm sorry.


Come on.

- Oh, my God! It's Megan! Oh, my God!
- She looks terrible.

I'm really starting to think
he's not marriage material.

My dad

is going to be

very angry.

I can't let my father hang out to dry for this.

And we're not leaving here
until we come up with a story.


I guess your boyfriend's not here
to protect you, huh?

- Guess again.
- Andy?

It's okay.

- Oh, my God. You didn't leave?
- It's okay.

I couldn't, Cass. I knew you were in trouble.


What... What happened?

- This place isn't safe.
- You saved me.

Yeah. And I always will.

You don't need this place. These people.

I'm the one who's never going to let anything
happen to you.

Oh, my God.

- What?
- You?


You know what? It's okay. This is okay.

We can fix this. I mean, this is fixable, so...

Andy, you can count on us.
The five tenets of sister...


That girl really needs to learn
to keep her mouth shut.

I know, Cassidy. I know everything.
Ellie told me.

Some of the things she said
about some of the things you did...

- You killed...
- I freed us.


Admit it.

These are horrible people. Playing house.

Sitting around circling each other's fat.
Drinking their lives away.

You've been trying to get away for a year.

- I'm just helping you cut the cord.
- You killed everybody.

Well, everybody that knew had to die.

Claire, Chugs.

You told Crenshaw. Jessica told Kyle.

And I'm sure Claire told Mickey.

You know, and even if she didn't,
that guy really was a dick.

I didn't kill Garret.

Give me some credit there.

Now, then again,
that kid was so ready to snap,

he had the suicide hotline on speed dial.

I'm feeling
a little under-appreciated here, Cassidy.

Don't you see?
You've been attached to this forever.

One of them gets drunk, gets blabby.

Some girl overhears it in the bathroom.

Another spills the beans to her therapist.

Do you really want to be dealing
with this for the rest of your life?

For the rest of our lives?

Now today I gave the valedictorian speech.

"Reputation comes
from the company you keep."

And the company you keep?


Do you know what that word "valedictorian"
comes from?

It's from the Latin. Vale dicere.

"To say farewell."

Well, to the bitches of Theta Pi,

I'm saying farewell.

Are you with me?


I knew you would be.

It's for the best. For us. For our future.
Hell, for society in general.


Now let's go kill Ellie,
then we're off to my folks' summer house

for some well-deserved R&R.

- Wait. Ellie?
- Of course. Come on, we'll both do Ellie.

You're always saying
we need to do more stuff together.

I'm with you on everything, but Ellie?
I mean, she's okay.

You're joking, right?

She's the weakest of them all.
Hell, she told me.

But, Andy, the house is on fire.
We got to go.

We better move fast.

Call her name.

- Ellie will come to you.
- Ellie!

Ellie! Hey, Andy,
we need to leave right now, okay?

Okay. You go wait for me outside.

- I'll take care of Ellie.
- Okay.

Go tell Ellie to meet me in the basement.

There's the team spirit.


Ellie, where are you?
Come on, come on.

- What? What?
- Okay, we've got to get out of here now.

- Is it safe?
- No, it's not safe,

but it's not getting any safer.


Why would you lie to me? Why?

Do you have any idea
what I've done to give you back your life?

Ellie, run!

I am very, very disappointed in you.


I pinned you, and you left.

I guess my cell phone
took a Greyhound out of town.

Yeah, good one.

MAGGIE: Help! Ellie! Cassidy!

Help! It's Maggie! I'm trapped!


Help me!


- MAGGIE: I'm trapped!
- Fuck. Okay.

- Okay, try and jump over.
- What?

I left your sister.
I'm not going to leave you, too.

Get the fuck over here.


I'm getting goose bumps.

You might want to stay there, Maggie.

Out of the fire, into the tire iron.
Do you know what I mean?

Andy, leave her alone!

Come over here,
I'll be happy to kill you first.

ANDY: Not to worry, Maggie.

What kind of guy would I be
if I let you burn to death?

- Andy, don't do this!
- Stop it! Just stop it!

I will, but you need to stand perfectly still.


Come on, Maggie!
Come on, get over! Come on.

- Maggie! Come on, come on, come on.
- Watch out!

Oh, my God! Get off of her!


Oh, fuck!

- Andy, please help me.
- I tried to help you.

You didn't want my help, remember?

Do you know how many times
I tried to get you to tell me the truth?

I practically begged you.

But no.
You decided to protect your girlfriends.

I loved you so much, Cass.

I thought you were different.
But as it turns out, you were just the same.

Sisters till the end.

Well, as this year's valedictorian,

- I guess it's time to say...
- Farewell, asshole.



Maggie, use the curtain to wrap yourself up.

Grab my hand.


I thought I told you to get out of here.

You did,
but then I thought, "What are sisters for?"


Don't touch me, trust me

You disgust me

Tried to shove me
in your daddy's money

But I'm better on my own

I've got some things
that I do better on my own

I'll show you how
you turn my insides out

Get the hell away from me

It's an emergency

Turn me black and blue

Get the hell away from me

All of my friends agree

I got to run away from you

FIREMAN: The house is clear.
Come on, let's go.

Do you remember all we had?

How we loved It all

Such a perfect world

We trusted all

GIRLS: Theta Pi says goodbye!
Theta Pi says goodbye!

Theta Pi says goodbye!
Theta Pi says goodbye!

Theta Pi says goodbye!
Theta Pi says goodbye!

Theta Pi says goodbye!
Theta Pi says goodbye!


Don't push It
your bullshit don't faze me

You can cut me but I won't bleed baby

'Cause I'm better on my own

I've got some things
that I do better on my own

I'll show you how
you turn yourself around

Get the hell away from me
It's an emergency

Turn me black and blue

Get the hell away from me
All of my friends agree

I got to break away from you

Do you remember all we had?

How we loved It all

Such a perfect world

That we trusted all

Now It's time

To let go

Baby don't touch me, trust me
Don't touch me

Baby don't touch me, trust me

Get the hell away from me
It's an emergency

Turn me black and blue

Get the hell away from me
All of my friends agree

I got to break away from you

Get the hell away from me
It's an emergency

Better on my own
Turn me black and blue

Get the hell away from me
All of my friends agree

Better on my own
And away from you


Headlights tearing through the fog

Top down, hear the engine call

So cold, burning through the black

Walt up, daddy's coming back

You're so alone
Back at the door

I'm coming home
Back at the door

You need your fix
Back at the door

Going to give you more

Coming down, going to take you away

This night won't wait for you

I'm the one you love, going to take you away

This night won't wait for you

Every time I break into the light
I glance a moment in your eyes

I can taste your cries

Special thanks to SergeiK.