The Damned United Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Damned United script is here for all you fans of the Michael Sheen football movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some The Damned United quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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The Damned United Script


Coming in, number 2!

This is what's wrong with the play.

Bye-bye, Hunter.


So it's sheer bedlam.

Oh, dear.

And now what?
More trouble off the ball.

This match has been riddled
with free kicks...

from the start.

Leeds have got
what they deserved.

They've taken the FA Cup
for the first time.

Domarski coming up square,
number 10.

And it's there. And England
are out of the World Cup.

The end of an era, Sir Alf Ramsey.

What sort of manager
is the FA now looking for?

I presume a new-- A young--

With perhaps new ideas
and a track-suited manager.

Thank you.

I'm just gonna make
a brief statement.

Yesterday afternoon at 3:00...

I accepted the FA's offer
to become...

the next manager of the
England national football team.

Now, obviously, this involves me
leaving Leeds United...

after 13 happy and successful years...

which makes me very sad.

I'd like to think
I built the club into a family.

Now, there must be sadness
when anyone leaves a family.


when one man leaves,
another steps into his place.

I know who I think
that person should be...

the man to replace me.

And I have made my feelings clear
to the board of directors.

Thank you. No further comments.

-Someone from the team?
-Billy Bremner?

Is it someone
from Leeds' team, Mr. Revie?

-Give us a name, Mr. Revie.

-Is it Johnny Giles?
-Is it Johnny Giles?

Can you give us a name, Mr. Revie?
Can you give us a name?

-When are we there?
-Any moment now. On the right.

-There it is!
-It's there, Dad!

Where are you going?



-You missed it.

There's something else to do first.

It won't take long.

We welcome Brian Clough who starts
his job as manager of Leeds United...

taking over from Don Revie...

the most successful manager
in club history...

-under whom Leeds won everything.
-Not quite everything.

Not won the European Cup.

But pretty much everything else.

-Daunted? Not at all, Austin.

Looking forward to it.

The biggest challenge of your life...

and you'll be without Peter Taylor
for the first time...

-a lifelong professional colleague.
-Yes, Pete's at Brighton now.

He had the opportunity
to come with me.

But Brighton was his choice,
Leeds was mine.

A surprising choice,
some might say...

because you've been very vocal...

in your criticism of them
over the years.

I have.

You've accused the players
of dirty tactics...

cheating, dissent, foul play.

You've called Norman Hunter
Norman '' Bites Yer Legs'' Hunter.

Peter Lorimer falls
when no one touches him.

-And I was right.
-But I'm curious.

Why do you now show such alacrity
to joining them...

after such vituperative criticism
of them for so long?

Goodness. It will take me half an hour
to explain all those words for a start.

Football is a beautiful game, Austin.

It needs to be played beautifully.

I think Leeds
have sold themselves short.

They've been champions,
but they've not been good champions.

In the sense of wearing the crown well.
They've not been loved.

But then, you know,
that's hardly surprising given...

the type of operation
that's been in place there.

''That type of operation''? I presume
you're referring to Don Revie...

who has long been regarded
as a father figure in Leeds.

Now you're coming in
as the outsider...

the enemy, even, after all the things
you've said in public.

Coming in and taking over
as a stepfather.

Wouldn't you expect some degree
of resentment to this?

I would accept...

and expect a strangeness...


Perfectly normal.

But it won't be long before they realise
I'm a fair man...

a kind man.

I'm a warm man.

And maybe under me...

they can experience what it's like
to be in a happy family after all.

But how can you be sure
they weren't happy with Don all along?

Well, they wouldn't have played
football that way if they were happy.



Hey, get out of the way!

Now, out you go, lads.

Where have you been? The directors
been waiting for over an hour.

Brian, what's it like to be at Leeds?

It's a pleasure to be here...

and I'm looking forward
to a very good...

long-lasting relationship
with Leeds United.

There you go, young man.
Thanks very much.

Will Peter Taylor be joining you
at Leeds, Mr. Clough?

Wait there a second.

-Wait here a minute.
-Morning, lads.

Lovely Yorkshire weather.

It makes me wanna jump on a plane
right back to Majorca.

Thank you very much.

There are very important people

Can't keep them waiting.

Not much of a welcome, is it?

-Not a smile from Johnny Giles.
-You're 5 days late.

And did you really have to say that
about Majorca?

He was Revie's first choice
to get your job.

-Who? Johnny Giles?

Was he now?

And Bremner?

Club captain.

Don's son and heir.

You'll never get any love out of him.

-Come on, boys.

Here's to happy fucking families.

It should be just round here.

I want you two to behave for
your elderly Uncle Jimmy, all right?

-See you.
-Come in, Brian.

Sit down there, lads.

No one gonna offer me a drink?

Like an undertaker's in here.

Why did you do it?

Do what?

The interview
for Yorkshire Television.

We've had a phone call.

Not so much a phone call,
more a bloody tirade.

From Don.

He quoted
some of the things you said.

'' How unhappy the players were
under him.''

''What bad champions.''

-Looking for the response.
-Bloody got one as well.

-He's gone berserk.
-He had it coming.

He shouldn't have done that piece
in the Mirror about me.

Saying he thought
I was a daft choice.

-Well, he's entitled to his opinions.
-I'm entitled to mine.

And I'm entitled to mine.

I hired you to do this job...

because you're the best
young manager in this country.

Thank you. I'm the best old one too.

I also did it...

under the assumption...

that you would be coming here
wanting the best for this club.

For the city of Leeds.

So why do I get the feeling
this is all about you and Don?

Of course it's just about me and Don.

Always has been.

But instead of putting frowns
on your foreheads...

you elders of Leeds in your blazers
and your brass-fucking-buttons...

it should put big white Colgate
smiles on your big white faces.

Because it means
I won't eat, and won't sleep...

until I've taken whatever
that man's achieved, and beaten it.

Beaten it so I never have to hear
the name Don-fucking-Revie again.

Beat it.

The only name anyone sings
in the Yorkshire ale houses...

raising their stinking jars
to their stinking mouths...

is Brian Clough.

Brian Clough uber-fucking-alles.


Number 25.

Manchester United--

Number 41.

--will play Tottenham Hotspur.

-Number 22.
-Come on, Pete.

-Derby County--
-Derby County, second division.

Here we go, that's us.

--will play...

-number 6, Leeds United.
-Against the mighty....


Leeds! Good God!

Don Revie's Leeds!

-Don Revie's Leeds
-I don't believe it.

Top of Division 1, here we come!

What do you say to that,
Mr. Chairman?

I can hear the cash registers now.

Happy days, sir! Happy days!

You've done well, Brian.

Take your family out for a meal.

Go to the Mumtaz.
Tell them it's on me.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Put the fish and chips in the bin.
Tonight's on Uncle Sam.

We're going posh.
Chicken bhuna in town!

Come on, Simon. Get your gloves,
Simon. Get your coat on.

-Leeds United!

Right, you two, I want Billy Bremner
and Johnny Giles...

to be able to read that.

Come on.

And this door has gotta be fit
for Donald Revie to walk through.

Well, chop-chop.

There you are. Right, ladies.

Spick-and-span, remember.
Wash these walls down.

Give the floors a proper polish.
I'll be back! Come on, off you go!

I want it perfect.

Like a fucking carpet.

We've got proper footballers

who know how to keep the ball
on the deck.

Well, you can't fucking train
on it then.

What a joker.

Come on, Kev,
keep on your man. Pass it!

Yeah, yeah, again. Again.

You know,
he'll be making a file on us.

A dossier.

-Don Revie.

Prepares a file on every game.

Leaves nothing to chance.

Knows every opponent's formations,
strategies, everything.

I've heard he's a superstitious twat.

We grew up just a few streets apart
in Middlesbrough...

close to Ayresome Park.

He'll have known my street,
Valley Road.

Probably bought sweets from Garnett's
factory where me dad worked.

I heard he wears the same suit
to every game.

His lucky blue suit.

Best manager in the country,
Don Revie.

Played for Sunderland, like me.

A centre forward like me.

-And England like me.
-Give it and go!

Peas in a pod, me and Don.

2 peas in a bloody pod.

Right, you saw that?
That's the way you do it!

They're here.

Well, almost.

Pass it!


I want Billy to sign
my autograph book.

What are they doing?

Ran out of petrol, boss.


It's that superstition, ain't it?

Every away Cup tie...

Revie makes them walk
the last hundred yards.

Soppy twat.


-Billy! Billy!
-How are you doing there?

All right?

All right?

Mr. Giles, quick picture!

Mr. Revie!

Welcome to Derby, Don.
A pleasure to meet you.

I'm-- I'm Brian Clough.

Hello. Yeah, hello, hello.

It's the 3rd round of the FA Cup.

Here we go.

It's Derby County against
Leeds United at the Baseball Ground.

Come on, boys!

Derby County in the white shirt...

very much the underdogs...

as they face
the First Division champions.

Playing today in their away strip
of dark blue shirts and yellow shorts.

Remember what I said.

Giles dispossessed by Hector.

Well, the atmosphere
is absolutely electric.

But the pitch, as ever at Derby...

in poor condition
and heavily sanded.

Giles. Oh, that's a strong challenge
on McFarland.

That was diabolical! Diabolical!

There have been question marks
about some of Leeds players...

intimidating referees.

And it looks like McFarland
is out of the match.

That don't look good.

-You all right, Brian?

Leeds with the free kick.
Delivered deep.

Oh, here's Clark e.
He's unmark ed at the back post.

Leeds lead by one goal to nil!

Well played, Billy.

Giles with the corner.


Fucking close him down!

Bremner's gone down!

-There didn't appear to be any contact!

-The referee has given a spot-kick.
-He never fucking touched him, ref!

He dived!

He fucking dived!

Well played, Billy.

And that penalty spot...

is lost somewhere in the middle
of a desperate patch of mud.

And it's 2-nil.
Leeds have won it now!

Don Revie sending a clear message
to his rivals.

Leeds is still
very much the team to beat.

-Unlucky, unlucky.
-Derby totally outclassed.

And for Brian Clough
and Peter Taylor...

it's been a sobering afternoon.

Didn't say goodbye.

Or pay me the respect of staying
for a drink.

Couldn't wait to get away.

Well, he cheats and all.

Neither of those goals
should've been allowed.

We're just gonna have
to beat him, Pete.

Beat him if it's the last thing I do.

Thanks a lot, boss.

-After you, Billy.
-Mr. Bremner, was that a dive?

We need to get up
into the same division first.

We need someone with a good head.

-I know.

Our lot were like headless chickens.

First thing Monday morning...

I want you to go and find me
that player, a wise head.

-We haven't--
-No worry about money.

That's my problem.
Just you go and find him.

Well, Simon's eaten up
his mashed potato.

Not now, love. Please.

But it might be Pete.

-Of course it's Pete.

-Yeah, of course it's Pete.
-Don't be cheeky, Nigel.

But it might be important.

Come on, eat your carrot soup
for your mother.

-You asked me to find a player...

with a good head, experience.

Well, I found one.

He's perfect.

Dave Mackay.

Dave Mackay. He--

-He's 150.
-I admit he's not young.

Not young. He's old as bloody time.

But, oh, he's clever, Brian.

Keeps the ball well,
passes it better than anyone alive.


That's enough. Come back.

He's the one, Brian.

Are you sure?

Never been more sure
of anything in me life.

All right.
I'll talk to Longson in the morning.

Haven't got till morning.

Hearts have already made him
an offer.

Want him as their manager.

the terms have been agreed.

Well, what did you
bloody call me for then?

Because when I asked Bill Nick
how done the deal was...

he said 99%

Meaning he hasn't signed.


Right, Brian, that's enough.
Come and sit down.

Your dinner's getting cold.



Come on. Open.

There you go.

-Where will we play him, then?
-Somewhere he can see everything.

Use his loaf, tell the kids what to do.

-Play him at sweeper.

He won't have to run about
so much now, will he?

Fat bastard.

What's all this I hear
about a tie shop?

He got a tie shop, ain't he, in London,
which he spends 2 days a week at.

Fucking tie shop?

It's his little nest egg for the future.

No one will be wearing fucking ties
in 20 years' time.

I hope his footballing brain
is better than his business brain.

Hey. Here, come on.
Get it down. Open.

You know, it's illegal
to sign someone on the Sabbath.

Is it?

Well, perhaps
you should just shake on it today.

And sign for it tomorrow.

What? And let Hearts in
again in the morning?

Fuck off.

I'm not leaving here
without a signature.

God, you'd bloody do that too
wouldn't you?

Come all this way
just to shake hands.

Dear, oh, dear.

What would you do without me?

Hey, you wouldn't have found him
if it weren't for me.

Good job we're both wearing ties.

Jehovah's Witness, Dave.
May the Lord be with you.

-Who the bloody hell are you?
-My name's Brian Clough.

I've the pleasure
of playing for England against you...

in an under-23 match.

I remember you now.

You had a black eye.
A right bloody shiner.

You never stopped fucking talking.

What are you doing here?

I've come to talk to you
about the promised land.

A land of milk and honey.

A little place up the Mcalled Derby.

May we come in?


-Come on, lads!
-Knees up.

That's it. That's it. Come on.

It's supposed to hurt.

-Faster. Come on.
-Come on, get those knees up.

Dave Mackay.

-You don't sound happy, Uncle Sam.
-I'm not.

What were you thinking going
over my head? Why didn't you call?

Because you'd have said no.

Bloody right I'd have said no.

The man's bloody crocked.

Pete reckons he's good for
3 more years.

Is he, fuck.

He's broken
more bones than Eve the Knieve.

Trust me, Mr. Chairman.

It's money well spent.

Who the fuck are they?

That'll be Messrs. McGovern
and O'Hare.


Where did they come from?

Me old stomping grounds,
Hartlepools and Sunderland.

Very reasonable too.

Just doing what's best for the club.

That'll be my club, Brian. My club.


-Okay, lads.
-Come on, move! Move now!

-Mr. Mackay, over here.
-Hey, you all right, fellas?

Give them a smile.

Pretend you're happy
to be here in Derby.

If you lot don't perform for us,
I'll feed you to these guys, all right?

-Who's got the prettiest face here?
-The one in the middle.

-I think it's Dave Mackay, isn't it?
-I'm not answering that question.

That's nice football, lads. Well done!

Now you're thinking about it!

Let's play some football!
Let's play some football!

You're a genius, Pete.

Bloody genius. How did you see it?

Don't know. It's just obvious.

McGovern in midfield.
Mackay at the back. O'Hare up front.

It's the skewer, isn't it?
In the shish kebab.


A thing of fucking beauty.

-Hey, get off.
-Come on! That's the way!

Dave Mackay.

Out to McGovern.

Oh, he hit it just right!


And it's there!

Yes! Come on!

Durban back to McGovern.
McGovern with the shot.

Durban. It's in!

Oh, and a magnificent goal!

And it's a goal!

O'Hare and Hector
in the penalty area.

O'Hare. Beautiful football!

Yes! Come on!

It was all so easy.

-That's it.

Derby win the Second Division.

It's a magnificent achievement
for Brian Clough's team.

Go on, Brian. Fill it up. Fill it up.

Shush, shush, look, look, look.


For Leeds
to win the First Division title...

being named Manager of the Year
really is a dream come true.

I've a lot of people to thank.
I've had a lot of support, all year.

Yeah, you enjoy it, Don.

Go home, put your feet up
and enjoy it. There's a good lad.

Because we'll be in the First Division
next season.

And we're gonna have you!

-Yes! Yes!
-We're with you!

Come on, boys. Let's go.

That's it.


Better go and make myself known.

Behave yourselves.


See you, lads.

-See you.
-See you.

All right, gentlemen,
gather around, please.

Well, I might as well tell you now.

You lot may all be internationals...

and have won all the domestic
honours there are to win...

under Don Revie.

But as far as I'm concerned,
the first thing you can do for me...

is to chuck all your medals and all
your caps and all your pots and pans...

into the biggest fucking dustbin
you can find.

Because you've never won
any of them fairly.

You've done it all
by bloody cheating.

Mr. William Bremner,
you're the captain and a good one.

But you're no good to the team
and no good to me if you're suspended.

I want you fit for every game.

And I want good, clean,
attractive football from my captain...

starting next week
at the Charity Shield.

And you, Irishman.

God gave you skill, intelligence and
the best passing ability in the game.

What God did not give you
was 6 studs...

to wrap around
another player's knee.

Now, things are gonna be
a little different around here...

without Don.

Might feel strange at first.

Might pinch a little
like a new pair of shoes.


if you want your grandchildren
to remember you...

as being something other than
the dirty buggers you once were--

If you wanna be loved
as real champions...

worthy champions...

you're gonna have to work
and improve...

and change.


let's start off
by playing some 7-a-sides.

Mr. Revie never made us do that.

Well, I'm not Mr. Revie.

From now on, I don't wanna hear
that name again ever.

Next player who mentions it or what
he did or didn't do in the old days...

will spend a week
cleaning my boots.

Keep it nice and clean. Hey.

And sensible. No 50I50s.

Right. I'll play meself.

You might learn something,

251 goals in 274 starts.

I'd like to see Don-fucking-Revie
do that, eh?

-First seven over here. Come on.
-There you go.

-Hope he's ready.
-Come on, pal. Let's do it.

Yes, Irishman, I'll have it here!

I see nothing on, nothing on.

Back to you, back to you!
Go, lad, come on!

Billy will have it, Billy will have it!
Give it to Billy.

-Yes, come on, Billy. I'm free!
-Here, come on!

-Close him down, close him down!
-Come on.

-Get that. Come on.
-Come on.

Hey, 50I50, Norman.

You deaf or what?

-Good tackle.

What's the matter with you?
He said no 50I50s.

-What are you gonna do? Book me?
-Yes, I will.

You're a bunch of fucking bullies.

It's a fair challenge, Norman.
Fair play.

Up. Up.

Easy, easy.

Come on. 1, 2.
Pass and move.


''251 goals in 274 starts.''


He should've stayed
with Peter Taylor.

I've heard he's the one
with all the talent anyway.

Well, I'll tell you. He's no Don Revie.

Best team in the country, Leeds.

Best players. Best stadium.
Best backroom staff.

Best everything, really.


Last time, there was a whole division
between you and Leeds.

Not now. Not today.

Today we're here
as Second Division champions.

And equals with Leeds.

John McGovern and Billy Bremner,

-Kevin Hector and Johnny Giles.

Good lad. Equals.

Alan Hinton and Peter Lorimer...


John O'Hare and Paul Madeley.

-Now, come on.

Chins up, chests out.

-We can take this lot. Come on!
-Come on!

Equals, yeah!

-Come on!
-Go! Get out there!

-Come on. Get it, lad!
-Come on!

-Come on, Leeds.
-Come on.

Well, it's an achievement for Derby,
being promoted to the First Division.

But the truth is...

Leeds United have the habit
of reminding them...

just how far they still have to go.

They made us look like fools today.

I mean, our boys....

What was O'Hare doing?

Letting Madeley bully him like that,
pushing him around.

Madeley's half his bloody size.

O'Hare needs to toughen up.

He's from the Scottish dockyards,
isn't he?

What about McGovern?
He was useless in the middle.

Whose idea was that?


Good lad.

He was all over the place.

Like the wandering Jew.

Giving the ball to anyone but his own.
We need a ball player.

A natural in midfield...

who can hold on to it,
keep possession.

Giving it away too easily.

Someone like...

Colin Todd.

Oh, now you're talking.

Lovely pair of feet.

I've heard he wants out
of Sunderland too.

They're all jumping ship up there.

Go on, sign him then.


We can't.

Longson's already told us.

'' Club's in debt.''

Having said that, Derby had moments.
They played some football.

They were brief moments perhaps, but
they did play some football at times.

-But when you come up....
-Oh, bollocks to that!

I didn't get us
all the way to the First Division...

so we could sit there mid-table and
be cannon fodder for sides like Leeds.

Sign the man.

Hang on, hang on. Brian--

I'll handle bloody Longson.

Oh, you are a disgrace!

For missing the target from there,
you want bloody shooting!

Now, get in there!

That's what I pay you for!

170 grand for Colin-fucking-Todd?

''The Almighty'' Colin Todd.

Best technical footballer
in the country.

And his salary's 300 quid a week?
We can't pay a footballer that.

That's the way things are going,
Uncle Sam.

Football's all about money now.

I told you never to go
over my head again.

I had no choice.
Windows opened up.

You were in the bloody West Indies.


-You mean, there are others?
-Messrs. Gemmill and Hennessey.

Oh, for fuck's sake.

Let me ask you a question,
Uncle Sam.

What'd you come into football for?

Support the football club
of my hometown.

The club I've supported all my life.

Well, I'm sure
we all admire your loyalty.

I didn't come to be lectured by some
cocky little twat from the North East.

The way I see it,
there's no point being in this game...

unless you want to beat the best.

And be the best.

That's all the people of Derby want.

If you really
have their interest at heart--

Not just impressing your friends
in the director's box.

--I suggest you keep your eyes
on your road haulage business.

Keep your opinions to yourself and
start signing some fucking cheques.

There's a good lad.

Leave the running of this football club
to the professionals.

Well, professionals
don't run the football club, Brian.

The chairman does.

If it's true football is all about money,
that's the way it's going...

well, that suits us chairmen
just fucking fine.

Because we're the ones
who've got it.

-Come on, to feet!
-Okay, come on. Do it.

That's it, lads!

Frighten the shit out of them.

Now, what was it last time?
5-nothing. Was it 5-nil?

We'll hit double figures this time.

-I'm taking the first penalty.
-It should be a smash-and-grab event.

I see they've driven all the way
into the car park this time.

Isn't a Cup game, is it?


Hey, shut up, shut up. Come on.

All right. Right.

He's coming.

Come on, Derby!
Come on, Derby!

Come on, Derby!

Come on, Derby!
Come on, Derby!

Come on, Derby!
Come on, Derby!

Come on, Derby!
Come on, Derby!

-You know what your job is today?
-Yes, boss.

Stay in position. Keep the shape.

Stop being the wandering Jew.

Good lad.

Enjoy it. You deserve to.

You've worked hard. This week.

Do you know
what you're doing today?

Be big, be strong.

Any chance I get...

-flatten Paul-fucking-Madeley.
-Good lad.

He bullies you, you bully him back.

-Near post those corners we worked on.
-Yes, boss.


come on!

Come on, Derby!

Come on!

Come on, Derby!
Come on, Derby!

Come on, Derby!
Come on, Derby!

Come on, Derby!
Come on, Derby!

Come on, Derby!



You clever, clever, clever bastard.

You should've seen O'Hare's first.

Turned Bremner inside out.

I tell you what, Brian.

If we can beat this lot,
we could go all the way.

Oh, yeah!

And back again,
John Radford with him.


Ceaseless Derby pressure.

McGovern! Oh, yes!

How'd you define
your approach to management...

apart from being brilliant?

-Good lad.
-2 in the middle. O¡¦Hare!

How do you react when someone
says, ''Boss, you're doing it wrong''?

Well, I ask him how he thinks
it ought to be done.

And then we get down to it
and we talk about it for 20 minutes.

And then we decide that I was right.


And with that, Derby County
are the champions of England!

It's an extraordinary story.

I wouldn't say I was the best manager
in the country.

But I'm in the top one.

Some fella in London, England,
named-- Some Brian--

Brian Clough.

I heard all the way in America
that this fella talks too much.

They say he's another Muhammad Ali.
There's just one Muhammad Ali.

Now, Clough, I've had enough.
Stop it.

-Are you gonna stop it?
-No, I'm going to fight him.

The twin towers
of Wembley Stadium.

The cathedral of English football.

Good afternoon, everyone.
It's the Charity Shield.

The opening Saturday
of the 1974 season.

And our first chance
to get a look at Leeds...

under their new manager,
Brian Clough.

-Will you be supporting Leeds today?
-You'll expect nothing less...

having been the manager
for 13 years.

Fact is, I'm here today
as England manager.

Any words of advice for your
successor before his first game?


The people of Leeds
are used to winning.

-Thanks, Dave.
-Thanks, Don.


Right, gentlemen, thank you!

Team today is Harvey in goal.

Reaney, Cherry, Bremner.

My captain.

McQueen, Hunter, Lorimer, Clarke.

Jordan, Giles and Gray.

Obviously, all eyes will be on us
to see how things have changed.

Without Don.

What might be different under me.

Let's show them some of the things
we've been working on.

Our changes in attitude...

to a new outlook.

New discipline.

New approach.

Let's see some of you playing
with a smile.

There on his right, the man
who takes over from Don Revie...

Brian Clough, who has one
championship to his credit...

with Derby County.

Brian Clough,
starting I suppose at the top.

Not a bad way to open your account
with your new team at Wembley.

Oh, beautifully played, Keegan.

Got to hit it now.

There's a chance on here
and it's block ed.

Boersma's shot.

And that look ed very much
like a right hook by Johnny Giles.

That was shocking.

Keegan has been poleaxed
and it was a right hook.

That's a terrible foul.

A minute afterwards,
watch as Bremner...

appears to pat him
with his left hand.

That right hand in the kidneys.

And then down on the floor,
for no reason whatsoever.

And Keegan's gonna get his little bit
of revenge there with a right cross.

Surely, we've got to get away
from this.

And Kevin Keegan,
having words with the referee.

It rather looks as though the referee
has taken stronger action.

Bremner is off,
and he's absolutely livid about it.

For fuck's sake.

They're both throwing
their shirts down.

And really,
this is a side of English football...

a face of English football
we do not want to see.

To dismiss the referee's authority
in such a manner...

cannot be good for the game.

So the Cup winners...

beat the League champions.

William Bremner...

your conduct in the Charity Shield
match was deplorable...

and cannot be tolerated.

We understand Leeds United
are taking disciplinary action...

against you internally.

However, the Football Association
has to be seen to make an example.

We have therefore decided
to impose a fine of 500 pounds.

Thank you.

And a suspension
until September the 30th.


September 30th?
That's over a month.

That's 6 bloody weeks.

I'll make it 7 if you carry on
with language like that.

Come on. Double the fine.
Treble it. Anything.

Just don't suspend him for that long.


He's my captain.

Hey, he's the best player I've got.


I suppose you've heard.

Suspended for 11 bloody games.

Well, you're buggered.

Billy Bremner's the heart and soul
of that team.

Plus, Mick Jones
and Eddie Gray are injured.

Well, like I said, you're buggered.

What do I do, Pete?

I need new players.

Tell me who to buy.

No, Brian.

No one scouts players like you, Pete.
You're the best.

We can sort this place out together.

You and me.

Turn it around.

It's too late, Brian.

I'd have helped you once,
but not now.

Not after what was said.

We're on our own now, remember?

Each man for himself?

And I think it would be better
if you don't ring here again.

These are heady days for
Brian Clough's Derby County...

champions of England.

They have the biggest night in
the club's history coming up in Turin...

in only 4 days' time.

The semi-final of the European Cup
against Juventus.

But first today,
they've got quite a tricky challenge.

They face Leeds United
whom they unseated...

as the First Division champions
at the end of last season.

Leeds, one would imagine,
will have revenge on their mind.

Get me today's team sheet,
could you, Joe?

There's always been a strong,
some might say unhealthy...

rivalry between the 2 teams...

and the managers in particular.

It's well known there's no love lost
between Don Revie and Brian Clough....

What's up, Uncle Sam?

A bit below stairs
for you here, isn't it?

Taken a wrong turn somewhere?

Just seen the team sheet.

Hinton, O'Hare, Todd, Mackay,
that's our strongest side.

Of course it's our strongest side,
it's Leeds United.

Would you prefer I send out
the apprentices?

We're at Juventus midweek,
semi-final of the European Cup.

Biggest night in the club's history.
Couldn't you field...?


You know.

A weaker side?

Am I hearing right?
Is the chairman of this football club...

seriously asking his manager
to lose?

You know what I'm saying.

Against their biggest rivals?

The chairman of this football club...

is asking his manager
to be pragmatic...

and manage his resources.

Prioritise. We've just embarked
on a huge programme of refurbishment.

Improvement. New stand.
Better floodlights.

We need a good run in Europe
to pay for it.

I'm going to pretend
I didn't hear a word of this.

You've still got an hour
before kick-off.

I'd reconsider if I were you. I wouldn't
want my employer to be unhappy.

My employer?

Chairman of Derby County. Chairman
long before you ever showed up.

Oh, that's right.

You were chairman of Derby County
before I came here.

I remember that.

When Derby County were at the
fucking foot of the Second Division.

When nobody had heard of them
for 20 years...

and nobody had heard
of Sam-bloody-Longson ever.

Full stop. And that's where you'd
still fucking be if it wasn't for me.

At the foot
of the bloody Second Division...

where nobody remembered you...

and nobody had heard of you.

There would be no Derby County
without me.

No League title.

No champions of England.

Not without Brian Clough.

I'm gonna give you some good advice,
Brian Clough.

No matter how good you think you are
or how clever...

how many fancy new friends
you make on the telly...

the reality of footballing life is this:

The chairman is the boss,
then comes the directors...

then the secretary, then the fans,
then the players...

and then finally, last of all...

bottom of the heap,
the lowest of the low...

comes the one, who in the end,
we can all do without...

the fucking manager.

What are you doing, Brian?

You are a bloody disgrace!

Hey, Bremner, you should be
in the bloody book for that!

-Come on.
-Look at this!

Fucking come on then, you bastard!

You see what your lads are doing?

They don't deserve to be
on the same pitch as my lads.


Good luck in Europe.

Peter, good luck in Europe.

You fucking knobheads.

Derby was unlucky, I can tell you.

You bloody fool.

-Are you disappointed, Mr. Clough?
-Disappointed, not a bit.

My players
were heroic out there tonight.

Effectively, we were playing the Italian
champions with a reserve team.

Many of my first team are injured
thanks to the brutality of Leeds United.

This happens
when you have a chairman...

who authorises a multi-million-pound
refurbishment of the Directors' Box...

and hospitality suites before
he pays for a proper squad.

It depends on your priorities,
players or prawn sandwiches.

I know which I'd prefer.

I know which honest working-class
Derby supporters would prefer too.

What I am say--

We're taking you into hospital
now, love. Don't worry, okay?

Heart attack, eh?

Been having it for 3 weeks,
they reckon, one way or another.

They ran all sorts of tests on me.

I told them the only thing
they need to know...

was that I share my professional
life with Brian Clough.

That seemed to satisfy them.

I'm only half joking, you know.

-We still got jobs?
-We have.

Longson has tried to put
a gagging order on me, of course.

''Any further utterances in public...

or media appearances
by Brian Clough...

will be met with instant dismissal.''

Take notice and act accordingly.

Would you like to hear
my contrite reply?

-Go on, then.
-Written a letter to the board.

You and I feel it is impossible
to continue our good work...

with Derby County.

We therefore wish to tender our
resignations with immediate effect.


What do you think?

I don't want to resign.

Don't worry, they won't let us.
We just won them the Championship.

But it'll strengthen our position
and force them to get rid of Longson.

Oh, no.

No, Brian, they'll never do that.
He's chairman--

Look, I can't do it, Pete.

I can't work with me hands tied.

A chairman telling me
what I can and can't do?

You're picking the wrong enemy,

The enemy's not Longson.

It's Revie.

And this obsession with Leeds.

Don't be daft.

We won the league, Pete.

We're top dogs in Derby now,
Longson can't stand it.

-That's the problem.
-No, it's not. It's you.

This mad ambition.

It comes and it goes.

Sometimes it's good. Oh, yes.

Like a fire that stirs everything up.

Then there's this.
This thing that takes over.

Destroys everything
that's good in your life.

Please, Brian.

Please tell me that this letter
is just a draught.

You've not sent it.

I'll be out in a couple of days.

Let me talk to them.

You'll all get the chance to say...

...whatever it is you want to say
in due course--

What are you doing?

You weren't supposed to accept
our resignations.

Shouldn't bloody well offer them,
then, should you?

Look, you can't get rid of us.
It'd be a disaster for the club.

For the whole of Derby.

You can't keep shooting your mouth
off the way you have been...

and issuing these ultimatums.

With great reluctance...

your resignations
have been accepted.

Look, you can't do this.

-It's madness.
-The decision stands.

Car keys on the table and out.

We're gonna create
a footballing dynasty here.

Derby could be one of the greats.

Alongside United, Liverpool, Leeds.


And don't dare
show your face here again.

We've just heard that the controversial
former manager...

of First Division Derby County,
Brian Clough...

has been sack ed with his assistant,
Peter Taylor.

The drama at Derby started
in the streets outside the ground...

just before kick-off.

3 quarters of an hour
before the match.

And there
in the stand is Brian Clough.

And listen to the crowd.

We want Clough!
We want Clough!

The chairman there answering
the catcalls of the Derby crowd.

A big mouth,
but he's a good manager.

We don't want to lose him
and we bloody lost.

He might show off a bit sometimes,
but he's brilliant.

-He brought this team up.
-Nobody on this world to touch him.

-I think it's terrible.
-You think--?

Yeah. The club will come to an end,
I think.

Derby County players have officially
now joined the protest...

against the sacking
of manager Brian Clough.

-Off to bed.
-The plotting's been done in black out...

as the power cuts put in force by
Prime Minister Edward Heath continue.

Quiet, quiet.

''To the directors
of Derby County Football Club.

We, the undersigned players,
are unanimous...

in our support and respect
for Mr. Clough...

and Mr. Taylor.

And ask that they be reinstated...

as manager and assistant manager
with the club.''

-''Signed by-- Signed by:

John O' Hare, Roy McFarland,
Colin Todd, Kevin Hector.

-Alan Hinton--''
-But not Dave Mackay.

Who's just accepted the job.


Dave Mackay?

It's in the evening paper.

I signed that fat fuck.

Saved his professional life,
gave him 2 years as a player.

Dave Mackay.
He wouldn't fucking dare.

What have you done, Brian?

I love this place.

I'm happy here.

So were you.

It's not over yet, Pete.

Lawyers are issuing a writ tomorrow
against Longson.

The players have called a meeting.
There's talk they're going on strike.

There's protest marches
arranged for this weekend.

Why didn't you keep
your mouth shut?

Hello, Derby-220.

We're never gonna find
another place like this again.

Brian, it's Mike Bamber
on the phone.

-Who's Mike Bamber?
-I don't know.

Chairman of Brighton
and Hove Albion.

Good. This way.

Big smiles, lads.

The Johns are back in town, eh?

I've known this one since he was 16.

This one just plays like he's 16.

-Are you gonna buy any more--?
-This one, Duncan McKenzie.

Take your hands
out of your pockets, son.

Remember that name,
28 goals last season.

How many are you gonna get
this year?

Just more than 28, really.

Yeah. That's why I got you.

Not for your quick wits,
for your quick boots.

I think I scored 28 goals
in one game once.

But they're gonna do the job.

They'll be the saviours
of Leeds United, this lot.


What you buy them for?

A little poof and a pair of reserves.

Waste of bloody money.

Duncan McKenzie scored 28 goals
last season.

John O'Hare and John McGovern
are both internationals.

We've got 2 strikers.
Allan Clarke and Mick Jones.

They're internationals too.

Yeah, one's injured
and the other suspended.

If you spent a bit more time
on the training ground...

you wouldn't have to waste money
buying Derby rejects.

I mean, we have a game on Saturday,
against QPR.

Or had you forgotten?

No, I hadn't forgotten.

Well, you haven't told us a single
thing about how QPR are gonna play.

Mr. Revie would've had files
and dossiers prepared.

Had the reserves
playing the Rangers' way.

The first team looking out
for this and that.

Bollocks to Don Revie!

You're professional footballers.

Stop Stan Bowles.

That's all you need to know
about QPR.

And I don't have to justify myself
to you...

...not how or when
I conduct training...

not who I buy or pick to play.


No, not to us.

But come Saturday afternoon,
there'll be 40,000 people out there...

who you do have to
justify yourself to.

-You must be loving this.

Loving every minute.

Who is this?

Watching it all fall apart.
It's Brian Clough.


They won't play for me.

Your boys.

Your bastard sons.

And never will.

What are you talking about?


It's 2:00 in the morning.

Why are you ringing here?

They're loyal to you.
Thought you might like to know that.

Loyal to big daddy Don.

For God's sake, go to sleep, man.

Where's your dignity?

And don't ring here again.

Look, the pub's just down there.
Not far to go.

-No, no.
-Just down there.

Oh, I don't like to be
Beside the seaside

Hey, give it a chance.

Brighton and Hove Albion?

Have you seen where they are?
Bottom of the Third Division.

We can get them
out of there like that.

We did it with Hartlepools,
with Derby.

We cared about Hartlepools
and Derby. We're from the North, Pete.

What do we care about Brighton?

Bloody Southerners.

Look where we are.

-We're almost in France.

They've got money, this lot.
And ambition.

Get a lungful of that air, eh?
Be good for me health.

You can't manage a team
that's not your own people.

Not what you know.

Anyway, the protest movement
in Derby is still in full flow.

-We can still get our jobs back.
-No, we won't.

It's over, Brian.

It's over, mate.
They're never gonna take us back.

Not now.

Come on.

Sign today,
and I'll give you a bonus of 7 grand.


7 grand?

You hear that, Brian?

Plus, a salary that exceeds by 20%

what Derby were paying you.

Very generous, Mike.


But those are First Division wages.

First Division
is where I want this club to be.

You sure you can afford it?

You sure you're worth it?

Cheeky sod.

-We're gonna need a holiday first.
-Take as long as you like.

2 weeks, somewhere hot, on you.

I'll even throw in the bloody trunks.


Hey, come on. You get over there.

Come on. Champions of the world.

Peter. Hi.


Come on.

You're a hard man to find,
Mr. Clough.

Who's looking?

Keith Archer.

I'm secretary
of Leeds United Football Club.

-Nigel, come on.
-Let me have a go.

I wanna have a go.

I was sent by my chairman,
Mr. Cussins.

He wants me to speak to you

Bloody hell.

But we hate Leeds.

It's the top flight, Pete.
It's the First Division.

But we gave Brighton our word.
And they paid us the money.

We can give back the money.

Bollocks to bloody Brighton.

I'd go mad.
We'd all go mad down there.

-Mike Bamber's a good man.
-Oh, do me a favour.

Look, he had faith in us. He offered
us a job when no one else would.

He offered us a job. Now someone
else has offered us a better one.

And not just anyone,
the best team in the country.

Come on, Pete.

That means it'd be
the Charity Shield at Wembley... a month's time.

You know, European Cup after.

But even if we won them,
they'd be Revie's achievements.

His team.

No, I gave Brighton my word, Brian.
I can't do it.

What? And you'd sooner fester down
there with all those bloody Tories... that blue-rinse
retirement home by the sea?

Brighton's a small club,
I'll give you that.

-Bloody midgets.
-But at least we'd be together.

You and me, Brian.

We can build them up.

Make them our own.
Like we did with Hartlepools, Derby--

Then? Bottle again soon
as it comes to the big time?

That's always been the trouble
with you, Pete.

No ambition.

That's the trouble with you, Brian.

Too much ambition.

-Too much greed, everything.
-Yeah, you knock it.

But it's done you proud
over the years, my ambition?

Without me, you'd still be
in Burton-bloody-Albion.

Yes, and without you,
I'd still have a job in Derby.

A job and a home that I love.

Oh, yes. You're the shop window.

I grant you that.
The razzle and the bloody dazzle.

But I'm the goods in the back!

And without me...

...without somebody to save you
from yourself, Brian-fucking-Clough...'re not just half!

-You're nothing!
-I'm nothing?

I'm nothing? Don't make me laugh.

What does that make you then,
Taylor? Something?

You're half of nothing.

Nothing's parasite.

A big fat pilot fish
that feeds on nothing.

A bloody nobody!

The forgotten man!

History's fucking afterthought!

Boos here at Elland Road
for manager Brian Clough...

which I'm sure won't worry him.

Also boos for John McGovern.
Never nice to see a crowd get a player.

That will worry Brian Clough.
It takes time to settle into a new club.

It's not McGovern's fault
that Billy Bremner is missing.

One Don Revie

There's only one Don Revie
One Don Revie

There's only one Don Revie
One Don Revie

One Don Revie

There's only one Don Revie

One Don Revie

There's only one...

Fucking O'Hare.
You're fucking useless.

Leeds doesn't want you.
Fuck off, Clough.

Fuck off, fuck off.

We don't fucking want you here.
Fuck off!

-Players' lounge, Brian.

10 minutes.

Close the door.

This is the worst start to a season
Leeds has had in 20 years.

4 points from 5 games.

Second from fucking bottom.

What's going on?

As far as I can see...

there's no relationship,
no understanding...

between players and management.

Well, not a healthy one anyway.

Perhaps if Mr. Clough
was to step outside...

we might be able
to speak our minds.

All right.

If you wouldn't mind, Brian.

Just for a few minutes.

As you wish.

Nobody likes him. The atmosphere
in the dressing room is non-existent.

He's banned us from doing
all the things we used to do.

Like playing bingo, carpet bowls.

Tactically, he's never prepared.

Right, he doesn't even tell us
how he wants us to play.

We are not even allowed
to mention Mr. Revie's name.

What me and the lads
are trying to say, Mr. Cussins, is...

compared to Mr. Revie...

he's just not good enough.

What's going on, boss?

The last 2 words of every story
ever written is what's going on.

''The fucking end.''

Let's be honest, Brian.

It's not working, is it?

The players aren't happy.

We're not happy.

In truth, we should probably never
have hired you without Peter Taylor.


-what do you want to do about it?
-It's not working.

We have to part company.

Fine, it will cost you 25 grand.

What? For 6 weeks' work?

Plus 3 and a half grand
for Jimmy Gordon.

And an agreement that Leeds United
will pay both our taxes...

-for the next 3 years.
-That is bloody criminal.

-Throw in the Merc and all.

Might be a bit flash for a man out
of a job, but I've grown to like it.

Who do you bloody think you are?

Brian Clough.

Brian Howard Clough.

Come on. There's something
we have to do on the way.

Won't take long.

Thanks for agreeing to this.

No problem.

Go easy on me though.
There's a good lad.

How are you feeling, Mr. Clough?

Not bad. Not bad.

Onwards and upwards,
and all that type of thing.

What's this?
We expecting guests?

Take a seat there.

You bastards.

Stand by, studio.

Title's out in 5, 4, 3...


The football world was stunned
by the news...

that Brian Clough has been sacked
as manager of Leeds United.

We'll be talking not just to Brian,
but also to the man he replaced...

whose success he couldn't emulate,
Don Revie.

To Brian Clough, first of all.

What's your reaction
to being sacked in this fashion?

Well, obviously, Austin...

me initial reaction is one of shock
at finding myself here with him.

But in answer to your question...

6 weeks is hardly a long time
to be given a chance in any job.

I would hope that Revie
will get a lot longer time in his.

Do you consider it was possible
to step into your shoes...

Don Revie, to replace you?

Well, being very, very honest...

I think it was a very difficult job
for anyone to do.

I do feel that Brian Clough--

Now, I'll not call him Clough,
I'll not take him down like that.

Thank you.

I believe that he made it more difficult
on himself than he need have.

And how did I do that, Don?

All those accusations about
how dirty my players were, about--

Well, they were dirty, Don.

That's not true. Oh, no.

Last 2 seasons...

we were top of the charts
for entertaining football.

Before that, you also topped
all the disciplinary charts.

Should've been docked points,
sent down to Second Division.

Listening to you, I'm struck this is not
just a business matter for you both.

It's more than that.

It's personal. Am I right?

Well, we're very different people,
Don and I.

We have different styles
in football and in life.

I'm a warm man...

an idealist.

I do believe in fairies.

And that's my outlook.
Don is slightly different.

There's a hardness to him.

-He's a cold person.
-You don't know me.

That lack of warmth,
that coldness was there.

-It permeated the club when I arrived.
-I totally refute that.

You ask any of my players.
I was like a father to them.

In that club every morning,
massaging those boys.

-Did you do that for them?
-They would never have let me.

Did you try?

You didn't even try.

I soaped those boys down
with me own hands.

You just went to Leeds, no thought for
the club, no thought for the players.

Just on some mad personal vendetta
against me.

Are you surprised? What else was
I gonna do? After what you did.

-What did I do?
-Come on, Don, you know exactly.

January 27th, 1968.
See, I even remember the date.

You came to Derby County,
3rd round of the FA Cup...

and you refused
to shake my hand.

Never. A matter of principle, I always
shake the other manager's hand.

No, you shook Peter Taylor's hand
and me trainer, Jimmy Gordon's.

-I probably didn't see you.
-You saw me.

Considered me beneath you,
looked down on me, dismissed me...

just like you did every other club
and every other manager.

Never would I knowingly refuse
to shake a colleague's hand. No.

But the truth is you were down
in the Second Division at the time.

You know, I probably didn't know
who you were.

Didn't know who I was?
Pull the other one.

-That's the truth.
-Well, you certainly know now.

Oh, we all know now.

We know you as the man
whose constant outbursts...

and defaming
of his fellow professionals...

has brought this game,
this beautiful game, into disrepute.

Who had a good job at Derby,
managed to get the sack.

Who had the best partner
in Peter Taylor...

and threw him away.

Who was given one of the greatest
gifts in British football, Leeds...

a club that in 10 years,
hadn't finished outside the top 4...

and took them
to the bottom of the First Division.

Oh, yes, it's fair to say
we all know who you are now.

Okay, unfortunately,
we're gonna have to leave it there.

Let's see where we are
in a year's time.

-Oh, dear, oh, dear.
-Let's see where we both are in 5.

That's it for tonight.
I'd like to thank my guests...

Brian Clough and Don Revie,
the England manager.

Thank you, Austin.

And we're out.

-Thank you, gentlemen.
-Thank you.

-Thank you very much.
-Thank you.


Do you think your old man is a fool?



You're wrong.

He bloody is.

Who is the least mature person
in this car?

Who most needs to bloody grow up?

Who's been making a right arse
of himself in the past few months?

Who fancies a trip to the seaside,
to see Uncle Pete?


Yeah, me too.

Just wait in the car for a minute,

I'm just gonna have a chat
with Uncle Pete.

So chucked you out already,
have they?

They have.

So how long was that?

44 days.


So, what are you doing here?

Don't make this difficult for me,

You know why I'm here.

I won't bloody grovel.

All right.

Well, all right, I'm grovelling.

I'm on me knees.

'' I apologise...


for being a twat.''

-I apologise for being a twat--


'' Because I can't do it without you.''

Because I can't do it without you.

'' I'm nothing without you.''

I'm nothing without you.

'' Please...

please, baby, take me back.''

-Fuck off.
-All right.


Please. Please...


take me back.

Come on.

You're gonna fuck me up again,
aren't you?

I love you, you know.

I know.

But it won't stop you.

So would you sooner go through it all
without me?


Subtitles: Arigon


Come here, you two. Come here.

Come here.


-Wanna see your Auntie Lily?

Go on, then.

Well, do you want a drink
while you're here?

Well, I wouldn't say no.

I got a drop of cooking sherry.

We've got several things in common.

But the main thing we've got in
common is we want the same things.

You do let him speak from time
to time? I'll put a question to him.

Do you find it difficult, Peter,
to get a word in?

-He's quite a good talker, isn't he?
-Yeah. In public, yes, but--

Special thanks to SergeiK.