The Last Mimzy Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Last Mimzy script is here for all you fans of the sci-fi movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some The Last Mimzy quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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The Last Mimzy Script

Ok, everybody.

Let's settle down.

Today I'm going to
show you a story.

Let's all tune in together.

A long time ago...

...the soul of our planet was sick.

People had become isolated...

...and warlike.

Our world was frightened.

It was dying.

But a great scientist...

...was trying to save us.

He had tried many times...

...and he knew
he could only try once more.

This was the last mimzy.

It's gotta be my new braces.

I'm not a terrorist, ok?

Ah, you sure about that?
Let's see in your pockets.

That's the third time she's done that.

We're gonna be late for the test.

Have you studied?

All night. I'm freaked out.


Check your messages.

Whoa. Gee, thanks, man.

Courtesy of my cousin Bob.

Took the test last week. Cool.

Listen up. All right?

Now, just a reminder...

Science fair projects are
due one week after vacation.

Oh, come on!

It's gonna be a great fair this year.

There's lots of great exhibits.

Um, you have tests
sitting in front of you.

Noah, you're not an ameba.

You have a spine.
Use it, sit up straight.

That goes for all of you.
Come on, you guys.

Let's get focused here.

You have 30 minutes...

...and begin.

So, how d'you do?

Total choke.

You didn't use the text I sent you.

Mr. White coughed. I think he saw.

You're such a wuss. Hey, look at this.

Whoa. I'm in the front...

I have times four.

Hey, dude,
d'you wanna come over?

Can't. Leaving for Whidbey in an hour.


For easter vacation?

- How lame!
- Tell me about it.


Oh, hey, sweetheart, how's it going?

I packed up the car already.

You were supposed to be home.

Listen, we're gonna leave
first thing in the morning.

I promise. But you gotta tell the kids
there was nothing I could do about it.

- Oh, sweetheart.
- I'm sorry.

I'm gonna get home late
so eat without me, ok?

Emma, where are you?
We're eating.

- Coming, mom!
- Ok.

Know what? It snapped.

Oh, honey, sit down,
we can fix it later.


No, you're the sensitive little genius.

Why don't you do it?

I can't do it.

I don't have dexterity.

Dexterity? What kind of mutant are you?

Noah. Fine.

Where's the stupid string?

It's in my stupid hand.

Why couldn't I have a normal sister
like everyone else?

Come on, sit down...

So that we can eat like a family, ok?


They killed it!

How else would you eat it?

- Mommy, I don't understand.
- What?

Why did they have to kill it?

He didn't do anything to anyone.

What about that chopped-up cow
you're eating?

What chopped-up cow?

What do you think hamburger is?

Did you have to?

You there?

- Dad!
- Heh!

- You're home.
- Yeah.

Hey, I'm sorry about tonight, ok?


Oh, you're in a bad mood, are you?

Is it 'cause I’m late?

Hm? What is it?

Your sister or school, what is it?

School! School sucks!


What else? Ahhh.

What else?

- Life sucks.
- Life sucks.

- I suck.
- You suck.

All right. Well, just put
it on pause for a second...

...because I wanna tell you,
you're probably right.

Because sometimes life does suck...

...and sometimes school sucks, but...'re completely wrong
on the Noah Wilder front.

I should know, I mean
I've lived with him for...

How old are you? 10?

10 years.

And, uh, I will put it in writing... guarantee, full warranty...

...whatever you want, to tell you...

...that Noah Wilder does not suck.

In fact...

...he's the greatest kid I know.

Y- Yeah? Yeah?

Sorry, hope I didn't wake you up.

No, no.

Ah, no, no, listen...

If he accepts the motion, we're done.

Don't you dare,
I'll be there in 20 minutes.


Sorry, Jo. Take the kids
to Whidbey, I'll be there later.

Come on, get out.

Come on, sweetie. Get out!

Isn't it pretty?

Oh, look at it, it is so beautiful!

I'll get the keys.

Oh, look at it!

I love this place.

Oh, careful. You ok?

The magic staircase.

- Up you go.
- Magic?

Well, kinda.

Noah, no!
Mommy said you have to wait!

Man, it's cold.

Oh, it's really cold.

Cold water.

What's that?

I don't know. I'll go see.

Let me.

No, don't.

I wonder if it opens.

What's that?

I don't know.

Read the directions.

Do you see any directions?

Come on in, guys.

Keep it a secret.

Dinner's almost on,
you coming down?

Yeah, in a sec.

- What is that?
- Oh, it... I don't know.

Em and I found it on the beach.

Let me see.

Look at all those triangles.

Make a nice paperweight.





What are you doing, Em?

Get out of my stuff.

What's that new stuff?

And what's that bunny rabbit?

Where'd they come from?

She was on the side.

No she wasn't.

I think she's the easter bunny.

Ya-Da-Da da-Da.
Give me that.

Give this to me. No.

- Give it...
- No.

Now look what you did.
Give me those.

What are they for?

It's like she's talking to me.

Yeah, right.

Like this?

It's a spinner, Noah.



How did you do that?

I did like this.

No, smooth.

Close your eyes.

What is this stuff?



Oh, sheesh.

No, don't!

Are you crazy?

Do you even know what
just happened to your hand?

Is it ok?

This stuff could be dangerous.

Maybe we should tell someone.

I showed the green glass thing to mom.

She thought it was a paperweight.

Maybe other people
don't see what we see.

Maybe you can use these
for your science project.

I'm not even gonna do
a science project.

And I bet Mr. White couldn't care less.

- Morning, Mr. Willpower.
- Morning.

I thought you were dieting.

I thought you were meditating.

Aren't you supposed to be in Nirvana?

I am.

Larry, are you seriously eating that?

I haven't had anything
to eat in 8 hours.

Oh, really?
That's called sleeping.

Here. Come on.

Oh, my goodness.

- Ha! No.
- Yes.

I am not so easily tempted.

- What about him?
- Hey, stop it!

Ah, let me focus.

I had another one of
those dreams last night.

Were there any lotto numbers?

No, no numbers. Just that...

That same light and that...

Spinning mandala shape...

- Coming down at me.
- Oh, are you sure?

Because sometimes you forget.
Historically, you've been...

No, no numbers. Just, god,
ever since we left Nepal...

It's that same dream.
I don't get it.

It's like the shape is...

...sucking me into it.

It's... It...

Don't talk.

Just... Just try not to lose it.


See if it can...

Come back to you, then...
you can remember...

You're trying to get numbers out of me.

- No, I'm not...
- There were no numbers.

It's so sad.

Oh, we could've been so rich.

Could you imagine how many
people we could've helped...

...with that money?

Naomi, let it go, ok?

It was a year and a half
a go, it just happened once.

It was a total fluke.

Larry, you dreamt all six numbers
of a winning lottery ticket.

- We could've won 18 million dollars.
- Million dollars, I know.

How was that a fluke, Larry?

Come on, I'm sorry. I know.

Oh, really?
Is this what's going on right now?

It is, mm-Hm.

You think you can just...

...kiss your way back...
- I do.

You know what?
It's easter vacation, let's celebrate.

- You're not allowed to...
- Got you.

I tagged you.

- You're it.
- Oh...

You're not gonna get me,
you can't get me.

You can't get me.

I'm gonna get you.


Oh. Man, that feels good.

You got some pretty
intact sand dollars there.

They're nice.

Reminds me of Mr. White.

Try it. This is mimzy's shell.

We'll find a shortwave frequency

The wave connecting you and me

Hello, I love you


Wasn't that just
the most beautiful day, huh?

The beach...

Sweetie, come here, I'm cold,
I need a cuddle.

Yeah, let's...

That's good.
Now I'm nice and warm.

God, look at it.

It's so beautiful.

- I love this.
- Me too.

- Look at all the stars, mommy.
- Yeah.

It's so big.

Are we the only people
in the universe?

That is a very big question...

And, um, nobody really knows, honey.

I don't think we are.

I think you're probably right.

So what do you say, guys?

Uh, how about we make
some s'mores, hm?

Well, actually, I'm not hungry.

I'm full too.

My tummy's so full
I'm gonna go upstairs.

M- Me too, I'm...
I'm kinda tired, em.

We can do s'mores tomorrow,
ok, mom?

I have a girlfriend named Marcie.

But she doesn't always like me.

She thinks I'm too smart.

And the girls in my class...

...don't talk to me.

Because I like astronomy...

...and I play the violin.

- Mimzy.
- I know, I'm your friend too.

Tea, ladies?

What's in there?

What did I just do?

How did you do that, Noah?

I don't know, with my brain?

I just looked
at it and it...


It's not funny!

It is to me.

You better clean that up.

You're not the boss of me, ok?

Hey, Noah, Mimzy knows things.

Oh, yeah? What kind of things?

I think she reads minds.

She knows all about us.

Like what?

She knows our names...

...where we were born...

...and what kind of french fries I like.

That's nice.

And you know what else?

She said dad's gonna call.

That's daddy.

Come on, Mimz.

- Hey, guess what?
- I know. Daddy's coming.

Well, how do you know that?
He just called me from the car.

- Mimzy told me.
- Yeah, mimzy told her.

Daddy! Daddy's here!

Daddy! Yay!

- Daddy, daddy, daddy!
- That's dad, all right.

- Daddy's coming!
- Come on, let's go.

- Hey, guys!
- Daddy, yay!

- Daddy's here!
- C'mere, Em.

Hey, bud.

How are ya? Huh?

Oh, I'm happy to see you guys!

- Hi!
- Hey, you!

Home at last.

And they said
we're just looking for carrots...

...and there was no carrots there.

Mom, can you tell a joke? Oh.

And they were really
dreaming of carrots.

Come on, come on, tell a joke!

- Hey, did you...
- Come on.

I don't know what's got into them.

You know, Emma, she just
hangs onto that rabbit...

Day and night.

And Noah, it's just like
he's on another planet...

You know?

They're not my babies any more.

Aww. No, it's true.

You know, we haven't
played one board game...

...since we've been here.
Not one.

- Yeah?
- You know, we've barely talked...

Apart from at dinner...

And then they run off
before they're done, I...

It's really different, I...

They're growing up.

They'll always be your babies, Jo.

Our babies.

- All right.
- Thanks, Mike.

Grab the bucket, ok.

All right, here we go.

This one's for you.

Why are you giving me a club?

Dad, I'm not gonna play golf, am i?

Ah, come on,
we're gonna give it a try.

All right.


Come give it a try.

No, dad, you know I suck at sports.

Oh, now this is not a sport...

This is an obsession. Come on.

Come on, you're gonna like this.


Now, you wanna line up, right?

There you go.
Just get in position.

Now, you don't wanna kill it.

You don't wanna kill it, all right?

You just wanna let the gravity...

...just glide the club
right down to the ball.

All right, now then,
it's not about strength...'s about control.


You ready? Ho-Ho-Ho.
Hold on. Hold on.

Just want to see right
where you are here.


Whoa, baby!

I think we've found your sport.

And this, ladies and gentlemen... a basic outline
of the story of DNA...

And of the doctors Watson and Crick...

...who cracked the genetic code
that controls all living things.

And we now believe...

...that genes don't just
control the way we look.

But also how we think
and how we act...

...and how we feel.

So, when people mess
with mother nature...

Look out.

Because pollutants can change us.

And not just chemical
and biological ones...

Cultural ones as well.

Perfectly good DNA
becomes a bunch of useless junk...

...carried from
generation to generation.

And, uh, as a case in point
I'd like you to meet...

...a very special friend of mine.

This is Charlie.

He'd like to say hello,
he's a little shy.

How you doin'?
You don't wanna come out?

No, I think you should.


Ew! Gross!

Oh, yes...

Gross, oh, that's right.

This is what happens when
you screw with the code.

And don't tell your parents
i said the word "screw".


This is what happens
when pollutants...

...contaminate DNA.

Let Charlie be a warning.
This could happen to us.

You wanna end up with two heads?
I don't think so.

This can happen to all living things...

And in fact, it may be
happening right now.

Then why don't they do something?

Why don't they stop it?

Excellent question, Wendy.

"Why don't they do something?"
"Why don't they stop it"?

Who is this "they" that
Wendy’s referring to...

I wonder, huh?

What do you think?

"They" is all of us.


Ok, thank you.
We'll see you on wednesday.

Keep working on your
science fair projects.

You play golf?

No. What's goin' on?

Nothing's going on, I mean...

I was bored out of my mind.

Noah! Noah, do you have a sec?

I need to talk to you about this.


I'm outta here, dude.

Just relax, Noah, it's ok.
It's not about the test...

It's about this.

Um... Hey, did you, uh,
did you draw this?


Ok. Uh, what was your inspiration?

I mean, where did you
come up with this design?

I was just scribbling.

I do it all the time.

And I've got a whole bookful.

May I?

Here are a few of 'em.

That is incredible.

My favorite one...
There's a few.


Do you know what these are called?


They're actually called mandalas.

- Have you ever seen one before?
- Mandalas.

No. Never...

Heard of one or seen.

Noah, would it be all right...

If I borrowed these for a little while?

Borrow all you want.

Trade you for an A.
Only kiddin'. See ya.

Sure it's not in one of the other books?

No, it's in here,
it's one of the old ones.

I know I've seen it.

There it is.

I knew it.

It's 12th century,
it's one of the oldest known.

Oh, my god...

That is incredible.

It's almost an exact match.

And you know something else?

This is the same image...

...from my dream.


Hey, Noah...

You know what time it is?

Yeah, I know, it's late, but...

You gotta see this.

What is this? I mean
it's way past your bedtime, bud.

It's... Uh...

What is that?

It's part of my exhibit
for the science fair at school.

It's amazing, how did you do that?

It was easy.

First i discovered that spiders
are sensitive to sound waves...

...and seem to move when they
hear various frequencies.

Then I experimented
with the frequencies... make them move in
specific patterns.

I calculated their movements
with my computer...

...and I re-programmed them.

Their circular webs started changing
into something more elongated.

I call it...

...the structured bridge.

This geometric design is
extraordinarily strong...

...and would be equal to
a beam that could hold...

...1,000 pounds per square inch.

Did he do this on his own?
Did you help him?

No, he's done it all by himself.

He's just, sort of,
taken off all of a sudden.

You know,
in the last month or so.

His sister is highly gifted too.

Mm. No, no, no, no.

This is more than highly gifted.

This is genius.

He's gonna win the
national science fair.

...that exist today,
a bridge of this type...

...could span
the entire solar system.

Are there any questions?

"It was brillig and the slithy toves...

"Did gyre and gimble in the wabe...

"All mimzy were the borogoves...

"And the mome raths outgrabe. "

Wait, did that say mimzy?

Uh, yep.

Let me see.

Look, she's got mimzy too.

- With the white rabbit?
- Yeah.

- Ok.
- And this is mimzy.

She came here to find me.

I don't know why.

White rabbit, just like in the book.

You know, he was the one
who was always late...

...for a very important date.

Where did you get it?

We found her on the beach.

Noah thinks she's from outer space...

But he doesn't really know.

Outer space.

Do you believe in aliens?

Aliens? Like flying saucers
and things like that?

Yeah, I guess I do, sort of.

Noah does too.

Oh, well... boys.

Do you think aliens
would ever come here?

Some people think they
might be here right now...

...and we don't even know it.


But what do they want?

I don't know.

Noah doesn't know
if they're good or bad...

They might help us or kill us...

...or maybe steal our brains.

Steal our brains?

If I show you something
promise you won't tell?

Oh. Like... a secret?

Really? Cool!

What kind of secret?

I can do a magic trick
with my hand.

Really? Yeah. Show me.

Whoop... Thank you.

That's, um... That's...

That's a really great magic trick, Em.

Honey, c'mere.

Sweetheart, please, come here!

Come here, ok? No!

- Oh, my god.
- It's ok.

It doesn't hurt.

Oh, my god! No! No! No! Uh!

Julie! Julie! Wait up! What's
wrong? Don't you wanna get pai d?

I... I gotta go!
I gotta go home!

-Julie, what's wrong?
- Honey, are you ok?

- What happened?
- Nothing.

What happened?
What did you do?

Nothing, daddy.
I just showed her a magic trick.

You know what?
I'll call Julie in the morning.

I'm sure it was nothing.

It's not just Julie...

It's everything.

I mean what about
Noah's science project, huh?

How did he do that
all by himself?

I mean, usually he struggles,
he needs my help...

...and suddenly he's in
a league of his own.

I mean, something is just not right.

What's not right? Look,
we got two special kids...

...with great minds,
imaginations, it's...

No, you're not getting it!

You know, I'm scared. I...

That... It's... It's
just not normal.

Don't talk like that.

Look, you're overreacting
to this whole...

David, stop it. Open your eyes.

I think we need to do something.

We have to get help.

Yeah, well, all right,
we'll get help. Um...

What kinda help?

No! Uh!

What was that?

Hey, George! What's goin' on?

Stop messin' around, this isn't funny.

Whoa, I just lost power in sector 4.

Keith, see if you can't rerout
power through substation 5.

Sector 3's offline.

Homeland security?

Yeah, no kidding.

Oh, my gosh.

- Hey, Noah, you all right?
- Daddy, what's happening?

Hey, sweetie. It's...
It's a blackout.

The whole neighborhood's dark.

Did you guys hear that sound?

They're saying that it's
blacked out half the state.


They don't know what's caused it.

No, well, they...
They will.

They always know exactly
how these things start.

- They do?
- Oh, yeah.

- Yeah!
- That didn't last long.

Are you ok?

I'm goin' down there now.

Oh, man, it's been a crazy morning.

The FBI, the Pentagon's been calling.

Look, I can't talk right now, Bill.

Well, somebody has to have the keys.

Look, Bill, just get
everybody down there now.

- It's Lorna.
- Who?

Your daughter, Nate.
She wants to know what's happening.

Tell her so does the President,
he wants to know too.

Hey, baby, you know where
my computer codes are?

He'll call you back, honey.

Did you try your dresser,
under your underwear?

Ahh, got it.

I knew you should
never have agreed to this.

You had a perfectly good job
at the Justice Department...

And now, all of a sudden,
you're a terrorism expert.

Look, baby, the National Director
appointed me.

What do you want me to do,
call in sick?

But no one ever
actually thought you'd...

I mean, this is Seattle, Nate.

Why would terrorists attack Seattle?

I don't know, Sheila.
Look, we got the Boeing plant...

We got Microsoft...

We got the music experience.

I don't know, babe.
I gotta go.

I'll call you later, baby.

- Nate...
- Huh?

- Your fly.
- Who?

Zip up your fly.

Oh, oh, thank you.

Oh, thank you.
I love you, baby.

It grew right in front of my eyes.

I moved stuff inside the crystal...

And then... then whoosh.

Half of the state blacked out.

What do you think it is, Noah?

I don't know...

But we have to throw it out.

All of them, all of the toys.

Everything, it's just too dangerous.


Em, what if something
terrible's about to happen?

- That won't happen.
- How do you know?

Mimzy told me.

Mimzy, she's one of them.

She came with them.

Acute, hexagon. Rhomboid...

Acute, tesseract, pyramidal, octahedron...

Acute, helix...


Good morning.
Good morning, everyone.

- Morning.
- Morning, sir.

For those of you who don't know,
I'm Regional Director Nathaniel Broadman.

And this is briefing one of alert 22D.

I think this is the day we've
been training for, everybody.

Training? Nate, we've only had
two meetings.

And thank god for those.

Look, we're gonna do this right,
we're gonna do it by the book.

Stu, you're up first.
What do you got?

This is from NSA, uh...

Global positioning has zeroed in...

On the Queen Anne section of Seattle.

No suspicious net chatter.

How could a surge like that originate
from a residential neighborhood?

That's what we wanna find out.

I got a very bad feeling about this one.

This is important.

No, I'm not taking them
to the emergency room.

Look, uh, I know Dr. Sherman very well.

Please get him to call me.

Eat up, guys.

Can you get me some orange juice?

Can you "please" get me
some orange juice?

I had a strange dream last night.

I dreamed about a bridge.

- What kind of bridge?
- I don't know what kind.

I dreamed that they were
gonna build a really big one.

Across the whole universe.

And you know what?

It's gonna come right to our house.

- Hello, Noah.
- Mr. White.

- Who is it, Noah?
- Is your mother ar...

Oh, hello, Mrs. Wilder.

I'm so sorry to barge in
on you like this.

I was gonna call
but I thought it would be better...

...if I came by in person.

This is my fiance Naomi.

- Hello.
- Do you have a minute?

- Uh, sure, come on in.
- Great.

Ok, thank you.

Uh, please, sit down.

Uh, Noah, do you think your mother and I
could have a moment or two alone, please?

Ok, go finish breakfast, sweetie.

I... guess. Sure.

- Is everything ok?
- Yeah.

Something is going on
with your son...

...and I'd like to talk
to you about it.

Ever since the science fair...
But really even before that.

Yes, I know, I...
I've been feeling the same thing.

There's something
I'd like to show you.

Uh, what is this?

Uh, this is a Tibetan painting.
It's called up mandala.

It's a symbolic
representation of the universe.

This one's actually
almost 1,000 years old.

Well, it's... beautiful...

But why are you showing it to me?

These were drawn by your son.

Noah drew these?


When I saw Noah's drawings...

...they really struck a chord.

Now especially this one...

...which is particularly rare.

Yeah, this is actually an
astrological configuration.

The books says it's a map
to the past and future.

Um, in Tibet, uh...

They believe that there are
extraordinary children...

...with this very special knowledge...

And... And abilities.

Uh, they are considered
actually very rare souls.

Very gifted, like Noah.
They're called Tolkus.

And then they even
have a particularly...

Uh, specific means of
identifying these children...

Markings, on their hands.

Palm readers
can look at their lines...

And tell if they're one
of these special beings.

We met some of these kids
and I actually had the honor...

...of being able to look at
their palms, which was...

Naomi studied with a palm
reader for several years.

She's really...
She's quite good.

- Larry... Thank you.
- No, I mean you are.

Well... You're
very gifted. So...

Can she look at mine?

Honey, what are you doing here?

I couldn't help it,
I... I wanted to look.

Will you?

Uh, well I'm...
I'm not actually an expert...

Mom, please.

Uh... I'm sorry...

I just don't believe
in all of this stuff.

I know it sounds really weird...

But there are many cultures
that take this very seriously.


Let's see.

Do you see anything?

This is a very good hand.


This is what lamas
would call auspicious.

Meaning that you will
have a very good life.

But is it special?

It's very special in its own way.

It's just not what I was,
uh, talking about before.

What about mine?



What is it? What's wrong?

Huh, this is a...
A very special hand.

Do you see how simple the lines are?

I've never seen anything so pure.

What does it mean?

It means you have a remarkable child.

Do you have a copy machine?

We need to find some
way to document this.

Maybe we could show it
to some people?

Uh, no, sorry, I don't.

Mom, sure, you do.

No, I'm sorry. Look, uh...

I, just... This is all starting to feel...

...too strange for me.

It's been so strange
for both of us as well.

I'd just like you to stop.

Thank you for your time.
We should go, I think.


That's a very cute bunny.

She's mimzy, she's my teacher.

She teaches me everything.

She taught me about the
painting and the book.

She told me it was
called the 7 mountains.

My daughter has a very
active imagination.

Oh, come on.

That's not what it's called, is it?

...the recent mysterious blackout...

...are now zeroing in on Seattle... the likely source.

And in other news, 40 are dead...

Hey, why don't you,
uh, come to bed?

No, I... I'm not tired.

You gotta... You gotta stop
thinking about this stuff...

- You really do.
- No, I can't!

David, the lines on their hands...

I've never noticed them before.

All right, look, we... We...

I mean, what do you know
about palmistry?

This woman, she could've
told you anything.

- How would you know?
- Emma knew the painting!

She knew what it was called.
It's just not possible.

I mean, I think you're just
making way too much out of it.

Oh, David, you said that
we'd get help now.

All right, what are we
gonna tell a doctor?

Our kids have funny
lines in their hands...

...and they make weird drawings?

I just don't... I don't buy
any of this stuff, you know.

I don't understand.

What do you mean?

But I don't want the world to end...


I love the world.

I don't want it to die.

I know. I know.

With all my heart.

I love you so much.

- Good morning, everybody.
- Hey.

- Morning
- Hi.

- Can I get you something?
- No, no. No. No.

I got it. I got it.

It's fine.

Dad, you're eating breakfast at home.

Yes, I thought it would be
nice to join you. Why not?

Whoa, take it easy there on the sugar.

But dad, I always have this much.

Hey, Noah, stop.

Hey, Noah...

Where are your glasses?
How come you're not wearin' 'em?

Don't worry about it, it's ok.

Noah, go and get your glasses.

I don't need 'em.

Of course you do,
now go and get your glasses.

Mom, lighten up.

Noah, come on, now,
don't talk to your mother that way.

- Do what she said.
- Oh, but dad, I-I'm...

No, do what she said,
go get your glasses, ok?

- I think mimzy's sick.
- What's that?

I think mimzy's sick.

Can you tell?
Something's wrong.

She's getting weaker.

I'm afraid she's going to die.

She's a stuffed animal, Emma.

Now, you gotta...

You know, stop it with this mimzy stuff.

Ok, here's what I'd like you to do.

I'd like you to just...

Put mimzy away, put the
rabbit away, all right?

So that we can have a really
great breakfast together.

Emma, put the rabbit away.

What is wrong with this family?
I mean it's not...

Look, I want you to
put the rabbit away, ok?

All right?

Could you pass the sugar?

Dad, you don't need that much sugar!

And all of a sudden, I kind you not...

...the sugar starts to rise by itself up... forms this pattern,
and it comes over...

...and all of it lands in my bowl.

Now, I looked at her
and she's just smiling.

Very, very peacefully,
just looking at it.

And, I mean, wh-what is this?

This is so far out of my league.


I've heard of...

Psychokinesis being practiced
by advanced meditators before...

...but I always thought
it was just a metaphor.

No, come on,
this is not a metaphor...

...we're dealing with, it's way
beyond metaphor at this point.

- It's not...
- And I'm sorry that I was...

...just so dismissive the other day.

It was just that all
of this is so beyond...

...and we...

We just don't know where to turn.

So we called you
because we thought that...

...maybe it could be related
to Noah's drawings...

...and the paintings in the book.

Uh, we... We just
don't know what to do.

I have a friend, Arnie Rose.

He's a neurologist
at NorthWest hospital.


Maybe there's some
kind of connection...

Scientific, medical or otherwise.

We could have him... see your kids.

Yes, that's a very good idea.

Yeah. Absolutely, absolutely.

All right, we should get the...

We... We should get the kids,
where are the kids?

- They're upstairs.
- Right, so what we should do...

- Help!
- What is it?!

Mom, dad, it's Emma!

We need you!

Mr. Wilder, should we come?

- What is it, Noah?!
- Emma?

Hi, mommy.

I learned this from mimzy too.

- Emma!
- Mommy, please, it's all right.


Now I... I need you
to give me mimzy.

- No! No!
- Give her to me, emma!

Emma, just give her to me now.

- Jo, Jo, stop... Stop...
- Ok, David, please.

- No, mommy, no!
- No. No, mom...

Noah, I...

It's those things that
they found on the beach...

And I want them out of here now.

Now, Noah, where are they?

- Noah, where are they?
- But mom...

Where are they?!
I want them out of here now!


- Mom!
- What? Stop it! Where are they?

They're in my backpack, ok?!

No! Mom!

Ok, everything's gonna be fine.

- Bring her back!
- Mom!

- Jo, what are you doing?
- No!

- Mom! Please, please...
- Daddy, I want her!

No, mom! They're nothing!

- They're just rocks!
- Jo!

I'm sorry.

Mom, we didn't do anything!

- I want mimzy!
- Mom!


Don't say I never do
anything for you.


How did you find her?

She was in the garbage.

Don't let mom see.

The spinners too?

They're in bad shape.

They're crumbling.

- We have to hurry, Noah.
- To what?

I've gotta show you something.

Why are you showing me that?

It's about Alice...

...going through the looking glass.

I think it explains
what the machine is.

Wait a minute.

That looks like mimzy.

How could she have mimzy?

That was 100 years ago.

Maybe she has spinners too, Noah.

Maybe she didn't get
what she was supposed to do.

Maybe she needed a brother like you.

Like me, what for?

- Because you're my engineer.
- What do you mean, your engineer?

I mean I can't do it all alone, Noah.

Noah, I have to look.



Emma, what's happening?




Oh, my god.



Mom! Dad!

- Emma.
- What is it?

I think Emma's hurt!

- Hold on, hold on, Noah!
- I'm all right.


Oh, my gosh!

Emma, it's gonna be all right!
Hold on!

What is it? What happened?

- What's goin' on?
- Noah?

- What's goin' on, huh?
- I'm ok, mommy. I'm ok.

I think she was dreaming.
She must've fallen out of bed.

It wasn't dreaming
and I didn't fall out of bed.

I looked through
a looking glass, mommy.

I looked through it,
just like Alice.

- What did you see?
- A strange scientist.

It was scary.

Know what? I'm gonna
put you back into bed.

Good night, Noah.

Oh, David!

Mr. and Mrs. Wilder,
let me explain this to you.

We are born with over
100 billion brain cells.

The connectors are called synapses...

And by the time a child
reaches the age of 3...

Its brain has formed about
1,000 trillion of them.

But then, as we become adults...

...we lose over half of them.

And the brain becomes
rigid or hard-wired.

All their potential brain
power gets reduced...

...narrows down...

...and specializes.

But your children are different.

This is an image
of a child's brain, age 2.

This is an adult's brain.

And, in particular, this is Emma's.

Now, not only is her development
completely off the charts...

But this section is all new growth.

Now the red and orange areas
indicate significant brain activity.

What's so amazing is that
we were able to see changes... the time in between
the different images.

Now, there's nothing... the literature
that addresses this.

So, I've spoken to my colleagues...

...and we would like to
schedule some more tests... quickly as possible.

If that's... all right with you.

Oh, I... I don't know.


I just can't believe this.

Oh, what are you doing home?
It's not even 4 o'clock.

I've, uh taken a leave
of absence from the firm, Jo.


Two weeks, maybe more,
as long as it takes.

I talked to the guys, told 'em
we have some family problems...

...and they seemed ok with it.

So... here I am.

Oh, here you are.

Thank you.

- Are you sure?
- I am absolutely sure.

- Daddy, daddy!
- Hey.

Hey, dad, you're home early.

- Daddy!
- C'mere. C'mere.

How you doin'?

- That's my package pickup.
- Thanks!

What's going on?
What's going on here?

Terrorism task force, stand back.

Take everybody into the living room.

Get away from her!
Who's in charge?!

I wanna speak to who's in charge!

You'll have plenty of time
to talk, trust me.

Who are you?
Why are you doing this?

His name is Broadman, mommy.

Who told you that?

We have a right to know
what we're being accused of.

What's this about?

You're being held for reasons
of national security...

...under the patriot act.
- But we haven't done anything!

We know about the power
outage, where it originated.

I need to get something.

- Ok, you go with her.
- Yes, sir.

And I'd like to know
if you have a search warrant.

I got probable cause,
I don't need a search warrant, sir.

- Mom, I'm sorry.
- Look.

I want everybody outta here
right now...

...and into the vans.
Let's get this shut down. Let's go.

All right, you heard him, let's go.

- Daddy...
- Now, go!

Get your jackets,
it's pretty chilly outside.

- Where they taking us, daddy?
- What's going on?

- Where we going?
- Mrs. Wilder!

Is everything all right?

Who are these people?

- Where we takin' them?
- Not to jail, that's for sure.

Look, seal this place off,
go through everything.

Bring me anything
that looks suspicious.

Yes, sir.


I want them inside.

Let's go.
Four of you follow me.

Are we good?

This way.

Let's go.

Mr. Broadman'll be in
a moment to talk to you.

What's going on here, Noah?

What did you do?

Sweetheart, what aren't you telling us?

I didn't know...

I didn't know what it could do.

I... didn't mean...

You didn't know what
what could do?

Th... The machine,
the generator.

The generator?

You guys, be quiet,
they're probably listening... everything we're saying.

What generator?

I made it with the toys.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
play that last part back.

The machine, the generator.

The generator?

You guys, please, be quiet,
they're probably listening... everything we're saying,

What generator?

I made it with the toys.

What generator? What toys?

Yeah, we got that
from the break room feed.

Now, the next one is a
selection from the teacher.

Dave, can you give me the teacher?

I... I don't know anything
about any continuation...

...or terrorist cells or anything.

I'm just a science teacher.

I promise you, that's all I do.

I just... I teach science,
I went to Nepal once...

But... that was just for a vacation.

This next one is the babysitter. Dave.

She... She made her hand dissolve...

...into a billion pieces...

Just... Just...

Like that, I mean...

It wasn't natural, that's...

That's not natural, right?
I mean...

She's an alien.

I think they all are.

Am I the only one here...

...who doesn't have a clue
to what's going on?

Thank you.
We just have a few questions.

Um, could you tell us what these are?

Those are nothing.
They're just... toys.

What about this?

That's... just a toy too.

- What are these?
- Those are spinners.

- Would you ask her to keep back?
- I'm not dangerous.

I can show you.

Uh, it's just a magic trick.

Mimzy showed me how to do this.

Mimzy. Is that mimzy?

- Can we see your bunny?
- No!

- We won't hurt it.
- No!

- I want her!
- It's ok.

- Give mimzy back!
- Broadman!

That's a child's toy.
What are you doing?

It's not like anything I've ever seen.

Let's do a slice
and scan right away.

Sweetheart. Oh, boy.

Broadman, explain what's going on.

I don't know what's going on,
you said it was magic.

What kind of magic is that?

What's... Why... Where
are they taking it?

How long is it gonna take?
What are they doing?

It's not gonna take that long.
Just be patient.

- Bring her back now!
- What's going on in there?

Ok, here's the slice.

Are you getting this?
It's extraordinary.

It's almost as if
this thing could alive... it's mimicking
the nervous system.

I'm gonna take it down another level.
I wanna go deeper.

You're pushing the limits here Steve.

It will start breaking up.
Just a bit more.

Whoa! Whoa! Stop!

Look at that.

What is it?
You guys see what I see?

Look, I've been at Intel
for more than two decades.

I know every nanotechnology
project ever initiated.

All of them.
And we've dreamed about this.

We've dreamed about
creating artificial life.

It would be amazing,
we'd change the world.

But we are eons away...

...from achieving anything
like this. Eons.

All right,
let's recap what happened... least the best we can.

We know these things,
these... objects...

...are made from technology that
no one here's ever seen before.

And somehow
they have a intel logo...

...etched in their molecules.

We know that there was a major
power outage in half the state.

We know...
or at least we think we saw...

A little girl atomize her arm.

Does anybody have
any thoughts on this?

Can I talk?

- Mimzy'd like to speak to you.
- She wants to speak? Where?

She's in the other room.
She's telling me what to say.

The people in the future
can't travel through time.

They need our help.

Something in them is broken.

And we can fix it.

We have what they need.

She says it's in our genes.

Our genes?

They've been sending other
mimzys into the past...

To look for it.

But none of them have come back.
She says she is the last one.

I'm sorry, this...
This is crazy.

Hold it, please let her finish.

She says people
can't travel through time.

'Cause they'll die.

So they built dolls to do it... mimzy.

But she won't be here much longer.

She's disintegrating.

Mommy, we have to send
her back right away.

She says everybody is dying.

- Ok, that's it.
- Please, just let her finish.

She's done. I want more expert
brought in on this thing.

On this, there are no experts.

Noah, can you hear me?

I need you.

I need you to help me.

Em, where are you?

Noah, don't talk.
I don't wanna wake anyone.

- Do you hear me?
- See, you can do it too!

- It's like walkie-talkies.
- Better.

We need to get the
spinners and the generator.

There's a camera.

What do we do?

Use your spider speak, Noah.


Got it.


Took care of the cameras.

I can unlock the door, Noah.

It's locked.

The spinners are breaking.
We need more.

- We don't have more.
- Yes, we do.

On Whidbey.
Under the bed. I can see them.

Well, what good is that gonna do us?

Come on, we have to hurry.

There it is.
Come on, Noah. Let's go.

You have to drive us to whidbey.

I can't drive.

Yes, you can.
Just like phantom racer.

You can do it.
Come on, let's go.


What's that?

This is a lot easier than phantom racer.

Please drive carefully.

What's wrong?

I think we're out of gas.

Now what?

- What?
- I was dreaming.

Oh, man, it was so vivid.

You... You know that
crab place on highway 20?


I was standing in the parking lot.

No, but it was...
It's like I was really there.

Parking lot at...?


Did you... Did you
see any numbers?

- Sorry.
- I was standing there...

...and I was waiting for
something or someone...

...and I really wanted to run
but I couldn't move.

- Yeah.

And... I knew something really
important was gonna happen.

But then I got scared
and I woke up.


What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna go back to sleep.

No, no, you're not
gonna go back to sleep.

And you know why?

Because you have to go there.

What are you talking about?
This was a dream.

How many of these dreams
do you have to have, Larry?

Honey, the universe
is speaking to you.

It is?


What is it saying?

Well, right now it's saying,...

..."Get out of bed and
put on some clothes."

Check it out.

Do you see that?
Do you see that?

You keep doubting yourself...

...and you keep doubting me
but do you see that, Larry?

Mr. White, what are you doing here?

What am I doing here?

You're asking me
what I'm doing here?

I don't know what I'm doing here.
What am I doing here?

He listened to his dream.
That's what he's doing here.

Look... Who drove you here?

We drove ourselves.

In that? In the truck?

Wh... What were you doing driving
a truck? You're a little boy!

We escaped. We need you.

We need you to help us get to Whidbey.

Whidbey? What is on Whidbey?

Our house. Where we found mimzy.

Well, we're not gonna be
able to help you with that.

I'm so sorry. Because your
parents have probably...

...contacted the authorities...

...and we could be arrested
for kidnapping.

Larry, could I talk to you?
Just give us a second, kids.

I'm so sorry.
It's true what I'm say...

What are you doing?
We are talking miracles here!

The whole universe is trying
to communicate with you...

...and you're worried about...

...something as
earthbound as kidnapping?

God, I love you
but you drive me crazy.

Come on, it's a long drive.

I don't even know how
to get to Whidbey Island.

I do. Come on, kids,
get in the car.

- Can I drive?
- No!

Yeah, let the kid drive.

- Why not?
- Larry! Get in the car.

Do you guys know how to
use seatbelts? Put them on.

Here you go. Here you go.

You got your doll?

Ok, everybody,
fingers and toes in. Good.

Seatbelts, please!
Ok, Whidbey Island.

- Hi, this is Jo...
- Oh, hi, Jo.

I'm not here right now
to take your call...

- So please...
- Damn it!

Are you ok?

Does anyone know any games?

- Uh, I spy...
- This really is not the time.


I don't want mimzy to die.

Mimzy's not gonna die.

Look, trust me.
We have all the roads covered.

We're gonna get 'em back.
They're just two kids.

The state police got an ID
on the laundry truck.

It was abandoned on highway 20.

Highway 20? They're headed
to our beach house on Whidbey.

- This is it, kids?
- What's the rush?

- Hurry up, Noah!
- Where are they?

- I'm coming!
- Oh, man.

Ok. Just let us know
if you need anything.

They got lost.

- We gotta go in. We gotta go in.
- Larry, just give them a second.

Don't hover. Larry!


- I'm just checking.
- It's fine.

Hey, Noah. Hey, Emma.

Hey, what's going on, guys?

- Give them some space.
- Can you give me a break?

I'm trying to find out
what these kids are up to.

- Here's a perfect spot.
- Good.

Help me, Noah.
Help me clear it out.

For what?

What, are you having a picnic here?

What are gonna do, Em?

Get the rest.

Oh, yeah!

Is the generator ready, Noah?

Generator? Oh, sure!

It is!

What is it?

Larry, what is that?

I don't know.

You're gonna have to turn it on
and aim it right there.

- I'm scared, Noah.
- Me too, Em.

I love you, mimzy.

That... is...


Now, Noah. Make it go.

Noah, it's us,
we're building the bridge.

It's for mimzy to go back.

This is... This is my dream!

It's like... I'm in my dream.

This is our destiny, Larry.

Goodbye, mimzy.
Be a good rabbit.



- Noah, what are you doing?
- Put me down! Help!

- I can't!
- Noah, turn it off!



Noah, put her down! Ah!

- Are you ok?
- Don't touch it.

- Noah!
- Honey, let go!

Emma, we're here now!

- Oh, no, don't!
- Emma!



Daddy, help!

Get back, stay back.

Help! I'm stuck!

- Emma!
- Noah, help!

Why is it doing this?
You gotta let her down.

- Let me down!
- Dad, take the generator!

Put it down! Make it stop!

- Dad, you have to!
- Let me down!

Please, trust me!

I know how to get her down!

Jo, help!

Take it! Take your hand off.

You gotta hold it!
I can get to her! I'm coming u p!

- Come on, Noah!
- Emma! Help her, please!

Let go! Let go, Emma!

I can't hold on.

Oh, my gosh.

We did it, Em.

- Yeah.
- It worked.

Are you all right?

Oh, Noah.

- Sweetie.
- Fantastic.

- Did you see the bridge?
- That was incredible.

- Oh, my...
- I don't understand this...

But I know I'm sorry.

Is there anything
I can do for you guys?

Anything at all?


All right.

Dad, can you believe all this?

Noah, you were absolutely amazing.

Honey, I don't know
if this means anything...


- But when it disappeared...
- Mm-Hm?

...I did see numbers.
- Numbers?

Larry! Oh, my god!

- Come on in.
- Get a lotto ticket!

Any idea what just happened?
Where did Em go?


I'll miss you, mimzy.

No, don't stop.
What happened to mimzy?

Mimzy returned to her own time... if time had stopped.

It was what the scientist had hoped for.

To find a soul in the past...

...not contaminated... the pollutants that
filled our bodies...

...and minds.

Our precious quality of humanity
had been turned off...

But in Emma's tears was
the instruction for an awakening.

And it spread like wild flowers.

People shed their protective suits.

And over time,
humanity blossomed again.

Our world was saved by a child...

...very much like you.

Emma was our mother.

The mother of us all.

All right, children,
it's getting late now.

Time to go home.

Don't forget your homework.

See you tomorrow.


Goodbye, Lena!



Bye, Lena!

Now, children.

Who wants to tell us how
they spent their weekend?

Did you go to the playground?

Did you spend time with your friends?


Well, then.
I'll just pick someone.

Emma, why don't you start?

Special thanks to SergeiK.