Hounddog Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Hounddog script is here for all you fans of the Dakota Fanning movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Hounddog quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Hounddog Script

We must be careful with the snakes...


Follow me.

Had you said.

Let me see.

Did I davas a kiss.

You gotta show me first.

Charles said the
kissed by anything.

Charles is a liar,
he showed me his.

I want my first kiss.

No! You gotta show me first.

And then I kiss.

Of course, kiss, come on,
show me.

Not stupid you have to take everything.

No, not shot.

So do not you kiss.


Here you go.

What is this?


- That bruise you got there.
- Nothing.

- I got one.
- Where?


- My dad did that.
- My father did not beat me.

- Yes beats.
- No hits, liar.

- One day I will kill my father.
- Do not you anything.

And I will. And also kill the
if you want.

No, I do not want.

- Where are you?
- Home.

- And your kiss?
- Do not want.

But I want. I want to kiss you.


Who are you?

Is out there.

Where is my father?

You are in the bathroom,
is already there.

Who is the unknown?

We were waiting for
to see Elvis.

Why do not you make a lemonade?

And bring a beer for your dad.

It's your girlfriend?

I think so.

Yes, it is.

No lemons.


Vai stay with me for a while.

What is your name?


My name is Ellen.

It is beautiful.

Could be like my mother and my father,

Lou and Ellen gives Lewellen, who am I,

as my mom and dad.


The Elvis is making.

Why not sing for us?

Stop playing the music of the devil.

When you hear the Elvis.

I hear the "Kings Road", never heard that.

Have to stop listening to this song
or you get into trouble.

I want you to sing this song
at my funeral...

assures you that.

I see my father with his girlfriend.

Not you, not you.

Just a little.

No, sir,
you will not see this sin.

Your father is playing with fire,

as it did with my daughter,

he would not marry her,
only married because of you,

I had to drag to the church.

Well.. help me to wash the dishes
and we eat ice cream in the swing.

Sorry, but you can not enter,

Stay there.

What flavor you want today?

- Vanilla.
- Vanilla?

I always vanilla, all
I prefer the vanilla flavor.

Can you get me the shoes?

Why does not the mother peacock
sits on top of their eggs?

It's great, I broke them, put them
come inside to keep warm.

What was that?

Stay inside the house, I get the car
but back to back with my shoes.

Why not wait
until we left?

What do you do with it?
Because the drag?

- I will bury him.
- At least let me take it to the store.


Miss, you dropped this tree
and you blow the back.

In how many years I'm saying that
there is more to singing than Elvis?

When you sing a "blues" seriously?

- I can sing "blues. "
- Why not?

- I am not black.
- You are?

- I am not.
- I thought it was.

The Elvis is a white kid to
sing music of blacks.

So you are a white girl
sing the music of blacks.

I just want you to know that there is more to
fill this vacuum than Elvis.

One day I will be a big star

told me my father.

Yes, you

may be...

but if you are not still sing
continues to feel the spirit.

If your dreams have to be
forgotten for a time

so deep in the earth for

continues to feel the spirit
even in darkness.

Guess what I heard.

- What?
- Guess.

No, tell me.

- I heard that Elvis comes to town.
- The Elvis comes to town?


I do not know, just know that is,
all that was heard...

Lewellen, is anyone there?

No, ma'am.

Vai to me tomorrow to the bank.

- I can not, then tomorrow.
- Okay, the day after tomorrow.

Your bath is ready, come on,
let me see your head.

- Who was that?
- What?

You heard me. You were talking
someone. Who were you talking to?


Better than any of
boys want to do things with.

No, ma'am.

Get up.

You have time to grow and
do all kinds of bad things

but I want you to be
good as you can.

You have much time to grow.

Yes, ma'am.

Got lemons...

What you got?


Those cars are there
outside since I can remember.

I do not know why not to sell,
still had some money,

scrap on top of scrap

your father loves this junk.

Want to help me to make lemonade?



Not now, honey. Thanks.

No, it is to your face... help.

I do not believe you're so great.

I am in second grade.

Learn how to make
lemonade as well?

With my grandmother.

Where is he?


Vai back?

Will not return.

What you did?

Did something wrong? Angry that,
did they go away?

Sorry, honey.

No, you are a liar,
my father did not leave me.

- Did you leave me.
- Do not say anything...

Said nothing, stupid,
I hate you.

It's all yours,
my father did not leave me.

Vai back, you see,
he did not leave me.


No. Am I, Lewellen.

- Are you coming to my side?
- Yes.

He will return shortly...

I always when
is to get home

always felt.

You gonna stay?

Sing a song of
Elvis to me, baby.

Waves to me when you come?



Where is the Bernon?


Would not change next week?


You are the son of Wooden?

I am, as you know?

The Bernon told me that
your face was...

I mean, I do not know...

The Bernon told me you were
stay in his place.

Where are empty?

Up front.

You know Elvis comes to town?

I sing for him.

Gotta go.


The car is not yours.

Listen, said the car is not yours.

No, this is the lady who sat
up front.

- So...
- So?

Lewellen, sorry but had to
go deal with some issues the house.

"I was so busy doing my
things that I forgot everything

I forgot that stupid...

Sorry, should not have said that the
Your father said you left me

He did not say that.

Vai again, do it always.

"I know your father for a long time,
he always comes back. "

"Just met your dad at the bar
as the trailer that Mr.

I have known for a long time. "

Save me, save me please

I am a sinner, I am a
liar, please save me.

You know this girl?


- You promised me that I levarias you.
- Back up the truck, girl.

Who was that?

I do not know.

It seemed to know.


Feeling the spirit in the dark?

I am thinking of snakes.

The medicine of the snake is rare.


your tutorial... comes from having
suffered many bites of snakes

makes the change man
their poisons.

Poison in the body, the poison
poison the mind and heart,

poison the soul.

Transforms the poison that you can
kill in a good and powerful thing.

This will serve you well...

- She is singing Elvis.
- It's good, right?

- But the singing is bad.
- No, you sing well.

But it is a song of Elvis.

- No.
- It is.

It is the Willie May Thunder

now call it "Big Mama", it
the number one with "Hounddog" in 1953,

long before Elvis
sing this song.

Come on.

You can not tell anyone
I do not know swimming.

I will not.

- You have to promise.
- I promise.

You can not tell anyone
I saved.

I will not.

I will teach you to swim, okay?

You dance to Elvis?

Yes, dance.

Can I go?

Why do not we both?

No, I mean if
you take it with him,

you gotta go, do not you?


Can I go too?

I do not know if you can come...

I do not know if I will only...

I know... understand.

But you can ask Elvis
when we are with him.


Viva Buddy, bring your girlfriend?

Let's see, so is your girlfriend?


Bring me a six-pack, baby.

Hello Buddy.

- Hello, sir, how are you?
- Well..

- You are a little heat, no?
- Yes, sir.

Thanks, dear.

I brought you something.

What brought me?
What? What?

Let me see if I can find.

Where is the pus.

Honey, do not find,
I do not know where it is.




Lewellen? Lewellen?

I know you're there.

No time to play
the hidden...

your father was struck by lightning.


Your father has been reached.

By lightning?

By God.

Is he dead?

For your sins, was what it was.

No, ma'am.

You better run, boy.

We have done nothing.

Is he dead? My father is dead?

Maybe that was you achieved.

What were doing in the shed as
Your father worked in the field?

What were you doing?


Can I go eat some ice cream?

Only one.

Come home before dark.

Lewellen? Get away from the river.

Do not go to the river.

Now stupid, huh?


That was what my father said.

Is not.

It is poisonous?

No, stupid.

Stretch your arms.

Come on, you do not hurt,
knows well.


Can I have it?


Gotta go.

Why? Is not yet dark.

Gotta go.

Struck by lightning...

provides a venue of shit.

You have to watch closely,

it will drink the whole river.

I was in Pensacola

to fish with my brother,

saw a man crazy in office

drank water from the ocean as if it were
Whiskey, died due to salt.

You always have to be careful
the snakes killed.

USA where a stick,

the reflexes are such that a snake
Bite after poisonous you dead.

My grandmother said to drink
whiskey if you are bitten

mixing in the blood
and kills the poison.

Drink whiskey if you're always
bitten by a snake...

but to conclude whether
still alive.

The whiskey makes the poison go more
quickly in the blood to the heart.

Believe that God punishes
for your sins?

No, I do not.

Believe that God punishes
for the sins of another person?

No, I know he does not.

I am a sinner.

Yes, we are all sinners.

God put us here to sin?

I believe that God put us here,

I believe he put us on
all here.

My father is always based.

You have to watch it very well.

What is it, father?

I can not remember my name.


- Lou?
- Yes..

and I am Lewellen,

you are the first part of my name,
you remember?

The first part of my name are you,

Thou art my father, remember?

- I am your father?
- You.

I can not remember my name.

All right.

It's too hot...

I'll let you in here
If you have cold.

Do not want to sleep in your bed?

No, I will be just sitting here.

Okay, call me if you need

Can you give me my fireflies,

Can I have my kiss, please?

Good night.

Why are you stealing my money?

The father needs more drugs.

I have no money.


Purchase the drugs for you.

Yes, ma'am.

What is wrong with you?


It seems that you are angry with me.

I'm not.

I have no money

I can not go see Elvis.

Asks the father.

He has no money.

I can not go see Elvis.

Do not worry, we
the money somehow.

I get the money,
promise you.

Just do not cry more, please.

Lewellen, please do not cry.

You two.

What was back there?


I saw them they were stealing.

Confess that they were stealing?

- Yes..
- Mrs.

Yes, madam.

My grandmother and my grandfather said that while
you are here I can not play with you

but decided to play with you,

my name is Wanda,

but can call me Grasshopper.


What do you know?

- She can imitate the Elvis.
- Show me.

My God... Elvis, Elvis.

My God! My God!

Dad, guess what, I saw the Elvis.

He threw me a kiss, I saw the Elvis.

You left me alone...

You said to go back.


You said that once vineyards
and not come soon,

I thought you were gone.


I leave you, do you?

Promise me you will stay with me for
ever, promise me that you do not go.


It is already late for my medicine.

I love you, Elvis.

- Guess.
- What?

- I saw Elvis.
- I saw nothing.

- I saw it, threw me a kiss.
- You are a liar.

I am not.

- Yes you are.
- I am, stupid.

Can you take me to the river?

No, I have to finish this
for my grandmother.

Just for a bit.

No, I can not, I have to do this.

What is this?

I make marmalade.

What about tomorrow?

I do not know, I have to prepare
for Elvis.

It is my grandmother, disappears.

I can not believe, I forgot the sugar.

Let me see.

Even the time is ready.

Good girl.

- Hello
- Hello

- What are you doing?
- Nothing.

- You can now see the river?
- No.

I want to show you something.

I can not.


Already got my ticket?

Not yet,

but I have, I promise.

Go home.

- Can I go with?
- Go home, Buddy...

And yes I saw the Elvis.

Can you comb your hair like yours?

- You're late, kid.
- Sorry.

In the name of God,
This is what you wearing?

The dress.

Do not you do the smart,
I see it is a dress,

- Where did you get that?
- I want to hear.

- The Grasshopper.
- What?

I would like to hear.

- Grasshopper, is a girl.
- A girl?

Yes, sir, of course it is.

It is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chamber.
Is to visit them during the summer.

I love to hear it, Lewellen,
seriously so.

I love.

You stole it?

No, ma'am.

It is better not to hear tomorrow that
girl lost her dress.


She gave it to me.

Sit down and eat your dinner then.

Remember that you must help me in
selling the jam at the church Sunday.

Really I like to hear it.


Sit on my lap.


Because he knows very well.

You should do something.

Something different?


You have to guess.

Oh, no, father. What did you do?

I cut my hair.

Why did you do that?

Because I wanted to be cool like you.

Do not you?

I thought you might like.

Yes, very.

- Hello
- Hello

- You got your ticket.
- Did?

- Yes
- God, do not believe it.

- Yes
- How do it?

A friend of mine, but you have to go to me
the river, because he still has them.

Okay, I have to finish this
my grandmother, but I will be there with you.


Where you going in such a hurry?

Come here for you
under the rain.

I gotta go get my ticket to
Elvis, I have a ticket for Elvis.




My God, you scared me.

What are you doing here?

He said we are here for.

He wants you to dance like Elvis.

He told me to tell you
which is the Elvis.

Got my ticket?

You gotta do the dance
Elvis's first.


This is business.

He said that gives us the tickets,
the dance of Elvis.

- How did that morning!
- "Hounddog"?

- Yes
- Okay.


This is business.

Then give me my ticket?


Not stupid, you have to take all.

Can I have my ticket now?

I have something for you.

Please give me a ticket now?

- Yes
- Please.

- Come on.
- I want my ticket.

- Sing.
- No.



Let me, please.

Sings the Elvis.

We gotta go.

- No, I want to stay.
- Come on.

I am your light.

These men came from New York,

and asked, brother, because
fold against the Rock n Roll?

The first reason is because I do
even here, the word of the Lord...

- Amen
- Amen.. I believe this song...

is 100% responsible for the crime
of our youth today.

And the reason I believe this is because
know what you feel when you sing.

I know what you feel when listening,

I cursed the thoughts and wishes that
seize when you are raptured by the pace.

And yes, as a young, know what I
dislike this song so much...

But tell them a thing,
is the rhythm, the rhythm.

It is the pace.

There are many lovers of
music here in the church

but devote all their music
the weeks Mr.

We joyful noise
for you,

but has nothing of joyful
this song rock n roll, because...

Thank you very much,
thanks for coming.

May God bless you.

- I do not feel well.
- What is wrong with you? Are you sick?

- Yes.
- Lewellen, your boyfriend is there.

- Can we go home now.
- Within minutes,

I gotta see my marmalade.

- I take a walk.
- You okay, calm down.

Already come.


Buddy, Buddy.

Who is your friend?

This is the Grasshopper.

The Buddy is going to take me to see
the Elvis tonight.

You? Lewellen heard?
Go see Elvis.

That has always wanted.

- You can come with us if you want to eat ice cream.
- Yes, madam.

Come on.

Goodbye, Buddy.

Bye Grasshopper.

Grasshopper goodbye, like your name.

We eat a little
grandma's jam.





- Hello, sir.
- Hello, Buddy.

- Thanks.
- Bye, Grasshopper.

- Goodbye Buddy.
- Goodbye madam.

Goodbye, Buddy.

- Hello, boys.
- Hello, Buddy.

Get in the truck, guys.

Come on.

I will show you how to do it.




- Oh, Buddy.
- Get away from me.

- I can not find the Lewellen.
- Where will you think?

Not seen.

Come on, cowboy.

Do not do that.

Are you equal to your daughter.

You are so stupid.

- You are so stupid.
- Why I say that?

- You are so stupid.
- I can not stand.

- You are so stupid.
- I can not stand anymore.

- You are so stupid.
- I can not stand anymore.

- You are so stupid.
- I can not stand anymore.


My daughter is dead.


I told you to return to make
one foot in this property you killed.

What do you want?

- I care to Lewellen.
- The Lewellen okay.

- I take it with me.
- Do not you take, it is mine.

You think you are the father
thinks is his.

- And you think is yours?
- No, I think.

I do not think anyone is.

The only person who belongs
it is the same.

This is very nice.

I loved it.

Pecaste with husband
your own sister.

- Thank you to marry her.
- He became pregnant her.

But he wanted me, mother.
It was to me that he loved.

So what did he sleep
with your sister?

It was only once, and not
even have meaning.

Lewellen should be mine,
and you know it.

Why was he who loved me.

He never loved you.

You also want.

That's why you got here.

Come on, fire, mother.

Come on.

Need someone to care.

Nor can take
account of yourself.

She needs a mother.

I am her mother.

I need you.

Mother, please.

I need you.

I told you.

My daughter is dead.


Get the tickets?


Why not?

Come here. Secure it as
I will give way to disk.

What is this?

It is a very ugly wound.

You better treat her.


My mother always told me

never to walk in high grass.

Keep it cool, boy.




I remember those nights.

When expanded to the neck of your mother.

She was so great, quiet and loving.

Embraced this way,

with a fireplace, you to Lucy and Willie Mays

And when brincávamos.

It was so beautiful, I felt so
safe in the arms of your mother.

And when my mother had
you took the field,

entered the kitchen, you in metia
bed without waking your mother.

Your mother was good.

I miss her.

I miss her.

Why not the Lewellen waves?

- I can...
- You should.

Just think, I am afraid.

Look in the mirror.

Sometimes I can not breathe,
suffocated when I'm here.

Maybe you find a way to embrace
in a way that your mother never did.

- Mothers.
- Mothers.


Why not say nothing?

Why can not I talk?



is that my baby improves

please, dear Lord.

Not to let die.

I do not know what I did.

I can not stand.

Please, Lord,


- Sing.
- No.

- Sing.
- No.

You hear? Not provide.


- Think you dance too?
- I like Elvis.

Do not drink anything.

I smoke a cigarette.

I think she will die.

What do you say?

- And if she tell?
- It will not.

And you begin to speak during sleep?
You can do this...

Stop worry about.

- She could die and it is our fault...
- It is not my fault if she dies.

- Did you meteste the inside.
- No more.


What is supposed meter? A man is
supposed to come inside a woman.



You have a dark spirit in you.

A spirit that tries to wake you.

Want to sleep a little more.

Hide it.

We kid.

Go inside.

Vai is well.

I already have with you.

I want to come and sing with me.

I do not feel well.

I know, girl.

I know.

I want to go home.

Between and only sing a song
me first.

Leave me alone.

- I...
- Really, I do not want.

What you do with that empty?

What I loved was violated
and stolen from you. You have a vacuum there.

- What will you do with it?
- Shut up.

You have to feel this empty.

You have to feel when
become ill.

Are bad and eat you alive.


You're just a nigger, you know?

Only one black.

- You too, girl.
- No, I do not...

- You too.
- No, I do not...

Yes, you.

You made them believe that you were not.

It is the way that people you
deal that makes you a nigger.

The way people look at you

insult you and you spit.

People try to make
with the hate.

Apart from the things you love most.

You gonna let you do that?

I am not saying that life is not as hard
but do not let you win.

- Leave me alone.
- Do not you leave...

I hate you...

I hate you...

- Leave me alone.
- Do not you leave...

- You steal the soul.
- Leave me alone, I hate you.

Leave me alone.

Get up. Get up.

I can not dance anymore.

You got to dance.

If you stay quiet,
can engage more in the sound.

I can not sing.

Is hidden in an obscure place.

It is quiet and good looking background.

Stay quiet.

It is very, very quiet.

So you go.

The mixture is crazy powerful.

If you do the right, when you die...

and amounts to free spirit.

The ghosts do not try to catch.

But if you do not,

the spirits lead you to madness.

Always have a way to do it.

For you to shake.

Look at you.

I will you.

What you got?

You know, I have been thinking.

I have a large rear yard,
the new house to where I moved.

It would be great for a puppy.

But that would have come too.

Why can not I take
of him alone.

And you can do it.

And he needs you.

Simply could not breathe,

I could not breathe.

I was scared, you know?

I feel I can breathe now.

I have prepared for you a quarter.

- It turns-discs?
- Yes, you.

Come in, come on.

I gotta see.

Could not say no.

I'll wait here.

I'll wait here for you.

Got it.


Yes, madam.

I love you.

Yes, madam.

Special thanks to SergeiK.