In The Name Of The King Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the In The Name Of The King script is here for all you fans of the Jason Statham and Leelee Sobieski movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some In The Name Of The King quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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In The Name Of The King Script

I knew you'd come.

I told you I would.

I mean, I- I felt it.

I felt it before you came.

( man )
you're developing your powers, muriella.

Our time together is paying off.

( Wind Whistling )


You have to leave.

Is that your wish?

Each time we meet like this, I feel-

Weak. I feel drained.

( Whispering )
Perhaps that is what love does to a woman.

What do you know of love?

I know that poets claim
they would die for it.

- Would you die for it?
- Perhaps.

- In a poem.
- ( Laughs )

- ( Chuckles )
- What would my father say?

There are many things in this world
your father doesn't know.

Let this be one of them.

Sacrilege. This is madness, Gallian.
you go too far.

( People moaning, Screaming )

( man )
may the gods save us.

( Indistinct Voices )

Keep pulling, Zeph.

Use your legs.

( Zeph )
It doesn't want to come out.

- ( Grunts )
- It's those big ones that are always the toughest.

- ( Grunts )
- ( Chuckles )

See? Things worthwhile
don't come easy.

( Cawing )

( Squawking )

You missed.

I don't want to kill them-

As long as they don't eat the crops.

( Pig Squealing )

Brought the hog.
Same deal as always?

Winter's corn for the pig?

Same deal. Deal never changes.

It's been a tough
dry season, hasn't it?

- I've seen rougher.
- King's recruiting.

Soldiers get taken care of really well.

I have this land.
Isn't that enough?

you get older,you get tired
ofjust survivin

Wouldn't you like
to test your courage?

I mean, where's the courage
in just surviving?

Damn it, Farmer, would it kill you
to just talk for a little while?

I mean, we're not animals.
People actually do converse with one another.

Norick, if I could talk these turnips
out of the ground, I would.

When the rains come,
this ground turns to clay.

Not even you could talk 'em
out of the ground then.

That's what I love
about your old man, Zeph.

He always knows how to set a mood.

- Show Norick where we stack his corn.
- Okay.

Here you go, Zeph. Have a pig.

- ( Laughing )
- ( Squealing )

( Farmer)
Guess you'll be staying for supper.

Well, since you asked.

Norick, it is so good to see you.
You should come by more often.

Well, I figure Farmer saw enough of me
when he was growing up.

Now that he's got a family ofhis own,
maybe he needs a little bit of a break.

Norick thinks Father should quit farming
and join the king's army.

- ( Gasps )
- Now hold on a second. I didn't say that exactly.

He says the king's soldiers
make a lot of money.

Farmer, you're not seriously
considering this, are you?

You're my family.
I'm not going anywhere.

- That answer your question, Norick?
- I was just talking.

- Just talking.
- Well, everyone's got a talent.

-Just talking seems to be yours.
- ( Zeph, Woman Laugh )

Just ratting on his friends
seems to be yours.

- Can I have some chicken, please?
- Don't give it to him.

- Give me the chicken. Har, har, har.
- ( Zeph Laughs )

Tell me something nice.

Tell me how you love me.

You know.

( Laughs, Sighs )

I only know what you tell me...

and you tell me nothing.

Look at these hands-
Broken to feed us.

These hands speak louder than words.

What is the cost of telling me?

What more could you want?

What every woman wants-

A little passion.

- A little passion?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, let me see what I can do.

- ( Woman ) It's time to go.
- ( Zeph ) Why can't you come with us?

( Farmer)
I have all those fields to clear.

Remember-When men build lives
from honest toil-

- Courage never fails.
- ( Laughs )

That's right.

I hate sleeping without you.

Be safe.

It's Stonebridge.
Of course we'll be safe.

( Zeph )
Why do people call Father Farmer?

Doesn't he have a name?

Your father believes that people
become what they do.

Norick brought him to Stonebridge
when he was just little.

So Norick is his father?

The whole town adopted him.

Different families took him
at different times.

But Norick- He always kept
a special eye out.

I'm glad he has a family now.

I'm glad it's us.


Mmm. So am I.


Report to your king.

Your Majesty, Krug-

Savage army. The Krug-

They-They fight with swords.

This is ridiculous. It's as if
you were talking about armed dogs.

They fight like men.
They killed off our entire scouting party.

Had the general not ordered me to return
with word, I should be dead as well.

This is some sort of sorcery.

( Chattering )

( No Audible Dialogue )

( Low Rumble )

( Rumbling Continues )

( Rustling )

( Rumbling )

( Zeph )
Grandma.! Grandma.!

( Woman )
Zeph, is that you?

( Laughs )
I've got you.

Finally! Into the oven with you.

- ( Laughs )
- I hate the oven.

It's dry, it's warm.

You don't want us
to eat you raw, now, do you?

Why do you have to eat me?

Tonight, I promised your grandfather...

we're going to eat a dish he really loves.

( Rumbling Continues )

( muttering )

- So, how were sales at the market?
- It was good.

Of course, the men tried to take
advantage of me because I'm a woman...

so I make them pay more-
because I'm a woman.

- ( Laughing )
- When we were kids you were always in charge.

- Always the leader.
- No, I just knew what I wanted, that's all.

Until she met your father.

Your father does not take orders
very well from anybody.

( Grunting )

- Where's Grandfather?
- The bell tower.

- Shall we go?
- We have to be careful.

The bell tower was made
for times of war.

you don't want to pull the wrong rope
and start a war, do you?

( Grunting, Snarling )

( Yells, Groans )

( Norick )

What took you so long?

( Grunting )

Hah! They don't scare easy.

( Grunting, Groaning )

- Aaah!
- Aaah!

( Norick )
This is crazy.

Krug are beasts.
They don't have armor and weapons.

I need to use your horse, Norick.

- Where are you going?
- Stonebridge.

- Solana and Zeph are there.
- I'm coming with you.

Farmer didn't come?

No. My husband likes to leave
the trade to me so that he can farm.

You did well for a husband.

He loves you very much.

Yes. Yes. I believe he does.

( man ) When the bride and groom kiss,
ring the bell five times...

signaling their marriage
for the village to hear.

( Grunting )

Go. Go now. Take Zeph home now.

Take him! You can protect him, Father.
Protect him.

( Bell Clanging )

( Laughs )

- Are you ready, my lady?
- Always ready.

( Grunting )


Giving up so soon?

Your progress is truly remarkable.

If only Ehb had more soldiers
of your caliber.

- Let mejoin your army and you shall.
- ( Grunts )

( Both Laughing )

I am not quite sure that the armies of Ehb
are ready for women warriors.

Besides, what would your father say?

( Grunts )

My father never lets me do
anything I want.

( man )

Prepare your troops to ride.

Hordes of Krug are ransacking the land.

Oh, the sun is blistering my skin.

What is this nonsense you speak?

Just do as you're commanded.

I listen only to the king.

It might behoove you...

to learn a little respect.

Respect is earned.

You are mistaken.
Respect is my birthright!

( Clamoring )

( Shouting, Screaming )

- ( Screams )
- ( Snarls )

( Grunting )

( Clanging Continues )

( Snarling )

- ( Gasps )
- ( Snarls )

( Grunting )

( Man )
To the village, everyone!

- Where's Solana?
- She's-She's sounding the bell.

Don't worry, Zeph. I'll find her.

- Father!
- Bastian!

Take my sword.

- ( Norick ) Get inside. And bolt the door.
- ( mother ) Come quickly.

- ( Bastian ) Thank you, Father.
- Go.

( Shouting, Screaming Continue )

( Grunting, Snarling )

( Norick )
We'll look for her in the village.

( man )
Let's go, men.! Come on.

( Groans )

( Hissing )

( Scream Echoing )

( Laughing )
Well done.

A man with spirit, huh?

- ( Screams )
- ( Krugs Snarling )

( Woman Screams )

( Horse Snorting )

- ( Snarling )
- Let 'em go.

( Echoing Laughter)

You already killed me once today,
and yet, here we are again.

- Father!
- ( Groans )

- ( Yells )
- Run, Son!

( Screaming )

( Horse Whinnies )

( Groans )

( Panting )

Look! They're retreating.


- ( man ) They're going to higher ground.!
- Zeph!

( man #2 )
Don't let 'em get away.!

( Gulls Crying )

I need a fourth marker for Solana.

Nobody saw Solana.
Nobody knows.

We didn't find her body.
She could have escaped.

( Bastian )
He's right, Farmer.

Gallian! Where have you been?
I've been looking for you.

I've been busy.

( Door Closes )

- Very busy.
- We had an agreement.

I gave you access to my castle
so that we might work together.

And I'm keeping my end.

I'm sure recent events demonstrate
how very busy I've been.

Yes, indeed. You have managed
to stir things up a bit.

Stir things up?

Tell me, Duke.

What do you know of a man
they call Farmer?

( Chattering )

( King )
People of Stonebridge.

The armies of Ehb
sympathize with you.

This great tragedy will be avenged.

Where were the king's army
when the Krug came killing?

Peasant, do not forget
to whom you speak.

In your world,
don't you bow before your king?

In my world, the king's army's
expected to protect the kingdom.

- Not just the castle.
- ( Woman Weeping )

What of those taken by the Krug?

- Krug taking prisoners?
- Silence!

If these Krug have taken prisoners...

it is not yet clear
what their purpose might be.

( man ) The king's army will require
every man capable of combat.

- ( Tarish ) Who is with us?
- ( Woman ) What will happen?

The king has his armies and his walls.

Those taken by the Krug only have us.

- ( Tarish ) You dare defy your king's wishes?
- I'm with you, Farmer.

- Guards!
- ( King ) Let them go.

That is not the way of Ehb.

- ( Farmer) You took a risk
turning your back on the king.
- No more risk than you.

- I have no choice. She's my wife.
- She's my sister.

All right, let's get to it.

Stay here. Go with the armies to Ehb.

You wanted the life
of a soldier, didn't you?

Nah. I didn't like the uniforms.

- Do you have a horse?
- A mare.

She's old, but still strong.

Old... but still strong.

You're in my way.

We have met before, have we not?

( Solana's Voice )
Tell me something nice.

Tell me how you love me.

( Farmer's Voice )
you know.

- I'm Merick, the king's magus.
- I've heard of you.

Children's stories about magic.

Your king needs you.

Yeah, well, my son needed me.

I failed him.
Now my wife needs me, if she lives.

Does it occur to you, Farmer...

that there may be events
of greater importance...

than the loves and losses
of our particular lives?

No. Doesn't occur to me.

Try to stay alive, Farmer.

Your king needs you.

Far more than he understands.

( Norick )
How did you know about this bridge?

( Farmer)
As a child I roamed around these parts.

It's how I spent my days.

- If we wind through the gorge we'll lose a day.
- What are you thinking?

We can cross it.

Let's take the gear off the horses.

What, do you mean
we're leaving 'em,just like that?

Are you afraid we're gonna
hurt their feelings?

- Go home! Hah!
- Hah!

- Hah!
- Get out of here.

Let's do it.

( Grunts )

- All right, I'll go.
- You're a brave old guy.

I just don't want you weakening the rope
before I've had my turn.

- Come on!
- All right, let's go. Come on.

You were more concerned
about your horse.

My horse I like.
It's you I'm not so sure about.

Well, wait till you get to know me better.

( Yells )

( Both Yelling )

( Stops Yelling )

( Both Groaning, Yelling )

That saved us a lot of time.


-( man ) your majesty.
-( Tarish ) Get on your feet, soldier.

( King )
How many men on guard here?

I am on guard, my king.

Hmm. You are on guard?

- ( Duke ) Duke Fallow,you're very, very naughty.
- ( Giggling )

You make my bosoms tickle.

I'm gonna tell your mommy.

Where are you going?

( King )
my nephew amuses himself on the king's throne.

Do you feel it suits you?

you play while your king
and his legions...

are off on a military campaign...

and your only job...

is the safety of this castle-

which is guarded by... no one!

Your Majesty...

was off investigating
outlandish claims. Aah.!

- Get him out of my sight.
- No!

( Tarish )
Go on, before I make you.

( Door Slams )

Unhand me. You are not fit to kiss my gown.

And you-You are not fit
to tarnish your uncle's crown.

Ah, ah, ah, ah.

Unless the king specifically orders it...

you cannot touch me.

Imperial law...

is a toy...

I shall never tire of.

- Things are progressing according to plan.
- I cannot wait any longer!

I cannot stand the suffering rule
of that senile goat.

Make it happen.

You wish to accelerate things? Fine!

We shall accelerate.



Must you always appear
suddenly from nowhere?

I don't.

I appear so suddenly from somewhere.

You assume too much
entering my chambers unbidden.

I'm not welcome to the hospitality
you've offered in the past?

You're not welcome
to come and go as you please...

and then vanish without a word.

I'm not your harlot.

How could you think such a thing?

you know very well
why I must appear so quietly.

I can't very well be pounding
on milady's door, now, can I?

How do you come and go as you please...

when you're considered by my father
to be an enemy of the king?

I have friends. I wield influence.

Why does my father despise you so?

He's not known for his hasty opinions.

Questions! I did not come here
to be interrogated.

your father hates me
because I will not bow and scrape...

before the almighty king and his magus.

Because I will take from him what I please-

Even his daughter's virtue.

( Whispering )
Begone from my chambers.

- Begone from my life.
- ( Chuckles )

Are you banishing me as well?

And after all the work we've done.

Haven't I helped you
discover your power, your vision?

- You've introduced me to
parlor tricks and nightmares.
- Be still.

( muttering, Grunting )

( Woman )
Help! Please. Please.

My liege.

Again allow me to offer
my deepest apologies...

for mistaking your orders.

A mistake?

- Is that what it was?
- Yes.


May I sit, Your Majesty?


I know- Go.

I know I have failed your trust
on several occasions...

and perhaps I may be
a disappointment to you...

and the entire kingdom,
but I will change.

I will shed this youthful folly
in this time of great battle...

and I will prove myself a worthy heir.


You show a knack, my nephew...

for well-timed diplomacy.

I guess that's something.

May I offer a toast?


Drinking wine in the morning
is not a good way...

to show... reform.


Yes, indeed.

Long live the king.

( Chuckles )

( man )
The Krug last attacked Stonebridge, in the south.

( Tarish )
yes, and this harsh terrain...

will drive them north,
around the marsh.

Then we should attack.

That is, if the Krug behave
the way they're supposed to behave.

( Norick )
I don't like this, Farmer.

Nobody goes into Sedgwick Forest.

( Farmer)
The forest passes between the mountains.

We'll come out at Slate Pass
as the Krugs arrive.

There's more than brush
and trees in Sedgwick Forest.

You don't just cut through it
when you please.

you don't wanna
be stuck here at night.

- We'll light torches.
- Torches attract eyes.

- Let 'em look.
- Farmer!

You know what people say.
There are... things in Sedgwick Forest.

People say God watches over the innocent.

People say a lot of things
that won't help us now, Norick.

Come on. We've got a lot
of ground to cover.

( Norick )
I don't see any path.

- There is no path.
- So how do we know where we're going?

( Whispering )



( Bastian )
You were right, Norick.

Is this part of the plan, Farmer?

- Let us down.
- When I'm ready.

Get out of our forest.
you have no business here.

We hate your weapons
and your killing.

- We're passing through, that's all.
- Then pass through...

and never come back.

( Both Yelling )

We're, uh-We're lost.

men- Not only useless,
but helpless as well.

Your Majesty.

I beg of you news of my father.

- Your father has gone on an errand for his king.
- Please-

What's happening?
I worry that he's in grave danger.

The king's magus
has many responsibilities.

What he does not need is a daughter...

who's troubling herself
with the affairs of men.

My father thinks that keeping me
locked in this castle will ease my mind.

He's wrong. I know the mood of this court.
It's never been more troubled.

Darkness threatens...

our empire.

Darkness that's spawned by magic.

Come on! Hey.

your father seeks reason...

- and remedy.
- Your Majesty? Your Majesty?

- Your father-
- Your Majesty!

Gallian.! I feel like I'm dying.

Did you dine well with the king?

- What have you done?
- ( Chuckling )

I thought you were in a hurry
to accelerate things.

( Groans )

I suppose I may have tampered
with the king's food.

You've poisoned me.
You've killed me.

- Don't be so melodramatic.
- ( Groans )

It's nothing that can't be fixed.

( Groaning )



( Chuckles )

Let us hope you remember
who has the real power here.


( Panting )

I'd say I've saved your life.

Now what shall you do for me?

The king has been poisoned.

Can he be saved?

Perhaps, if it's not too late.

On my soul.

A word in private.

Fallow has fled the castle...

and he's taken two full legions with him.

( merick )
Well, that tells us who poisoned the king.

Prepare to move to the north,
where we shall meet our new allies.

The strength of our combined armies...

shall allow for generations
of peace and tranquillity.

I detect the hand
of Gallian in this.

Why has Commander Tarish
not briefed us for this mission?

( Groans )

Anyone else care to commit treason?

- How much of the army remains?
- A third.


Well, I have seen the Krug massing.

Gallian is raising armies-

- vast armies.
- How?

How is that possible-That a single man
can cause so much devastation?

My own daughter betraying me
to my sworn enemy.

- Do you hate me that much?
- ( Moans )

I thought that I loved him.

He has tapped into our bloodline.

You have tilted the balance
of magic in his favor.

Thanks to you, the kingdom may be lost.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

( Weeping )
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

( Norick )
Why do you hate outsiders?

You hate each other.
Why shouldn't we hate you too?

We stay in the forest to avoid
your wars and your contests...

and your mindless enterprise.

And yet, here you are,
shooting your arrows into our trees.

Harm is but a way oflife
for your people.

The fact that you don't realize
it is what makes you so dangerous.

( Woman )
This is as far as I will take you.

Good luck.

( Muttering, Grunting )

( Norick )
Do we have a plan?

( Bastian Groans )

( Grunting, Groaning )

Are you awake?

( King )
yes, I'm awake.

You'll find it's not so easy to kill a king.

We will attack.

But, Your Majesty,
you have been poisoned.

- Perhaps you haven't your bearings.
- I have my bearings, Commander.

And I have my wits.

The Krugs do not expect us to attack,
so that's exactly what we will do.

Who poisoned me?

I believe it was your nephew, Duke Fallow.


- ( Sighs )
- And there's worse.

He has abandoned the castle...

taken the guard
and the 1 1 th and 1 2th legions.

We will attack.

First light. Summon your troops.

How much time do I have?

Your life is coming to a close...

but there is time enough.

( Thunder Rumbling )

( Thunderclap )

You sure about this, Norick?

Not at all.

- ( Woman, Indistinct )
- Shh!

She's here, Norick.

- I can feel it.
- I think you're right.

( Grunting )

Hey, hey! Easy.


( Grunts )


we ride for our king.

And our king proudly fights...

- in the name of Ehb!
- ( Cheering )

Your Majesty.


God blesses those
who die for honor and truth.!

( Cheering )

( Groans )

I'm curious about you, Farmer.

I sense danger in you.

I can't read you.

I can read most men,
like reading scrolls of flesh.

But you- you, I can't see
past your scowl.

Why is that?

( Echoing )
Who are you?

Some riddles aren't worth solving.

( Grunts )

( Panting )

( Moans )

You are here.

I thought it a nightmare.

Where is Farmer?

Where is Zeph?

Bastian, where is Zeph?
Is he with our parents?


He's with them, but...

he didn't make it.

He... was killed with them
the day you were taken.

I'm sorry.

( Sobbing )
My baby.

Did he die quickly?

Tell me.


He died quickly.

Farmer will come.

He'll find you.

( Solana )
How do you know?

( Norick )
Because he must.

Because he needs you.

At the end of the day,
you're all he really needs.

( Groaning )

( Hoofbeats )

Don't die on me now, Farmer.

Much for you to do.

( Grunts )
Not looking too good, are you?

( Grunts )
Ah. There.

Try a bit of this.

( Gagging )

- What's it like?
- What is it?

( Laughing )
That's medicine. Come on.

( Woman moans )

( man, Indistinct )

- ( Woman ) No.!
- ( man Groans )

( Gallian Chuckling )

It's good to be home.

( muriella's Voice )
I am not your harlot.

( merick's Voice )
He has used you to destroy-

( Gallian's Voice )
I know that poets claim-

( merick ) He bends emotion for sport.
Have you learned nothing?

( Gallian ) Haven't I helped you
discover your power,your vision?

My lady?

( Weeping )

I am my father's undoing.

I've jeopardized everything.

But your father has
nothing but love for you.

My girlish stupidity
has damaged him.

Taking your life would damage him further.

( Exhales )

Perhaps you're right.

I would like my father
to be proud of me.

He already is.

He's proud of an idea of me.

( Fallow )
Prepare to meet your new allies.

These are Krug.

( Fallow )
Obedient, relentless and unquestioning.

What you see before you
is a powerful army.

( Horse Whinnies )

( merick )
Take this man.

Put him in the king's tent.

See that my horse is well fed.


So was this your urgent errand?

This is the farmer...
from Stonebridge.

- It is.
- ( Exhales )

Now why does a disloyal dirt-lover
from Stonebridge...

command such careful attention
from the king's magus?

Because the king has
a special interest in this... dirt-lover.

I know nothing of this interest.

Neither does the king.

I thought it was about time
that you two were properly introduced.

We've met.

But the last time,
he turned his back on me.

Turned to what needed doing.

I thought Your Majesty
would be interested in this farmer.

He's been through a great deal
since we met him in Stonebridge.

So has everyone else.

What makes him so special?

Because, Your Majesty...

he is your son.

( merick )
Farmer has a friend- Norick.

Norick tended the queen's horses.

I recognized him
when we were in Stonebridge.

After the massacre
at Oxley Pass, this Norick...

found a boy about three years of age
wandering in the battlefiield.

There was only one boy at Oxley Pass.

What do you think
of this tale, Farmer?

One old man thinks he recognizes another
from 30 years ago.

That's how you determine who's king?

You are the king's son,
and heir to the throne.

I have no father-

No parents.

I have no business here.

Are you telling me that
that arrogant bastard is my son?

He spent the last 30 years...

living over a Stonebridge farm?

It would appear so.

It would appear so.
You told me he was dead.!

You said they were all dead!

What kind of joke...

do the gods play on me?

Sometimes the gods
know what is best for us.

What the hell does that mean?

You remember the chaos
we were in? Hmm?

War everywhere.
Surrounded by enemies.

If that child had been
taken back to Castle Ehb...

how long would he have survived?

Growing up in Stonebridge...

he grew up strong...

and far away from the enemies...

who would have jumped
at any opportunity...

to rid you of your son and heir.

Dear friend...

you better be right about him.

You better be sure.

( Chattering )

The king needs every able man
he can get for this battle.

- That's not my problem.
- His kingdom is threatened.
Your kingdom is threatened.

I don't know this king.

Solana's my family.

Norick and Bastian.
They are my family.

And where will you live?


When the kingdom falls to Gallian...

what future will you
be able to offer your wife?

Think about it.

Fallow, you have committed treason.

We offer no quarter here.

And anyone who follows
under your command...

will likewise be
considered as a defector.

We will spare no traitor.

( Fallow )

Commander Tarish
has poisoned the king...

and accuses me of treason.


Your ambition has no limits, Tarish.

The Kingdom of Ehb
is now subject to my rule.

We, as well, offer no quarters.

You will never be king, my nephew...

because you have no valor-

Not now, not ever.

The 1 1 th and 1 2th legions
are with you, Your Majesty.

( Fallow )
You coward!

( Tarish ) These Krug have no archers,
but they also have no fear.

Now, they outnumber us,
but we are men...

- and we serve a noble kingdom.
- ( Troops Cheer )

They are beasts, with bloodlust.
Nothing more.

( Cheering )

So, have you come to do your duty?

I've decided to fight.

I'll be proud to have you fight by my side
so that I might keep an eye on you.

( Clicks Tongue )

Mid guard.

( Horse Whinnies )

- (Jingles )
- Commander.

Lead out.

( All Grunting )

( All Grunt )



( All Groaning )

( All Cheering )


( Rumbling )

( Shouts )

( Horse Whinnies )

( Grunts )

- ( Horse Blusters )
- It's okay.

( Horse Blusters )

( Hoofbeats Approaching )

- Hyah.
- ( Whinnies )

( Horse Whinnies )

( All Shouting )

( Groans )

( Groans )

( All Grunting )

( Grunts )

General, take their flank.

Men, move out.

( Snarling )

( Snarls )

( Grunting )

( Groans )

( Groans )

They fight like dogs.

Yes, sire.

( All Shouting )

( Groans )

( All Shouting )

( Groans )

( Groans )

( All Grunting )

( Growls )


( Screaming )

( Laughing )

( Screaming )

- ( Horse Whinnies )
- ( Screaming )

Let's go.




( All Groaning )

These Krug fight mindlessly.

Their minds belong to those.

( Shouts )

If you win the day,
it means nothing.

We will win more than a day!

You have killed these.

I will simply beckon more.

( Grunts )

Christwind. Is this where we pay for our sins?

No, Norick.

This is where we pay for our virtues.

Sins are more than welcome here.

( All Shouting )


The king.

Hold still, good uncle.

( Grunts )

( man )

( All Shouting )

( Grunts )

( Horse Whinnies )

( Horse Whinnies )

( Grunts )

( Groans )

( Groans )

- ( Grunts )
- Guards! Guards!


Get the king off the fiield.

( man )
Come on.

Farewell, good uncle.

- Ride.
- ( Grunts )

( Chuckles )
You have won nothing but time.

( All Grunting )

( Grunting )

I won't live like them.

We're already like them. We're slaves.

- I won't live like a slave.
- Norick, be still.

( Grunts )

( Groans )

( Exhales Deeply )

( Man )
Why are we entering Sedgwick Forest, sire?

We shall cut though
the forest to Castle Ehb.

With no armies and no guard,
the castle is ours for the taking.


Let's get out of this place.

Ho. Ho, ho, ho. Ho. Oh, ho, ho.

Lookee here. A friend of the family.

How delightful.

Alone in the forest does not
make you feel vulnerable?

- Keep your distance.
- You never did trust me, did you, Muriella?

Your comportment
has never earned trust.

Comportment? Decorum?

Those are words for a castle.

We-We are no longer in a castle.

- There are no rules here.
- ( Horse Whinnies )

( All Groaning )

( Gasps )

( Grunting )

( Grunting )

( Both Grunting )

( Grunts ) Hyah. Hyah.

( Grunting )


Hyah. Hyah, hyah!

( Grunting )

- ( Horse Whinnies )
- ( Groans )

( Groans )

A special gift for you.

- Thank you.
- ( Grunts )

There are rules everywhere, my duke.

Your talent for breaking them
has failed you at last.

- I'm taking this one with me.
- ( Grunting )

( Grunting )

( All Grunting )

( Grunts )

( Bastian )
Run. Solana, go. Go.!

I'll find you! Go!

( Krugs Grunting )

( Gasps )

( Grunts )

- Norick! Norick!
- ( Sword Clangs )

What you always wanted-

a courageous death.

Ah,you were a brave old guy.

( Bastian )

( Solana )

- ( Grunting )
- ( Clanging )

( Grunts )

- Oh!
- Come on!

( Gasps )

- ( Shouting )
- Stay back.

- No. I'm good.
- ( Chattering )

You fought well today.

Slaying beasts...

- can be a cruel courage.
- Yes.

Whatever presents itself...

-you'll do it.
- I'm used to hard work.

( Chuckles )

Well, that'll come in handy...

when you're king.

How do you suppose it is that you...

fought so well today?

I mean, was it...


you have qualities,you know.

Leadership. And, of course...

you speak your mind.

This will serve you well.

Wisdom is our hammer.

Prudence will be our nail.

When men build...

lives... from honest toil-

Courage never fails.

Where did you hear that?

I told it to my son...

every night...

when he was a little boy.

And no one else.

Things are gonna be a lot harder
for you from now on.

- I'm a simple farmer.
- yes,yes.

- It's all I know.
- You know, there's that little village...

not too far from here.

They raise two crops a year.

- That would kill the soil.
- No.

It does not kill the soil
because of the seaweed.

You see, the seaweed
comes in from the ocean...

and enriches the soil.

You should try that.

How do you know these things?

Because I am king.

Because I'm expected to know...

about the land.

Just as you will be.

As long as there are kings...

as long as there is land...

they will fight over it.

Battles fought for barren lands.

What are these wars
if they never end?

And they fought for peace.

Peace- that's a dream.

A dream that maybe you...

as king...

can bring peace forever.

You don't understand.

These battles have robbed me of my child.

You forget they robbed me of mine.

My son.

- ( Chattering )
- ( Tarish ) General Hallette.

Yes, sir.

Take a scout to the north side of the woods.

- We should know what's waiting for us.
- Aye, sir.

- Commander.
- Aye?


( Tarish )
Well, now this...

is a surprising delivery.

Duke Fallow's here to meet justice.

I assume the king lives.

( Whimpers )

General Backler...

give this man your sword.

No armor.

A duel.

How lovely.

You remember what I did
to you as boys, don't you, Tarish?

Can I at least have a lick of wine?

Will no man help his king with his armor?


( Grunts )

( Grunting )

( Grunting )

( Gasps, Growls )

This duel- it will be your last, Fallow.

( Grunts )

( Grunting )

( Groans )

( Tarish )
I should kill you.

I should kill you.

( man ) The king is dead.!
The king is dead.! King Konreid has died.!

No. No, this cannot be.

I am your king.

- No, you are a curse to the throne!
- Commander Tarish...

is bound by honor.

He'll never kill the new king of Ehb.

( Groans )

( Laughing )

( Sighs )


My subjects of Ehb!

Long live the king!

Hip, hip, huzzah!

Hip, hip, huzzah.

Put it away.

( merick )
Citizens of Ehb.

Soldiers of Ehb.

A few moments ago...

our beloved King Konreid passed away.

- ( man ) No.!
- Murdered by his nephew...

who sought to take his place.

By the laws of our land...

the king's successor
must be related to him by blood.

I give you your new king...

the lost son of Konreid...

Camden Konreid...

known to some of you as Farmer.


On your feet, please. Stand up.

The king called upon you to face death.

Those still standing have
cheated death of its prize.

But our enemy still lives.

He'll rebuild his forces
and launch a renewed assault.

Tonight we dress our wounds...

bury our dead.

Tomorrow we march
on Christwind hold.

- Gouge evil from its shell.
- ( man ) Gouge evil from its shell.!

God save the king!

( All Cheering )

( Grunts )

( Grunting )

What? What do you want?
Take them away!

Take them with the others.!


Bring her over here.


I sense him...

in you.

The farmer.

( Laughs )

He'll come for you.
This is perfect.

- And I will be expecting him.
- I'm nothing to you.

Yes, but he is something to me.

More than a farmer.

Much more dangerous to me than a farmer.

Now he'll come to me.

How do you know me?


( Whispers )
Don't move.

Don't move.

I feel him...

in you.

Because you're carrying...

his son.

You're carrying his son.

- ( Gasps )
- ( Chuckles )

( Grunts )

( Grunting )

Where you from?

Gloucern. They took me from my home.

We'll get you back home.

We'll die here.

Good-bye, old friend.

( Farmer )
How do you fight an army that large?

Where the broadsword fails,
the dagger may succeed.

No time for riddles, magus.

A small force might
slip through the Krug lines...

and solve the problem at its source.

Get me to this Gallian...

and I'll kill him.

Sir, with respect...

are we making plans to save one woman
when there is an entire kingdom at risk?

If the king is to save his wife,
he must kill Gallian.

If he kills Gallian,
the kingdom is saved.

( Chattering )


Now is the time.

Your Majesty.

I wish to join your mission.
I wish to be of service.

Yes. Well, you've made your point.
Now go back to the castle.

I am my father's daughter...

and I will serve the king
just as he does.

You brought the king's murderer.

He fell into my hands.

A man needs all the help
he can get, magus.

I accept your offer.

- There are others who wish to help.
- Which others?

( muriella )
Let me show you.

- You've managed to stay alive.
- I've stayed away.

Those who you fight,
those who control the Krug-

we will help you fight them.

Thought you didn't involve yourself
in the conflicts of men.

This war isn't going away.
We can see that.

And when our forest
is burned and invaded...

we have no other choice.

We will fight with you,
and then we wish to be left alone.


- Built as a secure haven for magi.
- How secure?

Hmm. Well, the doors
open from within.

You can get in?

- A magus does not need
doorways to enter Christwind.
- I'll find a way.

Do you consider yourself
lucky to be alive?

I do.


has never been so exciting.

Those people who came with me-

Why not free them?

You do not want the world to know
that you have ultimate power and mercy?

Do you understand nothing?

I'm beyond mercy.

I'm beyond good and bad.

These are childish ideas.

I'm changing the structures of the world.

Where would I stop if
I showed your friends mercy?

- It could-
- No exemptions!

No one. Not you.
Not the farmer.

Not your poor screaming boy
whose insides I tore out.

Kill me!

Kill me!

I won't kill you.

I enjoy you.

If you can bleed, you can die.

Perhaps I can.
( Whispers ) But I won't.

I have too much work to do.

( Thunderclaps )

( men murmuring )

- Tarish.
- ( man Speaks, Indistinct )

( Thunder Rumbles )

( All Grunting )

( All Grunting )

( All Shouting )

Archers ready.



There is a cave up there.

It allows the air to enter.

And now I must leave you.

I don't want you to go alone.

If there is any sanity left in that madman,
then I must try to reach it.

You can't reason with evil, Merick.

But I should at least
be able to distract him.

I knew you'd come.

Old friend.

We were friends once.

But you have greatly changed.


A magus's power is contingent...

on his service to a king.

How is it that you thrive
as the king's adversary?

How do you like my Krug?

- They are a cruel abomination.
- ( Laughs )

Funny thing about Krug.

They have no king.

So guess what I've done, old friend.

- I dare not guess.
- I've made myselfking.

King of the Krug.

Now I serve a king
who deserves my utmost devotion.

- Me.
- Enough!

Gallian,you and I
are the last of the magi.

I beg you, recognize
that you have fallen into madness.

You have no idea...

how powerful...

madness can be.

( Groans Softly )

( Chuckles )

In my kingdom, there will be
no word for madness.

We shall simply call it...

- power.
- ( Groaning )

( men Shouting )


( All Shouting )

Hmm. He's here.

He's arrived.

I see no reason to prolong this battle.

( Groaning Softly )


You're here.

I don't know how it happened.

How could I have been so stupid?

Forgive me...


Take the last of my power.

( Grunts )

( Krug Grunting )

( Grunts )

( Man Whimpers )

- ( man ) Kill them.!
- ( man #2 ) Somebody help us.

- ( Shouting )
- ( Grunts )

( Grunts )

( man )
Look out behind you.!

Run! Go!

Move it. Let's go. Go!

( Groaning )

( Gallian )
This way, Farmer.

This way.

( Chattering )

( Thunderclap )

( men Shouting )

( Solana )
Farmer. Oh.!

- ( Gasps )
- you've caused me a lot of worry, Farmer.

I understand you've become king.

We can't have two kings bickering
over a single kingdom, now, can we?

How often do two kings
get to do battle one-on-one...

getting to taste the blood
of one's true enemy?

Are you gonna fight...
or talk me to death?

( Groans )

- ( Chuckles )
- ( Grunts )

You wanna fight me with magic?

- Where's your honor?
- ( Laughs )

( Shouts )

( All Shouting )

( Grunts )

I will have my vengeance.

( All Grunting, Shouting )

( All Shouting )

( Groans )


What manner of vengeance
are you enjoying, Farmer?

The vengeance of a father,
the vengeance of a husband...

or the vengeance of a king?

- You forget the vengeance of a mother.
- ( Groans )

( Groans )

( Shouts )

( Blood Trickles )

( Groans )

( Sighs )

( Coughing )

( Coughing, Grunting )

( All Snorting )

What's happening?

There's something
I've always wanted to tell you.

I love you.

( Folk Rock )

Would you believe
in a night like this

A night like this

When visions come true

Would you believe
in a tale like this

A lay ofbliss

Praising the old lore

Come to the blazing fire
and see me in the shadows

See me in the shadows

Songs I will sing
of runes and rings

Just hand me my harp
this night turns into myth

Nothing seems real
you soon will feel

The world we live in
is another skald's

Dream in the shadows

Dream in the shadows

Do you believe
there is sense in it

Is it truth or myth

They're one in my rhymes

Nobody knows the meaning behind

The weaver's line

Well, nobody else
but the Norns can

See through the blazing
fires of time and

All things will proceed
as the child of the hallowed

Will speak to you now

See me in the shadows

See me in the shadows

Songs I will sing
of tribes and kings

The carrion bird
and the hall of the slain

Nothing seems real
you soon will feel

The world we live in
is another skald's

Dream in the shadows

Dream in the shadows

Do not fear for my reason

There's nothing to hide

How bitter your treason
How bitter the lie

Remember the runes
and remember the light

All I ever want
is to be at your side

We'll gladden the raven

Now I will run through
the blazing fires

That's my choice

'Cause things shall proceed as foreseen

( Vocalizing )

( Ends )

( Pop Ballad )

Pale-face the innocent

Will drown in blood

Hurt and withdrawn

Don't ever steal my grief

In this haze of green and gold

He's gone

Blind my eyes and I still can see

Through the mist to the very end

There I'll face what I fear the most

Blind my eyes
But it all doesn't matter right now

I will bury my dead

And keep on till the end

I won't give up

I won't give up

I'll turn to the red fiields of none

There's a grave

There's a rose

- Drift away
- I can hear me say

Soon you all shall be free

Carry the blessed home

No one's left here but me

And I will sing out your name

Call me insane I know

I've opened my heart
and my soul to you, son

So pale turns the innocent

And all I feel

Is pain

Suddenly I understand

He's gone

Blind my eyes and I still can see

Through the mist to the very end

There I'll face what I fear the most

Blind my eyes
But it all doesn't matter right now

But it all doesn't matter right now

Special thanks to SergeiK.