Interview Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Interview script is here for all you fans of the Sienna Miller and Steve Buscemi movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Interview quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Interview Script

I'm not just saying this
'cause you're my brother.

Or even DC.

I'm telling you Robert.

These cowboys are going down.

But do I get to cover Washington?


I have the unique privilege...

...of interviewing Katya.

Do you know who she is?

I mean she's more famous for
who she sleeps with than anything else.

And for her fluctuating tit size.

She's a real maverick, this one.
She's had them reduced.

Too bad for me, huh?

Now I've got nothing
to look forward to.

Hey, I'd offer you one. But it would be
like spitting in the ocean, right?


I know you like big tits.

Remember that night?

Remember the night I danced with Tiria,
when I first introduced you to Brenda?

I brought her over and you looked
right at her chest and you said:

'It's nice to meet you both.'

She liked you. You know.

Well, I don't want to keep
her majesty waiting.

You're gonna be okay.

Come on. You know that.

All right?

It's not fair, is it?

I know.

That's not fair.

I know.

Don't be afraid.

God, I hate my character.

Should we run at it again?

No. I think I'm supposed
to be somewhere.

'Do you realize
everybody loves you now?'

Shit. I'm late.

Come on, Larry.

There's gonna be more indictments.

This is just the crack on the dam.
Kidding me?

You know if I get on a train within the hour,
I could be in Washington by midnight.


I mean she's not even here.


Hold on.
Maybe she called.

I'm sorry sir but we do have
a policy about cell phones.

Okay. I'm sorry.

Still there?

Yeah. Look, I'm ready to split.

I can leave right now.

No. We definitely said seven.

Well, maybe she doesn't
know how to tell time.

Why am I so hostile?

I've been waiting
almost an hour already.

I'm sorry.

How are you?


I'm from Newsworld.

Oh I'm sorry.
I realize you're a person.

I try to be.

Pierre Peders.

I'm sorry. Peter Peders?

Pierre Peders.

Ah, I see. I see.


Hey, I was just wondering...

I'm sorry. One second.

Yeah. No, I just got here.


Okay. I'm gonna
have to call you back.

Before I forget.
What time is that thing on Sunday?

All right. I'll talk to you later.

Okay. Bye.

I was just wondering if there was any
way we could have my usual table.

I'm so sorry. It must have
been a mix-up. It's already taken.

I just...I feel a little exposed here.

Let me see what I can do.

Thank you so much, Donald.
Thank you.

I'm sorry I'm a little late.

No, don't be silly.


Ha? No.

No. My loft is just a couple
of blocks away.

Thank you very much.

I really appreciate it.

Please. We're crazy about you.

Glad to see you in one piece.

I heal rather nicely, don't I?

Oh, my God. That last one...

So intense.

He dragged me twice. Sadist.

Jerrie's right. You loved it.

And you're in the new one, right?

As a ghost?

I can't say.
You're just gonna have to go see it.

Come on.
- I can't.

We'll go see it.

Have a nice dinner.
Take care.

Thank you so much, Dennis.



Donald, sorry.


They certainly loved
your slasher movie.

The horror film? Yeah. They seem to.

Were you...?

Were you in the first one?

In the original?


I wasn't born.

That was a long time ago.

But you came into it in...When?

Isn't it 'Body'?
It's 'Body', it's 'Killer'...

Killer Body - Part 4.

And you play a ghost?
Or something?


No. Not exactly.

Did they not send you a screener?
Normally you get sent screeners before.

Yeah. I know it's...

It's in my bag.



What can I get you to drink?

I think I will have a
raspberry Martini, please.



I'm sorry.
Another Scotch?

It's Maker's Mark.

And I'll be back with menus.

I'm not eating. We're not...

I mean unless you're hungry.




Mr. Pierre Pierre.

What's that for?

My tape recorder had a stroke.

It occurred to me that
I could record sound with this.

Ah, sure. Yes.

I won't take the cap off. Okay?
- No, that's fine.


The one and only.

What kind of a name is it?

It's a Russian name.


Are your parents Russian?

No, my mother is Dutch.
And my father is...

What city is she from?


Amsterdam - Sin City.

I've never been.

You should go.
I've been many times.

Legal prostitution.

And your father? I'm sorry.

Do you know anything
about me at all?

It's all right...

I mean they sent me a brief, but...

You didn't read it?

I mean it's fine.
You just don't seem to really...

No, I'd rather...

Get to know.

- Right.

And I'm sorry I have
not seen any of your films.

I know you.

I guess I know you more
by your reputation.

You mean by who I'm fucking.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Thank you.


Okay. I'm...

You're gonna have to forgive me.
I don't...

I don't usually do this.

You don't normally do interviews?

Not with actresses.


I usually handle politics.



So that's your excuse for
being unprepared.

Because I'm not a member of
the Senate or a general?

Did they mention to you that I actually
happen to be Secretary for Sex Education?

You know if you fuck the right
people in this administration...

You can be the
head of FEMA in no time.

Okay. Look, I'm...

I'm really tired.
Anyway, we really...

Let's not do this now.

No. I'm sorry. Let's...

I'm sorry.

Could you sign something for me?

Like my iPod?

Of course. Sure.

What's your name?


Theo is fine.

To Theo.



There you go.



Well, you must get that a lot, huh?

You wouldn't believe half the stuff
I've been asked to sign.

Bicycles, cars, shoes.


Forehead once.

You really don't care at all, do you?

I'm sorry. It's just a little odd for
a journalist to be so uncurious.

I'm sorry I have to say it, you know.

No. No. I apologize.
Am I being unprofessional?

Oh, I think so, don't you?
Just a little?

Do you know how long
I've waited here for you?

No, I do not.

Over an hour.

And yes. Somebody should have called.

Maybe you don't know this
but there's a shitstorm brewing
in Washington.

And my editor wanted to
send me to Washington tonight.

So I can be there for the
press conference tomorrow.


Here I am. For you.


How are we doing?

I think we'll just
get the check please.

Of course.
- Thank you.

Great. Thanks.

You know if you're this
big-time political pundit...

Then why would they send you
to interview me?

Look, I don't know any more
than you do why they sent me.

Maybe they thought it was important.

So like I said, here I am. All right?
Why don't we make the best of it?

Okay, but...

If this is your best then...

It's not a joke.

Oh, and I am?

Here you are.

Thank you.

I'll get it.

No, it's fine. I'll get it.

I have an expense account.

I have a bank account.

It's my pleasure.

You know what?

It's been very nice wasting
time with you, Peter Peders.

You too, Cunt-ya.

And go fuck yourself.

Thank you. Good-bye.

Can it just be pretty quick?

All right. Have a nice night!

I know who you are.

You are beautiful, baby.

Come on.
Don't be that way.

I just wanna see that smile.
That killer smile.

I love you. Yeah.
You're my girl right there.

Come on, give me the whole thing.
Give me the whole thing.

There goes Katya.

Can you just drive, please?

You don't know who that is?

Watch it.

What the hell
is the matter with you?


Are you all right?

Let me see.

Yeah. No.
It's just a bump. I'm fine.

Pierre your bag!

You've left your bag, Pierre!

Let me have a look at you.

Oh, God.
It's bleeding. Wait.

It really wasn't necessary, you know.

Shut up.

You bumped your head.

Do you have a union card?

Come on.


Hi, honey.

You're at home?

No. No. We're still at the restaurant.

Yeah, I know. But I was late.

'Cause it's pretty quiet here right now.

Yeah. Listen, I'm gonna
have to call you back. Okay?

Yeah. Newsworld.

Sweetie, for the film.

Okay, sweetie. I'll call you back.
Just watch the game or something.


Now let me see.

I can't see. Get in the light.


On your head.

Yes, doctor.

You know I could really use a drink.

A drink. Yeah.

Do you think that's a good idea?
I mean you probably have concussion.

I do not have a concussion.
Believe me.

I don't have any Bourbon.
Is Scotch okay?

That would be much appreciated.



So some place you've got here.

The luxury of success.

Well, when you move out
they can always make it an airport.



Listen, I...

I apologize...

For being unprofessional.

Apology accepted.

How is your head?

Couple of more minutes.

Are you gonna sit down
and have a drink with me?

Come on.
You're making me nervous.

This is very good Scotch.

Lucky for you.

It was very kind of you
to bring me here.

It's closer than
the emergency room.

Besides, I must feel responsible.

Well, you should.
This is all your fault.

See that?

That killer smile causes car wrecks.

God, you're better
when you're drunk.

I have a long way to go
before that happens.

I better get you another.

Why don't you just
bring the bottle?

Yes, Captain.

Look, you're more than welcome
to stay and finish up your drink.

But I really have to work
on my lines soon. Okay?

For what?

You're kidding, right?

I'm sorry.
My brain must be frozen.

For my show.

I do a TV show.

I know. I know that.
I knew that. Hum..

I do.

City something.

Sexy City.

City Girls.

Sexy City Girls.

Not sexy.
No, just City Girls.

But you're also sexy.

Don't even pretend you watch
the show, Pierre. Okay?

You're beautiful.

That's why I play the lead.

I'm sorry.

It is...

Really important for your career?

Is journalism important
for your personality?

Yeah, I think so.


Well, it's made me
a better person.

What kind of person
were you before?

So what are you gonna do next?

Basic Instinct 3?

You're not interviewing
me now, okay?

Well, I gotta write something.

Well, make it up.

Everybody else does.


Oh, Maggie.



Are you crazy?


It's crazy.

I'm gonna be a while, okay?

There's a computer over there.

You can google me.

Oh nobody.

Sweetie, because of
everything that's going on.

I just really don't think
it's a good idea.

You know. We have to
be really careful. That's all.

Because this has happened before
and it's gonna happen again.

...considered to be the
architect of the president's success,

...has been implicated, along with
several other senior advisers.

The president wasn't answering
any questions today.

The vice-president was also
unavailable for comment.

No shit.

The White House decided to hold
a press conference early tomorrow
to address the charges.

Further indictments are anticipated.

Although 'who and when' is a major topic
of speculation inside the Beltway.

Our guest tonight has won two national
News Emmy Awards for his TV work.

With the ABC news show 20:20.

Danny Schechter - great.

Listen, it's after nine.
You don't watch?

Can you turn to Fox, please?

What is your take on
what's going on in Washington?

Well, what happens in scandals like
this is not just the first reports.

But whether or not there'll be
follow-up and persistent digging.

Can I have my remote, please?

Please, I just need to see this.

We find that a lot of journalists
become more competitive.

When there's a big story breaking.
And I think they'll go after this one.

But with an indictment
of this size...

We're likely to see
a feeding frenzy in Washington.

Which could escalate
this into a much bigger crisis.

I think we're gonna see the
blogosphere taking the lead here, but...

Are you still angry with me?
Is that it?

I'm not angry with you.

Then are we still friends?

Of course we're still friends.

Why wouldn't we be?

But friends return phone calls.

Friends tell each other their problems.

Hey, Larry. It's me.

Are you watching that event now?

No, I'm not.

Well, I tell you who's not on it.


They never let you anyway.

Ha-hah. Very funny.

Because I'm not in DC.
That's why!

Just leave me alone, please.

Not until you tell me
what's going on.

There's nothing going on.
Don't you get it?


Look, I just wanna be left alone.

I'm not sending you down there
to hang out just with anybody.

Okay. Look, fine.

I'll pay for it.

I will get there on my own.
All right?

I'll write a story and if you don't like it,
you don't have to use it.

What about the other piece?

What other piece?

The one I'm paying you for.

Yeah. No, it went fine.

We talked about her tits,
we talked about her movies.

It's very moving.

Talk to me.

You know what Larry?
Just forget it.

No, fuck it.

Pierre, maybe next time.

Fuck you.

That was stupid.

You know there're more journalists dead
in Iraq than in all of Vietnam War.

Fuck you.

I want you to be happy.
That's all.


I need you in my life, baby.

You know you
can tell me anything.

I love you.

But I miss you.

I miss you, too, Amy.

Hey, that's you.


Don't look at me.

I'm a mess.

I think you're beautiful.

Who writes this shit?


Hi, sweetheart.

I didn't expect to see you here.

I'm good at crying.

You know sometimes...

They want the muffled weep.

Then sometimes the sob.

I'm impressed.
That's a good acting.

I don't know if it's acting.
It's more like a trick, you know?

What other tricks do you know?

I can do this with my tongue.

It's genetic, really. But still...

Now I see why you're star.

At last.

All right. So, were you...

Always interested in acting?

God. Yah.

Pierre. Pierre.

If I were a politician, would you ask
me such uninteresting questions?

Am I that boring to you?

Why do you choose only the most
commercial crap that's out there?

Do you enjoy appearing in B movies?

And horror films?

Do you think you're
any good in them?

I like my movies.

You know I may not be a great
actress, but I will be one day.

And yes, I enjoy entertaining
millions upon millions of people.

How large is your readership?

You know I have dozens of readers.

And I doubt that any of them were
entertained by your performance in...

What was it?

'Life of the Party'

Now that was scary.

It was supposed
to be a comedy, right?

Why would you lie?

About what?

You said you'd never seen one of
my movies. Why would you lie?

I forgot that one.
I saw it on a flight.

Not very memorable.

I watched most of it
with the sound off.

And still I was wishing
the plane would go down.

I mean...

Do you wanna be taken
seriously as an actress?

Is that why you had
your breast reduced?

You miss my tits.
Is that is?

Well, don't you?

They weren't even
mine to begin with.

I made them bigger
for the Killer Body movies.

So you did it for your art.

I'm so sick of talking about this.
I can't even begin to tell you.

Did they pay you by the inch?

It's not different to me to putting
on a costume or wearing a wig.

Or fishnet stockings.


Do you like fishnet stockings, Pierre?

Wait. Let me rephrase.

Why do you think it is that men like
fishnet stockings so much?

They look good on women.

Fishnet stockings ...

... are a net.

And the woman is
imprisoned within this net.

Like a fish.

You get it?


And what about high heels?


High heels make
walking very difficult.

So you see nothing would be
more attractive to a man ...

Than a woman wearing fishnet stockings
and high heels, because...

She has trouble walking.

And she's imprisoned
within this net.

And therefore he thinks
she's easy prey.

I know everything.

Oh yeah?

What makes a man attractive?

Are you hungry?

What makes a man attractive?

If you'd rather have a sandwich,
I think I have some baloney.

That's been working for us so far.

Is Pierre your real name?

Or is that something you invented
to sound more international?

And why aren't you in
Washington already?

Because as far as I can tell
the shit's been brewing for days.

It's been on the news non-stop.

Why don't you answer my question?

What makes a man attractive?

A scar.



Most women have one, too.

And where...

You are beautiful.

You are repeating yourself.

Don't step on my boots.

So tell me...

Are you good at seducing men?

Are you gay, Pierre?

Well, maybe.

Many years ago in El Salvador
I let a guy in high heels...

... and too much
lipstick jerk me off.

And I paid him 20 bucks.

But hey...
He was wearing fishnets.

So how could I resist?

Are you sure he
only jerked you off?


That night I was pretty drunk.


Maybe he did take
advantage of me.

The funny thing is...

I convinced myself that
I really wasn't cheating on my wife.


Like that didn't count.



So back to my question.
And your answer.

Are you good at seducing men?

Do you realize how many
men would kill ...

To be standing
as close as you are now?

How many?


Even the gay ones?

I'm not gonna seduce you, Peter.

Well, I don't want you to, Kathy.


You said I was beautiful.



What would be the point
in telling me that I was beautiful....

If you didn't wanna fuck me?

No, I don't.

Wanna fuck me?

You know what?

I don't fuck celebrities.

I don't fuck nobodies.

Would you kiss me, Pierre?

A French kiss?

What would be the point?

It's okay.

No, it's not okay.
Because I don't want to.

Why not?

Well, believe it or not.
You're not my type.

And you...

Are so not my type.

Kiss me.

God, I hate you.


I said, I hate you.
What the fuck did you think I said?

Hi, sweetie.

Yeah, I'm back home.

'How was it?'

Ah, the interview was all right.
A little boring, though.

Weird guy.
Peter... something.

Yeah. He looks just like my dad.

Where are you going?

Baby, I just started bleeding.
Can I call you back?

I love you, too. Bye.

What are you doing?

What am I doing?

What are you doing?

We're having fun.

Yeah. I was having fun.
Now I'm gonna have to go find my friend.

With the high heels and the lipstick.

Because at least
he finishes what he starts.

You've given up the interview?

What interview?

The one you started?

You can ask me anything.

Anything at all.


Why did you kiss me?

Why do men always want
to talk about it?

Was that your boyfriend
on the phone?

Well, that certainly wasn't my girlfriend.
That's for sure.

What the hell is wrong with you?

You're on drugs or something?

You have to feel sorry for me.
I mean I probably have silicon for brains.

You know that bastard of a surgeon
must have transferred some
in there from my tits.

If you don't wanna take
me seriously...

You are fucking nuts, all right?

Hey, Pierre, Pierre.
Just do one thing. Do one thing.

Turn the TV on.



Turn on the TV.

Here we are.

In the stylish loft...

...of Katya.

America's lightest whit dream.

So Katya, America
really wants to know...

Just why exactly did you rob them
of such a spectacular wreck?

Well, I am going to be
a serious actress now and...

They would have just gotten in
the way of my iambic pentameter.

Did he charge you by the outs?


The surgeon.

I mean let's be honest, there was a
hell of a lot to excavate in there.

Well, of course. But you know,
I got a deal for doing them both.

A shrewd shopper.

All girls are gonna
make ends meet.

Now would you show us your new tits,
unspectacular as they may be?

You know I can't do that
because I'm a serious actress now.

Nicole Kidman did it.


In that case.

Why don't you just zoom right in?

What's that from?

My breast surgery.

Never trust a blind surgeon.


What's it from?

Look, we're not here
to talk about me, are we?

Besides, I doubt you'd
really wanna know.

But I do.

No. You know what?

You don't.

All right. Fine, Mr. Tough Guy,
war correspondent.

I'm sorry that I asked you anything
about your miserable little life.

Now can we just get this over with, please?
Because I'm tired.

And bleeding. Don't forget.

Any more dull questions? Shoot.

It was a grenade.

Oh please, Mr. Tintin.
We're not here to talk about you.

And why are we here?

If you're gonna talk philosophy to me,
I will really fall asleep.

You know, I don't find you
funny at all, Ms. Katya?

Why won't you try
becoming a person first?

Instead of a...

Rich spoiled brat.

Who knows how
to turn on the charm.

That's not the same
as having talent.

Which I don't see you
having much of.

I tell you what you're
good at, though.

You're good at lying.

But you lie mostly to yourself.

Are you awake?

Hanging on every word, pap.


'I'm good at crying.'

Well, you're good at
getting what you want.

A whore...

Call me a whore.

A whore in Sarajevo.

At the Hotel Gainsbourg.

Fell in love with my brother.

Your brother?

Go on.


My brother, Robert,
fell in love with her, too.

Then he goes and
he gets her pregnant.

And he was so happy.

He's a - or he was a -


He got this really
nice shot of Marica once.

That's the whore.

In front of a bombed out market
with some little kids.

In fact it made it into our magazine,
and I wrote the accompanying story.

We used to do that sometimes.

Just pretend I'm not here.

Well, long story short...

Marica was captured by some
soldiers led by Olek Maholevec.

And Olek raped her.

Then he gives her to his men.

And they rape her.
Then do you know what they did?

They ripped open her belly.

And they tore out the fetus.

And they put that in a pot.

And sent it to my brother.

After they healed her up...

I thought you said
this was gonna be short.

Olek said to her,

'You can go kill your boyfriend.'

'And if you don't, we will.
But first we'll kill your whole family.'

'And then you.'

So, they gave her a grenade.

And one night she
shows up at the hotel bar.

And she pulls the pin.

Six dead including two children.

Well, there was nothing
left of poor Marica.

Except a piece of her thigh.

But do you know what?

I really don't remember if
she was wearing fishnets or not.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that I hurt you.

I was indeed acting like
a spoiled brat.

I should have
poked out your eyes.

Feel like dessert?

No thanks.

I have fetus and syrup.

You were unbelievable.
Do you know that?

I have a headache.
Do you mind if I lie down?

Well, not only is that the first
real question you've asked me.

It's also the best that
I have ever had from a journalist.

Please, lie on my sofa.

Do you have any Tylenol?

It's another good question.

I'm afraid that I do have some Tylenol.

But no arsenic.

You know, that would get rid of
your headache a lot faster.

Thank you.

Do you know what?

Maybe journalism is not for me.

Maybe I am just a big fat failure.

Hey, I never said you were a failure.

What happened to her family?

Marica? I don't know.

And your brother?

One suicide attempt after another.

Why does he keep failing?

I think just to torture me.

Do you realize
that you're unpleasant?

I'm sorry.
I forgot to call you back.

Did you watch?

You were amazing.

I was terrible.

I don't love Evan.

Sometimes, I think I'm just using him
to keep the darkness at bay.

Yes, he's handsome.
But when he wants to make love, I cringe.

I don't know why, I can't stand
the thought of him inside me.

I should break it off.
But I'm a coward.

Death is all around me.

Around me and in me.

I'm googling you.

Great stuff.

I did an interview for Vogue last year.
There's some good stuff in that
if you want to use it.

Thank you.

I'm back.


Oh, don't look at those.

Why not?

I look like a slut.


You know you are really starting
to get on my nerves, Pierre.

Well, that's what I do. You know?


Tell me about your boyfriend.

You know I'm really tired.

Well, I can really use
some more time with you.

I mean now I feel like
I'm just getting started.

Haven't you got enough already?

Just a few more minutes.

Okay, you.

Follow me.

You want some?

No thanks.

Ah, don't look so disappointed.

You'll make me cry again.

You know what?
I'm pretty tired.

Maybe I should go.

Well, now I'm sure you
have plenty to write about.

Don't worry.
I won't write about this.

Well, then have some.
So I know I can trust you.

Is that coke?

It's not heroin, is it?

Yeah. Okay.
This is stupid.

You know what? Take my very
expensive bottle of Scotch with you.

If there's anything left.

Fuck you.

Why are you such a fuckface?

Well, certain people just
bring it out of me.

What are you...?

Jesus. Yes, it's really funny.

I try to look very stupid to you.

No. It's stupid of me.
Stupid of me.

Watch my glasses.

You know, you gotta learn to relax.

I'm completely relaxed.

Are you bleeding again?

Do you need me
to get you a damn towel?

I'm fine.

Hey, Pierre.

I'm not tired anymore.

Do you mind
if I use your bathroom?


Oh, that's just the bath.

Toilet's next door.

Death is all around me.

Around me and in me.

In my chest.

In my gut.

In my eyes.

Everything I look at seems black.

Over here.

Well, now that looks relaxing.

Oh, it is.

How is your head?

I live.

You're really getting
beat up today, huh?


It's an occupational hazard.

Will you do something
for me, Pierre?

I'll try.

Write down your number.

And I will call you.
And we'll finish this up tomorrow.


Try to be a little prepared. Okay?

You got it.

That's nice, isn't it?


The music.

Can't you hear it?

Do you like it?

Not really.

Will you put this out
for me please, Pierre?

Yes, your highness.

I'm not that high.


I'm sorry if it seemed like
I was judging you.

In there.

Just surprised me. That's all.

Oh, that shouldn't hap.

Everybody knows
that I'm a crack whore.

I have been with all kinds of whores
all over the world.

And you my dear are
no crack whore.

You say the sweetest things to me
sometimes. Do you know that?

I do, don't I?

I must like you or something.

Well of course you do.

I drive men crazy.

Boys too. But mostly men.

You know, just the other day
my acting teacher tried to hit on me.

And it was really disgusting, Pierre.
Because he's like your age.

And I had so much
respect for him. You know?

Who is this?

He is the best.

And everybody goes to him.


He tells you how to read your lines?

Oh, we do exercises. You know.

Character study and...

Sense memory.

I videotape my rehearsals.
He critiques them.

All that crap.

Watch out Meryl Streep!

Take it easy pap.

I am not your pap.

You just look like him sometimes.
That's all.

Your father?


Well, give him my regards.

I will.

He's dead.

So is my daughter.

I thought you said
you didn't have any kids.

Well, I don't anymore.

How did she die?

Heroin overdose.

19 years old.

Well, I was off somewhere
in the Middle East.

And what about your dad?

Heart attack at fifty.

I never met him.

I've seen pictures, though. He was very
handsome in an odd sort of way.

But a real asshole.
So I'm told.

He had no interest in me at all.

And there's your scar.

Well played, Dr. Freud.

No more music.

They must have gone to bed.

And what about us?

I didn't know there was an us.

You're right.
There's not, because...

You hate me. Remember?

And yet you kissed me.

You kissed me.

No. Why would I do that?

I'm your father.

You're weird.

And you are my daughter.

I'm not.

That's right.

She's dead.

You must be tired.

Of your boyfriend.

Excuse me?

Is that why you kissed me?

Because I'm tired of him?


Or sick of him, actually.

I mean you don't love
him anymore.

You know what I'm gonna tell you,
Mr. Roving Reporter?

We're in love.

And we're getting married.

That's a bad idea.

Why would you marry
someone you didn't love?

And there's your big scoop!
Jesus, you're good.

Because nobody in the entire world
even knows we're engaged.

Except, you know, for people who read a
newspaper or a magazine. You dumb fuck!

Hey. You know what?

Come here.
Where are you going?


Is that him?

It's me.

Are you gonna let him in?

I don't want to.

Why not?

Now just keep your
fucking voice down.

I would really like to meet him.

I would.

Doesn't he have a key?

Nobody gets a key.

Are you in there?

I'm gonna let him in.

Ah, God. You have got to
change that ringer.

He's still there.

Answer your phone.

Shut that up.

Do something.

Can I talk now?

You can go now.

Oh boy.


Come on.
You don't need that shit.

Oh fuck off already.

Ah, you left me a little.

How sweet of you.

Is life really this hard for you?

What can you possibly be
so depressed about?

I'm sorry, daddy.
Did you say something?

Just get over yourself already.

How are the whores
in Afghanistan, father?

What? No whores?

Look at you. You could have
the world at your feet.

But you prefer to piss
and moan about it.

And then you act like
you're crazy, on top of it.

How are the camels?

Let me tell you something.
You're not crazy. Okay?

Do you know
what your problem is?

You're too normal.

That's what it is. In fact...

If I had a grenade,
I would stick it up your fucking ass.

Why do you think anything you have
to say could possibly hurt me?

I'll go find some war to fight.

Excuse me.

Correspond with.

You don't actually fight, do you?

And you don't actually
love Ethan, do you?


What's his name...?

Evan? Is that his name?

Come on. You don't love him.

And that's why you kissed me.

And maybe that's why
you didn't let him in the door.

I was protecting you.
- Whatever.

The fact is you don't love him.
And why don't you just admit it?

Tell the truth for once.

Pierre, what the fuck are
you talking about?

I can prove it.

Oh, my God. How?

Never mind how.

Forget it. All right?
Let's just leave it at that.

No. Pierre. Pierre.

You can't say something like
that and then not do it.

Prove to me.
Prove that I do not love him.

And I will do
anything you want.

I don't want anything from you.


You tried to dry hump me
on the kitchen counter earlier on.

Are you sure there isn't anything
you want from me, Pierre?

You like to gamble, huh?

God. I'm not gambling.

I am in love.

And I'm getting married.

What are you doing?

I don't love Evan.

When he wants to make love, I cringe.

I can't stand the
thought of him inside me.

Shall I go on?

Oh my God.

Or should I unzip?

You know what?
You're really sleazy.

Well, you wanted prove, didn't you?
There it is. You're a liar.

Is there any point
in saying that you're sick?

I'm not gonna use any of it.
It's just more for background.

Breaks into my computer.

He reads my diary.
And he's proud of it?

Have you noticed that I have
about ten minutes on my tape?

And it's just us bickering.

You talk on the phone all night.

You leave me out here alone.
You said I can use your computer.

And now you're surprised?

Why don't you just rape me now?
And get it over with.

I wanted to know about you.
You don't tell me anything.

You wanted to know me?

Why don't you have a
rifle through these, huh?

See what you can find.


I know you better than you think.


You just read my diary.

No. I hardly read any of it.

All right? But there was
something in there...

That I read that I wanna
know more about.

You could leave now.

Get away from my computer.
You sick bastard!

Death is all around me.

Around me and in me.

In my chest.

In my gut.

In my eyes.
Everything I look at seems black.

Black sky.
Black clouds. Black sun.

Black. Black. Black.

That is stealing! You...

You prick. What?
Are you gonna sell it to the tabloids?

No. I would never do that.
I swear.

But I wanna know
why you feel this way.


Get out.

Here. You can have that.
I don't even want it. Just delete it all.

Okay. Look.

I know you're not gonna
believe me when I tell you this.

But I do care
about you very much.

I don't care about your diary.
Or the rest of it.

And I don't care about who you marry
or why. That's none of my business.

But Katya, please. I wanna know
why you feel like there's no hope.

I swear to God
I will call the police.

Hi sweetie.

What's going on over there?

Honey, did you come by before?

I was in the shower.
But I thought I heard banging.

Oh, God. No, I mean...

Because I started bleeding, sweetie.

No. I just...
I have a cold. That's all.

What message?

No. I have been on the phone to Maggie
all night. She's just freaking out again.

I don't know.

Baby, listen.
I need to get some sleep. Okay?

If I don't, I'm just
gonna be a wreck tomorrow.

I love you.

Yeah, me too.


I'm not going anywhere.

I just don't wanna play your
games anymore, Pierre.

No. This isn't a game.

This is not a game from me.

This is very real.

Go ahead.
Do you wanna call the police?

Cause that'll be in the papers tomorrow
morning. Is that what you want?

Look. I wanna know what's
haunting you.


Because I feel haunted, too.

Maybe things aren't as
bad as you think.

And would you tell me
your deepest, darkest secret?

You have one, don't you?

Why do you wanna know?

I don't.

But it's the only way
I'll tell you mine.

Where is your camcorder?

It's in my bag.
- Go get it.

Why? I don't wanna record this.
- I do.

What for?

Because then we'll feel like
an interview, Pierre.

A professional interview.

And not some weird, surrogate
father-daughter bonding moment.

I get to record you, too.


I'm gonna have to read this. Okay?
That'll be easier.


Today my sentence
was handed down.

The X-rays were clear.

I have cancer.

I asked Dr. Abrahams
if I'm going to die.

He said he couldn't tell how
far it's progressed.

I asked him,
am I going to lose my breast?

He said he'd be happiest
if we removed it.

I asked him what happens if
it has progressed further.

He said we should wait and see.

Take it a step at a time.

But that I should give up smoking.

And drinking.

I can't imagine telling anyone
for I fear it will become too real.

Are you okay?

Yeah. I'll be fine.

Jesus, you're a pill popping alcoholic.
No wonder you didn't need any blow.


Hey, I do have Bourbon.

Does anybody else know?


God. I have been
horrible to you tonight.

I haven't exactly been
Miss Sunshine myself, have I?

What will you write?

Nothing. No. No.

I'm gonna tell my editor
that I walked out of the interview.

Very unprofessional of me.

And in the end
he was a gentleman.

I don't know about that.
I've been a real jerk tonight.

I'm sorry. I didn't use to be.


I have tortured you enough.

You should get some rest.

I knew it.


Aren't you forgetting something?

You can't be serious.

Serious as cancer.

Katya, I'm telling you...

My story pales in comparison.

It's not a competition, Pierre.

We made a deal.

I know.
But that was before.

That's when deals are made.

Okay, look.
Don't get mad at me.

I really don't
have anything to tell you.

Don't you dare do this to me.
I can't believe you're doing this to me.

I am sick of your little games.

It's not a game. I...

I'm sorry. I lied. Okay?
I don't have anything to tell you.

No. You're lying now.

Katya. Don't...!

Don't what?

Don't what?
Act like I'm crazy?

I'm not crazy, Pierre.
I just wanna kill you.

I wanna rip your insides out.

You filthy, sleazy, disgusting,
lying son of a bitch.

Stop it.

Get your hands off me.

Let it go.

Okay. Go.

Marica, the whore...

She did lose the baby, but...

They never cut her open and ripped
out the fetus and put it in a pot.

I just said that to make
the story more interesting.

I do that a lot lately.

Past few years.

Especially in my reporting.

I have a lot of non-existent sources.

And that's why I was not in Washington
when the scandal broke.

Because Larry, my editor at the magazine,
doesn't trust me anymore.


'I think you should start
doing people profiles.'

And that's why I get stuck doing
these God-awful fluff pieces.


Oh, is that it?

Is that your secret?

Just getting warmed up.

My real secret.

My real shame.

Is after Lisa died.

It's my daughter.

It's like I said.
I was never really there for her.

But neither was my wife, Brenda.

Even though she got sole custody.

We were divorced
when Lisa was three.


After Lisa's death...

Brenda and I...

In our grief or whatever,
we sort of got back together.

And things were
starting to look up.

Till she started drinking again.

And I started to resent her,
and blame her for Lisa's death.

And we would have
these horrible fights.

I mean really ugly.

And physical.

Well, one day I got this....

Desperate call from Brenda
when I was at work.

'Please, Pierre, come over.
I'm scared. I'm really scared.'

I could tell she was out of it.

But I took my sweet time
getting over there.

In fact, it was hours later.
And when I got there, she was...

Passed out on the floor.

I mean she'd obviously been drinking.

But I also saw a bottle of her pills...

An empty bottle
of pills on the couch.

I didn't touch anything.

And I didn't even get close enough
to her to see if she was breathing.

You murdered your wife?


I went home and I drank
myself to sleep.

In fact I was still drunk
the next day.

When the police informed me that I was
the last person that she had called.

So. Yeah, I guess you can say
I murdered my wife.

I'm very tired, Pierre.

Yeah. Me too.


What the hell
happened here tonight?

I don't know.

Things did get
a little crazy, huh?

A little?

I'll get your things.

I have one more confession.

If I don't get some sleep, Pierre,
I'm gonna kill myself.

Just finish your drink.
I'll get your things. Okay?

Hey, did you find my...?

Camcorder and your palm?

You wanna check?

No. I trust you.

Pierre, do you mind
taking the stairs?

I just get scared in the elevator
on my own at this time of night.

You have been very
gracious this evening.

But I have one more
question, if you will.

What do we have in common?

We don't believe in relationships.

I knew it.

You're right.
There is no equality.

No. There is always a winner.

And a loser.


One more thing.

Hey, Larry. It's me.

No. I just... I wanted to give
you a heads up on the Katya-piece.

'First, you don't wanna go....'

Wait a minute.

No. Listen to me.

She's got cancer.

Yes, of course, she told me.
She told me everything.

We should get this in soon,
before she tells anybody else.

'We're not going with that.'

Why not?

Maybe it's some kind of weird
coincidence. I don't know.

I know what she told me.

Plus I have a copy of her diary.
- How did you get that?

Never mind how I got it.
I just do.

Yeah. We'll see about that.

I gotta go, Larry. Bye.

Changed your mind?

About what?


I'm up here.

Hi, Pierre.

What's up?

I forgot to tell you something.
I hope you'll forgive me.


My boyfriend's name is Ray.




I just wanted to be
clear about that.

So who's Evan?

Amy's boyfriend.

And Amy would be...?

City Girls?

Your favorite show.

So your diary is just
a script from your show?

No, I wrote that. Thank you.

As Amy, of course.

It was one of
my acting exercises.

And you know,
she's the one who is sick.

With cancer.


No. No. Wait!

Pierre. Pierre.

You have my tape.

Well, I guess it's my tape now.

You took my rehearsal tape.

I have your confession
right here.

Should I send it to your editor?

Or the police?

Should we run at it again?

Shit. I'm late.

For what?

Another interview.

With who?

I have no idea.

And that's why I get stuck
doing these God-awful fluff pieces.

I'm sorry.

Special thanks to SergeiK.