London To Brighton Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the London To Brighton script is here for all you fans of the Lorraine Stanley and Georgia Groome movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some London To Brighton quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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London To Brighton Script

[Water trickles]

[Breathing heavily]

[Thud in distance]

Fuck off!

Ow! Fuck!

What are you doing?

Fuck off!

Fucking hell!

KELLY: Come on.
You've got to stop now.

Come here.
I've got to get it off you.

That's it.

Do you want some food?
I'll go get you some food, all right?

Go in there. Stay in there.
Don't open the door to anyone.

Are you gonna come back?


- JOANNE: Please.
- KELLY: I promise. I will.

I'll bring some food, all right?

Got a fucking problem?

Look the fucking other way, then.

Can you put the toy in, please?

We'll have to get the train,
go somewhere.

We ain't safe here.

I've got a mate in Brighton.
He don't know her.

We'll go there for a bit.

What'll that man do?

Shut up. Don't worry.
He ain't gonna find us.

Look, you're gonna have to stay here.

You're gonna have to stay here
in the cubicle.

I've got to go and get some money
so we can get the train.

What about my money?

Later. Can you stay here?

- For how long?
- An hour, hour and a half.

I don't want to be on my own.

I know, but you can't come with me.

Look, just wait here.
I won't be long, all right?

All right, mate, what are you after?

What have you done to your face?

Nothing for you to worry about.
Look, do you want something or not?

Go on, get in.



Is someone in there?




Come on, open up. It's me.

Are you all right?

Where have you been?

I told you, I had to go
and make some money.


Come on.
We're gonna get the train.

ANNOUNCEMENT: your personal
belongings with you at all times.

Unattended luggage can cause
unnecessary security alerts.

Here, go and sit
on that middle one.


It's gonna take about an hour,
so why don't you have a kip?

What about that man Derek?

He ain't on the train,
so don't worry.

Are we gonna go to jail?

I told you, no.
Now, go on, have a sleep.

- I'm not tired.
- Yes, you are.

Here you are.

Now, use this as a pillow.
The window will shake.

[Indistinct shouting]

Stop it!

Stop it!

Fuck off!

[Door opens]

Stuart, what's happening?
Stuart, what's going on?

Fucking hell.

Get me a drink.

He's had a girl here.
Find out who she is.

DEREK: You were nothing
when I first saw you.

Don't fucking "don't know" me!

I am not a fucking charity!

Now, I've been shelling out.

All right? I ain't made of money,
so I need you to do this for me.

- Derek, please don't.
- What?

What do you think
I'm asking you to do?

How long's she gonna be?

We've got to be back at work
in half an hour.

DEREK: Fuck off!

Just wait a minute.

All right, come on.
Stop this now.

All right?

Come on.

You're the most beautiful girl
I know.

Do you know that?

When I first saw you, I thought
you was like a star or something.

You know?

And do you know what's more?


We've got a future, you and me.

Something really good.

Do you believe me?

Come on.
Do you believe me?


Right, good.

So, get in there and fuck 'em for me.
All right?

They've come down a long way.
They're good friends of mine.

You're beautiful, you are.
You know that?

You are beautiful.

All right?

Go on. In you go.

She's coming in.

Don't take all fucking night, either.

[Rap music plays in distance]

Give me the cornflakes.

Go on.

We're in a hurry.

[Indistinct talking on TV]

You're lucky I'm not more in to that.
I'm a busy man.

Have you got anything for me?

[Knock on door]

The door.

I need 200 pound off you.
I ain't even fucking about that.

I thought you were getting me here
to give me something.

I ain't got anything on me right now.

Oi, oi!


Who the fuck are you?

Stuart Allen wants to see you.

Why? What for?

Just leave your cereal and come on.

Get Kelly on the fucking phone.
Find out where the fuck she is.

And when they're finished,
I want 'em out.

Come on.

[Cell phone ringing]


Is this for me?


You look nasty.

Do I? Cheers.

How are you doing?

All right.

I love the countryside.

It's nice, isn't it?

Seeing a bit of color.


Why the fuck did you run away?

'Cause living at home was shit.

Mom's dead, isn't she?
And my dad was a bastard, beat me.

He was always pissed.

The other week I nicked his fags,
and he kicked me in the ribs.

It's big, isn't it?

It was massive last week.

Does it hurt?

Not as much.

What a pair, eh? Me and you.

Black and blue.

Where are we going?

To stay with a mate for a bit.

Stay away from London.

He's just called,
so no doubt he's found out.

He owes me money.

You ain't gonna see that, love.

Look, I'll get it for you, all right?

I love the fields.

It's a shithole, this place.

How do people live like it?

I don't know.

Well, you live like it, don't you?

How do you mean?

All this scum 'round here.

That's who you deal with, isn't it?

Oi, cunt!


You can't fucking
park over there, mate!

So, you know who I am, then?


I'm talking to you, big man!
Fat cunt, open the window!

You can't just fucking sit there.

And as for Laughing Boy
in the fucking back,

I don't know
what he's fucking about at.

But it's too much, mate.
You can't fucking park here.

We told you that.


- Shut up and fuck off.
- All right.

Fucking hell!

Fucking toe rag girls.

That's who you deal with, isn't it?
Girls like this.


How often did my dad ask from you?

What do you mean?

You can take me
for a stupid cunt if you want,

but one of those boys
will cut your ears off.

I'll ask you again.

How often did you get my dad a girl?

A couple of times.
Three or four.

What kind of girls?

I don't know.
He likes them young, don't he?

Did you get him a girl tonight?
And don't fucking lie to me.

Yeah, I did, yeah.

How young?

She was about 12.

Do you know what she did to him?

No. No, I don't know anything.

One of the other girls went with her.

Where are they now?

I don't know.
I thought they'd still be there.

Well, they're not.

Who was the other girl?

Her name's Kelly.

What's happened?
What have they done?

I want those two girls.

- I'll find them.
- You better had.

- And then you're gonna call me.
- All right, I will.

Have you got my number?


Get it off him.



Find those two girls.

And if I don't hear from you
by this time tomorrow...'re a fucking dead man.

Get out.


Let's go.



Chum, come and pick me up.
They've cut my fucking leg off.

Yeah, I'm outside the J-Mo.
Get Kelly on the fucking phone.

Find out where the fuck they are!
They've done him over or something!

I don't know!
Just get a fucking move on!

What do you want to do?
It's too early to call her yet.

Can we go to the beach?

- What for?
- I want to see the sea.

Come on, then.


Who's that?

Open the door. It's Derek.

- It's 6:00 in the fucking morning.
- I know what time it is!

Just open the fucking door!

All right, all right. Hold on.
I'm coming down.

He's coming down.


So, you haven't heard
from her, then?

I've told you,
I've only met the girl twice.

Well, come on.
Let's have it, then.

It's my dad's.

Well, he ain't gonna need it
for another 10 years, is he?

Fuck off, Derek.

- lf he finds out, he'll go mental.
- I'm only borrowing it.

Look, he ain't gonna find out
unless you tell him.

I don't fucking believe this.

What are you gonna do with it?

I'll keep it on me
in case I find her.

You're gonna kill her?

Fucking depends.

Look at my fucking leg.

Do you want shells?

What else am I gonna fire out of it?

I want it on me in case
Stuart Allen comes after me.

I'll kill her myself.

I'll shoot them both
in their stupid fucking heads,

getting me in this mess.

Look, you should just
give them to Allen.

Finish your coffee.
I'm going back to bed.

Make sure you bring it back.

I love this flat.

Lucky cunt.

Thank you.

Oi! Hang on! Wait!

I'm going in the sea!

Don't be stupid, you nutter!

What are you doing?

[Seagulls squawking]

What are you doing?

I'm playing!

It's bloody freezing!
You'll catch pneumonia!

What took you so long?

What are you talking about? It's only
been an hour since you called me.

Well, I did tell you
it was fucking urgent!

Well, I didn't have
the money for a cab, did I?

So I had to get the bus.

You got anything for me?

I only saw you this morning.
No, I ain't.

Go on.

Duncan Allen called.


Do you know who he is?

Yeah, of course I do.



- Go and sit in the car.
- What for?

Because I'm talking to Kelly, and
I want a bit of fucking privacy.

Take your phone with you
so I can call you.

Yeah, I've got it.


This goes no further, okay?
This is between you and me.

- What is?
- Duncan Allen.

- He wants a girl.
- All right. Book me.


- He wants a young girl, don't he?
- How young?

Younger than you.
I don't know.

10, 11.

He's a nonce.

It doesn't matter what he is,
does it?

He wants something,
and he's asked me to get it for him.

- Yeah, but a kid?
- Look, don't start, Kelly.

I need to find a girl,
and I need her for tonight.

Well, I don't know anyone, do I?

Well, you're gonna have to go
and find someone, then, ain't you?

No, I ain't doing that.
No fucking way.

Don't be fucking silly.
Yes, you are.

Look, I'll give you 200 quid.

- It's a little girl, Derek.
- I know it is.

He asked me, didn't he?
I do fucking know.

Look, If I don't find her, he's gonna
get one from somebody,

so I might as well do it or he
won't come back to me, will he?

I don't want to fuck him off, do I?

I don't know.
Where would I find someone?

Can't go out
and fucking kidnap some kid.

You don't have to, do you? All right?
You're gonna give her some money.

Go down Waterloo
and the Embankment.

You find a runaway.
They'll need the money.

Well, I want more than 200 quid.


All right, look, I'm gonna have
to give her at least 100, aren't I?

I don't know.

Look, find someone
who's been doing it for a while.

If she's out on the streets,
she's bound to know a bit, ain't she?

Kelly, if I don't find someone,

I am bang in the shit,
so help me out, please.

I've fucking helped you
enough times, ain't I?

I'll have a look.

I ain't picking
some fucking innocent.

Well, you don't have to, do you?

All right, you find someone
who's been doing it for a while

and give me a call.

Fucking hell, Derek.

Right? Now go and get looking.
I need her for tonight, Kelly.

- Well, I want these fags.
- What?

- Well, I ain't got none, have I?
- Well, take them, then, all right?

I want some credit
for my phone and all.

All right, later.

Use a pay phone.


Tell Chum to come back up
when you pass the car.

[Indistinct talking on TV]

Excuse me, mate.
Have you got 20p?


Excuse me.

Have you got any loose change?


Do your mom and dad
know you're begging?

How much you got?


- What, for a cup of coffee?
- Piss off.

- Let's have one of them.
- What's the magic word?

Give me a fag, please.

How old are you?


Fuck off!

How old are you, really?

12 this year.

Have you got any money?

You just told me you had money,
you fucking liar.

Who are you calling a fucking liar?


- You're a runaway, are you?
- Yeah.

- How long have you been out here?
- Couple of days.

- What, no one looking for you?
- He don't give a fuck, does he?

- What's your name?
- Joanne.

Do you want something to eat,

- Are you gonna pay for it?
- I ain't.

Stay here a minute, all right?
I'll get you some food and fags.

I won't be long.

I'm just gonna make a call.
Don't go anywhere.

Yeah, I found someone.

I don't fucking know, do I?


All right.

Well, where do you want to meet?

All right.
Yeah, I'll see you in half an hour.

All right, bye.

Come on, then.

Who was that
you was just calling?

A mate of mine.
He'll get us both something to eat.


'Cause he owes me.

Come on.
He'll get you some food.

Come on, then, if you're hungry.

You hungry, are you?


- Where's all your bedding?
- I haven't got any.

Are you on the streets?


I have been, though.
Shit, isn't it?

It's better than being at home.

All right.

Move over.

All right?

- What's your name?
- Joanne.


She's been out a couple of nights.

- Where you been staying?
- She's just asked me all that.

How old are you?

Nearly 12.

Do you want something else?
Some ice cream or something?



Ice cream, please.

- What flavor do you want?
- Chocolate.


So, who looks after you, then,

What do you mean?

I mean, is there someone who takes
care of you out on the street

in case you get into any trouble?


I can look after myself.

KELLY: Cheers.

Who are your parents?

Why are you asking me
all this fucking stuff?

'Cause you can help me out,
can't you?

I need someone like you.

Someone with a bit
of fucking brains.

Someone who can
take care of herself.

Well, how can I help you?

Has anyone got to you yet?
Since you've been out?

You been with anyone?


What do you mean?

Are you a virgin?

Do you know what a virgin is?


So, are you one?

Come on.
Are you a virgin?

Have you fucked anyone?

You just told me you knew
what a virgin was.

So, are you one? Yes or no?


All right.
Are you all right?

Just checking, all right?

I just wanted to see
how strong you was.

Do you want 100 quid?


Why? What have I got to do?

I need you to go
and see someone for me.


Just a friend.
Kelly will go with you and all. Right?

You spend an hour with him,
I'll give you 100 quid.


Well, you've already fucked
someone before, haven't you?

That's what you just told me.

And I can tell by your face
you know how to handle yourself,

so you go and play with him,
and I'll give you 100 quid.



In a minute.

- 100 quid?
- Yeah.

Will you let me have it now?

You are fucking sharp, ain't you?


You can have it afterwards.

Don't worry. I've got it. Look.

Do you want to do it, then?
Do you want to help me out?

- Where have I got to go?
- Kelly will take you.

All right?

Here you are, look.
Take that now.

You can go and pay for the food
while I have a chat with Kelly,

all right?

- I ain't fucking doing it.
- Shut your fucking face.

I ain't fucking doing it.

Shut up.
She knows what she's doing.

Does she fuck?
She's a little kid.

She ain't been with no one.

Yeah, well, she'll learn, then,
won't she?

I ain't fucking...

Shut your fucking mouth,
all right, cunt?

'Cause I'm bang in trouble here,
all right?

So just fucking make sure
she behaves, and shut up.

You all right?

Eat your fucking dinner, then.

All right, I'll do it. I want
the fucking other 50 quid, though.

You'll get your other 50 quid,
all right, you greedy cunt?

Yeah. You all right, Joanne? Yeah?

What? You want to go now?

Yeah. Get it out the way, then you
can have your money, can't you?

All right, look...

All right.

Get a taxi to that address, and what
I'll do, I'll give him a ring, then,

let him know you're on your way.
All right?

All right, then.
Well, be good, both of you.

All right?
I'll see you later.

I'll see you later. Yeah?

- What do you want to eat?
- Chips.

Where are you gonna go, Joanne?


You don't want to be
back in London.

You're too young
to be on the streets.

I'll tell you what.

If I was your age again, I wouldn't
be doing what you're doing.

I could go and stay with my gran.

I haven't seen her for ages,
not since my mom died.

My dad doesn't like her.

I'll go stay with her.

Anywhere but where you are.

If Derek finds you, he'll kill you.

Can we go to my gran's, then?

- Where is she?
- Devon.

How am I gonna get you to Devon?


That's what I was gonna use
the £100 for, to get the train.

We'll sort something out.



Come on.
Let's have a fag.

Ring my mate up, get 'round hers,
get showered.

[Door opens]

All right, Kar?

Fucking hell!
What happened to you?

Real nightmare, mate.

- This is my cousin, Joanne.
- Hi.

Have you been to hospital for that?

No, no. It's all right.

What are you doing here so early?

Got an early train.

You're knackered.

Yeah, we haven't been to bed yet.

- Do you want a cup of tea, then?
- Oh, yeah. I'd love one.

Got to have a piss.
I'm bursting.

It's the second on the right.

Do you want a cup of tea?

Um, yeah, please.

As it now counts most
British gardens as its home...

How old are you?


All right.

You all right?

All right.


...feasting on nuts and other food
left out by homeowners.

Here you go.

Only had enough sugar
for one each.

That's all right. Cheers.

Did you get us all one?

No, I didn't.

Been in a fight?


Pissed up. Fell down the stairs.

Kar, do you reckon
we could both get a shower?

- It's through there.
- I'll drink my tea first.

Right. I'm going for a lay down.
You'll be all right?

KELLY: Yeah.
We'll just have a shower.

Don't want one.

Yes, you do. You're stinking.

I love showers.
They make you feel better.

- I don't want one.
- Why?

I just don't.

Shut up.
Just have a quick one.

Go on. Do as you're told.

You can't tell me what to do.

Look, I know, but you stink.

You've only got to shove
your head under there.

Go on.

Two minutes.

[Cell phone rings]

- Who was that?
- Derek.

Right, come on.


I've got to go and speak to Karen.

You're leaving me on my own?

I'll only be five minutes.

Come on, get a move on.
Shoes, jeans, off.

Right. Get in, all right?
I won't be long.

Lock the door behind me.
Make sure you get in.

Karen, it's me.

Sorry to wake you.

What do you want?

I need to speak to you.

What's the matter?

I'm in a bit of trouble.

What kind of trouble?

That don't matter.
I need to get some money.

Oh, I ain't got any, Kelly.

No, you're all right.
I need to go and work for the day.

Where can I go?

I don't do it down here.
It's early, anyway.

There won't be anyone around.
Plus, you look like shit, Kel.

I ain't worried about that.
I need this money.

All right.

You're a pain in the ass.
I'm fucking knackered.




He'll know where to go.

Kelly needs to work.

Work as what?

On the street.
I need to get some money.

Just tell me where to go.

Face like that,
no one's gonna pick you up.

Trust me. They will.

Let's have a bit of that spliff.

Nice one.

You could try the back
of Filbert Road.

How do I get there?

7 bus outside.



Give it here.


You all right to play
around the pier for a bit?


What are you doing?

Getting you some money, ain't I?

7 quid. Will that do you
for a few hours?

Well, what about them?

You don't miss a bloody trick,
do you?

I need that for the bus.

- Have you got any fags?
- Yeah.




I've left my phone in the flat! Fuck!


It's 11:00 now.

I'll meet you here
at half 3:00, all right?


Do you know where the arcade is?

I don't fucking know, do I?
Ask someone.


Okay. Don't be stupid.
Don't talk to anyone.

And I'll see you later. All right?

[Knock on door]

She ain't gonna open it, is she?
She ain't fucking in there.

How are we supposed
to get in there?

Get back in your fucking flat!

Put it through. Go on.


Keep trying the phone, Chum.

[Cell phone ringing]


Hello? Hello?



Where is she?

You all right?

- Hiya.
- What happened to your face?

It's a long story.
Can I help you?

Can I fuck you?

30 quid.

No way.

Fuck off, mate.
It's 30 quid.

30 without a johnny.

You're fucking taking the piss.

40 without.

All right, get in.

[Cell phone ringing]


Hello. Stuart? It's Derek.

I think I've found them.

I'm on my way there now.
They're in Brighton.

Call me when you know.

Fucking prick!

They're in Brighton.

What's the quickest way
to the pier?

About 20 minutes that way
if you cut through town.

Where've you been?
You've been ages.

Yeah. I had to earn some money,
didn't I?

Stick your hand out.


Ah, wicked!

This is only 50.

We need money for the train.

Can we go to the arcade?
I want to get this toy.

Oh, all right. Just for a bit.

It's a fucking rip-off.
Look, the claws are all loose.

Could have bloody
bought two by now.

Yeah, well, you've got to win it,
ain't you?

I can do this.
I've won on these things before.

Well, hurry up, then.

That's it. Go on.


Go on. Go again.

All right, that's it.

Don't drop it.

That's it.

That's it. Go on.
Release it. Release it now.

That's it. Well done.

That's well good.

Can we get another one?

We'll be here all bloody day.


All right, get it quicker this time.

I will. I'm on a roll.


You all right, love?

Was it you I spoke to earlier?
I'm Kelly's friend.

Oh, yeah.

- Well, is she back yet?
- No.

Well, she's coming back here,
though, isn't she?

Her phone's here, isn't it?

Do you mind if we wait for her?
Look, I've fucked my leg up.

It's not my flat.

Do you want a cup of tea?

That'd be fucking lovely, that would.

[Door closes]


Go and keep lookout.

You let me know
as soon as they come.



What are you gonna call yours?


You've got to call it something.

All right, I'll call it 4.80 quid.

I told you I'd get it.

Yeah, you did.

Mine's called Sarah.
That's my mom's name.

[As the bear]

"Hello, Kelly. My name's Sarah.
Are you gonna name my sister?"

- All right, I'll call her Wendy.
- Good.

Who's that?
Was that your mom?



Who are you?

I'm a friend of Kelly's.
We're just waiting for her.

Well, what friend?

- D...
- Yeah?

- Yeah, she's coming.
- Good.

How long have you been here?

I've had about enough
of these cunts.

Come here!


Shut up! All right?
Shut up, or I'll kill you, I swear!


Chum, come here. Quickly.

Hold it on 'em.

Now, keep it on 'em.

Any of you mutter
so much as a fucking sound,

I swear, he will kill you.

All right? Dead.

[Doorbell rings]

Have another go.

[Doorbell rings]

- Hiya.
- Hiya.

Fucking run!



Fucking run!


All right, come on.

Leave her alone, you cunt!

Fucking move.


Come on.


Get downstairs!


Fucking move! Get down!


Get down!

Get in! Sit down!

Right, out! Rest of you, fuck off!


Fucking get 'em out!
Fucking get out of here!

Get out!



Move it! Move it! Move! Move!

You, I could fucking murder you.

Keep moving!

- I'm sorry, Kelly!
- Just move!

All right?

And shut the door behind you!

[Door closes]

Derek, let her go, will you?

Please, let her go!

Shut up, Kelly!

It's out of my fucking hands now.

I've fucking looked out for you,
Kelly, and you do this to me.

Cunt's almost cut
my fucking leg off.


Put him on. It's Derek.

You're fucking trouble, you!
Always, always, always!

Stuart, I've got 'em. Both.
They're with me here. Now.

Yeah, I'm in Brighton.


I'll just wait here, then.

All right.
I'll give you the address.

You only fucking met this girl
last night. Eh?

You want to fuck it all up for her?

- Let her go, Derek.
- Yeah? Then what?

What? I'm dead?
I don't fucking think so.

What's happened
to your fucking face?

They're on their way.
Be a couple of hours.


Well, it looks like we're gonna
sit here and fucking wait, then.

Look at that!

I'm shaking!
I'm that fucking angry!

Turn the telly off.

Now, one of you two is gonna tell me
exactly what the fuck has happened.


Why have I got to wear this?

'Cause Derek told me you had to.

Do you know who this bloke is?

I've heard of him.

Right, pout your lips.
I've got to put this on now.

Are you gonna be all right?

Does it look all right?

Yeah, it looks good.
You look pretty.

I've never worn makeup before.

"Moonlight Sonata" plays]

Can I get you a drink?

What you got?

What do you want?

I'll have a vodka and Coke.

Me too.

- There you go.
- Thank you.


Is this your house?

It is.

Are you a millionaire?


What's your name?

- Joanne.
- Joanne.

So, are you gonna come upstairs
with me, then?


Can I just drink my drink first?

Of course you can.






Come on.

Where do you want me to go?

You just stay there.

What about the money?


Come on, pet.


[Muffled voice]

JOANNE: Kelly!

Kelly, help me, please!





Kelly, help me, please!

Help me!



Fucking hell!
It's all right, darling!

JOANNE: [Crying]
He's in the bathroom, Kelly!

We're going, you fucking cunt!
She's a little kid!


- KELLY: Ow!
JOANNE: Stop it!

DUNCAN: You fucking shut up!
Stand there!

JOANNE: Stop it!

DUNCAN: I wanted you here,
I'd fucking ask you!

Leave her alone!

Get Derek on the phone.

Tell him to meet us
at the Bruskin lay-by.

Tell him how to get there.

You made them a cup?

Yeah, well, I made one
for everyone.

After what they done, you think they
deserve a fucking drink, do you?

[Cell phone ringing]

Where are you going?

You fucking watch them.





Right, Chum.

Get 'em upstairs.
Wait for me by the door.

Up, both of you, now.


Fucking up!
Get her up, Kelly!

- You get her up, Kelly! Move it!
- Where we going?

You little cunt!
Move your fucking ass!

We're going for a drive!

- You're a cunt, Derek!
- Fucking move!

JOANNE: [Crying]

Shut your fucking mouth!

Where are we going?


Chum, hold 'em there!
Hold 'em there!

[Alarm beeps]

Open the boot.

What for?

What do you think for?

Get in.

Please, let us
get in the back with you.

Get in the fucking boot,
both of you!

I don't want to go in!

Get in there
before I put you in there.

KELLY: Come on.
I'm in here with you, darling.

You're all right.

No! Don't!


Fucking let us out!


Shut up!

[Engine turns over]

Okay. It'll be a right
up here somewhere.

Which one?

Just keep a fucking eye out.
I'll tell you when, okay?

It's all right. Come on.

I'm scared.
I want to go home now.

I want to go home and all.
It's all right, darling.

All right, slow down.

Slow down.

There it is. Up there.

- What's going on?
- I don't know. Stay quiet.

Where are we going?

Where are the girls?

In the boot.


I don't know
why you've brought a gun,

but if you're stupid enough
to let me see it...

Look, I wasn't gonna do
anything with it.

You won't mind giving it to me, then,
will you?

Can I get it back?
It's not mine.


Now follow us.

Where does he want us to go to?

Just said to follow him.

I know that.
I was fucking there, weren't I?

Put the fucking window up.

[Engine turns over]

Fucking hell.

I don't want to do this, D.

What do you mean,
you don't want to do this?

[Muffled voice]
Do you think I want to do this?

- What are they saying?
- I don't know.

I can't hear properly.

Keep fucking driving!

Okay? Just keep driving.


Stuart! Stuart, it's your da!

It's your da!

Cheers, David.

- What are they doing?
- I don't know.

I don't know, man.

[Doors closing]

DEREK: Get out.
Come on, out the car. Move.

All right.

Go on, move.

KELLY: All right.
I'm fucking moving!

Fucking hell.

Aah! Aah!

What have they got them for?
Fucking hell! Run!

Fucking cunt!


Get her, and get her over there!

Oh, please!

Get up! Fucking get up!

All right.

Fucking grass!

Fuck off!



Leave her alone!
She's a fucking kid!

Get digging.

Please, get off me!

KELLY: Fucking get off me,
you fucking cunt!

Fuck off!
Fucking get fucking off me!


Bitch, get in.

Fucking cunt!


Shut up! I do not want you
shouting in my ear!

Leave her alone!
She's a fucking kid!

You fucking cunt!

Oi, you two, get fucking digging!

- KELLY: Leave her alone!
- Shut up!

Chum, get a fucking move on.

Stop crying.

Come on. Pack it in.

Do you want a cigarette?

Thank you.

What's your name?


When did you start smoking,

Come on.
When did you start smoking?

I don't know.



What are you gonna do to me?

Do your mom and dad smoke?

My mom's dead.

My dad did.

My dad smokes.

You know my dad, don't you?

I found some cigarettes
that belonged to my dad once.

I was probably not far off your age.

I took one...

...and I smoked it
in the toilet upstairs.

He caught me.

As a punishment...

...he made me eat the whole packet.


The filters.
The cardboard.

The little bit of silver paper
you get inside.

He sat there,
and he watched me eat the lot.

I was throwing up
every two seconds.

He just watched me.

Didn't look away.

I never smoked again.

Give it here.


What did he do to you, then?
Last night.

Is he dead?
Your dad.

I'm sorry.

Shut up. Stop crying.

I want you to tell me
what happened.

What did he do to you?

I'm not gonna ask you again!
What did he fucking do to you?

I can't remember.

It was last night.

He took me to his bedroom and...

And what?

He kissed me for a bit.

And then he put me on the bed.

Did he tie you up?


Then he got a knife out.
He said he wanted to hurt me.

I screamed.

I wanted to get out.

What did he do with the knife?

He was cutting my clothes.

Then what?
Did you fuck him?


Why not?

Kelly came up.

She untied me.

Did you stab him?

JOANNE: [Sobs]

Stop crying! Stop crying!
Did you stab him?


How many times?

Come on!
How many fucking times?


I think it was two.

You stabbed my dad twice?



What are you gonna do to me?



What's he gonna do?

Joanne! Joanne!

Kelly, please! Kelly, help me!

Get the other girl.

Kelly, help me!


Get off!

Kelly, help!

All right, you two.
That's deep enough.

Kelly, please!

Fuck you! Fuck you and all!


Here, Chum.

Kelly, help!

- KELLY: Fuck off!
- Kelly!

She's a fucking kid, you cunt!

Where the fuck are you going?
You're watching this.

KELLY: [Crying]

Leave her alone!

Joanne, come here.

She's a fucking kid!

- Get here now!
- KELLY: No! Please!

Shut up!

My dad's dead.

Someone's got to pay for that.


[Gun cocks]

Don't you fucking move, Derek.

Joanne, take the trigger.

Take the fucking trigger now!

Pull it.



Come on! Shoot him!

Do it!

Do it!

Do it!

Pull the fucking trigger! Do it!
Do it now!

DEREK: [Choking]

[Gun cocks]


[Gun cocks]


Go back to your car.

It's all right.
Come here, you.

Fucking cunt!

[Both weeping]

What's happened to us?


[Car doors close]

[Engine turns over]

What are you two gonna do?

I don't know.

Have you got any money?


Take that.

[Car door closes]

[Engine turns over]

It's all right, darling.
It's over. It's over.


It's just up here.


Oh, my God.

Special thanks to SergeiK.