Love Songs Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Love Songs script is here for all you fans of the Ludivine Sagnier musical movie known as Les chansons d'amour in French. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Love Songs quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Love Songs Script



Part One: The Departure

One for ''Pardonnez-moi'', please.

Excuse me, I was just after him.

It's me. I'm seeing a movie.

What are you seeing?

Seriously, what are you seeing?

I'm sick of movies alone.

Julie, I'll be offended
if you see that movie.

Do you love me or not?

That's a dumb question.

You're not alone. Is Alice there?

Not at all. No.

Ismael, I just thought of
something: you piss me off!

Caught you napping?


Is it love or what?

You knock me out, Ismael.

You can read me like an open book.

I'll take back that question!

No, don't say anything, please.

Yes, I'm napping,

undeniably proving I'm in love.

Therefore, you deduce
I'm in love with you

and I resort to daydreams
to avoid expressing it...

I can't hear you clearly.

Get to work!
I want to go home.

- Julie yelled at you?
- Shut up!

- You scare me.
- Julie annoyed you?

Julie asked questions?

I know! She didn't disagree
when you moaned

you were the world's worst fuck?

I'll cut your tongue out.
It'll make life easier.

You'll thank me later, sweetie.

You're not even circumcised!

Why say that?

You're a mini-Jew, in fact.

Kiss my mini-Jew yarmulke
and get to work!

Excuse me, have you got a light?

Your barrage of questions

On the wherefore and why

Of my heart's reasons

Simply finds no reply

I can't deny

I have reasons to love you

I don't see why

The reasons why I love you

So the answer's no

Is it your pretty bum

Could it be fear of loneliness

Sheer luck or am I humdrum

Or is it just laziness

I can't deny

So tell me now

I have reasons to love you

I don't see why

I should let you know

The reasons why you love me so

So the answer's no

My angel sweet

Wants me to sing praises at her feet


My holy dove

Demands to hear my song of love


Is it your scent when you're near

The way you curl under the covers

Maybe it's even your sister dear

Your money or even worse

I can't deny

So tell me now

I have reasons to love you

One lost promise
Two careless words

Three pairs of panties
Left on the floor

Your lips are sour
Your smile sweet

Four pubes in the shower
I'm under your feet

Your mistakes

My professions

My curses

Your transgressions

And then?

After, you dream of before

Everything fades, it's an open book

Just tell me how we look

When we weigh up all we took

Just tell me how we look

Just tell me how we look

Five minutes flat
Not our best

Six pics if that
Of a sex or a breast

Seven calls from your mum
Every hour today

You should answer some
She won't go away

I'd make it better

If I could

Too much hurt

For the good

When you add it all up

Love, you love me how much

Everything fades, it's an open book

Just tell me how we look

When we weigh up all we took

Just tell me how we look

Just tell me how we look

Eight years of love
One Thursday

In my school pack
Your sole letter that day

Nine, will I make it
I can't lie

I know you're mine
But can love die

What memories

Do you have of me

Maybe we'd better

Leave it at that

Come on, tell me

We were too noisy?

It's Alice.

I've got my pyjamas.

Perfect Happiness

Voluptuous Pleasures


I'm not sure we're in the right order.

Excuse me, Ismael.

You agree, Julie?

Lights out?

Did I take my pill?

You took it.

Which one is it?

Diane 35. Did I take it?

- It suits you?
- Yes...

- The pill makes me depressed.
- It does?

You're on it?

I was but I've bought this thing,
it's like...

It's like a coil.
It replaces the pill, see.

- Why are you on the pill?
- It's not the pill!

You don't sleep with guys.

I'll check anyway.

What sex are you into?

Me? What sex?

I'm into non-sex, you know that.
That's the sex I'm into.

Thanks a lot!

You're different.

You're like my sister.
It's not really sex...

This is sick.

Why are people so against egoism?
Egoism can be moral.

That's really sick!

You should be guiding me.

We were supposed to sleep, remember.

I really think you're very pretty.

I'm not sure you really thinking that
reassures me.

You think you could?


Tell me you love me a little.

Do you love me?

Are you in love with me?

No, I don't love you.

You don't love me?

Of course I love you!

Except that I...

Screw you!

That's pathetic.

It's pitiful.

By staying with you, am I supporting
something that sickens me?

This soppiness...

You started, with your non-sex.

Non-sex isn't an open door
to such idyllic romanticism!

I'm anything but romantic.

You're anything but what you say.

Anything but a boss, a Jew...

Give me a break!
I never laid claim to being Jewish.

I can't even locate Tel Aviv
on a map of Palestine!

You start with mad joy.





That's not surprise. What is it?

- What is it, Julie? Help us.
- No idea.



Sorrow, far from moderate.

Despondency, Dad.

Yes, despondency.


More than fear...

- Dread.
- No, watch.


Not terror? What then?

It's horror.

Well done, Jasmine.


In other words, I take him
from joy to despair.

Thanks a lot.

Ismael annoys you a little?

Yeah, he annoys me a lot.

Have you seen Cedric again?

I suppose you could say that.

He's married. He'll never leave her.
I know that.

Maybe when his kid
changes schools in two years.

Unless the idiot repeats a year.

What's going on, Julie?

We're involved in a dumb scene
and Ismael's useless.

So what else is new?

He's forcing me
to break up for him.

You're leaving him?

Not break up with him...

We've started this threesome and...

the third person's taking root.

Who is it?

It's a girl.


Was that Ismael's idea?

No, it was mine.

I'm into threesomes.

Jeanne, let me help Julie.

To do what?

Let me, okay.

You're needed in there.

Go and sit down.

No arguing.
Don't let dad drink too much.

What's going on?

It's really complicated.

A threesome with Ismael?

Why didn't you tell me?

I don't know.

I didn't need to, I guess.

How long have you been three?

A few weeks.

A month.

A month?!

- I don't want to pry...
- So don't pry.

I'm surprised in any case.

So is this threesome over or not?


Does this Alice have your key?


You were spying!

What's it like?

Sorry, I shouldn't ask that.

I don't mind.

So what's it like?

Weird, okay.

And it's hard to sleep.

All three of you sleep together?

And it's hard to sleep?

Yes, Alice has nightmares.

That can't be easy.

And she's in the middle...

We shouldn't talk about this.

I agree,
but we are talking about it.

I am quite intrigued.

Only natural, Mum.

I don't get it...

This Alice,
is she for Ismael or for you?

For both of us.

Both of you?

Not together?

Yes, sometimes.

But it's tricky.

It takes effort.

Yes, of course.
I can believe that.

Did it come naturally?

What? The sex?

Yes, the positions...


Did you know
where to put yourself naturally?

That's the easy part.

How do you decide?

On what?

Well, do you talk about it first or...

No, not really. It just happens.

It's not embarrassing?

No, not at all.

I thought it'd be complicated.

It's tricky enough for two as it is.

- Had you done it with a girl before?
- Me? No.

Do you like it?

It's weird. It's...

It's funny. It's different.

But Alice likes it!

I'm not answering that.
We've talked enough.

Yes. Thank you, sweetheart.

It's good to confide
in your mum, baby.

The cake's going to burn!

I want you to know
I'm still in love with Ismael.

You do it to make him happy?

Bring the cups.

Ismael's doing his cushion thing.

Not so loud. He just dropped off.

The jerk does it well.

Let's go and see Jeanne now.
Let's see Auntie Jeanne.

Do a little burp for Auntie Jeanne.

Dirty bugger!

Are you crazy?

I loved that cushion!

I'll get it.

Cut the cake first.

You'll only say we cheated after.

Who's going to hide?

For God's sake, Dad!

My little sweetie-pie...
''Who's this piece for?''

That's not very funny, Dad.

She doesn't want to.

Come and give your dad a kiss.

Now close your eyes.

Who's this piece for?

For Mum.

Make room for me.

Give your old father a cuddle...

Move up a bit.

There's no room.

You too.

- Mum, take a photo.
- Not now...

This is so embarrassing.
I'll get the cushion.


I thought Ismael worked Sundays.

He still does. Every other Sunday.

Why are we doing the dishes?

The washer's dead.

I mean why are we cleaning up
for the men?

It pisses me off!

We ate too, Julie.

Doesn't Dad ever do a thing?

He's revising.

That degree's a joke, Mum!

He'll never sit the exams.

I'm not so sure.
He'll do it just to piss me off.

The rain falls without a care

On the angel of the Bastille Square

The sky is so grey up there

As the rain's needles pierce the air

The rain falls without a care

The grey clouds, heavy and solemn

Bring water for Paris so fair

For the naked angel on its column

Nothing moves on the street

Outside the window pane

Paris seems draped in a sheet

Bathed in drops of rain

Against the broken sky

The angel spreads its wings

I'd love you till goodbye

In this rain and all it brings


I'll go.

Rain falls again without a care

On the angel of the Bastille Square

A pot of tea that we share

In the camomile Sunday air

The rain pours down without a care

Who'd have thought a drop of rain

Would make people flee the square

Leaving the angel to its disdain

Nothing moves on the street

Outside the window pane

Paris seems draped in a sheet

Bathed in drops of rain

Against the broken sky

The angel spreads its wings

I'd love you till goodbye

In this rain and all it brings

The rain still falls without a care

On the angel of the Bastille Square

An early night we both share

In sheets free of wear and tear

The rain falls without a care

Over family meals we have to bear

The angel in the floodlight's glare

Spreads its wings on the Bastille Square

You bought a new ring?

I gave it to her.

That's a serious breach of contract.

- What contract?
- The gentleman's one.

- No rings for my wife.
- I'm not your wife!

I know what you're up to.

You think
I can't figure out your plan?

You'll eliminate me by beguiling me

with your kisses...

What do you mean?

This is no three-ring circus.

With me as your horse?

A real gift-horse.

With your heart.

And your teeth.

You're sure?

Touching her means fucking me.

You're sick!

Send in the clowns...

I don't want to go.

We won't stay long.

Watch the cars.

Look out!

Thank you.

I know your game

You think you've won

Your cake and the baker's dame

Two for the price of one

Little bitch, that's so cheap

It makes a nasty sound

Your jealousy won't make me weep

After all, you sleep around

I'm the bridge between your banks

Running from side to side

Cross over and give me thanks

Kiss and let me be your guide

I love no one but you

I love no one but you

Little shit, you think you're so swell

I smelled your fingers, swine

Where did they get that odd smell

It's definitely not mine

Little bitch, go to hell

You're just as bad as me

In adultery you dwell

She touches you, I see

I'm the bridge between your banks

Running from side to side

Climb on top, I'll say thanks

Why not give me a ride

I love no one but you

Little shit, make your choice

We'll be two, no longer three

That's all over, let's rejoice

Come on, it's her or me

Little bitch, I'll make my choice

You know better than all of us

Let's hear your pretty voice

In this circus

I'm the bridge between your banks

Your quarrels leave me cold

Trample me and rub my flanks

I'll stay here and grow old

I love no one but you

Paris is already so far away

Paris so petty and petit

We'll be happy every day

Enveloped in the city

Who cares anyway

If it's raining at JFK

I'm scared during landing

But you hold my hand tight

Like a kid so understanding

I wept there in my plight

Who cares anyway

As long as with you I stay

Crossing from the Brooklyn side

Touch my hands.

My love so sweet and mild

I'll be right back.

Was laughing happily, wide-eyed

Like a happy child

April brings Manhattan

Sunshine and blue skies

Like an eternity in satin...

- His name's Gwendal.
- I don't care.

Who cares anyway

I'll get Julie.

If the wind carries your scarf away

As Broadway turns on the heat

We're dancing on the rooftop

Of 218 Adam Street

You're my Liza and I'm your Bob

Excuse me.

You're here?

I don't feel good.

I'm going home.

- Stay if you want.
- Are you crazy? Come on.

Let's go home.

Just a second.

Where did I put the damn stub?

Got it.

You fetch it. I'll go on up.

We can't go out.

- Stay inside.
- That's my girlfriend.

What's going on?

Julie. Stand back.

Good evening.

I called because a lady collapsed.
This is her boyfriend.

Good evening.

Good evening.

Julie. Julie Pommeraye.

P-O-double M


And your relationship to her?

I'm her boyfriend.

- And you are?
- Ismael.




Were you here when it happened?

A young woman, 28,
heart and respiratory arrest.

GCS 3.

I'm fitting the scope.

Hook up the drip.

The sat rate is 95 for now.

During the concert,

she felt faint,
she went to the bathroom.

I joined her.

I went to get our things.

When I joined her outside...

she was lying on the ground.

Did you consume alcohol?

Did you use drugs?

How long were you apart?

I don't know. Two minutes.

Would you mind
waiting in the car, please?

Take her shoulders.

Watch the gear.

When you're ready. Head to foot.

Shoulders ready.

Prepare to lift. Lift.

Prepare to lift.


200 joules loaded. Step back.

Watch out for the charge.


No pulse. No pulse at all.

She's in total AV block.
No reaction at all?

Forget the bicarb,
prep a shot of adrenalin. 20 mg.

Carry on ventilating.
Keep her on manual.

- Still no pulse.
- One more charge.

Prep another shot.

I'm the doctor.

TN 10, 10 Quebec Foxtrot.

Delta Oscar Sierra
for 59, rue du Chateau d'Eau.

My final tune just began

My last song along this road

A single for a single man

My terror summed up in a code

Delta Oscar Sierra

The police code like a breath

Delta Oscar Sierra

The song of approaching death

It's Ismael.

This song of mine's a real must

But you fall before it passes

It's all dust to dust

A mean little mound of ashes

Delta Oscar Sierra

The flashing of the ambulance

Delta Oscar Sierra

The song of death's dance

Your father says you're asleep

Your mother wants to touch your brow

The wood around you makes us weep

And tells us now that you're now...
Delta Oscar Sierra

You dance against the walls

Delta Oscar Sierra

As death calls
Do you need help?

Delta Oscar Sierra

The police code like a breath

Where did I put it?

My book...

The song of approaching death

Delta Oscar Sierra

The flashing of the ambulance

The Night Stirs

Many people have a soul
that loves to swim.

They are commonly known as lazy.''

Part Two: The Absence



Going to my place?

Of course.

Why didn't you let me know?

I left a hundred messages.

I know but my phone is...

out of order.
I'm going to the paper.

I've taken half a day off work.
Let's do it now.

I can't!

Give me the keys. I'll do it.

The place is a mess.

- Put them in the mailbox.
- I won't snoop.

Of course you will.

The sandwich in the fridge...
Don't throw it out. Or eat it.

First insert, Sarkozy's son's scooter.
Three suspects arrested...

Are you listening?

Arrested has an ''r'' missing,

third line.

DNA, there's an extra space.

Last line, after ''policeman'',
add an exclamation mark.

You're not the materialistic type,
are you?


Clothes and stuff
don't really matter to you.

Is this some twisted way
to say I have no dress sense?

No, it's a ploy.

You won't see
stuff left at my place again.

- What have you done?
- Nothing.

Jeanne's gathering Julie's clothes
for a bonfire.

Shit, what a bummer!

I told you 20 times.

You confiscated my key.

But I spend all day there.

- Couldn't you sort my stuff?
- I open a closet, I break down.

- So sorting things...
- If only you could break down.

- Open the closets. Wide!
- Shut up...

I can help you.
You can help me too.

Leave me be.

I can see you're bothered
but I don't love Gwendal yet.

I don't love you either,
so calm down.

But I need you. You're surprised?

Be quiet

You've said so much
nothing surprises me now

We make

A silent promise, a speechless vow

The words

In excess

We must

Be quiet

Our tongues are weary, let them rest

To have

Tongue to tongue

A dialogue of the deaf


Believe me

We must

Be quiet

Keep your saliva as an antidote

Let it

Trickle like sweet venom down my throat

The words

In excess

We must

Be quiet

Our lips are dry
and our mouths don't need

To get

Caught up in the words

Of this play we read


Believe me

We must

Be quiet

At last

Be quiet

In the end...

It's my kid brother's.

- He's a clean guy.
- Not with the dishes!

For the remotes...

You have cable, TV and DVD.

There are earphones if you want.

For the PlayStation,
unplug the lead.


Good night.

It's you then?

What is?

The draught...


It's not a problem.

But since we haven't paid the gas bill,

we sleep with the window closed.

You don't like my sleeping bag?

It's fine, but I can't sleep
so I'm not using it.

Yeah, I know. I was told.

Whatever you were told,
I can be alone.

It's six o'clock.

Usually, I get up at seven.

I'll make us some coffee.

Why get up so early?

To go to school.


The bastards.

It's too early for their crap.

My name's Erwann.

Shit, the bastards,
they're all Bretons.

You said it.

Shelves full of Anatole Le Braz,
crepes every Monday night

and our motto: ''Treat a sailor well
and he'll shit in your hand.''

Very nice...

Isn't it?

Unfortunately, the buds are out.

A lot of maples are opening out.
The Japanese roses are in flower...

A frost will kill them.

To avoid that, go out to the garden

and prune all these tiny branches...

Morning TV is bad
for your mental health.

Use my room.
It's the first on the left.

The sheets are clean.

Sleep well.


- Okay?
- My day's off to a good start.

How do you experience things
before 8 AM?

It'll be a glorious day.
Done your English?

No, but I've read Aragon.
''Le Cri du butor''.

Don't spoil it!

It will be a glorious day

Unnatural weather
Like a painterly sky

Weather strong as a woman

Weather to sell your soul

It will be a glorious day

Weather to laugh and run

Weather to stay alive
To fear the worst

Stop it! For pity's sake, stop!

On the banks of the Seine
Young people at midday

Michel with Madeleine
Pierre with Jeanne and Germaine

Who walks with Jean

If the sky is full of birds
What do you care

The fire that burns in hell

Where are you going
The swallows ask

Is April here at last


You're the first guy
to sleep in my bed.

I am?

I got you some...

some... from the bakery.


Not croissants, raisin buns.
They're better with tea.

- Tea? What time is it?
- 5:15 PM.

No time to stop off at home.
Is Alice here?

No, there's no one here.

- I can lend you clean clothes.
- Yes, please.

I smell a bit funky.


Very Breton.

Give me a break.

Can you lock up?

- Good night.
- Good night, Yvette.

Good night, Alice.

You know, Alice...

Julie's parents
have had the autopsy results.


It was cardiac arrest.

A small blood clot lodged itself
in an artery.

Nothing caused it.
It's like a cot death.

Let's have a drink.

I'm tired. I want to go home.

Okay, see you.

If you can't sleep, call me.

You will?

You promise?

Stop freaking me out.

- Hi!
- Shit, are you crazy?

You finish late.

Why are you here?

This is my neighbourhood too.

Posters for Communist Workers?


What do you want?

Nothing. I just came to say hi.

At three in the morning?

If I'm a pain, I'll go.

You're not a pain
but how did you find me?

I don't really know.

I'm going.

To your place? Can I come?


Should I insist?

Wait at your office tomorrow?

I'm sorry, Erwann. No.

You have no doubts?

You don't need anyone?

Did I ask you anything?

Okay, I'm splitting.

Why are you here?

I was worried.

You didn't come home last night.

You're not my mother.

You could have called.
I left messages.

You spoke to my parents?

You heard about the autopsy?

- You slept here yesterday?
- Yes.

Don't you have a home?

I thought we could help each other.

Support each other.


It's just as hard for me, Ismael.

You could make an effort.

An effort how?

Respect my sorrow.

- You respect me, moving in here?
- It was my sister's place too.

What's the dog doing here?

I was scared here alone
so Mum let me borrow her.

Got a light?

You got the issue finished?

Sorry, I can't go on like this.
I just can't.

I'm not interested.
It doesn't help.

Have Julie's keys.

I'll take mine and say good night.

No questions.
Give me the door code.

7 A20.

Make yourself at home.

You're working late, young man.

I'm not working.

What's a Breton library like?

The Beautiful Room Is Empty

This isn't on the programme.

Mad About Vincent

Don't mix them up.

Salinger though...

Have you ever loved

For the sheer sake of it

Have you ever taken

A bite of the apple

For the taste of the fruit

Its sweetness and its zest

Have you often lost your way

Yes, I've already loved

For the sheer sake of it

But the apple was hard

And I cracked a tooth

Those unripe passions

Those indigestible loves

Often made me feel sick

But a true love that lasts

Leaves lovers exhausted

And their overripe kisses

Rot on our tongues

But fleeting love affairs

Know such futile fevers

And their kisses so green

Chafe against our lips

For if you wish to love

For the sheer sake of it

The worm in the apple

Can slip between our teeth

It eats away at our heart

Our brain and all the rest

Slowly bleeding us dry

But when we dare to love

For the sheer sake of it

This worm in the apple

That slips between our teeth

Can make our heart fragrant

Our brain too and leave us

Its perfume inside us

But fleeting love affairs

See such futile efforts

Their passing caresses

Can wear out our bodies

But a true love that lasts

Makes the lovers less fine

Often the test of time

Gets the better of us

Time for bed, you runt.

It's only 4 AM, it's not late.

Tomorrow morning at 7,
you have mathematics,

chemistry, algebra...

I can sleep in the lounge.

Make yourself at home.


I took Scarlett
to the Pepiniere Park yesterday.

I hadn't been back since Julie died.

It was our park.

You took us there when we were kids.

It's good you were able
to go back there.

I think so, yes.


Shall I make my salad?

Anyone for cheese?

No, thanks.

I'll have some salad.

Help me make it.

I'm not doing it for one.

Jasmine, no hysterics...

You're crazy.

Ismael, since we're all here,

I want to tell you

that Mireille and I
want you to have Julie's money.

There's not much
on the current account

but there are savings

on two other accounts.

I don't know if Julie told you...

but, after she was hired permanently,
her salary included life insurance.

We've asked for it to be paid to you.


All in all, it should amount
to 20,000 euros.

No, thank you.

I don't want the money. Sorry.

No one wants the money.

It should go to the guy who needs it.

I didn't pay for the funeral.

It wasn't up to you to pay.

Haven't you got
any revision to do today?

Is this a new resolution
to help your mum with the dishes?

Xmas is over. You still have hope?

Has someone mentioned driving lessons
in this family?

And the old sister here...

Got anything to say?

Anything at all?

A bit jealous, is she?

Were you offered
driving lessons at 20?

Look at me when I speak!

Look at me when I speak!

Look at me.

And give me a kiss.

Give me a kiss.

Because I love you.

I've loved you for ages.


I'm glad you're okay.
It helps us all.

My eyes gaze

At the sky

The white clouds against perfect blue

No sign of God

In the sky

Slow clouds in the broken blue

Sunlight floods

The sky

My winter days
are spent forgetting you

And every second

Is a fistful of soil

Every minute

Is like a sob

See how hard I fight

See how much I lose

In blood and tears

In blood and tears

I hurl up

At the sky

Those pebbles that you painted green

But there's no reply

From the sky

No rebound on the sea's glassy sheen

Sunlight floods

The sky

My days in hell spent burying you

And every second

Is a fistful of soil

Every minute

Is like a tomb

See how hard I fight

See how much I lose

In blood and tears

In blood and tears

I hope

That in the sky

Sly little devils
The angels' wings will bend

So that you will fall

From the sky

To my arms,
Iike a gift, a true godsend

But every second

Is a fistful of soil

But every second

Is a fistful of soil

Every minute

Is like a tomb

See how hard I fight

See how much I lose

In blood and tears

In blood and tears


Can you give me... a shot of vodka?

With your lamb curry?

Wake up...

There's someone here.

Hi, Ismael. It's past midday.

It's okay.

What are you doing?

Any coffee left?

I'm Julie's sister.

Julie's sister?

You're Alice?



What are you doing?

- I came to see you. Where are you?
- Behind you.

Don't you have classes,
revision, essays?

The best thing I can do
is wait for you.

That's kind. You're sweet.
But I'm like a huge mystery for you.

You have no idea.

What does that mean?

It means you don't know me

and shouldn't wait for me.

The mystery of your weary gaze

A mystery that keeps you in a haze

The secret of this daze

Secrets are my true craze

This barrier between you and me

This barrier, who holds the key

Cross the border, leave your daze

Stand on your land, see my gaze

You need to advance

To cover the distance

Between you and me

You'll have to be bold

If you want to hold

Onto me

A chill grips your land these days

What to do in this winter maze

You're caught up an icy daze

Everything's frozen

Start a blaze

You need to advance

To cover the distance

Between you and me

You'll have to be bold

If you want to hold

Onto me

The mystery of your weary gaze

A mystery I try to appraise

The cheap mystery of your daze

Doesn't need your arms these days


Gwendal sent his brother?

- What did he say?
- It's not about you.

C'mon, I'm not stupid.
He sends his brother to lecture me.

He wants to move me.

I dumped him. Badly.

The guy's an emotional psychopath!

Gwendal's great.

He's already corrupted you!
I swear, the guy scares me.

- Gwendal?
- I don't want to see him again!

Give the keys to his little brother.

I'd been warned.

Bretons are dangerous.
Especially in love!


- No way...
- He'll send Erwann back.

Give them to him when you see him.



- What's up?
- They just changed the front page.

New trainers?

- Like them?
- No, they're ugly.

Well, well...

I gave Ismael the keys.

You can keep the stuff I left,
it's okay.

Tell your brother sorry from me.

Want a ride home?

- Want a ride home?
- I'm okay.

You're sure?

See you.

Part Three: The Return

Hey you

Tell me that you love me

Even if it's a lie

And we stand no chance

Life is so sad

Tell me that you love me

Good evening.

I have to sit outside with the dog.

It's so late.
I waited till my husband dozed off.

That's okay.
I only just left work.

You didn't tell Ismael you were coming?

Jeanne searched his things
to get your number.

Something to drink?

No, I'm okay. Thank you.

Ismael told me
about the autopsy results.

Why did he tell you?

Is that important for him?

I think so.

It's important to understand.

I'm not so sure.

We expect doctors
to clear up every mystery,

to unearth the secrets
that explain them...

I reject that illusion.

Mystery is part of life.

And it merely adds to the horror
of Julie's death.

But that's not why I called.

It may sound silly but I'd like you
to take care of Ismael.

I'd like you to watch over him.

I'm asking you that.

I called because I heard
you'd moved out.

I'm worried. He's all alone.

He's not alone.
I see him every day.

And emotionally?

Emotionally what?

Are you still together?

That's a really weird question.

I only wish him well.

I believe you.

But I don't think you can help people
if they don't want that.

What are you doing here?

Dad sent me.

He woke up?

You weren't there so he woke me.

I'm only here...

I told him you'd taken Scarlett out.

I'm sorry. Alice.

Go on.

Thank you so much for coming here.

We're counting on you.
You're one of the family.

Can I give you a kiss?


I'll give you ten minutes
to yell at each other first.

Can I sit down?

Got a cigarette?

My exams are stressing me out.

Want to keep the pack?

No, I have to sleep.

I mustn't smoke all night.

Don't take this badly, okay.

Look on it as kindness on my behalf.

I don't thinkyou're one of the family.

Thank you.

I don't think you need to be
one of the family to feel grief.


Are you getting over it?


I'm not getting over it at all.

And you?

A little.

I think so.

I'll be going.

See you.


My soiled memory in its muddy stream

With your tongue's tip lick me clean

And remove every single trace

Of what has been

Of what binds me

Of what comes to pass



Hunt her down for within me she fights

And when you have her in your sights

Do not heed her pleas and cries

You know

That she has to die

This is her second demise

And so

Kill her



I've done that before, all in vain

More sobs just wet the pillows again

Despite my tries

Despite my tries

I have

A dried up heart

And swollen eyes

I have

A dried up heart

And swollen eyes

So burn

Burn when you sink into my bed of ice

It melts when you hug me like a vice

There's no more sorrow

No more gravity

If I have

Your body like a flow

Of lava washing over me

My soiled memory in its muddy stream


Did Scarlett wake you?

I've brought croissants.

What's going on?

I don't think
I can offer you breakfast.


Can we talk?

I don't have much to say.

So let's walk. We're on a street.
No one will criticize us.

- I'm not criticizing you.
- That's not what I meant.

We deal with grief the way we can.
I'm not judging you.

But your way is a bit violent.

- You're judging me.
- I'm trying to understand.

Understand what?

What went on between Julie and you.

That's a challenge. A real challenge.


why you never wanted kids...

why you were in a threesome...

my sister's life before she died.

And a boy in my bed
explains everything, is that it?

You have the right handbook.
You're lucky.

She must have had reasons
to be unhappy.

I won't say anything.

It's for the best, right?

No, it's not for the best.

No one stops you speaking.
Far from it.

People need to hear you.
My parents especially. Talk to them.

- To say what?
- I don't know. What you feel...

Give me a break.
I already have parents of my own.

You're so self-centred.

You're ungrateful, selfish...

Sure, I'm thoughtless, I'm idiotic...

And I'm a faggot on top of it.
It's terrible...

That's not what I said.

Don't make me look like a dumb bitch!

The same winter sun

The same snapping twigs

Icy fingertips

Frost on the railings

The same smell of soil
Of earth gone to earth

It'll all be there

It'll all be there

Except for you

The Pepiniere Park at the week's end

One more hour, one more hour if that

One more hour before nightfall

The same temperature

Down to freezing point

Melancholy beasts

At the gates of the zoo

The same hurried parents,
their children wrapped up warm

It'll all be there

It'll all be there

Except for you

The Pepiniere Park at the week's end

One more hour, one more hour if that

One more hour before nightfall

Even if I stay

And walk where we walked

Follow the same paths

At the same time of day

Even if I'm the same
Even if I'm beautiful

It'll all be there

It'll all be there

Except for you

The Pepiniere Park at the week's end

One more hour, one more hour if that

One more hour before nightfall

Night will fall

And then

Nothing more

Good luck.

Hi, you're back?
Your brother sent you?

Tell him to stop, it's a real drag.

I'm looking for Ismael.

- Gwendal didn't send you?
- No.

He didn't tell you we split up?

No. But I noticed.

- He's seeing someone?
- Yes. Where's Ismael?

He's got a nerve.
No, I don't know.

But I'd like him to help
with the layout.

- He's not answering his phone.
- I know.

- You're not worried?
- Should I be?

I like Bloc Party too.

What's going on, Erwann?

I hoped he'd be here.

Why do you want Ismael?

I won't hurt him. I'll go.

I have a mock exam tomorrow. Bye.

Tell me something...

This may sound crazy
but I just thought of it.

Are you and Ismael together?

I hope so.

See you.

See you!

The dirty devil...

Why have you come so late

Couldn't you cope

I'd decided not to wait

I'd given up hope

Why have you come so late

What brings you here

What bizarre twist of fate

What sudden desire or fear

Why have you come so late

Didn't your mother say, dear

You shouldn't arrive late

For an invitation sincere

Without flowers, fine

But it's only polite

To arrive on time

When time is tight

Why have you come so late

When it's all over and said

And your brand new date

Takes my place in your bed

Why have you come so late

You don't have an excuse

No story to relate

No way to make a truce

Why have you come so late

I can't, try as I might

The tales you create

Of a future bright

Where for now it's not so late

My angel, it's all so bizarre

If you could face your fate

You'd see how much older we are


Hey there, kid, all day long

I've sung an idiot's song

You kept us waiting...

Crawling in the gutter's flow

From Montparnasse to Chateau d'Eau

Are you okay?

One drink after another,
God knows where

I'm melancholy.

Zubrowska, Riesling and Piper

At a loss, not knowing what to do

I've come back here to find you

I run to your arms
To get off the streets

Any noise, I'll kill you.

The delight of your charms
In your soft, warm sheets

But, alas, instead of that

I thought I heard
''I love you''

That's his problem, true

I thought I heard
''I love you''

That's his problem, true

So what if you do believe

So what if I can't be naive

However lost I may be

None of that between you and me

You want a body, that's okay
A pair of arms, why not

In my bed you can stay
Getting the sheets in a knot

But if you want to have all that

You need to hear
''I love you''

You need to hear
''I love you''

I'm old, a widower and sectarian

A poor, idiotic vulgarian

I'm handsome, young and Breton

I smell of rain, the ocean
and crepes with lemon

Be quiet now, you little jewel

Once again you're wrong, you fool

I'm precious if you save me, see

Okay, but none of that
between you and me

You want a body, that's okay

To get off the streets

In my bed you can stay

In your soft, warm sheets

But if you want to have all that

You need to hear...

Love me less
but love me a long time.

Special thanks to SergeiK.