Lust, Caution Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Lust, Caution script is here for all you fans of the Ang Lee movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Lust, Caution quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Lust, Caution Script

I'm sure you'll have better luck this time.

Congratulations on your husband's promotion.

An officer in charge of rice?

These days rice is more important than gold.

Just you listen to Yee Tai Tai.

Why me? I'm no Buddha.

I warned your husband...

but he still took Transportation.
Now he's always away...

and lets you run wild.

Me, wild?

My halls are crammed with his relatives.

I have to feed them... and find them jobs.

I should get paid for all the bother.

You said it.

Let's not give Mak Tai Tai
the wrong impression.

She'll think the Wang government
is run by us wives.

But it seems like the truth.

The Japanese will never know there's another
heaven above the Emperor's head.

Come on, eat. While it's hot.

I really shouldn't... I'm so fat already.

Everybody is hoarding these days.
Might as well hoard fat on our bodies.

What are people hoarding, Yee Tai Tai?

You know my husband is an importer.

Even though Hong Kong has fallen,
ships still come into port.

Western medicine.

You already sold out.

Have him get more for you.

I heard you all went to Shu Yu yesterday.

That's right.

Mak Tai Tai had never been there.

Everyone laughed when I told them.

They've opened two branches in Hong Kong.

The Sichuan chefs aren't working out.

Hong Kong people can't take it so spicy.

Plenty hot yesterday, wasn't it?

Very hot. So hot that I...

Ma Tai Tai didn't go yesterday?

She's been hiding from us.

I was tied up at home.

You were busy with your guest anyway.

You promised to treat us, so you vanished.

And who was busy when I called a few days ago?

I had to fetch Mak Tai Tai. Ask her
if you don't believe me.

You deliberately picked that day to treat us.

Any stockings left from your stock?

I'm all sold out.

I'll bring more next time.

You must.

Shanghai is short of everything these days.

Even toothpaste you can only get
on the black market.

You must always stay with me
when you're in town.

He won't last much longer.

The Japanese will be here to claim him.

They didn't say dead or alive.

Give him a quick one.

Sir, about General Taicho...

They're still looking for the
American arms shipment.

I'll see him tonight.

His secretary called to cancel tonight's dinner.

He asks that you report to Japanese
headquarters first thing tomorrow.

Will you be returning today?

No. I have an appointment.

My cousin bought a diamond from a
Russian aristocrat.

Those poor Russians are all over.
You sure it wasn't fake?

I see you ladies started early today.

You're in luck today. You've got Mr. Yee here
rooting for you.

My turn?

Now yours is something else.

How many carats is it? Three?

This little thing?

But it's already so out of fashion.

Our runner Pin Fen showed me a five-carat.

It was big, but not as bright as yours.

Why didn't you call me?

I only had time for a quick look myself.

Pin Fen has things that others don't.

She once had a hot oil diamond,
but he wouldn't buy it!

Do you know how much those go for now?

That diamond of yours weighed over ten carats.

A diamond is not a quail egg.

It's a stone after all.

With that on your finger you could hardly play.

You wouldn't buy it and
you still give me an earful.

I win!

Five sets, all white.

One tile away.

It's your fault, Mr. Yee, for saying diamonds
are bad for mahjong.

He's here to spoil our game.

Thank you, Mr. Yee.

Mr. Yee better treat us to dinner.

No problem. Where would you like to go?

Oh, I forgot...

I promised to meet someone at three.

Impossible! Why didn't you say so before?

This is simply not done!

It's business for my husband.

I totally forgot.

Mr. Yee, please take my place for a few hands.
I'll be back soon.

And I thought my luck was back.

I have another engagement.

I'll play with you ladies some other time.

Mak Tai Tai, you're so bad.

It's little Mak's money...

After all these years, we're finally getting
part of it back.

Only if Liao Tai Tai can come.

Amah! Get Liao Tai Tai on the phone!

You're buying tonight!

Tai Tai says to let you use her car.
It's waiting in front.

That's very kind of her.
But she doesn't need to...

Very well, then.

Thank you. I'll be right down.

There's so few cars compared to Hong Kong.

No one can afford gas anymore.

Mak Tai Tai...

Your Shanghainese is quite good.

My mother's from Shanghai.

We moved to Hong Kong when the Japanese came.

Is that right?

These foreigners are only allowed to withdraw
twenty yuan a day.

So they settle for dry, hard bread.

Shall I come back for you?

Don't bother, I'll get a cab.

That's odd. Did I dial wrong?


Hello, Second Brother. It's me.


I'm calling from Kiessling's Café.
Everything OK at home?


I'm fine. Just too busy to call.

I'm planning some shopping today. I'm going now.

I know.

Nothing else then?

No, nothing.

I'd better go now.


It's now.

Go beat those Japanese,
and when you come back we'll marry you!

Why'd you say that? You go marry him.

I didn't say 'I' would.

With all the men off to war
who'll be left for us to marry?

I heard the Japanese took Guang-Chou.

Do you think we'll be safer in Hong Kong?

As if the British will protect us.

Isn't your father in England?
Why didn't he take you with him?

He took my little brother.

After mother died he said he'd send for me.

But now the war.

I'll never go back home.

War gave me the chance to go to Hong Kong.

From there I'll go see the world.

I'll meet you this evening by the pond.
We'll go back together.

Lai Shu Jin!

I was hoping to run into you.

Kuang Yu Min. You remember me.

I saw you on stage with
the women's theater group at Lingnan U.

We just started a new drama society.
Auditions tomorrow afternoon.

But our group has never acted with men.

We're guest students here,
just borrowing classrooms.

We must work together.

Then let's do Ibsen's "A Doll's House."
I know Nora's lines inside out.

In times like these, who needs that kind of
bourgeois drama?

We're planning a patriotic play,
to raise money for the resistance.

You're invited to come, too.

But I'm only a freshman, I've never been onstage.

Who cares? We must all pitch in.

Our soldiers are fighting for their lives
at the front...

while these Hong Kongers continue
their leisurely lives.

We have to wake them up with
our drums and gongs!

Typical director... never listens to anyone else.

But it's for the resistance,
so maybe we women should join.

I guess we'll just go along with him.

He seems very passionate.

His brother died fighting the Japanese,
so his parents forbade him from joining the army.

That's why he's so worked up.

I don't want him to join either.

As I return to the nature that nurtured me,
my soul is destined to return...

More to the left. A little bit more.


That's it.

Now try.

What is it?

My father got remarried.

I'm writing him my congratulations.

Once we start you'll be fine.

Auntie Chao!

They found this soldier behind the hills.

Shiao Hong. Has your brother come home?

Come quickly.

Oh my son!

Go boil some water!

How did you get hurt like this? My son!

He's a soldier. Not your son!

My son is coming home tonight.

Home for dinner.

Let me kill a chicken to make him strong.

My son is coming home.

He is coming home today!

My son is coming home.

Since Mother learned of my brother's death...

she's been sick.

I just finished knitting this for my brother.


he won't need it anymore.

Please take it with you.

I can't.

You saved my life and I have nothing to give you.

You have given everything! Every time you
kill an enemy you avenge my brother.

I'm only sorry that I am a girl.

I need to take care of my mother.

I promised my brother he would
never have to worry.

Your brother?

He was the same age as you.

Since Father died he carried the whole family
on his shoulders.

He was such a hard worker.

During harvest he always finished first
and helped the others.

He was strong like you.

I followed him everywhere.

He said heaven would always protect
honest folks.

He was our only hope!

Let me bow to you!

For our country, for my dead brother...

and for our people for generations to come.

China will not fall!

China will not fall!

It was so great! A thousand people
shouting 'China will not fall! '

China will not fall!

Come on, there are only 600 seats,
plus those standing in the aisles.

Don't underestimate these Hong Kongers.

The audience in Lingnan was never this excited.

We're telling a real story about real life.

That's why they were so moved.

I saw many of them still drying their eyes
at the donation table.

A toast to all of you.

We've finally raised some donations.
Now we can really do something.

Let's drink tonight, and worry about
the country tomorrow.

Big brother! Cheers!

Hey, instead of asking for donations...

we should sell the tickets!

And put up a sign..."Pay up or tough luck!"

But if they hear you're in it,
we'll have to pay them!

Give me the bottle.

A toast to our leading lady!
We need her for the box office!

Leading lady!

No, I'm not!

Students in sweet youth today...

pillars of society tomorrow.

Today we fill this hall with songs.

Tomorrow we make waves to save our nation.

Huge waves, huge waves, forever surging!

Fellow students, come forward
with all your strength...

and take the fate of our land into our hands!

Is it lit?

Artists have to smoke.

It comes in handy on stage.

Wong's first cigarette! Who's next?

Thank you.

For what?

Wong Chia Chi.

Come on up.

The other day I ran into a guy Tsao
from my hometown.

He used to hang around with
my brother at school.

I heard he's working for a collaborator...

a top agent of Wang Jingwei,
goes by the name of Yee...

who's hiding out in Hong Kong.

Wang Jingwei and his so-called
"Peace Movement".

They're just traitors. Running dogs
for the Japanese.

Yee is recruiting for them in Hong Kong.

I was lucky to bump into Tsao.

What a chance for us.

A chance for what?

I'm not talking about theater.

Wrenching tears and shouts from an audience...

can't compare with eliminating a
flesh and blood traitor.

Summer break is coming.

We can change your identities and
infiltrate Yee's household.

With my relationship with Tsao,
maybe he'll introduce us.

We could get some guns.

But what do we know about killing people?

Our only experience is on stage.

When you are faced with a real traitor...

one who betrays his own people,
the killing will come easily.

We should worry about not killing enough.

This is life and death, so think it through.

If we do it, do it big!

If we die, we'll die with no regrets.

Let's kill one of Wang Jingwei's lapdogs!

I'm in!

Me too.

Of course we're in too.

I'm not forcing anyone to join.

I'm in.

You lost.

I can't believe you.

You have to drink, too.

My brother...

It was so good of you to look me up.

It's so great to meet again after all
these years away from home.

Let's drink to it.

Cheers to Brother Tsao.

We're sure going to need your help.

We'll see.

Any chance for me, brother?

Any job openings where you work?

It's a tough job.

I'll see. I'll look into it.

Where's Liang?

Still up there.

What's he doing?

We only have enough to pay for that guy Tsao.

Maybe he can get more information...

With just a few drinks? I doubt it.

The foreigners have left for the summer.

We can rent the second floor
for a couple of months.

Where's all this money coming from?

My old man has a stash in Hong Kong
for me to use in an emergency.

I never said such a posh place.

But you want Auyang to be Mr. Mak
the businessman...

and Wong Chia Chi his rich wife.

They have to live like this!

Some new furniture... and a maid with a ponytail.

And maybe a goatee for Mr. Mak.

Wait here.

Don't wipe your mouth with it. It's my best tie.

This is not a rehearsal.

There's no second chances.

Remember your role before you speak.

Say the absolute minimum, to avoid slipping.

You too.

Here they come.

Mr. Mak. Mak Tai Tai.

And Mr. Mak's cousin from my hometown,
Kuang Yu Min.

This is Mr. Yee and Yee Tai Tai.

Go and have fun.

Please excuse me.

Sorry to bother you all.

You came all this way.

Tsao said you knew Hong Kong well,
or we could have used my husband's car.

It's no bother at all.

Would Yee Tai Tai like to shop around Central?

Two months in Hong Kong and all I know is
Central and Repulse Bay.

It's embarrassing.

Then let's go to Tsim Sha Tsui.
We can shop there.


To Tsim Sha Tsui.

Drop us first, then go to your office.
You can be a little late.

We mustn't keep Mr. Mak from his work.

It's alright. It's his family's company.

Mr. Mak...

What is your line of business?


Some import also.

Yee Tai Tai. This is such a nice area.

We didn't see it when we were looking.

We're only renting.

When the war broke out on the Mainland,
we had to move here in a hurry.

Mak Tai Tai. Are you a native of Hong Kong?

I came to get married.

My hometown is in Canton.
My mother is from Shanghai.

Then you must know the Shanghai dialect.

Yes, but not well. I've forgotten most of it.

I was originally from Anhui province.
My Shanghainese is so-so too.

Thank you.

Sorry to make you carry my things.

It's nothing... my pleasure.

It's all right, he's our cousin.

He's also new in Hong Kong.

This way, he gets to learn his way around.

What was your line of business in Canton?

A teacher... in a village school.

No wonder. I thought you looked educated...

either a college student or a teacher.

Yee Tai Tai, you're so observant!

You see all the plainclothes security?

There's no way to get him at the house.

But when he left he had a driver and a guard.

We'd still have to deal with them.

We'll need at least two guns.

That's still better than trying at the house.

We have to be patient. We've made contact.

Yee Tai Tai has really taken to Wong.
She's already asked her back.

Sorry. I'm tired.

Can I come in?

Come in.

I rushed the tailor.


This Yee guy... What's he look like?

I only caught a glimpse.

Not what I imagined.

The cook just disappeared on us.

He didn't steal anything. He just disappeared.

That's why we moved to the Peninsula.
It's been five days.

We don't dare go back.

My husband said it's not safe...

and we need to find another place.

You can't trust any of them here.

And these Cantonese. I don't understand
a word they say.

What's really depressing is that no one can cook
Shanghai style like that cook.

I know a restaurant in Hong Kong with
great Shanghai cuisine.

They have the best drunken chicken
and scallion carp.

You must take us there.

Mak Tai Tai was just telling us about
a real Shanghai restaurant here.

He's the real picky one.

Not even the best restaurant can excite him.


Which one?

Chu Jia Restaurant. It's in Kowloon.

Run by the main chef from Tang's in Shanghai.

I think I've heard of it.

I will be out late tonight.

Please remember we are
hosting company tomorrow.

Good evening.

A party? And why aren't we invited?

He won't even tell me who it is.

It must be Wang Jingwei's wife, Chen Pi Chun.

They want to set up a new government.

My husband has also been approached.

You know what that means... A promotion.

See, I told you!

Why so late?


Sorry, I lost again.

Was Yee there?

For a minute. But he left and never came back.

Get off. I'm exhausted.

One bottle assassinated!


A whole month and you're excited
about killing a bottle.

Why don't you just kill me and
save my old man the trouble!

Apartment, car, mahjong, shopping...

and your whores!

Are we hunting traitors or on vacation?

How many fathers do I have?

Wong Chia Chi needs fancy outfits
and you play resistance hero.

And I'm just a fucking driver!

My father thinks I've been shacking up
with a dance girl.

He wants to disown me!

So you guys figure it out!

We've got the guns.

Why don't we shoot a couple of easy targets?

Before school starts.

We all joined freely.

Why are you blaming Kuang?

You're right about the money. I should have
foreseen the consequences.

I admit we're amateurs. But we made a decision...

and got access to Yee's household.
Should we give up now?

I know the guards now. I'll do it myself,
and take the consequences.

Don't be stupid. How could you get to Yee?

That's my business!

The papers are in the study.

Mr. Yee.

Mak Tai Tai.

My car broke down half way. Then this rain.

Take Mak Tai Tai inside.

Hong Kong is so humid.

You can squeeze out water just by making a fist.

After all these years I'm
still not used to it here.

Finally, Hsaio Tai Tai.

I thought you'd never come with this typhoon.

Oh, why are you back?

My appointment has been canceled.

Mak Tai Tai, Chu Tai Tai, you are here.

We were waiting for Hsiao Tai Tai.

You are just in time. We need a fourth.

I have things to do.

Oh, come on. Just until Hsiao comes.

When was the last time you played?

Mr. Yee. Look how sweet Yee Tai Tai is with you.


Character seven.

East wind.

My husband actually likes the fabric we got
the other day.

But he's not happy with the tailor.
Know of anyone good?

Yes, there's one.

He does all our Chipao and western suits.

Shall we try him?

Whatever you say.

Circle seven.

But they're awfully busy
with the tourists right now.

It's not going to take months, is it?

No. I'm an old customer.

I can tell them to do us first.

Circle seven.

Let's do this.

When Mr. Yee has a moment, give me a call.

Mak Tai Tai. I have your number.

Circle eight.

When the sales are on,
let's go look at other fabric.

Mr. Yee likes English import.
It never goes on sale.

Is that right?

Does this mean I won?

Well, you're lucky today.

I almost didn't know I won.

The god of fortune is with me today.

Mr. Yee...

I recognized your voice.

The collar can be a little more snug.

Yes. It looks much better with a narrow collar.

Maybe shorten the sleeves.

What do you think of shorter sleeves?
To make you look more sharp.

I'm in your hands.

It's the latest look...

a close-fitting collar.

Madam. We've made the alterations.

Let me try it on.

Go eat. Don't wait for me.

Yes, sir.

Mak Tai Tai must be a very good customer.

Oh yes. She's brought me quite a bit of business.

It fits too well now. I can hardly breathe.

Your wife picked this material first.

But she thought it was a bit gaudy.
So I took it for myself.


Never mind. Let me take it off.

Leave it on.

Nothing serious, I hope. Yee Tai Tai...

Tsao has taken her to the doctor's.

She complained of a headache.

All that mahjong, I suppose.

Little Mak doesn't like my playing either.

We argue about it.

I told him men have endless distractions...

while we ladies have only shopping and mahjong.

Mahjong should be OK. It keeps us at home.

I hope I didn't interrupt anything
when I called today.

Little Mak is away in Singapore...

so his friends came over to keep me company.

More like to keep an eye on me.

Your call gave me the perfect excuse to leave.

Is that right?

Sometimes I'd rather do things on my own.

The things I like don't interest Little Mak.

What do you like?

Going to the movies.

Little Mak won't go with me, so I go by myself.

He and his friends only talk business.
Nobody likes movies.

I don't go either.

Mr. Yee, you are too busy.
Movies are for people with time to kill.

No, it's not that.

I don't like the dark.

Would you like a drink?

A little, to keep you company.

You've been so kind to us.
We know so few people here.

Oh please. Such trivial things.

But if you pay attention...

nothing is trivial.

How come nobody comes here?

Because the food is so bad.

My apologies.

But it is a perfect place to talk.
No one is here to disturb you.

Your husband, he works a great deal?

At what, I have no idea.

He is away again, in Singapore, but...

Having a man is fine
as long as he is away from home. True?

And what kind of business is he in?


If you're so interested in Little Mak,
I'll bring him along next time.

You men have so much to say to each other,
but with women you just make small talk.

Small talk like this... to me...

is a rare treat.

The people I deal with are high officials...

talking about important matters of state...

the destiny of our nation.

But no matter
what words come out of their mouths...

I see only one thing in their eyes.



But you...

You seem different.

You're not afraid, are you?

How about you?

You're smart.

But not so smart at mahjong.

You're right. I always lose.

Except when I play with you.

I'll pick up your suit when it's ready, or...

I'll call you.

I have another appointment tonight.

I still have some time.

Allow me to drop you off first.

You don't mind?

Of course not.

They're back!

Lights off!

Go keep watch!

Thank you.

I'll see you to the door.

You really shouldn't bother.

Wait here.

They're back!

Lights off!

They're coming inside!

Fine with me.

Just don't blame me if you're late.

You and your appointment.

Otherwise, you could send the cab away

and come in for a cup of tea.

I need a drink.

He's so cautious.

He sent the bodyguards away
while we were at the tailor's.

He trusts no one, not even Tsao.


Next time get him inside, and we'll
finish him off with one shot!

He would never come inside.

He would only take me someplace secluded.

Probably Tsao has no idea.

Did he try anything?

Mr. Mak is jealous!

Not yet.

But I knew what was on his mind.

Otherwise he wouldn't have seen me to the door.

He didn't dare come in,

but he kept me at the door for a long time.

He said he'd call again.

I wanted to lure him into a theater,
where it's easier for you guys to get away.

But he's so cautious.
He won't go into dark places.

When he calls again, then he'll be serious.

I'll have him hooked. I'll be his mistress.

And then...

have you thought through...

what we're going to do?

Would you know what to do?

With a man?

So you've already discussed it.

Which one?

Liang is the only one experienced.

With whores.

Want a drink?

No need.

The light.

I think you're getting the hang of it.

Shut up.

Time to eat.

I'm not hungry.

We made some congee.

Yee Tai Tai... How are you?

I called a couple of days ago, but you were out.

I wanted to see if the tailor was done.

You don't want them?


Moving back to Shanghai?

My congratulations to both of you.

I'll come by. How about right now?

I haven't heard from you for a few days...

I was going to drop by anyway.

Then I'll go to the airport.

I should at least treat you to a dinner.

You're leaving just like that?

Oh well.

Please give my regards to Mr. Yee.

Have a safe trip.


I hope I'm not disturbing anyone.

Huang, I see you're a mover now, not a driver.

Tsao. What are you doing here?

I thought I'd give my regards to
Mr. And Mrs. Mak...

and all the cute little Mak children.

What do you want?

I had my suspicions from the start.

But I kept silent until I could see
what your game was.

So Mr. Mak goes to Lingnan University?

Tsao - don't do anything stupid!

Then how's this?

Yee's going to Shanghai without me...

so it's time to join the good guys.

I know a lot more than you do.

Your superiors would find me quite valuable.

How much do you want?

For you, at least ten taels of gold.

And that's not counting Mak Tai Tai.

Mr. Yee would pay a premium for her.

You're asking for it!

You're something else.

I had no idea you were a spy for the resistance.

Why didn't you help me instead of using me?

After all, we're from the same town.

You work for a traitor.
You should know what's coming!

He's still alive!

It's open! It's open!

You're back.


Aunt Jen, I'm back.

Any mail from your father?

I'll check later.

I'm off to class.

You still let her go to school?

I sold the house that her father left her.

I promised to let her finish school.

I am one who keeps her word.

When Japanese people speak...

they use different words depending
on who they're speaking to.


to me...

Oh, not this again!

Bring me back some nuts.

The war to liberate Asia is being won.

For 500 years we've had our fill
of English and American oppression.

The Asian people...

have finally broken free
of the Westerners' grasp.

Asia is returning to the hands of the Asians.

The struggle goes on until Asia
once again belongs...

You never knew, did you?

In Hong Kong...

we were being watched.

The night you left they came to us.

They cleaned up the mess and smuggled us out.

Who were they?

The resistance.

They've been behind the assassination...

of all kinds of collaborators.

The mayor of Shanghai,
the chief of the public concession...

were all their work.

Now you know how childish we were.

How absurd.

Especially me.

I was so naive.

It was my fault.

We've all paid a price.

How's everybody?

They're around.


Several places.

I can't tell you now.

I've been looking for you.

I didn't return to school.

For a while I taught language
at a colonial school.

My memory of the period seems to be empty.

My father sent me a letter...

saying he couldn't afford to bring me to England.

He told me to stay with my aunt here in Shanghai
and continue my studies.

After the Japanese occupied Hong Kong,
it was hard to get out.

I got my permit to leave just this April.

These past years...

I feel so empty, so hollow.

So I insist on taking classes,
even enduring Japanese lessons.

I'm glad you've gone back to school.

That, to me, is closed forever.

So you tracked me down...
just to say you're sorry?

I have a mission.

The job we started is still unfinished.

Yee is now in charge of
Wang Jingwei's secret service.

He's officially in charge of the police, but
of course he's a watchdog for the Japanese.

He murders judges, journalists,
anyone who supports the resistance...

and our agents.

We missed our chance three years ago.

Now it's impossible to get past his security.

We can't touch him.

That's too little. Pay more.

Come with me.

Don't touch anything.

Just call me Old Wu.

I trust Kuang has already briefed you?


Can we get straight to the point?

First things first. But also the last.

Before you begin, sew this into your clothes.

In case you're exposed.

Just in case.

It won't be painful, but you must move fast.

Before anyone can get to your hands,

You have a good memory?

Listen carefully to every word I say.

Repeat them to yourself until they sink in.

Don't ask. Don't think.

Remember, you are Mak Tai Tai.

You have been living in Hong Kong.
No relatives in Shanghai.

This is very important.

You must know that our enemy
is very careful and cunning.

I warn you.
Once he becomes suspicious, you'll be trapped.

I can do it.

This is your file.

You married Mr. Mak four years ago.

There is your marriage license,
your anniversary date...

You moved from Garden Road in Hong Kong
to Johnston Road.

After Hong Kong fell, Mr. Mak's
business went bad.

You became a runner to help the family.

Your phone number at home...

Mr. Mak's office phone...

The shortages in Hong Kong last year...

What we can't get in Shanghai...

Your bank account number...

You must remember everything.

Answer without hesitation.

That is the first step.

You must realize...

once you're in, there's no turning back.

Stockings, medicine, and their prices.

Our preparations are over.

Now it's your show. Any questions?

I wrote my father a letter.

Please. Mail it for me after you read it.

After the mission, we'll send you
to England to join him.


Go and change. I'd like to meet Mak Tai Tai.

Everything ready?

Her hotel room is paid for one week.

Wang Jingwei's people all meet there.

Yee Tai Tai goes there often so they're bound
to run into each other.

Wait for me in the study.

She's been to Shanghai several times,
staying at Great East Asia, and we never knew.

It's really my fault.

I should have looked you up sooner,
but I've been so busy with Little Mak's business.

This house is full of empty rooms.

Why waste your money at a hotel?

Ah, Hong Kong. I haven't been there for a while.

There you are. You remember Mak Tai Tai?

How are you, Mr. Yee?

I'm sure you don't remember me.

Of course I do.

How is Mr. Mak? How's business?

Thanks for asking. He's getting by.

Mr. Yee seems to have lost some weight.

I asked him to think twice before
accepting this minister post.

You pay with your life and step on so many toes.

You ladies continue.

What a gentleman.

When company's around!

Aren't you sick of eating at Great East Asia?

It's safer there with the security agents.

It's that bad?

Bombs everywhere! It's a mess these days.

So the guards just shoot anyone suspicious.

My sister in Singapore says things
are getting worse there.

She told me not to come.

Hong Kong should be better, no?
How are things there?

The same.
Prices are up twenty percent this month.

And don't even talk about the black market.

You don't smoke, I recall.

I bought you some "Palmers."

I left them in my bag. I almost forgot.

Thanks a lot.

We can't get them even on the black market.

I got it, sir.

This room is modest, but...

it's safer here.

I don't want to bother you or Yee Tai Tai.

She likes having a mahjong partner here.

And I'm hardly home anyway.

Always so busy. You've lost weight.

You have also changed.

It's been three years.

The war is still not over.

For us both to be here, still alive, is enough.

I've brought a few things.
Cigarettes for Yee Tai Tai.

I'm afraid I have no gift for you.

Your presence itself is a gift.

That's the floor plan.

The front door is sealed.
The only entrance is in back.

There are two drivers, Guo and Yao.

Amah and the servants are from
the same town as Yee.

The drivers never leave the car.
They probably spy for Yee.

Everyone is searched before getting into the car.

And Yee?

I only saw him once.

He's mostly out, or in his study.

I haven't found a way.

His secretary is named Chang.

Chang what?

I don't know yet.

Please be careful.

I need money.

That's all for now.

How come you play every day
but you never get better?

Too much in my head. I can't concentrate.

How are they? Huang and everybody.

They ask about you a lot.

You'll see them eventually.

You should be glad you didn't go with me
last night. I came back with a headache.

What was the program again?

"Wu Jai Hill."

It was out of tune and off beat.

The top artists are all hiding out in Hong Kong.

So I told Old Yee, if Wang's government
can't even put on a good show...

how can you win the hearts of the people?

Good morning.

Good morning Mr. Yee.

While you're taking that herbal medicine
you're not supposed to drink tea.

It boosts his circulation.

He's got cold feet at night.

I keep him warm.

I have to stay awake for a meeting.

What are your plans for today?

Liao Tai Tai wants me to play mahjong
with her old mother.

I hope you're not forcing our guest to go along.

Yee Tai Tai has given me leave
to go to the movies.

It's raining.

Mr. Yee told me to give you a ride.

Is this the way to the Majestic Theater?

The car will wait for you.

Don't scare me like that!

My hair!

Are you playing hard to get?

You like it this way?

Sit down.

Sit down.

Your coat.

She is quiet...

with lowered head and racing heart.


bows formally...

just to play his part.

She quivers...

What are you doing here?

I'm hosting a party next door.

Mr. Yee caught us shopping.

What a rare honor. Stay and listen a bit.

Just a little bit.

You understand the singer's dialect?

A little bit.

I used to hear Shou-Shu often when I was a girl.
I miss it in Hong Kong.

But now you're here.

Only for a while.

I'll be going back to Hong Kong soon.

In just a few days.

Tell me what you want and
I'll make sure to bring it.

Would Madam like some breakfast?

No, thank you. I'm not hungry yet.

Where are Mr. And Mrs. Yee?

Madam Yee is still sleeping.
Mr. Yee has gone to Nanjing on business.

To Nanjing?

For how long?

I couldn't say.

Liang Tai Tai sprained her ankle,
so I'm going to see her.

Mak Tai Tai still has her headache.

Give her two aspirin when she wakes up.

Of course. Don't worry.

If she wants, take some congee up for her.

What if I told you...

I hate you.

I would believe you.

They weren't like this three years ago.

I hate you.

I said I believed you.

I haven't believed anyone in a long time.

Let me hear it again.

I believe.

You must be very lonely.

But I'm still alive.

You've been gone with no word for four days.

I hated you every minute.

Now that I'm back...

do you still hate me?


Do you still want to go back to Hong Kong?

Yes. I should leave.

You should get me an apartment.

Brother... whatever happens,
you can't break the law.

I didn't do it.

I went to the teahouse to look for you.

Some of our top people have been arrested.
They raided a bunch of our safe houses.

Luckily Auyang got away.

You are not to go to any of the old places.

When are we going to strike?

We have to wait for the orders.

Tell them to please hurry.

And then we can all leave, right?

I can't say.

I don't know.

He's gone again. Amah said he went to Nanjing.

But who knows the truth?

Maybe there's another woman.

He took me to Alley 1237 the night before last.

I know.

We have it staked out.

There was perfume in the air...


Not recent, though.

There was dust on the pillows.

I don't know.

Wong Chia Chi.

Wong Chia Chi. Look at me.

Look at me.

I won't let you get hurt, ok?

I won't allow it.

She said I was treating her like old tofu.

I said old tofu makes the best
Pock-faced Lady Spicy Tofu.

I almost died laughing.

When she toasted Mr. Yee on his birthday it was
like Pock-Faced Lady Offering Longevity in person.

By the way, where's Mr. Yee these days?

He's off in Nanjing again -
some government business.

She does carry her pockmarks well, though.

Unlike Chief Chien's wife.
Her face is disgusting.

Close the door.

I've been waiting up for you.

Then you must be very tired.

I am.

Yee Tai Tai said you were in Nanjing.

Don't believe everything you hear.

I've just been busy.

We busted a resistance cell. Got twelve agents.

All highly trained.

I had to interrogate them personally.

One by one.

Ah, I forget.

You're not interested in my work, are you?

It's boring.

You're so careful never to ask about it.

It's your business.

Just as you don't ask about my business.

All I do is sit here waiting for you.

Maybe you're seeing someone else.

I can't sleep.

If this goes on any longer
you'll get tired of me.

So that's what you've been thinking
these past few days?

And losing money at mahjong.

Losing all my hard-earned money as a runner.

I should go upstairs.

Get some sleep.

Let me take you someplace special tomorrow.

And don't ever come into this room again.

Take me back.

The Minister said to have you wait here.

It's been over two hours.

A last minute meeting.

Let's go.

I'm freezing.

You could have asked me inside.

Inside there?

Are you serious?

You'd like to visit my office.

Never mind. Let's just go.

You're staring at me.

You're too beautiful.

I was thinking of you today.

Chang told me my mind was wandering.

I could see his mouth open and close,
but I couldn't hear a word.

I could smell you.

It was distracting.

Two men.

We arrested two men at the train station today.

Very important members of the resistance.

One of them stabbed and killed
one of our agents.

The other got his head sliced open.

We had to drag them back
to interrogate them anyway.

I went with Chang to the chamber...

One was dead already.

Half his brains were gone.

I recognized the other one.
We were classmates at the military academy.

He was hanging from an iron bar.

Looking at him, I couldn't speak.

I began to imagine him on top of you.

The bastard's blood spilled all over my shoes...

I had to wipe the blood off. Do you understand?

Did he really promise you an apartment?

I told Yee Tai Tai I'd be leaving next Sunday.

He was there. I don't think he'll back down now.


The old wolf is finally letting his guard down.

When we get the location we can move.

Not yet.

Why wait?

We need information.

He broke our cell and stole an important
shipment of arms the Americans sent us.

That was a huge loss.

It's strange. The Japanese are also trying
to locate the arms.

Wong Chia Chi is a precious lead,
which we must exploit fully.

But she is not a trained spy.

She can't take the pressure.

You underestimate her.

Wong Chia Chi carries herself every bit like
Mak Tai Tai, and not an agent.

She's come this far, that's no small feat.
Our superiors are very impressed.

We've sent two other superbly trained women
to try to snare him.

But he sniffed them out.

They were killed after
giving up their entire cells.

You don't care about her safety.

She's gotten Yee hooked like she was supposed to.
Now we should take over!

Don't tell me what to do!

You listen to me!

Yee murdered my wife and both my children.

But I could still eat with him at the same table!

That's what an agent must be able to do!

I'd like nothing better than to kill him
with my own hands.

But if letting him live another few days
is valuable, then we must!

Keep him hooked, and keep me informed.

Don't do anything without my order.


For an agent there is only one thing...


To the party, to our leader,
to our country. Understand?

Don't worry.

I'll do whatever you say.


Very good.

All you need to do is keep him trapped.

If you need anything...

What trap are you talking about?

My body?

What do you take him for?

He knows better than you how to put on an act.

He not only gets inside me...

he worms his way into my heart like a snake.


All the way in. I take him in like a slave.

I play my part faithfully...

so I, too, can get to his heart.

Every time...

he hurts me until I bleed...

and scream. Then he is satisfied.

Then he feels alive.

In the dark...

only he knows it's all real.

That's enough.

That's why...

That's why I can torture him until
he can't stand it any longer...

and still I go on until we
collapse from exhaustion.


And when he finally comes inside me,
I think maybe this is it.

Maybe this is when you'll rush in
and shoot him in the back of the head...

and his blood and brains will cover me!

Shut up!

Is it Mr. Yee's idea to come to
the Japanese district?

Good evening.


I'm looking for Mr. Yee.

Yes. Upstairs please.

Hey, Madam...

Wow... a pretty one...

Come in.

Come here right now!

Colonel Nakamura...

Hey, Madam...

Even a girl dumped you!

I'm so sorry Colonel Sato.

This is a customer. Not one of our girls.

Keiko, come and keep Colonel Sato company.

I'm so sorry... excuse me.

Excuse us... enjoy yourselves.

My apologies.

Your guest is here.

I punished myself by making myself wait for you.

But why here?

I just finished some business.

They sing like they're crying.

Like dogs howling for their dead masters.

These Japanese devils kill people like flies,
but deep down they're scared as hell.

All our days are numbered since
the Americans entered the war.

Yet here we are with our painted faces,
listening to their off-tune songs.

Just listen.

I know why you brought me here.


You want me to be your whore.


It is I who brought you here...

so I know better than you how to be a whore.

Will you let me sing for you?
I'm a better singer than they.


From the end of the earth...

to the farthest sea...

I search and search for my heart's companion.

A young girl sings...

while he accompanies her.

Your heart is my heart.

Your heart is my heart.

Looking north from my mountain nest...

my tears fall and wet my blouse.

Missing him, I will not rest.

Only love that lasts through hard times is true.

Only love that lasts through hard times is true.

In life, who does not...

cherish the springtime of youth?

A young girl to her man
is like thread to its needle.

Ah, my beautiful man...

We're like a threaded needle,
never to be separated.

We're like a threaded needle,
never to be separated.

You go ahead. I have work to do.

At this hour?

I want you to do something for me.

Take this tomorrow to the address
written on the envelope.

Ask for a man named Khalid Saeed Uddin.

Can you remember that?

Khalid Saeed Uddin.

If he tells you anything,
or gives you anything...

come back and tell me.

Keep it a secret.

Just between us.

It's a business card.

Just Yee's name.

Put it back.

What do you think?

I'm worried that Wong Chia Chi is suspected.

If we check the place first,
we might all be trapped.

But it's dangerous for Wong to go alone.

We'd better keep watch outside.

Go as soon as possible.

I'm so sorry.

You could have done that three years ago.

Why didn't you?

Quail egg.


Hello, Second Brother. It's me.


I'm calling from Kiessling's Café.
Everything OK at home?


I'm fine.

Just too busy to call.

I'm planning some shopping today. I'm going now.

I know.

Nothing else then?

No, nothing.

I'd better go now.


I'm late.

Ferguson Road.

Let's go to the jewelry shop first.

The ring should be ready.

Turn back around.

Wait here.

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

Do you like the diamond I picked?

The diamond itself is of no interest to me.

I just want to see it on your hand.

Keep it on.

I wouldn't want to wear it on the street.

Please. You're with me.

Go, now.

Go, now.

The door!


Get in, Miss.

Where to?

Ferguson Road.

Going home?


The road is blocked again.

Can't go any further.

Looks like a long wait.

Let me pass. It's late.

I have to go home and cook.

They'd let you pass to see a doctor, not to cook.

Wong Chia Chi.

Come on up.

We got six of them.

They once ran a patriotic drama group
at Hong Kong University.

The girl's called Wong Chia Chi,
once written up for her performance.

The leader is named Kuang.
We've been tailing him for a while.

A shame. We almost got Old Wu,
but he slipped away.

The gunner probably got away
through the Uptown Cinema.

They all had movie tickets on them
to help get away.

The students were only...

You knew about them?

Why wasn't I told?

There was...

There was some question,
given your involvement with Miss Wong.

In any case, all's clear now.

I delayed her interrogation, assuming...

you'd like to conduct it yourself.

She's downstairs?

Lao Lou and Lao Fan have her.

We've already broken the others.

They were very easy. Their stories matched.

Then I have nothing to ask.

We have all the information we need.


How do we proceed?

Take them to the South Quarry.

Total news blackout.

Take care of them by ten o'clock.

Your ring.

It's not mine.

Why don't we go to "Jiu Ru"?

Didn't Yang Tai Tai invite us there?

Always Hunan and Szechuan... too spicy.

If you can't take spicy food you have
no spice in your game.

What's going on?

Your assistant and two men from the ministry came
by and took away her things.

And some things from your study.

Say nothing.

If anyone asks, Mak Tai Tai had an emergency
and went back to Hong Kong.

What happened?

Go downstairs.

Keep playing.

Special thanks to SergeiK.