Max Payne Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Max Payne script is here for all you fans of the Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Max Payne quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Max Payne Script

I don't believe in heaven.

I believe in pain.

I believe in fear.

I believe in death.

There's an army of bodies
under this river...

criminals, people who ran
out of time, out of friends.

Next time they drag this
river, they'll find me...

on the bottom with the rest of them.

There won't be anyone left
to say I was different.

I could feel the dead down in there...

just below my feet...

reaching up to welcome
me as one of their own.

It was an easy mistake to make.

All the cold investigations
in the city are collected up...

and delivered over here to us.

We call each of the witnesses to
see if they have anything to add

to their original statements.

And if they can?
- We send the file to the original

precinct for follow-up.

Don't get your hopes up though.

This is the Cold Case office.

Once you've been through the file
and come up empty, you bring it here.

Max here handles all our files.

It hits his desk,
the case is officially dead.

So what if there's no
phone number for a witness?

Should I follow-up in person?

No, no. We don't do that
kind of stuff down here.

I don't understand.
Then how...

How am I supposed to solve the unsolvable
murder mystery and redeem yourself?

Man, Internal Affairs...
- Look, look, stop. All right, trust me.

There's a tragic story behind why
I'm standing' here giving' you this tour.

We all did something,
so just save it.

What do you say we grab a beer
after work or something?

So what's his story?
- There is none.

But back there you said...
- Listen.

His wife and kid were murdered.
They never found the guy.

That's his story.

Remember when you were
a kid and you'd hold...

your breath when you
went past a graveyard?

Just, uh, leave that man alone.

Yo, homey,
that's a really nice watch.

Kind of reminds me of one I lost.

Oh, you didn't lose it. You pawned it
up on 128th a few hours ago.

Ask Doug. He was there with you.

Are you following' us, asshole?


I'm only following you.

Aw, hell, no.
What, you a cop or something'?

Not tonight.

That's too bad.
Now go get my watch.

Come on, Dougie.
Come get his watch.

I guess this ain't your
lucky day, now, is it?


No! No! No!

Watch over me.
Watch over me.

Watch over me. Watch over me.

Watch over me. Watch over me.
- Open your eyes. Now!

Oh, Jesus.
- Have you ever seen this woman?

- You got busted robbing

a house in New Jersey...

with William Preston six months ago.

Bill's dead.

Why the hell do you
think I'm talking' to you?

Did you ever hear anyone say
anything about this woman?

Bill died...

Bill died 'cause their wings
couldn't lift him up.

No, he got shot robbing a liquor store.
What are you talking about?

Their wings are gold, Max.
They just look black. Feathers...

Get up!

All right. All right.
- Hey, buddy.

Man, I told you not to come here.

William Preston was a dead end.

I am done helping you, Max.

I paid my debt to society,
you know?

L... I've cooperated enough, man.


What's going' on in there?

What? It's a dinner party.

I'm a little offended I
didn't get my invitation.

I didn't send out invita...
Look, I told you. Go find Bill's partner.

I did. Dougie only wanted to talk
about birds or something.

He was a whack job.
Now I need a new name.

Well, I'm outta ideas then!
- Hey, baby.

Okay. What... Not now, bitch!
- Asshole!

Look, okay? I told you.
I don't know those kinds of people now.

I've moved up in the world, Max.

Yeah, I can see that.
- Yeah. Th-Th-This is a dinner party.

All right? These are my friends.
Do you remember friends?

Listen. If you don't give me a new name...

I'm gonna start frisking
every one of your friends.

Three years on the street
is a lifetime, man.

Whoever you're looking for,
there's no way they are still out there.

You're chasing ghosts, Max. God!

You try sleeping once in a while,
you could see that for yourself.

I thought I knew all of Trevor¡¦s friends.

Max, Natasha.
Natasha, Max.

Jesus Christ!

Got a light?
- I don't smoke.

That's interesting.
- What?

Your tattoo.
That's interesting.

Oh, thank you.

I don't know him. Okay?

- What?

Stay back! What are you doing here?

You can't keep following me around.
- Come with me.

- Mind your own business.

You have no right to be here!

- Uh-huh.

I'm clean.
I'm not doing anything wrong.

- Da.

Why don't you relax?

It's a party.
Have a drink.

Just stop it.
These are new friends.

I don't see the others anymore!

He's a cop.

How much trouble can I get in?

My sister.
Sort of a bitch.

Hey, Max! Max.
- What are you doing?

You have to go.
Okay? Now.

I need to ask her something first.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

There you are.

Where'd you go?

Take me somewhere. I'll tell you.

See you around, Lupino.



You just move in?

So we're somewhere.

What was going' on in that room back there?


Who was the guy with
the tattoos on his face?


What was her name?

What are you talking' about?

The girl from the boring story
you want to tell me...

the one that ends with you living here.

Very sad.

I'll tell you what.
Call me by her name.

Like this you can make love to her
just like she never left you.

Oh, Max. I miss you.

Get out.

Excuse me?
- I said, get out now.

You're kicking me out of your bed?

Get your shit and get out.

This is Owen. Leave a message.

Owen, it's Natasha.

Where's Lupino?
I need some more stuff.

Yeah. Call me. Okay?


No, not yet!
Not yet! Not yet!

- Look. Jump in, will you?

Where are we going?
- I need you to look at something.

What about cameras?

Security cameras anywhere?

There's got to be somebody
who saw something.

Time of death is?

We got body parts.

They're already canvassing.
- What happened to them?

Her. Just one.

I don't believe it.

What, are you two back together?

Did you kiss and make up?

Where are we on the weapon?

We're nowhere yet.
I mean, looks like a blade...

but, uh, too much blood
for that to be right.

Hey, O'Brien! Just a sec. Hey, listen.

Why are you showing me this?
- We found this here.

Did you know her, Max?

It's Natasha.

Let's take a ride.

Folks, we need you to move back, please.

What are we doing here?
- We're getting a beer, right?

You'd rather do this in the street?

Fine. You were with the victim last night.
Your wallet was found in the alley.

If you don't want to talk
to me, they're gonna...

send somebody who doesn't know you...

and won't care about
your side of the story.

I didn't kill her. I don't need a side.
- What's going' on, Max?

What are you mixed up in, man?
You can talk to me.

You know what they think about you
at the force already, right?

You should hear all the questions
I get about my old partner.

Well, good thing you
got my back then, huh?

What's that supposed to mean?

It means that with your follow-through
on unsolved murders...

I don't have much hope
for that girl in the alley.

Is that what you think?

That I didn't work Michelle's case?

I did everything.

- He's still out there somewhere.

One of them is still out there.
That's everything.

All right?

We're done here.

Come on! Max!

Very good.

Pleasure doing business with you.

Detective Max Payne...

Is not available.

- Please leave a message.

Max, it's me, Alex.

Ms. Sax?

I'm sorry for your loss.

And we pulled her cell phone log.

Uh, last call was to an...
Owen Green.

Called him twice.

Max, it's me, Alex.

You're not gonna believe this,
but I think there's a connection...

between that girl in the alley
and Michelle's murder.

I'm heading over to your
apartment right now.

Alex, are you in here?




The E.R. Doctor's old man
was a patrolman in the 45th.

Got you on a quiet floor.

BB? Where am I?

Saint Mary's.

Came in looking' pretty bad, Max.
What happened?

I don't...


When dispatch couldn't raise him...

they found out from
Christa where he'd gone.

First unit got to you in time.

But Alex was...

Alex was dead.

I got six shots off.
I hit something... someone...

You gotta check the hospitals.
You gotta check for...

I'm not a cop anymore, Max.
I came to see about you.

He wanted to tell me something.

Listen. Anything you
can remember will help.

They got nothing for leads.

The whole force has you pegged
as the prime suspect.

Yeah, you tell them where to find me.

Wake starts in an hour.

I'll pass that along.

What do you think you're doing?
- Paying my respects.

Not like that, you aren't.

I should have a clean shirt
for you at the office. It's on the way.

Mr. Hensley? There you go.

When did they move in here?
- I guess we got the building last year.

- Sorry.

Gets to be a habit.

Morning', Spike.
- Good morning, Mr. Hensley.

You know the drill, sir.
Sign in your guest, please.

Oh, my God.


Ms. Horne.

How have you been?

Fine, thanks.

I hope you know you can always call me.

Please, Max, if there is
ever anything we can do...

I know. I've been meaning to.
I got the cards. Thank you.

She was such a bright
light in this company.

I'm not making' any guarantees
that any of this'll fit.

I saved one of those for you.
Third page from the back.

They set up a scholarship in her name.

Kept coming to me for suggestions
about what she might want.

I said art.

She liked art, right?

They knew we were close.
Thought I was family.

It's a nice thing,
a scholarship.

Good way to remember somebody.

Hey, Joe.

Max, you remember Joe,

Hey. You here picking' up some overtime?

I'd think twice about that.
Hear the boss is a real asshole.

Now that he's head of security,
we're supposed to laugh at his jokes.

They still pay me like the janitor.

She's looking' for you.

Just tried me in my office too.

Give me a second.



I'm the head of security.



All it would have taken
is one word from you...

to give Alex some peace.

Are you happy now, Max?

You made him think he hadn't done enough.

What have you done, Max?

What has Max Payne done?

Except for bring misery...

to everyone who ever cared for him.

Now please get out of my house.

Please, just go.

Ah, geez.
Watch out for this prick.

Detective Max Payne?

Jim Bravura, Internal Affairs.
I need you to come with me.

- Yeah, now.

How'd the girl have your wallet?

She stole it.

What do you mean, 'stole'?
Like, picked your pocket?

How was it you knew each other?

We met through a friend.

Trevor Duncan.

He's your friend?
- I guess.

That's classy.

You know what Trevor does
for a living', I assume.

He used to snitch for me.

Oh, used to.

Tell me something', Max.

What's a glorified file clerk
still need a snitch for, huh?

So you'd piss in a cup for us, right?

You just said the magic
words. Why don't...

you call when you hear
from a union lawyer?

You and Detective Balder haven't
worked together since your reassignment.

What made you get back in touch, huh?

He wanted to talk.
- And?

Hey, asshole!
I got two bodies in 10 body bags.

You were the last person
to see either one.

Yeah, and some of that blood is mine.
Good luck with your case.

Nice work, Detective.

Look, if you're really his friend,
then talk to him.

Well, let's hope that felt good.

Makes you look guilty.
You understand that, right?

It's not just Alex's unit
that thinks you're the guy.

You need friends on the force right now.

There's only so much I
can do from the outside.

Where you going'?

Stupid son of a bitch.

Hey. I don't believe it.

Just the guy.
- You gotta be kidding' me.

Let's get the son of a bitch.
- Where you think you're going'?

- The detective in that office was killed.

Get back here, asshole!
Where do you think you're going'?

There's no point running', Max!
What are you gonna do in there?

Back up. Back up.
Make a hole!

Back up, goddamn it!
Make a hole!

He's a cop killer.
- Open up, Max!

Open up the goddamn door, Max!

Open up! Don't make it hard!
Open up!

Goddamn it! Open up this fuckin' door!

Open it!
- Let's bust his face!

Open the goddamn door!
- You're only gonna make it worse!

Come on, Max!
Get your ass out here!

Bust it down!
- Open up!

Now, Max! Now!
Open the door!

Get ya, Max!

Son of a bitch!

Hey, Mike.
Where is he?

Oh, for God's sake, Max.
You're gonna freeze...

to death. Why don't you come inside?

Alex knew something about Michelle.
Something new.

Don't you think he would've
told you if he had something?

He was trying to the night he was killed.

Whatever was in the room...
- What do you think you're looking for?

Forget it. All right?
- Max, talk to me!


Now where you going'?

Max Payne.

Drop your weapon.

Just take it easy.

Remove your backup piece
with your left hand.

That's it.
- Kneel down.

- Kneel the fuck down!


We need to talk about my sister.

Look, my partner was killed too.
We're both looking for the same person.

Yeah, you.

Who's Owen Green?

How did you get that name?
- Look, Natasha called...

Don't say her name!
- I heard her call him. Okay?

Owen's probably the last person
who saw her alive.

Yeah? Except for the guy that
left his wallet laying by her body.

Does that sound like something
a homicide cop gets wrong?

Whoever killed your sister probably did...

the same thing to my
partner and maybe my...

Look, you want to help?
Help me find Owen Green.

Right here.

Green is on the top floor.

You know what I do for a living.
You try anything, and I'll kill you.

Who is this guy?

Some junkie my sister used to know.

Owen! Owen, open up!

- Owen?



They're coming'.


Hey, Owen.

They're coming.

Owen, look at me.

Owen, look at me.

I know Natasha called you.
Do you know what happened to her?

She's gone.

They took her.


Owen, just relax.

They took her up in their wings.

They took her.




You know, it isn't anything
new. People jump...

out of windows. They go
crazy for no reason.

It just happens.

My Natasha got all her work done here.

I have to call you back, okay?

Can I help you with something'?


If I wanted to get this tattoo...

You in the marine corps?
- This one.

What's it mean?

That's a Norse Valkyrie.

Vikings used to wear them for protection.

Valkyries fly over the battlefield
picking out the righteous dead.

They reward the people
who draw first blood.

A soldier's angel.

In Norse mythology...

the only way you get to go to heaven...

is to die in violence.

You die in your sleep,
you go to hell.

Protection from what?
- Huh?

What do you mean, 'huh'?

You said people get the
tattoo as protection.

What are they afraid of?



Come on!
- Callate!


Oh, God!

This is far enough.

I need to speak with Lincoln.

You expecting company there, Lincoln?
- It's very dangerous right now.

I hear about your sister.

You know anything about it?

She will not be the last.

What about the tattoos?

Huh? What do they mean?

The wings.

He marks them.

Yeah? What does that mean?

The devil is building his army.


Does this devil have a name?


The one you are looking for is Lupino.

A place called Rag Na Rock.

It's an old club. East Side.

Listen. Um, you still got
an in with the cops, right?

See if they know anything
about a Detective Max Payne.

Max Payne?


Max Payne...
he's been hunting.

Three years of kicking down doors.

He is looking for something...

that God wants to stay hidden.

And that's what makes
him even more dangerous.

stay away from Max Payne.

You don't want to be near him
when Judgment Day comes.

They took her up in their wings.

Their wings are golden.
The feathers only look black.

That's a Norse Valkyrie.

A soldier's angel.

She was such a bright
light in this company.

What is it? What's going on?
- Coffee?

It isn't that I've been missing something.

It's that something is missing.

- BB, what do you mean, 'so'?

What would somebody want
with her work papers?

I don't know.

Who would then? Her old supervisor...
What is his name?

Max, this has gone far enough!

That snotty-nosed, little preppy prick...

What is his name?

Colvin. John Colvin.
Is he still around?

Hold on, Max.

BB, is he still working for the company?

Jason Colvin.

Guy's name is Jason.

Thank you.

This is Detective Bravura.

Detective, I need to speak
with you about Max right away.

Please. It's urgent.

Detective, thanks for
seeing me at my office.

I need to explain what happened to Max.

A file can't tell you everything.

Maybe you think that's all
you need to know about Max.

Can't tell you how
beautiful Michelle was...

how happy they were together...

Can't tell you how the
baby looked just like him.

It started out as a robbery.

The perps were losers, garbage.
Had records, but nothing big.

That day, though, who knows?

Guess they were out for something... more.


Michelle! Michelle!


It's okay. The angels
burn within them now.

He was maybe 10 minutes too late.

That's all.
Ten minutes.

We looked everywhere for the third guy.
But there was nothing' to go on.


transferred to Cold Case,
working leads that went nowhere.

He was... never the same.

Of course not.

This is my old partner's kid.

He's family.
You gotta help him here.

You should hear the kind
of things Max is saying.

None of it makes any sense.

He's gotten in his head that someone here
at the company is responsible.

I'm worried he's gonna...
get into another...

situation before I can
convince him to come in.

So you really think he's...
- I think you need to find him.

What is it, Jason?

I, uh...

Is this a threat?

No! No, l...

I just thought you should be aware.

Just take care of it, Jason.

You'll have the opportunity
to come in and talk to...

There's someone in your office.

It's a detective.

This your daughter?

Yes, it is.
Three years old.

She's beautiful.

Is there something I can
help you with, Detective?

I don't know yet.

Maybe if you told me what this was about.

It's a homicide...
multiple homicides.

I didn't get your name.

Max Payne.

I didn't recognize you.

That's okay.

What can you tell me about
what Michelle was working on...

right before she died?

I don't know, routine projects.

Nothing' really out of the ordinary.

Look, it's really hard
to be specific that... long ago.

- Well, can't you look it up?

I don't know how I would,

You know th-that far back,
uh, any documents we had...

Would be gone, and...

I'm not...
I'm not sure of any other way.

So there's just no trace of her?

Well, it's nothing personal.
We just, uh...

Can't keep...
Save everything and, uh...

You need to make a call?
- Maybe I should.

Yeah. Beautiful office you have here.

Jackie, hi. Uh, Detective...

What do you know?
- Wait.

I need to talk to somebody about
a woman that used to work here.

You can have a seat over there.

Uh, Mr. Colvin?

You're lying to me! Why?
- I'm not!

Mr. Colvin?

Tell me what happened to Michelle.
- I don't know.

Mr. Colvin, are you okay?

- Mr. Colvin, it's Jackie! I can hear you!

Are you all right?

What was she working on?
- I don't know!

I was in charge of a different project.
It was a government contract.

What did it have to do with Michelle?

Nothing! She was just...


Can I speak to BB, please?


BB, help! It's Jackie. Jason's in trouble.

- Should I call your guys?

No, no, no. I'll call.
- Hurry, please.

Oh, shit. Okay.

It was a military operation.

It was something to make...
soldiers more aggressive in combat.

It was a disaster. It only worked
on one percent. Made them invincible.

All right? The rest suffered horrible
hallucinations... devils, demons.

It drove them insane.

I mean,
the effects were uncontrollable.

And the stuff was so
addictive, we couldn't...

even guarantee the safety
of our own scientists.

And we had to shut it down.
The test subjects, they'd follow 'them home.

They'd kill 'em,
just for an extra dose.

Is that what happened to Michelle?
- No.

Let's go! Move! Move!

What do you mean, no?
What happened to her then?

Please! Jesus!

Please! Look. She didn't even know
what was coming for her.

Mr. Colvin, I called security,
and they're on their way!

I will tell you what happened. You gotta
get me outta here though. Right now.

What are you talking about?
- I will confess to everything,

but you gotta get me outta here!

That's not good enough! You tell me
what happened to her right now!

She was killed because of the drugs!
The envelope.

Bring it with us.
Everything. It's all in there.

Please. You've gotta protect me from them.

Who are you talking about?

The man who killed your wife!

Get the envelope.
Get it!

Let's go.

Calm down!

Relax! N.Y.P. D!

Shots fired!

Central Dispatch.
- This is Jim Bravura. I.A.

What unit is responding to the Aesir call?

The Aesir building! You mean
nobody's called anything in yet?

Would you like to report an incident?
- Hell, yes, I'd like to report something'!

We have machine gun fire in Midtown!


God damn it!

Get down!

Move! Move! Move! Move!

Hold fire! Hold fire!

Knock down that door!
- Put your hands up!

You need to come in now!
- Not a chance!

Come on!
- Is this about your wife?

Colvin knew.
- Take it easy, Max.

Just come in and we'll talk about this
right now. All right?



Where is he?
- I can't see!

Got anything?

No, he's gone!

Great job, boys! See what you did?
You let 'im get away.

Let me see your hands!
- Relax, motherfucker! N.Y.P.D.

What the fuck is going 'on up there?
- Yeah. Good job!

Everybody gonna get a medal for this.
Great! Damn!

I'm at the office.
I'll call you back.

and will forever give them...

the combat edge in
conflicts of the future.

Valkyr... 100% effective.
100% combat tested.

The new weapon in the war on terror.

Valkyr, the strength of freedom.

Valkyr, winning the war on terror.
- You need to see this.

From the dawn of time...

great generals have always known
the one fundamental truth of warfare.

Morale wins battles.

Thanks to the breakthroughs made
by Aesir Pharmaceuticals...

the military of tomorrow
will be able to...

unlock the limitless potential
inside every soldier.

Introducing Valkyr.
The strength of freedom.

That's what this is about? A drug?

How has your experience of combat
improved since taking the drug Valkyr?

Well, I'm never scared, for starters.

Describe to me, if you will,
how is Valkyr winning the war on terror?

You face down a group of insurgents...

and instead of fear,
you're filled with, um, peace, I guess.

It's like something's
watching over you from above.

You feel like you have wings.

So wouldn't you say you feel stronger,
more secure, more capable?

Oh, definitely. It's just
whatever it takes...

to win the war out there.

I feel indestructible.
Nothing can stop me.

I can face anything.

Have you noticed any side effects?

I can only speak for myself,
and, um, no.

I apologize. You want to do it again?
- No, we're good.

That's enough. Turn it off.

Killed my wife.

Natasha too.

He's in an old club called Rag Na Rock.

You know where it is?
- Yeah.

Forget it, Max.
You go there, you die.

You have my help with anything else,
but not to go in there.

Yeah, you keep it then.

You don't want to make it out alive.

You think that if he puts you out
of your misery, you'll be with them again.

Yeah, I hope that's how it works.

Copy that. You need help up front?

Unit Six, Lupino is secure.


You hear them coming.

We'll see which one of
us they're flying for.

We'll see which one of us they love best.

God, you're so blessed.

The angels... The angels are not
done with you yet!


What's going' on here, BB?

Let's go.

Let's get outta here.

BB... BB, what's going' on here?

BB, I looked at Lupino, he didn't know
who I was. What are you doing' here?

- No, not yet!

Cuff him.

What was I supposed to do?
Michelle kept nosing' around.

Some boxes from a dead
project went missing.

She mentioned it to me without knowing
what it really meant.

I had to...
I had to talk to her.

Show her my side
before she took it to someone else.

Before that night...

the things that went wrong for me
seemed impossible to do anything about.

Michelle was the first problem in my life
small enough to reach out and stop.

Once that happened,
though, once I realized

I could use the strength of my hands...

to keep one thing
from being taken away from me...

Well, by the time Michelle
stopped screaming that night...

I'd learned the most amazing lesson.

I could've been doing this my entire life.

I was a new person that night.

All the other things that I'd ever let go.

The... The times I'd accepted
my own... weakness...

I could've just reached out
my hands and stopped it.

And from there, figuring out
how to put the drug on the street...

how to make use of Lupino and
the rest of them, well, that was easy.

But only because of Michelle...

the first problem I
really solved for myself.

The second... was the baby.

Okay, enough.
Enough of this shit.


Joe, why don't you calm the fuck down?

It's not like we didn't see it coming'.

Sullen, withdrawn.

Max just never seemed the
same after the tragedy.

Grab me some of that rope.

It's a good thing his father
didn't live to see it though.

The great Bill Payne's only son.

A strung-out junkie suicide.

It would have eaten him alive...

Get him, Joe!

Screw him.
He'll freeze to death.

Come on.

Not yet, Max.

Bravura! What the hell is going ¡¥on?

Why is half my force
here instead of out...

on the street? Under
what authority do you...

I am investigating the shooting
of an unarmed civilian, Jason Colvin.

And the attempted murder
of Detective Max Payne.

Really? Well, I heard
he took the first shot.

If I know the men I serve
with, I don't think...

that they're gonna contradict that.

Yeah, and what kind of men would that be?
- These are real cops.

- No offense.

None taken. Agent Talented,
I'd like you to meet a real cop.

Detective. Jack Talented,
Special Agent, F.B.I. Who are you?

Bravura called in the F.B.I.

They're on their way.

For God sakes, come on!
Max is dead! They got nothing' else!

Come on!

Get 'em in! Get 'em in!
- Car's waiting! Let's go!

Hit the button! P1!

Calm down, Joe.

This is Air One proceeding
northbound 3-5-0-500.

E.T.A. Three mikes.
Give me a frequency to push to.

P.D. Air One,
please return my frequency. 126-105.

Copy that, Dispatch.
We're inbound.

Your car's waiting, sir.

Oh, shit.

He's not dead. He's here.
- Bullshit.

Let's move it! Move! Move!
- Go!

Get him, Joe!

Where the hell is he?

Where the hell you going, Joe?

P.D. Air One, say your last.
- We need more information.

Do you got Bravura on the
line for us? We need...

We need more information
on this situation.

Who you calling'?

It's late.

I need you to send a
helicopter to the roof.

What are you talking about, BB?

The Michelle Payne
thing's coming back on us!

Air One,
this is Lieutenant Jim Bravura.

Federal agents and uniforms
are inbound at this time.

Take some C4.

Wire it so he can't make it to the roof.
- Are you nuts?

You saw him.

You saw him, Joe.
He isn't gonna stop.


Okay, we got multiple shots
fired. We need back-up ASAP.

Copy that, P.D. Air One.

- Max.


Max! Max, come on.

Listen, I will hold them off for as long
as I can, but you have to finish this.

Max, come on.

Come on.
Come on. Take it.

Take it!

Max, come on.
Look at me.

You're not done yet.

Come on. Come on, pick up!
Where are you? Come on!

Be careful with that thing.

Come on now, Mona.

I'm sure we can work something out.


Detective Max Payne is in the line
of fire. Snipers, do not take the shot.


You take Payne alive if
there's anything left.

Calm down, BB.

Holy shit!
Breaker, this is Air One.


Go! Go!

LaGuardia Tower, this is P.D. Air One.

We have a major explosion
at the Aesir building.

Bravura! You all right?

Get everybody upstairs! Now!
- Guys, that's our cue.

Division One, upstairs! Right now!

On the double! Let's go!

Where are you?

It's unbelievable, all that snow.

And watch it end up being a beautiful day.

You want my confession first?

I don't know about heaven.

But I do believe in angels.

Yeah. It's Daddy.

Hey, buddy.
- Is that your daddy?

Not yet, Max.

We have him. Max Payne is alive.
He's okay. We got him.

It's good to have you back.


Special thanks to SergeiK.