Mirrors Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Mirrors script is here for all you fans of the Kiefer Sutherland movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Mirrors quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Mirrors Script

Oh, fuck!





- I wasn’t trying to escape.

No, please.

Don’t! Don’t!

No! I don’t want to die.

Yeah, I’ll make you clean.

I’m sorry.

I- I didn’t-
I didn’t mean to-










Hey, Sis.

- What time is it?
- Just after 8:.00.

- You want me to make coffee?
- No. I got to go. I’ll call you later.

You sure there’s nothing I can do?

Angie, everything’s going to be fine.
Just go back to sleep.





All right, I’m coming, I’m coming,

- Ben Carson.
- Lorenzo Sapelli.

I’ve been waiting for you.
Come on in.


How long
you been working here?

All together, 15 years,

You were here for the fire.


Entire building- up in flames,


Yeah, it’s been
five years since the fire,

They’re still in a legal battle
with the insurance companies.

Hey, even cleaning up this mess
is impossible.

I’ve given up faith about
reopening, and besides...

who’d ever want to shop here after
everything that’s happened?

You know, the Meredith family
acquired this building...

after St. Matthew’s Hospital
closed in, uh, 1952.

It was the very first Mayflower
to open on the East Coast.


The company wants us to patrol the premises
every couple of hours.

But I do my rounds every three.
That’s more than enough.

Anyway, you’ll see-
not too much going on.

It’s pretty calm around here.

Well, there you go.

Perfume and cosmetics department-
what’s left of it anyway.


Thank God you didn’t
show up any later,

This place gives me
the creeps at night.

No electricity.
All these mirrors.

Best to keep your eyes
away from them,

 You polish them?
- I’m sorry?

- The mirrors. They’re so clean.
- Oh, no, that’s-that’s Gary,

Gary Lewis- fellow who was
working here before you.

He was completely obsessed
with these damn mirrors,

Spent the entire night
cleaning them.

How long has it been
since you left the N.Y.P.D.?

About a year.

I know it’s none of my business...

but, uh, why did you
resign from the force?

You used to be a detective.
Is that correct?


I’m sorry.
I always been too curious.

It’s all right.


There was a pretty big team
working here before the fire,

You know, when you stop to think-

all the department stores
in New York...

this one was the most beautiful,
most luxurious.

I mean, it breaks your heart.
It really does.

Well, here you go.

This is where you’ll be
spending most of your time.

At least you got electricity in here.

It’s warm. It’s nice.

You’ve even got a TV.



 I opened up the trunk,

which he, so called, ""hid’" the pictures,

I grabbed the goody bag,
walked to the backyard,

opened up the barbecue grill,

I grabbed the lighter fluid-

Hel lo?

Hel lo.

Hey, Rosa.
How are you doing?

- I ‘m fine. Let me help you.
- Thanks.

Where are the kids?

Upstairs with Señor Ben.


- So, everybody at my school
thinks this boy named Devon,

which is, like, one of my best friends,
which is a boy, likes me.

And this girl named Christiana,
who liked him, is just now gossiping.

You want me
to talk to Mrs., Ward?

Oh, she’ll make them want to wrap me up
in toilet paper for Halloween,

- Hey.
- Hey.

Look, Mommy.
Look what Daddy got me.

I t looks great. You’ll have to show me
how it works later, okay?

- It’s so fast, Mommy.
- Ben?

- Can I talk to you?
- Yeah.

Okay, you two.
You need to finish your homework.

You need to get ready for your bath.

- No fooling around. Let’s go.
- Okay, let’s go, Michael.

Hey, Come here,

- Happy, happy birthday. Yeah.
- Thanks, Dad,

- Hey.
- Hey.


- What is this?
- What?

I’ve asked you not to drop by
without calling.

You won’t answer my calls.

- Please, I don’t want to argue with you.
- I don’t want to argue either.

If you’re not going to
answer my calls, what-

I haven’t had a drink
for over three months.

But since you won’t answer
your calls, how would you know?

I don’t want to know.
What I want is for you to respect my needs.

Amy, I’m doing everything I can to respect
your needs. I haven’t had a drink.

I got a new job to hold me over
till I’m reinstated.

I’m doing everything I can
to get back on my feet again.

What? You don’t think
people can change?

We’re not talking about people.
We’re talking about you.

Amy, I killed a man.
You don’t just get over that.

I needed time.
I needed you.

- I was right here.
- Yeah. Judging me like everybody else.

How dare you say that to me!

I was the only one at the precinct
who defended you.

How many times did I chase
reporters off our front lawn?

- How can you say that to me?

I’ve always been in your corner!!
I’ve been the only one who believed in you!

- You’re fucking unbelievable!
- Please, I didn’t come here to fight.

Look, I’m sorry that I came over
without calling, I-

I just wanted to see them.

- But we have to set up some rules.
- What fucking rules?

Come on, Amy. Just tell me
what rules I need to follow...

so I can see my son on his birthday!

Look at yourself.

This is exactly
what I’m talking about,

I don’t know how you’re going to be
from one moment to the next.

When I get around you, I-
I get nervous...

because I am so scared
that I am losing you...

and I screw everything up.

- I’ve missed you so much.
- I’ve missed you.

Amy, we deserve another chance.

I know how much I love you...

and I know, somewhere inside there,
you love me too.



I can’t do this.

I can’t do this, Ben.






Now, Shin-chan, let’s kick some ass!






Holy shit.




What the hell?




- Fuck!



You should stop taking those pills.


How are you doing today?

I’m fine. I feel a lot better.

I’m leaving in a couple of minutes.

Are you sure you’re all right?

Please, not you.

Okay, I’m just saying,
you can talk to me if you want,

I’m your little sister.

It’s that new job, isn’t it?

Yeah, well, I need that new job.

I can’t take care of Amy and the kids
and myself on my pension.

I’m not going to sleep on your couch
for the rest of my life.

Okay, well, maybe you get
a-a daytime job, a regular job.

It’s not that simple.

Well, you should think about it.


Ben! What happened?

Just leave me alone.
Please, just leave me alone!

Angie, get out of here! Now!

What is happening to you, Ben?

Pull yourself together.











Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!

Help! Help!



"Gary Lewis,"










- Hello!

Where are you?

I want to help you,
but I need to know where you are!

Damn it!


- I ‘m coming!


Anybody here?

Is anybody in here?

Fuck this place.





Mom! Mom! Mom!

- Mom! Mom!
- Michael?

Are you okay?
What’s happening?

Michael. What’s the matter, sweetie?

- There’s a lady screaming.
- Where?

There, in the mirror.

In the mirror?

I don’t see anybody
but you and I in the mirror.

- You just had a nightmare, sweetie.
- Okay.

Sometimes they can feel really real,
but they’re not, all right?

- Okay.
- Okay, let’s go back to sleep.

Come on. In you go.

I’m right around
the corner, all right?

- Love you.
- I love you too, sweetie.

- Can you leave the door open?
- Sure, sweetheart.

- You two go back to sleep, okay?
- All right, Mom.

,not clear how it happened,

The 42-year-old is expected
to go on trial this month,

for allegedly sexually assaulting
a former coworker in her apartment,

for 13 hours
on Halloween night in 2005,

Braunstein’s lawyer says his client
was mentally ill at the time,

The Feds say they’ll seek the death penalty
against a former mob boss,

accused of
ordering a hit on a rival,

The trial of Vincent
"Vinny Gorgeous" -



I swear to you,
I could feel my flesh burning,

I couldn’t breathe,
It was like my lungs were full of smoke,

It was like a nightmare, but I was awake.
I know I was awake.

- You think I ‘m crazy, don’t you?
- I don’t know what to think.

I think you’re just going through
a hard time in your life.

You’re under a lot of stress.

You’ve been having those nightmares
since the shooting.

- You know it wasn’t your fault.
- They’re everywhere.

- What are you talking about?
- The fucking mirrors- they are everywhere.

In the department store,
on the corner of every street...

in the window of every building
in this city.

I feel-

I feel like I’m not the one
looking into the mirrors...

but they’re looking back at me.

There’s no one looking back
at you through the mirrors.

You’re obviously-

You’re still conflicted
about what happened.

Maybe you need to talk to someone.

A professional, someone-

Mirrors are just glass
and silver, Ben. That’s it.

There’s nothing behind them,


- Will you please go get some sleep? Okay?

Love you.

Nice shot,




Hold on!

- Mr. Carson?
- Yeah.

You want to sign here, please?

- You have a good day, sir.
- Thanks.

Holy shit,

Lorenzo, I need to talk to you.

I just had the craziest day here.

- Your ex-colleagues came to pay us a visit.
- What are you talking about?

- You know Gary, the guy who was
working here before you?
- Yeah.

The cops found him dead
in a subway station in Harlem.

I never liked him too much, but, poor guy,
he didn’t deserve to go like that.

Did they happen to tell you
the cause of death?

- What?
- Did they tell you how he died?

No, no.
They wouldn’t tell me.

Mrs. Sapelli’s waiting
for me at home. I got to go.

Oh, by the way,
about that leak in the basement,

they’re sending someone over to
work on that beginning of next week.

We have a white male,
50 years of age, name unknown,

Following the completion
of the external examination...

the body was washed
and lightly dried,

A ""Y" incision was made
from the bilateral clavicular joints...

to the xiphoid process.

- The tissue was waterlogged-

- Yes, what is it?
- There’s someone in the lobby for you.

It sounds urgent.


Ben. What’s happening?
What are you doing here?

Thanks for seeing me.
Look, I need to ask you a favor.

- I’m in the middle of work.
- I know. Twenty minutes.

Yesterday morning,
you picked up a body- Gary Lewis.

- I just need to take a look at him.
- Who is he?

He was a night watchman at the Mayflower.
I replaced him.

How do you have
his driver’s license?

I found his wallet in the department store.
I just need to know how he died.

Why do you need to know how he died?

Ben, you’ve been suspended. You’re not
supposed to be doing any investigations.

Please, just listen.
This is serious.

There are some very strange things
happening over at the Mayflower.

I can’t explain what-

This guy Gary Lewis sent me
a package right before he died.

The thing is,
I never met him before.

Inside the package were all these articles
on the Mayflower, on the fire.

It was like he was trying to tell me
something or warn me about something.

I need to figure this out.

Gary Lewis, Gary Lewis.
Here he is. B 16.

- He slashed his throat.
- Well, there you go. There’s your answer.

Your man committed suicide.

You get a lot of suicide cases where people
have slashed their own throats?

I didn’t think so.
Excuse me.

All I know is the police are still
investigating this one.

That’s why we still have the body.

What did he use to cut his throat?

A piece of a mirror.

He probably broke the mirror into pieces
so he’d have something to cut himself with.

Seven years bad luck?

- Esseker!

Are you okay, Ben?

I’m fine.

I’m sorry. Excuse me.

I need to see his file.

- What?
- I need his file.

- Ben-
- What’s the problem? I just need to see his file.

Calm down. You’re not even
supposed to be down here.

Now you want to look
at somebody’s file?

Look, I’ll be off then. Amy, you know
where to find me if you need me.

Yeah. Thanks, Peter.
I appreciate it.

I want you to leave now.
I’m serious, Ben.

Amy, I’m sorry.
I can’t leave here until I see that file.

It’s important. Please.


Amy. Come here
and look at this picture.

Look at the piece of mirror
Gary Lewis is holding,

And look at it up here in its reflected image
in the other mirror.

It’s full of blood.

Yet, in reality, it’s perfectly clean.
Not a single drop.

- Not a single drop on it.
- So what?

It’s probably the angle from which the photograph
was taken. What are you trying to prove?

What if the mirrors are showing us something
that’s not really happening?

- What are you talking about?
- Just listen to me,

What if the mirrors are reflecting something
that’s beyond our reality?

What if the mirrors can actually make us
do things that we don’t want to do?

- Like making Gary Lewis slit his own throat.
- Ben, listen to yourself.

You can’t talk like that around here.

Don’t you want to get reinstated?

Amy, I’m seeing things
in the mirrors at work- bad things-

to the point where I can feel
what they’re showing me,

Ben, you’re driving me
fucking crazy!

I don’t have time for this,
What’s wrong with you?

Do you think I ‘m making this up?
Do you think I’m fucking lying?

What medication are you taking
to stop drinking?

That’s a strong drug.

It has a lot of serious side effects,

How many pills are you taking a day?

- I’m sorry that I bothered you.

You’re right.

Thanks for trying to help.








 ,at night at this bar,
It’s a couple blocks from here,

 All right. Where’s the body?
 Calm down.

- How am I going to calm down?
- Let the detective by.

And, uh, there’s a guy
been living with her at her place.

- There’s a guy,
- All right. You say she works at a bar?

- At night or something?
- Yeah, she works nights,

She comes home late,
I don’t see her come home,




- I saw blood falling from the ceiling.

Then she call me.

I want you to ask her,
did she hear any noises, any sounds?

- What’s going on?
- One second.

It’s all right, I live in Apartment 8.
I used to be a cop.

-Just tell me what’s going on.
-Just a second.

I want to talk
to the lead detective! Angela!

Who is the lead detective?

- Ben.
- Larry, what the hell are you doing here?

- Larry, just tell me what’s going on.
- Ben, it’s not good.

Where’s Angie?

Where the fuck is my sister?
Tell them to let go of me!

- I can’t do that, Ben.
- Goddamn it!

That’s okay.




The water has obliterated
most of the marks,

No sign of struggle or forced entry,

And the front door was locked,
which means that-

The person who did this either had keys
to the apartment...

or it was someone that she knew.

He would’ve never
laid a finger on her.

You know, when their father died,
Ben took care of Angela.

She meant the world to him.

Listen, so far, his statement is pretty
consistent with the facts, you know?

We checked it out.
He showed up to work at 7::00 p.m.

And the downstairs neighbors said they began
to notice the water leakage at around 10:00.

The only strange thing-
and this could just be coincidence-

is that Ben told the daytime security guard,
Lorenzo Sapelli...

that he was planning
on quitting the job.

Like he was moving away someplace.

He mention anything
like that to you?


Lately, communication
hasn’t been our strong point.

What are you going to do with him?

Figure we’ll let him go.
Got no reason to keep him here.




I’m so sorry.

Ben? Why don’t you come home
and spend some days with the kids, huh?

I can’t.

I don’t want to put
our children in danger.

She asked me to quit,
and I wouldn’t.

They came after her.

What? What are you talking about?

I’ve got some things
I need to take care of.

- Wait, Ben. Please.
- Amy, let me go.

I don’t want you
to get in more trouble.

- Please stay out of it.
- I know who did this.

In that case, you’ve got to
tell Larry everything.

He’ll never believe me.

Neither will you.








What do you want?

Please, just tell me.

What do you want from me?

What do you want from me?



Hey, I need you
to run a name for me - Esseker,

Echo, Sierra, Sierra, Echo,
Kilo, Echo, Romeo,

 Did you check online?
- I’ve already done that,

Nothing- I, R,S, and D, M, V,

- Where?
- Try New York,

- When?
- Last five or six years,

- Okay, Ben,
- Thanks. Get back to me as soon as you can.

Mayflower burns, Forty-eight presumed dead,

Berry confesses,
Deadly Mayflower fire,

Watchman arrested,

Woman, three children murdered,
Three children murdered,

Come on, Ben, connect the dots,
Mr. Berry maintains that the mirrors in the store,

are the ones that brutally killed his wife
and three children,

- Mirrors are guilty, Mirrors are guilty,

- Yeah. What did you get?

Look, I didn’t find anything
under that name.

Shit! Shit.

Do you want me to look
outside New York?

Um, no.
Hold on. Hold on.

I want you to run
another name for me.

Berry. Terrence Berry.

Terrence Berry.
Wait one sec.

Uh, I-I think I got him.

- You still there?
- Yeah.

Whoa. Your guy murdered
his whole family.

- I already know that.
- He’s dead.

Damn it.

Can you tell me where
he was committed before he died?

You know, Mr. Carson,

when one starts to perceive one’s own
reflection as a completely separate being,

one is suddenly confronted
with two entirely separate egos-

two entirely separate worlds
that can surface at any given moment.

A feeling of self-hatred-
usually triggered by a psychological shock-

can split the personality in two...

hence creating two or more personalities
with distinct memories...

and distinct behavior patterns
within the same individual.

The patient then has the false perception
of the existence of two distinct worlds:

the real world
and the world inside a mirror,

These recordings were used
in Terrence’s trial.

You’ll see they speak for themselves,

Why did you set the department store on fire?

In order to destroy the mirrors,

Only fire can destroy mirrors.
Isn’t that right, Doctor?

What made you think you absolutely
had to destroy those mirrors, Terrence?

They killed my Helen
and my three children.

For what reason?

- Why would mirrors want to kill your family?
- Because I didn’t, uh-

Didn’t do what?

- They asked me to find Esseker.
- Oh, my God.

- We all are looking for Esseker.
- Amy.

Excuse me.
I have to go.

Tell me about Esseker, Terrence,

Who is Esseker?

I don’t know who Esseker is!

I don’t know who Esseker is!

I don’t know!

Mrs. Carson, it’s Rosa,

Mr. Ben is here.

He’s moving all
of the furniture around,

- Hey. How was school today?
- Good.

I’ll be right back.

- Dad?
- Sweetheart, just give me a second.

I got to take care
of a couple things.

Daddy, what are you doing?

Honey, don’t look scared.
Everything’s fine.

I think it looks nicer
like this. Don’t you?

Rosa, what’s happening?

Take the kids downstairs, right now.
Right now!

- What the hell are you doing?
- Amy, you’re going to have to trust me.

- This is for your own protection.
- Get out of the house right now.

Hey, are you listening to me?
You are scaring the kids,

If you don’t leave immediately,
I’m calling the police,

- And I warn you, you will never see your kids again.
- Amy, I am not crazy.

These mirrors are dangerous, At first,
I thought it was just the ones in the store,

After Angela was killed,
I realized they can get at you anywhere.

I promise I will leave the house.
Just let me cover these damn mirrors.

What’s wrong with you?

I know what you’ve been going
through hasn’t been easy,

But guess what? It hasn’t
been easy for us either!

Angela was a part of our lives
too, You know that?

It’s not fair what
you’re doing to us, Ben!

Michael- he’s acting so strange now.

He always wants to be alone.
He won’t talk to me. He’s having nightmares.

Ben, your behavior
is rubbing off on him,

He is six years old.
I have to protect him.

Look at this.
I want to show you something.

- Ben, let go of me!
- You don’t want to believe me? Fine, I’ll show you.

- What are you doing?
- I’ll show you!

Are you crazy?

- Have you gone completely mad?
-Just wait. You’ll see.

- See what?
- You’ll see.


- See what, Ben? What am I supposed to see?

It’s not happening.
It’s not happening.

Amy, I swear to you,
at the Mayflower-

I am not lying.

Ben, let’s go back inside, okay?

Put the gun away,

Listen to me, baby.
I want to help you.

- Tell the kids I’m sorry.
- Ben!







- No!








Jesus Christ.

What is this?


Larry, it’s me.
I need your help again.

I’m trying to locate the patient-employee
manifest for St: Matthew’s Hospital.

- Where is it?
- Where was it? They closed it down.

But it was in New York.
It’s where the Mayflower used to be.

The Mayflower?
The department store?

Do you have any idea where
they would store records for a hospital...

that’s been closed
for over 50 years?

No, I don’t. But I can send someone
to city hall to check it out.

If it’s a public hospital, there’d be a record of it.
Tell me exactly what you need.

Same thing. I’m looking for a patient
or an employee with the name Esseker.

All right, I’m on it. Give me a couple hours.
And, Ben, keep your head down.


- Hey.
- Did you get it?

Yeah, I think so.
It’s, uh, Anna Esseker.

I didn’t really know what you wanted,
so I got all the medical files.

This is perfect, Larry.
This is perfect.

What happened?
Did you get in an accident?

- Anna Esseker’s file- did you
have to go to city hall for it?
- I didn’t have to go anywhere.

All the files in that place were in storage
with the cold case evidence.

- Why, ‘cause of the fire?
- No. No, it’s before the fire.
It’s a totally different case.

Anna was a patient at St. Matthew’s.

She was in the psych ward
run by a Dr. Kane. Now get this.

She was only 12 years old
when she died.

- What?
- When the nurses went on their rounds...

first thing in the morning,
October 6, 1952...

they discovered that all the patients
had left their rooms during the night...

and they’d all gathered
in the main hall.

Ben, they were all dead,
including the girl.

Apparently, they-they-they killed each other.
I mean, it was a slaughterhouse.

That’s when they closed the place down.
Who knows what really happened?

- What about the doctor? Kane?
- Well, they arrested him.

They found him dead
first day of the hearing.

He slashed his wrists
with a piece of the cell mirror.

- Thanks for your help.
- Good luck.


Damn it!




""October 6, 1952. ‘"

"Anna Esseker is diagnosed
with severe schizophrenia...

Leading to withdrawal from reality,
delusional and violent behavior."

""Pennsylvania, August 1951. ‘"

They don’t match.

Anna Esseker was discharged
from St. Matthew’s Hospital October 4-

two days before the massacre.



She’s still alive, isn’t she?



You almost done, sweetie?


- Okay.

Why is Daddy acting so scared?
It’s not normal.

He’s way older than me.

And I’m not acting scared,
but he is.

- Doesn’t make any sense.
- Michael?

- What are you doing?
- Nothing.

Okay, well, you got to
get going, all right?

- Okay.
– Okay.



- Amy?

- Oh, Ben.
- Amy, what’s wrong?

You have to come
to the house right now.

- I’m so scared.
- Amy, what’s wrong?

- I’m so scared.
- Amy, just tell me what happened.

There’s something in the house.

- Something in the mirrors.
- I’m on my way.

Goddamn it!


Come on.

Dad? When are you
coming back home?

Really soon, sweetheart.
Come here.

- I love you, Daddy.
- I love you too, sweetheart.

- I got to go.
- I’m afraid to stay here.

There’s going to be windows
and mirrors wherever you go.

Anything that causes
a reflection right now is dangerous.

At least inside the house,
we covered everything.

It’s the safest place to be.

- Amy, I’m so sorry.
- No. It’s not your fault. I should’ve believed you.

- Come here.
- Ben.

Ben, you do whatever
it takes to end this. You hear me?

I will.

I’ll be right back.








Yes, sir.

Excuse me.
Is this the Esseker farm?

What is it, Jimmy?

I don’t know, Ma.
What can I do for you, sir?

I’m looking for Anna.
Anna Esseker.

There’s a man looking for-
You said Anna?

- Yes, Anna Esseker.
- An Anna Esseker, Ma.

Look, I’m sorry to bother you.
I must have the wrong place.

What is it you want
with Anna Esseker?

I’m doing a research paper
on schizophrenia.

I became familiar
with Anna Esseker’s case.

I-I just wanted to
ask her some questions.

Go tell Grandpa there’s a man here
who’s asking about his sister.

- Okay.
- Thank you.


You know, up to this day...

visions of Anna’s fits
still haunt me at night.

I helped my father fix up this part
of the basement especially for her.

Her fits were too violent. My mother
couldn’t take her screams anymore.


Well, we had every priest,
doctor, healer...

coming in from all over the county,
but no one could help her.


 Well, finally,
a Dr. Kane from New York...

answered my parent’s cries for help.

He rejected the idea of demonic possession.
Said he didn’t believe in it.

Well, he was convinced Anna suffered
from a rare form of personality disorder...


- and mirrors could help her.

He wanted Anna under his care at St. Matthew’s.

My parents were very poor...

- but he agreed to cover
all the costs of the hospital.

- Where’d she go after the hospital?
- Don’t you know?

She died there with
all of Kane’s other patients.

Mr. Esseker, I read the file.

Anna left the hospital
two days before the massacre.

Dr. Kane altered the documents
so she could disappear.

Oh, my God. Where-Where-Where
did you get that document?

I need you to tell me where
she went after St. Matthew’s.

Well, she came back
and stayed with us for a while.

What do you mean for a while?
What happened? Why did she leave?

- I-I don’t want to talk about that.
- Why did she leave?

Because- Because strange things started
to happen in the house.

- With Anna?
- No, not with Anna anymore.
No, she was totally cured.

Strange things started to happen
with the mirrors, didn’t they?

Mr. Esseker, I need to know where Anna is now.
It’s a matter of life and death.

Do not make me threaten you.

We-We- We sent her somewhere
where mirrors are forbidden.

Where the mirrors couldn’t find her.

Where? Where?

Saint Augustine’s Monastery,
on the road to Reedfield.



- How can I help you?
- I ‘ m sorry to disturb you, Sister...

but I’ve come to speak with a member
of your community- Anna Esseker.

- Is she expecting you?
- No, not really.

If you’re not listed,
I cannot help you, sir.

Can you at least tell her that I’ve come
from New York to speak with her?

I-I-I work with Dr. Kane
from St. Matthew’s Hospital.

It’s very important. Please.

 St. Matthew’s closed down
in 1952. Who are you?

My name is Benjamin Carson.

I work as a night watchman
on Sixth Avenue in New York City...

in the building that used to be
St. Matthew’s Hospital.

What is it you want, Mr. Carson?

My family’s in danger.

And what’s threatening them
is asking for you.

I came all this way
to ask you why-

why the mirrors that were left over from
St. Matthew’s Hospital are so desperate to find you.

Please, Miss Esseker.

If you don’t help me...

I’m going to lose the most important thing
to me in this world, and that’s my family.

Sit down, Mr. Carson.

The mirrors are merely
windows on our world.

It is not the wish
of the mirrors to find me...

but of what is imprisoned
inside them.

What is imprisoned inside them?

At the time that
I was at St. Matthew’s-


- Dr. Kane’s therapy for personality disorders...

consisted of locking the patient up...

in a mirrored room
for several days on end...

forcing them to confront
their own image.

Dr. Kane was wrong about his theory.

- There is no cure for schizophrenia, Mr. Carson.

It was something else.

And whatever it was...

it left me and entered the mirrors.


Since that day, it has been collecting
the souls of the people it kills.

I’m sorry...

but if I agree to go with you
and return back to that place...

I will make it possible for the demon to cross
the threshold back into the real world.

Do you understand what
that means for my family?

You can’t do this.
You need to come back with me.

I’m going to pray for you
and your family.

That’s all I can do right now,
Mr. Carson. I’m sorry.

God bless you.

Gary Lewis, Terrence Berry and many other men
have died trying to find you.

And because they failed,
their families died too.

Two days ago,
my sister was murdered.

My family will be next
if you don’t help me. Please.

Please. Wait, wait.

This is my family.
It’s my wife, Amy...

and my daughter, Daisy,
and my son, Michael.

They’re beautiful.
They’re innocent.

They’ve never hurt anybody.

Please. Take-Take the photo.

Just-Just take the photo.

Look at them.

I’m sorry.

Who the hell do you think you are?

They’re just kids!



- Hello?
- Amy.

- Ben, where are you?
- At the monastery.

- Did you find her?
- Yes.

- Yeah? Did you talk to-
- Amy?


- Ben, hold on. Michael’s gone.
- What do you mean?

I don’t know. I fell asleep with
the kids on the bed, and now I
don’t know where he is. Michael?

Amy, what’s going on?
Is everything all right?


- Oh, fuck.

Amy, what’s going on?
Have you got Michael?

Oh, my God.

Ben, there’s water everywhere.

- Oh, my God.
- You’ve got to be careful of the water.

It creates reflections.

Someone’s in the house.
Someone scraped all the mirrors.

- Amy, where is Michael?
- I don’t know. I don’t see him anywhere.

Amy, listen to me.
You’ve got to stay away from the water.

- Get the kids and stay away from the water.

- Michael?
- Amy?

Amy? Shit!


Which room is she in? Which one?

My family’s not dying tonight.
You are coming with me.




Daisy, come here.


Come here, Daisy.



Come here, sweetheart.

What are you doing in there?

Everything’s going to be all right.


No! No!

No! No!

Oh, Daisy! Ohh!

Come here! Get down!
Get down, right now!

Get down, sweetie. Get down.
Oh, my God, are you okay?

Oh, my God! Stay right there!
Don’t move, baby! Don’t move!

Mom, why did you do that to me?

It wasn’t me, sweetheart. You know
I would never hurt you. You know that.

Here. Hold this.
Hold it tight.

You okay?

Here, get down, sweetie.
Let me see. Let me see.

Let me see, sweetie.
It’s going to be okay.

All right? I know it hurts.
Stay right there.

All right, give me your hand.
I need you to hold it really tight, okay?

Just flat and tight.
Just like that, okay?

Now, I need you
to listen to me, okay, baby?

You have to be very brave.
I need you to stay here no matter what happens.

No matter what you hear, do not move
from this closet until I come back.

- You understand me, right?
- Yes.

Okay. Okay.
Do not move. I love you.


- Don’t move.



Where are you?


Michael, what are you doing?

Don’t be scared, Mommy.
He just wants to play with us.

Michael, I want you to
drop that knife right now.

Do you hear me?

You know very well you’re not
allowed to play with knives, don’t you?

Come on.

That’s a good boy.

Give me the knife, Michael.

Michael! Michael!






Michael? Mike?


Why are you hiding from me,






 You okay?

Come on.



It’s waiting for me downstairs.

Bring me inside.
From now on, I have to keep my eyes closed.

Step up. You’re in the room.

Strap me in.

I spent the darkest days
of my life in this room.

Are you sure there’s no other way?

It’s for your family, Mr. Carson.

For your family.




Michael, look at me.

Michael! No, Michael!
Oh, my God!

Give him back to me!
Give him back to me!

No! No!
No! Get out!

Oh, my God! No!

- You must go now.
- Thank you.







Give him back to me!
Give him back! Give him back!


No! No!

Oh, my baby! Ohh!


Come on.

One, two-

five, six-

Ohh! Ohh!
Oh, thank God!

Oh, thank you! I love you!


- Anna?









Come on, you bitch!






Oh, my God.

Oh, my baby.


I love you both.


I love you both.

Special thanks to SergeiK.