Mister Lonely Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Mister Lonely script is here for all you fans of the Harmony Korine movie with Diego Luna and Samantha Morton. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Mister Lonely quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Mister Lonely Script


 I'm Mr. Lonely

 I have nobody

 For my own

 I'm so lonely

 I'm Mr. Lonely

 Wish I had someone

 To call on the phone

 Now I'm a soldier

 A lonely soldier

 Away from home

 Through no wish of my own

 That's why I'm lonely

 I'm Mr. Lonely

 I wish that I could go back home


 Never a letter

 I get no letters

 In the mail

 I've been forgotten

 Yeah, forgotten

 Oh, how I wonder

 How is it I failed?

 Now I'm a soldier

 A lonely soldier

 Away from home

 Through no wish of my own

 That's why I'm lonely

 I'm Mr. Lonely

 I wish that I could

 Go back home 

I don't know if you know
what it is like to want to be someone else.

To not want to look like you look.

To hate your own face
and to go completely unnoticed.

I have always wanted to be
someone else.

I have never felt comfortable
the way I am.

All I want is to be better than myself,

to become less ordinary
and to find some purpose in this world.

It is easier to see things in others,

to see things you admire
and then try and become that.

To own a different face.

To dance a different dance
and... sing a different song.

It is out there waiting for us,

inviting us to change.

It is time to become who we're not,

to change our face
and become who we want to be.

I think the world is a better place that way.

Bam, bam.


If you like it, you can put money here!

You see?

You look good, my friend.

Good, strong skin. Beautiful.

Thank you. Thank you.

- Michael, you still like Paris?
- Mm, not really. It's too hot.

The heat is not good for the dancing.
It ruins my makeup, but anyway...

Très chaud, très chaud, oui.

These plants. Poor plants.


Want a coffee? Expresso?

You know I don't drink coffee.

C'est vrai.

But you look sad, no?

No, no, I'm OK, I'm OK.

I think you need more friends, more people.

Well, I don't speak French
and I know no one here.

You know me.

You should come here more.

Yeah, but you forgot about me, Renard.

Mmm,jamais, jamais, jamais.

I don't forget.

I tell everybody I've got the best
Michael Jackson, the very best Michael.

And I got you a job.
I've got you a good job.

Nice money, easy.

- Go to the old people's home.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.

Dance for them again. They love you.

Give them a nice day,
et cetera, et cetera.

OK, that's good news.

You see, I don't forget you.

- You need money?
- No, no, I'm fine.

You need money.

No, I'm fine, Renard. I'm...
Seriously, Renard, I'm fine, rea...

You need money.


Thank you.

I'm gonna go. Thank you.

Come and see me. I'll take you out.

We'll go to a place where they have
this good steak, green sauce. You'll like it.

- OK.
- And I'll introduce you to a French woman.

Nice woman, a strip-teaseuse.

- What?
- Mmm, a stripper,

but with a great, beautiful mind.



Bam! Bam!

 Ooh, that pussy gets damp

 Pump that, pump that,
pump that, pump that,

 Pump that, pump that thing

 Ass-shakin' competition champ

 Ooh, that pussy gets damp

 Pump, pump, pump that,
pump that, pump that, pump that ass

 Make it till the bells start ringing...


Test, test.

- Bonjour, bonjour, mes amis.
- Bonjour.


I just wanna tell you that
it's great to be here again with you guys.

With everything going on in this world, it's
good to know there's a place you can come

and get away from it all,
so thank you for having me.

And now I'm gonna need your help.
Are you with me? Yeah?

OK, so, please come on,
everyone, everyone...

Tapez les mains avec moi! Oui?

There you go. Come on.

On y va!

Now I want you to sing with me, OK?

-  Ooh-hoo
-  Ooh-hoo

- Tout le monde avec moi!  Ooh-hoo
-  Ooh-hoo

-  Ooh-hoo
-  Ooh-hoo

-  Eee-hee
-  Eee-hee

-  Ooh-hoo
-  You, you

-  Hey, hey
-  Ooh, ooh

Come on. Come on!

There you go!
 Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

-  Whoa!
-  Ooh-hoo

-  Oh, whoa
- You can live forever, you know that?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, you know that!

- Can I kiss you? Can I kiss you?
- Please, please.

-  Ooh-hoo
-  Ooh-hoo





OK, keep clapping. Keep going.

You know something?
If you want, you can live forever.

Don't think 'cause you're old you have
to die. Who says that? That's not true!

We can live forever, yeah! Let's be children
forever! Let's be the age we wanna be!

How old do you wanna be? Eight, nine?
Let's be children forever.

You can live forever, and you too,
and you and you and you...

We can all live forever here!

Hey, folks, we have our beautiful
Marilyn Monroe in here.

Come on, let's welcome Marilyn Monroe!

-  Ooh-hoo
-  Ooh-hoo

-  Eh-heh
-  Ooh-hoo

 Ooh! Ooh!

You can live forever and you can
live forever, and you and you and you.

I want you to live forever,
and you and you and you and you, too!

 Don't die, don't die

 Don't die, don't die

 Don't die, don't die

 Ooh-hoo! Eh-heh!

Live forever!



- I'm sorry, am I bothering you?
- No, not at all.

- Please sit down.
- Thank you.

Wow, so you speak very good English.

- I'm an American.
- Oh, I see.

- I saw you at the house.
- I saw you too.

You were great.
You're an incredible dancer.

Thank you. You, too.

- I mean, you're great, too. Incredible.
- Thanks.

- Do you want a coffee?
- Hmm...

- Red wine?
- Oh!

Excusez-moi, deux verres
de vin rouge, s'il vous plaît.


- Do you live in Paris?
- Yeah, yeah.

Not far from here,
where the immigrants live.

- Here?
- Yeah, in the city.

Wow, you must love it here.

No, not really.


How long have you been Michael?

Hmm, I don't know.
I guess I was born this way.

Mmm, oui.

Do you speak English?

- Do you like Marilyn Monroe?
- Yes.

So cute.

- Au revoir.
- Merci.

Au revoir.

So how long have you been Marilyn?

Since I first got my boobs.

- Of course.
- Of course!



- Salut!
- Chin-chin.

I am married.
I have been married for seven years,

and my husband,
he lives as Charlie Chaplin.

He was Buster Keaton
before he became Chaplin.

I met him on a cruise ship while he was
doing his act. We have a daughter as well.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- How old is she?
- She's six, almost seven.

She lives as Shirley Temple.

- She impersonates?
- Yeah! Well, she tries.

- But she's so young.
- I know, but she seems to enjoy it,

and her father, you know,
it's very important for him.

So, what? Charles Chaplin
meets Marilyn Monroe on a cruise ship

and they have a daughter
named Shirley Temple?

Yeah, kind of. I wasn't Marilyn yet
when I met Charlie, but he showed me.


- When are you leaving?
- I leave in two days.

- On Sunday?
- Yeah.


Where do you live?

I live in the Highlands.

- Really?
- Yeah, way up.


Well, it's kind of a long story,
but I guess it's not that long.

But isn't it cold over there, like freezing?

No, no, no, no, no.

It's cold, like, half the year
and the other half it's warm.

- And what do you do there?
- We do lots of things,

like, some people take care of the animals,
some people garden,

some people take care of the house.

Sometimes we perform for each other, then
we go out and perform for other people.

It's so beautiful there.
There are mountains all around.

You would just not believe
how beautiful it is.

And we're building a great stage and
we're gonna put a show on every night,

and it's only for people like us -

It's gonna be the greatest show on earth.

It's such a special place.

A place where everyone is famous
and no one ages.

A place that we created
and built ourselves.

There's gonna be nowhere like it on earth.

Do you wanna come?

I would love it if you came.
They would love you there!

- No, I don't think so.
- Why not?

- I don't know, what would I do there?
- Anything at all, anything you want.

We have many extra rooms.

And we need a Michael.
We don't have a Michael.

No, I... I wouldn't know
what to do in a commune.

Neither did I, but there's plenty you can do.

Oh, Michael, say you'll come.

Please come.

You must, you simply must.

I really don't know.

Goodbye, room.

You've been really nice to me.

You served me well.

The chair was nice to sit upon.

The bed was good comfort at nights.

And the windows,
the windows allowed me to see the world.

You've been a wonderful room to me.

But I gotta go.

I gotta leave you.

I'll always remember you forever

and I'm sure you'll always remember me.


No, come on, Eugenio, you can't fly
this plane. You cannot fly this plane.

What, you think I can't manage that?

I know that you can manage that.
I know you can manage it.

- You know me...
- No, we have to drop food.

We are flying out, we are not flying
to Los Angeles. We are not flying...

I've seen you a lot.
Your name is Eugenio?

Eugene. I fly to Denver, Colorado
or Mexico.

Yeah, but I can't let you fly.
You see, we have to drop food.

All right, we gotta get some food.
But next week, we can do it.

No, I cannot let you fly now.

I cannot let you.
I cannot give you my plane.

What are you doing
with these flowers each day?

Because God give me, God tell me,
"Give flowers and you get love."

"Love with flowers,
you will be good and great."

Yes, but you're in love with whom?

With the whole world.
Peace and love, that we say.

But I know you are waiting for your wife.
Tell it.

- Yes.
- Yes, I know. I can see in your heart.

- You're waiting for your wife.
- The dollar say, "In God we trust," amigo.

Yes, but why did she leave you?
Why did she go?

- She don't leave me.
- She left you.

You are here for two years now.
Why did she leave you?

- And she got the kids.
- Why did she leave and go with the kids?

Because I was too great,
too intelligent and...

No, no, no, no. You did it to other women.
You were sinning.

- No, sir! I never done nothing!
- My son, you were sinning.

- I used to fix shoes...
- No, you were...

- I don't have no time for her.
- You sinned with other women. Confess.

- You did it to other women...
- Afterward...

Yes, and that's why she left you.

- No.
- Eugenio, my son, confess.

You did it to other women.
You sinned. Did you not?

- Yeah.
- Yes, you did it. How many women?

Five at least. I know you.
You look like that, yes.

- You look like that.
- How you read me.

- I read your heart, yes. I read your heart.
- But what matters is something after that.

I give her everything,
I go and give her everything.

Then I go with the next woman
and I got my kids.

Yes, but they will not return
until you go the path of the Lord.

In the name of the Father
and the Holy Ghost,

oh, God, mercy,
take care of me where I go.

I absolve you of your sins.

Stand up.

So, you will not sin anymore.

Go home and you will come back
with new flowers tomorrow.

- I will give you the flowers.
- Thank you very much, yes.

I will give it to the sisters.
They will enjoy it.

- The sisters, they live in chastity...
- Yes.

...but you don't.
- OK.

And that's why your wife has left you,
and you will not do it again.

- OK.
- Yes.

- But she love me.
- Yes, and you love her?

- Mm-hm.
- You love her dearly?

- Mm-hm.
- So, just be a better man.

I know in your heart you are a good man.

- OK?
- Yeah.

- We're done then?
- Yes, and I keep the flowers.

I gotta tell you something. You keep
the flowers and you take my daughters,

kiss them and tell them I love them,
you get me?

- Yes.
- OK?

Yeah, when I'm flying to Los Angeles
where she is, or where...

Do you know where she is?

I will tell them to return and I will tell them
that you are not sinning anymore.

OK, my son.
You're a good man, I know.

You don't have to cry.
The Lord is with you.

OK, sisters,
the cardboard boxes first.

Yes, put them right there.

Move this here. Yeah, the rice bags,
I need the rice bags.

This here goes close to the door, yes.

Put it close. This goes first.

And don't drop it over Zapaxa,
don't drop it over Shazuta.

You wait for Puerto Escondido,
you wait for my signal.

And this goes close to the exit.
Close to the exit.

How many of you are going?
How much place do we have?

Three... three spaces.

So it's you, Sister, you, and you.

You will go on the plane
and you will do it.

You will be onboard.
Where's the third?

Ah, you are already...
Yes, you stay onboard.

And you wait for my signal.
You wait, you wait.

Don't drop it over
the first or second village.

Over Puerto Escondido,
and I'm gonna give the signal.

Sisters, good luck.

- Sisters, goodbye.
- Bye.

I'll see you, but step back from the wing,
step back from the wing! We are gonna fly.

- Sisters, are you ready?
- Yes, Father.

- Ready all the time?
- Yes, Father, always.

- Ready with the Lord?
- Yes, amen.

There is the village.

There is the village coming!
The village is right down there!

Hold on, hold on, wait for my signal!

I'm turning once more around!

Turn around!

Hang on, Sisters! Hang on!

Get ready now! Get ready!

Wait for my signal!

Now! Drop it now!

Rice. Yes, yes, faster.
Rice first, yes!

Drop it! Bring it down,
they are waiting for it! They are hungry!

Wait, wait...
Yes! Drop it, toss it down!

Down, down, down!


Oh, Lord, do not let me die.

I believe, oh, Lord.

Let me fall safe.

I believe in you.

I fear nothing.

For you are always with me,

and it is your will that I shall fly.

Hey! Hey!

Hey! I'm home!


- Mommy, Mommy!
- Hey-hey! Hey-hey!

- Mommy!
- Mommy! Mommy!

Hey! Hey!


I found a Michael!


I'm back!

- Hey!
- Welcome back!

I found a Michael!

I found a Michael!

- Where'd you find him, in Paris?
- What a surprise!

Hello, I am Charlie Chaplin.

Hello, I'm Sammy Davis Jr.

Hello, I'm Madonna.

Hello, I'm James Dean.

Hello, I'm Little Red Riding Hood.

Hello, I'm the Queen.

Hello, I'm Shirley Temple.

Hello, Michael. I'm the Pope.

I'm Abe fucking Lincoln.

I'm Buckwheat.


- My name is Moe.
- Larry.

I'm Curly.


My, it's good to be alive!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The mountains and the trees
and the sea and the breeze.

The clouds touching the mountain.

They all join into... Oh...



Thank you.

Thank you, thank you.

Hey-hey, Michael! Beautiful day!

Hey, what is this, fellas, a monastery?
Come on, let's get busy!

We gotta get this thing finished.
I'm trusting you.

Hey, come on, Jimmy!
You're the laziest bastard here!

It's not so hard, man!
Two legs is chicken, four legs is sheep.

Jesus Christ!

Abe, if you'd stop shouting for a
second, I could get some work done here.

And get these fucking animals
down the fucking hill!

- Get 'em down the fucking hill!
- This way! This way, come on!

- Hey, Michael.
- Hola.



- What?
- Cluck-cluck, cluck, cluck-cluck-cluck.

Are you a chicken?

Listen, I love the chicken
more than anything in the whole world,

but I think she's pregnant.



- Do you know the father?
- Yeah, but I think they just got divorced.


And what, you're like the stepfather?

Yep, I take real care of it.

I'm the best stepdad
she's ever gonna have and ever will have.

All right.

Well, nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.



He makes me laugh when he does that.

- Does he think he's really a chicken?
- I don't know why he likes being a chicken,

but I think it's because he just likes the way
chickens live and he wants to be a chicken.

It's just like, a bit like,
if I really liked, maybe, a dolphin

and I really wanted to be a dolphin, so that
I could see how the dolphin's life worked.

Maybe it's just like that.

Now I'm 9'7"!

- Stop showing me your ass.
- Oh, man, this is beautiful.

- I want a drink.
- It's the Grand Canyon.

- You want a drink?
- Give me your toe.

Give me your toe!
 This little piggy...

A little toke on that, Michael?

- Thank you very much.
- Don't let your mother catch you!


- What happened?
- Like everything, it went out of style.

- Not for me.
- Not for you?

None for Little Red Riding Hood.

- Yeah, man.
- OK, if you say so.


- Are you sure you're old enough to drink?
- Ah, he's one of us.

- So what do you think, Michael?
- I like the mud.

He likes the mud!

Ladies and gentlemen, I propose a toast.

- To Michael.
- To Michael!

Welcome aboard, Michael!

Three cheers for Michael!

- Hip-hip.
- Hooray!

- Hip-hip.
- Hooray!

- Hip-hip.
- Hooray!

- Speech, speech!
- No, no.

- Yeah.
- Or give us a song.

- No, no, I'd rather give a speech.
- A speech?

- We love you, Michael.
- You're welcome here.

- Damn, he made me cry.
- Goddamn!

 Marilyn's hugging Michael...

 Marilyn's hugging Michael...

You're next.


- Ready?
- Yeah.

Ha-ha! 14 to 2!


Ah... 15 to 2!

You know that the point of this game
is to hit the ball back to me, no?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- But you hit it too fast for me.
- 16 to 2. Yes.

I always hit the ball fast.
Always good at this.


I used to play all sports, when I was young.
I used to be a gymnast.

- Really?
- Yeah.

As a boy, I could put both legs behind
my head and balance on one finger.

- No way.
- Yeah! I won always at contests.

I never lose, you know?

- 19 to 2, I think, yeah?
- Yeah.

You have problems with your hands,

- No.
- Something's wrong with you.

No, no, no, I'm just having fun.

- Did you play sports? Basketball?
- No.

- Why?
- No, I was never really good at anything.

Why not? You are strong.
You are a good dancer.

Well, I don't know. Everyone
seemed to be better than me.

- Even the girls.
- You are too nice, I think.

- Go.
- I'm gonna beat you.

Be careful.

Yeah! 21 to 2!

I win!


I mean, good.

- Congratulations.
- Ah...

Serious. You are too nice.

If I lose, I wouldn't talk to you for a week.


- You want to play again?
- No.

No, no, it's too cold for me anyway.
But thank you.

You're welcome.

I love women.

They're hot. They make me sweat.

I love chickens.

I love their wings, like breasts.

If you combine chicken with a woman's
breasts, you get chicken breasts.

I like chicken breast.

Chicken breast is nice...

and hot!

If it was up to me,

I'd make the world
naked woman and naked chickens.

That's hot, yeah.

I love women.

They are so... They make me sweat.

I love chickens.


Their breasts are so smooth, yeah.

Looks healthy.

It's nearly dead.

I know it's nearly dead,
but it still looks healthy to me.

It was healthy, it was young, it was fed.

What do you think?

I don't fucking know.

I guess we ought to check the others.
Here, give me...

What do you want me to do,
take its fucking pulse?

I look like a fucking vet?
Give it fucking mouth-to-mouth?

Come on, let's check the others.

- Grab that one!
- Come here!

Grab any one!

Dear world...

Dear world and everyone in it,

I have noticed that over the years
you have tried to pass me by.

I have noticed that
you think I'm very strange,

and the way I think
you might consider it to be wrong.

Dear world and everyone in it...

from the moment I was born,
I remember feeling different.

I remember thinking
I had a special kind of vision

that allowed me to see things
that you couldn't see.

I don't think I ever felt the same
as you felt and...

I'm not exactly angry about it,
it just seems that's the way things are.

I have to admit that I have spent
the majority of my life feeling confused,

feeling alien and disconnected.

Never getting things the way
it seems everyone else gets them

or understanding things exactly.

Dear world...

Dear world and everyone in it...

It's hard to always laugh

when you don't know
what people find so funny.

You are a slut.



Did you fuck him?




Why is he here?


You asked him to come?


- What?
- Please...

Please stop, please stop.

If I smell my finger,

will I smell him?

You know I love you.

You are the most beautiful person.

I had a dream.

It was a strange dream.

You killed me in the dream.

You stood above me,
waiting for me to die.

You said, "Everything will be OK, Charlie."

"Everything will be good now."

"I promise, Charlie."

And then you said,

"Go with God."

I was curious because you know
I don't believe in such things.

But it was comforting to me.

- You know, Charlie...
- Hmm?

Sometimes when I look at you...

you seem more like Adolf Hitler
than Charlie Chaplin.

Who are these men
dressed like this?

Are they afraid of these little lambs?

I have known these lambs for many years
and they have not hurt me!

Perhaps you should be dressed like this
on the moon.

These lambs are not from outer space.

They are poor, lowly, lowly animals,
for Christ's sake.

Do they not know their little arms
are too short to box with God?

 What a friend
we have in Jesus

 All our sins and greeds to bear

 What a privilege to carry

 Everything to God...


- Yes.
- No!


- No... no!
- Please! Please!

No, tart! Tart, no!

No! No!


... take it to the Lord in prayer

 Can you find a friend so faithful

 Who will all your sorrows share?

 Jesus knows our every weakness

 Thou will find...

... our solace there 

Oh, no, that's terrible news.

Are you sure there's not been
some mistake?


OK, so what options do we have?


And there's no way to treat it?

What, even those that are not infected?

Do you have any concept
of how valuable these beasts are?

No, no, no, no, no, you will not do it.
We will do it ourselves, thank you.

Stop, stop.
I said we will do it ourselves.

It's the right thing to do.

Yes, I give you my word.

Yeah, I'm...

Come on in.

- Hello.
- Hey.

Good morning.

Good morning.

- I brought you some strawberries.
- Oh, thank you.

That's really nice, thanks.

What's this?

It's a recorder.


"Why" what?

Why do you need to record things?

Oh, it's just something I do, you know?

When I write songs...

or when I see something beautiful.

I talk into it, mostly, or read from books,
just to remember things.

Like what?

People... stories, mainly.

I always felt like
life moves too quickly,

and this is my attempt at slowing it.

I get to keep the days with me...

get to keep the people I meet with me.

Otherwise, they all leave me.

The sheep have to be killed.

Those people said they're diseased.


All of them?

Yeah, all of them.

They all have to be killed.


It's easy to get sick these days.

Do you ever talk about me?


In your recorder.



Yeah, sometimes.

What do you say?

I don't know.

Different things.

It depends.



I hope they're good.


The things you say about me.


Viva la fresa.

I never...

I never would act...

I never... I never would...

It going,
it going to be OK, OK, OK.

It going to be OK.

The pretty girl...

The pretty girl...

Pleased to meet you.
Pleased to meet you, too.

What are you doing?

What do you do?

What do you know how to do?

Mmm, sheep!

Sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep,

sheep, sheep, sheep...

Shit, shit.


Fucking government. Fuck!

Fucking government. Fuck! Bullshit!

Bullshit, bullshit!

What's, uh...

How, how old...
How old are you?

I'm... 34.

Mmm, perhaps 35.

My life, my life, it's...

My life, it don't count for nothing.

I would like to speak for a moment here.
I would like to propose a toast.

A toast.

To the dreams we dream, my friends.

Oh, yeah.
Hear! Hear!

Yes, dreams.

To the dreams who make us who we are.

To the dreams that allow us
to find one another,

to seek refuge
and to pause for comfort.

I'm not stupid,

and I'm an old man.

But I know that I'm not like everybody else.

And everyone in this room
is not like everybody else.

But the good thing is

that we have found one another and
we have become what we wish we were.

And I say this tonight because, you know,

our sheep have fallen ill.

Those gentle creatures
who provide so much for us

and ask for so little in return.

These sheep did not have the choice
to be human as we are.

They are simply sheep.

They cannot choose to do what we do.

And so tonight, my friends,
I propose that we should get drunk

on behalf of our fallen comrades in
the pastures whose lives shall soon cease.

To the dreams that propel us.

To the dreams that keep us well.

And finally, to the dreams that unite us
here, tonight, with each other.

To our sheep!

To our sheep!

To our sheep.

 Hangman, hangman

 Slack your line

 Slack it just a while

 For I think I see my pappy coming

 Traveling many a mile

 Traveling many a mile

 Papa, Papa

 Has you brought gold

 For to pay this hangman's fee

 Or did you come to see me swinging

 High from this hangman's tree

 High from this hangman's tree

 Daughter, daughter, daughter

 I brought no gold
for to pay this hangman's fee

 But I come to see you
swinging, swinging

 High from this hangman's tree

 High from this hangman's tree...

 Hangman, hangman

 Slack your line

 Slack it just a while

 Oh, I think I see my mama coming

 Traveling many a mile

 Traveling many a mile

 Mama, Mama, Mama

 Has you brought gold
for to pay this hangman's fee

 Or did you come to see me swinging

 High from this hangman's tree

 High from this hangman's tree

 Daughter, daughter, daughter

 I brought no gold

 For to pay this hangman's fee...

... but I come to see you
swinging, swinging

 High from this hangman's tree

 High from this hangman's tree 

Sisters, I know
this might sound ridiculous,

but the Lord wants to test us.

The Lord wants us
to jump out of an aeroplane,

without a parachute!

He wants to see us fly.

He wants to see us
dance through the sky and do tricks,

show the world there are miracles,
there are miracles to happen to everybody.

If you're pure enough,

if you believe enough,

Sisters, believe me,

you will fly.

We here in the broken nation
are tired and bruised.

We have been left here alone with nothing.

We have been abandoned.

We are like vomit in the street
outside of a seedy bar.

We have been relegated
to the bottom of the barrel

and all our senses of understanding
and love seem gone forever.

In order to survive here,
we have to become like animals...

and we have to fore go
all sense of civility and understanding.

How is it possible that a nun can fly?

How is it possible that she falls
out of a plane and lands unscathed?

But who are we...
who are we to scoff at such things?

Who are we to doubt such miracles?

Alas, we are but tramps in the gutter,

here in the broken nation.

But a little faith
can take us a long, long way.

If you're pure enough,

if you believe enough,

Sisters, believe me,

you will fly.

God will be your parachute.

You will experience the miracle
that I have felt.

Come on, move your ass!

This should be ready for June!

This is going to be
the greatest fucking show on earth!

Let's go! Let's go!

Out of the stage!

Mind where you put
the fucking brush!

I told you not to let
the fucking Stooges in here!

I said don't let the fucking...

Do you know
what this fucking outfit cost me?

Do you know
what this fucking outfit cost me?

Abe, stop it!

- We'll never finish it.
- We will finish it, sweetie.

- It looks like shit.
- She's crying.

- I think we bet... I think, oh...
- Be quiet.

- Look what you did.
- Shut up!

- He always does this.
- Paint all over the clothes!

We have a performance
and no one's gonna come!

It looks like shit,
and you guys can't get to work!

- You see?
- Fucking right.

- Sorry.
- Tell the fucking Stooges.

No, I'm sorry, I just...

It is not the Stooges' fault.

We just have to focus and get it done.
We want people to come see us, right?

- Yeah.
- People will come.

People are gonna see this place
and... turn away, unless we work.

It's going to be the greatest
fucking show on the earth!


It's going to be the greatest
fucking show on the earth!

It's going to be the greatest
fucking show on the earth!

Ladies and gentlemen,

for one night only, we will be presenting
the greatest show on earth,

the greatest show the world has ever seen!

You're gonna have Michael Jackson.
Say hi, Mike.

- Hey, hey, people!
- There you go.

Jimmy Dean will be performing
for one night only.

One night only, people.

We've got Shirley Temple,
little Shirley Temple.

She's four and she's gonna be
staying up late that night!

We've got that little bundle of energy
Sammy Davis Jr!

- Yee-hee!
- Come watch Sammy tear up the boards.

We've got the human pincushion.

- We've got the great disappearing lady.
- What?

This is a talent show
the likes of which

you will never in your life
be privileged to see again. Trust me.

Come out of your houses, people,
don't be shy.

Come and join us,
visit our snack bar, if you will.

Abraham Lincoln invites you to the show.

The greatest show on earth!

Four score and seven years ago

our fathers brought forth
upon this continent

a new nation,
conceived in liberty

and dedicated to the proposition
that all men are created equal.

So, you think that the Stooges
should go on before Madonna?

I just think that's gonna slow
everything down.

The music is better that way.
The Rivaldi leads well.

- Yeah, but it's gonna interrupt the flow.
- No.

We've been through it. It'll be fine.

Yeah, I know, I know, I know, but I'm just
fucking worried sick about this show.

You've just gotta focus your energies
through your stomach.

The Pope stinks.
The Pope stinks.

The Pope stinks, the Pope stinks.

- The Pope stinks.
- He's right, the Pope stinks.

- I do bathe, I just don't use soap.
- The Pope stinks!

- Ah, the Pope stinks.
- The Pope stinks.

- The Pope stinks...
- I do bathe, I'm just allergic to soap.

The Pope stinks,
the Pope stinks, the Pope stinks...

Just leave me
so that I may remain in peace.

Leave me,
so that I may remain in peace.

Oh, why?


Why, oh, why, oh, why?

- Baby, don't let me fall asleep.
- Oh, don't worry, baby.

I don't wanna burn.

It's OK. I don't let you burn.

- I love you.
- Mmm, my baby.

Be quiet.

In strict rotation...


Charlie, why did you leave me?

Charlie, l-I-I-I said please,
please don't let me fall asleep.

Charlie, why did you leave me?

Charlie, I'm really burned.

She'll be fine.
Don't worry, it's just a sunburn.

Yeah, but, baby...
Charlie, why did you leave me?

C'est la vie...

I'm sorry, I forgot!

- I'm just a man!
- You forgot?! You forgot?! You forgot?

- Charlie, you shouldn't have left me.
- So sorry.

You shouldn't have left me.

The bastard. He let her burn.

- Why?
- Shh...

Don't worry, don't worry.

Don't worry.

It is going to be OK.

- Mmm, it's going to be...
- Ow.

- It's going to be all right.
- Ow!

- Shh-shh-shh...
- Please stop.

No, no, no, no.
It's going to be OK now.

- Please don't, please...
- It's going to be all right.


- Don't worry. I promise.
- Ow. Please stop it, please...

Please... Ow! Please...

Don't worry, it's going to be OK,
it's going to be all right.

Charlie, Charlie...

Oh! Please, you're hurting me, Charlie.

Don't worry, don't worry.

Please... Hey, hey, hey...

I'm sorry, Michael.


Because I'm so weak.

No, you're not weak.

- Oh, yes, I am.
- No...

You're the reason why I'm here.

You make this place beautiful.

- Michael?
- Hmm?

Does anything ever really change?

Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

No, I mean really change.

No. I don't know.

I keep thinking about the sheep.

You know, and them dying
and getting shot, you know, and I...

Well, it didn't take too long.

They didn't suffer, I'm sure.

Give me your hand, come on.

It doesn't take long to die, I think.

Not as long as it takes to live.

 Hangman, hangman

 Slack your line

 Slack it just a while

 For I see my pappy coming

 Traveling many a mile

 Traveling many a mile

 Papa, Papa

 Has you brought gold

 For to pay this hangman's fee

 Or did you come to see me swinging

 High from this hangman's tree

 High from this hangman's tree 

You think people will come?

Of course they will.

How do you know?

People will come.

They always do.

They will come to see
the greatest show on earth.

I now declare our majestic theater open!

We did it! Oh, my God!

Girl, we did it!

Thy agents, the casting directors,
will be here!

- Charlie!
- It's finally here! Our theater!


So a man walks into a bar
with his pet monkey.

The monkey necks three beers
and falls asleep in the corner.

Man goes to leave, barman says,
"Don't leave that lyin' there."

He says, "It's not a lion, it's a monkey."

That's right,
Blue Eyes, with a Dixie melody.

And when you croon, don't get smart, see?
Just croon a little tune.

And it better be from the heart of Brooklyn,
or else you get a knuckle sandwich.

Thank you all for coming out tonight
to see our performance,

our grand show spectacular.

We are but humble impersonators,
regular people like you,

and without you, we would be nothing.

Our goal, as always in performing,
is to try and entertain you

and search out the beauty that is life,

the splendor and poetry of it all.

And, like the song says,

"There is heaven,
heaven when we dance together,

you and I cheek to cheek."

Thank you all.

And remember, there's no truer souls
than those souls who impersonate.

For we live through others

in order to keep the spirit of wonder alive.

Thank you, thank you.

God be with you all.

Well, that was only our first night.

More people will come.

It just takes time.

That's show business, folks.






Please... no.



Please... no.



No... no!




Yeah! Sisters, load the plane.

- Have a safe flight.
- Yes.

Come on, board it, board it, Sister.

You are gonna go to the Vatican.
You're gonna go to the Vatican.

Yes, yes, come on, Sisters.

You're going to the Vatican.
We have become legitimate.

This is a legitimate miracle.
We've done miracles here.

We have done miracles, yes, so...

Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey, you kid,
you cannot ride this.

I know you are a hell of a man,
but you're not gonna fly, come on.

Sister Agnes, I want you... I want you to be
the first one to meet the Pope,

but you have to kiss his ring.
Silence! Silencio, jóvenes!

So, yes, yes, just humble, but you kiss...
We'll rehearse more.

Yeah, OK, load the plane, Sister.

Ciao, adios.

OK, OK, goodbye, bye-bye.

Yes. Sisters, watch your toes.

It's just unbelievable.
You did it, you did it, yes.


- Yes, hallelujah.
- We'll have a nice time with the Pope.

But don't overload the Vatican.
Don't overload the Vatican.

Be humble, because I want to have
a drink with the Pope.

I just want to have a real drink.

You know, he's Bavarian
and he likes the beer.

It's a real miracle,
and you are with me now.

Sisters, Sisters, here we go.

Here we go. All the way to Rome.

 I feel so small

 And my life

 It's only a season

 A passing September

 That no one will recall

 But I gave joy to my mother

 And I made my lover smile

 And I can give comfort to my friends

 When they're hurting

 And I can make it seem better

 For a while

 And my life

 It's half the way traveled

 And still I have not found

 My way out of this night

 And my life

 It's tangled in wishes

 And so many things
that just never turned out right

 But I gave joy to my mother

 And I made my lover smile

 And I can give comfort to my friends

 When they're hurting

 And I can make it seem better

 I can make it seem better

 I can make it seem better

 For a while


 Oh, oh, oh



What happened to you?

Michael, it's OK.

I had to leave, but I'm OK.

But... why did you die?

Life was just too difficult for me.

I wasn't cut out for it.

Am I ever gonna see you again?

Sure you will, Michael,

but your path is different than mine.

You must stay strong, Michael.

Keep searching.

Don't give up.

Yeah, but... you gave up.

Oh, no, Michael.

I just followed my own destiny,

as you must follow yours.

What is that?

What am I supposed to do now?

So, Michael...

what has happened to you?

I'm finished.

Finished? Why finished?

- I'm going straight, Renard.
- This is impossible, my friend. Impossible.

- No.
- Yes.

No, it's not impossible.

If you believe you can be
whoever you wanna be?

You can't.

I've seen hundreds of guys try this.
It never works.

You'll always be who you are. Always.

And you...

You are Michael Jackson.

- No, no, I'm not.
- Yes, yes, yes, you are.

- No, I'm not!
- Michael Jackson.

So tell me, why... why do you
wanna be like everybody else?

Can't you see
everybody else is miserable?

I pity you.
I'll never support you in this decision.

That's fine, Renard.

You don't have to.

I don't know who's sitting
in this chair in front of me.

And you don't know, do you?

I don't know.

I have to find out.

There are plagues everywhere.

There is sickness and disease
that is everywhere.

Everyone tries to hide from these things -

the darkness and the shadows.

It is just a matter of time
till it finds you.

I know that.

I cannot outrun it. I can't hide from it.

There is nowhere to go.

It is my wish to embrace it...

to be alone in the middle of the crowd.

I know this is all an illusion, a dream.

It must come to an end.

Nothing too good lasts too long.

I can see the hope in everyone's faces.

I know they're all searching for something.

They're all chasing a great dream.

Each of them wants to better themselves.

They're all looking for answers.

What they don't realize
is that they have found it already.

They have found it in one another.

And, as always,

the world outside is waiting for us.

Waiting patiently

to take us away.

on the promises of Christ my King

 Through eternal ages
let his praises ring

 Glory in the highest,
I will shout and sing

 Standing on the promises of God

-  Standing...
-  Standing on the promises

-  Standing...
-  Standing on the promises

 Standing on the promises
of God my Savior

-  Standing...
-  Standing on the promises

-  Standing...
-  Standing on the promises

 I'm standing on the promises of God

 Standing on the promises
that cannot fail

 When the howling storms
of doubt and fear assail

 By the living word of God
I shall prevail

 Standing on the promises of God

-  Standing...
-  Standing on the promises

-  Standing...
-  Standing on the promises

 Standing on the promises
of God my Savior

-  Standing...
-  Standing on the promises

-  Standing...
-  Standing on the promises

 I'm standing on the promises of God

 Standing on the promises
of Christ our Lord

 Bound to him eternally
by love's strong cord

 Overcoming daily
with the spirit's sword

 Standing on the promises of God

-  Standing...
-  Standing on the promises

-  Standing...
-  Standing on the promises

 Standing on the promises
of God my Savior

-  Standing...
-  Standing on the promises

-  Standing...
-  Standing on the promises

 I'm standing on the promises of God

 Standing on the promises
I cannot fall

 Listening every moment
to the spirit's call

 Resting in my savior
as my all in all

 Standing on the promises of God

-  Standing...
-  Standing on the promises

-  Standing...
-  Standing on the promises

 Standing on the promises
of God my Savior

-  Standing...
-  Standing on the promises

-  Standing...
-  Standing on the promises

 I'm standing
on the promises of God 

Special thanks to SergeiK.