Mr. Untouchable Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Mr. Untouchable script is here for all you fans of the Nicky Barnes documentary. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Mr. Untouchable quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

And swing on back to Drew's Script-O-Rama afterwards -- because reading is good for your noodle. Better than Farmville, anyway.

Mr. Untouchable Script

This has been America News
Radio from Washington.

Now back to your local
ANR station for news on the hour.

Good evening. You're listening
to 108.9 FM, KMZR, Portland. This...

Evening, ma'am.

You, too.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- Careful. Careful, it's hot.
- Thank you.

- Busy night for the bad guys?
- Even busier night for us.


Let's see what you got for me.

Oh, hey,
because you're dying to know...

...l'm almost positive my first date last
night is eligible for the hall of fame.

She was amazing.
She looked exactly like her photo.

You'll never see her again.

- How do you know?
- Because you look nothing like yours.

Nice one.

- Here's that guy I was telling you about.
- Oh, yeah?

He changes his name every day.
It's taken me a week to isolate him.

Listen to this.

- Oh, how original.

Yeah, he offers free downloads
of pirated music.

I'm running this
in a fake virtual machine.

Watch what happens
when I accept his offer.

Now, he's stealing my financial data...

...and all my passwords.

Which I happened to have gathered
in a file called "passwords."

Nice touch.

I threw in a backdoor Trojan so
we can see what he's doing with it.

He's run up a quarter-million dollars
in fraud the past three weeks.

- Well, what's he into?
- High-end tech and low-end porn.

God. You sure it's a guy? If it's
a woman, she could be my soul mate.

Send it over to me.

There you go.

My dummy Capital One card.
Hope he goes for it.

Okay, I see it.

I'm surprised he has
the patience for auctions.

- Oh, you've got him now.
- Okay, there's his IP address.

Let's get his physical one.

Portland Police sent this over.
They weren't sure what to do with it.

Thank you.

- It is a woman.
- ER nurse, lives alone.

No priors,
no history of online purchases.

It's not her. Gotta be a neighbor...

...somebody close by, someone
who could access her wireless router.

Sharon Dobbs lives here.

All right. Here we go,
here's somebody.

Sam Barrows. He's a computer
programmer for the school district.

He's lived there six weeks.
He's a renter.

He's registered for three handguns
and two assault rifles.

That's your guy.

Jennifer Marsh, FBI Cyber Crimes
up in Portland.

We need you to knock down
a door for us.

Oh, I gotta get reassigned.

What's the matter?

It's just a sickness. It's just too much.

I got this
retired high school principal...

...offering to come over
to where I'm babysitting.

He's got so many chats,
he can't keep his names straight.

He keeps calling me Jill
instead of Molly.

I'm only interested in what his
cellmates are gonna call him.

I'm taking a break. Do you want?

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

All right.

I see feet! Get your hands up!
Get your hands up!

On your stomach! On your stomach!

- on flawless, cut Natalie K diamonds.

Huge savings on one-karat diamonds.
Presented by the LaRog Brothers.

- What the hell is this?
- I don't know. I'm running it down now.

It is streaming live.

Just when you thought
you've seen it all.

Oh, look, a message from our sponsor.

"Ha-ha. Only serious."

Jennifer Marsh, Cyber Crimes.

Carter Thompson here.
I'm at the Barrow residence.

The suspect's in custody.
Hard drive's intact.

- Plenty of contraband.
- Good work. Hey, let me guess.

It's not just Barrow. His son's
involved. He's got a son?

What makes you say that?

Well, high-tech toys and porn...

...and then out of the blue,
he buys a gold wristwatch.

How come? And then it hit me.

Sunday's his father's birthday.

Sweet dreams, Marsh.

Good morning.

We'll return to America News Radio
after the local news and weather.

It's the 7:00 hour.

This is KMZR, 108.9 FM, Portland.

And on the Web at
First, the weather.

The hurricane system that has poured
3 inches of rain on western Portland...

... in the past 24 hours
has finally let up.

Though there is no sign of an easing
of the near-freezing temperatures...

OnStar operator Tina. Good morning,
Ms. Marsh. How can I assist you?

Yes, Tina.

I'd like to get home
sometime before Easter.

I'm in a traffic jam here.

Okay, let's see.

You're in the middle
of a gaper's block.

You should be past the accident
in about 100 yards.

- Okay, I see it now. Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Come on, keep it moving.

- Shit, you scared me.
- Watch your mouth, young lady.

Hey, that's what I said to you
when you were a kid.

I know, Mom. That's what
makes it so darn funny.

Oh, somebody's crabby.

Sorry. Long night.


- Look at the outfit I'm making.
- I can see that.

- You're stealing my job.
- You were late.

I know. I'm sorry about that, sweetie.

Catch any bad guys?

One. Just one.

Okay, I'm coming.

Slowpoke. The slowest poke
I've ever seen, ever.

I'm coming.

- How are things with you and Maddy?
- Better.

Mrs. Tischler's gonna
give us a second chance.

- A second chance at what?
- Being friends.

Oh, of course. I think that's great.

She can come to my party now.
Make sure to send her mom an Evite.

- You got it.
- Maybe Grandma should do it.

- I'll do it.
- Are you sure?

When I say I'll do it, I'll do it,
okay? I promise.

- I love you.
- I love you, too, babe.

I bet you'd like me
to do this some other time!

Hey, friendly.

All right, Jennifer. Let's see
this tortured kitty of yours.

Torture's over, sir.

- Yeah, I should say so.
- Poor Lulu.

That was the cat's name.

The owner, Scotty Hillman,
26, from West Linn...

...says she was snatched a few days
ago from his lawn during a yard sale.

He recognized her fancy collar.

West Linn. So this site...

...which could have originated
anywhere from Oslo to Istanbul...

Is local. Yes, sir.

The odds of that are pretty steep.

About a million to one, if it were
a coincidence, which it's not.

The only way we found out about this
is because it was tipped... the county sheriff's office and the
police within minutes of it going up.

Both tips came from a pay phone
in the central city... whoever is behind the site
is local and wants attention.

- Shut him down.
- I just did.

- There you go.
- I'll type the address in again.

It's been doing that all night.

The site's IP changes constantly. Each
new address is an exploited server...

...that's running a mirror of the site.

The site's Russian name server
uses a low TTL... your computer constantly queries
the name server's record.

That's how it gives
you a new address consistently.

There are thousands of exploited
servers on the Internet... he won't run out of victims soon.

He's accessing these machines
so quickly...

...he's got to be
running his own botnet.

We are blackholing these IPs...

...but every time we shut one down,
a new mirror pops up.

I don't understand a single word
you just said.

What does Russia
have to do with this?

The domain registrar
and name servers are all in Russia.

We have no jurisdiction there.

Jennifer...'s a cat.
- Yeah.

Considering the state of the world,
aren't there more important things... be concerned about, like
something under our jurisdiction?

Back to work, gentlemen.

Things are about to get warmer when
one of the hottest hockey rivalries...

Are you the guy? You got the
extra ticket for the hockey game?

Grandma! Grandma! Grandma!

- Did you get it?
- Yes, I did!

Oh, my God, I'm so proud of you!

And the boy I fought was so tall too.

- Careful, I'm all wet.
- So am I.

We celebrated. We had an ice cream.



- Honey... Mom, please!
- Okay, okay.

Come on, baby.
Let's get you out of these clothes.

I've been monitoring the site all week.
Nothing but a still of the dead kitten.

Last night around 11, the site
went down, I'd hoped forever.

Anyway, a few minutes ago, this.

It's the same basement
still streaming live.

The top is the number of active viewers
and some chemical-dosage flow.

He's carved the name of the website
into the guy's chest.

He's threatening to drain him.

Threatening to drain what, his blood?
How's he gonna do that?

Those letters aren't any deeper
than paper cuts.

Not the cuts, it's the bleeding.

We think that box regulates
the fluid going into the victim.

Those cables are probably
connected to our guy's computer.

Look, his nose is starting
to bleed and he's bruising.

We think those bags have
some anticoagulant in them.

I've got a list of them right here.
The most common is heparin.

If you get the dose right, you save a
life. Wrong, you've got a hemophiliac.

So the more people who visit the site,
the more the drug is released...

...and the faster he bleeds.

- That's what we believe.
- Well, isn't that wonderful?

Well, if that counter is accurate,
the public would seem to agree.

They're tuning in at an alarming rate.

The victim's name
is Herbert Miller, 54.

Lives in Sellwood, works
for Burnside Executive Charter.

Friday night, got back from a shuttle
to Mount Hood, called his wife...

...says that he gets an e-mail
from a friend of a friend...

...offering center-ice seats
to the Winter Hawks game.

He promises
he'll be home afterwards.

- He wasn't.
- Any priors?

- Who, Miller?
- Why is that relevant?

Remember that snuff film
sent to the L.A. office last year?

Teenage geisha cut in two.
Looked as real as anything you saw.

Six weeks later, they found her alive
and well, waiting tables in Little Tokyo.

Maybe Miller's involved somehow.
Maybe there's a connection.

What are you doing to me?

Mrs. Miller!

Just go away. Just leave.

- Okay, folks, one side, please.
- I don't know.

Come on. Police.
Coming through. Mrs. Miller.

Back off. Back off. Mrs. Miller.

- Portland Police. May we come in?
- Thank God you're here.

I need you to back off right now.

My name is Detective Box.
This is my partner, Detective Moy.

Listen, is there someplace
else we can talk?

Yeah, let's go outside.

Oh, shit. Fuck!

So, Mrs. Miller, when was the
last time you saw your husband?

Yesterday morning.

He called, and he said he'd got tickets
to the Winter Hawks game last night.

He likes hockey, and I just wanted
him to come straight home.

Okay. Listen...

...I understand what you're going
through is very difficult. All right?

But you're making it worse by talking
to the press. Don't talk to the press.

Do you understand? Listen.

Don't talk to the press
and stay off the computer. Okay?

Listen to this. I'm running the logs
from that mirror we took down.

He's blocking all the foreign IPs. Only
Americans can gain access to the site.

How patriotic.

We've scanned every newsgroup,
chat room, blog, website and forum...

...referencing "Kill With Me,"
and I think we found our first post.

It appeared just before the site went
up, then it was spammed Web-wide.

"A cat caught in a rattrap.
How's that for irony?

It's streaming live on
It's awesome. Check it out."

It was posted by a sophomore
named Andrew Kilburn.

It came from his account, but it didn't
actually originate from his computer.

So our guy hacked his account
and used it to start the thread.

- Yeah.
- Let's go after the originating IP.

Oh, God.

It's too bad this guy wasn't
a Boy Scout.

He could just blink Morse code
and tell us where he is.

Okay, I've got the "who is."
It comes back Blue Sky ISP.

- Username and password, please.
- Coming to you now.

- "Chang's Restaurant"?
- He hacked into their site?

No. No. Half the office eats there.

He's messing with us.
He wanted us to find this.

Who the hell is this guy?

Jennifer Marsh, Detective Eric Box.

Portland Police has him
on the Miller abduction.

- Jennifer's our case agent on this.
- Case agent, sir?

- You caught it, you got it.
- Please.

Sir, anyone else. You know I'm
on nights because of my daughter.

I understand that, but you're it.

- We forming a task force?
- Not yet.

Not yet?
How much more do you need?

So far we have one dead cat and a man
who may or may not be in danger...

That's today. You think this is it?
It's just the beginning.

Marsh, hold it.

You share what you've got,
and then you take it from there.

Appreciate your coming in, detective.

All right. You first.

Well, we found Miller's car
in the Rose Garden parking lot.

No prints but his own.

We passed out photos of the
basement to some local contractors.

They say, judging from the timbers,
the house was built in the '20s or '30s.

Which narrows it down to,
you know, half the city.

Yeah, what else?

Miller appears to be a decent guy.
He's a Vietnam vet...

...coaches his daughter's soccer,
they go to church every Sunday.

So why'd the subject pick him?


Are we in science class?

- What would you prefer?
- How about "piece of shit"?

Why Miller?

I don't know. Maybe it was random.

What about the kitten?
Talk to that guy?

Scotty Hillman, yeah.
He's a fucking jackass.

All he cares about is getting
the kitten's collar...

...because he paid 12 bucks
for it on

Which I suppose is a lot of money
if you're flipping burgers.

What I would like to know is,
why him? Why his kitten?

Why take the risk of stealing when
you can get one free at any shelter?

- What do you guys got?
- It's a website.

It's like nothing we've ever seen.
It's extremely sophisticated.

As long as its source-streaming site
is a ghost, it's untraceable.

This guy can invite the world to help
him kill Miller or anybody...

...and there's not a goddamn thing
we can do about it.

Excuse me.

- It's over.
- Yeah.

The numbers, they just... exploded.

"Rolling on the floor laughing.

Thank you for..."

"For all your support.

More to come."

Well, we'll see about that.

It's a jungle in there.

Hey, I just went to the site
after the guy was dead...

I got a list of assholes my girlfriends
and me think he ought to kill next.

Last seen five days ago, FBI agents
have been working around the clock...

There's a pickup truck.

What's that on the back, a gun rack?

Yeah, well, there's no way that freak is
stepping foot in my dad's country club.

So call Tucker.

- at 7: 15 a.m., a vehicle at the home...

... of Oregon congressman
Joseph A. Restom.

Herbert Miller had been the focus
of an intense local...

... and statewide police
and FBI search...

... since midday Saturday
when he showed up...

...on an Internet website
being tortured and murdered live.

Now, because of the uniqueness
of the crime, and because the FBI... able to provide resources
critical to this investigation...

...they will be leading the interagency
task force assigned to the case.

He flew helicopters for a living. What's
his connection to a U.S. congressman?

Our guy had to dump the body.
Why not on a national stage?

You think he did it to get a press
conference? Build up his fan base?

Don't call them fans.
They're accomplices.

All right, whatever.
Why'd he choose Restom?

He's owned by Silicon Valley.

He sits on the House Judiciary
Committee on Net neutrality.

No restriction on content,
all traffic treated equally.

- Wouldn't our guy be for that?
- You'd think so.

Miller's clients
were corporate executives.

Maybe some were from high-tech.

I'll track down a customer list.

- What about the neighbors?
- One saw a van drive by at 4 a.m.

Another heard a car door slam
a minute later.

Figured it was the paper
being delivered.

Excuse me a second.
Might have something here.

- What is it?
- Tip just came in through a hot line.

Guy named Arthur James Elmer, an
engineer at Chadwick Technologies.

He was fired six months ago...

...for installing a wireless Webcam
in the men's room.

Nice. Anyway, he's been talking
about nonstop...

...ever since the kitty died.
Wanna ride with us?

Let me check this guy out
on my end.

- We'll catch up later.
- Yeah.

- So, what's going on?
- He won't let us in. Kind of shy.


Look, if you didn't do anything,
you got nothing to lose letting us in.

And if you did, we can always
come back with a warrant.

So how do you wanna play it?


I'm Detective Box.

Unusual name.

Well, it wasn't up to me.

So you really think I killed that guy?

I don't know. Did you?

Well, I'm flattered.

I found it highly entertaining,
especially at the end.

The way viewership
increased exponentially... some sort of epidemic.

Can I see the basement?

You like movies, huh?

Yeah, who doesn't?


Burn your own copies?

You know that's illegal, right?

Can't say they didn't warn you.

Got our proof it wasn't Elmer.

Starting Friday at 1 p. m...

...Elmer was logged into a chat
room for 12 consecutive hours.

At the time Miller disappeared,
Elmer was in a steamy private chat...

...with the first tenor of the
Men's Chorus of Greater Tacoma.

It still felt good arresting him.

- Hello?
- I caught you.

- Barely. I've got a big date tonight.
- Big, special or big, large?

I don't know. I haven't met Peggy
the secretary yet. What's up?

I had a thought. Remember that
Andrew Kilburn guy and his review?

Yeah, sure. What about it?

Well, why use his account?

I mean, maybe it wasn't random.
Maybe they know each other.

- Yeah, it's possible.
- Yeah.

- All right. I'll see you Sunday.
- Wait, Sunday?

Annie's birthday.

Oh, shit, I forgot.

- Okay, can I bring a date?
- Are you kidding?

You don't even know
if you like this girl.

No, not Peggy. Melanie.
She's a social worker.

She likes sushi and rock-climbing
and Dickens.

- I can't believe you.
- It's a numbers game.

Fine, fine. I gotta go.

Okay. Hey, you got a date?

- Good night.
- Okay. Bye. Good night, Sam.

Molly gave me
a birthday present already.

It's a computer game
that I downloaded.

- It's about horses.
- How sweet of her. That looks like fun.

Not really. It's kind of silly.

- I'll show it to you later.
- Okay, honey. I love you. Gotta run.

Come on, Annie. Let me get one first.

Somebody order a bunch of pizzas?

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- Hey, Griffin.
- For the birthday girl. Hello.

- How are you? Over here?
- Over here.

Listen, I only made it through
a few months of Kilburn's posts.

- We'll need more bodies on this.
- Okay.

He blogged, he uploaded vids, he
built sites. He practically lived online.

- What, not anymore?
- Not since he died...

...of something called
diabetic ketoacidosis.

Which is what happens when you
don't take your insulin for a few days.

Anyway, an hour after his body
was found...

...Kill With Me went up.

And an hour after that, Kilburn's
review was spammed Web-wide.

- And you think our guy killed him?
- The ME called it a suicide.


You're right on time.

Yeah, well, it's a curse.
I spend half my life waiting for people.

So... Dave Williams.

That's a great address, by the way.
Eights bring prosperity.

- I didn't know that.
- Yeah.

- Come in.
- Thanks.

Here you go, honey.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.


- Hi.
- Hi.

Griffin invited me
to his birthday party.

Yeah. Kind of a young crowd.

Kind of a young crowd, Griffin.

- Well, do you skate?
- No.

- Thank you.
- Yeah, go ahead.

Look, I'm gonna get out of here.
I'm sorry.

You just got here. Don't go.
Have some pizza.

Come on. It's not that bad.

Wow, you must really like Asia, huh?

Just Korea.


Well, it's fabulous.

Thank you.

So you gonna let me see them?

Of course.

Through the kitchen.

I gotta tell you, a 710 Pullman
and a 712 Observation Car?

My heart skipped a beat
when I got your e-mail.

- If they're really in mint condition...
- My dad and I hardly ever used them.

We mostly played foosball
and we built things.

Toys, contraptions.

We had a workshop.

He died last year.

Well, I'm sorry.

Annie, would you come over here
for a second? Bring your skates.

- Okay.
- I want you to meet someone.

This is Annie, the birthday girl.
This is my friend, Eric.

- Hello, Annie.
- Hi.

- Happy birthday.
- Thanks.

You must be, what, 8?

How did you know?
Everyone else thinks I'm older.

Well, I'm a detective.

- Are you ready to go skating finally?
- I think.

I sure hope you like it.

It's a punching bag.

Okay, so you blow it up...

...and whenever you
get in a really bad mood... sock it in the head.

Can I do karate on it?

Of course you can. You can do karate,
kung fu, tae kwon do.

- Thank you, Griffin.
- You're welcome, sweetie.

That might be my date.


Oh, come on.

Happy birthday, sweetie.

- Have fun.
- Thanks.


...I gotta go.

It's a real emergency, or I
would never leave you like this.

- I'll make it up to you, I promise. Okay?
- Okay.

I'm looking for Griffin Dowd. He's...

- Yeah. Hi.
- Hi.

- I'm Melanie.
- Oh, yes. Hi, Melanie.

Wow, you are gorgeous.
I'm sorry. I've gotta run.


Isn't that your dad?

- Same build, same coloring.
- The counter's faster than last time.


I swear I've seen this guy
somewhere before.

- Yeah.
- We all have. He's David Williams.

He used to be
a reporter for Channel 12.

He now hosts a TV show
on public access.

Call Bagley.
Set up a press conference.

Sir, wait just a minute, please.

This is what he wants. Anything
you say will promote the site.

That's a possibility,
but what would you prefer?

Talk to National Security Agency.

Their computer capability's
beyond ours. We need their help.

That's fine, but I've got
a man being publicly tortured.

How will it look if he dies and the
Bureau never tried to help the guy?

Not as bad as if we reach out
and it kills him faster.

You honestly believe
that could happen?

Yes, sir, I do.

I'm sorry, Marsh.

I got no choice.

We're gathered here
to share some information...

... in regards to criminal conduct...

... that originated in the
Portland metropolitan area...

... but that has
far-reaching implications.

Let me introduce
Special Agent-in-Charge...

... of the FBI's Portland field office...

...Richard Brooks.

Thank you, chief.

A week ago, a man was killed
in this city.

This barbaric, cowardly murder
was streamed live on the Internet.

As part of the killer's design, the more
people who logged on to the site...

... to witness the victim's suffering,
the sooner the victim died.

Millions of Americans
chose to visit the site...

... believing that they were witnessing
a mere hoax, a stunt or a prank.

Well, unfortunately, it wasn't.

Today a second individual...

... has appeared on the site
and his life, too, is in jeopardy.

The victim is the doting father
of two boys...

... a loving husband of 22 years...

... and a devoted son. In other words,
he's a good American, one of us.

The torture that he is experiencing
now is unimaginable in its cruelty.

We're doing what we can...

... to shut down the site
and bring the killer to justice.

In the meantime, we ask that
everyone stay away from the site.

Any visit to this site,
no matter how brief...

...will only hasten the victim's death.

Any American who visits the site
is an accomplice to murder.

We are the murder weapon.

- We ask that you spread the word...
- Let's main-screen the website.

Hey, Tim, I think
he's trying to say something.

Eight... Eight...

Eight, eight, eight.

Oh, I get it. It's an address, I think.

Eight... Eight-oh-eight...

- Newberry?

There's a Newberry Road
in Laurelhurst.

Police! Open the door!

Basement's here!

It's the wrong house.

- Any American who visits the site...
- He was here, though.

... is an accomplice to murder.
We are the murder weapon.

Any American who visits the site
is an accomplice to murder.

We are the murder weapon.
Any American...

All right. We should send
Forensics in here.

Any American who visits the site
is an accomplice to murder.

We are the murder weapon.

Yeah, I understand that. Just
have her check it again, okay?

- Six hours. So fast.
- Twice as fast as Miller.

Nobody thinks
they did anything wrong.

Why should they?
They're curious about a website.

You check the headlines,
check the stock market... some strangers have sex.

See a journalist get his head cut off.

When did the world
go so fucking insane?

You've been working
the streets too long.

He was definitely here.
He just got moved and didn't know it.

So Mrs. Williams is checking her
husband's e-mail for us.

She says he was contacted about the
trains through the public TV website.

I guess in his bio, he mentions he's
a collector. That was about a week ago.

Who owns the house?

Tom Park, 60s, widower. He's out
of town visiting family in South Korea.

He runs a local market here.
He makes the trip every year.

So our guy's a customer.

We're trying to get ahold of Mr. Park,
see if he knows anything.

We'll do a canvass. Seems like
a pretty tight-knit community.

Maybe somebody saw something.

Did you see this?

On the bright side, along with
every other daily...

...they're not printing
the name of the site.

Well, isn't that noble?

A little late, though.

Did Annie ever forgive you
for bailing on the party?

Yeah. After 11 bedtime stories.
Thank you.

You know, when we first met,
I knew you looked familiar.

Nick and I came up together.

Nick Haskins.
That was Annie's father, right?

Did he introduce us?

No. No, we never met.
I saw you at the funeral.


Anyway, he was a...
He was a great guy.

Yeah, he was a great guy.

It's apparent our subject
is extremely organized...

...and sophisticated.

And based upon his ability
to subdue his victims...

...transport them and maintain
physical control over them... a private setting, I'd describe
the offender as highly capable.

Remember, he's not going
after easy prey.

These abductions leave him exposed.

Even the kitten he stole
in broad daylight. Why the risks?

Because each of these actions was
absolutely essential to his purpose.

You wanna catch him,
understand his goals.

You know, this guy...

...he's the same as
the Unabomber, Tim McVeigh.

He's another terrorist
trying to make a statement.

Maybe. Still, it goes back to his goals.
Why kill these particular people?

And why is he killing them
on the Internet?

My guess, none of it's random.
None of it.

Okay. Every post Kilburn ever left.
Thousands. And a couple of DVDs.

One for you, one for me. Every
video clip that he ever uploaded.

That was his real hobby, was
pulling the sick shit off the Net...

...and then posting it
on shock-video sites.

Anyways, this is the last post
before he died.

It's sort of a best-of compilation...

...something he called
"The Best of the Worst."

Oh, yeah.

Poor Kilburn. He had so much
to offer the world.


I got four more bodies from Brooks,
so let's share the pain, shall we?



Mom. TiVo's not working.

Okay, honey.
Look, I'll be out in a minute.

Mom, there's a video of our house
on the computer.

Watch whatever you want, honey.
I'll be right out.

Hey, Griff. Good morning.



- Annie!
- Mom?

Baby, what are you doing out here?
What are you doing outside?

I was just gonna ride my bike
for the camera.

You stay with Grandma.

Hey. Hey, that's evidence.

- I'm sorry. My daughter, she...
- It's okay. We're here now.

It's okay.
Do you know whose car this is?

Yeah, I think I have an idea
whose car this is.


Annie thought she'd downloaded
a game from one of her friends.

It had a backdoor Trojan.

It got him all the way
into my wireless network.

Which means that he has access
to all my files.

Call me when you get there.
I love you.

Why don't you just go with them?

What are you waiting for?

And do what? Hide out?

That's right.

I think you've sacrificed enough
already, don't you?

Nobody's gonna blame you
for taking cover.

The piece of shit's camped out
on your front lawn.

Annie's already lost one parent
to the job, so...

...yeah. Get lost.

Just my opinion.

- Yeah?
- Hey, Jen. Did they get off okay?

Yeah. The Bureau's gonna put
them up a couple hours away.

And I'm gonna stay someplace
closer to work.

Good. So you wanna hear my theory
why he did this?

Of course.

There is a connection
between him and Kilburn...

... and he knows you're leading
the team to find it.

I think I might know what
that connection is.

Emphasis on "might."
A few things I gotta check out.

I'm on my way in. Are you coming?

I need a couple hours.

I'll see you at the office.

Okay, I'll show you
what I got then.


- Griffin Dowd.
- Hi. It's Melanie.

Melanie, hi. I didn't think
I'd hear from you again.

Your e-mail was very sweet.

Thank you. Yeah, I spent
a lot of time on that one.

So I heard you hung out
at the roller rink.

Even had some cake?

Two pieces. But don't tell anybody.

Okay, well,
your secret is safe with me.

Annie really liked you, and
you know what they say about kids.

Along with dogs, they're terrific
judges of character.

What can I say?
I would have to agree.

I'm a total catch.

Hi, Ray.

- Where's Griffin?
- Haven't seen him.

Brooks wants to see you.

- Now?
- Now.

- Agent Marsh, sir.
- Yeah, send her in.

You wanted to see me, sir?

How are you doing?

Well, it was an interesting start
of the day. We're fine.


I want you to know
I did follow up with the NSA.

As far as using their supercomputer
goes, unfortunately the answer's no.

- Why not?
- They're barred for domestic use.

Domestic? We've got him using
mirrors in Russia, Malaysia...

It's too public a forum. They
don't want their capabilities known.

As far as what they can and...

It's Griffin. It's Griffin!

Where do these tubes lead?
What are those tanks?

Tim! Punch in on those tanks.

What's that say?

"Sulfuric acid"?

Sulfuric acid?

If that's water in that tank...

...pretty soon he's gonna be
sitting in battery acid.

Don't wanna hear about
bureaus and jurisdictions.

This is domestic terrorism,
plain and simple.

Yeah? Well, just get it done.
Yeah. All right.

You know, if no one was watching
right now, you'd just be sitting in water.

But the whole world wants to watch
you die, and they don't even know you.

It's so fast this time.

It's word of mouth, I guess.

Because I let you keep your badge on.

Ray! I need your help.

Tim, go in on his eyes.

I think he's trying to say something
to us. Here.

Please. Do your best. Hurry!

Right eye's dots.

Left is... Left is dashes.




There aren't any other kids here...

... but the swimming pool's fun
and there's satellite TV.

Mom, are you there?

We miss you, Mommy.
When are you coming?

It's starting to get really boring.
Your work isn't done yet?

I wish.


I have to go now, honey.

Listen, you call me
as soon as you wake up. Okay, bug?

- It's Box.
- I will. Love you. Say hi to Griffin.

I love you too, honey. Bye.


I think I'll take a shower first.

The acid was stolen from a research
lab at Marshall Junior College.

The thief apparently knew
his way around.

Looks like... Looks like Griffin
was baited with a phone call.

But we can't trace it because
it was made with a spoof card.

Yeah, it's a phone card.
Costs about 10 bucks an hour.

Lets you program any
caller ID you want.

This guy breached my laptop.
He must've owned Griffin's too.

Figured out where he was vulnerable.


I'm good at a lot of things, you know?

But I'm not good at losing people.

I'm bad at losing people.

Rush-hour suicide.

I'm pretty sure that's what Griffin was
trying to say. I'm just not sure why.

Yeah, I remember.

He was a professor, that guy.

Andrew Kilburn included this
in his greatest hits.

- I was just there, like a week ago.
- Where?

At the Bridge Diner. You know, the
one under the Broadway Bridge.

I was talking to Scotty Hillman...

...the guy who owned the cat.
That's where he works.

What was this guy's name?
Do you remember?

No. I think
he taught Chemistry, though.

At Marshall Junior College?

Andrew Kilburn, a sophomore at
Portland State. Died last month...

...but that didn't stop him
from recommending, after he died...

...a new website called

How'd he do that? He didn't.
The killer did, using his account.

When Agent Griffin Dowd's
investigation revealed why...

...this deceased college student
was chosen... promote the Kill With Me site,
it cost him his life.

This is James Reilly.

Sixteen months ago...

...depressed over the recent death
of his wife, a hematologist...

...Reilly staggered out into rush-hour
traffic on the Broadway Bridge.

Traffic copters were out in force...

...but only one caught all the action
from beginning to end...

...Channel 12.

The regular pilot was out sick that day,
so the job went to Herbert Miller.

He later told friends he'd gotten lucky.
At the right place at the right time.

The back of Reilly's skull...

...landed on the rooftop
of this diner. So did his glasses.

The skull was turned over
to the coroner...

...but the glasses were retrieved
by one of the diner's employees...

...Scotty Hillman.

He put them up for sale online.

And they sold quickly.

Kids were home from school.
Parents were outraged.

They called the TV stations.
The TV stations apologized.

Except for Channel 12.

They'd been having a little problem
in the ratings, but not that afternoon.

Their numbers were sky-high.

And knowing a good thing
when it fell into their lap...

...they rushed a veteran reporter
to the scene.

This is David Williams...

He got lucky, landed an interview
with a local businessman...

...whose parked Cadillac had been
struck by Reilly's falling body.

When the interview ended...

...Channel 12, as a courtesy to
those who might have missed it...

...aired the entire video one last time.

Within minutes, Andrew Kilburn
had pulled it off his TiVo...

...and posted it on five different
shock-video sites.

From there, Reilly's suicide
was public domain.

Something for five billion people
to feed on, laugh at, gossip about.

Reilly had a son, Owen.

He was brilliant. Good at electronics,
mechanics and computers...

... but he was disturbed.
He was troubled. He was withdrawn.

Owen took his father's suicide
very hard.

He had to be hospitalized.
And six months ago he was released.

This x-ray image is supposed to be
Owen's father.

The number on the left,
the date his father died...

...followed by the number
of his autopsy report.

Owen lives alone now
at his father's house in Fairview.

What do you say we arrest
the piece of shit?

Go! Go!

Basement's clear!

This is bad.

There are new developments
in the Internet murder investigation...

... tonight out of Portland, Oregon.
For more, let's turn to Marilyn Deutsch.

Right. Police now say they know
who is kidnapping people...

... in this area and then killing them
live on the Web.

Take a look at this picture. Police say
the suspect's name is Owen Reilly.

He is 20 years old,
and just nine months ago...


...I just wanted to say how sorry I am.

This was a loss for all of us...

...but most deeply for you,
and we know that. I know that.

You've done everything you
possibly could. You've given enough.

- I want you to take some time off.
- What?

Why? Because now it's personal?

This guy's still running around,
the case is open.

The kid's face is everywhere.

He's driving around in a 40-year-old
VW bus with electronics in it.

We'll have him
by this time tomorrow.

- Maybe.
- Jennifer, I'm not only thinking of you.

Now join your family. Just for a week.

I'll take a day.

- Hey.
- Hey.

So, what'd he say?

He told me to get lost.

Well, he's right.

And what did you say?

That's what I figured.

This has been America News Radio.

Now back to your local
ANR station for news.

Good evening.
You're listening to KMZR, Portland.

This is the news at the top
of the 10:00 hour.

Dominating the news again here
and across the nation...

... is the increasingly urgent search
for the Internet killer...

... now known to be
Owen Reilly of Portland.

His most recent victim, an FBI
cyber-crimes agent, Griffin Dowd...

... was discovered dead in Reilly's
Fairview home basement this morning.

In what the FBI is describing as
the most serious Internet crime wave...

... since the computer age began...


Hello, Jennifer.

Look out the front window.

Under that streetlight.

That's where my father's body
fell over the railing.

Some websites show the whole
thing in slow motion...

... because it's just so much
better that way.

One archives it in a section
called "whoa."

That's it. Just "whoa."

You and the people you work with...

... you let people say and do
almost anything they want.

It doesn't matter who it hurts.

I'm sorry, Owen.

Owen, are you there?

- Call Answering Center.
- Listen.

I'm an agent with the FBI.

I need you to connect me
to the Portland field office.

Do you understand?

- Yeah.
- It's Owen!

He's hacked into my car's
computer and my cell phone.

I'm on the Broadway Bridge.

Don't move. I'll send a
black-and-white. Stay there.

All right.

- Box.
- Lieutenant, I'm on the bridge.

There's no sign of Marsh.

Okay. Relay that to FBI Portland.
I'm minutes away.

- Hurry. Get the director on the phone.
- Yes, sir.

Shut down every road to and from
the Broadway Bridge.

Every car gets stopped now.

I need you to run a check
on a 2006 Saab.

Get me a location, start tracking.
Name: Jennifer Marsh.

Portland, Oregon.

Fucker disabled her car's computer.
We can't track her.


You know...

...l'm only doing to you
what they're going to do to me.


...they'll use potassium chloride, and
they won't let very many people watch.

But not for long.

You see, soon...

...executions will be delivered
live to our TVs...

...our computers, our phones,
our handhelds...

...and it won't cost much.

Maybe 10 bucks.

Millions of eyes...

...all watching the same thing
at the same time.

One big, happy family.

And all of it brought to you by...

It doesn't matter.

They'll have no trouble
finding sponsors.

What's going on?
We have a signal?

We're still locked out.

- Stay on it.
- Yes, sir.

I wonder if they'll kill you
faster or slower.

Based on what I've seen online...

...the awful things that men do to
women that other men pay to watch... guess would be faster.

Much faster.

Jesus Christ, it's Marsh!

- This is Box.
- It's Brooks. He's got Marsh on his site.

Send it to me.

You're giving me my best numbers.

That's... That's her basement.
He's got her in her own basement.

No, no.

- Did you see that?
- Fuck!



Special thanks to SergeiK.