Pathfinder Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Pathfinder script is here for all you fans of the Karl Urban and Moon Bloodgood movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Pathfinder quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Pathfinder Script

600 years before Columbus...

...North America was invaded by ruthless
marauders intent on settling its shores.

Something stopped them.

What follows is the legend.

We are the People of the Dawn.

This land has been our home
for countless generations.

There's a prophecy that tells
of a creature, swift of foot...

...white as snow.

When he is seen,
change follows like a storm.

He can't stay with us.

His skin... His eyes...

Like some kind of evil spirit
that has never seen the sun.

A demon.

He is not a demon.

He is a boy.

Blood runs true.

He will turn into a monster.
Like his fathers.

If we put this child
in the cold to die...

...who will be the monsters then?

She speaks the truth.

The boy...

...has destiny among the People.

He stays.

Who are you, little one?

Little savage.

Kill this vermin!

You are no son of mine!

15 years later

Let me help you.


Come on, let's go!

Come on! Over here!

I see the young ones.

Your journey has ended.

You've come early
for the spring trade.

Since when does the Pathfinder
come on a trading trip?

I come for more than trade.

Give it to me. Give it to me.

Look, it's the Quiet One.

Play for us.

It's mine!

I'm gonna get it.

She's beautiful. Isn't she?

There was an avalanche
during the winter hunt.

How many dead?

Three of the four hunting parties.

Among them
he who was to take my place.

Have you chosen another?

It will be one of them.

But which one?

I do not know yet.

Your daughter has become
a woman, Pathfinder.

And we are turning into old men.

You've been old men for some time.

Tonight we celebrate
the circle of the braves.

Perhaps you can lead the ritual?

What do you see?

The prophecy... coming to fulfillment.

The People of the Dawn
have always had a Pathfinder.

Our tradition obliges the people... choose a successor.


...he has yet to earn
the right to be here.

You are still haunted
by the demons from your past.

Until you face them... will never know
who you really are.

Then I will find my own path.


If I cannot be a brave...

...then who am I?

You were born to the Dragon Men,
but you are ours.


Farewell. See you next year.

Look what I got. It's a flute.

You got a flute.

- Goodbye, son.
- Goodbye, Father.

I won't be gone long.

Oh, so pretty.

Goodbye, Mother.

- Be safe, my boy.
- Hey, Ghost!

No, go.

Come on.

Farewell, my son.

Don't go too far by yourself.

How come you're always so serious?

I'm here to look after you.

Will you take care of my doll too?

Both of you, I promise.

Go with her.


Quickly, gather them up!

Run! Run!

No! No!




Show some respect for our host.

Even though they are savages...

...they should be treated with honor.

Death by the blade!


This one looks different.

Maybe this one can use a sword.

Take it away before he hurts himself.

Bring me his head!

This savage knows our ways.

Where is his head?

I lost him.

Damn you!

He'll lead us to the next village.

I want to kill them all.

Good. Wipe them out and cleanse
this land before we settle here.

- It was over there.
- I heard it too.

Father, those tracks.

Get away.

He's bleeding.


He is close.

He must sleep.

And so must I.

What is it you dream of?

- We should not have taken him in.
- My fear is that he is dangerous.

Our friend is not to be feared.

This bears the mark
of the Dragon People.

It is they who hunt him.

- What if they come here?
- They will kill you all.

Down to the last man,
woman, and child.

They may let one of you escape
so they can follow you to the next village.

But they will cut out your tongue first
so you can warn no one.

I've seen them do it.

What about your village?

They're dead.

They will follow your trail here.

I told you to leave me.

You should have listened.

Then we will stand and fight.

They all carry these weapons.

And they're covered in a skin
that arrows of stone cannot pierce.

Run and you may live.

Fight them...

Search the cave!

You two must lead our people
to the bay.

Head west through the mountains.

When you reach the mark at the fork,
follow the trail east.

Spring has come early...

...and the west trail is not safe.

There is a danger of avalanche.

We've lost enough lives.

Go, go.

We go.

What will you do?

Kill as many as I can.

And after?

There'll be no after.

Father... can't just let him go.

He must find his own way.

His heart is full of vengeance.

- Carry all that you can.
- He knows what is best.

Go! Go back!

Go! Go with the others.

Keep moving forward. Keep moving.

Come on, hurry.

Move, move! Come on!

- Where are we going?
- Keep moving.

- Come on.
- My doll!

This is the canyon
where all paths converge.


We'll greet them here.

The Pathfinder's daughter is not here.

She is gone.

The Pathfinder told us
to stay together...

- get to the bay.
- So we can hide like mice.

I will find her.

Bring her back.

And the Dragon leader's head.

You're not going
because of the Dragon People.

You're going because she went back
to him.

We'll go east
as the Pathfinder said.

The ashes are still warm.

They are close!

Put the torches out.

- Twig.
- Spear.

What are you doing here?

That is a question
you must ask yourself.

You speak in riddles, old man,
just say what you mean.

There is a decision before you.
Trust what I tell you.

I trust in this.

A sword...

...can cut two ways.

My father says
you are full of vengeance.

You cannot be here.

There are two wolves
fighting in every man's heart.

One is love.

The other is hate.

Which one wins?

The one you feed the most.

Who are they?

Why did they come here?

They're beasts.

They live for slaughter, plunder.

They live and die
by the sword.

It is in their blood.

Is it in your blood?

They're coming.


We'll meet back in the cave.

Wait. Not yet.



Go get him!

- Come on.
- No.

Find her. Protect her.
This is my journey.

And it lies upon a different path.

Go on. Go on!

I can't see anything.

Son of a whore isn't here!

This will make him come out.

No. No.

Have you had enough
of your vengeance yet?

Tell me where the next village is.

Take him!

She came back and changed
what I could not.

If you are not strong enough
to kill the bear...

...use the bear's strength to kill it.

Take my path...

...and I will take yours.

Tell me!

Rip him apart!

Now will you tell me
where the villagers are?

Many years ago a ship came here.

On board was a boy...

...the son of a great Viking warrior.

I knew your father.

Where are they?


I will take you there.

I will be your pathfinder...

...if you let her live.

I knew you could speak like a human.

Gunnar! An eye for an eye!

I decide who dies.

I remember the home of the Dragon Men,
the endless winter.

They know snow and ice
like no other living men.

But they know nothing of our spring.

Where have they gone?

Wait! Wait!

Over the mountains.

I know where they went.

Then lead on.

Over here!

Let's go.

They'll find the others.
What are you doing?

What your father taught me.

Get up, you clumsy bitch!

We go west.

That leads us away from the coast!

Do you think me a fool, boy?

I'm telling the truth.

Bring the bitch.

Over here!


We should go around the ice.

- He's trying to slow us down.
- No.

It's safer to go around the lake.

We are not cowards!

So you have become the Pathfinder
for the Dragon People. Good.

I'm dying.

Don't complain to me about it.

Anyway, you can't die yet.

You're not done.

- This is for the next Pathfinder.
- Who?

You already know.

Get him out!

- Let him die!
- It was your idea to cross the ice...

...and we still need him.

Is it cold, you bastard?

We'll go around the lake.

The lost hunting party.

Let's tie ourselves together.

The path is too dangerous.

Then you lead the way.

Tie yourselves together!

She stays tied to me.

He's leading us nowhere!

I want you to hit me.

- What?
- Hit me.

Hit me.

Enough, bitch!

You are the son of a Viking. Show it!

Show it!


Come to me.

Listen to me!


No! No, I'm not going
to leave you! No.

Go! Trust me! Please!


You chose savages
over your own kind.

Die, crying boy...

...because you could not remember
who you are!

I know who I am!

I know who I am!

Do it!

Give me death by the sword.

I am the last of your kind
in this cursed land.

You're not my kind.

They're gone.

The spirit of the prophecy...

...has come full circle.

Like my father before me...

...I became the Pathfinder
to the People of the Dawn.

He watched over the coast,
always over the coast...

...looking for signs
of the Dragon Men... keep the wolves of hate
away from our shores.

He had found his path.

Of two peoples,
he was neither, yet he was both.

He changed my life...

...and the destiny of our people.

Special thanks to SergeiK.