Pathology Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Pathology script is here for all you fans of the Milo Ventimiglia movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Pathology quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Pathology Script

It's possible.

Get outta here.

Why, most women at one
time or another faked it.

Well, they haven't faked it with me.

Ohh, right right, I forgot,
you're a man.

You don't think that I
could tell the difference?

Oh, Ohh, Ohh...

Hey, you ok?

Oh, Ohh, Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh, Ohh...
Ohh, right there. Yes. Yes.

Ohh, Ohhh...

I want what she's having.
Yeah, we're going to hell.

Fuck me, please.

You're bad.
I'm gonna be late for my flight.

I don't care.

I can not see you for
three whole months.

Don't be a baby.

I love you.

Careful, I may just marry
you and ruin your life.

You better...

Fine, go be with your...

dead people, Doctor.

Figuring out how they
die is gonna help people.

Your hands are so cold.

Time's gonna feel like nothing ok.

I miss you already.

Love you.
- And I love you.

T.. Ted Gray?

Ben Stravinsky.
- I am. Ben Stravinsky.

Take it you'll be
showing me around?

Ted Gray, I'm all over it.

Here we are.

County morgue. Ze real banana.

If you check out from
any unnatural or...

unexplained cause within the
city limits will end up here.

As resident we get full access.

Ah right. This it
Pathology Room No. 1.

It's been pretty slow lately,
but holiday season's...

around the corner, it
should hopefully pick up.

Certain people around
here couldn't...

possibly be anymore annoying.

Beg your pardon?

Oh no.
- What?

Some of these guys last year,
they decided that...

...they were gonna be
God's gift to this place.

Hey, you have a girlfriend?

As pathologists, we'll learn the
nature of disease and its causes...

its processes,
development, consequences.

But far from more than that.
I'd like to think that...

the pathologists has offered
a window to God if you will.

Now, it maybe said...

the pathology is a
study in all things...

human, save for
the soul of course.

But it is in that particular branch
of pathology known as forensics...

that we will delve into what
it means to be inhuman.

You will see the perversion...

and the corruption of the
flesh by all means unnatural.

By violence.

By toxins.

By madness.

And then we will work backwards,
always back...

To that original pristine design...

to determine the
offending cause of death.

Dr. Morris?

Oh, you're...
- Hi.

Dr. Stravinsky, I want you
to hunt down Jake Gallo.

Tell him, I want to
see him chop-chop.

Yes sir.

Ahh... quite a pleasure.
I've heard a great deal about you.

How was Africa?

Was a challenge.
Quite humbling though.

A very privileged year.
- Indeed.

I spoke to your future
father-in-law this morning,

he's quite proud of you, you know.

And Gwendolyn.

Have had the chance to see
her since you've been home?

Only briefly.
- Oh, that's a pity.

I have known that girl since
she was barely out of braces.

She's become quite a woman.

You are indeed privileged
and evidently quite talented.

Dr. Morris.

Dr. Gallo.

I would like you to meet Dr. Gray.

Hello Doctor Gray.

Ted comes to us top of
his class from Harvard.

Eighteen weeks at Bellview
in New York city.

Ohh, patient?

Before being accepted in
the UNICEF program in Legos,

where he has been for
the past four months.

Bleeding heart. I cut one of
those in half this morning.

Jake is our young...
star in residents.

Single-handedly solved
the Hordon family murders.

If it weren't for a
little student intership,

I think the FBI would
still be fingering around.


I expect you two would
get along quite well.

Doctors, this is a simple
case of kidney failure.

Blood in the urine,
general swelling.

Hey, look at his skin.
Looks like cheddar cheese.

Excuse me. Pardon my interject.
- By all means.

He may interject?

Given the boy's medical
history, I believe...

he died during a state of
hypoxia and asthma attack.

Fresh out of medical books.

Oh forgive me, that seems
more like a hypercondural...

conclusion than an
answer for the deceased.

11 year old boy, overweight.

This last report, Daniel stated he's...

been ridiculed at
school for his weight.

The weight he started
gaining when he began...

taking Pediapred to treat
an acute asthma condition.

You'll gonna notice
there's no trace...

of the steroid in blood or bladder.

Blah blah blah blah blah.
- Is there a problem?

Doctor please, continue.
- He stop taking the steroid.

In his mind the abuse he
suffered from his peers...

for being fat was worse
than the asthma itself.

Finally during a
field-trip to the zoo,

he died from a severe attack.

One can't disregard psychology
when forming a diagnosis.

Ted Gray. Home Run.

No question about
it. Acute asthma.

Uhh... no.

I think it's coagulated
nasal mucus.

Death by booger.

Sorry man, I didn't see you there.

You wanted to know if
there was a problem?

There is one. We don't like you.
- That's not a problem.

Yeah, so I met Dr. Morris today.

I think the guy still
has a crush on you...

or me.

Can't be too sure.

Yeah, yeah I'm st.. of
course I'm still excited.

The place is beautiful.

The school's beautiful,
everything's beautiful.

You're beautiful.

Hey, I gotta get up in four hours,
you're corrupting me.

Yeah, I love you too.

Alright everybody, gather around.

I want you to meet my friend Carl.

Hello Carl.
- Hey Carl.

Now several weeks back, his
doctors recorded that Carl...

was experiencing
frequent nauseous,

discomfort while
urinating, dizziness.

You're describing my weekend.

His symptoms increased
in severity until

Carl decided it's was
time to pay us a visit.

Jesus. You killed him.

Oh ohh Jesus.

Dr. Gray has quite nicely
severed the parametral tract.

Disconnecting Carl's
nerve from his brain,

which had momentarily
forgotten it was dead.

A decidedly entertaining
although unnecessary...

display of skill.
Thank you, young man.

Dr. Gray. Dr. Gray.
- Ted.

Ted Gray
- Ben Stravinsky.

That was pretty over
the top today huh?


I'm sorry, you were saying?
- Oh... no... the whole...

Take care.
- No, yeah.. of course, of course.

It's just like pap... it's pretty cool.

This is what we like to
call the food stand.

You guys haven't even
got that cage open yet?

Why are we here?

All of us. In here
instead of out there.


Because we prefer the company.

This kind of company.

Am I right?


When I think about them,
you know, out there... their rooms, on the streets,
utilising public transportation...

...downloading pornography,

ordering their lives
out of catalogs...

...shitting out processed foods,
cashing welfare checks...

...opining, bitching, moaning,
consuming, copulating...

...and multiplying.
It makes me sick.

What we need,
brothers and sisters,

is less of them...

and more of this.

Don't you agree, Dr. Gray?

I can see your point,
not sure I agree.

Ah well, nobody's perfect.

Not even you, Dr. Gallo.

Ohh God.

You don't wanna be cutting
into the poop pipe, kid.

That stuff will kill you.

Well, we gotta go at
some point right?

In that case, wanna
come and join us?

We're heading to Thirteen Stones.

Ohh... doctors' in.

Mother fucker...
Fucking hurts man.


Ah ahh...

To the dead.
- To the dead.

Ok. Guys, let's play tell the truth.

If you could kill anyone
and get away with it,

who would you kill?

The guy who invented condoms.

Fuck that guy.

- I don't know.

C'mon it's an easy quesiton, Griff.

You maybe.

Oh I'm sorry, did you
want to fuck me that bad?

Just your skull.

Trust me Dr. Cavenaugh,
it's not as good as it looks.

I am interested in what
Dr. Gray has to say.

Yeah, c'mon Teddy.

You guys want the truth
or something clever?

The truth.
- Just something clever.

Truth is ya'll full of shit.

Well go on, elaborate.

I mean, who needs motif,
who needs a reason to kill.

Just today, Jake, you
opened a 16 year old boy...

who was shot in the
stomach because...

somebody wanted
his fucking Ipod.

What kind of reason is that?

We're animals. It's in
our nature to kill.

Basic, simple.

You should've all
figured that out by now.

And of course, if we were
civilized or socialized,

we'll be seating around
talking about it over a beer,

we don't actually do it.

But could we really
get away with it?

To kill anyone? Anyone at all?

Would you kill
anyone? Anyone at all?

Good show. Now that's a
man after my own heart.

Griff, waddaya say
we get some shots?

I wonder about you.

Quit flirting with Teddy,
we have to go soon.

Go play with the boys.

So, where're you from?

Where am I from?

Maybe we should
just get past that.


Drink up. We're outta here.

Where're we goin?

Oh no, not we.

We. You can take a cab.
- Cool.

I'm sorry man.

Aww, don't be hurt.
Have another beer.

Tomorrow night, just you and me.

Oh yeah? Doing what?

Nothing too exciting.

W.. Watch out.
- Whoaa.

What the f...?
- That guy was in my fucking lane.

It's dead.

C'mon, I want you
to see something.

- Shhh...

How many?

How many do you see?

One fitty.
- Fitty?

One fitty.

Look bro, here's 80 bucks.
Last in to walk and talk.

Watch your step.

Hey, how's the herb?

You nervous?

No, but I think it's
staying in my pants.

You sure about that?

Hey sport.


Is this for real?

Hey sexy.


This is an illustration Dr.
Gray of why I hate doing it.

This is fucked up man.
- Yeah, you think?

Ok, get me the fuck outta here.

You sure? I mean
we're already paid up.

Ok, let's go.

I want you all to work
closely with me on this one.


You smell like a liquor cabinet.

Doctor Bentwood, will
you do the honour?

Harper Johnson, 40.

Convicted murderer,
recently paroled,

subject was found...

One fitty.

I have to go out.

Forget to use the little
boy's room, Dr. Gray?

All the blood tests are negative.

Alright, we have four
scenarios running.

We have to narrow this down.

You want to present first?


Simple assignment.

The subject was
stabbed, excessively.

A minor struggle ensued, and he
was shot at the back of the head.

Cause of the death,
a gunshot wound to the brain.

The lack of blood from the head
and the gradations of color...

from the toraxic cavity of the
neck, would tell us otherwise.

He would've lost too
much blood to live...

by the time he was
shot in the head.

I think it was a mark,
like a gang sign.

They probably watched him
die and then shot him.

Exsanguination via stab wounds.

Alright, let's discuss the trauma
on the left side of the head.

Any information of the meninges?

It's a domino effect in a
trauma of a gunshot wound.

I don't think so.

You wouldn't find any information
after a fatal wound like this.

The subject was obviously
struck in the head...

on the left side with a bat or kick...

or one hell of a hard punch.

Look, there's a left epidural
hematoma which caused injury...

to the right temporal lobe
from shifting in the skull.

This could've happened in
the original confrontation.

What concerns me more,
is this discoloration.

Well the blood tests did negative.

Well, a solution of
potassium cyanide,

will leave no trace in the blood...

or organ tissue sample
detectable by standard tests.

Besides the stains on Harper's
clothes were 70% plasma.

Most of the blood began...

coagulation before

So whether he was moved or not...

majority of the blood
remains in the body.

I say we run a post-mortem
Chem-7 on his major organs...

to evaluate his potassium levels.

You really think he was poisoned?

Six to seven hours before
cuts were made to his body...

the gunshot, followed shortly after.

You know there was actually
gunpowder in the stab wounds.

Didn't anyone else notice?

I agree with Ted.

Signs of livor mortis,
algor mortis, rigor mortis,

in the percede external wounds.

It's possible that the poison
was injected directly...

into the heart, be it the left
axle or subscapular regions...

or the lungs, be it the
intercostal spaces...

enabling the killer to
use less of a solution.

This will allow it to go undetected
while still getting the job done.

Lemme get this straight...
Are you proposing...

that the man was poisoned
with potassium cyanide...

then the killer waited 7 hours,
stabbed him 18 times...

and then shot him in
the back of the head?

I realise this is highly improbable.
- That's an understatement.

However, we will explore it.

I will order Chem-and we will re-convene.

Ladies, gentlemen.

Nicely done. Might be
onto something here.

Hey, meet me here tonight, 9pm.

You truly have a gift Ted.

Wh.. What? You
gonna bum-poke me?

Let's go.
- You're late.

This's where you
bring all your dates?

Now this wing is over a
100 years old. Obsolete.

If I'd, I'll tear it out
and re-built it someday.

So, impress me.

You killed him.


The point is, how?

That is this? A game?

It's a game.

I don't fucking believe this.

C'mon get over it, will you.
- Get over it?

There are 6.5 million people
in this city, Ted, trust me...

this asshole will not be missed.


You can't say he
didn't have it coming.


Yeah, he was not
exactly a boy scout.

Is that what you want me to say?

Not exactly a boy scout Ted,
he was irredeemable filth.

That was his
grandmother, by the way.

But really, who needs a reason.

We're animals. It's
our nature to kill.


Why show me this?

I don't know, Ted.

I thought the intellectual challenge
might be of interest to you.

Was I wrong?

No. No, I find it extremely
fucking interesting.

Good. So, what's your theory?

I stay to my case.

Potassium Cyanide?

What are you? Some
kind of serial killer?


I obviously misjudged you.

Maybe you should just...

run along home before
the others get here.

The others?

Seriously man, get
the fuck outta here.

- How do you know I won't tell?

Because there so happens to exist,

distinct physical
evidence putting you...

at the crime scene at
the time of death.

I know because I placed it there.

And if I was amind to it I could...

prove with mathematical

and beyond reasonable doubt that
you were the one that did it.

But none of that really matters if
you're the boy I think you are.

You won't tell because that
would mean the game is over.

And you never got to play.

I don't know if you've
heard but we got...

the results back on our
black male. Negative.

I heard. I'm sorry sir.

No, no, no, priviledged
from time to time.

Interesting theory.
- Thank you.

Well, carry on.


What're you doin here?

It wasn't potassium
cyanide because...

there was no ragged stippling...

in the red blood cells. The
blood was hypo or smaller.

It was nitric acid.

You brought him a bottle. A gift.

You shared a drink with him,
but you didn't drink.

You mixed athenol and nitric
acid with the alcohol.

Probably a flavor to alcohol...

to mask the bitter taste.

Using a needle would've been too
dangerous because any first...

year fucking med student would
know to look for the mark.

You cut him up when he was
still alive but unconscious.

So there was no struggle.

Then you put him in
the back of your truck,

drove him to fourth avenue...

and shot him in the
back of the head.

Mother fucker. Ah, you are good.

Hey, you wanna play the
game, you gotta bring...

something to the
table. Comprendo?

So Jake told you about the game?

It's alright, you can say it.

So, are you in?

I don't know.

You know what you
have to do, right?


I get the idea.

It's an interesting case.

You know it's always me
that ends up with the dirt.

It's a waste of a goddamn ICU.

Mother fucker shoots his wife
and two kids, execution style...

then he shoots himself
in the throat...

two more in the stomach and he
still couldn't get it done.

Double his morphine.
I'll check back in a couple of days.

He's strapped in.
- Lot of pain.

He tried to pull out his wires.
He see devil soon I think.

Oh my God, stop the
bus. We need a doctor.

Someone call 911.

Is anybody a doctor?
- Is she breathing?

- Hey baby.

You alright?

Yeah, I'm great. I'm good.

I got your message.
- You sounded like someone else.

Anyway, do you miss me?

Of course.

How's the work load goin?

Actually that's one of the things
I wanted to talk to you about.

It looks like next weekend...
- You're fucked?

I'm sorry. There's
this mob trial and...

I understand.

Don't be rational, I'm
gonna start crying...

right here in the
middle of the street.

Baby, to be honest,
I have expected it.

Atleast there's Thanksgiving.


My parents are still expecting
us to stay with them.

Of course.

Are you sure it's alright?

Because it's not too late
to change your mind.

It's too late.

How so?

Yeah, no...

your parents are great.
It's beautiful there.

We're gonna have the back
house to ourselves, right?

That's true.

Then it's settled.
- Ok then. I can't wait.

I'll call you tomorrow.

I love you.

You too.

I know exactly what
you're thinking.

You think you feel guilty
but it's not that.

There's not such thing as guilt.

There's just the fear
of getting caught.

It's the first day after,
so that fear's still fresh.

Your brain is all
sick and twisted up.

You're paranoid everyone knows.

You fucked up, you're
gonna lose everything.

You wanna throw-up but there's
nothing in your stomach.

You're not gonna sleep tonight.

You'll hit the bottom, you'll
watch some TV, and look for...

any news that they're on
you, but there won't be any.

Tomorrow morning, you're gonna
wake up and it's gonna...

be the same world.
Nothing has changed.

That fear, it will start to creep
away and after a few days...

you're gonna realise
no one knows shit.

That this whole bloody thing,

disadvantage to you,
so cataclysmic...

has somehow...

slipped beneath the
notice of the world.

And then...

you'll be a new man.

That sheet...

on which she embroiled
fantails once...

spread it so as to cover her face

If her horny feet protrude,

they come to show
how cold she is...

and dumb.

Let the lamp affix its beam.

The only emperor, is the
emperor of ice-cream.

How did you do it?



I knew you had it in you.

Had what in me?

C'mon, he was gonna die anyway.

Yeah, we're all gonna die anyway.

Fuck you.

So who is he?

Sort of this great man once. He
never might know. He built...

'em saved up from nothing. At
one point he owned seven stores.

He married his
highschool sweetheart.

Started a family.

Didn't last long though.

She left him, took the kids.
His business ran down,

he pissed away most of his money.

Why did she leave?

The highschool sweetheart?
- Yeah.

I forgot to mention,
he likes little girls.

In the worse way.

You wouldn't believe
what he does to them.

He should've gone to jail but...

you know how it goes, right?

It's easier for everyone
to say nothing.

How do you know all this?

Because you never
forget your first fuck.

He's my father.

I want you to help me.

Because it's my turn for the game.

Doesn't seem like your type.
- No?

Clearly not like the usual lost
cause from the tournament award.

Oh he may had a few issues
with alcohol and tobacco.

Don't we all.

But for the most part, he
seems to have been in...

relatively good health
for a man of his age.

That is until you came along.

Could you be anymore
hot right now?

I wonder what came over you?

It's as if he dropped his lungs
off the side of a building.

Yet the rest of his
organs are pristine.

Donor material.

No signs of asphyxia.
- He didn't asphyxiate.

How can you be so sure?

Because I know what
asphyxiation looks like, dummy.

And it don't turn
your lungs to jelly.


I was thinking more along
the lines of frostbite.

You're kidding.

The epidermis is healthy,

save for a few
batches of sun damage.

Are you suggesting that Juliette
locked him in a freezer?

Because, I do not see it.

You don't?
Well, I see it all quite clearly.

This is some kind of bud baby.

This is really medical
marijuana for free?

Well, I am in favor.

It's been proven to
naturally alleviate pain.

Why should anyone have
to suffer, right daddy?

Ain't that the truth.

That's your boyfriend huh?

What was it you
said you was again?

A General Practitioner.

So you can prescribe
this shit for me, legal?

Yeah, that's right.
Legal, beagle.

Where do I sign?

No, let's do some whippets first.
- No shit.

You got a prescription
for that too?

Who's first?

Thank you.

Med school has its perks huh?

Liquid Nitrogen.

A mixture of chlorofluoro carbons,

nitrogen and a bit
of free on my boy.

He died of anoxia.

It wasn't just that
he couldn't breathe,

he couldn't adsorb the oxygen.

More challenging mystery
is how Miss Bath here...

forced a 340 pound man...

to ingest a canister
of -75 degree air...

all by herself.

She is a very charming girl.

That's true.

She could convince
almost anyone...

to do what she wanted them to.

You know, one could almost see a...

resemblance between
the two of you.

But maybe that's just
the temperature.


Are you playing fair?

Is there such a thing?


But don't you wanna
know who's the best?

Aren't you a bit curious?

That was pretty good last night.

No idea what you're talking about.

Oh c'mon.

You don't expect me
to believe that...

our little Juliette,

came up with that one
on her own, do you?

I've seen her work.

Oh no, maybe there's more
to her than you thought.

Mmm... No, I don't think so.
But maybe there's more to you.


I'm an open book, Jake.


I'll catch you later, Dr. Gray.

Oh Teddy?

She didn't give you
that whole routine...

about how her father
raped her when...

she was a little lass, did she?

Oh... what an imagination.

No, her father is alive and well.

Paid a visit just last month in fact.

Chairman of an obscenely
profitable banking institution.

And a hell of a guy I might add.

A hell of a guy.


Who was he?

Who was he?.


Don't fuck with me.


Let's have a look inside.

Cyanide Pill.

I love that band.

Thanks so much.

Thank you.

You want a smoke?

As he inhales, he'd
activates the vapors.

Ohh, genius.

It was genius.

You've been doing alot
of urine work lately.

Good work.

My bad.

You switched his blood.

You found another patient...

with an S.H.N.

Then you switched his
blood to John Doe.

Am I right?

Fuck you.

Dr. Gray?


Is there anything that you
would like to share with me?

I'm sorry. I don't quite follow, sir.

No doubt.

Look, your work has been
beyond reproach exemplary.

But what concerns me...
- Thank you, sir.

What concerns me is your
extracurricular life.

I'm sorry?


It is obvious that you are using.

One can experiment
from time to time.

I mean, God knows I
have done my share.

You should know that I planned on...

giving you my highest

I appreciate it, sir.

No doubt.

What're gonna be doing
for the holidays?

Actually I plan on spending
it with Gwen's family.

That's good.

Opportunity to re-think
your priorities.

Yes, sir.

And a little time away from
Dr. Gallo wouldn't hurt either.

No, it wouldn't.


I know you got it all worked out.

The money, the family with means,


It would really be a
shame if you fucked it up.


What's up with Morris?


C'mon, let's get the fuck outta
here and get a beer. C'mon.

Hey, it's me. How are you?
- Hello.

Oh Jesus.

What're you doing here?
- Are you going somewhere?

I told you. I'm leaving
town for the holiday.


The fiancée.

So you're going through with that?

Why wouldn't I?

What about you and Jake?

Don't you have some
sort of arrangement?

Nobody owns anybody.

- Hi. How are you?

You missed me.

Of course. How could I go
on s'long without you.

Look at you.

Baby, you're working too hard.

Oh I'm ok.

Everything's ok now.


I hear you're kicking
ass with the residency.

It has been an experience.

Quentin Morris is a good man.

I never liked that fruitcake.

He speaks pretty highly of you.

Of course. Why wouldn't he?

Look Ted. Bottom line, this
program is the right thing...

for you right now. Let's
me sell you to the brass.

Working for Acxicom D.C.

it's as good as it gets.

Listen Ted.

This job withstand, whether
you and I liked it or not...

is what you have it.
- Thank you.

So what about Africa?

Enjoy hunting yet?
- Hunting?

I would say hunting is
alot better than the city.

Attaboy, I think.

- Hey honey.

I'm stealing my fiancée back now.
- Uh oh.

So I have an early
Christmas present for you.

Hey, can you just get it?


It's better.


I'm gonna come back with you.

Not in two months from now.
But now.

I finished all my work and I can
fly back up to take the bar exam.

Hey, only if it's ok with you?

Are you serious?
- Yeah.

Sounds incredible.

You don't mind?

Wow look at this place.

I didn't know you were coming
or I would've cleaned up a bit.

Baby, it's perfect.

Hey, so what're you
gonna wear tonight?


What the fuck is this?

Don't freak out.

I holding it for someone.
A resident.

He's trying to kick it.
I'm helping him out.

A resident?

Baby, do I look like
a twigger to you?

Why don't you throw it away?

Because I ran out here
in a flash to see you.

If you need help...

now is the time to ask for it.

I'm sorry you had to see this.

That is not mine.

- I love you.

I love you too.
Look... Hey, look at me.

I know that this is not the
world that we're used to, ok.

If we're gonna to that party,
we should probably get ready.

- Hey, how are ya?

I want to introduce you
to my fiancée, Gwen.

Wow, the one and only huh.

Well it's a pleasure.
Yeah, I've been hearing...

all about you from day one.

Oh well, you too. It's
nice to meet you, Ben.

He's great huh?
- Yeah, he's a cute one.

Oh, this is Donnna.
- Hi.

Hi, Donna. Oh I love your dress.
- Thank you.

Oh look at this.

The prodigal son returns.

Ok, ok, we can go now.
It's ok.

Stravinsky, you little turd.

Gwen, I'd like you to meet
some fellow residents of mine.

This is Dr. Jake Gallo and Dr.
Juliette Bath. Gwen Williamson.

- Hi.

Has Ted told you about all
the people he's killed?

Yes. I hear he cuts
'em up quite well.

Well, he's learning.
- Yes, he's learning.

Practice makes perfect.

The wonderful thing about
the death business...

Never shortage of cliental?
- Yes Gwen, exactly. Exactly.

Blessful immunity
from the sicklecal,

economic avenflow.

You know, people just
keep dying and dying.

You mind if I straighten
this a little tighter?

I cant...

Are you a school teacher?

Eh, no, I'm doing my
bar exams in February.

Wow that's impressive.

You haven't killed any lawyers yet,
have you Ted?

Well, there's still so many.
It's hard to keep track.

You know, I might've ended up a...

lawyer if I hadn't
passed my M-CATs.

Oh that's too bad.
We might've been room-mates.

Oh if you'll excuse us,
Dr. Morris would wanna see Gwen.

Oh yeah. You two
have a great time.

I mean this is a party.

You two enjoy yourselves.
We'll be at...

the trough assembling
our meat plates.

Sorry about that.

Was it him?

Very perceptive, counsellor.

I love you.
- Love you too. C'mon.

Dr. Morris.

- Hi.

Well, you look very sexual.

I mean alluring.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Don't fucking touch me.

Oh what? Huh? You
wanna fuck that guy?

You wanna fuck that
guy? Go fuck that guy.

Hey we got a fucking
whore in the room.

Go fuck him.

Just remember your
ass belongs to me.

You don't fucking own me.

Oh, I fucking do.

Fuck this.

Shit. I gotta take this.


What's goin on? Where're ya?
Ok, be right there.

I gotta go.

It's him, isn't it?

I'm sorry.

I know. Becareful.


Hello Jake.

Oh fuck.

Where're the others?

Those sick-pants. Fuck 'em.

What happened?

Eh, simple transaction
Teddy. I paid my money.

I got my money's worth.

I got stabbed too.

Good thing you're a doctor.

We gotta clean this up.
- Clean this up?

What? This? You wanna
clean... like what?

Like this? Like this?

You're losing it, Dr. Gallo.

Losing it? Teddy.

Teddy, I just fucking found it.

This is it.
This... this is it.

Uh oh, who's that?

That's you. That's me. That's me.
Me. You. Me. You. Me. You're me.

You're fucking killer.

You're fucking enemy.

You fucking, fucking golden boy.

Playing ramsey with your
fucking eye-pleat cunt.

She doesn't know you.

I know you.

What about the game?

What about it?

Is that why you called me here?
C'mon, let's play.

This woman here...

By the bubbles in her mouth,

I could see the subdued
dire blood lost.

She died of suffocation.

She choked on her own blood.

So you pocked this one
bloodygade in the...

temple with that pipe right there?

A near fatal aneurism?
- What?

Of course you need to
crack her head open...

to know with
mathematical certainty.

Ermm, waddaya mean near fatal?

You disemboweled...
Probably while she's still alive.

There's blood on her right
hand and her wrist is broken.

So I guess I know
who stabbed you,

probably while gutting.


I failed to see the genius here.

You failed to see?

You failed to see?


Let's go to the incinerator.


What the fuck are you doing here?

'Coz I missed you.

Do you know where I just was?

With Jake in the dungeon.

He went ape-shit and
thrill killed three women.

I'm done with Jake.

I think you should leave.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Your fiancée was really beautiful.

You must be very happy.

This is taken directly from the
center of the seminiferus tubulus.

The mature sperm is
showing definite signs...

of structural abnormalities.

Dr. Gallo?
You have a moment?

Certainly Dr. Gray.
Excuse me.

I'm done. I'm out.

The words you're saying
right now are very dangerous.

You should probably
be more careful.

Nobody gets out.
- Don't be so fucking dramatic, ok?

It's not like I can say
anything to anybody.

I'm up to my eyeballs in this shit.

Yes you are, Ted.

I've got my fiancée.

Oh yeah, your fiancée.
That's right. Gwen?

Hey, maybe she should
come down some night.

Hey, how about you don't
mention her name again.

I'm sorry. It's just...

You took me off guard last night.

Yeah, that was some
crazy shit huh?


You good then?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.
- Good.

Hey, ermm, we have a
meeting tomorrow night.

- Yeah.

That's right. You busy?

Good 'coz you won't
wanna miss this one.

So I need to take off
for a few hours flat.

I know but

I have to.

You don't have to.

It'll be the last time, ok? I promise.

I believe you.
- You want one of these?

Here you are.

Whoa, we're contiguously
short this evening.

She's with him.


I don't think so.

I think it's time we get
rid of that cocksucker.

I concur.
- And her.

Yeah. Fuck yes, and her.

Well, if we're all in agreement,
let the lamp affix its beam.

What the fuck.
- What the fuck?

Alright, let's do this.

Doctors, let's have a look inside.

Oh I get it.

What happened?
- Oh my God, you haven't heard?

Heard what?

There was a fire here last night,
on the lower level.

Some of our residents were killed.


Juliette Bath and
Griffin Cavenaugh...

and there's two bodies
yet to be identified.

Wait, you said two bodies?


Plus Julieth Bath. Plus
Griffin Cavenaugh.

Right. That's right.

Then there were four.

Correct. Four.

Look, I know that you're upset.

Excuse me. I'm just
gonna step outside.


Hi, you remember
me from the party?

It's Jake Gallo, isn't it?
- Yeah.

Um, I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to scare you.

Ted already left.
- I know.

I just spoke to Inspector Vincent
from the homicide division.

He finds Jake Gallo's absence
to be quite suspicious.

He also asked me if
there was anyone who...

might be able to offer
any insight or clues...

as to why one of my top doctors...

would have committed
such an atrocity.

I could think of no one.

Can you think of anyone doctor?

Several names come to mind but
since they're all individuals...

who were killed in the fire

I suspect that questioning
them would prove fruitless.

Concerning Gwendolyn.

I can't tell you how devastated
I was when I got the news,

compounding what is already
a tragedy for the hospital.

I know that you loved her a
great deal and I'm truly sorry.

Thank you.

As for the cause of her
death, I haven't been able...

to come up with a firm conclusion.

Based on my initial examination,

a full autopsy is
gonna be necessary.

I'm doing it.

Excuse me?

I don't want anyone else
to touch her but me.

You would have to get
the parents' permission.

I've already spoken
to the Williamsons.

They gave me their full blessing.

I vehemently disapprove.
- Dr. Morris.

I urge you not to stand in the way...

of the parents'
wishes and my own.

Alright then. She's yours.

Dr. Gray, good night.
- Good night, David. Rajeeve.



I read something
wildly amusing today.

Thought I'd share.

Patient Name: Gwendolyn
Marie Williamson.

Age 28, eyes brown, blah
blah blah blah blah.

Ahh haha.

Conducting pathologist

cause of the death to be due to...

an arrhythmia of the heart.

A direct consequence of
mitral valve prolapse?

That's great shit huh?

That's right. What
the fuck do you care?


I have composed a poem
sublime and you are my critic,

you are my only critic, Teddy.

And have you read carefully
your review of my work,...

my conclusion is that it sucks.
- Maybe it's just your clothes.

You know that this one
was well above average.

This one was fucking meticulous.

Oh shit...

She never really
knew you, did she?

My fiancée?
- Yeah, her.

Just the good side.

No, I didn't think so.

And there you were... oh boy.
Good little soldier...

ready to march down the aisle.

Fuck man. Fuck.
I did you a fucking favor huh?

You owe me.

By the way

Props to you for killing everyone.

Oh yeah, sorry about that.

No, no, no, no, my bad.
I should've seen it coming.

It's in the past.
The important thing is, Teddy

That in the end... in the end

I won.

How so?

Because I did one that
you couldn't figure out.

I win.

You like that?

I don't think so.

I think so.

Mitral valve prolapse bullshit.

It's what I told the parents
so that they won't freak out.


I actually do have a theory.
- You have a theory?

Alright. Impress me.

Gwen made a fatal mistake...

trying to get back on
you and when she did,

you covered her mouth with
any of your soaked cloth.

You were careful not to let
her lose consciousness though.

After that...

you injected the
potassium into the...

basilica vein under her armpit...

to help preserve the body...

before dripping
nitroglycerin on her tongue.

And then, you slowly let her
fade into the after life.

She took approximately 7 minutes,

about the same amount
of time it takes...

for an average person
to fall asleep.

She could hear everything
that you said to her.

The last thing she
saw on this earth...

was your delightful face.


Six minutes, thirty seconds.

29... 28...

Dr. Stravinsky?

Let's have a look inside.

Special thanks to SergeiK.