Planet 51 Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Planet 51 script is here for all you fans of the Dwayne Johnson and Jessica Biel animated movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Planet 51 quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Planet 51 Script

I've never gone parking before

I'm really not that kind of a girl

Well, I'm not the kind of a guy
who would go with that kind of a girl

That's so sweet
I think

There's nothing to be scared of

I knew this would happen
if we made out

Good shot, sir

I think he's surrendering

Fire at will

Keep firing Keep firing

Keep firing
Kill every last alien

You'll all become my alien zombies

What did tell you about
these kind of movies?

It was almost over

He only looks just like his father

Just like his father

I hate the rain

It's raining rocks and dogs



Universe of mystery

Well, today the mystery
will be unveiled

Thanks to science

We now know, the universe
is nearly 500 miles long

And it contains,
you're not gonna believe this

over one thousand stars

Lem, come on,
liven it up

And still,
the only known intelligent life

is right here on our planet

Not today

What was that?

That's our planet after the attack
from the Humaniacs

They're gonna eat our brains
for dinner

- Is that true?
- Everybody, please

- That's ridiculous
- Totally ridiculous

Brains for dinner?
Come on

Brains are for breakfast
with cereal and milk

Dinner's organs and eyeballs

OK, everyone
Please listen up

We're not getting eaten

Or harvested
Or having our brains barbecued

The Universe isn't scary

It's really amazing

And don't forget to
pickup your planetary yo-yo's

We've got one for each of you

You are looking at the
new junior assistant curator

High four

Well, it's part-time now and
a full-time after I graduate

How did you do, Lem?
- Got the job

Knew you would

Hey, I can see my whole life

A house, a car
two kids

They'll grow up and have kids

They will come home to
visit us on holidays

- Got it


Congratulations on that job

- I knew you could it
- Yeah, thanks

There it is
just two more days

Humaniacs III

The final battle for our world

Victory or Extinction

If you guys go in costume,
I'm pretending we never met

Did you just say
what I think you just said?

I'm a planetarium professional now

I don't have time for
kid's movies anymore

Kid's movies?

I suppose next you'll say
aliens don't exist?


Just as I thought

You are not Lem

You're an alien zombie
like in Humaniacs II

I'm not a zombie

Yeah, that's what you zombies are
programmed to say

Tell me something
the real Lem would know

Well, I know,
Skiff is the only nutcase

who thinks the government is hiding
a whole alien evidence in Base 
And, you give candy to your puppy
so he'll poop jelly beans

It was just an experiment

With all due respect

I put in the hours and done
a lot of alien research at work

What? What are you talking about?
You work in a comic book store

The greatest source of
scientific knowledge


Try to unpack the fake alien poop

Right away, Mr Oglob

You'll believe me, Lem

When aliens put you
on the take-out menu


I love fake alien poop day

So, um

Eckle, do you think
your sister's home?

- Why?
- I thought of may be

I thought I might tell her
I got the job

- Why?
- Forget it You tell her for me, okay?

Okay, but every time you tell me
to tell her something

she asks why donít you
just tell her yourself

- And then my mom says

because you like her and then
she says that "Oh, that's so cute "

And why don't you just ask
her out, already?

Because she's been waiting for you,
to ask her out,

ever since we moved
the next door to you

She has?
The girl of my dreams likes me?

This is the best day of my life

Yeah, you gotta see
the kids throw up

Hey, he did it
He got the job

We're so proud of you

I hear, it's just one easy step-up
to senior assistant curator

Come on, soldier

Take that hill

- Hey, Neera
- Hey, Lem

I wanted to tell you

- I got the job
- Lem, that's great

- Maybe it's time that you and me
- Yes?

I mean,
would you wanna

Hey, hey, Neera

I've been looking all over for you

You've been looking for me?

The "cause" needs you

- The "what"?
- The "cause"

Glar's involved with something
he calls "protesting"

It's like, when you shout about stuff
that makes you upset

Yeah, like our school pictures
Why do they have to be our faces?

I mean, what a bummer

That means, it's not good

Neera, we need you,
righteous mamma

I'm so honored

But, Lem was about to
ask me something

Yeah, man
What you wanna ask her?

- It's kinda private
- No problemo, man

I mean,
I totally respect that

So, Neera

Neera and Lem
had a private conversation

And don't wanted
anybody else around

- Yeah, you know, we can talk later
- Okay


That means see you later

- Bye

The "cause", man

I'd like to "cause" him some pain

I don't wanna hear a single bubble

Especially, you bubbles

Call the General

Call the General

Resistance is futile
Surrender or die

Come on, Eckle
Go, help your father

What the?

A duck?

Mom Dad

Thereís a ship in the

Open wide or the big bad
monster will get ya

The battle for our world
has begun

- Captain, mobilize the army
- Yes, sir

Right, men
Move it

Are they hostile?
Will our species survive?

One thing we do know is

that they show no respect
for our parking laws

And speaking of survival,

how will you survive
without a sparkling smile?

Give your smile that special glow

Try the sparkle action of DentaPro

You know, you're really good
as that toothbrush

Yeah, but what I really do best
is a suppository

Now, let's see

"Invasion by giant ants "

"Invasion by sea monsters "

"Invasion by 50 foot women? "

Here it is

"So you've been invaded by aliens "

Keep your eyes out for aliens
- Aliens?

All right, class

Let's try it one more time

Aliens are coming

Flarc, you were too slow

Go join the zombies

I told it

The only question is

Should I be terrified because
this is the end of the world

or happy because
I totally told it

Me, I have a plan

They're gonna need a native
to run the mines

I'll befriend them,
show my executive skills

and "Bam" I'm in

Speaking of the amendment

A cork?

It's your best defense against
the alien's favourite form of research

"The Probe "

You put it in

Yeah Yeah, I think I get it

This is yours

I already used that one

I just remembered, my job

I gotta go

- You know, my boss
- Your boss?

No problem

You guys can share

Uh, Neera, you have to choose

It's either me or Glar

Oh, Lem, there's no question

It's you, of course

Come on
Come on Come on

Hello, this is the alien hotline

Yes, hi, I found the alien

They're here
and no weapon can stop them

You gotta be kidding

- Hello?
- Yes, hello

I found the alien

If you've spotted an alien fleet,
dial one

For pod-people, dial two

I can breathe

You speak my language

That's amazing
You speak my language

Yeah, that's what I just said

You just said,
"that's what I just said "

- Say something else
- Like what?

Like what

They're gonna freak back at Kennedy

I'm Captain Charles T Baker



- Ass
- tronaut



Either your name is Lem,

or you wanna mate with me

Houston, we have a little problem

What do you
what do you want?

Thanks for asking
Coffee light, two sugars

Do you've frapuccino up here?

Any puff pastry too

No, I mean, are you

here to take over our world,

and like, eat our brains?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on

What kind of sick planet is this?

First of all, it's supposed to be
uninhabited, okay?

Not full of sea monkeys
dancing to the oldies

My mission was to plant Old Glory,
whack a few golf balls and

head back for
the Kids Choice Awards

I'm getting slimed

- What?
- You were just talking alien

- Hey, I'm not the alien here, you are
- Me? You are

- No? You are
- You are You

You came to my planet

An alien planet

- Hello
- Hello

Not "hello" Hello

- Hello, what?
- What?

Let's start over

Look, thereís a command module
in orbit right now

It's running out of fuel
It has to leave in 74 hours

And if I'm not on it,
it goes back to Earth without me


I have to get to my ship
and go back up in space

Can you help me?

You want me to take you
to your flying saucer?

No If they catch me helping you
who knows what they'll do to me

I'll lose everything
My life is just getting perfect

You're a kid, right?

I mean, you're not like
a 1000yrs old Yoda or anything?

Never mind

Look, you're my only hope

But I suppose you could
leave me stranded

My wife will have to support the kids

Eleven we have eleven kids

Always hungry

But, hey, they'll get by without a father

The important thing here is
you avoid a little trouble

Alien hot line
What's the nature of your sighting?

Hello Are you there?

Hello Are you there?

Hey, fella

Who wants a donut?

Silly dog

Get back

There's your flying saucer
Now what?


Here's the plan

You knock out that cop

Then, you overpower those two

You neutralize that one and handcuff
the big guy to the steering wheel

That's your plan?

- What if they start shooting?
- You're one of their own

- They probably just aim for your legs
- My legs?

- Don't your legs grow back?
- No

We're not like your kind, okay?

I tell you what
Eat this

- You'll become invincible
- Oh, good, then you do it

I can't be seen breaking the law

I've got the Right Stuff

- The what?
- The Right Stuff

It means I have lot of courage

Now go

Go on Go Go

Hey, hey, Lem
Something wrong?

Move in Move in
Move in

As you can see,
the army has taken it's position

for the fight
in the War of the Worlds

Getting ready for our first
cold encounter

with invaders from outer space


So they have came

- Sir

Have your men search
the flying saucer

Yes, Sir

- Move
- Sir

Now our brave soldiers
are entering

the alien spaceship

It doesn't look big enough
to be a Space Destroyer

It's dark in here

Whoa, whoa, whoa
Hey, look

No sign of the pilot, sir

I've never seen such a hideous weapon

We're up against a
cruel, sadistic enemy

Seal off the town

I want that alien pilot found

I protest

They're bumming me up
with their bad vibrations

Well, there's one thing you gotta do

Never mind, Captain,
the alien is right here

- Grab that prisoner
- Yes, sir

Glar's not the alien

Oh, no?
Then what do you call this?

- Hair He likes it long
- Very unusual

You might even say

very alien

Excuse me General

He does go to the high school

Glar's just trying to say
the aliens might be friendly


Lem, you know astronomy

If an alien came all this way

wouldn't it be smart enough
to come in peace?

No No, no, no

I mean

They they have come to
harvest our organs

- To make us slaves
- Me?

We should all all of us,
right now, go home and hide

That's a sensible young man

Let him go

And the rest of you,
go to your homes

And wait for instructions

Hurry up Go, go, go

Great Just great

Look, I said you'd take you
to your flying saucer, okay?

Well, there it is Now leave

I'll get you a blanket and
a pillow for the night

It's a miracle, I'm gonna need

You like the stone?
You like the stone?

Go Go

There it is Stop

There it is

∂ I'm gonna tell Aunt Mary
about Uncle John ∂

∂ He claims he has the music,
but he has a lot of fun ∂

∂ Oh baby, yeah, baby ∂

∂ Ooh baby, having me some fun tonight ∂

∂ Well, long tall Sally,
she's built for speed ∂

∂ She got everything that Uncle John need ∂

∂ Oh baby, yeah, baby ∂

∂ Ooh baby, having me some fun tonight ∂

"What To Do When Aliens Invade"

Aliens are quite like us

Except they have two sets of teeth,

hypodermic fingertips,

And hypnotic eyes to
control our brains and

turn us into an army of zombies
and destroy our world


anyone caught helping the aliens,

will go to jail


This is great
Yesterday my life was perfect

And now, I'm the most wanted
super criminal in the world

At least you have a world

I probably will never see mine again

Our preliminary procedures
have been completed, sir

The spacecraft is quarantine

We're looking for a, uh,
place for your headquarters, sir

- And, uh
- Still no trace of the alien, sir

Where would you hide
if you were an alien?


An alien invader spends over $to fly across the universe

to hide

You clown

He's here to takeover our minds

Even yours


Captain, place me under arrest

Not so fast, General

I've trained my superior intellect
to recognize alien mind slaves

You're clean

But he is a zombie and

those two

How we know who is a zombie?

Well, zombies don't feel any pain

- You're clean
- You too

General, you must capture
the alien alive

and bring it to me

I'll unlock the secrets
of it's marvellous brain

Captain, search the town

Go door to door, if you must

But find that alien

Hello, "Plark",
if that really is you

Have a nice day, "Serbok"

Or should I call you
by your alien name?

Why I have to go to the dentist
if it's the end of the world, ma?

Invasion or not, you gotta go

My mom's a zombie



We're getting it right, uh

So this is last
street we gotta do today

Okay, let's start at this end

Wait I think I'm a zombie

I'm hearing an irritating,
piercing voice in the back of my head

- Oh, shut up It's me
- It's there again

It's me, you moron

Hey, what's that?

Hey, look

That's funny

Look at this

Look at the dog


Mom mom, don't come in

Boy, am I glad to see you, Rover


He is a probe we sent to take
pictures of your world

A planet full of aliens

and you send back
pictures of rocks?

Bad boy Bad boy

Mom, don't don't come in
- The alien Wow

Can I get your autograph?

Eckle, this isn't a comic book,
okay? It's serious

I don't mind Comes with
being a national hero

And and my humaniacs poster?

And my and my chest?

How how about a snapshot?

Get one of me looking up
at the stars

- I saw the alien last night

I'm so in

I got this guy wrapped around
my little finger

Let me tell you,
this alien is not so scary


Your personal chef
reporting for duty, sir

May I give some
tasty suggestions for tonight?

I've got the list of
the fattest teachers in my school

Incase you're looking for a light snack

Skiff, stop

He's not here to eat us or anything

He's harmless,
to everyone but me

Better let me do the talking

I think, he's eyeing you for desert

It's kinda cute the way
he does that

Great, let's just have a party

We're doing a routine search
for the alien

Don't shoot
Don't shoot

It's trying to control our minds

What do we do?

Don't look in it's eyes

That's how it takes over your brain


That's right, brains

You are my zombie slaves

- I want to control your brains
- It's inside my head

His will is too strong

Command us, Master

Command me, too

It's not real

I think I know
when I'm being mind-controlled

Maybe they can get me on my ship

I lean toward probably not

But I think I know who can

just to the left of me here

Everything is checked
and double-checked

The High Command taking
control of the situation

You want our home
for your headquarters?

That would be a great honor

Honey, tell Lem we have guests

Lem, there's someone
you would like to

Kiss the ship goodbye, Rover

You really think,
you can get me on TV?

You're the biggest story in history

The whole planet will watch

The whole planet?

I left my hair products on the ship
But I could improvise

You know,
astronauts have to deal with

any kind of emergency

I get it

We could tell everyone, he's peaceful

All we need is a safe place,

a TV reporter and then
we can all get on with our lives

Skiff, the comic bookstore,
let's go there


But if he's not house,
you're cleaning up his mess

We need a slogan

Like something that says it's a bummer
to make war on the aliens

when we should make, uh

Hey, Neera
- Hi

- Hi
- You kill any alien, Lem?

Kill any?
Oh, no, you don't understand

These soldiers aren't

Oh, great
This day gets better and better

General Grawl,
you better take a look at this

Professor, take a look

This is obviously alien writing

It says, uh

Surrender or die

And this is a list of surrender terms


What are you doing in Lem's room?

I'm afraid your son is a zombie

Hey, kid, what's bugging you?


What is that,
like an alien hernia?

Well, sort of

It's the girl of my dreams

And now me hates me

Wow, hate's a strong word

Maybe she just

dislikes you

Plus there's another guy


Okay You know your problem?

It's not Glar
Or Neera

It's Lem

Look at you,
you're so left brain

Or is it right brain?

Whatever, you're like
the chief of control

You gotta loosen up

We got a little time

You, my friend, are in luck

The doctor

is in

Me and Green bean need to talk

Before we begin,
I have a technical question

Are you considered very

ugly on this planet?
- What?

- Because I can tell
- No

I mean

- I'm okay
- Good, good

Why do chicks dig me?

Because I'm handsome?

Because I'm an astronaut?

Yes and yes

But it's also because of
Chuck Baker's three steps

to romance

Spot your prey
Make your move

Show no mercy

Hey baby,

I saw you across the bar

Are sparks flying
or is this place on fire?

- You're sure are not ugly, right?
- I think so

Maybe tomorrow
I'll go up in space,

maybe never to return

Let's make our last night,

a night to remember


The cork

Remember the plan

The only plan here
is to get Chuck on TV

I'll be right back with the reporter

I'm leaving you in charge

In charge?

You heard him

Things are gonna be
different around here

My wish is your command

Come on, boys
Let's track down the story

We need an alien
for the 6 o'clock news

- Let's go
- Hey

We're really upset

Upset we really are

Are we upset, really?

- We're really, really upset
- Neera, I need to talk to you

I thought you were after the alien

- That's not what's going on
- Then what is?

- I
- Lem

Mysterious Lem

Tell us the secrets of your heart

I can't say

Lem, I always thought
we'd be together,

but I need someone who doesn't always
believe what he's been told

It's like Glar says

The times

they are a different

Maybe you should go

Hey baby

- What?
- This place is sparking or

this fire making
this a night or

show no mercy

Did I happen to mention
I'm not ugly?

Are you crazy?

Is this guy giving you bad vibrations?

Lem was just leaving

Are you kidding me?
- If you have to do number one,

use these papers

If you had to do number two,
go outside

And if it's number three,

I can't help you

Got you, alien

- Victory or extinction
- Oh, yeah?

In space
no one can hear you scream

- Missed
- Crush Kill Destroy

Crush Kill Destroy

Hey, master,
we wanna be destroyed too

Quick, cover the camera

If it's get damaged again
we will have to pay for it

You're afraid of a little storm?

It's nothing



Sit, Rover
Sit, stop, heel

Rover, come back

You can't escape the

It's pulling you to your doom

Six o'clock news, here we go

Soon we will crush the rebel alliance

and control the galaxy

Thank you, thank you
Thank you

You're a rebel spy
and a traitor to the empire

Take her away


Hasta la vista, baby
Youíre terminated

General, over there
Aren't those comic books?

Captain, get your men

We gotta get out of here now

Move it

Go Go Go

Chuck, come on

Sorry, too dangerous

- But
- Out

Shoot him

Don't you ever run off like that

What if they take to the pound?

How do I find you?


Oh, boy

We better run

Let's move

Move it Move it

Let the doctor handle this


Who wants to meet an astronaut?

- Please, one at a time
- Chuck

I'm on Facebook

Look there
The monster

He's getting away


All right, quick, hot-wire the car

What? Hot-wired, who?

When are you, green goopers,
gonna evolve?

Attention all personnel

What's the matter?

Why did he do it?
I was gonna teach him to fetch


The alien's brain is so powerful
it's controlling them even now

What is it telling you to do?

I think I'm supposed to dig
a hive for the alien queen

Yeah, I'm supposed to blow up things

I mean, unless you need help
with the hive

- Oh, no, I'm good
- You sure?

- I'm good
- Never mind them, Professor

This thing has all the answers

Where's your master?


The flying saucer is going to an
undisclosed location

to be taken apart and studied

This reporter is now going to
reveal to you where that location is

This reporter has just been told,

that if I do that,
I'll be taken apart and studied

Oh, look, that's perfect

That's great
Oh, just great Perfect

John Glenn goes around the world

he's a Senator for life

I went across the freaking universe

I should be Governor, minimum

But no, I'm marooned here
on this stupid rock

This "stupid rock" is my home

Or was until you came along
and ruined everything

I want my life back

Unless, I don't know, maybe there's
something else you want to ruin

Who's that?

My boss

Sorry, Mr Hucklo,
it's just for one night

Maybe a week

I really hope this doesn't affect our
working relationship

Oh, great
Just great


Why don't you just
harvest my organs and

get it over with

Great, now look what you did
You made him really upset



You're looking right at my home

See that star,
the little red one?

Circling that star is a planet
called Earth

It's about 20 billion miles away

- Give or take
- There's no way space is that big

Are you kidding?

There's billions of galaxies

And each galaxy has billions of stars

Next to that, kid,
our planets are just

dust in the wind

So, nothing I knew was right?

Come on, you knew about Neera

I mean, look at her

Lose the antenna,
get some plastic surgery

she's a hottie

I don't have the right stuff
like you


I never had the right stuff

I'm a button pusher

Spam in a can

I don't even fly the ship
It's all automatic

I only got this far on charm
and my rugged good looks

You risked everything to help
a stranger from another world

You are the one
with the right stuff

Finally, we been looking for you


Great hiding spot

- I go for the closet
- No way

Let's go fight the army

How's your species at hiding?

Can you change your skin
to this colour?

Your call Captain Baker

What's it gonna be?
Fight or hide?


I think Lem said
he wants the closet

I tell you what's it gonna be

We're gonna go get Chuck
back to his ship

Skiff, you were right about Base 
- That where they have his ship
- But, we don't where it is

Yes, we do
Rover found me,

he's also programmed
to find my ship

Where is Rover?

It's too painful to talk about

It's okay

They've got him
at the comic book shop

Well, then we've gotta go get him

Hold on
The whole army's looking for you two

You can't just stroll through town

Wait That new movie
doesn't that open tonight?



The citizens of Glipforg
are undaunted by alien invaders

And bravely going about
their normal routines


There's the comic book store
Let's go

What great costumes

You two are finalists

Up on stage

No, we're not here to
enter the contest

Then why are you dressed
like aliens?

We're here

to win the contest

- What?
- Yeah Good

Private, come here

Hold your fire, soldier

Take us to your leader

Welcome to the "Humaniacs 3"
costume contest

Really upset

Really upset

Well, here we got the finalists

What are we supposed to do?

Give them their
daily minimum dose of Chuck

Hello, Humaniacs

The alien


Over here

All these costumes, sir

How do we find the alien?

It's simple, Captain
Like us, the alien is in uniform

Grab him

I got you

No No Get up

Hey, keep back

Time to meet the monster

Face to face

Look at it, Professor

It's hideous

And it smell

Hey, you try wearing the same suit
for three weeks

What a remarkable brain
you must have

An incision here

And here
It should pop right out

No, you're making a mistake
He's friendly

This poor boy is obviously a zombie

Iíll remove his brain too

You are no longer needed slave

I release you

Return to your puny life

Kid, I'm going down anyway

There's no need for you
to come with me


For everything

How about it, Professor?

Difficult to tell

Do you still believe
the alien is friendly?


This boy is free

We're so glad you're not a zombie

What about the alien spawn, sir?

I want it destroyed

One little piece at a time

All right Let's get these
aliens to Base 
Not that it exists

Move it

Get in

We're here to honor a young man

who survived a harrowing ordeal

at the hands of the alien monster

Lem, come on out

All right?

So, Lem, I understand you'll be working
right here after you graduate

Teaching about the mysteries of space

Give us a preview of
what we'll learn

Well, we know everything
about our universe

It's 500 miles long

500 miles


I can't

Space isn't 500 miles

It's not It's so much bigger
than we can imagine

There's billions of galaxies and
each galaxy has billions of stars

And next to that,
our planet is just

Excuse me


I know I was kinda harsh

I'm really sorry

Hi, Neera

What are you doing?

It's called hot-wiring

It's how they start cars on Earth

Lem, um

I was thinking well

You know, now that
this is all over

- Yeah, Neera?
- Maybe

We could


You left everyone hanging

I'm gonna go find Chuck

But how?

It's impossible without Rover

My little Rovy

I can still hear his
wagging little antenna


You're alive

But how did you get out?

Good going, boy

Rover, can you find Chuck?

Where's Chuck?

You're going with me?
- Hm-Hmm

All right

So you thought you could
take over our world?

Your kind knows no decency

You mean Jake Mankins?

No, aliens

Tell us your invasion plans

And don't bother taking over my mind

If you do

Captain Kizno has orders to shoot me

If you take over Captain Kizno's mind,

Lt Groit has orders to shoot him

If you take over Lt Groit's mind,

Sergeant Yerk will shoot Captain Kizno,
Lt Groit and myself

along with these three soldiers

Each man has a designated
target in the squad

Should you succeed in taking over
all of our minds,

Corporal Hisk has orders to
electrocute everyone

If this fails,
the entire base is rigged to blow

at the touch of a button

General, sir, am I supposed to shoot
Hecknavar or Kolski?

- I shoot Kolski
- No, you shoot Meckavoy

Well, then who shoots Kolski?

I can shoot myself

That won't be necessary

Hecknavar, you shoot Kolski,
Captain Kisno and graze Corporal Hisk

- Yes, sir
- Not yet

- Drop your weapon
- You

- Him first
- You

- I'm not taking my eyes off Kisno
- Drop it, Dirt-bag

Hold your fire

Hold your fire

Captain Kizno

get everyone out of here

You're not thinking
all this is my fault, right?

All right

You won't tell us

There's another way to unlock
the secrets of your brain

Professor Kipple

He's all yours

He thinks we found him

Hang on, Chuck

We'll find you

There you are

I was just warming up for you

I'll have that brain of his, no time

You don't want my brain,
it's useless

I spent four years at a party school

Trust me, it's mush


Anyone here?

Skiff, what are you doing?

Come on, no one's around

I'm not gonna get caught

What, what, what?
I'm paying I'm paying

The thing with the

I mean, it just went over the

This is amazing

I was right again

How do we get in
without being seen?

Hold now
- What?

But I'm sorry, officer,
your rules ain't good for me

One thing you gotta do that's
stick it to the man Stick it to the man

Stick it to the man Stick to



I don't suppose your planet's
invented pain killers?

Good work, Rover

Guys, this is so Luke Skywalker

By the way,

you're not brother and sister, right?

How much time is left?
- Just enough

Rover here will take us
right to my ship

That's a funny place for his antenna

Captain, I want the whole base
on red alert

Yes, sir

General, you must save its brain

I'm more concerned with
saving our world

Move it out Move it out

That professor's a genius

I feel positively effervescent

In fine fettle
What a salubrious experience

Well said Cheers

My ship

Hey, way to go, kid

Step away from the flying saucer

And put your hands in the air

There was never a chance
for you to getaway

You'd destroy the whole base

just to get me?

That is sick

Actually, it's kind of flattering


Sick, young lady, is helping the
enemy of your world

Sick is befriending a creature
that's so completely


Sick is

Well look, it's right in front of you

I'm sorry, Professor

It's too dangerous to let
the alien live another minute

Wait, wait, wait Stop


I know what you're afraid of

And it's not Chuck

It's not monsters or
or aliens

It's the unknown

I've spent my whole life
running from it


I think maybe youíve too

But I'm telling you

the unknown isn't something
to be afraid of

It can be your best friend

And just when you think that it means
the end of everything you know

It's really just the beginning

Base destruct

2 minutes

What are you looking at?

Take that

Everyone on board
Let's go

Attention all personnel
Evacuate Base immediately!

What are you doing?
- I can't leave him here

- Why not?
- Because he's got the right stuff

Base destruct,
60 seconds

There's no time for auto-pilot

What's the matter now?

I'm gonna have to pilot this bucket

Base destruct in 15 seconds

She is so heavy

You guys should check this out

Hey, what do you think?
- It's such a big universe

I'm definitely coming back here

Am I a zombie now?

This guy reads too many comic books

Hey, Neera

Now that this is all over

- Would you wanna
- Yes

But you didn't hear what I


Strap in, everyone

Because I'm taking you home

Hey, it's Lem


The monster

Hey, it's all right, Chief
He's with me

Soldiers, attention

There is among us an astronaut


Thanks for coming back for me

A pleasure, General

Maybe next time you have guests,
you'll throw a better party

Kid, how'd you like to be president

of the local
"Chuck Baker party maker" fan club?

Be a good boy

And don't forget to drink your oil


You coming?

Or you wanna stay here?


My little big boy


You saved my life

And you saved mine, too

That was a, uh, man-hug just there

It's very big on my planet

Hey, take care of this guy, okay?

You're a great planet
and your '50s are fine

But give me a call
when you get to the '60s

Because that's gonna be fun!

Special thanks to SergeiK.