Powder Blue Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Powder Blue script is here for all you fans of the Jessica Biel movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Powder Blue quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Powder Blue Script

- Police chief
has authorized his officers

to use force if necessary.

It has been eight days
since Perez first witnessed

the appearance of the
Virgin Mary on his windshield.

Perez has the AIDS virus

and believes this is a miracle.

He has refused
to get out of his car.

And as you can see,
the faithful have arrived

from all across the state,
each and every one-

- Hi. Hey.

- Hey, how's it feel
to be my husband?

- Today I'm must say that I'm
the happiest man in the world.

- Someone shut that dog up!

- Shit.

Excuse me. I'm so sorry.

Can I use your cell phone?
It's an emergency.

- Yeah.
- Oh, thank you so much.

Just-you're so kind.

Just one minute, one minute.

Oh, thank God
you're still there.

How's he doing?

Can I speak with him, please?


Hi, honey, it's Mommy.

How you doing, sweet pea?

How you doing?
I miss you.

I miss you so much.

I'm on this date,
and it's going so well.

It's going really, really well.

His name is David,
and he really likes me.

I think he really likes me,

and he even wants
to take me to Paris.

I think I got it right.

I think I got it right
this time.


- Yes?

- I really didn't mean to knock
that table over back there.

I- I just-
I don't know what happened.

I just-I'm so-
I'm so nervous,

because I really like you,

and I know this is
our first date and everything,

and I know that it's probably
not the way

that you wanted it to turn out,
but I can be better.

I really, really
want to see you again,

and I really want to prove
to you that I can be-

I can be better than this.

Do you remember Annie Hall,
the movie?

I was just thinking about
the first date thing when,

you know, Alvy and Annie,

they talk about the first kiss
during their date,

and they just sort of
get it out of the way.

It just feels like that moment.

- Listen, Johnny.

- Hey, do you want to come in
for a minute?

- Good night, Johnny.

- Rudy?

Where are you?



-  I found a new place
to dwell 

 Well, it's down at the end
of the lonely street 

 to Heartbreak Hotel 

 I've been so lonely, baby 

 You make me so lonely 

 I get so lonely,
I could die 

- Hey, where's my dog?

- Can you not see
that I'm busy?

- Come on, man,
just have you seen him?

- No dogs allowed.
Read sign.

- Look, where the hell
is my dog?

- He took off, ran away.

He was barking, barking,
barking like crazy,

and I go to the door,
he took off, ran away.

Not my fault.

- Your-

- I already told you
too many times.

No dogs allowed!

- It just holds no value to me.

- Christ.

- What does that mean,
an act of faith?


Oh, Christ.

Oh, shit, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.

What were you doing
in the street, huh?

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

Come on.

Come on.

- Do you feel a deep sense
of loneliness?

Wish that you had
someone special

to share your dreams with?

Do you ever wonder
if there is that special person

waiting out there just for you?

- You, sir,
are a lucky dog.

You hear me?

You're a lucky, lucky dog.

That's what I'll call you.

I'll call you Lucky.

Welcome to your new home, Lucky.

- Welcome back.

- I'm just passing through.

I don't have a lot of time
to waste.

- I had no choice.

After you went down,

the feds were watching me
like a hawk.

I couldn't go down like that.

Had a family to take care of.
- What about me?

I didn't have a family?

25 years I did,
25 years.

You don't call.
You don't write.

You don't do shit.
We're friends?

I swear, I would kill you
if given a chance.

- Remember that job in Carson?

You were young and stupid.

Now you've repaid that debt
with your silence.

This is who we are.

This is the path we chose.

I've come to accept it.

- How was she?

My Mary?

Did you see much of her?

- Beginning, yes.

Not much again till the end.

- My name ever come up?

- No.

But I don't think
she ever stopped loving you.

It's what's owed to you...

and everything you need to know.

I hope the next time
we find each other

is in heaven.

- Girl, what you doing?

- Whatever.

Get off my corner, whore.

- Bitch, get to work.

- Look, honey, this is probably
your first time,

so I'm going to spell out
the menu for you, okay?

$20, I jerk you off.

$100, you can fuck me
in the ass.

A few dollars more,
you can come on my face.

I don't care about
my mascara running,

just don't get it
in my hair, okay?

- That's all you charge?

Seriously, I think you're worth
much more than that.

You look like a beautiful woman.

- That's very sweet of you,

but for now I've got tits

and eight inches
fully functional.

But one day,
I dream to be flawless.

- What does that mean?

- To be tucked, operated on,
you know?

- Why haven't you done that?

- It's mucho dinero, señor.
- Oh.

- I'm saving up.

- How much do you make a night?

- What's it to you?

- Nothing, I just-
what is it, like, $400, $500-

- Stop the fucking car.
You're wasting my time.

Stop the car.


- Hold on, stay, stay.

I need you to help me
save someone.


I'll pay you.

And I assure you
that if you do this, you-

you'll probably never have to do
what you do ever again.

- I don't do anything
I don't want to do, okay?

So what do you want from me?

- In the back of my car,
there's a backpack.

I want you to open it.

I want you to look inside.

Inside, there's $50,000 cash.

It's all the savings
I have left in the world,

and I want you to have it

if you just do me
this one service.

There's a gun
in my glove compartment.

And it's got two bullets
in the chamber.

I want you to pick up that gun.

I want you to hold it
really tight,

and I want you to shoot me
right here in my heart.

- This is a fucking joke, right?

Am I on TV or something?

I've seen this shit on TV.

There's little spy cameras

I know this.

I know, I know, Slim.

He put you up to this,
didn't he?

- It's not a joke.
It's not a joke.

There can't be any accidents.

There's a suicide note
with my signature.

So when they find me,

you don't have to worry
about the authorities, okay?

- Why did you do that?

- Do what?

- Your goddamn prayer.

Are you religious?

- Get out of my car.

- Do you not want
to burn in hell?

Is that what it is?

- Get out.

- You fucking coward.

So you search the streets
for people like me

because we seem desperate?

- I said get out.
- You fucking coward.

- Get out of my car!

- So who cares, right?
- Get out!

You go!
- Lay off of it!

Everyone's got problems!

Deal with it!
- Go!

- Mátate, pinche puto.



- I'm sorry.

- You're all right.

Everything's gonna be all right.

- Just picture yourself
in the arms of such a goddess.

Welcome to my world,

to the excruciatingly erotic
world of Wild Velvet.

We bring you all the ladies
that Victoria...

Has been keeping
a big, big secret.

And now the Wild Velvet
is proud to present

the luscious,
the lascivious,

the one, the only Scarlet.

- Love you, Scarlet!
- Whoo!

-  Emotionless this city lies 

 Cruel it is,
it clouds my eyes 

 The dark, the dark 

 shades on my day 

 I live inside this place 

 Locked up
inside my metal cage 

 Always tense
and filled with rage 

 Above the concrete
fields below 

 With you I want to go,
want to go 

-  Music is my sanctuary 

 Music is my blanket 

-  I see only
what I want to see 

 I'll be only
what I want to be 


 My blanket covers me 

-  Yeah 

 Check it 

 Now, as a youth, man,
I was body poppin' 

 breakin' on the lino 

 Traded in my lino for a pad
and a biro 

 Used to stand in line
so as I can sign my giro 

 But now my ends are meeting
in the best way that I know 

 And the beats that go boom 

 See the music I consume
to escape the doom and gloom 

 All the beats and melodies 

 that keep realities at bay 

 But what happen
when the record's done 

 and start to fade away,
fade away 

-  Alone within myself again 

 I try to veil away my pain 

 The dirty grey 

 surrounding me 'round 

 And now I hear no sounds 

- Doctor, what is it?

- Jack, you have gastric cancer.

- How much time do I have?

- It depends
on your will to live.

- Yo, excuse me.

Calm down, man.

This is my last stop.

And your nose is bleeding.

- Okay, well,

after carefully reviewing
your application, Mr. Doolittle,

I regret to inform you

that we have denied your
request for a loan at this time.

- But I filled everything out
just like you requested.

- Yes.

When your father passed away,
he left a lot of debt.

I'm afraid, without
a substantial payment,

we have no choice but to begin
foreclosure proceedings

at the end of the month.

- Hello, Mrs. Wilson?

Hey, this-this is Qwerty
from the mortuary.

- Why are you calling?

- No, I-I was wondering-

I know I promised no payments
till after New Year,

but I was just wondering if-

if there was anything you can
offer in the next few days,

that would-that would be
hugely appreciated.

- Richard got laid off.

It's Christmas,

and I haven't gotten
the children anything yet.

I don't think-

- All right, no, you know what?

Forget the call.
Forget the call.

You keep the money,

and you buy your kids
some gifts.

You make it a good Christmas
for 'em.

- Thank you, Qwerty.

Your father would be proud.

- All right, no.

- You're a fine young man.

- Yep, you have a good night,
Mrs. Wilson.

All right.

Oh, Christ, I'm sorry.

You-you scared me.

- I was driving by,
I saw the lights in here,

so I thought it was open.

- No, we're actually closed.

We open at 10:in the morning.

- Okay.

I need a coffin.

I need it tonight.

And I'll pay you cash for it.

- It's kind of-
it's peaceful in there, huh?

What do you think?


- I'll take it.

- All right, sir.

It's a-it's a great choice.
You won't be disappointed.

- I have another request.

- Oh, we can customize it
with anything you want.

In the past, we even put
a complete sound system

with speakers in.

- No, no, this-this is-

No, no, I like the coffin.

It's just that it needs a body.

- Oh, we're a full service
mortuary, sir.

Has-has the deceased
been embalmed yet?

- No, he's-he's not dead yet.

- I'm sorry,
I don't understand.

Sir, please-

Please, I don't want
any trouble.

- I know this is
an unusual request,

but I need you to take this gun

and put a bullet
inside my heart.

- No, perhaps
you've been drinking.

Please, everything is-

everything's gonna be all right.

- I can pay you.
- No.

- I got $50,000 cash.

What, you don't believe me?

I'll show you.

I'll show you;
it's in my car.

- This can't be happening.

- It could all be yours.

I know you have problems.

I heard you on the phone.

We all have problems.

You help-you help me with mine,
I help you with yours.

No, keep it.

- Please, please.
Please, sir.

Sir, in my-in my profession,
I see death every day,

some by accident,
some by sickness,

but some through despair.

These are the ones
I wish I could have helped.

- Help me.

Help me by pulling this trigger.


Come on, please.

Please, I need your help.

- No.
- Please.

Go ahead.
- I won't do it.

I won't kill you.

- Why?

It's easy!

I and my father are one?

But can you feel my pain?

Can you feel my pain?

Hi. Hey.

- Hey.

How's it feel to be my husband?

- Today, I must say that I'm
the happiest man in the world.

Let me show you.

Let me show the kids.


- I love you.

- I love you too.

- Charlie?

Sorry to wake you, but we're-
we're closing down soon.


It's on the house.

Just hope it might
cheer you up.

You have a few minutes, so...

or I could pack it up
to go for you.

- You want to share it?

Share it with me?

- Oh.

It's tempting, but I have this
new dress for the holiday

that I'm determined to fit in.

Want to know my secret?

I hang it over the dining table
to help motivate me a bit.

It's good, huh?

Isn't it?

We bake 'em fresh here
every morning.

I think they're good.

I don't mean to be nosy
or anything,

but what's a man like you
doing at this hour

passed out in a diner?

- I had a really hard day.

- Big smile like yours,
you expect me to believe that?

Yeah, just right here.

- Okay.

- Yeah, just right up there.

- I like the lights.

- I did it myself.

- Yeah?

I like the different colors.

- Yeah.

Yeah, I've always
loved Christmas.

- You live there a long time?

- About a year,
since my divorce.

- You don't really
have to talk about that

if you don't feel like it.

I don't-

- Well, we-
you know, we grew apart.

You know, you wake up
one morning after 13 years,

and the feeling's gone,

and, you know,
you try to hang in there,

but there's really nothing
you can do.

But we both agreed that,
you know,

we didn't want to grow old
taking up each other's space.

- You guys still talk, then?

- Not for a couple months.

Do you-

do you want to come up,
'cause I'm just-

I live there alone,
and I don't have any cats,

in case your allergic.

- I, um...

I don't-I don't think
I should do that.

- No, you're probably right.

It's late.

- I mean, you're probably
really tired anyway.

- Can I ask you something?

How come you picked me up,
gave me a ride?

- I don't know.

I don't-I don't know why.

I don't know.

- Okay, I hope you don't mind.

I just haven't-

I just, you know, haven't kissed
a man in a long time.

I just forgot how good it feels.

Okay, thank you for the ride.

Maybe I'll see you around.


- Yeah!
- Whoo!

- Hey, you're late again.

Get down there and get dressed

and get on
the fucking stage now.

- We need to talk now.

Well, lookie, lookie, Cookie.

No, don't stop.

It just got
a lot more interesting.

So come on
and join the party, sweetcakes.

We are on lesson number three,
the day you were absent.

Oh, no, you did not
touch the 'do.

- Oh, yeah.

Fuck your 'do,
and fuck your whores.

- Who you calling a whore,
you little bitch?

- I don't see what else-

- No, no, no,
Cookie, Cookie, Cookie.

Go upstairs.

We'll finish up later.

All right.


What are we talking about here,

I don't understand.
Tell me-

- We're talking about my son.

We're talking about my son.

I cannot work on Christmas Eve.

I have to be with him.

Your son needs you to work,

and he needs you to work
very hard.

- Don't you fucking tell me
what's best for my kid.

I swear to God.

- The kid would not
know the difference

whether you're there or not.

Goddamn it.

Johnny, I have been easy on you,

because when I watch you dance,

I get a raging boner,
and so do a lot of other people.

But on Christmas Eve,

I'm gonna have a lot of very
lonely people out in my club,

some even thinking
about killing themselves,

and they come here
looking for companionship.

They're looking
for a little bit of love.

They are looking
for a little bit of hope.

- What about-what about
one of the girls who's Jewish?

What about them?
Why can't they work?

- That is not the point.

All the dancing that goes on
on that stage

is nothing but an expensive

for the main attraction
in the fucking blue room.

- Well, I am not a whore.

Well, then you better learn,

'cause you are costing me
$1,000 a head

every time you don't give any.

Let me put it this way.

If you are not here
on Christmas Eve,

you should consider getting
a job at Wally's Whack Shack.

We clear?

- Yeah.


- You all right?

Everything all right?

- Just leave me alone.

- It's getting colder.

You're gonna get sick
dressed like that.

- Why don't you just fuck off?

- Listen, I'm not gonna
go back in

until I know you're all right.

You don't have to rush.

Just take your time.

- Do you have a smoke?

- Yeah, sure.

- You're not from around here,
are you?

- No, I'm just passing through.

- Yeah, I thought so.

You're too nice.


- Where are you from?

- San Francisco.

Moved down here
about a year ago.

- What's your name?

- Scarlet.

- Scarlet.

I'm Jack.

- Were you in here
the other night?

- No.

- You sure?

'Cause I don't forget eyes
like yours.

- I'm sure.

- Get dressed.

You got a request
for a private.


- I got to go.

- Can I see you again?

- Yeah, yeah.

Just request me, Scarlet.

Wait for me in the blue room.


- Oh.
- Thanks.


- Hey, papa.

I hope I didn't keep you
too long.

I'll make it up to you.

First one's on me.

This is your first time,
isn't it?

- Yeah, let's-

why don't we just talk first?

- Most men don't pay me to talk.

And the ones who do are trying
to talk me into something else.

But I'm telling you,
I don't do anything but dance.

- I don't want anything.

Let's just talk like
we were doing before.

- Come dance with me.

- Here?

No, I-I'm not good at that.

- Yes, it will be fun.

- I got old legs.

- They might be old,
but they're not dead.

And it's a slow song.


- Just stop.

- Are you afraid of me?

- I'm old enough
to be your father.

Most of them are.

- No, stop.

- Oh, sweet pea,
Mommy misses you so much.

I just don't know
how much longer I can do this.

I'm trying for you, baby.

I miss you so much.

I just feel like it's my fault.

- Arctic storms moving
into Northern California

should cause temperatures
in the L.A. basin

to drop as much as 25 degrees.

Although temperatures have been
within normal ranges

for this holiday season,

these temps are highly unusual.

Come on, Lucky.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on, Lucky.

- Excuse me, miss,
may I check your purse?

- No, you may not.

- I'm not asking
for your permission.

- Are you accusing me
of something?

- Say, sweetie, there you are.

I was looking for you.

Is everything okay?
- Store security.

I need to check her purse.

- Oh, you know what?

This is my fault.

It's a collector's edition,

and I told her
that I paid for it already,

but I got sidetracked.

Can-can we just let this slide?


Hey, hey, hey.

- Get your hands off me!

- All right.


Must be for someone special,

- Why are you following me?

- I just-
let me buy you some lunch, okay?

Your choice.

I just want to talk.

There you go.

- Well, you're just filled
with little tricks, aren't you?

- Here's your dessert.

- Thanks.
- Enjoy.

- So what brings you
to this city?

- Well, what brings anyone
to this city?

I wanted to be a somebody.

Is that so much to ask?

- You sound like a nonbeliever.

- No, this city just has a way

of crushing your dreams
pretty fast.

- Well, what about your parents.

Were they for it?

- My mother just recently
passed away,

and my father died
in a boating accident

before I was born.

That's what she told me, anyway.

- You have doubts?

- I don't know.

I used to catch her staring off
into somewhere for hours,

like she knows
that he's still around.

Can I tell you a secret?

- Yeah, sure.

- I see my father all the time.

- How?

- In my sleep,
especially when I was younger.

See, he likes to travel
the world,

and if I'm good,

then sometimes
he'll take me with him

and share his adventures
with me.

- And what's he like?

- He's handsome,
and he has strong hands

and a very gentle heart.

I mean, he couldn't hurt a fly
if he wanted to.

And he has eyes like yours,

all mysterious
and full of secrets.

I'm sorry, I don't mean
to make you feel uncomfortable.

- It's okay.
Don't apologize.

- I just really like
talking to you.

- I really like talking
to you too.

- You know what time it is?

- I don't have a watch-

- I got to go.
I'm late for work.

I can't afford
to lose another job.

You'll come in and see me?

- Yeah.

- All right.


- Don't stop believing.

- Only in miracles, Jack.

- Hi.
- Hey.

- I'm Nicole.

- Hey.

I'm-my name's Qwerty.

- I know.

It's on your name tag.

Is this your first time?

- Yeah.

Is it that obvious?

- It's also my first time.

You know, at first,
I didn't really want to come.

I didn't want
to seem desperate,

like I need help
in meeting someone.

But then I realized I haven't
been on a date in-in two years.

So, here I am.

Are-are you coming inside?

- Yeah, of course,
of course.

- Is everything all right?

- I'm sorry; I think
I'm losing circulation.

- Where?

- Just here in my right leg.

- Can I get you some water
or something?

Are you-


- Hi.

- Hey.

- I haven't seen you around
in a few days.

I was such an idiot
the other night.

I don't know
what came over me,

but I apologize
if I was being too forward.

- It's been a very long time
for me too.

You finished?
You're off?

- Yeah, it's been slow.

- If-if you want some company,
I could-

If you-if you'd like,
I could take you home.

I mean, if you want,
I could-

- Yeah, no, I-
yeah, I would like that.

I would.

- Great.

- But not tonight.

I can't.

That's him.

He called, you know, right-
shortly after I got home.

And he wants to talk,
and so here he is.

All right, well, bye.

- Mm, bye.


Some friends of yours,

they told me
that you could help me.

I'm looking for a girl.

I don't know her name.

I met her the other night.

She-she has
really big blonde hair.

She was wearing a red dress
with-with these all on it.

I could-I could pay you
for your time

if you help me find her.

- Well, I ain't seen her
all night,

but if they found her dead,
I wouldn't be surprised.

- What do you mean by that?

- That señorita tried to execute
her life twice, man.

She slit both her wrists.

The crazy girl want to make
a baby inside of her.

It like the ultimate
transformation and shit.

She even fake a miscarriage,
you get me, man?

- How do you know this?

- I'm her doctor.

She tell me all her symptoms,
you know, man.

And I prescribe her medication,
make her feel good.

Listen, man,
if she ain't on the streets,

I can't tell you.

If she ain't dead,
she be out here on Friday night

or at the Geisha Dungeon.

- Geisha Dungeon, what's that?

- The devil's lair.


- Hi.

- I was hoping
you would come in.

I saw you in my dreams
last night.

- Yeah, I wasn't sure
you were gonna be here.

- Can you come closer?

I'd like to get a good look
at your face.

- Okay.

- It was strange.

You were running.

You were running from something.

- Maybe I was trying to run
to something

or someone.

- No.

You had fear in your eyes
like you do now.

- I, um...

I was thinking about
what you said yesterday,

you know, that stuff
with your father

taking you to places
that you've never been.

Well, guess what?

- What?

- I got you two tickets
to anyplace in the world.

- I don't know what to say.

- Say, "I accept. "

- No, I can't.

We barely even know each other.

- Listen.

I don't have
a lot of time left.

- I don't watch the clock
in here, Jack.

You can have me
for as long as you want.

- What I'm saying is,
I'm going away soon,

and I'm not gonna be
coming back.

I want you
to have these tickets.

It would mean a lot to me.

- Who are you?

Why are you so good to me?

- My name's Jack Doheny.

I've been locked away
for 25 years,

which is a hell of a lot of time

for a man to reflect
on his life,

the choices he made

and what he wants to do
if given a second chance.

For 25 years,

I waited for my love
to come visit me.

But that day never came.

And then I got the news
that she passed away.

I never got the chance to-
to tell her I was sorry.

I loved her more than anything.

I'll never forget the day
that I first laid eyes upon her.

Her smile was beautiful.

She was so graceful.

When I saw her the next day...

I dumped a truckload of roses
at her feet...

and I told her
that if it wasn't enough,

I'd come back the next day

with roses
from all over the world.

We had dinner that night,

and by morning...

she became my wife.

- No.

I don't know what you're trying
to tell me

or who you are

or who put you up to this,

but you have some nerve
coming in here.

You are a sick son of a bitch,

and I want you
to get out of here now.

I want you to leave now.

Get the fuck out of here!

What are you looking at?

Don't look at me.

Get out of here.

Get the fuck out of here!

- No, wait, wait, don't!


- Don't come back.

- Someone please answer me.

Someone please-

Somebody please answer me now.

I need you.
I need you right now.

- Excuse me.

Ma'am, visiting hours are over.

Ma'am, you can't go in there.


- Is he all right?

Why wasn't anyone here
when I called?

- Everything is fine.

The other nurse waited.
You didn't call.

Her shift is over now.

- What is wrong with you people?

This is my son.

He's dying,
don't you understand?

This is my son,
and he's dying.

- All right.

Just please keep it down.

How you doing, sweet pea?

Oh, you scared me tonight.

Mommy called,
and nobody answered,

and I thought
something happened to you.

I thought you had left me.

I got something for you.

I know you're gonna like it.

It's a special edition.

Why don't you open your eyes
so you can see it?

You are gonna be all right.

I'm not gonna let
anything happen to you.

I promise you.

I promise you, sweet pea.

I just miss you so much.



Baby, are you awake?



- Sit down for a minute,

- I don't want to sit.

I don't want to sit.

- Please put it out
and have a seat.

Have some coffee.

Johnny, your boy
is in what's known-

- Billy.

His name is Billy.

- Yes, Billy.

I need to remind you that
for the last three months,

he's in what's known as
a persistent vegetative state.

- He blinked.

I saw it with my own eyes.

While I was talking to him,
he blinked.

- That's misleading, and it's a-

it's a common involuntary reflex
response to motion and sound.

- Do you believe in miracles?

- In my profession,

sometimes I have no choice
but to.

- Well, maybe this is
one of those times.

I saw him blink.

I saw it with my own eyes.

- There's not much else
I can do.

I'm sorry, Johnny.

- Well, fuck you.

You're a doctor...

- Calm down.

- And all you can say is,
"I'm sorry"?

- Calm down, Johnny.

- You're a trained professional.

You are supposed to help people,
and my son needs help.

He needs your help.

You're all he's got.
Don't you understand that?

Is it the money?

You don't think
I have the money?

Well, I will work
every day of my life.

- It's not the money.

- Then what is it?

- It's okay.

I won't tell anyone.

Is this what you want?

Is this what you want?

- I'm sorry, Johnny.

- Where are you going?

Please don't leave.

I'll do whatever you want.

Come back here!

Doctors help people!

You are not a doctor!

You can't help anybody!

You're a fucking shit!

- Dr. Alexander
call extension 2860.

Dr. Alexander, 2860.

- What am I gonna do, Lucky?


What am I gonna do with you?

I don't think I can
take care of you much longer.

I got to get you back home.

Don't look at me like that.

Don't look at me like that.

You don't even belong to me.

Someone out there
is missing you right now.

- Wild Velvet.

- Hey, hey, is there
a Rose-Johnny there?

- Johnny who?

- A Rose-Johnny.

- You mean Scarlet.

Hold on.

- Rudy!


Oh, God.

I missed you so much.

Thank you so much
for finding him.

I don't know
how I'll ever repay you.

- Oh, no, no, no, no.

It was-it was my fault.

I accidentally hit him
with my car.

But he's all right now.

- Okay.

- Would you like to come in?

- Can I ask you something?

- Yeah, please, anything.

- I don't know how to put this.

You know, just forget it.

- No, no, don't stop.

You can-you can ask me
anything you want.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

- Can I use your bathroom?

- Yeah, of course.
It's across the hall.

Oh, shit.

- Um, about the reward money...

- Oh, no, I don't-

- I can pay you next week,
I promise.

- No, it's okay.

If you have any concerns,
I fed him three times a day.

I walked him three times a day.

I got him a toy in the back.

- You think I could just hold
your hands for a second?

- Yeah, sure.

- You're cold.

- That's you.

- And sweaty.

- Well, it's-it's hot in here.

- And they're soft.

- Yours too.

- You want to try something?

I'm gonna count to three,

and we're both gonna stand up,

and we're gonna hug each other.

Can you do that?
Do you mind?

Can we do that?

It was a stupid idea.

- Okay, I want to try it.

- I was hoping you'd say that.

Are you ready?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

One, two, three.

That was nice, wasn't it?

- Yeah.

It was nice.

It was real nice.

Can we do-
can we do it again?

- Okay.

- Well.

- I know what you're gonna say,

that it's time for you to leave.

But I don't-
I don't want you to go.

I want you to stay.

- You sure?

- Yeah.

You can stay here.

I got-I got plenty of blankets.

You can stay the night.

- I don't even know your name.

- Oh, it's Qwerty.

Qwerty Doolittle.

- My name's Rose-Johnny.

But everybody
just calls me Johnny.

- Well, it's nice
to meet you, Rose.

- Nice to meet you, Qwerty.

- You have to have a heart
that's open to God.

- Big change in our local
weather over the next few days.

A low-pressure cold front
will be moving in

during the next 24 hours

as the jet stream heads south
into the gulf.

These temperatures
will be highly unusual.

Hello? Rose?


I got something for you, Rose.


- And now let's give a banging
welcome to our very sweet

but very naughty Scarlet.

- Merry Christmas, Scarlet.


-  Oh, the werewolf 

 the werewolf 

 Comes a stepping along 

 He don't even 

 break the branches
where he's gone 

 Once I saw him 

 in the moonlight 

 when the bats were flying 

 I saw the werewolf 

 and the werewolf was cryin' 

 Cryin' nobody 


 nobody knows 

 nobody knows 

 how I loved the man 

 as I teared off his clothes 

 Cryin' nobody, no 

 nobody knows my pain 

 when I see that it's risen 

 that full moon again 

 For the werewolf 

 the werewolf 

 have sympathy 

 For the werewolf 

 Somebody like you and me 

 And only he goes to me 

 Man, this little flute
I play 

 All through the night 

 Until the light of day 

 and we are doomed to play 

 For the werewolf 

 For the werewolf 

 Have sympathy 

 For the werewolf 

- Come on!

- Come back.

Where you going?

- Well, let's hear it
for Scarlet.

She is just waiting
for that big bad wolf.

And it might as well be you.

- Dancers only.

- I need to talk to Rose.

To Scarlet, I need to talk-

- Which part
did you not understand?

- I need to talk to Rose.

I need to talk to Rose,
come on!

- Why'd you leave?

You didn't even leave a note.

- Men usually leave me first.

I was just trying
to save you the trouble.

- Well, you're wrong about me.

- Why did you come today?

- I came for you.

- I'm a single mother
with a kid in a coma,

and I make my living
by taking my clothes off.

I'm a klutz,
and I spill everything.

- I work with the dead.

I play with puppets.

I've never had a real girlfriend
in my life,

and I get nervous around people,
which triggers my asthma.

- Don't do this to me.

- I'm trying not to.

- Just promise me one thing.

When tomorrow comes,
everything's gonna be okay.

- Everything's gonna be okay.


- I'm not playing games
with you.

Fine, I'll get it myself.

Give me my money.

- Tell me how I look.

Because I am feeling
so glamorous tonight.

- Give me my money.

Give me my money!

You're no fun.

- Go and sit down.

Sit down.

I want you to...

take your wig off.

Just do it.


I want you to wipe off
your makeup.

Just wipe it off.

- I like where this is going.

Don't I look beautiful?

Tell me I look beautiful.

- You said you wanted
to be flawless.

With this-

this money,
you can make that life-

that part of your life-

- Give me the gun.

- What?

- Give me the gun.

You want to die, right?

I can help you.

I understand what you want.


Give me the gun.

I want to help you.

That night when you asked me
to take your life,

I didn't understand why.

Now I do.

I understand everything now.

I found that picture
in your car.

And I couldn't help
but think about you,

how lonely you must feel inside
without love.

- Do you want love in your life?

- Yeah.

- Then open your heart.

- Hey.

What are you doing?

- You know...

I used to love a man once.

And I gave him my heart.

I gave him my soul.

I gave him my love.

But that wasn't
good enough for him.

That piece of shit
wanted a real woman.

He wanted me
to give him something

that I could never give him.

So he left me.

Who's gonna love me,
big daddy-o?

- God!

- At your service, ma'am.

Does it fly?

- Faster than
the speed of sound.

- Wonderful.

I will take a one-way ticket
to Paris, please.

- All right.

Here we go.
- Okay.

- Come on.


- Whoo!

- Did you get all
your Christmas shopping done?

- Oh, no, I'm gonna be shopping
at the gift shop tonight.

- Well, then, there's that.

But the holidays
kind of get you down

when you
see something like this.

- Yes, they do.

- Poor kid.

Doctor's don't hold
much hope for him.

- I don't even know how
she's gonna pay for all this.

I mean, come on.
She's a stripper, you know?

- They call it exotic dancer.

Get the doctor now.

We moved him to the code room.

Heart rate was climbing fast.

Oxygen saturation
well below 90%.

- This sounds like
pulmonary hemorrhage.

Call pulmonary
and see if they can do a scope.

What do we have?

- Looks like massive PE,

and his right ventricle
is starting to give out.

- Tell blood bank we need
three units now.

- Sir, you can't be in here.

- Wait, wait, what's going on?

- Sir, are you a relative?
- Yeah, he's my grandson.

- You need to go down
to the waiting room.

It's down the hall to the left,

- Wait, wait,
is he gonna be okay?

- We're trying everything
we can.

Trust us.
- Did you contact his mother?

- We are trying
to locate her right now.

A doctor will be right with you.

Nurse, will you take him
to the waiting room?

We're doing everything
we possibly can.

- Why are you doing this to me?


My only sin is love.

- We do not quit until his
condition stabilizes.

Am I clear?
- Yes, doctor.

- Increase dopamine to 15.

Someone pick up the damn phone.

- ICU.

- He's in V-tach.

- They can't find his mother.

- Taxi, taxi, wait!

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Hey, stop!

Please, I need a ride.
It's an emergency.

I got to find my daughter.
Please wait.

Stop, stop!

Stop, please,
I got to find my daughter.

I got to find my daughter.

Please, please,
it's an emergency.

I need to help her.

- Three, two, one, clear.

Go to 120.

Okay, three, two, one, clear.

- For I believe.

Helped by unbelievers.

- Three, two, one, clear.

Go to 240.

- Rose!

Rose, where are you?



- Clear.



- I guess it's not coming
after all, the rain.

- I was looking forward to it.

- Mind if I join you?

- If you wish.

- Oh, I'm sorry.

Were you expecting someone?

- No, I just-
I just like sitting alone.

Most of us have forgotten
how pleasurable it can be.

- What is your name?

- Diana.

- Charlie.

- Nice to meet you, father.

- No, please.

Could you just call me Charlie?

Is that how we first met?

- Exactly.

I was even wearing
this red coat, remember?

- How could I forget that?

You looked beautiful.

- Charlie.

- Yeah?

- It's not your time yet.

I'm not going anywhere.

I'll be right here
waiting for you.

- My God, I love you.

- I never stopped loving you.

- Father?

Father Bishop?

Father Bishop,
what are you doing here?

Are you returning to us?

- God bless you, sister.

God bless you.



- I didn't call last night
because I-

I wanted to believe

that everything
was gonna be all right.

I'm so sorry, baby.

I love you, sweet pea.

- Let it go!

- Hey!

There it is.

- Rose?
Thank God I caught you.

I need you to sign this.

It's the receipt
for your hospital bill.

Everything's been paid for.

- I don't know
what you're talking about.

- Well, a gentleman
came in last night

and paid all the hospital bills.

He wanted to remain anonymous.

I'm sorry about Billy.

He left this for you.

- So you have any room left
for a slice of pie?

- No, sorry, I'm-
I'm full.

- I have to say,

you look really good
this morning.

- Thanks.

- You might want to know
that my ex-husband and I,

we tried to talk,
but who were we kidding?

And I don't know
if you have plans tonight,

but I've got a brand-new dress
and nowhere to go.

- Are you asking me out?

- Are you accepting?

- Yes.

- Oh, yeah?

Here, let me give you my number.

- Oh, okay.

- Should we say, like,
my place, like 6:00?

- 6:00.

- All right, I'll be waiting.

- I'll be there.

- Hey.

Hey, I called in last week,

and I was looking for the girl
with the dog.

I was-I was just wondering,
is she-is she still there?

- No, she's gone.

No, I don't know,
but she's gone, man.

No, her and dog leave.
Not my fault.

No, I'm-
No, I am sorry.

- I saw him laughing.

- See you, guys.
- Hey, good show.

Good show, thank you.

- Can we get
something to eat, dad?

- Bye, Maggie.

See ya.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- I have two tickets to Paris.


-  Isn’t she surprising? 

 Aren't you amazed? 

 Everything you thought
you had to be 

 goes up in flames 

 Isn’t she enlightening? 

 Try toe be amused 

 Reason doesn't work
when you're brand-new 


 If you want to know
of what you're made 

 Hey, where you going? 

 The woman is the way 


 Wouldn't try to bite 

 when she calls your name 

 You might not see something 

 that might say it ever again 

 And if you give her
one chance, man 

 she's gonna take you
right to yourself 


 Or else 

 Try to make it run 

 but the happy just won't seem
to leave you alone 

 Oh, well 

 Oh, well 

 Say you want it all 

 but the hole won't fill
unless you fill it with her 

 Oh, well 

 Oh, well 

 So shut your mouth 

 Turn down that brain
that's led you astray 

 And you'll never know her, but

 the woman is the way 




 Always remind me 

 how you almost got by me 

 I don't know what
I would have done 

 without you, honey 


 Tell it to her softly 

 Tell her like you should 

 Tell her that no matter what 

 she'll always have 

 your love 

Special thanks to SergeiK.