Rec Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Rec script is here for all you fans of the Spanish horror movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Rec quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

And swing on back to Drew's Script-O-Rama afterwards -- because reading is good for your noodle. Better than Farmville, anyway.

Rec Script

Good evening,
this is Angela Vidal speaking.

Tonight, as usual,

we will share this time...

Just a second...

- Where does the shot cut?
- Down here.

Down here? You can't see my...
This hand, right?

- No.
- OK.

Wait, cut.

Good evening,
this is Angela Vidal speaking.

Today on "While you're asleep"we are
accompanying a team of firemen

on their nightly rounds.

I'm out of breath...

Good evening,
this is Angela Vidal speaking.

Tonight on "While you're asleep"
we'll accompany a team of firemen

on their rounds through the city.

Not only that, but we'll see
things never before revealed:

How they live, sleep,
what they eat...

We'll get an inside look
at this fire station.

Join us for "While you're asleep. "

- OK.
- OK?

If this is a pain in the ass,
just cut, OK?

I don't want to waste the tape.

Andreu, you're the boss, right?

The organizer...

Yes, I'm in charge of this shift,

both inside the fire house
and out fighting fires.

This is our helmet.
It's a full face helmet.

You can put it on, it's clean.

I'm going to be the heroine of
"While you're asleep".

Should we put them on?

It's easy. You're all so huge,
aren't you?

We're big, yes.
Theres are the boots.

Our pants are inside the boots.

Like in the cartoons, right?
You jump right in them!

The cartoons copied us,
not the other way around.

I'm a firefighter.

Well, let's see if...

- if there's a call.
- Yeah.

Will you let me go with you?

- Of course.
- OK.

- It's like a lottery.
- Awhat?

A lottery.

We might get a call,
we might not.

We'll see if we do...

You'll see, I'll help you out.



We're going to the dining room.
It's dinner time.

- Will they mind if I come in?
- No, not at all.

- They know you're here.
- We can try that...

...that delicious food
that firemen make.

- Exactly. Very good.
- Let's go.

Be careful!
You'll hurt yourself.

- Let's go to the dining room.
- This way.


- Bon appetit!
- Thanks!

Enjoy your meal.

This is Manu and Alex,
they will join you this evening.

Nice to meet you. Please,
keep eating. My name's Angela.

We'll accompany you tonight.

Finish eating, we'll see you later.

- Do you want to go to the museum?
- Yes, after you.

Turn around.

I think I'll put it
in your pocket.

Won't it bother you
when you put on your belt?

I don't think so.
If it does, we can move it.

Here you have to do everything.

- Let's see...
- Is this right?

- Say something.
- One, two...

- Hello, hello...
- OK, keep going.

A little more.

Hello, my name is Manu and
tonight the TV is here.

- We'll have fun... I don't know.
- OK.

- Ready?
- Atiny step to your right.

You know what?
I'm going to change sides.

- Lf you don't mind. It's my hair.
- You're here?

So, Alex, tell us what
a normal night is like

here in the fire house.

A normal night
is pretty monotonous because...

- Normal?
- Yes, normal.

People think we run around

putting out fires, but

around 70% of the calls we get

are for other types of services.

- Like what?
- For example,

broken water mains,

or pet rescue, too.

Even though it sounds cliche,
it's true.

Or to...

This will sound terrible,
but I'd love the alarm to ring now

and everyone to run off.

- I don't want anything to happen.
- Let's hope not.

I mean, just to go with you,
to see what your real work is like.

- Don't get me wrong.
- No, no. I understand.

- It's more interesting for you.
- So we can show it.

It's more exciting...
Let's hope nothing happens.

That everything is fine
and nothing happens.

- A routine call, right?
- Exactly.

So, that's a fireman's life.

Waiting, passing time.

Watching movies

- In the living room, right Alex?
- Let's go there.


I can't take it.

What should we do?
Should we go to reception?

- All right.
- OK?

We should do something, right?

How exciting!


- Hello. Good evening.
- Good evening.

Finally! Women in the fire station.

Where are you going?

- I'm sorry...
- Don't be embarrassed.

Time's going by

and it gets quieter.
There's no one here.

The dining room is empty.

They're clean.

Here they're sleeping.

When the alarm rings,

they jump out of bed

and slide down here.

The fire trucks are down there.

We saw them before.

It takes them 3 minutes

to get up.

- We'll finish this later.
- We were winning!

Person trapped in apartment,
in need of rescue.

Bravo 128 take the call.

What'll we do?

I can't slide down with the camera.

Let's go that way. Run.

It's all ready.
They're really fast.

You back there.
On the other side.

I don't know if I can...

It's stuck.

- Let's go.
- Let's go.

Move your legs faster!
One, two, one, two...

Jose's driving.

Alex and Manu are the firemen

we will accompany this evening.

We're going to follow them,
and as we've seen

it's not always fires
that gets them all moving,

because the entire team goes out.

Even if it's stopping

a water leak, or helping someone
out of their apartment,

or a fire...

Don't you put on the...

what's it called... the alarm?

We don't normally use it
for services like these

because it's not urgent.

But if you want,
we can put it on, no problem.

- What do you think?
- No, I don't think so.

No? Well...

What's your show called?

"While you're asleep".

"While you're asleep"?
Then who watches it?

We have to do another take.
I said alarm, not siren.

Did it make sense?

- Ready? Come on.
- Let's go.

Let's go.

- What are you taking with you?
- Tools. We have everything

here in this case, tools

to open locks and doors.

We're here with Alex and Manu.

We're almost at

the house that called for help.

The police are here.

We can see a police car.

Maybe it's more serious
than we thought.

- We'll find out soon.
- No, I don't think it is.

Let's go in.

Good evening.

Don't worry.

Awoman was screaming.

We were called
so we came over.

Please calm down.

- Screams? Noises?
- She lives alone with her cats.

- Did you make the call?
- No.

It was me.

- It was you?
- Yes.

I heard screams
so I called the police.

Let's go. She's upstairs.

Let's go upstairs.

It's about time.

We got a call and came over.

OK, this way please.

- What the hell is this?
- A local TV crew.

Please, stay here.

Sure, we'll sleep here if you want.

Miss, miss!

Please let us work, OK?

- They aren't yours, are they?
- No, they're from a local TV station.

They're doing a report
on how we work

- so they came with us.
- They're your responsibility.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Please stay in the hall.

Am I speaking Greek or what?

If I tell you to stop,
you stop taping.

If I tell you to get lost,
you get lost. Got it?

Ok. But we have permission.

The old lady lives
on the first floor.

What happened?

It looks like she fell.

They heard her scream
and called...

What about
those people downstairs?

She was screaming bloody murder.

The neighbors say
she's really weird.

She never goes out,
has no family...

Please, can you go with them?

Go down there.

Don't they have
anything better to do?

Go downstairs, damn it!

- Get out of the way.
- Sorry, sorry.

- What's the camera doing here?
- They're with the firemen.

We have permission, OK?

I'm going to do an introduction.

- Am I OK here?
- Yeah.


We're in front of the door

where an elderly resident

has had some sort of problem.
The neighbors heard screams.

Mari Carmen, who called
the fire department


It's OK.


Ma'am, this is the police.

We're here to help you.
Can you hear me?

Ma'am, this is the police.

- Turn off the camera.
- I'm sorry.

Ma'am, can you hear the ambulance?

Don't worry. We're going
to take you to the hospital.

What's her name?


Conchita! Don't worry...

Come on, come on...

Don't worry,
the police are here.

What happened? Is she alright?


- The light, please!
- Yeah, turn off the light.

Keep rolling.

- Stop taping!
- Sorry, OK. It's off.

Unit 341, please send
an ambulance immediately.

First floor.

OK. It's very urgent.

The ambulance is here,
don't worry, ma'am.

Sergio, move this, damn it.

I don't want anyone here
while we wait for the ambulance.

Fuck, she's biting him!

Pablo, what do I do?

Get her off him!

Holy shit! Get him out of here!

Help! Help!

- Stay with her, Alex!
- OK.

Help me!
Get out of the way.

Hurry, hurry.

Holy fucking shit!

Get out of the way!

Hurry! Be careful!

- You got him?
- Yeah.

Tape everything.

OK, wait.
Get up!

Pablo, tape fucking everything.

Holy shit, he's going
to bleed to death.

- You got it?
- Yeah, yeah.

Stop, stop.

We have to stop the bleeding.

Come on, quick.

- I can't!
- Press here!

What the fuck's going on?
The light!

The light!

Quick! The light!

Fuck, come on!

Be careful! Cover it up!

Get out of the way.

They won't let us out.

- Why not?
- I don't know, they said we can't.

This man is wounded.
We have to get him out.

- We have to make a compress.
- Are you a doctor?

- I'm an intern.
- Take him over there.

Be careful with his head.

Hold him up.

Call an ambulance.

The door is blocked from outside.
What the fuck is going on?

We need an ambulance, now!

Calm down, please.

Silence, please!

Please listen.

The health authorities
have decided to seal off

the building for safety reasons.

We're working to get you out
as soon as possible.

We ask for your cooperation.

The agents that are with you

will keep you posted
on what to do.

Follow their instructions

and remain calm. Thank you.

- What the?
- Shit!

341, 341!


- What do you mean I can't...
- My friend's about to...

We are aware of the situation.
We can't do anything for now.

We'll keep you updated.

- Fuck!
- What did they say?

We have to get him out of here.
He's bleeding to death!

We have to get him out of here.

What's going on?
Why can't we leave?

We just can't.
Just calm down.

Please, stop taping,
for fuck's sake.

- Don't touch the camera!
- Why not?

Do not touch the camera!

We have to let everyone know
what's going on here!

- Fucking hell!
- Calm down.

I'm in charge here, and I say
turn it off and calm down.

Then worry about
what's going on,

not about whether
we tape or not.

Yeah. Find out what's going on.

- Tape this!
- Please!

OK, OK! We have to get
this man out of here!

- What's behind that shutter?
- A textile workshop.

- What do you mean?
- A textile workshop.

OK. Everyone, calm down.

- Is there a way out from there?
- Yes, through the back.

Wait a second,
move over there.

- How does this thing open?
- Please!

I'm not going to repeat this.
Move over there.

- What are you doing?
- Trying to get out of here.

Wait a second!

My husband's outside
and says there are loads of cops.

They've blocked off the street.

He was getting antibiotics for her.

Holy shit!


No, don't move him!

- Yes, we have to.
- He has a pulse, don't move him!

- Alex! Alex!
- Shit!

There's somebody upstairs!

- Don't move him!
- Look after him.

Please, come with me.

We're going upstairs.

Nobody move from here, OK!

And you, stop fucking recording!

I don't care what they say,
we have to tape this.

We have to show
what's happening.

- What was that?
- I don't know, be careful.


It's coming from in there.

- Be careful.
- Where are they?

Move over.

Pablo, don't...

- No, Pablo, come here.
- Be quiet.

Pablo, come here!

What's going on?

What the fuck are you doing here?

Be careful.

She's dead.

Don't move, ma'am.


Don't move!

Let's go.

She jumped on me...

I know, relax.

- You saw her, right?
- Yeah, I did.

- I couldn't do anything.
- Let's go downstairs.

I know, don't worry.
Let's go.

Fucking asshole!

- Did you get it?
- I got everything.

- Let me see it.
- Don't worry. I got it.

Fucking show it to me!
How do I have to say it?

Get this, Pablo! Come on!

You stay here with the wounded.

I'm going to check the exit.

Just a second.

We have strict orders
to stay in the hall.

Help me out here.

These men are dying.
Fuck orders!

He's right.
You shouldn't tell us...

There are two dead people,

that died violent deaths.

And two that need urgent
medical attention.

The police have blocked
off the area,

they are keeping us in here,
with no explanations.

So, we're searching
for another way out.

She's getting worse.

Her fever's gone up.
She needs a doctor.

Listen up.

Do not try to leave the building.

All exits have been sealed.

A BNC protocol situation
has been declared.

Shortly a health inspector
will come to assess the situation.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Why are we locked in here?

And what do they mean
by a health inspector?

- I don't know.
- What's an BNC protocol?

What's an BNC protocol?
What does BNC mean?

It's a proceedure used

in Biological, Nuclear,
or Chemical threat situations.

What? Nuclear?

It's more usual than you think.

The wounded are stable,
but they won't hang on much longer.

- We have to get them out of here.
- Obviously not through here.

So, Ladies, Gentlemen,
come this way.

No! There's something more
to this place.

Our cells don't work.
Neither does the TV or radio.

- We're isolated. Why?
- I don't know why.

I can't get through
to my husband.

- And my daughter has a high fever.
- What's wrong with her?

She has tonsilitis.

- She's burning up.
- What can I do?

From the office
we canjump down on the patio.

I'm going with you.

Where are you going?

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, it's not very high up.

How are we going to get in?


The concierge has a copy of the key.

I gave it to him.
I'm in charge of the building.

Let's go.

There was someone else
in the woman's apartment.

What do you mean someone else?

I don't know. A girl.

Probably the Colombian girl.
Why didn't she come down with you?

She's dead.

Let's go. Open it, quick!

This way.

It's this way.

Let's go.

Help me.


Go back immediately,
for your own safety.

No, listen!

Get back.

We're sealing off the building.

- Ready up there? Go ahead.
- Listen!

Listen to me!

Listen! Can you see me?

Can you hear me?

What are you doing there?
I told you to wait downstairs.

Remember I'm still in charge.

- You knew about this, didn't you?
- About what?

That they're sealing us in.
Like hamsters!

Step back!
For your own safety.

- What the hell is this?
- You tell us!

I don't know!

- I repeat, step back!
- You! That's enough!

- Why?
- Stop messing with the camera.

We have to show
what's going on.

- Don't you get it?
- Don't touch me.

It's the only proof we have.
Can't you see that?

You're locked in herejust like us.
They don't care about you either.

Shut up!

Please, go down to the workshop.

- Let's all calm down.
- Shut up!

Yes, we're going. Put the gun down.

Remain calm.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

It is of utmost importance

that you follow the agent's

He is in the building with you.

Do not try to leave the building.

I repeat, do not try
to leave the building.

Hold this. Relax, man...

Let's go with the others.

I'm really sorry.

Please, go downstairs.

- Let's go.
- Thanks.

Let me go up to my apartment.

I have sutures and bandages...


It's nearly 2 a. m. And we're
still sealed in this building that

we came to with the firemen
earlier this evening,

to assist an elderly lady
who later attacked a policeman

and a fireman. They're both
in critical condition.

The police won't let us leave
and are giving us no explanations.

The neighbors are scared to death.

They want to go back home,

they want to know
what's going on.

Guillem, do you mind if
I ask you a few quick questions?

I've never been in such
a serious situation before.

I'm an intern. I give shots,

take people's blood pressure.
I live in this building.

Well, the injured are
in critical condition.

This is very serious.

The police have several bite wounds.

He's very injured.

What's obvious is that

Mrs. Izquierdo attacked
and bit them.

I guess

she had a fit of hysteria.

But honestly, it's hard to believe.


an old lady could do
something like this to two adults.

I guess when the doctor arrives,

apart from bringing supplies
to treat the wounded,

he'll tell us what's going on.

We're locked in here, the police
are outside, we can't get out,

we have no explanations.
They know these men are here,

and we have to get them out soon.
They've lost a lot of blood.

I can't do anything else.

Stay with them. Thanks.

We're going to keep on interviewing.
If you don't like something

you can cut. OK?

I would like you to tell us

what's happened this evening,

what's gone on.

I can't say too much because
I was sleeping.

I heard loud screams.

Of course I woke him up,
threw on what clothes I could,

and came down here.

I have to change my clothes,
I can't...

Something strange is going on.

Someone did something,
that's why we're locked in here.

This building has always been...

- Wait! Can I talk?
- Why can't I say it?

There's something...

Yes, someone said that there was a...

- An office, a window...
- I don't know what it's called.

A... That there was a...

what they used to do when
there were atomic bombs.

- A BNC protocol.
- A refuge or something.

What a rucus.

If we knew that when you got here,
we would have said:

Look, this is what happened.
Let everyone know.

- But we have no idea.
- But, in summary...

Fireman, fireman, yes...

Fireman fell! Fireman fell!

- He fell and left...
- Fell from where?

From up there... up, yes.

- You were saying?
- He fell from above.

From where?

Where? I don't know.

But from above, right?
I don't know.

- From the stairwell?
- Yes.

Stairwell like this and...

he fell in the middle. Yes.

Pablo, is this OK or should
I sit lower?

At her level.

What's your name?
I wan't everyone to know.

- Jennifer.
- What a beautiful name, Jennifer!

- How old are you?
- Seven.

She just had her birthday.

Great. So what happened?
Are you sick?


We know you can't take
your medicine, right?


Why not?

Because my husband isn't allowed in.

Please do not speak right now,

only the girl is in the shot and...

- Sorry.
- Since there is no microphone,

we can't hear your voice
and everything gets messed up.

We'll interview you later, OK?

You don't have to...

So, besides your father...

Who do you live with?

With my mommy, my daddy

and my dog, Max.

Your dog isn't here either, right?
I can't see him.

No, he's not.

- Do you love your dog?
- Yes.

Why isn't he here?

He's at the vet.

- What's wrong with him?
- He got sick.

I knew something would happen
sooner or later.

A fire or something serious.

There must be something upstairs.

If not, I don't get why people
fall like that...

they fall down through
the stairwell, bleeding all over.

I can't go up to my house.

So, here we are.

I am going to sue.

I am definitely going to sue.

I'm going to call the newspapers,

and have them write
about what happened.

From the beginning until the very end.

- Cesar?
- Hello.

Hi. Sorry, but could I ask you
a few questions?

Wait... OK, yes.

We want to cover the story.

- Are you recording already?
- No.

- OK, rolling.
- Wait, I'll sit like this.

If you prefer
one side in particular...

Have you lived here for long?

Yes, I used to live with my mom.
She died, so now I live alone.

It's the Chinese.

They eat raw.

Raw fish. It smells...

They always leave the door open.

I don't know why.

I mean, if they were the nice kind
that do Feng Shui

and cool stuff... But no.

They come in and out screaming
in Chinese all the time,

in Japanese, I don't know.
Something I don't understand.

When are we starting?

- We did.
- Why didn't you tell me?

Don't you see my face is shiny?

I think this profile's better, right?

- Yes. Great.
- Like this, Pablo?


OK, silence please.

Silence. Ma'am.

- I just spoke to them outside.
- It's about time!

They told me the health inspector
is on his way in.

- Health inspector?
- Yes.

There is a possible infection
in the building.

An infection?

Yes, but please calm down.

They're just going to take
blood samples

of all the residents
to clarify things.

- Only of the residents?
- No, of everyone here.

When they see everything's OK,

they'll let us out.


We ask you to cooperate.

We're going to check

if everyone is here.

A simple "here"will be fine, OK?

Let's start.

The main floor on the left
is the office where we were before.

Who lives in the apartment
on the right?

That's the Colombian girl's apartment.

First floor, right...

That's where Mrs. Izquierdo
lives, right?

- First floor, left?
- Me.

Me, my daughter and my husband
who's been outside for a long time.

Yes, we know, lady. Calm down.

- Second floor, left?
- Us.

- You?
- No, we're the third.

- No, we live...
- Do you or don't you?

- Third...
- We live on the second.

- I'm lost.
- Calm down, sir, you're tired.

Second, left.

- Yes. Second, right?
- Present.

- Third, left?
- Here.

- Third, right?
- Yes, that's us!

- You three?
- No, four of us.

- Four?
- My father.

- Your father?
- He upstairs.

- Where is he?
- He on bed.

My father sick.

What she means is
he's old and paralytic.

- Exactly, my father is sick.
- Maybe all this is his fault.

Listen up!

We're going to finish.

Does anyone live in the penthouse?

No, nobody lives there.

A man from Madrid owns it,
but he's never there.

It's been closed up for years.

Excuse me?

- My father come down, yes?
- That's not a good idea,

what if he's the cause of all this.

My father's sick!

- He has to come down here with us.
- I don't understand you.

Be respectful. Calm down.

Your child is sick too and...

My daughter has tonsilitis!

Nobody move until the doctor says so.

We're going in.
Don't open the door until we say so.


Go ahead, 341.

OK, over.

What's this?

They'll keep telling us
nothing's wrong, right?

Pablo, I'm going in.

- OK.
- As we...

As we were told, the health inspector
is in the building.

There are incredible
security measures in place.

We know nothing,

they haven't told us a thing.

We saw Special Forces,
health inspectors

wearing suits and masks

and it's not very comforting.

That's all we know.

Take me to them.
The rest stay here.

What is a TV crew doing here?

Jennifer! Don't touch that.

- Why?
- Because I say so.

Pablo, can you come here?

What a pain in the ass.

Don't you think this inspection
has to do with that old lady?

I don't know.

The policeman and the fireman
have been bitten.

If it's contagious, they could react
like the old lady.

Don't scare me...

Fuck, what a day.

Pablo, grab the camera.
I can't sit here doing nothing.

It's recording...
and the lens is dirty.

Someone's been messing around here.

It doesn't matter.
Let's try to get something.


Come here.

There. Look.

Hold this.

Be careful, Pablo.

Give it to me.

Can you see anything?

What can you see?

- They're handcuffing him.
- Who?

Pablo, what can you see?

Tell me what you see!

Say something!

- What are they saying?
- I can't hear them.

- What's that?
- What?

I don't know. The doctor
has something in his hands.

- It's a needle.
- What's he doing?

- I don't know. Wait.
- What are they doing, Pablo?

They're injecting the fireman
with something.


More handcuffs.

- Holy shit!
- What's going on?


What's that, Pablo?

Say something!
What's going on in there?

Why are they screaming?

Pablo, answer me!

Go, go. Run!

- What's going on in there?
- Go, go!

What's going on?

What are you doing?
Guillem's in there.

Guillem's still in there!

He got bitten, we can't let him out.

- What are you talking about?
- He didn't bite me!

It spreads through saliva.

We can't risk letting him out.

We don't know if he's been bitten!

The infected ones are handcuffed.

Just stay away from them.

Infected with what?

- What's going on?
- A minute ago they were fine!

What the fuck is all this about?

The reaction time depends
on the blood type. We can't predict...

Fuck! Hurry up! Run!

Come on, hurry up!

Now tell us
what the hell is going on here.

- I'm not authorized...
- Bullshit!

I just killed a cop
who tried to bite us.

Tell us everything you know.


Yesterday we received

a call from a vet

who had a dog brought in
with an unknown disease.

The dog went into a coma

and a few moments later came to

and was extraordinarily aggressive.

He started attacking all of
the pets at the clinic.

We had to give him
several tranquilizers

and then put him to sleep.

We followed the chip in his ear
which led us to this building.

- Was the dog called Max?
- Yes.

She only has tonsilitis.

- Bullshit, tonsilitis.
- Relax, ma'am...

We just have to be sure.

Calm down.

It's just tonsilitis.

We think the dog spread the infection

through his saliva.

If that's true...

Handcuffs! Get the handcuffs!

- Hold her!
- Jennifer!


The cuffs!


Relax, we'll get her.

Father downstairs.
My father come down!

- What father?
- Her father's sick in bed.

And you didn't tell me?

We can't have infected people
loose out there.

We gave you specific orders
to get everyone together downstairs.

We had no idea. We thought
everyone was here.

Take this. Get her
and inject her with this.

Everyone must come down here.

Get this on tape!

Be careful, Pablo!


What the hell is that?

Fucking hell!

- The old lady isn't there.
- Neither is the other one.



There's no one here. Wait.

She's over there. Look!


Jennifer, relax.


Give me the needle.
The needle!

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

Be careful, man.



Give me your hand.

- Be careful.
- Give me your hand.

What happened to her eyes?


Be careful!

Shit! Get out of the way!

Go, she bit me!

She bit me, can't you see?

Go, for fuck's sake!


Let's go!

No down!

Don't go down there!

They're getting away!

Help me!

Take these off of me!

- Don't touch me!
- Son of a bitch!

Take them off!

I don't have it.

I don't have the key!

What do you mean?

- The policeman has it.
- Fuck!

- The shutter!
- What?


Help, you bastard!

Don't go!

Get away!

We have to get her out of here.

- Let's go.
- No!

I'm sorry!

Don't leave me here!

This way, come on.

Hurry up!

The lock!

It looks like they're leaving.

They're going upstairs.

- Were you bitten?
- No.

- Angela?
- No.

- You?
- No.

- Did you find the little girl?
- Who cares about the girl?

It's out of control.

Pablo, what the hell were they
doing to that woman?

They were eating her alive, Manu.
What the hell is this?

I don't know!

They could all be infected by now.

- We have to get out of here.
- I'm not moving!

No! We can stay here

until they come to get us.
These things...

No one's going to come get us!

- Yes!
- Open your fucking eyes!

They don't give a shit!
They're going to let us die here!

But the doctor
does matter to them.

- They'll come get the doctor.
- The doctor? Why?

- He is in there.
- Son of a bitch!

- Where?
- There!

I'm gonna kill you!

I've been bitten. Go away.

Get lost.

I've been bitten!

Get back!

Go away!

Shit, shit...

The door won't hold.

- Go away.
- Son of a bitch!

Get us out of here!

Stand away from the windows!

We repeat:
Stay away from the windows

or we will be forced
to take drastic measures.

Follow the inspector's

There might be a way out.

Pablo, there might be a way out!


There's an underground storage
area in the workshop

that has a drain cover that joins
up with the sewers.

Can you hear me?

- In the workshop there's a basement...
- Are you sure?

Yes, we can escape through there.
The problem is the reinforced door.

- How the hell will we open it?
- With the key!

The intern is in charge.
He has all the keys.

- Where?
- In his apartment.

Let's go! Let's go!

He's been bitten!

Hurry up!

They're not there.

Manu, we have to find the way out.
We need the storage key.

Yeah, but... how?

The intern has the key,
but we don't know where he lives.

You checked the list!

- I can't remember.
- Pablo?

I don't remember either.

Manu, think.
I'm sure you can remember.

- I can't remember!
- Think, Manu!

Guillem! The mailboxes!

He's called Guillem...

Downstairs, quick!
Angela, hurry up!

Hurry up!

Guillem Marimón, third floor nº2!

She's cuffed.
We can get by.

We have to go upstairs.


Be careful, Angela!

Pablo, help me!

Wait. OK.

Drop her.

- I got bitten!
- No, you didn't.

I saw it. You didn't.

Let's go upstairs.
Pablo, help.

- Come on, get up.
- I got bitten!

You did not, Angela.
I saw it, you didn't.

Let's go, Pablo! Hurry up!

Hurry up!


- The light!
- Where's the switch?

- On the wall!
- I can't find it!

- Pablo, the spotlight! Turn it on!
- I'm trying!


Move it! Move it!

Shit! Go upstairs, hurry!

The mallet, Angela!

Go upstairs, quickly!

It's here.


Hurry up. I'll wait here.

I'll go there.

Where are they?

Look in the drawers.

Where the hell are they?

We have to get out.

- Here, here!
- Shit, where are they?


The keys...

Where are...

The keys!

Which ones are they?

Which ones are they?

I don't know. Grab them all.

Let's go.

Where's Manu?

Upstairs, run!

Go to the penthouse!
The key must be in the bunch.

Come on, Angela!

Which one is it?

This one!

- Turn on the spotlight.
- I can't!

- The light is loose.
- Fix it, Pablo!

I'm trying!

They're leaving.

- Pablo, turn it on!
- Calm down.

This is the apartment
that was closed up.

- No one will be in here.
- Turn it on, please.


- Where are we?
- I don't know.

What the hell is all this?

Pablo, over here.


Holy shit!

- What does this mean?
- I don't know.

- Pablo!
- What?

"The Vatican is investigating...

the possible possession
of a Portuguese girl. "


- Fuck...
- The possessed girl.


Pablo, look!

It's the same girl!

What the hell is this?

It's all about the same.

"The hospital denies releasing
the girl who disappeared in the night"


Calm down.

It must be the pipes.

Calm down, we'll find a way out.

We have to get out of here.

Be careful. Stay close.

Didn't they say no one lived here?

Calm down.


Over here.

What's that?

They're still talking about the same.

What the hell is this?

- Angela, let's go.
- Wait!

It must have something
to do with...


A tape recorder.

- There's no electricity.
- It's off.


I've finally isolated the enzyme.

The problem is that it's unstable.

It deteriorates when it
comes into contact with oxygen.

I am, however, optmistic.

If all goes well
we'll have a vaccine soon.

The analyses were successful.

What the hell is he talking about?

Something unexpected has happened.

The enzyme is not only resistant
but has mutated.

It behaves much like the flu.

This leads us
to a horrible conclusion.

It might be contagious.

I don't get it.

The telegram from Rome
has arrived.

The Medeiros girl
must die.

He's talking about the girl, Pablo.

She was here.

I must eliminate her and erase
all signs of her existence.

What the hell is this guy saying?

Finally my prayers
have been answered.

We have to get out of here.

This decision should
have been made years ago.

This has all been a big mistake.

I must follow the procedures.

The ritual is very specific.

Come here. Stay close.

I'm going to seal off the room.

The seal should keep her in.

If anything goes wrong,
may God help us.


- I'm going to look.
- No!

There might be a way out
through the attic.

- We have to give it a try.
- What are you going to do?

I'll record what's up there
and we can look at it.

Pablo. Bring the camera down.

There are really weird noises.

- What happened?
- Something hit the camera.

Turn it on.

The fucking light broke!

- Turn it on, Pablo!
- I can't, it's busted.

- Fuck! What now?
- Relax. Don't move.

I'll turn on the night vision.

OK, I can see you now.

That's good.

Stick your hand out.

- I can't see you. Where are you?
- OK, I got you.

Relax, it's me.

I can see if I use the camera.

Get behind me and don't let go.

We'll be OK.
We're going to get out.

I'll find the way out.

Don't let go, OK?

- Stay still.
- Why?

There's something.
Go back.

Don't make a sound.

Get down.

Keep quiet, for God's sake!

It can't see us.
If it can't hear us, it won't find us.

Let's go.

- Run!
- Pablo!


Answer me!
I can't hear you!


We have to tape everything, Pablo.
For fuck's sake.

Special thanks to SergeiK.